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introduction AlpEmotion, Swiss creator of custom emotion in the Valais Alps. A specialist in organising quality trips and events, we take you off the beaten track, into the wild, in the company of professionals.


sweet elegance originality

creation of emotion energy

off the beaten track

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warm welcome

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Mountaineering Accompanied by a professional guide, give yourself the opportunity to experience the high mountains safely. Enjoy your day on the glaciers, rocks or grass pastures.

Climb a peak with the strength of your legs... Feel your heart racing at over 3,000m above sea level...


Classic folk concert We can exclusively organise private concerts for you in secluded locations. From classical music to traditional songs sung by our ancestors, we choose together what you'll enjoy most.

Discover the vibrant ways of a male choir in a chapel in the mountains.... Feel a deep emotion in contact with the music...


Tales and legends A veritable source of information on the region, the storytellers know many anecdotes about the places themselves, stories about the ancestors of the villages and they also know how to make you laugh till you cry or deeply move you with playful, modern or legendary tales.

Sit back and let yourself be enchanted by the candlelight and the mysterious voice of a storyteller... A fire in the corner, a glass of mulled wine in your hand, discover what the mountain villages were like more than a century ago...


Alphorn Uncover the secrets of the Alphorn... from the initiation, to the manufacturing or the demonstration, understand how it works and why its sound is so moving !

High in the mountains, be stirred by the sound of the alphorn... Place your lips on the mouthpiece and try to make a sound...


Plant cooking Learn about plants, to discover their secrets or simply to enrich your knowledge of nature. Beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge, pick and then create a small menu with the plants from our mountains.

In the kitchen of a mountain cafeteria, cut up, prepare and taste... The sweet taste of nettles, a great source of vitamins...


Decoupage and traditions The art of decoupage, originating from China, is a basic popular art in everyday life. In Switzerland, the cut-out paper forms part of a very lively tradition, particularly in the Highlands. We give you the chance to be introduced to this art.

Use your imagination, with scissors, by cutting out the paper whilst making shapes appear by removing what you don't need... Take your greetings cards and small pictures away as souvenirs, works of your creation...


Tastings, tastes and flavours We give you the chance to taste wines, beers, cheeses, syrups and artisanal ice creams. For original tastings, we suggest wines and chocolates where the chocolates have been specially produced by a chocolate maker to accompany the 9 grape varieties that you taste.

Learn to dissect the tastes and let yourself be taken away in a veritable firework display for your taste buds... In a museum, leaning against the wall of a mayen, in a village house, there are many unusual places available for your tastings...


Rye bread making Rye bread is part of the emblem of Le Valais. How is it made, which flour should be used and why does it keep for such a long time? Discover these secrets in the company of a baker who will guide you in its production.

Find yourself in a village mill or at a communal oven for the production of a loaf of bread... Flour filling the nostrils, rediscover how bread dough is kneaded...


Wildlife, tracks and nature Accompanied by a mountain expert, a specialist in the region, discover the wildlife. Do you know what marmots eat? Why did we used to hunt alpine ibex?

Listen to the love song of the stag through its bell... On grass or snow, guess which animal has been there...


Climbing and rocks Accompanied by a professional guide, learn how to or perfect your climbing of blocks, rocks or clis. With a wide variety of terrain, we can oer this activity at all levels.

Learn how to read the rock and tame it... At several metres off the ground, the landscape takes on a different aspect, would you like to try ?


Heli-hiking This entails using a helicopter to arrive directly at the foot, or even in the heart of walks and coveted summits. This saves you the tedious approach stages.

Take a spectacular walk in the land of the eternal snow... Enjoy a picnic on the edge of a crevasse...


Heliskiing Heliskiing allows you to experience areas not accessible by mechanical lifts. In the space of several minutes, find yourself in the high mountain landscape in the heart of the Alps. You do not need a champion's physique, but it is best if you know how to turn in unprepared snow. All kinds of terrains are available to you; from extreme slopes to gentle descents of discovery.

Benefit from a special lift allowing you to ski on specialised cross-country touring skis difficult to access during the day... Enjoy a petite Arvine in breathtaking scenery before beginning your descent of the glacier...


Huskies on grass Cani-rando is a walk with polar dogs. Let yourself be pulled by this animal and its a leash attached to your waist with a belt or a harness. Perhaps you prefer to try to drive a kart on the unpaved mountain roads?

Move into nature in harmony with the breathing of your hukies ...
 Discover how much a wild animal can become affectionate when surrounded by humans ‌


Huskies in the snow You can choose to learn to guide a sleigh with your own team or simply sit back and enjoy the landscape. The routes are adapted to the snow conditions and slope gradient depending on the number of participants and the desired diďŹƒculty.

Become an explorer of the Great North and venture out at night with only the light of a headlamp... Discover a wild environment in a friendly atmosphere with a tea or mulled wine at dusk...


Summer survival Become a "Robinson Crusoe  and learn to survive in raw, hostile nature. What would you do if you found yourself alone on a mountain in the middle of winter without a shelter or any source of heat? Take the opportunity to talk to a professional (expedition doctor/mountain rescuer) to find out what you should be carrying in your rucksack, whether you are on a family trip or setting out alone on an extreme trek.

Learn how to point a compass or how to rock a survival rocket ... Find out how to keep yourself hydrated, stay warm or live off the land...


The survival of the"Snow explorer" Live like a "Snow Robinson" and learn how to survive in the wilderness. What would you do if you found yourself alone in the mountains without a shelter, or heat source in the middle of winter? Take the opportunity to talk to a professional (expedition doctor/mountain rescuer) to find out what you should be carrying in your rucksack, whether you are on a family trip or setting out alone on an extreme trek.

Learn how to build an igloo or set off an emergency flare... Find out how to keep yourself hydrated, stay warm or live off the land...


The taste of milk Return to primary values, we give you the chance to uncover the secrets of the taste of milk. Is it the flower which gives milk it's taste? The cow? The shape of the cow's udder? These are all questions you will find an answer to during this mountain walk.

Enjoy the tastes of different cheeses and improve your knowledge of the production of cheese... Learn how we really treat cows...


From the border to the smugglers A parallel smuggling trade has taken place in some alpine valley because of the long periods of war and the opportunity of the proximity of the border. Being a smuggler in the early last century, meant to put butter in the spinach but also to have a taste for risk.

Follow on foot or snowshoes the tracks of smugglers ... Taste the snack of the smuggler that he always kept on him in case he had to hide in the mountains for a few days ...


Walk The walk is accessible to all and allows you to come face to face with nature by addressing a multitude of topics. Equipped with good shoes, come and discover the mountain with us.

Stroll through a 400 km2 area whilst riding more than 20 mechanical lifts... Lie in the grass and enjoy a picnic in the fresh air...


5 Senses walk Awaken your 5 senses during a walk! Taste, smell, sight, hearing and the taste of happiness in the outdoors.

Remove your shoes and discover the feel of the grass under your feet... Enjoy a festival of flavours in the shade of a tree whilst blindfolded...


Air Walk Flirt with the void, during an exhilarating day to discover the path of the bisses (small irrigation channel carved or suspended on the mountain sides used to bring the water from the melting glaciers into the valleys and to distribute it over the various cultivated areas). A great excursion for anyone with good mobility and walking skills.

Looking for thrills? Embark on an impressive abseil at almost 200 meters above the ground... Discover the remarkable know-how that our ancestors showed taking into account the basic resources available to them‌


Glacier Walk For the first time or just for fun, discover walking ont a glacier with a mountain guide. After a rudimentary training in rope climbing techniques and the use of technical equipment (ice axe, crampons, harnesses), in a few hours of walking, gradually discover the mineral world of the high mountains: rock, moraine, glacier, crevasses.

Listen to the sound of your crampons on the ice and fill your lungs with fresh air... The strung walk, a whole story to be experienced by several people for increased safety....


Observation, stars, moons, sun As an integral part of nature, the sky reveals these secrets for an evening with an astronomer in an observatory. Stay away from the lighted plains and get closer to the moon, stars or the sun with the power of telescopes.

Spend a romantic evening under the Milky Way... The moon craters in the telescope, transform yourself into a cosmonaut...


Plants and herbarium Learn about plants, to discover their secrets or simply to enrich your knowledge of nature. The herbarium will allow you to dry and identify the dierent plants that you have picked. From the medicinal herbarium to the gourmet herbarium, choose the theme you prefer.

Meadowsweet, nothing better to flavor your desserts... Nettles - friends or enemies? Learn how to pick them without stinging yourself...


Snowshoeing Snowshoeing is the ideal activity to discover the hidden corners of the mountain for those who don't know how to turn in unprepared snow. It is also an interesting way to spend the day without skiing or to share a moment with non-skiers.

Enjoy the sunshine illuminating the footprints of the white hare or the snow partridge... Enjoy a delicious regional picnic against an old larch barn...


Ski mountaineering Ski touring allows you to escape the slopes and generally rhymes with a beautiful off-piste descent in the company of a mountain guide. The equipment is slightly different from that for downhill skiing. You need skis with a hiking binding, seal skins and possibly knives. Don't worry, everything is provided for you from the equipment to the safety equipment (AVD, shovel, probe).

Slip off the beaten track with a mountain guide towards the hidden face of the mountain... Initiate yourself to hiking without knowing how to ski off-piste by letting yourself be guided on an itinerary at your technical level…


Off-piste skiing O-piste skiing can be done at first on the slopes with a ski instructor or if you want to go further into the mountains a mountain guide will accompany you. As soon as you know how to turn parallel, you can consider getting started o-piste skiing, so don't hesitate and get started!

Learn off-piste skiing in the small resorts with great off-piste skiing opportunities... Enjoy the powdery snow effortlessly or almost effortlessly in areas only known to local guides...


Via ferrata Via ferrata is a sporting route located on a rock face and equipped with specific elements (wires, ladders, etc.) designed to facilitate movement and optimise the safety of the people who use it. It is an activity halfway between trekking and climbing that does not require technical knowledge to enjoy it.

Be like a lizard and climb a rock face...
 Touch the rock heated by the sun...


Vine and grape varieties Are you interested in the dierent varieties, wines and gourmet riches that the grape has to oer?

Walk through the wine museum's vineyards in the company of a professional... Discover how many grape varieties are cultivated in Valais and what type is specific to this Valais land...


Cultural visits We organize private tours both cultural and traditional. To complement your stay or in tcase of bad weather conditions, choose to visit an art museum, heritage museum or to visit a dam, power plant, underground lake, steep gorges, underground walk in salt mines, or any other unique place that makes up the country’s wealth.

Lean against the highest weight dam in the world‌ Make a wish in the fairy caves, a wonderful mineral environment...


Yoga Combine the calm, beauty and grandeur of the mountain with a unique yoga session outdoors or in a room nestled among the larch trees. For those who wish to escape or initiate themselves in a magical place.

Close your eyes and open them when you feel the energy of the mountain... Slow down with a yoga session in a unique location...



Charming B’n’B We choose the most charming bed & breakfasts for you where the hospitality of your hosts is warm and cosy. These houses are equivalent to 3-4* hotels with a very human feel due to their small size compared to hotels.

Listen to the crackling fire in the chimney or the furnace at the foot of the bed... Enjoy a magnificent breakfast with homemade jam cooked up by your hosts...


Cabin or mountain hotel Want to stay on the mountain without sacrificing too much in the way of comfort? Our choice of mountain hotel or high mountain cabin providing a particularly warm welcome will make you forget the several-hour walk to get there, from a single room to a dormitory with multiple beds, we choose together what best fits with the experience you want to have!

Enjoy a delicious blueberry pie from « Valais » with a spectacular view on the best-known 4,000 meters mountain... Sleep under a feather duvet for a long and warm night's sleep...


Privately-run hotel Designed using the materials found in our regions, experience a 2 to 5 star hotel bursting with charm. Attentive service, very comfortable, an original touch, we take all these details into consideration when we select the boutique hotels.

Indulge yourself with a reinvigorating shower using multiple massage jets... Appreciate the comfort of a dining room with a panoramic view of the Alps...


Historical hotel These are all hotels that were built at the time of the conquest of the Alps (19th century) by the English and which have been lovingly restored by their owners. Brimming with history, today they boast all the comfort required to spend a pleasant stay in sweet elegance.

Put on your peignoir and visit the spa or hammam to relax your muscles... Take advantage of these havens of peace bringing together all the essential qualities which make good retreats‌


Original hotel A touch of madness for a memorable stay? Would you like to sleep in an igloo without the disadvantage of the dreaded cold or do you want to experience a night spent in a mayen (small mountain chalet), we can oer you undiscovered places to spice up your stay.

Slip under a sheep skin and wake up to a magnificent sunrise through the window... Sit in a rocking chair in your private igloo and enjoy the view of the plain in front of you...


Seminar room The seminar rooms that we oer combine history, authenticity and are reminiscent of the traditional professional seminar rooms found in big hotel chains. From the old library to the mountain chalet, we arrange these places for you so you can work in complete tranquility.

Sit at an old seminar table dating back more than 200 years... Brainstorm without mobile phones or computers at more than 2,000 meters above sea level in a secluded chalet...



Food In all the holidays that we offer, meals are always included. Gourmet or rustic meals, seasonal food, gourmet picnics, flavours or land, there is something to suit everyone to ensure you get the most out of every second of your day.

And if tomorrow you sit at the Swiss chef of the year's table… 
 And if tomorrow you bite into a sandwich, leaning against a rock heated by the sun facing majestic mountains…
 And if tomorrow you taste the famous Gougra fondue, the recipe for which is a closely guarded secret…



Transport From the train on the main lines between the airports and the cities, to the private buses with drivers, through the taxi service, the mechanical lifts to access the remote resorts or even the helicopter to save time or to enjoy a breathtaking view of the Alps, make your choice or let us suggest the best routes corresponding to the activities and accommodation you have chosen!

To remove all your worries, we can organise all the transport for your stay.


private clients

private clients You are at the heart of our activities.It is you who has made us want to excel to serve you better.

Why contact us?
 Something to celebrate? To celebrate an anniversary, for a marriage proposal, for a retirement, call us and let us help you organise a unique event. Romantic stay Enjoy the sweetness of life together for two under the stars, in the Jacuzzi, or on a lounge chair with a panoramic view, we know how to inspire you. Carefree family holiday To be able to enjoy your holiday without organisational worries and to discover the nature with the new generation, find out all that you can do as a family. Relaxation with friends To strengthen the special relationship you have or simply to share a different moment altogether where the memory will stay with you for a long time. Need to escape? If you need to relax, we'll take you into nature in complete serenity. If you're looking for a thrill, we can make you shiver. You can escape in comfort and we select the most voluptuous services for you.


companies Creator of emotions, we take you off the beaten track to discover nature. Come and discover a region of the Alps like you have never seen it before!

We can organise for you :
 Team building To connect a team in a majestic environment Seminars To be creative and reflect the free spirit To bring a fresh touch to the discussion Training To improve the communication within a team To allay the fears crystallising the workplace Gifts, incentives For a department which has reached its objectives, as an end of year treat To motivate an objective within a team To receive special clients differently

tour operateur

tour operator services With the experience of private clients as well as companies, we have woven close links with many service providers covering as many regions as possible. Our knowledge of the locations and our contacts allow us to advise the tour operators looking for information and advice on stays in the Valaisian Alps or in the pre-Alp of Fribourg region!

Why contact us?
 Consulting Specialised in tourism in the Valaisian Alps, we know how to advise you Holiday creation If you're looking for new ideas, we can create original holidays Local contact Based in Valais, we are at the heart of the Alps

why choose us ? A customised service tell us the emotion that you want to feel and we will create it for you An all-inclusive price A complete package where only the drinks aren't included Complete management from the organisation of the original picnic equipment to the atypical seminar room to the authentic comfortable accommodation, we offer you a complete service On the ground experience all of our addresses have been listed, discussed and tested. people of the valleys One philosophy shared by all admiration and respect for nature the desire to share and make you feel good

Close local collaboration with the



AlpEmotion welcomes you throughout the year. Enjoy every second in complete serenity, we can organise everything for you. Our packages include everything you need for your stay, from the technical equipment to the picnic, to the accommodation through to the accompaniment. For your next reservation, contact us and we will be pleased to create a customised package for you! Hoping to see you soon in Le Valais, The AlpEmotion team

AlpEmotion Sàrl
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 BP 401
 1873 Les Crosets
 Suisse +41 79 310 45 47 AlpEmotion is based in the small hamlet of Les Crosets located 1‘700 metres above sea level.

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