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All In! Young Writers Festival

55-Word Competition Entries 2017

Organised by National Book Development Council of Singapore


All In! Young Writers Festival is organised by National Book Development Council of Singapore 50 Geylang East Avenue 1 Singapore 389777 +65 6848 8290 | |

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FOREWORD Welcome to the 9th edition of the All In! Young Writers Festival. Starting off as a one-day event in 2009, we only dreamed that All In! would become as broad and as exciting as it is today, with a packed programme covering different fields of writing and related activities. We hope that this varied programme is able to inspire and entice more young people to develop their love for writing. This year’s All In! is riddled with many firsts. For one, the Festival has found a new home and partner in *SCAPE, which has graciously sponsored this year’s venue to accommodate a larger audience. In addition, we are launching an exhibition of short films by young filmmakers, as well as featuring programmes supported by partners such as the Singapore Kindness Movement, Puttnam School of Film-LaSalle, Singapore Writers Festival’s Words Go Round, and Parallel Ink. We also welcome new programme partners AIESEC, Singapore National Co-Operative Federation, BananaMana Films, and Pulp Toast. This year’s All In! also marks the launch of our first publication–a compilation of essays submitted through the YOUTHspeak Essay Competitions supported by the National Youth Council, as well as other works by young writers and seasoned professionals. It is also the first time that we are having morning panel sessions followed by afternoon workshops (instead of having the sessions and workshops on different days), a set-up which we feel could be a staple for editions to come. Moving forward, the Festival sees itself as a platform that brings together professionals and students in a mesh of shared discussions, while creating opportunities to extend collaborations beyond the festival dates. We hope that more attendees will leverage the networking platform and opportunities for interaction that All In! gives its delegates. On behalf of the Festival team, I wish you continued success and a sense of adventure in your future writing endeavours!

Kenneth Quek Festival Director, All In! 2017 Director, NBDCS


All In! Young Writers Festival


JUDGE’S CHOICE WINNER STANLEY SEET Bishan Park Secondary School Starfall It’d be nice if we could go somewhere. Just you and me, no one around to stare, to judge. We could even hold hands and take pictures under the dazzling moonlight. So take me somewhere far, some place between the sky and the clouds where stars will rain down on us and rebuild our world.

A JUDGE’S CHOICE Runner-Up LEE EN Nan Chiau High School Gifts of Life Life loved death with all her heart. Death, however, did not return that love. Despite this, Life gave presents to Death everyday , hoping to get a sign of his affections. Perhaps, somewhere in that dark, mysterious and cold heart of his, Death did love Life, for he kept all the presents Life gave him forever.


PEOPLE’S CHOICE WINNER CHUA KAI EN JOVIANNE CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School Untitled My mum cautioned me not to give my heart away recklessly to a boy. I heeded her advice obediently. Then one day my boyfriend took my beloved mobile phone and simply left me. My life was turned upside down. I nearly died. Why didn’t Mum warn me that mobile phones are more important than boys?

A PEOPLE’S CHOICE Runner-Up THEA SIN Christ Church Secondary School Blank Eyes You left me slowly, day by day. You became a stranger at home. Yet, I still love and care for you even after you asked me, “Who are you?” I close my eyes and pray to God for you to return to me. As you sit there helplessly losing the ones you once called, ‘Family’.

All In! Young Writers Festival

55-Word Competition Entries 2017


Aaliyah Basalamah Broadrick Secondary School A Feast Her stomach growled lowly, barely loud enough for her to hear. But she glanced to her left and right, just to check if anyone heard her. Then, she closed her eyes and tuned out everything, her teacher’s monotonous lecture, the sound of her classmates’ whispers and dreamed of a feast waiting for her at home.

Adriana Ram Prashad The Dark Night Fangs like canines of a wolf. Skin as pale as freshly fallen snow with a cold touch. My feet moved along the concrete before a streak rush past me almost unnoticed. “Panic,” my mind whispered. My instincts betrayed me as all i remembered was surrendering to a stinging pain on my neck, blood trickling down.

Afrah Bte Abdul Halim East Spring Secondary School Estrangement We inched closer. I felt the tension escalating, as though erstwhile memories were back to haunt. I set my eyes on the moonlit sky– searching for love. I kept my composure. Breathe. Then, it happened. We crossed paths without saying a word. Nothing. Love found us in the light and left us in the dark.

Alicia Cheung Singapore Chinese Girls School Dark Places It’s bright outside. But somehow, I can’t feel the warmth. I don’t know. I don’t know. I want to get out. I stare at my nails, my hair, my feet and I hear voices, the ceaseless chattering in my head, the fingers clawing at my flesh, tearing me apart. I don’t know. I don’t know.

Allison Goh National University of Singapore Poke the Silence of the Night Did I? Yes I think I did. I locked the doors. I did. Should I? No, it’s late now. I am not hungry. I need to sleep. I lie in bed. Still as a cat. Checking my phone, checking the time. Log on to Facebook. One post can’t hurt. “Hi everyone, I am awake.” Enter.

Alysa Tsjin Yi Xia Chung Cheng High School Untitled is awesome. She can fly for two seconds which can save her from any damage and she has unlimited bullets. When she gets her ultimate charge to hundred percent, she gets out of her machine and her machine will explode. You cannot survive it unless you hide behind a wall to be assured your life. 9

Amanda Yeo East Spring Secondary School Lost Child Fresh, warm, glistening tears trickled down his blanched face like a broken tap. Wild and unwelcoming thoughts raced through his mind like a whirlwind. Just as he thought all hope was lost, a sudden familiar cry from a woman could be heard from afar. He then rocketed through the frantic crowd desperately for his mother.

Amelia Ng East Spring Secondary School AWOL Chocolate The sight before her very eyes filled her with indignation. Gnashing her teeth in rage, her eyes turned into laser beams, scanning the entire room for the culprit of the crime. Despicable! A pang of distraught punched her in the gut; the severity of the situation dawned upon her. Her last chocolate bar was missing!

Amirthavarshini Subramanian Tanjong Katong Girls School A Monkey in the Streets “Oh you monkey!” I spun around in surprise. That’s new. Usually it’s “HELP ME FROM THIS MONKEY!” Wait. They haven’t seen me. Humans are weird. From destroying our territory to killing us when we try to get what’s ours back. Now, why is this human being called a monkey? Why is it so offensive? Strange.

Amos Goh East Spring Secondary School Nature’s Gift Teetering on the cliff edge overlooking the lush forest, Zac marvelled at the orange sky and endless stretch of green like oil on canvas. Though he couldn’t see past the vast canopy, he could see why many would risk their lives to face the treacherous climb. Up there – it truly was a sight to behold.

Ang Wei Lin Anderson Junior College Words Can Kill “It’s all your fault” The words I hear day after day Night after night, Haunting me together with my memories. I fought against their words, I wish I couldn’t hear! But I did. And one day I realise That they were right All along. So, I end their misery and mine, Fading into oblivion forever.


All In! Young Writers Festival is an inclusive festival for all young writers in Singapore and beyond.

Anggun Natasha Bte Jailani East Spring Secondary School Anonymous Call “I would like to stay anonymous, officer.” “Very well.” “She’s not moving.” Her shirt ― soaked crimson from multiple lacerations on her neck region. The knife lay still beside her after finishing its job. There was a pregnant pause. “I’m sorry. She made me do it,” he finally breathed. With that, he killed the line. Arissa Hon Chung Cheng High School Voices It can get overwhelming sometimes. It is constantly there, taunting me, reminding me of my mistakes, telling me what a fool I am. Voices, I like to label it. When tears hit the paper, I realise that I lost yet another battle. This is never bad though. It is just another opportunity to grow stronger. Ashley Maddala Christ Church Secondary School Prom Night He crossdress, my eyebrows cross He puts on the wig, my heart is not at peace He wants us to look straight, but i love that we are abnormal. I want him to know although we are forbidden, I love him as a man, who wants to take his significant other for his last dance. 13

Benedict Chan Seng Kang Secondary School The Wait Sitting in classroom eyes full of tears staring at the clock, counting the seconds before the end of lesson. The room was silent, all you could hear was the sound of the Teacher’s voice. When the bell finally rang I sprang out of my chair and ran to the hospital. I was visiting my Father.

Bian Chang Tanjong Katong Secondary School A Very Special Funeral As I awoke from my slumber, complete darkness shrouded my vision. I found myself hemmed in from all sides. I heard a soothing song playing in the background. Suddenly, a soft shuffling was heard and it was followed by many more, and then it stopped. It finally hit me, I was at my own funeral.

Brayden Scott Chen Chung Cheng High School Untitled He hung himself from the ceiling. The air was sucked out of him, his throat burned, the rope cut into his neck. Staring at the lifeless body in the attic, he was in shock, he had never seen a dead body before. When he saw the dead corpse,he was in shock, it was him!

Brian Ang Chung Cheng High School Untitled Do you think time management is important? I believe it is. We need to know when to study, do homework or relax and have fun. After school, I will try to do all my homework first before relaxing or games. Our teachers also taught us that so I hope everyone can manage their time well. Bryce Koh Chung Cheng High School Untitled Our eyes fed on immense greenery, spectacular mountains rangers, vast glacier lakes and wild penguins and seals. The 19.4km hike through the Tongariro Alpine Crossing of active volcano craters and rocky vocanic terrains was remarkable feat. The days were filled with adventures and delightful experiences. It is a truly memorable vacation to New Zealand.

Caleb Yung Christ Church Secondary School Ex-Convict He wanted to be an upright person, but he was not entirely innocent. People called him a criminal, although his transgressions were minimal. Everyone forms unfavourable judgements on him without trying to understand. Has the community become so selfish? Just because he was foolish once? It won’t be long before humanity drives him to insanity. 15

All In! 2017 featured top-brass speakers, including seasoned journalists Steven Chia, Dawn Tan and Timothy Go.


Calista Kok Shi Yun Chung Cheng High School Competitive Siblings “I want a chicken meal!” Jane shouted. “No! I want a burger!” June replied. Their mother gave them only five dollars, enough to buy one meal. As they were busy squabbling, the lady behind shoved the sisters away and stepped forward to buy her meal.

Carol Chin Chung Cheng High School Untitled Hello! I am Carol.I am going to write about how I start a usual school day .My day starts at 5.45 when my loud and annoying alarm clock starts to ring .I will drag myself out of my bed before going out of room.I will have a plain bread for breakfast before heading for school.

Cassandra Wu Shan Min Chung Cheng High School The Meaning of Love What is the meaning of life? Is it to be a clown, whom people laugh at? Is it to be invisible in front of people’s eyes? Is it to be nobody to anyone? But throughout the lies, Mama thinks that the meaning of life is being the diamond of my family, being precious.

Chai Wei Yan Chung Cheng High School Disease When he coughs onto the palm of his hand, it comes red, white and pink–blood stained azalea petals came tumbling like graceful ballerinas onto the blank pages of his notebook. His heart skipped a beat, pounding hard, erratically. It was only then when he realised one thing. He was utterly, completely, madly in love.

Chan Sai Kit Anakin Broadrick Secondary School The Unbreakable Relic People often make fun of John as he still uses an ancient relic of the past, the Nokia 3310. Why? Because it’s old. I mean everyone has iPhones and Androids but John was different. “It’s not that bad though,” John thought as it slipped from his grasp and hit the floor. “At least it can’t break!”

Charmaine & Xuan En Chung Cheng High School Untitled She smeared it on her face, trying to hide the scars she’d obtained through her long, ardous life; ugly disfigurements that covered the beauty of her soul. Every day it was same. Put on the mask and no one would ask question. No one look close enough, deep enough to look at her ugly looking face. 19

Chee Yeng Yee Rachel Chung Cheng High School Untitled Newsflash: the plane has crashed; no survivors. Gradually it dawned on her. Twenty years of tension, arguments and entrapment: over. If he was dead, she was free! Tears of relief welled up. Sweet release. The front door opened. “Thank God I missed that plane!” he said, brushing away her tears.

Chen Weifeng Hwa Chong Institution Joke You posted,”He is a good for nothing nerd!”as a joke. He did not take it as one. In his perspective, it was an insult. He is now no longer in any way, talking to you. “It was a joke!” You tried to explain. But all was too late. The friendship is history now.

Chen Zijian Chung Cheng High School Untitled Three a.m. or so. Dan was half asleep, channel surfing, when he hit the channel 666.The man in the black suit spoke directly to him. “Go next door, kill everyone.” Dan was dazed, hypnotized. Back home, blood spattered, Dan turned the television on again. But there was no channel 666. Everyone says there was never one.

Cherie Sng Chung Cheng High School Life Life is short. We cry hysterically when we see someone lying motionlessly on a bed. Sometimes I wonder if it’s necessary, since there’s always a beginning and an ending in everything. Although I have only been on this world for thirteen years, I am living every second of my life to the fullest without regrets.

Chermaine Chia Loyang Secondary School Triggered “Shut your face,” growled Malcolm, whose ham-like hands had curled into fists. “Says Piggy!” Brody added mockingly. “SHUT UP, you imbecile!” A muscle was twitching in Malcolm’s jaw. It was simply satisfying seeing how furious Malcolm was and felt as though he was siphoning off his own frustration onto Malcolm – the only outlet he had.

Cheryl Chan Xuan En Changkat Changi Secondary School Untitled “Click!” I took a picture of Lisa’s party. After she used me, she dropped me aside. I felt hurt; I couldn’t see straight. Five minutes later, I heard the sound of raindrops. I thought Lisa would bring me back but she didn’t. I knew then that I was dead, along with memories of her family. 21

Chin Jie Sheng Chung Cheng High School Torture The one word to describe John’s life was torture. When he reach home his parents will physically, mentally and verbally abuse him even though it was not his fault. When he is at school, his classmates will laugh at his looks as he was ugly and his clothes, pants and school shoes were very old.

Chloe Foo SIM University Parallel Universe “Do you have to go?” His eyes glazed hot with tears. Don’t go, he thought. But she was a girl who couldn’t stay, for the stars in her soul, they beckoned her home. He’d thought she was lost ‘til she met him. Turned out he was the one. In her silence, he found his answer.

Chng Kai Ting East Spring Secondary School Desire To tell you the truth, I have nothing to write. I could tell you of incessant torment. Misery. Pain. Agonising trials and starvation for happiness–happiness that I craved with such expectancy; a longing for something so vague. Yet, how was I to know of such obscurity? Snap! There goes my last shred of hope...

Quirky duo Global Beards launched a book and conducted sessions at All In! 2017


All In!’s coloured wristbands were all the rave at the Festival this year.

Chong Bao Xiang East Spring Secondary School Mental Conflict Beguiling. Should I? I did not quite have the restraint. It was audacious of me to approach the truck. Then, under the torrid sun, I started licking – oblivious of time; ignorant of my own plight. Between being punctual and relishing the finer things, I chose the latter. Oh, how I love ice-cream‌ More than Math.

Chong Jiexuan Tao Nan Secondary School Untitled Critical ops is a fast-paced game where you can play with active global players around the world.There are many maps you can play with like bureau,canals,Grounded,Legacy and plaza. There are also two types of playing modes : defuse and deathmatch. There are also many games in this game,which is fun.

Chong ZiYi East Spring Secondary School Shipwrecked Gasping, I propelled myself up, desperately clinging onto the piece of flotsam drifting carelessly amidst the emerald ocean. My throbbing heart pounded profusely against my tight chest as my head bobbed along to the tempestuous ocean. My mind was filled with only thoughts of death - but death was not a viable option. Swim, Ziyi... Swim. 25

Christabella Lim National University of Singapore Bird Song The whole affair had gotten progressively worse. The cocky thing – she couldn’t bear to name the mongrel – from being a total phantasm, had started to appear more regularly, daring to come closer and closer. For example, it had watched her eat on Saturday, on the window. Horrid, berry-bright eyes and wicked, knowing skull.

Chua Chong Jun Seng Kang Secondary School Dream Was it a dream? it felt so real...those girls who are they? I had so many questions in my head. Getting chase by seven girls was certainly unpleasant,It seems that i was running through an endless corridor. The girls eventually caught me... the last thing i hear was “How does your own medicine taste like?”

Chua Kai En Jovianne CHIJ ST Nicholas Girls’ School Untitled People can’t live without me. I mocked them as they stared at me with empty souls. Their obsession with me feeds their hunger for existence and feeds my ego. I decided to improve myself and transform into Ultimate 7. I shall rule the world! Then suddenly BOOSH! I never knew why I turned into ashes.

Claresta Kong Chung Cheng High School Rain I looked at the shadow on the floor as it moved quickly out of the door. Tears started to form and threatened to fall, as if a bucket of clear and salty water was being forced to pour out of my eyes. “She will never forgive me, will she?� I groaned dejectedly, lowering my head.

Corine Lim Christ Church Secondary School Strangers I remember how our eyes caught, the first time we met, and the first words we spoke. We were both so ingenuous, but not anymore. Your questions answered, while mine still lingered. Burning flames of unspoken words, unspoken thoughts, when will I ever comprehend? Strangers we meet, strangers we part, as strangers we shall remain.


Crystal Chong Chung Cheng High School Fighter I know you’ve been struggling with some things and that you want to be more that just alright, fine, or okay. You want to genuinely get better. And you are. You are getting there. You’re a fighter, my dearest friend. And you shall break through the chaos which overwhelmed you for the past years.

Cung Nei Mawi Lian Bishan Park Secondary School Trick or Tricked Her blood painted the pale wall a vibrant red. He looked at me, clearly distraught. “You said you wouldn’t.” “She fancied you.” I faked jealousy. He blushed. “I’ll get the money.” Footsteps, rushing up. He spotted policemen, hurried down. “The cops!” His voice echoed, alone in the room with a dead body and stolen cash.

Da Feng Tan Chung Cheng High School Untitled As Booby and Tammy walked into the dark creepy forest hesitantly, they stumbled across an abandoned shed. Despite Tammy’s incessant nagging to not go in, Booby ignored her and went into the shed. Booby opened the door with his palm sweating, he fell straight down through the floor. Booby shouted “*Booby* trapped!” as Tammy laughed.

Dale Matthew Angcon East Spring Secondary School Sweet Joy A whiff of heaven filled my room entirely, triggering my eyes to dart around chaotically. Curiosity cuffed me and I started to wander around the house like a robber looking for gold. I jumped out of my room in hopes of getting a pot of grub, but instead, I found something even better! Chocolate cake!

Darius Sim Chung Cheng High School Untitled Bleeding like a fountain of red, Tom was groaning in pain as he hold his ankle tightly. Big Bully Tan crossed his hands in akimbo. He said, “You better stop interfering with my business.” As a sign off, Big bully Tan stepped on Tom’s hand and stomp off. Poor Tom was sobbing sadly away.


Aside from panel sessions and workshops, All In! 2017 also featured a slew of screenings, book launches, and performances by programme partners and schools.


Darrel Ng Wei Jun Holy Innocents High School Phases of Moon Moon paces out the months as she draws the oceans in ebb and flow, And gives us monthly regularity. We are linked together and yet, Man’s ‘one small step’ indelible on universal world vision completes our union. Neil Armstrong takes his ‘giant leap’ Hello Houston, planet and moon, Our union now in space and time. Daud Ahmad East Spring Secondary School Conflicts in Syria I stood there, witnessing the horror on the streets. Masked criminals firing at innocents, their blood spilling onto the streets and running through the smallest of cracks in the asphalt. Bang. A body fell. Soon, the streets were desolate and bleak. The murderers retreated from the scene, leaving countless of bodies on the painted streets. Dayangku Nurul Natasha Changkat Changi Secondary School Untitled I take my time to mature, sunlight and water the only things I need. Butterflies flutter around, cameras would be focused on me. People are attracted by my colours and smell, I give love to all girls. Give me to your loved ones any day and any occasion; After all, everybody loves me in bloom.

Denise Lee Chung Cheng High School Untitled The long-awaited day has finally arrived – my birthday. I woke up with great enthusiasm, hoping to get many presents. The moment I woke up, I went to find my parents. When I stared at them, hoping to get some presents, they seemed to not remember it was my birthday. I spent the day with disappointment.

Denise Ong Yishun Secondary School What An Act “No!” he screamed. His hands were stretched out as he dashed towards her. She turned to look at him. Bloodshot, swollen eyes that were brimming with tears screamed at him. Smiling, she whispered “goodbye” and closed her eyes. Then she descended. Rapidly. “Cut! Good take!” She got up and wiped away her tears. He smiled.

Dhiren Zien East Spring Secondary School Assassination Dyspeptic. He stared at me with bloodshot eyes, seething with an unfathomable amount of rage. Beads of perspiration plummeted down my cheeks at presumably the speed of light, attempting to regain the composure I had lost in the matter of a few seconds. As he inched closer towards me, an ear-splitting shriek pierced the air.


Dion Choo Chung Cheng High School Untitled I awoke to some monks chanting loudly outside. I smacked my forehead, shouting”I’m trying to sleep!” That didn’t work. People were screaming now. I shout angrilly and banged my head on a ceiling. Groping around, I found myself stucked in all sides. That explained the commotion, then. This was my funeral.

Donavon Ho Temasek Polytechnic Half-A-Minute Hero “VICTORY - PLAY AGAIN?” reflected in his eyes. Glancing down -- “late again?” -- That can’t be right. The wall clock didn’t help; his screen only shone so far -- “Whatever.” Ephemeral highs drugged his soul as victory replayed his reality. “I am Incredible, Talented! ... here.” Then elation fled for emptiness. He frantically searched for relief and clicked it.

Dorothy Ho Singapore Chinese Girls School Untitled Sarah stood by the shop’s entrance, giving out free candy as promotion. Little giggles reached her ears and she turned to see a small toddler making cute grabby hands at her. Sarah cooed as she reached into her basket for a sweet. “Are you a demon? Mommy says that demons like to tempt little children!”

Dylan Leong Liyao Christ Church Secondary School Yesterday’s Self A loaded rifle in my hand, I head over to where ‘you’ stand trembling. The clock starts to tick, My heart racing even faster. A loaded rifle in my hand, Kicking down the locked door. The gun recoils as the bullet pierces through the me of yesterday, Freeing me from the despair manifesting within me.

Edien Joy Lleva Yishun Secondary School Misfit He was never understood by anyone, that was the image he created. His image made people think differently of him. To everyone else, he was the ‘Weird Kid’. He was called that for being himself. To everyone else, his true colors was not art but, instead, paint that was splashed on to his blank canvas.


All In! 2017 partnered with AIESEC Singapore in bringing the Youth Speak Forum to the Festival.

Eileen Png Yi Lin Holy Innocents High School Magic Within Cakes With teeny tiny bit of magic And a whisk and a whoosh “My batters ready!” I slide it in the oven, Hoping for the best. In an flash of an eye, From a liquid batter to a soft delicate treat! “Oh my I did it! How beautifully magical was that?” Magical, reason I love baking.

Elizabeth Wang East Spring Secondary School Daylight Nightmare Debilitated by the gruelling training session, I wiped away the sweat that glistened on my limbs – no doubt my sweat still fell like the Niagara Falls. Coupled with the enervating heat that mercilessly hit me in the face like a bully, it was a blessing from hell. Lord, please save me from this daylight nightmare.

Esther Ee Hillcrest International (Indonesia) After the Music Stops Paper plates and cups overflowed the bags by the door. Erin stared vacantly at the tinsel and glitter skittering from her mechanical broom. They’d all congratulated her. Her heart ached to know he never would. “I hope you’re proud, daddy.” Daddy. With that she was the saddest girl on the happiest day of her life. 37

Ethan Sng Fairfield Methodist Secondary School Strikes Back As he rode his bike through the thunderstorm he knew his rubber tires protected him from lightning. Thunder crashed around him. Rain drenched him. But he was beating nature. Of course, when he arrived home, he had to ground his feet. You guessed it. Lightning struck, and he was killed. By a falling tree trunk.

Eunice Lim East Spring Secondary School Disillusionment Irreparable. Her eyes depict the onslaught of emotions waging inside: fury, hopelessness, anguish. Tears creep down her face without warning. She glances furtively out the window, admiring the golden rays beating down on the field of purple marigolds. Then, she looks down at herself; prosthetic legs greet her. The world is suddenly devoid of colour.

Evangelia Kwek Li Ting Seng Kang Secondary School Untitled The name ‘Mavis’ reminds me of her. Mavis is a quiet girl that no one likes in school. She has no friends and always alone. Everyone bullied her and mocked her. She cried but people ignored and walked away. One day, she went to the toilet in the school and never come out alive again.

Faith Ang Chung Cheng High School When I Grow Up ‘When I grow up’, this is a query that has been bugging us since we were children. To the aged, we should be a doctor or lawyer to be considered “successful”. However, I beg to differ. I would rather have a poor but complete family than to be rich and have a dysfunctional one ...

Faith Chen PSB Academy Emergence The casing cracked. Legs emerge, extended and alien. The body slipped out. Dull wings unfolded. Colours sacrificed, toxins sacrificed. The cocoon was shed, a discarded home – forgotten like the days of hunger and threat. One can’t hunger without a mouth. One can’t be threatened when one can fly. Now, young moth, soar into the light.

Faith Leong Singapore Chinese Girls School The Janitor’s Puddle In the darkness, his legs ebbed and flowed. His arms, outstretched, cried for want of balance. Shredded light glanced off his bent back, translucent hair. In that moment, a statue from a different time and place. Post-rain: The Janitor steps out of his reverie and plash. A fluid movement, almost-grace, splicing Neptune’s diminutive premise. Cessation. 39

Faith Tan Singapore Management University Blind She loved him like he was the sun, so bright, so beautiful. He took her for granted like she was the sun, always there, always around. One day, she disappeared. Creating a black hole. Sometimes the greatest tragedy isn’t that we failed to love, but being too blind to see it when it was there.

Gan Pei Yun Seng Kang Secondary School Youth The hollow tree and the dried up leaves , as though reminding me of the emptiness within, a body without a soul. A life without meaning, lost in the maze of life. I tried to fly but fell hard. Even with broken wings I will run towards my dreams. As I close up the gap between.

Gan Xi En Chung Cheng High School Victory Letting my thirst for success take over, I focused on the path before me. Sprinting at what felt like the speed of light, I crossed the line. Realizing I came in first, my footsteps gradually came to a stop. With adrenaline coursing through my veins, I punched my fist in the air, declaring my victory.

Gavin Wong Chung Cheng High School Untitled Friendship. It is the relationship of mutual affection between people. A stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association. Do you think having friends are important? I, for one, no doubt thinks that friends are essential because they can act as one’s support when one is troubled or can provide company, keeping loneliness at bay.

Gayathri Grace Gan Eng Seng Secondary School A Night of Rain Rain. The rain pelted down on me as I watched.The travellers who had crowded round the campfire had long since retreated into their tents. I watched as lightning struck a nearby tree causing it to burst into flames. Looking back at the chaos it had caused, I smiled. Oh , how I love the rain.

Gerald Ho Chung Cheng High School One Night I was looking at the sky which was a sheet of black. A waxing moon shone bright that night. I cursed at the lack of street lamps when a twig broke behind me. A chill ran through my spine. “Who…who is that!?” I stuttered. I stole a glance back and saw only a dark shadow. 41

Seasoned screenwriters, like Jaclyn Chan, gave talks and workshops to avid listeners.

Germaine Nai Seng Kang Secondary School Sparkling Butterfly Once upon a time there was a fairy that helps people in a far far away village. She goes around helping everyone in need secretly. One day, an old man saw a tiny sparkling butterfly by his house and caught it. He sold the butterfly and soon the village caught on fire and everyone died.

Ghrekah Prith Kaur Christ Church Secondary School Queer I launch myself at the door and enter my room, terror-stricken. Breathing raggedly, my eyes fall upon my shabby closet. I dive in and slam the door shut, the all too familiar rainbow of colors engulfing me. I was an utter fool. The door opens, and she taunts: “Come out, come out, wherever you are.”

Goh Woon Xuen Holy Innocents High School Nightmare “Tick-tock, tick-tock....” the clock’s hands moved slowly . When I looked up, I was in a dark alley. As I tried to catch my bearings, a cold hand covered my mouth. A sinister voice spoke “Be quiet , or else....” I didn’t hear what he said next as I stared at his watch on his melting hand! 43

Gwendolyn Tee Christ Church Secondary Schoo Untitled “Please! I will give you all my money!” He looked me straight in the eyes. Cold. Ruthless. Cold sharp blade against my throat. I closed my eyes as I saw my mom in anguish before my funeral. Warm fresh blood trickled down my neck. Everything faded to black. “Cut! That was a great shot, Gwen!”

Han Xing Lin Seng Kang Secondary School Untitled I was always a happy girl. Till one day, a terrible crash happened and the whole world came tumbling down and was forced to defend for myself. But on that fateful day, I met her. She was like the missing puzzle piece of me, and she cared for me even when nobody bothered.

Hannah W Hasan Tanjong Katong Secondary School By Midnight “Your next quest – kill the man by midnight or else you switch fates.” Running to the kitchen, only one thought ringing in my head. I grab the knife. Through the corridor, I run faster, head held high. Time is ticking. the clock says it is “11.59”. Time is up. Now I am the dead man.

Harry Tok Yuan Feng Christ Church Secondary School Maths Addiction Give me Math, or I will grant you death. To me it was always the best, although some said it was mental abuse to humans. My mother gives me her math and toiled hard for me till she cried. Without math, I would not remind me of what my mother has done for me.

Hazel Lee Loyang Secondary School Vanishing As his blood trickled down his arm, her eyes grew black. Fearing her secret exposed, she turned her back. “What’s wrong?” he asked but no answer was heard. Nothing but silence. He asked again, this time walking towards her before dropping to his knees. The girl he loved was gone, now a figment of nightmares...

Ho Keong Hong Changkat Changi Secondary School Untitled “Give me your bag! Give it to me now!” “Noooo,..” I protested vehemently in my head. I can’t let the discipline master find the secret I have been keeping in my bag. “What is this?” he bellowed. What is the cigarette doing here? Why? Why did my bag contain a cigarette and not my secret? 45

Ho Su Yung Chung Cheng High School Untitled In the quiet lane, I turned around, finding nobody behind me . Suddenly a policeman pounced on me. A struggle ensued. I tried to break free. After a fierce scuffled, I was overpowered and was pinned on the ground. More reinforcement arrived. Knowing that I was outnumbered, I finally resigned to my fate and gave up.

Irene Damayanti Seng Kang Secondary School That Girl Alex, the girl in class. She smiles at school, shows everyone her bright side. Everyone sees happinees in her though she’s killing herself everyday, cut by cut. Every scar holds a memory. Every wound hides a pain. A childhood filled with screams of terror. Silence was the only choice. Nobody knew. Nobody asked. Nobody cared.

Isaac Yong & Edwin Seng Kang Secondary School Who Am I? I’m an ordinary boy, living in a chaotic world. Trying to find an answer to myself. Living the same type of life everyday. Forced to study, no freedom. I lost my way after that fight. Who am I? In the end, I am still that lonely boy finding my way back home, searching for hope.

Republic Polytechnic sent more than 50 student-journalists to help cover the highlights of the Festival in 2016 and 2017.


Isabella Rosalind Seng Kang Secondary School Essay Furious clicking could be heard in the classroom. Beads of sweat trickled down her forehead. Just a little more. Clock was ticking! With a frenzied demeanour she urged her fingers to work faster. If she didn’t finish this... she shuddered. It must be done now. Finally, she sighed in relief. She had completed her essay.

Isha J Meleth Overseas Family School She Remembered She remembered the bright lights and the smell of antiseptic spray burning her nose. She remembered the convoluted words uttered by people in white coats. She remembered the relief that came with morphine dripping into her veins. She remembered the days turning into nights and the nights turning into weeks. And then, she remembered nothing.

Jacqueline Khoo Kay Ling East Spring Secondary School Candles Do Burn Out The candles all burnt in the long night, leaving a dark shadow in their wake. I stared at them helplessly. Utter desolation. The towers of wax were melting; my home was falling down; the children were shivering. With another bottle, I drowned myself in the cold, empty side of the bed. “I’m a terrible mother.”

Jacquelyn Tan Ngee Ann Polytechnic Summer A lone cup rolls across the street Seeking water In the afternoon Of a hot summer’s breath Under the feverish heat A day so palpable Of the predictable sun And the long wait The station was empty But long was I standing there Squinting against The sweltering sweat Waiting for the bus That never comes.

Jacynthe Liew Singapore Chinese Girls School Golden Triumph Honey-yellow hair, bloodstained face, bloodied snow-white cloak fluttering in the wind. A lone silhouette against the maroon-red sky, the girl raised her blade, lightning flashing menacingly. Through her pain, she managed to smile faintly, her heart bleeding from the fatal wound... She shattered into many glittering glass shards and golden light consumed the dark world. 49

Media personalities like Timothy Go brought with them years of experience and a willingness to share these to young writers.

James Nathan Marsiling Secondary School The Princess Who Ran Away from Marriage “Art thou the Princess of this Demesne? I heard thy clamour wherefore I hath come.” The Adventurer saved the Princess from a group of rogues. “Thou art blest. I, the Princess, am in honour of thy favour.” The Princess ran away from her castle. “Wilt thou come forth with me?” Thus, they ventured the world.

Jamie Mah Yishun Secondary School Secrets Everyone has secrets. Mine was dangerous. I never told anyone. Humans hated the synths, and the feeling was mutual. The world was at war within itself. I was raised by humans, but I knew I was different. Because I wasn’t born, I was created by the ones who raised me. Because I am a synth.

Jansen Lee Seng Kang Secondary School The Legend Sometimes when you thing that you do just ordinary things, people say that you are a legend. A legend is widely recognised by people as it represents a person or an artefact. Being a legend is unpredictable as you will not know how people will look on you until the final hour before you sleep. 51

Jaron Han Valuable When Lost Silver hair, saggy skin, Insignificant, they were to me. Enclosed you are, in this wooden case, Separating us, a piece of glass. A single tear, a stain of pain. Your silver hair, Now dyed with paint. Cosmetics used, To hide aged skin. Now I see, treasure within, Things that were never of value to me.

Javier Koo Chung Cheng High School Untitled It was midnight and I was not suppose to be awake. I ransacked my parents room as they kept my phone as punishment for 5 months and I had to play the new video game uploaded.Right when I found my phone, suddenly the lights turned on and my mother and father shouted, “JAVIER KHOO�.

Jayashri Seng Kang Secondary School Untitled There was a girl living near a forest. She was alone and had no friends until one beautiful sunny day, she met a boy named Adrian in the forest. They started talking. However, the girl was afraid to become closer to him as she thought he would leave her so she stayed away from him.

Jess Ng Chung Cheng High School Untitled Albert went to a store with his mother. Along the way,they also went to the fruit Aisle. Albert’s mother wants to teach Albert the way to pick the fruits. Albert pick the banana with many brown spots. “Why did you choose that banana?” His mother asked. “Because I find it appealing,” Albert replied playfully.

Jia Hao Seng Kang Secondary School Who Am I Who am I? Every single day I ask myself this question but I can’t get to an answer no matter how hard I try no formula, no answers come out to my mind, not like a math or physics question. The question looks simple but there is no answer to it. Who am I?

Jia Jia Pioneer Junior College Family Reunion Dinner The bean landed on the porcelain once again. With tightened grip, he adjusted the pair but for once, they did not collide. The parallel instrument was separated by the puny bean, he screamed for his mother’s attention—finally! Among the whirls of family gossips, the boy held a pair of chopsticks for the first time. 53

Joanna Ylitalo Broadrick Secondary School Last Goodbye Dark grey clouds blanketed the entire night sky, while I stared in shock, my vision getting blurred by tears. Beads of rain hit the asphalt, as if nature itself was wishing a goodbye to my mother, whose cold body lay next to a red Toyota, completely torn apart. “I’m sorry, mother.” I muttered with guilty.

Joey Chee Loyang Secondary School Surprise “Happy birthday! Guess what we have bought for you! You will love it!” Mom and Dad surprised me when I arrived home after a boring day of school. “Is it a Barbie doll?” I questioned them with curiosity. They shook their heads and showed me their gift. I froze. It was an adorable terrapin! Amazing! Joni Grace Gn Jia Ern School of the Arts In the Name of Love Mother’s favourite roses drooped in the back seat, crimson petals falling onto the car mat. Red, like the streaks that flowed from her wrists. We tried our best, the doctors had repeated solemnly. Granite headstones loomed ahead. But Father drove on and past, eyes glassy and fixated on the cliff before us. Closer, closer now.

Jose Chow Yi East Spring Secondary School Tiger Mum Fear – immense fear. All I wanted to do was grab that sad little scrap of a girl and run away with her. The ugliest sounds emitted from her as she faced her mother through tears. She cried and trembled as her mother clawed at her flesh, leaving stark red marks on her frail, pale arm.

Joseph Ng Holy Innocents High School Untitled Life is like an onion you have to peel it one layer at a time and sometimes you cry. Life is a song , sing it. Life is a game, play it. And if you are going to fight for it you are fighting for peace of mind, for happiness, for family and for life itself.

Jove Lee Broadrick Secondary School Expectations Life is full of ups and downs, all of us struggling to live up to expectations But expectations are meant to be broken, like rules and regulations. Expectation harbours motives to drive people crazy, just like how people expect me to succeed. So stressed, so pressurized, so let’s try to fail those little pathetic expectations... 55

Prominent filmmakers, like BananaMana Films’ Jason Chan and Christian Lee lit up the stage with insightful discussions and sharing sessions.


Joy Ng Chung Cheng High School Impressions In school, she is always known as the one with fierce eyes. The one with a icy aura. The one who hardly talks. She complains that people are anti-social, because they did not approach her. Who does she have to blame in the end? Herself, the one who wanted to create such an impression.

Justin Ismael Balao Pinto Loyang Secondary School The Teenage Insecurity As we grow older, Our happiness changes into paranoia Maybe, even denial We try to stay secure And pretend “we are okay�. We cannot deny changing our pre-destined path Unknowingly, change is possible, maybe inevitable There is a small glimmer of hope Awaiting our acceptance of ourselves Altering our fate, changing destiny Uncovering our identities

JY Tan Singapore Chinese Girls School Untitled Mundane. Empty. A dull morning. Bodies moving in monotonous synchronisation. Eyeballs hooked to virtual reality. A clumsy clatter breaks the soundless thrum. Warm hands help the flustered child who has disrupted the silence with her very human err, People break out of their isolated shells, Smiles reassure the embarrassed girl. Warm. Full. A happy morning.

Kendrick Tan East Spring Secondary School No, I’m Good Enough Gathering my courage, I stood up, ready to enter. The air had a familiar atmosphere, one that many of us felt years ago. “There is no way I will do good enough,” I contemplated. The names of the top students materialised on the canvas screen. It felt like forever – but I was in the list.

Kimberly Ler Chung Cheng High School Gone Gazing into the depths of the Dark Forest, Cleo longed to learn of all its secrets. They had moved to the outskirts of New York a month ago where she had heard stories about its inhabitants–from beasts to fairies. Cleo took a step into the forest, embarking on the greatest adventure of her life… 59

Kok Yi Ying East Spring Secondary School Scars The razor sharp edge of the glass dug deeper into my skin; the ruby red liquid trickling down my arm. Such wounds would never close, no matter what treatment it was given to desperately cover up the agony. After all, time does not heal anything. It only teaches us how to deal with the pain.

Kym Thang Loyang Secondary School Uprooted She walked down the hallway. Unaware of his presence, yet, he was fully aware of hers. She didn’t know the significance that she had in his life. She didn’t know that she was his world. She just said, ‘No!’ A simple word but with a deep impact. Unable to have her, he withered away forever.

Lam Yi Jie Elysia Changkat Changi Secondary School Untitled He loves to see her dance, a living masterpiece of his. Her dances are like paintbrush, painting over the canvas. He loves the colour red, so with every step she takes, he would paint her red. He paints in strips and watches the colours change. From orange-painted skin, to a bright red drenched flesh.

Lam Zeng Ee, Jessica Chung Cheng High School Untitled Dark and creepy noises, I was in the room, alone bravely, when I saw a shadow behind me, i tried not to be scared but I can’t resist it and started screaming. While I’m screaming, I heard sounds of screaming too. Finally I turn back and on my torch light, it was my friend, James.

Lee Pei Xuan Chung Cheng High School Untitled in a little room, she hides in a corner, she cries that happiness left in her, slowly dies she holds a knife close to her skin her vision fades as her head spins may she escape her reality to end the brutality may music be her escape for she be free and find inner peace.

Lee Qi Xuan Holy Innocents High School Coincidence I was feeling so bored. Staring at the lifeless words on the word-filled board, I felt like sleeping. “Tomorrow we are having a quiz.” I wasn’t listening. My mind was already drifting to a far-away island. A tap on my shoulder brought me back to reality and to the topic quiz– “Stranded on an island!” 61

The Festival is a platform for young writers to engage with industry players on various writing-related industries.

Lee Yangyi Chung Cheng High School Untitled “What do you mean?” I asked. Tom said, “ There is no such thing as right or wrong in this world. Humans only thought what was right and wrong, but that was only what we thought, is it really right and wrong?” I understand now. However, I will fight people who have done hurt others.

Lee Yu Qing Chung Cheng High School Untitled One day when John was exercising in the fitness-corner, he suddenly fainted. The onlookers screamed for help but luckily, a St John’s brigade cadet was just passing by. He instructed the onlookers to call the ambulance while he performed CPR on John. After a while, John regained conscious and the ambulance sent him do the hospital.

Leonard Tan Woon Jie Holy Innocents High School Done The world has changed all by a single device. How can something so useful be so simple? Small and portable, the devices known as hand phones became a daily part of society. The people, technology, and this era were different from back then,because of phones. Thereafter, its been upgrading and improving our social lives. 63

Leow Xueli, Vicki Changkat Changi Secondary School Untitled The violence flooded my mind, all the pictures messed up, like a tornado had ripped it apart. As I opened my eyes again, reality punched me in the face. Tears rolling down my cheeks, I looked at my bloody hands. I wasn’t me. I dropped the sharp metal onto the cold floor. It wasn’t me.

Liew Xin Tian Untitled As the masked shooter swaggered the bank, I grew intensively tense. “hurry! Pack the cash! Hurry!” he bellowed pointing the gun around. Everyone screamed as fear slowly enveloped me. Soon after the police arrived and the robbery turned into a hostage situation. We all grew scared as we all looked at the gunman, all white.

Lim Chen Hong Chung Cheng High School Untitled I was walking in the ferocious thunder pour. I regretted going out to watch a horror movie near midnight. I suffered the consequences by being drenched in the rain. Suddenly, the lights above me flickered and I was so petrified that I stood rooted to the ground. I started running as fast as I could…

Lim Jun Feng Holy Innocents High School Home I walked out of my friend’s house,borrowed an umbrella as it was drizzling. I was walking home after gaming at his house. As I walked,the rain got heavier,wind got stronger and my umbrella was inside out. The rain drenched me. I finally reached my home. I was never happier being home.

Lim Kai Xin Christ Church Secondary School It Won’t Stop It keeps chasing me. It never stops. I try and I try and I try but it won’t go away. Why? Why won’t it stop? I clutch the pistol in my sweary hands. Why am I forced to live through this everyday? I can’t take this anymore. I turn around and I pull the trigger.

Lim Sze YIng Shoyele Holy Innocents High School Wonders of Music Music is a type of language, it also tells us a unique story about every single musician. Music contains different types of power, it can make someone happy to cry or it can make someone sad to smile. Music brings hope to those who are depressed and at a loss, it makes the world united.


Loo Shi Ya Chung Cheng High School Untitled “Reality” is a game created by Life. Everyone that is alive is a player. Slowly, players get eliminated one by one. Everyone wants to win, even if they act like they do not, deep down they want to. Every game has rules, but before anyone masters them, they change. When will someone win this game?

Lua Chu Yue Bukit View Secondary School Opposites Attract His favourite game was stealing her hair ties. In kindergarten, she would weep; he would laugh at her. In school, she would tell on him; he would tease her through mimicry. In college, she rationalised with him, but he would do it all over again. Now their daughter returns home with her hair ties missing.

Lukas Leong Seng Kang Secondary School Untitled Leaves rustling around me, as though they were talking to me– “you’re ugly... you’re ugly...” they seem to whisper. Everyone squirming and snickering, side-long glances and giggling I have seen them all... will they care if I died? I sat at my balcony, Angel’s my name. Angels can fly she said, so I jumped.

All In! sessions and workshops are never short of inspiration. Young writers take the time to jot down notes, using this year’s programme booklet-notebook!


Luke Tan Ming Jen Chung Cheng High School The Dragon’s War The swords they rang like ringing bells, The armies fuming, charging mad, But then it came, turning the tables Men looked up, their faces pale The dragon’s fury, fiercer than fire, Lowered their army and fear prevailed The knights saw the tramp of doom, Fled the war, dying fall beneath its feet, The battle lost.

Lumiere Chew Chung Cheng High School Untitled The sky burned up in a scintillating array of colours- but then the pretense was over and no longer was there a need for a facade. It was soon replaced by the daunting, leaden overcast sky–the world began to lacerate, the realms of life and death began to tear... the end was near.

Mah Kai Jun Chung Cheng High School Untitled “John come to me now!” My headmaster shouted at me. I hesitantly walked to him. “Follow to my office now.” I was worried about what would happen. My thoughts were whirling. He saw the worried look on my face and signalled me to stop. I stopped abrutly. He said, “You know what you had done...”

Maha Sengkang Secondary School Haters Ashley Montez had it all. In fact, she was the star of the show. Despite all that had been done to her, she smiled her way through everything. Nevertheless, she was sick of people enjoy seeing her suffer. She felt her weight shifting forward as her voice came out as a whisper, ‘free at last’. Mariyya Rashid Bedok View Secondary School Dat Boi He has eyes the colour of coal and skin as white as sheet. His hair is the darkest hue of blue ever known. But his eyes hold a sparkle, a star from the night sky he picked himself. He shines the brightest when I am around. His name is Moon. And I am his Sun. Mark Neo Noisy “Bang!” I woke up. Someone slammed the door. What’s wrong with them? Can’t they be more gentle? They started throwing dirt towards me, Thankfully the door between me and them protected me. After throwing enough, they started crying. Why? Too lazy to think, I began sleep. For a long, Long, Time. Welcome to my funeral. 69

Mateo Akshey Reyes Ping Yi Secondary School Epoch: Story Edition I am EPOCH. My only purpose is to protect Princess Amelia. All that changed one day when I sensed that there was danger; a threat so I blasted the cleaning robot across the floor, then everything went black. I’m in the junkyard but it’s not. Human skeletons are littered across the ground. Am I safe?

Matilda Goh Chung Cheng High School Untitled Music is my passion. I have been learning as much as I could and I have not regretted since I started playing the piano when I was four. Whenever I play my pieces, a wave of relieve washes over me. I am in grade six now and maybe one day I can be a pianist.

Matthew Bong Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) Buried The silence is suffocating. I am drowning in darkness. I can’t open my eyes. I can’t move my hands or my legs. I can’t hear anything. Screaming doesn’t work. My mouth is clamped shut. Nobody can help me. If I had known it would be this terrifying, I would have chosen to be cremated instead.

Melisa Lee Homeschool A Beautiful Monster Monsters couldn’t be beautiful. They were unsightly, malevolent and dangerous–anything but beautiful. That’s what people thought. Monsters weren’t human. But they were. Buried deep underneath the faces people called hideous was compassion. Love. Heart. The things they understood the most because of how people treated them. Through all the pain and angst, monsters were beautiful.

Michael Foo Singapore Polytechnic Violent Ends A wife catches her husband with his mistress. In a fit of anger, she throws her overboard. Her husband jumps in after the mistress. His wife, still in love with her husband, jumps to catch him. Now, all three of them dangle from the cruise ship in a human chain. Their last words are, “let go”.

Mohamad Taufiq Bin Mohamad Rozaini School of Science and Technology Singapore Wheels The wheels of my stroller used to rattle when you pushed it. It was a good noise because it always meant you were taking me someplace great, somewhere interesting. It’s kind of like how your wheelchair always squeaked when I push it. I hope you’re someplace great mom, now that your wheelchair is done squeaking.


Festival sessions are insightful and are designed to address common and not-so-common problems that young writers ancounter.

Muhammad Bin Suhaimi Ping Yi Secondary School Croissants and Latte Ah early morning, my favourite time of the day! Every day starts off with me, my coffee and my love Eline with her breads, but today she’s out early shopping. She made a latte for me so I picked it up. With bang and a bullet to my chest, I just wondered what just happened.

Muhammed Rifaye Seng Kang Secondary School Life No soul is charged except with that within its capacity. No soul is burdened with something it can’t handle. It will have the consequences. It can be good or bad. We’ve to understand that there is someone somewhere who is facing worse than us. Life doesn’t easier, only we get stronger and more resilient.

Muhd Firdaus Bin Arshad Changkat Changi Secondary School Untitled I was on cloud nine. Nisha finally agreed to meet me. Flowers. Checked. Gifts. Checked. Restaurants. Booked. I looked forward to express my deep feelings for her. My heart pounded as she sauntered into the room. Then I heard her sweet voice. “Firdaus dear, I can’t be long. By the way, meet my boyfriend, Jake.” 73

Natalie Weng Temasek Junior College Dinner for All Tomatoes. Cucumbers. Again. Mother said, “They’re healthy”, but they were not salty, juicy or tender. “Disgusting,” Girl whispered to the raw slices, shoving them away with a silver fork. Maid cleared them into her palm before hurrying off to throw them down the chute. Below, the rats and ratty beggars waited with open mouths. Dinner.

Naveed-Ur-Rehma B Atiq Ur R Changkat Changi Secondary School Untitled He woke up in a deserted alley feeling perplexed and breathless. with unclear memories of what he had witnessed before he blacked out. Gradually, he started to regain memories of his father’s demise. A familiar figure sauntered past him. It was his father! He took out a peculiar device from his pocket which displayed ‘7/2/2009’.

Neleh Tok Ying Yun Seng Kang Secondary School The Lens A simple camera nothing special. However this particular camera’s use was quite gruesome it was solely meant to capture gory images of crime scenes using its now blood stained lens, through its only way to see the world it sees a place of violent creatures. It pitied them, each living in constant fear of death.

Ng Ching Yee Holy Innocents High School The One Every night, everyday, I am trying to look for the one...the one who truly cares. The one who loves for who I am. The perfect one. boys fell for me as though I was Heroine. But I simply played with them and leave them wanting for more. Seems that The One don’t exists.

Ng Hong Kai Chung Cheng High School Untitled Jeeho drummed his fingers on his baseball helmet and sighed. The match had been a disaster and now his team had lost. He dreaded what his coach would say. Adriel had urged the PE Department to not force Jeeho into taking part in the competition, but the PE Department took Adriel’s words as an excuse.

Ng Zheng Jie Chung Cheng High School Untitled I have done my primary school leaving exam and I have done it reasonable well. Now, I am in Chung Cheng High School (main). School live is quite stress now, more subjects... But now, I have new friends, good and kind friends. I love Chung Cheng High (main). I love all my new friends there. 75

Nicholas John Cook Broadrick Secondary School Four Seconds My heart was racing and I was drenched in my own sweat. I glanced at the shot clock. I had four seconds to make a game winning play. Four seconds to make my blood, sweat and tears worth it. I pounded the ball, before dipping it in transition to shoot. I fire, beating the buzzer.

Nicole Leo Ke Xuan Chung Cheng High School An Accident BANG! Suddenly, all became pitch-black. Murmuring and screams could be heard. Onlookers were on their phones and soon, whales of sirens could be heard from distance. Not long, John was lift into the ambulance and sent to the hospital. John’s parents were informed and all were anxious until john could see his parents blurry faces.

Nigel Ong East Spring Secondary School Best Teacher Ever “Is he crazy?” I muttered under my breath as I unwillingly took the next worksheet he had given. Like tycoons at a strip club, he dished out unprecedented stacks of homework forming a towering mountain on my study table. I screamed, while pounding my fists on my table in exasperation, “I object to this monstrosity!”

Nur Anisa Bte Rosland Changkat Changi Secondary School Untitled “Ping!” One new friend request. “Ping!” One new message. “Wanna play hide and seek? You hide and I seek. The loser dies.” I ignored the message. “Ping!” Another new message. “Come on! Stop combing your hair!” Chills went down my spine. “Ping!” “Hide. NOW” “Knock, knock!” “Who is it?” I shouted. “I’m coming,” it said. Nur Ellysa Loyang Secondary School Grave “Call me son one more time!” Alexander remembered yelling at George – the older man of the two – in anger. He was furious. Who was he to call him his son? Now as he sat in front of George’s grave with tears welling in his blue eyes, he whispered heartbreakingly, “Call me son one more time.”

Nur Nashirah Bte Sudin East Spring Secondary School Breaking Point I tried to change – ate lesser, caked my face, pouted my lips like Angelina Jolie… My heart was an empty vessel longing to be filled. I was indeed destroying myself. I yearned for someone to embrace me in the depths of my despair. If I had only known; we don’t live to impress others. 77

Nur Syamimi Bte Mohamed Broadrick Secondary School June The month June Sizzling in summer Salty in rain Bitter in fall I look at her in disdain. Flowers in her fragrance. A fragrance which was absolutely non-existent. Snowflakes in her hair Her skin not so very fair With a body so curvaceous she longs for a love– to run his hands down her curves.

Nurul Asyiqin Bte Jailani East Spring Secondary School Void Run – that was the most I could do. The streets were stained with the blood of innocents killed by men of failed upbringing. Years flew through the tunnel of time, but the torment still lives on. Cold. Famished. All I can do is to shut my eyes. Go away. And give me back my family.

Nurul Asyiqin Fatini Binti Mohamed Azahar Changkat Changi Secondary School Untitled Stepping out of the MRT, cardigan flowing with the wind. Sephora my favourite store, I’m coming through. My girlfriends and I were buzzing around the shelves, happily swatching the highlighters. ‘Ooh damn, the Valentine’s Day collection looks good!’ ‘Oops! No–!’ Smash! Gasp. Is that the sound of glass breaking? Or a hole tearing in a wallet?

Nurul Khairunnisa Bte Azeman Changkat Changi Secondary School Love of My Love It’s Friday. I’m meeting the love of my life, the one and only. It’s 9.50pm, almost 10. All is prepared. I’ve waited for so long. Suddenly the bell rang. I”m nervous but I opened the door. “So beautiful!” I thought. It’s there looking at me. I love you more than anything in the world, Pizza.

Nurulfaatihah Muhammad Hosain Holy Innocents High School Forbidden The side glances, glares, whispers, was this worth it all? I wish I could be with him and not care about what society thought. I wish I could be strong enough, for both of us. I turned away, regret pooling in my stomach as I got my last glimpse of him, tears in his eyes. 79

All In! 2017 provides an opportunity for young creators to showcase their work, like that of the inaugural Young Short Filmmakers Exhibition.


Omar Hanafi Bin Mohamad Azhar Changkat Changi Secondary School Untitled Rex woke up exhausted in the hospital. He asked his mother: “What am I getting for my birthday?” She was speechless. The doctor had informed her Rex’s heart would fail tonight. The next day, Rex awoke excitedly. He found a letter that read: “Dear Rex, my present for your birthday was my heart. From: Mum.”

Ong Chin Jing Commonwealth Secondary School Untitled Jason, a judge, consumed by greed. Destroying himself and other as well without remorse. Another trial ended, he smirked then, was greeted by a girl with on of her eyes bandaged. “Who are you?” he asked. “I’m Karma, I came to collect your debt.” The visions he saw caused him to become a Living Corpse. Ong Quan De Holy Innocents High School A Game of Chess: The Virtuous Nation To the north dwells a nation, who lives by principles of righteousness. The great decree of the general rules the activities of the villagers For humility, fairness, sincerity and honesty, won the hearts of the citizens. The nation is also impregnable, for the soldiers and villagers protected the land and reigned a lifetime through unity.

Paul Ko Xiao Hu Formerly Nanyang Polytechnic Happiness Happiness is a struggle. I wear a mask called, “Hope” and a designer suit by, “Determination”. I pack my suitcase with coping mechanisms, and travel towards my destination. Destiny awaits. But underneath, there’s “me”. Broken, silly and depressed. Underqualified for what I represent. Here I am though, as President of The United States of America.

Priscilla Pek Yan Ting Holy Innocents High School I Almost Gave Up Three days have passed, and I was on the verge of breaking but I told myself i could not lift my palm off the car. I have finally endured it all till this moment, I have to make it and I most definitely would want to make it. At that moment, someone lifted his hand.

Priscilla Tan Xiao Wei Broadrick Secondary School Forgiving Someone is Not Always Easy At times,forgiving someone who gave you a difficult time can be really hard. And to forgive the one often feels more painful than the wounds that they inflicted.But you don’t forgive someone for the sake of forgiving, you forgive someone so as to lift off your burden and the guilt in that person. 83

Qiu Yujie Chung Cheng High School Untitled “Bang” the motorcycle crushed onto my brand new car, it was a rainy day. Knocked over by my car, the driver of the motorcycle lay on the ground, blood started to flow out from his head. I have a fear 0f blood. When I saw the blood ,I screamed loudly and fainted in a second.

Rachelle Lee Chung Cheng High School Untitled I could feel the gentle brush of the sea waves. The smell of the salty sea lingered in the air. As my hands touched the soft sand, reality faded in. Beep. Beep. Light started pouring in, almost blinding me. I could barely make out who or what was around me. But I surely was awake.

Rachelle Chua CHIJ Secondary (Toa Payoh) Introducing You It was heart wrenching, him telling her about himself. (So reminiscent of the first time.) “A coma,” they divulged when she first rushed in. But he woke up. Then, “Memory loss.” He remembered not even her name. “I’m Maura.” It wasn’t until after she left that he realised they probably had that exact conversation before.

Raizel Hannah Christ Church Secondary School What Family? I have siblings, but no parents Still waiting for the time when I will be accepted Though some say I am expecting the impossible, I will stand strong. I won’t let it make me feel any despair The story of my non-existent family is like ‘Finding Dory’ Except no one is worrying for me dearly. Rebecca Tay Kai En Holy Innocents High School Infatuation Love can be simple but it can be complicated too. My kind of love is an unrequited love, a love that is unreciprocated. Someone that can be right in front of me for a day, but also half a world away on the next day. But it is love that makes me feel this way.

Rebekah Lai Christ Church Secondary School The Last Leap Failure, the one word we use to label those who failed. It’s amusing how we ourselves came up with that word and let it affect our selfesteem. “You’re a total loser! A failure for life! Never going to succeed.” Those thoughts raced through my mind, as I took my last leap of faith.


SCAPE was a key programme partner for All In! 2017.

Rifqah East Spring Secondary School The Indefatigable Patient Lunatic, deranged, manic – these labels were thrown at me every single day. My fingers dug into my dirty, tattered shirt, seeking for peace in my unfathomable mind. Stop it. They refused. I howled, gibberish words spilling out of my mouth. Torment struck a devastating blow into my heart as my sobs slowly morphed into wails.

Samatha Padre Tanjong Katong Secondary School The Conclusion Fifty-five words was a limitation, a piece of fiction with no resolution. The reader opens the book and finishes in what seemed like less than a session. A scratch on her head, her face twisted in confusion. She immaturely stomps her foot and performed scenes of lamentation. “Dear me! Why does this story have no–”

Sara Wong Christ Church Secondary School Dance of Apathy Just because we don’t see it Doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. The powerful cover the ugly truth with a glossy veneer And manipulate us to dance To a new age of utopia! But if you look past the homophobia– Blatant racism and lurid sexism flourish But it’s not our problem So we just keep dancing.


Sarah Chan Chung Cheng High School Untitled She bewitched the entranced spectators with her flawless voice, raising goosebumps. I shivered. This deceiver couldnt have been human- humans didnt have yellow eyes, nor possess the ability to hypnotise crowds. I had to leave. making a beeline for the exit, I realised it was guarded by a horde of security. There was no ecscape.

Sarah Riaz Jadliwala Broadrick Secondary School The Invisible Girl Darkness engulfed her in all directions. She was extremely nervous and wondered what was going to happen to her. Why was she always the one left behind with no moral support from anyone? She suddenly felt an intense burning pain in her body, and slowly, she fell apart. She lost consciousness and hit the ground.

Saw Ying Fei, Jacelyn Changkat Changi Secondary School Untitled From the beginning, the elephant’s life had been miserable and brutal. He had to be locked day and night, suffering from suffocation and bear with the squeezing and pushing. Just this one day, his torment finally came to an end. A girl happily took the elephant back home with her ... from the vending machine.

Seah Ziyi Zoey Holy Innocents High School A Nightmare His supernatural strength pinned me to the wall. “Don’t move, I’ll bite...”he hissed, leaning closed to me. His breath smelled like rotten meat making me want to puke. His teeth glinting in the moonlight lunged at me reaching for my throat. Before I knew it, I found myself on the floor of my bed.

Serena Jacqueelyn Kaur Tanjong Katong Girls School Grief The baby was asleep in my arms. In the background, loud melodious prayers were sung by relatives for my wife’s well-being in her afterlife. Tears of grief flowed down my rosy cheeks as i could’nt bear to part away from my beloved. “Say goodbye to mummy, Hrithik,”I said, as the fire consumed my wife. 89

Shafa Rizwan Khan Millenia Institute Forsaken A cool breeze caressed my face. Ruffling leaves, it sound like soft indistinguishable whispers. Gradually, they came. All clad in black. The fresh, meaningless flowers they laid failed to make my coffin any less gloomier. The priest uttered monotone prayers, while some shed mock tears. Then, with relieved faces, they indifferently passed me, and left.

Shahina Afzal Sengkang Secondary School Bloodsucker They sunk their razor-sharp fangs into me. I winced feeling a sting throughout my body . My veins felt like they’d pop anytime soon . The Blackbournes’ gloated after sucking the last surge of blood in me . The full moon shone brightly. That was the night I became a vampire . The night I became one of them.

Shannice Mui Chung Cheng High School Untitled As I stared at his big sapphier eyes, I realised that I wanted him so badly. ‘Him’ was the extremely cute, snowy white rabbit I was begging my parents for. Keeping a pet is a huge responsibility and I was sure I would do a good job. Finally, my parents relented. I was so excited!

Shannon Lee Chung Cheng High School Untitled This year was not going to be the same as the last. I wanted freedom. Anger flooded through my veins as I glared at my caretaker. This would be the start of another argument. I could not take it anymore. The human heart can only take so much. I packed and left. I was free.

Shaqil Haziq Christ Church Secondary School Disturbing Lover I pointed the gun at the cruel person who killed my wife. He sobbed as he feared for what was to come. If only he spoke and tried to reason with me, then maybe he could have lived. But that was not going to happen. After all, he was born just a few minutes ago.

Sharifah Loyang Secondary School Perspective I stared out of the window, like an emo. I thought to myself, “What would life be if I didn’t have such overprotective parents?” Parents always want their children to be happy, people say. Such lies! The amount of negativity in them is extraordinarily large. It’s like they’ve never experienced happiness before, just like me. 91

The Festival is also a reunion of sorts for professionals across the industries. All In! is a great opportunity to catch up and stay updated with friends in the writing world.

Sharmilla Nandh Kumaran Sengkang Secondary School He Deserved It He gambles, drinks, smokes and does nothing good. I think to myself how did my mother marry such a man? He beats my mother with his rough disgusting hands. I’ve had enough. We’ve had enough. I break a glass bottle and shove it into his hand. My anger resolved and I grinned; he deserved it. Shermain Hartono Lim Chung Cheng High School Heart Without a Beat I was alone. Alone in the dark. My body inflamed and sadness overwhelmed me. There was like a black hole in me filled with the words I didn’t have anymore. I wanted to fall into a sleep, one which I would never need to wake up from. Gingerly, I closed my eyes slowly. Goodbye world. Sheryl Goh Broadrick Secondary School You Are You are not The red ink that stains your paper The bank notes in every colour The number of times you drank Or the amount of tears you shed in pain No You are The necessities you donate The discrimination you hate The issues you voice Especially about those disrespectful boys All. Completely. Uniquely. You. 93

Silvianna Tan Changkat Changi Secondary School Untitled I gently sighed. Heavy. One blink. Tiny hands and feet. Mumbled words that make no sense. Two blinks. Braided hair and best friends. Ups and downs. Three blinks. Unspoken words and broken promises. Four blinks. Wrinkly hands and feet. Clear words that remained unsaid. I got up, feeling tired.

Siti Khadijah East Spring Secondary School Playing with Fire I watched as the graceful flames licked everything that it came into contact with, beautiful and alluring, yet so morose. A sorrowful smile formed on my lips as I saw flames rapidly approaching, soon engulfing me. Tears slid down my cheeks as the world blacked out. I murmured my final words, “Till we meet again.�

Siti Medina Republic Polytechnic Distressed Child The tears raced down my cheeks as I watch the wall I built disintegrate. As it collapse, I tried picking up the fragments to put the wall back together. I tried until my hands start to tremble and I could hear the sound of my own heart pounding. Much like the wall, am I collapsing?

Sivakami d/o Arunachalam National Junior College Where Individuals who care and share are very rare. Several don’t dare to bear the responsibility of taking care of the society. It’s real pity. Once, people were concerned about social welfare but now that’s nowhere. Everyone, everywhere wants to be a billionaire. There’s no time to spare for social welfare. Won’t this become a nightmare?

Sng Hui Ying, Eunice Crescent Girls’ School The Royal Home “This is your royal palace, though it’s slightly dull. Goodbye King Freddie!” Mama chuckled, leaving. Freddie stumbled after valet Frossard, dressed in a white coat. He handed him a garment. “King Freddie, wear this straitjacket for straighter-looking arms,” Frossard said and Freddie happily complied; he wanted to be the most dashing king of Palace Asylum!

Sonia Tan YiFei Seng Kang Secondary School Untitled “Stop bullying her!” I exclaimed as I walk into the toilet. The ferocious bully stared at me with judging eyes. “Who do you think you are?” She yelled back and pulled my hair. Just in time, the teacher came. She had no choice but to stop. Yet, I feel something bad is going to happen. 95

Sri Nur Aiin Bte Roslan Ping Yi Secondary School Piece of Happiness Once upon a time , there was a boy named Puzzle. He felt unwanted and incomplete as well . Once , he tried getting close to his peers but as a result , he got ignored in return. He felt very lonely and isolated. However , that was until he met you who was the missing piece to his happiness.

Stanley Seet Bishan Park Secondary School The Fool You were crying behind that mask. As I approached, you flinched and took a step back. Oh, did I startle you? Or was it those memories of being mistreated that were holding you back? Enough, you are not fooling anyone. I stripped away your mask, eyes stared back at me. Those eyes. They were mine.

Stefanie Elicia Hadi Ping Yi Secondary School The Final Test A robot had a lightning rod. It pressed a button on the rod and three electrified ropes emerged out of it. As it tried to whip me, I let the ropes coil around my sword, dashed to the robot, struck its chest, electrocuting it and burning it. I passed the first Capital Soldier Acceptance Test!

Summer The Kit Yien Singapore Chinese Girls School Fear Fear. Sickening fear. My sister, crumpling to the ground. A scream, clawing its way out of my throat. Him, standing there, arm still outstretched, gun now pointing at me. His eyes, cold and unfeeling. I hear the sound of a gunshot. I see the blood, red and violent, but I do not feel a thing.

Swetha Rajagopalan Global Indian International School (Queenstown) The Specious Painting I accidentally spilt tea over the painting I bought. Shockingly, the paint faded away and didn’t feel like paint either. After testing revealed the paint to be Cocaine, my journalist friend and I conducted a sting operation, caught the masterminds of this Cocaine smuggling racket, and handed them over to the police.

Tabassum Nazir Tanjong Katong Girls School My Name is Evil I could hear my parents, Jealousy and Greed, whisper in my ears, “Kill Benevolence.” My stomach growled and my thirst intensified. Only Pain would quench my thirst and Mayhem would satisfy my hunger. I heard Conscience’s heavy footsteps trailing me but he cannot stop me easily from fulfilling my parents’ wishes. My name is Evil. 97

Tai Jia Xuan Changkat Changi Secondary School In Common A well-dressed entrepreneur strides into a high-rise building before realising his watch was broken. A white rabbit hops acoss the meadow to reach the rabbit on the other side. A little girl attempts a science experiement and gets a complaint from her neighbour. What do they have in common? Nothing. Thank you for your time. Tan Ai Teng Holy Innocents High School Memories Rain drops pelted on my face, brought back memories of my growing phase. Cradled close to my mum’s bosom, I felt that she is awesome. Doing all she can to shield me against the rain, I promised myself not to give her any more pain. However, I took her for granted leaving her again disenchanted. Tan Dan Yui Joyce Chung Cheng High School Untitled The clock struck midnight. The moon was full. Hung high up in the clear night sky. Hurrying home from a ball where I lost my shoe. I got lost in the woods. My gown disappeared, replaced by sprouting filthy, stiff hair. Razorsharp teeth grew from my once pearly-white teeth. ‘Howl...’, the night is awake.

All In! 2017 promotes both budding and seasoned writers, and other content creators from writing-related industries.


Tan Immanuel Nanyang Technological University Dream. Believe. I got into law. Like my parents wanted. But, I want fashion. Once for an exhibit, I created a piece so ‘fly’! It has wings! I’m weird. They say. But I’m… Me. Then, it came. “CENTRAL SAINT MARTINS congratulates-you-of-a-place-on BA (HONS) FASHION…” [Silence] I jumped! From bed. Wait! Am I dreaming? [Gasping] Letter in hand…

Tan Kang Min Nan Chiau High School Walk A Mile In My Shoes To be empathetic, we must first lace on the shoes of another, and try walking in them. Sometimes, it is harder to take a step in your teacher’s stiletto heels and sometimes your classmate’s boots pinch terribly at the toes, and so we must first practice in the comfortable slippers and open-toed shoes of our family.

Tan Khang Hou Singapore Polytechnic Traffic Lights “Look at all the people who run orange lights each day. Telling us to stop only inspires us to go faster. This is simply human nature.” “So you’re telling me it’s in human nature to run a red light and cause an accident?” “Yes, because the red light was oppressing me. I hate being oppressed.”

Tan Si Ying Christ Church Secondary School Nerve Erratic heartbeats and blood rushing into my ears. I swerved to the left... I swerved to the right. My palms got clammy, and I felt more jittery. Suddenly, there was a pause. My breath stopped short and my heart skipped a beat. “Game Over... You Lose”, the screen announced. I slammed the controller on the ground, frustrated.

Tan Xin Ru Sengkang Secondary School Halloween “Who’s there?”, Julie questioned in the dark. Her bedroom door was shut, blood seeping past the threshold. Rubbing her eyes, she checked the time, it was 3 in the morning. The door then creaked open, but no one was there. Two figures then appeared, they were her younger brothers with smirks plastered on their faces. 101

All In! 2017 is a great opportunity for young writers to network and share their ideas with peers and professionals.

Tan Yee Shian Singapore Chinese Girls School Dreams (or the Death of It) They wished to be with him, she dreamt to be him. What’s it like living your dreams? What’s it like owning the stage, crowds screaming your name, loving you? Her fear was getting lost and never getting found–walking the longest roads, running through labyrinths and braving oceans– chasing dreams. He did, and she didn’t. Tan Yi Xuan Sara Chung Cheng High School Possessed by A Monster I was gone. Memories lay scattered, lost, in the darkness. All I could remember was pain. Agonising pain. The monster revelled gore and blood. He whipped me whenever he felt like it. I was forced to beg and kneel, like an obedient slave. That was what I was. Nothing more than a slave. A toy. Tan Yixuan Evergreen Secondary School Promises Papa, where are you going?” she asked. “Somewhere far away so that I can protect our family. “ “Are you going to the scary place?” “Yes, that way I can protect you, sweet.” “Promise you’ll come back?” “Promise, and I’ll also promise that I’ll protect you till my last breath.” But he didn’t. And he did. 103

Tay Jing Lin Seng Kang Secondary School Untitled Strolling down the tranquil street, something caught my eye. A girl sitting in front of the public piano, with hands that were dancing like waves on an black and white ocean. The moment was beautiful and soothing as if i witness an angel playing a melodic song that calms my soul. She was a prodigy. Teh Wynne Seng Kang Secondary School The Music Heard by Those Insane When I was young, I heard music in the air, So I moved my dancing feet. They, in their mundane, sombre worlds couldn’t hear it, So I was called insane. Till I met someone else who heard it too, and we danced. We were thought to be insane by those that couldn’t hear the music. Teng Jia Hui Chung Cheng High School Untitled Under the sun where things are fun all good things have begun Young children will look for ice-cream and teenagers start their creative dreams where live begin to bloom and happiness replaces gloom children starting to squeal and businessmen making their deals Now it’s out turn to take flight Under the sun’s glorious bright light.

Teo Ying Xin Seng Kang Secondary School Untitled It was a empty, dark and cold room. Suddenly, sounds of laughter was heard but nobody came in. It was all darkness, my goosebumps started creeping up. I came out from the room but it brought me to another one, just like a maze. I...could...not breathe, it was suffocating. It was a nightmare.

Tham Wan Yu Seng Kang Secondary School The Bread Cottage Once upon a time, there lived a witch. She lived in a cottage made of bread in the heart of Bloody Woods. Ahhh... Who wouldn’t want a taste of her house? One day, a few friends ventured into the woods. They did find the cottage of course. Who knew why? They were never found again.

Tiang Soon Yong Christ Church Secondary School Plot Twist / Twisted Plot A sense of euphoria overwhelmed me I whispered, “Nothing will break us apart, we always shall be together.” I hugged him tightly, showing every little compassion I had for him A grin formed on my lip as His face evolved to that of an expressionless corpse While I stabbed him repeatedly with a dull knife.


Tiffany Koh Holy Innocents High School Addictive Bibliophile, a word that I’m acquainted with. Just one more chapter, I whispered, flipping the pages as I scanned through the lines. The clock keeps ticking and the echo of footsteps sounded throughout the library. I inhaled the smell of old books, cherishing every second I have, before I have to get back to reality.

Tolentino Alessandro Lampa Changkat Changi Secondary School Untitled I clenched the present closely to my chest. I took timid steps, unconscious of what I was doing. My heart was pumping as if it wanted to burst out. I opened my eyes and tears slowly trickled don my cheeks. My heart was filled with regret and humiliation. I dropped my rose and walked away.

Trinh Mai Anh Tanjong Katong Secondary School Symphony Overture, the beginning, first steps, first words, first birthday Dissonance, at seventeen, she was a complete mess, running away from law March, left right, left right, everyday was a constant repetition, drifting from one job to another Adagio, her hopes like notes, slowly drifting away, baton lowered, she dropped to the ground in deafening silence.

The Festival is also a chance to meet new friends, who are just as enthused as you are about writing.


Tsen Fan Loong Bukit View Secondary School Little Sister How could they give PiPi to her? We did everything together. I couldn’t imagine life without him. Tears of, perhaps joy, formed in my eyes. There I stood, congratulating my mother as the sleeping baby came home in her arms. There lay my dearest Pikachu plush toy, in my sister’s cot instead of my bed.

Valerie Lim CHIJ Secondary (Toa Payoh) The Camera Always hiding behind the lens, I captured memories I’m afraid will end. Always hiding behind the lens, I faced reality through a black and white frame. Fearing what I cannot see, I hid behind the lens. The moment I heard your voice, I felt as though I could see again. This time, without the lens.

Vera Yip Chung Cheng High School Untitled “Fifty-five words,” I told myself. “I can’t do this!’ Fifty-five seemed incredibly short for me to complete a composition. “Fifty-five minus thirty is...twenty-five.” “I’m almost there,” I whispered. “I think I can do this.” I persevered, edited the story for two hours and was finally satisfied with my hard work. Perseverance is the key.

Vrinda Seng Kang Secondary School Untitled Walking through the park, joy filled the air and laughter of children enlightened the atmosphere. It seemed like only yesterday Joel was walking down that route with her father. The conversations they had seemed meaningless. But now she sat on the bench they were together. Tears covered her eyes. Wishing she just said three words.

Waaja Blow “Any last words before I blow your brains out?” grunted the thug, a gun to his hostage’s head. “Yeah,” said the hostage. “If there’s no blowing involved, why’s it called blowing?” He exhaled through puckered lips to demonstrate. “It’s because…” The thug frowned, lowering his gun. “Erm…” “I’m sorry. Did I just blow your mind?”

Wee KaiYi Real Life Horror Movie The park was dark and completely silent. Suddenly, footsteps of running and heavy breathing started getting louder as it nears me. I broke out in a cold sweat as chasing scenes of past horror movies flash-backed in my mind. Without hesitating, I ran for my life as quick as possible. 109

Wei Ting Seng Kang Secondary School Eclipse The park was dark and completely silent. Suddenly, footsteps of running and heavy breathing started getting louder as it nears me. I broke out in a cold sweat as chasing scenes of past horror movies flash-backed in my mind. Without hesitating, I ran for my life as quick as possible.

William Remes Changkat Changi Secondary School Untitled Such an exciting day. I saw beautiful zoo animals and palm trees. I heard the roar of waterfalls and waves. I ate delicious hotdogs and crisps and drank fizzy soda. I laughed and screamed wildly, and no one stopped me. Then someone tapped my shoulder, “Daddy, when does this amusement ride end? I am bored!�

Wong Du Yuan Chung Cheng High School I Heard At midnight I heard... Strange noises could be heard... Sounded like palms pounding on the windows i heard... The girl was terrified I heard... Handprints were found all over the windows... Scrubbing it furiously did not work... They stood around confused... Causing chaos and grief... Little did they know it was on the inner side...

Xavier Chan Chung Cheng High School Pain Every human deserves pain, they have created many irrelevant things that will create disasters to nature. Climate change, huge amounts of wastage, animals that are at the edge of extinction, etc. Remember when you get punished when you did something wrong? All humans deserve this ‘punishment’, also known to as extinction to every single human.

Xavier Ng PSLE Primary School Leaving Examination has been a big milestone for me. I have gone through ups and downs, and had learnt to be disciplined in terms of handing in homework on time as well as time management, being able to balance daily activities in life. I wonder how my next phrase of life will be.

Yap Liying Holy Innocents High School Mundane Every Day The distant vibrations of a street performer echos through the air as i walked back home. Hundreds of faces walked pass me everyday and today was no different. Everyone was merely a passerby, inconsequential and insignificant and I’m the same in the eyes of others. But hey, that’s reality. So don’t think you’re any special. 111

All In! is a great opportunity to meet local authors, like digital journalist Nicholas Yong, among other authors.

Yeo Wei Zhi East Spring Secondary School Bottom of the Food Chain A heavy blow landed with a tremendous thud on my jaw tipping me down to the ground. He then scooped my frail body by the neck with his vice-like grip, and pinned me against the wall in a swift, single motion. I struggled to loosen myself – but to no avail. He was clearly enjoying himself.

Young Yi Heng Chung Cheng High School Untitled It was a peaceful, sunny morning. Out of the blue, a super villain, Shocker, came. He flew rapidly to New York City. Meanwhile, Superman who was patrolling the city, caught sight of Shocker. He flew up and fought the menacing Shocker. Superman finally defeated him. Loki was killed and will never wreck havoc again.

Zarek Tan Yi En Chung Cheng High School Kids BANG! CRASH! The boy dropped the plastic gun and hid behind the kitchen counter. The footsteps grew louder and louder as his fear repetitively struck like thunder. He felt a feminine cold glance that squinted at him as she started to draw around the corner. A shout came from the angry woman and the boy began to yell,”It’s Mother!” 113

Zen Li Si Xuan Chung Cheng High School Blind Whenever I open my eyes, I see nothing. It is like a world without lights, just darkness. People often look down on me and it makes me feel useless. Sometimes, some kind souls would help me and that is why I believe there is still humanity left in this world. Stop being judgemental and help.

Zhao Yukun Chung Cheng High School Untitled Lucio has healing powers and supports loads of people. He can either speed boost you or heal you up. When his ultimate is charged, he can give you up to 500 hit-points. He is one of five people who can heal other players. He has skates that makes him move a lot faster and the only one that can move at such speed.

Zhao Ziqi Nan Chiau High School Thief Her house kept missing things recently. Suspecting theft, she put a video camera at an unnoticeable place. After back from work, she took her camera and sat on her bed. On the screen, a man crept in. Minutes later, there were sounds at the door. He quickly hid under the bed. Then she came in.

Zheng Yu Singapore Polytechnic Undo “Hi Son, Will you be coming back for dinner this Friday? We’ll be having our reunion dinner. We forgive you for the things you’ve done. We hope that you can forgive us too. So please just come back one more time. We love you, forever and always. From, Mum” … “Delete message?” “Yes”

Zoey Tan Chung Cheng High School Untitled Standing in the rain waiting in a long snake-like line to sink my teeth in succulent, juicy fried chicken. The ambrosial smell of chicken and tangy sauce wafted out of the rundown stall. Finally it was my turn, anticipation overwhelmed me as the tip of my tongue the aromatic chicken. I moan with satisfaction.


All In! Young Writers Festival provides a platform for young content creators– writers and what not–to express themselves in the many means that writing has to offer.

Who is The Book Council?

The National Book Development Council of Singapore (NBDCS or Book Council) is a nonprofit organisation and registered charity established in December 1968. The vision and mission of the Book Council is to develop and promote Singapore’s books and literary arts sector by serving the community of professionals in the sector and providing a platform for them to network, learn and collaborate to achieve global recognition. Over the years, the Book Council has been at the forefront of the literary arts scene in Singapore, having played an instrumental role in the Festival of Books, National Reading Month, and many other key initiatives. Since 2000, the Book Council has focused on three key areas of Festivals, Awards, and Training. It organises the Asian Festival of Children’s Content and the All In! Young Writers Festival, several awards including the Singapore Literature Prize, Hedwig Anuar Children’s Book Award, AFCC Asian Children’s Book Award by Genting Singapore for published works, and the Scholastic Asian Book Award and Scholastic Picture Book Award for unpublished works. The Book Council’s training arm, the Academy of Literary Arts and Publishing also runs publishing-related and literary arts-focused courses and workshops throughout the year. In addition, the Book Council offers aspiring writers advice on publishing via email and telephone hotline. The Book Council is a recipient of the National Art Council’s Major Grant for the period from 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2019.


The All In! Young Writers Festival is an annual festival for aspiring writers between the ages of 13 and 25. Join us as we bring writers from a variety of fields – playwriting, blogging, creative writing, screenwriting, and journalism, among others – to meet and mingle with today’s young writers. The Book Council holds its annual 55-Word Fiction Competition, which is exactly what it sounds like: young writers write a story that is exactly 55 words. There are two categories: Judges Choice, which is selected by a panel; and People’s Choice, which is determined by the number of most likes on the All In! Facebook Page.

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All in 2017 55-Word Fiction Competition  

The All In! Young Writers Festival is an annual festival for aspiring writers between the ages of 13 and 25. Join us as we bring writers fro...

All in 2017 55-Word Fiction Competition  

The All In! Young Writers Festival is an annual festival for aspiring writers between the ages of 13 and 25. Join us as we bring writers fro...