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Interior Design Portfolio 2018


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Restaurant / MARIE

Healthcare / NEXT Healthcare Clinic

Hospitality / The Horse Barn

Retail / TechSpresso


About Allison

01 & Restaurant & Hospitality Design Revit

Madison Wisconsin

Sustainable Design

Community Focused

Located on Williamson Street in Madison Wisconsin, two historic buildings are receiving a make-over to create a remarkable stay for visitors and locals alike. Located on one side of the building is Marie, a spunky restaurant inspired by local culture. Pangaea is located on the other side of the building, a completely sustainable boutique hotel. With unexpected elements around every corner, Marie is a space that encourages curiosity and original thinking. The design is dedicated to honoring all women, including famous women of history, with a modern twist. Each dish served is a unique combination of foods, never created anywhere else. This will surely be a space where memories will be made and ideas come to fruition. The space in which Marie and Pangaea lives will seamlessly combine the historic elements of the existing building with modern shapes and colors. The aesthetic will compliment Williamson Street’s unique artistic character by featuring one-of-a-kind murals. Marie’s main goal is honor and empower all women, while Pangaea’s goal is to offer an outstanding sustainable experience for visitors.

Isometric View

Window Banquette Seating

Branding Print & Signage

Hostess Podium


Custom Artwork Artwork & Explanation

Banquette Seating and Bar


ne t Healthcare Design Revit

Square Feet Seattle Washington

1st Place Corporate Design Winner

Sustainable Design

Community Focused The purpose of the NEXT design is to create a holistic and welcoming clinical space that delivers care outside of acute care facilities and into the community. The space will aid in curating deep connections between patients and practitioners by offering various comfortable and innovative environments. These environments, such as the work cafe and white-board collaboration areas, effectively promote eyeto-eye interactions that aid in building relationships and enable shared decision making. The space will integrate biophilic design through integration of green plants and organic shapes. Fear and anxiety on the part of the patient associated with clinical settings can make treatment more difficult or create barriers to initially seeking medical attention. Research has shown that connecting with nature can be an effective way to alleviate stress and anxiety, improving the user experience in healthcare environments.


Define the problem & goals

Specify Requirements

Perform backround research

Schematic Design

Design Development

Final Presentation

Construction Documents

Design Challenges


Create Connection

White Board Reception Area

NEXT aims to create a community between all users within the space; connecting clients with doctors, doctors with doctors, and clients with other clients. Upon arrival into the NEXT clinic, users are welcomed with a large white board. The white board features the prompt ‘NEXT I will...’. This is an area where users can freely express their thoughts, dreams, and goals. This also encourages innovation and playful thinking


Promote Transparency

Office Space

Being a holistic clinic, NEXT holds themselves accountable for expressing transparency in the workplace. Transparency and the ease of sharing knowledge and data is crucial to building trust in the healthcare industry, therefore the design of clinic conveys that same message. By opening up enclosed spaces through the use of layout and glass, patients feel more connected to the staff and their practitioner, therefore building trust.


Aid Communication

Exam Room

The relationship between practitioners and their patient is highly important when it comes to effective clinical care. When communication is clear a bond can form between patient and practitioner aiding in the healing or educational process. The design of the exam room cultivates these bonds by showcasing accessible multimedia communication boards, and efficient spatial organization that endorses eye-to-contact.


Further Education

Learning and Education Zone

This lifestyle and education zone offers is an area where workers and the community can connect through learning. With a monitor and white-board available, education becomes fast and easy. There is also a glass door between the learning zone and kitchen, giving users the opportunity to host cooking classes for large groups.

Conference & Phone Room

Conference Room Interior

Phone Booth Elevations

Process Work Adjacencies & Schematics

Circulation The building’s floor print allows for one main entrance and two main circulation paths for the users. Private spaces can be built within the two main circulation paths while open office work space can be built outside of the path. Social zones for spontaneous collaboration will be created where the two paths intersect.

Zones After establishing main circulation, it is now possible to layout zones. Public and social zones are located in the front of the house as well as next to intersections in the main circulation path. This encourages spontaneous collaboration when workers pass each other. Private and residential zones are gathered together, located at the back of the house. This allows to keep the main circulation while offering privacy from the public zones.

Open Office Space The Bivi by Turnstone modular desk-system was chosen for this space as it offers an array of seating options. The client wanted open work stations that would serve multiple users throughout the day. This set-up offers lounge and long-term seating, standing desks, and storage.

Floor Plan

Work Cafe Lounge Seating Area

Work Cafe

Reflected Ceiling Plan

03 Horse Barn Hospitality Design Revit Madison Wisconsin

Sustainable Design

Community Focused

The historic horse barn has been a part of the UW-Madison campus for over 100 years. Remodeling the building for international scholars, artists, researchers and professors who travel to the university will allow the campus to showcase it’s history while providing a private environment for these special guests. The goal of remodeling the University of Wisconsin Madison’s Horse Barn is to create a comfortable yet professional space for international scholars, artists, researchers and professors who are working on campus. The building would provide a place for these visitors to stay for a number of weeks or months at a time, offering amenities such as a conference and meeting room, a coffee shop and other gathering spaces. The apartments will offer a taste of the Midwest while still keeping the integrity of the historic Horse Barn. This will be done by choosing materials that reflect Midwestern style, modern elements, and the original building’s structure.

Floor Plans

1st Floor Layout. Not To Scale Rendered Space

2nd & 3rd Floor Layout. Not To Scale Rendered Space

Process Work Adjacencies & Schematics

The coffee bar stretches across the original front barn doors of the building opening the space up to the outdoors.

A Warm Welcome

The main welcoming lobby and coffee shop, The Trough, are easily accessible as they are positioned near the East sidewalk of the campus. While the short-term residents can utilize this space it is also open to the public creating a warm, communal atmosphere.

A Place to Relax With warm, natural materials and an open floor plan the living area and dining room offer a relaxed atmosphere for gathering. The wood pillars were modeled after the pillars original to the building keeping the historic horse barn’s authenticity.

The Kitchen In this hotel, residents will feel welcomed by the cozy yet dynamic kitchen. Part sealed concrete and part stainless steal, the counter top features unique materials with two waterfall edges. The center island is custom built with a butcher block top and a base constructed from locally sourced wood. All appliances are top-quality Sub-Zero Wolf products.

01 TechSpresso Retail & Restaurant Design Revit

Square Feet Las Angeles California

Sustainable Design

Technologically advanced:

TechSpresso was designed to meet all of these criteria for the client while holding onto a very unique quality original to itself. TechSpresso is a hybrid of a cafe and technology shop, offering every millennials favorite cup of coffee alongside today’s newest computers. This gives users the chance to operate new devices on the market for a long period of time before making the choice to purchase. The shop’s aesthetic is fun, lively, and yet simple featuring pops of yellow and geometric shapes in the midts of light washed brick and white granite flooring. TechSpresso aims to set the standard for innovative sustainable design. Materials specified yeild highly eco-friendly characteristics. The aesthetic also incorporates biphilic elements, bringing the outdoors in.

Elevation & Section


Front Elevation


Right Section



Process Work Circulation & Main Areas

Custom built coffee bar and cash&wrap

Outdoor seating

Media tables

Social Lounge


Living tree feature with custom built table

Social Lounge & Media Bar

Tech House

Art & Photography

Quick sketch: Pencil & Charcoal

Painting: Acrylic

Painting: Acrylic Overall Best in Show National Art Competition 2011 1st Place Waupun Art Competition 2011

Plant Study: Pastel

Plant Study: Charcoal

Self Portrait Painting: Acrylic

Commissioned Sketch: Pencil

Commissioned Sketch (detail): Pencil

Commissioned Sketch (detail): Pencil

Painting Style Study: Oil

Facial Study (Self Portrait): Pencil & Pastel

Painting: Acrylic

Hand Rendering: Pencil

Hand Rendering: Marker

Hand Rendering: Pencil

Personal Work: Portrait

About Allison

Graduating August of 2018 Currently studying at UW-Madison with the intent to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Architecture Emphasis in Business Eight time awardee of Dean’s List placement for holding a GPA of 3.25 or higher

Design Experience UW Madison

920.319.0402 5410 Nobel Drive Fitchburg WI 53711 allison.e.sanders@gmail.com

Design Studies: Design of residential and commercial interiors including space planning, programming, lighting design, selections of FF&E, and professional communication of design solutions. Emphasis on ADA coding and sustainability. Color Theory & Technology: computer technology to create, analyze and match color.

Skills AutoDesk Software AutoCAD Revit Adobe Creative Suite Illustrator Photoshop InDesign

Composition of materials, their uses, sustainable aspects and how they affect human health and well being Concepts, methods and materials used for communicating ideas during the design process. With an emphasis on creating visually driven experiences, the course integrated traditional manual approaches with up-to-the-minute digital approaches Effects of buildings and outdoor spaces on people over the lifecourse. Psychological outcomes and attributes of city planning and indoor space planning. Physical textile testings studied. Emphasis placed on the

Achievements Dean’s List awardee (x8) 1st Place IIDA Student Design Competition Work featured in Ruth Davis Design Gallery

Involvement Interior Design Organization IIDA Student Member Various Volunteer Work


standards were also discussed.

Work Experience March 2018 - Current Facilities Planning & Management Aid in editing and creating schedules for large campus projects Implement AutoCAD to determine furniture layouts and aid in smooth furniture deliveries Create boards and presentations to easily communicate ideas with clients Organize and maintain materials library June 2012 - January 2018 Shadow Store Manager and aid in all store operations Hire and lead staff of 35 associates Merchandise on a daily basis to visual standards Collaborate with team to build social media and marketing Led store to comp on last year sales multiple times by over 100 basis points as well as meet other KPI goals.

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/allison-sanders-86866591/

October 2013 - May 2014 Created new social media accounts and grew others Managed the store during open hours Built an ecommerce website for product and customer service.

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Allison Sanders Undergrad Interior Design Portfolio  

Allison Sanders Undergrad Interior Design Portfolio