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disciples of all nations with a purpose Telling the Good News of Jesus is Taras Mekeda’s greatest passion. For the last four years, Taras and his wife have been travelling the world preaching the Gospel throughout India, Pakistan, Indonesia and East Africa. After serving on the mission field, Taras is eager to deepen his theological understanding through further study. Having felt that he was called to AC as it reflects the Pentecostal expression of his faith, Taras has been awarded an AC scholarship to study the Bachelor of Ministry. Born in Siberia, Russia and raised in the Ukraine, Taras has been on a long journey before coming to AC. With Christian Orthodox being the predominant religion in the Ukraine, Taras has been searching for a college that would further develop his Christian worldview. He says, “The reason why I chose to study at AC is that it appeals to my Christian views. The vision of the college is not just to let students gain theological knowledge but to put the theory in to practice. Also, the college is involved in missions work which is my passion.” continued on page 2

Congratulations on 20 years at AC, Steve and Sandra!




Life-changing outback adventures


Professor Oslington launches new book!


AC graduate breaking new ground in Japan


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After years of travelling and sharing the Gospel with everyone he encounters, Taras now wants to develop his pastoral care skills and theological understanding. Taras says, “So far, critically analysing information has helped me to evaluate not only someone else’s idea - but my own as well. Having been a preacher for some time makes it hard to look upon your ideas to test them for accuracy or their theological viewpoint. So, the beginning of studies have been challenging but exciting at the same time!” Taras is thankful for this new stage of life and ministry. Taras reflects, “To be given a scholarship to study in Australia is a dream come true – it is a big step towards becoming a pastor and helping the local community.” To invest in students like Taras, please go to or contact Ashlyn Kapinga-Cresswell at or 02 8893 9060. Your support of AC and its students is greatly appreciated. We are thankful for the support of investors like you!

Congratulations on 20 years at AC, Steve and Sandra! From a small, residential Bible College in Katoomba to an expanding multidisciplinary College based in the heart of Sydney - Stephen and Sandra Fogarty have been an integral part of many significant changes in their 20 years at Alphacrucis College. Throughout their journey, Stephen and Sandra credit all of the AC staff, past and present, as instrumental in the growth of the College. Stephen acknowledges the executive leadership of AC over the years as being his core support and without them, AC would not be where it is today. When the Fogartys joined the College on staff in 1994 it was undergoing a time of growth under the leadership of President David Cartledge and Principal Jeremy Griffiths. Sandra reflects, “It’s as though we were at the beginning, we were part of something new and exciting ... something that was going to transform the College into being more relatable and contemporary, as part of God’s move through the church and the nations.” In 1998 Stephen was appointed Principal of Southern Cross College and was the first to have formal academic qualifications in theology. From 150 students in 1994 to over 2000 students in 2014, Fogarty’s leadership has transitioned the College through many changes. Stephen says, “The entire basis of operation of the College has completely changed. When I first came I don’t think I had a computer. The internet has created so many different possibilities of access through web-based education. That has resulted in us having a much larger student population than we were ever going to have by people coming directly to our campus.” In 2013 Steve was awarded a PhD from Regent University. His dissertation studied the relationship between the leadership behaviours of Senior Pastors in Australian Christian Churches and the motivation of volunteers within the church congregations. Stephen’s research has proven to be a practical source of information for the ACC community. 2

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After 20 years at AC, Steve and Sandra have been an integral part of AC’s growth, and they have a great vision for the years ahead.

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AC student, Taras, has been travelling around the world preaching the Gospel with his wife for the past four years.

In their 20 years so far at AC, the rewarding stand out for Stephen and Sandra are the students and graduates that have gone on to impact their world in Jesus’ name. Sandra, now the Director of Development and Alumni, says, “You’re not just training one student, you’re impacting on hundreds and thousands of people.”

There is great vision for the next 20 years ahead. “I would like to see it become a University,” says Stephen. “I would hope that we would have Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral programs in Education, Theology and Business and at least one other field. I would want to have a campus in each Australian capital city and a couple of overseas campuses.” With an outstanding legacy and a focussed vision for the future, it’s exciting to see where AC will go in the next 20 years as it continues equipping students for the purpose of glorifying Jesus not only in churches, but in a range of professional fields.

As well as active ministry, the team of staff and students visited Uluru and enjoyed sight-seeing in the outback.


Life-changing outback adventures AC Missions team travelled to Alice Springs, Northern Territory for 13 days of ministry. The team of 14 (5 AC staff, 9 students) travelled to Alice Springs as part of AC’s annual Missions trip program. The vision of AC Missions is to model “best practice” missions and to support AC graduates that have gone on to lead and minister in cross cultural contexts. Partnering with AC Alumni Pastors Keith and Sue Ainge of Desert Life Church, the team had the opportunity to experience Indigenous culture in an outback context and to develop their ministry skills. Ps. Jeremy Hodson, the Director of Student Services, led the team and says, “A highlight of the trip was learning about the Indigenous way of life in that area which developed a greater appreciation of their culture. Seeing team members minister with gifts that they had not previously engaged with was inspiring.” Assisted by Ps. David Armstrong, the team learned to develop their cross cultural understanding of how to minister to Indigenous Australians in a way that is honouring and fruitful. Melissa Giorgini, a Cert IV in Ministry student and AC’s Missions Student Director says, “We went to the Indigenous night service and we had the opportunity to sing together in their language.

There was great diversity in the culture at the service and I absolutely loved it. I go to a multi-ethnic church so to go to the Indigenous church – I felt like I was at home.” Camping under the stars at an outback station in Papunya, the team cooked and ate kangaroo tail, and shared in times of worship and prayer. Melissa says, “I really appreciated God’s creation – I was sitting in my swag looking up at the stars and how many there were – it’s unfathomable – I was playing dot to dot with them. You really appreciate how small you are – yet how big God is!” This year’s AC Missions trip will see a team head to Thailand for the period July 9-19. If you are interested in being part of the team, email

Did you know? To help more students have the opportunity to study at AC, courses are offered at low, below-cost fees. Tuition fees cover only 67 per cent of AC’s annual operating costs. Rental income covers 28 per cent of the shortfall. But this still leaves a gap of approximately $250 per student that needs to be funded each year by gifts from friends and alumni like you. So, as this tax deductible giving year closes on June 30, know that your gift will help more future leaders tell their world about Jesus.


Professor Oslington launches new book! AC recently hosted the book launch of The Oxford Handbook of Christianity and Economics at AC Central. Edited by AC’s Dean of Business, Professor Paul Oslington, the book is a landmark publication for the new interdisciplinary field of theology and business. Oslington is an international authority on the relationship between Christian faith and economic markets. He leads a team of world class scholars and business professionals in AC’s new Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Business/ Bachelor of Ministry double-degree. Guest speaker, Scott Stephens, Online Editor for ABC’s Religion and Ethics, says, “Religion and Economics represent a fascinating and incredibly productive new interdisciplinary field. This volume demonstrates that deep economic thinking and deep questioning of the administration of earthly goods has long been essential to Christian and Jewish theology.” Featuring a chapter by AC’s Dean of Theology, Associate Professor Shane Clifton on Pentecostalism as it relates to a modern economy, the Oxford Handbook is an essential guide to grasping the economic dimensions of the Christian Scriptures, as well as understanding “Christian economics” in its many expressions in the past and today.

The Oxford Handbook of Christianity and Economics is available from AC Central at Reception for the special price of $120. Or you can order the book through Oxford at to receive a 20% discount. Promo code: 23954.

Professor Paul Oslington, AC’s Dean of Business (left) and Scott Stephens, Online Editor for ABC’s Religion and Ethics, at the launch of Oslington’s new book, The Oxford Handbook of Christianity and Economics.

For more information about AC’s Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Ministry double-degree, go to

AC graduate breaking new ground in Japan Penny Nakanishi (left) with seasoned Japanese church planters, Pastors Masami and Mayako Ueda. Masami and Mayako are supporting Penny with her visa and ministry endeavours.

Penny will be travelling solo however she is supported by two indigenous Japanese churches (Moriyama Christ Gospel Church, pastored by Ps. Yuya and Sawa Ueda and Minami Satsuma Christ Gospel Church, pastored by Ps. Masami and Mayako Ueda) who are sponsoring her visa. These churches both share a vision to connect the people of Hirakawa with the living God; the only God who can save them. Penny says, “I look forward to having regular visits from these churches once a church plant has begun! I know they will be an invaluable resource and source of encouragement to me on the field.” Penny plans to make contact with the local community through teaching English classes and seeks God for creative ways to build meaningful relationships with the residents. Penny’s mission is groundbreaking work as there are no other Christian churches in this city of 36,000 people. There are no 5

Recent Alphacrucis College graduate, Penny Nakanishi is embarking on a church plant project in Hirakawa City in the Aomori Prefecture (north east Japan), to an area where there are no other churches. Christian churches within a 30km radius of Hirakawa making it very difficult for any resident to attend a Christian fellowship, especially during the snow covered months of December to March. Such a venture requires resources, but Penny is getting closer to meeting her fundraising target. She recently began her work in Japan, and has faith in God that her financial needs will be met; and asks for your prayers and support. If you would like more information or would like to partner with Penny in this project please contact her at riversofpeace2014@ If you are a graduate of AC, we’d love to hear from you! Please send your story to Sandra Fogarty, Director of Development and Alumni at

You’re invited June 2 AC Brisbane Campus Open Night. 6:30pm-8pm 35 Thompson St, Bowen Hills (in the Purple Room) We invite you to come and have a taste of what it is like to be an AC student at the Brisbane campus! With a lecture by Dr Van Shore and supper afterwards - this night is an excellent chance to meet and mingle with students and staff. AC Open Day. Date and Time TBC AC Central, Parramatta Come along and see what AC is all about at our Open Day! With campus tours and mini-lectures on the day – our Open Day is the perfect opportunity to get a taste of what it is like to study with AC. October 3 The Heartbeat of the Classroom – Master of Teaching (Primary) Professional Development Day 2. 9am-3pm AC Central, Parramatta In our Professional Development Day 1 in May we explored The Heartbeat of the Teacher. This time in The Heartbeat of the Classroom we will focus on the children and young people in the classroom. What are their needs and how do we meet them at their point of need? This free event is open to all, follow the registration link on our website. Guest speakers include Dr Geoff Beech, Matthew Green, Dr Jim Twelves and more. November 17- 21 Ignite Church Planting Course AC Central, Parramatta The Australian Christian Churches National Executive, in conjunction with AC, presents the IGNITE Church Planting Course. Learn how to develop strategies for church planting and develop your leadership skills in this exciting course. For more information about guest speakers, fees and transport options, go to


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AC Tell Volume 4: Winter Issue  
AC Tell Volume 4: Winter Issue  

In this issue: - Congratulations on 20 years at AC, Steve and Sandra! - Life-changing outback adventures - Professor Oslington launches new...