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A Publication of Alpha Phi International Fraternity Since 1888 Vol. 114, No. 4 Fall 2002

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HISTORY AND HERITAGE Alpha Phis enjoy Convention during the 1940s. Join us as we remember Alpha Phi’s heritage.



NEW IEB The 2002-04 International Executive Board is installed during Convention.

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CONVENTION AWARDS Charlotte Lees, left, and Ann Martin are recipients of the prestigious Frances E. Willard award, presented during Convention 2002.

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FOUNDATION Introducing Foundation Executive Director Rebecca Andrew Zanatta (BPΛWashington State).

Founders Clara Bradley Burdette (’76), died 1954 Florence Chidester Lukens (’75), died 1885 Martha Foote Crow (’76), died 1924 Ida Gilbert Houghton (’76), died 1916 Jane S. Higham (’76), died 1949 Kate Hogoboom Gilbert (’75), died 1900 Elizabeth Grace Hubbell Shults (’75), died 1895 Rena Michaels Atchison (’74), died 1933 Louise Shepard Hancock (’76), died 1932 Clara Sittser Williams (’75), died 1925 International Executive Board International President: Crista Cate Vasina Vice President: Amy Pfannenstiel Bunszel Secretary/Treasurer: Lindsay Wiggins Barbara Koontz Alevras Stacey Grimes Boulmetis Margaret Halla Cash Linda Boon DeFee Felicia Hunt Peg DeChant Thornburg Ex-Officio: Sally McCall Grant, NPC Delegate Foundation Directors Chairman: Susan Brink Sherratt Vice Chairman: Gayle Goodman Secretary: Kathleen Feeney Hiemstra Treasurer: Susan Weiskittle Barrick Ann Brinkman Judith Knudsen Brown Alin Hernandez Wall Crista Cate Vasina National Panhellenic Conference Alpha Phi Delegate: Sally McCall Grant First Alternate Delegate: Deana Koonsman Gage Second Alternate Delegate: Laura Malley-Schmitt Third Alternate Delegate: Mary Rekart Ulich Editorial Advisory Board Sheila George Bright Ann Brinkman Jan Jones Owen Lisa Marlene Sawyer Jodi Wilson Siegel Alpha Phi Quarterly Staff Director of Marketing & Communications: Maureen Lyons E-mail: Editor: Christine Spiegel E-mail: Alpha Phi Quarterly Design Michelle Webb Design E-mail: Alpha Phi Home Page Executive Office Address: 1930 Sherman Ave., Evanston, IL 60201 Phone: 847.475.0663 Fax: 847.475.6820 E-mail: Foundation Office Executive Director: Rebecca Andrew Zanatta Address: 1930 Sherman Ave., Evanston, IL 60201 Foundation Phone: 847.475.4532 Fax: 847.475.9982 E-mail:

Alpha Phi Quarterly Editorial Policy All persons interested in submitting materials for publication in the Alpha Phi Quarterly are encouraged to send them to the editor at the Executive Office. The editor reserves the right to accept, deny or edit any materials submitted. Unless otherwise requested, all photos sent to the magazine will become the property of Alpha Phi International and will not be returned. Articles may be sent by mail, fax, e-mail or on a PC disk. Please send your information to the editor by the deadlines indicated on this page. Materials received after these deadlines will be considered for the following issue. Please direct any submission questions or inquiries regarding publication advertising to the editor at 847.316.8920, or The Alpha Phi Quarterly is published winter, spring, summer and fall. Subscription price is $3 per year; single copies are $1. Send change of address or announcements to Alpha Phi Executive Office, 1930 Sherman Ave., Evanston, IL 60201. Periodical rate postage paid at Evanston, IL, and at additional mailing offices. (ISSN: USPS 014680) Postmaster: Please send address changes to Alpha Phi, 1930 Sherman Ave., Evanston, IL 60201. Printed in the USA.






The 2002-04 International Executive Board was installed during Convention 2002 in Tucson, Ariz., in June. Following are remarks from incoming International President Crista Cate Vasina (D-Northern Colorado) during her inaugural speech.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be your president. That is one of the greatest gifts of this organization: Alpha Phi offers women opportunities beyond their own dreams. I’ll never forget the first time I walked through Northern Colorado (D) chapter’s doors. I knew within the first few minutes it was the place for me. It wasn’t the furniture or the decorations; it was the women with whom I connected. Throughout my time at UNC, relationships and support from sisters began to Crista Cate Vasina shape my future. Alpha Phi gave me the opportunity to grow as a leader. I learned from those who preceded me and those with whom I had the privilege to serve. But even then, I had no idea the depth of support Alpha Phi had to offer. As an organization, Alpha Phi is continuously changing to remain current in our fast-paced world. What has not changed is Alpha Phi’s purpose, set forth by our Founders: the promotion of growth in character, unity of feeling, sisterly affection and social communion. Alpha Phi is sisters banded together seeking the highest ideals of womanhood. It is women supporting each other in the pursuit of their dreams. It is a sister to turn to in good times and bad. It is a place to grow and a place to fail. Each of us has a story about Alpha Phi’s role in making us the women we are today. I believe we all have the responsibility to reach out to sisters and encourage them to take advantage of the opportunities our organization offers, just as Alpha Phis from our past encouraged and mentored us. My chapter adviser, Ann Sierlecki Lacefield (D-Northern Colorado), steered me toward a path of leadership within my chapter. It was her faith and support in me that opened doors to the benefits I have received from Alpha Phi. We, your 2002-04 IEB, serve today in part because of the Alpha Phi sisters who encouraged us. We are very proud to have the opportunity to lead the Fraternity and are committed to work together to continue to strengthen our organization. I look forward to learning, growing, debating and laughing with this very talented group of women. Each of us brings our own unique perspective to the IEB and collectively, I’m confident we can represent you, our members. We are fortunate that the leaders before us looked to the future and set forth a positive direction. The 2000-02 IEB worked diligently to strengthen and improve our organization, as did those who came before them. We thank them. Our Board is fortunate to work with a wonderful Foundation Board of Directors and partner with a fantastic Executive Office staff. On behalf of the 2002-04 IEB, thank you for the trust you place in us. Betty Mullins Jones (-DePauw), 1970-74 International President and long-time NPC delegate, charged all Alpha Phis “to be the custodians and guardians of all that has preceded you … more than this, you must improve and advance Alpha Phi.” We are committed, with your support, to be the custodians and visionaries necessary to move Alpha Phi into the future.



The Quarterly reviews trends in recruitment, the progress of the Alpha Phi Foundation and the history of our badge.



The Tucson sun shines on Alpha Phi during its 64th Biennial Convention. Congratulations to all chapter and individual award recipients (page 10)!

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Crista Cate Vasina (-Northern Colorado) International President FALL 2002


ALPHA PHI SEARCHES FOR EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Alpha Phi International Fraternity depends upon understanding and investing in women who, as sisters, provide strength and support to each other. To continue to realize this vision for our Fraternity, the International Executive Board is accepting applications for the position of Executive Director from among its membership. This position is based in the Alpha Phi Executive Office in Evanston, Ill., but also involves work with collegiate and alumnae members throughout the United States and Canada. The Alpha Phi Executive Director shall: • respect Alpha Phi as an organization where women can grow as scholars, leaders and professionals; • initiate, develop and support cooperative relationships with Alpha Phi sisters and constituents; • oversee the Fraternity’s operations through a staff-driven management model; • coordinate the review and implementation of the Fraternity’s Strategic Goals; • administer fiscal, planning and operational issues facing the Fraternity on a day-to-day basis; • work in cooperation with the Alpha Phi Foundation; and • report to the International Executive Board. The salary will be commensurate with experience. An excellent benefits package is also included. If you are interested in learning more about this position, visit our Web site at If you would like to refer a sister to the Executive Director Search Committee, please contact International President Crista Cate Vasina (-Northern Colorado) at Executive Director résumé submissions will be accepted until Oct. 25, 2002.




Timeless Tradition, Contemporary Vision: Remembering the Heritage of Alpha Phi Alpha Phi’s history dates back 130 years — the fourth women’s organization to be established in what had been a male-only fraternal world. In fact, the reason Alpha Phi is a fraternity rather than sorority is the term “sorority” did not exist yet in 1872. It Syracuse (A) 1908 was not created until a decade later. In an effort to capture this classic and legendary aspect of Alpha Phi’s heritage while simultaneously portraying the forwardthinking proactivity of the organization and its members, Alpha Phi International embarked on an image campaign. The Fraternity’s new tagline, Timeless Tradition. Contemporary Vision. Always Alpha Phi, and logo were introduced in the Winter 2002 Quarterly (view the story online at alpha_phi_library/recentissues_public.html). The goal of the new image, in addition to conveying a consistent look and message for all Alpha Phi communications, is to remember our past while looking forward to lead and excel today and into the future. Throughout this issue, we reflect on the heritage that led us to the position we are in today, an international fraternity boasting 143 collegiate chapters, 150 alumnae chapters, 152,041 members and a Foundation that provided $635,000 in charitable gifts last year. Since our Founders’ original vision, Alpha Phi and her members have been forward-thinking in every era. From the Original Ten and first Alumna Initiate Frances E. Willard, Alpha Phis have always been visionaries (visit about_alpha_phi/famousphis.html to read about our Founders, Frances E. Willard and other alumnae of distinction). This Quarterly is a tribute to those Alpha Phis who preceeded us and to those who have yet to join. Recruitment Then and Now Recruitment was an “informal” process during Alpha Phi’s first years in the sense that no uniform recruitment practices and standards were observed until 1902 with the creation of the first

The Alpha Phi Foundation plays a larger role in recruitment today. Most collegiate chapters incorporate a philanthropy event/party during recruitment activities. To assist chapters with successful philanthropy recruitment, the Foundation collaborated with the Fraternity to create a new philanthropy recruitment brochure, Ideas from the Heart. For more information, e-mail or call 847.316.8949.

FALL 2002

1902 Convention in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

interfraternity association and the first intergroup organization on college campuses - what today is known as the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC). There were no set guidelines for recruitment and pledging an organization: women could be pledged to groups before enrolling in college and could even belong to more than one group. NPC established the recruitment guidelines we know today; many established at their first meeting are still in practice today. The recruitment process of bids and pledging emerged during the 1920s, and Greek life experienced heightened popularity from the 1920s to 1960s, with the exception of the World War II era. The golden age for the Greek system was realized during the 1950s when membership reached record highs. By this time, the system of formal recruitment similar to today’s had been established, including a formal recruitment week held at the beginning of the school year. Recruitment dropped significantly in 1971, partially the result of the counter-culture movements of the 1960s. At the end of the 1970s, the number of students going through formal recruitment increased again, with another significant boom in the early 1990s. Recruitment terminology remained virtually the same until the 1990s when NPC implemented new terms to present a more professional impression to those outside the Greek world. Recruitment replaced the term “rush,” a “pledge” is now a new member, “rushees” are now potential members and “bid cards” are formal membership recruitment acceptance forms. (Visit the National Panhellenic Conference Web site at for more information.) Recruitment trends have evolved with time, but its principles remain the same. The process has always been based on the premise of “wowing” potential members with conversation and friendship. And the same qualities are sought in sisters today as in 1872.


Alpha Phi Foundation Then and Now Alpha Phi Foundation, founded in 1956, is one of the oldest Greek foundations for women. Today, it’s also one of the top women’s foundations. In celebration of its 46 years of growth and success, here’s a look at the way things were … and the way they are today.

Today, it’s a successful organization. Two priorities remain: to encourage and recognize superior scholarship and support women’s cardiac health. The Foundation also funds programs that provide leadership and educational opportunities, educate women about philanthropy and assist members in need.

In the early days, Directors of the Foundation The Fraternity and Foundation each have their own board of directors. In addition, also served as Fraternity officers. the IEB president serves on the Foundation’s board and the Foundation chairman attends IEB meetings. An executive director and a full-time, professional staff of three Alpha Phis fundraise, create publications and appeals, manage gifts and ethically handle all programs of the Foundation.

Honor, memorial, new arrival and Foundation “Wishing You Well” cards were introduced in 1985.

Alpha Phis can buy packages of honor, memorial and new arrival cards, or simply make donations of $15 or more to honor special events, friends or sisters. These gifts are also listed in the Annual Report of Donors.

In 1981, Upsilon chapter held a successful Cardiac Arrest fundraising event.

Today, chapters hold events in their communities that benefit the Foundation. This year chapter gifts total more than $325,000.

During the early 1980s, women complained about being addressed by their husband’s names in solicitations.

Today, Foundation directors include first and maiden names of alumnae in correspondence.

In 1982, the Foundation raised $132,107 from Alpha Phi members.

In 2002, the Foundation raised nearly $820,000 from members.

$10,000 in scholarships was awarded in 1976.

This year, $92,000 in scholarships was awarded.

The Forget-Me-Not Fund was established in 1979 to help aged and/or disabled members in need. Four years later, Emergency Aid, a collegiate assistance program, was established.

The Foundation continues to provide thousands of dollars each year to collegiate and alumnae sisters in need of emergency assistance.

In 1997, supporting the National Panhellenic Conference’s Year of the Scholar, the Foundation established its Professor of the Year Award.

The Foundation has awarded five outstanding educators the International Professor of the Year Award.

The Foundation received income of $23,449 in 1978.

In 2001, $1.2 million of income was received!


Alpha Phi’s first Convention (Syracuse, N.Y.) The term “sorority” is created


Women’s suffrage leader Frances E. Willard becomes the first alumna initiate


First Alpha Phi chapter established at Syracuse



alpha phi firsts Became the first women’s fraternity in America to build and occupy its own chapter house (Syracuse)

RED, WHITE AND BLUE WORN BY A FEW We’re intrigued! At some point in the past, a few badges were produced with the “Alpha” enameled in blue and set with rubies and pearls. Were these worn by your chapter members? Do you have any information about them? If so, please contact Alpha Phi Historian Margaret Knights Hultsch (BN-Duke, P-Ohio State, B-Northwestern and O-Missouri) in care of the Executive Office, 1930 Sherman Ave., Evanston, IL 60201 or 847.475.0663.


Martha Watkins Mast not only headed the board for 12 years, but also created mailing pieces and solicitations.

Established the Alpha Phi Quarterly, an award-winning magazine that has been published continuously to the present day

First alumnae chapters are established (Boston and Chicago)

Became the first women’s fraternity to use “traveling delegates,” now known as educational leadership consultants


The Foundation was set up as a trust; its purpose was to award grants from scholarship and cardiac aid funds.





The History of the Alpha Phi Badge What would a sorority be without a sorority pin? Our Founders realized this, and at that first Fraternity meeting, Sept. 30, 1872, they appointed a committee of two to “find out as much as possible about pins and also select something for us.” By Oct. 18, a design had been selected and a dozen pins ordered at a cost of $5.00 each. The design settled upon was a monogram, “Alpha” superimposed on “Phi.” Alpha Phi was the first women’s fraternity to select a monogram badge, which came to characterize most women’s fraternities founded in the East. (Emblem pins for the most part came to characterize those groups founded in the Midwest or South.) The earliest Alpha Phi badges were cut in one piece of flat gold and unjeweled. Other early badges were set with turquoises to show our Fraternity colors, which were at the time blue and gold. No uniform design was determined so there was considerable style variation in the first few decades. Size, chasing and setting of jewels was left to individual taste, and a member commissioned her own jeweler to make her badge. Almost always, the letter “Phi” was placed horizontal to the “Alpha” in the revered Lazy Phi style. This design may have been intended to distinguish the Alpha Phi badge from a men’s fraternity badge familiar at the time. A small guard pin with the chapter letter was added by some. The 1894 Convention voted that the official badge have a chased “Phi” and a plain or jeweled “Alpha.” If jeweled, the national stone, which at the time was the ruby, should be used without a crown setting. Members seemed not to heed to this directive. One of the earliest bits of Fraternity lore which survives concerns Founders Louise Shepard Hancock (A-Syracuse) and Clara Sittser Williams (A-Syracuse), who were both reprimanded in chapter meeting for “giving or lending their badges to gentlemen.” This custom continued to prevail for decades. For many years, pins were worn according to each member’s fancy, at the neck, on a collar or at the bosom. Then in 1904,

Called the intersorority meeting that resulted in the formation of today’s National Panhellenic Conference



Designed by one of the first Syracuse (A) members

Today’s standard design upgraded with a sapphire

President Genevra Gwynn Wiley (A-Syracuse) asked that a pin be worn solely as a badge over the heart. This became the custom which some chapters still use today — although it is just that, a custom, not a practice specified in the Fraternity Constitution. The traditional wearing of the badge was challenged in the late 1950s when Edith Huey Shelton (B-Northwestern), a tony woman from the fashionable Chicago North Shore and a member of the International Executive Board, mounted her badge on an imposing disc and wore it as a bangle bracelet. The thought was that this innovation would give alumnae an opportunity to display their badges when they had little other incentive to do so. Today, of course, the badge may be worn as a bracelet, as a ring, as a lavaliere — as one pleases. Then in 1971, in the midst of an anti-fraternity era, International President Betty Mullins Jones (-DePauw) invited members to again wear their badges anywhere on their clothing as the early sisters did. What was most important about the badge, said Betty, was to wear it. As for the design of the badge, as charming as the unique Lazy Phi badges seem to us today, some critics fretted that they were overly decorative and frivolous, trivializing the dignified nature of the Fraternity. The standard badge we now wear was approved at the 1906 Convention. The die for the badge was The first Syracuse (A) members.

1898 design

Barnard (M) 1906

WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOUR BADGE? Your badge represents much more than a pin of gold. It represents so many Alpha Phi memories — your initiation, the day you pinned it on your little sister, Founders' Day events, graduation and so much more. To preserve all that your Alpha Phi badge means to you, it is important to plan for its future so it stays in the Alpha Phi family and doesn't turn up for sale by a non-Alpha Phi collector. Our Alpha Phi badges "belong" to us in a special way. The Fraternity Constitution stipulates that a badge remain in the possession of a member in good standing for her lifetime. But after death, ownership reverts to the Fraternity. Exceptions are if the family of the deceased member desires to keep it or if it is given to the member's collegiate chapter or to another Alpha Phi sister. Please help preserve your Alpha Phi memories by planning for your badge's future. Members are encouraged to report stolen badges to local police. It is also recommended that Alpha Phis either provide in their wills or tag badges with instructions regarding their eventual disposition.

completed in 1908. A plain badge was approved for wear by collegians and one with white jewels for alumnae and collegiate dress wear. Former Fraternity Trustee Ruth Himmelman Wright (Washington) recalls that a major issue among collegians at the 1946 Convention was obtaining permission to wear the jeweled badge in the daytime rather than restricting it to evening dresses. Permission was granted. So many were entranced by the antique Lazy Phi badge when displayed that members were given an opportunity in the early 1960s to readopt the old style. The proposal was voted on in Convention and rejected, however. Collegians, especially, preferred to use the antique style solely as an honor badge, which is the current practice. A special thank you to former Quarterly Editor Margaret Knights Hultsch (BN-Duke, P-Ohio State, B-Northwestern and O-Missouri) for her contribution

FALL 2002

Introduced a peer education program for AIDS education


Introduced risk management education to collegians


Alpha Phi adopts cardiac aid as its philanthropic project


Frances E. Willard is portrayed on a U.S. postage stamp


On the 50th anniversary, accumulated a $50,000 endowment fund


Became an “International” fraternity when Xi chapter was chartered at the University of Toronto


Frances E. Willard is the first woman to be recognized by U.S. Congress by placing a statue of her likeness in Statuary Hall in the U.S. Capitol



to this article.

1995 Became the first NPC member to establish a site on the World Wide Web

The Fraternity coat-of-arms is adopted


Convention 2002: Tucson Sun Shines on Alpha Phi More than 500 Alpha Phis and guests gathered under the welcoming Tucson, Ariz., sun June 26-30 for the Fraternity’s 64th Biennial Convention. The Westin La Paloma Resort and Spa, an award-winning resort surrounded by breathtaking desert and mountain scenery, provided the perfect setting to relax, rediscover Alpha Phi, reunite with sisters and meet new friends from across North America. The four-day event focused on much more than just the business of the Fraternity, says Director of Training and Development Denise Jung Reens (E-Northern Illinois). “Each biennium, we try to incorporate innovative and exciting activities to attract more members, not just those alumnae and collegiate delegates who are required to attend.” She says a men’s golf outing for male guests, reunions of non-delegate alumnae and activities for families and children were all part of Convention 2002 (see sidebars). The Alpha Phi Foundation debuted its Move Your Phi’t 5K Heart Walk/Run, and special programs were held separately for chapter advisers, recruitment advisers and house corporation board members (see sidebars). Similarly to Conventions past, the event featured educational tracks for both alumnae and collegiate delegates and advisers, awards ceremonies (see page 10), Order of the Ivy reception for

Rush University 2002 June 28-30 marked the third installment of Rush University, an intensive training program for the Fraternity’s recruitment advisers. The agenda featured mock recruitment parties and included fundamental workshops on rushing strength, membership selection and year-round recruitment. New segments, chapter health and chapter identity, were added to assist recruitment advisers in determining the overall positioning of a chapter. Each adviser met with her region’s collegiate membership coordinator at the conclusion of the weekend, using the program’s teachings to create a plan for her chapter for the upcoming year. Nearly 50 advisers and the Fraternity’s educational leadership consultants received invaluable training from staff members Megan Bouché (E-Minnesota), Keri Miller (∆P-Ball State) and Linda Schnetzer (BOBowling Green State); Collegiate Membership Coordinators Laura Davidson (B∆-UCLA), Melissa Deere (ΘN-Appalachian State), Aileen Melick Fischer (∆H-Adrian), Kate Boyle Halfon (H∆-CSU/Hayward),


former and present traveling consultants, initiation, Candlelight Banquet and captivating keynote speakers and presenters. Move Your Phi’t Alpha Phis and guests fought off sleep to fight against women’s heart disease by participating in Alpha Phi Foundation’s first Move Your Phi’t 5K Walk/Run. Saturday’s 6 a.m. event raised more than $12,000 for the Foundation thanks to the 200 participants who either walked or ran the scenic course and the many people who donated to the Foundation in their name. Participants requested support in the form of pledges from friends, family and Alpha Phi sisters prior to the event. Each walker or runner received a Move Your Phi’t visor, donated by Foundation Board Member Alin Hernandez Wall (B-UCLA). Raising the most money for the Foundation through the event – each with more than $2,000 in donations – were alumnae Tricia Lee McNabb (B -San Jose State) and Suzanne Tenney (EQUC/Davis). Collegians Rachel Pfeiffenberger (

-St. Joseph’s) and Megan Green ( -UC/Berkeley) ran the course in less than 25 minutes to win the race. All four winners received subscriptions to Health magazine from the Foundation. Bishop’s (GV) collegians are credited with the idea for the Move Your Phi’t theme. Collegiate and alumnae chapters can easily adapt the Move Your Phi’t concept to use as a chapter fundraiser. For more information, call the Foundation at 847.475.4532. View and order

Convention 2002 photos online at

Andrea Sabo Luker (EN-Delaware), Liz Lowe Oltman (ΘT-Rensselaer), Amy Jordan Tvrdik (O-Missouri) and Stephanie Johnson Watson (ZE-Indiana U. Southeast); Canadian Resource Coordinator Joanne Alexopoulos (Ξ-Toronto) and Membership Standing Committee Chair Laura MalleySchmitt (ZΦ-MIT). Participant evaluations from the weekend continued to endorse the Fraternity’s recruitment adviser training programs, declaring Rush University a success and providing valuable feedback for future workshops. To date, 75 percent of our chapters have sent a representative to at least one Rush University. The next opportunity to participate is July 2003. Watch your e-mail and chapter mailings for details. For more information, contact Megan Bouché at or 847.316.8926.



foundation HCB Seminar A very successful house corporation board (HCB) seminar was held on Sunday, June 30, following the completion of regular Convention programming. Thirty HCB volunteers and house directors (and even one collegiate member) representing more than 20 chapters enjoyed a jam-packed day of learning and sharing. Sessions included a discussion of the current Alpha Phi master insurance policy, trends in university housing, explanation of housing contracts, annual HCB presentation to the chapter, communicating with collegiate members, and dealing with house directors and other employees. It provided a great opportunity for HCB members to connect with other housing volunteers and to communicate best practices. In addition, a new HCB Manual was distributed to all attendees. Well-trained house corporation boards are a critical factor in Alpha Phi’s success. Significant positive feedback from seminar attendees demonstrates a desire to schedule additional housing seminars in the future. Facilitators for the seminar included DePauw (Γ) Chapter Adviser and MJ Insurance Representative Lisa Janes Ripley (∆P-Ball State), USC (BΠ) HCB President and IEB Member Lindsay Wiggins (BΠ-USC), CSU/Chico (ΘY) HCB President Julie Conkin Sportelli (BΠ-USC); San Jose State (BΨ) HCB President Suzanne Tenney (EP-UC/Davis), Cornell (∆) HCB President Jane Tanner (∆-Cornell) and EO Director of Training & Development Denise Jung Reens (E∆-Northern Illinois). The seminar was coordinated by EO Director of Finance Cathy Koessl (AΛ). For more information or to obtain an HCB Manual, contact Cathy Koessl at or 847.316.8928.

Also during Convention 2002, Foundation Chairman Susan Brink Sherratt (BB-Michigan State) honored the Foundation’s top collegiate and alumnae chapter donors. Loyola Marymount (FB) took top honors, raising almost $40,000 during the 2002 biennium. Santa Clara (F) took second place, raising more than $27,000 to benefit the Foundation this biennium. Foundation program awards, including International Professor of the Year and the Cardiac Care Award, were announced during Convention Assembled and the Foundation-sponsored hearthealthy luncheon. (Read more about Foundation awards on page 12) Following the awards program, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Kat Parsons (B-Northwestern) entertained the crowd. (For more information about Kat, visit Educational Tracks The Convention 2002 collegiate and alumnae tracks covered topics such as recruitment, philanthropy event ideas, the National Panhellenic Conference’s alcohol-free initiative, alumnae Panhellenic involvement, volunteering and emerging issues on today’s college campuses. Director of Alumnae Membership Cindy Day Erwin says, “We were pleasantly surprised at the increase in alumnae attending programs compared to Convention 2000.” FALL 2002

❶ ❷

re u n i o n s

in memory

mothers & daughters

1. Singer/songwriter Kat Parsons entertains during the Foundation's heart healthy luncheon. 2. Sisters raise more than $12,000 through the Foundation's first Move Your Phi't 5K Walk/Run to fight against women's heart disease. 3. Loyola Marymount (ZB) is recognized during Convention with the Foundation's Top Donor Chapter Award. They raised more than $39,000 during the biennium for the Foundation. 4. Five sisters from the DePauw (Γ) 1943 new member class take advantage of Convention as an opportunity for a small reunion. 5. The family of Betty Mullins Jones attends the Service of Remembrance. 6. The South Central region recognizes three mother/daughter pairs in attendance during Convention.


New International Boards Elected

Members of the 2002-04 International Executive Board (IEB), profiled in the Winter 2002 Quarterly, were installed during Convention 2002 in June. Pictured are (back, from left): Secretary/Treasurer Lindsay Wiggins (BΠ-USC), Stacey Grimes Boulmetis (ΘT-Rensselaer), Felicia Hunt (HPSan Diego), Peg DeChant Thornburg (BΩ-Kent State), Barbara Koontz Alevras (HA-New Hampshire), (front) Linda Boon DeFee (ΓI-Texas Tech), Margaret Halla Cash (Ψ-South Dakota), International President Crista Cate Vasina (∆Γ-Northern Colorado) and Vice President Amy Pfannenstiel Bunszel (∆-Cornell). Thank you to the members of the 2000-02 Committee on Leadership (COL) for their service and commitment to find the best leadership team for the biennium.

Awards and Honors Conni Goldsmith Crittenden (BB-Michigan State) acted as mistress of ceremonies for a dinner that honored collegiate awards recipients. Toastmistress Judy Watson Segerer (BO-Bowling Green State) recognized chapter and individual alumnae award recipients during an alumnae awards luncheon. Awards for outstanding and most improved alumnae and collegiate chapters and outstanding advisers, advisory boards and house corporation boards were


to the following alumnae who were initiated during Convention 2002!

Jane Andrew Sponsor: Rebecca Andrew Zanatta (BPΛ-Washington State) Martha Basco Sponsor: Catherine Anaya (BΠ-USC) Karen Behrens Casterline Sponsor: Amy Casterline (ΘALinfield) Sybil Casbeer Eppinger Sponsor: Damaris Eppinger Cooksey (∆Γ-Northern Colorado)


Gena Marie Gourley and Karli Gourley Sponsor: Kristen Weisser Gourley (BE-Arizona) Linda Bingham Holsman Sponsor: Jennifer Holsman (ΓΠ-Arizona State) Diane Ryan Wuensche Sponsor: Cynthia Dumas Doyle (∆∆-Oklahoma City) Robin R. Zimmerman Sponsor: Jo Burnidge Martin (BA-Illinois)

Foundation Directors were elected and installed during Convention 2002 in Tucson. Pictured are (back, from left): Judy Knudsen Brown (E-Minnesota), Susan Weiskittle Barrick (BA-Illinois), Gayle Goodman (B∆-UCLA) and new Board Members Ann Brinkman (Z∆-Iowa State) and Alin Hernandez Wall (B∆-UCLA), (front) Board Chair Susan Brink Sherratt (BB-Michigan State), Kathleen Feeney Hiemstra (Θ∆-Western Michigan) and IEB President Crista Vasina.

presented during the Candlelight Banquet. (See page 10 for a list of all award winners.) Also during Candlelight Banquet, toastmistress Mary Rekart Ulich (-Northern Colorado) presented the 2002-04 International Executive Board (see sidebar). Former International President Nancy Wittgen Burks DeVoe (-DePauw) not only spoke about life-long friendships in Alpha Phi, but modeled it by introducing four of her 1943 Gamma pledge sisters. The five took advantage of Convention 2002 as an opportunity for a small reunion. Valerie Lawlor (O-Missouri) conducted a touching Service of Remembrance. The family of former International President and long-time NPC Delegate Betty Mullins Jones (-DePauw) was present, including both of Betty’s daughters: Jody Jones Serey (DePauw) and Sara “Buffy” Jones (-DePauw). Jody paid tribute to her mother by sharing some of Betty’s shining moments as a mother, author, lecturer, NPC supporter and loyal Alpha Phi. Eight new members were welcomed into Alpha Phi sisterhood during the traditional initiation ceremony, conducted by Laura Malley-Schmitt (F-MIT) and Linda Schnetzer (BO-Bowling Green State) (see sidebar). Special Guest Speakers CNN Headline News Anchor Sachi Koto was Convention 2002’s keynote speaker. A 14-year veteran of CNN, Sachi is based at the network’s world headquarters in Atlanta covering breaking news as a prime-time “just in” anchor. Before joining CNN, Sachi worked as an anchor for JCTV (Japan Cable Television) from 1978-1986 and for Nippon Hoso Kyoku (NHK) Radio from 1980-1986, both in Tokyo. She spoke about overcoming adversity and reflected on her experiences as a third generation Japanese American. ALPHA PHI


Chapter Adviser Academy

HOT! HOT! HOT! Now you can own a Kate Spade-style maroon tote of your own. Bags are $25 plus shipping and handling. Order on our Web site at conferences.html or call 847.316.8929.

“You have to learn to believe in what you’re fighting for and hammer away at it,” she says. “The key to life … is to be the best you can possibly be – at any age.” Sachi also moderated an open forum that afternoon for collegiate delegates and advisers regarding the media and how Alpha Phi’s collegiate chapters can work with their local media to avoid sticky situations. “Court your media,” Sachi says. “Keep inviting them over. Write press releases [about the chapter’s positive activities]. It becomes personal. It’s good business networking on college and any level.” Erin Weed (FA-Eastern Illinois), founder of the Girls Fight Back self-defense program, combined lecture and optional interactive self-defense training to inspire collegiate delegates and advisers to fight for themselves in all areas of their lives. Her program, which empowers women to trust their intuition and protect themselves against violence, was created in memory of Alpha Phi Sister Shannon McNamara (FA-Eastern Illinois). Shannon was murdered while fighting off an attacker in her offcampus home in June 2001. The Girls Fight Back program was launched at Eastern Illinois University on Sept. 25, 2001, and

The first Chapter Adviser Academy was held June 25-26, prior to Convention 2002. Forty-five advisers participated in workshops planned and presented by staff members Linda Long Boland (ΓK-CSU/Long Beach) and Laura Garraway Caulfield (∆E-Iowa), Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager Kim Larsen Watson (O-Missouri), 2002-04 International Executive Board Member Lindsay Wiggins (BΠ-USC), Membership Standing Committee Chair Laura Malley-Schmitt (ZΦ-MIT) and NPC Delegate Sally McCall Grant (Γ-DePauw). The session focused on the foundation of our collegiate chapters: rushing strength, financial management, citizenship, advisory support and competitive chapter size. Facilitators discussed these key elements and explored other factors that make up a healthy chapter. Alpha Phi is committed to the continued support of our chapter advisers and recognizes them as key volunteers in our current structure. Watch for more chapter adviser training opportunities in the coming year. For more information, contact Laura Caulfield at or 847.316.8923.

Erin has taken it across the country. It incorporates three major lines of defense: preventative protection, trusting yourself and your intuition, and physical self-defense. Erin says the most important lesson she teaches women regarding the program is “Never ever doubt yourself.” (Visit and for more information.) ER Nurse Nancy Lange Burnett (B-UCLA) educated collegiate delegates and advisers Friday with a moving presentation about the effects of club drugs on a sometimes unsuspecting person. Nancy has a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and nursing and has been a registered nurse since 1987. Currently, she works in pediatric intensive care and as an emergency nurse at Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU). Nancy is the winner of the 2000 Emergency Medicine Residents’ Award for Nursing Excellence, an award given to one ER nurse by the graduating class of residents. She also was the recipient of the OHSU Critical Care Nurse of the Year in 2001 and Alpha Phi’s 2002 Ursa Major Award (see page 10).

1. Convention is an opportunity to meet new friends. 2. Denise Reens and CNN Headline News Anchor Sachi Koto, Convention 2002 keynote speaker. 3. Girls Fight Back founder Erin Weed demonstrates a self-defense move. 4. Jeff Zanatta, husband of Foundation Executive Director Rebecca Zanatta, is one of the ❻ husbands attending Convention. 5. Quarterly Designer Michelle Webb (B∆-UCLA) and sons Andrew and Matthew enjoy the Arizona/Sonora Desert Museum following Convention. 6. Three generations of new IEB member Lindsay Wiggins’ family participate in the Foundation’s Move Your Phi’t.

friendships ❹ ❶


families ❺ ❺

FALL 2002




alumnae recognition

FRANCES E. WILLARD AWARD The Frances E. Willard (FEW) Award honors alumnae who have achieved outstanding success in their chosen field and gained recognition on a national or international level. Three Alpha Phis received this special recognition. DR. KAREN M. KENT (T-OREGON) Karen has earned much respect for her many contributions to classroom professionalism and teacher professional development at the national, state and local levels. In addition to serving as a classroom teacher for 11 years, she is an author, speaker, researcher and advocate. Karen is the coordinator of the California Teacher Leadership Forum (CTLF), a network of 50 of the state’s most accomCharlotte Lees, left, and Ann Martin are plished teachers. She is the primary author of Designs for recognized with the FEW Award. Dr. Karen Learning: California Field Guide for Teacher Professional Kent was unable to attend. Development, which outlines a school site process that ensures that staff development is intimately connected to student learning needs. CHARLOTTE ANDERSON LEES (BO-BOWLING GREEN STATE) Charlotte Anderson Lees is an award-winning artist, involved in many professional and civic activities. She has served as a presenter, lecturer and art consultant. Many of Charlotte’s sculptures have been displayed at libraries, public and city parks, hospitals, train stations, educational facilities, private collections and various museums across the country. ANN (MARTHA) MARMONT MARTIN (Σ-WASHINGTON) Ann began her career in media as a weathercaster in Seattle, Wash. She currently anchors the noon and 5 p.m. news for KCBS Channel 2 in Los Angeles, the second largest television market in the country. Ann also co-anchored a talk show entitled “Woman 2 Woman” with Ursa Major Award winner Catherine Anaya (BΠ-USC). In 25 years reporting the news, she has earned three Emmy awards and two Golden Mike awards for her work. Ann is a dominant woman in the mostly male-dominated profession of news reporting. Nationally, she is respected for her longevity, integrity and professionalism.

URSA MAJOR AWARD The Ursa Major Award was presented for the first time at the 1974 Convention. This award recognizes alumnae who have achieved success in their chosen field, either professional or volunteer, on a local, state, province or regional level.

Nancy Burnett, left, and Catherine Anaya are recipients of the Ursa Major award. The other four winners were unable to attend.


Catherine Anaya (BΠ-USC) Catherine is the co-anchor of KCBS Channel 2 morning news in Los Angeles, the second largest television market in the country. She coanchored a talk show entitled “Woman 2 Woman” with FEW Award winner Ann Martin. Catherine earned three Emmy award nominations, including one win. She is vice president of the California Chicano News Media Association and an active member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

Nancy Lange Burnett (B∆-UCLA) Nancy is an emergency room and pediatric intensive care unit nurse as well as an RN Spanish interpreter. In 2001, she won the Critical Care Nurse of the Year award, and the Oregon Health Sciences University honored her with the Department of Medicine Residents’ Award for Nursing Excellence in 2000. Shelly L. Emens DiGiulio (∆-Cornell) Shelly is actively involved with the March of Dimes, serving

MICHAELANEAN AWARD The Michaelanean Award was first presented at the 1972 Centennial Convention. It is presented to alumnae who have shown outstanding loyalty and continuous devotion to the Fraternity on the local level. Alumnae who have held office on the regional or International level, either elected or appointed, are ineligible for consideration. Kim Spadoni Criscuolo (ΓI-Texas Tech) Kim has been heavily involved with the Dallas and Suburban alumnae chapter as yearbook director, program director, secretary, Founders’ Day chairperson, rummage sale chairperson and Plano/Richardson Panhellenic delegate. The long-

as Western New York division vice chairperson, New York State chapter board member and chairman of The Rob Ray Annual Celebrity Golf Classic. She also served as president of the Syracuse University Chamber of Commerce and the Cornell Alumni Association of Greater Buffalo. Sue Wise Divan (∆Ξ-Nebraska/Kearney) Sue is the media specialist at West Kearney High School. She was named Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment Center Employee of the Year and later chosen as the Employee of the Year through Nebraska’s Health and Human Services System. Patricia Blachly Meadows (Ω-Texas) Patricia co-founded D’Art Visual Art Center, the first center in Dallas focusing on area visual artists. She also

time supporter of the Alpha Phi Foundation has been Alpha Phi International’s official travel agent since 1993. Carol Welles Glotfelter (∆Π-Indiana State) Carol has been a dedicated member of three alumnae chapters since graduation,

founded The Collectors, an assembly of underwriters for D’Art’s outstanding artists series. She serves on many boards and committees as well as curates and produces a full calendar of exhibitions focusing on regional artists. She is listed in the Who’s Who in American Art as both an artist and arts administrator. Patricia has received several awards for outstanding service to the arts. Georgina Weddell (ZN-Texas Christian) Georgina is president and owner of In-Detail, Inc. As wholesale representative for more than 30 gift, decorative and home accessory manufacturers, her Dallas showrooms host one of the largest merchandise displays in the area. She has served as a member and president of the Dallas Market board of directors.



serving as secretary and president within these groups. She helped Cincinnati (Ohio) alumnae chapter nominate the Foundation’s 2000 Cardiac Care Award winning women’s health center. During her term as Ashland Area president, the chapter was named Alpha Phi International’s Outstanding Small Alumnae Chapter at Convention 2000. Carol also serves as an advisory board member for Miami University (ΓN). Lena “Buster” Quist Homburg (Ω-Texas) Buster was active in Alpha Phi most of her life, serving several years on Texas A&M (EΩΛ) and Texas (Ω) house corporation boards, Austin Alpha Phi Mothers’ Club and Alpha Phi International’s membership committee. She was president of the Houston alumnae chapter and a Convention speaker. The Executive Office foyer is named in her honor because of her strong support for the Alpha Phi Foundation. She was credited for rallying with her collegiate sisters from the 1930s and 1940s to raise more than $7,000, making Omega the first sorority on campus with Ethernet network technology. We regret to report she passed away May 14, 2001. Buster was a role model for all Alpha Phis. Adrienne Prahler Jaffe (ZΦ-MIT) For the past two years, Adrienne has served as MIT (ZΦ) chapter adviser and house corporation board FALL 2002

member. She was recognized as an Outstanding Chapter Adviser by Alpha Phi International in the Summer 2001 Quarterly. Adrienne is a member of the Boston alumnae chapter and Alpha Phi International’s technology task force. Sandra Helle Kemp (BI-West Virginia) Sandra has been treasurer and an outstanding member of the Triangle (N.C.) alumnae chapter for six years. She prepares taxes for NC State (EΦΛ) and East Carolina (∆A) chapters. Sandra also served as hostess of the chapter’s annual Alpha Phi-esta kick-off event. Donna Galaway-Libal (ΓHNorth Texas) Donna is a member of the Jacksonville Alumnae Panhellenic Association and was a charter member of the Jacksonville First Coast alumnae chapter. During her term as the chapter’s president, it was awarded the Alpha Phi Foundation’s Cardiac Care Award for its Hold My Heart program. Also as president, she increased the chapter’s duespaying members by 10 percent. Sandra has served as newsletter chairman, vice president of programming and Panhellenic representative.

member and vice president of programs. Betty Lurvey Sup (∆Ξ-Nebraska/Kearney) Betty has served as Creighton (Θ∆) chapter adviser since 1999. She has been a member of the Omaha alumnae chapter for more than 30 years and held several positions within the chapter including president. Betty is a two-time winner of the Omaha Ivy Award for contributions to her alumnae chapter. She is a three-time recipient of the chapter’s President’s Award and was named Omaha Alumnae Panhellenic Woman of the Year in 1996. Jeanne Alves Wildman (H∆-CSU/Hayward) Jeanne has served as copresident of the East Bay alumnae chapter for two terms. During her term as co-president, membership increased and meaningful community service events conducted. Jeanne serves on the CSU/Hayward (H∆) advisory board as both marketing and Panhellenic adviser. She received a 2001 Alumna of the Year award from the CSUH Panhellenic council.

ALUMNAE CHAPTER AWARDS Outstanding Alumnae Chapter LARGE: Denver SMALL: Rhode Island Outstanding Member Directory Northern Virginia Outstanding Newsletter Denver Outstanding Web Page Rhode Island

chapter recognition

Outstanding Alumnae Chapter awards are presented to Denver (Colo.), left, and Rhode Island alumnae during Convention 2002.

Excellence in Membership Recruitment Far North Dallas Excellence in Fundraising Rhode Island Most Original Programming (Singular Event) Finger Lakes Outstanding All-Around Programming Rhode Island Outstanding Community Service St. Louis Gateway Outstanding Interaction with Collegians Omaha

Nebraska/Lincoln (N), left, and North Dakota (Π) are recipients of the Alpha Phi International Outstanding Collegiate Chapter Award.

Annette Klemo Smith (ZN-Texas Christian) Annette has been an active member of the Fort Worth alumnae chapter since 1986, serving as president, vice president of membership, philanthropy, nominating committee



Many awards were presented in two categories, silver and bordeaux, based on the size of a chapter’s Panhellenic community. The silver category is for campuses with seven or fewer Panhellenic groups. Bordeaux is for campuses with eight or more.

Excellence in Member Development Programming SILVER: None BORDEAUX: Cornell (∆)


Excellence in Sisterhood Programming SILVER: St. Joseph’s (ΘΘ) BORDEAUX: Villanova (HE)

chapter recognition


SILVER: North Dakota (Π) BORDEAUX: Nebraska/Lincoln (N)

CHAPTER ADVISER/ ADVISORY BOARD Outstanding Chapter Adviser SILVER: Washington University (ZY) BORDEAUX: Washington (Σ)

Most Innovative Member Development Program SILVER: None BORDEAUX: Washington (Σ)

MEMBER EDUCATION Excellence in All Member Education and Retention SILVER: Linfield (ΘA) BORDEAUX: Idaho (BZ)

Outstanding Advisory Board SILVER: MIT (ZΦ) BORDEAUX : Villanova (HE)

Excellence in New Member Orientation SILVER: Colorado (BΓΛ) BORDEAUX: USC (BΠ)



Excellence in Chapter Financial Management SILVER: MIT (ZΦ) BORDEAUX: Ball State (∆P)

Outstanding House Corporation Board Award SILVER: San Jose State (BΨ) BORDEAUX: Cornell (∆)

Most Improved Chapter Financial Management SILVER: Ashland (EA) BORDEAUX: Eastern Illinois (ZA)




Excellence in Officer Transition and Training SILVER: North Texas (ΓH) BORDEAUX: Cornell (∆) Excellence in Chapter Forum SILVER: MIT (ZΦ) BORDEAUX: UC/Berkeley (Λ)

MARKETING Excellence in Community Service Programming SILVER: Texas A&M/Commerce (∆B) BORDEAUX: Eastern Illinois (ZA) Excellence in Alumnae Programming Singular Event SILVER: Loyola Marymount (ZB) BORDEAUX: Washington (Σ) Excellence in Alumnae Programming Year-Round SILVER: Nebraska/Kearney (∆Ξ) BORDEAUX: Idaho (BZ) Outstanding Website SILVER: St. Joseph’s (ΘΘ) BORDEAUX: Cornell (∆)

SILVER: SUNY/Cortland (HT) BORDEAUX: Cornell (∆) & Washington (Σ)

Excellence in Formal Recruitment SILVER: Colorado (BΓΛ) BORDEAUX: Idaho (BZ) Honorable Mention: BORDEAUX: Northwestern (B) & Arizona (BE) Most Improved Formal Recruitment SILVER: North Texas (ΓH) BORDEAUX: Washington (Σ) Honorable Mention: BORDEAUX: Ohio State (P) & Miami University (ΓN)

(From left) Washington (Σ), SUNY/Cortland (HT) and Cornell (∆) are recognized as Alpha Phi's Most Improved Collegiate Chapters for the 2000-02 biennium.

Most Improved Continuous Open Bidding SILVER: San Jose State (BΨ) BORDEAUX: None Honorable Mention: SILVER: Ashland (EA) BORDEAUX: None Outstanding Philanthropy Party in Recruitment SILVER: South Dakota (Ψ) BORDEAUX: None Honorable Mention: SILVER: None BORDEAUX: Villanova (HE)

Outstanding Cheers and Chants SILVER: CSU/Hayward (H∆) BORDEAUX: USC (BΠ)

PANHELLENIC Betty Mullins Jones Panhellenic Participation SILVER: Nebraska/Kearney (∆Ξ) BORDEAUX: Nebraska/Lincoln (N)


Outstanding Use of Theme in Formal Recruitment SILVER: None BORDEAUX: Northwestern (B) Honorable Mention: SILVER: None BORDEAUX: Nebraska/Lincoln (N)

Outstanding Scholarship Program SILVER: Nebraska/Kearney (∆Ξ) BORDEAUX : Villanova (HE)


Most Creative Scholarship Program SILVER: North Dakota (Π) BORDEAUX: USC (BΠ)

Outstanding Recruitment Song SILVER: CSU/Hayward (H∆) BORDEAUX: UC/Berkeley (Λ) & Villanova (HE)

Most Improved Scholarship Program SILVER: None BORDEAUX: Ball State (∆P)

Highest Chapter GPA SILVER: MIT (ZΦ) - 3.40 Convert to 5.0 BORDEAUX: Nebraska/Lincoln (N) - 3.43

ALPHA PHI FOUNDATION HONORS CHAPTERS AT CONVENTION 2002 The Foundation also honored collegiate and alumnae chapters with the following awards:

Excellence in Formal Recruitment Skills Training SILVER: North Dakota (Π) BORDEAUX: Nebraska/Lincoln (N) Honorable Mention: SILVER: San Jose State (BΨ) BORDEAUX: Cornell (∆) & UC/Berkeley (Λ)

Excellence in Philanthropy Programming SILVER: Colorado School of Mines (IZ) BORDEAUX: USC (BΠ)

Excellence in Continuous Open Bidding SILVER: Maine (∆N) BORDEAUX: None

Outstanding House Corporation Board awards are presented to Cornell (∆), left, and San Jose State (BΨ).

Outstanding Chapter Sisterhood Song SILVER: CSU/Hayward (H∆) BORDEAUX: None

The Martha Mast Award is presented every two years in honor of longtime Foundation Chairman Martha Watkins Mast (BN-Duke) to a collegiate and alumnae chapter whose support of the Foundation by education, service and philanthropy is exemplary. Martha presented the award to two outstanding philanthropic chapters during Convention 2002:

Top Five Collegiate Foundation Donors (2000-2002 biennium) Loyola Marymount (ZB) Santa Clara (ZΓ) Illinois (BA) Chapman (HY) Nebrasky/Kearney (∆Ξ) Top Five Alumnae Foundation Donors (2000-2002 biennium) Dallas and Suburban P.M. (Texas) Northern Virginia DuPage Valley (Ill.) Tampa Bay (Fla.) Chicago Northwestern Suburban






WERE YOU, OR ARE YOU? When a friend or relative mentions to you that they belong to a sorority or fraternity, which of the following phrases do you use to reply?

INTERNATIONAL DUES TOP 10 COUNTDOWN Alumnae from the following collegiate chapters had the highest number of International duespaying members in 2002! 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2.

“Oh, I was an Alpha Phi!” or “Oh, I am an Alpha Phi!” The seemingly subtle difference between the two responses communicates an important message, that either your Alpha Phi experience ended when you graduated from college, or that your Alpha Phi experience lives on today.


Michigan State (BB) DePauw (Γ) UCLA (B∆) Illinois (BA) Northwestern (B) Washington (Σ) Texas Tech (ΓI) Bowling Green State (BO) Missouri (O)

And the winner is (for the second year in a row!) ... 1. Texas (Ω)

When you joined Alpha Phi, you joined a lifetime organization – that is what sets Alpha Phi apart from other clubs on campus! Alpha Phi expects you to support the Fraternity for your lifetime, and she, in turn, will support you throughout your various stages of life. One tangible way of supporting Alpha Phi is by paying your 2003 International alumnae dues ($20.00) and Founders’ Day pennies ($1.30). This money directly supports Alpha Phi and allows the International Fraternity to continue to develop programs and services that provide for our current and future sisters. The Fraternity counts on your generosity to aid chapters, serve members, seek out potential members and so much more. NEW SPECIAL MEMBER BENEFITS! Additionally, Alpha Phi has, and continues to create, partnerships with various companies that allow dues-paying members to receive exclusive benefits. Once you pay your dues, you will receive information detailing our premier member benefit

FALL 2002

partnerships with Choice Hotels International, National Car Rental and Kaplan test prep courses, each offering special discounts. As this program continues to develop and we add more partnerships, you will be notified of the availability of these special discounts – just another benefit of your Alpha Phi membership! You can pay your dues in a variety of methods: Fill out the form on this page and mail a check for $21.30 ($32.38 Canadian) to the Executive Office (1930 Sherman Ave, Evanston, IL 60201 Attn: International alumnae dues). Call the Executive Office and make your payment with a credit card (847.475.0663). Visit the Alpha Phi Web site ( and make a payment with a credit card using our secure site. Regardless of which method you choose to pay your alumnae dues and remain an alumnae member in good standing, remember, Alpha Phi sisterhood is for life. You ARE an Alpha Phi, and most importantly, you ALWAYS will be.

✁ 2003 International Alumnae Dues

Last name ________________________________ First name ________________________________ Maiden name _____________________________ Current Address ____________________________ ________________________________________ City _____________________________________ State ________________

Zip ______________

ID #(found on back of Quarterly) _______________

 Check Enclosed  Credit Card  Visa




Card number ______________________________ Expiration date _____/_____ Amount $ _________________________________

________________________________________ S I G N AT U R E Send To: Alpha Phi Executive Office 1930 Sherman Ave. Evanston, Il 60201 Attn: International Alumnae Dues




50-YEAR MEMBERS Alpha Phi salutes the following women who celebrate their 50th anniversary of sisterhood (initiated between Jan.1, 1952, and Dec. 31, 1952) during 2002. These members are eligible to purchase a 50-year pin and certificate from the Executive Office to mark this wonderful celebration. To order, contact Melanie Keller at or 847.316.8940. Congratulations! We look forward to many more years of Alpha Phi sisterhood with you. ALABAMA (BM)

Barbara Christopher Swenson Mary Conant Callas Mary Daniel Vivian Gibson Edith Hammond Libson Constance Martin Apgar Betty Mountford Reymond Doris Stallings Welborn Dorothy Stewart Lanier Martha Davis Jones Johnnie Watkins Shane ARIZONA (BE)

Diane Cooper Nancy Hittner Adamski Marilyn Leopold Fries Lois McCartney Elizabeth McKay Short Jean Schmieder Tucsh Jane Schwerin Carolyn Tuttle Menzel Katherine Vansant Handy Janyth Vaughn Sheldon Ella Wakefield Rousso Patricia Ahearn Campbell Constance DesMarais Pearlstein Dolores Donarico Campbell Katharine Fairall Jurkovich Sally Halcrow Walker Mary Horne Gayman Beverly Johnson Clela Key Oliver Patricia McKim Dinsmore Darlene Fields McCulloch Leann Ogrady Westover Claudine Reynolds Wofford Carylann Stuhrberg Osborn Joan Mishler Faulkner


Donna Barry Scholl Gladys Branisel Barbara Carl Kaley Lois Chestnut Sorgen Harriet Covode Greiser Nancy Crall Johnston Vivian Crawford Fisher Virginia Frye Brackenhoff Jeanne Greathouse Thompson Sue Guyer Otteman Florence Herman Wheelden Patricia Kinsey Sinn Glenna Martin Doyle Alice Meyrick Helm Lia Noukas Staaf Shirley Perrine Barbara Shilan Loufman Carol Szczukowski Joan Walsh Lois Otterbacher Gallapoo Joan Paisley Hendricks Lois Radomsky Faflick BRITISH COLUMBIA (BΘ)

Marilyn Benson Campbell Thelma Boon Wood Ruth Cairns Archer Marion Croft Ailsa Dickson Pearse Shelia Gillespie Riley Marion Huntington Donald Wendy MacDonald MacSorley Donna Mawhinney Savage Elinor Miller Martin Anne Neave OShaughnessy Valri Standell Helen Welsh Robinson Barbara Mercer



Joan Barrett Hayes Dorothy Brandt Graham Marjorie MacLaughlin Somes Barbara Trombley Trombley Carolyn Caletri Samaris Priscilla Ervin Patrice Good Prettyman Elizabeth Isselin Anderson Marianne Kelley Foley Patricia Latham

Isabel Aitken Brooker Ardis Hinkle Savory Elizabeth Jones Ulrich Alda Keller Peinkofer Ruth Morris Wilson Alice Rhoads Norma Skow Smayda Patricia Tinney Fisher Delia Winfield Denson June Wright Hudadoff Barbara Yoder Spicer Joanne Berger Sacarese


Drusilla Christopher McNair Claire Marshall Margaret Murnane Cortese Jacqueline Toft COLORADO (BΓ)

Barbara Babcock Leichty Connie Brown Annette Burgess Oberto Margaret Dolan Gorsuch Nancy Gliem Kardong Mary Gooding Metzler Margaret Herrick Murphy Patricia Loversky Kodl Marjorie McNutt Meyers Connie Noffsinger Cowley Jean Porter Smith Janice Prince Seifert Marlene Williams Stanford Madge Yeoman Brenner Joan Dudley Alger Marilyn Marshall McAlpine Gertrude Mills Stumpf Dorothy Sanborn Patton Joyce Steblik Samuelstuen Beverly Tanner Ann Bloom Anderson Janet Lindstrom Baker Susan Tresch Smart CORNELL (∆)

Ann Blodgett Brown Ann Busch Githler Frankie Cadwell Mary Carey Schaefer Dorothy Doley Staller Ann Gardner New Janet Kahn Marcus Marianna Kashoba Carolyn Kneen Evans Janet Lepard McPhail Patricia Milligan Ann Overbeck Mary Pottle Russ Anne Reed Ruiz Jane Rippe Eckhardt Shirley Sanford Dudley Marian VanValkenburgh Goodrich Ann Wiggins Riordan Anne Williams Bogley Ann Wolff Waterman Selika Clark Conover


Barbara Brown Plumb Susan Carter Harrienger Jane Peek Cooper Jean Corcoran Anderson Charlene Corder Mary Cross Bennett Barbara Curtis Baumgartner Wilma Firestone Constance Jenkins Jarratt Patricia Jenkins Shives Carol Kormendy Abe Judy Lough Wacksman Joyce Slayton Mitchell Karen Taylor Williams Ginny Wood Peterson Jean Zeigler Fischer Margaret Ellenberger Moore Nancy Hall Haigwood Marilyn Reapp Bangs Nancy Doubleday Webb Diane Hostetler Fosbee Patricia Huey Carey Janet Wahle Swearingen DEPAUW (Γ)

Sue AxtReininga Lona Beck Robertson Julia Bjorncrantz Weimer Janet Callon Collier Ann Deitsch Loemker Shirley Jackson Isaacson Judy Kent Rinne Caroline Lukens O’Connor Kay Mussetter Noyes Carol Shields Prieb Joanne Sorgel Benge Majorie Stutz Carr Laura VanGundy Sawyer Martha Vincent Phelps Ann Clayton Elvart Janice Kase Bacigalupi Mary Pieters Desmond Carol Shanklin Durham Julia Blue Reinke

Thelma Grosvenor Trudgen DRURY (ΓΓ)

Mari Peck Criss Patsy Allen Duffy Joy Doll Franklin Doris Green Barnds Virginia Pitts Collier Lois Richardson Hellman

Elinor Summers Beverly Thompson Hill Judy Honeycutt Skeen Janice McVey Marian Hoeh Gollhofer DUKE (BN)

Jane Bemus Kennedy Mary Cuici Macomber Emily Hardy Bradbury Ann Hawk Houlihan Ann Heater Morgan Janet Hitchcock Kocornik Kay Kerr Dahl Mary Sargent Temple Larose Smith Elizabeth Shuman Ervin Rose Pierce Whitlock Mary Kelly Detweiler Mary Ramseur Carpenter Barbara Woodworth Ulrich IDAHO (BZ)

Jeanne DeMott Rigby Harriet Duckworth Baker Nette Forsman Kinney Cynthia Huguenin Samms Lavonne Kallusky Crisp Nanette Nelson Powell Beverly Shear Lehman Linda Sizemore Callahan Joyce Stephenson Newby Marianne Wolff Kenney Dolores Wright Johnson Emily Christie Puckett Caroleigh Gittins Casebolt ILLINOIS (BA)

Marion Achor Dodd Donna Browne Thorp Lynda Couch Hoornbeek Kay Ekstrand Penn Marilyn Fant Scott Barbara Gates Magoon Marilyn Hallberg Eldrenkamp Valinda Jenkins Davis Diane Johnson Carol McCradie Brown Ann Roe Bartell Suzanne Roe Dirsmith Jean Siovic Reveal Marion Teeuws Laundry Ann Simons Baker Mary Young Wietczykowski Mary Nelson Sabino INDIANA (BT)

Beverly Buckingham Chambers Doris Gray Winterholler Carol Hawk Matthews Marilyn Myers Dearmin Dorothy Overpeck Stedman Diane Bedwell Ets-Hokin Barbara Castetter Wheeler Patricia Ellis Stauffer Sue Farish Chambers Paula Hawkins Knoebel Patricia Murphy Myers Shirley Olsen Rood Barbara Smith Gabocy Barbara Taylor Smith

Stephenie Rich Rice Jo Curtis Taylor Lura Gibson Stone KANSAS (Γ∆)

Carolyn Smith Mecklenburg Lee Calkins Leaderbrand Delores Hawkins Timmons Catherine Holt Kaufman Patsy Jeffers Paynter Dorothy Mitchell Moore Barbara Orendorff Robson Joyce Ronald Smith Kathlene Keck Meyer Carol Burchfield Howerton Donna Cooke Johnson Babette Cooper Chaney Shirley Dodd Hurt Nancy Echols Chapman Sue Epperson McCoy Sally Foster Eads Marlene Gray Spence Donna McCall McMillion Jane Murdock Snaidas Marilou Selvig Kay Elva Sutton Needles Kathleen Temple Knupp Denean Ankerholz Tkach Patricia McNabney Honssinger Diana Cruse Lee Sally Yoder Owen KENT STATE (BΩ)

Margaret Caine Tiffin Mary Cox Owen Doris Dalitz Shepherd Bernice Ellioff DePaola Kay Griffin Klemencic Marlene Hallock Telling Kitty Keal Anderson Joan Leguillon Nelms Clare Turchetto Constance Wendt Frease Phyllis Wright Lilly Ziminer Pucket Alice Jones Sirl Janet Shuman Botzum Sheila Sampsell Young Mary Jane Paulino Wilson LAKE FOREST (ΓE)

Carolyn Bopp Stejskal Pat Cambridge Hall Marcy Eagon Condon Elizabeth Easingwood Greear Sarah Epley Joan Gehres Schuessler Rosanna Robaska Fowler Patricia Seaman Joan Sodaro Waller Audrey Stachel Blemendaal Virginia Swanton Nette Bachman Taylor Ruth Bachman Hause Nancy Brannen Scholz Josephine Clark Grey L. Dibernardino Harmony Judd Opdycke Madge Kirkpatrick Betty McArthur Wiiken



Marion Morris Lies Barbara Notz Hines Jean Arthur Margot Reed Sisler Dorothy Flanders Burmeister MANITOBA (BH)

Aroline Coates Anne Burba Peturson Sylvia Warrington MICHIGAN (Θ)

Barbara Bos Eggerding Cynthia Boyes Young Lusetta Bush Eberhardt Lulu DeHart Lehmann Diane Halbrook Mary Harrigan Boll Cynthia Hendrian DeFoe Ann Morrow Jacobs Iris Pumroy Flynn Elinor Ramsey Susan Roesser Putnam Maureen Hoffmann Wilberding Sally Fernamberg Wilcox Nancy Howes Polleys Margaret Spindler Strauch MICHIGAN STATE (BB)

Shirley Eakins Helen Gavney Devine Sally Gibson Monfort Priscilla Hall Wall Phyllis Johnson Daeschner Janice Leukhardt DuMars Pamela Marsh Frucci Elizabeth Peabody Johnson Sue Thompson Ilyne Weisman Patterson Barbara Weller McLennan Ann Bedford Wallace Jane Dalton Shaw Margaret Guy Brodbeck Marlene Meyer Graves Stephenie Rich MINNESOTA (E)

Janet Archambo McMillan Elinor Arnott Schaub Mary Falb Erickson Marianne Garoutte Kent Janet Lyman Johnson Nancy Mills Kost Patricia Sieff Wennerholm Marcia Thompson Mans Barbara Ziemer Anderson Gail Blanpied Ware Sally Head Bosanko Virginia Nicolas Wilkinson Lucille Ofstedahl Reuff Carol Stiendorff Schmelz Carola Wedum Palm Eleanor Weld Reid Joan Barton OBrien Sallie Bush Constance Hanmer Robertson Donna Olson Careghino Annette Campbell Smith Muriel Davis Ganfield Catherine Fink Archer Jean Mandery Arne Ellen Neuman Tully MISSOURI (O)

Ann Brady Bouckaert Sandra Caylor Pierpont Dorothy Diehl Hunter Jeanne Foster Shepard Fran Frey

FALL 2002

Vera Hills Inskeep Juanita Hinds Winscott Mary Mayes Rosemary Riley McQuitty MONTANA (X)

Margaret Beecher Roberts Diane Blake Rowena Day Gilbert Catherine Diederichs Mitchell Nancy Gallagher Arlene Hollinger Brackebusch Norma Iler Crocker Verna Johns Kessner Phyllis Kind Nancy Meagher Clark Patricia Ohare Rhodes Marie Pattison Fargo Margaret Sharood Ruffner Frances Skahan Graves Beverly Tecca Dian Giulio Ruth Reiquam Joy Needham Romsa Patricia Thomas Colby Helen Aune Earnest Joanna Dangelo Saghatelian NEBRASKA (N)

Barbara Beck Anderson Marilyn Brewster McGreer Nancy Chamberlin Weir Nancy Farnsworth Graf Sandra Gadd Keene-Riedel Rita Goding Jones Karen Hagarity Perry Janice Jaco Kauf Cynthia Johnson Britton Marianne Kuns Yost Shirley Langhus Pflug Mary Sue Lundt Hutchins Marlyce Mader Kampfe Marilyn Reese London Jo Wallace Russell Ardell Wilhelm Curtis Barbara Jones Zaroban Beverly Bush Karrer Vivita Krievs Leonard Mary Chambers Corpstein Peggy Wells Caley Mary Dickson Hoffman NORTH DAKOTA (Π)

Daril Adams Cecil Dona Anderson McDonald Anna Ekren Sally Foster May Irene Sakariassen Linseth Jeanne Birkland Lackie Anne Bjerklie Stryjewski Phyllis Mosher Kannowski NORTHWESTERN (B)

Dorothy Benningson Pryor Carol Bjork Churckin Patricia Collins Stubbe Connie Cummings Hobert Janet Dunne Carol Erickson Gilbertson Charron Follett Jamie Genrich Steuer Joy Johnson Heverly Sarah Kendrick White Char Kerr Laurene Kunz Diana Leahy Gentles Margaret Linklater Dorothy Lonnquist Replogle Nancy Matheson Lewis

Clare Meyer Butterworth Nancy Placek Puffer-Krall Virginia Retter Kungretter Shirley Ruston Schagrin Nancy Vail Bashant Elizabeth Voris Phillips Judith Wight Graves Marie Williams Judy Meyer Ashley Lois Fahsbender Bair Carol Lewis Soudan OHIO STATE (P)

Geraldine Ehlert Pfeil Diane Conard Kuhn Ellen Greenzalis Skelly Barbara Grimmer Winter Constance Price Sarah Scott Gandert Mary Vernon McCarthy Margaret Budai Abel Nancy Crane Brooks Josephine Rayburn Geran Eileen Tatum Montoney Sue Toops Studebaker Jean Wagner Fisher Marilyn Brown Sharon Case Joseph Nancy Cottingham Johnson Patricia Curl Hofstetter Lois Milsom Devlin Marilyn O’Donnell Alspach Ann Pryor Foster Ruth Raimen Wootten Nancy McLaughlin Frantz Christine Charas Vatsures Sally Richards Schmuck OKLAHOMA (Φ)

Susan Ameringer Brown Jane Atkinson Baucum Dorothy Boecher Cowden Betty Burrow Wallis Nancy Carman Mayberry Mary Harreld Olinger Carole Long Thompson Joyce Mitchell Rybka Carol Roberts Callahan Alice Silverthorn Hand Ella VanMeter Owen Vivian Muir Varian Carolyn Rogers Eischeid Louise Tandy Keegan Delores Allen Dorothy Bird Fidler Jane Given Paschal Beatrice Bottoms Hardwick Mary McDaniel Thoes OREGON (T)

Alberta Altorfer Church Jean Ellickson Welden Jolene Gizdavich Pinkney Sue Hunter Archer Elaine Potts Buckley Marion Smith Reed Sally Stearns Bates Mary Trebin Barclay Joanne Hardt Kaohi Donna Herr Bergstrp Alison Risley Penwarden Kay Partch Kokko Martha Weirick Mulfinger Sylvia Wingard Furtick Susan Bennett Patera Sally Hein Skinner Kathryn Sonnichsen Katanic Joanne Ware West


Ann Raynor Georgina Campbell Pearce Jeanette Horan Susan Sheppard ROLLINS (BΛ)

Carole Martin Davis Mary Perry Dian Rausch Bergh Laurene Smith Morris Marilyn Church Derby SAN DIEGO STATE (ΓA)

Linda Green Winkler Linda Braley Braun Geraldine Dearmin Ball Jacqueline Dillinder Theresa Donnelly Carter Marilyn Hathaway Hall Mary Jacobs Sandell Joyce Johnson Vatis Amelia Kirk Brooks Shirley Linderman Crawford Mary Williams Snyder SAN JOSE STATE (BΨ)

Marlene Hertel Crozier Jean Fitzgerald Dierkes-Carlise Carol Becker Frazier Joanne Carroll Arneal Colleen Collins Lund Virginia Donaldson Arline Gentry Stepovich Lorretta Grotheer Anne Hathaway Mary Kane Roitz Joan Kennedy Morocco Carolyn Krausse Edis Charlotte Murison Stannard Edith Poolman Adelman Mary Shanahan Joan Tracy Morgan William Vining Peggy Wade Brown Dorothy Dixon McKinley Dorothy Hohman Kilian Susan Johnston Little Ann Kelly Troisi Francine Lawson Marilyn Oliver Gile Janet Willson Brimhall SOUTH DAKOTA (Ψ)

Connie BergquistHauffe Joanne Burges Andersen Dora Delzell Throckmorton Betty Johnson Reynolds Shirley Keffeler Bush Velma Kuchta Orin Lavon Mickelson Meyers Pat Miller Bell Cholice Pier Parker Evelyn Schuler Kulp Betty Thorson Abraham Nancy Winter Deelda Woodle Watson Eleanor Mahoney Hunter Margaret Schmees Austin Delma Youngquist Lofthus Marilyn Miller Hale Nancy Pennock Butler Dorothy Schulz Freed Connie Brown Kinsman Lois Greenough Hagen SYRACUSE (A)

Joan Anuario Bailey Lois Clark Atkinson Carol Hilliker Brown

Joanna Kimball Brewer Marcia Lefevre Knudsen Martha Otis Haggerty Alison Tallman Mortinger Anne Timbrook Herbert Janet Wessels Smith Joan Drew Jill Fahlman Carpenter Margaret Ichikawa Kidoguchi Shirley Rohn Kopple Melvina Miller Bauer Barbara Bushnell Moss TEXAS (Ω)

Betty Barr Norton Dorothy Bruns Bauer Gwendolyn Glynn Smith Mary Greco Fazekas Carol Grimes Roe Harriet Grizzard Meloy Jane Grizzard Biggs Carol Inabnet Wurst Diane Johanson Jones Marlene Joseph Glade Constance Krog Beck Gretchen Kuhlmann Beverly McCabe Eckles Jane Rochester Hicks Katherine Sanguily Cottingham Lucy Speaker Grant Barbara Wells Cartwright Frances Guynes Stamper Noel Adkins Delores Derrick Tennyson Carole Ferguson Betty Flippin Mitchell Dana Howe King Constance Lee Butz Joan Lyon Baker Mary Munson Hirsch Wanda Reagan Mary Thomason Lewis Ann Watson Schaffer Mary King Gude Louise Mitchell Whitcomb Laura Becker Eanes Sue Hoffman Crick Rosalie Klein Nelson Nell Sansing Steele Tynelle Sansing Jordan Kathryn Spooner Hammons TORONTO (Ξ)

Lois MacDonald McIntosh UC/BERKELEY (Λ)

Holly Anderson Ann Baldwin Jean Bisson Mann Araminta Dickey Blackwelder Ann Douglas Sue Loutzenheiser Littlehale Lynn Palmer Cary Katherine Patton Anne Perrin Bucklin Beth Pischel Heisler Sara Zumwalt Burrows Mary Aulwurm Dresel Judy Rutherford Sullivan Elisabeth Davies Snow Mary Hagar Hafner Lucretia Crandall Wieking UCLA (B∆)

Kathryn Campbell Merriam Nancy Crow Barbara Holman Wilson Gwendolyn Jackson

Kathleen Jessup Theresia Long Cunningham Mary Stuart Buck Nancy Plummer Cornell Sally Reynolds Burley Sondra Rhoads Robinson Marion Schattenburg Pickens Lynn Turek Johnson Mary Willims French Susan Wood Savage Suzanne Brandt Jean Diether Blackburn Joanne Johnson Combs Miriam Kayser Edythe King Dorothy Russell Fitzhugh Millecent Tedford June Waterbury Mew Laurie Sturges Jean Riggs Tanner Carol Bauer Meyer Shirley Orr Ravenscroft Martha Thompson Kozlowski UC/SANTA BARBARA (ΓB)

Margot Abbott Hartman Jane Bawden Thacker Jacqueline Husband Starr Marjorie Leyhe Terry Mary Otten Fitch Leontine Smith McDonald Nancy Whitman Dietrich Rebecca Garvin Griswold Sharon Kittle DePriest Marguerite Walls Tully Anzella Willie Curry Nancy Konig Claire Tompkins Rademacher USC (BΠ)

Emily Belyea Martino Sue Arnn Singer Mary Bodman Kenner Jean Coulson Byrum Marilyn Kintz Buck Carolyn London Thompson Georgia Lundy Brown Marjorie Nichol Housden Sallie Wyant Gray Renee Block Hanson Betsy Carter Cammack Beth Colver Goodrich Nancy Farrar Jensen Marianne Pearcy Nutten Lucille Smart Johnson Martha Inman Crowley Charlotte Sclater Christensen Audrey Vail Jessup UTAH (BΣ)

Virginia Olpin Adams Argie Adondakis Ra Allen Barbara Birrell Webb Perry Codington Norman Judith Jensen Thompson Joyce Lambert Stufflebeam Suzanne Roth Malone Patricia Bryan Erickson Patricia Erickson Caine Bonnie Flickinger Besselievre Betty Cronenberger Cross WASHBURN (Y)

Joan Althaus Hart Barbara Bartley Schaeffer June Hartzell Shull Lois Logan Elizabeth Long Pickering




50-YEAR MEMBERS (Continued)

Virginia McConnell Monroe Muriel Monroe Hanson Patricia Pitney Smith Joan Renner Stringer Virginia Rolley Warner Joann Tauchman Berger Sue Benson Brodecker Mary Sidener Corrine Wymore Walters WASHINGTON (Σ)

Nancy Baine Briggs Carol Batchelder Barbara Beal Maralyn Bertils Hedberg Marilyn Brown Schrum Judith Cameron Black Florence Clifford Nielsen Jacquelinn Ensch Mooney Patricia Frink Hopper Betty Johnson Bury Carol Kirkendall Schimanski Ann Mader Shay Johanna Minard Hanover Carole Nystrom Miller Shirley Parsons Lee Dorothy Rovig OLofson Joan Blethan Birgit Carlson Bennett Sally Dickman Sally Hadley Holt Jeraldine Loomis LaFromboise Marilyn McElehany Fish Sally Scripps Margaret Whyte Lynch Nancy Petraborg Hagen Gail Snider Lockwood Shirley Overby Hirst Linda Sweeney Leisy WASHINGTON STATE (BP)

Dorothy Busby Bentley Janet Hein Anderson Chris Johnson Jean Johnson Russ Harriet Pierce Doak Janet Curtis Chandler Virginia Davis McKelvie Diane Port Lewis Susan Sauer Bennett Marilyn Tobin Schrette Sally Anderson Fretz Diana Rogstad Costello WEST VIRGINIA (BI)

Lorraine Bryant O’Reilly Eleanor Ellis Flowers Janet Friede Whiting Sally Huey Hess Peggy Jarrell Marshall Mary Lawson Farmer Carolyn Lowe Goetz Nancy Rapp Potter


John Robertson Nancy Robinson Adams Frances Slavins Welch Ann Troy Brown Marian Price Monzella Marilyn Thomas Jacquelyn Wilson Moore


Anne Kingsbury Austin Barbara Phillips Angus Diane Belshaw Churchill Susan Bird Hunt Gloria Caldwell Schoonbrood Diana Dorman Bergevin Sally Douglas Garrett Barbara Hedinger Steinkamp Barbara House Lienhard Sally Jermin Buehler Betty Kiesling Kulp Joyce Larson Blessinger Margaret Ramsey Laughlin Edna Scott Colton Eleanor Anderson Burgess Eleanor Panzica Saulsman Ethel Roesch WISCONSIN (I)

Jane Bussey Burpee Mary Cafferty Kelly Judith Conley Peterson Carolyn Fowler Chudick Sally Haasl Behnke Mary Hooker Smyth Harmon Mary Kaudy Moore Zita Lundell Mannix Barbara Malone Moen Barbara Moorhead Loosbrock Mary Price Morrison Joan Werner Buchanan Margaret Griem Williamson Jean Pankonen Murphy Nancy Rusy Mould Sally Tierney Stanek Barbara Walch Growdon Marguerite Felker Yetman Janice Pahlmeyer Wendt

North Central Midwest Region MILWAUKEE, WIS. In June, 30 Milwaukee alumnae gathered at Libby Smyth Harmon’s (I-Wisconsin) home for a spring potluck. Fifty-year pins were presented to Jeanne Priebe Cramer (Γ-DePauw) and Libby Smyth Harmon. A Founders’ Day celebration was planned for fall. Those interested in joining the next gathering should contact Linda Robnett Short (∆Ψ-Wisconsin/Oshkosh). –Linda Robnett Short (∆Ψ-Wisconsin/Oshkosh) MILWAUKEE CONTACT:

Linda Robnett Short (∆Ψ-Wisconsin/Oshkosh) 262.375.2494

Northeast Region FAIRFIELD COUNTY, CONN. The Fairfield County alumnae chapter has revitalized, and a kick-off event took place in September. Those interested in lending a hand to the revitalization effort or applying for an officer position should contact Chapter President Deanna Polizzo (ΘBBryant). Don’t miss out on the opportunity to become active as an Alpha Phi alumna. Join the chapter’s listserv by sending a blank e-mail to Look for a survey on the listserv for those interested in getting involved. –Kelly D. Fitzgerald (ΘΩ-Barry) FAIRFIELD COUNTY CONTACT:

Deanna Polizzo (ΘB-Bryant) 203.335.0676 BOSTON, MASS. The Boston alumnae chapter’s (BAC) executive board held a brainstorming meeting during summer that produced new ideas to get more alumnae involved. A

bowling night with Boston (HΛ) collegians and happy hours are in the works. Incentives will be implemented to bring more sisters to events. The chapter partnered with a local hospital that researches cardiac care to host a 5K walk/run during spring. In July, alumnae cheered on the Boston Red Sox in a baseball game against the Minnesota Twins. An annual open house Aug. 3 at IEB Member Amy Pfannenstiel Bunszel’s (∆-Cornell) home provided an opportunity to reunite with lost sisters and meet new members. All enjoyed reminiscing about college days and comparing similar experiences no matter the location of their school. There was a short discussion about the state of the Fraternity and new BAC ideas. BAC plans to honor 50-year members at a Founders’ Day brunch Oct. 20 with certificates and a ceremony. Friends and family are encouraged to attend to recognize these wonderful and dedicated women. Contact President Raina Huebner (I∆Rhode Island) or Vice President of Membership Denise Dietz Desmond (∆Γ-Northern Colorado) at for details. Check out the chapter’s Web site at –Raina Huebner (I∆-Rhode Island) BOSTON CONTACT:

Raina Huebner (I∆-Rhode Island) 617.629.7891 BUFFALO, N.Y. Buffalo alumnae are proud of Greater Buffalo Alumnae Panhellenic Representative Karen Conrad (∆P-Ball State), chairperson of the extremely successful Dying in the Chapel fundraiser, a murder mystery dinner theater. Many sisters and guests attended; it was a great opportunity to meet other Panhellenic community alumnae and a fabulous way to show what Alpha Phis can accomplish together. Also, as the



chapter’s philanthropy chair, Karen raised $2,300 for scholarship and far exceeded the $1,000 goal. Several events are planned for fall and winter, including monthly lunches, happy hours, apple picking, a Halloween hayride and ice-skating. Visit the chapter’s Web site ( for details and information on joining this growing community. –Elizabeth Joy Santos (ΘK-Rochester)

successful; all alumnae contributed by either donating unwanted items to sell and or by volunteering time. Other activities included kayaking through historic Wickford Cove, a Founders’ Day celebration with Rhode Island (I∆) collegians, a Halloween event and a trip to Foxwoods Casino. Visit the chapter’s Web site ( for up-to-date chapter happenings. –Amanda Cunningham Cote (EΩΛ-Texas A&M)



Tracey Rosenthal Drury (ΘE-SUNY/Buffalo)

Kim Norton-O’Brien (ZP-Bentley) 401.884.3971 716.731.6420 NYC IVY CONNECTION, N.Y. NYC Ivy Connection Phis attended several All-Greek events with sister chapter NYC Metro, including a cocktail party at the rooftop garden of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. All-Greek is an association of sorority and fraternity alumni in NYC. Erin Weed (ZA-Eastern Illinois), founder of Girls Fight Back, taught alumnae self-defense skills. Members are determined to reach out to alumnae in the NYC Metropolitan area by offering a variety of activities this year. Contact NYC Ivy Connection President Danielle Altruda (ΘM-Hofstra) to be added to the chapter’s listserv. Check out the chapter’s Web site at –Danielle Altruda (ΘM-Hofstra)

NORTHERN VIRGINIA Three Northern Virginia alumnae 50-year members were honored at a Founders’ Day luncheon in October 2001. Also during fall, Police Officer Tania Velez (HΛ-George Mason) presented a program on personal safety. The chapter raised $1,900 for the Alpha Phi Foundation thanks to a November craft auction, $1,400 of which was donated via the Foundation’s Community Contributions Policy to Inova/Fairfax Hospital Foundation. Members celebrated at the ever-popular bear exchange holiday party in December. A chapter Web site was launched during summer to keep Northern Virginia alumnae in the loop: –Courtney Brown Peksens (EN-Delaware)



Danielle Altruda (ΘM-Hofstra)

Connie Coghill Scinto (HΛ-George Mason) 516.483.5536 703.876.0773

RHODE ISLAND Rhody Phis, still euphoric from winning five Convention 2002 awards (see page 10), took on more fundraising projects during summer and fall. The second annual Heart Walk and Phlea Market yard sale were both

FALL 2002

Pacific Northwest Region EAST BAY, CALIF. East Bay alumnae chapter’s 30 incredible and active local dues-paying members are the perfect example of

❸ ❶ NYC IVY CONNECTION, N.Y. NYC Ivy Connection alumnae celebrate summer with a cocktail party at the rooftop garden of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

❷ MILWAUKEE, WIS. Milwaukee alumnae (from left) Jeanne Cramer and Libby Harmon are presented 50-year pins.

❸ EAST BAY, CALIF. East Bay alumnae salute the chapter’s outgoing executive board and appointed officer, who served for three years.

sisterhood not being hindered by age; membership ranges from new graduates to moms with tots to slightly-seasoned sisters who have grandchildren the age of the new graduates. Much of the chapter’s success has to do with the diversity of its calendar. They hosted events during the year that included a holiday wine and cheese party, a pottery-making day and an afternoon tea with new graduates from local collegiate chapters. The annual Easter basket philanthropy event was a great success; chapter members created and donated 170 baskets for children’s hospitals and 135 sundry baskets for abused women’s shelters. Each year, the number of baskets donated increases, and alumnae are able to share the Alpha Phi spirit with more people. Several dynamic members volunteer for Alpha Phi: Gloria Torrano Boyle (AΛ) and Elizabeth Clarke Garcia (H∆-CSU/Hayward) serve on UC/Berkeley’s (Λ) house corporation board and Madeleine Wisniewski (H∆-CSU/Hayward) is the collegiate chapter’s program development adviser. Serving as advisers to CSU/Hayward (H∆) are Chapter Adviser Carol Wilde (∆K-Wisconsin/LaCrosse), Marketing




❶ ❶


Wichita area alumnae gather for an open house. Pictured are Vice President Patricia Spiegel (ΓΞ-Wichita State), House Mother Dorothy Gowan, President Dawn Moore (ΓΞ-Wichita State), Alumna of the Year Michelle Meier Smith (ΓΞ-Wichita State) and Erin Houser (ΓΞ-Wichita State).


Dallas and Suburban alumnae Carol Robnette McQueary (ΓH-North Texas) and Dee Jacobs parade their hats as they celebrate Derby Days.

Madeleine Wisniewski (H∆-CSU/Hayward) 925.376.9316 Sandee Lim (H∆-CSU/Hayward) 650.355.2659


St. Louis alumnae participate in the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life®. They honor St. Louis alumna Mary Lou Belz O’Neal, who recently entered Silent Chapter.



Far North Dallas alumnae indulge in the May meeting’s “Bring A Bear” theme. The bears were donated to the Children’s Medical Center of Dallas’ Cardiac Care Unit.

and Panhellenic Adviser Jeanne Alves Wildman (H∆CSU/Hayward), Membership Recruitment Adviser Charleen Ivanov Silva (H∆-CSU/Hayward) and Program Development Adviser Stephanie Winter Sermeno (ΘA-Linfield). Kate Boyle Halfon (H∆CSU/Hayward) is the Pacific Northwest Region’s collegiate membership coordinator. Elizabeth Garcia is a special governor to Eta Delta and San Francisco State (HΘ) chapters. Annie Celada Kwong (H∆CSU/Hayward) is a recruitment specialist for San Jose State (BΨ), Santa Clara (ZΓ) and Eta Delta. Congratulations to Jeanne Alves Wildman, who was a recipient of the Michaelanean Award during Convention 2002. Check out the chapter online: –Annie Celada Kwong (H∆-CSU/Hayward)


SACRAMENTO AREA, CALIF. Sacramento area alumnae kicked off the year with a Phiesta Fun potluck hosted by Julie Conkin Sportelli (BΠ-USC) and welcomed alumna initiate Wendy Zeto. Founders’ Day 2001 was celebrated aboard the famous Delta King riverboat with a Loving Cup ceremony and silent auction that raised money for last year’s Alpha Phi September 11 Disaster Relief Fund. Through the efforts of Marcia Puyper Garrison (EΓ-CSU/Sacramento) and the sale of Entertainment® Books, the chapter raised $430 for the Alpha Phi Foundation. Many thanks to those who donated items for the silent auction and purchased books. The women gathered with CSU/Sacramento (EΓ) collegians in October to make teddy bears for Big Sister/Little Sister revealing. Jean Fenstermacher Thomas (Π-North Dakota) hosted the annual holiday cocktail party for alumnae and guests in December. In January, members created their own painted treasures; some even brought their babies to make footprint tiles. Thanks to Sacramento Area Panhellenic Association Project Coordinator Lynne BrainerdBrown (ΓB-UC/Santa Barbara) for planning the annual Panhellenic brunch in March. Congratulations to the collegians honored for their scholastic achievements at the event. By popular demand, Elise Fong (EΓCSU/Sacramento) hosted a Skinny Salads and Fat Desserts event in March. Alumnae enjoyed an intimate afternoon tea at Elegant Garden and an April dinner courtesy of Epsilon Gamma collegians watching their children.

Has your alumnae chapter been featured on Visit the Web site’s “Alumnae Information” section to nominate it for a chapter profile.

The fall newsletter features a new calendar of events. Visit the chapter’s Web site ( or contact the chapter for details. –Stephanie van Staveren Ketsdever (EΓ-CSU/Sacramento) SACRAMENTO CHAPTER:

Stephanie van Staveren Ketsdever (EΓ-CSU/Sacramento) 916.483.0623 GREATER SEATTLE, WASH. Greater Seattle alumnae (GSAAP) kicked off fall with 180 attending a wonderful Founders’ Day event and celebrated their Husky spirit at a University of Washington Homecoming tailgate in October 2001. In November, the group participated in a holiday cooking class at which alumnae from 10 different chapters were represented. February was craft month, with many alumnae spending an afternoon making beautiful pieces of pottery. The highlight of spring was a wine and cheese tasting party at Michelle Marchant’s (Λ-UC/Berkeley) home. Members learned that one doesn’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy a good bottle of wine. Women and guests between the ages of 21 and 75 attended. Summer began with a senior dinner, happy hour and cruise. GSAAP thanks Sara Wood (Σ-Washington), Jennifer Johnstone (Σ-Washington), Catherine Wright Roberti (Σ-Washington), Kathy Schiller Judkins (ΓZ-Puget Sound), Ruth Himmelman Wright (Σ-Washington), Jennifer Johnson (ΓZPuget Sound), Kathy Niwa (Σ-Washington), Jennifer Myers (Σ-Washington) and Jennifer Martin (HPSan Diego and Σ-Washington) for their tremendous effort this year. Women in the Seattle area interested in events can check out the chapter’s Web site at http://greaterseat-


Quarterly or contact the chapter president. –Christine Roop Pack (Σ-Washington) GREATER SEATTLE CONTACT:

Christine Roop Pack (Σ-Washington) 206.306.9030

South Central Region GREATER KANSAS CITY, KAN. Kansas City alumnae kicked off summer with a salad supper at Janet Brown Stevenson’s (∆X-William Woods) house, where members shared summer plans and brainstormed ideas for programming events. The second annual summer golf league continued every Tuesday evening in Desota at the Oak Country Golf course. Alumnae in the area who want to connect with this fun and active group should e-mail Chapter President Gretchen McClure (ΘΓ-Northeast Missouri State). –Debra Howland (Γ∆-Kansas) GREATER KANSAS CITY CONTACT:

Gretchen McClure (ΘΓ-Northeast Missouri State) 913.268.7468

ST. LOUIS GATEWAY, MO. St. Louis alumnae “Survivor” teams raised more than $3,000 for the American Cancer Society® by participating in its Relay For Life®. The chapter’s participation was to honor a sister who recently entered Silent Chapter, Mary Lou Belz O’Neal (BT-Indiana). Roy O’Neal, her husband, also participated in the walk and shared stories about Mary Lou. Megan Tooley (∆Ξ-Nebraska/Kearney) and Tara Harrison (ΘΛ-Central Missouri State) were captains of the chapter’s two relay teams; Megan led the “Ivy Tribe” and Tara the “Forget-Me-Not Tribe,” each

FALL 2002

made up of seven team members. All worked diligently to raise money and create a successful theme. The “tribes” participated in challenges early in the event, including a tug-of-war competition. They took turns walking or jogging laps around a track throughout the night. In addition to having fun getting to know each other, members were touched by those they met along the way, including the stories from survivors. Thanks to everyone who helped with the event, donated to the American Cancer Society® and volunteered. Here’s to an even greater event next year. –Tara Harrison (ΘΛ-Central Missouri State) ST. LOUIS GATEWAY CONTACT:

Diane Steinkamp (BA-Illinois) 314.692.9098 DALLAS AND SUBURBAN, TEXAS Dallas alumnae celebrated the Kentucky Derby with a Hats on Parade party during a May meeting at Hope Truckenmiller Cramm’s (Z∆-Iowa State and ∆EIowa) home. In June, members enjoyed a fascinating book review of John Steinbeck’s classic The Pearl at Linda Boon DeFee’s (ΓI-Texas Tech) home. New officers are President Kim Spadoni Criscuolo (ΓI-Texas Tech), Vice President of Membership Regina Rice Haas (Ω-Texas), Vice President of Programs Lynn Clements Soutter (ZN-Texas Christian), Vice President of Philanthropy Michele Hurley Quiroga (ΦOklahoma), Treasurer Michelle Desmond (HΠRichmond), Secretary Sara Stangel Luoma (ΓH-North Texas), Arrangements Maryllyn Powell Hargrave (ΩTexas) and Jennifer Stanton Hargrave (EPUC/Davis), Collegiate Support Ashley Reaves (EΩΛ-Texas A&M), Yearbook Chair Lynn Clements Soutter, Newsletter Chair Tina Taylor (ΓH-North Texas), Database Chair Marla Rains Drake (ΦOklahoma), Founders’ Day Chair Dee Smith Jacobs (∆B-Texas A&M/Commerce), MAP Staci Stephenson

(Φ-Oklahoma) and Parliamentarian Michele Hurley Quiroga. For up-to-date chapter information, visit –Staci Stephenson (Φ-Oklahoma) DALLAS AND SUBURBAN CONTACT:

Kim Spadoni Criscuolo (ΓI-Texas Tech) 972.907.1027

FAR NORTH DALLAS AND SURROUNDING COUNTIES, TEXAS Far North Dallas and Surrounding Counties alumnae celebrated the chapter’s first year with a Convention 2002 award for Excellence in Membership Recruitment. The women recruited almost 50 members in a year. President Karla Hardy-Allford (ΓΩ-Midwestern State) proudly represented the chapter at Convention. Members donated teddy bears to Children’s Medical Center of Dallas’ cardiac care unit as part of their Bring a Bear event. They also served breakfast to participants of the Volvo Leukemia Cup Regatta™ on Lake Lewisville and held a Rubber Chicken Dinner fundraiser to benefit the Alpha Phi Foundation. Congratulations to Elizabeth Tilghman (ΘPCameron) who completed the Avon Breast Cancer 3Day® Walk. In another exciting quest to support alumnae needs, the chapter is initiating a Moms-n-Tots group. –Kim Nixon (∆B-Texas A&M/Commerce) FAR NORTH DALLAS CONTACT:

Karla Hardy-Allford (ΓΩ-Midwestern State) 972.624.0686 FORT WORTH, TEXAS Fort Worth alumnae held a garden party at Melanie Hartshorn Stevenson’s (ZN-Texas Christian) home in April. Along with a presentation by a master





Fort Worth alumnae attend the Alpha Phi-McFerrin Golden Stethoscope Award ceremony in May.


Houston alumnae Janice Perez and Alison LootensPutman present Dr. Timothy Bricker, Texas Children’s Heart Center chief of cardiology, with a $25,000 check in January.


Southwest Dallas area alumnae participated in the Duncanville, Texas, July 4 Parade for the sixth year in a row. This year they created a float depicting the state’s six collegiate chapters.


Nashville alumnae gather at the local All Fired Up for pottery painting.

gardener about growing and cooking with herbs, a plant sale and Make it, Bake it, Sew it, Grow it auction were held as fundraisers. In May, the ladies met for a lovely brunch and tour of historic Fort Worth’s Fairmont District homes. A May officers’ retreat at the home of newly elected president Donna Lanoux (ΓH-North Texas) resulted in several new ideas for programs and fundraisers. Also in May, the Alpha Phi-McFerrin Golden Stethoscope Award, which honors nursing excellence, was presented to John Peter Smith Hospital’s (Fort Worth) Nurse of the Year Joan Boyle. Trisha Thompson Schwennsen (∆B-Texas A&M/Commerce), Sue Stone (ZN-Texas Christian), Donna Lanoux, Myrika Morris Tyler (ΓH-North


Texas) and new alumna initiate Michelle Freitas attended the ceremony. –Nadine Troll Parsons (ZN-Texas Christian) FORT WORTH CONTACT:

Donna Lanoux (ΓH-North Texas) 817.624.1970 HOUSTON, TEXAS Houston alumnae began the year at Mimi Gordon Hagedorn’s (N-Nebraska) home with the annual Alpha Phi-esta philanthropy event. Founders’ Day 2001 was celebrated Oct. 8 at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Houston. The spring was full of fun activities including a night at the Sam Houston Race Track and an outing to a Houston Astros professional baseball game. In April, a group of alumnae were proud to represent the chapter at the taping of a local television program, the “Debra Duncan Show.” Their attendance promoted the chapter’s annual Heart Affair event. The May 5-7 Heart Affair benefited Texas Children’s Heart Center and was themed “Deep in the Heart of Texas.” Heart Affair Chairman and Vice President of Philanthropy Victoria Newman (∆ΘWestern Michigan) and Honorary Chairman Janice Campise Perez (Ω-Texas) hosted the special evening that included a cocktail buffet, live auction, silent auction and raffle. Special guests were Texas Children’s Heart Center Dr. Timothy Bricker, M.D., and Gayla Giffen, mother of a pediatric heart patient who shared her touching story. A tennis tournament was held the following day at the Houston Racquet Club with assistance from Northwest Houston alumnae. Visit the chapter’s Web site at –Tera Kovar Doerr (ΓI-Texas Tech)

NORTHWEST HOUSTON, TEXAS Northwest Houston alumnae joined the Houston alumnae chapter in October 2001 to celebrate Founders’ Day. In November, members attended a brunch and fashion show at Neiman Marcus®, where Jacki Jordy James (ΓH-North Texas) was selected for a Laura Mercier makeover. Members received pointers to take years off their already young faces, an informative talk was given on the design and manufacture of jewelry, and tips were shared about the store’s spring clothing line. For the second holiday season, the chapter adopted a family in need. Alumnae enjoyed shopping for toys, clothing and food, and the gifts were wrapped and delivered in December. The chapter celebrated its 16th anniversary in April with a dinner at the Garden Tea Room. New officers were installed during the event. In May, members attended Houston alumnae chapter’s Heart Affair benefiting Texas Children’s Heart Center. The seventh annual Women’s Fun Tennis Tournament raised a significant amount of money thanks to its 60 participants. Jennifer Hoemig Merkel (ZM-Colorado State) and Karla Richardson Griffith (ΓI-Texas Tech) have co-chaired the tennis tournament for five years and deserve praise for their year-round planning and hard work. Sisters attended a Houston Astros professional baseball game in June and were excited to see the chapter’s name displayed on the scoreboard screen. The chapter headed recruitment for its local Panhellenic during fall, sporting new Alpha Phi shirts made by Carolyn Allen Knutsen (BMAlabama). –Julie Davidson Buxton (EΩΛ-Texas A&M) NORTHWEST HOUSTON CONTACT:

Gina Garner (EΩΛ-Texas A&M) 281.821.7262


Angela Pence (Ω-Texas) 713.626.3824




SOUTHWEST DALLAS, TEXAS Southwest Dallas alumnae chapter’s year began with Betty Jo Ferraro Fuller (AΛ) being named South Central Region alumnae membership coordinator. The women enjoyed a special Founders’ Day 2001 celebration with other alumnae and collegiate chapters from North Central Texas. Meetings featured Alpha Phi memorabilia sharing, scrapbooking, craft making, a Valentine gift exchange and the annual holiday Bizarre Bazaar with proceeds benefiting collegiate support. Spring found the chapter’s annual garage sale netting its largest dollar amount ever, which funded a Convention delegate and allowed the chapter to make its largest donation to date to the Alpha Phi Foundation. New officers were elected: President Elaine Birtchet Holley (AΛ), Vice President of Membership Kathryn Krall Slack (Ω-Texas), Vice President of Programs Wendy Winn Carrington (∆B-Texas A&M/Commerce), MAP Coordinator Beverly Winn Harkness (∆B-Texas A&M/Commerce), Treasurer Jayne Korbs (AΛ), Panhellenic Delegate Sally Yocum Krall (∆I-Roanoke), Collegiate Liaison Karla Hardy Allford (ΓΩ-Midwestern State), Reference Coordinator Angela Farley (EΣ-Dallas Baptist State) and Secretary Pamela Farley (EΣ-Dallas Baptist State). Members welcomed new alumna initiate Donna White. July found the women preparing their fifth entry in the annual Fourth of July parade in Duncanville, Texas. The float was decorated in red, white and blue with representation from a three-year-old legacy to an 87-year-old waving flags, pompoms and pinwheels while Sousa marches played on a boom box. Of course, the chapter remembered to market Alpha Phi, as a large map of Texas marked with collegiate chapter locations was prominently displayed on the float. –Pamela Farley (EΣ-Dallas Baptist State)

FALL 2002


Elaine Britchet Holley (AΛ) 972.775.1794

and show your Gamma Pi pride. Gamma Pi sisters interested in becoming part of the chapter should contact Jenny Holsman. –Jennifer Holsman (ΓΠ-Arizona State) TEMPE (ΓΠ) CONTACT:

Southeast Region RALEIGH/DURHAM TRIANGLE, N.C. Raleigh/Durham alumna Sandi Helle Kemp (BIWest Virginia) was one of nine women to receive the Michaelanean Award during Convention 2002 (see page 10). Sandy has served as treasurer of the Triangle alumnae chapter for six years, prepares taxes for NC State (EΦΛ) and East Carolina (∆A) collegiate chapters and has hosted the annual Phi-esta kick off event for several years. –Trish Long Johnson (EΦΛ-NC State) RALEIGH/DURHAM CONTACT:

Trish Long Johnson (EΦΛ-NC State) 919.303.0275

Jenny Holsman 315.442.7223 INLAND EMPIRE, CALIF. Inland Empire alumnae remained involved during the hot summer with a ceramic zone event that was a great hit. An Aug. 31 trip took members to Newport Beach from CSU/San Bernardino. All potential and past members are welcome to attend any of the chapter’s events. Contact Chapter President Iwona Luczkiewicz Contreras (HB-CSU/San Bernardino) if you would like a newsletter of events e-mailed to you. –Iwona Luczkiewicz Contreras (HB-CSU/San Bernardino) INLAND EMPIRE CONTACT:

Iwona Luczkiewicz Contreras (HB-CSU/San

Southwest Region TEMPE (ΓΠ), ARIZ. Tempe (ΓΠ) alumnae chapter is official, as its charter was presented during Convention 2002 in Tucson, Ariz. Thank you to the charter signees who made the dream a reality: Amy Gray, Mary Konton, Kelly Gadd, Janeale Paysnoe, Melissa Dohra, Liz Perkins, Allison Conkright, Jenny Steinberg, Stacey Birkby and Jenny Holsman (all ΓΠ-Arizona State). New chapter officers are Jenny Holsman, president; Jenny Gonsior, vice president of marketing; Kelly Gadd, treasurer; and Genoa Sibold-Cohn, Quarterly correspondent and secretary (all ΓΠArizona State). ASU Homecoming is Oct. 21-26. Plan to stop by the new Alpha Phi living area to visit with collegians

Bernardino) 909.864.3121 SAN DIEGO, CALIF. San Diego alumnae elected a new executive board, and its members attended a transition meeting in July. Chapter President Sabina Roaldset (HEVillanova) attended Convention 2002 in Tucson, Ariz., where she enjoyed socializing and networking with other Alpha Phis. A group of alumnae had a great time at an evening San Diego Padres baseball game in early August. The 2002 San Diego Panhellenic fundraiser, A Day at the Races, also was in August. Delegates attended the function and members supported the raffle by donating a wonderful gift basket full of exercise and health-related items.




❶ PALOS VERDES/SOUTH BAY PENINSULA, CALIF. Palos Verdes/South Bay Peninsula alumnae Sue Wood Savage (B∆-UCLA) and Dorothy Jones Agronick (ΓDePauw) mingle with the chapter’s President Anne Cosler Trovinger (Γ-DePauw) during an area alumnae gathering.

❷ SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, CALIF. San Fernando Valley alumnae celebrate the chapter’s rechartering.

❸ COLUMBUS, OHIO Columbus alumnae chapter recognizes its remarkable members. Pictured, 2001 Outstanding Alumna Bonnie Kurth Buesching (BK-Denison), right, presents the chapter’s 2002 Outstanding Alumna Award to Jodine Hiser Beggrow (P-Ohio State) during a May dinner meeting.

Monthly book and bridge clubs continued throughout summer and fall, and alumnae discussed expanding monthly clubs to involve exercise, dinners and networking. The goal is to provide a variety of events so all San Diego alumnae will participate. Visit the chapter’s Web site ( for its latest news and events. –Minka Francis (HB-CSU/San Bernardino)

Re-chartering efforts were initiated by Rebecca Yannetta Hassouna (ΓP-Penn State). After completing a year as chapter adviser at CSU/Northridge (EY) and revitalizing the San Fernando alumnae chapter, Rebecca moved to Pennsylvania. Both collegians and alumnae will miss her greatly and wish her the best. Alumnae chapter founders include Erin Alworth (ΓB-UC/Santa Barbara), Insha Brar Luthra (ZIVirginia), Rebecca Yannetta Hassouna (ΓP-Penn State), Monique Auyong Speake (EYCSU/Northridge), Yvonne Villa (HB-CSU/San Bernandino), Mara Faierman Carieri (B∆-UCLA), Ingrid Gluck (ZB-Loyola Marymount), Patti Hurtado (B∆-UCLA), Mary Jo Sigler Tennant (∆Cornell) and Sandi Cummins (EY-CSU/Northridge). Summer events included monthly planning meetings, a happy hour, wine tasting, family beach day and a concert in the park. Fall events will include an alumnae open house and a festive holiday party in December. Alumnae of all ages are encouraged to join the chapter, renewing bonds of sisterhood and creating new and lasting friendships. Those interested should submit an e-mail to –Monique Auyong Speake (EY-CSU/Northridge) SAN FERNANDO VALLEY CONTACT:


Monique Auyong Speake (EY-CSU/Northridge)

Sabina Roaldset (HE-Villanova) 818.360.1868 858.457.7788 SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, CALIF. The re-chartering of the San Fernando Valley alumnae chapter was completed in August. With concentration on the San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley and the Conejo Valley, the chapter has already established 20 dynamic local dues-paying members from various collegiate chapters and looks forward to reaching 50 dues-paying members by the end of October.


The chapter sent a large representation to Convention 2002 including Chapter President Ann Hathaway Schar, Upper Midwest Region Alumnae Membership Coordinator Debby Bryden Gray, Chapter Adviser Lisa Sandberg Schiemann, Recruitment Adviser Jenell Fox Wood and Ashland (EA) Chapter President Natalie Kiko (all EAAshland). –Debby Bryden Gray (EA-Ashland) ASHLAND AREA CONTACT:

Ann Hathaway Schar (EA-Ashland) 419.281.2525

CINCINNATI, OHIO Cincinnati alumnae welcomed alumna initiate Micki Glotfelter, daughter of Carol Welles Glotfelter (∆Π-Indiana State), as part of Miami University’s (ΓN) initiation in March. Also in March, a new slate of officers was elected during the last meeting of the year at a local paint-your-own-pottery place. It was a great evening of chatting, painting and creativity. An informal tea and lunch, with scrumptious desserts, concluded the year’s events. The chapter congratulates Carol Glotfelter, who received the Michaelanean Award at Convention 2002 (see page 10). Members express their sincerest thanks for all the hard work she puts into Alpha Phi. –Melissa Cox (ΓN-Miami University) CINCINNATI CONTACT:

Melissa Cox (ΓN-Miami University)

Upper Midwest Region 513.522.6698

ASHLAND AREA, OHIO Ashland area alumnae enjoyed wine tasting, delicious oven-baked pizzas and social time during their year-end event including guests. The great turnout was a nice way to end yearly programming, and all agreed to repeat the event next year.



Q: How can I reconnect with Alpha Phi? A: Join an alumnae chapter or ivy connection! Q: Is there an alumnae chapter in my area? A: Probably! Alpha Phi has almost 130 active alumnae chapters all over the world. Read below to see if there is an alumnae chapter or ivy connection in your town. ALABAMA Birmingham/Tuscalosa ARIZONA Phoenix Tempe (Gamma Pi) Tucson CALIFORNIA East Bay/Hayward Greater Fresno Area Inland Empire Long Beach Los Angeles Monterey Bay North Orange County Palos Verdes/South Bay Peninsula Peninsula Ivy Connection Sacramento Saddleback Valley San Diego San Fernando Valley San Joaquin County San Mateo Santa Barbara Silicon Valley/South Bay South Orange County CANADA British Columbia Toronto COLORADO Denver CONNECTICUT Fairfield County Greater Hartford D.C. D.C. Metro Ivy Connection

Tampa Bay Winter Park/Orlando GEORGIA Atlanta

MINNESOTA Minneapolis/St. Paul/ Twin Cities

HAWAII Alpha Phi of Hawaii

MISSOURI Mid Missouri St. Louis Gateway

IOWA Des Moines

MONTANA Missoula

IDAHO Boise Coeur d’Alene/ Kootenai County Moscow

NORTH CAROLINA Charlotte Greater Greensboro North Carolina Triad Raleigh Durham Triangle Sanford Western North Carolina

ILLINOIS Chicago Lake Shore Chicago Northwest Suburban Chicago Western Village DuPage Valley Rockford INDIANA Indianapolis Muncie Southern Indiana KANSAS Topeka Wichita KANSAS/MISSOURI Greater Kansas City KENTUCKY Louisville Metro LOUISIANA Baton Rouge Shreveport/Bossier MASSACHUSETTES Boston

EUROPE Overseas Phis

MARYLAND Greater Baltimore

FLORIDA Greater Naples Jacksonville First Coast Sarasota/ Manatee Southeast Florida/ Greater Fort Lauderdale Tallahassee

MAINE Portland Maine MICHIGAN Detroit East Suburban Detroit West Kalamazoo

NORTH DAKOTA Grand Forks NEBRASKA Kearney Lincoln Omaha NEW JERSEY Southern New Jersey NEW MEXICO Albuquerque NEVADA Las Vegas NEW YORK Buffalo Finger Lakes NYC Metropolitan Rochester OHIO Ashland Area Berea Cincinnati Area Cleveland East Side Cleveland West Shore Columbus Dayton Toledo Western Reserve Youngstown OKLAHOMA Greater Tulsa Oklahoma City Tulsa

Congratulations to the following chapters for recently receiving their charters or returning to active status!

FALL 2002

Alpha Phi International is excited to announce alumnae chapters and ivy connections are forming in the following areas: Alumnae Chapters (alumnae of all ages) CALIFORNIA






OREGON Portland Oregon





PENNSYLVANIA Greater Philadelphia Lehigh Valley Pittsburgh State College

Colorado Springs Fort Collins

Albany Long Island



Washington, D.C.





Miami Palm Beach Pensacola




Metro East Edwardsville Bloomington/Normal



El Paso Mission/Rio Grande Valley

SOUTH DAKOTA Sioux Falls TENNESSEE Clarksville TEXAS Amarillo Austin Dallas and Suburban A.M. Dallas and Suburban P.M. Far North Dallas and Surrounding Counties Fort Worth Houston Lubbock Midland Northwest Houston San Antonio Southwest Dallas Tri County Wichita Falls






Cedar Rapids

Ivy Connections (Alumnae 10 years out of college and younger) ILLINOIS


Springfield Saginaw

Austin Houston San Antonio



Columbus Dayton

Virginia Peninsula


Madison Milwaukee




UTAH Salt Lake City

Please contact the alumnae department ( if you are interested in getting involved with any of these chapters.

VIRGINIA Northern Virginia Richmond Central Virginia Virginia Peninsula

Alpha Phi International seeks alumnae who are interested in forming alumnae chapters and ivy connections in the following areas:

WASHINGTON Greater Seattle Spokane Walla Walla WISCONSIN Milwaukee WEST VIRGINIA Morgantown

Pasadena, Calif. Boulder, Colo. New Orleans, La. Monmouth/Ocean County, N.J. Eugene, Ore. Salem, Ore. Columbia, S.C.

GREATER TULSA, OKLA. Chartered: Aug. 19, 2002 Chapter President: Cheri Hinton Quillen (∆P-Ball State) E-mail:

Please contact the alumnae department (alumnae@ alphaphi. org) if you are interested in getting involved with any of these chapters, or starting a chapter in your area.

SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, CALIF. Re-Chartered: Aug. 5, 2002 Chapter President: Erin Alworth (ΓB-UC/Santa Barbara) E-mail:




Women’s Work: How Careers Evolved By Natalie Lundsteen

Until the late 1800s “women’s work” couldn’t be termed “careers,” but very slowly the female workplace evolved from textile mills and factories to hospitals and schools, banks and businesses, politics and government. The opportunities to access higher education are at last boundless, and today the sky is truly the limit in terms of career opportunities for women. (Wage equality, however, is another matter.) To review how far we’ve advanced, the following facts speak for themselves.

1963: The Equal Pay Act, proposed 20 years earlier, establishes equal pay for men and women performing the same job duties. It does not cover domestics, agricultural workers, executives, administrators or professionals. 1964: Title VII of the Civil Rights Act bars employment discrimination by private employers, employment agencies and unions based on race, sex and other grounds. 1969: In Bowe v. Colgate-

Milestones in the history of working women

1877: Helen Magill is the first woman to receive a

1848: The role of the “working woman” in the mid-to-

Ph.D. from a U.S. college/university: a doctorate in Greek from Boston University.

late 1800s is in factories, mills, mines or as domestic help. Women are faced with the double burden of work followed by chores and childcare. Men assumed supervisory roles over women and received higher wages. The world’s first women’s rights convention is held in Seneca Falls, N.Y. Astronomer Maria Mitchell becomes the first woman elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences; although almost a century before a second woman was added.

1850: Quaker physicians establish the Female (later

1880: The 1870s show an 80 percent increase in the number of women teachers, mainly in the West. 1889: The work of educated women serving the Chicago poor at Hull House establishes social work as a paid profession for women.


Women garment workers strike in New York for better wages and working conditions. More than 300 shops eventually sign contracts.

Woman’s) Medical College of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Due to threats against them, the first women graduate under police guard.

1910: The number of women attending college has increased 150 percent since 1900.

1851: Myrtilla Minder opens the first school to train

heavy industry (mining, chemical, manufacturing, automobile and railway plants). They also run streetcars, conduct trains, direct traffic and deliver mail.

black women as teachers, in Washington, D.C. Up to this point, teaching is the primary middle or upper class occupation for white women.

1855: The University of Iowa becomes the first state school to admit women.

1862: Congress passes the Morrill Act, establishing land-grant colleges in rural areas and thereby allowing millions of women to earn low-cost degrees.

1870: Iowa is the first state to admit a woman to the legal profession: Arabella Mansfield.

1872: Charlotte E. Ray, Howard University law school graduate, becomes the first African-American woman admitted to the U.S. bar.

1873: The Association for the Advancement of Women is formed to promote higher education and professional possibilities for women. Unfortunately, also that year, Harvard Medical College Professor Edward H. Clarke declares higher education harms women and their future offspring. His views are widely believed and quoted for decades. The decision of Bradwell v. Illinois Supreme Court affirms that states can restrict women from the practice of any profession to “preserve family harmony and uphold the law of the Creator.”

1875: Through her will, Sophia Smith is the first woman to found and endow a women’s college: Smith College.


1917: During WWI women are first seen working in

1920: The Women’s Bureau of the Department of Labor is formed to advocate for and keep statistics on women in the workforce. The number of female college undergraduates doubles since 1910.

Palmolive, the Supreme Court rules that women meeting the physical requirements can work in many jobs that previously were slated for men only.

1970: Betty Friedan organizes the first Women’s Equality Day, Aug. 26, to mark the 50th anniversary of a woman’s right to vote.

1972: Congress extends the Equal Pay Act to include executives, administrative and professional personnel.

1973: The Civil Service Commission eliminates height and weight requirements that discriminated against women applying for police, park service and fire fighting jobs. The U.S. military is integrated when the womenonly branches are eliminated. 1974: Alliance of Displaced Homemakers is founded to address issues of divorced and widowed homemakers seeking employment. The Coalition for Labor Union Women is founded, uniting blue-collar women across occupational lines. 1976: U.S. military academies open admissions to women. Working Women: The National Association for Office Workers is formed.

1923: A constitutional amendment is introduced in Congress: “Men and women shall have equal rights throughout the United States and every place subject to its jurisdiction.” The wording is revised in 1943 to what we know today as the Equal Rights Amendment.

1978: For the first time in history, more women than

1940: One-fifth of white women and one-third of

1993: Take Our Daughters to Work Day debuts, designed to build girls’ self-esteem and open their eyes to a variety of career possibilities for women.

black women are wage earners.

1941: A massive government and industry media campaign persuades women to take jobs during WWII. Almost seven million women respond, two million as industrial “Rosie the Riveters,” and 400,000 join the military. 1945: Women industrial workers begin to lose their jobs in large numbers to returning servicemen, although surveys indicate 80 percent want to continue working. 1950: Thirty percent of all women are in the paid labor force, including more than half of single women and a quarter of married women.

men enter college.

1992: Women-owned businesses employ more workers in the United States than the Fortune 500 companies do worldwide.

2001: Nearly three of every five women of working age are in the labor force. The U.S. Department of Labor Women’s Bureau reports the leading occupation for women is manager/administrator. Author’s Note: Thank You to the National Women’s History Project Natalie Lundsteen is an internship advisor and career counselor for the Stanford University Career Development Center.





Outstanding Advisers During the Convention 2002 collegiate awards ceremony (see page 10), two chapter advisers received much-deserved recognition for service to their respective collegiate chapters when Alpha Phi International named them Outstanding Chapter Advisers for the 2000-02 biennium. Monica Jolly (FSanta Clara), chapter adviser to Washington (), received the bordeaux level (campuses with eight or more Panhellenic groups) award. Jaime Alsup Monica Jolly Ryberg (-Northeast Missouri State) received the award at the silver level (based on seven or fewer Panhellenic groups on a campus) for her service to Washington University (FT). Chapters submitted completed nomination forms by March 2002 to be eligible for the award. “Jaime has established a successful balance between guiding us and allowing Jamie Ryberg us to figure things out on our own,” says Zeta Upsilon Chapter President Mackinnon Webster. “Her deep understanding and knowledge of Alpha Phi practices made the year so much easier for the entire executive council. Mostly, Jaime deserves to be recognized because of her hard work and commitment.” Mackinnon continues, “This semester could have been especially challenging because all but one of our executive council members were sophomores. We needed extra guidance, commitment and

g Did You Know? h

( FALL 2002

Alpha Phi’s first adviser to a collegiate chapter was Dr. Wesley P. Coddington, Syracuse University professor of Greek, who advised the Founders in establishing Alpha Phi.

patience. Jaime has been amazing in helping us not only meet, but surpass our goals and expectations. By establishing open communication and exercising full support, Jaime passed her knowledge onto us and eased our transition into the chapter’s leaders. I feel comfortable bringing any issue to her attention.” Sigma Chapter President Christie Lindgren says, “Monica has been faced with many challenges over the past two years. When she came to Sigma, she was the only adviser. She recruited enough alumnae to completely fill empty positions and rebuild the advisory board. Monica’s relationship with the other advisers is a strong one. She makes sure they are wellinformed of chapter events and organizes training and group meetings.” “She also had to resolve a number of difficult issues within the chapter, including those involving alcohol and hazing,” Christie adds. “She helped guide and support our executive council through these challenges to a successful resolution.” “Specific qualities were evident in the nominations for both of these women,” says Program Manager of Collegiate Operations Laura Garraway Caulfield (E-Iowa). “Their willingness to go above and beyond the duties of their positions, supportiveness, dependability and availability were all common to both nominations. These are important qualities in any adviser.” According to Director of Collegiate Membership Linda Long Boland (J-CSU/Long Beach), “The process of choosing a winner was tough because we received several outstanding nominations. It proves that Alpha Phi International is fortunate to have dedicated alumnae mentors who serve our collegiate chapters across North America. We thank all our advisers!” Congratulations Monica and Jaime. Alpha Phi International salutes you!

Editor’s Note: Volunteers who serve as advisers to Alpha Phi’s collegiate chapters across North America are vital to the success of those chapters. A chapter advisory board is led by a chapter adviser and includes advisers specializing in recruitment, programming and finance. Contact the Executive Office at 847.475.0663 or for information about serving as an adviser.




❶ CSU/CHICO (ΘY) Theta Upsilon members participate in a bed races competition during the university’s Greek Week.

❷ DELAWARE (EN) Epsilon Nu “Nerds” take first place in airband competition during the University of Delaware’s Greek Games Week.

❸ FLORIDA TECH (ΘZ) Theta Zeta sisters celebrate the lease of a new chapter house at a house signing party in April. The new house is located at 3184 Nancy Road in Melbourne, Fla.

MAINE (∆N) Delta Nus celebrate their second place finish in Sigma Chi Derby Days.

CALIFORNIA Chapman (HY) Eta Upsilon’s Phi-esta and Mr. University philanthropy events grow in popularity each year; this year, the chapter raised more than $10,000 for the Alpha Phi Foundation. The chapter continues to grow in size, reaching quota each year during formal recruitment. Sisters recognized an exceptional new member, Director of Community Service Nicole Sloane, by naming her Chapter Member of the Year and Silver and Bordeaux Sister. New member Kourtnie Howerton, sisterhood chair, received an award for her dedication and support. Two remarkable seniors were also honored: former President Liz Shultz for her outstanding service and dedication, and Rachael Slomski received a scholarship award for her cumulative 3.9 GPA. –Brianna Egnew CSU/San Bernardino (HB) Eta Beta sisters and their families enjoyed a senior ceremony dinner. The chapter will miss its ten wonderful graduating seniors who dedicated their time and


energy to Alpha Phi over the years: Melissa Breicha, Anita Cross, Sarah DeHaan, Lacy Frederick, LaRae Gastel, Angie Iannone, Megan McCullough, Kelenia Olsen, Ashley Otto and Michelle Schelhorn. –Iwona Luczkiewicz Contreras (HB-CSU/San Bernardino), Inland Empire alumnae chapter president USC (BΠ) Beta Pi members’ hard work paid off when their success was recognized by both the University of Southern California and Alpha Phi International. The chapter collected four awards of excellence at Convention 2002 (see page 10) and was named Most Improved Chapter by the university. Members excelled in areas of scholastic achievement, new member programming and recruitment techniques. –Emily Krigel DELAWARE Delaware (EN) Epsilon Nu shined during the university’s Greek Games Week in April. The chapter placed first in several events, including obstacle course and Games Day and led competition for the week overall. Another highlight was topping 10 other sororities to place first in the coveted airband competition. Epsilon Nu women performed a rendition of “We’re Not Gonna Take It” to go with a “Revenge of the Nerds” theme. Members showed some muscle with first place victories in fitness and arm wrestling competitions. In addition, they teamed with Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity for fun-filled social events during the week. –Beth Thompson FLORIDA Florida Tech (ΘZ) Theta Zeta ended the year with an annual scholarship banquet and bid farewell and good luck to graduating seniors: Susan Keinker, Crystal Leathers, Mindy Robinson and Jen Urbauer.

Christina Pelzer received the university’s Living the Ritual Award during an annual Greek Awards Ceremony. The award recognized her dedication to follow Alpha Phi’s purpose. Congratulations to sisters who held internship positions during summer: Kristin White at a civil engineering firm in Vero Beach, Kat Manley at the Bermuda Aquarium and Christina Pelzer at NASA’s Jet Propulsions Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. The chapter salutes Megan Carey for an outstanding season playing football with the Orlando Starz professional women’s football league. Sisters also recognize Donnielle Crossman for her exceptional organizational skills as the chapter’s first house director and Michelle Madlener and Tracey Aiken for their hard work preparing for fall formal recruitment. –Christina Pelzer ILLINOIS Eastern Illinois (ZA) Zeta Alpha hosted an alumnae weekend at the end of September. Undergraduate members had a great time getting to know alumnae; even charter members attended the event. A special dinner and brunch featured video and photos showing how the chapter began and how far it has come today. Collegians were reminded of the principles charter members held and were excited to see these same qualities sought in today’s members. Zeta Alpha members thank the alumnae who attended and made it special and fun for all. The chapter celebrated a great fall 2001 recruitment, led by Vice President of Recruitment Stephany Avros. The women met quota and welcomed 34 amazing new members. New Member Educator Natalie Pavone and her assistants did a wonderful job influencing new members to become a strong part of the chapter. –Colleen Klein



Northwestern (B) Under the direction of Chapter President Molly Skjei, Beta received several awards at Northwestern University’s Greek Excellence Award Ceremony 2002, including Member Enrichment Programming, Highest Cumulative GPA and Campus and Greek Involvement. They also received honorable mentions for New Member Education and Community Impact. During fall 2001, the chapter was proud to host a brunch honoring alumna Marjorie Leach “Stubby” McKinney (B-Northwestern). Recruitment was successful, and the new member class is the epitome of volunteerism, energy and social engagement. New member Leena Bhattacharya performed with her Chicago dance group in the 2002 Winter Olympics™ ceremonies. –Jessica Starck IOWA Northern Iowa (EΘ) Epsilon Theta initiated three wonderful women through continuous open bidding during spring semester. Seniors willed souvenirs of their favorite memories to underclassmen at the chapter’s annual spring formal. The women hosted the third annual Mom’s Day, including a brunch and farewell letters to graduating seniors from their mothers. Sisters created a new tradition by hosting the second annual Say What? Karaoke contest, which raised more than $700 for the Alpha Phi Foundation. The highlight of the semester was winning the university’s Outstanding Student Organization of the Year Award. The chapter wishes the best to graduating seniors. –Kendra Larson KANSAS Wichita State (ΓΞ) Gamma Xi held an annual Alpha Phi-esta All-YouCan-Eat Taco Dinner at the chapter house during spring semester. The fundraiser benefited the Alpha

FALL 2002

Phi Foundation. Sisters invited dates, friends and other Greeks to a “Shipwrecked” theme party. Members volunteered for Habitat for Humanity®, raised money for the American Heart Association’s® Heart Walk and participated in a Big Brothers Big Sisters® bowl-athon. Gamma Xi women are proud of the chapter’s 13 May graduates. –Stephanie Higgins MAINE Maine (∆N) Delta Nu won five of the nine awards presented during the University of Maine’s annual Greek Life Awards in May. The women were proud to receive awards for Chapter of the Year, Highest Sorority GPA, Most Outstanding Campus Involvement and Most Improved GPA. Also, Samantha Lott was honored as Greek Woman of the Year. Sisters are excited to bring recognition to Alpha Phi and to be part of such a wonderful Fraternity. –Jennifer Corbett MASSACHUSETTS Boston (HΛ) Fall informal recruitment brought Eta deuteron to campus ceiling and welcomed six wonderful new members. The annual Jail ‘n Bail fundraiser raised an unprecedented $4,500 for the Alpha Phi Foundation and the American Red Cross’® September 11 fund. An amazing spring formal recruitment pledged 17 new sisters; Eta deuteron was one of the only chapters on campus able to make quota, plus one. The chapter’s Jail ‘n Bail philanthropy event was named Philanthropy of the Year by the Boston University Panhellenic Council during spring semester. Sisters helped with a community cleanup, volunteered at a local family shelter and participated in walks benefiting AIDS and multiple sclerosis. –Sarah Butler

Tufts (ZΘ) Congratulations to Zeta Theta, recipient of the first Mt. Olympus Award presented by Tufts University’s Office of Student Activities. The award is given to the year’s most outstanding Greek chapter. –Beth Steinberg MISSOURI Missouri (O) Omicron women participated in the university’s Greek Week with the men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity during spring semester. The pair won first place in Fling, the prestigious skit competition, and took third place overall. The chapter’s third annual APhifa Challenge soccer tournament was a very successful philanthropy event, with 14 fraternities participating. The women created Bear Hugs, stuffed bears wrapped in polar fleece blankets that were donated to children at local hospitals, as their philanthropy service project. They raised $6,000 for the Alpha Phi Foundation and donated approximately 100 Bear Hugs. Omicron’s greatest accomplishment during spring semester was achieving its goal of improving chapter GPA. Members achieved a 3.114 GPA, the highest since Omicron’s revitalization in 1998. This places the chapter in the second of three tiers of grades on Mizzou’s campus. –Katie Andrews NEW HAMPSHIRE New Hampshire (HA) Eta Alpha won six awards during the University of New Hampshire’s annual Greek Awards Banquet in April. It was named Chapter of the Year for the third consecutive year. The chapter also received the Good Neighbor Award and was recognized for its Outstanding New Member Education Program, Outstanding Campus Involvement, Outstanding Risk




NEW HAMPSHIRE (HA) Eta Alpha members display the awards received during the University of New Hampshire’s annual Greek Awards Banquet.

APPALACHIAN STATE (ΘN) Theta Nu sisters participate in Appalachian State’s Greek Week.

EAST CAROLINA (∆A) Delta Alpha sisters proudly display the prestigious East Carolina University Panhellenic Chapter Excellence Award. The chapter topped the campus’ eight other sororities in scholarship, sisterhood programming, community service and overall excellence.

OKLAHOMA CITY (∆∆) Delta Delta salutes its new members.

Management, Outstanding Leadership Development and Chapter Operations. In addition, Chapter President Kristen Leonard won the Outstanding Junior of the Year Award. –Stacie Sullivan NEW YORK Rochester (ΘK) Theta Kappa welcomed 18 amazing new women into sisterhood during spring semester. For the second year in a row, the chapter initiated more women than any other sorority on campus and was one of only three to make quota through formal recruitment. Vice President of Recruitment Bridgette Waldron and Director of Formal Recruitment Rebecca Porter did an outstanding job making sure sisters experienced a successful recruitment period. Director of New Member Education Blaise DiBernardo and Assistant Director of New Member Education Elizabeth Wenzel created a pledging process that was fun and exciting for new members.


Director of Alumnae Relations and Campus Activities Lora Marden was elected as Greek Week Co-Chair by the university’s Panhellenic and worked hard to organize the week of sporting events, spirit contests and an annual talent show. Theta Kappa almost swept Greek Week, placing second overall and taking first in the coveted talent show competition for the second consecutive year. Members thank the hard work of Chaplain Dinell Dan and the musical genius of Director of Philanthropy Jessica Marcinkevage as well as all who spent late nights working on the script and making props. Sisters showed Phi spirit throughout the week by making posters and noisemakers and showing up in record numbers to cheer on teams. Congratulations to Susan Geisler, Jessica Steele and Joanne Wu, who were inducted into the National Order of Omega Greek Honor Society during spring. They were recognized not only for their academic excellence, but for their outstanding contributions to the Greek community and campus as a whole. The chapter looked forward to a successful fall informal recruitment and a fun-filled alumnae weekend in October. Vice President of Marketing Angela Lowell and her committee were busy planning a new fall philanthropy event, The Alpha Phi Man of the Year Contest. –Lora Marden

Congratulations to Delta for being named Most Outstanding Chapter by Cornell University for the 2001-02 academic year.

Syracuse (A) Last fall, Alpha collegians joined Fingerlakes, N.Y., alumnae to celebrate Founders’ Day and the 115th anniversary of sorority house living at Syracuse University. While researching for the weekend’s affair, the chapter discovered a newspaper article documenting the laying of a cornerstone for America’s first sorority house. It stated that articles were cemented into the cornerstone just before it was placed. This year, as a celebration of Alpha Phi’s 130th Founders’ Day, Alpha members plan to resurrect the cornerstone and unveil its contents. All Alpha Phis are invited to join the weekend festivities Oct. 11-13. For details, visit or contact House Corporation Board President Suzanne Chynoweth McGinn (A-Syracuse) at 315.689.2000. –Michelle Mandara NORTH CAROLINA Appalachian State (ΘN) Theta Nu sisters Abby Jordan, Carrie Gwin, Melissa Mogenson and Lindsey Smith served on Appalachian State’s Greek Week steering committee. Members contributed to community service during the week by participating in campus clean-up and collecting canned goods for a food drive. Sisters also collected more than $700 for Operation Love, a project to raise college fund money for young siblings orphaned by the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. The chapter took first place in the university’s annual lip sync competition. Sisters presented individual awards to Abby Jordan as chapter president, Ingrid Gilbert and Mindy Baldinger for their philanthropy efforts, and Lindsey Smith and Amy Greer for Watchcare. Appalachian hosted an MTV “Road Rules” event, at which five sisters participated in polar plunge, jumping into Dunk Pond dressed in Greek goddess costumes. Money raised from the event benefited a local charity.



Theta Nu also sponsored Teddy A.T.T.A.C.K. (Alpha Phi’s Turn Toward Achieving Community Kindness), a week of community service led by Mindy Baldinger. The women baked cookies for local firefighters and policemen and cleaned houses of the elderly. Sisters assisted with chores at Genesis Wildlife Sanctuary, an animal rehabilitation clinic. Members donated clothes and cleaned a local thrift store. The week concluded with a dance for the mentally challenged. –Amy-Leigh Pannell UNC/Wilmington (HΞ) In April, Eta Xi held its annual golf tournament and raised more money than ever. Ashley Gurganus bicycled across the U.S. this summer to raise awareness and money for the American Cancer Society®. Ashley Keaton worked as a counselor at a camp for children with muscular dystrophy. –Amy Caudle OKLAHOMA Oklahoma City (∆∆) Delta Delta’s annual Ivy Invitational golf tournament raised $2,400 for the Alpha Phi September 11 Disaster Relief Fund. The chapter won January’s Homecoming Sweepstakes and April’s Spring Sing for the third consecutive year. An outstanding spring recruitment pledged eight new members, and the chapter held a date auction that raised more than $1,000 for the Alpha Phi Foundation. Fall 2002 introduces the chapter’s first Girl Scout Dance Camp where members help Girl Scouts earn dance merit badges by teaching them various dance forms. –Lynne Wigley PENNSYLVANIA Duquesne (EI) Epsilon Iota sisters were proud to conclude the year with several awards. They received Most Improved

FALL 2002

Chapter and Best Risk Management Program awards during the university’s annual Greek Awards ceremony. Kelly Hanna was honored as Duquesne’s Outstanding Chapter Officer for her work as the chapter’s vice president of marketing. Jamie Frye organized the chapter’s first scholarship banquet, honoring the outstanding scholastic achievements of sisters during the semester. The second annual banquet and a Homecoming reception for alumnae are planned for fall. The Office of Greek Life sponsored Stacey Amann and Melanie Grim to attend the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) in Rutgers, N.J., in June. They met members of other Greek organizations and learned many skills that will help the chapter in the future. –Jessica Shirey Pennsylvania (HI) Congratulations to sisters Anu Singla and Lisa Snyder, who were inducted into the National Order of Omega Greek Honor Society during spring semester. –Lisa Snyder Saint Joseph’s (ΘΘ) Theta Theta cleaned house at Saint Joseph’s Greek Awards ceremony at the close of the semester. The chapter received five awards, more than any other sorority on campus: Outstanding Alumni Advisor, Highest Sorority Cumulative GPA Award for an Individual, Most Outstanding New Member Recruitment, the Ritual Award and the Back to the Basics Award. Members were most excited that Chapter Adviser Diane Stohler Hoey (ΓP-Penn State) was recognized by the entire Greek community for her outstanding commitment and service to Alpha Phi. –Rachel Pfeiffenberger Villanova (HE) Eta Epsilon sisters worked spring semester to raise money for the Alpha Phi Foundation. The women organized a very profitable campuswide Jail ‘n Bail

fundraiser, where students were “jailed” for a part of the day until they raised the amount of money set by captors. The chapter thanks Meghan Fitzgerald and Heather Fallon for all their hard work to create a successful recruitment season. Congratulations to the Eta Epsilon chapter for winning four awards during Convention 2002 in Tucson, Ariz., (see page 10) including Outstanding Sisterhood Program. –Jenn Szaroleta TEXAS North Texas (ΓH) Gamma Eta women were ranked second out of the six sororities on campus for grades during spring semester and fifth overall out of the campus’ 28 Greek organizations. It is the first time they achieved top three status since 1954. Members are very proud of these accomplishments and set their sights on winning first place for GPA this fall. Director of Advertising and Publicity Melissa Watson, Marketing Adviser Cristin Seitz Boaz (ΓH-North Texas) and Chapter Adviser Kim Cordoni LeGue (HΘ-San Francisco State) developed a new Web site for the chapter. Visit online at Special thanks to the Texas Tech (ΓI) women for their help on the site and to Interweb New Media, Inc. for designing it. Vice President of Marketing Allison Patrick and Director of Philanthropy Sarah Campbell planned a new fall philanthropy event with the gentlemen of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. The pair hosted the Hit the Court for Cardiac Care 3-on-3 basketball tournament Sept. 28, 2002. Director of Alumnae Relations Diana Steinmeyer began an alumnae newsletter to be distributed twice yearly to Gamma Eta and area Dallas/Fort Worth alumnae. The chapter’s first alumnae tea is scheduled for Feb. 9, 2003. For details, contact or complete a registration form on the chapter’s Web site. Gamma




SAINT JOSEPH’S (ΘΘ) Theta Theta members display awards received during Saint Joseph’s Greek Awards ceremony. Pictured are (from left) past President Joanne Pettit, Chapter Adviser Diane Hoey and President Rachel Pfeiffenberger.

NORTH TEXAS (ΓH) Gamma Eta sisters raise awareness and money for cardiac care.

Etas looked forward to fall recruitment and a successful new member class. –Melissa Watson VIRGINIA Christopher Newport (ΘΦ) Theta Phi raised more than $1,000 for the Alpha Phi Foundation during its Teeter Totter-athon in April. Sisters teeter-tottered for 24 hours continuously. The women enjoyed a wonderful spring formal recruitment and welcomed new members who were initiated during spring semester. The recruitment department worked hard to prepare for fall recruitment. Theta Phi claimed victory in a Greek Week powderpuff football competition and went on to claim the Greek Week paddle as champions. –Amy Todd


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George Mason (HΛ) Under the leadership of President Megan McCarron, Eta Lambda surpassed its philanthropy goal of $1,500 with a Hoops for Hearts event, benefiting the Alpha Phi Foundation. The chapter was the only sorority to exceed campus total, with 97 active members. This spring, sisters celebrated their 11th Greek Week victory since 1991. They boast 12 members in the university’s student government; six Alpha Phis won seats in student senate, including newly elected Chairperson Sarah Godlewski. Two sisters received student government awards: Sarah Godlewski for Student Senator of the Year and Susan Falconer for Exemplary Service and Leadership. The chapter rallied in intramural sports, taking first place in soccer, flag football, volleyball and softball and second place in basketball. –Heather Landis Virginia Tech (HO) Eta Omicron received special recognition from the Alpha Phi Foundation, Virginia Tech University and the town of Blacksburg, Va. The chapter received three awards at the university’s 2002 Greek Awards banquet for external programming, philanthropy participation and internal programming. The town of Blacksburg presented Eta Omicron with the Greek Neighborhood Enhancement Award for community service and overall contributions to the university and the community; a plaque with a picture of the chapter house hangs in Town Hall to recognize them. The third annual Say What? Karaoke philanthropy event in April proved to be one of Virginia Tech Panhellenic’s most successful, and the chapter donated more than $2,110 to the Alpha Phi Foundation. –Brooke Morris WASHINGTON Washington State (BPΛ) Beta Rho deuteron hosted Alphatraz, its annual spring philanthropy event, in April. The entire Pullman

community was invited to eat, mingle and learn about Alpha Phi’s philanthropy. Proceeds benefited the Alpha Phi Foundation. Junior Marki Stewart received the Philosophy Student of the Year award from the university and Sophomore Katie Carroll was selected to serve on the Bookie Student Board of Directors. New member Brea Thompson was elected as an Associated Students of Washington State University District 10 senator for the upcoming year. Eight new members were welcomed through continuous open bidding and initiated in April. The chapter’s 15 graduating seniors will be missed. The chapter looked forward to a successful recruitment and a wonderful fall semester. –Katie Cardwell


Jennifer Filosa (ΓP-Penn State), left, and Cathy Elmlinger Klose (Θ-Michigan) met while volunteering for a Habitat for Humanity® Women Build® project. Cathy says, “I saw Jennifer’s Alpha Phi Tshirt and had to comment! Our spirit of community service continues throughout our adult life.”





H I S T O R Y / H E R I TA G E Alpha Phi Celebrates NPC Centennial Alpha Phi’s history in the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) traces to its beginning. Exactly 100 years ago, Alpha Phi called the 1902 meeting that led to the founding of NPC. At the turn of the 20th century, recruitment was chaotic. Where freshmen arrived at colleges and universities via trains, sorority members waited a few stations prior, boarded the trains and pledged new members on the spot. There were even cases of women joining two sororities. In 1900, Margaret Mason (Whitney), who had just graduated from Michigan (Θ), was elected national president of Alpha Phi. Dismayed at the frenzied recruitment practices, she called a meeting of sorority representatives in Chicago in May 1902 to discuss regulating recruitment. Attending the meeting were representatives of Kappa Kappa Gamma, Kappa Alpha Theta, Pi Beta Phi, Delta Gamma, Delta Delta Delta, Gamma Phi Beta and Alpha Phi. The delegates voted to continue meeting annually, and thus was born the Intersorority Conference, which later changed its name to the National Panhellenic Conference. This was the first permanent inter-Greek organization. The corresponding men’s organization, now called the North American Interfraternity Conference, was not founded until 1909. Officers of NPC serve in rotation based on the year in which their organization joined NPC. Sally McCall Grant (Γ-DePauw) is Alpha Phi’s third chairman, serving 2001-03. Previous chairmen were Cora Allen McElroy (B-Northwestern), 1911-12, and Margaret Coshun Hutchinson (Ψ-South Dakota), 1953-54.

Cynthia Reid Is Panhellenic Woman of the Year Cynthia Kitch Reid (Oklahoma City) was named Oklahoma City’s Panhellenic Association’s 2002 Panhellenic Woman of the Year. She represents the Oklahoma City Cynthia Reid alumnae chapter. FALL 2002

Coordinator for Fraternity and Sorority Life Douglas N. Case presents the San Diego State Panhellenic Chapter Advisor of the Year award to Gamma Alpha Chapter Adviser Amy Podratz.

San Diego State Awards Alpha Phi Adviser San Diego State (A) Chapter Adviser Amy Wright Podratz (J-CSU/Long Beach) was named Panhellenic Chapter Advisor of the Year during the university’s Interfraternity Council/Panehellenic Awards Banquet. Andrea Choquette Is Greek Woman of the Year Andrea Choquette (Texas) is the University of Texas’ 2001-02 Greek Woman of the Year. The award was presented to her at the annual Order of Omega National Honor Society Banquet in April. Nominations for both Andrea Choquette Greek Man and Greek Woman of the Year were open to all five Greek councils at UT (Panhellenic, Interfraternity Council, Texas Asian Panhellenic Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council and United Greek Council). Andrea also was profiled in a “Greek Spotlight” article in the university’s student newspaper, the Daily Texan. Those profiled are nominated by staff within the Office of the Dean of Students.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR NPC’S CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION! Oct. 12, 2002 Chicago Marriott Oak Brook, Ill. Information and alumnae and collegiate registration forms are available on the new NPC Web site at

NPC OFFICE 3905 Vincennes Road, Suite 105 Indianapolis, IN 46268 317.872.3185 317.872.3192 (fax)

NPC Foundation Honors Alpha Phi Collegian Jennifer Spear (S-Rensselaer) was one of four collegians who received a National Panhellenic Conference Foundation regional scholarship. The junior was selected out of 116 applicants. PAGE



Insurance Is in the Family Lisa Haning Blackburn (-Oklahoma City) and her family were featured in Columbus Life Insurance Company’s Exploring Columbus Life magazine and London Pacific Life & Annuity Company’s® The New Times Quarterly for their successful family-owned Blackburn Insurance Agency. The agency has consistently earned a top-five finishing spot among London Pacific agencies, including an amazing eight number one finishes (1990-94 and 19992001). It also has been one of Columbus Life’s top-producing offices since signing on with the company in 1995. Lisa is business and personnel manager of the agency. Her husband, David, is cogeneral agent; their son, Kyle, is co-general agent and partner; and daughter Erika is a licensed agent. Together, they manage 37 staff members between their Oklahoma City home office and Dallas and Tulsa satellite offices. Sister Supports At-Risk Teens The Los Angeles-based Unusual Suspects Theatre Company, founded by Laura Leigh Hughes (B-UCLA ), was featured in the April 2002 Ladies Home Journal. The award-winning theatre arts program serves at-risk teens by helping them create original theatre drawn from their own life experiences. For more information, visit


Her Volunteer Work Has Flare Adriana Dawes ( -Toronto), founder and current president of the British Columbia Endometriosis Society, was honored by Canada’s Flare Magazine as a 2001 Volunteer Award recipient. The women’s issues magazine recognized Adriana for generating greater awareness of the disease, as well as establishing Canadian-based support resources for those affected by it. When she was diagnosed with endometriosis, she discovered information about the disease was difficult to come by and often contradictory. Plus, the only organizations and support groups were in the U.S. She responded by establishing a Vancouver-based support group, founding the British Columbia Endometriosis Society, launching a Web site ( and distributing brochures and information about the disease to hospitals and doctor’s offices across Vancouver. Adriana personally offers telephone support to any woman who contacts the Society and responds to countless e-mails from women across Canada who contact the Web site. Sisters Share Crown Meghan Markovich (G-Akron) and Alexis Boettler (BKent State) have been competing in Miss America® preliminary pageants for Miss Greater Akron 2001 Meghan Markovich, right, passes three years. her crown to another Alpha Phi, Meghan, who Miss Greater Akron 2002 Alexis was Miss Boettler. Greater Akron 2001, crowned Alexis as Miss Greater Akron 2002. The women enjoyed sharing stories about their chapters during the competition. Alexis competed in the Miss Ohio pageant in June.

Sheila Forman Publishes Latest Self-Help Guide Dr. Sheila H. Forman’s (FO-Johns Hopkins) latest book is a self-help program titled, Do You Use Food to Cope?: A Comprehensive 15-Week Program for Overcoming Emotional Overeating (ISBN: 0595212808, $16.95). Week by week, Dr. Forman describes the steps necessary to understand the relationship between emotions and food. By the end of 15 weeks, a plan is established for dealing with the reader’s emotional life without turning to food as a coping mechanism. The book is available through, and at local bookstores. Cancer Survivor Is Mother of the Year Lynn Laursen Lentscher (JWisconsin/LaCrosse) was one of three women honored as a 2002 Mother of the Year by Dallas Can! Academy, an educational program helpLynn Laursen Lentscher ing individuals ages 16-21 attain a high school diploma or GED. Recipients were recognized for their efforts to nurture families and serve the community at a fundraiser luncheon. Lynn, senior vice president of Republic Title of Texas, has three children and three grandchildren. She has received many professional awards and is active in the American Cancer Society® and Greater Dallas Association of Realtors. Diagnosed with ovarian cancer and given less than a 40 percent chance of survival in 1998, Lynn says, “my proudest accomplishment is my presence here today.” ALPHA PHI


Sister's MTV Addiction Pays Off

Stacey Boulmetis hugs MTV’s Eric Niess after discovering she won MTV’s the “Road Rules” Fantasy Challenge.

New International Executive Board Member Stacey Grimes Boulmetis (SRensselaer) considers herself as a loyal MTV viewer. Her loyalty paid off in May when MTV's Eric Niess from the first season of “Real World” knocked on her door in Charlestown, R.I., and surprised her with a new Saturn SC2, the grand prize in the “Road Rules” Fantasy Challenge. The online game is similar to Fantasy Football, where points are earned based on predictions of what your selected cast members will do each week. Holben Makes Wishes Come True Lyndsey Holben (Q-Ohio State) was featured in Ohio State University’s student newspaper, The Lantern, for her outstanding contribution to the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Central Ohio. Lyndsey grew up with a friend and classmate who suffered from a life-threatening illness and was granted a “wish” during their freshman year of high school. After her friend’s death, Lyndsey dedicated herself to the cause, beginning volunteer work two years ago and working closely with four “wish kids” since. The junior “is considered a leader among Make-A-Wish volunteers,” says Michelle Mogan, a representative for the foundation. “The wish children fall in love with her.” Lyndsey’s advice for those considering volunteer work: “Find a cause you’re passionate about.”

FALL 2002

Cover Couple Carol Anne Davis Snider (E-Evansville) met Leslie Kosoff (G-Boston) through involvement in the D.C. Ivy Connection. Leslie, a freelance photographer, needed a bridal couple in March for a photo shoot and asked Carol Anne and her husband. They were featured on the cover of the June issue of citizen® magazine. Alpha Phis Talk Turkey Sara Anthony Montgomery (L-Purdue) and Marie Degnan Ryan (FA-Eastern Illinois) are featured in Butterball®’s 2002 Turkey Talk-Line Calendar. The pair are part of Butterball®’s staff of 45 home economists and nutritionists who respond to more than 100,000 turkey preparationrelated questions each November and December. Marie is a Wheaton, Ill., resident, and has been with the Talk-Line for two years. Sara, a resident of Naperville, Ill., has been on the Talk-Line for seven years.

Author To Offer Portion of Profits to Alpha Phi International Laura Scott Ferris (FLColorado State) is a best-selling author of Laura Scott Ferris For Love of Life (For Love of Life ISBN: 0-9709325-0-2, $14.95), a book that chronicles her life growing up with cystic fibrosis, falling in love and choosing to have a double lung transplant to save her life. In the book, Laura writes about her positive experience joining Alpha Phi and how it came to enrich her life. According to Laura, “I had to leave CSU when my health started to decline. However, the acceptance, love and compassion shown to me during those two years impacted me the rest of my life.” Laura says anyone wishing to order a copy of her book, please do so via her Web site (, mention your Alpha Phi affiliation, and $2.00 from the sale of each book will be given to Alpha Phi International. Cross Elected Councilwoman Joan Weaver Cross (E-Iowa) was elected to the 2002-04 City Council in Fairfax, Va. Fairfax, located 20 minutes from Washington, D.C., is home to more than 20,000 residents and 29,000 business and government employees.



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CSU/Sacramento (EΓ) To Jon and Yvonne Freeland Umene, a son, Ryan Jon, born Aug. 9, 2001, and adopted April 2, 2002.

To Robert and Crystal Major Crossler, a son, David Robert, Feb. 14, 2002. To Judd and Joanie Parker Higgins, a son, Cody Dean, March 6, 2002.

Arizona (BE) To Dan and Karen Irick Twibell, a daughter, Alexa Jane, Oct. 17, 2001. To Mark and Renee Smith Zainer, a son, Nicholas Reef, Dec. 1, 2001.

CSU/San Bernardino (HB) To Leo and Iwona Luczkiewicz Contreras, a son, Gabriel Jozef, March 31, 2002. To Christopher and Nicole Luppino-DeLaval, a son, Marco Christopher, Sept. 21, 2001. To Orlando and Kristen Nordquist Moreno, a son, Dominic Michael, May 14, 2002.

Illinois (BA) To Jim and Sandy Krolak Monkemeyer, a son, Chase Robert, April 6, 2002. To Jason and Amy Nommensen Burrows, a son, Peter James, Feb. 5, 2002. To Tony and Anna Nommensen Catsaros, a daughter, Emily Marie, June 1, 2002.

Ashland (EA) To Claude and Meagan Gahan Smith, a son, Ryan Andrew, July 23, 2001.

Chapman (HY) To Paul Jr. and Jennifer Rollberg Robinson, a daughter, Abigail Owen, March 3, 2002.

Illinois State (ZT) To Stephen and Catherine Larson Koerner, a daughter, Rachel Ann, Feb. 28, 2002.

Michigan State (BB) To Matt and Jean Butrico Cooper, a daughter, Lauren Grace, Dec. 21, 2001.

Ball State (∆P) To Jim and Kristin Toussaint Inskeep, a son, Connor Boyd, Dec, 12, 2001. To Ritch and Laura Bloxdorf Reynolds, a daughter, Isabella Catherine, April 2, 2002.

Drake (ΓO) To Keith and Megan Walker Ptak, a daughter, Emma Kathryn, May 11, 2002.

Indiana (BT) To Keith and Jean McKenzie Gibson, a daughter, Melissa Grace, March 26, 2002. To Andy and Jenni Smart Bass, a son, Samuel Lee, April 19, 2002.

Midwestern State (ΓΩ) To Jose Guevara and Erica Lemons, a son, Trevor Luis, June 12, 2002.

New Arrivals Akron (HΓ) To Joseph F. and Lori Ann Eles Batchik, a daughter, Kamden Helene, April 27, 2002. To Ben and Cindy Kwas Weaver, a son, Brian Andrew, April 23, 2002.

Bentley (ZP) To Paul and Christine Bahadourian Boyajian, a son, Alexander Hagop, Dec. 7, 2001. To Robert and Lynn Nourse Sanda, a son, Thomas Paul, June 14, 2002. Bowling Green State (BO) To Thomas and Michelle Mugnano Fordadel, a son, Timothy Michael, June 22, 2001. To Pete and Rachel Warren Jones, a son, Jasper Lloyd, May 6, 2002. Butler (EB) To Sean Brito-Babapulle and Sara Sinclair Brito, a son, Nicholas Theodore, Dec. 19, 2001. Cameron (ΘP) To Bryan and Amy Stockton Price, a daughter, Sydney Gayle, Jan. 26, 2001.

Duquesne (EI) To Gus and Kelly Smith Saines, a son, Jack Steven, Jan. 21, 2002. To David and Jacqueline Siebert Minich, a son, Michael David, June 5, 2002. East Carolina (∆A) To Mike and Kristen Lott Esposito, a son, Jay Allan, March 14, 2002. To Charles Benjamin and Julianne Ridolphi Freakley, a daughter, Katherine “Kate” Grace, March 1, 2002. Eastern Illinois (ZA) To John and Amy Gossett Bendall, a son, Evan John, April 6, 2002 (also Delta Epsilon-Iowa). To Jim and Kelly McKeown Johnson, a daughter, Erin Claire, April 25, 2002. To John M. and Martha McSheaDavis, a son, Martin “Marty” James, March 11, 2002. To Jim and Nicole Patton Gibson, a son, Wesley James, Nov. 8, 2001.

Indiana State (∆Π) To Brent Richard and Melyssa Jane Chasteen McCoy, a daughter, Savannah Jane, April 22, 2002. Indiana U. Southeast (ZE) To David and Patricia Link Fulkerson, a son, Jared Michael, April 6, 2002. Iowa State (Z∆) To Jason and Jennie Clifford Greer, a son, Caleb Anthony, March 25, 2002. To James and Amanda Comstock Hopkins, a son, James Robert, April 5, 2002. James Madison (ΘI) To Chris and Lisa Cosentino Zimmerman, a daughter, Catherine Taylor, March 16, 2002. To Rob and Cindy Kilmon Amos, a son, Carson Robert, Jan. 17, 2002.

CSU/Hayward (H∆) To Stan and Annie Celada Kwong, a daughter, Kiana Joy, April 12, 2002. To Rob and Odie Brant Porter, a son, Elliot Otetiani, April 4, 2002. To Troy and Yvonne Pire Glenn, a son, Dylan Joseph, May 18, 2002. To Brian and Catherine Hagedorn Schaefer, a son, Alec Jonathan, Jan. 23, 2002. To Russ and Jessica Cardana Thielen, a daughter, Kelly Christine, March 12, 2002.

George Mason (HΛ) To George and Joanne Chotikul Duangmanee, a son, George T., Nov. 15, 2001.

Kent State (BΩ) To Dave and Kelly Fetterman Powers, a son, Brennan David, April 26, 2002. To Eric and Marci Maretsky Caplan, a son, Ian Harrison, Jan. 21, 2002. To Patrick and Chase Ruppert Brady, a son, Harlan Spencer, Oct. 22, 2001.

CSU/Long Beach (ΓK) To Roger and Esther Alvarez Brossmer, a son, Blake Hugo, Feb. 20, 2002.

Idaho (BZ) To Brandon and Amy Armstrong Avery, a daughter, Hannah Dawn, March 1, 2002.

Maryland (∆Z) To Dave and Alex Rawlings Wright, a son, Adam Richard, March 20, 2002.

FALL 2002

Eastern Washington (HΨ) To James and Christine Bingaman Braschler, a daughter, Kendell Ruth, April 20, 2002. Florida Tech (ΘZ) To Curt and Danielle O’Driscoll Fischer, a daughter, Caroline Margareta, Jan. 3, 2002.

Johns Hopkins (ZOΛ) To Salvatore and Kimberly Rampaul-Pino, a son, Christopher Sankia, Nov. 1, 2001.

Miami University (ΓN) To Kyle and Krista Blazek Hogarth, a son, Conor Joseph, Oct. 11, 2001. To Dennis and Jenifer Fox Romps, a son, Jason Andrew, Sept. 4, 2001. To Matt and Cheryl Laws Roeder, a son, Austin James, Oct. 12, 2001. Michigan (Θ) To Timothy and Stefanie Brown Kelley, a son, William Arthur, April 30, 2002. To Ken and Lisa Lutz Fenchel, a daughter, Avery Kathleen, June 5, 2002.

Missouri (O) To Andrew and Marty Neville Hereford, a son, James “Jimmy” Neville, March 12, 2002. To Timothy and Julie Phillips Meyer, a son, Eric Michael, Oct. 22, 2001. To Roman and Lorraine Reynolds Clarkson, a son, Gavin Roman, May 13, 2002. To John and Ashley Tolen Boehm, a son, Harrison Alexander, March 21, 2002. To Jim and Gema Tenorio Simmons, a son, Christian Arturo, March 1, 2002. Murray State (ZZ) To Jeff and Shawn Renaud Lowe, a daughter, Allison Rose, March 29, 2002. New Hampshire (HA) To Roger Hisock Jr. and Carin Davidson, a son, Ryan Paul, Oct. 16, 2001. North Dakota (Π) To Matthew and Suzanne Benoit Thomas, a daughter, Madison Anne, Feb. 14, 2002. To Mark and Tracy Briggs Jensen, a daughter, Laura Elizabeth, April 10, 2002. To Mike and Kristi Bruner Bitz, a son, Adam David, March 30, 2002. To Darrin and Laura Pederson Vatnsdal, a daughter, Hailey Anne, Nov. 5, 2001.

North Texas (ΓH) To Stuart and Heather Semple Brown, a son, Connor Munro, Oct. 3, 2001. To Richard and Shelly Hoger Parks, a daughter, Mary Catherine, May 7, 2002. Ohio State (P) To Chris and Angie Belmont Jenkins, a daughter, Elizabeth Grace, April 22, 2002. To Gary and Kristy Black Young, a son, Jared Paul, April 16, 2002. Oklahoma City (∆∆) To Russell and Heidi Jo Smith Towle, a daughter, Stephanie Marie, Sept. 10, 2001. Old Dominion (EH) To Mike and Kimberly Vaughan Williams, a son, Eli Samuel, Aug. 25, 2001. Oregon State (BY) To Patrick and Kelly Brown Mollahan, a daughter, McKenna Jennings, May 28, 2002. To Steve Cavalli and Tonya T. York, a daughter, Timothea D., April 23, 2002. Penn State (ΓP) To David and Jenny Hibbard Kramer, a daughter, Emily Jayne, April 23, 2002. To Mark and Barbara Plunkett Tansky, a son, Brendan Richard, July 27, 2001. Puget Sound (ΓZ) To David and Amy Noble Novitsky, a son, John Thomas, June 26, 2002. Purdue (∆M) To John and Laura McGinnis Soulliere, a son, Charles Frederick, Jan. 31, 2002. To Helen L. LaFlare, a daughter, Natalie Virginia, born July 2, 1993 and adopted March 19, 2002. San Diego (HP) To Matt and Allison Scriven Masluk, a daughter, Hannah Rae, May 29, 2002. To Jeff Farber and Christie Worthington, a daughter, Kylie Christie, June 20, 2002. San Diego State (ΓA) To Andrew and Jill Angerbauer Gorder, a daughter, Bridget Victoria, Dec. 8, 2001.

Northeast Missouri State (ΘΓ) To Tim and Stacy Mercer Lee, a son, Peyton Joseph, Jan. 18, 2002.

San Francisco State (HΘ) To Kirk and Kristine Santana Duncan, a son, Matthew William, Nov. 23, 2001.

Northern Iowa (EΘ) To Johnnie and Susan Authier Newton, a son, Jackson Charles, Oct. 1, 2001.

Santa Clara (ZΓ) To Arik and Kimberly Smoker Michelson, a son, Ian Robert, May 7, 2002.



South Dakota (Ψ) To Travis and Nancy Hakes Gjoraas, a son, Evan Hakes, April 6, 2002. Syracuse (A) To Christopher and Jennifer Dictrow Miceli, a daughter, Grace Shannon, Dec. 16, 2001. To Dan and Jennifer Kennedy Queri, a son, Luke Kennedy, April 4, 2002. To F. Henry and Sonya Mustafa Ferris, twin sons, William English and Andrew Mitchell, May 18, 2002. Texas (Ω) To Kelly and Star Rowlett Pedron, a son, Devin Michael, April 9, 2002. To Larry and Ashley Taff Gee, a son, Hayden Christopher, Feb. 19, 2002. Texas A&M (EΩΛ) To Brian and Kathryn Highsmith Lilly, twin daughters, Caroline Grace and Victoria Ann, Nov. 8, 2001. To Carl and Kara Metz Hallenberger, a son, Joshua Charles, March 31, 2002. Texas A&M/Commerce (∆B) To Brooks and Amanda Blair Britton, a daughter, Alyssa Paige, May 16, 2002. To Jeff and Robyn McCormac Green, a daughter, Savannah Grace, July 5, 2002. To Robert and Heather French Seibert, a son, Aidan Luke, June 18, 2002. Texas Christian (ZN) To Daniel R. and Sarah Jane Hopkins Mouttet, a son, Nicholas Wynn, Feb. 23, 2002. To Mike and Rebecca Noble Jones, a son, Daniel Jacob, March 29, 2002. Texas Tech (ΓI) To Greg and Kim Bennett Landry, a daughter, Katherine Ann, June 1, 2002. To David and Andrea Stidham Depwe, a daughter, MacKenzie Lee, April 24, 2002. To Jeff and Leslie Smith Wood, a daughter, Allison Victoria, June 1, 2002. Truman State (ΘΓ) To Josh and Meaghan Hoey Shultz, a son, Michael Joseph, March 26, 2002. Tufts (ZΘ) To Bob and Catherine Palmerino Levitan, a son, Robert Matthew Francis, Nov. 25, 2001.


UC/Davis (EP) To Ken and Melanie Mosley Williams, twin sons, Matthew Moody and Prescott Stone, Feb. 26, 2002. To Adam and Lindsay Semetko Benedict, a daughter, Haley Margaret, April 8, 2002. UCLA (B∆) To Carlos E. and Cynthia Christian Orihuela, a son, Matthew Jordan, April 16, 2002. UC/Santa Barbara (ΓB) To Alan and Susan Daly Sisson, a daughter, Tanya Elizabeth, May 24, 2001. To Scott and Lesley Haynes Dowd, a daughter, Mackenzie Paige, June 13, 2002. To Shawn and Kristy Morris Hengler, a daughter, Allison Claire, April 4, 2002. USC (BΠ) To Peter and Lisa Ruck Collett, a son, Jason Allen, Jan. 28, 2002. Villanova (HE) To William and Nancy DeMarco DeLaura, a daughter, Caroline Margaret, March 12, 2002. Virginia Tech (HO) To Scott and Katie Fought Roberts, a son, Ethan David, Feb. 4, 2002. To Philip and Krista Parsell Cerasoli, a son, Jake Francis, Feb. 26, 2001. Washburn (Y) To Rick and Shelley Bauman Smith, a daughter, Ainsley Renee, Dec. 17, 2001. Washington (Σ) To Kelly and Lyn Marley Blanchard, a daughter, Clara Alice, May 3, 2002. To Donald and Doris Chou-Durfee, a daughter, Margot Jane, June 12, 2002. Washington State (BPΛ) To Charles and Kathryn Walter Wagenblast, a son, James Wolf, Oct. 31, 2000. Western Michigan (∆Θ) To Noel and Amy Loschiavo Lyon, a daughter, Claire Ashley, April 1, 2002. To Sean and Kristin Ticknor Walters, a daughter, Elle Julia, May 30, 2002. Wisconsin (I) To Martin L. and Mary Awe Halliday, a daughter, Emma Collins, March 26, 2002. To Bob and Cindy Reinerio Joers, a daughter, Mattie Caroline, June 24, 2002.

Marriages Akron (HΓ) Cathleen Carney to Dana Scott Moore, April 6, 2002. Kimberly Orban to Mohannad Abu-Alasal, Feb. 3, 2002. Ashland (EA) Angela Remec to Rusty Corrigan, Oct. 12, 2002. Baldwin Wallace (∆Y) Kari Just to Patrick Willoughby, July 6, 2002. Bowling Green State (BO) Sarah Hamlin to Mark Johnston, Sept. 28, 2002. British Columbia (BΘ) Rita Chue to Gregory James Dyck, May 11, 2002. Butler (EB) Kelly Golden to Aaron Walbrandt, June 22, 2002. Annika Britt Gustafson to Dr. John Russo, April 27, 2002. Polly Martin to Andrew Jones, July 7, 2001. CSU/Chico (ΘY) Michelle Johnson to Jeff Leatherman, June 29, 2002. Heather McCleneghan to Stonie Carlson, June 22, 2002. CSU/Hayward (H∆) Lori M. Mortensen to Jerrod C. Maple, June 8, 2002. Erika Ramirez to Herbert Vieyra, April 20, 2002. Jessica Tello to David Evans, April 19, 2002.

East Carolina (∆A) Claudine Nicholson to Jeffery Campbell, Oct. 20, 2001.

Minnesota (E) Jennifer Obrzut to Nathan Laible, May 26, 2002.

East Texas State (∆B) Ilana Rossel to Andrew Steele, June 4, 2002.

Missouri (O) Julie Finkelstein to Jason Cameron, Feb. 10, 2001. Dee Ledford to Jayson Malone, June 17, 2002. Denise Rehkemper to Steve Williams, April 20, 2002.

Eastern Illinois (ZA) Karrie Lewis to Matt Engel, Aug 3. 2002. Elmhurst (ZΞ) Cathy Carlson to Craig Vroom, June 1, 2002. Jean Martin to Gaylen Oppel, April 15, 2000. Emory (ΘΠ) Whitney Banks to Stephen Swenson, Nov. 17, 2001. Helen Grigg to Padraig Kenny, Nov. 24, 2001. Florida Tech (ΘZ) Vanessa Greenbaum to Mark DeVary, June 29, 2002. Illinois (BA) Joy Casner to John Thorn, April 27, 2002. Jennifer Grass to Daniel Fayette, July 27, 2002. Megann Koonce to Brian Panek, June 15, 2002. Indiana (BT) Rory Beck to Greg Small, June 21, 2002 (also Gamma-DePauw). Indiana U. Southeast (ZE) Carrie Jordan to B. Joshua Bowman, May 11, 2002. Jessica Wilson to Jonathan Hartman, April 27, 2002.

New Hampshire (HA) Kelly Fucarile to Scott Johnston, Oct. 13, 2001. NC State (EΦ) Elizabeth Feenan to Dwayne Bedwell, June 22, 2002. Jennifer Kristin Sharko to George Russell Stephenson, Oct. 6, 2001. North Dakota (Π) Tracy Braund to Randy Green, March 16, 2002. Trisha Durbin to Ben Adamson, Dec. 28, 2001. Keisha Nirschl to Trevor Timpane, Aug. 3, 2002. Andrea Reynen to Timothy Sterkel, Sept. 1, 2001. North Texas (ΓH) Ramona Rollins to Brian Graham, July 5, 2002. Northern Colorado (∆Γ) Jane Shaver to Jason Horvath, June 22, 2002. Northern Illinois (E∆) Alexandra Tilton to Patrick Robson, June 19, 2002 (also Gamma Nu-Miami University).

Iowa State (Z∆) Mindy Gomez to Thomas Kearns, Nov. 3, 2001.

Northern Iowa (EΘ) Allison Cink to Nick Rickels, June 21, 2002.

Case Western Reserve (ZΠ) Megan Combs to Fred Garbe, June 29, 2002.

Kent State (BΩ) Maria Epifanio to Josh Smith, April 27, 2002. Amanda Mock to Josiah Sell, Sept. 15, 2001.

Oklahoma (Φ) Kimberly Howard to Kyle Ross, May 4, 2002. Darla Kaye Stockton to S. Mark Roden, March 23, 2002.

Cornell (∆) Katherine Buehl to Gerald V. McMahon, Aug. 4, 2001.

Kettering (IE) Ruth Hojnacki to Adrian Wojciech, April 12, 2002.

Old Dominion (EH) Erin Arellano to David J. Westcott, Aug. 31, 2002.

Delaware (EN) Joanne Chopak to Terry Foss, May 19, 2002.

Linfield (ΘA) Clarissa Johnson to Nathan Bay, June 29, 2002. Michelle Jones to Kevin Davis, June 14, 2002.

Penn State (ΓP) Jill Hoover to Scott Prugh, Nov. 10, 2001.

CSU/San Bernardino (HB) Iwona Luczkiewicz to Leo Contreras, July 27, 2001.

Denison (BK) Carol Voegele to Thomas Wood, Feb. 10, 2002. Duke (BNΛ) Lori Bettenhausen to Brad Williams, May 25, 2002. Sara Burchell to Cory Kestner, May 18, 2002. Vicki Whitehead to Christopher F. Green, Oct. 13, 2001.

Maine (∆N) Carrie Dahlgren to Scott Chilson, May 11, 2002. Maryland (∆Z) Gina DellaVecchia to David Leib, Sept. 2, 2001. Miami University (ΓN) Natalie Baird to Matthew Barlett, April 20, 2002.

Plattsburgh State (ΘΨ) Carolina Marin to Mauricio Gil, April 26, 2002. Purdue (∆M) Amanda Buchanan to Brian King, May 11, 2002. Rhode Island (I∆) Rachel Berthiaume to Charles Lewis, June 22, 2002. Saint Mary’s (IB) JoAnn Villanueva to Sandro Jensen, Feb. 16, 2002. ALPHA PHI


San Diego (HP) Jennifer Wright to Aram Maravillas, July 27, 2002. San Jose State (BΨ) Fabienne Henry to Bret Hansen, June 8, 2002. Seton Hall (HH) Tara Hartman to Bryan Felt, Aug. 25, 2001. Southern Illinois (EΞ) Amy LeClaire to Christopher Amorello, May 11, 2002. SUNY/Cortland (HT) Melisa Pearlman to Robby Gold, Sept. 1, 2002. Texas (Ω) Michelle Fussell to Ignacio Sauceda, Nov. 10, 2001. Karen L. Johnson to Wesley H. Hill, April 6, 2002. Allison Anne Krause to Jeffrey Dudley White, May 18, 2002. Texas A&M/Commerce (∆B) Amber Lloyd to Dustin Davisson, June 8, 2002. Amy Niemann to Randy Hill, June 22, 2002. Kim Ridling to Matt Pearson, April 6, 2002.

Shannon Pawl to Paul Derby, May 11, 2002.

Devon Soper to Daniel Kallen III, Oct. 13, 2001.

Frederica Dorner Davis (‘31), Jan. 26, 2001.

Anne L. Oelberg Learman (’47), April 10, 2002.

UC/Irvine (HK) Jude Glacken to Gregory Whitton, May 25, 2002. Cristina Gutierrez to Anthony Diaz, Sept. 1, 2002. Abbey Herman to Jason Meshekow, Oct. 27, 2001. Happy Wilson to Jason Massey, May 6, 2002.

West Virginia (BI) Stacey Schaefer to Andrew Karanozinsky, Jan. 26, 2002.

Denison (BK) Edythe Hulet Carleton (’30), Jan. 14, 2002.

Oklahoma (Φ) Mildred Weber Edwards (’57), Sept. 22, 2001.

Western Michigan (∆Θ) Kelli Curtis to Nicholas Austin, Oct. 20, 2001. Heather Murawski to Kenneth Robotnik Jr., June 7, 2002. Sara Taylor to Gregory Eggleston, June 1, 2002.

Drake (ΓO) Julie K. Hughes (’72), July 1, 2002.

Syracuse (A) Martha Hildebrandt Abrahams (‘40), July 12, 2002. Lucy Price Springer (’43), May 5, 2001.

UC/Santa Barbara (ΓB) Sara Newhan to Michael Wheaton, Jan. 26, 2002. University of the Pacific (IΓ) Megan Jackson to Ryan Barr, Dec. 29, 2001. Jessica Lane to Steven Eastham, June 8, 2002. Tammy Nietschke to Thomas Drescher, May 4, 2002. UNC/Asheville (ΘX) Shawn A. McKee to Michael Durham, July 14, 2001. USC (BΠ) Jamie Abigail Allshouse to Kenneth Michael Hall, May 18, 2002. Washington (Σ) Dana Van Nest to Brian Kelly, Feb. 16, 2002.

Western Ontario (ΘH) Debbie Shupak to Marc Baker, June 23, 2002.

Silent Chapter Alabama (BM) Ernestine Addison Gholston (’39), Feb. 7, 2002. Arizona (BE) Patricia Parker Southwick (’50), March 25, 2001.

Michigan State (BB) Leona DeYoung MacLeod (’21), Sept. 8, 2001.

UC/Berkeley (Λ) Harriet Estella Adair Ford (’39), May 21, 2002. Suzanne Garrette Clark (’59), Dec. 10, 2001. UC/Santa Barbara (ΓB) Eileen Thies O’Brien (’52), April 16, 2002.

Bowling Green State (BO) Jean Limbird Showkeir (’48), April 1, 2002.

North Dakota (Π) Helen Reis Fredlund (’36), Jan. 8, 2002.

Washington (Σ) Joan Andersen Bailey (’46), March 19, 2002. Evelyn Walbeland Foster (’31), April 29, 2002.

Northwestern (B) Evelyn Whyte Hoaglund (’33), June 17, 2002.

West Virginia (BI) Margaret Hannah Gluck (’41), Feb. 18, 2002.

Ohio State (P) Alison Grubic Dodson (’82), May 27, 2002. Nancy Rehberg Kling (‘59), Feb. 4, 2002.

Wisconsin (I) Virginia Lederer Davis (’38), June 15, 2002. Jane Curtis Gates (’38), March 22, 2002.

Cameron (ΘP) Starrla Williams (‘99), May 1, 2002.

UCLA (B∆) Carol Newman to Donald Stoker, Dec. 29, 2001.

West Chester (EK) Tracey Kauffman to James White, April 27, 2002.

Cornell (∆) Michele Anderson Williams (’91), Dec. 2001.

FALL 2002

Kent State (BΩ) Shirley Clark Helleis (’51), May 22, 2002. Mabel Davey Toth (‘48), Jan. 12, 2002.

Texas (Ω) Marian Keith Briggs Ford (‘27), Nov. 16, 2000. Ann Staehely Sundstrom (‘46), June 1, 2002. Margaret Ann Stropini Sisk (’56), June 3, 2002.

Barnard (M) Mary Elizabeth “Betty” Scott Coulter (‘38), April 11, 2002.

Washington State (BPΛ) Janene Ohlsen to Jeff Varden, April 13, 2002. Kimberly Pruismann to James Yates, Feb. 2, 2002.

P L E A S E N OT E : Announcements may only be printed if they have occurred within a year of publication. Announcements with missing information, such as specific date, will not be printed. If announcements are received after the copy deadline (see inside front cover for specific dates), they will be considered for the following issue.

Illinois (BA) Katharine Fishbaugh Carr (’28), June 16, 2002.

Nebraska (N) Dorothy Heldt Lyon (‘27), Jan. 23, 2001. Priscilla Moseley Petty (’46), June 14, 2002.

Texas Tech (ΓI) Emily Ellison to Andrew Lamb, Aug. 17, 2002. Kayla Griffith to Christopher Towle, Jan. 5, 2002. Amy McCord to Matthew Hudspeth, July 27, 2002.

If you would like a record of a birth, adoption, marriage or death included in the Quarterly, please clip out and submit this form to Alpha Phi Quarterly, 1930 Sherman Avenue, Evanston, IL 60201. Or you may e-mail the information to Please be sure to include all the requested information.

Goucher (Z) Mary Love Banks Buchanan (’27), March 28, 2002.

Colorado (BΓ) Yvette Wahlmeier Hopkin (’42), Nov. 22, 2001.

New Arrival/Marriage/Silent Chapter Form Death

Birth/Adoption FATHER’S NAME


















Submitted by FIRST





























This form also is available on our Web site at


Fraternity Director y

FOUNDERS Clara Bradley Burdette (’76) Silent Chapter 1954 Florence Chidester Lukens (’75) Silent Chapter 1885 Martha Foote Crow (’76) Silent Chapter 1924 Ida Gilbert Houghton (’76) Silent Chapter 1916 Jane S. Higham (’76) Silent Chapter 1949 Kate Hogoboom Gilbert (’75) Silent Chapter 1900 Elizabeth Grace Hubbell Shults (’75) Silent Chapter 1895 Rena Michaels Atchison (’74) Silent Chapter 1933 Louise Shepard Hancock (’76) Silent Chapter 1932 Clara Sittser Williams (’75) Silent Chapter 1925

PAST PRESIDENTS Phyllis Sims Selig (Γ∆-Kansas), 1974-78 Mary Carr Boyd (Γ-DePauw and O-Missouri), 1978-82 Nancy Wittgen Burks DeVoe (ΓDePauw), 1982-86 Sally McCall Grant (Γ-DePauw), 1986-90 Virginia Burson Struble (BKDenison), 1990-94 Linda Gardner Massie (∆A-East Carolina), 1994-98 Jean Cameron Tindall (ΓN-Miami University), 1998-2002


International President Crista Cate Vasina (Γ∆-Northern Colorado) 200 Sandridge Court Alpharetta, GA 30022 Direct voice mail line: 847.316.8970

Vice President Amy Pfannenstiel Bunszel (∆-Cornell) West Newton, MA

Peg DeChant Thornburg (BΩ-Kent State) Shelby, NC


Chairman Susan Brink Sherratt (BB-Michigan State) 23 Sea Bridge Way Alameda, CA 94502 Direct voice mail line: 847.316.8971

Vice Chairman Gayle Goodman (B∆-UCLA) New York, NY

Secretary Kathleen Feeney Hiemstra (∆Θ-Western Michigan) Chagrin Falls, OH

Treasurer Susan Weiskittle Barrick (BO-Bowling Green State) Champaign, IL Ann Brinkman (Z∆-Iowa State) Chicago, IL Judith Knudsen Brown (E-Minnesota) Hilton Head, SC Alin Hernandez Wall (B∆-UCLA) Valley Village, CA Crista Cate Vasina (∆Γ-Northern Colorado) Alpharetta, GA




Lindsay Wiggins (BΠ-USC) Los Angeles, CA

Sally McCall Grant (Γ-DePauw) NPC Chair 1030 Homestead Ave. Walnut Creek, CA 94598 Direct voice mail line: 847.316.8972

Barbara Koontz Alevras (HA-New Hampshire) Wilmington, MA Stacey Grimes Boulmetis (ΘT-Rensselaer) Charlestown, RI


Felicia Hunt (HP-San Diego) Hermosa Beach, CA

First Alternate Delegate Deana Koonsman Gage (ΓI-Texas Tech) Stephenville, TX

Second Alternate Delegate

Margaret Halla Cash (Ψ-South Dakota) Vermillion, SD

Laura Malley-Schmitt (ZΦ-MIT) Bedminster, NJ

Linda Boon DeFee (ΓI-Texas Tech) Dallas, TX

Mary Rekart Ulich (∆Γ-Northern Colorado) Alpharetta, GA

Third Alternate Delegate

EXECUTIVE OFFICE STAFF Telephone numbers listed under Fraternity and Foundation staff are direct lines.

Associate Director of Collegiate Membership Megan Bouché 847.316.8926

Fraternity 1930 Sherman Ave. Evanston, IL 60201 Phone 847.475.0663 Fax: 847.475.6820 e-mail: Direct voice mail line: 847.475.4786

Associate Director of Extension

Executive Director

Laura Garraway Caulfield 847.316.8923


Manager of Administrative Services Carol Schar 847.316.8945

Manager of Systems Administration David Zielke 847.316.8930

Director of Alumnae Membership Cindy Day Erwin 847.316.8925

Program Manager Alumnae Membership Alissa Meyer 847.316.8941

Program Coordinator Alumnae Membership Melanie Keller 847.316.8940

Director of Training & Development Denise Jung Reens 847.316.8921

Program Manager Training & Development Sandra Burbridge 847.316.8929

Director of Marketing & Communications Maureen Lyons 847.316.8942

Program Manager Marketing & Communications Christine Spiegel 847.316.8920

Program Coordinator Marketing & Communications Kayee Ip 847.316.8938

Director of Finance Cathy Koessl 847.316.8928

Director of Collegiate Membership Linda Long Boland Direct voice mail line: 847.316.8944

Linda Schnetzer 847.316.8924

Program Manager Collegiate Operations

Program Manager Consultants & Recruitment Keri Miller 847.316.8927

Program Coordinator Collegiate Membership Samantha Lineberger 847.316.8943

Alpha Phi Foundation 1930 Sherman Ave. Evanston, IL 60201 Phone 847.475.4532 Fax: 847.475.9982 e-mail: Direct voice mail line: 847.475.4786

Executive Director Rebecca Andrew Zanatta 847.316.8950

Manager of Public Relations Emily Ellison Lamb 847.316.8948

Manager of Alumnae Programming & Development Marci Medwed 847.316.8947

Coordinator of Chapter Development & Marketing Kristin Tomala 847.316.8949

EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP CONSULTANTS 2002-03 All ELCs can receive mail at the Alpha Phi Executive Office, 1930 Sherman Ave., Evanston, IL 60201. Extensions below are voice mail only and may be accessed by dialing 847.475.4786. Jennifer Allen (ZIΛ-Virginia) Virginia Beach, VA Extension: 160 Karen Goff (B-Northwestern) Bellevue, WA Extension: 161 Sara Kite (P-Ohio State) Bellefontaine, OH Extension: 162



Lindsay Martin (BΨ-San Jose State) Clay Center, KS Extension: 163 Stephanie Rendon (∆E-Iowa and EΘ-Northern Iowa) Wilton, IA Extension: 164 Stefania Rudd (ΘP-Cameron) Lawton, OK Extension: 165 Eileen Victoriano (ΓN-Miami University) Parma, OH Extension: 166


Regional Manager Kim Larsen Watson (O-Missouri) Bowie, MD

Alumnae Membership Coordinator Connie Coghill Scinto (HΛ-George Mason) Vienna, VA

Collegiate Membership Coordinator Andrea Sabo Luker (ENDelaware) Monmouth Beach, NJ

Foundation Liaison June Collins Herron (∆Φ-Indiana U. of Pennsylvania) Germantown, MD

Human Resources Coordinator Katie Jones Cavanagh (BT-Indiana and B-Northwestern) Lewisburg, PA

Operations & Programming Coordinator Theresa Rajczi (ΘT-Rensselaer) West Chester, PA


Regional Manager Colleen Sirhal (Θ-Michigan) Chicago, IL

Alumnae Membership Coordinator Alison Tibbits (I∆-Rhode Island) Chicago, IL

FALL 2002

Collegiate Membership Coordinator

Canadian Resources Coordinator

Collegiate Membership Coordinator

Canadian Resource Coordinator

Stephanie Johnson Watson (ZE-Indiana U. Southeast) Georgetown, IN


Melissa Deere (ΘN-Appalachian State) Arlington, VA

Joanne Alexopoulos (Ξ-Toronto) Toronto, Ontario CAN

Foundation Liaison

Collegiate Membership Coordinator

Foundation Liaison Jennifer Oglesby (∆P-Ball State) Chicago, IL

Human Resources Coordinator Dana Edwards Karraker (ZT-Illinois State) Normal, IL

Operations & Programming Coordinator Starla Waldrip Brown (ZE-Indiana U. Southeast) Sellersburg, IN


Regional Manager Tanya McGinn (Y-Washburn) Providence, RI

Alumnae Membership Coordinator Kim Norton-O’Brien (ZP-Bentley) E. Greenwich, RI

Collegiate Membership Coordinator Liz Lowe Oltman (ΘT-Rensselaer) Red Bank, NJ

Foundation Liaison Lynne Paradis Sawyer (∆N-Maine) Ellsworth, ME

Human Resources Coordinator Cora Bowman Walker (BPΛ-Washington State) Chester, NY

Operations & Programming Coordinator Kelly Fitzgerald (ΘΩ-Barry) Vernon, CT


Regional Manager Shana Goss Smith (X-Montana) Port Gamble, WA

Alumnae Membership Coordinator Kimberly Hurley Bergesen (X-Montana) Boise, ID

Collegiate Membership Coordinator Kate Boyle Halfon (H∆-CSU/Hayward) Walnut Creek, CA

Foundation Liaison Dorothy Strand Gorman (ΓK-CSU/Long Beach) Bellevue, WA

Human Resources Coordinator Joanne Finamore Godfrey (H∆-CSU/Hayward) Portland, OR

Operations & Programming Coordinator Nancy Lange Burnett (B∆-UCLA) Portland, OR


Regional Manager Susan Stone (ZN-Texas Christian) Fort Worth, TX

Alumnae Membership Coordinator Betty Jo Ferraro Fuller (AΛ) Duncanville, TX

Collegiate Membership Coordinator Amy Jordan Tvrdik (O-Missouri) Ellisville, MO

Foundation Liaison Stacey Taylor Meier (ΓI-Texas Tech) Amarillo, TX

Human Resources Coordinator Nicole Sup Deprez (∆Ξ-Nebraska/Kearney) Omaha, NE

Operations & Programming Coordinator Rosalie Cesare Ippoliti (ΓN-Miami University) Missouri City, TX


Regional Manager Debra Nardi Myer (HΛ-George Mason) Odessa, FL

Alumnae Membership Coordinator Teresa Gillian Gray (BΓ-Colorado) Alpharetta, GA

Sandy Willis Donelan (∆Z-Maryland) St. Petersburg, FL

Human Resources Coordinator

Aileen Melick Fischer (∆H-Adrian) Columbus, OH

Foundation Liaison

Carmen Cox Ledford (ΘN-Appalachian State) Sanford, NC

Candi Mitchell Robinson (Ω-Texas) Hudson, OH

Operations & Programming Coordinator

Human Resources Coordinator

Tanya Seeley (EΦΛ-NC State) Raleigh, NC

Tammi Tennant Sanders (∆H-Adrian) Livonia, MI


Operations & Programming Coordinator

Regional Manager Michelle Jones Thompson (Ω-Texas) Los Angeles, CA

Kristi Nelson (BO-Bowling Green State) Dayton, OH


Alumnae Membership Coordinator

Elected Representative

Kamala Schofield Schuster (ZM-Colorado State) Denver, CO

Holly Malek Bryk (ΓΞ-Wichita State) Newark, DE

Collegiate Membership Coordinator

Elected Representative

Laura Davidson (B∆-UCLA) Los Angeles, CA

Foundation Liaison Barbara Chappell Kenady (BΠ-USC) Newport Beach, CA

Human Resources Coordinator Jo Burnidge Martin (BA-Illinois) Mesa, AZ

Sheila George Bright (ΓI-Texas Tech) Dallas, TX

Elected Representative Linda Gardner Massie (∆A-East Carolina) Toano, VA

Elected Representative Renee Zimmerman Zainer (BE-Arizona) Littleton, CO

Operations & Programming Coordinator Susan Morris Haber (B∆-UCLA and HK-UC/Irvine) Encino, CA


Regional Manager Jan Brinker Schaeffer (BO-Bowling Green State) Fredricktown, OH

Alumnae Membership Coordinator Debby Bryden Gray (EA-Ashland) Ashland, OH


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Zip:__________________________________________________ Member ID#: (Indicated on Quarterly label______________________ Please submit this form to Alpha Phi Quarterly, 1930 Sherman Ave., Evanston, IL 60201 or fax to 847.475.6820. All responses are confidential. * Please note: If you request a change in Quarterly subscription (Item #13), you MUST complete optional information (#28) so we can process your request.

This form also is available on our Web site at







Foundation Welcomes New Executive Director It all begin when she was a girl … a Campfire Girl. It was the annual Campfire Girl candy campaign, and young Rebecca Andrew was named top seller of her troop. And so a fundraising career began … Rebecca Andrew Zanatta (BQ-Washington State) was named Foundation executive director after Nancy Owen Craig (BVBucknell) retired at the end of May. Foundation Manager of Public Relations Emily Ellison Lamb (I-Texas Tech) spoke with Rebecca about the beginning of her career, the Foundation’s future and moving across the country from Seattle to Chicago. You love Chicago … Yes! I traveled as an educational leadership consultant (ELC) for the Fraternity, so I had the opportunity to see a little of the city during our training. When I received the offer to work for the Foundation, my fiancé Jeff and I jumped at the chance to move. I had just finished my graduate work at the University of Idaho, and Jeff was working in Seattle. We rented a Penske® truck and took a tour of the Western U.S. as we drove to Chicago. Now Chicago is home and Jeff isn’t your fiancé anymore? He’s my husband now! We were married in April on a beach in Hawaii. It was gorgeous. After our honeymoon, we had a reception in Seattle, where we both grew up. There were lots of Alpha Phis there. How did you join Alpha Phi? By chance. Alpha Phi was my second choice. I think I was upset at first, probably because it was the first time in my life I didn’t get what I wanted. I often share this story because as it turned out, Alpha Phi was the FALL 2002

perfect place for me. I was a chapter officer for Washington State (BQ) and then elected a Panhellenic officer. And the Foundation executive director was born … Not exactly! I have always been interested in development and higher education – a good fit for Alpha Phi Foundation. As a student at Washington State, I worked as a campus calling center representative, soliciting alumnae donors. During my time there, I raised more than $70,000 and developed a donor contact system that is still used today. When I was doing my graduate work at the University of Idaho, I volunteered for the university development office. Now I have my CFRM (certificate of fund raising management) from the Indiana School of Philanthropy, management experience and two years of mentoring from Nancy Craig, retired Foundation ED. So you’ve helped build the success of the Foundation during the past few years? As Foundation manager of development, I implemented our Power of 100 program – I think the success of this major donor campaign surprised our membership! In 1994 there were only 18 women who gave $1,000 or more. Now we have more than 100 women who annually give at least $1,000 to the Foundation. I also began a collegiate phoning program called Phis Phoning Phis that raised more than $20,000. One of my first projects was

Rebecca Zanatta and husband Jeff

creating a partnership with the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (of the National Institutes of Health). Recently, I initiated Alpha Phi Foundation’s joining of the National WomanHeart Coalition. And I’m ready to watch us grow to the next level. Our staff is motivated and talented; we have many more creative ideas to implement. I want to see the Foundation continue as a leader in our field. What are three goals you have for the Foundation? Develop a major gift strategy, increase our members’ awareness about planned giving opportunities and put Alpha Phi Foundation on the map as an advocate for women’s cardiac health. Sounds like you’ve got big plans … Well, I’m willing to take risks, and I like to challenge the norm. My job is easier because I believe in the cause of the Foundation. I take pride in the fact that we support our sisters with leadership and scholastic endeavors; I’m a great example of a member who directly benefited from these types of programs.





FOUNDATION AWARDS MORE THAN $90,000 IN SCHOLARSHIP AID Alpha Phi Foundation is proud to continue the Fraternity’s high regard for scholarship and foster the pioneering spirit our Founders held close to their hearts by awarding scholarship aid to 83 young women. These women received a total of $91,000 for the 2002-03 school year. Winners were selected among highly competitive applicant pools from graduate and undergraduate universities across the United States and Canada. Annually, the Foundation’s scholarship committee reads the hundreds of applications received and evaluates them primarily on scholastic achievement, plus campus involvement, community/Alpha Phi service and essay answers. The Foundation Board of Directors approves the final recipients. The Foundation sends applications to all collegiate chapters in early fall. Ask your director of scholarship for a copy or call Foundation Coordinator of Chapter Development and Marketing Kristin Tomala (F-Elmhurst) at 847.316.8949 to request one. You can also download an application from our Web site at The deadline for submission of applications for the 2003-04 school year is March 15, 2003. GRADUATE WINNERS

Heather Hayes

Jennifer Slocum

Sarah Bly

Cheryl Elmstrom

Aja Hicks

Claire Malaway

Jill Allison

(Y-Washburn) Foundation Scholarship

(E∆-Northern Iowa) Foundation Scholarship

Charisse Hoops

Katharine Spayde

(E-Minnesota) Martha Jarvis Sutton Scholarship

(∆A-East Carolina) Tracey Powers Memorial Scholarship

(ΘA-Linfield) Mabel Cowlishaw Siggins Scholarship

(HY-Chapman) Toni Soreng Cobb Scholarship

(∆Ξ-Nebraska/Kearney) Foundation Scholarship

(ZΦ-MIT) Doris Ross Corbett Scholarship

Michelle Bowles

Kari Frye

Anne Johnston

Crystal Maruca

(ΓI-Texas Tech) Sally Mitchell Milam Scholarship

(∆Θ-Western Michigan) Mary Miller Lyons Scholarship

(ZΨ-Dayton) John and Cecile Davis Richards Scholarship

(EY-CSU/Northridge) Toni Soreng Cobb Scholarship

Sarah Briggs

Katherine Gallagher

Abby Jordan

Lynne Matsuoka

(Y-Washburn) Toni Soreng Cobb Scholarship

(Ω-Texas) Foundation Scholarship

(ΘN-Appalachian State) Meredith McCallister Scholarship

(Σ-Washington) Jeannette Colton Killian Scholarship

Maureen Callahan

(ZΦ-MIT) Ruth Crellin Boutwell Scholarship

Sarah Jordan

Mary Mattaroccia

(HI-Pennsylvania) Constance Purkiss Kelly Scholarship

(ΘT-Rensselaer) Mabel Cooper Lamb Scholarship

(BT-Indiana) Joan Merritt Holmes Scholarship

Victoria Judkins

Lindsay McHolm

(Σ-Washington) Foundation Scholarship

Laura Guthrie

Sara Koloda

(B∆-UCLA) Beta Delta Anniversary Fund Scholarship

(Ω-Texas) Sally Mitchell Milam Scholarship

(BO-Bowling Green State) Frances Cameron Wiig Scholarship

(∆Y-Baldwin Wallace) Margaret Beery Doe Scholarship

Melissa Kosiek

Autumn Moody

(BA-Illinois) Kristy Burgener Memorial Scholarship

(ZB-Loyola Marymount) Mabel Cooper Lamb Scholarship

(HI-Pennsylvania) Clara Bradley Burdette Scholarship

Jessica Boschee (ZΘ-Tufts) Foundation Scholarship

Manya Brachear (ΘN-Appalachian State) Eloise Howell Scholarship

Katherine Brady (N-Nebraska) Helen G. Bradford Scholarship

Saori Clark (T-Oregon) Foundation Scholarship

Amity Dorman (HB-CSU/San Bernardino) Eloise Howell Scholarship

Sara Euclide (ΓΣ-Wisconsin/Stout) Betty Mullins Jones Scholarship

Carrie Evans (B-Northwestern) Foundation Scholarship

Rachel Forde (Γ-DePauw) Octavia Born Brooks Memorial Scholarship

Dina Goldstein (Ω-Texas) Ruth Woods Scholarship


Jessica Hughes (O-Missouri) Ruth Woods Scholarship

Karen Inuoye (EP-UC/Davis) Virginia Coleman Scholarship

Monica Jolly

Molly Statz (O-Missouri) Ruth Woods Scholarship

Kerilee Tam (ΘT-Rensselaer) Eloise Howell Scholarship

(ZΓ-Santa Clara) Eloise Howell Scholarship

Leslie Thomas

Beth Jones

Dorie Weiss

(Γ-DePauw) Mary Alice Charles Scholarship

(HΛ-Boston) Nancy Pitchforth Patton Scholarship

Stephanie Leung

Katherine Zimmerman

(BΘ-British Columbia) Foundation Scholarship

(ΓI-Texas Tech) Foundation Scholarship

Brooke Loucks

(ZΦ-MIT) Foundation Scholarship

(ZΨ-Dayton) Betty Mullins Jones Scholarship


Virginia Olson

Barbara Alperin

(ZI^-Virginia) Virginia Coleman Scholarship

(Λ-UC/Berkeley) Lambda Anniversary Scholarship

Bethany Rogers

Janice Belzowki

(ZΦ-MIT) Eloise Howell Scholarship

(EB-Butler) Toni Soreng Cobb Scholarship

Heather Rogers (Σ-Washington) Jeannette Colton Killian Scholarship

(EB-Butler) Susan Hausman Brunner Scholarship

Andrea Choquette (Ω-Texas) Sally Mitchell Milam Scholarship

Kristy Cervenka (BE-Arizona) Madge H. Lesher Scholarship

Lorena Chavez (Σ-Washington) Toni Soreng Cobb Scholarship

Kary Crumm

Annemarie Grandke

Christie Griffin

Jennifer Hansen (ΓO-Drake) Toni Soreng Cobb Scholarship

Bonnie Harber

Margaret Meyer

Liza Lesser

(BΨ-San Jose State) Jeani Short Memorial Scholarship

(IZ-Colorado School of Mines) Edwynne Cutler Rosenbaum Scholarship

(HΣ-Lafayette) Ruth Crellin Boutwell Scholarship

Jennifer Dickson

Laurel Harbridge

Molly Lungrin

(ΘY-CSU/Chico) Carol Klink Claussen Scholarship

(BΓΛ-Colorado) Edwynne Cutler Rosenbaum Scholarship

Meghan Dubyak

Angelique Hermanowski

(∆Ξ-Nebraska/Kearney) Delta Xi Fund and Foundation Scholarships

(∆-Cornell) Mary Miller Lyons Scholarship

(ΘM-Hofstra) Ruth Crellin Boutwell Scholarship

Lindsey Obrzut (E-Minnesota) Martha Jarvis Sutton Scholarship

Jill Peterson (X-Montana) Mary Yearsley Scholarship

Jennifer MacDonald (ΓH-North Texas) Darcel Atwill Weller Scholarship



Radich, Megan (∆Γ-Northern Colorado) Rachaell Fitt Memorial Scholarship

Vanessa Ramos (B∆-UCLA) Beta Delta Anniversary Fund Scholarship

Congratulations FAMILIES AND FRIENDS HONOR THE CLASS OF 2002 Parents and loved-ones honored the following Alpha Phi graduates with special gifts to the Foundation.

Jacqueline Scoular (N-Nebraska) Mabel Cooper Lamb Scholarship

Susan Shifrin (I-Wisconsin) Toni Soreng Cobb Scholarship

Elizabeth Smoose (A-Syracuse) John and Sharon Spraker Barnes Scholarship

Marguerite Stewart (∆Γ-Northern Colorado) Edwynne Cutler Rosenbaum Scholarship

Stacie Sullivan (HA-New Hampshire) Mary Yearsley Scholarship

Sara Tikkanen (I-Wisconsin) Toni Soreng Cobb Scholarship

Elizabeth Underwood (O-Missouri) Anne Williams Muhl Scholarship

Melissa Wagasy (BB-Michigan State) Beta Beta Scholarship

Alison White (Λ-UC/Berkeley) Lambda Anniversary Fund Scholarship

Melissa Williamson (Σ-Washington) Ruth Allingham Soriano Scholarship

Tiffany Worthey (∆Γ-Northern Colorado) Edwynne Cutler Rosenbaum Scholarship

Gabrielle Accidio (ΘΘ-St. Joseph’s) from Kim Accidio Serena Ake (Θ∆-Creighton) from her parents Jennifer Allen (ZI^-Virginia) from her parents

Paige Donaldson (HIPennsylvania) from her parents

Betsy Apel (HM-Marquette) from Mom and Dad

Kristin Durkin (ZΓ-Santa Clara) from Michael and Sheryl Durkin

Sharon Appelbaum (HIPennsylvania) from Mr. and Mrs. Mel Appelbaum

Ally Erasmous (I∆-Rhode Island) from the Erasmous Family

Holly Barajas (HKUC/Irvine) from her parents

Crystal Everett (∆X-William Woods) from Mom

Amy N. Mason Beals (ΘMHofstra) from Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Mason Sr.

Kristina Feher (ΘΩ-Barry) from the Feher Family

Pamela Block (P-Ohio State) from Janet and Barry Block Nicole Boyer (∆Z-Maryland) from her parents Emily Wai-Ming Brady (HΛBoston) from Lim-King Brady Emily Breeze (BA-Illinois) from Mom and Dad

Shayna Feyman (ASyracuse) from Mom and Dad Melanie Fields (HYChapman) from Paul, Barbara and Brian Fields Lucretia Anne Flores (ZBLoyola Marymount) from George and Sarah Flores

Avital Havusha (ZYWashington University) from Mom, Abba, Nadav, Yaniv and Nana Katie Heim (ΓB-UC/Santa Barbara) from Don and Connie Heim

Tara Elizabeth Remer (ΘΘSt. Joseph’s) from Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Remer Elizabeth Riddle (ΓN-Miami University) from Jane and Garry Riddle

Jennifer Urbauer (ΘZFlorida Tech) from Gary and Carole Urbauer Gina Verga (HNSUNY/Albany) from Carolann M. LaSala Nicole Vincenti (HΩTowson) from Patti and Jim Romeo

Emily Long Walton (∆∆Oklahoma City) from Scott and Marilene Long

Kathryn Kamp (ZΠ-Case Western Reserve) from Ken and Shelle Kamp

Elizabeth Schultz (HYChapman) from Mrs. Diana Zirschky

Hadley Wasson (ZB-Loyola Marymount) from her parents

Jennifer Ann Katz (∆ZMaryland) from Mom and Dad

Lisa Scoppettuolo (ZΦMIT) from Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Scoppettuolo

Tawny Watkins (EΓCSU/Sacramento) from Melissa and Jeff Watkins, Mom and Dad

Jacqueline Scoular (NNebraska) from Jim and Ann Scoular

Billie Wilkinson (∆KWiscosin/La Crosse) from Joan and Ron Sutherland

Jennifer Slocum (EΘNorthern Iowa) from Steven Slocum

Sarah Zalewski (ZOΛ-Johns Hopkins) from Edwin and Diane Zalewski

Lindsay Yo Smith (ΓZ-Puget Sound) from her family

Lauren Zivic (ZA-Eastern Illinois) from Mom and Dad

Tara Kell (EΞ-Southern Illinois) from her family Meredith Kelley (BEArizona) from her parents

Christee Chargot (BBMichigan State) from Mom

Gloria Franke (B∆-UCLA) from Charlon and Rich Franke

Nicole Chorney (HKUC/Irvine) from Mr. and Mrs. Fred Chorney

Nicole Coleen Freeman (∆-Cornell) from Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Freeman

Jama Close (BI-West Virginia) from James and Karen Close

Angela Freyer (ΘA-Linfield) from George and Marsha Frayer

Shauna Costa (ΓKCSU/Long Beach) from Frank and Jeanne Costa

Stephanie Fryer (ZB-Loyola Marymount) from Steve and Janet Fryer

Jessica Cote (Ω-Texas) from Cindy and Bob Cote

Daniela Garcia (ΓKCSU/Long Beach) from Mom

Margaret Crissman (∆∆Oklahoma City) from Joel and Nancy Crissman

Carrie Garner (EN-Delaware) from Joe and Kathy Garner

Tuuli Hannula (HX-Bishop’s) from her family

Sara Troyani (∆-Cornell) from her parents

Crystal Rose Santan (ΓBUC/Santa Barbara) from Joe and Martha Santana

Jessica Foust (∆Z-Maryland) from Mom and Dad

Elia DeLuca (ZΓ-Santa Clara) from Dr. and Mrs. Francis DeLuca

Carrie Marie Reilly (HIPennsylvania) from Mom, Dad and John

Elizabeth Ann Kallstrom (N-Nebraska) from Christine Corbit

Melissa Chamberlin (ΘMichigan) from Mom and Dad

Melissa Grimm (EPUC/Davis) from Mike and Karen Grimm

Mili Anne Thomas (ZOΛJohns Hopkins) from Dr. Susheela Thomas

Saundra Wagner (ZBLoyola Marymount) from Mark and Patti Wagner

Kristine Kresta (IB-St. Mary’s) from James and Elrose Kresta

Nicole DeLeon (B∆-UCLA) from Dad, Mom and Marissa

Emily Elizabeth Redmond (EN-Delaware) from Kevin and Joan Redmond

Kimberly Sall (Γ-DePauw) from Walter G. Sall

Amy Fossett (HP-San Diego) from Katie and Ron Fossett

Julia Davis (Λ-UC/Berkeley) from Wayne and Becky Davis

Bethany Stevenson (ZΓSanta Clara) from Mom and Dad

Jill Isaacs (∆Z-Maryland) from Ilene and Art Isaacs

Megan Burnham (IΓUniversity of the Pacific) from Laurie and Mike Burnham

Bridget Grady (ΘΘ-St. Joseph’s) from Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Grady III

Lauren Rappoport (ZYWashington University) from Ellie and Dad

Judy Irvine (HE-Villanova) from Judy and Larry Irvine

Sarah Kramer (BE-Arizona) from Rick and Lynne Kramer

Suzanne Girolami (ZΓ-Santa Clara) from Mom and Dad

Casey Stevens (BOBowling Green State) from Robin Stevens

Angela Rudisill (Ω-Texas) from Kirby and Glenda Rudisill

Cheryl Floyd (ΓN-Miami University) from Mom and Dad

Lauren Davidson (ZΓ-Santa Clara) from James and Eva Davidson

FALL 2002

Heather Dickey (∆B-Texas A&M/Commerce) from David and Meg Dickey

Jacqueline Quinn (HXBishop’s) from John and Beverly Quinn

Joy Krueger (HΣ-Lafayette) Ross and Jean Krueger Elizabeth Lauer (ZA-Eastern Illinois) from her parents Sharon Levy (ZOΛ-Johns Hopkins) from Barbara and Barry Levy Samantha Hayes Lott (∆NMaine) from Bill and Andrea Lott Dana Marseille (B∆-UCLA) from Marlene and Terrance Marseille Kelly McCracken (ΘI-James Madison) from Mike and Kathy McCracken Kathryn Milleman (EΘNorthern Iowa) from Dr. and Mrs. Leo Milleman Courtney Mulligan (ASyracuse) from Mom and Dad Katie Petzold (ZΓ-Santa Clara) from Mom Lisa Quieto (HP-San Diego) from Mom and Dad

Sarah Smith (BNorthwestern) from Suzanne and Harry Smith

How to Honor the Class of 2003 Parents of 2003 graduates receive a letter from the Foundation in the spring. They return the completed reply form to the Foundation. In return, the Foundation sends a card to each honoree at graduation time, lists their names in the fall issue of the Quarterly and guarantees your contribution will be used wisely and faithfully. Others wishing to honor a 2003 graduate can send a note with the graduate’s name and chapter to the Foundation (1930 Sherman Ave., Evanston, IL 60201) or use the giving form on the Alpha Phi Web site: Click on “Make a Gift” to go to our secure giving form. Checks (minimum of $50) should be made payable to the Alpha Phi Foundation. Credit cards are also accepted. All contributions are taxdeductible in the United States as allowed by law.



Eta Pi Reunion



a Phis Attention Alph ce, Medicine Studying Scien k 2003?

ea Doing Spring Br What are You nae chapter are m alu n usto

e Ho Hospital and th Texas Children’s n 2003. to us Ho k ea a spring g Br to Houston for sponsoring Sprin is will be flown Ph a ph ll meet Al d wi s fie Four (4) quali Hospital. Winner Texas Children’s at assist e , ur ies nt er ve rg ad break full of te-of-the-art su s in chers, witness sta re ar tu se re lec it ing vis ak d re an ground-b ctors, tour labs do ow ad xas sh Te re, patient ca Heart Center at facilities of The ed wn no -re rld the wo ital. -Texas) Children’s Hosp Schraub Ray (Ω n, contact Linda tio . m .co For an applica ke shwa or linda_ray@cu at 713.681.5296 right stuff? e th ve ha u yo Do

a Tech (ΘZ) ch apter now has an group account. Th AOL is makes staying in touch easier than ever ! Be sure to sign up if you haven’t already. For information, e-mail aphi_thetazeta@


s nship Inter y l r e able Quart A v a i l Christie x ne t be the ennedy Want to eline K ing with u q c a J n or y inter Hefner Start b terly. ? s i s s r a On Qua ring ha Phi or majo cathe Alp s interested ni an , commu Collegi lism, English ncouraged e na in jour marketing are iable. r o o g e e n t tions Schedul of Executive . y l p p to a out act n works on, Ill. Cont Positio t s l n l a a v c or in E Office formation. a h p l a @ in ly quarter 920 for more 8 . 6 1 3 . 7 84

Delta Alpha Celebrates 100 Years of Sisterhood

Theta Kappa A lumnae Weeke nd Univ ersity of Rocheste r Meliora Weeke nd Oct. 11-13, 2002 Come celebrate Theta Kappa chap ter’s 10th anniversary. Don’t forget, it’s reunion time for the classes of 19 92 and 1997. Contact Director of Alumnae Rela tions Lora Marden fo r details at ThetaKappaAlum .

land Un , 2002 iversity Homeco ming W eekend Cost is $ 25 Contact Ann Bec kert Sch for detail ar s at 800 .338.112 annie@a 1 or nniesam ishbaske

Join East Carolina (∆A) members as they a celebrate 130 years of sisterhood. All Alph 19 Oct. ial spec Phis are invited to attend a Founders’ Day event during East Carolina’s Homecoming weekend. E-mail Cheryl Elmstrom at or call 252.258.5304 for details.


Epsilon A lph Reunioan Plans 35-Year Dinner Friday, O ct. 11 Ash

ns ilon Pla s p U a t Ze union 20th Reity (ZY) Phis will

ivers r reunion gton Un Washin eir 20th chapte interested in th rs celebrate -12, 2003. Siste uld contact 0 o 1 sh r e t b n e to v Oc ee r to plan th 860.346.6575 o helping t a l a a K tt Maj Bri @ majbritt.k


to these charter members of Iota Theta chapter at Laurier Univer Wilfrid sity. They're na m es were not availab when the Summ le er 2002 Quarte rly went to print issue for the co (see that mplete installatio n story). Amanda Barnar d Sharline Doss Miriam Foley Amanda Galea


Shannon Howa rd Stephanie Muto Esther Weirich


lanned The Richmond (HΠ) chapter is planning a reunion du ring Homecomin g Weekend, Oct. 18 -20, 2002. Cont ac t Caroline Clayto n at 202.237.59 80 or etapi_reunion@ for de tails. Attention Thet a Zeta Sisters Florid

Attention Thet a Eta Alumnae and Alpha Ph

i Alumnae Livi Western Ontar ng in io

Western Ontar io (ΘH) chapter is building an alumnae database . Contact Bethan y Gillingham at al umni_theta_eta@, 519.438.1731 or 232 Epworth Ave. London, Ontario, CAN N6 A 2M1 with your name, chapter affiliation and co ntact information.

Attent i


on Qu arter

If you a ly Rep re respo orters nsible fo chapter’ r gatheri ! s report ng your for publi followin c o ll egiate o cation in g deadli r alumn the Qua nes. Ma ae will be c rterly, ple terials re onsidere ase note ceived a d for the the ft er these followin deadline g issue. s Issue Winter 2 Copy D 003 eadline Spring 2 Oct. 15, 003 2002 Summer Jan. 15, 2003 2003 Fall 200 April 15 3 , 2003 July 15, 2003



Alpha Phi Memories During college, you bought a T-shirt to remember every Alpha Phi date party, formal, Homecoming and Founders’ Day. Now you’ve graduated. You have a job. Your boss wants you to wear a suit, not a T-shirt. What do you do with the drawers full of shirts? Marilyn Mason Thomas (BK-Denison) can turn your old T-shirts into a one-of-a-kind keepsake. The quilt shown here is proudly owned by 2002 graduate Lindsay Phillips (ZY-Washington University). E-mail Marilyn at classicquilts@ for more information on creating your own quilt.

02MM 18'' Bead Chain

Great Gift Ideas!

SS $20.00

Please order by November 15th to ensure holiday delivery!

02MM 18'' Bead Chain

SS $20.00 903 Lavaliere

SS $30.00

SS $24.00 (Chain sold separately)

1905 18'' Twisted Rope Chain

SS $15.00


Crested Coin Charm


9583 Cable Bracelet

2610 Enameled Ingot Pendant

SS $35.00 (Chain sold separately)

SS $20.00 (Chain sold separately)

To Order Call:



AU Monogram Ring w/Genuine Black Onyx Stone

Hours: Monday–Friday: 8:00am–5:00pm EDT

SS $99.00

On line ordering available—

Click on: 1940A 1997

Friendship Ring

SS $49.00


Oval Incised Letters Ring

SS $69.00

Founders Charm

SS $25.00 (Bracelet sold separately) A Division of MASTERS OF DESIGN

Official Jeweler to Alpha Phi

FALL 2002






2 3 - 2 7 ,

2 0 0 4

M A R R I O T T R A N C H O L A S P A L M A S P A L M S P R I N G S , C A L I F O R N I A W A T C H F O R C O N V E N T I O N I N F O R M A T I O N I N F U T U R E I S S U E S O F T H E Q U A R T E R LY A N D O N O U R W E B S I T E AT W W W. A L P H A P H I . O R G / C O N F E R E N C E S . H T M L .

POSTMASTER: Please send changes to Alpha Phi, 1930 Sherman Ave., Evanston, IL 60201

Fall 2002 Alpha Phi Quarterly  

Fall 2002 Alpha Phi Quarterly

Fall 2002 Alpha Phi Quarterly  

Fall 2002 Alpha Phi Quarterly