How Mobile Occupational Therapy Sessions Can Benefit You

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How Mobile Occupational Therapy Sessions Can Benefit You Online Occupational therapy sessions can be convenient for both the client and the therapist. And guess what, there are several pieces of research suggesting that this service works just as well as in-person counselling. If you are hearing it for the first time, understand that online occupational therapy is any remote therapy that uses technology to help the therapist and client communicate. With the improvement in videoconferencing and other communication technologies, combined with the advancement in software that supports this type of service, no therapist wants to be left behind in incorporating it into their practise or clinic.

Some examples of how online occupational therapy works include:     

Doing therapy sessions over the phone Having a group chat for group therapy Using videoconferencing for individual, couples, or group therapy Receiving therapy via email or instant messenger Using apps that connect clients to therapists and offer therapy within the app.

Benefits of Online Occupational Therapy Sessions Online Occupational therapy provides a range of benefits in comparison to traditional therapy.

For Therapy Clients

As mentioned earlier, this kind of therapy can be just as effective as in-person therapy. The benefits of seeking research-supported online occupational therapy with a licensed therapist include:

1. Greater Access To Care Some people are unable to use traditional therapy due to physical disabilities, their geographic location or scheduling issues. Well, this should never be your concern when you decide to have online sessions of the same.

2. Lower Costs Getting your occupational therapy services online may help you save money on treatment. You are also likely to incur fewer therapy-associated expenses when you do not have to travel to receive treatment or pay for child care.

3. High satisfaction Most users of quality online occupational therapy report high satisfaction with treatment. That’s mostly because you get to have special time with your therapist in an environment you are most comfortable in.

5. More privacy People who choose this kind of therapy do not have to sit in busy waiting rooms but can seek treatment in the privacy of their own homes. For some, this alleviates privacy concerns. If it’s your concern too, then consider this your best option.

6. Better Public Health The COVID-19 health crisis demonstrates that the ability to seek medical care at home can slow the spread of illness and protect vulnerable populations. Online occupational therapy allows you to get mental health treatment at home without risking the spread of infection during epidemics and pandemics. Many online occupational therapists find that this service suits their personal style and allows them to meet their practice goals. As their client, you also benefit in different ways from these. Here’s how.

1. Reduced Overheads Maintaining an office can be expensive. Therapists who switch to online-only model eliminate many of their overheads. Those who do this on a part-time basis may be able to rent office space on just a few days of the week thus lowering costs. Because their overheads are low, you get to receive affordable treatment, even when you are seeking other services such as online counselling in Australia.

2. The Ability To Reach More Clients

This kind of service improves access to therapy for people with disabilities, financial worries, transportation difficulties and other barriers. This improved access enables therapists to help more people.

What Are The Challenges? While this service has many benefits, there are also some possible limitations. They include:

Compliance Australian authorities require healthcare providers, including therapists, to protect patient or client privacy. Unsecure chats and other programs may expose sensitive data. So, as a client, only work with online occupational therapists who encrypt data.

Therapy Environment For people with little privacy at home, finding the time and space for therapy can be stressful. Treatment in the office may offer a low-stress alternative to treatment at home.

Technical Difficulties Slow internet connections, glitches in video software, and communication delays can make online therapy feel more stressful and less personal. For people who lack technological proficiency or do not trust digital platforms, such online services may not be a good option.

Communication Communicating across a digital channel can make it more difficult to read body language and other subtle cues. Email and phone therapy eliminate these forms of communication. Fortunately, you can find your way around most of these challenges.

Last Word Online therapy remains similar to traditional therapy in several other ways. In-person therapy does not require physical contact or laboratory tests so it is possible to replicate most of the therapy experience virtually, especially with video chat. Online occupational therapy sessions can, therefore, help with a wide range of conditions and issues you are facing, including depression, anxiety, relationship problems, trauma and chronic stress. And just the same way you have accessed this service, you can also seek online counselling in Australia.