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National Housing Corporation President: Wendy Deems Sugg Treasurer: Lisa Janes Ripley Secretary: Jane Kirby Arkes Christina Boyle

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Alpha Phi Quarterly Editorial Policy The purpose of the Alpha Phi Quarterly and its content is to provide information and services to the membership of the Alpha Phi Fraternity, in keeping with the Fraternity’s status as a 501(c)(7) tax-exempt private membership club. The magazine is devoted to highlighting its members and matters of fraternal and college interest. The views expressed in the articles published in the Quarterly are those of the authors and their contributors, and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Alpha Phi Fraternity, its officers or staff.

When my daughter Kiley was born, I hoped one day she would be an Alpha Phi. I imagined her collegiate experience would be similar to mine – that she would immerse herself in chapter activities and perhaps serve as a chapter officer. It was a dream come true for me when she pledged Alpha Phi at the University of Nebraska (UNL). However, her experience as an Alpha Phi collegiate member was quite different from my own. She participated in recruitment as a sophomore – a rarity at UNL. And to make things even more interesting, she was a Navy midshipman. She wore a uniform on Thursdays, ran in her boots on campus and had very little discretionary time. It was Kiley’s challenge to make her Alpha Phi experience something she could manage and something she would enjoy. And it was Nu chapter’s challenge to find the value in Kiley’s membership despite her limitations. While it wasn’t easy or traditional, they did it. With the help of her chapter sisters, Kiley managed to blend her two worlds and had an extraordinary college experience that was uniquely her own. Today’s Alpha Phi collegiate members have complex lives. They are athletes, artists, musicians and entrepreneurs. Sorority membership is only one of many choices available to collegiate women these days, and participation in Alpha Phi is quite demanding. In return for their considerable investment of time, devotion and resources, we must support our members as they work their way through this phase of life’s challenges. Not everyone will do it the same way, and that’s okay. We encourage all of our members to make the Alpha Phi experience work for them. Kiley graduated in May and was commissioned as an ensign in the United States Navy. It was a proud day for her father and me – made more proud for me when I turned around during the commissioning ceremony and saw her Alpha Phi chapter sisters sitting in the audience. I will always be grateful to Nu chapter for being home to my daughter while she was away in college. As Kiley looks forward with excitement upon her future, I find reassurance in knowing that wherever she goes, near or far, Alpha Phi will always be an important part of her life (after all, she is a lifetime dues payer). Take care of yourself my daughter, my sister, “while we are absent one from the other.” Alpha Phi Toujours,

Linda Long Boland (Gamma Kappa-CSU/Long Beach) International President

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Kiley Boland, center, is pictured with Nebraska (Nu) sisters at her commissioning ceremony.

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Fall 2013

Alpha Phi Quarterly


Message from the International Executive Board

Many Ways to Serve, Many Ways to Gain

International Executive Board (IEB) directors take every opportunity possible to meet with collegiate and alumnae sisters in cities across North America. And whenever those sisters are also Fraternity volunteers, we inquire about their reasons for giving their time, talent and support to the Fraternity and Foundation. Not surprisingly, the answers reflect a broad range of motives: fond memories of their collegiate experience, delight in the benefits of alumnae friendship while serving others, a desire to model leadership behaviors for younger women and loyalty to a cause bigger than one’s self. These conversations re-affirm for all of us the importance of the commitments we made and remind us that, indeed, Alpha Phi is much bigger than ourselves. At the same time, today’s volunteers aren’t the women of our Founders’ generation, or even that of our own mothers and grandmothers. According to industry experts, volunteers in the 21st century are motivated by outcome-based projects, and they have little patience for endless rounds of meetings toward an unspecified mission. They are more likely to give of themselves when there is a particular set of valueadded tasks toward known goals rather than general relationship building. Today’s volunteer is happy to give, but she wants to know her giving results in an identifiable benefit. So it was with this insight – coupled with the recognition of the need to serve a growing base of larger chapters – that the alumnae strategy team (AST) and the collegiate chapter support committee 2

Alpha Phi Quarterly

Fall 2013

(CCSC) went to work. After careful deliberation and consideration of our Fraternity’s needs as well as the interests of our volunteers, they recommended complementary new structures and launched pilot projects to test their ideas. Plans were adapted to reflect the feedback of the pilot groups, and Alpha Phi carefully launched the first phase of our new collegiate and alumnae chapter support environments. Instead of a small cadre of volunteers supported by an even smaller Executive Office team, we extended our reach. We added several new roles, each designed and defined with a particular focus. For example, collegiate chapter advisors will now be supported by a collegiate chapter administrator (CCA), a volunteer with only a small handful of other advisors to coach. Likewise, CCAs will receive support from a collegiate chapter manager (CCM), another volunteer with only a small handful of CCAs to coach. The same is true for alumnae. Alumnae chapter presidents will connect with an alumnae chapter administrator (ACA), a volunteer with knowledge of alumnae needs and a small, specific group of chapters to assist. These ACAs gather their support from an alumnae engagement manager (AEM), a volunteer having direct experience with alumnae in a particular section of North America. As a complement to these Alpha Phi-specific alumnae roles, a new alumnae Panhellenic administrator (APA) will also serve as the chief recruiter of Alpha Phi alumnae volunteers for Panhellenic endeavors in a local area.

At the same time, the Executive Office adapted to provide direct assistance to these new structures. Executive Director Linda Wells Kahangi (Zeta Delta-Iowa State) established a volunteer coordinator staff position, with a mission to recruit volunteers and recommend them for specific positions. This position complements the collegiate and alumnae departments currently in place. Jennifer Hutchinson Frobish (Epsilon Delta-Northern Illinois) now fills this position, following her tenure as North Central Midwest regional manager. Also, a new Phi Form, developed by the volunteer task force, was recently launched on (keywords: Phi Form) to capture members᾿ contact information, experiences and interests. These two new support structures have created hundreds of volunteer opportunities – all of them defined, focused and with outcome-based goals. Beyond this, the collegiate and alumnae strategy committees are busily working on the definitions of other chapter support functions (many of which will be launched in the months to come), each creating even more volunteer roles. Finally, we would be remiss if we did not mention the many teams of volunteers supporting the other aspects of the Fraternity and Foundation. Housing, extension, recruitment, strategy and finance – to name just a few – continue to thrive, all thanks to your generous spirit and loyal hearts. There is no doubt some of the drivers behind contemporary volunteer service have evolved, and your Fraternity has responded by opening up a broad new set of opportunities for even more women to get involved. But what remains, what is most lasting, is our collective commitment to our Fraternity. It is a commitment guided by our shared purpose, focused on the betterment of Alpha Phi and the women’s fraternal experience.

Volunteer! Help us find the perfect volunteer opportunity for you in Alpha Phi! Or update us if you already volunteer. Fill out a Phi Form at (keywords: Phi Form).

Message from the Committee on Leadership

Call for Nominations

Do you know an Alpha Phi who is engaging, inclusive, approachable and strategic who is interested in volunteering with Alpha Phi on the International level? The committee on leadership (COL) needs your help in identifying and recruiting our best and brightest alumnae to apply to serve on the 2014-16 International Executive Board (IEB). The IEB is responsible for the governance and policy direction of Alpha Phi International Fraternity. The board operates in a complex environment that requires balancing a wide range of issues and challenges including recruitment, extension, finance, housing and member experience/environment (collegiate, alumnae and the volunteer structure). The next biennium will be an exciting one for Alpha Phi, and the COL is actively seeking dedicated, strategic leaders. These individuals should have a combination of solid knowledge about and experience with the Fraternity, in addition to strong professional and/or volunteer experiences and expertise as outlined below.

Knowledge and Experience ƒƒ Fraternity: Direct volunteer experience at the local, regional and/or International level. Knowledge of current issues in collegiate membership, alumnae engagement, volunteer cultivation, extension and housing as well as the Alpha Phi Foundation.

Skills and Attributes for All Candidates ƒƒ Integrity ƒƒ Strategic thinking ƒƒ Strong decision making ƒƒ A respectful and collaborative demeanor

ƒƒ Finance and Business: Experience in business operations, including planning and analysis, budgeting, investment oversight, real estate and debt service.

ƒƒ Ability to listen and learn

ƒƒ Risk Management: Ability to interpret potential liability issues, analyze risk and implement proactive strategies.

ƒƒ Able to manage information in a confidential manner

ƒƒ Marketing and Communication: Understanding of current technology along with an eye toward consumer and brand marketing using multi-media, social networking and organizational communication as well as other cuttingedge channels of messaging. ƒƒ Higher Education/Greek Life: Knowledge of changing student demographics, trends and potential impact on membership, National Panhellenic Conference and experience with managing and maintaining university relationships.

ƒƒ Ability to multi-task ƒƒ Ability to meet deadlines

ƒƒ Perpetuator of Alpha Phi’s values ƒƒ Awareness of the range of experiences of membership ƒƒ Able to accept and offer constructive criticism

Committee On Leadership Members Alumnae Linda Gardner Massie (Delta Alpha-East Carolina)

Additional Attributes for Candidates Running for the Position of International President ƒƒ Selfless desire to serve the Fraternity as a whole – all chapters and all members ƒƒ Full understanding of all facets of the organization ƒƒ Ambassador for Alpha Phi ƒƒ Approachable and accessible ƒƒ Relationship builder ƒƒ Able to fully engage volunteers The COL invites all Alpha Phis to participate in the slating process by referring candidates or applying as a candidate for the IEB. To refer a candidate, simply complete the candidate referral form found at (keywords: IEB referral). To apply to be an IEB candidate, please submit a current resume and cover letter along with the name of one individual we may contact for a verbal reference to

Nominations Timeline ƒƒ Aug. 1 – Sept. 30, 2013 Open referral of candidates

Billie Coskey Battiato (PhiOklahoma)

ƒƒ Oct. 15, 2013 Application deadline

Kim Brown Brannon (Gamma RhoPenn State)

ƒƒ November 2013 Application review

Ashley Haugh (Xi-Toronto) Samantha Lott Hale (Delta NuMaine)

ƒƒ January – February 2014 Candidate interviews

Ruth Gallagher Nelson (Delta Epsilon-Iowa)

ƒƒ Feb. 28 – March 2, 2014 COL slating weekend

Jan Brinker Schaeffer (Beta Omicron-Bowling Green State)

ƒƒ March 27, 2014 Slate announced to membership

Carol Wilde Wahl (Delta KappaWisconsin/La Crosse)

ƒƒ June 2014 Elections at Convention

Collegians Ayjan Arik (Iota LambdaConnecticut) Elyse Ausenbaugh (BetaNorthwestern)

Fall 2013

Alpha Phi Quarterly


Small World

Sisters Meet While Stationed Overseas Phis don’t shy away from challenges. When the opportunity presented itself, two sisters each took different paths to the American Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. Michelle Thompson (Gamma Pi-Arizona State) and Sarah Wannarka (Delta Mu-Purdue) did not know each other before arriving, but soon discovered their shared affiliation. Michelle works with the U.S. Department of State, and Sarah is an assistant United States attorney with the U.S. Justice Department. In such a stressful war zone, the women have been comforted by the instant bond of sisterhood. Above: Sarah Wannarka, left, and Michelle Thompson meet while working in Kabul.

Photos courtesy of Early Light Media,

Gamma Zetas Enjoy Summer Reunion Gamma Zetas from the classes of 1963 and onward returned to Puget Sound for the university’s Summer Reunion Weekend. It was the second consecutive reunion for many of the sisters who reminisced about college days and shared details about their lives after college. They enjoyed meeting several collegians during an open house at the chapter.

Delta Thetas Gather at Wedding Sisters from Western Michigan (Delta Theta) reunited during the wedding of Kelly McKay Treece.

TV Phis Discover Shared Sisterhood Three women who work for WBFF-TV in Baltimore, Md., discovered they are Alpha Phis. Melinda Roeder (Epsilon Iota-Duquesne) is a reporter, Jennifer Gilbert (Beta-Northwestern) is an anchor, and Janice Park (Delta Zeta-Maryland) is a reporter. The station was recently named Most Outstanding News Operation by the Chesapeake Associated Press Broadcasters Association, and Melinda was named Best Reporter for the region. As a trio, they have more than a dozen regional Emmy Awards combined and a long list of other honors. Above: Janice Park, Jennifer Gilbert and Melinda Roeder pose in front of the anchor desk at WBFF-TV in Baltimore, Md.

High School Friends Are Sisters Beta Betas Celebrate 50 Years of Sisterhood Michigan State (Beta Beta) sisters who graduated in 1963 celebrated their 50-year anniversary with a reunion during Michigan State’s Alumni Reunion Days. A highlight of the gathering was a visit to the chapter house, which was in the midst of improvements including the installation of a fire sprinkler system, enhanced lighting and other summer projects. The 2013 reunion was one of several throughout the years, the most recent in 2011 to visit Philadelphia and the Brandywine Valley of Pennsylvania.


Alpha Phi Quarterly

Fall 2013

Three high school friends from Richmond, Va., went their separate ways to college and all joined Alpha Phi at different schools. Katie Davies (Theta Iota-James Madison), Blair Bartholf (Beta Mu-Alabama) and Marissa Stevens (Eta Omicron-Virginia Tech) are pictured during a recent 8k race they ran together with Blair’s mother, who is also an Alpha Phi, Tiffany Adams Bartholf (Zeta Iota-Virginia).

Alpha Phis Lobby on Capitol Hill In April, Alpha Phis visited Washington, D.C., to educate Congress on the value of the Greek system. For several years, inter/national fraternity and sorority leaders have worked together to build a positive presence on Capitol Hill that helps to protect the fraternal experience. Those efforts are strengthened by the Fraternity and Sorority Political Action Committee (FSPAC), which seeks to provide financial aid to the campaigns of federal office candidates who support the objectives of fraternity life. While visiting Congressional leaders and their staffs, Alpha Phi collegiate representatives Kirsten Mehnert (Delta Nu-Maine) and Karly Moen (Pi-North Dakota) joined hundreds of other Greek leaders who advocated for preserving the value of charitable deductions, protecting the freedom of association and due process rights of students, educating leaders about our efforts to combat hazing and passing the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act (CHIA) to improve collegiate housing. CHIA has bi-partisan support in both the House and Senate. The bill would allow donations to housing projects for non-profit student housing, such as an Alpha Phi house, to be tax-deductible as a similar donation would be for university-owned housing. FSPAC needs resources to advance these important issues, and Alpha Phi is grateful to those many sisters who have donated to the FSPAC over the years. Special thanks goes to the Virginia (Zeta Iota) house corporation board (HCB) for making the first donation from an HCB to the FSPAC’s new independent expenditure account. “HCBs stand to benefit from this change in the tax code that permits donations for housing projects to be deductible to the donor,” says Virginia’s HCB President Kelly Benedetti Walsh (Beta Omicron-Bowling Green State). “Supporting the passage of CHIA through an FSPAC donation should be a budget line item for every Alpha Phi HCB.”

Enjoying a break from lobbying Congress, Alpha Phis gather at the FSPAC annual dinner where Alpha Phi’s International Executive Board and National House Corporation Board were recognized for their contributions to the FSPAC. Pictured (from left) are Karly Moen (Pi-North Dakota), Kirsten Mehnert (Delta Nu-Maine), Coree Smith (Epsilon Theta-Northern Iowa), Bonnie K. Arthur (Delta Delta-Oklahoma City), Riva Litman (Lambda-UC/Berkeley), Meghan Snyder (Epsilon Iota-Duquesne), International President Linda Long Boland (Gamma Kappa-CSU/Long Beach), Jackee Schools (Eta Lambda-George Mason), Val Lawlor (Omicron-Missouri) and Kim Brannon (Gamma Rho-Penn State).

One of the highlights of the spring visits to Capitol Hill is the opportunity it gives collegians not only to come to Washington, D.C., but to be trained by the country’s top lobbyists on how Capitol Hill works. It also provides the experience of advocating at the highest level for a cause in which they believe. An alumna of the FSPAC collegiate experience, Riva Litman (Lambda-UC/Berkeley), shared, “I am grateful for the experience Alpha Phi provided me while I was in college – not only to develop my leadership skills, but to have a front row seat to the legislative process.” Riva now works on Capitol Hill for a member of the leadership of Congress, and she was recently named a top press secretary on Capitol Hill. Please consider making a contribution to the FSPAC. Contact FSPAC Board Members Val Lawlor (Omicron-Missouri) or Bonnie Arthur (Delta DeltaOklahoma City) at for more information.

Thank you to those who have donated to FSPAC ƒƒ Jane Kirby Arkes (Omicron-Missouri)

ƒƒ Caitlin Grady (Theta Kappa-Rochester)

ƒƒ Bonnie Arthur (Delta DeltaOklahoma City)

ƒƒ Sally McCall Grant (Gamma-DePauw)

ƒƒ Susan Weiskittle Barrick (Beta OmicronBowling Green State) ƒƒ Kelly Benedetti Walsh (Beta OmicronBowling Green State) ƒƒ Susan Bevan (Sigma-Washington) ƒƒ Lisa Haning Blackburn (Delta DeltaOklahoma City) ƒƒ Linda Long Boland (Gamma KappaCSU/Long Beach) ƒƒ Kimberly Brown Brannon (Gamma RhoPenn State) ƒƒ Judy Ethell (Zeta Alpha-Eastern Illinois)

ƒƒ Monica Freeman Holb (Epsilon BetaButler) ƒƒ Jennifer Larson (Omega-Texas) ƒƒ Val Lawlor (Omicron-Missouri) ƒƒ Aneka McKean (Iota Gamma-University of the Pacific) ƒƒ Susan McNeice (Epsilon Nu-Delaware) ƒƒ Kirsten Mehnert (Delta Nu-Maine) ƒƒ Tobi Board Nieland (Eta Beta-CSU/San Bernardino) ƒƒ Tonya Sharp Ryan (Phi-Oklahoma)

ƒƒ Carole Salerno (Epsilon GammaSacramento State) ƒƒ Coree Smith (Epsilon ThetaNorthern Iowa) ƒƒ Wendy Deems Sugg (Beta Delta-UCLA) ƒƒ Jane Tanner (Delta-Cornell) ƒƒ Jenny Holsman Tetreault (Gamma PiArizona State) ƒƒ Amy Jordan Tvrdik (Omicron-Missouri) ƒƒ Kim Larsen Watson (Omicron-Missouri) ƒƒ Sheri Allen Yengst (Delta DeltaOklahoma City) ƒƒ Susan Zabriskie (Theta-Michigan) ƒƒ Virginia (Zeta Iota) house corporation board

Fall 2013

Alpha Phi Quarterly



Alumna Receives Rotary Club Award Cam Doherty Killingsworth (Gamma Kappa-CSU/Long Beach) received the 2013 Cup of Kindness Award from the Rotary Club of Long Beach, Calif. The award is the highest honor the Rotary Club can bestow, presented annually to a citizen who has made notable contributions to the welfare of fellow man. Cam has belonged to the Long Beach Rotary Club for more than 25 years and was one of the first four women to join. She served as the first female president of the 300-plus member club. She is also active at California State University/Long Beach and is a member of its board of governors.

Sister Receives Coveted Industry Honor For a second straight year, Lisa Cordoni Matherly (Beta Psi-San Jose State) was named to CRN’s Women of the Channel Power 100 List. Lisa is vice president of worldwide partner programs, marketing and operations, for McAfee. The honor recognizes female executives across vendor channel organizations, distributors and solution providers based on their accomplishments over the past year and the far-reaching impact they have on the technology industry.

Alumna Receives Influential Women Award Theresa Valade (Delta Mu-Purdue) is a recipient of a 2013 Up and Coming Influential Women of Northwest Indiana Award. She was honored for her work in the business industry. Theresa is CEO of Success Trek, Inc. (, an award-winning organizational development firm in Northwest Indiana.


Alpha Phi Quarterly

Fall 2013

Business Photo courtesy of Miss South Dakota Organization,

Awards and Honors Miss South Dakota Crown Stays in Alpha Phi’s Hands Tessa Dee (Psi-South Dakota) is the second consecutive Alpha Phi sister to hold the title of Miss South Dakota. Calista Kirby (NuNebraska), who won the title in 2012, presented the crown to Tessa. Tessa performed a gymnastics dance routine as her talent and was the winner of the preliminary swimsuit competition.

Alumna Crowned Miss Nebraska U.S. Audrey Lamar (Gamma Xi-Wichita State) is Miss Nebraska United States 2013. She represented Nebraska at the national Miss United States pageant in Washington, D.C., in July. Audrey’s platform is Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Sister Receives Honor for Outstanding Service Carol Rimensberger Radinger (Beta SigmaUtah) was named to the Salt Lake Council of Women’s (Salt Lake City, Utah) 2013 Hall of Fame. Presented every five years, this prestigious recognition honors those who have volunteered at least 25 years in community service to area organizations. As a life-long volunteer, Carol instituted a music outreach program through the Utah Symphony Guild that teaches violin to youth. She was instrumental in the creation of four local orchestras. Carol also helped create a program that benefits area homeless. She has been involved with and served on boards of several theater and opera-related organizations.

Collegian Receives Service Award Cristiana Ortiz (Zeta Gamma-Santa Clara) is the recipient of the Spirit of Service Award from Santa Clara’s Panhellenic Council. Cristiana, a senior, was honored for her volunteer service in Guatemala and for serving as a volunteer teacher in an impoverished school in San Jose.

Kristen Davis

Cara Prodanovich

Sisters Collaborate on Meaningful Fashion Brand Kristen Davis and Cara Prodanovich (both Theta IotaJames Madison) have launched a startup company that offers luxury fashion goods produced via sustainable means and fuses the love of style with the love of culture. The Hand Made On Earth brand ( strives to empower people around the world, especially women. The company’s artisans are skilled seamstresses who live in rural villages in the Himalayan Mountains. Cara and Kristen’s company provides wages three times the average in efforts to provide them with a better standard of living. Additionally, their hand sewn, one-of-a-kind items are made out of primarily recycled material to minimize impact on the environment. The sisters note that they are not in the business of making money, but in the business of making change. They hope to reinvest their profits into their business model and replicate it in other areas of the world.

the Arts Alumna Writes, Performs in Play Jelena Popovich (Theta Eta-Western University) wrote and performed in “Tree of Hope, Remain Strong,” a play about the life of Frida Kahlo that premiered at the Susan Batson Studio Theater (New York City) in May. Read about Jelena at

Featuring Alpha Phi Browse books, music and movies featuring Alpha Phis at


Music Sister Authors Four-Book Series

Kaitlyn Davis (Zeta OmicronJohns Hopkins) is author of a four-book series titled Midnight Fire (Kaitlyn Davis, 2012), a young adult paranormal romance available as e-books. By selfpublishing, Kaitlyn acted as her own editor, cover designer, marketer and publicist. The experience led to her new position as a marketing assistant for a major publishing house. To date, she has sold more than 125,000 books from the series. Read more about Kaitlyn and download the series at

Author Publishes 10th Novel Sharon Thetford Ervin (PhiOklahoma) is the author of her 10th published novel, Nightingale (Crimson Romance, 2013. ASIN: B00CJJVID8). Set in England in the 1840s, the novel explores the surprising nature of love. Nightingale is available as an e-book at this time, with paperback scheduled for a later release.

Alumna Turns Health Obstacle into Business Kyra Riste-Pater Bussanich (Gamma Zeta-Puget Sound), founder and owner of Kyra’s Bake Shop (Oswego, Ore.), has published a new cookbook, Sweet Cravings: 50 Seductive Desserts for a GlutenFree Lifestyle (Ten Speed Press, 2013. ISBN: 1607743604). Diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder at the age of 20, Kyra had to switch to a gluten-free diet and was disappointed with the available selection. She decided to go to culinary school and later opened her gluten-free bake shop. Kyra is a two-time winner of Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars” and the first gluten-free baker to compete and win on the show. Read more about Kyra at

Sister Publishes First Book in New Series Heather Lowry Marshall (Gamma Omicron-Drake), writing under the pseudonym Hanna Martine, published the first book in her new contemporary romance series based on the Scottish Highland Games, Long Shot (Berkley, 2013. ISBN: 0425267512). Read about it at

Sister Completes 5K Hula-Hooping Lori Colburn Smerz (Theta GammaTruman State) took a unique approach to a 5K race in Downers Grove, Ill., in May, completing it by hula-hooping the entire distance. Lori is a certified hoopnotica instructor, a new fitness practice using a hula-hoop. Lori’s efforts gained the attention of several news media and benefited research and awareness of Batten disease, a disorder of the nervous system that usually begins in childhood and can be fatal.

Singer Nominated for Country Music Award Cindy Lee Marinelli Alden (Epsilon Iota-Duquesne) has been nominated for an Inspirational Country Music (ICM) Award for Female Vocalist of the Year. The success of Cindy’s single,“Bread Broken,” helped her land in the ICM top ten nomination. The awards ceremony is Oct. 24 in Nashville, Tenn.

Rock Artist Receives Industry Awards Singer/songwriter Kristen Faulconer (Iota GammaUniversity of the Pacific) is the recipient of a 2013 Akademia Award for best rock/hard rock song for “Phoenix” featuring Chet McCracken, formerly of The Doobie Brothers.“Phoenix” also won a 2013 X-Poze-Ing Music Award for best rock song. Kristen also won a 2013 Akademia Award in the dance/electronic category for her song,“Take Me Away,” featuring Lorenzo Lellini and Handsome Rob. Kristen has been nominated for nine industry awards in the past year. Read more about her at

Fall 2013

Alpha Phi Quarterly


Emerging Leaders Institute Four Emerging Leaders Institutes (ELI) were held this summer at Butler University (Indianapolis, Ind.). This interactive learning experience included large and small group discussions, trust building activities and personal reflection. Topics ranged from values clarification to communication skills to stewardship. A total of 199 emerging leaders attended the Institutes and received a full scholarship funded by Alpha Phi Foundation that included travel, lodging and meals. These sophomores and juniors showed great potential as leaders!

Challenge Course Members put their values into action by participating in a challenge program. Through activities such as a climbing wall, zip line and trust fall, they utilized individual strengths to enhance the team experience. With effective communication, team building and collaboration, these women got out of their comfort zones.

“ELI helped me build a stronger connection to Alpha Phi and reinforced that I made the right decision by becoming an Alpha Phi.” – Jaime Rehm (Eta Mu-Marquette), Session 4


Alpha Phi Quarterly

Fall 2013

“I couldn’t have asked for or imagined a better experience than ELI. It gave me the confidence, knowledge, tools and support to reach the goals I have set for myself. It has better prepared me to lead my chapter and prepared me for any endeavors I attempt in the professional world. Each person who was part of the session I attended is now someone I know I can trust and rely upon.” - Claudia Ash (Theta Nu-Appalachian State), Session 1

Alumnae Panel Participants had the opportunity to see how Alpha Phi is a lifetime commitment by interacting with Indianapolis area alumnae during a panel moderated by staff.

Values Clarification Students participated in an exercise that allowed them to determine their core values. Fall 2013

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Listening Activity Participants learned the art of listening and other communication skills through an interactive activity, where every person had a specific role to achieve an overall goal.

“I found that ELI helped with my self-confidence, leadership skills and knowledge of Alpha Phi values and ritual. I left ELI feeling empowered and even more in love with Alpha Phi!” – Paige Heilbrun (Epsilon Chi-Cal Poly), Session 3

Content Review Each small group takes a day of content to review with the entire group. Skits, songs and games were used to express what was learned during the day and made it a memorable activity.

“ELI has had such a significant impact on my life. It has given me that extra push to fulfill those ambitions and goals I have set for my chapter and myself. I believe it is an opportunity that no one should pass up. I am so thankful for being able to experience ELI.” – McKenzie Paterson (Alpha-Syracuse), Session 2

Thank You, Alpha Phi Foundation! The Fraternity would wholeheartedly like to thank Alpha Phi Foundation for their generous and continued support of the Emerging Leaders Institute. Through this partnership, we have empowered more than 800 women through the art of leadership, communication and teamwork since the first sessions in 2007.


Alpha Phi Quarterly

Fall 2013

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A listing of student participants and alumnae facilitators for all sessions can be found at (keywords: emerging leaders institute). Fall 2013

Alpha Phi Quarterly




Years of the Alpha Phi Quarterly Highlights from the magazine through the years By Christine Spiegel July 1888: The first issue of the Alpha Phi Quarterly is published.

The first issue of the Alpha Phi Quarterly magazine was published in July 1888. It displayed a plain orange wrapper, included 20 pages and had a circulation of 250 copies. It was created as a magazine, and continues to be distributed as such, consistently publishing for 125 years. Today, it reaches more than 130,000 readers via mail, and issues of the magazine back through Fall 2000 are available online. In its century and a quarter, the magazine has seen continuous changes during its own evolution into an awardwinning publication. In recognition of the 125th anniversary of the Alpha Phi Quarterly, we share some noteworthy moments from the magazine’s history and salute those who have devoted themselves to its journey. Perhaps no other source provides such an in-depth and fascinating record of Alpha Phi than the Alpha Phi Quarterly. From accounts of chapter installations to profiles of members, from listings of addresses to Convention reports, the Quarterly serves as an unmatched resource. Not only does the Quarterly preserve so much of Alpha Phi’s history, it also reflects history itself. The evolution of the magazine parallels the evolution of the Fraternity, higher education and the women’s fraternal experience.


Alpha Phi Quarterly

Fall 2013


Beginning in 1872 with the Syracuse (Alpha) chapter, the Founders and early members of Alpha Phi contributed to the “Literary Cabinet,” a handwritten journal devoted to the writings and work of the Fraternity sisters. The journal was the pre-cursor to the Quarterly.

After several years of discussion among members, the publication of the Alpha Phi Quarterly was authorized at the 1887 Alpha Phi Convention. Everything, down to the number of pages (24), was arranged. A Chicago printer, Jameson and Morse, was secured, and Northwestern (Beta) chapter was given editorial reign for the first year, with Minnie Moulding [Goodsmith] (Beta-Northwestern) appointed editorin-chief. Associate editors were from the four existing chapters: Syracuse (Alpha), Northwestern (Beta), DePauw (Gamma) and Boston (Eta).

The purpose of the magazine was “to devote our pages to the discussion of Fraternity questions, to exchange items, Alpha Phi news, as well as to recognize Alpha Phi’s literary talent.”– July 1888 Quarterly In an 1895 Quarterly, Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Northup (EtaBoston) urged all members to take up a subscription.

In July 1888, the Alpha Phi Quarterly made its debut. Cora Allen [McElroy] (Beta-Northwestern) became the Quarterly’s first editor when Minnie Moulding resigned before beginning the position to get married. The magazine was to “report the entire workings of the society and the growth of each chapter, as well as the whereabouts of absent sisters to whom we have pledged undying fidelity.” Members were invited to participate “not only by subscribing, but by sending any article or item of news of common interest.” The first issue contained only text and two illustrations – a drawing of the first chapter house at Syracuse (Alpha) and one of a piano that was part of an advertisement. It was the fifth sorority magazine published.

1887 Quarterly Editors The editor position itself and the responsibilities associated with it have changed in 125 years. The first editor was a volunteer who served in the position on what today is considered a “part-time” basis. Today, the editor is a full-time member of the Executive Office staff.

1888 Cora Allen McElroy (Beta-Northwestern), 1888-90 Cora wrote several articles for the Quarterly while editor, and her impact on the magazine was honored even after her death. For years, the magazine carried a Cora Allen McElroy memorial article and other tributes. Cora remained involved in Alpha Phi and the Greek world throughout her life. She was a National Panhellenic Conference delegate for 16 years, chairman of NPC from 1911-12, Alpha Phi’s National President from 1912-14 and chairman of the Fraternity’s Endowment Fund for six years.

“Don’t sit back with the complacent fancy that you have done your whole duty when you refuse the small subscription price. If the magazine is not interesting to you personally, the welfare of Alpha Phi is, presumably, and the reputation of the fraternity depends more upon the character of its publication than you perhaps think … So it is a personal matter after all with both active member and alumna, and a question of loyalty. Have you done your whole duty, sisters new and old?”

Black and white photographs are introduced in the May 1897 Quarterly and included only sparingly at first.


1895 Jennie DeRemer Thorburn Sanford (Alpha-Syracuse), 1890-92 Jennie served as National President of the Fraternity from 1887-88 before being chosen as editor. She was celebrated as one of those who was instrumental in the building of Syracuse’s (Alpha) first chapter house – the first sorority house in America – in 1886. Jennie also helped organize the Southern California Alumnae Association.

Edith Lynch Bolster (Eta-Boston), 1892-94

Elizabeth C. Northup (Eta-Boston), 1894-97

Edith was initiated at the 1886 Convention in Boston – the first Convention to have an initiation service as part of its program. During her time as editor, the exchange section became prominent in the magazine, and several pages of each issue were devoted to excerpts from other sorority and fraternity magazines.

Most of the articles during her time as editor reflected her own personal convictions. She wrote, “The editorial department must inevitably have a personal bias if it is to become anything more than a mere record of the fraternity’s official decrees … Up to a certain point, being a mouthpiece is no unworthy function, but it has its limits.”

A Chicago Tribune article titled “Girl Graduates Again” from July 27, 1890, judged the Alpha Phi Quarterly as taking “high rank among college periodicals.”


Elizabeth introduced columns which were designed to bring the larger world of fraternities and education into focus. She also introduced “Sparks From Many Forges,” a column featuring the work and news of alumnae, reflecting the key role the increasing number of alumnae were playing in the Fraternity. Elizabeth was elected National President in 1897-98 and continued to write humor columns for the Quarterly until 1943.

Fall 2013

Alpha Phi Quarterly


The July 1904 Quarterly introduced a series of essays chronicling “distinctive college customs” on the various campuses where its chapters were housed. Each offered a view of life on the Fraternity’s 12 campuses, underscoring differences. M. Pamelia Clough (Theta-Michigan) elaborated on the vast distance over which the link of sisterhood stretched in a Quarterly article titled “Alpha Phi in the World.” It highlighted the fact that Fraternity members now resided not only all over the United States, but also all over the world— from Japan to India.

The August 1900 issue reported the death of Founder Kate Hogoboom Gilbert and pictured her with her college daughter, Ruth Gilbert [Becker] (Alpha-Syracuse), the first Alpha Phi daughter to be initiated into the Fraternity.

November 1902: The Quarterly, thriving under the direction of Martha Keefe Phillips (Alpha-Syracuse), issued a special 30th anniversary edition in honor of the Fraternity’s birthday. It was mailed to all Alpha Phi sisters. A photograph of the Founders was included, followed by a dedicatory essay to Dr. Wellesley P. Coddington (professor and advisor to the Founders), as well as notes from the Founders and a history of the Fraternity, titled “Thirty Years.”

“Our sisters, women of ideals and of similar college opportunities,” she wrote, are “scattered all over the earth, yet linked each to each in the golden chain binding us in fraternity.”

The history was written to “show to all our readers the growth of the fraternity in thirty years. From the work of ten young women we have seventeen chapters, more than a thousand members, with a constantly widening circle of influence and usefulness.”

1900 Viola Vernon Sutter (Alpha-Syracuse), 1897-1900 Viola, born in Bologna, Italy, attended Syracuse University for just a year before leaving college and traveling abroad. She wrote for the Northern Christian Advocate and in 1897 wrote and published a book of poems. When she became editor, an issue of the time was whether alumnae or collegians would be able to make better decisions on behalf of the Fraternity moving forward. Viola’s articles expressed both sides.


Cora Stranahan Woodward (Delta-Cornell), 1900 Cora served as editor-in-chief for just one issue before resigning and assuming the post of exchange editor. She was National President from 1894-96 and Visiting Delegate from 1905-06. Based on her experience as Visiting Delegate, she urged the expansion of Alpha Phi into the Western states in her message to Convention delegates in 1906.

Alpha Phi Quarterly

Fall 2013

1902 Jessie Tyler Peck (Alpha-Syracuse), 1900-02 During Jessie’s time, Alpha Phi and all sororities were still considered to be in their formative years. The “Chapter Round Table” section of the magazine became prominent of this time. The event of the greatest long-range significance covered by the Quarterly at this time was the first meeting of the Inter-Sorority Conference on May 24, 1902, in Chicago. Called on behalf of Alpha Phi National President Margaret Mason Whitney (ThetaMichigan), its purpose “was to discuss matters of vital importance to fraternities, particularly the evils connected with the present methods of rushing and pledging…”

1904 Martha Aubrie Keefe Phillips (Alpha-Syracuse), 1902-06 Martha’s first job out of college was at the Heath Publishing House in Boston. Known as “Sister Martha,” she pursued matters of subscription for the Quarterly. By 1906, when Martha resigned, the Quarterly’s subscription list had grown significantly from 295 to 950.

Elizabeth Stryker Brown Holbrook (Theta-Michigan), 1906-13 The major focus of the Quarterly during Elizabeth’s editorship was the InterSorority Conference (which would become the National Panhellenic Conference). Magazines also included Panhellenic Notes, News of the Fraternity World and many photographs of solemnfaced sisters, as it was not the norm of the times to smile in photos.

In the 1900s and 1910s, the magazine began showing greater interest in Panhellenism (Alpha Phi was one of five women’s groups to found what would become the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) in 1902). Panhellenic delegates from various groups are pictured in the January 1913 Quarterly.

Beginning in 1918 and through 1922, under the direction of former editor Cora Allen McElroy, appeals for donations to the Fraternity’s Endowment Fund (which helped pay for a member’s subscription to the magazine in addition to several other significant Fraternity expenses) appeared in the Quarterly over the course of several years (at left from September 1920 issue). Cora’s goal was to build up the small fund to an amazing $50,000 by the time of the Fraternity’s 50th anniversary in 1922.

Many articles described the YWCA “foyer” in Roanne, France, which had been financially supported by Alpha Phi. It served as a social center for female munitions workers who were uprooted during and after the war. This photo appeared in the March 1919 Quarterly.

During the World War I years (1914-18), chapter news focused on members doing their part to help in the war effort. The Alpha Phi Quarterly reduced its page numbers and suspended the publication of photographs between 1917-18 in an effort to conserve resources.

“This dream will become a reality,” Cora wrote, “if every Alpha Phi, who cannot give fifty dollars, will send in five dollars promptly to the Fund.”

At the 1920 Convention, with the magazine’s increased circulation, size and production costs, it was decided to raise the annual subscription price of the magazine from $1 to $2 and discontinue the printing of advertisements. A plan for life subscriptions was set up, and four years later the lifetime subscription to the magazine became part of one’s initiation fee.



Cora’s hard work, coupled with the generosity of Alpha Phi members, paid off, and the goal was reached.


Frances Gay Perkins (Iota-Wisconsin), 1913-18

Grace J. Sawyer (Alpha-Syracuse), 1919

Ruth Sanders Thomson (Beta-Northwestern), 1919-44

In 1917, Frances proposed to the National Panhellenic Conference of Editors that the 18 member groups discontinue their individual publications and come together to produce one publication for all, since she considered all sororities are “fired with the same inspiration and work for the same great ideals.” Fortunately, this was vetoed.

Grace played many roles in ensuring the success of Alpha Phi. She was a Visiting Delegate in 1903-04, housemother at Oregon (Tau) when the chapter was founded in 1915 and at Syracuse (Alpha) that following year, and she was the National Panhellenic Congress delegate.

Ruth initially declined to edit the Quarterly because she wasn’t a journalist, but accepted when she married George Franklin Thomson, who was. She often referred to her husband as her “co-editor.” The two were responsible for a new cover design that continued for more than a quarter century.

World War I had ended in November of 1918, but the issues Grace edited in 1919 continued to be weighted by war reports.

Ruth served as chairman of the National Panhellenic Editors’ Conference. She was also historian of the Fraternity and wrote The History of Alpha Phi 1872-1902, which was published in June 1943.

June 1926: Arizona (Beta Epsilon) chapter's installation.

“What Kinds of Girls Shoul d Not Be Frater nity Girls? ”

“Can the Frater nity Help in Obser ving Sunda y in Colleg e.” “Is There Danger in Over-O rganiza tion in College Life?” Headlines from the Quarterly in the 1910s. Fall 2013

Alpha Phi Quarterly


“Plan Wisely and Live Economically” The Great Depression that overshadowed the 1930s impacted articles that appeared in the Quarterly during those years and the operation of the Fraternity itself. There were the usual lighthearted news of sisters’ lives and accomplishments, but there were also reports about unemployment, the New Deal and saving money. In the January 1933 issue, an article by President Margaretta Orem Lindsay (ZetaGoucher) titled “Plan Wisely and Live Economically” informed members how the Executive Board has “pared down its budget in every way possible … and made tentative plans for even greater economy should the occasion arise.”

“This is not pessimism. It is just intelligent preparedness … In matters of finance each chapter is an individual unit and must stand on its own feet.”

Ruth Sanders Thomson (Beta-Northwestern), editor since 1919, incorporated a new design to the January 1932 cover which continued for more than 25 years. The design

“The General Treasury cannot meet chapter deficits. We can only advise and urge that each group plan wisely and live economically.”

featured a solid bordeaux background with the Ursa Major constellation, one silver stripe to represent every decade of the magazine at the time and 10 stripes for the 10 Founders.





“The Quarterly has written the history of a restricted group’s activities within a larger group of ever changing educational and cultural advancement. An analysis of this record would show the enlarged opportunity in the scheme of education for women – the progress of women’s freedom – the evolution of differing accepted standards of morals and manners – the numerous phases of women’s growing independence in their contribution to the world’s knowledge, betterment and happiness.”

“Gable Becom es a Gopher”

“…With pride and expectation, I rise to offer the toast. ‘To the Quarterly’s next 50 years, may they be pregnant with the records of a greater finer Alpha Phi.’”

A September 1932 article profiled Marion Dale Roper (Beta Delta-UCLA), who competed in the 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles, Calif., in the women’s high diving event. The caption at the time read, “She stood halfway to heaven.”


Alpha Phi Quarterly

Fall 2013

— Founder Clara Bradley Burdette (“Mother Burdette”) wrote in the January 1938 Quarterly in recognition of the magazine’s 50th anniversary.

A piece titled “Gable Becomes a Gopher” in the March 1939 issue describes how Mary Louise McLaughlin (Epsilon-Minnesota) “stalked” and sold Gable a homecoming button. The note reads, “Clark Gable (pitter patter) stopped over in Minneapolis last fall enroute to California after a hunting trip in northern Minnesota.”

During the years of World War II (1939-45), the magazine was filled with details about members and chapters doing their part, including a large number of

sisters featured with every issue for their involvement with the Red Cross and in women’s branches of the armed forces.

i” “How Omicron piled up the scrap at Missour March 1943 headline and photo.

Articles also noted the work of sisters who contributed to the Maple Leaf Fund, launched by the Fraternity to support war efforts. The President at the time, Dorothy Stewart Kernohan (Xi-Toronto) was Canadian (Canada entered the war before the U.S.) and influential in creating the fund. Two projects in particular benefited from it: afghans were donated to mothers and children in bombed areas of Britain, and war relief stamps were sold to purchase surgical kits for emergency use among civilian victims of air raids in England. Conventions of 1942 and 1944 were also postponed because of the war.

June 1944: Lieutenant Edith Norris (Iota-Wisconsin), left, head of recruiting for Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.

Marian Wiley Keys (Alpha-Syracuse), 1944-52 Marian came from an Alpha Phi family consisting of her aunt, two sisters, two cousins and her mother, who was National President from 1902-04. She told the tale of moving into the Alpha Phi chapter house for a summer at Syracuse with her parents when she was three months old.

The Make Do and Mend government campaign of the time encouraged people to ration, recycle and reuse old clothes and other fabrics and resources. Stemming from this was the popularity of knitting clubs. Several examples of rationing and knitting appeared in the Quarterly. Pictured in the June 1944 Quarterly are Milwaukee alumnae Frances Cutler Van Patten (BetaNorthwestern) and Abigail Shay Bassett (Theta-Michigan).

Marian’s lifetime of service for the Fraternity included being Visiting Delegate in 1925-26 and writing the first pledge handbook. She served several times on the Executive Board and was International President from 1954-58. She was also elected chairman of the National Panhellenic Editors’ Conference. Marian always noted her favorite job was editing the Quarterly. She continued to contribute after she resigned to ensure the early history of Alpha chapter and the Founders would not be lost.

A January 1942 article titled “Alpha Phi Stamp Funds Provide Four Surgical Kits, More Than One Hundred Afghans Have Also Been Made” reported on the progress of the Maple Leaf Fund efforts and called for additional support. “The war that was waged across the seas and was ours only as we took the suffering and the needs of others as a charge upon our hearts, now comes home to us and makes us one with all who have borne its brunt these long months, these weary years.”

”Why aren't you a nurse?“ A March 1943 article titled “Why Aren’t You a Nurse?” urged members to consider a career in nursing “to fulfill the armed forces need for 3,000 nurses a month.” It read, “You have bravely sent your brothers, friends, dear ones, away to military service. Now, can you be content to merely knit, or serve in ordinary ways, and let someone else take care of the wounded? Your country needs you and is willing to assist financially; and Alpha Phi and other groups are contributing to scholarship funds … You can help win the war by becoming a nurse now. In post-war days, your opportunities at home and abroad will be unlimited.”

June 1942: Beta Alphas write letters to Illinois alumni in the armed forces. Fall 2013

Alpha Phi Quarterly


The October 1950 Quarterly included a message from President Clara Ingwersen Gregson (Iota-Wisconsin) reflecting the state of the world at the time and hope for the future, “The world again faces the confusions and the sorrows of another war. With unrest, suspicion and insecurity rampant, we have need more than ever before of the comfort and stability of those institutions which have withstood the test of time – among which we count our fraternal ties.”

Articles of the 1950s reflected the issues of the time, including the Korean War and communism, racial discrimination and post-war economic expansion. Reflective of that time were reports noted and photos of members “entertaining.”

Following the official adoption of cardiac aid an Alpha Phi priority in 1946 and the establishment of the Alpha Phi Foundation in 1956, it was common to view photos of and reports about chapters’ work toward the Heart Campaign and National Heart Week. This has remained a priority for both Alpha Phi and the magazine through the present.

“Communism: Know What It's All Abou

March 1950: There were a significant number of photos of people entertaining, or hosting teas, in this decade. In this photo, Pauline Warning pours a cup of tea to honor Georgia Neese Clark (Upsilon-Washburn), the first female Treasurer of the United States, serving from 1949-53.



A two-page article in the June 1952 magazine was a suggested list of summer reading titled “Communism: Know What It’s All About!” and an October 1953 reprinted article was written by J. Edgar Hoover about “Communism and the College Student.”

Summer 1957: Sisters sell lollipops to promote heart health and the Alpha Phi Foundation.

Margaret Knights Hultsch (Beta Nu-Duke, Rho-Ohio State, Beta-Northwestern and Omicron-Missouri), 1958-92

Janet began as assistant editor in October 1948 and became editor four years later. Her greatest innovation was the introduction of photographic covers. During her time as editor, the Quarterly reported on two momentous events – the acquisition of the Fraternity’s first headquarters building in Evanston, Ill. and the launch of Alpha Phi Foundation – both occurring in 1957. During her term, Janet brought a new look to the magazine, adding the first photo to a cover (January 1954), making changes to the contents page, incorporating more photos throughout the magazine and including the first inserted section on color pages (“Complete Rushing and Recommendation Data 1956-57,” Summer 1956).

“Communism and the College Student”

“Oh to Be the Wif

Janet Powers McGurn (Beta-Northwestern), 1952-57

During her editorship, Marge was a pioneer for the magazine and for Greek magazines in general, serving as chairman of the National Panhellenic Editors’ Conference from 1961-63. The magazine received numerous writing and design awards, including being voted top sorority magazine by other Greek editors several times in the 1960s and 1970s. It continued to consistently win in the 1980s in National Interfraternity Foundation and College Fraternity Editors’ Association competitions. In 1969, the Quarterly became the first sorority magazine to be professionally designed. Paul Fisher, professor of magazine design at the University of Missouri School of Journalism designed the magazine for 23 years with Marge. Marge received the Ivy Vine Award in 1988, presented by Alpha Phi International in honor of outstanding service to the Greek world. Marge has been published in national publications such as Good Housekeeping and The Wall Street Journal as well. Marge is the Quarterly's longest-serving editor.


Alpha Phi Quarterly

e of a Congressm


Marge was the Quarterly’s first full-time editor and began her term working out of Alpha Phi’s headquarters in Evanston, Ill. After marrying and moving to Columbia, Mo., she continued another 30 years working out of her home – eventually moving from full- to part-time.

The first photo appears on the cover in January 1954,

Fall 2013


The Summer 1957 magazine included an article titled “Oh to be the Wife of a Congressman! By Two Who Know,” written by Marie Thomsen Schoeppel (Nu-Nebraska), wife of former Kansas Senator Andrew F. Schoeppel, and Norma Wells Younger (SigmaWashington), wife of former California Congressman J. Arthur Younger.

The Quarterly of the 1970s included quite the range of topics – from letters supporting soldiers in Vietnam to notes about protests against the war, to articles about women’s roles and the Equal Rights Amendment. There was also discussion about consumerism, drug abuse and hazing among collegians and the troubled fraternal movement.

Fall 1960: "Politicos – Chicago area Alpha Phis greet Toni Hatfield at hotel convention headquarters.” Summer 1972

Summer 1973

The Summer 1973 Quarterly article titled “The Fraternity’s Greatest Concerns” noted “In the seventies the role of the woman in society is undergoing vast evolutionary changes. So, too, the role of the sorority woman has been affected.

The issues of the 1960s most covered in the Quarterly were women’s rights, status of women in employment and education, Vietnam and race discrimination among others. The Winter 1965 issue profiled a sister who volunteered with the Peace Corps shortly after it was established. A Winter 1960 article titled “The Right to Select” stated,

She has to defend her organization and prove the worth of the sorority to many.”

“Whether it is wise or desirable for a fraternity or a sorority to be interracial as far as its membership is concerned is a question for that organization to decide and that organization alone.”

Winter 1973: “This is Alpha Phi. All membership records, which formerly consumed one whole room, are now stored on this reel of magnetic tape a mere ten inches in diameter!”



The Summer 1963 issue celebrates another milestone for the Quarterly and includes a seven-page article, “A Memoir on a 75th Anniversary,” written by Marian Wiley Keys (AlphaSyracuse), historian at that time. She writes, "…In fraternity journalism, as in the popular magazine of the day, great changes are taking place, and the magazine of yesterday bears little resemblance to the one of today save in the name. What the magazine of tomorrow will be – who knows?"

Winter 1975: “Ball State Phis find that there’s nothing like sorority uniforms to create chapter unity and identity on an unhoused campus. The suits all match. Chapter members express individuality with their own ties, sweaters and blouses.”

“The Adventure of being a Wife”

“Marriage is the most exhilarating, self-satisfying career a woman can have”

The Winter 1976 issue featured the first full-color cover, along with some internal color photos. It introduced the new Executive Office in Evanston, Ill.

“Crusading for Planned Parenthood” Feature story headlines from the 1970s. Fall 2013

Alpha Phi Quarterly


Hot topics during the 1990s included extension, recruitment and the future of the fraternity system. Articles about Watchcare and risk management focused on the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse, warnings about acquaintance rape and abuse. Alpha Phi International’s progress in the world of technology was touted, as Alpha Phi became the first NPC group to launch a website, featured in the Spring 1996 issue.

Recurring topics during the 1980s included the increasing issue of alcohol and drug use on campus and the effects of hazing and other “demeaning” activities. A new hot topic was “legacies,” or daughters, granddaughters or sisters of Alpha Phis. Women’s rights and the feminist movement were discussed. A Winter 1982 “Phi Mail” letter noted “I’m the product of my era, but I also have a daughter, 23, who is articulate about her generation and the feminist movement… So I also find objectionable the use of the word ‘girls’ by Quarterly correspondents in the ‘Bear Tracks’ section.”

The magazine soon after began using the word “women” rather than “girls” to describe sisters of college age and older.

Spring 1992: Kimberly Williams (BetaNorthwestern) debuts in “Father of the Bride.” The magazine won first place in the National Interfraternity Foundation's Publications Awards for the article “Should Women’s Fraternities Go Co-Ed?,” printed in the Winter 1994 Quarterly.

Fall 1988: “The Alpha Phi Quarterly, celebrating its centennial, was in the spotlight all of Convention week. Posing with the Quarterly display in the Memorabilia Room are, from left, current editor Marge Hultsch, alumnae editor Ann Emrich and former editor Janet McGurn.”


Virginia “Ginny” Burson Struble (Beta Kappa-Denison), 1994-95

1980 Winter 1980: The Quarterly was “named the Top Women’s Fraternity Magazine out of a field of twentysix contenders by a panel of Greek fraternity editors.”

Ginny became editor after serving as International President (1990-94). Her service to Alpha Phi has also included being a Foundation Board director, NPC delegate and on the International Housing Committee – all within the same timeframe.



Alpha Phi Quarterly

Fall 2013


Lesli Davis Clarke [previously Nadolski] (Beta-Northwestern), 1995-98 In addition to serving as editor, Lesli was an advisor to Emory (Theta Pi). In one of her messages to readers, she said, “In many ways, the Quarterly is the heart and soul of Alpha Phi. It is what keeps us connected, and it belongs to all of us.”

“Looking for a Fun Tax Shelter? Then Buy a Chapter House” Feature story headline from the 1980s.

Winter 1990: Lynn Zimmerman (BetaNorthwestern), Miss Illinois, was third runner-up in the Miss America Pageant. Today, Lynn goes by Jeri Ryan and is a wellknown actress, most recently seen on ABC’s “Body of Proof.”

The Fraternity world and Alpha Phi joined in the push for “political correctness” in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and the Quarterly followed suit. Changes in terminology included referring to “recruitment” rather than “rush,” “new member” instead of “pledge,” “holiday” instead of “Christmas,” and so on.

Anne Pratt, 1998-99 Anne was the first member of another Greek organization (Kappa Delta) to serve as editor of the Quarterly. When she was hired in the late 1990s, her employment was somewhat progressive on Alpha Phi’s part. Today, there are a significant number of editors who work for magazines of fraternities/sororities other than their own.

The Spring 1996 article titled “Alpha Phi Enters Cyberspace” noted, “Lately, many Alpha Phis have discovered the benefits of e-mail and the Internet … New technologies provide wonderful opportunities to increase unity and sisterhood, foster greater alumnae involvement and facilitate faster, more economical communication amongst members … The Internet is an important part of Alpha Phi’s future.”

The Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the U.S. were at the forefront of the minds of sisters immediately following the tragedy, and the magazine reflected the mourning, efforts to assist those affected immediately after and the changes to the way of life moving forward, including involvement in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. A Winter 2002 article titled “Sept. 11: Remembering and Caring” noted, “Alpha Phis responded to the Sept. 11 national tragedy with donations of time and money, as well as support for the people and communities directly affected.

In the early 2000s, the Quarterly followed the magazine trend of the time and featured “themed” issues that carried throughout the majority of the magazine. The “Protecting Yourself” theme of the Spring 2004 issue, for example, included topics of self-defense, identity theft, acquaintance rape and health screenings and extended to “protecting the leaders of tomorrow” via training and other collegiate programs.

More than $15,000 was raised for the Alpha Phi Sept. 11 Disaster Relief Fund, established by the Fraternity and Foundation.” The article paid tribute to the sister who was killed in the World Trade Center attacks, Kristy Irvine Ryan (Zeta Psi-Dayton). The Summer 2002 Quarterly featured sisters who served in the military and emergency services. Sisters also shared their involvement with or response to natural disasters. The 2004 tsunami in East Asia, Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the 2010 earthquake in Haiti and Hurricane Sandy in 2012 were noted among others.

The age of new media and social media that brought about significant changes in the 2000s and continues today has impacted how Alpha Phi – and the Quarterly – collects information from sisters and communicates with them. The first complete issue of the magazine to be posted online for sisters to view, download, print and share was the Fall 2000 Quarterly. Today, most material is submitted online and most correspondence is conducted via email – a far cry from the handwritten submissions that were mailed to the editor for the first issues.

Christine Spiegel (1999-Present) Christine is also a member of another Greek organization (Delta Zeta), but has been with the magazine long enough that she now knows more about Alpha Phi and its members than her own group. Under Christine, the magazine has continued the awardwinning trend set by Marge Hultsch, annually receiving awards for both writing and design. Among the more prestigious is the Fraternity Communications Association Fred F. Yoder Award.

Coming Soon! You’ll be able to view, search, print and download historic issues of the Quarterly online! Alpha Phi Foundation will generously be funding a digital archiving project, beginning with the first issue and moving forward. The project will begin this year. In the meantime, recent issues from Fall 2000 to the present are available at (keywords: recent issues). All issues prior to Fall 2000 found online were not posted by Alpha Phi International and did not have our permission to re-publish.

Tribute to an Alumnae Editor There have been a number of women who have also served as assistant or associate editors and alumnae editors over the years. We would like to recognize one of those women, who passed away this year.

Ann Freeman Emrich (Beta Gamma-Colorado), Alumnae Editor, 1964-92 Ann started writing for her hometown newspaper at age 16. She worked for radio stations in Colorado, completed freelance assignments for the Denver Post and other newspapers and periodicals, and she wrote throughout her life. Her older sister, Eleanor Freeman Hutchinson (Beta Gamma-Colorado), led her to Alpha Phi. Perhaps most popular among Ann’s contributions to the Quarterly was the career series she created to introduce women to a variety of careers and feature successful Alpha Phis who work in them. The series ran 10 years.

Fall 2000 and Summer 2002 Quarterly covers show two different masthead designs of the 2000s. The redesign was implemented in the Fall 2001 issue.

“From Nail Biter to Celebrity Manicurist” “Special Agent’s Career Reads Like a Movie” Feature story headlines from the 2000s.

Ann held nearly every office in the Denver, Colo., alumnae chapter, being involved more than 20 years. In 1986, she was presented Alpha Phi International’s Michaelanean Award for her dedicated service on the local level. Ann was the longest-serving editor in an assistant position – 28 years. During her service, her son, Gary was a photographer and provided several cover photos for the magzine.

Fall 2013

Alpha Phi Quarterly


Alumnae Pride 1

2 1. COLUMBUS, OHIO The chapter’s pride comes from their great relationship with collegiate members at Ohio State (Rho). This year, alumnae paid for the saying “Union Hand in Hand” to be painted on the archway above Rho chapter house’s front door. It is a simple daily reminder of the strong bonds of Rho’s sisterhood and also the sisterhood between alumnae and collegians.



2. Fort Worth, Texas

Alumnae and legacies enjoy the annual mother-daughter tea at the home of Annette Klemow Smith (Zeta NuTexas Christian). 3. Dallas and Suburban, TExAS Ashley Paul (Gamma

Eta-North Texas), Dee Smith Jacobs (Delta Beta-Texas A&M/Commerce), Melinda Maalouf Wedding (Gamma Iota-Texas Tech) and D’Ann Smith Carpenter (Delta Beta-Texas A&M/Commerce) celebrate a successful year for the chapter at the Phi-esta event.


4. Albuquerque, N.M. Martha Turner Nail (Beta Zeta-Idaho), left, and Shirley Twedt Calhoun (Beta Sigma-Utah), right, are presented 50-year pins by President Judy Giudice Tull (Omega-Texas). The sisters received their pins during the annual State Day lunch at Tanoan Country Club. 5. Southeastern Louisiana

Alumnae gather for the spring meeting at Shawn DePierri Miller’s (Delta Tau-Louisiana State) home in Baton Rouge. Among the topics of discussion was preparing for the first recruitment at Louisiana State (Delta Tau) since the early 1980s! They are excited to bring Delta Tau back to LSU.



Alpha Phi Quarterly

Fall 2013




9 6. Northwest Houston Sisters

participate in the Northwest Harris County Alumnae Panhellenic scholarship fundraiser, chaired by chapter member Gina Garner Winter (Epsilon Omega-Texas A&M).

a bowling night, and attending an Indianapolis Indians baseball game. They have enjoyed reconnecting with one another and look forward to meeting many more women during future events.


10. British Columbia During the

Alumnae enjoy lunch at Halifax River Yacht Club.

university’s Alumni Weekend, sisters attend an inaugural networking event hosted by the Vancouver Panhellenic Association.

8. TAMPA BAY, FLA. Sisters enjoy a

Summer Sizzle brunch with local graduating collegians at President Sandy Donelan’s (Delta ZetaMaryland) house. Alumnae networked and gained new friendships with collegians and spoke about the benefits of joining an alumnae chapter after graduation. 9. Indianapolis, IND. The chapter is in the process of revitalizing and has held several events over the past few months, including happy hours,


The chapter celebrates the return of Brad Clott, husband of Holly Anneken Clott (Gamma Nu-Miami University) from a military tour of duty in Africa. The group dined in fine Italian style. 12. Door County, Wis.

Sue Grandgeorge (Iota-Wisconsin), Bonnie Seitz Kenny (Gamma UpsilonWisconsin/Milwaukee), Virginia Murphy Maher (Gamma Upsilon-


Wisconsin/Milwaukee) and Paula Alexander Keller (Beta-Northwestern) welcome new alumna Rachel Shannon (Delta Upsilon-Baldwin Wallace) to the chapter during a luncheon at The Liberty Square Bistro in Egg Harbor, Wis.


13. Las Vegas, Nev. The chapter

enjoys a painting class at Paint and Party. They were guided in painting a tree scene within the season of their choosing. 14. MILWAUKEE, WIS. Alumnae purchase Alpha Phi umbrellas during Marquette (Eta Mu) collegiate chapter’s fundraiser at their Founders’ Day celebration. Pictured are (from left) Donna Bubolz Hahn, Sandy Pfeil Neill, Bev Umaske Keller, Judy Kalt Loose and Barbara Born Donohue (all Gamma Upsilon-Wisconsin/ Milwaukee).

Web Extra If your chapter submitted a photo for this issue and you do not see it in the Alumnae Pride section, it may be in our special Quarterly Web Extra. Visit



Fall 2013

Alpha Phi Quarterly


Alumnae Pride NEW ALUMNAE CHAPTERS Alpha Phi International is excited to announce alumnae chapters and ivy connections are forming in the following areas:

❧ Alabama Mobile ❧ Connecticut Hartford ❧ Central Iowa ❧ Central Missouri ❧ New York Long Island ❧ Midlands of South Carolina

Announcing the Alumnae Affinity Program

The alumnae strategy team (AST) is pleased to announce the launch of its alumnae affinity program. The purpose of the program is to encourage, facilitate and support the relationship of alumnae with their collegiate chapters. This includes enhancing communications via social media and in person. The hope is that these connections will not only keep new graduates connected to Alpha Phi immediately following graduation, but actively engage alumnae in Alpha Phi membership for a lifetime. To begin fostering and rekindling the connections of alumnae to their chapter sisters and Alpha Phi, a group of pilot chapters has been selected:

❧ Tennessee Memphis

East Quadrant

❧ Texas El Paso

Maine (Delta Nu): Katie Foster,

❧ Washington Spokane

Shippensburg (Theta Xi): Michele Lehman Carragan,

❧ West Virginia Charleston ❧ Wisconsin Stevens Point

Toronto (Xi): Monica Kennedy Monczka,

Northern Quadrant Alpha Phi International is excited to announce alumnae chapters are revitalizing in the following areas:

Bowling Green State (Beta Omicron): Nici Martin Crislip,

❧ Florida Fort Lauderdale

James Madison (Theta Iota): Becky Wardwell,

❧ Georgia Atlanta

Southern Quadrant

❧ Illinois Peoria

Louisiana State (Delta Tau): Erin Donahoe Druhan,

❧ Indiana Indianapolis

Oklahoma (Phi): Amy Keathley,

❧ Southeast Louisiana ❧ Massachusetts Boston ❧ Montana Missoula

Western Quadrant CSU/Long Beach (Gamma Kappa): Jessica Bechtold, Santa Clara (Zeta Gamma): Leann Witherspoon,

❧ New York Albany ❧ Central New York

UC/Irvine (Eta Kappa): Chelsea Van Arnam,

❧ Ohio Akron-Canton ❧ Pennsylvania Pittsburgh ❧ Texas Austin ❧ West Virginia Morgantown Please contact Elizabeth Conner (Gamma-DePauw) at if you are interested in getting involved with any of these chapters or starting a chapter in your area.


Alpha Phi Quarterly

Fall 2013

Those who are members of the selected chapters are asked to assist your alumnae affinity specialist (AAS) volunteer (listed above) by making sure your contact information is updated and helping locate missing alumnae members from your chapter. Visit (keywords: missing members) to view the listing of missing sisters and help track them down. Alpha Phi International looks forward to seeing the growth in alumnae connections that this new program will bring.

Pin Created in Memory of Beloved Sister In memory of a dear and loyal sister, Ann Freeman Emrich (Beta GammaColorado), Denver alumnae Jean Creamer Hodges (Rho-Ohio State) and Deirdre Bainbridge Nalven (Iota-Wisconsin) designed and gifted a beautiful alumnae president’s lazy Phi traveling pin to be worn by presidents of the Denver alumnae chapter during their terms in office. Ann was a long-time member of the Denver alumnae chapter, holding nearly every office. She received Alpha Phi International’s Michaelanean Award in 1986 for her outstanding loyalty and continuous devotion to Alpha Phi at the local level. Ann was a reporter and columnist for the Denver Post and later the Washington Park Profile (Denver, Colo.). She served as the alumnae editor of the Alpha Phi Quarterly from 1964-92. The pin was presented by Deirdre and Jean to the current and continuing president, Heather Smart Brevik (Zeta Mu-Colorado State). This pin will be a treasure for all who are elected to wear it and a lovely remembrance of a truly remarkable sister.

Fall 2013

Alpha Phi Quarterly


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Alumnae Anniversaries

Help us recognize the following women as they celebrate an anniversary of sisterhood.

25-year Sisters The sterling silver 25-year pin (left) in the shape of the Big Dipper is fashioned with one sapphire at each of the seven joints. Alumna Initiate (Alpha Lambda) Elaine Crow Adams Barbara Freiburger Ahlrichs Pat Atkins Deborah Hamilton Barber Yvonne Bogdanovich Vana Cleveland Coates Colleen Corrigan Vera Schmidt Cousins Katie Delavan Jaime Duffy Noreen Duffy Jill Maher Flory Mary Homb Forbes Margaret Zamora Gonnering Polly Knapp Hall Leslie Raffety Hembree Joy Carls Herbik Mary Ryan Higgins Suzanne Hunter Cynthia Stagg Ivey Sandra Russell Kerns Nancy Kramer Kincaid Stephanie Kircher Catherine Klod Patsy Redding Krepelin Al-Bayati Kuhn Carla Reid Kunin Laurel Morse Logan Margery Rouse Maher Luanne McMillen Maureen O’Brien Mikuleky Antonia Plevich Mitchell Betty Dalsing Moore Antoinette Coar Nenichka Salianne Shumway Nichols Kimberly Windham O’Leary Jeanne Paliatka Julieanne Patiatka Wendy Barlon Pauly Maureen Peterson Jill Weinberger Rigoli Petra Roter Robin Rudd Kathryn Thomas Russell Patricia Schaefer Rosemarie Spoto Sherman Pamela Clark Smith Nancy Smith Victoria Barlow Stamps Bernadine Stewart Barbara Ringold Szpiro Jean Helmrich Taylor Elizabeth Tigges Alice Forrest Walter Phyllis Swartz Wilson Anya Wittich Susan Steger Wolfe Adrian (Delta Eta) Terri McMahon Bennett Heather Sliter English Stephanie Frania Gerken Kari Goodman Charlene Howard Alice Hulit Debra Yurgo Morris Jennifer Palmer Karen Petersen Becky Bauer Reed Katherine Knapp Waggoner Akron (Eta Gamma) Pamela Baird Atwood Joan Senal Bascone Denise Booth Bell Darla Grew Bennett Rebecca Nicholas Bond Vicki Forest Terri Harrison Julie Hatchell Pamela Kiel Susan Bair Kundrath Margaret Young Le Blanc Mary Spears Logar

Octavia McCann McCall Ann Oliver Brenda Hibbard Pedro Marie Hacker Rourke Sandra Safran Nancy Scopel Christine Bubba Siewert Melissa Loucks Smith Debra Thomas Wendy Walter Arizona (Beta Epsilon) Sarah Anabel Stephanie Bantit Leanne Wade Beasley Brooke Guertner Bolinske Leslie Boller Christina Carfagno Bernadette Cay Suzan Pruter Coddington Cindy Albright Collon Melissa Deines Lisa Houghton Eves Stacy Foster Jocelyn Morton Gajewski Caryn Brunschwig Ginsburg Tiffany Hein Golden Laura Dropps Goss Gayle Doyle Gutierrez Robyn Harris Candace Parson Higgins Jill Wolfer Hudson Melissa Crosby Kasemeyer Anne DeWinter Kayl Gina Maraschiello Kelley Sheri Wigal Lauritano Christy Lay Lisa Caplan Lorence Heidi Lungren Kate Miller Anne Viehe Mitrick Teresa Neil Nowak Pamela O’Brien Tricia Polen Mary Brennen Riding Mary Jiles Roswarski Kayla Sharp Gina Shedd Tiffany Skinner Amy Bennett Weiner Lara Hansel Werwa Sarah Wolf Kelly Worrell Arizona State (Gamma Pi) Robyn Auslander Alison Bailey Lauren Berland Elizabeth Burau Lori Cox Carver Monique Contro Vickie Martin Cox Laura Randol Gallardo Tamara Hall Hoey Kristin Brome Houssiere Jennifer McRae Kaman Staci McDaniel Kari Metler Jennifer Makoff Miller Gina Glazer Nakis Sheree Langlie Napolitano Wendi Nelson Lisa Pedersen Nicoski Patrice O’Donnell Kristen Peil Kristen Lucas Prentice Beth Quaing Andrea Pankowski Scoggin Leigh-Anne Snow Liliana Acosta Stowe Patricia Strong Ashland (Epsilon Alpha) Stephanie Soppitt Bauer Robin Eberly Kimberly Winters Fickes

Simone House Kim Pisor Kinney Tamara Beyer Luttrell Karen Kodric Minich Molly Harbaugh Mitchell Karen Wojcik Morse Joanna Ruhl Dawn Dietzer Sauda Katherine Larke Schlabach Sarah Parker Smith Christine Venard Soska Lorie Spring Donna Stoll Toni Wierzba Baldwin Wallace (Delta Upsilon) Sally Cumberland Jill Stephens Fleisher Amy Forster Gloria Nunnari Joseph Laura Parker Gaba Kathryn Blaser Gorzelanczyk Laura Lazar Krog Kelly Schurdell Mastroianni Marcy Moren Nero Kimberly Toth Novak Nancy Ferris Postilli Maria Sauro Kristi Smith Pamela Stein Susan Tridico Ball State (Delta Rho) Monica Crawford Shelly Daniels Sherry Daniels Margaret Frazier Tamara Gaby Carol Counter Miller Heather O’Brien O’Keefe Melissa Meyer Reuille Anne Skidmore Heather Schlitz Urtel Bentley (Zeta Rho) Diane Allegretti Kiersten Wendell Blest Kathy Bobrosky Michelle Farr Briggs Heather Fava Budnick Carol Clark Kiersten Costa Ely Dawn Fusaro Farmer Mari Aparicio Harper Darlene Kane Eileen Robbins Martiner Elizabeth Morin McCurdy Maria Medina Julie Booker Miller Karen Nolla Kimberley Norton O’Brien Lori Fleming Pezzullo Margo Esterginio Raymond Heidi Szczepanik Ritchie Cynthia Reynolds Roach Jane Salisbury Schultz Kristin Donovan Stork Natalie Mongiello Swanstrom Diane Underhill Kirsten Yarzab Binghamton (Eta Zeta) Robyn Lupole Anastasi Carole Gershowitz Bass Susan LaGreca Beck Laurie Bleiberg Karen Claire Samantha Frank Gail Tuccillo Gillis Susan Henderson Dara Jaffee Jasmine Kiamzon Janine Coppola Kniola Rachel Lerner Kohn Chari Cohen Kornheiser Dana Kuperman

Andrea Lack Michele Maeder Andrea Bayweitz Neusner Katherine Sheils Debra Uretsky Laura VanTassell Valerie Harris Whittaker Boston (Eta) Heather Dixon Badal Heidi Carlson Caroline Constantinides Alycia Donohoe Laurie-Ann Donohue Michelle Doyle Tammy Fine Kristin Gainer Hamrick Michelle Madorsky Kimberly Popovich Elise Rosenblum Rachel Taylor Jennifer Walker Jodilee Weber Bowling Green State (Beta Omicron) Bonnie MacFarlane Blankenship Kimberly Brissy Lauren Grodek Collins Karen Schaeffer Czatla Rachel Laughbaum Dilley Michelle Mugnano Fornadel Karen Wannemacher Frey Kelli Guiher Danielle Migyanko Gundling Jeniffer Butterfield Harris Sherry Ficken Kostenko Janice Moore Lawrence Lisa Maxwell Kim Adkins Meyer Heather Milam Melissa Mullen Kimberly Nolan Barbara Pfefferle Novak Linda Pond Mendi Myers Priestas Nadine Gillen Saia Shelly VanFossen Michele Wenninger Lori Caldwell Williams Erin MacDonald Wurst British Columbia (Beta Theta) Mary Coll Butler (Epsilon Beta) Caroline Abeleda Melissa Menzie Buttermore Kirstin Carlstrand Angela Brauman Comer Melissa Speicher Crowder Angela Davis Michele Miller Deluna Tracey Westmeyer Deneve Jill Lee Doyle Jynene Nussbaum Fry Maureen Moran Griffin Leslie Benge Hunt Seung Lee Kang Paige Weirich Koos Tara Todd LIneweaver Lori Loehr April Caton Morgan Angela Graff Overpeck Suzanne Palmatier Emily Podmore Patten Kathleen Shaw Ramsey Faith Thurow Tomlin Andrea Adams Tyler Kelli Walker Kristin Wheeler Cal Poly (Epsilon Chi) Cheryle Carr Johneen Casey Mary Kandal Cimino Darcie Clary

Kate Frichette Brenda Goti Kerry House Lisa Keitz Pam Kennedy Jennifer King Alex McClure Nancy Audino Mixon Traci Otto Gina Paoletti Heather Richmond Shari Brendlin Rust Tonja Bewley White Brynn Yeager Case Western Reserve (Zeta Pi) Sonya Ackman Christy Hemminger Ashoo Khanuja Lynette Rice Loesel Meera Krishnan Scarrow Colorado State (Zeta Mu) Jennifer Karas Brown Jodi Constantine Brown Jill Condelli Jennifer Leasure Creamer Holly Dowson Sheryl Dudgeon Amy Telatnik Ellerbusch Renee Ernster Jennifer Fischer Donna Hammervold Garbrick Brenda Goldman Mary McDaniel Grauerholz Patricia Smith James Kristi Pollock Leavitt Lindy Lodden Tammy Stuber Lytle Colette Martin Erin McCahill Elizabeth Pray Nachand Diana Pochop Lisa Ghironi Powell Amy Rafalko Kimberly Ray Sherilyn Ritter Kimberly Curless Rivers Anita Roberts Dot Schoen Savage Kari Schoen Joelle Etzel Scott Risa Stump Kelly Whiles Kimberly Wilson Melissa Shachtman Zenuk Columbia (Zeta Chi) Gwinneth Clarkson Berexa Nicole Gerson Manisha Mehta Pamela Ogata Aviva Pincus Shreosee Roy Mamta Shah Saxman Valerie Wahl Erin Zyco Cornell (Delta) Helen Herrador Arco Michelle Bayuk Carolyn Cassin Blair Andrea Sonner Caruso Jennifer Milstein Colbert Shelly Emens DiGiulio Michele Evangelista Colleen Forness Barbara Hammel Michelle Henneman Katherine Knowlton Pia Napolitano Ledina Leni Kaplan Maas Amy Salman Meese Laura Powers Pouliot Heather Tatkon Powers Kindra Kelly Quagliana

Think a sister is missing from this list? The Executive Office may not have current contact information for her. Email or call 847.316.8940.

Kristy Richards Karen Kemble Sachs Stephanie Rowe Simmons Heidi Sohng Burma Stewart Christine Stuebner Shirley Sung Kathleen Brandenburg Vega Lynda King Wright CSU/East Bay (Eta Delta) Carol Ahern Burns Antionette Chavez Barbara Clarke Taryn Lum Galli Marlene Youngheim Gonsalves Tricia Haarstad Amy Green Hinojosa Sandra Moschella Christine Singer Parra Odie Brant Porter Lori Nohealani Sciacqua Melanie Catingub Taplin Rebecca Wagner Nancy White CSU/Long Beach (Gamma Kappa) Gina Cherundolo Beall Gina Bon Dameron Stacy Farrell Kelly Holeman Hassenplug Dena Johnson Karen Kawanami Karen Kluth Kim Krabbe Shelly DiCaro LeGros Julie Self Main Gina Garrett Muscatel Gina Philpott Lisa McKinney Purnell Christa Reiter Michelle Swain Struss Jacqueline Martin Sweeting Sharon Togie Patti Bullock Trevino Tersa Chieruzzi Wilson Vicki Kato Wong CSU/Northridge (Epsilon Upsilon) Kimberly Collier Kimberly Fountain George Christine Iko Michelle LeColst Johnston Alison-Nicole Karp Aledyne Mariano Kniseley Wendy Lickhalter Allison Lund Shoreen Maghame Melisa Malvin Jennifer Van Vliet Marquez Jill Naftulin Maria Naumovaski Christina Pafford Michelle Kaminsky Salts Heidi Sandifer Tami Short Michelle Small Bonnie Stone Vanessa Tompkins CSU/San Bernardino (Eta Beta) Jennifer Bilyeu Hilary Bobrow Campbell Tamiko Wollerton Cholly MiYong Conklin Kaprice Gettemy Catherine Ayres Hollifield Katherina Khokhlov Kira Khoklov Shannon Miller Tracy Draper Plowy Shelly Bland Reisch Tracy Cohen Ryan Diana Williams

Fall 2013

Holly Peglau Yonemoto Dayton (Zeta Psi) Jill Pachuta Barlow Amy Robbins Becraft Laura Haverty Boyle Molly Bradfish Karen Brodbeck Kristin Castelli Elisabeth Cline Kelly Conner Megan Golden Mary Gordon Maureen Lackey Graney Kimberly Heckmann Jennifer Kane Sheila Kilbane Rory Kocica Lynette Kremer Tricia Soete Lipp Gina Nolan Lyon Catherine Dinnin Robinson Karen Schrauth Kara Sordi Laura Fisher Stockwell Debie Summerville Dawn Waechter Monica Duggan Webster Delaware (Epsilon Nu) Kathy Abbondanza Kristine Covais Alexander Melissa Quinn Bartlett Jackie Bini Michelle Blough Elise Bonn Kelly Costello Kari Johnson Dainty Anne Balzarotti Davis Diana Deldeo Holly Erlichman Katie Davis Fahey Beth Fleischer April Peterson Forys Georgian Geanopolus Anne Hocker Lena Julle Holly Hicks Kenny Mary Lesutis Alison Wojciak Long Amy Mank Michelle McFarland Karen McLaughlin Jacquelynn McHugh Meade Molianne Scholtz Messineo Laurie Heath Miller Joan Mullen Nora Miller Pennington Kimbberly Radar Rader Pam Rittberg Melissa Roche Colleen Rose Amy Blejwas Sargent Susan Brenner Schmitz Kristin Fisher Sellers Danielle Ragosta Shaw Amy Smith Anne-Marie Sotire Joanna Arnold Stevens Kim Weil Geralyn Hogg Williscroft Alison Young DePauw (Gamma) Jeanette Archie Michelle Carnahan Amy Clendening Lisa Kusnierek Hammes Tanya Mattern Heinrich Melanie Gough Holt Kristin Huber Julie Janzaruk Jones Johnine Ruda Killeen Katharine Jonas Kleck Elizabeth Lee Sharon Rediger Lee Christina Monfre

Alpha Phi Quarterly


25-year Sisters (continued) Amy Moser Laurel Addison Newman Kristin Norene O’Neil Victoria Schultz Phillips Ellen Gould Pointner Elizabeth Sargent Heather Shinn Drake (Gamma Omicron) Shelly Albers Stephanie Hill Laura Laughlin Christine Cassani McFadden Abigail Reckles Amy Smith Mary Wanninger Smith Susan Sweet Lucian Vincel Duquesne (Epsilon Iota) Kellie Traub Allridge Richelle Pikulsky Aronhalt Catherine Ahern Beachell Maelynn Cheung Sharon Fal Patricia Kiniry Kelle Paschel Martin Maureen Milie Luci Scuilli Novak Patricia Duffy Peilert Rosemary Ravasio Tammy Sonsini East Carolina (Delta Alpha) Shannon Bowen Andrea Chase Digeronimo Cynthia Healey Galbraith Carolyn Steed Hildebrand Ami Bannerman Jordan Maria Fiano Lesniak Stacey Lippincott Julie Tharrington Lueck Lou Dalrymple MacDaid Megan Farn MacMillan Karin Hartman Morrison Sarah Williams Owen Denise Zech Ozment Virginia Johnson Rehak Karen Stuckenschmidt Richardson Sandra Story Rousseau Heather Schofield Wendy Arzt Swallow Cyndi Calloway Treadway Gina Tripodi Missie Beason Vacek Julie Trepal West Angela Paige Whitehurst Eastern Illinois (Zeta Alpha) Karen Scott Ames Kathy Nicarico Brown Penny Brown Lynn Malinowski Burks Lisa Schreiner Combs Wendy Fanthorpe Curcio Cynthia Vandergriff Fauth BethAnn Bray Fitzgerald Tracy Castelli Hamilton Kate Conour Hojek Julie Hucker Mary Bolduc Jewison Shannon Kindred Kent Kerri Madjak Karen Mitch Tracie Stewart Newton Kathleen Penney Popp Kristena Engstrom Schotanus Michelle Schroeder Kathleen Smith Tamara Twining Stanley Mary Stauder Kimberly Tatro Linda Thorn Jane Trolley Christy Warfield Cindy Wills Elmhurst (Zeta Xi) Rachel Caplan Anderson Cathleen Brown Kristin Duckman Hollie Scott Kohl Michele Fillichio Lech Nina Lira Suzanne Eckersall Lukasz Dawn Martens


Tammy Mathis Thea Tomczyk Susan Tummillo Franklin & Marshall (Zeta Sigma) Pamela Bender Amy Relich Cuddy Glynis Dales Sherri Albert Dougherty Karyn Morrione Frick Elissa Cooper Golderg Christine Blanck Hepler Polly Janz Pamela Coffeen Jones Andrea Loeffler Sandra Narva Leslie Pace Leslie Platzer Jeanine Rubin Kendra Ruhl Martha Runnette Kimberly Heidig Salata Amy Shipper Stephanie Sincock Linda Snowman George Mason (Eta Lambda) Sarah Brady Balcer Kristen Bashara Jennifer Brown Ingrid Gniazdowski Calarco Holly Chichester Janene Corrado Cathryn O’Flaherty Craft Kimberly Gray Dorminey Fairuz Elyazgi Michelle Naylon Faber Bonnie Cosby Gagermeier Julianne Sauers Greene Mary Vaccarino Gunn Sandra Karlin Lyn Samway Keller Margaret Kramer Kidwell Amanda Tirpak Larsen Lisa LeClere Dawn Lee Jill Spector Mayer Michelle Kelson Molloy Debra Nardi Myer Anne O’Donnell Kristin Oehrlein Ella O’Mara Maura McClusky Parisi Jessica Ditsler Peacock Kimberly Peyton Jennifer Kissell Quick Lynn-Marie Bove Ray Sandra Dame Rogers Sandi Brooke Rothman Maria Sanchez Sandra Nelson Schoonmaker Constance Coghill Scinto Kimberly Golz Skuta Victoria Breault Sledge Kristie Speight Kimberly Myers Taylor Kelly Aikey Thorpe Cynthia Nengel Trent Toni Wells-Roth Idaho (Beta Zeta) Angela Bottoms Shirley Schmidt Bryant Susan Roberts Crosthwait Alexandra Edwards Kelli Fransen Molly Pearson Gustavel Tricia Haber Susan Elzenga Lendvay Stephanie Penner Antoinette Morgan Pierce Paula Kilmartin Schafer Dawnell Wheeler Scroggin Lisa Severson Allison Heglar Sherwood Amy Walker Illinois (Beta Alpha) Jennifer Marion Allen Anna Metropoulos Amen DeAnn Anderson Elaine Dobrowski Benson Amy Nommensen Burrows Linda Clemmons Ann Conway Cindy Corti

Alpha Phi Quarterly

Fall 2013

Robyn Creech Christine Wayman Crowley Amy Steiner Daiber Sylvi Kuperman Davidson Angela Garrett Julie Garvey Patricia Hattwick Linda Swanson Jansyn Colleen Manning Jennifer Ary McGee Michelle Antonietti Mitchell Sandra Krolak Monkemeyer Angie Morgan Julie Koenigsberger Morley Laura Pearson Kathy Pusateri Michaela Sammons Sandra Cho Siebert Rachael Sklamberg Laura Kolze Vanpuymbrouck Kristine Kuhrt Vittore Wendy Salem Wagner Brigid Ohlinger Wainwright Romy Zarate Illinois State (Zeta Tau) Christine Callis Arndt Kristin Brewer Judy Schatz Burke Rashel Rokita Campbell Tamara Platt Christensen Anne Baldwin Eckardt Anne Pirovano Elementi Evon Fuerst Michele Gwozdz Michelle Fecteau Houde Laura White Irle Kimberly Treiber Lawler Kimberlee Massin Laurie McCane Regina Mee Kay Mowers Cynthia Brdlik Nicholas Michelle Nordlof Cheryl Pold Oltman Brenda Feldman Perkovich Alison Prince Amy Zachary Reynolds Kristen Wenk Rios Andrea Speder Sarver Kimberly Hoerber Serrurier Rana Avcioglu Spurlock Jan Jurgens Steele Lori Irwin Stevens Tonya Bowdre Thomas Indiana (Beta Tau) Karrie Reyome Allen Laura Averbeck Kristine Baltz Valerie Woolcott Bath Annette CaIto Katherine Chiu Holly Fischer Mary Scavone Holland Marla Hunsaker Lourie Boike Hurley Debra Baltz Kennard Susan Koach Julie Glore Koch Elizabeth Parkinson Gail Neumayer Prestere Michelle Rosenbarger Robin Slattery Ann Wilke Worcester Kris Zaun Marcy Zelmar Indiana State (Delta Pi) Kathy Shetzer Aberg Kathleen Biesen Julie Blessinger Birkle Marnie Morreale Cole Teresa Feltman Kim Schwinghammer Fill Jean Fogg Amy Roberts Franklin Tracy Beck Hope Angela Evans Hughes Michelle Sweet Murdock Amy Painter Patricia Painter Kimberly Allen Rackliffe Chi Regan Amy Crowley Schneider Elizabeth Spiegle Deedra Gray Thombleson Annette Buechler Videla

Julee White Indiana U. Southeast (Zeta Epsilon) Stephanie Timberlake Iowa (Delta Epsilon) Julia Banta Malloree Brown Buchanan Amy Kise Cassiday Denise Casula Ann Racich Cluxton Monica Kees Friedman Anne Kirby Gerhardt Jami Hubler Klein Michelle LeBlanc Stephanie Frick Lilienthal Susan Brodt Markuson Kelly Blaurock McKenna Rebecca Orr Kristin Pilling Pilling-Davis Jean Hamilton Roser Iowa State (Zeta Delta) Barbara Budlong Cunningham Kathryn Brown Dauenbaugh Angie Douglas Jennifer Finnestad Joan Haas Kristine Lundgren Lambertson Lisa Langill

Patricia Cabrera Hass Tricia Heath Jayne Boughton Heilman Margaret Henley Lara Ceresko Kissel Karen Womble Knoche Cynthia Johnson Ladner Katrina Conrad Ledler Michelle Weber Mestas Lisa Miller Lisa York Pinkerton Kelly Fredrichs Proctor Susan Basilico Rees Sheridan Rinehart Melissa Stern Amy Wasaff Stoll Amy McMullen Strathman Lara Thomason Susan Hills Vaughn Jeannine Kreker Watanabe Margaret White Kristin Widdows Kimberlee Heavin Wilson Kim Zebell Tamra Zenger Kent State (Beta Omega) Staci Augustine Kim Smith Butala Angela Caiazza Marci Maretsky Caplan

Margaret Deely Catherine Dellacamera Ingrid Gluck Lisa Iannini Goddard Kelly Gray Kendra Jackson Dory Johnson Karen Kelleher Bettina Gros Latman Laura McKinney Catherine Mercieca Vengel Jennifer Wagner Maine (Delta Nu) Patricia Currie Michelle Hoffman Foote Cynthia Cox Furber Mary Gabbert Rachel Huard Rhonda Nickless Kaiser Carla Brochu Mitchell Joni Rossignol O’Malley Donna Richardson Bridgette Soper Rebeccah Hunter Vining Kimberly Munson Whitemore Manitoba (Beta Eta) Catherine Wolf Dale Michelle Holdsworth Martin Kary Wakin McCorrie

10-year Pin Congratulations to our 10-year members! You are now eligible for a special anniversary pin to celebrate this milestone. The 10-year pin features a bold Roman numeral X in brushed silver with a delicate ivy vine entwined around it.

Alice Uchytil Lowery Cari Murtfeld Julie Nuss Natalie Rankin Julie McCart Senden Kris Shultz Jodi Creswell Staebell Mary Winter Glori Wolf Johns Hopkins (Zeta Omicron) Julie Allen Allene Salcedo Burdette Jennifer Haberlen Campbell Jennifer Blank Cannon Lauren Marcus Doherty Jennifer D’Urso Helen Broder Fuller Carolyn Kahn Hall Julie Han Bonnie Hodes Toby Inoue Cathy Lomelino Regina Mitchell Jennifer Morgan Tamra Myers Charu Nautiyal Lucienne Pisa Bonnie Smelkinson Roskes Lesley Balch Schrier Brenda Schulman Jen Stephan Katherine Horner Yienger Jennifer Goodman Zettler Kansas (Gamma Delta) Amy Spini Adams Karen Arends Margaret Midyett Barr Megan Brown Kelly Prosser Coddington Kristie Coup Cynthia Eick Jody Grady Feuerborn Carolyn Leonard Frame Carrie Gaddis Kelly Godsey Kimberly Klipsch Griffiths Linda Rooney Harger Elisabeth Cooke Harrison

Megan Forthofer Dakters Melissa Frey Susanna Karaula Denise Kelly Leslie Lees Stephanie Dye Martindale Jodica Kindig McComas Tabitha Murphy Kristin Richey Mylett Mia Nicoluzakis Barbara Mall O’Leary Heidi Schindler Popies Mary Rog Kimberley Salis Mary Huston Shaffer Tara Stone Barbara Tamer Toman Jodi Weinberg Stacey Tugend Zigler Lander (Epsilon Mu) Kimberly Allison Pamela Anderson Amy Geddings Batson Farren Hall Tracy Mirra Kukan Patricia Parsons Melissa Childers Turner Faye Riley Usry Lehigh (Epsilon Psi) Janine Azriliant Lori Bongiorno Lora Booker Mary Carola Danielle Panis Cotey Kelli Delaney Rachel Green Stephanie Gitkin Hawk Keren Kazis Susan Lanter Stacey Levine Bethann Matonis Susan Talucci McWilliams Pamela Sprayregen Jill Wasserman Loyola Marymount (Zeta Beta) Paula DiNoto Baytieh Michelle Stadler Biggam Jennifer Lovell Cronin

Maryland (Delta Zeta) Alexandria Bello Jennifer Campbell Bonnie Ringer Carroll Robin Cook Karen Craft Claudia Gerbasi Kim Bevilacque Hearney Connie Pirez Hrach Katherine Lewis Alyson Martin Kerry McFarland Nancy Newman Kathleen Kerr Padian Willa McManmon Patch Jennifer Patchak Laura Peskoe Paula Sanchez Michelle Wright Segal Lisa Soslow Sara Stein Melissa Steinbock Mondano Greer Sterling Lucia Taboada Karen Terry Amie Neppl Thomson Carolyn Vitol Jennifer Backoff Williams Alexandra Rawlings Wright Miami University (Gamma Nu) Kendra Antte Antle Jennifer Bollinger Ann Brennan Susan Brewer Rebecca Brewster-Taylor Regina Bykowski Kathleen Watson Chrysler Janina Clinard Wendi Riffle Culpepper Jennifer Morton DeSilva Heather Earls Gina Ferrini Linda Fugate Tracy Vicek George Tracy Goodman Julie Hare Anne Jacob Kari Kittrell

Tammy Knock Jennifer Mountjoy Motz Katherine Snyder Pineda Cynthia Cox Post Karen Ross Amy Cross Shafer Melinda Sheets Michelle Singer Sarah Street Michigan (Theta) Linda Slavin Feeney Elizabeth Fisher Linda Gaglio Laura Stevenson Hargitt Marci Powers Harris Polly Keller Stefanie Brown Kelley Anna Loftus Angela Andresen McClelland Liz Moldenhauer Gretchen Walter Overhiser Kala Karu Ramasamy Stacey Springer Rolf Melissa Wilkinson Ronk Karen Schreiber Jennifer Perlove Siegel Jennifer Hirl Taylor Megan Whitlow Michigan State (Beta Beta) Leslie Karen Fournier Lisa Centala Lisa Counsell Kelly Cunningham Katheryn Barger Dempsey Lisa Ribant Garity Caroline Keen Harlock Jacqueline Wentz Hart Julie Hein Andrea Komives Hofmeister Jennifer Hohman Caroline Maichen Krista Miller Kimberly Campbell Murray Katherine Hawhee Neubrecht Anne Sobota Ordway Tara Cheney Peplowshi Melanie Motl Scott Collette Paradis Stachnik Deniece Lenick Toth Lisa Wolverton Midwestern State (Gamma Omega) Diane Gallivan Stacy Turner Minnesota (Epsilon) Kimberly Peters Barkosky Shelly Murphy Eckert Martha Frankfurth Renee Tourtillotte Iffert Elizabeth Eastwood Murphy Sara-Lynn Nash Marnie Madson Olson Lauri Segal Simons Stephanie Hesse Sontag Kristen Speakman Julie Peterson Stevenson Judith Sudit Kathleen Sullivan Walser Kristen Zinda Missouri (Omicron) Stephanie Benjamin Susan Bragg Ronda Burns Julie Finkelstein Cameron Sherry Hinch Combs Wendy Creason Leah Kellems Davis Stephanie Randle Detlefsen Susan Smith Dodson Julie Hausdorf Dunn Kendra Fischer Brenda Lipskoch Gay Holly Dyer Glover Lisa Goggins Heather Fridley Gould Andrea Hedblad Traxy Howery Janice Newby Ketzle Angela Boyd Kozlowski Angela Weyerich Lieb Kelli Foster Lynn Stephanie Gillette Madlinger Patricia Evans Markley

Chapters may not be listed because they did not exist at the time (e.g., chapters were closed or not yet established).

Melissa Moran Michelle Fleshner Nichols Lisa Billigmeier Ohmstede Kristin Prater Susan Pruett Lori Daugherty Rickman Tania Ryser Lisa Schnare Stacey Jones Scruggs Tracy Coates Shafton Heidi Stallman Mary Rosche Strothmann Melissa Davis Unruh Denise Rehkemper Williams MIT (Zeta Phi) Rebecca Anderson Denise Purdie Andrews Colleen Schwingel Bohn Roopa Mehendale Foley Eva Werbel Gallant Lisa Arel Hammer Jennifer Jablonski Barbara Sigmund Kremenliev Christina Kwon Deborah Min Kwon Aileen Lee Christine Ma Kimberly Mislick Eileen Murphy Lisa Primiano Shari Schuchmann Helen Shaughnessy Nicole Sitrin Lisa Snider Suzanne Starnes Montana (Chi) Charmagne Moran Brenda Simmons Murray State (Zeta Zeta) Victoria Breece Laurie Wilson Key Sharon Thompson Provine Tricia Lowery Taylor Nebraska (Nu) Michelle Cooper Day Stephanie Quick Ewen Chantel Geyer Gina Troia Greder Deborah Downing Helder Kathy Lorenzo Helfirch Beth Hornstein Jean Philby Jobeun Judy Peeks Johnson Debra Timmerman Lammel Karen Cull Loudon Deborah Hittle Meuret Kelly Fanning Moor Jennifer Becker Nelson Kimberly DeGarmo Oelke Lisa Hermanson Roberts Jennifer Brown Smith Kristin Peterson Staudenmaier Lisa Skeen Stephens Nebraska/Kearney (Delta Xi) Cathleen Aden Elizabeth Deterding Bauer Kelly Freis Eby Tonya Boots Folks Jeanne Gunther Julie Heinz Anna Hinners Cindy Janicek Erin Johnson Stephanie Guenther Kavalec Kristine Keating Bridget Lockman Kimberly Maret Amie Mindrup Amy Andresen Nelson Michele O’Keefe Melissa Vanderheiden Reichardt Suzette Cork Renken Tiffany Robinson Karen Zagurski Rotherham Kelly Colgan Schmidt Margaret Lammers Schnuelle Tara Zurfluh North Dakota (Pi) Brenda Mack Anderson Kristie Schauer Anderson

Martha Mueller Babitt Kimberly Brewer Busch Karri Dick Lisa Alexander Mountain Molly Prochaska Cindy Blikre Roche Christine Schwegman Laura Tallackson Shoults Jeanene Moe Swartz North Texas (Gamma Eta) Cathy Porter Bishop Beth Clay Burton Elizabeth Park Chapman Jackie Dougherty Kyra Evans Cynthia LaVigne Featherston Jennifer Story Foley Shari Heffler Beth Milinsky Laura Holder Mitchell Donna Lanoux O’Reilly Brandy Kidwell Payne Valerie Buemi Pope Gina Michell Reynolds Diana Shelby Scott Tiffany Streiff Snowden Bonnie Workman Thornburg Melissa Slone Troell Samantha White Northern Colorado (Delta Gamma) Jill Avedon Lora Plank Cheadle Amy Elmore Hafer Nikki Jost Diana Arnold Ohlson Kimberly Schubert Monica Simonsen Randi Sims Amy Triplett Summer Wells Northern Illinois (Epsilon Delta) Lisa Bracemontes Sandi Sill Ing Susan Kashul Karen Kosner Katherine Kruse Sharan Kuyawa Sue Casey Lavin Jennifer Becker LoGrasso Charito Madridejos Sharon Humphrey Nielsen Jodi Pressendo Cheryl Puetz Rachelle Ryser Kirsten Sakamoto Kara Bradford Sandblom Kelly Thiel Schneck Kelly Johnson Snider Lisa Stevens Michele Cappiello Teehan Janie Marks Vulich Jennifer Walker Weirath Karen Wilkinson Tammie Wittkofski Lisa Young Karen Vance Zenner Deborah Zopel Northern Iowa (Epsilon Theta) Lisa Kellis Akers Jill Anderson Julie Woolridge Devlin Ruth Lunsford Edlin Shelia Knittle Carrie Knoll Linda Carey Krier Elizabeth Houchins Lunsford Lisa Hesse Olson Elaine Ables Stewart Traci Spangler Terwilliger Jill Van Hoosier Mary Olson Walton Northwestern (Beta) Deirdre Brenner Kathryn Jones Cavanagh Jamie Weiss Dicken Keats Elliott Tracy Bradford Farley Kristen Blue Fisher Jennifer Long Forbeck Nicole White Guthrie Susan Hawes

Elissa Hechter Susan Vargo Howe Pam Kohli Jacobson Kimberly Johnson Hilerre Kirsch Katy Dick Knoer Toula Souleles Lechman Laura Heim Mayer Lara Schneider Metzger Rachel Garbow Monroe Amy Westerman Peebles Deborah Pike Kristine Salach Sarah Tong Sangmeister Abby Lack Sweeney Katherine White Cecile Yoon Ohio State (Rho) Jennifer Jeffrey Bonnoront Leigh Hocutt Campbell Jennifer Harte Cherry Dawn Christen Fannie Cline Gwendolyn Elmore Crawford Karen Riordan Eramo Mary Gabriel Hamilton Stephanie Smith Jones Lisa Baumeister Koch Linda Lehn Susan Markham Jacqueline Nickell Nolan Kristie Scott Onorato Laura Porco Raquel Singleton Quinn Patricia Handschumacher Roddy Tiffani Podolec Stewart Shana Pohl Wainwright Oklahoma (Phi) Nicole Possett Aeschliman Nicoli Pribbenow Anderson Jennifer Bagley Shannon Perry Balenti Elizabeth Bashara Monica Lee Best Tammy Thomas Blubaugh Tricia Bonomo Denna Carmichael Bowers Kristi Christopher Rebecca Shelton Davis Beth Hulcy Evink Anissa Jones Geiger Lari Lowe Gulley Kristen Alesi Hedrick Nancy Bizzari James Kim Jayne Johnson Tamara Knox Brenda Earls Mayorga Kari Burke McNair Michelle Mercer Susan Spruell Mobley Glenda McReynolds Modley Kasey Eby Moran Meredith Lentz Nieswiadomy Emily Ratcliffe Otero Misti Waldroop Paxton Charla Reiter Katherine Schwenk Runels Jeannie Whigham Scott Carol King Suder Jane Busboom Tobben Allison East Vest Old Dominion (Epsilon Eta) Lynne Carlton Tiffany Dangoia Beverly Burger Kastel Kecia Knoernschild Theresa Williams McNemar Tami Schaeffer Heather Scruggs Caroline Thomas Daria Blumenauer Van Liew Lara Flater Wynne Oregon (Tau) Shawn Baumgartner Anzaldo Kimberly Ayers Gia Bocci Nicole Cevrier Chevrier Maureen Wood Colburn Sarah Colley Diane Dowdall Stephanie Strade Drees Shannan Fasold

Amy Frayn Jones Marcy Knott Danette Landkammer Tori Manning Novitsky Gina O’Dierno Beth Reed Molly Rask Reed Jill Sheasley Kelly Tejada Cynthia Sparks Tokos Oregon State (Beta Upsilon) Michelle Terhune Ericson Ashley Evensen Julie Hoyt Fadling Diana Streed Fundak Jill Gress Angela DeMars Kemp Kimberly Quick Kolzow Laura Dolen Lavallee Lisa Mayer Gail Duggan Petterson Hilary Reinmuth Amy Goodman Schultz Julie Simpson Deborah Thaut Jill Guckenberger Waldron Sarah Boyce Yarusso Penn State (Gamma Rho) Rafaele Calamia Elizabeth Dugan Rachael Groner Vicki Humphreys Daunia Kellamis Karen Maahs Leitham Kathy Knarr Miller Renee Monti Vidal Pennsylvania (Eta Iota) Julie Harvey Adams Kelly Adams Kristin Baird Jennifer Beach Randi Randi Bell Marci Lavine Bloch Colleen Boyle Jennifer Bullock Susan McMerty Campisciano Kimberly Carson Stephanie Mishkin Cassone Stacey Charkey Yenii Chen Esperanza Colon Kathleen Conner Irene Convers Stephanie Arrouet Cornejo Dawnmarie D’Orlando Kathryn Drass Karen Engdahl Dugan Erika Jansen Freeman Michele Galka Karen Gibson Aviv Shlensky Goldfarb Keri Goldstein Jennifer Gonell Maria Grecky Chloe Hogg Mary Hollein Sarah Berger Jones Christine Joseph Yoon Kang Lora Kulick Jennifer Levin Lisa Urban Magee Loreto Gutierrez Martinez Jennifer Smith McClellan Adrianne Yarosh Meyer Cheryl Myers Donna Pagliuca Olsen Jaroslava Mykula O’Neil Maria Perez Christine Richards Christina Lauchlan Sarabia Karen Mace Sartain Robin Schiff Lisa Schiffman Joelle Sellner Shari Senzon Randi Shapiro Allison Silverman Diane Smason Natalie Gardiner Steele Sandra Stone Elise Wagner Joanne Yarin

Nicole Yuvienco Pamela King Zilch Puget Sound (Gamma Zeta) Margaret Albers Julie Gilbert Anderson Cynthia Bowman Jennifer Brown Katharine De Morgan Laura Strong Devin Adrienne Diafos Vicki Fishfader Diane Jacobson Kelli Jennings Kara Lavin Tammy Odegaard Luce Stephanie Herring Manginelli Laura McCann Sonja Sievers Owen Kippy Sanborn Megan Mottler Schiefelbein Kenan Smith Brooke Stroup Ame Bolander Van Dyke Purdue (Delta Mu) Jennifer Bailey Barnhart Angela Cox Bratton Kathy Bough DiBella Carole Cantore Dotson Kim Gumm Alice Golden Hirzel Heidi Hreno Anissa Hixon Leber Kimberly Darling Mack Jerilin Johantgen Michalik Elizabeth Santo Kristine Scheele Kim Stahl Seema Threja Kire Volpe Cynthia Winship Sacramento State (Epsilon Gamma) Gaylee Adell Allegra Colombo Danell Del Rio Carla Barth Finn Lisa Keelor Gall Angela Greco Julie Hansford Susan Harris Kathleen Mangone Henderson Kirsten Kemps Charlene Latrielle Shelley Maslin Joann McDermott Heidi Carter McKim Kelly Cecil Wright San Diego State (Gamma Alpha) Karen Caputo Bautzer Lisa Thorn Castle Julie Ellertson Karen Holt Endries Kristen Espenschied Jennifer Estberg Chrystal Hartford Farrow Michelle Bedell Fitzgerald Tiffany Foster Heidi Jacobson Wendy Dressen Jensen Kristen Klann Sara Lundy Denise Duffy Lyons Kristina Main Michelle McKown Erin O’Neel Lisa Maggio Pendergast Lori Snow Reineck Kristi Robertson Shelley Burford Ruffell Jena Rummel Tanya Salz Rajdeep Sanghera Laurie Seiberg Julie Socher Tamra Stevenson Cynthia Tietz Kelly Broadhag Trujillo San Francisco State (Eta Theta) Edith Alderette Valerie Van Arsdale Ryan

Think a sister is missing from this list? The Executive Office may not have current contact information for her. Email or call 847.316.8940.

Michaelann Leary Boyle Nadine Budoff Brandon Monica Bryan Buyer Sherilene Oelschlager Catanach Marla Mayer Cranston Becky Ghormley Crowe Nita Den Hoy Julie Dixon Tamara DeHaan Emmerson Elizabeth Falkner Danielle Fassler Laurie Finkel Stacey Finkel Cynthia Holmes Garner Nettie Glass Eden Halbert Deborah Hall Mona Alfi Hammel Carla Bennett Hudgins Tanya Jackson Barbara Keating Shannon Kelly Ashley Kim Jacquie Lochelt Christie Fluken Lowe Vivienne Brown Malana Sandy Pritchett Marcel Shannon McCaffrey Jill Hickey McGinn Anita Pato Miller Becky Moran Laura Bieker Murphy Sabina Oropesa Novoa Linda Meissner Nuffesse Kristy Regan Delsa Wong Rendon Christine Zajac Richmond Jamee Constantinos Schorno Lydia Smienoroswki Smienorowski Marilyn Schoene Spencer Victoria McCloskey Swanson Mary Turner Carmela Calindas Yamamoto Deborah Dunn Yeager San Jose State (Beta Psi) Stefanie Aichele Robyn Jenkins Blum Lynda Bordi Anne Couper Cowell Julie Fraser-Smith Debra Heydon Grauss Amy Harshbarger Tona Paul Hess Kristen Laskowski Loew Stacy Tsuboi Proost Mary McKenzie Rees Isabel de Sousa Roberts Tasha Souza Katherine Stewart Stacie Watson Chrissy Wilson Santa Clara (Zeta Gamma) Nicole Avecilla Laurie Barrett Sacha Durham Basho Susan Ughe Bodine Mara Eddis Cowan Victoria Darnell Kirsten Gillund Duprey Lisa Getto Gatto Andrea Harrison Jennifer Haut Claudia Koch Pamela Goguen Lynch Stacy Hawes Melle Tracy List Mitchell Patricia Schuman Mullaley Stephany Plut Prodromides Laurissa Lake Rembisz Sara Salerno Patricia Trimble Kara Koeltl Underwood Kassie Watson Anna Yen Claudine Shum Young Seton Hall (Eta Eta) Carolena Abenante Amira Afara Patricia Alfano Carol Bacon Emeline Balagot

Fall 2013

Laura Bass Jacqueline Beck Seema Bhatia Cynthia Blissenbach Andrea Russo Bockhorn Kim Funaki Burke Connie Cahanap Lila Chin Lisa Commette Carol Corcoran Colleen Armitage Courtney Andrea Crowley Marlana Crowley Donna DeBiase Susan Sample Duffy Clare Ennis Elizabeth Esposito Angelina Martino Finnegan MaryPat Gallagher Laura Gens Christine Earnharth Gentile Kathy-Ann Gobin Kathleen Berardino Gombos Gabrielle Rum Gomez Renee Jastrzab Granato JoAnne Baratta Hankey Diana Cook Huba Christine Hardy Hutchinson Maureen Kane Michele Kartanowicz Lisa Klukososki Eileen Kozonasky Bernadette Kuduk Margaret Kurasz Giovanna LaLoggia Marissa LaPorta Nancy Lavoie Stacey Lonegan Coleen Louden Karen MacKinnon Kimberly Williams Malina Marjorie Riveria Martinez Lissa Silva Maxwell Heather Melling Judith Murtha Millar Lisa Mortensen Barbara Nenichka Christine Nolan Kim Onesti Constance Palumbo Lena Paulillo Joyanne Piccola Jennifer Racanelli Connie Ramos Jacqueline Benitez Rosso Laura Silano Elizabeth Barrett Simpkins Susan Giegold Skinner Karen Sneyers Deborah Ullmer Kathleen Evers Wardle Kristine Williams South Dakota (Psi) Michele Ahrendt Jami Johnson Casey Charlene Cressy Monica Hulstein Fehrs Cathy Schmidt Fobes Jennifer Heider Freese Kris Radigan Gregoire Crystalyn Hedeen Hanson Jill Anderson Hieb Amy McVay Kauchich Larissa Kierscht Jennifer Iverson Peters Sara Rogers Peterson Kimberly Heglin Pischke Rachel Maris Rahn Melissa Richmond Georgeann Sailors Erika Lauritzen Schaff Denise Smith Shields Kristina Simpson Julie Becker Statz Kris Swanson Linda Larson Swanson Mindy VandenHoek Kristi Joyce Wiederhold Darci Willemssen Stephanie Spillum Wood Southern Illinois (Epsilon Xi) Michelle Bailey Erin Fridley Brooke Vicki Campbell Diane Flynn

Alpha Phi Quarterly


25-year Sisters (continued) Aimee Hamilton Deborah Gruen Hilpert Jodie Clark Jeffries Lea Kincy Kim Stanfill Michel Teri Bray Nelson Sabrina Paul Kellye Alberding Pirtle Jeannine Rogers Colleen Ward Russell Christine Schulz Tricia Wilson Stuart Kelli Gallagher Viehl Wendy Walker Beth Scherrills Welsh Jill Clark Wuebbeling Stanford (Kappa) Lorena Barron Susan Turk Charles Dina Figueroa Sheila Gall Monica Villarreal Janik Catherine Parkhurst Joanna Sosinska Elizabeth Treynor Krista Willman Syracuse (Alpha) Rebecca Axelrod Melissa Stark Bildner Kyra Miller Bramble Marcy Altheimer Buffo Sally Copeland Kerrie Donovan Dahl Heather Dyrsten Shannon Santino Femano Stephanie Perrott Firstbrook Debra Inderwish Frey Laura Friedman Brenda Kasbar Gallagher Janet Grewe Lisa Iorio Wendy Jones Tanya Kane Lynn Segerstrom Knotts Michelle Lamberti Heather Swanson Macaulay Suzanne Chynoweth McGinn Stacy Kroeckel Murison Keli Parker Erin Murphy Ripic Elizabeth Visco Runkle Carolyn Schmidt Nina Tinkelman Scuderi Margaret St. John Susan Straub Texas (Omega) Christi Albin Valerie Wilmoth Atkinson Suzanne Benavides Karen Peterson Clark Anna Dickens Carrie Cox Dunn Jennifer Smith Ellis Angela Pence England Lara Freeburger Michelle Germano Catherine Markley Goodner Petra Hallermann Michelle Barrett Hancock Julie McCorkle Hester Terri Knight Melissa Knox Alicia Kokemore Emily Bayless Leeper Ozlem Mahmood Kathryn Gumfory Mancini Erin Bohinsky Martin Nancy Speilman Medarev Mary Simmons Mendoza Stacy Folley Meyer Erica Akerland Miller Susan Burns Moran Heather Issitt Peoples Amy Lange Sims Sharon Moebes Spicer Kerrie Summerfield Kelley Kobe Thompson Texas A&M (Epsilon Omega) Ann Marie Atkins Melody Clark Barlow Jaqueline Wotipka Blansfield Kelly Walker Bond


Shannon Ratliff Bowers Diana Parsons Bragg Laura Silva Braun Kelly Parsons Christiansen Lara Ogrizovich Cline Jennifer Shadix Cochran Laura Loyd Davis Dalen Dilieto Rosalyn Donati Leslie Herman Douglass Stacey Lee Eaton Sue Faver Tamara Webb Finfrock Kimberly McDonald Fountain Melissa Giles Christine McNeel Goff Jennifer Powell Goin Kara Metz Hallenberger Amanda Vickers Hamilton Larisa Joyce Henderson Jennifer Girotto Hill Denise Durr Hunter Susanna Stringfellow Jakubik Michelle Lange Jesko Marla McCulley Johnson Patricia Shaffner Jordan Haika Gross Karr Debbie Travis King Janice Young Kolin Anderson Laura Garlow Langenbach Jacqueline Lester Lommerse Gema Lopez Tracy Lyles Melissa McDonald Martinez Lorie Scott Medlenka Jennifer Lusk Mir Kathleen Morrone Mulvey Julia Laurence Murphy Kelly Parker Karen Quach Whitney Simmons Redwine Jennifer Rice Sherri Ansley Richardson Leah Williams Robertson Trisha Davidson Sheffield Heather Katz Smith Michelle Richards Smith Christine Johnson Stockmore Kelley Sprabary Thompson Regina Outterside Venegas Melanie Melton Wahrmund Leslie Dillon Walker Julie Teague Yura Texas A&M/Commerce (Delta Beta) Merilynne Walter Ainsworth Ruth Reel Behring Wendy Winn Carrington Stephanie Standridge Farner Christi Hames Perry Felicia Pryby Carol Baley Robertson Regina Zemzicki Spinella Deborah Henderson Stanislaus Heather Ashton Wunsch Texas Christian (Zeta Nu) Michelle Barlow Susan Thorne Beatie Teresa Stewart Cabano Lisa Lagonegro Carver Tiffani Crawford Julie Grogan Sonja Silva Stephanie Whitus Dawn Tromohlen Woods Texas State (Zeta Kappa) Janet Mayfield Fellows Kimberly Thomson Texas Tech (Gamma Iota) Amy Adams Mendi Thompson Awtry Kim Harvey Bishop Teri Sinks Cepica Evalis Perez Chapa Amy Clark Cooper Lori Kelsch Davis Rebecca Bevan Farquharson

Alpha Phi Quarterly

Fall 2013

Christie Fryatt Lorna Wirth Gibson Joey Cowley Grand-Lienard Lisa Head Kelly DenBraven Hemenway Christie Padgett Hirst Kari Miller Hoskins Arlena Wampler Jones Audrey LeLito Stephanie Leger Lyon Jennifer Gattis McDonnell Elizabeth Moore Aimee Wilson Morris Lisa Blackwell Peeples Shawndi White Ricks Holli Dragoo Sadler Tracey Slagle Susan Moon Spackey Michelle Arndt St Peters Erin Fletcher Steed Lynda Edwards Swanner Tammy Abbott Walker Kari Kinsella Walsh Lori Norton Wescoat Lorie Ferris Witherspoon Kaylynn Bartlett Wood Toronto (Xi) Mary Maclachlan Bledsoe Marguerite McLeod Fleming Vicki Fodor Laurie Gelbloom Anna Khoo Wendy Laliberte’ Jane Langford Voula Marinos Penny Poulos Sara Redman Tufts (Zeta Theta) Robin Benty Lisa Block Caryn Bunder Gina DelSesto Jennifer Doyle Laura Eisenberg Samara Epstein Melissa Erekson Nancy Fittipaldi Brenda Forman Barbara Effron Glazer Sandra Grant Tracy Held Keirsten Huttig Deborah Koenig Zoe Layden Laura Lazurus Lazarus Marjorie Lindo Julie Marin Monroe Sharon Siben Morgenstern Sara Olkon Hilary Pierce Jill Rubinstein Leslie Schafer Loreto Serrano Laurie Cohen Silverman Jamie Sokoloff Cindy St. Onge Annie Strada Rachel Freed Townsend Laura Treciokas UC/Berkeley (Lambda) Lisa Hudson Acquistapace Michele Anderson Amy Bader Laura Crowe Carol Hoole Davis Melinda Van der Reis Yurich Elyse Slosman Dietrich Rebecca Davis Flanagan Deborah Franzon Frederick Nancy Freese Cristina Frias Elizabeth Huey-Torney Kari Isaeff Lisa Katz Julie Kim Elizabeth King Heather MacKay Latika Malkani Christina Clarke O’Connell Mary O’Neal Victoria Perkocha Jill Rytand Kathleen Scott Kristine Torrance Elinor Tuerk Kristin Turner

Lisa Pusi Wastila UC/Davis (Epsilon Rho) Shana Bagley Deborah Berger Tori Cabotage Deanne Carraro Shannan Gehring Chanda Alysa Erdman Lisa Francis Fanslau Kimberly Field Janelle Gray Michele Baer Hardesty Katie Ferguson Hetrick Susan Barrett Hyde Kendra Ishak Eileen FitzGibbon Leach Kimberlynn Locklin Kristin Riise Mauer Diana Mendell Susan Potter Miles Jennifer Leonard Moed Maureen Bolen Parks Andrea Nasser Reinkensmeyer Lisa Small Karen Rocca Soderquist Mary Swift Anne Tobias Karen Schell Westphalen Jill Wilson Denise Winn Lisa Yamasaki UC/Irvine (Eta Kappa) Melinda Allice Jenna Borer Andrea Dworzak Briscoe Samantha Bryer Stacy Fierman Cribbs Summer Al-Bayati Dadah Michelle Colee Demonteverde Tien Do Martha Dunn Mary Mikuleky Easterday Tamar Eggers Joyce Fang Laura Hearn Monique Zamoyski Imbernon Erika Jeffries Christine Jeong Crystal Lanigan Kallik Suzanne Rungaldier Kargol Robin Knutson Ellen Gill Kocins Kimberlee Krepelin Christine Kuner Julie Kunin Catherine Laine Kristina Maddox Gilda Malek Jill Mandelstam Amy Steinhaus Martz Jennifer Miller Matthews Andria Ruben McCool Kimberlee Myers Tracy Carr Nordyke Margaret Porter Erika Potter Barbara Quezada Lisa Ordonez Sandusky Margot Kim Scroggins Celia Sepulveda Caroline Shen Beth Silverman Cheri Wright Smith Christine Stone Helena Sandegren Sullivan Anastasia Whalen Lissa Miller Williams UC/Santa Barbara (Gamma Beta) Kristi Hock Blundell Judith Kuperberg Bock Gwyneth Branin Ambryn Burdick Tricia Quamme Burns Michelle Calandro Carroll Tamara Clark Valerie Gibson Connolly Eugenia Alberigi Donaldson Staci Madden Erskine Lorie Burstein Fiber Laura Filloon Stefani Hoelscher Goldenberg

April Harlan Susan Hill Susan Preininger Hogan Haleh Banisadr Hughes Beth Weinrich Jacobs Kimberly Capriola Juza Suzanne Kahn Maiya Morrison Lee Kimberly Russell Lignore Laura Malone Lodin Jennifer Weaver Morton Kristen Iboshi Nies Elisa Jacobs Nixon Amy Murdock Rivera Pamela Rogers Beth Shugart Heather Moran Sturtevant Rachelle Carter Swanson Nancy Calhoun Vye Laura Savel Whitman Debbie Lipson Whitmer UCLA (Beta Delta) Katharine Earhart Batcheller Tina Bernard Lara Bernstein Kristin Fortlage Berry Laura White Blank Victoria Hanahan Brubaker Courtney Nelson Burton Catherine Rowe Cali Judith Gelles Cohen Carol Kenny Elliott Debra Gomes Fant Jennifer Gloistein Denise Gordon Marisa Gutierrez Hoff Melissa Appleby Holcomb Marie Jacobson Kim Dagermangy Kedeshian Danna Troncatty Leahy Debra Longstreet Sabrina Lu Corina Williams McGovern Claudia Benkonvich Paterson Tammy Rock Robinson Kristin Rolla Mikel Price Rudy Norma Salcido Jill Sanchez Trudi Sandmeier Cristie Isaacson Sheffield Vanessa Owen Springett Cynthia Stewart Rachel Sweet Stacy Mallory Tredennick Christiana Virgilio Kelly Wachowicz Carrie Yourd USC (Beta Pi) Cori Gordon Allvey Wendy Smith Bartels Bettina Dowdell Cheim Rosanna Coscolluela Dana Foonberg Kimberly Stately Hanley Kari Hobson Kelden Irwin Pamela Migas Robyn Rollins MIller Jennifer McEvoy Miner Ann Molitor Keri Moller Michelle Toma Olson Angela Paulk Linda Pearce Patricia Ronald Ida Salahi Sharon Roth Samuels Kristin Sargent Suzy Schaer Bonnie Senter Lori Sussman Cyndi Wall Villanova (Eta Epsilon) Evin Krause Anglace Anne Behan Jennifer Hoffman Boyle Tracy Setlock Brala Lisa Sturman Chodaczek Lynne Ayotte Delaney Anne DiCerchio Collette Nally Dudah Janet Hill Gibbons Melissa Hamel Tania Harkess

Cathy Austin Holman Liliana Hoyas Gretchen Wetherall Johnston Cindy Clabbers Krapels Lisa La Corte Marianne Loughman Loughmann Eileen McCaffrey Suzanne Burke McQueeney Laura Novak Donna Phillips Stephanie Manzella Rahaniotis Christine O’Connor Riley Stacey Breen Sao Jeannine Feneran Shavitz Tara Siligato Kimberly Simonton Jeanine Bambino Snyder Joan Tebeau Leah Weisel Virginia (Zeta Iota) Lucinda Heidsieck Bhavsar Serena Carmean Lisa Clark Dawn Dugan Colgan Elizabeth Coquia Donna DeLuca Michele Mixner DeWitt Marisa Gallehr Virginia Garrison Marsha Garst Jennifer Seeds Greenslit Deborah Albert Halla Victoria Jordan Aubin Munn Mary Dooley Nye Beth Garvey Roberts Kimberly Silinskie Sterner Jessica Andrews Troutman Cecilia Vidaeus Lora Yowell Washburn (Upsilon) Staci Beavers Stepheny Weeks Beine Sharon Botsford Breshears M. Cloutier Jennifer Cook Julie Jehlik Laura Alexander LaGarde Tamra Reece Mars Francine McGrath Jaymee Metzenthin Becky Dunlap Reid Brenda Meier Reynoldson Jeannie Ryals Melissa Marshall Shultz Janis Shumaker Kimberly Lux Walker Washington (Sigma) Juliann Benson Amy Bryan Brackenbury Carolyn Bugge Sandra Drake Doris Chou Durfee Shari Ferguson Carole Flockerzie Katie Williams Jewell Chemyn Kodis Jan Komura Kristine Hauff Lane Kristin Meyer Lovell Lisa McCroskey Lisa Woods Mills Shana Feldman Nielsen Kindra Norton Christine Owner Heather Plews Pigman Kirsten Westerholm Richards Lisa Mancuso Sandeman Shellie Thomas Julie Swanson Ulvin Karie Ardebauer Underwood Colleen Watson Tracy Wong Washington University (Zeta Upsilon) Erica Bonnett Cardelle Bratton Susan Frankel Elizabeth Greene Jaimy Levine Hamburg Amy Kreisler Harberg

Eve Hoffman Irene Hofmann Melissa Javer Stefanie Milstein Kane Jennifer Letzt Cynthia Miner Joelle Jones Podgorny Janice Silberstein Barbara Wehmeyer Stock Sherri Tull Laura Zajac Stephanie Zola West Chester (Epsilon Kappa) Lisa Russo Battino Karen Krause Bensley Kerry Sutcliff Blackburn Kelly Sivel Cionci Adriana Rigdon Kenney Elisa Myles Lydia Galvin Naples Eileen O’Hara Lisa Venturi West Virginia (Beta Iota) Molly Bell Margaret Bozzi Susan Carr Renee Newbauer Flannery Melinda Goss Debra Knell Karri Laquinta Kelli Wilkerson Laski Ann Lewis Jennifer Lolli Stephanie Eger MacFarlane Constance Mamakos Amy Stipe McKouen Rachel Nack Carla Rice Jennifer Rudy Susan Simonton Slappe Susan Sparks Western Michigan (Delta Theta) Jodi Gargett Clay Kristine Jasinski Dahlquist Amy Feldman Dunbar Kristyn Smith Hemmer Julie Chesnover Johnson Laura Curtis Lynn Mary Colombo Mancus Mary Wendryhoski Marasco Helen Trupiano Nagy Kristin Deisler Pichel Christine Jansiewicz Reiss Tamara Becella Rokowski Kimberly Brown Smith Jill Stiles Molly McGarry Sullivan Elizabeth Schmid Taylor Mary Brotebeck Van Haaften Heidi Schollenberger Verplank Julie McDonald Wardlow Lara McGrath Weiss Wichita State (Gamma Xi) Tara George Baalmann Debra Brockel Alison Burnet Tammy Enstrom Mary Konecny Felter Patricia Owens Fisher Julie Figgins Gatson Sharon Lechman Hoffman Catherine Howe Debra Releford Joe Michelle McLeland Marker Christy Miller Jennifer Morris Belinda Nuessen Ortner Stacy Armstrong Roberts Rhonda Sullivan Melissa Fortney Troub Carla Davis Weible William Woods (Delta Chi) Kathryn Aliotta Kristie Belshe Lisa Bliyeu Bilyeu Kelly Christy Michella Estrada Kirsten Schaefer Feldker Michelle Burdick Folta Marjorie Collins Fruscione Andrea Gates Brooke Hendrix

Chapters may not be listed because they did not exist at the time (e.g., chapters were closed or not yet established).

50-year Sisters Cinthia Houlle Erin Henderson Jaurigue Reachel Jennings Cinnamon Moore Katherine Wright Norton Rebecca Poston Catherine Sanford Shari Shaft Sneary Sheri Young Stevenson Wisconsin (Iota) Kamille Adamany Christi Moore Andringa Lisa Converse Elizabeth Donicht Dobbs Amy Feinstein Michele Fulton Shelly Vandervoort Johnson Vicki Bokovitz Julian Karen Levy Amy Lutz Angela Tanner Mazanetz Ellen Dean McNeary Elisa Rosenthal Brigitte Hackley Shulze Kimberly White Wisconsin/La Crosse (Delta Kappa) Rachel Maciosek Arent Carrie Eischens Kerri Rupkey Garant Mary Sergenian Good Christine Hansen Michelle Hennen Terri Kohner Mikelanne LaMothe Shawna Lusk Heather Juzenas Meaux Carol Wilde Wahl Dawn Widas Pamela Stoikes Wittenwyler Wisconsin/Stout (Gamma Sigma) Lesley Champlin Dudley Leah Smith Liebergen Kassandra Ostermann Passineau Linda Johnson Smith Kristin Kosmider Tanner Christine Bump Tombarge

The 50-year pin (left), a silver circle with four red stones, is created so your original badge can be placed inside the circle. Alumna Initiate (Alpha Lambda) Mary Davitt Adams Patricia Rion Bagrow Shirley Hurt Brand Marianne Weemhoff Cappellucci Nancy Rennecker Casper Barbara Clark Molly Loop Dean Barbara Andersen Deselms Margaret Finney Dolan Sally Dodds Elliott Eleanor Pfleeger Etter Judy Johnson Hall Helen Edgar Lathrop Joanna Stewart McNeely Donna Barnes Shaffer Jane Munro Smith Marjorie Goetz Smith Adrian (Delta Eta) Carol Sullins Bruce Ruth Yackle Depner Judith Warner Fisher Helen Kishpaugh Gallup Beverly Swoish Hammerstrom Jeanne Haughey Hill Bette Barden Hudnutt Marianne Fuller Libbee Elizabeth Emrick Lohr Darlene Myers Marohnic Patricia McKarns Rhea Robinette Mills Norma Luce Norton Nancy Green Rea Kay Sutton Alabama (Beta Mu) Martha Seay Miller Sharon Jernigan Peek Janet Sizemore Wright Arizona (Beta Epsilon) Leslie Compton Balogh Sheila Carter Benger Carol Hensz Cheney Susan Asbury Crowell Kathleen Murphy Hughes Elizabeth Inghram Kuhn Edith McConnell Christine Barber McGrath Susan Poole Moran Judith Russler Robertson Beatrice Mason Shipp Jayne Pierson Smith Sheri Arentz Stough Margy Wheeland Vaughan Arizona State (Gamma Pi) Judith Rigle Andrews George Moshier DeMarco Karen Krichbaum Geffert Jean Harrison Cecelia Maxwell Hawkins Barbara Golseth Kettelwell Gail Patterson Panosian Susan Cope Prescott Anna Scassellati Riggs Joyce Heiliman Rogers Janice Keeler Stevenson Joanne VonBlume Zoellner Boston (Eta) Kristan Fobian Laurene Smith Guerin Ferne Hayes Elaine Wishneski Lubin Carol Petrucci Paradis-Ibach Ellen Meyers Perez Kathryn Lee Peterson Audrey Maffei Schneider Carole Waite Wolf Bowling Green State (Beta Omicron) Diane Wert Becker Marjorie Wells Case R. Lingrel Crates Sharon Schramm Doar Sherry Bradley Dominik Margaret Hunt Ferrara Jane Belch Gettman Sharon Pimlott Gramlich Linda McKaig Hanson Marcia Mauntler Hull

Barbara Gindlesberger Jones Sandra Miller Joseph Lynn Schwanger Ketchmark Elaine Burwell MacKinnon Connie Vish March Ruth Viall Milliron Linda Novak Alyce Tosko Sears Nellie Stover Shepherd Sue Delap Whitmer Mary McNeal Williams British Columbia (Beta Theta) Ruth Moir Belfie Bucknell (Beta Chi) Eleanor Jones Bailey Jean Birdsall Ball Patricia Ordonez Bjorhovde Martha Potter Blonn Marcia Dearman Corrigan Linda Cline Gahan Emilie Schier Gillan Katherine Hills Groshong Alexandra Georgeou Kleiner Rebecca Pollock Lucht Barbara Shearer Minsker Karen Overmiller Neier Alicia Green Peterson Janet Reidenbaugh Reiner Donelle Wells Thomson Judith Olmstead Zink Colorado (Beta Gamma) Judith Gridley Anna Margaret Oleske Bowersmith Sharon Barker Ervin Georgia Tripple Gebhardt Christine Carlson Hall Beverly Smith Hubka Lee Scoles Keener Donna Perrella Knudson Sandra Young Kovacs Carol Hodgdon Leach Kathleen Miller Sheryl Landers Pabich Kay Allera Prevedel Sandra Schmidt Stone Sandra Rustemeyer Traicoff Susan Brown Umberger Colorado College (Gamma Theta) Kristin Conrad Boettger Patricia Damian Brewster Stephanie Frost Clement Caroline Wood Duell Cornell (Delta) Jo Saxton Brayer Susan Brenner Ann Martin Caren Susan Isler Dillmann Moneen Polk Duhe Alice Page Eyman Sharon Mooney Franklin Joan Ivers Gantzel Mary Bruchac Lynch Veronica Shantz Patterson Martha Skelly Remis Susan Brooks Sakas Jacqueline Rhoades Scarsella Ann Rockwell Schroder Dorothy Angel Tenney Carol Livoti Topp Dorothy Luebke Trusz CSU/Long Beach (Gamma Kappa) Marilyn Hughes Brandt Julie Reihm Casaletto Ann Facer Cole Judi Sweet Cox Faith Osborn Crosby Judy King Dunlop Ina Bocchiardi Fernandez Elana Lorusso Ferruzzo Diane Cline Funkhouser Aileen Garza Judy Rutter Mattson Christy Young Moshenko Doris Peterson Linda Keenan Peterson Diane Wolf Quayle Susan Harrison Rivard

Jacque Bachar Songer Marsha Hoy Steckler Denison (Beta Kappa) Sandra Updegrave Ainsworth Paula Jacobi Baker Denise Fowler Bartalo Nancy Rosenquist Berger Ellen Brown Margaret Nekut Dyke Shelley Johnson Holt Susan Scott Johnson Nancy Callaway Lyons Judith Strange Palmer Patricia Davidson Pellett Thomasin Murray Pierce DePauw (Gamma) Jeanie Brown Belhobek Marjorie Plummer Bramer Paula Allison Brostrom Nicholi Evans Carol Cannom Ferrell Barbara Spitler Framke Barbara Murray Hett Martha Fearer Highsmith Ruth Stadler Holland Linda Coleman Johnson Edwina Challinor Kintner Ruth Mahaney Beauvais Staples McCaddon Pamela McCord Judith Henderson Pitts Jasmine Morris Stanley Kay Yoder Thompson Carol Amesse Toensing Malinda Williams Wendelboe Drake (Gamma Omicron) Margaret Noback Barton Sallie Harrison Brodhay Ann Huglin Dew Sandra Olson Federspiel Judy Bianchi Jennisch Tommie Brett Kadotani Mary Hardin Moore Susan Cook Northway Patricia Williams Rawson Jean Hansen Schar Drury (Gamma Gamma) Myra Becker Dawson Ann Nickle Gebhardt Cynthia Higginbotham Goldstein Connie Hjelmeng Johnson Cherie Pelkey Paisley Suzanne Kaiser Reuber Gaye Reinhardt Rieschel Pamela Marshall Sinco Elizabeth Wall Stuerke Duke (Beta Nu) Sharon Bowerman Brucker Maribeth Byers Carpenter Susan Jones Finley Dianne Mendenhall Denise Galant Schossler East Carolina (Delta Alpha) Malinda Wall Barrington Frances Gutyar Bolling Carol Joyner Booth Sandra Waddill Carrigan Sheila Morris Carter Catherine Harris Davis Faye Hall Dempsey Nancy Freeman Evans Joan Powell Greene Ann Crenshaw Harris Carolyn Smith Lee Barbara Maddox Liner Marilyn Jones Madrin Luray Mitchell McClung Mary Coston Melvin Betty Carawan Scoopmire Joyce Blizzard Thomas Elizabeth Chandler Tucker Doris Lambeth Warren Peggy Garrett Wiley Charlyn Billings Wohlnick Florida State (Gamma Phi) Minge Bishop Connie Byrd Boltz Gayla Reed Brown Caroline Coble

Catherine Waltman Cook Patricia Keifer Foran Mary Soler Fuller Kathleen Reidy Olsen Ann Marsden Olson Marilyn Petit Sandra Burton Price Florence Floyd Quirk Tiffany Small Shellnutt Margaret Pasto Stutsman Carolyn Talbot Georgia State (Gamma Mu) Nancy Gunnis Brandon Julia Hart Cornett Donna Little Esther Patricia Cousineau Fogle Sandra Cole Jackson Charlotte Crowe Martin Sheila Thomas Patten Norma Dickson Power Pamela Champion Price Pamela Biles Sheahan Idaho (Beta Zeta) Sandra Berger Blair Dianne Teply Dana Karen Johnson Dieball Donna Gibson Fitch Connie Nelson McGee Martha Turner Nail Illinois (Beta Alpha) Pamela Williams Adelson Elizabeth Tanner Antonio Linda Hudson Crosby Joyce Hagen Faulkner Marianne Neal Fischer Ann Fieber Hays Alice Larsson Mary McComb Mason Katherine Gore Sachs Janice Sommer Snede Karen Bend Stadtlander Wilma Gilmore Stark Ann Karlen Vowell Indiana (Beta Tau) Mary Myers Baker Victoria Ryan Barr Donna Terry Butcher Martha Tackitt Distler Barbara Venezia Gilley Susan Dorris Gothard Barbara Foust Hanna Diana St. Jean Rawizza Rita Cosper Krahl Linda Eckert Linnenberg Susan Hines Muncy Sue Danner Pfau Janie Fraser Riffle Linda Nauta Schwenn Patricia Terpstra Smith Colleen Boyle Stoppenhagen Elaine Naramoto Tanabe Sharon McNally Zamarra Iowa (Delta Epsilon) Trudi Bauer Albertine Jean Landis Arnold Jean Beckwith Bailey Karen Berg Shirlee Proctor Davidson Janice Finn Gury Andrea White Holveck Linda Ashby Horne Janis Williams McCauley Carol Jirsa O’Brien Jane Taylor Schrody Sarah Stage Gayle Sullivan Kansas (Gamma Delta) Linda Edmonds Bell Janet Crawford George Annette Jones Linn Jeanne McCleery Pamela Allen Spry Cheryl Steudtner Helen Thiele Strait Sarah Hart Vilmer Sheryl Lawson Williams Linda Smith Winters Kent State (Beta Omega) Barbara Cassidy Beller Martha Bubb Sally Dyke Crowell

Think a sister is missing from this list? The Executive Office may not have current contact information for her. Email or call 847.316.8940.

Nancy Rich Dimity Mary Johnson Donley Carol Ambrose Erdos Barbara Tomc Filipow Marjorie Davis Gelatka Norma Grills Rebecca Cole Hanks Dee Hemenway Herman Janet Kellner Bonnie Petallis Kneeland Pamela McNutt Lesko Nancy Davis McKee Dianna Tiffany Oliver Marilyn Bracken Ruckman Patricia Stahl Smart Bambi Moreland Sturbois Linda Matthews Tetor Barbara Lawson Trueman Maine (Delta Nu) Jacqueline Towle Anderson Maryanne Warren Belyea Alice Calderwood Benner Sonja Weeks Billotte Doris Stewart Calder Elizabeth Cote Suzanne McGrath Elder Judith Moses Ewing Caroline Burton Floyd-Wiles Carol Inforati Gaetjens Clare Fifield Grindal Caroline Fuller Hutchinson Nancy Pearson Kinney Carol Benn Mansur Forrestine Abbott McNeary Jacqueline Beck Norton Deborah Burr Richardson Charlotte Grant Sawtelle Janet Howard Sundman Nancy McIntire Todd Paulette Keller Vanderhei Manitoba (Beta Eta) Caroline Lithown Delbaere Sylvia Friesen Noelle Rebchuk Fern Arbuckle Splichal Maryland (Delta Zeta) Meredith Reynolds Johnson Carol Davidson Methven Patricia Slevin Mills Ellin Cahill OHare Mary Rupprecht Peters Mary Jane Praetorius Glenda Grubbs Shuford Ann McIntire White Memphis (Delta Lambda) Linda Rogers Amidei Anita Horner Brogden Fay Moxley Copeland Judy Jenkins Davis Kay Sargent Field Clare Campbell Grace Elizabeth Peete Head Kittye Robbins Herring Mildred Murphrey Neill Jean Martin Nilson Margaret Buchanon Salassi Sally Thorn Schwarz Carole Livingston Shipman Ginny McQuirter Slover Jo Allen Solomon Miami University (Gamma Nu) Sarah Finch Clayton Jane Hamilton Ford Sue Callander Friedel Barbara Parsons Good Nancy Kellam Howser Julie Lorenz Johnson Stephanie Smith Masanek Sue Belt Peck Sally Perdriau Pendleton Sara Benzing Schmelter Sharron Johnson Shipe Sheryl Diehl Stepanian Kathleen Clem Stone Pat Adams Ward Karen Ludwig Williams Michigan (Theta) Janet Cerny Beall Jane Herbert Bell Sharon Cooper Bockoff Donna Colson Broski

Fall 2013

Rowena Wotring Collins Christine Fracala Crawford Janice Faulkner Deborah Beattie Gaensbauer Sally Shannon Graver Sharon Hefke Frances Cooke Johnson Patricia McCormick LaBeau Judith Mallory Carla Goldring Mandel Joan Carlson Molander Ronda Crossett Provost Sandra Seppala Marilyn Slater Susan Abernathy Stokoe Barbara Holub Timberlake Michigan State (Beta Beta) Gwendolyn Gertz Callan Shirley Buchanan Dean Marilyn Jack Gibbs Sandra Raby Harper Diane Langhorst Hedeman Judith Smith Helzel Sharon Codey James Carol Lound Maat Patricia Vaughn Moran Nancy Clements Muehlenbeck Judith Hinkley Roeser Julee Rosso Susan Wilson Sherwood Judith Ashley Smith Carol Hamal Stevons Susan Carlson Stinson Roxanna Alweis Surrey Judith Lamparter Swink Susan Shaffer Tucker Dorothy Dayton Young Midwestern State (Gamma Omega) Donna Rogers Gilbert Donna Graham Goodrich Pam Amhrein Hanvey Sharon Huntley Small Linda Thompson Veach Minnesota (Epsilon) Joyce Anderson Bennett Judith Knudsen Brown Linda Lea Nelson Susan Romlin Schwab Donna Rouse Scudder Merrily Jasmin Smale Betsy Schwartz Walsh Mary Naslund Zack Missouri (Omicron) Marilyn Youngman Bannister Sherry Boysen Mary Roberts Cole Nancy Ferguson Barbara Tapp Freese Carolyn Gray Gist Margaret Hutchison Kerr Barbara Gillam McIllroy Elaine Seitz Millaire Paula Johnson Poll Charlene Prost Schawacker Reta Stewart Smith Joyce Logan Stivers Mary Rothkopf Tanler Katherine VanAmburg Grace Voss Montana (Chi) Danielle Kidder Aman Penny Lennox Creighton Linda Lewis Field Carol Lockwood Foley Maureen Campbell Ford Alice Frisbee Toni Gies Andrea Stomsvik Kamrath Susan Corette Matule Carole Saunders McEachran Katharine VanVliet Meyer Susan Beery Nelson Honore Riley Neudeck Barbara Nisbet Karen Clausen Schilke Danielle Darby Schmidt Virginia McClain Schroeder Sandra Revell Spears Kathy Arnot Wherley

Alpha Phi Quarterly


50-year Sisters (continued) Nebraska (Nu) Janis Joynt Baldwin Sandra Stefanisin Berris Linda Ledingham Brown Sherianne Klawonn Busskohl Katherine Smith Coonrad Carol Stoner Decker Nancy Eager Dindinger Greta Woodward Friel Jean Hoffmaster Jeffrey Judith Schorr Lewis Diana Houston Marx Donna Modrell Virginia Coy O’Connor Sharon Carr Segrist Katherine Korte Stone Roberta Dyas Swerdlow Carol Darnall Thornton Karen Bates Trimble Kathleen Cochrane Zweig Nebraska/Kearney (Delta Xi) Maris Brandt Juanita Rosenlof Brown Barbara Bowman Clevenger Judy Wimberley Coffey Jolene Larson Egging Vicki Hamilton Fromholz Patricia Drohman Harley Sandra Rosenlof Heinz Jana Booth Kegley Marlene Blanchard Kosmicki Marilyn Waller Loschen Elaine Thomas Minnick Frances Beyl Neben Mary Noble Osentowski Janice Kjar Peck Barbara Minnick Ritterbush Bonita Buckhammer Robinson Karen Peterson Roche Cheryl Stohl Samusevich Patricia Hiatt Sauer LaDonna Trueman Scheel Cheryl Eckel Schmitt Judith Reiter Slominski Ruthann Svatos Smith Judith Price Spomer Juanetta Sailors Strohmyer Betty Lurvey Sup Carolee Page Tilson Roseann Barry Trindle Judy Hanna Wiese Linda Feaster Wise North Dakota (Pi) Linda Heinl Gentry Michele Fleckten Hallock Maryanne McElroy Hanson Lynne Hopkins Hill Jean Moe Johnson Jill Keyes Krum Gaylene Loh Jill Harris Main Susan Johner Miller Carol Bondy Morrison Betty Cerar Philipich Jennifer Saul Rand Carol Hunter Schmidt North Texas (Gamma Eta) Vicki Dirks Albright Sue Speck Barse Sue Hagerty Borders Susan Kinser Lentz Ida Perryman Sue Krider Rauschuber Nancy Holloway Rutledge Linda Owen Spruiell Barbara Beynon Sullivan Diana Deever Tolman Sherrill Dickeson Wolford Northern Colorado (Delta Gamma) Janet Baberick Mary Billinger Chandler Connie Fenwick Goldsmith Rosalie Hoffman Kelley Christine Crockett Kreger Barbara Walker Marks Nancy Sakyo Tashiro Joan Sakyo Watanabe Sherrie Derrick White Northwestern (Beta) Jacqueline Shear Allen Marianne MacDonald Bean


Judith Sargent Beck Meredith Brown Brestin Jane Wyckoff Clark Irene Devine Colvin Sarah Bean Dann Judith Winters Degeeter Wilma Zegers Dooley Kathleen Banka Gerbosi Kathleen Dolan Gordon Donna Petre Hampton Kathie Eynon Hart Barbara Roberts Hegel Deborah Griswold Jacobson Priscilla Pugh Kirkpatrick Jane Poor MacWilliams Martha Taxon Mott Karen Yocum Nickels Deborah Bennett Parks Nancy Hardy Patchen Nancy Hughes Reider Sandra Banes Schier Suzanne McCloud Thompson Joan VanBergen Vogan

Maira Lezdins Galkins Barbara Harrison Hammack Joan Sanderson Helfrich Suzanne Bollay Kiesz Manda Miles Sylvia Simmons Sutherland Oregon State (Beta Upsilon) Carrol Geiger Clark Karen Lermon Cooper Nancy Cleghorn Cruikshank Maxine Helfrich Durbin Candace Kurz Kesey Karen Larse Martin Robin Holmes Maupin Shelley McReynolds Vicki Schenbeck Morton Nancy Munson OCallaghan Sandra Allegretto Raab Shirley Lindberg Torrance Penn State (Gamma Rho) Barbara Lyon Bosler Polly Curry Egan Katherine Stoodley Hopkins

Barbara Fairbanks Hoop Carole Johnson Hudlow Rebecca Oswald Jewel Mary Kay Stewart Keenan Rebecca Wilkins Knox Lucy Lambka Krause Helen LaFlare Karen Reed Landino Helen Belknap Levinson Quenlin Young Lewis Ilsa Lokke Lottes Susan Emme Messina Sarah Vanemon Modjeski Alice Wiltrout Moffa Barbara McMinn Moss Karma Blaker Nelson Constance Barnes Odekirk Linda Mukalasek Osborn Mary Haas Parrott Carolyn Roberts Planck Judith Bond Prohl Elizabeth Petroskas Robinson Karen Strandhagen Ross

Ordering Anniversary Pins One special way that Alpha Phi honors the endurance of membership is with anniversary recognition pins.These pins celebrate your affiliation with Alpha Phi on milestone occasions: 10 years, 25 years, 50 years, 65 years and 75 years. Certificates may be ordered individually.To order, email, call 847.316.8940 or visit, keyword: pins.

Ohio State (Rho) Janet Tucker Anderson Cinda Smith Ankney Nancy Tennant Bendure Hollis LePore Bierman Linda Dobie Briggs Adele Hileman Burnham Georgene Hovance Douglas Joy Sultzbach Ellsworth Donna Zucker Gottlieb Karen Krieg Harding Jean Creamer Hodges Lana Keller Istnick Dorthea Kutler Jane Jerman Kyle Christine Carey Lorenz Leone Vaughan Mentzer Mary Dickas Moriarty Louise Pittenger Murray Christine Alspach Nixon Rebecca Black Reynolds Diane Espenschied Sisung Carol Niesz Sladky Jennifer Drake Sneed Mary Milligan Taylor Oklahoma (Phi) Sunny Thompson Albrecht Penny Elliott Anderson Diane Fisher Barrett Sue Fisher Beall Lee Anne Smith Center Barbara Butterworth Cohenour Karen Klutts DeMaster Corrie Miller Dorman Patricia Harrison Hawkins Jennifer Allen Hoyt Judith Razook Lehmbeck Emilie Hartley Lynch Sherry Bowman Melberg Ann Peters Pattin Catherine Butler Pendley Carole Elder Peskin Andrea Mayo Quigley Helen Sayles Reed Leetta McLaughlin Townsend Oklahoma City (Delta Delta) Oneida Keith Knepper Cherie Caldwell LaFleur Bobbie Ingram Moore Oregon (Tau) Sheryl Baldridge Curl Teresa Six Diekemper Lyn Philbrook Faust

Alpha Phi Quarterly

Fall 2013

Ann Kennedy Hunt Marilyn Howard Jensen Ann Zavacki Kane Diana Gershkoff Lahey Nancy Winters Lamb Ellen Knies Landis Lenora Bohren Parton Sharan Hahn Shively Judith Yohe Wnuk Portland State (Gamma Chi) Carole Douglass Coffey Lorraine Dey Cross Penny Paulsen Dalgliesh Patricia Neimann Denny Dorothy King Ermence Rosemary Arnst Jarmer Sandra Freyer Page Lee Moore Parry Sally Treadgold Reardon Jacquelin Bowen Richardson Elizabeth Hazen Stephenson Donna Swanson Puget Sound (Gamma Zeta) Gail Young Brandon Roxanne Dahlstrom DeLorme Leota Copstead Kramer Susan Schieber Martin Sally Wolf McDonald Linda Federico Pearn Lonna Ross Rose Patchett Stidham Margaret Gibbs Tetreault Sally Stangell Vraspir Purdue (Delta Mu) Lynn Richardson Anderson Jane Crisler Anglim Candace Smullen Baggeroer Lois Baird Bordner Vicki Martin Bruno Margaret Ross Burke Judith Hunt Cobb Sarah Motsch Cooke Sandra Mays Davis Patricia Altier Dingle Georgann Peglow Fargher Mary Pocotte Fox Sherry Mosbaugh Giddings Catherine Curtis Gilbert Joanne Hanwell Ellen Jespersen Hathaway Christine Hether

Susan Hutchins Routson Ann Holdeman Schwartzkopf Judith Pounds Sindlinger Lila Sleight Sue Carmoney Stolberg Sonja-Lou Bark Stunard Sandra Pope Thompson Carol Sedgwick Thorsen Dian Leath Torres Kendra Davenport Tutsch Sharon Brierly Wand Judith Thompson Williams Ripon (Gamma Psi) Jane Keenan Belcore Nancy Davlantes Sally Kilbourne Roanoke (Delta Iota) Barbara Preas Barbarics Jacqueline Pettit Burd Judy McVicar Copenhaver Eva Earle Deibel Barbara Haney Irvine Sharon Richardson Proehl Linda Schlichting Judith Dougherty Sisko Dorothea Smiley Susan White Smith Linda Beier Vitale Diane Dickerson Wayman Rollins (Beta Lambda) Katherine Coward Susan Derby Cox Virginia Sprinkle Labrant Heidi Slaughter Turner San Diego State (Gamma Alpha) Barbara Weeks Aldrich Carol McDonald Carpenter Gretchen Polster Coar Nancy Hillsen Davis Dottie Jondall Fritz Barbara Munson Fuller Vickie Wiegand Landabazo Nancy Larkey May Beverly Sodomka Raaka Nikka Nord Symington Linda Stewart Thompson San Jose State (Beta Psi) Susan Lorenzen Ashlock Sally Sirgo Bischoff Patricia Manzetti Brick Jane Scott Brooks Carol Feichtmeir Linda Koenig Geyer

Barbara Hutton Grant Vicci Bowles Hult Roberta Wood Kline Rosemarie Stanton Kuhn Marsha Nicolet Lohden Susan Lewis Luce Nancy Robinson Mauro Marsha McClelland Judith Shawnee Nelson Jean Warren Polley Mary Good Post Mary Hendricks Sammann Linda Biocini Schneller Victoria Tompkins Sofro Merilee Leftwich Unsworth South Dakota (Psi) Linda Schooler Bettison Lois Saunders Dixon Beverly Lone Efinger Peggy Connors Good Pamela Wrighte Hoherz Gretchin Killinger Jacobson Betty Maciejewski Linda Sather Mazzie Jane Rischen Nebo Judy Gurney Norcott Ione Thorstenson Podgore Maija Riesberg Schiedel Suzanne Kees Sullivan Diane Roberts Tschetter Janet Smith Voss Mary Babb Woodward Syracuse (Alpha) Barbara Lundgren Baker Suzanne Blades Blowers Janet Multer Christopher Patricia Conrad Sally Eldridge Evans Susan Rush Guadagnoli Arleen Munz Havern Kathy Hause Rauscher Judy Gallagher Ryan Priscilla VanWirt Sanderspree Nancy Niles Yenawine Texas (Omega) Elizabeth Egelhoff Akiba Jean Crawford Brown Pamela Bennett Crow Lora Lynn Davis Nancy Nunnallee Davis Cheryl Lowery Dawe Aileen Short Gauntt Jan Glithero Jackie Bohuslav Graham Rena Patterson Johnson Ronda Johnson Mary Jackson Kendrick Virginia Haase Kerr Ann Livingston Koziell Suzanne Slade Loftis Laurits Sorenson Maxwell Nancy Koch McKinney Judith Asel Newby Anne Oaks Mary Garner Obremskey Harriet Durr Romo Kathryn Simons Sabia Sara Crow Smith Wanda Samuell Tesch Janice Longacre Watkins Artie Lane Wells Pauline Travis Westbrook Carolyn Davidson Williams Texas A&M/Commerce (Delta Beta) Jolene Spinks Aicklen Myrna Jackson Brogdon Melba Worsham Craig Ruth Kelly Fortner Shonda Caudle Jenkins Charletta Laxson Krause Donna Sikes Mahoney Janie Gentry Oliver Junetta Stringer Whitecotton Texas Tech (Gamma Iota) Ann Moore Croyle Jamie Waters Danielson Jamie Steinhoff Egolf Frances Weaver Garrett Linda Zachary Goff Kathleen Dormier Hancock Beverly Burleson Hendon Lanette Laffere Peters

Linda Loy Morris-Brogan Elizabeth Marshall Ruck Paula Willock Stewart Sally Finney Weir Toronto (Xi) Susan May Atcock Carol Martin Beamer Susan Elgie Alice VanStone Kernaphan Eppi Tikenberg Waldin UC/Berkeley (Lambda) Margaret Hill Ainsworth Georgianna Eagen Anderson Lynne Haigler Baker Joyce Bartlett Sandra Hall Bley Patricia Charlton Dunlap Marilyn Blower Francis Jean McCarthy Graustein Nancy Vail McNair Anne Kennedy Peterson Cynthia Selfridge Adella Sartain Steele UC/Santa Barbara (Gamma Beta) Susan Baldwin Eleanor Bertino Pearl Ohanian Burns Sherry Casey Carty Susan Eggers Cornett Judith Jacox Dandison Christina Johnson Dean Pamela Schendel Emmons Gretchen Stoskopf Falvo Marilyn Longinotti Geary Kathy Cable Henderson Pamela Bleyle Hennessy Barbara Horn Margaret Brown Kroll Nancy Reamer Shaver Linda Drawbolt Vaughan Sharon Yant UCLA (Beta Delta) Karen Druliner Connolly Brooks Buttrey Cook Susan Senefeld Johnson Linda Oliva Kottler Marilyn Harris Rhode Susan Allen Stanman Judith Blanchard Walton USC (Beta Pi) Susan Wilson Birtja Lynn Richardson Chiles Toni Hammer Crisell Rita Donatic Evans Mary Urquhart Harrison Linda Crosby Levine Judith Sheller Cheryl Bailey Snyder Mary Littlefield Stoner Nancy Hall Sweeny Nan Griffin Winter Utah (Beta Sigma) Judy Todd Brown Shirley Twedt Calhoun Cynthia Deans Beverly Peterson DeWyze Rosemary Bogel Liebich Karen Stewart Liley Barbara Allen McDermaid Susan Westerberg McDermaid Diane Franks Parkin Jane Pinney Reed Elizabeth Schwamb Anita Allen Snyder Barbara Rice Wescott Washburn (Upsilon) Nancy Graybill Carroll Sara Senne Hischke Nancy King Catherine Glynn McAdoo Pamela Nelson Newman Barbara Nibbelink Scott Martha Mills Shepherd Joan Cameron Wiksten Washington (Sigma) Jeri Becker Alben Carol Allen Pamela Caulk Bacich Linda Overman Barry Susan Baker Black Jo Davis Burns Susan Byington

Dorothy Dakan Cardiff Victoria Seidelhuber Coelho Cheryl Cone Julie Barrett Eastham Beatrice Koenig Hellis Leila Olsen Henriksen Mary Nichols Jackson Patricia Travis Kulberg Joan Rabe Kvinsland Martha Clagett Lussenhop Susan Reese Lynam Judith Lippert Marsalis Dorothy Neth Osadchuk Carolyn Kennard Osterman Jean Raichle Willa Abbott Romanchak Alice Schneidmiller Schilling Gail Danielson Smedal Patricia Olson Snyder Nancy White Stryker Linda Tavenner Sutor Janice Stegeman Tompkins Anne Stevenson White Judith Lund Wood Washington State (Beta Rho) Linda Becker Beksinski Helen Westlen Bowman Sue Harper Dunn Christine Ranta Engelhardt Arnelle Halsan Hall Marianne Miller King Mary Kershaw Robinson Cathleen Babcock Simons Carol Sewell Sutterlin West Virginia (Beta Iota) Daphna Killen Blair Teresa D’Orazio Bradley Shirley Tintle Conaway Gale Nesius DiGiorgio Ann Amick Droese Susan Foulk Graves Jane Nesius Hopkins Joellen Ayersman Kerr Virginia Swope Keys Ann Zinn Logsdon Elizabeth Gump Parkinson Western Michigan (Delta Theta) Susan Marsh Curtiss Carole England Fulkerson Susan Peapples Heath Karen Needham Metz Linda Lewis Nelson Sue Primich Carol Dent Wick Whitman (Beta Phi) Carol Hurley Curtis Linda Hedberg Karen Lindner Karen Ott Owen Kathleen Hagiwara Purcell Dona Reaves Ward Carol Meyer Wehr Ann Wheaton Wichita State (Gamma Xi) Alice Smith Bascom Connie Howell Carter Miriam Nath Delap Phyllis Grossardt Griffith Jean Kauffman Kniseley Suzanne Hoover Koch Martha Low Mangiaracino Patricia Corcorran McCurry Judith Messenger Raaf Barbara Wilkes Ramsey Judith Fuller Sackman Nan Maxedon Shaw Marcia McKee Weddle Willamette (Gamma Tau) Nancy VanWinkle Beaver Jollie Heidbrak Carlson Jeanette Dewey Dean Arlene Rice Dietz Cherry Wolff Grimm Patricia Cassidy Hughes Julie Aungst Kawabata Marion Oakley Simas Colleen Kennemore Spence Wisconsin (Iota) Florence Sampe Brehm Mary Hasenbach Cooper Ann Hofstetter Delaney Sally Rassmussen Finkelstein

Chapters may not be listed because they did not exist at the time (e.g., chapters were closed or not yet established).

Beverly Ruzic Gromek Nell Tenbroek Herlache Ruth Pugh Johnson Suellen Okeefe Johnson Janet Wolfe Kaul Betsy McCormick Lelyveld Jean Hoffland Luecke Judy Hess Morris Molly Rice Sally Sisson Stevens Karen Keck Swander Sandra Long Swanson Jill Wikelund Teske Jean Laak Truesdale Harianne Wiener Wallenstein Jean McDonald Zweifel Wisconsin/La Crosse (Delta Kappa) Dannette Arndt Carol Hettinga Bassuener Sandra Reim Bosin Maribeth Bowers Carol Koser Finley Mary Malone Finn Virginia Breitenfeldt Gauerke Susan Hahn Barbara Egseth Hanson Mary Lou Jaros Jensen Jean Kessler Paulette Krueger Kornmann Ellen Kreighbaum Ann Enos Kurth Barbara Schmitt Lapoint Edythe Lyon Sandra Merigold Sally Hayman Nelson Constance Owen Niedfeldt Susan Schmuck Reiste Carolyn Karceski Teff Mary Theisen Jean Stadler Wilfer Wisconsin/Milwaukee (Gamma Upsilon) Jacquelyn Fredricks Berghammer Barbara Tutton Bergman Bonita Leininger Brukman Vicky Vetter Comp Mary Smith Dinges Mary Mookerjee Vincent Louise Rydlewicz Walsh Wisconsin/Stout (Gamma Sigma) Diane Stevens Altmann Sharon Pecha CurranNewman Kay Krueger Frye Diane Marohl Hanson Cynthia Snyder Janes Ruthanne Haldeman Jepsen Nancy Perkins Naylor Afton McMahon Wendorf Kathy Lindow Wendorff Margaret Ward Whalen

75-year Sisters Please see page 44 for a listing of these sisters.

65-year Sisters The golden 65-year pin (left) is an elegant interpretation of one of our most cherished symbols, the lily of the valley. Alumna Initiate (Alpha Lambda) Beverly Seuss Barton Jane Doak Cochran Valerie Davis Comegys Marge Hunt Eriser Gretchen Grable Greiner Patricia Hite Jane Hull James Betty James Janich Phyllis Elmer Kennedy Jay Ventre Murison Nancy Beier Newsome Gene Kirkpatrick Pike Hazel Rudholm Rodts Cornelia Kuchenbacker Smith Elizabeth Line Speicher Wanda Thatcher Wanda Gisinger Washburn Yvonne Welsh Betty Doyl Yaeger Alabama (Beta Mu) Eugenia Mills Berta Nancy Spear Britton Geraldine Ford Connor Ida Wiggins Florey Clara Gause Gunter Ann Struthers Snuggs Arizona (Beta Epsilon) Patricia Smith Barnes Sally Wisher Erickson Margaret McGowan McCue Patricia Downey Powles Phyllis Cusack Robinett Betty Friend Spiller Boston (Eta) Joan Hebert Carroll Marjorie Marshall Elaine Dobie Staples Barbara Kierans Welling Bowling Green State (Beta Omicron) Joanne Sizer Armour Mary Kinney Clemons Joan Bache Lamb Nelda Rudolph Mickens Beatrice Brinkman Monetta Dimite Buckley Rasmussen Betty Huff Sahs Joanne Meckstroth Schneider Olive Smith Thompson Shirley Pugh Williams British Columbia (Beta Theta) Aldeane Snyder Blackhurst Ethel Wadds Brooks Averil Blatchford Bush Beverly Scott Findlay Elizabeth Reid Nicholl Margaret Laing Willis Bucknell (Beta Chi) Joan Graham Bonine Jean Bentz Burnham Nancy Hines Cavan Charmion Roe Crowell Janice Heiderich Ernst Gertrude Vogel Graham Margaret Rowe Harrison Ann Minnich Hollyday Doris Strassner Marino Anita Rosenberg Millar Emilie Luke Schmauch Mary Moyer Stevens Doris Coombs Teno Colorado (Beta Gamma) Sheelagh Hanna Baily Martha Fox Bones Grace Purviance Brown Joan Atwater Colton Polly Peterson Davis Barbara Parker Day Barbara McLaughlin Gullickson Anne Follis Huebner Ada Morrill Kohler Nancy Seebass Mercure Jane Breitenstein Peacock Lucille McGee Scott Joan Templar Smith

Cornell (Delta) Jeanne MacLeod Berry Doris Clarke Bond Ann Flannery Ellen Bigler Harrison Jane Haskins Marcham Gertrude Woodruff Marlow Mary Newall Mathews Anne Haase McLain Betsy Leet Sherman Denison (Beta Kappa) Marylin Jacobson Brooks Marilyn Horn Burns Mary Freer Cannon Wendy Burnip Craig Mary Fishback Heater Nancy Stinchfield Mertz Margaret Parsons Harriett Hawes Piper Elizabeth Wright Rose Lucy Baker Shutt Mary Langan Snowden DePauw (Gamma) Cynthia Davis Bailey Betty Hinckley Drinkwater Beverly McNamara Jackson Marian Merchant New Mary Downs Ohm Joyce Adams Patterson Beverly Saltz Trochuck Elaine Cuchna Turek Duke (Beta Nu) Elizabeth Brown Alexander Dorothy Stanley Daugherty Nancy Schmid Erwin Patricia Couble Johnson Margaret Stern MacKenzie Emily Stevens Stephenson Goucher (Zeta) Margaret Fellows Anderson Joan Bruce Edith Meyers Campbell Delma Decsi Perry Roxanne Kuter Williamson Idaho (Beta Zeta) Doris MacRae Babin Beverly Bressler Boyd Norma Dougherty Goodman Jean Feldhusen Jesser Judith Ward Karst Leola Sumner Neumayer Dorris Jensen Racely Beverly Stone Stott Illinois (Beta Alpha) Marilyn Kettelkamp Beeson Joan Reeve Bennett Shirley Bell Boxley Estelle Anderson Capps Patricia Forbes Hamilton Mae Wissel Herzstock Beverly Schwegel Jones Adele Mason Moore Joan Kramer Nicewick Lee Ratzesberger Stark Nancy Doss Wallace Virginia Whitlock Wise Indiana (Beta Tau) Carol Hoyne Hillis Joan Douglas Knollenberg Audrey Gillispie Stringer Madge Hopwood Wollaeger Kent State (Beta Omega) Eileen Smith Ahern Marilyn Hadfield BednarKasada Dorothy Marburger Bright Mary Hoose Cosgriff Dorothy Anderson Davey Agnes Hart Gabrielsen Jean Milford Gertz Dona Burkhardt Hall Betty Rowlen Holmes Kathleen Vaughan Hylbert Betty Hess Kieffer Lois Heller Leeming Ellen Hobert Lorentz-Egert Cathie Scullion Luli Jacqueline Duke Marshall Becky Culley McNeil

Margaret Johnson McQuillan Patricia Maglione Reppa Mary Michel Scott Barbara Ewell Smith Shirley Baker Smith Eleanor Kolk Upchurch Dolores Swanson Vendely Patricia Wolcott Manitoba (Beta Eta) Elaine Stipp McElfish Margaret Killick Ramsay Lois Scott Michigan (Theta) Ruth Rupp Brungraber Margaret Paton Buttrell Margaret Kennedy Dietz Mary Nyberg Emmert Cecily Hume Henze Maxine Pearson Miller Shirley Hahn Rathbun Marilyn Churchill Smith Patricia Adams Stevenson Michigan State (Beta Beta) Maryellen Koch Dudley Mary Musselman Fischer Marilyn Isett Grebey Barbara Burridge Hutchinson Barbara McMahon McCaughey Nancy Boehringer McLouth Mildred Hainlin Murdock Helen Hecker Nehls Barbara Chambers Pollard Patricia Bechtold Rademacher Ann Nymberg Winn Minnesota (Epsilon) Nancy Horton Bragdon Meredith Nelson Danielson Marilyn Miller Donovan Patricia Wyman Jahnke Kathleen Spillane Keenan Mary Bennett Long Janice Streissguth Mathis Nancy Twedt Randall Kathleen Smith Roeder Ann Rutherford Taylor Missouri (Omicron) Helen Crawford Mary Terry Dozier Marianne Chadwell Fairfield Gloria Jones Leonard Karsa Lynch Dorothy Ward Phillips Betty Porcher Roberts Jane Washburn Sommer Virginia Wilson Montana (Chi) Mary Jo Shearer Bevan Loretta Riggs Broderick Garene Webber Cochrane Mary Hurd CollinsDavidson Gwen Dyer Flamm Elizabeth Wall Greene Mary Driscoll Higgins Doris Egger Hoy Margaretta Barker Johnson Jo Whalen LeClaire Shirley McKown Janet Ferguson Monsos Doris Arntzen Neel Nancy Dowan Poush Lee Birkett Rostad Marjorie Christy Thompson Patricia Kind Wallace Mary Hanson Wuerthner Nebraska (Nu) Sally Savage Berguin Jane Hale Busskohl Dorothy Ogden Buthman Marilyn Parsons Cassling Phyllis Allen Hovendick Barbara Reed Lewis Joan Guilford McGuire Jeanette Schweser Schwartzkopf Jane Linn Temple Mary Wherry York

North Dakota (Pi) Nancy Warrick Bogen Dorothy Alm Dekko Dona Edlund Duffy Marge Slorby Heegaard W-Jean Hewitt Jabbra Frances Lipp McDermott Judith Jacobi Tiano Northwestern (Beta) Mary Buffmire Champlin Nancy Schreiner Clark Harriette Goodsmith Emmet Darlene Sharp Fiske Nancy Giordano Gobar Patricia Harris Johnston Marilyn Musick Laning Nancy Chase Rogers Jackie Schmit Stevenson Joann Brownlee Taylor Ohio State (Rho) Jane Earl Bangham Ruth Reed Burns Carol Whitacre Caine Patricia Carroll Cleary Nancy Campbell Crusey Patricia Murphy Maier Yvonne Dougherty Sanford Ann Crawford Sowers Mary Wagner Williams Oklahoma (Phi) Betty Mohr Ames Carolyn Whiteside Bourne Kay Daugherty Chandler Joanna Hinchcliffe Chapman Patricia Downing Jeane Flickinger Kelly Jackie Hamblen Milbourn Patricia Pettus OMealey Norma Weir Shirley Ramona Hamilton Urice Sylvia Smith Willcutt Dama Truett Wimbish Oregon (Tau) Ruth Landry Gray Kathryn Littlefield Virginia Cox Plass Patricia Buzzell Sergeant Oregon State (Beta Upsilon) Joann Agan Bonham Helen Rohe Bushway Anne Dimick Chaimov Beverly Davis Gibson Susan Miller Gotter Harriet Burger Marchildon Marjorie Harstick Rossman Shirley Harmon Ruckert Marie Langton Swancutt Jorlyn Lautman Tiemessen Charlotte Cutshall Wilhelm Rollins (Beta Lambda) Virginia Brooks Berdan Marilyn Walker Hendryx Alys Oglesby Honey Lois Johnston Larson San Jose State (Beta Psi) Marilyn Becker Arkley Caroline Stein Barmettler Jane Ives Belden Jayne Burnes Vivian Brizee Calhoun Jeanne Collins Carroll Patricia Pace Clancey Donna Witmer Forsman Jane Potter Franusich Georgia Mills Head Margaret Miehe Hobbs Jane Moore Houghton Elinor Herzig Inman Patricia O’Brien Jensen Ruth Gill McFarlane Ezma Rucker Adele Chase Rudy Lavonne Pulley Samis Beverly Barham Sibbett Bette Hurst Simmons Margie Smith Jean Berry Vallandigham Geraldine Bosley Walters Ruth King Wehner

Think a sister is missing from this list? The Executive Office may not have current contact information for her. Email or call 847.316.8940.

Shirley Dodd Wilson Diane Shank York South Dakota (Psi) Jeanne Willoughby Beckman Margaret Campbell Joan Starkey Nelson Shirley Lemonds Perkins Mary Burgeson Sewright Syracuse (Alpha) Jacqueline Rupp Dietrich Mildred Suzie Johnson Elizabeth Waters McNish Elaine Miller Membrado Barbara Barck Snavely Ruthmarie Hopkins StiboltHarpham Marjorie Brannan Taylor Mary Braley Weedon Margaret Kennedy White Diane LeFevre Wright Texas (Omega) Shirley Roth Avant Sylvia Osburn Caldwell Jeanette Eckels Laverne McCann Hokenson Mary Cullinan Holbein Laura Hank Lasswell Mary Jackson McColpin Jean Thorp McNeil H. Steele Miller Mary Hamlett Mobley Mary DeLoney Ogden Lucy Ainsworth Pegues Mary Bunkley St. Clair Earleen Tritt Stallones Elfe Martin Thomas Gloria Busey Welch Toronto (Xi) Shirley Neilson Barnes Barbara Robertson Beatty Margot Murray Buckley Barbara Owens Hill Elizabeth Musson Hill Mary Walton Hill Joyce Randall Lepage Dallis Woolings Locke Betty Hare Newdick Barbara Crane Wilkes UC/Berkeley (Lambda) Mayflower Day Brandt Marilyn Farran Clowdsley Barbara Bachelder Flinn Nancy Carithers Geary Betty Postlewaite Majors Nancy Wells Maushardt Peggy Curtis Moulton Ruth Dunlap Percival Julianne Hagar Rumsey Joan Anthony Studabaker Barbara Wellhouse Vyn Marilyn Beeman Ward UCLA (Beta Delta) Joann Cunningham Alpers Nina Frediani Blake Coralie Fiddyment Corin Louise Bonnett Emerson Camilla Cliff Humphrey Evelyn Thomas Kling Jean Ready McCarthy Roberta Kiefer Orcutt Patricia Plummer Salem Erlaine Hovden Seeger Mary Ann Stewart Worth Ramona Henson Stoker Elizabeth Edwards Tatge Elaine Xeniades VanAmburgh USC (Beta Pi) Emma Woodward Cantrell Nan Snodgrass Chapman Elizabeth Biddell Cooper Marilyn Wilson Grandon Jeanne Hamley Anne Carpenter Harder Greta Grady Hess Josephine Federcell Kehoe Ernestine Aulgur Lopez Patricia Davis Martin Bettye Bledsoe Preis Anna Saulsbery

Fall 2013

Audrey McLaughlin Willoughby Utah (Beta Sigma) Jeanne Grundvig Christiansen Mary Steadman Flandro Rosemary Hilton Hill Geraldine Humphries Smith Beverly Nelson Wakeman Washburn (Upsilon) Joan Nail Barkdull Martha Roach Benignus Betty Delfs Bowling Wanda Brown Darigo Doris Minich Hanna Bette Hardisty Herndon Mary Wilkin Kosier Diane Boone Schumacher Marjorie Haynes Wald Nancy Birt Winn Washington (Sigma) Betty Berg Anderson Hazel Burnett Dolores Anderson Conklin Doris Halliwell Cozine Patricia Miller Evans Mardette DeGarmo Flodin Barbara Rhodes Frederick Maxine Cook Healy Kathryn Miller Jones Carol Merrihew Keeney Rosemary Lowman Mazour Betty Barclay McCurdy Yvonne Kind Miller Shirley Hart Neklason Jo Stover Spiegelberg Norma Verrier Taylor Donna Bower Todd Katherine Terrill Tscherfinger Janet Grove Turner Dorothy Bailey Wood Washington State (Beta Rho) Joan Bartlett Clyde Joan McCaig Crowe Eleanor Brown Davidson Kay Edwards Ann Decarteret Gilbert Shirley King Hovis Eloise Horn Huston Nancy Walenta MacGregor Patricia Viancour Munsell Lucille Dunn Pierone Louise Bach Pilcher Betty Blair Zurlinden West Virginia (Beta Iota) Charlotte Shirey Bradley Betty Gallaher Brown Margaret Traubert Kellogg Helen Whitesides Lindsay Lois Flesher Murray Lois Cornell Russell Jean Hiser Scudder Margaret Thornton Thayer Frances Ward Warman Whitman (Beta Phi) Janet Steinke Brandt Janice Oliver Burt Barbara Brasfield Cochrell Roberta Koster Emerson Margaret Goodge Hart Alice Sorensen Hill Florence Bower Kellner Phyllis Peterson LaJala Carol Comer Weir Janet Alter Wessel Jan Schroeder Wetzel Wisconsin (Iota) Ann Rusch Alcumbrae Carol Fitzgibbon Collins Marian Tietz Conway Barbara Bendinger Gehl Marjorie Lewis Hymer Patricia Clancy Kertin Beverly Dahl Kole Diane Schwarze Purse Betty Anderson Schalmo Joan Stevens Schmidt Jane Gregg Schowalter Virginia Vieth Thompson

Alpha Phi Quarterly


On Campus 1

2 3

4 5


1. Minnesota (Epsilon) Sisters volunteer at an Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation run in Edina, Minn., to support childhood cancer research. 2. San Diego (Eta Rho) Seniors meet at Mission Beach in San Diego to celebrate their final days of college. 3. Ashland (Epsilon Alpha) Sisters chant after winning the tug of war during Greek Week. 4. Virginia Tech (Eta Omicron) Sarah Lawrence, Blair Savage, Adrienne Clark, Emma


Alpha Phi Quarterly

Fall 2013

Garcia and Sophie Eckl help host APhield Games, part of the chapter’s Keep the Beat Week to benefit Alpha Phi Foundation. 5. Virginia (Zeta Iota) More than 30 sisters participate in the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in Washington, D.C., in honor of Casey Schulman (Zeta Iota-Virginia). They are pictured with Casey’s parents, friends and family. The chapter raised more than $30,000 for a scholarship fund in Casey’s memory. They will

hold their first Thankful 5k Run to continue Casey’s legacy during the fall. 6. Puget Sound (Gamma Zeta) Seniors celebrate on graduation day. 7. Arizona State (Gamma Pi) Collegians enjoy a trip to California during the summer. 8. Drake (Gamma Omicron) Sisters share a laugh before attending spring formal. 9. Northern Colorado (Delta Gamma) Sisters celebrate on Bid Day.


8 9



10. WILFRID LAURIER (IOTA THETA) Collegians celebrate the chapter’s accomplishments during formal. These included a successful fall recruitment, philanthropy events for Alpha Phi Foundation, winning Sigma Chi Derby Days, Greek Week, Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl and Sigma Chi Sweetheart.

11. WPI (Iota Omicron) Sisters and guests attending the chapter’s first Red Dress Brunch enjoy posing at a fun photo booth with props. More than 200 collegians, parents, alumnae and campus professionals attended the April event that featured a silent auction and raised $2,345 for Alpha Phi Foundation. Pictured, from left, are Rachel Hesse, Deanna Clark, Breahna Mattie and Heather Jones.

Web Extra If your chapter submitted a photo for this issue and you do not see it in the On Campus section, it may be in our special Quarterly Web Extra. Visit

Fall 2013

Alpha Phi Quarterly


Celebrating 70 Years at Bowling Green State (Beta Omicron)

Charter Member Ruthanna Fridley Allion won a quilt that was raffled. She is pictured with Kathryn Cook Crider.

The 70th anniversary of Bowling Green State (Beta Omicron) was celebrated in April. More than 300 sisters, including members from every decade, gathered to say goodbye to the chapter house they have all called home. A new house will be built as part of a university decision to tear down all existing fraternity and sorority houses on campus to create a Greek Village. The celebration featured a brunch that kicked off the beginning of a fundraising campaign for the new house and collected close to $2,300. The house corporation board presented Charter Member Ruthanna Fridley Allion with her 65-year pin. Sally Cook Conley Wannamaker, Karen Warden Suchy, Sue Delap Whitmer and Kathie Ledger Rasbach received 50-year pins. Attendees also enjoyed Founders’ Day and Loving Cup ceremonies. 

One alumna said it best when she wrote, “It has been over 30 years since I’ve seen many of these ladies, but once we saw one another, it felt like only 30 minutes.” Visit Beta Omicron’s Facebook page for updates on the new house.

Alumnae pose in front of the chapter house as a final farewell.

Maine (Delta Nu) Celebrates 50th Anniversary The Delta Nu chapter at Maine celebrated its 50th anniversary April 27-28. Approximately 90 collegians, alumnae, family and guests attended Saturday night’s dinner at the Hilton Garden Inn in Bangor, Maine. Three charter members were in attendance – one whose granddaughter is currently a collegian. The dinner featured speakers including former Chapter Presidents Andrea Hayes Lott, Rhonda Nickless Kaiser, Kaylee Cooper and Whitney Strout as well as current Chapter President Amber Mansfield. On Sunday, the chapter room was open during the morning hours for alumnae to visit and look at memorabilia. The chapter’s 11th annual Move Your Phi’t walk/run was held on campus that morning. Approximately 25 alumnae joined collegians for the event. 36

Alpha Phi Quarterly

Fall 2013

Top: Move Your Phi’t Above: Past chapter presidents

Charter member Carol Inforati Gaetjens and her husband

Forever Home in Alpha Phi Housing Highlights

Alpha Phi International Hosts Housing Academy On June 14, 2013, more than 20 house corporation board (HCB) and chapter property committee (CPC) members representing 17 collegiate chapters traveled to Evanston, Ill., for this year’s Housing Academy. The Northwestern (Beta) chapter and its HCB graciously hosted the attendees throughout the weekend. Housing Academy is designed to provide the training necessary for housing volunteers to manage HCBs and CPCs that are charged with providing safe, quality, competitive housing and meeting facilities for undergraduate chapter members. Educational sessions covered a wide variety of topics, including current trends in interior design, emergency

planning, Americans with Disabilities Act compliance, board governance and a broad spectrum of important legal topics. All attendees were also treated to a sneak peek into the latest updates, developments and resources that will be coming down the pipeline from Alpha Phi’s Executive Office. While the weekend was packed with educational programming, attendees’ favorite aspect of the weekend was the opportunity to learn from each other and share stories and experiences. Participants

Introducing the National Housing Corporation

left the academy energized and excited about their leadership roles and armed with more knowledge to take back to the other members of their housing teams. HCBs and CPCs should earmark funds now to plan on attending this valuable training opportunity next year. Alpha Phi International is always seeking housing volunteers to join these teams regardless of experience level. Email if you are interested in learning more.

The National Housing Corporation (NHC) is an organization that aims to assist Alpha Phi house corporation boards (HCB) in providing safe, wellmanaged and appealing facilities for collegiate members. The NHC accomplishes this goal through the purchase and ownership of chapter facilities as well as through provision of business management services to local HCBs. The NHC has contracted with nationally-recognized companies to develop and manage cost effective services to help ease the workload of HCB members. These providers were selected based on their professional expertise and experience working with nonprofit organizations and Greek organizations. Insuring the safety of collegians is a top responsibility – if not the most important responsibility – of house corporation boards. It takes a considerable financial investment to meet local fire safety codes and keep safety systems and equipment in working order. By pairing with multiple financial and insurance companies, the NHC assists HCBs in providing facilities with a high level of safety while also saving HCBs time and money.

NHC Members Wendy Deems Sugg (Beta Delta-UCLA), president Jane Kirby Arkes (Omicron-Missouri), secretary Lisa Ripley (Delta Rho-Ball State), treasurer Christina Boyle (Zeta Phi-MIT) Coree Smith (Epsilon ThetaNorthern Iowa), International Executive Board representative Linda Wells Kahangi (Zeta Delta-Iowa State), Fraternity executive director

Pictured are (front, from left) former NHC Member Shelley Sutherland (Phi-Oklahoma), Wendy Deems Sugg, (back, from left) Christina Boyle, Lisa Ripley, Jane Arkes and Coree Smith. Linda Kahangi is not in this picture.

Some university properties have already been purchased by the NHC, including recent acquisitions at Northern Colorado (Delta Gamma) and Utah (Beta Sigma). Visit the corporation’s newly launched website at (keyword: nhc) for additional details about the corporation, photos and information about NHC properties, services the NHC provides and a listing of the specific companies with whom the NHC works.

Fall 2013

Alpha Phi Quarterly


Foundation Heartfelt Congratulations to Alpha Phi Foundation’s 2013-14 Scholarship Recipients! This year Alpha Phi Foundation awarded more than $135,000 in academic scholarships to 26 undergraduate and 28 graduate members who exemplify academic excellence. Winners were selected by the Founda­tion’s scholarship committee on the basis of the applicant’s scholastic record, service to Alpha Phi and the community, campus involve­ment and recommendations.

GRADUATE RECIPIENTS Courtney Andreas-Gray and Lambda 100th Year Anniversary Scholarships Barbara Alperin (Lambda-UC/Berkley)

Octavia Born Brooks Scholarship Christine Archer (Gamma-DePauw)

Anne Williams Muhl Scholarship Nora Baker (Omicron-Missouri)

Diane Keenum Hite Memorial Scholarship

Alpha Phi Foundation is proud to continue the high ideals of scholarship our Founders held close to their hearts through our ongoing scholarship program. To learn more about Alpha Phi Foundation scholarships, visit

Zeta Iota Scholarship Eleanor Dorfman (Zeta Iota-Virginia)

Irene Laintiotis (Theta IotaJames Madison)

Linda Trinh Memorial Scholarship Natalie Drasin (Zeta OmicronJohns Hopkins)

Kay Wainwright Nixon Memorial Scholarship Krystal Duff (Delta Gamma-Northern Colorado)

Mabel Cooper Lamb Scholarship Susan DuMont (Gamma EpsilonLake Forest)

Kaitlyn Barrett (Eta Mu-Marquette)

Abby Dorsa Sobrato Memorial Scholarship Gracelyn Bateman (Zeta GammaSanta Clara)

Virginia Coleman Scholarship Chelsea Chaney (Theta SigmaSouthern Utah)

Marion L. Frank Memorial Scholarship

Helen Bradford Graduate Scholarship Kelsey Hirotsu (Zeta Omicron-Johns Hopkins)

Marjorie V. Dove Scholarship Andrea Holzwarth (Gamma XiWichita State)

Ruth Crellin Boutwell Scholarship Kate Jaffe (Beta Delta-UCLA)

Christina Cherel (Eta-Boston)

Sigma Scholarship Jennah Crotts (Sigma-Washington)

Nu Centennial Scholarship Sarah Dickes (Nu-Nebraska)

Marilyn Bracken Ruckman Scholarship

Jennifer Lynne Brooks Memorial Scholarship Dawn Knasas (Beta Pi-USC)

Doris Corbett Scholarship Lindsay Kuo (Zeta Phi-MIT)

Eloise Howell Scholarship Merdith Leslie (Delta ChiWilliam Woods)

Nancy Pitchforth Patton Scholarship Alexandra Makos (Xi-Toronto)

Carol Klink Claussen Scholarship Aneka McKean (Iota GammaUniversity of the Pacific)

Sally Mitchell Milam Memorial Scholarship Alex Moore (Gamma Iota-Texas Tech)

“I truly appreciate the honor, especially because I know my Alpha Phi sisters are some of the most accomplished students across the country… My sisters helped me through the hardest years of my life, and even though I have graduated, I still feel their love and continued support. Also, the scholarship reminds me that even as an alumna, I will always be a part of the Alpha Phi family.” —K  elsey Hirotsu (Zeta Omicron-Johns Hopkins)


Alpha Phi Quarterly

Fall 2013

Constance Purkiss Kellly Scholarship

Sally Hepler Memorial Scholarship

John and Sharon Spraker Barnes Scholarship

Leah Mousey (Alpha-Syracuse)

Sarah Cote (Iota Omicron-WPI)

Blair McDonald (Phi-Oklahoma)

Mary Miller Lyons Scholarship

Gamma Nu 50th Anniversary Scholarship

Kathleen Feeney Hiemstra Scholarship

Natalie Daumeyer (Gamma Nu-Miami University)

Marissa McLean (Zeta Xi-Elmhurst)

Alina O’Brien (Delta-Cornell)

Beta Omicron Anniversary Scholarship Erin Porter (Beta OmicronBowling Green State)

Ruth Woods Scholarship Samantha Shulman (Delta Nu-Maine)

Beta Delta Scholarship Emma Difilippo (Beta Delta-UCLA)

John R. and Cecile D. Richards Scholarship Maria Fernanda Silva (Iota BetaSt. Mary’s)

Clara Bradley Burdette Scholarship Biana Trejo (Epsilon Xi-Southern Illinois)

Margaret Garth Steinert Greene Scholarship Alexandra Foster (Epsilon Beta-Butler)

UNDERGRADUATE RECIPIENTS Margaret Beery Doe Scholarship Natalie Andrews (Beta Delta-UCLA)

Jane Kinney Memorial Scholarship

Beta Beta Class of ’63 40th Anniversary and Beta Beta Chapter Scholarships

Marjorie V. Dove Scholarship Chelsea Grosch (Gamma XiWichita State)

Ruth Allingham Soriano Scholarship

Maj Britt Kaal 20th Anniversary Scholarship

Zeta Iota Scholarship Zoe Bellars (Zeta Iota-Virginia)

Mabel Cowlishaw Siggins Scholarship

Marie Houghton-Larsen (Zeta UpsilonWashington University)

Delta Xi Amber Weitzel Memorial Scholarship Erin Hullinger (Delta Xi-Nebraska/ Kearney)

Kelly Bloom (Epsilon Psi-Lehigh)

Frances Cameron Wiig Scholarship

Joan Merritt Holmes Scholarship

Ellen Ingebrigtson (Psi-South Dakota)

Kyle Cannon (Beta TauIndiana University)

Canadian Centennial Scholarship Christie Chan (Beta ThetaBritish Columbia)

Darcel Atwill Weller Scholarship

Brittlyn Miller (Gamma Pi-Arizona State)

Edwynne C. Rosenbaum, Madge H. Lesher Memorial and Maxine English Memorial Scholarships Annita Shannon (Beta Epsilon-Arizona)

Martha Jarvis Sutton Scholarship Laura Stromberg (Epsilon-Minnesota)

Kristy Burgener Memorial and Mary Yearsley Scholarships Katrina Vogel (Beta Alpha-Illinois)

Camryn Ginsberg (Beta BetaMichigan State)

Sarah Arnold (Theta Lambda-Central Missouri)

Raelyn Bass (Sigma-Washington)

Vicki Silverman Memorial Scholarship

Toni Soreng Cobb Scholarship Kaitlyn Koch (Beta Delta-UCLA)

Linda Gardner Massie Scholarship Emily LaFella (Delta AlphaEast Carolina)

“Throughout my time as a collegiate member, Alpha Phi has not only helped me to forge bonds that will last a lifetime, but it has given me the strength and courage to face life’s many challenges head on and emerge a victor. It often becomes easy to forget about the many other chapters and sisters our Fraternity encompasses, but through programs such as these, bonds are formed between sisters who may never get to meet in person.” —M  aria Fernanda Silva (Iota Beta-St. Mary’s)

Scholarship Applications The scholarship application for 2014-15 will be online this fall. The deadline for applications is March 31, 2014. Visit to learn more.

Angel Chavez (Iota Beta -St. Mary’s) Fall 2013

Alpha Phi Quarterly


Convention delegates in front of Willard Hall, Northwestern University (Evanston, Ill.), during Alpha Phi's 1900 Convention.

Alpha Phi Foundation Announces Publication of

Alpha Phi International Fraternity: The First Fifty Years (1872-1922), Union Hand in Hand This history of the first 50 years of Alpha Phi International Fraternity tells the stories of our Founders and other early members who shaped a sisterhood that lives on today. The measure of their greatness was in their actions. Our Founders were among the first women admitted to Syracuse University; and while their circumstances were lonely and uncertain at times, they were brave and mature beyond their years, determined to make a place for themselves and for other women in the world. They knew their success would depend on their ability to find support, and it was this longing for sisterhood that inspired the formation of Alpha Phi Fraternity. The publication of Alpha Phi International Fraternity: The First Fifty Years (1872-1922), Union Hand in Hand begins a three-volume series documenting Alpha Phi’s rich 150year history, the final nine years of which have yet to take place. The purpose of this project is to capture the extraordinary determination of generations of women who believed in higher education, the value of equality, and the prerogative to manage their own lives. Volume one introduces 40

Alpha Phi Quarterly

Fall 2013

readers to stories that are both familiar and new. It follows the surge in membership in the midst of war and resistance to coeducation, and celebrates the Fraternity’s many “firsts.” It’s sure to inspire us all to continue the legacy of the women who created a sisterhood that has spanned generations and is well poised for the future. This first volume has been four years in the making. We give special thanks to Alpha Phi Foundation’s archivist, Jenny Thompson (Alpha Lambda-Alumna Initiate), who spent tireless hours researching, writing, editing, gathering photos and guiding the production of this book. Jenny’s expertise, her writing style and her genuine interest in women’s history made the stories of Alpha Phi’s first 50 years come to life like a modern novel. Her work was supported by the women who serve with her on the Foundation Heritage Committee: Terri Ostlund Brooks (Gamma Tau-Williamette), Ann Brinkman Carstensen (Zeta DeltaIowa State), Kathleen Feeney Hiemstra (Delta Theta-Western Michigan), Margaret Knights Hultsch (Beta-Northwestern), Valerie Lawlor (Omicron-Missouri),

Linda Morford Neugebauer (Delta PhiIndiana U. of Pennsylvania), Phyllis Sims Selig (Gamma Delta-Kansas), Meagan Spellman and Darcel Atwill Weller (Gamma Iota-Texas Tech). Their collective and vast knowledge of the Fraternity was instrumental in ensuring the authenticity of the stories shared. We extend another special thanks to Kathleen Feeney Hiemstra (Delta Theta-Western Michigan) whose lead gift inspired others to invest in this project. Kathy’s generosity and belief that our history is one of our greatest assets made this project possible. Final thanks goes to the following women who made important contributions to this book: Laura Jen Kin Berger (Gamma Kappa-CSU/Long Beach), Nancy Owen Craig (Beta Chi-Bucknell), Emily Ellison Lamb (Gamma Iota-Texas Tech), Linda Gardner Massie (Delta AlphaEastern Carolina) and Christine Spiegel.

Own a Piece of Alpha Phi History! Just in time for the holidays, this book will be an inspiration and treasured reminder of early years in Alpha Phi. It makes a perfect gift for chapter sisters, graduating seniors, alumnae, and anyone interested in women’s history. Learn more about this book and how to purchase your copies at

The Alpha Phi Foundation mission – advancing women’s lives through the power of philanthropy – is simple in phrase but momentous in meaning, as evidenced by the statistics below. These numbers represent

lives transformed, skills strengthened, and investments made in three of the biggest issues facing our society today – increased educational costs, few women in leadership roles, and heart disease.

Because you believe in advancing women’s lives, this past year we were able to help more Alpha Phi women become better students, better sisters, and better citizens.

Your gifts made it all possible.

Power of 1000 … Our Million Dollar Mission Over 100 alumnae stepped up to join our million dollar mission this past year. Alpha Phi Foundation’s Power of 1000 giving circle recognizes donors who contribute $1,000 or more in a fiscal year. To view a list of Power of 1000 donors, visit Each Power of 1000 donor receives a beautiful custom scarf designed by New York fashion designer Marisol Deluna (Alpha Lambda-Alumna Initiate). It is a token of our appreciation, and an outward symbol of their commitment to empower the next generation of women to be philanthropic leaders. Step up and become a Power of 1000 woman today! Contact Director of Major Gifts Sharon Jensen (Nu-Nebraska) at

Thank you for advancing women’s lives through the power of your philanthropy.

Fall 2013

Alpha Phi Quarterly


Gold Society Celebrates Sixth Anniversary Alpha Phi Foundation’s Gold Society, an elite network of young alumnae supporting Alpha Phi Foundation, recently celebrated its sixth anniversary. The Gold Society continues to provide an opportunity for young alumnae to stay connected while helping Alpha Phis and women everywhere through supporting Alpha Phi Foundation’s vital programs. Gold Society officers travel throughout the United States and Canada to meet face to face with Alpha Phi’s young alumnae – from recent graduates to those advancing their careers and roles in their homes and communities – all who are dedicated to making a difference with a global impact. Since 2007, Gold Society donors have pledged nearly $600,000 in support of Alpha Phi Foundation’s programs. Since October 2012, Gold Society development officers have met with more than 400 alumnae, traveling to 51 cities. Currently, there are nearly 350 Gold Society donors. The Team

Melissa “Missy” Wagasy (Beta BetaMichigan State), director of special campaigns and programs, has been leading the Gold Society team for more than three years. Missy is joined by Gold Society Development Officers Jennifer “Jenn” Barton 42

Alpha Phi Quarterly

Fall 2013

(Theta Phi-Christopher Newport) and Kelly Ryan (Eta Alpha-New Hampshire). Missy brings a wealth of experience to this new Gold Society team and has been with the Foundation for six years. In her first three years, she served as program manager and has been managing the Gold Society donor program since 2010. “I continue to find working with our Gold Society donors incredibly inspiring and rewarding,” says Missy. “It’s amazing to have the opportunity to meet with Alpha Phi alumnae, hear their stories and share how their interests and the Foundation’s programs align.” Missy’s Gold Society visits are focused in the Midwest and South Central U.S. and Canadian provinces. As a collegian, she was chapter president, vice president of chapter operations and director of administration for Michigan State (Beta Beta). Missy has served the Fraternity in a variety of roles, from chapter advisor for Michigan State (Beta Beta) to silver circle facilitator at the Emerging Leaders Institute (ELI), and is currently the Foundation staff representative for the alumnae strategy team (AST). She earned a master of arts in public relations from Michigan State University in 2008 and a certificate in

fund raising management from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis in 2013. Jenn joined Alpha Phi Foundation as a Gold Society development officer in October 2012. She meets with young alumnae for the Gold Society in the Northwest and Southeast U.S. and Canadian provinces. As a collegian, Jenn served in various roles on the Christopher Newport (Theta Phi) marketing team including, director of alumnae relations, director of

This fall we are proud to announce the launch of The Gold Connection, an e-newsletter focused exclusively on news and events relevant to our Gold Society community. And what a growing community it is! During 20122013, 176 Alpha Phis made the decision to join their Gold Society sisters in supporting Alpha Phi Foundation through a recurring gift. Visit the Gold Society page on our website to see a list of our fabulous donors and find out how you can join them in advancing women’s lives:

publicity and director of philanthropy. These experiences inspired her to earn a master of public administration from George Mason University and establish a career in the nonprofit world. “I’m forever grateful to Alpha Phi for igniting my passion for philanthropy and inspiring me to have a career where I can help and serve women everywhere,” says Jenn. As an alumna, Jenn has served as a chapter leadership development facilitator and a silver circle facilitator at ELI. Kelly also joined Alpha Phi Foundation as a Gold Society development officer in October 2012. She travels to the Northeast and Southwest U.S. and Canadian provinces. Kelly was initiated at James Madison (Iota Theta) and transferred to New Hampshire (Eta Alpha) during her sophomore year. As a collegian, Kelly was chapter president, vice president of program development and director of scholarship for New Hampshire (Eta Alpha). Kelly has served the Fraternity as a silver circle facilitator at ELI and as a Bystander Behavior Prevention facilitator. “I have been given many opportunities as a collegian, volunteer and staff member to see first hand that Alpha Phi is a network of accomplished women,” says Kelly. “The Gold Society is a way in which to connect these women, while sharing the growth and continued success of our organization. It enables alumnae to feel more connected through supporting the Foundation and its mission.” The Gold Society gives alumnae a way to connect no matter where they are now or plan to be in the future. With Gold Society donors in nearly every state and in many Canadian provinces, it provides young alumnae with a vast network that goes beyond their location. Gold Society donors are also provided with purposeful ways to tap into that network through the Gold Society Facebook page, LinkedIn group, e-newsletters and receptions. Stay Involved. Make a difference. Join the Gold Society!

In the Midwest and South Central U.S. and Canada, contact Missy: In the Northwest and Southeast U.S., contact Jenn: In the Northeast and Southwest U.S., contact Kelly:

Collegiate Chapters Take Center Stage! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new blog. Designed specifically to highlight our collegiate chapters for their many philanthropic successes, the Foundation’s blog is full of spotlights on specific chapter events, awards and honors recognition. Last year the women in our collegiate chapters raised over $1.7 million to support our shared mission of advancing women’s lives through the power of philanthropy. Focus on Philanthropy celebrates these philanthropic achievements and the chapters behind them. It also provides a place for collegiate chapters to share and learn from one another. Each month we’ll be featuring a different chapter in our Chapter Spotlight. Visit today and see which of our chapters is taking center stage:

1872 Society Celebrates 20th Anniversary This past year, Alpha Phi Foundation celebrated the 20th anniversary of the 1872 Society. Established in 1992 and inaugurated during the 120th year of our Fraternity’s founding, this giving society recognizes donors who have contributed $1,872 or more in their lifetime to support the Foundation’s vital programs. Each member of this special society receives an exclusive 1872 pin. During the 20th anniversary year, the Foundation welcomed 22 new members to the 1872 Society. Today, a total of 1,083 Alpha Phi members have joined this donor circle. The extraordinary support and commitment of these sisters who wear the 1872 pin is a tribute to the ideals of our sisterhood. Through their generosity and loyalty, they are advancing women’s lives through the power of philanthropy. To learn more about the 1872 Society and to view a list of these donors, visit

Fall 2013

Alpha Phi Quarterly


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75-year Sisters The 75-year pin (left), a brilliant diamond-shaped golden pin with clear stones at each of the points, allows you to place your original badge inside the pin. Alabama (Beta Mu) Grace Eliassen Glos American University (Beta Xi) Marguerite Mattoon Cox Virginia Hubbs Kinlaw

Duke (Beta Nu) Dorothy Alexander Luchans Nancy Omar Trenton

Northwestern (Beta) Jean McCracken MacDonald Jane Conley Seymour

Goucher (Zeta) Edith Houghton Ilmanen

Ohio State (Rho) Beverly Gabrio Crane Priscilla Sage Davis Emma Curtiss Dew Ellen Rorke Richardson Janice Woollard Williamson

Arizona (Beta Epsilon) Joan Adams

Idaho (Beta Zeta) Eileen Heath Songstad

Boston (Eta) Courtenay Walthall Bell Ruth Weeks Crane Harriet Marsh Murray

Illinois (Beta Alpha) Peggy Lively Blossum Carolyn Palmer Thomas Alice VanDyke Wolf

British Columbia (Beta Theta) Joyce Craig Dunning Margaret Sage Hayward Kathleen MacKenzie Madeley

Michigan (Theta) Marjorie Everett Ferries

Colorado (Beta Gamma) Dorothy Jenkins Killion Nadine Parker Mindigo Nancy Evans Modesitt Rachel Brittell Vertrees Cornell (Delta) Elsbeth Hartman Button Madelon Rufner Umlauf Denison (Beta Kappa) Margaret Izant McCarthy Mary Stilwell Stevenson DePauw (Gamma) Jane Mohler Carpenter Jean Turner Hatch Margaret Minich Mettler

Michigan State (Beta Beta) Helen Nims Anderson Marian Shepherd Martin Missouri (Omicron) Alice Moureau Cain Jean Miller Farnham Montana (Chi) Doris Mooney Neu Nebraska (Nu) Mary Rhodes Biles Marian Bremers McGee North Dakota (Pi) Mabel Hatcher Banning Marian Helgaas James

Oregon (Tau) Barbara Moore Hill Betty Keller Miller Ann Berni Oliver Roma Theobald Tillman Syracuse (Alpha) Mary Anthony Jean Holzworth Cornwell Norma Griffiths Rollinson Texas (Omega) Bette Reynolds Baethe Iris Stearns Curik Mary-K Metcalfe Earney Catherine Reid Green Ann Painter Greer Judith Craddock Rice Katherine Kisten Sabom Laura Brace Warren

Toronto (Xi) Mary Wilder Bosley UC/Berkeley (Lambda) Elizabeth Kinzie Buckley Anne Duhring Cooper Jacqueline Thomas Law Fredrika Doelker May Phyllis Bowman Pedersen UCLA (Beta Delta) Margaret Corrigan Bennett Margaret Pierce Hemmings Jean Moir Williams Washington (Sigma) Lois Wilson Berry Patricia Poe Bettridge Mary Block Bowman Gerda Cornell Brownton Dorothy Sheller Churchill West Virginia (Beta Iota) Mary Wasmuth Glasscock Wisconsin (Iota) Jean Mills Buzan Lillian Schroeder Cameron Elizabeth Bindley Frankfurth Betty Musser Nelson

Bulletin Board Beta Beta Donations Requested In honor of Michigan State’s (Beta Beta) 90th anniversary, the chapter’s house corporation board invites alumnae to participate in a unique opportunity to help fund much-needed improvements to the house, estimated at $210,000. A Beta Beta alumna has offered a generous challenge: she will match every dollar donated up to $50,000. Projects include new furnishings, replacement of French door windows, installation of a fire sprinkler system and kitchen renovation. Send a check or a note with amount you intend to donate to: House Corporation Board of Beta Beta of Alpha Phi, P.O. 679, Okemos, MI 48805-0679. Donations are not tax deductible.

Est. 1991

Beautiful Wastepaper Baskets & Tissue Boxes

Unique Alpha Phi Gifts 44

Alpha Phi Quarterly

Fall 2013

Silent Chapter Please note: class year listed in parentheses is year of initiation.

Ball State (Delta Rho) Kristen Barsh Downing (’96), May 27, 2013. Sue Mackowiak Ward (’74), Feb. 1, 2013. Bowling Green State (Beta Omicron) Karen Warden Suchy (’63), June 16, 2013. Colorado (Beta Gamma) Janet Bouma Dunstan (’51), April 30, 2013. Illinois (Beta Alpha) Netsi Jacob Herrman (’59), March 11, 2013. Indiana (Beta Tau) Marcia Marchese Hunt (’59), April 11, 2013. Indiana State (Delta Pi) Janet R. Schoppel (’71), May 20, 2013. Kansas (Gamma Delta) Ann Isbell Geisert (’59), May 23, 2013. Michigan (Theta) Heller Ewbank Lipsett (’72), June 22, 2013. Alice Miller Orr (’45), April 24, 2013. Ann Matheny Zemer (’44), March 1, 2013.

Michigan State (Beta Beta) Dorothy Reddy Otto (’45), May 9, 2013. Minnesota (Epsilon) Elizabeth Wyman Chandler (’44), April 30, 2013. Eleanor Mayne Donovan (’44), June 8, 2013. Constance Woodcock Kuehn (’37), March 21, 2013. Missouri (Omicron) Helen Gibler Jenkins (’32), March 12, 2013. Rosemary Craig Logan (’48), March 14, 2013. Blanche Boyd Wolpers (’35), May 4, 2013. Montana (Chi) Colleen Henry Boyer (’62), May 9, 2013. Betty Ann Kaus Husebye (’49), April 18, 2013. Margaret Simonson Nelson (’67), June 6, 2013. Virginia Woods Smith (’44), March 14, 2013. Nebraska (Nu) Lucille Stryson Lipps (’45), March 29, 2013. Elaine Barker Stauber (’55), June 9, 2013.

Jean O’Neal Thurmond (’46), March 12, 2013.

North Dakota (Pi) Jean Aamoth Anderson (’37), June 20, 2013. Betty Grorud Jacobson (’45), May 22, 2013. Jeanne Hogan Lucien (’40), June 4, 2013. Ohio State (Rho) Donna Apple Yagley (’65), June 28, 2013. Oklahoma (Phi) Bettye Creach Moore (’48), May 31, 2012. Oregon State (Beta Upsilon) Marian Merrifield Findlay (’49), June 9, 2013. Puget Sound (Gamma Zeta) Merle Stevens Wehmhoff (’53), April 12, 2013. Purdue (Delta Mu) Kelly Baron Henry (’85), April 28, 2013. San Diego State (Gamma Alpha) Gretchen Raddatz Duff (’59), Feb. 21, 2013. Mary Feeny Kelly (’50), May 14, 2013.

San Jose State University (Beta Psi) Barbara Billing Hunt (’50), April 13, 2013. South Dakota (Psi) Deborah A. Dawson (’69), June 9, 2013.

UC/Berkeley (Lambda) Marie Vonderlieth Frick (’38), April 16, 2013. Alexandria Hockenbeamer Stone (’49), Jan. 1, 2013. Sheila Sim Maze (’42), June 21, 2013.

Washington (Sigma) Edith Mattson Connolly (’38), May 20, 2013. Diana Deming Hale (’63), Sept. 3, 2012. Evelyn Ober Kelleran (’35), Jan. 27, 2013. Barbara Heppenstall Parker (’46), April 4, 2013. Sally Danner Stephins (’60), April 1, 2013. Mildred Boyle Walsh (’39), March 9, 2013.

Texas (Omega) Winniefred Anderson Cowan (’39), Jan. 26, 2013. Dorothy Brockelmann Green James (’43), June 21, 2013. Mary K. Burkholder (’07), June 1, 2013. Jo Ellen Knight Paschall Banks (’49), May 17, 2013.

UC/Santa Barbara (Gamma Beta) Susan Gassett Bigham (’88), March 4, 2013. Marlyn Jameson Frazier (’50), May 13, 2013.

Texas Christian (Zeta Nu) Wendy White Bellenger (’83), April 25, 2013. Tamara Farris Gordon (’83), March 25, 2013.

USC (Beta Pi) Marilyn Kintz Buck (’52), April 5, 2013. Janet Peale Lambert (’73), May 21, 2013.

Texas Tech (Gamma Iota) Darcie Clark Milsow (’92), April 30, 2013.

Utah (Beta Sigma) Jean Lund Williams (’49), April 1, 2013.

Wisconsin (Iota) Mary Addington Johnson (’55), June 1, 2013.

Toronto (Xi) Katherine Palm MacIntyre (’31), Feb. 11, 2013.

Washburn (Upsilon) Jody Ritter Hansen (’51), April 17, 2013. Kathryn Houseworth Noller (’38), April 12, 2013.

Wisconsin/Oshkosh (Delta Psi) Nancy Komosa Kueter (’66), April 13, 2013.

UCLA (Beta Delta) Joanne Johnson Combs (’52), Nov. 9, 2012. Sally Work Franks (’45), Feb. 14, 2013.

Fall 2013

West Virginia (Beta Iota) Edna Thaxton Buergler (’46), June 22, 2013. Evelynn O’Neil Curry (’41), April 21, 2013. Laura Craig Koch (’30), March 9, 2013. Wichita State (Gamma Xi) Carolyn Keffer Veatch (’76), June 20, 2013.

Alpha Phi Quarterly


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141 years ago, 10 young women joined hand in hand to begin one unique story. Today, we’re still telling it. Today, we’re still making history.

Alpha Phi International Fraternity: The First Fifty Years (1872-1922), Union Hand in Hand This first volume of a three-volume book set celebrates Alpha Phi’s first 50 years (1872-1922) – welcoming Frances E. Willard as our first alumna initiate who later became International President, building the first sorority house in North America and the social issues and changing roles of women that shaped the Fraternity. Visit to purchase your copy of our shared history.

Fall 2013 Alpha Phi Quarterly  
Fall 2013 Alpha Phi Quarterly  

Fall 2013 Alpha Phi Quarterly