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Spring 2014


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Ž Since 1959 Dear Friends, As you may know, Alpha Industries is a family-owned company founded more than 50 years ago by my grandfather. Throughout these decades we have produced the highest quality military apparel to serve the needs of the United States Armed Forces. Today, our family is honored that Alpha is recognized around the world as an iconic military brand. Each season our designers research historical military events as inspiration for our new collections. For Spring 2014 we looked to the Pacific theater of World War II. During our research we became fascinated with the Battle of the Coral Sea, which marked the first navel battle in history in which aircraft carriers engaged each other in battle. For the first five days the battle was fought entirely by planes – no ship on either side made any visual contact with any enemy ship. The Imperial Japanese Navy battled Allied naval and air forces from the United States and Australia over a strategic position in the Solomon Islands. Although a tactical victory for the Japanese in terms of ships sunk, the battle would prove to be a strategic victory for the Allies as it marked the first time the seemingly unstoppable Japanese fleet was turned back. Look for elements of our history in the Spring 2014 Collection. Details include warship anchor screens, tonal over-dyed camo prints, the Devil Bomb Patch on the Ingram Jacket, and the half-circle Lightning Bolt Patch on the Ernest Jacket, some of which reference authentic military patches and WWII airplane nose art. New styles like the Burnett, Bombardment, Betty Bomber and Irvin Hoodie are bearing our interpretation of the famous Hap Arnold Wings emblem, symbolizing the Army Air Corps. Whether you are new to Alpha or a friend of many years, our Spring 2014 collection invites you into our archives, and brings you a piece of history. Best Regards, Mike Cirker CEO

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iver Early Del


Night Vision Green: MJR44113C1 65% Nylon / 35% Polyester Shell Replica Blue, Replica Grey, Navy: MJR44100C1 100% Nylon Shell


iver Early Del



Replica Blue, Gunmetal, Sage Green, Pacific Blue: MJB44103C1 100% Flight Nylon Shell



Early Del


New Silver, Replica Blue, Bonfire Orange, Black: MJR44107C1 100% Flight Nylon Shell




Sage Green, Replica Blue: MJG44108C1 Oxford Nylon Shell: 57% Nylon / 43% Polyester



Grenade Green, Black: MJS44106C1 65% Poly / 27% Cotton / 8% Nylon Shell, Water Resistant

fIELD cOATs ivery

Early Del


Chili Red, M-65 Olive, M-65 Khaki, Black: MJM44101C1 100% Cotton Twill Slub Shell



Grenade Green, M-65 Khaki, Black: MJI44102C1 100% Cotton Ripstop Shell


Utility jackets


M-65 Olive, Black (not shown): MJR44111C1 83% Polyester / 10% Polyurethane / 7% Elastane Shell



Black, M-65 Olive: MJB44112C1 83% Polyester / 10% Polyurethane / 7% Elastane Shell

Utility jackets


M-65 Navy, M-65 Olive, Bonfire Orange: MJM44110C1 70% Cotton / 30% Nylon Shell, Water Resistant




Irvin hoodie

Heather Grey, Grenade Green: MSI44104C1 60% Cotton / 40% Polyester Fleece Shell


Brooks Hoodie

Replica Blue, Heather Grey, Black: MSB44105C1 60% Cotton / 40% Polyester Fleece Shell


Logo Block Tee Black: MTL44116C1 100% Cotton Jersey

Heather Olive: MTL44117C1 65% Cotton / 35% Polyester Jersey

Authentic Military Apparel Tee Chili Red, Black: MTA44100C1 100% Cotton Jersey

Heather Grey: MTA44101C1 80% Cotton / 20% Polyester Jersey




Canvas Helmet bag

Brewer Helmet bag

ABC43000C1 100% Cotton Canvas Washed Olive

ABB42200C1 100% Oxford Nylon M-65 Olive

Helmet Bag

ABH40200C1 100% Flight Nylon Sage Green


Canvas Utility Bag

Canvas Courier Bag

ABC40530C1 100% Cotton Canvas Black, Olive

ABC40520C1 100% Cotton Canvas Olive, Black


Highwater Rucksack

nylon messenger bag

ABH43905C1 100% Cotton Canvas Burlap Brown

ABM36000C1 100% Nylon Sage Green

Volunteer Duffle Bag ABV43903C1 100% Cotton Canvas Fatigue Green

medium gear bag ABG38020C1 100% Nylon Sage Green

large gear bag ABG38021C1 100% Nylon Sage Green 703.378.1420 703.378.1420




Business Card Holder

ABW42100C1 100% Nylon Sage Green, Black

ABB42200C1 100% Nylon Sage Green

Nylon Courier Bag ABC56020C1 100% Nylon Black, Sage Green

Multi-Purpose Bag


ABM56025C1 100% Nylon Black, Sage Green

Nylon Day Pack ABD56030C1 100% Nylon Sage Green, Black

Nikki Bag ABN40000C1 100% Nylon Sage Green


Branch Hat

Multi-functional headgear

University Hat AHU43906C1 100% Polyester Charcoal

AHB43907C1 100% Cotton Twill Replica Blue, Khaki

big a cap

cross cap

Army Hat

AHH42000C1 100% Polyester Black, Olive Green, Orange, ACU

AHB38000C1 100% Cotton Twill Khaki, Olive green, Black

AHB40500C1 100% Cotton Twill Replica Blue, Olive Green, Navy, Khaki, White

D Ring Belt

Heavy Duty Belt

ABD42300C1 100% Cotton Olive Green, Black

ABC42100C1 100% Nylon Webbing Black, Khaki

sales@alphaindustries.com703.378.1420 703.378.1420

AHA38001C1 100% Cotton Ripstop Olive Green

Leather Belt ABL42400C1 Genuine Leather Black, Brown


Alpha Industries, Inc. 14200 Park Meadow Dr. Suite 110 S Chantilly, VA 20151

Phone: 703.378.1420

Fax: 703.378.4910

Email: Web:

Spring 2014 catalog  

Military style spring jackets

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