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HONOR ROLL OF DONORS Support for the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation is vital to the development of today’s Alpha Gamma Delta. Your generous donations provide scholarships to both graduate and undergraduate students, essential leadership programs and grants to fight hunger in our local communities. This list reflects annual giving levels with donations received between June 1, 2018 and May 31, 2019. On behalf of those we serve, we are grateful for you. All gifts to the Foundation are recognized in our annual Honor Roll of Donors unless made anonymously.


KEY * Chapter Grand ⚘ Corinthian Society  GEM Society Lifetime Cumulative Giving Levels: ⦿ Annulet $1,000,000 ♥ Founder Circle $500,000  Diamond Circle $250,000 • Pearl Circle $100,000 Δ Delta Circle $50,000 Γ Gamma Circle $25,000 ✥ Alpha Circle $10,000 ⚭ Double Rose Circle $5,000 ❀ Buff Rose Circle $1,000

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2018-19 Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation Gratitude Report  

2018-19 Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation Gratitude Report