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2013 Miss America Contestants Debunk the Beauty Pageant Stereotype

Message from the International President MESSAGE FROM THE INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT

International Executive Board President: Linda Long Boland Vice President: Amy Jordan Tvrdik Secretary/Treasurer: Susan McNeice Susan Weiskittle Barrick Valerie Lawlor Tobi Board Nieland Coree Smith Ex-officio: Sally McCall Grant, NPC Delegate Ex-officio: Linda Wells Kahangi, Executive Director Ex-officio: Diane Spry Straker, Foundation Chair

Foundation Directors Chair: Diane Spry Straker Vice Chair: Karen McChesney Howe Treasurer: Judy Ethell Secretary: Jean Creamer Hodges Jenny Holsman Tetreault Jean Sheridan Colleen Sirhal Mary Beth Cooleen Tully Darcel Atwill Weller Ex-officio: Linda Long Boland, International President Ex-officio: Ann Brinkman Carstensen, Executive Director

National Panhellenic Conference Alpha Phi Delegate: Sally McCall Grant First Alternate Delegate: Laura Malley-Schmitt Second Alternate Delegate: Ruth Gallagher Nelson Third Alternate Delegate: Laura Lynn Davidson Ellett

Editorial Advisory Board Sheila George Bright Kathy Feeney Hiemstra Denise Blankenship Joyce Kristin Kirland Lindsey Delia Mayo Susan McNeice

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Dear Sisters, Long ago, Sir Isaac Newton wrote, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” It has been an extraordinary biennium. There were times it felt magical because we achieved the impossible. And we did it by standing on the shoulders of giants. Alpha Phi has a long history of achievement. For 140 years we have been a Fraternity of visionary women. Women who are not afraid to set their sights high. Women who understand that to achieve greatness, one must risk failure. Women who jump in with both feet and are willing to get their hands dirty. Alpha Phis have always understood that results don’t come from a plan on a piece of paper. It’s the execution of that plan that has the potential to transform a dream into reality. Our great leaders of the past generation, women like Betty Mullins Jones (Gamma-DePauw), Mary Carr Boyd (Omicron-Missouri), Phyllis Sims Selig (Gamma Delta-Kansas), Margaret Knights Hultsch (Beta Nu-Duke, BetaNorthwestern) and Martha Watkins Mast (Beta Nu-Duke), just to name a few, set the bar very high. They defined excellence, and they set the standard for hard work and selfless devotion. The greatest thing about these women? They stuck around, and they became the giants for future leaders. And it continues … In a time when universities were experiencing increased enrollment in the 1980s and interest in being Greek began to grow, Sally McCall Grant (Gamma-DePauw) and Ginny Burson Struble (Beta Kappa-Denison) led Alpha Phi through a period of tremendous expansion. When Alpha Phi needed to rethink the way we were organized and managed, to reconsider and overhaul most of our governing documents, Linda Gardner Massie (Delta Alpha-East Carolina) stood fearlessly at the helm. Jean Cameron Hahm (Gamma Nu-Miami University) with her signature, no-nonsense approach, led the Fraternity through a tough implementation of a far-reaching plan. And, Crista Cate Vasina (Delta Gamma-Northern Colorado) and Laura Malley-Schmitt (Zeta Phi-MIT) took their deep knowledge of collegiate recruitment and extension and blazed a trail to places where they used to say Alpha Fi ... but not anymore. All of us stand on the shoulders of giants. I believe I have been the single greatest beneficiary of this. To serve as Alpha Phi’s International President when all of the planning, hard work and effort of hundreds and thousands of Alpha Phis is culminating in these great achievements, quite honestly, is more than I deserve. It does, however, serve to motivate me. Just as it happens to parents whose children grow up and begin their own lives, before I am ready, my job will be done. The work I did will then serve as shoulders for the next leader. This biennium I stood on the shoulders of our great membership - collegiate and alumnae alike. I wish you all could see the magnificent view (From left) Linda Boland poses with her daughter, Kiley from here. You, Alpha Phi Boland (Nu-Nebraska), Sydney Berger (Beta Epsilonmembers and chapters, have Arizona) and Laura Jen Kin Berger (Gamma Kappa-CSU/ been the biggest giants of all. Long Beach). Alpha Phi Toujours, Linda Long Boland (Gamma Kappa-CSU/Long Beach) International President

Contents Convention 2012: Be Extraordinary ...........................2 People..................................................................... 6


More Than a Crown: Three Alpha Phi Miss America Contestants Debunk the Beauty Pageant Stereotype.................8 Capitol Hill Visit .......................................................... 11 Emerging Leaders Institute.......................................12 Alumnae Pride..................................................... 16 Ohio State (Rho) Celebrates Centennial Anniversary ........................................... 20 Celebrating Members’ Milestone Anniversaries..... 21 Recruitment Addresses and Dates..........................28 Potential Member Form............................................ 29 On Campus...........................................................30





Extension Update................................................35 Alpha Phi Foundation....................................... 36

Susan Barrick Endowment Fund Established... 36

FY12 Program Highlights..................................... 37

Convention......................................................... 38

Scholarships Awarded...................................... 40

Silent Chapter.....................................................42 Alpha Phi International Directory ........................... 43 Bulletin Board............................................................ 45

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Cover photo by Eric Camden Photography,, taken on location at the Rosen Central Hotel, Orlando, FL.

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Technology played a significant role in this year’s Convention. Five alumnae and collegians were selected to blog about their experiences. All participants had the opportunity to Tweet about Convention using the hashtags #BeExtraordinary and #APhiConvention12. Also new this Convention was a free Guidebook application to help participants improve their experiences by taking schedules, maps and more with them on their phones or mobile devices.

Visit, keywords: Convention photos, to view and order photos taken during Convention 2012.

Top Left Photo: Congratulations to the alumnae initiates who were initiated during Convention 2012. Top right: Past Fraternity Presidents in attendance for Convention 2012 include (front, from left): Laura Malley-Schmitt (Zeta Phi-MIT), 2006-10; Phyllis Sims Selig (Gamma Delta-Kansas), 1974-78; Sally McCall Grant (GammaDePauw), 1986-90; (back) Linda Gardner Massie (Delta Alpha-East Carolina), 1994-98; and Crista Cate Vasina (Delta Gamma-Northern Colorado), 2002-06.


Alpha Phi Quarterly

fall 2012

More than 500 Alpha Phis and guests attended the Fraternity’s 69th Biennial Convention June 27-July 1 in Phoenix, Ariz. The Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa was the backdrop for sisters from across the U.S. and Canada to conduct business, build leadership skills, renew friendships and celebrate the success of Alpha Phi. Led by Director of Training, Development and Communications Denise Jung Reens (Epsilon Delta-Northern Illinois), the event featured award ceremonies, initiation, special Foundation events and displays, live entertainment, dynamic speakers and educational sessions. Highlights

The welcome dinner, hosted by toastmistress Amy Jordan Tvrdik (Omicron-Missouri), featured entertainment by AZ Rhythm Connection. Thursday highlights included the procession of chapter flags into Convention Assembled, a keynote speech about “Empowerment Through Service and Philanthropy” delivered by dynamic speaker Laura Schwartz and funded by the Susan Barrick Leadership Endowment (see page 36), initiation and a musical performance by Kat Parsons (Beta-Northwestern). Convention participants learned about Alpha Phi’s progress in extension, and a special announcement was made that Alpha Phi will return to Louisiana State University. The International Executive Board even donned Mardi Gras masks and beads to celebrate the occasion. Alpha Phi Foundation was busy Friday with the installation of the 2012-14 Foundation Board, the presentation of the prestigious Martha Mast Awards and recognition of top philanthropic collegiate and alumnae chapters during the State of the Foundation, and a Red Dress dinner that featured a new Alpha Phi’s Got Talent-themed competition (see page 36). A Friday luncheon hosted by Amy Jordan Tvrdik (Omicron-Missouri) celebrated collegiate chapters with award presentations and live entertainment. Saturday events included Alpha Phi Foundation’s Move Your Phi’t walk/run, led by celebrity host Courtney Rainville (Beta Zeta-Idaho) and emceed by Laura Schwartz (see page 36). Past IEB Director Jane Kirby Arkes (Omicron-Missouri) led the Service of Remembrance. An awards luncheon, led by toastmistress Valerie Lawlor (OmicronMissouri), recognized individual alumnae award recipients. The Candlelight Banquet was an inspiring conclusion to a memorable Convention. Deana Koonsman Gage (Gamma Iota-Texas Tech) served as toastmistress for the event. The 2012-14 IEB was installed, and prestigious awards were presented for outstanding alumnae and collegiate chapters, outstanding advisors, advisory boards and house corporation boards and Order of the Lamp.

Convention 2012 Award Winners Individual Awards Ivy Vine Award The prestigious Ivy Vine Award recognizes distinguished, long-term service, at high levels of responsibility for the overall welfare of the Fraternity and/or the interfraternal world.

Ruth Himmelman Wright Award The Ruth Himmelman Wright award honors a volunteer who has given enduring and selfless service to Alpha Phi.

 Laura Malley-Schmitt’s

 Deana Koonsman Gage

(Zeta Phi-MIT) qualities of innovation, vision and collaboration put her in the same league as Alpha Phi’s Founders. Much like them, she imagines what to others might seem impossible, bringing “blue-sky” ideas to fruition. Laura’s contributions have also impacted the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC). First as an educational leadership consultant and later as a volunteer, Laura saw a flaw in the method sororities used to prepare their invitation lists during formal recruitment. This flaw led to thousands of women being lost to the Greek community. While serving on Alpha Phi’s NPC delegation, she developed the Release Figure Method (RFM), which to date is used on 95% of the campuses that participate in formal recruitment. RFM has saved many chapters from closing and placed hundreds of women in sororities. Laura not only emulates the forward-thinking qualities of our Founders, she also lives the values they held dear.

(Gamma Iota-Texas Tech) is the second recipient of this award, inaugurated in 2010 in memory of a beloved lifetime volunteer who exemplified the essence of Fraternity service, and did so without fanfare. Deana began her Alpha Phi involvement as a district governor and has actively supported both the Fraternity and Foundation in a variety of roles. She has served on both the Foundation Board of Directors and International Executive Board. She represented Alpha Phi as an alternate National Panhellenic Conference delegate. She also successfully led recolonization efforts at Alabama (Beta Mu) and Florida State (Gamma Phi) this past biennium. In her extension volunteer roles, Deana has interviewed at least 300 women for membership at numerous southern schools. In addition to countless volunteer hours on the International level, Deana has served as chapter advisor, alumnae chapter president and, over the past decade, she has been appointed international governor five times. Deana manages herself and those around her with conviction and drive while considering all angles. She keeps each team looking forward, always striving to make Alpha Phi the best.

Frances E. Willard Award The Frances E. Willard award honors Alpha Phi alumnae who have achieved outstanding success in their chosen fields and who have gained recognition on a national or international level.

 Jodi Brooks Allen (Iota-

 Emily Anne Staples Tuttle

 Jodi White's (Xi-Toronto)

Wisconsin), a Denver native, joined the Denver CBS4 news team in 2004, and she currently reports at 5:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. Having worked in several journalism positions since graduating, Jodi is known as a hard-hitting investigative reporter and has won numerous local, state and national awards for her reporting, including an Emmy from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. While in Mobile, Jodi gained national attention for her efforts to help mothers who were not able to care for their new babies. She convinced local leaders to designate safe zones for mothers to leave their unwanted babies without fear of prosecution for neglect and abandonment — no questions asked. Alabama lawmakers eventually passed the “Jodi Brooks Law,” and now nearly every state in the country has followed. Jodi has appeared on several talk shows including “Oprah” and “The Rosie O’Donnell Show.” She’s also been featured in numerous magazines including People, Time, Newsweek and Redbook. Jodi is currently working with writers and producers in Los Angeles on a Lifetime Television movie based on her efforts to preserve the lives of newborns.

(Epsilon-Minnesota) is a lifelong public servant and civic leader who has made a difference in countless lives. She was elected Minnesota’s first female Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) party state senator in 1977 and served until 1980. From that pivotal point, she continued to be a positive force in her community, inspiring women to share knowledge and ideas, provide a network of support, enrich each other’s lives and exert influence in our world. Her next public service role was as Hennepin County commissioner and advisor to Governor Jesse Ventura. Today, she continues to volunteer for numerous organizations, including serving on their committees and boards. Emily Anne has received several awards: 2011 University of Minnesota Board of Regents Outstanding Achievement, 2010 Association of Junior Leagues International Mary Harriman Community Leadership, 2009 National Council for International Visitors Lorinne Emery Citizen Diplomat, 2005 Minneapolis St. Paul magazine’s Volunteer Hall of Fame inductee and 1988 University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts Alumna of Notable Achievement.

career spans the nexus of journalism, government, the private sector and the notfor-profit sector, providing a unique skill set and knowledge surrounding governance and public policy issues. She has worked at the most senior levels of government and the private sector. Jodi is currently president of Sydney House Consultants and a distinguished senior fellow at Carleton University’s Norman Patterson School of International Affairs and the Arthur Kroeger College of Public Affairs. In government, she was chief of staff to the minister of foreign affairs from 198488 and chief of staff to the prime minister of Canada in 1993. She began her career in journalism and produced an ACTRA award-winning radio documentary. Throughout Jodi’s career she has committed time and energy to the not-forprofit and voluntary sector. She has chaired or served on several national boards throughout Canada. Jodi has received the Public Service Citation from the Association of Professional Executives of the Public Service of Canada. She also was named one of the top 100 most powerful women in Canada by the Women’s Executive Network.

LEFT PHOTO: Laura MalleySchmitt is the recipient of the Ivy Vine Award. MIDDLE: Deana Gage is presented the Ruth Himmelman Wright Award by International President Linda Long Boland (Gamma Kappa-CSU/Long Beach). RIGHT: Jodi White (XiToronto), Jodi Brooks Allen (Iota-Wisconsin) and Emily Anne Staples Tuttle (EpsilonMinnesota) are recipients of the Frances E. Willard Award. fall 2012

Alpha Phi Quarterly


Convention 2012 Award Winners (continued)

Individual Awards Ursa Major Award

Polaris Award

The Ursa Major award recognizes alumnae members of Alpha Phi who have achieved outstanding success in their chosen fields, either professional or volunteer, on a local, state, provincial or regional level. ƒƒ Christine Adamick (Beta Omicron-Bowling Green State) ƒƒ Kari Kittrell (Gamma Nu-Miami University) ƒƒ Melodie Powell (Omicron-Missouri) ƒƒ Marilyn Bracken Ruckman (Beta OmegaKent State)

The Polaris award is given each biennium to those who have shown outstanding loyalty and continuous devotion to Alpha Phi at the regional or international committee level. ƒƒ Gina Bradley Feller (Epsilon Alpha-Ashland) ƒƒ Lisa Snyder Frerichs (Eta Iota-Pennsylvania) ƒƒ Megan Laraway Maloney (Theta NuAppalachian State) ƒƒ Lindsay Martin Poss (Beta Psi-San Jose State) ƒƒ Tonya Sharp Ryan (Phi-Oklahoma)

Foundation Awards Michaelanean Award The Michaelanean award is given each biennium to those who have shown outstanding loyalty and continuous devotion to Alpha Phi at the local level. ƒƒ Tami Blyn Alexander (Gamma XiWichita State) ƒƒ Tami Letford Bender (Gamma AlphaSan Diego State) ƒƒ Kimberly Brown Brannon (Gamma Rho-Penn State)

ƒƒ Julie Ann Gillespie (Beta Psi-San Jose State)

ƒƒ Jandy Thompson (Delta Beta-Texas A&M/ Commerce)

ƒƒ Marcia Jones Lane (Omicron-Missouri)

Editor’s Note: Ursa Major, Polaris and Michaelanean award winners pictured below are those who attended Convention.

ƒƒ Kathy Rountree Lechner (Alpha Lambda-Alumna Initiate)

fall 2012

Mid-Atlantic: West Virginia

(Beta Iota) North Central Midwest:

Minnesota (Epsilon) Northeast: Syracuse

(Alpha) Pacific Northwest: Santa

Clara (Zeta Gamma)

Collegiate Chapter:

South Central: Oklahoma

Nebraska/Kearney (Delta Xi)

Southeast: James Madison

Alumnae Chapter:

Denver, Colo.

(Phi) (Theta Iota) Southwest: UC/Irvine (Eta

Kappa) Upper Midwest: Michigan


Editor’s Note: Read more about Alpha Phi's Got Talent, Move Your Phi't and other Foundation-led portions of Convention on page 38. Additional Foundation awards are also listed on that page.

ƒƒ Sherry Tobaben Wilcher (Gamma Gamma-Drury) ƒƒ Misty Milburn Wilson (Theta Xi-Shippensburg)

Members of the 2012-14 International Executive Board are (from left): Coree Smith (Epsilon Theta-Northern Iowa),Susan Weiskittle Barrick (Beta Omicron-Bowling Green State), Tobi Board Nieland (Eta Beta-CSU/San Bernardino), Valerie Lawlor (OmicronMissouri), Susan McNeice (Epsilon Nu-Delaware), International President Linda Long Boland (Gamma Kappa-CSU/Long Beach) and Amy Jordan Tvrdik (Omicron-Missouri).

Alpha Phi Quarterly

Partners in Philanthropy Awards by Region

ƒƒ Julie Patterson Thompson (Beta Iota-West Virginia)

Ursa Major Award Winners


The Martha Mast Award is presented every two years in honor of long-time Foundation Chair Martha Watkins Mast (Beta NuDuke) to a collegiate and alumnae chapter whose support of the Foundation by education, service and philanthropy is exemplary.

ƒƒ Margie “Marj” Justus Freese (Beta AlphaIllinois)

ƒƒ Jean Sheridan (Beta-Northwestern)

Please visit, keywords: Convention awards, for detailed information about Ursa Major, Polaris and Michaelanean award recipients.

The Martha Mast Award of Excellence

Polaris Award Winners

Michaelanean Award Winners

The 2012-14 Foundation Board of Directors are (front, from left) Karen McChesney Howe (Gamma Sigma-Wisconsin/Stout), Darcel Atwill Weller (Gamma Iota-Texas Tech), Chair Diane Spry Straker (Delta Alpha-East Carolina), Colleen Sirhal (Theta-Michigan), (back) Jenny Holsman Tetreault (Gamma Pi-Arizona State), Judy Ethell (Zeta Alpha-Eastern Illinois), Jean Creamer Hodges (Rho-Ohio State), Jean Sheridan (Beta-Northwestern) and Mary Beth Cooleen Tully (Epsilon Psi-Lehigh).

Collegiate Chapter Awards Outstanding Collegiate Chapter Silver: Colorado School of

Mines (Iota Zeta) Bordeaux: UC/Irvine (Eta


Outstanding House Corporation Board Silver: San Diego State

(Gamma Alpha) Bordeaux: UC/Davis

(Epsilon Rho)

Outstanding Advisory Board Silver: Loyola Marymount

(Zeta Beta) Bordeaux: Appalachian

State (Theta Nu)

Outstanding Chapter Advisor Silver: Tracy Lungrin (Delta

Xi-Nebraska/Kearney), Nebraska/Kearney (Delta Xi)

Order of the Lamp Silver: Colorado School of

Mines (Iota Zeta), Johns Hopkins (Zeta Omicron), Marquette (Eta Mu), Rensselaer (Theta Tau) and Santa Clara (Zeta Gamma) Bordeaux: George

Washington (Iota Iota), Illinois (Beta Alpha), Minnesota (Epsilon), Syracuse (Alpha) and UC/Irvine (Eta Kappa)

Betty Mullins Jones Panhellenic Participation Award Silver: DePauw (Gamma) Bordeaux: Oregon (Tau)

Most Outstanding Recruitment Silver: Johns Hopkins (Zeta

Omicron) Bordeaux: Colorado (Beta


Bordeaux: Evelyn Cheng

(Eta Kappa-UC/Irvine), UC/Berkeley (Lambda)

Most Improved Recruitment

Most Outstanding Song / Chant

Excellence in Service

Silver: North Texas

ƒƒ Texas (Omega)

Silver: San Diego State

(Gamma Eta) Bordeaux: UC/Berkeley

(Lambda) and Washington State (Beta Rho)

Outstanding COB Silver: Montana (Chi) Bordeaux: UC/Davis

(Epsilon Rho) Honorable Mention:

Wisconsin/LaCrosse (Delta Kappa) and SUNY/Plattsburgh (Theta Psi)

Outstanding Recruitment Event ƒƒ Missouri (Omicron) ƒƒ Arizona (Beta Epsilon) ƒƒ Drake (Gamma Omicron) ƒƒ Pepperdine (Iota Alpha)

(Gamma Alpha)

ƒƒ Oklahoma (Phi) ƒƒ Colorado (Beta Gamma)

Bordeaux: Oregon (Tau)

Most Outstanding Skit

Excellence in Character Development

Oklahoma (Phi)

Silver: Ashland (Epsilon


Excellence in Sisterhood

Bordeaux: Minnesota


Silver: Rensselaer

(Theta Tau)

Excellence in Scholarship

Bordeaux: Virginia

(Zeta Iota)

Silver: Nebraska/Kearney

(Delta Xi)

Excellence in Leadership Development

Bordeaux: Washington State

(Beta Rho)

Silver: Colorado School

of Mines (Iota Zeta) Bordeaux: Illinois

(Beta Alpha)

Most Outstanding Video

Excellence in Loyalty

Silver: Loyola Marymount

Bordeaux: UC/Irvine

(Zeta Beta) Bordeaux: Washington

Silver: Marquette (Eta Mu)

(Eta Kappa)


Alumnae Chapter Awards Outstanding Alumnae Chapter

Excellence in Chapter Activity

Excellence in Community Relations

Excellence in Membership

Small: Tampa Bay, Fla.

Small: Charlotte, N.C.

Small: Charlotte, N.C.

Small: Tampa Bay, Fla.

Large: Wichita, Kan.

Large: Houston, Texas

Large: Wichita, Kan.

Large: Wichita, Kan.

Alumnae Chapter Recognition Awards Alumnae Chapter Health Indicators (ACHI) assist alumnae chapters in realizing their current strengths and areas for advancement and provide focus for developing their chapters further. There are more than 50 indicators, divided into five categories. Congratulations to the following chapters for their energy and dedication to improve their chapters via the ACHI throughout the last biennium. Diamond Level Alumnae Chapters (implementing 40 or more ACHI into their chapters)

Platinum Level Alumnae Chapters (implementing 30-39 ACHI into their chapters)

ƒƒ Charlotte, N.C.

ƒƒ Cape Fear, N.C.

ƒƒ Denver, Colo.

ƒƒ Far North Dallas, Texas

ƒƒ Houston, Texas

ƒƒ Los Angeles, Calif.

ƒƒ Kearney, Neb. ƒƒ Northern Virginia ƒƒ Omaha, Neb. ƒƒ Silicon Valley, Calif. ƒƒ Southwest Dallas, Texas ƒƒ Tampa Bay, Fla. ƒƒ Wichita, Kan.

ƒƒ MetroWest, Mass. Silver Level Alumnae Chapters (implementing 10-19 ACHI into their chapters)

ƒƒ Northeast Pennsylvania Singers perform songs nominated for Most Outstanding Song/Chant as part of the collegiate chapter awards luncheon. fall 2012

Convention attendees walk the red carpet and stop to pose for “paparazzi” leading into the Foundation’s Red Dress dinner. Alpha Phi Quarterly


People Collegian Models in Seventeen Magazine Nilla Ali (Zeta Iota-Virginia) appeared in Seventeen Magazine’s college edition, which was published in July. Nilla, who had never modeled before, was chosen to participate in a photo shoot because the magazine wanted an actual college student. Nilla said the shoot was a “dream come true.” Read about the experience in her blog at

Collegian Crowned Watermelon Queen Christine Chaloupka (Gamma Phi-Florida State) was crowned 2012 Florida Watermelon Queen. She will travel throughout the United States and Canada serving as a spokeswoman for the watermelon industry. In February 2013, she will compete for the title of National Watermelon Queen.

Alumna Authors New Book Susan Luff Chritton (Epsilon Chi-Cal Poly) is the author of Personal Branding for Dummies (For Dummies, 2012. ISBN: 1118117921). Susan is a career and personal brand strategist coach and master career counselor. She is among the few board-certified coaches in the nation. She speaks on career development and personal branding for companies and educational institutions throughout the country. Susan is an advisor to UC/Davis (Epsilon Rho). Visit for more information.

Former Student Athlete Inducted into DePauw Hall of Fame Elizabeth Walse DeGraff (Gamma-DePauw) was recently inducted into the DePauw Athletic Hall of Fame. The former women’s soccer player was praised by Coach John Carter as being the “best player in women’s soccer history at DePauw.” Elizabeth is one of only two women’s soccer players in the Hall of Fame. A plaque in her honor was placed in the Hall of Fame at the university.


Alpha Phi Quarterly

fall 2012

She was a four-year letter winner and DePauw’s first allAmerican selection in women’s soccer. She was named to the Division III first team in 1999 and second team in 2000.

Collegian Plays on Champion Water Polo Team Kaley Anne Dodson (Kappa-Stanford) is a member of the 2012 NCAA Championship Stanford women’s water polo team. Kaley scored two of the goals in the 6-4 win over USC during the championship game. It was the team’s second straight NCAA title. As a freshman in 2011-12, Kaley was named to the MPSF All-Newcomer Team.

Alumna Honored with Outstanding Service Award Sally Wharton Frank (Delta Chi-William Woods) received the Outstanding Service Award from William Woods University during the school’s Alumni Weekend. The award honors an alumnus for his or her many years of support in multifaceted areas and outstanding service to the university.

Alumna Receives Multiple Honors Cheryl-Marie Osborne Hansberger (Eta Beta-CSU/ San Bernardino) was honored as Woman of the Year by the Inland Empire Women in Transportation (WTS-IE). A member of WTS-IE since 2005, she was recognized for her service in numerous leadership roles and her many contributions to the organization. Cheryl-Marie also was recently inducted into the CSU/ San Bernardino College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame celebrates the accomplishments of outstanding alumni who make substantial and distinctive contributions to their field/ profession or to the community at large.

Sisters Lead Junior League of Phoenix Brandi Smith Hunt (Zeta Mu-Colorado State) (left) is the Junior League of Phoenix president, and Jennifer Holsman Tetreault (Gamma Pi-Arizona State) (right) is Junior League of Phoenix foundation president.

Blogging for Awareness Jennifer Severns Huang (Sigma-Washington) began a blog called Save The Bodies to share her own experiences dealing with cancer. Jennifer was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in 2005 and has completed nearly 250 cycles of chemotherapy. Read her blog at

Sister Serves on Eating Disorders Coalition Board Suzanne Yerdon Lewandowski (Epsilon Beta-Butler) has been appointed to the junior board of the Eating Disorders Coalition (Washington, D.C.) Suzanne is founder of the Massachusetts Eating Disorders Collaborative and is working with legislators, state organizations and local professionals to create a network of resources to assist in the prevention, screening and treatment of eating disorders. In 2011, she was the Multiservice Eating Disorders Association Gala Connect to Confidence honoree.

Allure Magazine Features Sister’s Beauty Blog Writer Janna Silverglade Mandell’s (Theta MuHofstra) beauty blog was chosen by Allure magazine as a finalist in their quest to find the Best Beauty Blogger. Janna participated in a five-week challenge, competing against 14 other bloggers and submitting blogs on the topics of product review, celebrity beauty, beauty mistakes, trend report and makeup video. She finished in the top 10. Follow Janna at

Sister Competes in Ms. Missouri Senior America Joan Flieg Schlichter (Omicron-Missouri) was a participant in the Ms. Missouri Senior America Pageant in July. Joan sang “Pack Rat Blues” for the talent portion of the pageant. Joan is a member of the St. Louis Gateway alumnae chapter and has been a sister for more than 50 years.

Award-Winning Children’s Author Publishes New Book Barbara “Bobbie” Brooks Wallace (Beta Delta-UCLA) is author of Diary of a Little Devil (Pangea, 2011. ISBN: 1466205539). This Cinderella-themed tale follows a 10-year-old girl as she makes 25 entries in her diary over a period of eight months. Bobbie is an award-winning author who has written numerous books, some of which were made into ABC television specials. She was recently recognized by two of her alma maters: by UCLA as a notable graduate and by Pomona College in its summer 2012 magazine. For more information about Barbara, visit

Alumna Featured on Magazine Cover Alisha “Ali” Meoli Wilke (Delta Delta-Oklahoma City) was featured on the cover of the May 2012 issue of StepMom magazine. She was nominated by a friend who had also been featured in the magazine. Visit for more information.

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Collegians Participate in Semester at Sea Several Alpha Phi collegians studied abroad during spring 2012 with the Semester at Sea program. The shipboard program is offered through the University of Virginia. Students visited 11 countries on their 105day voyage while taking classes on the ship. For more information, visit Above: Spring 2012 Semester at Sea participants include (from left): Kathryn Steel (Delta Alpha-East Carolina), Sonia Zaruba (Iota Xi-Denver), Taylor Kunihiro (Eta Kappa-UC/Irvine), Sydney Fisher (Gamma Alpha-San Diego State), Bailey Gerber (Beta Tau-Indiana), Bailey Maloney (Eta UpsilonChapman) and Hannah Brown (Eta Upsilon-Chapman).

Thanks to generous funding from Alpha Phi Foundation, Alpha Phi International Fraternity is a proud sponsor of the RESPONSE ABILITY Project. This international initiative addresses bystander behavior and intervention. Bystander behavior is defined as observing a problematic situation – such as bullying, hazing, physical abuse, alcohol and drug abuse or discrimination – and not taking action to intervene. To highlight the other side of bystander behavior, the RESPONSE ABILITY Project developed the Every|Day Hero Campaign. If you are not a bystander, then you are a hero — for an individual, group of people, organization or for an issue. The campaign was designed to cause a movement that would empower people to intervene in problem situations. Alpha Phi International Fraternity is

proud of our members across North America who have already supported the RESPONSE ABILITY Project by taking the Every|Day Hero pledge, as well as those who have participated in BE THE PERSON, a conference that provided education related to the campaign. Every|Day Hero Pledge

“I pledge to make a difference for people, organizations and issues. I pledge to use my values as my compass, go beyond any barriers and take actions to foster change. I pledge to live an extraordinary life being an Every|Day Hero.” Please join Alpha Phi in supporting the Every|Day Hero Campaign by visiting and taking the Every|Day Hero pledge.

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Alpha Phi Quarterly

fall 2012

ebunk D s t n a t es a Cont type c i r e m iss A t Stereo n a 2013 M e g uty Pa ) the Bea e Pa u w mma -D By Kris

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In 1989, the Miss America Organization founded the platform concept, which requires each contestant to choose a personally and socially relevant cause to represent. Since then, Miss America titleholders have used their stature to appear at thousands of public speaking engagements and charitable events to generate awareness for a variety of causes. Taylor Kinzler, a University of Rhode Island junior, first became involved with Miss America in 2008 after participating in their Outstanding Teen program. She says the professional and philanthropic impact of Miss America is something most people don’t associate with a pageant. “The program gives women a stage, a voice and an audience so they can advocate for their chosen platform,” Taylor says. “It empowers women and gives them the poise and confidence to reach for and achieve any dream.”

Photo by Eric Camden Photography,, taken on location at the Rosen Central Hotel, Orlando, FL.

phy By Da sy of Photogra Photo cour teyb m co e. al yd ph photogra


The cause

Taylor Kinzler (Io ta Delta-Rhode Island), Miss Massachu setts

Photo cour tesy of Imagemak imagemakersp hotoar ers Photography,

Developed by the Miss America Organization, the pageant provides personal and professional opportunities for young women to promote their voices in culture, politics and the community. Like Alpha Phi, it is an organization with a long-standing tradition of both scholarship and service. Each year, the Miss America Organization and its state and local organizations award more than $45 million in cash and scholarship assistance. In 2000, state and local contestants collectively participated in 12,384 communityservice projects, dedicated a total of 571,177 hours and raised millions of dollars for worthy causes. “The Miss America Organization has been around for 92 years,” says Bonnie MacIsaac, a public relations coordinator at Miss America Organization. “It’s like a sorority in itself. We have more than 12,000 young women competing in our system each year, and these women are bonding with

elta-Cornell), Joanna Guy (D nd yla ar M iss M


Long-standing tradition

other contestants and making lifelong friendships.” The 2013 Miss America pageant, held in January in Las Vegas, Nev., will include three Alpha Phi contestants: Joanna Guy (Delta-Cornell) will compete as Miss Maryland, Taylor Kinzler (Iota Delta-Rhode Island) is Miss Massachusetts, and Calista Kirby (Nu-Nebraska) is Miss South Dakota. All three women agree there are significant similarities between joining a sorority and competing in a pageant, but they are not what one may think. “Like most competitors, I’m familiar with the ‘pageant stereotype,’” says Joanna, a Cornell University senior majoring in American studies. Miss America has seen controversy and criticism since its inception. In the early 1920s, conservative protesters were appalled by the idea of young women parading themselves in public, and in 1968 the first organized protest of the competition was held. Protestors paraded with signs reading, “Women are enslaved by beauty standards” and “If you want meat, go to the butcher.” Since that time, the pageant has been accused of promoting unrealistic beauty ideals, and today, critics and commentators are asking if modern beauty can really be reduced to a single, representative face. But to contestants, it’s about much more than just this beauty component.

u-Nebraska) Calista Kirby (N ta ko Da Miss South

fall 2012

Evans Photogra Photo courtesy ofm


n Sept. 8, 1921, a crowd of nearly 100,000 gathered on the beachfront boardwalk of Atlantic City, N.J., hoping to catch a glimpse of a much-anticipated parade. Promised by East Coast advertisements to feature “the most beautiful girls in the land,” this parade would highlight a handful of bathing suit beauty queens from as far west as Pittsburgh and as far south as Washington, D.C. The winner would be selected by an equal combination of applause from the roaring audience and the points awarded on behalf of a panel of judges. The winner’s name was Margaret Gorman, of Washington, D.C., and she was just 16 years old. They crowned her, wrapping her in an American flag, and as a local Atlantic City newspaperman proclaimed, “We’ll call her Miss America.” Over the next six years, the parade and festivities expanded, the number of contestants rising to 86 women hailing from 36 states. What began as a beachfront festival intended to generate post-Labor Day tourist revenue for the city has evolved into a premier pageant for women. Today, it’s called Miss America – but it’s no longer just about the bathing suits.

Alpha Phi Quarterly


More Than a Crown

Photo courtesy of Miss America Organization


Taylor’s chosen platform is Give the Gift of You! Volunteer, which aims at energizing community members to get out and get involved. She has developed an online resource to assist individuals in finding local volunteering opportunities: Four years ago, she founded the Kinzler Scholarship, which honors one Massachusetts high school senior each year whose service or volunteer work has made a difference in his or her community. For University of Nebraska alumna Calista Kirby, her platform is one that hits close to home: Stay Well, Get Well, American Cancer Society. She lost her grandfather to colon cancer in 2007, and in 2009 her brother was diagnosed with malignant melanoma. Calista says she is honored to share their stories and the American Cancer Society message during her year of service. Joanna Guy’s chosen platform is one that’s close to her heart, literally. It was initially sparked by a combination of her Alpha Phi involvement and family health history: Heart Disease Awareness. “Unfortunately, all four of my grandparents have suffered from some form of heart disease or stroke. It’s this personal connection to the disease that gives me such passion for the cause,” she says. Contestants put their professional and business-minded skills to use in order to promote these causes, and for the women, it is a great learning experience. “I think the most important thing I’ve learned on the 10

Alpha Phi Quarterly

fall 2012

Miss America journey is I can accomplish anything I put my mind to,” says Taylor. “I have found an inner strength and confidence I didn’t know I had.”

“The program gives women a stage, a voice and an audience so they can advocate for their chosen platform. It empowers women and gives them the poise and confidence to reach for and achieve any dream.” Lifelong friendship

During the Miss America Pageant preparation, the 52 young women of the 2012 class will spend a significant amount of time together as they rehearse dance moves, practice their talents and review interview questions. “The women I’ve been blessed to meet are talented, kind, genuine, well-rounded, ambitious and passionate,” says Joanna. “It’s a sisterhood. I have made my best friends through the Miss America Organization, just as I have made my best friends through Alpha Phi.”

Calista, who fell in love with pageants at a young age due to her mother’s involvement, says there is friendly competition in pageants similar to that you might experience in a Panhellenic community. “Ultimately, however, we’re all similar in the fact that we’re goal-oriented females striving to make a difference in our communities,” she says. “Yes, there is competition, but it’s also an opportunity to meet some amazing young women from all over the country who will no doubt be successful during their lifetimes.” Alpha Phi has also played an integral role in each contestant’s participation in the Miss America pageant. Taylor credits her success in pageants to Alpha Phi’s emphasis on leadership roles and networking, saying it has helped her become more of a businesswoman. Calista says the University of Nebraska Greek system has helped her prepare for her role as Miss South Dakota as it encourages community involvement and high academic standards. And while Joanna agrees Alpha Phi has provided her with valuable lessons, she says one thing stands out as being particularly noteworthy – and it’s something Alpha Phi shares with the Miss America Organization. “The love and support from each group is so overwhelming,” says Joanna. “That is the main reason I am so proud and excited to represent each organization.” Tune in to the Miss America Pageant on Jan. 12, 2013, broadcast live on ABC. For more information, visit

Alpha Phi Recognized Among Top Donors by FSPAC More than 300 Greek organization leaders and dozens of members of Congress attended a dinner held in Washington, D.C., in support of the Fraternity and Sorority Political Action Committee (FSPAC). Alpha Phi was recognized as one of the top donors to the FSPAC, which represents the interests of the Greek community on Capitol Hill. During the past biennium, Alpha Phi alumnae contributed more than $17,000 to support the work of the bipartisan committee. Two sisters are now seated on the FSPAC board of directors: Bonnie K. Arthur (Delta Delta-Oklahoma City) and Valerie Lawlor (OmicronMissouri). Susan McNeice (Epsilon Nu-Delaware) sits on the FSPAC’s finance committee. This is the 10th year Alpha Phi and other National Panhellenic Conference groups have met with U.S. senators and representatives to discuss key legislative issues, such as the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act (CHIA). This measure would allow donations for the improvement or construction of collegiate chapter houses to be tax deductible. In addition, the PAC focuses its efforts on other topics such as continued tax deductibility of charitable deductions, protection of our single-gender status, anti-hazing and other issues which ensure the greater good of our combined campus organizations. Alpha Phi lobbyists included two collegians: Aneka McKean (Iota GammaUniversity of the Pacific) and Emily Grimm (Gamma Omicron-Drake). Alumnae lobbyists were Bonnie K. Arthur, Kelly Benedetti (Beta OmicronBowling Green State), Kim Brannon (Gamma Rho-Penn State) and Val Lawlor. LEFT: Emily Grimm (Gamma Omicron-Drake) poses with the Frances E. Willard statue in Statuary Hall.

Alpha Phis who attended the Fraternity and Sorority PAC annual dinner include (from left): Kelly Benedetti (Beta Omicron-Bowling Green State), Riva Litman (Lambda-UC/Berkeley), Val Lawlor (Omicron-Missouri), Kim Brannon (Gamma Rho-Penn State), Emily Grimm (Gamma Omicron-Drake), Aneka McKean (Iota Gamma-University of the Pacific), Carolyn Adler (Theta Iota-James Madison),  Bonnie K. Arthur (Delta Delta-Oklahoma City), Jeri Foreman Richardson (Delta Delta-Oklahoma City) and Kim Watson (Omicron-Missouri). fall 2012

Alpha Phi Quarterly


2012 Emerging Leaders Institute Session 1: May 16-20, 2012 Participants

Sarah Arnold (Zeta Xi-Elmhurst) Meagan Bond (Beta Omega-Kent State) Julia Brecht (Theta Delta-Creighton) Bridget Burghardt (Theta Kappa-Rochester) Cassie Caranci (Theta Eta-Western) Taylor Chappell (Epsilon Eta-Old Dominion) Kylie Crippes (Delta Epsilon-Iowa) Sammy Dalton (Beta Beta-Michigan State) Meg Dawes (Omicron-Missouri) Annette Fetter (Delta Upsilon-Baldwin Wallace) Chantelle Fordyce (Beta OmicronBowling Green State) Amber Garrett (Gamma Xi-Wichita State) Nikita Gill (Xi-Toronto) Taylor Hanson (Lambda-UC/Berkeley) Emmie Harvin (Iota Rho-Clemson) Amber Heaven (Epsilon Kappa-West Chester) Danielle Higgins (Delta Pi-Indiana State) Jamila Huq (Iota Theta-Wilfrid Laurier) Angela Kappus (Iota Alpha-Pepperdine) Kaley Keen (Gamma Phi-Florida State) Austin King (Theta Omega-Barry) Kaitlyn Koch (Gamma Pi-Arizona State) Elizabeth Lafontaine (Alpha-Syracuse) Kirsten Logan (Epsilon Alpha-Ashland) Dani Masone (Iota Omicron-WPI) Alyssa Meeks (Gamma Iota-Texas Tech) Alexa Modero (Iota Delta-Rhode Island) Ali Morgan (Zeta Psi-Dayton) Gina Morrone (Eta Sigma-Lafayette) Maria Opatz (Gamma Omicron-Drake) Emily Ousley (Delta Delta-Oklahoma City) Sam Padilla (Iota Beta-St. Mary’s) Kristina Pham-Loo (Tau-Oregon) Kelly Piche (Theta Phi-Christopher Newport) Reagan Quine (Delta Beta-Texas A&M/Commerce) Morgan Raphael (Gamma Rho-Penn State) Kara Richardson (Zeta Pi-Case Western) Lisa Rinaldi (Zeta Rho-Bentley) Jade Rothman (Iota Lambda-Connecticut) Lindsey Rupp (Zeta Epsilon-Indiana U. Southeast) Jessica Schwingendorf (Delta Mu-Purdue) Madison Scott (Gamma Beta-UC/Santa Barbara) Tara Seboldt (Delta Chi-William Woods) Megan Sin (Iota Nu-Kentucky) Jackie Soriano (Theta Sigma-Southern Utah) Ashley Stankavich (Delta Rho-Ball State) Kinsey Walker (Gamma Omega-Midwestern State) Jess White (Beta Pi-USC) Bridget Wollak (Pi-North Dakota) Silver Circle Facilitators

Gretchen Alarcon (Kappa-Stanford) Carol Freeman (Zeta Mu-Colorado State) Elysia Labita (Beta Rho-Washington State) Molly Moriarty (Beta Theta-British Columbia) Abra Said (Eta Gamma-Akron)


Alpha Phi Quarterly

fall 2012

“The Emerging Leaders Institute was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. I’ve known I have the capability of becoming a leader of Alpha Phi someday, but at ELI, I discovered how to implement leadership into my daily life. ELI tested my strengths and weaknesses and challenged me to learn more about our sisterhood and what we stand for as Alpha Phis.” — Chantelle Fordyce (Beta Omicron-Bowling Green State) “Think of the passion you have for your chapter, then multiply that by 50. Add in a ton of laughs, a few heartfelt tears and one genuine love for Alpha Phi, and there you have it — Emerging Leaders Institute!” — Kaley Keen (Gamma Phi-Florida State) “Attending ELI gives you the tools to become a great leader, a better sister and ultimately, the best person you can be. In a period of five days you get to know a fantastic group of people from across North America who share the same goal: to become the best leaders we can be and appreciate the values we promised to uphold as sisters. ELI is simply mind-blowing, and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to attend. It is one of those moments that has changed my life.” — Samantha Padilla (Iota Beta-St. Mary’s)

Three Emerging Leaders Institutes (ELI) were held this summer at Butler University (Indianapolis, Ind.). This interactive learning experience included large and small group discussions, trust building activities and personal reflection. Topics ranged from values clarification to communication skills to stewardship. A total of 148 emerging leaders attended the Institutes and received full scholarships funded by Alpha Phi Foundation that included all travel, lodging and meals. These sophomore and junior women showed great potential as leaders! For more information and photos:, keywords: emerging leaders.

Session 2: June 6-10, 2012 “Throughout my experiences at ELI, I learned to trust others and step out of my comfort zone and into my ‘stretch zone.’ I am now ready to tackle greater challenges in my life and be the best leader I can. I would recommend this experience to any Alpha Phi.” — Paige Foster (Theta Lambda-Central Missouri) “Before ELI I thought I was a pretty good leader because I was open-minded, and I have good follow-through. ELI helped me see there is a lot more to being a leader than those qualities. I learned how to motivate sisters, caringly confront and become knowledgeable about a variety of perspectives. I feel very confident in myself after ELI because I have these methods to back me up.” — Maddie Sciullo (Theta Zeta-Florida Tech) “Meeting women from other chapters with many of the same values and beliefs was incredible. Where else can a college woman feel that sort of power and sense of belonging? It’s a feeling of support and trust everyone should experience in their lifetime.” — Sarah Perdoni (Iota Lambda-Connecticut)


Laura Aleman (Delta Rho-Ball State) Sydney Berger (Beta Epsilon-Arizona) Erika Berghoff (Iota Nu-Kentucky) Maddie Berschback (Theta-Michigan) Meagan Bryan (Eta-Boston) Spencer Busby (Theta Phi-Christopher Newport) Jamie Carey (Epsilon Gamma-Sacramento State) Lauren Chapman (Epsilon Beta-Butler) Brielle Cordrey (Theta Xi-Shippensburg) Daniela DiGuido (Iota Iota-George Washington) Aly Faucett (Gamma Alpha-San Diego State) Paige Foster (Theta Lambda-Central Missouri) Allie Fleming (Zeta Alpha-Eastern Illinois) Marina Gaeta (Delta-Cornell) Gabby Garofalo (Alpha-Syracuse) Wilson Hammett (Zeta Iota-Virginia) Tracy Hare (Beta Zeta-Idaho) Vivienne Hollis (Theta Eta-Western) Alyssa Hutto (Upsilon-Washburn) Jackie Knapp (Beta Pi-USC) Kiersten Krog (Eta Upsilon-Chapman) Brie Lopez (Iota Pi-Northern Arizona) Leilani Mahoney (Zeta Beta-Loyola Marymount) Hannah Mead (Zeta Sigma-Franklin & Marshall) Aria Merle (Theta Nu-Appalachian State) Mara Metroka (Theta Iota-James Madison) Sam Metsa (Beta Alpha-Illinois) Shaina Molineaux (Gamma Pi-Arizona State) McKenzie Olson (Theta Alpha-Linfield) Micky Paganini (Lambda-UC/Berkeley) Christine Pak (Iota Theta-Wilfrid Laurier) Sarah Perdoni (Iota Lambda-Connecticut) Angela Perugini (Delta Kappa-Wisconsin/La Crosse) Brielle Phillips (Theta Psi-SUNY/Plattsburgh) Aurelia Popp (Epsilon Xi-Southern Illinois) Emily Punt (Pi-North Dakota) Dana Quinn (Zeta Omicron-Johns Hopkins) Ashley Reed (Eta Gamma-Akron) Heather Schnepf (Theta Mu-Hofstra) Hayley Schuller (Iota Epsilon-Kettering) Maddie Sciullo (Theta Zeta-Florida Tech) Courtney Seddon (Gamma Xi-Wichita State) Melanie Shanfield (Eta Lambda-George Mason) Madison Sojka (Chi-Montana) Jamie Steven (Delta Nu-Maine) Taylor Thomas (Beta Phi-Whitman) Abigal Winters (Delta Theta-Western Michigan) Danielle Zabrauskas (Iota-Wisconsin) Shelly Zeiser (Iota Gamma-University of the Pacific) Silver Circle Facilitators

Cassie Andrews (Theta Psi-SUNY/Plattsburgh) Meagan Baker (Beta Rho-Washington State) Stephanie Kukic Baldwin (Theta SigmaSouthern Utah) Shannon Nelson (Theta Iota-James Madison) Patti Ward Shears (Beta Omicron-Bowling Green State)

fall 2012

Alpha Phi Quarterly


2012 Emerging Leaders Institute

Session 3: July 25-29, 2012 Participants

Cassie Aceves (Epsilon Rho-UC/Davis) Katelyn Badarak (Eta Theta-San Francisco State) Kate Ballatore (Iota Gamma-University of the Pacific) Meghan Carey (Eta Xi-UNC/Wilmington) Natalie Casey (Iota Xi-Denver) Niki Cochran (Zeta Xi-Elmhurst) Claire Daddino (Sigma-Washington) Jacque Daves (Beta Gamma-Colorado) Kiley Dibbern (Delta Xi-Nebraska/Kearney) Erin Dickes (Nu-Nebraska) Lauren Drewniany (Epsilon Chi-Cal Poly) Kaylor Duncan (Theta Iota-James Madison) Morgan Fernandes (Zeta Alpha-Eastern Illinois) Tressa Fitts (Eta Alpha-New Hampshire) Gina Forneris (Iota-Wisconsin) Sarah Green (Gamma Phi-Florida State) Jessica Gregory (Iota Eta-DePaul) Janelle Jahn (Eta Kappa-UC/Irvine) Sarah Jonathan (Gamma Epsilon-Lake Forest) Madison Josey (Delta Alpha-East Carolina) Jacqueline Karczewski (Gamma AlphaSan Diego State) Cassie Kelly (Delta Mu-Purdue) Crista Kieffer (Gamma Rho-Penn State) Liz Killin (Eta Tau-SUNY/Cortland) Genia Kuypers (Xi-Toronto) Megan Lenhausen (Delta GammaNorthern Colorado) Savanna Letcher (Eta Gamma-Akron) Lindsie Levinson (Beta Delta-UCLA) Jenna Lewins (Gamma Sigma-Wisconsin/Stout) Kyrinne Lockhart (Eta Chi-Bishop’s) Amanda Mackey (Eta-Boston) Chloe Many (Epsilon Nu-Delaware) Cheltzie Miller-Bailey (Psi-South Dakota) Valerie Miner (Beta Epsilon-Arizona) Jaime Morgen (Zeta Theta-Tufts) Riley Parker (Theta Upsilon-CSU/Chico) Marissa Portell (Epsilon Delta-Northern Illinois) Caitlin Porter (Gamma Kappa-CSU/Long Beach) Sasha Rhodes (Beta Theta-British Columbia) Morgan Rouse (Theta Nu-Appalachian State) KJ Schroeder (Beta Sigma-Utah) Natalie Shanklin (Omega-Texas) Kayla Smith (Eta Omicron-Virginia Tech) Kristi Tausk (Zeta Phi-MIT) Kristin TerHorst (Delta Theta-Western Michigan) Katy Wendland (Zeta Gamma-Santa Clara) Meghan West (Epsilon Upsilon-CSU/Northridge) Alexandra Whittaker (Eta Mu-Marquette) Julia Winn (Zeta Iota-Virginia) Amanda York (Delta Nu-Maine)

“Being a participant in ELI has truly deepened my love for Alpha Phi and strengthened my pride in it as well. I wish every sister were lucky enough to go through this program and see how amazing being an Alpha Phi woman truly is!” — Lauren Drewniany (Epsilon Chi-Cal Poly) “ELI was one of the most personally enlightening experiences I’ve ever had. Alpha Phi has made me the woman I am today and has not only taught me how to continue with that growth, but how to help other women grow as well. I urge every Alpha Phi woman to apply for the Emerging Leaders Institute. Following my experience, I can honestly say I am not the same woman I was before.” — Kiley Dibbern (Delta Xi-Nebraska/Kearney) “There is truly no other experience to compare to ELI. I have never been able to go into a situation full of strangers and feel instant connection. I made lifelong friends in five days. If you want to be profoundly changed for better in regard not only to Alpha Phi, but all leadership experiences in life, this is the program to attend.” — Meghan Carey (Eta Xi-UNC/Wilmington)

Silver Circle Facilitators

Joanne Finamore Godfrey (Eta Delta-CSU/East Bay) Lindsey Goldstein (Eta Kappa-UC/Irvine) Sharon Stephens Jensen (Nu-Nebraska) Liz Snider (Gamma Epsilon-Lake Forest) Debbie Capell Spaizman (Epsilon Rho-UC/Davis)

Lead Facilitators for All Sessions

Karyn Nishimura Sneath, NPower Genevieve Evans Taylor (Psi-South Dakota) Cathy Schafer McKay (Theta Iota-James Madison) Staff Support for All Sessions

Denise Jung Reens (Epsilon Delta-Northern Illinois) Stefania Rudd (Theta Rho-Cameron) Kelly Ryan (Eta Alpha-New Hampshire)


Alpha Phi Quarterly

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Alpha Phi Quarterly


Alumnae Pride CANADA BRITISH COLUMBIA Vancouver Alumnae enjoyed a comedy show in the spring. They congratulate Kaitlin Maloney (Beta Theta-British Columbia) on participating in the Ride to Conquer Cancer, a two-day bike ride that benefited the BC Cancer Foundation. Also, best wishes to several young alumnae who got married over the summer. Contact: Amy Trebelco (Beta Theta-British Columbia), Facebook: Vancouver Alumnae Chapter of Alpha Phi

ONTARIO Southwestern Ontario The chapter’s annual general meeting was held at Y Symposium Cafe in London. They welcomed new graduates from Western Ontario (Theta Eta), Wilfrid Laurier (Iota Theta), Bishop’s (Eta Chi) and Toronto (Xi) chapters. The next event will be a homecoming and Founders’ Day celebration in late September. Contact: Emily Campbell (Theta Eta-Western Ontario), Web: Facebook: Southwestern Ontario Alpha Phi Alumnae

UNITED STATES CALIFORNIA Monterey Bay The chapter held a Cinco de Mayo celebration and spring luncheon at The Whole Enchilada in Moss Landing. Sisters also got together during the summer. The chapter’s next formal outing will be held at the Monterey Peninsula Country Club Beach House in Pebble Beach on Sept. 8. Contact: Lisa Grossman (Epsilon Chi-Cal Poly), Facebook: Monterey Bay Alpha Phi Alumnae Chapter

women re-enter the workforce. They enjoyed a wine tasting party and auction that raised $500 for Alpha Phi Foundation. Other events included a well-attended happy hour in downtown Los Gatos and a San Jose Giants minor league baseball game with families. Contact: Karen Siegel Fitting (Eta Alpha-New Hampshire), Web: Facebook: Silicon Valley Alpha Phi Alumnae Chapter

COLORADO Denver Sisters participated in a heart NORTHERN NEVADA Alumnae process more than 5,500 pounds of food for local families at a smart workout and enjoyed an regional food bank. A-Phiesta dinner. Nancy Owen Craig (Beta Chi-Bucknell), Alpha event at Sips N Strokes, a Heart Month luncheon at the Phi Foundation Director of Waterway Cafe, a Panhellenic Alumnae of Palm Beach Philanthropic Campaigns, spoke to members during a County scholarship luncheon and dinner at the Hibiscus potluck meet and greet. Alpha Phi Foundation Secretary House Backyard Bar. Jean Creamer Hodges (Rho-Ohio State) hosted a meeting Contact: Nancy Stair Stainback (Gamma Nu-Miami at her home. Alumnae were also invited to a potluck with University), Denver (Iota Xi) collegians. Sisters congratulate Clarissa Facebook: Palm Beach and Treasure Coast Dodge Hughes (Beta Epsilon-Arizona), a recipient of a Alpha Phi Alumnae Denver Area Panhellenic scholarship. Contact: Heather Smart Brevik (Zeta Mu-Colorado State), Web: Facebook: Alpha Phi Denver Alumnae Twitter: APhiDenverAlum

FLORIDA Daytona Beach Area

ILLINOIS Chicago Western Villages Food-centric programming will be the focus for 2012-13. The kickoff featured a potluck of traditional South Carolina low-country stew. A Founders’ Day brunch, holiday wine tasting, Whole Foods demonstration and soup night are on the agenda for upcoming get-togethers. A trip to the spring flower show at Garfield Park Conservatory will conclude the year. Area sisters are invited to attend. Friend the chapter on Facebook for meeting details.

Silicon Valley

Alumnae meet twice a year in addition to attending two annual Panhellenic luncheons. Area sisters are invited to join the group to help them have the best sorority representation at the November Panhellenic luncheon.

Alumnae hosted their second annual clothing drive to benefit the Career Closet, a local organization helping

Contact: Linda Lampman (Pi-North Dakota),

Contact: Chris Williams Barr (Gamma Iota-Texas Tech), Facebook: Chicago Western Villages Alpha Phi

Jacksonville First Coast

DuPage Valley

ARKANSAs Alumnae tour the University of Arkansas’ Garvan Woodland Gardens.

The chapter held a luncheon at the home of Lucy Kazarovich (Delta Upsilon-Baldwin Wallace). Robyn West Comeau (Delta Chi-William Woods) was installed as treasurer of the Jacksonville Alumnae Panhellenic Association. Members also enjoyed events at the San Sebastian Winery and at Aqua Grill. Contact: Robyn Comeau, Web: Facebook: Jacksonville First Coast Alumnae Chapter of Alpha Phi

Palm Beach and Treasure Coast Alumnae enjoyed the annual Founders’ Day tea at the Chesterfield Hotel. Other activities included a painting


Alpha Phi Quarterly

fall 2012

The chapter began its programming year with an annual kick-off dinner provided by officers. Members look forward to the new tradition of an annual bunco night with collegiate members from Elmhurst (Zeta Xi). Contact: Sue Ritter Cozart (Zeta Xi-Elmhurst), Facebook: DuPage Valley Alpha Phi Alumnae Chapter

Lake County Alumnae gathered for a heart healthy dinner at Egg Harbor in Libertyville. The event raised money for Alpha Phi Foundation. Contact: Nancy Roach (Delta Epsilon-Iowa),

KANSAS Wichita Alumnae finished the year with a family tailgating event at a Wichita State Shockers baseball game. The ivy circle wrapped up the year with an ice cream social for the children at the Wichita Children’s Home. The chapter once again was named a Diamond Level Alumnae Chapter for implementing 40 or more Alumnae Chapter Health Indicators. During Convention, the chapter also received three awards: Excellence in Membership, Excellence in Community Relations and Outstanding Large Alumnae Chapter. Contact: Marcia McKee Weddle (Gamma Xi-Wichita State), Facebook: Wichita A Phi Alumnae Twitter: WichitaAPhiAlum

MASSACHUSSETTS Boston Alumnae enjoyed a happy hour event late in the summer. Area sisters interested in getting involved with the chapter should visit their Facebook page or their website. Contact: Christine Alvarez (Alpha Lambda-Alumna Initiate), Web: Facebook: Boston Alpha Phi Alumnae Twitter: BostonAPhiAlum

MISSOURI Kansas City Missouri Metropolitan Alumnae enjoyed girls’ night out at Strikerz Bowling Alley in Independence, Mo. The next sisterhood meeting is Sept. 30. Find more information about events on the chapter’s Facebook page. Contact: Jamie Kluesner (Theta Lambda-Central Missouri), Facebook: Kansas City MO Metro Alpha Phi Alum

jewelry with the latest fashions. They celebrated Founders’ Day with Nebraska/Kearney (Delta Xi) collegians and helped with both of the chapter’s philanthropy events. They welcomed alumna initiate Tanya Deckler Wegner to the group. Their campaign to purchase robes for the Nebraska/Kearney (Delta Xi) chapter was a huge success; 80 robes arrived just in time for initiation. They were proud to finish the year as one of 10 Diamond Level Alumnae Chapters for implementing 40 or more Alumnae Chapter Health Indicators. Contact: Chris Johnson Hehner (Delta Xi-Nebraska/ Kearney), Facebook: Delta Xi Chapter of Alpha Phi - Kearney, NE

NEVADA Las Vegas The chapter is revitalizing. Check out their fall calendar on their website. Contact: Megan French (Iota Gamma-University of the Pacific), Web: Facebook: Las Vegas Alpha Phi Alumnae Chapter

Northern Nevada Summer events included a Pamper Your Phi-t party at a local spa and drinks and dessert at The Chocolate Bar. Alumnae sorted and processed more than 5,500 pounds of food at the Food Bank of Northern Nevada. The chapter welcomed three new members into the group: Ann Robar Gibson (Delta Epsilon-Iowa), Wendy Lim (Eta Delta-CSU/East Bay) and Kelsee Morefield (Beta ZetaIdaho). All Reno-Sparks-Tahoe area alumnae are welcome. Contact: Breanna Borries (Eta Upsilon-Chapman), Web: Facebook: Reno Alpha Phi Alumnae Chapter





Sisters enjoyed an annual State Day lunch and program at Tanoan Country Club. Judy Williamson Haag (Beta Epsilon-Arizona) received her 50-year pin. A veteran balloonist spoke to the chapter about the early days of ballooning in Albuquerque and how the city became known to many as the “balloon capital of the world.”

Monthly events included going to the movies, learning to decorate cakes, painting mini canvases and coordinating SAN JOSE STATE (BETA PSI) ALUMNAE, Calif. Nine San Jose State (Beta Psi) alumnae and a legacy walk in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Sacramento in support of Melissa Wilhite Carreon (Beta Psi-San Jose State), who was diagnosed with breast cancer in February and is now undergoing chemotherapy. Melissa also participated in the race. She is pictured front, center.

Contact: Judy Giudice Tull (Omega-Texas),

NEW YORK NYC Metro Sisters gathered for Korean barbecue and painted pottery. They also rooted for one of their favorite New York teams by attending a baseball game. Contact: Jennifer Broadbent (Eta IotaPennsylvania), Web: Facebook: NYC Metro Alumnae Chapter of Alpha Phi

SOUTHEASTERN LOUISIANA President Erin Donahoe Druhan (Delta Tau-Louisiana State) poses next to the Louisiana State University banner with Becky Othold Del Rio (Delta Tau-Louisiana State), Little Rock, Ark., alumnae chapter president. Alumnae were thrilled when International President Linda Long Boland (Gamma Kappa-CSU/Long Beach) announced at Convention that the Louisiana State (Delta Tau) chapter will be returning to campus in the fall of 2013.

NORTH CAROLINA Cape Fear A chapter fundraiser helped fund exam goody bags for UNC/Wilmington (Eta Xi) collegiate members. The chapter hosted an appreciation picnic for collegians in town during the summer. Other events included a meet and greet and beach day. Alumnae look forward to a joint Founders’ Day event with Eta Xi collegians. Contact: Michele Lefler Scercy (Theta Chi-UNC/Asheville), Web: Facebook: Cape Fear Alpha Phi

Charlotte Alumnae held a family day at Mendy Blair Chura’s (Theta Nu-Appalachian State) home on Lake Norman. The chapter will celebrate its 60th year in 2012-13. Contact: Stephanie Miller (Theta Xi-Shippensburg), Web: Facebook: Alpha Phi Alumnae Chapter of Charlotte

Raleigh Durham Triangle Members enjoyed a fun night at Tyler’s Tap Room. They watched “Bridesmaids” at Movie by Moonlight in Cary. Upcoming events include a Phi-esta event, a wine tasting and happy hours. Area alumnae are invited to attend. Contact: Ashley Green Chesson (Epsilon Phi-NC State), Web: Facebook: Triangle Alpha Phi Alumnae Chapter

fall 2012

Alpha Phi Quarterly


Alumnae Pride NORTH DAKOTA Grand Forks Thanks to the generosity of North Dakota (Pi) alumnae, the Pi chapter sprinkler system project is complete. Donations are still welcome for future chapter house projects. Contact: Kathy Lynch Ashe (Pi-North Dakota),

OHIO Ashland Area An annual dessert event honored Ashland (Epsilon Alpha) graduating seniors. Alumnae shared their Alpha Phi experiences and presented forget-me-not plants as gifts. They also joined in the collegiate chapter’s senior ceremony. Other events included a plant exchange, Zumba lesson and a summer patio picnic. Contact: Jan Brinker Schaffer (Beta Omicron-Bowling Green State), Facebook: Ashland Ohio Area Alpha Phi Alumnae Chapter

Cleveland East Carina Samuelson Mauck (Eta Gamma-Akron) hosted a meeting that included a program about herbs. The annual picnic was held at the home of Emily Jewell Hodgman (Theta-Michigan). Contact: Carina Samuelson Mauck (Eta Gamma-Akron),

Cleveland West Sisters welcomed Baldwin Wallace (Delta Upsilon) graduating seniors to alumnae membership. The chapter looks forward to a collegiate/alumnae Founders’ Day dinner and a holiday auction. A culinary tasting event will be held in January. Contact: Mitzi Gitlin Wilson (Beta Omega-Kent State),

Columbus Alumnae kicked off 2012 with a tailgate mixer. Founders’ Day will be spent with Ohio State (Rho) collegians at the

home of Dale Deubler Sheppard (Rho-Ohio State). Several sisterhood events have been planned for the year. Area alumnae are invited to join. Contact: Christine Novak Herrmann (Alpha LambdaAlumna Initiate), Web:

Dayton Alumnae enjoyed the Dayton Alumnae Panhellenic Association luncheon. Sarah Ferguson (Beta Tau-Indiana) received one of the eight scholarships awarded during the event. Sue Martinson Pledger (Beta Omicron-Bowling Green State) is the new chapter advisor for Dayton (Zeta Psi) collegiate chapter. Contact: Shelley Tarleton (Gamma Nu-Miami University), Facebook: Dayton Alpha Phi Alumni Chapter

Youngstown Alumnae in the Youngstown and surrounding areas are invited to attend upcoming events. Highlights include Pampered Chef and Thirty-One parties. A portion of the sales will benefit Alpha Phi Foundation. Contact the chapter for information or to help. Contact: Patricia Ward Shears (Beta Omicron-Bowling Green State), Facebook: Youngstown Area Alpha Phi Alumnae

OKLAHOMA Oklahoma City Members hosted an outing to an Oklahoma City RedHawks minor league baseball game with local collegians and the Norman alumnae chapter. Alumnae attended the recruitment previews for both local collegiate chapters. Other activities included hosting a Founders’ Day celebration and a sisters’ dinner out. Contact: Bethany Anderson Brown (Phi-Oklahoma), Web: Facebook: Oklahoma City Alpha Phi Alumnae Chapter

Northwest Houston, TExas Sisters enjoy snacks at a Pinots and Palettes wine and painting party.

OREGON Portland Alumnae participated in a local Heart Walk and a tea to welcome new alumnae. Special recognition goes to Shannon Wright (Beta Rho-Washington State), a recent graduate who will represent Alpha Phi as an educational leadership consultant during 2012-13. Event plans for fall and beyond included happy hours, a Founders’ Day celebration and dinners out to local eateries.

PENNSYLVANIA Greater Philadelphia Sisters completed a yearly fundraiser by filling care packages for local collegians to enjoy during finals week. Several members enjoyed a trip to New York City that included a backstage tour of Radio City Music Hall, lunch at the Stardust Cafe and a double-decker bus ride to take in the sights. Contact: Peggy Inskeep Pastva (Beta Omicron-Bowling Green State),

SOUTH CAROLINA Upstate South Carolina

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. Sisters celebrate State Day at the Tanoan Country Club.

Alumnae met for a ceramics painting night at The Glazing Pot and a wine tasting at West End Wine and Spirits. The chapter generally meets once a month for dinner, happy hour or other activities. Alumnae look forward to the chance to support the new Clemson (Iota Rho) chapter in the 2012-13 school year. Contact: Carol Butler Freeman (Zeta Mu-Colorado State), Facebook: Alpha Phi Upstate SC Alumnae

TEXAS Fort Worth An annual progressive dinner was hosted by Susan Young Boyson (Iota-Wisconsin), Denise Collins (Omega-Texas) and Louise Florey Reid (Gamma Iota-Texas Tech). Contact: LeLynne Waltman Knight (Zeta Nu-Texas Christian), Web: Facebook: Fort Worth Alpha Phi Twitter: FtWorthAlphaPhi


Alpha Phi Quarterly

fall 2012

Northwest Houston Alumnae had a fun and creative time at a Pinots and Palettes wine and painting party. The chapter looks forward to some great upcoming events and invites area sisters to join them.


Fall Fashions!

Contact: Susan Danbom (Gamma Iota-Texas Tech), steve. Facebook: NW Houston Alpha Phi Alumnae

San Antonio Alumnae attended the Panhellenic Association of San Antonio scholarship luncheon at the Bright Shawl. Sisters gathered for a Wine and Dine event at the Olive Garden. Save the date for the annual holiday social and ornament exchange, Dec. 4, at the home of Sandy Duckworth Allison (Gamma Omega-Midwestern State). Contact: Heather Canales DeCamp (Iota Beta-St. Mary’s), Web: Facebook: Alpha Phi San Antonio Alum


Wynter Ice Watch

Aphrodite’s Heart Necklace Faux Leather Cuff

VIRGINIA Northern Virginia

Barrel Bead Bracelet

Sisters enjoyed a summer barbecue and pool party. They kicked off the year with a Wine Welcome event and a joint happy hour with the D.C. ivy connection. They will remember Alpha Phi heritage at a Founders’ Day brunch. They look forward to celebrating the holiday season by smashing pumpkins with their families, dining at Chez Francois and having fun at the annual ornament exchange.

(Bead sold separately.)

Barrel Bead

(Bracelet sold separately.)

Chapter President Ring

Contact: Olivia Wheeler Rabinowitch (Zeta Iota-Virginia), Web: Facebook: Alpha Phi Alumnae of Northern Virginia

Stacked Rings

Split Shank Crest Ring

Richmond Central Virginia The chapter held a meet and great where several new faces were treated to coffee and bagels. Sisters continued to gather for meals, from a delicious dinner at Bottom’s Up Pizza to the monthly Craft and Chat group. Sisters also enjoyed an outdoor summer concert.

Aphrodite’s Heart Necklace, 18”, SS ..... $52

Chapter President Ring, SS....$122, 10K....$310

Barrel Bead, SS ...................................... $30

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Barrel Bead Bracelet, SP ........................ $5

Split Shank Crest Ring, SS.....$87, 10K.....$201

Wynter Ice Watch .................................. $40

Visit to see the entire collection of Alpha Phi jewelry and accessories!


Contact: Ann Jerome (Epsilon Phi-NC State), Web: Facebook: Richmond/Central VA Alpha Phi Alumnae

New Alumnae Chapters Congratulations to the following chapter for recently receiving its charter! Central Florida Alumnae Chapter Chartered: Aug. 28, 2012 Chapter President: Ann Frost Spariosu (Beta Beta-Michigan State) Email:

Find us on Facebook:

Web Extra 8/2/12 11:16 AM

APhi 2012Fall ad R1.indd 1

Alpha Phi International is excited to announce alumnae chapters are forming in the following areas:

❧ Iowa Des Moines ❧ Connecticut Hartford

Stacked Rings, ST .................................. $50

Alpha Phi International is excited to announce alumnae chapters are revitalizing in the following areas:

❧ California San Francisco, Orange County

❧ Florida Naples, Orlando ❧ Indiana Indianapolis ❧ Maine Central Maine ❧ Massachusetts Boston

❧ New Jersey Central New Jersey ❧ New York Central New York ❧ North Carolina Raleigh-Durham

❧ Tennessee Nashville ❧ Texas Austin

Please contact Elizabeth Conner (Gamma-DePauw) at if you are interested in getting involved with any of these chapters or starting a chapter in your area.

fall 2012

If your chapter submitted a photo for this issue and you do not see it in the Alumnae Pride section, it may be in our special Quarterly Web Extra. Visit quarterly/ viewrecentissues.

Alpha Phi Quarterly


Rho Celebrates 100 Years at Ohio State By Marti Timura Worth (Rho-Ohio State)

After more than two years of planning and anticipation, the Ohio State (Rho) centennial weekend was celebrated April 27-29. The Friday evening reception was hosted by Kristy Mix Beyer (Rho-Ohio State), centennial hospitality chair. Many of the alumnae in attendance had not seen sisters for 30 years or longer. Nearly 200 collegians and alumnae gathered at the chapter house Saturday for breakfast. Alumnae were excited to see the many upgrades, including the dining area and bedroom/study suites. During the morning program, Jennifer Drake Sneed (Rho-Ohio State), centennial committee treasurer, presented a gift of framed original photographs of the first Rho house to the chapter. Sisters moved into the rented house the fall after its founding on March 30, 1912, and stayed for three years while its owner, actress Elsie Janis, toured Europe. Thus, Rho became the first sorority to be domiciled at Ohio State. Alumnae had the opportunity to peruse a display of historic photographs and documents


Alpha Phi Quarterly

fall 2012

prepared by collegians while a video presentation documenting the history project ran in the terrace room. The women enjoyed a lively serenade by the men of Tau Kappa Epsilon. Everyone then stepped out to witness the dedication of a historic marker placed in the front yard, a gift from the house corporation board (HCB). Following the dedication, collegians Cassandra Manna and Julia Goff (both RhoOhio State) led a tour of the new student union on campus. Saturday’s activities culminated in a banquet at the Ohio Union with a large contingent of alumnae from the 1960-70s and from as far away as California and Oregon. Kristin Watt (Rho-Ohio State), centennial committee and HCB member, served as emcee for the evening. International Executive Board Director Valerie Lawlor (Omicron-Missouri) presented a certificate commemorating the event on behalf of the Fraternity. Alpha Phi Foundation Board Director Jean Creamer Hodges (Rho-Ohio State) accepted a 1912 registry from Rho chapter for the Executive Office archives. Collegiate Chapter President Madison Wright (Rho-Ohio State) enlightened all regarding the chapter’s standing on campus to much applause: first in

membership, first in grades with a GPA at 3.44, first in intramural soccer and basketball the last two years and runnersup in softball and flag football. The chapter was presented a certificate from Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman’s office to mark the anniversary. Centennial committee co-chairs Marti Timura Worth and Dale Deubler (both Rho-Ohio State) were surprised by a group of collegians who took the stage to sing a beautiful rendition of “The Lily.” Graduating seniors and past presidents were recognized. Rho alumnae celebrating milestone anniversaries were also acknowledged: Marti Worth, Rebecca Fox Weil and Kiki Vaughan McClelland for 50 years of sisterhood; and Cassie Steinhilber Westlake, Marianne French Weiss and Miriam Webster Porterfield for 65 years. In addition to other gifts, the centennial committee presented a certificate to the university. Thanks to several Columbus area alumnae, 22 ceremonial robes also were presented to the chapter. At the conclusion, attendees circled the banquet hall, joined hands and sang “Carmen Ohio,” and the collegians entertained with Alpha Phi songs. Alumnae gathered again Sunday for a breakfast at the hotel on campus. It was a weekend to savor for everyone, with promises to stay in touch and share photos. Top left Photo: Rho sisters pose in front of the chapter house as they celebrate the centennial anniversary. Top Right: Kristin Watt, front left, and Dale Deubler, front right, dedicate the historic marker recognizing 100 years of Rho chapter at Ohio State. Left: Collegiate members who served on the centennial committee were known as the ivy team. They are (from left) Erin Barker, Erica Goldberg, Katie May and Lina Gheyssari.

Alumnae Anniversaries

Help us recognize the following women as they celebrate an anniversary of sisterhood.

25-year Sisters 1987 Fun Facts: Alpha Phi installs a new chapter at CSU/Howard (Eta Delta) – the school is now called CSU/East Bay ... One gallon of gas costs 89 cents ... Disposable contact lenses first become available for commercial distribution. Left: The sterling silver 25-year pin in the shape of the Big Dipper is fashioned with one sapphire at each of the seven joints. Alumna Initiate (Alpha Lambda) Deborah Simonson Ball Joan Bigham Jane Sciacca Cantrell Abie Aycock Freeman Charlene Homewood Furlhorst Patti Gary Fannie Patterson Hopkins Peggy Harris Hyden Laura Panontin Kirkland Immaculata Bianchi McAuliffe-Kirsh Janet Milenski Andie Morgan Nancy Parden Victoria Quinn Beatrice Chappell Reak Greta Reese Rigney Domenica Ingegneri Ruello Theresa Cardone Santoro Gwyneth Denya Slaughter Helen Ossowski Swedo Joyce Woodward Troyer Patricia Mastrostefano Watts Theresa Weirath Kathy Murphree Wells Adrian (Delta Eta) Cherie Blevins Blair Jill Geddes Curry Kendall White Doman Tracy Franklin Julie Gerber Lear Jill Johnson Loera Cynthia Dyson Lohay Kimberly Mattlin Lucinda Moser-Sehy Laura Stribbell Lisa Frazzini Verma Melissa Wilcoxson Arizona (Beta Epsilon) Dina Bantit Gretchen Bender Pamela Matsuishi Buckwalter Tami Jefferies Butcher Beverly Burkland Carey Jeanie Claire Christi Clark Elizabeth Davis Jill DiPasquale Kindra Ericksen Elizabeth Stine Falkenberg Marissa Ellen Fordyce Tanya Friend Susan Oleson Gannon Andrea Green Christi Wann Hamblen Lisa Kirby Allison Green Krusch Kelly Kurz Laura Wooten LaFranier Shannon Neely Heidi Davies Parsons Melissa Piele Neeley Snyder Marcia Kwasman Unell Dana Wright Arizona State (Gamma Pi) Christine Barnett Michelle Bohun Elizabeth Bruening Stephanie Davis Castillo Stacey Wong Dutton Lorri Garrett Paula Gibson

Elizabeth Wilbur Hallgren Rhonda Jennings Laura Kalafus Adili Lamp Michelle Lipkin Kendra Martin Jennifer O’Conner Stacey Rosenbaum Stacy Schlacter Tiffini Taylor Lisa Ulbrich Karen Fendley Voutier Martha Weston Ashland (Epsilon Alpha) Deborah Wolff Aldridge Andrea Barnes Satara Brown Tracy Feudo Caraballo Kimberley Streeter Cooke Michelle Delmar Sharon Dangelo Fielding Kimberly Hendricks Lynn Wierzba Howell Tiffany Jacoby Patricia Kneisel Amy Waldren Knotts Charity Dravenstott Rauschenberg Lisa Spring Margaret Grissom Thompson Velvet VanNostran Gail Sarkel Walter Baldwin Wallace (Delta Upsilon) April Nicholson Couch Salvatrice DiSalvo Cumley Dorothy Benner DeAngelis Heather Foster Erin Thomas Haberman Karen Dolezal Heichel Naomi Barban Hoyt Deana Wasserman King Sharon Doherty Kovach Holly Hughes Long Kristin Radcliffe Muncy Michelle Feichtner Niemeyer Mary Pope Jill Podracky Prior Janet Alexander Radcliffe Kimberly Elbel Ridgeway Susan Sternen Scully Jane Wikete Ball State (Delta Rho) Shari Hay Barker Lorrie Hamrick Bilderback April Burger Bindley Heather Harmeyer Burnham Sandra Burns Michelle Clawson Wendi Samuelson Dull Betheny Kinman Dunlap Jodi Cantwell Earley Kathy Koeller Joyce Briggs Lantz JoEllen Pickel Luxton Kelly Davis Meyer Donna Fath Miller Lisa Linnemeier Quinn Lisa Funder Ratts Sherri Tobolski Sambor Beth Tumidalsky Snively Janette Snyder Annmarie Govert Yakubik Bentley (Zeta Rho) Laura Wallace Aldrich Michelle Powers Consoles Christine Daly Elster

Veronica Carillo Gaudet Janice Schuster MacDonald Kathryn Neely McDonald Jane Morales Carolyn Peruta Karen MacDonald Porter Beatriz Ramirez Melissa Maling Swirbliss Luisa Binetti Thomas Laura Ricard Towle Binghamton (Eta Zeta) Janice Hurtado Aeppli Helaine Rogoff Bertsch Andrea Grimberg Blattman Elizabeth Bloomer Cindy Greenberg Buchalter Donna Burns Michelle Clark Cheryl Halpern Colvin Lisa Contreras Susan Costomiris Joy Gores D’Angelo Danielle Eddo Lynda Feldman Andrea Gomez Gail Gottehrer Julie Grudzinski Ziba Guy Ronny Goodstein Helstein Stacy Kaufman Theresa Lamaina Susan Weisbader Lubeck Lynda Markoe Michelle McGinness Mellino Janice Mullins Maria Napolitano Theresa Pesce Judy Reilly Irene Rizkalla Cheryl Rodriguez Theresa Sammarco Rita Sansone Andrea Schiller Marian Schnecker Laura Schwalbe Pattie Santamorena Stevens Cathy Telesca Lori Vellozzi Dana Weiner Amy Weiner Andrea Weinfeld Andrea Fink Weiss Barbra Richman Wilen Laurene Marks Wolf Boston (Eta) Remy Chong Lisa Butterfield Fiori Channe Speights Fotouhi Amy Friend Jacqueline Gibbons Suzie Hollander Kristen Kania Koloski Deborah Kriegsman Alice Moore Sloan Munter Sarah Parker Carolyn Roitenberg Diana Saenz Lisa Marlene Sawyer Delaine Thompson Wright Mary Chalmers Zakaluk Bowling Green State (Beta Omicron) Diana Bartholomew Albrecht Stacie Baird

Jodie Erickson Buettner Amy Cubbage Teri Briggs Detwiler Karen Radlinski Dougherty Lisa Firetto Lynnell Price Hankinson Brigitte Beaudoin Hiett Joni Keyes Kelly Kopko Deidre Huebner Krinov Jennifer Lark Michelle Brandt Manassah Chaureen March Jennifer Murphy Obloza Lisa Potter Angela Stevens Rosberil Susan Moorehead Rossello Jill Bradley Schieve Kimberly Wilkerson Shumar Elizabeth Spreitzer Lisa Horton Strandberg Amy Burkett Upton Toni Tapp Whitney British Columbia (Beta Theta) Lisa Domae Lee-Ann Francis Janet Hansen Julie Chung Keech Elisabeth Leung Tracey Lewindon Shaunah Majcher Jennifer Mott Merrifield Alisa Tanami Butler (Epsilon Beta) Kimberly Binsbacher Baker Cynthia Bell Caroline Cunningham Barbara Firth Christine Naab Foley Kimberly Bridges Gray Carol Warner Greggs Amy Hall Beth Hardamon Kristen Manley Kobold Stacey Chambliss Kyle Deborah Ringer McFatridge Karen McKinney Lynne Ittenbach Rash Marjorie Wray Rice Sara Sams Linda Sickman Amalia Tragos Stachowiak Pamela Reed Tipescu Tonya Muzzillo Weaver Katherine Althoff Winchester Cal Poly (Epsilon Chi) Brendy Bell Amy Paulson Brandenberger Julie Garrett Coleman Lyssa Deike Nicole DeKellis Nancy Devoy Kristen Gregory Traci Sneller Henegar Karen Franklin Kohles Carla Palazzo Elizabeth Arnsdorf Patterson Tanya Polley Elizabeth Priebe Elizabeth Quinn Nancy Rock Kristine Tonoli Siegal Sharon Kong Smith

Jessica Souza Kim Carlson Sweeney Andrea Lowry White Lisa Boscacci Winter Jill Zurnaciyan Case Western Reserve (Zeta Pi) Carolyn Hanaway Colleen Kilbane KerstinMacBride Sabitha Rajan Heidi Rohl Carole Banks Russo Debbie Walcher Aimee Nolasco Weiner Central Michigan (Epsilon Zeta) Denise Leonard Rosen Colorado State (Zeta Mu) Tracey Frank Lisa Brown Gleason Kinsley Hyland Shelly Hyland Ruth LeBlanc Columbia (Zeta Chi) Joni Finegold Michele Gitlitz Sarah Messer Glommen Anita Chhabra Kapoor Eunmee Lee Anne-Marie Markowski Martinkat Jennifer McQuade Indira Mehta DeAnne Merey Elizabeth Moss Angeline Nelson Tina Passalaris Alicia Powers Amie Dutta Richardson Helene Walisever Jennifer Weiner Cornell (Delta) Violetta Argueta Andrea Balinson Carolyn DeWilde Casswell Susan Guarnaschelli Collins Terry Osika Cornelius Tonya Ippolito Cremin Bernadette Donohue Alyse Etelson Lucy Filip Jennifer Dixon Gledhill Cheryl Goldstein Anna Greenberg Jacqueline LeMole Deborah Blazey Martin Eileen Rosen Miller Jamie Ottenwaelder Roberts Bonnie Gould Rothberg Jeanne Rozwadowski Sharin Skolnik Amy Stern Christine Fleming Taylor Annett Inacker Trail Shari Lamkin Treichler Anne Welch CSU/East Bay (Eta Delta) Gladys Lozano Aadland Patricia Alvarez Michelle Burns Ann Cruse Susan Ernst Elizabeth Clarke Garcia Joanne Finamore Godfrey Kelly Gormly Claudia Graziano

Think a sister is missing from this list? The Executive Office may not have current contact information for her. Email or call 847.316.8940.

Kelly Howell Marie Jeno Kimberly Linford Sandra Tom Lyall Denise Burks Marks Rosa Dorrance Martinez Carri Nelson Judith Nicolini Kimberly Wanamaker Oliver Charlotte Pirtle Beatrice Nerke Poeschl Inez McMillan Puderbach Karen Bozzone Raven Honey Binning Reid Denise Foreman Saylor Tamara Rollins Stover Karen McFarland West Vilma Wong Amy Wong Michelle Catingub Woodfall CSU/Long Beach (Gamma Kappa) Jennifer Fattoruso Caridi Tina DeVan Devlin Deborah Yanko Doke Caryn Williams Ehler Fiona Farrell Janet Ramirez Feigle Lori Gillard Mia Goesch Corinne Haigh Michelle Christian Jackson Deborah Lackner Johnson Christine Craft Joseph Carlyn Juergens Amy Greene Kramer Leslie-Ann Murphy Lamer Kimberly Magrann Gina Palladino Christine Perry Karen Ramirez Holly Sine Ramsdell Riva Reznick Laura Sertich CSU/Northridge (Epsilon Upsilon) Teresa Bentz Theresa Bui Lisa Fineman Sheri Havard Kavanagh Judy Noone Kerner Tayna LaMantia Felice Levine Jennifer Price Lisa Reisner Jennifer Reiter Jennifer Shulman Lisa Varon CSU/San Bernardino (Eta Beta) Kymm Barnes Kristen Walck Williams Dayton (Zeta Psi) Ginger Bower Deborah Colonna Wendy Dalton Wendy Deetjen Jeannie Lechleiter Donovan Laurie Ecker Jackie Gigante Jill Kettelhodt Cathy Kowalski Amy Abdella Kressaty Tina Lounsbery Becky Pellegrin Jennifer Peters Ann Petroski

Fall 2012

Vanessa Sanchez Donna Schwartz Alice Lechleiter Sheehan Kimberly Slogan Ann Kidd Toomb Kelly Brady Uhl Delaware (Epsilon Nu) Beth Dinardo Mary Anderson Enright Ilene Glickman Julianne Klein Hamilton Tamora Rawson Harkins Caroline Hennrikus Ingrid Hohmann Maria Granda Johnson Terry McFall Keller Keri Lawler Jennifer Laynor Wendy Levin Susan Loeffelholz Julie Madnick Mary Rambo McCormick Joanne Basil Mistove Elizabeth Gropp Moore Bronwen Morgan Nancy Nightingale Stacie Mayew Pettit Susanne Raftery Kimberly Raiman Heather Keeney Richardson Dina Stevens Maureen Fitzgerald Westerman Karen Becker Williams Sonja Truitt Wilson DePauw (Gamma) Jamie Bass Julia Bodensteiner Carie Larson Davis Susan Etter Sara Fleming Heather Humphrey Leslie Davidson Jaworski Amy Carter Jones Polly MacIsaac Stacia Anderson Meriano Jennifer Williams Moore Elizabeth Pielsticker Mary Struck Ray Laura Muggleston Robbins Dorinda Hall Rouch Kim Rowe Cindy Seitz Julie Shaw Laura Sherck Sims Kimberly Rodman Starke Nanci Steman Mary McCracken Tyndall Lisa Compton Vann Carrie Tuttle Wells Ellen Shideler Wheeler Elizabeth Wrobel Drake (Gamma Omicron) Leigh Gruber Anderegg Kathryn Baginski Markell Blake Ellen Meents DeCaigny Mollie Finch Michelle Baratono Fox Catherine Russ Hogan Jill Mataya Lynda Parks Laura Laubenthal Pattermann Sheri Pearson Suzanna Pyka Michelle Rubin Jodi Sellman Ann Swisshelm

Alpha Phi Quarterly


25-year Sisters (continued) Laura Weiner Dana Widrig Duquesne (Epsilon Iota) Mary Garrubba Bates Lisa Bucci Julianne Butschle Michele D’Ambrosia Mary Donatelli Rita Grant Lore Holmes Diane Koscelnik Nichelle Lylo Wendy Otto Nan Palmatier Parks Darla Scalo East Carolina (Delta Alpha) Mary Ryan Anderson Bonnie Armentrout Leann Cherry Bakht Donna Kahlbaugh Belles Julie Daniel Biggerstaff Sarah Daugherty Amy Gillespie Dunn Amy Proehl Greene Nancy Haeussler Hendel Charlene Leggett Murrin Beth Hawn Oliver Eastern Illinois (Zeta Alpha) Janine Kardas Asmus Tammy Bacon Pamela Barkus Kristine Bruce Michelle Larson Cockrell Susan Vits Cornett Karin Scheuerman DiCecco Cristen DuChateau English Susan Sprung Flamini Susan Holdsberg Crystal Mark Angela Taheri Matteson Mary Alcorn Mitchell Kelly Oakden Amy Ratterree Debra Canady Snowden Megan Meneley Stockton Joni Breitbach Yates Elmhurst (Zeta Xi) Carrie Edwards Alexander Carol Aristodemo Andrea Baiardo Jamie Ballauer Stephanie Boardman Gina Ryan Brighem Susan Ritter Cozart Melissa Kurpiers Finnegan Mary Folkers Molly Carpenter Green Elisabeth Campbell Grunwald Monica Farina Jansen Valerie Jurgens Cathy Kubiniec Arti Patel Tina Marie Miranda Patron Victoria Pritchett April Burns Sanchez Michele Simler Wendy Cannella Stott Mary Vogts Franklin & Marshall (Zeta Sigma) Polemnia Gianakis Amazean Matina Angelakos Raquel Bagon Lisa Barnstein Karen Kopecek Bernd Cheryl Bernstein Barbara Brandt Christine Pellegrini Busch Genevieve Dumlao Gina Guarnieri Jill Holben Marisa Puglisi Kelso Moira Koffinke Jennifer Mass Kristen Molloy Lisa Donato O’Keefe Christina Patterson Dinamarie Perrino Michele Pinn


Andrea Richtel Patricia Strain Idaho (Beta Zeta) Nicolette Ames Crow Catherine Eaton Laura Ward Gatewood Kristine Henggeler Laura Johnson Jodi Lenkner Amy Pugmire McReynolds Shannon Coe Wimer Wendy Allen Woods Andrea Knoblauch Wright Illinois (Beta Alpha) Angie Anderson Althaus Amy Johnson Ashta Gladys Aureus Deidre Boland Kristin Butcher Amy Stapleton Conderman Brenda Monk Douglass Amy Hume Dwyer Tanja Powers Fischer Laura Fox Laura Gerarby AnnMarie Semasko Grubich Kathi Hausman Aline Hoey Nancy Vercelli Krokos Susan Buhrfeind Metzner Laura Michalowski Miller Sheila Kelly Miranda Susan Moresco Ann Moroney Jennifer Crawley O’Keefe Laura Parent Lola Paschwa Amy Nelson Popp Denise Stallions Reese Jill Shattler Joyce Slater Leatha Smith Julie Snow Trina Talbot Rhonda Esposito Vasilopulos Janine Meatte Whitaker Illinois State (Zeta Tau) Patricia Choate Campbell Jodi Cohen Leslie Cunnea Cecilyne Maranon Christine Moody Cindy Swidler Ray Leigh Girard Rosich Amy Russo Leanne Lanzotti Urbina Jodi Whitaker Amy Witucki Indiana (Beta Tau) Jamie Clymer Broyles Jennifer Burton Julie Jerman Cooley Luann Nix Deese Elizabeth Engels Rose Etzel Laura Firsich Amy Prisk Franklin Sarah Miller Gleaves Jill Timpone Hatch Christina West Hawkins Megan Sgro Horrar Kayleah Appleby Maddock Julie Masciopinto Stacey Anderson Reiff Karen Mikiska Roberts Christina Tomaino Schacht Kirsten Rhoades Steiner Kimberly Tarnacki Melissa Hofmann Zobrist Indiana State (Delta Pi) Lori Attmore Stacey Garhart Cynthia Schwinghamer Roach Indiana U. Southeast (Zeta Epsilon) Melanie Straw Boone Rhonda Quinn Fields Tina Stilger Garber Teresa Payne Grim Deborah Moore Jackson Bethany Oyler Kerr

Alpha Phi Quarterly

Fall 2012

Susan Fitzpatrick McBride Nina Fulda Portman Kenna Reynolds Helen Seebold Stephanie Johnson Watson Iowa (Delta Epsilon) Holly Oppenheim Abramovich Elizabeth Unger Benoit Kim Waitek Bissing Elizabeth Brown Amy Carson Suzanne Yarrington Coleman Margaret Barrett Dowling Kimberly Plate Eberle Kim Edwards Ferguson Kimberly Fitzgerald Amy Hartmann Kathy Kayner Jennifer Peterson Kinney Kathryn Weyburg Krhin Suzanne Larson LeAnn Frye Levey April Gallo Maher Carol Grafton Meyer Melissa Knudson Morgan Pamela Nolin Nelson Robin Kelly Porter Lisa Baratono Rathslag Dana Ross Alisa Bradley Smith Heidi Jacobson Smithson Stephanie Roche Solis Kris Theobold Kelly Tumy Susan Dickerson Vinisky Sheila Ryan Wettengel Iowa State (Zeta Delta) Nancy Albright Campbell Kay Pudenz DeFreece Sue Renner Gilland Jennifer Merfeld Helding Debra Smalley Huftalin Diane Kretchmar Laura Volker Lee Cindy Sealine Lovig Jennifer Monteith Moira O’Brien Carri Schnittjer Lisa Shatkus Carol Shoenhair Talley Ann Thimmesch Johns Hopkins (Zeta Omicron) Athena Soussa Abbott Mona Basta Jeanine Boyle Audra Mai Chai Michele Cootauco Unice Lieberman Diamond Deborah Fenner Gina Gill Glass Berit Goro Susan Hoffman Ilene Jacobs Debra Krupke Susan Land Elizabeth Monaghan Angela Muras Alexandra Pham Nancy Giacobbe Richardson Anne Marie Schultz Melissa Selke Linda Ogden Wolgemuth Lauren Wylonis Kansas (Gamma Delta) Debra Howland Burgess Catherine Clark Samantha Pipe Cook Christine Covington Jill Croy Lisa Capel Jones Kerry Flynn Magee Elisabeth Nelson Mikesic Debbie Moore Marlese Cortner Moreno Donna Hinton Neal Michele Sears MaryKay Spiegelhalter Michelle Tilford

Elizabeth Young Tybinkowski Melissa Umphenour Tonya Claussen Wyles Tammy Young Kent State (Beta Omega) Michelle Bogovich Kimberly Cowgill Wendy Auskings Fairchild Julie Riffle Gilson Holly Hobzek Tamara Krannitz Kristen Pascoe Krecic Denise Hovan Mc Nea Lisa Montgomery Stephanie Renie Andrea Lohmeyer Simpson Jodi Sittig Laura Smith Jodi Godby Wagner Lander (Epsilon Mu) Jennifer Hammond Boniol Karon Creamer Donna Allen Davis Melissa Gaillard Durham Lisa Wright Fuqua Cynthia Snelling Griffin Rhonda Jennings Rebecca Jones Jennifer Nichols Leesa Rodriguez Sally Spradling Shipman Rhonda Weathers Lehigh (Epsilon Psi) Renee Anisko Heidi Miller Crawford Nicole Sordi Dewell Samantha Leff Dorf Deena Frantz Donna Haviland Beth Hershman Pam Lazear Suzy Park Jennifer Remington Julie Rupprecht Julie Scharankov Jennifer Schindler

Mary Mazzaro Selina Libby McGlauflin Stacie Reed Jessie Renski Kathy Sypek White Manitoba (Beta Eta) Jennifer Myers Maryland (Delta Zeta) Ellen Anapolle Jennifer Bergman Kathryn Potter Bontempo Jennifer Hajton Briskin Bonnie Cabot Marlene Venit Camp Christi Dill Lauree Elovich Christine Engman Lora Giancola Leslie Marmon Goldberge Elizabeth Gross Rebecca Hamilton Sheila Nelligan Himes Jennifer Hoglund Tanya Kater Vanessa Kluth Stacey Kramer Pamela Krinick Stacey Liebler Fran Lombardi Lisa Marfino Lisa Marks Debra Melnick Jessica Miller Hillarie Morris Linda Mulrine Tanya Akins Siskind Sabrina Smith Alexa Lenkin Smith Katherine Spratt Kristen West Christine Corrado Windle Miami University (Gamma Nu) Susan Gulda Aey Deborah Moster Aikman Rebekah Allison Emily Bathrick

Trisha Grier Sunderhaus Jennifer Warshaw Wolpert Kimberley Young Michigan (Theta) Christina Barr Michelle Binienda Julie Barkin Carlyle Sharyn Daskal Beverly Day Jennifer Eck Sara Emley Lisa Lutz Fenchel Amy Cohen George Donna Hamilton Kellermann Cheri Magid Sandra Bublick Max Renee Rockwood Karen Reynolds Roskiewicz Christina Pollins Shackelford Lauren Wyler Smith Anne Wells Steinhauer Michele McCarthy Walsh Jeanne Staver Wolfe Kathryn Yao Michigan State (Beta Beta) Beth Carroll Sarah Corey Nancy Segesta Curran Diane Gibbs Michele Cooney Griffith Jill Kilner Kim Kozlowski Laurie Liles Stephanie Morrison Lorenz Michelle Paris McInerney Johanna Culmone Moriarty Leslie Lamacki Murphy Sue Neff Carolyn Swink O’Neill Kathleen Perry Amy Shaw Pomrink Sandra Horstkotte Price Laurie Risk

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Toni Smith Elizabeth Short Stothoff Karin Verkooyen Loyola Marymount (Zeta Beta) Monique Figueroa Akker Linda Basse Laura Bisciglia Elena Burdick Karen Kubani Burley Mari Carras Lisette Costa Maura Doherty Carrie Ellsworth Christine Gaines Fritzi Kimmel Gragg Antonia Haase Lavender Shae MacKenzie Lawler Barbara Mestyanek Cheryl Payne Susan Waller Poland Juliana Rangel Julie Sorgi Diana Kalty Swanson Laurie Kunipo Tablan Maine (Delta Nu) Kimberly Shea Berg Kristy Bouffard Heidi Webster Cashman Heather Jenkins Anne Keyes

Jennifer Borseth Emily Davis Clay Ann Clemens Melissa Cox Amy Erhards Patty Barker Fitzgerald Caroline Barrett Green Leslie Heller Katherine Guttman Hunt Teresa Davis Hutchison Megan Faust Kauffmann Lisa Kias Whitney Kitner Carrie Krehlik Holly Deck Krigbaum Cindy Hammer Linzell Andrea Gustman Maher Kristin Hackenburg McClellan Julie Cancasci McConaghy Sheryle McCoy Stephanie Wiener Miles Anne Hayward Noonan Elizabeth Hecklinger Schaffer Catherine McCorkle Shapiro Lisa Sinex Sirkin Nancy Bush Snyder Amy Sobolewski

Jennifer McHugh Ross Amy Taran Gaynelle Wagner Julie Willson Midwestern State (Gamma Omega) Carrie Jackson Susan Petrich Minnesota (Epsilon) Kristine Anderson Robin Benjamin Kristen Booth Julie Brennan Anne Dailey Stacey Horn Jayne Essen Jensen Julie Braunworth Osterberg Robin Bennett Schoenwetter Anne-Marie Ramstead Sullivan Deborah Croxen Wanous Erika Woelfel Missouri (Omicron) Tasha La Hue Barr Lisa Baumann Jennifer Paulsen Burris Melissa Perlman Chelist Heidi Nelson Colench Paula Primus Cunningham

Kathleen Delworth Tammy Brenner Diefenbach Sara Keltner Ellis Lisa Kujawa Furnish Jill Miller Gardner Gina Jobe Gassett Lana Lauher Guernsey Jennifer Parks Heberlie Susan Kunderer Held Machelle Howard Henks Doranne Hipp Jill Horseman Lory Mohart Howlett Holly Mueller Hunter Karen Wedde Josef Elizabeth Lammers Tracey Callaway Lubrook Jennifer McManamee Julie Kleiner McNamara Jill Michelman Kim Hooker Nelson Faith Powers Nancy Gillis Provin Kim Reinhard Stacey Roth Kim Schraeder Heather Kuhnert Shawver Tiffany Jacobs Stromeyer Amy Jordan Tvrdik Angela O’Brien Vittengl Julie McCarty Vogel Betty Bohl Vollmar Kristin Marlen Wittenbrink Linnette Maier Woodman Laura Lueck Worster Rebecca Schultz Yeargain MIT (Zeta Phi) Victoria Mixon Atherton Sara Bottfeld Christina Boyle Renee DuBord Brown Linda Call Emily Candell Jisoo Cha Sharlene Day Michele Monclova Father Marianne Augot Fleischman Danielle Ford Denise Gonzales Alethea Morris Hayes Anna Ison Christina Ko Tina Lee Koo Jennifer Lloyd Kristin Newton Elizabeth Nickerson Beth Pruitt Cassandra Santos Kristin Slanina Schondorf Andrea Zimmerman Montana (Chi) Christine Daday Kara Gainan Dahlberg Shaeleen Harrington Fasbender Carolyn Hanson Jona Jeffrey Holly Leischner Trinjia Lydiatt Whitney Cain Meredith Paige Sebald Miller Christine Myers Michelle Ortt Kimberlee Peterson Laura Kersten Rembe Kelly Parker Smiley Jennifer Snorsky Kristin Stratford Lisa Surber Patricia Tingley Jennifer Streeter Ulrichs Devaney Morrison Welsh Murray State (Zeta Zeta) Leslie Borge Brewer Christy Buchanon Cynthia Givens Caton Tammi McCord Crossett Cheryl Disney Pamela Schell Graden Christina Harrelson Rose Kelley Christine Brazle Knight

Chapters may not be listed because they did not exist at the time (e.g., chapters were closed or not yet established).

Lynne Koenecke Melissa Lane Darcy Lorenzen Keyla Martin Margaret Girten McGraw Tammy Price Rebecca Stadel Nebraska (Nu) Amy Aldy Bench Kristin Dillon Bergmeyer Laurie Shields Brown Doreen Lee Carpenter Theresa Cudly Fangman Paige Sanford Felt Tanya VanBorkum Gieschen Angela Haas Angie Minchow Hohensee Kimberly Windhorst Kaup Shannon Shaefer Mitchell Lorraine Moravec Lisa Carstenson Paradise Julie Rookstool Selina Shultz Joni Johnson Sundquist Camene Theil Wilson Rebecca Zweig Nebraska/Kearney (Delta Xi) Michelle Bourne Andrea Heth Cammack Wendy Hansen Consoli Tracy Spomer Falconer Kristine Blasig Grzywa Jennifer Hoff Wendy Smith Hund Brenda Rash Karn Kristine Larsen Kathy Laverty Julie Kniss McCoy Elizabeth O’Hara Jill Weiland Peters Mary Derr Shuger Michelle Fender Wilbur New Hampshire (Eta Alpha) Amy Schreiner Bouman Christina Bouras Elizabeth Bunyon Janine Clymin Leslie Michaud Donnelly Mary Fiore Susanne Geery Michelle Maxner Kristin Bardeen Morgenstern Denise Morrison Kimberly Oates Lynn Mezzano O’Connell Susan Blanch O’Connor Danielle Vinal Riley Kerry Maloney Rimstidt Robin Smith Emily Perkins Spear Renee Stecker Nicole Vautour North Dakota (Pi) Jill Bartz Brace Erin Goodman Burmeister Sarah Freeman Elizabeth Rutten Heese Lisa Ault Jost Kimberly Kenville Anne Kvistad Shannon Shafer Maixner Laura Pineur Lara Olsen Prozinski Rebecca Rillo Louise Nagel Ryberg Susan Simmons Lisa Bushaw Stordahl Beth Brossart Strickland Pamela Weigel Sara Hovland Weisgerber Deborah DeMars Wright North Texas (Gamma Eta) Melissa Cornell Abbott Vanessa Moon Baker Meredith Ballard Judith Bates Barb Dollak Bilyeu Susan Stutzman Box Paige Spellman Elliott Pamela Bender Fish

Amy Lichtenwalter Griswold Tina Taylor Jansen Joanne Spicer Jordanov Sherri Lucas Eileen Hudson O’Banion Cammi Macy O’Teter Lezli Ritcherson Colleen Ryan Diana Marrero Vargas Julie Williams Northern Colorado (Delta Gamma) Julie Billeisen Brenna Cate Elizabeth Babcock Cox Karen McCullough Dell’aglio Kristin Wiegman Feth Ann Peterson Gallegos Julie Donovan Knabenshue Syalynne Rowley Kramer Sharon Ladley Diane Callender LoPresti Shannon McGuire Katherine Moore Pamela Kemman Peterson Julie Smith Spilstead Northern Illinois (Epsilon Delta) Laura Wolan Adams Stefanie Wilke Allen Lori Doherty Bee Renee Duncan Cagle Melissa Gast Rhonda Gorney Heidi Huber Kalin Melissa Kline Kim Kreft Cindy Wright LaCosse Jenny Phillips Luzzo Joy Meredith Marie Engels Miller Susan Napoli Neymi Figueredo Nehring Lori Wilkosz O’Keefe Christina Packard Laurie Pecora Svetlana Torgovnik Potrue Heidi Schwander Cheryl Hallman Sisson Amy Smith Jennifer Wawak Smith Susan Tomasik Linda Rog Westerberg Melinda Rapp Wolfe Northern Iowa (Epsilon Theta) Shannon Hess Ashman Vali Vial Beurskens Gina Cervetti Kimberly Grabau Danko Wendi Mead Kelley Berst Reis Leana Wright Northwestern (Beta) Jodi Friedman Beasley Kristen Theobald Braig Katherine Dedo Maria Fowler Graft Catherine Bull Hasler Chrissi Bloom Jackson Amy Orchard Jungbauer Usha Gupta Lenell Deborah Klein Lopez Deborah Fessler Mersino Aleksandra Nikolich Samantha Pellin Ospelt Dewi Bolhassan Rainey Rachel Spears Rescorl Stephanie Roberts Donna Greenberg Schwabe Heather Siglin Jennifer Gilbert Sinkovitz Francine Tyson Turk Elizabeth Wagoner Jeri Zimmermann Ohio State (Rho) Terri Minotti Casey Lisa Luckado Ehrhart Christine Conley Fisher Aimee Stojetz Galloway

Amy Westwick Godkin Christine Block Greenwalt Laura Bleisath Harris Jodie Pfahler Hopkins Victoria Kohler Calli Selzer Kohmann Lynette Engman Kramer Kathy Lewis Julie Meighen Maitino Annetta Nienhaus Major Meni Morris Frances Kienle Pease Anne Marie Branco Peretz Denise Radomile Susan Rosenzweig Lori Ann Simon Sevick Angela McCool Smith Suzanne Stanton Heidi Stolz Gretchen Shepherd Tracy Kirsten Vance Erinn Horn Whitehead Oklahoma (Phi) Shannon McShane Bradshaw Christina York Caldwell Amy Schwegler Candelairo Denise Collins Rhonda Coon David Susan Freese DeMoss Fredericka Benken Dodson Darlene Robertson Eisel Jan Elwood Christine Erbrick Kristen Freeman Kelley Childers Friedberg Amy Zoblotsky Gardner Kimberly Gilbert Pamela Pinkerton Halter Amy Markle Hanna Jill Kirchgatter Annette Brady Klososky Gina Ciffone Kluge Anne Lynch Lisa Bayouth Madigan Chris Millican Stephanie Moore Tracey Trahern O’Rourka Kimberly Yates Payne Paige Schwartz Pulscher Lisa Robb Jeannine Bogue Rodgers April Sholl Catherine Simsarian Carrie Rollins Skaggs Kimberly Copeland Sorensen Cynthia Williams Teresa Braun Yaw Oklahoma City (Delta Delta) Karen Adair Maya Balan Susan Barber Shelly Hocker Beckham Shannon Goodwin Brent Shannon Clark Susan Gilstrap Cosby Christy Carlton Germany Shelly Henderson Nora Judge Kathy Keller Jennifer Medver Kelli Miller Amy Nease Laura Dudley Ousley Elizabeth Nelson Reiter Jeri Foreman Richardson Marlo Maddux Roddy Jennifer Rose Janice Tims Kirsten Hamilton Vaughn Elizabeth Walker Old Dominion (Epsilon Eta) Jennifer Bradley Linda Carlson Karen Rich Gatewood Kelly Jackson Elizabeth Johnson Kathleen McHugh Patricia Rabbitt Stacey Spedden Kelly Walsh

Oregon (Tau) Christine Douglas Battles Lori Bizieff Sissi Buan Christine Buxton Lynn Payerle Coke Colleen Corso Kathleen Costa Kim Latta Jensen Lisa Johnson Janet Juppenlatz Deanna Keltner Julia List Jennifer Miller Adria Olender Susan O’Reilly Carolyn Reynolds Amy Sweet Jenni Collins Valentine Oregon State (Beta Upsilon) Julia Bailey Aimonetto Carolyn Dolby Patricia Eichelberger Teri Davis Harris Nadine Reames Johnson Susan Kroger Stephanie Lindbloom Annette Maguddayao Judith Mattson Nagy Carinne Nagy Gretchen Pranger Powell Laura Robertson Theresa Wagner Theresa Wagner Adrian Mancuso Watts Amy White Penn State (Gamma Rho) Andra Balog Lynn Nophsker Bertram Catherine Bowles Amy Brandt Elizabeth Brown Carroll Christiana Johnston Cavada Eugenia Chu Deanna Gieschen Clouse Lisa DeLellis Collins Dolores Mingione Curley Tracy Deal Debra Denison Nisha Doshi Karen Earl Cassandra Brutzman Edmondson Kristine Brogley Elkins Susan Ellis Amy Hoch Espada Colleen Finnegan Shawn Flynn Franks Marianne Abraczinskas Freeman Jennifer Gee Kelly Polinsky Goldwait Nancy Bair Graham Monica Walker Green Susan Canning Held Diane Stohler Hoey Jennifer Bent Jones Tara Goff Kamradt Lesley Fitzgerald Kerwatch Stefanie Jones Knopp Ellen Krechtler Cathy Partyka Lenhart Kimberly Christianson Leva Elizabeth Harsany MacKenzie Pamela Lieb Marakovits Jill Maslynsky Jodi Kaufmann Mechem Laura Tarditi Miller Angela Molnar Karen Tiernan O’Donnell Gerri Volchko Paulisick Danielle Pike Michele Procino Jody Olson Reck Jeanne Fry Repage Stephanie Gebert Sell Sherri Shields Carol Stacklin Jennifer Perry Stoltz Rebecca Timblin

Katherine Hosterman Tobias Stacey Spaid Yanosy Puget Sound (Gamma Zeta) Bridget Kesling Adams Desiree Invie Baldocchi Julie Keller Bosma Jean Campbell Catherine Freeman Corley Mary Luce Fisher Michelle Dos Remedios Kelly Elizabeth Love Gwendolyn Etzkorn Malone Kelly Marquardt Heather Marth Shawn Martin Stephanie McDonald Christine Crosby McTighe Amy Pamplin North Jennifer Martin Odenwald Ann Thomas Peterson Rebecca Treanton Stay Kris Tanahara Takeuchi Julie Trauscht VanHorn Karin Winter Purdue (Delta Mu) Billi Barnes Akins Marie Cubellis Artim Amanda Buchanan Melissa Driver Melissa Rainbolt Gettelfinger Cynthia Gieseking Golemon Lisa Hohn Lori Scher Hughes Sydney Goldberg Isley Dawn Jones Paige Keller Lani Barnes Kircher Robin Kittleson Susan Phillips Kivioja Charlene Gigliotti Lafontant Barbara Maglish Stephanie Mason Deana Murphy Kelly Nonte Jil Farrell Underwood Elizabeth Weihe Sharon Andrews Weil Tamara Wightman Traci Stewart Willman Rollins (Beta Lambda) Eva Davis San Diego State (Gamma Alpha) Danielle Beckenhauer Stacy Berger Jennifer Carlenzoli Susan Smith Carpenter Maria Parra Cleary Christine Conlee Lana Cook-Wesley Heidi Crowley Amy Curley Lori D’Anza Susan Comine Dobbs Christine Carpenter Freitas Melisa Guidera Jennifer Sawin Han Vicki Jones Karen Kellogg Colleen Kelly Andrea Focha Keyser Kelly Moore Kuhn Kelly Liddle Marnie Lincoln Kiran Lovejoy Barbara Rios Manber Lisa Levitan Molkenbuhr Julie Mund Christy Rohleder Navigato Christine Niemeyer Christine Marinec Nina Kelly Chalfin Ponchetti Angela Cortese Sacco Jotsina Sanghera Sara Shuffelton Anne Murrieta Sutcliff

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Camille Bice Wedbush Tracy Woodman San Jose State (Beta Psi) Christina Iserman Acampora Gina Gaudio Ahern Deborah Arbasetti Sharlene Tsuboi Ayabe Sara Beukers Stacey Gervais Dell Susan Edwards Catherine Ferandin Teresa Schmuki Froomin Tara Harberer Herington Wendy Holder Clarissa Moulton Isbell Elizabeth Kennedy James Lisa Macaluso Kearton Gail Hehir Kulick Patricia Hill LeBaron Kimberly Mayfield Vanessa Blasé Ness Patricia Porter Tina Royce Alison Ruday Beckie Six Santa Clara (Zeta Gamma) Shireen Allahyari Tina Beauchamp Yvette Castro Lisa Gonzales Contey Diane Contreras Lisa Dinh Joany Draeger Christina Flores Denise Hayashi Forman Jean Foster Peggy Galeb Anne Hurley Giannini Ann Shrank Hooton Tina Johnson Barbara Anderson Jones Anne Kristich Debbie Gildenberg Lee Anastasia Martinez Malloy Lauren Ruzicka McCosham Joanne McGuire Michele Meade Julie Hernando Morgan Mary Nacionales Jamie Deming Newton Anne Clarke Quaranta Kristen Richter Michelle Robinson Karla Wagner Rockhold Jenny Olivas Rossetto Andrea Angell Scates Kathleen Schneider Lynn Sawamura Shimada Kathleen Smith Laura Morris Smith Lisa Vestal Renee Reece Walz Jeanette Davis Whorley South Dakota (Psi) Tricia Duncan Amen Amy Chicoine Anderson Sarah Adam Axtman Kelli Cummings Benger BethAnne Getzug Bennett Sandra Bieber Bobbi Poore Conzet Nanette Endres Kelly Maloney Gellerman Stephanie Oseby Golden Ann Jacobson Hakes Signe Rossing Hilde Lisa Iverson Liz Gerwulf Kraska Kristine Kelly Kreikemeier Tami Haugen Lund Julie Mikulicz Mahaney Therese Manzer Andrea Opbroek Mindy Miller Parker Gina Eppel Reynen Southern Illinois (Epsilon Xi) Cynthia Andreasen Holly Bildner Cynthia Cange Melissa Young Costello Sara Stephan Dahm

Fall 2012

Shannon Stone Floyd Stephanie Greytak Deneen Hansen Kristine Hartenstein Heidi Lathrop Johnson Karin Hartenstein Long Michelle Taylor Lowe Julia Lynch Christina Schmidt Marker Anna Olivetti Jennifer Grantz Pearce Stanford (Kappa) Melissa Baker Julie Bianchini Eva Chang Katharine Cornelius Marjorie Turk Desmond Valerie Chadd Edwards Julie Cheatham Foster Laura Wilkinson Gable Andrea Gardner Allison Gerson Rochelle Gutierrez Cynthia Harris Lisa Hering Dara Denels Hogue Andrea Gaylord Holland Stacy Hoover Maria Huntalas Lorrain Joaquin Lisa Johnson Kathleen Jordan Fadhila Martin Kim Medrano Thanh-Van Nguyen Mary O’Hara Courtney Reed Marylou Meier Salmon Smita Shah Kimberly Thomason Sheets Mukta Srivastav Pamela Simpson Stout Mary Sungaila Danielle Swiontek Laura Turner Jennifer Ura Susan Starritt Wallace Jeanne Wanlass Linda White Lisa Yanney Alicia Ybarra Syracuse (Alpha) Annie Diehl Baba Ellen Bahlmann Cheryl Bacher Bakos Alison O’Rourke Burns Julie Loveland Comanici Kristy Arganbright Cox Janice Curran Odalie Cramer Curtis Jennifer Didomizio Nicky Mody Grzybowski Sarah Haessler Elizabeth Vaughn Hern Victoria Hutton Christine Jennings Stacy Jurgelewicz Kagawa Ilene Gangel Kaplan Elissa Karp Khakee Milissa Rocker Klotz Elise Leavenworth Lyndi Hand McSweeney Melissa Greenberg Merrill Amy Clifford Messenger Christine Volk Nording Tracey Watkowski Silva Marci Witzeling Tierney Texas (Omega) Kamala Kvinta Bergeron Stephanie Bittner Gina Cho Stacey Thulin Daniel Julie Gillean Kelli Goad Lynnette Gulley Jennifer Harrell Maria DeCesare Haskell Kelly Alexander Hunter Shelly Armstrong Iacobell Kristen Frost Lounsbury Julie Mahan Melinda Mann Teresa Martin

Alpha Phi Quarterly


25-year Sisters (continued) Michelle Wooley Miller Celina Moo-Penn Ruth Richmond Moore Leigh Quebedeaux Moore Madelyn McCormack Morgan Amy Jones Newton Wendy Wilson Nolan Terri Ludwig Ottinger Star Rowlett Pedron Terri Pietrzak Ransleben Anneke Schroen Tracy Sears Georgeann Shepard Mary McLaughlin Smith Jennifer Shaw Swailes Robin Konop Winter Elizabeth Wood Elizabeth Lee Young Texas A&M (Epsilon Omega) Dayna Lewis Gorski Texas A&M/Commerce (Delta Beta) Francine Goldman Parr Texas Christian (Zeta Nu) Martha Gaede Barker Ramirez Alice Blair Carter Ann Shelp Coburn Margaret Grimm Daniel Kristen Nordby Levac Roxana Tom Joy Raymer Woodson Texas State (Zeta Kappa) Veronica Allen Bridget Carson DiAnn Prater Cook Michelle Chance Hatfield Vicki Huxel Mary Cobb McDonough Traci Meyer Ostberg Terri Netterville Popp Joan Price Nora Alvarez Shoemaker Jillaine Borden Taylor Texas Tech (Gamma Iota) Monique Morgan Auer Sally Buckner Janemarie Wages Clark Thersa Crossland Cox Kirsten Anderson de Silva Carolyn Egge Caroline Clark Fox Jennifer Brady Gampper Laurel Richards Gerald Shannon Brady Giehsler Heather Hammond Danna Murphey Harmon Christi Sherwin Houser Jodie Browning Hudson Angela Nix Koemel Janie Markley Llanes Kristi Crooks Lockaby Lyn Lovell Melanie Fore Maes Kelly Beeson Middleton Adrienne Forrester Mitchell Angie Morman Kira Weiss Schmidt Michelle Petty Schwartz Meloney Smith Kendra Nelson Sutherland Jennifer Glass Winstead Toronto (Xi) Maura Kukarick Kathryn Mason Mara Darnbrough Riordon Sarah Whiteway Tufts (Zeta Theta) Elizabeth Abramson Adriana Apolito Kathleen Lawler Bodmer Lisa Goz Robin Shillman Rosenblum Susan White UC/Berkeley (Lambda) Annette Barlow Carolyn Gillespie Bass Susan Bogy Blanco Diane Hsiung Chang Hilary Furtney Cooper Kelly Rott Coulombe


Sheri Flame Allison Gruettner Hallie Hart Christie Horine Lori Manes Cara Miller Stacy Wolf Molano Andrea Sarros Patzakis Heidi Vandervort Roddan Stacey Wharton Valerie Wharton Teri Koller Witteman UC/Davis (Epsilon Rho) Nancy Kehrli Ahnemann Shereen Ali Heather Beall Jillian Blackerby Marla Reed Brandt Amy Crabbe Chalmers Cheryl Dent Laura Schneider Flores Ellen Harris Lisa Pendlton Kearns Victoria Lee Roberta Li Nancy Lieberman Karen Timmerman Luchini Kathryn Sullivan Ming Linda Roth Joanna Stone Lynn Uilkema Lisa Vinogradov Ronell Kuratsu Von Chance-Stutler Melanie Mosley Williams Jennifer Yasumoto UC/Santa Barbara (Gamma Beta) Cristina West Alvarez Lisa Arellanes Deborah Suyeyasu Babineau Kimberly Barnes Elizabeth Bell Kristin Hall Berger Dana Otto Chabanel Traci Chamber Chamberlain Dana Rice Clarkson Debra Cohn Melissa Filuk Cook Nancy Soares Corson Pamela King Crone Kerri Greene Curtis Maura Fahy Dekker Stacey Ernst Julie Fallihee Kristine Hodges Gilbert Cynthia Berman Giuliani Cynthia Harman Kristy Morris Hengler Lisa Litt Mary Williams Matlack Tina Sugarman Minkow Michelle Overstreet Catherine Knobbe Pederson Geri Hershman Petersil Michelle Pickering Elizabeth Reinheimer Deborah Robinson Jill Muchow Rode Kimberly Rosen Susan Daly Sisson Leanne Mettler Strommen Jennifer Barkman Swords UCLA (Beta Delta) Juliana Baldo Wendy Berman Victoria Karstens Bloise Caroline Tubb Fair Janette Schateles Flintoft Pamela Watrous Herbert Kristin Hicks Deborah Hirsch Marcia Nelson Jackson Cherie Hovelsen Johnson Donna Keeler Kiminki Cheryl Kirk Kirchmeier Stephanie Smith McDermott Yvette Monus McFerson Leeann Cali Meeker Cynthia Shiley Moon

Alpha Phi Quarterly

Fall 2012

Stacey Morrison Kristi Nelson Patricia McCarthy Olmstead Rina Pakula Mindy Fisher Schlossberg Carolyn Sherins Shauna Thompson Simmonds Christine Snow Leigh Speicher Patricia Masangkay Thompson Alison Daly Van Dyke Nicole Montna VanVieck Winnifred Will Cynthia Hill Wirt Stacey Morehouse Zeriaut USC (Beta Pi) Claudine Arras Alyssa Awe Mary Batorator Deborah Bolstad Kristine Rohwer Canterbury Kendra Carter Wendy Tartre Carter Alice Sidney Davis Michelle Derohanesian Danielle DiBernardo Tracy Sopp Ferrara Michelle Fimbres Michele Perry Garbrr Tiffany Squires Glasgow Wanda Goodis Erin Ostram Kau Eugenia Koudanis Lisa Lindeke Monica Herbig MacIntosh Kimberly Parker McCreedy Lara Martin McDonald Lara McGinty Susie Morton Erinn Myers Lisa Niznick Judith Adelizzi Parker Zoe Pittokopitis Lori Prout Lisa Shlens Alison Song Sherry Wishney Villanova (Eta Epsilon) Kristin Cella Abell Loren Armenti Margo Auchter Suzanne Bennett Victoria Black Joyce Tricoski Brill Susan Callan Michele Severance Cashin Sheila Kearns Christie Kathleen Colliton Carolynne Mazzella Coriliano Kathleen Cory Patricia Cronin Therese Cresanti Daknis Deidre Dickson Mary Mayfield DiPietro Ann Wilkerson Dougherty Theresa Doyle Joan Dunkle Stacey Eddinger Maureen Engel Anne Mason Gallo Susan Wausnock Gregory Michele Gaudet Hiatt Carolyn Gerg Jensen Annmarie Keating Nina Koch Nela Latt Pamela McAuliffe Madden Kimberly Manuele Marina Theodorous Marsh Robin Morin Jennifer Marlin Peterson Laurie Purpuri Erin Quinn Laura Riethmiller Jolene Rubbo Cathleen Ryan Melinda Swedo Sharrock Dina Yerkes Smirga Kimberly Smith

Denise Springborg Kim Stampien Maura Harling Stefl Leisa Tarquini Laura Muccini Tiefenthaler Mary Tillotson Virginia (Zeta Iota) Ginny Askew Holly Bander Courtney Schmohl Barrack Coventry Cable Boucher Kirsten Norberg Bushman Kelly Fitzpatrick Lisa Miller Heiser Tracy Hesler Julie Hulett Lauri Risser Johnson Tanna Mentz King Kristin Kisska Melissa Lockman MacDonald Rhonda Wood Molnar Dawn Inglis Montgomery Alice Hensley Pope Olivia Wheeler Rabinowitch Carla Spagnola Juliet Zelkowitz Washburn (Upsilon) Jodi Alonzo Amy Hischke Birch Shelly Evans Mary Edwards Finney Cherene Kimmel Fisher Susan Sippel Liening Peggy Miller Mary Blume Moss Deanne Sotrines Noel Nicole Noel Norman Abby Porter Ann Bracken Smith Washington (Sigma) Heather Appel Connie Bates Amy Beard Melinda Bender Lyn Marley Blanchard Heidi Bittner Diaz Angela Dillman Shelly Ramsey Houston Leanne Hauger Irwin Kelly Sheridan Lake Jill Laffaw Lee Robin Pollett Lloyd Christine Miller Mary Newhoff Tricia Schulenberg Peggy Sullivan Julie Tamaki Tammy Schwartze Torrence Dana Fischer Wiebe Washington University (Zeta Upsilon) Arlina Ahluwalia Katherine Anderson Ellen Kroft Apley Stephanie Scherer Brandale Michele Drotman Jill Zacks Duhl Laura Matyear Florence Lisa Lundeen Gaddy Miriam Geroge Laurie Rubin Glaser Leslie Corbin Goldberg Jill Sacks Hammerschmidt Susan Choi Hansen Carolyn Estreicher Hauptman Virginia Heinlein Stephanie Herdrich Jill Kallet Ilana Kutinsky Melissa Marks McDowell Stacy Levin Pagan Jami Levine Schulman Hadley Truettner West Chester (Epsilon Kappa) Tiffany Donovan Aceto Bonnie Barrett Ann Beegle

Patty Dempsey Lisa DiNardo Anita Carr Fellenbaum Jennifer Franz Corey Gettes-Leibowitz Michelle Hamel Courtney Cotton Holland Lynne Rentner Tracie Harrison Stahre Kelly Stockhoff Stephenson Susan Vescera West Virginia (Beta Iota) Judith Taylor Berry Christine Griemsmann Courtney Amy Wieloh Darmelio Mollianne Starcher Hamilton Jennifer Dickemper Hicks Cynthia Keenan Kristen Bonacci Kenna Kelly Larrabee Stacey Vereb Lubar Robin Faust Pascarella Jennifer Reilly Michelle Rossetti Beth Stevens Anna Jose Stiller Evie Victorson Lora Westfall Jeanine Weeks Whiton Western Michigan (Delta Theta) Camilla Coats Kristen Bushouse Crandle Dena Giancotti Derocher Karen Goldstein Christine Comar Hardin Laura Shields Kathman Melissa Price Miller Sandra Boesiger Palazoo Giavanna Palazzolo Erin Aughnay Pickrell Deborah Post Kristen Rettig Terri DeForge Snowden Kristin Ticknor Walters Sandra Devine Watson Wichita State (Gamma Xi) Kimberly Wiens Barber Cathie Farrell Gantt Michelle Edgmon Holle Brenda Landwear Kentling Lori Lair Caryn Larson Landreth Melissa Wangemann Maag Karlyn Glover McConico Karen Isham Mortinger Kandra Naccarato Riedel Stephanie Staats Rosenhagen Kimberly Moore Sanborn Melinda Shimanek Shively Michelle Meier Smith Kathy Shafer Turner Lisa Schrader Wesche William Woods (Delta Chi) Marsha Presley Ballenger Cynthia Bartosz Donna Bellocchio Lori Brewer Robyn West Comeau Ginger Fredrick Stacey Gilmore Mary Guido Joy Jackson Tracey Kilts Karen Runge Ledgerwood Cheryl Jones Morris Leanne Canterbury Neumann Catherine O’Shea Stacia Peterson Stephanie Pilkington Laurel Rosen Stacey Sickler Jennifer Fisher Thompson Tami Thomsen

Amanda Viator Kenna Weber Wisconsin (Iota) Rachel Bacalzo Rhonda Bergel LaVonne Bigelow Lynda Bouchard Jessica Spitalnic Brockman Jeanine Ciecko Rachel Sasson Dorfman Alicia Smith Dupies Lisa Wiltsey Essi Melissa Marasco Gebhardt Anne Royse Ginther April Halverson Stephanie Menshek Hess Hillary Horrigan Kathryn Kalscheur Blair Kampmann Elizabeth Rutigliano Kearney Megan Kenny Michelle Lambert Laura Larson Janeen Laska Jennifer Fuhrman Levaca Gretchen Lilyholm Suzzane Loose Sussanne Maleki Kathleen Garvey McNeil Anne Nie Kathryn Patmore Deborah Bast Prahl Stacey Shaw Pruss Kim Radbell Sara Steinkamp Cathy Summers Cheryl Paust Swenson Sarah Weinkam Erin Ennis Weiss Ryann Whalen Michelle Willms Jennfer Grable Winninghoff Anna Yelinek Wisconsin/LaCrosse (Delta Kappa) Leslie Brell Ann Klapperich Chapman Karen Nelson Cranford Judith Wemstrom Wisconsin/Stout (Gamma Sigma) Kelli Foster Buffo Sheryl Chouanard Chelminiak Julie Peterson Fischer Tracy Rademann Gundert Kathleen Anderson Hill Caroline Olson Husby Leta Anderson Jensen Mary Kuchenbeiser Julie Natzke Kuehn Barbara McCants Deborah Helland Mossman Deborah Lamere Nordahl Rae Tjernlund Olson Jil Parish Elizabeth Patrick Shelbie Stolarczyk Pedretti Lisa Kell Pierce Sunhi Ryan Elisa Soper Heather Popp Stevens Terri Sweetman Susan Jackle Weishoff

Alumna Initiate (Alpha Lambda) Beverly Bailey Lorraine Pulis Berger Beverly Davis Benja Filkill Elizabeth Phelps Fowler Wilma Tiemerama Garthwaite Marilyn Wagner Harring Catharine Pentelow Nystrom Susan Crawford Strand Faye Hyde Strayer Bonnie Brown Thomas Patricia Haag Turner Anita Austin Watson Carol Wyman Adrian (Delta Eta) Sharon Reynolds Arwood Dorothy Boyse Brown Barbara Marsh Cabble Nancy Melquist Geuss Nancy Graham Paula Hartzog Juday Sheryl Hammond Jurva Michele Collins Lewis Sally Rehse Mason Janet Guerber Mayer Sharon Ross Nix Marla Ott Elaine Gearig Rychemer Sheryl Barnhart Safran Nancy French Smith Jean Gilliland Taylor Margaret Daugherty Turner Donna Stewart Vivian Alabama (Beta Mu) Iris Shaw Bjorn Patricia Wilson Compton Betty Rigsby Foote Nancy Kerr Massey Rosalind Reynolds ONeal Carol Harvey O’Rourke Martha Williams Richards Mary Jones Sawtelle Priscilla Jones Shamblee Carol Burch Sticher Holli Massi Watts Arizona (Beta Epsilon) Virginia Brand Anderson Margaret Costich Barnes Mary Shaffer Bart Donna Clancy Bondioli Margaret Hodge Cross Gail Conwell Cusack Camilla Vincent Diamos Nancy Moore Doster Robin McCormick Dunlap Jennifer Nelson Felps Garrie Glick Weitzel Judith Williamson Haag Margaret Harris Helton Diane Parker Klein Terry Kearney Lacy Penelope Durfee Lowe Maiya McDivitt Marshall Morrison Jo Ann Morse Bernadette DeRose Padula Irene Rasmussen Barbara Hayes Sherman Georgia Ray Wolfe Arizona State (Gamma Pi) Donna Hillhouse Clodfelter Barbara Capper Smith Joy Mahan Stewart Suzan Fuller Worrell Sharon Faast Zeigler Jane Hundertmark Zettler Boston (Eta) Michele Cote Bergstrom Alice Chase Elizabeth Lavarge Cramer Nancy Davison Harding

Chapters may not be listed because they did not exist at the time (e.g., chapters were closed or not yet established).

50-year Sisters 1962 Fun Facts: Convention headquarters are moved to the elegant Edgewater Beach Hotel on Chicago’s lake front for the first time ... John H. Glenn, Jr., becomes the first American to orbit the earth ... Release of first Beatles recording: the single “Love Me Do.” Left: The 50-year pin, a silver circle with four red stones, is created so your original badge can be placed inside the circle.

Babette Maier Krause Pamela Franklin Tice Alexandra Engelhardt Tomes Bowling Green State (Beta Omicron) Kathryn Battles Adsovic Suzanne Woodlock Babiak Carol Bichan Beilharz Larri Lawrence Bice Charlotte Holdash Brafford Carol Jones Cass Linda Ernst Eberly Sally Ewalt Sandra Stewart Ferguson Barbara Besserer Folkening Patricia Schindler Golda Judy Yentch Grant Linda Roth Gray Rebecca Rossley Head Mary James Marjorie Bartlett Lea Barbara Baley Marton Judith Stiritz Park Patricia Dixon Sell Sandra Pasuit Studer Susan Simon Tierney Georgia Young Turco Susan Rollius Turner Ann Schlessman Voight Claudette Hyduke Wead Susan Brown Wenzler Celeste Ramey Wiggins Sidney Doane Wild Pamela Moe Zanolli Bonnie Benedict Zele Bucknell (Beta Chi) Penelope Pratt Appleby Ann Clark Beck Dorothy Vcelka Frank Linda Gangloff Joan Petach Randles Nancy Farr Webb Colorado (Beta Gamma) Nancy Hurt Becker Georgia Blum Jean Bodman Anne Norris Burkholder Andi Johnson Crisp Mary Lynn Mitchell Fader Jane Dohrmann Fallon Carol Kretz Fernau Bradone Bradley Fisher Beth Huey Fuller Christine Taylor Gomez Patricia Paschall Grillos Elizabeth Colm Jamieson Pat Flick Kitzel Cheryl Bain Klein Deborah Sisbower Lingwood Nancy Thomas Lorenz Patricia Weyrich Northlich Linda Lynch Smoak Susan Malamuth Temple Pamela Woodford Colorado College (Gamma Theta) Janette French Barbour Pamela Bays Florence Holmes Cecil Jean Whyte Gerber Susan Halton Mary Spring Isaac Judith Reid Susan Sehnert Rider Janet Okamura Sakahara Lynn Sipple Sweetay Susan Kania Uhlarik Cornell (Delta) Sherryl Wolff Anderson Rosalyn Hall Barbieri Rachel Taylor Baroni Ann Mothershead Bjorklund Anne Baker Fanton

Elena McGovern Goyanes Susan Rinehart Grant Patricia Anderson Harwick Susan Blair Jenny Joan Melville Jeanne Saeger Powell Marcia Reese Margot Turnbull Taylor CSU/Long Beach (Gamma Kappa) Janis Foster Barr Suzanne Just Choate Evelyn Powell Ford Linda Beyer Richardson Barbara Kalin Samardich Sharon Carter Smith Carol Pell Waxman Denison (Beta Kappa) Bonnie Andorn Diane Annala Jamie Oconnor Bolane Sally Reggel Oakes Brenda Maynard Reardon Sally Martin Richter Ellen Rouse Catherine Yates Woofter DePauw (Gamma) Nancy Williams Auran Suzanne Schurmeier Bible Roberta Baltz Dunn Hedy Bryant Garlock Sally McCall Grant Valerie Watson Hamilton Sarah Roberts Houghland Linda Stone Kemp Margaret Tucker Key Anne Self Lee Sue Rauser Liebich Sue Nahigian Miller Patricia Murphy Cynthia Rogers Pisor Drake (Gamma Omicron) Jean Lytle Anderson Andrea Reavley Annau Judy Storey Bohrofen Susan Handy Bonthius Jane Ewing Brown Judith Eason DeWinter Judith Freshwater Sue Nimocks Jones Bonnie Gilbertson Kraus Janet Staples Luing Beverly Castner Miller Elizabeth Ellern Olson Gail Feller Pilgrim Karen Kidd Prichard Barbara Rockwell Thomas Susan Peterson Wistey Drury (Gamma Gamma) Janet Lay Atkinson Carolyn Woodsen Bartlett Judith Finley Franklin Deena Beason Hilburn Linda Young Hoag Nancy Kelley Kay Mitchell King Mary Kneemueller Parker Markita Jones Thompson Carol Deffenbaugh Wayman Duke (Beta Nu) Linda Bower Dean Sarah Weaver Dillon Elizabeth Lime Hadley Kathleen Stettler Hall Amy Morrison Perry Carol Chomicz Turnbull East Carolina (Delta Alpha) Andrea Harris Norris Roberta Eason Wallace Florida State (Gamma Phi) Mary McCampbell Bell Vivian Woolwine Buck Nancy Jones Fawcett

Joyce Anderson Goodwin Sylvia Rosser Haddock AvaSue Herold Hickerson Claudia Mathews Kehler Patricia Maroney Deborah Allen Moon Mary Clevenger Neville Elizabeth Reilly Nielsen Glenda Evers Pizzoferrato Edith Shaw Stone Beverly Himes Taylor Georgia State (Gamma Mu) Carole Ellis Boswell Marcia Ezell Crabbe Susan Jessup Diffenderfer Dee Ellis Susan Dance Gavalis Marilyn Downing Jones Mary Powell Roberta Reynolds Stender Charlotte Cavender Woodall Idaho (Beta Zeta) Irene Bishop Adams Myrna Wills Alcorn Melodie Smyser Blower Christiana Cook D’Ambrosio Kathie McConnell Murrell Anita Cox Remple Jeri Ross Paula Artis Schappacher Rosalie Bishop Storment Illinois (Beta Alpha) Mary Bane Betty Fry Cushing Lynn Mitchell Mattson Marjorie Foote McBride Susan Gerfen Ray Lenice Colangelo Rodewalt Sara Boggs Sammons Jacqueline Gee Sharp Lucy Becker Thomas Indiana (Beta Tau) Phyllis Plummer Clark Elsa Henry Crocker Patricia Greves Dyhrman Cindy Pfennig Fowler Andrea Baker Glynn Suzanne Siegesmund Groennings Sara Hindman Hoover Julie Groscost Hunt Diane Myers Lee Karen Schuler Lybrook Jermayne Fritzen Moore Judith Cramer Palmeter Quindaro Groth Paul Jane Jacob Rooksby Susan Steers Pamela Pride Vernon Carol Deckard Wilke Iowa (Delta Epsilon) Marlene Wynn Behn Karolyn Bright Brockmeyer Kathleen Jenkins Clarke Karen Swanson Engman Pamela Wiggins Habel Janet Stapleton Higgins Martha Whitmore Morrison Dorothy Morrison Mowen Priscilla Waters Nei Barbara Lightner Pahre Carla Esch Salmon Mary Storck Stamy Kathryn Ritter Stillwell Carolyn Casady Trimble Michelle Weldon Utsler Raejean Caudle Warren Barbara Ahrens Weissenborn Patricia Jaeger Williams Kansas (Gamma Delta) Evelyn Beightel Allen Nancy Nemeth Alvarez

Charlotte Ensley Bogard Betty Schultz Carlton Karen Love Dale Carol Dombaugh Galvan Aisla Griffith Higgins Barbara Gill Hockman Mary Kline Hubbard Sara Coleman James Barbara Woodruff Johnson Deanna Kerr Judith Boelling Lutsky Joan Wohlgemuth Musbach Sharon Roy Nellis Helen Nott Gail Williams Ochs Patricia Koos Pestinger Leta Cathcart Roth Karen Gillig Sankey Sylvia Swogger Sheldon Lana Turner Smith Linda Coleman Suchman Helen Jorgenson Sutherland Susan Green Thompson Mary Jones Thompson Lyn Rambo Walsh Patricia Culbertson Wiggins Kathleen Wingert Kent State (Beta Omega) Cara Brunst Beer Maryanna Michl Biggio Holly Wynn Borden Deanna Knight Davis Jeanne Burke Hammons Cynthia Keys Hoover Nancy Montgomery Mann Barbara Grills Martin Jan McCleery Kay Donecker Merchant Patricia McDonald Oblak Barbara Pariso Purcell Antoinette Perkins Slick Donna Schreiner Trohanis Angela Bazen Walker Nancy Kaiser Wettstein Kathryn Mills Wise Manitoba (Beta Eta) Jocelyn Burgess Barnard Donna Peter Byrne Janice Morgan Horton Maryland (Delta Zeta) Patricia Fenimore Bennett Carole Anderson Bullen Linda DuVal Crafton Sandra Willis Donelan Christine Maxwell Fendley Joanna Zavetz Hughes Kathleen Calder Miller Marilyn Znamirowski Pahel Lucille Sullivan Selfridge Carol Lutheran Tomasovic Miami University (Gamma Nu) Kathy Rentzsch Bollenbacher Paula Menard Chambers Susan Simpson Haring Carolyn Giallombardo Hayes Sue Franklin Horn Mary Gagel Salm Lois Kish Snyder Martha Benson Swanson Judy Zischkau Swartz Pam Patton Thompson Sandra Smith Warner Sara Lehr White Bonnie Hiler Woll Michigan (Theta) Linda Hancock Conway Nancy Chinn Dobson Janet Kroenig Eddins Jean Hohenstein Elliott Kristie Knoblauch Fitzgerald

Joan Guarniere Graf Penny Ingram Griffith Mary Adamson Hanna Marian Hammond Hart Patricia Gilchrist Jackunas Mary Barr Johnson Sharon Smith Klein Mary Lloyd Sharene Pugno Menson Ilene Spencer Mills Norma Harvey Peltz Jane Schember Robertson Kristin Wagner Sloan Gayle Ryan Vogel Michigan State (Beta Beta) Ann Smith Bennett Anne Greenawalt Erickson Linda Firth Fleming Sally Harris Hannert Sally Wallace Hunner Diane Vollmer Keller Sharon Lueck Mansberger Beverly Shannon McIntyre Margo Prentice Osterink JoAnne Hutchins Rand Susan Linsday Reck Emily Minor Roberts Midwestern State (Gamma Omega) Vicky Noblitt Elam Nancy Arnold Estes Mary Turk Gammell Sunny Wilhelm Keene Mary Grill Linn Patricia Hanley Wasmund Joy Murdock Winston Janice Vogel Wood Minnesota (Epsilon) Michele Mathews Aulwes Nancy Hallberg Benson Margit Larson Berg Jan Huckaby Butler Virginia Russeth Carroll Bonnie Ott England Sidney Surles Murphy Susan Wilson Revier Mary Peterson Scrivener Leslie Kennedy Smith Josephine Bell Whitlatch Missouri (Omicron) Jane Becker Ann Richardson Bell Martha Proctor Carter Karol Renshaw Crouch Nancy Woods DeLisle Suzan Kraft Deneen Betty Heuerman Edwards Glenda Teter Finley Jane Shoush Harrison Suzanne Zvanut Lagomarcino Yvonne Luecke Latcheran Jan McNeely Lewis Elaine Fernandez Litwak Judith Schutt Becker Marbus Joan Schwendinger Murahata Barbara Sensibaugh Kathleen O’ Brien Vellam Montana (Chi) Colleen Henry Boyer Beverly Simpson Braig Sharon Bourke Dimich Delores Sagar Elston Retta Rae Fasbender Patricia Scott Finnoff Sara Kind Kane Dorothea Hirst Myers Mary Myrene Nancy Thorson Olson Nancy Jones Peterson Vicky Burkart Roda Nichali Paulsrud Sliter Diane Cox Steffes

Think a sister is missing from this list? The Executive Office may not have current contact information for her. Email or call 847.316.8940.

Carolyn Patterson Stevens Paula Morse Wetzsteon Nebraska (Nu) Joyce Anderson Tomich Connie Spelts Brouillette Rebecca Yerk Colburn Marjorie Enright Cole Marjorie Neben Davis Dianne Grubb Dinetz Jean Perrin Hellerich Rosemary Long Jamison Linda Crocker Jochim Karen King Mader Nancy Flood Malmsten Charlene Goodwin McWilliams Susan Unthank Perlman Catherine Stump Rauch Stanley Stryson Rediger Julie Eakes Schaefer Ann Shuman Janine Wattiaux Spencer Donna Rist Torvik Elizabeth Ruck Ward North Dakota (Pi) Kathleen Hamilton Beamer Judy Mosolf Birdsall Carolyn Feldner Danko Judy Bartz Espinosa Linda Shefveland Johnson Janice Shepp Jones Janet Haakenson McNair Karen Johnson Mondry Margaret Halcrow Nordell Erline Walker Orr Ilze Palms Elizabeth Schuster Rice Karen Sorlie Russo Gail Gillis Stackelhouse Diane Muus Sullivan Margie Tivis Tysdal Sharon Ronan Walters Kathleen Clower Wolf Mary Burns Wysocki North Texas (Gamma Eta) Avon Mitchell Cline Jacquelea Morrison Cooley Betty Pappas Courtney Brenda Rogers Crawford Charlotte Henley Dockray Betty Boyd Francisco Suzanne Abercrombie Herttenberger Judy Coons Myers Charlotte Sanders Norman Mary Jane Acord Orsburn Suzanne Abernathy Perry Martha Ellis Raasch Betty Short Tarver Carolyn Burkett Vaughan Carolyn Taylor Watts Nancy Stegall Williams Northern Colorado (Delta Gamma) Karen Albright Bang Judith Peter Berringer Jean Mackey Bojack Ann Boyum Sherry Taylor Bunting Linda Westerberg Dick Alice Stracy Falkenberg Natchi Matsumami Furukawa Linda Martin Futterer Kitty Bowman Hadji Laurel Isenhart Jensen Susan Clark Karlin Nancy Brown McCool Sandra Weihing Parker Carol Dorsey Ragsdale Margaret Starr Rider Joyce Walker Judith Makson White Linda Billings York

Fall 2012

Northwestern (Beta) Diane Krueger Anderson Anne Bennison Victoria Taylor Broadie Joan Loescher Brown Katherine Kling Clifford Jane Copeland Victoria Black Courtney Marjorie York Crosby Janette Shear Davenport Sandra Neville Haggart Barbara Krichbaum Dara Wolf Laforce-Skelton Maryanne Koopman McFarlin Margaret Devine Mohrman Susan Nelson Moore Cynthia Parker Katharine Norris Rosenberry Carolyn Stahlbrand Mary Mueller Walsh Jere Scott Zenko Ohio State (Rho) Dianne Davis Annis Elizabeth Blakemore Baltz Judy Davison Carlos Jane Hartley Cecil Suzanne Jenkinson Culver Gretchen Seitz Detrick Ann Goldthwaite Fuchs Janet Pugh Hysell Luann Mueller Kauffman Barbara Troendly Leshniowsky Cecelia Vaughan McClelland Linda Brown Mizer Kathryn Williams Reese Ardeen Wills Schaefer Jane Blair Schmottlach Mary Martin Sherman Glenna Spurlock Stemen Linda Marshall Turley Susan Lynch Vogel Sheri Rase Warnick Elizabeth Lowdermilk Westman Martha Timura Worth Joan Corwin Yumul Oklahoma (Phi) Marie Green Evick Mary Tanner Floyd Nell Green Maryln Green Harman Rose Winkler Harry Kathryn Chapman Hawkins Shirley Grove Hays Katherine Hodges Sharon Burba Icenogle Sandra Nourse Lilly Carroll Briscoe Martz Judith Udouj Maxwell Patricia Thatcher Montgomery Judy Williamson Reed Judith Baker Riley Janet Council Schisser Treva Vantine Schrade Mary Stitt Jessica Hagan Tesarik Oklahoma City (Delta Delta) Polly White Anderson Angela Fillmore Bachman Sammy Newcomb Wolohon Oregon (Tau) Suzanne Seeborg Abram Kayla Larsen Ager Sally Jochimsen Blair Janet Sather Bush Patricia Keane Chaney Coleen Doherty Carolyn Yerkovich Ferguson Maureen Devaney Forsloff

Alpha Phi Quarterly


50-year Sisters (continued) Linda Bryant Gierke Jane Benidt Gleason Ann Goodwillie Ingemanson Mary Harris Jackson Carla Enegren Johnson Kasey Jones Janice Nakata Modin Sidney Smith Ramsden-Scott Linda Medcalf Rich Nancy VanHouten Roberts Linda Terhark Carolyn Mohr Turnbull Mary McKinley Williams Marcia Bishop Zervis Oregon State (Beta Upsilon) Suzanne Scotland Anderson Terry Barenz Bayless Katherine Nelson Brisbee Georgienne Foster Nori Wesson Hemphill Sue Wallace Jaqua Jean Butler Wells Keenan Linda Roe King Lora Bower McAllister Terri Reichert Morris Sue McCartney Plumlee Marsha Ploghoft Pollitt Susan Daly Roberts-Dalke Joann Kemnitz Walter Margaret Williams Maureen Horner Wright Penn State (Gamma Rho) Rhona Trantum Beltz Karen Stout Black Kathleen Nelson Bleakley Randi Myers Bourns Beverly Williams Burke Kathleen Edwards Clift Margaret McDowell Dabrowski Elizabeth Matz DeNinno Mary Connelly Donnelly Marilynn Dyer Joan Dercole Falcone Christine Nelson Grimshaw Linda Frost Harnum Barbara Herbert Goldie Laris Kroger JoAnn Jorgensen Ladden Whitney Psolla Lank Maureen Darling Listro Roberta Bogar McGee Patricia Murphy Noerr Linda Burns Seibert Audrey Miller Skowronski Mary Grzenda Taylor Katherine Young West Portland State (Gamma Chi) Susan Cornelius Carter Joyce Renner Ferriss Virginia Starr Milne Margaret Kelly Ohair Carole Peggar Linda Sundholm Quisenberry Puget Sound (Gamma Zeta) Elspeth Anderson Julie Austin Cox Shirley King Jansen Lynn Stevenson Johnson Nancy Werner Mathews Kathryn Kinley McLean Pamela Bartholomew Myers Elisabeth Powell Redon Diana Sorge Rowe Carol Leuning Scott Sharyl Gourley Solberg Sally Vasicko Pamela Read VonGohren Marilyn Mogenson Wienand Meribeth McKain Withrow Ripon (Gamma Psi) Leanda Carr Nancy Strutz Good Sandra Steiner Karkossa


Ann Laemmer McCann Janis Houston Powers Roanoke (Delta Iota) Linda Balink-White Sarah Wiest Bergeron Marjorie Shulik Brittin Nancy Bretherton Cattell Laura Iander Chegwidden Evalyn Scott Cole Caroline Engel Griffin Elinor Whitelaw Hunt Elaine Hunt Joy Sallie Yocum Krall Staples Nininger Kute Irene Legoff Laine Joan Schmitz Rollins (Beta Lambda) Heather Lieber Abbey Evelyn Bedient Avsharian Lee Corbin Brannon Cornelia Carey Catherine Cornelius Wendy Rabinowitz Gralnek Florence Christy Harding Barbara Diller Hartsell Merry Gladding Highby Ellen Barefield Johnston Mary Harrison Patrick San Diego State (Gamma Alpha) Judith Brigham Kathleen Clare Marilyn Brunner Daniels Jeanne Myers Emch

Joyce Henderson Nelson Nancy Johnson Persinger Mary Conover Schulz Luana Schmidt Shull Mary Stewart Julaine Richter Wedin Syracuse (Alpha) Kittie Sweet Alexander Sandra Olsen Chesterton Ellen Waitkins Coleman Susan Reeves Dunn Karen Welsh Ettinger Joy Calder Harris Jane DeLara Higgins Deborah Bayles Hill Phyllis Mueller Mueller Ellen McWilliams O’Neill Theodora Stewart Osgood Paula Wilder Rhodes Carol Lehan Richards Ellen Harrington Smith Sarah Cole Tague Marlin Walter VandeWater Margaret Mosshammer Walsh Andrea Fastiggi Washburn Texas (Omega) Ida White Allman Martha Pittenger Boswell Sara Ross Brown Marsha Baines Burks Jean Flint Cotton Barbara Dial Crandlemire Sharon Myers Davis

Rhoena Koepf Hopkins Jeannie Madsen Kramer Barbara Bescher Looney Kay Cook Magness Sandra Powell Price Darla Willingham Smith Julia Herrell Stafford Toronto (Xi) Brenda McGuire Duncan Margaret Masterton Landsmann Nancy Adams MacDonnell Sheila Dey Pepper Maureen Bustard Simpson UC/Berkeley (Lambda) Jane Tetley Escola Lucia Lagomarsino Foster Kathleen Graham Hutchinson Karen Parshall Kenlay Sandra Kierulff Brooke Skinner McAdam Robin Dinkelspiel Miller Robin Smith Sawyer Marian Polland Suther Mary Nock Ward UC/Santa Barbara (Gamma Beta) Judy Nicklin Cook Katherine Hill Frey Margaret Hill Frudden Jill Fisher Holmes Rosemary Lovell Deborah Brown Nicolson

Ordering Anniversary Pins One special way that Alpha Phi honors the endurance of membership is with anniversary recognition pins. These pins celebrate your affiliation with Alpha Phi on milestone occasions: 10 years, 25 years, 50 years, 65 years and 75 years. Certificates may be ordered individually. To order, email, call 847.316.8940 or visit, keyword: pins.

Arlene Castleton Ferguson Jamie Ferguson Chris McDonald Gonyea Linda Harbaugh Hillman Teri Shonaker Macy Sharon Dunn O’Dunn Sheila Shay Ortwein Suzanne Doeg Ramos Mary Brayton Simpson Marie Hoff Steinauer Marilyn Hoff Stewart Nancy Klopenstein Turner Nancy Strong Walter San Jose State (Beta Psi) Ingela Hansson Butters Carol Hayden Chell Carol Armstrong Commendatore Karen Harvey Flaherty Barbara Dunn Hulse Darlene Anderson Hultgren Marjorie Bursch Marsted Lana Lawson Nelson Joyce Loper Pollock Patricia Argilla Shinn Carole Wagner Thomas Susan Davies Walden Diane Spencer Webber Karen West South Dakota (Psi) Karen Hebeler Bartels Paula Riter Burtt Sue Beuck Eickhoff Karen Kramar Erickson Judy Gering Faulkner Julie Wikner Kastl Janet Baumann Larson

Alpha Phi Quarterly

Fall 2012

Mary Kay Sorden Dykes Margaret McGowan Fowler Elizabeth Smith Haralson Greta Gillan Henderson Carolyn Devins Kelly Sullivan Mimi West Kinard Betje Black Klier Alpha Muenzenberger Patterson Vanna Jessen Pierce Mary Darrah Simpson Judy White Standridge Suzan Benbow Taff Lucina Styron Vernazza Carolyn Moritz Vine Monica Andersson Wennas Sally Fetter Winslow Texas A&M/Commerce (Delta Beta) DeLois Tilley Bomberger Judy McKelvy Broom Wilma Edwards Nelda Francis Gossett Martha Blackwell Huff Mary Crawford Jansen Patricia Cole Nance Beverly Zietz Porter Texas Tech (Gamma Iota) Beverly Diggs Carmichael Jane Batson Cowan Emily Croom Gaylan Cole Edwards Dana Lawton Grimes Patricia Wallis Henderson Barbara Holloway Hildebrand

Penny Faust Perez Sherron Shields Willingham UCLA (Beta Delta) Elena Varni Biale Linda Bunn Delapenha Nancy Stoll Elliott Heidi Campbell Estep Carol Bruce Harlig Aleta Bowen Knight Patricia Bradley Lindberg Carole Haering Linn Elizabeth Haskell Martin Sharen Metz Karen Metz Kathleen Alfredo OLeary Margaret Alexander Timm Sharron Sanden Weakley Nancy Bergen Wise USC (Beta Pi) Jill Goodwin Anderson Linda McCarthy Badran Janette Hillman Cerwonka Mary Gillespie Chapman Mary McClister Cogbill Tenaya Stewart Custer Susan Swenson Daume Lynn Sluder Dotts Colleen Frederick Erp Vicki Smith Francois Charlotte Covelli Goforth Susan Owen Kravitz Patricia Reeves Milius Sharon Tarver Pelton Sandra Minasian Stenius Kathryn Hughes Zuber

Utah (Beta Sigma) Mary Story Anderson Judy Springfield Baker Velia Christensen Coleman Judy Haycock Lucile Jensen Shanna Ryan Kokal Janet Banks Lesh Barbara Hoge Lilya Linda Oldroyd Newman Patricia Milstead Nichols Kathy Fisher Oakeson Anne Clayton Petty Noreen Hale Pusey Washburn (Upsilon) Judy Branham Candace Craghead Cauflield Bonnie Knight DeWeese Susan Reicherter Gampper Cherry Blair Hall Donna Mannen Hartenbower Jeri Eaton Heycock Susan Hershey Latimer Janie Morrissey Verna Tothill Rose Linda Light Strasheim Julie High Thompson Cheryl Mize Warner Barbara Womack White Washington (Sigma) Barbara Davis Akers Carol Beach Bonnie Birch Nancy Hannah Brekke Hiltraut Spreunken Damm Patricia Doyle Jane Rimmer Field Kari Arestad Garrett Sonja Olsen Helm Suzanne Barnard Hubert Suzanne Miller Juzeler Jo Macy Laurel Davis McClintock Sharon Cordry Miller Kathleen Sutor Miller Bonnie Mackintosh Moffat Linda Lonctot Nelson Carolyn Buck Norman Karen Hite Olsen Susan Reading Pozzi Patricia Purvis Sargent Norma Croft Showalter Kathleen Johnson Young Washington State (Beta Rho) Judy Wengeler Bell Sandra Erceg Berg Catherine Sheehan Burkett Millicent Martine Day Judith Jaeger Gross Bernice Johnson Hopper Elizabeth Smith MacDougall Marlys Dalbotten McDermott West Virginia (Beta Iota) Barbara France Anderson Sue Thompson Arthur Beverly Zimmerman Azzard Susan Pilegge Broderick Jill Stevens Brown Elizabeth Saville Burns Linda Burns Coffman Nancy Figaretti DeRocco Dorothy Still Groom Janet Phillippi Izard Mary Biddle Jones Judith McGuire Lambert Virginia Beaty Lilly Barbara Carpenter Myers Virginia Perrine Nerz Brenda Isaacs Phalin Priscilla Burger Schneider Anne Heaton Seiler Marilyn Vogt Wyke Western Michigan (Delta Theta) Barbara Bailey Beardsley Christine Stuart Buck Susan Smith Cantrell

Judith Morgan Coglianese Marydith Pilditch Draves Sundeen Huff Farnum Linda Whims Finch Barbara Wylie Fuller Carol Moeller Gentry Bridgett McDermott Gorman Marlene Hammond Nancy Fradenburgh Hargie Mary Moore Hawn Sandra Hunt Jones Nancy Maul Keller Donna Konkel Carol Proctor Landsberg Patricia Manning McCarty Becky Jones Meisch Mardee Vankley Mott Nancy Grimm Peters Sandra Miller Reece Gail Rypkema Reisterer Annette Lefbom Schaberg Jean McCreadie Stoessel Shanna Thompson Nicette DeGgaudio Watkinson Whitman (Beta Phi) Karen Hammond Edwards Carolyn Tyson Wichita State (Gamma Xi) Judy Arnold Azama Diane Zuercher Bailey Virginia Schoonover Clinton Sharon Brunk Dennison Charyl Gelbach Hamilton Constance Hart Keesal Karen Ceasar Hogan Pamela Carter Schrag Cathleen Marsh Seybert M. Ferguson Slaby Norma Colvin Van Gieson Willamette (Gamma Tau) Susan Foster Jeaneen Shaw Joslin Carol Gibson Ratzlaf Janet Schlechter Staats Jacqueline Venne Wisconsin (Iota) Belinda Bellaire Patricia McClintock Claffey Susan Barna Cook Patricia Rudolph Cooper Lindell Calder Eagan Judith Herbert Falcone Pennelope Naleid Foster Janet Newlin Hauber Kathleen Kanzler Shelly Sheridan Miller Carol Roper Olson Jane Yost Rotruck Judith Jensen Schwartzbaum Jean Ritzenthaler Seery Lee Otjen Steenken Wisconsin/Milwaukee (Gamma Upsilon) Maureen Augustine Anthony Marilyn Snyder Franks Karen Liska Patricia Gertz Meerschaert Joan Mueller Barbara Balistreri Perkins Wisconsin/Stout (Gamma Sigma) Audrey Gniffke Anderson Diane Wenzler Barton Mary Groth Bryan Dianne Kernwein Dreher Carol Miller Froke Georgia Miller Geiger Mary Tyriver Lee Karen Mager Rocklewitz Jane Preston Schultz Janice Nelson Smet Joan Nevin Soderberg Judith Kemmer Trow Rosemary Anderson Twesme

Alumna Initiate (Alpha Lambda) Gwendolyn Mahoney Bucher Ruth Meisenhelder Howland Elizabeth AlexanderIjams Alabama (Beta Mu) Lela Lewis Locklin Laura Gaston Meade Katy Whatley Moses Mona Allison Wamick Ann Blackman Woodress Arizona (Beta Epsilon) Patricia Sisk Dozier Elma Henderson Henderson Maradel Marston Rowlands Anne Marsh Wiley Edna Wright Williams Boston (Eta) Barbara Chandler Dietrich Elizabeth Stephenson Inglis Barbara Burke Struckmeyer Marilyn Berridge Tanny Bowling Green State (Beta Omicron) Jean Starkey Bowman Jean Rudolph Collins Lavonne Koontz DePas Joan Bryan Fields Marilyn Schroeder Frantz Joan Shaw Gillespie Joscelyn Price Hallam Mary Hovey Hoover Marie DelSonno Keenan Alberta Gardner Kilpatrick Wilma Hollingsworth Lange Joan Banks Lipscomb Mary Kohli McOwen Marilyn Horn Penn Phyllis Kerstetter Shrank Marilyn Fleming Stimpfle Mary Westhoven British Columbia (Beta Theta) Audrey Gilbert Gaisford Sarah Tidball Glover Iris Murray Holmes Jean Mowatt Lane Maisie Ewart Mehling Jean Umpleby Morrison Gladys Worrall Warren Colorado (Beta Gamma) Mary Nolan Bartley Patricia Gorder Crandall Marjorie Rolander Crouch Mary Paulson Flower June Tuller Haring Jean Burnard Hillier Amy Marriott Johns Corinne Heffron McChesney Virginia Brickham Messina Dayne Tatge Penney Delores Lanning Schlessman Dorothy Adams Talbott Jean Berreau Trudeau Cornell (Delta) Sally Stroup DeGroot Mary Holcomb Haberman Marjorie Leigh Hart Martha Galvin Inskip Eva Potter Lee Sally Wallace Murray Denison (Beta Kappa) Beverly Brickell Banks Beverly Davis Bilon Margery Meeker Farmer Margaret Keenen Fetzer

Chapters may not be listed because they did not exist at the time (e.g., chapters were closed or not yet established).

65-year Sisters 1947 Fun Facts: Alpha Phi celebrates its golden jubilee year — 75 years of progress and accomplishment ... More than 1 million veterans are enrolled in college through the GI Bill ... Chuck Yeager pilots the first airplane to break the speed of sound. Left: The golden 65-year pin is an elegant interpretation of one of our most cherished symbols, the lily of the valley. Carol Goodridge Gordon Patricia Knoble Gorman Nancy Echols Johnson Patricia Jackson Long Marion Miller Pritchett Jean Mather Seibel Dolores Harrison Shreve DePauw (Gamma) Mildred Greenleaf Hodshire Martha Ingram Keene Joyce Walters Laughlin Nancy Decker Lenzen Barbara Jones Lowe Constance Barth Price Persis Orwig Rentner Marian Greenleaf Smith Mary Anne Quiter Truax Jane Hale Utterback Mary Wilson Whalen Jeanne Broad Young Duke (Beta Nu) Marilyn Myers Bottin Jane Murray Brooks Diana Buchanan Dwyer Dorothy Shaw Haac Marilyn Wilks Hoellen Phyllis Huyler Huyler Barbara Womble Inman Constance Green Mitchell Frances Bethea Ollen Marilyn Holland Radley Goucher (Zeta) Nancy Birmingham Jamison Idaho (Beta Zeta) Frances Schodde Burgess Betty Bellaire Kinsey Burnelda Halverson Lihou Berniece Campbell Martin Donna MacRae Mathews Clarice Hove Rainey Beverlee Randall White Eleanor Paulson Wright Illinois (Beta Alpha) Joan Nack Allen Marjorie Getz Baumgartner Kay Oconnor Dillavou Marilyn Schultz Doke Patricia Roller Johnson Florence Moss Ruehe Dorothy Greathead Tyson

Indiana (Beta Tau) Mary Keyes Adams Martha Goss Ball Doris Freeman Barnes Carolyn Slack Caughran Marilyn Bailey Dawson Lois Dunfee Elliott Mary Feinler Hedman Joan Merritt Holmes Carroll Brown Hoover Elvera Bittner Hyer Velda Lacey Jackson Jeanne List Kearney Jacqueline Schaefer Kesler Marian Knudson Kirkland Louise Laughlin Marietta Carol Lovell Miller Miriam Bottenfield Thomas Mary Cotton Walters Virginia Johnson Zink Manitoba (Beta Eta) Anita Krocker Aitken Margaret Dow Harrison Donna Stephenson Johnston Helen Pommer Maunder Michigan (Theta) Catherine Campbell Virginia Vieg Carpenter Jean Russ Chapman Eleanor Littlefield Dirrane Anne Sluyter Dryden Carol Swanson Estes Ann Sauer Hirsig Charletta Gray Hubbard Mary Walker Humes Janice Olivier McWilliams Carol Lecklider Neef Marilyn Strohm Roberts Marcia McCandless Siler Nancy Cress VanBuren Margery Metzger Weeks Joanne Christensen White Ann Thomas Woodruff Michigan State (Beta Beta) Sheila Geisel Aderman Ruth Gerstacher Alcock Helen Gramley Allard Jane Hootman Drake Margery Hoffmaster Fahrenbach Beverly Allen Fullerton

Patricia McGurrin Picard Martha Lyon Sartori Minnesota (Epsilon) Elizabeth Rochford Burruss Imogene Boberg Christian Susanne Egan Delaney Barbara Clark Erdall Deborah Nunan MacRae Marjorie Briscoe Millie Emily Staples Tuttle Missouri (Omicron) Reba Nelson Cassin Claire Weaver Cox Sherry Haldeman Fair Martha Bauder Graves Marilyn Weber Griesedieck Ruth Singleton Kime Claire Wheeler Newlin Jean Brannum Nichols Carol Ramsey Schuster Charlotte Karl Walker Montana (Chi) Shirley Troll Bundy Joyce Minto Dunstan Martha Denny Grieb Maevis Arnegard Harrison Virginia Robinson Lane Elizabeth Stoick Lohn Gwen Keene OHern Marion Liggett Ryder Virginia Messelt Sampson Nadean Kircheis Schroeder Patricia Owens Schwab Martha Staley VanSickle Kathleen Holmes Weckler Nebraska (Nu) Joann Wetherbee Bruce Helen Kirk Cooper Joyce Nebergall Knuepfer Theresa Lane McGrath Eliza Venable Sams Dorothy VanHorne North Dakota (Pi) Yvonne Madsen Dahl Carol Lake Gackle Jeanne Leonhard Leer Jo Lamb Metz Jo Tooley Nelson Kathryn Liebeler Ottum Jean Brazell Selbo Northwestern (Beta) Barbara Boynton Ruth Deutsch Greenbeck

Jane Gardiner Heydt Joan Cattin Lebuhn Adrienne Ramsey LeSueur Carolyn Stafford Merrill Jeanne Caldwell Olson Virginia Genrich Sammon Janet Neumann Shugart Joan Huene Simonds Patricia Tolson Evelyn Cullander Wright Margaret Thomas Young Ann Vaughey Young Ohio State (Rho) Shirley Austen Bull Ann Nuckols Hileman Mary Westbrook Reusche Sally Whaley Riddle Mary Nimitz Scoville Nancy Cottingham Truitt Mary Goff Trunick Joann Thomas Woltman Kathryn Hall Yoakum Oklahoma (Phi) Mary Wingate Berquist Joan Hartronft Calhoun Billie Killam Courty Laurita Sears Daves Diane Hardwick Freeny Mary Rowland Hardwick Patti Wahl Jahnke Carol Boecher Jameson RoseMarie Pratt Licher Marjorie Carlou Owens Patricia Cook Simms Margaret Mathis Steinberger Oregon (Tau) Dorothy Dougan Bryon Joanne Frydenlund Carlson Anita Jackson Cobb June Cowell Duhaime Mary Handelin Goodwin Nancy Fish Parmelee Joyce Findlater Ricker Carol Handelin Walker Janis Petersen Wallace Oregon State (Beta Upsilon) Barbara Bigej Charlotte Johnson Blanchard Molly Trumbly Brown Virlee Kuhn Christiansen

Mary Cheetham Dowis Bertha Barry Houk Genevieve Sullivan Jones Jean McGlenn Richardson Florence Bigger Smith Mary Aylard Turseth Margaret Buckham Vandevert Joan Lawrence Wiechmann Rollins (Beta Lambda) Gloria Parker Overturf Nancy Morgan Robertson South Dakota (Psi) Patricia Nissen Derrig Gwendolyn Leikvold Gann Marilyn Hansen Hagerty Shirley Ellis Hasemann Vivian Near Johnson Phyllis Judge Alice Happe Keller Delores Kempter Kurvink Phyllis Taylor Leach Mary Falk Pratt Syracuse (Alpha) Catherine Denton Ainsworth Sheila Murphy Bidwell Grace Lobb Case Elinor Dowst Chapman Mary Beverly Brown Hennemuth Annette Turner Marsland Joan Lines Oates Mildred Silfies Sheriff Texas (Omega) Ann Harkrider Adams Yvette Delagrave Circuit Jane Odell Davis Mary Johnson Dutro Mary Tinnin Engelking Mary Love Gaither Katherine Morgan Griffith Francis Powell Karasek Norma Thomas Levy Marilyn Dean McClelland Betty Kerr Moberly Nancy Towler Moeller Barbara Felsing Mollenhauer Elizabeth Cowling Strube Gwendolyn Elwell Westervelt

Toronto (Xi) Elinor Aird Bateman Joyce Flynn Ridley Mary Tuckwell Sabiston Jane Logan Whitmore Joan Savage Wilkes UC/Berkeley (Lambda) Nancy Gawne Bittner Margaret Ashton Bowman Constance Herman Brooding Sally Hatfield Chappell Geraldine Kennedy Cole Nancy Rieger Funsten Elizabeth Rossback Harper Marjorie Goodwin Humphrey Frances Grimes Jordan Orly Nolze Kelly Jane Biedenbach Koll Mary Swanberg MacMeeken Margery Miller Weller UCLA (Beta Delta) P. Jean Johnston Atherton Nancy Blair Cairns Jane Boswell Exley Joan Loye Harbaugh Joy Grigg Linfield Dorothy Wright Nelson Joan Hornbrook Parker Jeanette Bennett Phelps Sheila Higgins Pickard Nancy Dunn Tapscott Jacklyn Berggren Van Metre USC (Beta Pi) Donna Randall Campbell Anita Breul Cerqui Marylu Earle Janis Hornby Elliott Susanne Lathrop Giese Margaret Calder Griest Helen Hemmings King Patricia Brueggeman Milham Lucille VanLiew Ware Utah (Beta Sigma) Marguerite Asper Gudgell Geraldenne Smith Koplin Beverly Stringham Lund Elaine Christiansen Neff

Washburn (Upsilon) Betty Skoog Bomar June Morris Golden Jeannin Clemmons Painter Virginia Kepple Suttle Patricia Young Wagner Washington (Sigma) Dona Huffman Anderson Virginia Baldwin Buringrud Jeanne Fleming Hammond Mary Limback Hunsinger Mary Swanes Latimer Galena Magarinsky May Roberta Kelley Mooers Margaret Hardman Moore Shirley Corbitt Ostensoe Nancy Shultz Pearson Lillian Davis Sexton Patricia Mason Tartre-Filanc Jean Bolger Walsh Ann Rogers Wiborg Donna Sinclair Wilkinson Washington State (Beta Rho) Georgeanna Judd Abbott Kathleen Ulrey Kirkendall Marjorie Horne Leidy Pauline Griffith Lien Patricia Deputy Nuzum Marilyn Davis Pratt Joanne Harlow Slavin Elizabeth Keeler Wetzel West Virginia (Beta Iota) Edna Oinos Dillon Dorothy Stanley Gwinn Ruth Headlee Potter Wisconsin (Iota) Beverly Sidie Crabtree Shirley Gage Durfee Constance Lang Farmer Mary Murphy Hull Suzanne Reed Larkin Sheila Finn Miller Mary Wilsey Mulvaney Joy Johneson Nolte Jane Zimmerman Priester Dona Knowles Stein

75-year Sisters 1937 Fun Facts: Alpha Phi celebrates the 50th anniversary of DePauw (Gamma) chapter, the 20th anniversary of Illinois (Beta Alpha)

and the fifth anniversary of Alabama (Beta Mu) ... The first ever blood bank is formed in Chicago, Ill ... Amelia Earhart mysteriously disappears over the Pacific Ocean during a circumnavigation flight. RIght: The 75-year pin, a brilliant diamond-shaped golden pin with clear stones at each of the points, allows you to place your original badge inside the pin.

Alabama (Beta Mu) Katherine Ewing Hara American University (Beta Xi) Mildred Paddock Richards Arizona (Beta Epsilon) Ina Booth Moore Rose Daily Moss Boston (Eta) Caroline Chittenden Green Miriam Fairley Helsing Norma Caswell Reynolds British Columbia (Beta Theta) Ilse Butler Foster Hyslop Gray Ingham Colorado (Beta Gamma) Julia Morgan Weidner Olivia Christianson Wilson

Cornell (Delta) Blanche Helms Bayly Elsie Cook Gerwig Jean Raynor Mase Carla Hackett Quijano Catherine Strong White Denison (Beta Kappa) Mary Atkinson Davis Dorothy Lindaman Everhart Jean Wilson Stockfleth DePauw (Gamma) Vivian Bockelman Pullman Goucher (Zeta) Mary Curtis Wernle Illinois (Beta Alpha) Harriet Blomberg Dudley Evelyn Onken Roy Manitoba (Beta Eta) Aldyne McKinney Adams Jessie Blackwood Lang

Michigan (Theta) Margaret Jackson Conover Michigan State (Beta Beta) Barbara Jenison Bing Jeanette Sherwood Lindsey Priscilla Osmer McCracken Margaret Gay Mika Elizabeth Cushman Neumann Minnesota (Epsilon) Mary Murphy Fleeson Penelope Paulson Kuehn Constance Woodcock Kuehn Katherine Mordaunt Laird Jean Loper Mitchell Ruth Bloomgren Sandt Florence Hawkins Yerxa

Missouri (Omicron) Dorothy Dickerson Boltz Frances Dickerson Jane Keithley Parham

Ohio State (Rho) Katharine Morgan Morisey

Montana (Chi) Helen Simmons Bailey Beatrice Ruffcorn McLaughlin

Oregon (Tau) Patricia Carson Gilbert Mary Staton Krenk Ruth Johnson Smith

Nebraska (Nu) Betty Beatty Hays Betty Lou Stringer Jones Betty Rohrbough Doris Poellot Tresidder North Dakota (Pi) Jean Aamoth Anderson Northwestern (Beta) Frances Kershner Bickelhaupt Mary Arnold Ervin Betty Lingle West Stephanie Day White

Oklahoma (Phi) Alice Allen Armour

Rollins (Beta Lambda) Dorothy North Greene

Syracuse (Alpha) Ruth Shontz Buehler Barbara Vickery Fanning Marjorie Patrick Laubach Jean Bradshaw Lyttle Susan Work Russell Miriam Bruce Swift Texas (Omega) Elaine Harrison Johnson Nancy Ewing Sutton

South Dakota (Psi) Mildred Davis Ramynke Jean Hutchinson Ray

Toronto (Xi) Dorothy Sorley Dickinson Audrey Piddington Symmes

Stanford (Kappa) Anne Palmer Clark Jeanne Lehman Frost Jean Perelliminetti Ruth Pease Shuler

UC/Berkeley (Lambda) Jean Alexander Bigelow Kathleen Clark Heaslett Mary Bailey Ingham Jean Craig Smith

Think a sister is missing from this list? The Executive Office may not have current contact information for her. Email or call 847.316.8940.

Fall 2012

UCLA (Beta Delta) Barbara Tesche Finlayson Phylis Beaudette Miles Leslie Martin Vaniman Washburn (Upsilon) Mary Cone Lentz Virginia Davis Sailors JoAnne Wright Theimer Washington (Sigma) Betty Cady Campbell Frances Condie Eleanor Eaton Dowd Clara Young Eldridge Kathryn Kelleran Fields Harriet Foster Horton Dorothy Parks Reese Wisconsin (Iota) Jewell Bunnell Harley Barbara Waters Pfeifer

Alpha Phi Quarterly


Winter and Spring 2013

Recruitment Addresses and Dates Please refer to the following chapter addresses and recruitment dates when mailing Potential Member Reference Forms (found on page 29). An online recommendation form is also available at, keywords: recommendation form. Please Note: All forms should be mailed to the attention of the vice president of recruitment as early as possible to give chapters ample time to prepare for recruitment. CALIFORNIA CSU/Chico (Theta Upsilon)

Theta Upsilon Chapter of Alpha Phi 504 W. 3rd St. Chico, CA 95928 January 2013

Loyola Marymount (Zeta Beta) Zeta Beta Chapter of Alpha Phi One LMU Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90045 January 2013

San Diego (Eta Rho)

Eta Rho Chapter of Alpha Phi 5998 Alcala Park San Diego, CA 92110 January 2013

Stanford (Kappa)

Kappa Chapter of Alpha Phi P.O. Box 20183 Stanford, CA 94309 Spring 2013

University of the Pacific (Iota Gamma)

Iota Gamma Chapter of Alpha Phi 819 President’s Dr. Stockton, CA 95211 January 2013

DELAWARE Delaware (Epsilon Nu)

Epsilon Nu Chapter of Alpha Phi 158 S. College Ave. Newark, DE 19711 February 2013

ILLINOIS DePaul (Iota Eta)

Student Center, Suite 201 Iota Eta Chapter of Alpha Phi 2250 North Sheffield Ave. Chicago, IL 60614 January 2013

Lake Forest (Gamma Epsilon)

Gamma Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Phi 555 N. Sheridan Rd Lake Forest, IL 60045 January 2013

Northwestern (Beta)

Beta Chapter of Alpha Phi 701 University Place Evanston, IL 60201 January 2013

INDIANA Butler (Epsilon Beta)

Epsilon Beta Chapter of Alpha Phi 824 W. Hampton Dr. Indianapolis, IN 46208 January 2013

DePauw (Gamma)

Gamma Chapter of Alpha Phi 202 E. Hanna St. Greencastle, IN 46135 February 2013


Alpha Phi Quarterly

Indiana (Beta Tau)

Beta Tau Chapter of Alpha Phi 908 E. 3rd St. Bloomington, IN 47401 December 2012 / January 2013

MARYLAND Johns Hopkins (Zeta Omicron) Zeta Omicron Chapter of Alpha Phi Mattin Center, 3400 N. Charles St. Baltimore, MD 21218 February 2013

Maryland (Delta Zeta)

Delta Zeta Chapter of Alpha Phi 7402 Princeton Ave. College Park, MD 20740 January 2013

Towson (Eta Omega)

Eta Omega Chapter of Alpha Phi 800 York Rd., Towson University, Box 4125 Towson, MD 21252 February 2013

MASSACHUSETTS Bentley (Zeta Rho)

Zeta Rho Chapter of Alpha Phi 175 Forest St. Waltham, MA 02452 February 2013

Boston (Eta)

Eta Chapter of Alpha Phi 775 Commonwealth Ave., SAO, 4th Floor Boston, MA 02215 January 2013

Tufts (Zeta Theta)

NEW YORK Cornell (Delta)

Delta Chapter of Alpha Phi 411 Thurston Ave. Ithaca, NY 14850 January 2013

Hofstra (Theta Mu)

Theta Mu Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Phi, 242 Student Activities Hempstead, NY 11549 January 2013

Rochester (Theta Kappa)

Theta Kappa Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Phi, CPU Box 277163 Rochester, NY 14627 January 2013

SUNY/Buffalo (Theta Epsilon)

Theta Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Phi 303 Student Union Buffalo, NY 14261

Miami University (Gamma Nu) Gamma Nu Chapter of Alpha Phi 146 Richard Hall Oxford, OH 45056 January 2013

Ohio State (Rho)

Rho Chapter of Alpha Phi 134 E. 15th Ave. Columbus, OH 43201 January 2013

PENNSYLVANIA Duquesne (Epsilon Iota)

Epsilon Iota Chapter of Alpha Phi Duquesne University, Information Center, Forbes Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15282 January 2013

Franklin & Marshall (Zeta Sigma)

Eta Omicron Chapter of Alpha Phi Special Purpose F; 66 Oak Lane Dr. Blacksburg, VA 24060-0029 January 2013

WASHINGTON Puget Sound (Gamma Zeta)

Lehigh (Epsilon Psi)

Epsilon Psi Chapter of Alpha Phi Box G367, 39 University Dr. Bethlehem, PA 18015

Marquette (Eta Mu)

January 2013

January 2013

January 2013

Syracuse (Alpha)

Pennsylvania (Eta Iota)

Alpha Chapter of Alpha Phi 308 Walnut Place Syracuse, NY 13210

Eta Iota Chapter of Alpha Phi 4045 Walnut St. Philadelphia, PA 19104

January 2013

January 2013

Shippensburg (Theta Xi)

Theta Theta Chapter of Alpha Phi St. Joseph’s University, 5600 City Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19131

January 2013

January 2013

January 2013



Creighton (Theta Delta)

Case Western Reserve (Zeta Pi)

Fall 2012

Virginia Tech (Eta Omicron)

Theta Psi Chapter of Alpha Phi College Center Desk, PSUC Plattsburgh, NY 12901

Duke (Beta Nu)

January 2013

January 2013

SUNY/Plattsburgh (Theta Psi)

Washington University (Zeta Upsilon)

Eta Eta Chapter of Alpha Phi 400 South Orange Ave. South Orange, NJ 07079

Zeta Iota Chapter of Alpha Phi 518 17th St. NW Charlottesville, VA 22903



Seton Hall (Eta Eta)

Virginia (Zeta Iota)

February 2013

Theta Nu Chapter of Alpha Phi ASU Box 9054 Boone, NC 28608


January 2013

January 2013

February 2013

January 2013

Theta Phi Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Phi, One University Place Newport News, VA 23606

Eta Tau Chapter of Alpha Phi 59 Tompkins St. Cortland, NY 13045

SUNY/Cortland (Eta Tau)


Theta Delta Chapter of Alpha Phi c/o Extension Department 1930 Sherman Ave. Evanston, IL 60201

Christopher Newport (Theta Phi)

Zeta Sigma Chapter of Alpha Phi c/o Adrienne Baksi Franklin & Marshall College, [Mail #99] PO Box 3220 Lancaster, PA 17604-3220

January 2013

Zeta Theta Chapter of Alpha Phi 14 Sawyer Ave. Medford, MA 02155

Zeta Upsilon Chapter of Alpha Phi #1 Brookings Dr. Box 1136 St. Louis, MO 63130


Appalachian State (Theta Nu)

January 2013

Beta Nu Chapter of Alpha Phi 07 Bryan Center, P.O. Box 90823 Durham, NC 27708

Zeta Pi Chapter of Alpha Phi 11116 Magnolia Dr. Cleveland, OH 44106 January 2013

Dayton (Zeta Psi)

Zeta Psi Chapter of Alpha Phi 1302 Brown St. Dayton, OH 45406 January 2013

Theta Xi Chapter of Alpha Phi McClean Hall LL Shippensburg University Shippensburg, PA 17257 February 2013

St. Joseph’s (Theta Theta)

Villanova (Eta Epsilon)

Eta Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Phi Greek Life, 2nd Floor Connelly Center Villanova, PA 19085 January 2013

TEXAS St. Mary’s (Iota Beta)

Iota Beta Chapter of Alpha Phi 1 Camino Santa Maria, Student Life Box 83B San Antonio, TX 78228-8583 January 2013

Gamma Zeta Chapter of Alpha Phi 3614 N. 14th Tacoma, WA 98416 January 2013

Eta Mu Chapter of Alpha Phi 1435 W. Kilbourn Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53233

Fall 2012

Alpha Phi Quarterly


On Campus CANADA

live and silent auctions. The event raised more than $18,000 for Alpha Phi Foundation.

ONTARIO Wilfrid Laurier (Iota Theta) The chapter celebrated another successful formal recruitment. Officers planned exciting fall term events, including the annual Move Your Phi’t walk-athon.

UNITED STATES ALABAMA Alabama (Beta Mu) The chapter hosted its third Red Dress Gala that was attended by more than 375 friends and family at the Jemison-Van De Graaff Mansion. Among the top silent and live auction items were two footballs signed by the 2011 BCS National Championship Alabama football team and a vacation home in Mexico. Web:

ARIZONA Arizona (Beta Epsilon) The Mr. Alpha Phi philanthropy event raised more than ever, thanks to a new Capture a Phi event. They won Pi Kappa Alpha’s Firefighter Challenge and Sigma Chi’s Derby Days. During Convention, they were honored to be nominated for Outstanding Recruitment Skit, a finalist for the Order of the Lamp Award and recognized as a Top Recruiting Chapter. They also were excited to have chapter members dance at an awards luncheon during Convention. Web: Facebook:Arizona Alpha Phi Twitter: AZAlphaPhi

Web: Facebook: Cal Poly SLO Alpha Phi Twitter: CalPolyAlphaPhi

Chapman (Eta Upsilon) The chapter hosted its annual Red Dress Gala and raised more than $23,000 for Alpha Phi Foundation. Members enjoyed a mother-daughter shopping event from which a portion of purchases was donated to the Foundation. During the university’s Greek Awards ceremony, sisters received an award for Outstanding Philanthropy of the Year. Web: Facebook: Chapman Alpha Phi Twitter: ChapmanAPhi

CSU/East Bay (Eta Delta) Sisters hosted their third annual Red Dress Gala. More than 200 enjoyed an amazing magic show, buffet dinner, silent auction, candlelit ceremony and heart fact show. The event raised $4,480 for Alpha Phi Foundation. They look forward to planning their fourth annual Red Dress Gala. To celebrate the chapter’s 25th anniversary, collegians held an alumnae versus collegiate members softball game. They also hosted the Mr. Heartthrob philanthropy event. Web: Facebook: CSU East Bay Alpha Phi

CSU/Long Beach (Gamma Kappa) Members were excited to host a Founders’ Day celebration for the Southwest region. Facebook: Alpha Phi CSULB

CSU/San Bernardino (Eta Beta)

CALIFORNIA Cal Poly (Epsilon Chi) The chapter hosted its sixth annual Red Dress Gala. Sisters, families and friends enjoyed dinner, dancing, and

The chapter received several awards during the university’s Greek Awards event, including the President’s Trophy - the highest award given to a Greek organization at CSUSB. The award is presented to the top chapter in each council for their overall achievement throughout the year. Facebook: Alpha Phi CSUSB Twitter: AlphaPhiCSUSB

ALABAMA (BETA MU) Sisters thank friends, family and the Tuscaloosa community for their support of the chapter’s Red Dress Gala.

ARIZONA (BETA EPSILON) Sisters celebrate winning Sigma Chi's Derby Days philanthropy event.

San Jose State (Beta Psi) Sisters held their third annual King of Hearts philanthropy event and raised $10,000 for Alpha Phi Foundation. The chapter received Sorority of the Year and Best in Council awards during the university’s Greek Awards. An Alumna of the Year award was presented to Julie Ann Gillespie Hedrick (Beta Psi-San Jose State), and Monique Cuellar Mariscal (Beta Psi-San Jose State) received an Advisor of the Year award. Beta Psis are proud of their advisors! The chapter brought back their Phi Ball dodge ball tournament. They will host their fifth annual Red Dress Gala in November. Web: Facebook: Alpha Phi San Jose State Twitter: AlphaPhiSJSU

Santa Clara (Zeta Gamma) Sisters were proud to raise more than $76,000 for Alpha Phi Foundation with their seventh annual Red Dress Gala. Chairwoman Krista Foster was honored as the first recipient of the Abby Dorsa Sobrato (Zeta Gamma-Santa Clara) Foundation scholarship. Krista will attend University of Washington law school in the fall. The chapter competed in several spring inter-Greek philanthropy events and honored its 28 graduating seniors. Web: Facebook: Santa Clara Alpha Phi Twitter: APhiZetaGamma

University of the Pacific (Iota Gamma) Aneka McKean earned the opportunity to lobby with the Fraternity and Sorority Political Action Committee in Washington, D.C. (see page 11 for complete article). During the university’s Greek Awards, the chapter received seven awards, and Becca Herzog was honored with a New Member of the Year Award. Web: Facebook: Pacific Alpha Phi Twitter: PacificAlphaPhi


Alpha Phi Quarterly

Fall 2012

USC (Beta Pi) Members hosted senior week for new graduates. The chapter’s three-on-three Phi Ball basketball philanthropy event raised more than $5,000 for Alpha Phi Foundation - the most they have ever made from the event. They celebrated two pinnings, and two women were named fraternity sweethearts. Collegians will host their annual Red Dress Gala at the Radisson Hotel Los Angeles Midtown at USC.

Healy received the Sunshine Award. They looked forward to hosting their second annual Red Dress Gala. Web: Facebook: DU Alpha Phi Twitter: DUAlphaPhi

CONNECTICUT Connecticut (Iota Lambda)

Web: Facebook: USC Alpha Phi Twitter: USCAlphaPhi

Maria McCool was named Outstanding Chapter President of the Year by the university’s Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life. The chapter won Greek Week, as well as numerous philanthropy events.


Web: Facebook: Alpha Phi UConn

Colorado School of Mines (Iota Zeta) The second annual Alphatraz philanthropy event raised more than $2,500 for Alpha Phi Foundation. The chapter was proud to receive Order of the Lamp and Most Outstanding Chapter awards during Convention. Web:

Denver (Iota Xi) Sisters hosted a spring Phiesta event and volunteered at a Leukemia & Lymphoma Society conference. They were awarded Chapter of Excellence and the Presidential Pillar of Friendship during the university’s Greek Awards. Rayna


Lake Forest (Gamma Epsilon)

Florida State (Gamma Phi)

The chapter recognized seniors who graduated with high honors. They were excited to welcome Tiffany Marsch Alexander (Theta-Michigan) as their new chapter advisor.

The chapter received an Excellence in Philanthropy award during the university’s Greek Awards. Collegians hosted a Red Dress Gala and the Alpha Phi-fa soccer tournament. Web: Facebook: FSU Alpha Phi Twitter: FSUAlphaPhi

GEORGIA Georgia Tech (Iota Mu)

BALDWIN WALLACE (DELTA UPSILON) Kate Schneider poses in a telephone booth in London, England, while studying abroad.

CSU/EAST BAY (ETA DELTA) Collegians and alumnae enjoy a softball game to celebrate the chapter’s 25th anniversary.

Some sisters worked in Europe and South America during the summer. The chapter is thrilled for Maria Samuel and Rachel True, who qualified for the Georgia Tech cheer squad. Bryson Sheetz and Kristen Jolley have been involved in the university’s freshman orientation program, and Katie Flint has been working for the university’s campus radio station. Web: Facebook: Georgia Tech Alpha Phi

ILLINOIS Eastern Illinois (Zeta Alpha) The chapter placed first in recruitment during fall 2011 and first in homecoming. They placed second overall in the university’s 2012 Greek Week. Hannah Wankel was honored during the university’s Greek Week Awards banquet as a Top Ten Greek Woman of the Year, and Morgan Fernandes was named Most Outstanding New Initiate. Kate Hannon received a Panhellenic Living Your Values scholarship. The chapter’s advisory board presented Nikki Wenzel with its Senior Excellence Scholarship. Zeta Alpha’s house corporation board awarded scholarships to three members: Gina Iaffaldano received the Shannon McNamara (Eastern Illinois-Zeta Alpha) Memorial Scholarship; Alex Kuhn received the Alpha Phi EIU Scholarship; Kassidy Seyller received the Julie Profilet Frichtl (Eastern Illinois-Zeta Alpha) Memorial Scholarship. Collegians look forward to their second annual Red Dress Poker Night in November.

Northern Illinois (Epsilon Delta) Sisters road tripped to Alabama to root on the MAC champion Northern Illinois Huskies football team in the Bowl. The women volunteered with another student group to help run and model in a fashion show on campus. The event raised money for breast cancer awareness. Web: Facebook: NIU Alpha Phi Twitter: NIUAlphaPhi

Northwestern (Beta) Sisters were thrilled to host an alumnae brunch during homecoming weekend. They will host a haunted house to market Alpha Phi and promote heart health before recruitment begins. Web: Facebook: Northwestern University Alpha Phi Twitter: NU_Alpha_Phi

INDIANA DePauw (Gamma) The chapter welcomed alumnae back to celebrate 125 years of sisterhood on DePauw University’s campus. They were proud to accept a university award for Top Recruitment and recognition from Alpha Phi International: the Betty Mullins Jones (Gamma-DePauw) Panhellenic Participation Award. Fall philanthropy events included Tigerstock and the Red Dress Gala. Facebook: Gamma Chapter of Alpha Phi Twitter: AlphaPhiDePauw

Indiana U. Southeast (Zeta Epsilon) The women held recruitment retreats once a month through their summer break. They enjoyed the opportunity to strengthen their sisterhood while polishing their recruiting skills.

Web: Facebook: EIU Alpha Phi Twitter: EIUAlphaPhi Fall 2012

Alpha Phi Quarterly


On Campus KANSAS


Wichita State (Gamma Xi)

Michigan State (Beta Beta)

Spring formal was a huge success. Congratulations to graduating seniors.

Sisters welcomed new Chapter Advisor Angela Tangalakis Normand (Gamma Pi-Arizona State). The chapter’s Rococo and LF Stores trunk shows raised $1,233 for Alpha Phi Foundation. After a first place Greek Week trophy, they honored graduates with a senior ceremony and a photo shoot with a local photographer. Sisters interned and traveled abroad during the summer.

Web: Facebook: Wichita State Alpha Phi Twitter: WSUAlphaPhi

MAINE Maine (Delta Nu) Sisters finished the year with another successful event: their 10th annual Move Your Phi’t 5K. Despite the rain, the chapter was supported by more than 100 participants and raised a generous amount for Alpha Phi Foundation. Sisters looked forward to their Red Dress Gala in the fall.

Facebook: Alpha Phi Michigan State University Twitter: AlphaPhiMSU

Western Michigan (Delta Theta)

Web: Facebook: U Maine Alpha Phi Twitter: AlphaPhiDeltaNu

The chapter celebrated its 50th anniversary in September. Highlights included brunch at the Fetzer Center and an open house at the chapter house.

MASSACHUSSETTS Bentley (Zeta Rho) The chapter celebrated its 30th anniversary on October 10. Sisters will introduce a new philanthropy event this year to raise awareness about women’s heart health within their community. Web: Facebook: Bentley University Alpha Phi - Zeta Rho Chapter Twitter: AlphapPhiZetaRho

MIT (Zeta Phi) The chapter received the university’s Stephen D. Baker Outstanding Change Initiative Award, which is presented to a fraternity, sorority or independent living group that has shown development in scholarship, leadership, member development, risk management, retention and membership recruitment. 2012 was the first year the award was given, and it was presented by alumnus Stephen Baker himself. Web: Facebook: MIT Alpha Phi Twitter: MITAlphaPhi


MISSOURI Central Missouri (Theta Lambda) Twenty sisters made the dean’s list last semester. The chapter initiated eight new members through continuous open bidding. They participated in Greek Week with Alpha Kappa Lambda and received the Spirit Award and took third place for their video and lip sync number. Collegiate Membership Coordinator Lora Tuley Brys (Theta Gamma-Truman State) visited for a recruitment retreat. Paige Foster participated in the Emerging Leaders Institute during the summer. A July meeting was held to prepare for fall formal recruitment. Web: Facebook: Alpha Phi at UCM Twitter: AlphaPhiUCM

Missouri (Omicron)

NORTHERN ILLINOIS (EPSILON DELTA) Sisters pose in the spring attire they wore as part of a fashion show.

Collegians placed third overall in Greek Week. They also received a first place award for the blood drive, second in the soccer competition and tied for first in public relations. Web: Facebook: Alpha Phi @ Mizzou Twitter: mizzoualphaphi

NEBRASKA Creighton (Theta Delta) The chapter celebrated their installation and initiation on April 21, 2012. Facebook: Creighton Alpha Phi


Alpha Phi Quarterly

Fall 2012

GEORGIA TECH (IOTA MU) Maria Samuel, left, and Rachel True are Georgia Tech cheerleaders.

NEW HAMPSHIRE New Hampshire (Eta Alpha) Members were excited to be recognized during Convention as a top recruiting chapter. Fall events included polish week and recruitment. Homecoming will feature a special brunch and house visit for alumnae. Web: Facebook: UNH Alpha Phi Twitter: AlphaPhiUNH




Rensselaer (Theta Tau)

Oklahoma City (Delta Delta)

North Texas (Gamma Eta)

Sisters welcomed alumnae and families to the fourth annual Red Dress Gala, raising almost $2,500 for Alpha Phi Foundation. They were honored for maintaining the highest cumulative GPA among campus sororities, and they were named Panhellenic Chapter of the Year for the third year in a row. Members participated in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life and Take Back the Night. Sisters enjoyed alumnae weekend.

Collegians presented the Oklahoma City Boys & Girls Club with a check for more than $5,000 as part of the Alpha Phi Foundation Community Contributions Program. The chapter raised nearly $11,000 during their Cardiac Care Week. They spent a significant amount of their time volunteering at the Club. The chapter was extremely proud to have five sisters compete in the Miss Oklahoma pageant in June. Alexis Banks, Miss McAlester, was the People’s Choice; April Nelson, Miss Oklahoma City University, was a Top 10 Semi-finalist; Hailey Holloway, Miss Mustang, received a talent award. Sheridan Fulkerson was Miss Northwest Oklahoma, and Emily Ousley was Miss Grand Lake.

Collegians held their second annual A Phi’esta philanthropy event to raise $1,428 for Alpha Phi Foundation. The ladies opened the chapter house to serve all-you-can-eat tacos to students. Sisters also hosted their second annual Paint Phi’asco. Their fall fundraiser is a Pancake Phi’st, where they will serve all-you-can-eat pancakes.

Web: Facebook: RPI Alpha Phi Twitter: AlphaPhiThetaTau

Seton Hall (Eta Eta) Collegians recognized graduating seniors. The executive council held their annual summer retreat to discuss events for the academic year.  

NEW YORK Hofstra (Theta Mu) Sisters raised more than $7,400 for Alpha Phi Foundation at their inaugural Red Dress Gala. Almost 200 collegians, alumnae, family and friends attended the event. The chapter also won second place overall in Greek Week. Facebook: Hofstra Alpha Phi

NORTH DAKOTA North Dakota (Pi) Bid Day was special this year due to an increased recruitment enrollment, and thus a larger quota. Collegians welcomed alumnae to the chapter house during homecoming. Sisters participated in several volunteer opportunities and hosted their annual boot hockey philanthropy event and sweetheart competition.

OHIO Baldwin Wallace (Delta Upsilon) Several collegians traveled the world during the past semester while studying abroad. They were happy to have the support of their sisters throughout the culture shock and to share in their memories. Web: Twitter: AlphaPhiBWC

Kent State (Beta Omega) Sisters took second place in Sigma Chi Derby Days. The chapter participated in Greek Week. They enjoyed their formal, held at a local country club. The chapter received an award for Excellence in Parent and Alumnae Relations during the university’s Greek Awards. Facebook: AlphaPhiKSU Twitter: AlphaPhi_KSU

OREGON Linfield (Theta Alpha) Sisters initiated six new members during the spring. They hosted the annual Star Search philanthropy event. The chapter celebrated its scholastic success during a scholarship banquet. The mother-daughter tea included a fashion show that featured clothes from a local boutique. They bid graduates farewell during their senior brunch and barbecue. Web: Facebook: Alpha Phi - Linfield College Twitter: Linfield_APhi

PENNSYLVANIA West Chester (Epsilon Kappa) The chapter was proud to be named Sorority of the Year by the university and honored with four out of five stars for chapter awards. Facebook: Alpha Phi - Epsilon Kappa Chapter WCU

RHODE ISLAND Rhode Island (Iota Delta) The chapter held its sixth annual Red Dress Gala that raised almost $6,000 for Alpha Phi Foundation. President Alexa Modero attended the Emerging Leaders Institute. Facebook: Alpha Phi University of Rhode Island Twitter: AlphaPhi_URI


Web: Facebook: UNT Alpha Phi

VIRGINIA Christopher Newport (Theta Phi) The school year ended with a senior ceremony, and some of the new alumnae celebrated their achievements by participating in the Color Me Rad Run in Virginia Beach. The chapter will host their third annual Red Dress Gala. They look forward to working with the Newport News branch of the Girl Scouts. Web: Facebook: Alpha Phi - Theta Phi (CNU) Twitter: CNUAlphaPhi

George Mason (Eta Lambda) Many members vacationed, interned and studied abroad. Melanie Shanfield participated in the Emerging Leaders Institute. Members look forward to their annual King of Hearts philanthropy event. Web: Facebook: GMU Alpha Phi Twitter: GMUAlphaPhi

James Madison (Theta Iota) Many sisters continued their studies abroad by spending the summer in Europe. The chapter was proud to receive a Regional Partner in Philanthropy Award from Alpha Phi Foundation during Convention for being the top fundraising chapter in the Southeast region. The chapter hosts a brunch for parents and alumnae in October. Web: Facebook: JMU Alpha Phi Twitter: JMUAlphaPhi INDIANA U. SOUTHEAST (ZETA EPSILON) Sisters take a break from a recruitment retreat to show their new Alpha Phi gear.

South Dakota (Psi) The chapter had the second highest GPA in the Greek community. They welcomed three new members during the spring. Several sisters participated in internships and jobs during the summer, including some overseas. Members looked forward to their Red Dress Gala, Dakota Days and other fall activities. Web: Facebook: Alpha-Phi-at-the-University-of-South-Dakota Twitter: USDAlphaPhi

Fall 2012

Alpha Phi Quarterly


On Campus Old Dominion (Epsilon Eta)


Sisters gathered at a beach house for a weekend retreat. They hosted a Girl Scout sleepover that included heart healthy skits and yoga.

Washington State (Beta Rho)

Web: Facebook: ODU Alpha Phi Twitter: ODUAlphaPhi

Virginia (Zeta Iota) Renovations were completed on the chapter house during the summer. Additions include a larger chapter room, bathroom and two additional bedrooms. Sisters traveled overseas and worked at internships during the summer. The chapter was honored to receive the Excellence in Sisterhood award during Convention. Web: Facebook: Alpha Phi at The University of Virginia Twitter: APhi_UVA

Virginia Tech (Eta Omicron) The chapter honored graduating sisters with a senior banquet. Web: Facebook: VT Alpha Phi Twitter: VTAlphaPhi

Collegians hosted their fourth annual Red Dress Gala during the university’s Mother’s Weekend. The event featured dinner, entertainment by collegians and live and silent auctions and raised $12,500 for Alpha Phi Foundation. Thanks in part to the lead of event chairs Anna Swanson and Eva Cress, this event was their most successful to date. Web:

WISCONSIN Wisconsin (Iota) The chapter welcomed new Advisors Megan Barber Cooley (Delta Kappa-Wisconsin/LaCrosse), Katie Nowicki Jirsa (Iota-Wisconsin) and Sarah Jacquart Zinkel (Zeta Upsilon-Washington University) to their advisory board. The chapter launched a new website. The Ivy Linker newsletter was published over the summer so members could stay connected. Kate Bradley attended a Be The Person conference (see page 7) and shared her experience with the chapter. Web: Facebook: Alpha Phi- Iota Chapter Twitter: AlphaPhiIota

Our newest site for our newest members

VIRGINIA TECH (ETA OMICRON) Congratulations to graduating seniors.

Web Extra If your chapter submitted a photo for this issue and you do not see it in the On Campus section, it may be in our special Quarterly Web Extra. Visit


Alpha Phi Quarterly

Fall 2012

Extension Update

Alpha Phi Returns to LSU The story of Alpha Phi at Louisiana State University (LSU) begins in 1964 when the executive board accepted an invitation to colonize the university’s Alpha Rho local sorority. This prospect was very exciting to our organization, as our extension team focused on strengthening our position in the South through new chapters and increased alumnae support. As the chapter developed in the 1970s, LSU also welcomed three other National Panhellenic Conference groups in 1970, 1975 and 1979. The community grew more quickly than the demand for sorority involvement, and Alpha Phi was challenged to fill their chapter facility and remain financially viable. Special support was provided to the chapter, but ultimately the chapter was unable to continue its operation. June 1980 marked the closing of Delta Tau chapter of Alpha Phi and the conclusion of our daily presence at LSU. In the decades since, Delta Tau chapter has lived on in the memories and friendships formed by our members who attended LSU. Their Alpha Phi experience is held close to their hearts, and the opportunity for Delta Tau chapter to return to their alma mater is a dream come true. In August 2011, International President Linda Long Boland (Gamma Kappa-CSU/ Long Beach) observed LSU’s Panhellenic formal recruitment as the first step in the extension process. The Fraternity submitted a written presentation in spring 2012 and

was invited to the on-campus presentation round on June 21, 2012. Less than a week later at Alpha Phi’s Convention in Phoenix, Ariz., Linda included a surprise announcement in her State of the Fraternity address: Alpha Phi will be returning to Louisiana State! The excitement of the Convention attendees was remarkable. A video announcement from the LSU Panhellenic Council and the distribution of “Alpha Phi Loves LSU” buttons further ignited the enthusiasm. The 2012-13 academic year will be spent re-introducing the LSU community to Alpha Phi. A Facebook page and website will be launched later this fall to promote Alpha Phi events in Baton Rouge over the next year, along with updates on the housing situation. Alpha Phi will work with LSU to remodel a former sorority house prior to building a new, permanent home for Alpha Phi. The official return of Delta Tau to LSU will commence during formal recruitment in August 2013 and continue with a colonization blitz following Panhellenic bid day. Please contact Director of Marketing and Extension Megan Bouché (Epsilon-Minnesota) at for additional information about Alpha Phi’s return to LSU. Geaux Alpha Phi!

ABOVE PHOTOS: During Convention, sisters celebrate the announcement of Alpha Phi’s return to Louisiana State with “Alpha Phi Loves LSU” buttons and Mardi Gras beads. Pictured are (top photo) Marcia Jones Lane (Omicron-Missouri), (middle photo, from left) past International Presidents Laura Malley-Schmitt (Zeta Phi-MIT), Phyllis Sims Selig (Gamma Delta-Kansas) and Crista Cate Vasina (Delta Gamma-Northern Colorado). LEFT: Members of the International Executive Board don Mardi Gras masks for the announcement of Alpha Phi’s return to Louisiana State.

Fall 2012

Alpha Phi Quarterly


Foundation Susan Weiskittle Barrick Endowment for Leadership Enrichment Established Alpha Phi Foundation is pleased to announce the establishment of the Susan Weiskittle Barrick (Beta OmicronBowling Green State) Endowment for Leadership Enrichment. This endowment creates a unique opportunity – through speakers and other special programming – for the leadership development and intellectual fellowship of all Alpha Phi women. It is a platform to teach advanced leadership skills, address leadership issues and barriers, and further the understanding of women’s leadership to enhance the development of female leaders in various disciplines and throughout the world. It allows Alpha Phi to return to its historic role of participation in a larger dialogue about the important issues of our time, specifically

the empowerment of women. The Barrick Endowment is designed to connect, educate and inspire Alpha Phi women of all ages and backgrounds by providing entertaining and unique experiences that fuel ideas, productivity and achievement. It is intended to expand the leadership development of participants beyond the classroom, work and home. “Alpha Phi is the perfect environment for the Barrick Endowment because of our commitment to foster responsible, progressive and innovative leadership among our members,” said Foundation Executive Director Ann Brinkman Carstensen (Zeta Delta-Iowa State). “Alpha Phi’s proven success in leadership training combined with our strong relationships with business leaders and entrepreneurs provides a distinctly conducive environment for the vision of Susan Weiskittle Barrick’s endowment gift to be fulfilled.”

We Have a New Mission Statement! Alpha Phi Foundation … Advancing women’s lives through the power of philanthropy. After eight months of work, the Alpha Phi Foundation Board of Directors unanimously approved a new mission statement which was revealed to members at Convention 2012. The process started in September 2011 when the Board held an in-person meeting at the Executive Office in Evanston. They were joined by Brooke Wiseman, nonprofit management consultant and chief marketing and development officer at YWCA, who facilitated the discussion. Using marketplace research, a SWOT analysis and findings from a 2008 internal branding study, a list of potential statements was created. The Board vetted the statements in the months that followed and approved a final version during its April 2012 in-person meeting. “Our focus is the same,” said Diane Spry Straker (Delta Alpha-East Carolina), 2012-14 Foundation Board Chair, “but our message is now more streamlined to get to the essence of who we are.”


Alpha Phi Quarterly

Fall 2012

Keynote Speech Funded by Barrick Endowment Laura Schwartz (below), former White House director of events for the Clinton administration and author of Eat, Drink and Succeed: Climb Your Way to the Top Using the Networking Power of Social Events, served as the keynote speaker for Convention 2012. Laura shared her unique experiences and strategies to empower Alpha Phi women to unleash their limits by recognizing and embracing their highest personal and professional potential. Laura’s keynote address was funded through the generosity of Alpha Phi Foundation and the Susan Weiskittle Barrick Endowment for Leadership Enrichment.

Alpha Phi Foundation 2011-12

Program Highlights Alpha Phi has always been a caring, yet powerful community of women, and that was evident in your contributions last year. Because you believe in advancing women’s lives, we were able to help more women develop their promise and potential on campus, in the community, at work and at home. Nearly




granted to fund innovative training and education programs of Alpha Phi Fraternity, including the Emerging Leaders Institute, to empower women and develop the leaders of tomorrow.

undergraduate and graduate merit-based scholarships awarded, totaling more than


awarded through the Heart to Heart Grant to fund a research study at University of Washington Medicine in Seattle to understand how heart disease differs between women and men, advancing women’s heart health therapy for the future.

More than


given in Forget Me Not Grants to alumnae and collegiate sisters facing crisis. (16% increase over FY11)

Thank you for advancing women’s lives through your power of philanthropy.

20th Anniversary of 1872 Society This year, Alpha Phi Foundation celebrates the 20th anniversary of the 1872 Society. Established in September 1992 and inaugurated during the 120th year of our Fraternity’s founding, this special giving society recognizes donors who have contributed $1,872 or more in their lifetime support of Alpha Phi Foundation’s vital programs. The extraordinary support and commitment of the sisters who wear the 1872 pin is a tribute to the ideals of our sisterhood. Through their generosity and loyalty, they are advancing women’s lives through the power of their philanthropy. To join the 1872 Society, visit or contact Director of Philanthropic Campaigns Nancy Owen Craig (Beta Chi-Bucknell) at

Power of 1,000 … Our Million Dollar Mission In 2000, Alpha Phi Foundation created the Power of 100. Our goal at that time was to interest 100 women in contributing $1,000 a year to further the mission of the Foundation. In that first year, 120 women made gifts at that level. Today, the number of participants is closer to 200. But in true Alpha Phi fashion, we want to go bigger and bolder! Starting this fall, the Foundation will shift Power of 100 to Power of 1,000 – inspiring 1,000 women to make a $1,000 annual gift through a single gift or monthly gifts. This million dollar mission will advance women’s lives through the power of philanthropy. With 1,000 women giving an annual gift of $1,000, we will be able to increase the value and quantity of scholarships, which is so important these days with rising education costs. We will help more women in need through the Forget Me Not Fund. We will make more leadership programs happen for all members, which is critical knowing that women are paid 77 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men. We will give additional grants to the many worthy women’s heart initiatives that apply for our annual Heart To Heart Grant. Together, our Power of 1,000 women will effect important change. They will take a stand for a better future. They will advance women’s lives. Each Power of 1,000 donor receives a beautiful custom scarf (pictured) designed by New York fashion designer Marisol Deluna (Alpha Lambda-Alumna Initiate). It is a token of our appreciation, and an outward symbol of their commitment to empower the next generation of women to be philanthropic leaders. Become a Power of 1,000 woman today! Contact Director of Philanthropic Campaigns Nancy Owen Craig (Beta Chi-Bucknell) at or visit

Fall 2012

Alpha Phi Quarterly


Foundation at Convention 2012

Forget Me Not Field Blooms at Convention 2012 “Let us choose the blue forget-me-not as our flower … so that we shall always remember our sisters, remember Alpha Phi.” — Martha Foote Crow Alpha Phi Foundation’s Forget Me Not Field made its debut at Convention 2012. Sisters gave $10 forget-me-nots in honor, celebration or memory of their Alpha Phi sisters. All honorees received an acknowledgement letting them know a donation to the Foundation was made in their honor. The names of these special sisters were displayed in the Foundation’s interactive Forget Me Not Field at Convention and on the website: Through the generosity of sisters “planting” it forward, more than $20,000 was raised for the Forget Me Not Fund. Gifts through this fund provide assistance to alumnae who are facing severe financial distress, serious health issues, the consequences of natural disasters and urgent family crisis, and to collegians who face an interruption of education due to unforeseen personal or financial struggles. These funds offer Alpha Phis in need the greatest gift of all: the knowledge that their sisters care and are always there to help. Thank you to everyone who helped our field bloom. Together, we are advancing women’s lives through the power of philanthropy and celebrating our commitment to always remember our sisters, remember Alpha Phi!

Foundation Awards Alpha Phi Foundation recognized and celebrated the following collegiate and alumnae chapters that excelled at their fundraising efforts during Santa Clara (Zeta Gamma) Chapter Advisor the 2010-12 biennium. Laura Crowe (LambdaTampa UC/Berkeley), left, and Chapter President Dana Bay alumnae Schroeder celebrate chapter, $2,192; winning the inaugural Charlotte Constellation Award. alumnae chapter, $2,202; and Greater Kansas City alumnae chapter, $3,600; received Alumnae Chapter International Partner in Philanthropy Awards. The Collegiate Chapter International Partner in Philanthropy Awards went to Washington (Sigma), $85,084; UC/Irvine (Eta Kappa), $89,745; and Santa Clara (Zeta Gamma), $157,097. A new award was presented this year in recognition of collegiate and alumnae chapters that have a cumulative giving history of $500,000 or more. The inaugural recipient of the Constellation Award was Santa Clara (Zeta Gamma)! The chapter has raised $540,000 for the Foundation since it’s installation in 1976. Congratulations to all these remarkable women for their generous support and exemplary philanthropic leadership.

Purchase an Alpha Phi Original This beautiful 100% cotton neckerchief designed exclusively for Alpha Phi and launched at Convention 2012 by New York fashion designer and newly initiated Alpha Phi, Marisol Deluna, is now available for all! To purchase yours, visit


Alpha Phi Quarterly

Fall 2012

Red was in the air on Friday night during the Foundation’s Convention dinner as Alpha Phis gathered to celebrate the most talented collegiate and alumnae members of Alpha Phi International Fraternity. During the high-energy Alpha Phi’s Got Talent competition, the top five finalists vied for bragging rights, the Alpha Phi’s Got Talent title and the opportunity to raise funds for one of Alpha Phi Foundation’s vital programs. Taking the stage to wow the audience were Joanna Guy (Delta-Cornell) singing for women’s heart health; Oda Evan Gjovag (Epsilon Upsilon-CSU/Northridge) singing for Heritage; Alison Miles (Iota Mu-Georgia Tech) singing for the Forget Me Not Fund; Jordan Paulsen (Nu-Nebraska) and Becca Stouder (Delta Delta-Oklahoma) clogging for Scholarships; and Jennifer Larsen (OmegaTexas) singing for Leadership. The audience voted with their dollars, and Joanna Guy was named the winner with her performance of “Popular” from the Broadway sensation “Wicked.” Together, these talented Phis helped to raise more than $23,000 to support Foundation programs.

Move Your Phi’t ... Putting Our Mission in Motion 6:00 a.m. comes mighty early when you’re attending Convention. But that didn’t stop the more than 100 dedicated Alpha Phis who assembled in the pre-dawn light to move their phi’t along a 5k course on the beautiful Arizona Biltmore grounds. Courtney Rainville (Beta Zeta-Idaho), a recent participant in NBC’s “Biggest Loser,” inspired all as she led participants through a series of warm-up exercises before the 5k began. Bars generously donated by LUNA gave everyone a needed boost of energy, and keynote speaker Laura Schwartz shared her enthusiasm while celebrating sisters as they crossed the finish line. Foundation Board members were on hand to present everyone with a Move Your Phi’t finishers medal to celebrate completion of the course. Prior to Convention, participants were given the opportunity to raise funds for Alpha Phi Foundation via Crowdrise, an innovative online fundraising tool. A total of $19,000 was raised to fund

leadership training, scholarships, Forget Me Not grants, heart health initiatives and heritage projects supported by Alpha Phi Foundation. Congratulations, and a heartfelt thank you, to all our sisters who moved their phi’t to advance the lives of women!

Foundation Board of Directors and staff with celebrity host Courtney Rainville and emcee Laura Schwartz.

Fall 2012

Alpha Phi Quarterly


Congratulations to Alpha Phi Foundation’s 2012-13 Scholarship Recipients! Academic excellence is a hallmark of Alpha Phi. This year, through the generosity of its donors, Alpha Phi Foundation awarded more than $140,000 in scholarships to 33 graduate and 37 undergraduate members. These sisters exemplify academic excellence, outstanding service and dedicated involvement on their campuses and in their communities. The Foundation is proud to continue recognizing the remarkable accomplishments of Alpha Phi women by awarding merit-based scholarships to help them fulfill their promise and potential.

GRADUATE RECIPIENTS Beta Beta Chapter and Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarships

Kelly Baas Bryce (Beta Beta-Michigan State) Clinical Psychology

Margaret Garth Steinert Greene Scholarship Ashley Barthel (Epsilon Beta-Butler) Veterinary Medicine

Courtney Andreas-Gray Scholarship

Gracelyn Marie Rillorta Bateman (Zeta Gamma-Santa Clara) Sociology

Marjorie V. Dove Scholarship

Barbara Bedwell (Upsilon-Washburn) Business Administration

Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarship

Bergan Carr (Delta Xi-Nebraska/Kearney) Law

Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarship

Andrea Casias (Iota Zeta-Colorado School of Mines) Engineering

Diane Keenum Hite Memorial Scholarship

Melanie Clark (Epsilon Beta-Butler) Medicine

Sigma Scholarship

Caitlin J. Curry (Sigma-Washington) Genetics

Sarah Dickes (Nu-Nebraska) Medical Doctor

Linda Trinh Memorial Scholarship

Molly Danielle Dillon (Zeta Omicron Johns Hopkins) Public Policy Alpha Phi Quarterly

Lauren Dunford (Epsilon Beta-Butler) Speech-Language Pathology

Abby Dorsa Sobrato Memorial Scholarship

Krista Foster (Zeta Gamma-Santa Clara) Law

Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarship Kristin Fritz (Theta Lambda Central Missouri) Physical Therapy

Helen Bradford Scholarship

Katherine Grey (Eta Upsilon-Chapman) Cardiovascular Medicine

Vicki Silverman Memorial Scholarship

Clarissa Hughes (Gamma Pi-Arizona State) International Development

Beta Delta Scholarship

Natalie Lundgren (Beta Delta-UCLA) Occupational Therapy

Canadian Centennial Scholarship

Alexandra Makos (Xi-Toronto) Art History

Virginia Coleman Scholarship

Danielle P. Marganoff (Delta-Cornell) Higher Education Administration

Mabel Cooper Lamb Scholarship

Elizabeth Moroni (Delta-Cornell) Health Systems Administration

Nu Centennial Scholarship


Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarship

Fall 2012

Clara Bradley Burdette Scholarship

Melinda K. Mueller (Gamma Xi Wichita State) Educational Psychology

Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarship

Ashley Frances Nelson (Theta KappaRochester) Social Work

Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarship

Courtney Nelson (Psi-South Dakota) Medicine

Mary Yearsley Scholarship

Sarah Nichols (Beta Alpha-Illinois) Law

Beta Omicron Anniversary Scholarship Sarah Pankratz (Beta Omicron Bowling Green State) College Student Personnel

Margaret Beery Doe Scholarship

Laura Peirano (Beta Delta-UCLA) MBA/Marketing

Kay Wainwright Nixon Memorial Scholarship

Katie Rhodes (Delta Kappa Wisconsin/LaCrosse) Education Policy and Leadership

Eloise Howell Scholarship

Kerri Marie Rogers (Eta Eta-Seton Hall) Speech-Language Pathology

Anne Williams Muhl Scholarship

Molly Statz Sabatino (Omicron-Missouri) Radiography

Marion L. Frank Memorial Scholarship Jessica Seymour (Eta-Boston) Business Administration

Marilyn Bracken Ruckman Scholarship

Samantha Shulman (Delta Nu-Maine) Law

Frances Cameron Wiig Scholarship

Maxine English Memorial Scholarship

Doris Corbett Scholarship

Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarship

Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarship

Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarship

Nancy Pitchforth Patton, Zeta Iota and Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarships

Mary Miller Lyons and Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarships

Madge H. Lesher Memorial Scholarship

Jennifer Lynne Brooks Memorial Scholarship

Darcel Atwill Weller Scholarship

Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarship

Beta Beta Class of 63 40th Anniversary Scholarship

Toni Soreng Cobb Scholarship

Carol Klink Claussen Scholarship

Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarship

Ruth Allingham Soriano Scholarship

Mabel Cowlishaw Siggins Scholarship

Jane Kinney Memorial Scholarship

Kathleen Feeney Hiemstra and Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarships

Sally Hepler Memorial Scholarship

Nicole Spizzirri (Zeta Xi-Elmhurst) Leadership/Higher Education

Joni Wiley (Upsilon-Washburn) Social Work

Ann Somers Wilton (Zeta Iota-Virginia) Public Health

UNDERGRADUATE RECIPIENTS Sally Mitchell Milam Memorial Scholarship

Lamar Allan (Gamma Eta-North Texas) International Business

Delta Xi - Amber Weitzel Memorial Scholarship

Ariane Aten (Delta Xi-Nebraska/Kearney) Business Administration

Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarship

Alaina Bush (Gamma Xi-Wichita State) Psychology

John R. and Cecile D. Richards and Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarships Alejandra Campos (Delta Delta Oklahoma City) Business Marketing

Martha Jarvis Sutton Scholarship

Katie Carlson (Epsilon-Minnesota) Marketing and Finance

Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarship

Theresa Gallego (Beta Epsilon-Arizona) Family Studies and Human Development

Kate Grunst (Gamma Pi-Arizona State) Special and Elementary Education

Joanna Guy (Delta-Cornell) Government

Shawna Marie Heinz (Beta Pi-USC) Accounting and Business Administration

Caitlin Hill (Iota Omicron-WPI) Chemistry

Brittney Hoogervorst (Epsilon Upsilon CSU/Northridge) Studio Art/Sculpture

Kallie Howerton (Delta Mu-Purdue) Nursing

Kathryn Ikenberry (Beta-Northwestern) English Literature

Emily Jenkins (Theta Alpha-Linfield) Elementary Education

Jenny Morris (Delta Chi-William Woods) Psychology

Olivia O’Hara (Eta Alpha-New Hampshire) Health Management and Policy

Lexy Olson (Beta Epsilon-Arizona) Psychology

Sam Padilla (Iota Beta-St. Mary’s) Economic, International Relations

Alexandra Palmer (Beta Beta-Michigan State) Accounting

Mary Radford (Theta Upsilon-CSU/Chico) Liberal Studies, Early Elementary Education

Sophia Alandra Siao (Sigma-Washington) English

Leanne Silva (Theta Lambda-Central Missouri) Interior Design

Carolyn Sinow (Kappa-Stanford) Biology

Constance Purkiss Kelly Scholarship

Ruth Crellin Boutwell and Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarships

Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarship

Ruth Woods and Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarships

Bridget Corson (Iota Alpha-Pepperdine) Business Administration

Britt Kiser (Beta Zeta-Idaho) Public Relations

Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarship

John and Sharon Spraker Barnes Scholarship

Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarship

Zeta Iota Scholarship

Alex DiStefano (Phi-Oklahoma) Visual Communication

Emily Lavoie (Delta Nu-Maine) Women’s Studies

Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarship

Joan Merritt Holmes Scholarship

Marjorie V. Dove Scholarship

Erica Dreher (Eta Omega-Towson) Marketing

Madeleine Meeks (Beta Tau-Indiana) Finance and Accounting

Octavia Born Brooks Scholarship

Edwynne C. Rosenbaum Scholarship

Christie Chan (Beta Theta British Columbia) Science

Olivia Flores (Gamma-DePauw) English Literature

Teresa Johnson (Psi-South Dakota) Political Science and Journalism

Shaina Molineaux (Gamma Pi-Arizona State) Criminology

Jamie Steven (Delta Nu-Maine) Economics

Brittany Trentalange (Theta Tau-RPI) Business Management & Psychology

Natalie Warther (Zeta Iota-Virginia) Business

Kathryn Wertzberger (Gamma Xi Wichita State) Dance

Scholarship Applications The scholarship application for 2013-14 will be online this fall. The deadline for applications is March 31, 2013. Visit to learn more.

Fall 2012

Alpha Phi Quarterly


Silent Chapter Please note: class year listed in parentheses is year of initiation. Boston (Eta) Jean Marks Brodrick (’41), July 19, 2011.

Houston (Gamma Lambda) Nancie Sweeton Austin (’56), April 10, 2012.

Montana (Chi) Beverly King Schmautz (’54), April 29, 2012.

Bowling Green State (Beta Omicron) Wavalee Lusher Jacobs (’53), June 12, 2012.

Illinois (Beta Alpha) Dorothy Wilbourn Spomer (’41), April 23, 2011.

Sallie Hollecker Linnell (’54), April 11, 2012.

Cornell (Delta) Ann Gardner New (’52), April 3, 2012. Janet Lepard McPhail (’52), March 13, 2012. Krista Depew (’12), May 26, 2012. Denison (Beta Kappa) Eleanor Nebel Jewett (’38), June 2, 2012. Mary Opp Church (’41), Jan. 23, 2012. Nancy Stenglein Forsythe (’43), April 25, 2012. DePauw (Gamma) Jean Brummer (’41), July 4, 2011. Drake (Gamma Omicron) Cynthia L. Lizer (’76), April 27, 2012. East Carolina (Delta Alpha) Jean Joyner Stephens (’66), Feb. 28, 2012. Florida State (Gamma Phi) Martha Greenleaf Halling (’59), June 25, 2012.

Indiana (Beta Tau) Diane Allmon Covert (’56), March 26, 2012. Phyllis Allen Gillespie (’59), May 6, 2012. Indiana U. Southeast (Zeta Epsilon) Laura E. Williamson (’05), May 3, 2012. Iowa (Delta Epsilon) Karen Boegel Lynch (’71), March 15, 2012. Maryland (Delta Zeta) Kristin Meikle Orendorff Zazzetti (’91), Dec. 20, 2011. Michigan (Theta) Ruth Johnson Doane (’41), May 30, 2011. Michigan State (Beta Beta) Mary Roesch Kerns (’44), April 21, 2012. Missouri (Omicron) A. R. MaGill (’48), April 15, 2012. Janet Hewitt Dameron (’53), May 2, 2012.

Save the Date for 2012-13 Leadership Conferences Mid-Atlantic / Northeast Nov. 30-Dec. 2, 2012 Long Island, N.Y. North Central Midwest / Upper Midwest Feb. 8-10, 2013 Indianapolis, Ind. South Central / Southeast Feb. 15-17, 2013 Atlanta, Ga. Pacific Northwest / Southwest Feb. 22-24, 2013 San Francisco Bay Area, Calif.

North Dakota (Pi) Lois Bina Houkom (’42), May 29, 2012. Mary Bird Anstett (’41), Feb. 27, 2012. Northwestern (Beta) Carol Erickson Gilbertson (’52), June 30, 2012. Ohio State (Rho) Kendall Imhoff Boyle (’69), March 19, 2012. Lois Milsom Devlin (’52), May 27, 2012. Oklahoma (Phi) Bettye Creach Moore (’48), May 31, 2012. Nola Severin Wilson (’32), May 25, 2012.

Puget Sound (Gamma Zeta) Linda Olson Juckett (’68), May 7, 2012.

UC/Santa Barbara (Gamma Beta) Sharon Lynn Petzold (’75), April 8, 2012.

Purdue (Delta Mu) Judith Riddell Koppenhafer (’70), June 3, 2012.

UCLA (Beta Delta) Constance Purkiss Kelly (’39), April 20, 2012.

San Jose State (Beta Psi) Joan Thurman Janes (’48), April 1, 2012.

Elizabeth Clifford Dorrance (’39), June 1, 2012.

Patricia Siglin Bergna (’48), April 21, 2012.

Washburn (Upsilon) Frances Cooper Roskam (’35), May 15, 2012.

Sandra Epperson Martin (’59), May 22, 2012.

Helen McCarthy Murphy (’45), May 1, 2012.

Shippensburg (Theta Xi) Stacy Elias Davis (’01), July 5, 2012.

Washington (Sigma) Marian Jellison Main (’46), May 13, 2012.

South Dakota (Psi) Florence Winkler Bailey (’42), June 6, 2012.

Wisconsin (Iota) Dorothy Pile Schuerman (’40), May 7, 2012.

Texas (Omega) Betsy Smith Coffey (’41), June 9, 2012.

Wisconsin/LaCrosse (Delta Kappa) Kaye Wrobel Karis (’71), Oct. 28, 2011.

Oklahoma City (Delta Delta) Ann Michele King (’05), May 21, 2012.

Cynthia Smith Brutzman (’42), Feb. 13, 2012.

Oregon (Tau) Barbara Gregg Lasley (’54), April 19, 2012.

UC/Berkeley (Lambda) Betty Perkins Minahen (’49), April 6, 2012.

Shirley Shean Larson (’38), April 12, 2012.

Tia Dillman Skidmore (’42), June 21, 2012.

Jane Brannen Dodson (’49), Aug. 22, 2011.

Quarterly Receives Industry Awards

The Alpha Phi Quarterly was a winner in the 2012 Fraternity Communications Association (FCA) and the APEX Awards for Publication Excellence award competitions. The Quarterly received a second place FCA award for Story Packaging / Coverage of an Event, Member or Chapter(s) for the Summer 2011 article entitled “CSU/Northridge Chapter House Receives On-Screen Facelift.” For a ninth year in a row, the Alpha Phi Quarterly is a winner in the APEX Awards for Publication Excellence competition, receiving an Award of Excellence for the Fall 2011 Quarterly that featured “Is the Future of the Printed Magazine in Jeopardy?” For more information, visit or


Alpha Phi Quarterly

Fall 2012

Alpha Phi International Directory PAST PRESIDENTS Phyllis Sims Selig (Gamma DeltaKansas), 1974-78 Nancy Wittgen Burks DeVoe (Gamma-DePauw), 1982-86 Sally McCall Grant (GammaDePauw), 1986-90 Virginia Burson Struble (Beta Kappa-Denison), 1990-94 Linda Gardner Massie (Delta Alpha-East Carolina), 1994-98 Jean Cameron Hahm (Gamma NuMiami University), 1998-2002 Crista Cate Vasina (Delta GammaNorthern Colorado), 2002-06 Laura Malley-Schmitt (Zeta PhiMIT), 2006-10 INTERNATIONAL EXECUTIVE BOARD International President Linda Long Boland (Gamma Kappa-CSU/Long Beach) Yucaipa, CA Vice President Amy Jordan Tvrdik (OmicronMissouri) Chesterfield, MO Secretary/Treasurer Susan McNeice (Epsilon NuDelaware) Fairfax Station, VA Directors Susan Weiskittle Barrick (Beta Omicron-Bowling Green State) Gainesville, FL Valerie Lawlor (Omicron-Missouri) Dallas, TX Tobi Board Nieland (Eta Beta-CSU/ San Bernardino) Yucaipa, CA Coree Smith (Epsilon ThetaNorthern Iowa) Chicago, IL Ex-Officio Member/ Foundation Chair Diane Spry Straker (Delta AlphaEast Carolina) Reston, VA Ex-Officio Member/ NPC Delegate Sally McCall Grant (GammaDePauw) Walnut Creek, CA Ex-Officio Member/ Executive Director Linda Wells Kahangi Evanston, IL

Colleen Sirhal (Theta-Michigan) Rocky River, OH Jenny Holsman Tetreault (Gamma Pi-Arizona State) Phoenix, AZ Mary Beth Cooleen Tully (Epsilon Psi-Lehigh) Garden City, NY Darcel Atwill Weller (Gamma IotaTexas Tech) Kingwood, TX Ex-Officio Member/ International PresidentHI Linda Long Boland (Gamma Kappa-CSU/Long Beach) Yucaipa, CA linda.boland2@verizon.netSTO Ex-Officio Member/ Foundation Executive Director Ann Brinkman Carstensen Chicago, IL EXECUTIVE OFFICE STAFF Margaret Knights Hultsch (Beta NuDuke and Beta-Northwestern) Columbia, MO NATIONAL PANHELLENIC CONFERENCE DELEGATION Delegate Sally McCall Grant (GammaDePauw) Walnut Creek, CA First Alternate Delegate Laura Malley-Schmitt (Zeta Phi-MIT) Bedminster, NJ Second Alternate Delegate Ruth Gallager Nelson (Delta Epsilon-Iowa) Chicago, IL Third Alternate Delegate Laura Lynn Davidson Ellett (Belta Delta-UCLA) Los Angeles, CA EXECUTIVE OFFICE STAFF Telephone numbers listed under Fraternity and Foundation staff are direct lines.

Fraternity 1930 Sherman Ave. Evanston, IL 60201 Phone 847.475.0663 Fax: 847.475.6820 e-mail: Direct voice mail line: 847.475.4786


Executive Director Linda Wells Kahangi 847.316.8922

Chair Diane Spry Straker (Delta AlphaEast Carolina) Reston, VA

Manager of Administrative Services Carol Schar Sellards 847.316.8945

Vice Chair Karen McChesney Howe (Gamma Sigma-Wisconsin/Stout) Minnetonka, MN

Coordinator, Events and Administrative Services Liz Hepkema 847.316.8929

Treasurer Judy Ethell (Zeta Alpha-Eastern Illinois Chesterfield, MO

Director of Alumnae Membership Alissa Meyer Milito 847.316.8941

Secretary Jean Creamer Hodges (Rho-Ohio State) Denver, CO

Program Manager, Alumnae Membership Elizabeth Conner 847.316.8925

Directors Jean Sheridan (Beta-Northwestern) Winnetka, IL

Coordinator, Alumnae Membership Melanie Keller 847.316.8940

Director of Collegiate Operations J.D. Louk 847.316.8943

Executive Director Ann Brinkman Carstensen 847.316.8950

Program Manager, Collegiate Chapter Services Heather Scheuer 847.316.8944

Director of Marketing and Annual Giving Jane Baxter Miller 847.316.8948

Program Manager, Collegiate Housing Operations Ashley Grajek 847.316.8927

Director of Special Campaigns and Programs Melissa Wagasy Moody 248.515.4049

Coordinator, Collegiate Member Services Kelly Ryan 847.316.8931

Director of Philanthropic Campaigns Nancy Owen Craig 570.473.3609

Director of Collegiate Recruitment Renee Smith Zimmerman Zainer 847.316.8924

Special Events and Program Manager Leesa Havel 847.316.8951

Program Manager, Collegiate Recruitment Services Laura Keene 847.316.8923

Development and Stewardship Coordinator Natalie King 847.316.8947

Director of Marketing and Extension Megan BouchĂŠ 847.316.8926

Archivist Jenny Thompson

Program Manager, Educational Leadership Consultants Samantha Stawicki 916.616.2928 Manager of New Chapter Development Cassidy Rosenthal 970.376.0332 Program Coordinator, Colony Development Sarah Dariano 419.699.0361 Director of Finance Cathy Koessl 847.316.8928 Program Manager, Finance Kary Huffman 847.556.8812 Program Manager, Property Development Tonya Ryan 847.556.2627 Director of Training, Development and Communications Denise Jung Reens 847.316.8921 Manager of Resources and Training Initiatives Stefania Rudd 847.316.8933 Quarterly Editor-in-Chief and Communications Manager Christine Spiegel 847.316.8920 Program Manager, Marketing and Communications Kristen Mitchell 847.316.8938

Foundation 1930 Sherman Ave. Evanston, IL 60201 Phone 847.475.4532 Fax: 847.475.9982 e-mail: Direct voice mail line: 847.475.4786

EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP CONSULTANTS 2012-13 All ELCs can receive mail at the Alpha Phi Executive Office, 1930 Sherman Ave., Evanston, IL 60201. Nora Baker (Omicron-Missouri) Lake Saint. Louis, MO 636.751.4494 Megan Beale (Lambda-UC/ Berkeley) Lincoln University, PA 610.952.5617 Katie Bergin (Gamma Eta-North Texas) Pflugerville, TX 512.659.2686 Amy Bothman (Epsilon Chi-Cal Poly) Scotts Valley, CA 831.227-3457 Emily Coulouras (Beta EpsilonArizona) Sacramento, CA 916.844.4556 Adriana Dres (Omega-Texas) Boyd, TX 940.859.1303 Sarah Harbison (Gamma-DePauw) Carmel, IN 317.442.8829 Sarah Jensen (Delta DeltaOklahoma City) Lawton, OK 580.917.5820 Kaeley Jones (Gamma Phi-Florida State) Tallahassee, FL 352.361.5554 Katie Koukol (Nu-Nebraska) Omaha, NE 402.706.6136 Dakotah Lindsay (Beta Pi-USC) Argyle, TX 940.368.3846 Alex Morgan (Eta Psi-Eastern Washington) Wenatchee, WA 509.630.4844

Allie Winkelman (Gamma EpsilonLake Forest) Park City, UT 435.640.8732 Shannon Wright (Beta RhoWashington State) Vancouver, WA 360.513.8945 REGIONAL TEAM DIRECTORY

Mid-Atlantic Region Regional Manager Susan Carrochi Sherman (Epsilon Nu-Delaware) Fort Washington, PA Alumnae Membership Coordinator Misty Milburn Wilson (Theta XiShippensburg) Camp Hill, PA Collegiate Membership Coordinators Holly Malek Bryk (Epsilon NuDelaware) Wilmington, DE Nichole Cohen (Delta ZetaMaryland) Jarrettsville, MD Evie Victorson (Beta Iota-West Virginia) Charlotte, NC Extension Team Lead Carnegie Mellon (Colony) Andi Etwaroo (Zeta OmicronJohns Hopkins) Miami, FL Human Resources Coordinator Tami Letford Bender (Gamma Alpha-San Diego State) Brambleton, VA tami.bender@benderfinancial. com Operations and Programming Coordinator Nancy DeMarco DeLaura (Eta Epsilon-Villanova) Haddonfield, NJ Regional Housing Coordinator Bridget Coffey (Theta PhiChristopher Newport) Winchester, VA

North Central Midwest Region Regional Manager Jennifer Hutchinson Frobish (Epsilon Delta-Northern Illinois) Bloomington, IL Alumnae Membership Coordinator Molly Statz Sabatino (OmicronMissouri) South Elgin, IL Collegiate Membership Coordinators Tracy Machtan (Delta KappaWisconsin/LaCrosse) Terre Haute, IN Keri Miller (Delta Rho-Ball State) Chicago, IL Andrea Robison (Delta Eta-Adrian) Southfield, MI andrealynn83@alumnae. Michelle Connell Stevens (Epsilon Phi-NC State) Saint Louis, MO Human Resources Coordinator Vicky Puglise Gibson (Epsilon Delta-Northern Illinois) Oswego, IL

Fall 2012

International Governor Wisconsin (Iota) Anne McMurray (BetaNorthwestern) Indianapolis, IN Operations and Programming Coordinators Devon Hensel (Gamma Nu-Miami University) Westfield, IN Kimberly Furgason Sutch (Delta Epsilon-Iowa) Blaine, MN Regional Housing Coordinator Marj Freese (Beta Alpha-Illinois) Washington, IL

Northeast Region Regional Manager Cathy Schafer McKay (Theta IotaJames Madison) New York, NY cathymckay@alumnae.alphaphi. org Alumnae Membership Coordinator Mary Paige Edwards Larsen (Theta Iota-James Madison) New York, NY Collegiate Membership Coordinators Lauren Kelly Gall (Iota LambdaConnecticut) New York, NY Liz Lowe Oltman (Theta TauRensselaer) Tinton Falls, NJ Tiffany Westendorf (Theta TauRensselaer) Troy, NY Extension Team Lead WPI (Iota Omicron) Samantha Lott Hale (Delta Nu-Maine) Orono, ME Human Resources Coordinator Jennifer Koschalk Stevens (Theta Zeta-Florida Tech) Palmyra, PA Operations and Programming Coordinators Susan DuMont (Gamma EpsilonLake Forest) Catonsville, MD Robin Foster (Epsilon Kappa-West Chester) Troy, NY Regional Housing Coordinator Sara Lane Pope Kingston, NH

Pacific Northwest Region Collegiate Chapter Territory Manager Carol Wilde Wahl (Delta KappaWisconsin/LaCrosse) Cameron Park, CA Alumnae Membership Coordinator Karen Siegel Fitting (Eta Alpha-New Hampshire) Fremont, CA Collegiate Chapter Administrators Saori Clark (Tau-Oregon) Portland, OR Ashley Deal (Theta Upsilon-CSU/ Chico) Sacramento, CA Stephanie Sutton Hjelmstad (Delta Kappa-Wisconsin/LaCrosse) Linden, CA

Alpha Phi Quarterly


Lori Lyman Losee (Beta-RhoWashington State) Puyallup, WA Margo Anderson Newman (Beta Rho-Washington State) University Place, WA Lindsay Martin Poss (Beta PsiSan Jose State) Sacramento, CA

Alumnae Membership Coordinator Erin Donahoe Druhan (Delta TauLouisiana State) Kiln, MS

Extension Team Leads Stanford (Kappa) Susan Brink Sherratt (Beta BetaMichigan State) Alameda, CA Whitman (Beta Phi) Cindy Popich Maki (Beta Zeta-Idaho) Kent, WA

Collegiate Membership Coordinators Emily Bunch Branch (Theta IotaJames Madison) Norfolk, VA Laura McMahon Kovacs (Iota Delta-Rhode Island) Waxhaw, NC Vicky Cordner Manoogian (Epsilon Eta-Old Dominion) McLean, VA

South Central Region Regional Manager Jandy Thompson (Delta Beta-Texas A&M/Commerce) Dallas, TX jandythompson@alumnae. Alumnae Membership Coordinator Michele Hurley Quiroga (Phi-Oklahoma) Dallas, TX Collegiate Membership Coordinators Suzy Storey Armstrong (Delta ChiWilliam Woods) Tulsa, OK Lora Tuley Brys (Theta GammaTruman State) Wichita, KS Evan Guthrie (Omega-Texas) Austin, TX Courtney McCallum (Beta GammaColorado) Glenwood Springs, CO courtney.mccallum@colorado. edu Extension Team Lead Creighton (Theta Delta) Molly Lungrin Kuhl (Delta XiNebraska/Kearney) Lincoln, NE Human Resources Coordinator Sandy Golleher Andonian (OmegaTexas) Wichita Falls, TX International Governors North Texas (Gamma Eta) Jennifer Larson (Omega-Texas) Dallas, TX Oklahoma (Phi) Laura Keene (Beta GammaColorado) Chicago, IL Operations and Programming Coordinators Stacey Thulin Daniel (OmegaTexas) Austin, TX Kristal Statler (Iota Beta-St. Mary’s) Richardson, TX Regional Housing Coordinator Kandyce Horn (Upsilon-Washburn) Lawrence, KS

Southeast Region Regional Manager Jackee Schools (Eta LambdaGeorge Mason) Alexandria, VA


Alpha Phi Quarterly

Alumnae Membership Coordinator Assistant Andrea Coffey Stewart (Theta Pi-Emory) Smyrna, GA

Extension Team Leads Alabama (Beta Mu) Erin Berry Sams (Eta LambdaGeorge Mason) Virginia Beach, VA Clemson (Iota Rho) Crista Cate Vasina (Delta Gamma-Northern Colorado) Alpharetta, GA Florida State (Gamma Phi) Deana Koonsman Gage (Gamma Iota-Texas Tech) Southlake, TX Kentucky (Iota Nu) Megan Laraway Maloney (Theta Nu-Appalachian State) Charlotte, NC

Jill Herdman Trotter (Delta GammaNorthern Colorado) Greeley, CO Christi Gray Wicks (Beta RhoWashington State) Oceanside, CA Extension Team Leads Northern Arizona (Iota Pi) Stephanie Nordstrom (Iota Alpha-Pepperdine) Los Angeles, CA Utah (Beta Sigma) Rebecca Andrew Zanatta (Beta Rho-Washington State) Seattle, WA Human Resources Coordinator Brandi Stelter Wallace (Gamma Iota-Texas Tech) San Diego, CA International Governor Denver (Iota Xi) and Arizona (Beta Epsilon) Lisa Cabaniss Olson (Beta Epsilon-Arizona) Highlands Ranch, CO Operations and Programming Coordinators Carolyn LeBaugh Gregg (Eta PsiEastern Washington) Huntington Beach, CA Rachel Rodriguez (Gamma KappaCSU/Long Beach) Fullerton, CA Regional Housing Coordinator Alexis McClain (Beta GammaColorado) Denver, CO

Human Resources Coordinator Kimberly Musselman (Theta ZetaFlorida Tech) Melbourne, FL

Upper Midwest Region Regional Manager Alison Nash (Xi-Toronto) Toronto, ON, CAN

International Governors East Carolina (Delta Alpha) Caitlin Massie King (Eta Omicron-Virginia Tech) Toano, VA Georgia Tech (Iota Mu) Andrea Gage Cheek (Gamma Iota-Texas Tech) Dallas, TX

Alumnae Membership Coordinator Patti Ward Shears (Beta OmicronBowling Green State) Boardman, OH

Operations and Programming Coordinators Ashley Green Chesson (Epsilon Phi-NC State) Sims, NC Shannon Rodenheiser (Eta Xi-UNC/Wilmington) Leland, NC Regional Housing Coordinator TBD

Southwest Region Regional Manager Lisa Snyder Frerichs (Eta IotaPennsylvania) San Marcos, CA Alumnae Membership Coordinator Katie Burnett Silva (Gamma AlphaSan Diego State) Reno, NV Collegiate Membership Coordinator Kristy Arnold (Gamma Kappa-CSU/ Long Beach) Huntington Beach, CA Katie Doherty (Gamma Beta-UC/ Santa Barbara) Fresno, CA

Fall 2012

Alumnae Membership Coordinator Assistant Monica Kennedy Monczka (Xi-Toronto) Toronto, ON, CAN Collegiate Membership Coordinators Michelle Davis Boerger (Beta Omicron-Bowling Green State) Hamilton, OH Amanda Minchin Carter (Gamma Nu-Miami University) Akron, OH Human Resources Coordinator Judy Lossing Callander (Gamma Nu-Miami University) New Albany, OH International Governor Michigan State (Beta Beta) Deana Koonsman Gage (Gamma Iota-Texas Tech) Southlake, TX Operations and Programming Coordinators Lauren Cherry Doherty (Eta ChiBishop’s) Kitchener, ON, CAN lauren.doherty@alumnae. Gina Bradley Feller (Epsilon AlphaAshland) Miamisburg, OH Regional Housing Coordinator Jennifer Butler (Beta Tau-Indiana) Indianapolis, IN

ALUMNAE STRATEGY TEAM Co-Chair and IEB Representative Susan Weiskittle Barrick (Beta Omicron-Bowling Green State) Gainesville, FL Co-Chair and Foundation Representative Karen McChesney Howe (Gamma Sigma-Wisconsin/Stout) Minnetonka, MN Members Kim Brown Brannon (Gamma Rho-Penn State) Vienna, VA Kathy Feeney Hiemstra (Delta Theta-Western Michigan) Holland, MI Emily Ellison Lamb (Gamma IotaTexas Tech) Austin, TX Staff Partners Alissa Meyer Milito Missy Wagasy Moody COMMITTEE ON LEADERSHIP Elected Representatives Billie Coskey Battiato (PhiOklahoma) Tulsa, OK Linda Gardner Massie (Delta Alpha-East Carolina) Toano, VA Jan Brinker Schaeffer (Beta Omicron-Bowling Green State) Castalia, OH janschaeffer@alumnae. Carol Wilde Wahl (Delta KappaWisconsin/LaCrosse) Cameron Park, CA EXTENSION COMMITTEE Co-Chair Ashley Haugh (Xi-Toronto) Orleans, ON, CAN ashley.haugh@alumnae. Co-Chair and IEB Representative Susan McNeice (Epsilon NuDelaware) Fairfax Station, VA Members Susan Bevan (Sigma-Washington) Greenwich, CT Lisa Causarano (Epsilon Rho-UC/ Davis) Louisville, KY Terri Rolik Dalsky (Beta OmegaKent State) Freeport, FL Kirsten Siron Fryer (Beta AlphaIllinois) Chicago, IL Rima Garsys (Eta Mu-Marquette and Gamma Phi-Florida State) Tampa, FL Kathy Feeney Hiemstra (Delta Theta-Western Michigan) Holland, MI Sharon Stephens Jensen (NuNebraska) Papillion, NE Karen Ohnemus Lisko (Beta Epsilon-Arizona) Omaha, NE Shannon Nelson (Theta IotaJames Madison) Oxford, OH

Linda Schnetzer (Beta OmicronBowling Green State) Sikeston, MO Paige Stallings (Gamma-DePauw) Chicago, IL Darcel Atwill Weller (Gamma IotaTexas Tech) Kingwood, Texas Sherry Tobaben Wilcher (Gamma Gamma-Drury) Independence, MO Staff Partner Megan Bouché FINANCE AND AUDIT COMMITTEE Chair and IEB Representative Tobi Board Nieland (Eta Beta-CSU/ San Bernardino) Yucaipa, CA IEB Representative Coree Smith (Epsilon ThetaNorthern Iowa) Chicago, IL Members Billie Coskey Battiato (PhiOklahoma) Tulsa, OK Rebecca DeVoe Brown (Alpha Lambda-Alumna Initiate) Fishers, IN Heather Lee (Alpha LambdaAlumna Initiate) Santa Clarita, CA Susan Carrochi Sherman (Epsilon Nu-Delaware) Fort Washington, PA Jandy Thompson (Delta Beta-Texas A&M/Commerce) Dallas, TX Staff Partner Cathy Koessl HOUSING STRATEGY COMMITTEE Chair and IEB Representative Coree Smith (Epsilon ThetaNorthern Iowa) Chicago, IL IEB Representative Valerie Lawlor (Omicron-Missouri) Dallas, TX Members Trisha Durbin Adamson (Pi-North Dakota) Woodbury, MN Nichole Cohen (Delta ZetaMaryland) Jarrettsville, MD Kate Boyle Halfon (Eta Delta-CSU/ East Bay) Martinez, CA Marcia Jones Lane (OmicronMissouri) Kansas City, MO Tricia McNabb-Lanzino (Beta PsiSan Jose State) Chicago, IL Sarah Samuels (Delta-Cornell) Chicago, IL Jan Brinker Schaeffer (Beta Omicron-Bowling Green State) Castalia, OH janschaeffer@alumnae. Staff Partner Ashley Grajek

INTERNATIONAL RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION TEAM Co-Chair Andrea Sabo Luker (Epsilon NuDelaware) Monmouth Beach, NJ Co-Chair and IEB Representative Amy Jordan Tvrdik (OmicronMissouri) Chesterfield, MO Members Lindsey Bare (Iota AlphaPepperdine) Addison, TX Laura Lynn Davidson Ellett (Belta Delta-UCLA) Los Angeles, CA Sally McCall Grant (GammaDePauw) Walnut Creek, CA Laura Malley-Schmitt (Zeta Phi-MIT) Bedminster, NJ Staff Partner Renee Smith Zimmerman Zainer STRATEGIC PLANNING COMMITTEE Co-Chair Andi Etwaroo (Zeta Omicron-Johns Hopkins) Miami, FL Co-Chair and IEB Representative Valerie Lawlor (Omicron-Missouri) Dallas, TX Members Susan Weiskittle Barrick (Beta Omicron-Bowling Green State) Gainesville, FL Kelly Benedetti (Beta OmicronBowling Green State) Alexandria, VA Samantha Lott Hale (Delta Nu-Maine) Orono, ME Ruth Gallagher Nelson (Delta Epsilon-Iowa) Chicago, IL Tobi Board Nieland (Eta Beta-CSU/ San Bernardino) Yucaipa, CA Liz Lowe Oltman (Theta TauRensselaer) Tinton Falls, NJ Erin Berry Sams (Eta LambdaGeorge Mason) Virginia Beach, VA Linda Schnetzer (Beta OmicronBowling Green State) Sikeston, MO Kim Larsen Watson (OmicronMissouri) Bowie, MD Rebecca Andrew Zanatta (Beta Rho-Washington State) Seattle, WA Staff Partner Linda Wells Kahangi MUSIC CONSULTANT Samantha Conter (Theta XiShippensburg) Clarks Summit, PA

Bulletin Board Theta Phi Plans Reunion All Christopher Newport (Theta Phi) alumnae in the Hampton Roads, Va., area are invited to a Nov. 2-4, 2012, reunion. Web: Facebook: CNU Alpha Phi Alumnae Reunion Contact Stephanie Spence at for more information.

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Fall 2012

Alpha Phi Quarterly


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POSTMASTER: Please send changes to Alpha Phi, 1930 Sherman Ave., Evanston, IL 60201

Convention 2014 70th Biennial Convention June 25-29, 2014 Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa Rancho Mirage, Calif.

Watch for Convention information in future issues of the Quarterly and on our website at Photos courtesy of Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa,

Fall 2012 Alpha Phi Quarterly  

Fall 2012 Alpha Phi Quarterly