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November| Novembre


Cinemalliance November will highlight documentary filmmakers, new releases and recent festival selections to mark the Documentary Film Month initiated by the Institut Français.

Mon. 4 November

CinemAlliance | 6pm ‘Nofinofy’ by Mickaël Andrianaly | 2019 | 1h13 Mon. 8 November

When Romeo’s hairdressing salon is pulled down by the Mon . 6th March Council, Romeo moves to a poor neighbourhood to start 9 - 28 November all over again. His saloon in a shack becomes a place where people meet to discuss matters close to their hearts.

Wed. 6 November

Showcase Wednesday | 7pm | Free Entry Beraccah Kisia 12 - 30 November African Heroes and Heroines Immersive Art Experience | Free Entry Wed. 13 November

Concert | 7pm | Free Entry Faizal Mostrixx & Suzan Kerunen Fri. 15 November

Documentary launch & concert | 7pm | Free Entry Sauti - Gifted, Different, Unsilenced a Ketebul Music project

Mon. 18 November CinemAlliance | 6pm ‘Amal’ by Mohamed Siam | 2017 | 1h23

Amal is a feisty teenager growing up in post-revolution Egypt. She embarks on a 6-yr journey in search for her place, identity and sexuality in a patriarchal society. She soon realizes her limited options as a woman living in an Arab police state.

Wed. 20 November Showcase Wednesday | 7pm | Free Entry Ghetto Classics Orchestra

Thu. 21 November The Great Hack | 6.30pm | Free Entry Film screening & discussion in partnership with AI Kenya Mon. 25 November

CinemAlliance | 6pm ‘Le Concours’ by Claire Simon | 2016 | 1h59

An intimate look at the students wanting to gain a place in La Fémis, one of the most prestigious film schools in the world.

Fri. 29 November

Science Café | 6pm | Free Entry HIV/AIDS - Communities making a difference Sat. 30 November

Dance | 7pm | 1500/‘Unflow’ by the Origins Dance Company



Folk songbird Beraccah Kisia is a classically trained vocalist, composer and performer. In 2012 Beraccah Launched her debut EP, Lunch Break under the pseudonym (August Cellars). Subsequently, Beraccah has collaborated with artists and musicians from all around the world. She has also released a follow up to Lunch Break titled TH3MOVTVINEP and is looking to release a project titled TH3JOVRN3YEP, a collaboration with The Electric Caravan (UK). Beraccah is inspired by musical revolutionaries like The Doors, Bob Dylan and Joan Armatrading.

Wed. 6 Nov. | 7PM | Free entry



Initiated by the Institut Français, the French agency for international cultural cooperation, Novembre Numérique or Digital November takes place across several countries to highlight myriad digital cultures. The Alliance Française brings together two visual artists incorporating new technology in their works to give the viewers immersive art experiences.

Rich Allela is an award-winning photographer and filmmaker who loves telling stories that spark curiosity, inspire people and shift perspectives. Rich incorporates augmented reality in his conceptual storytelling to bring alive the Kenyan heroine, Mekatilili, who led the Giriama people in a rebellion

12 - 30 NOV. | 7pm | FREE ENTRY

against the British, the Ethiopian Empress Candace who humiliated Alexander the Great and the mythical King Pino whose spear wielded super natural power. Nelson Ijakaa is a multi-disciplinary artist who values the idea over the vehicle used to bring forth his messages. He started off painting in oil and acrylics before venturing into sculpture and installation, working with both 2 and 3 dimensions, as well as exploring printmaking. In this exhibition, Nelson pays tribute to his everyday heroes, sometimes unseen, the casual workers that he and all of us encounter daily, grateful for a day’s work. Using his art to highlight issues of social justice, Nelson has integrated augmented reality in his work to provide an interactive experience enabling us to engage with these heroes.


FAIZAL MOSTRIXX & SUSAN KERUNEN The multi-talented Ugandan DJ, electronic music producer and versatile dancer, Faizal Mostrixx, teams up with Suzan Kerunen, the Alur queen whose sound is inspired by a mix of njige, agwara and ndara drums from her AlurJonam community of northwestern Uganda. Faizal’s rhythms, chord sequences and patterns are combined with heavily-processed sounds of Ugandan singers and traditional instruments. Suzan’s music is blended with zouk, Congolese and afro-soul grooves. Together, the duo will be performing music from their recently released Ebikokyo EP that will take the audience on a new cosmic Afro journey.

Wed. 13 Nov. | 7pm | FREE ENTRY



Sauti is a multimedia documentary project by Ketebul Music that tells the personal experiences of 5 musicians who due to their personal circumstances find themselves facing discrimination and marginalization.

Sauti - Gifted, Different, Unsilenced est un projet de documentaire de Ketebul Music qui raconte l’histoire de 5 musiciens qui, en raison de leur situation personnelle, sont confrontés à la discrimination.

These artists find themselves sidelined and stigmatized either because of their physical disability, religious beliefs, sexual identity or ethnicity. Their human rights continue to be violated and curtailed by the society and the decision makers.

Ces artistes se retrouvent marginalisés et stigmatisés en raison de leur handicap physique, de leurs croyances religieuses, de leur identité sexuelle ou de leur appartenance ethnique. Leurs droits humains sont bafoués et restreints par ceux qui décident.

The documentary launch will be followed by a concert featuring Awilo Mike, Kamanu M’tuamwari, Michel Ongaro and Gargar, inviting reflection on societal norms that perpetuate intolerance and discrimination.

Fri. 15 Nov.| 7pm | Free Entry

Le lancement du documentaire sera suivi d’un concert invitant le public à réfléchir aux normes sociétales qui perpétuent l’intolérance et la discrimination.



The Ghetto Classics is a community-based music education program which benefits youth in the poor areas of Korogocho, Huruma, Dandora and Mukuru kwa Reuben. The program was created in 2009 to enrich the lives of young Kenyans from impoverished backgrounds through music and equip them with skills in live music performance. The Ghetto Classics orchestra is one of the main beneficiaries of the Safaricom International Jazz Festival. Around 50 young musicians will take to the stage to present an uplifting concert of classical and African music.

WED. 20 NOV. | 7pm | FREE ENTRY


COMMUNITIES MAKE THE DIFFERENCE To mark the 2019 World Aids Day, this Science Café will take stock of the successes and challenges in the fight against HIV/Aids in Kenya and reflect generally on the global partnership and commitment to end HIVAIDS epidemic by 2030. The discussion will be moderated by Dr. Medhin Tsehaiu, UNAIDS Country Director. It will also be an occasion to pay tribute to the late Dr. Sobbie Mulindi, a top HIV/AIDS researcher in Kenya, and former Vice Chair of the Alliance Française Board. The critically acclaimed film, 120 beats per minute, about HIV/AIDS activists in France, winner of 6 César Awards will be screened following the discussion.

FRI. 29 NOV.| 6pm | FREE ENTRY

Pour marquer la Journée mondiale contre le sida, ce café scientifique fera le point sur les succès et les défis de la lutte contre le VIH/ SIDA au Kenya et réfléchira de manière générale sur le partenariat mondial et l’engagement à mettre fin à l’épidémie du VIH/SIDA d’ici 2030.

La discussion sera animée par le Dr Medhin Tsehaiu, Directeur de l’ONUSIDA pour le Kenya. Ce sera également l’occasion de rendre hommage au regretté Dr Sobbie Mulindi, éminent chercheur sur le VIH/sida au Kenya et ancien vice-président du conseil de l’Alliance française. Le film primé, 120 battements par minute, sur les militants de la lutte contre le VIH/SIDA en France, sera projeté à l’issue de cette discussion.



The Origins Dance Company is a newly established dance group made up of alumni and teachers of the Academy of Dance and Art Kenya based in Karen.

The Origins Dance Company est un nouveau groupe de danse composé d’anciens élèves et de professeurs de l’Académie de danse et d’art du Kenya, basée à Karen.

Its first dance production aims to create awareness on the cause-effect and solution to the global crisis of plastic pollution choking our waterways and oceans.

Sa première production de danse vise à sensibiliser l’opinion que représente la crise mondiale de la pollution plastique qui étouffe nos cours d’eau et nos océans.

This contemporary/neo-classical dance production is choreographed by Arnie Umayam and Juliet Duckworth, co-artistic director of Origins, and integrates artworks by the artists Lara Ray and Joan Otieno. The dance show is organized by the Origins Dance Company.

Cette production de danse contemporaine/néoclassique est chorégraphiée par Arnie Umayam et Juliet Duckworth, codirectrice artistique d’Origins, et intègre des œuvres des artistes Lara Ray et Joan Otieno. Ce spectacle de danse est organisé par l’Origins Dance Company.

SAT. 30 NOV. | 7pm |1500/-

December |Decembre


2 December

CinemAlliance | 6pm ‘Le Grand Bal’ by Laetitia Carton | 6pm Every summer, for 7 days, more than 2000 dance enthusiasts from all over Europe gather in a corner of the French countryside or the annual folk dance festival. Together they spin, laugh and loose track of time.

5 - 15 December

‘Mogadishu: Voices & Images from within’ Exhibition presented by the NGO, CISP Fri. 6 December

La Nuit à Nairobi | 7pm | Free Entry featuring Checkmate Mido, Dagoz Band, Crystal Axis and the Roots Connection Band

Sat. 7 December

Beethoven Around the World’ a selection of Beethoven’s string quartets by the Quatour Ebène 7pm | 1000/Mon. 9 December

CinemAlliance | 6pm 2018 Mobile Film Festival 51 films from 19 countries on the theme of Human Rights to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Filmmakers from around the world tell their stories in one minute. #Standup4Human Rights

Wed. 11 December

Teacher Wanjiku | 7pm | 1000/Marking Teacher Wanjiku’s 10yrs in comedy at the Alliance Française where it all began. in partnership with Mwalimu Productions Mon. 16 December

Checkmate Mido

Dagoz Band

Crystal Axis

Roots Connection Band

Science Café | 6pm ‘Pensez l’Afrique avec le philosophe V.-Y. Mudimbe’ en partenariat avec l’IFRA



Since 2014, the NGO CISP has been running an Art for Social Change programme in Somalia, using art methodologies to promote change for a more peaceful and inclusive society. This project encourages citizens to engage and dialogue on sensitive subjects such as memory, identity, exclusion and social cohesion.

Depuis 2014, l’ONG CISP gère un programme Art for Social Change en Somalie, utilisant des méthodologies artistiques pour promouvoir une société inclusive. . Ce projet encourage les citoyens à s’engager et à dialoguer sur des sujets sensibles tels que la mémoire, l’identité, l’exclusion et la cohésion sociale.

Through compelling art works, photographs and videos, the exhibition shows the powerful impact that art can have in promoting social inclusion.

À travers des œuvres d’art, des photographies et des vidéos probantes, l’exposition montre l’impact puissant que l’art peut avoir pour la promotion de l’inclusion sociale.

‘Today, I have the whole picture in my mind, I become more aware of many things that I coud not see before.’ - Mogadishu, Body Mapping participant.

5 - 15 DEC .| FREE ENTRY

«Aujourd’hui, j’ai toute l’image en tête, je deviens plus conscient de beaucoup de choses que je ne pouvais pas voir avant. - Mogadishu, participant au Body Mapping.


FRI. 6 DEC.| 7PM |500 /-



To mark the 250th anniversary of the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven, the Quatuor Ebène are on a ‘Beethoven Around the World’ tour performing all his string quartets across six continents. The Quatuor will conduct outreach projects in communities while on tour and record the complete Beethoven String Quartets in Philadelphia, Vienna, Tokyo, São Paulo, Melbourne, Nairobi and Paris.

A l’occasion du 250ème anniversaire de la naissance

The Quatuor is made up of: Pierre Colombet (1st violin), Gabriel Le Magadure (2nd violin), Marie Chilemme (viola) and Raphaël Merlin (cello).

Les musiciens Pierre Colombet (violon), Gabriel Le Magadure (violon), Marie Chilemme (alto) et Raphaël Merlin (violoncelle) se sont rencontrés à l’université et sont rapidement devenus un quatuor à temps plein, réputé pour apporter un nouveau souffle la musique classique.

Quatuor Ébène’s direct and authentic approach is ideal for the string quartets of Beethoven, where passion and drama, humour and tragedy interweave.

Sat. 7 DEC. | 7pm | 1000/-

de Ludwig van Beethoven, le Quatuor Ebène effectue une tournée ‘Beethoven Around the World’ sur six continents. Le Quatuor mènera des projets de sensibilisation auprès des communautés défavorisées et enregistrera l’intégrale des quatuors à cordes Beethoven à Philadelphie, Vienne, Tokyo, São Paulo, Melbourne, Nairobi et Paris.

L’approche directe et authentique du Quatuor Ébène est idéale pour les quatuors à cordes de Beethoven, où passion et drame, humour et tragédie se mêlent.


It all began at the Alliance Française 10yrs ago.


Wanjiku the Teacher marks 10 years in comedy at the Alliance Française where it all began. Kenya’s most recognized female comedian’s career took off at the Alliance Française back in 2009 when she appeared as Wanjiku, a Swahili teacher with a deep Kikuyu accent, in the Heartstrings Kenya play ‘The 43rd Kenyan Tribe’.

Her career as a standup comedian started building on the monthly ‘Hot Seat’ comedy shows staged at the Alliance Française, as well as the ‘Churchill Live Show’. Wanjiku the Teacher gained traction in 2013 on NTV. Teacher Wanjiku has recently been feted with a Lifetime Achievement Award for a decade in comedy in the USA. The show will also feature sketches by the Alliance Française students and a guest appearance by Larry Asego.

Wanjiku the Teacher fête ses 10 ans en comédie à l’Alliance Française où tout a commencé. La carrière de la comédienne a débuté à l’Alliance Française en 2009 lorsqu’elle s’est produite en tant que Wanjiku, professeur de swahili avec un profond accent kikuyu, dans la pièce Heartstrings Kenya ’The 43rd Kenyan Tribe’. Le professeur Wanjiku s’est récemment vu décerner un Lifetime Achievement Award aux Etats-Unis pour une décennie d’humour. Le spectacle comprendra également des sketches des étudiants de l’Alliance Française et une intervention de Larry Asego.

Fri. 11 Dec. | 7pm | 1000/-


PENSER L’AFRIQUE AVEC LE PHILOSOPHE V.-Y. MUDIMBE V. Y. Mudimbe is a Congolese philosopher, professor and author of poems and novels, a towering figure in Francophone African studies. He is an esteemed scholar of classics, linguistics and social sciences in the United States recognized for his essays on contemporary African thought and intellectual history. His landmark work ‘The Invention of Africa’ and ‘The Idea of Africa’ explore how ‘the idea’ and the ‘invention’ of Africa was constructed by the Western world. With the participation of European and Kenyan academics specializing in Mudimbe’s thinking.

MON. 16 DEC..| 7pm | FREE ENTRY

Valentin-Yves Mudimbe est un écrivain et philosophe francophone connu pour ses oeuvres littéraires en français (poésie, romans, autobiographies), consacrées par la critique. Intellectuel de référence aux Etats-Unis dans le champ des études africaines internationales pour ses essais majeurs qui participent du renouveau de la pensée et de l’épistémologie africaines, il a développé une pensée critique exigeante sur la construction d’une ‘idée’ de l’Afrique et de son ‘invention’ comme concept par la pensée coloniale occidentale. Avec la participation d’universitaires européens et kenyans spécialistes de la pensée de Mudimbe.



Born in Lubumbashi, the photographer Sammy Baloji lives and works in Brussels. He started with comics before turning to photography. He won the ‘Afrique en création’ award at the 7th African Photography Encounters in Bamako, and the Prince Claus Culture and Development Award for his work ‘Mémoire’.

For several years now, he has been exploring architecture and the human body as traces of social history, sites of memory in his region, Katanga. This installation ‘Tales of the Copper Cross Garden’ is a video that documents the hypnotic process at work in a copper plant. To the images of metal are juxtaposed the songs of a young boys’ choir and writings on the role of the Church in the colonial enterprise.

Né à Lubumbashi, le photographe Sammy Baloji vit et travaille à Bruxelles. Il a débuté par la bande dessinée avant de se tourner vers la photographie. Révélé en novembre 2007 lors des 7èmes rencontres Africaines de la Photographie, il reçoit le prix Afrique en création. Il est lauréat de la Fondation Prince Claus pour son œuvre ‘Mémoire’. Il s’intéresse depuis quelques années à l’architecture comme trace, réalisant des reportages sur l’héritage culturel, industriel et architectural de sa région, le Katanga. Cette installation Tales of the Copper Cross Garden documente le processus hypnotique à l’œuvre dans une usine de cuivre. Images de métal, chants chorals et écrits sur le rôle de l’Eglise dans l’entreprise coloniale se juxtaposent dans cette vidéo.

16 - 20 DEC.




digital cultures FILM/DISCUSSION THU. 21 NOV. |6pm|FREE ENTRY


by Karim Amer, Jehane Noujiam | 2019 | 1h53 For the Novembre Numérique/Digital November, a month of Digital Cultures, the Alliance Francaise in partnership with AI Kenya, a community of enthusiasts, learners and developers in Machine Learning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, will present the documentary ‘The Great Hack’ followed by a panel discussion on the impact of artificial intelligence in our daily lives and the challenges of modern data protection. The documentary uncovers the dark world of data exploitation with astounding access to the personal journeys of key players on different sides of the explosive Cambridge Analytica/Facebook data scandal. in partnership with


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