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Redefining Exceptional 2016 Annual Report

“Let us pick up our books and pens they are our most powerful weapons. One teacher, one book, one pen, can change the world.” Malala Yousafzai Education Advocate & Nobel Laureate

Dear Friends, As I reflect on my first full school year at Alliance, I am in awe of what this network of high-performing charter public schools has accomplished. When our founders opened the first Alliance school in 2004, they laid out an audacious and bold vision: to prove that exceptional public education was possible for all students. Today, that vision has become reality for the 12,500 scholars receiving a high-quality education at our 28 schools in Los Angeles’ toughest and most impoverished neighborhoods. We may take it for granted that nearly all Alliance scholars are accepted to college, but when we opened our first school just twelve years ago, one out of every two students in Los Angeles Unified School District did not even graduate from high school. We are very proud to have played a role in changing expectations across Los Angeles and in positively impacting the life trajectory of our scholars. As importantly, Alliance schools have become shining beacons of hope and examples of what is possible when we believe all students can succeed. Standing on the firm bedrock of our success, we look to a new horizon for our work over the next few years. When our students graduate from our schools, they will not be competing with students next door or even those in the same city, but with their peers from around the globe and in ways we cannot yet imagine. We do know that it is no longer enough for our scholars to get into college. They must thrive and graduate from college. In the Alliance tradition, we have once again set new audacious goals for ourselves and for our students. We aim to have every Alliance school rank in the top quartile of all schools in California, regardless of demographics. And, we aspire to have 75% of our scholars graduate from a 4-year college. To achieve these goals, we are: • Accelerating academic achievement and supporting our scholars in the important transition through college. • Becoming public education’s best place to work in order to attract, develop and retain the best talent across all levels of the organization. • Cultivating innovation and excellence to more deliberately share best practices across Alliance schools and with other public schools, districts and charter networks. Most importantly we must do this work together. In the face of increasing resistance to our progress by those who benefit from the educational status quo, a broad community of concerned citizens, educators, civic and business leaders, parents and students will sustain our achievements and take our scholars and schools to the next level of success. To our supporters and friends, thank you. As you read the pages of this report, I hope you share my pride at what you and many other supporters have made possible. I look forward to working with you as we again redefine what is possible in public education. Sincerely,

Dan Katzir President & CEO

serving students most in need


"Students are empowered to be part of the learning process and get involved. Principal Vazquez, the teachers, the staff work together as a team and their dedication to the students is really above and beyond.


Parent Rene Castillo Alliance Ted K. Tajima High School, Downtown LA


98% are Latino or African American

Exceptional public schools have the power to transform lives and break the cycle of historic inequity in our communities. For 12,500 families in the most underserved neighborhoods of Los Angeles, Alliance charter public schools are proving that destiny does not have to be defined by a person's background or zip code.

THE NATIONAL CHALLENGE Only 2 out of 10 students from low-income families in America attend schools that have successfully closed the achievement gap* *Source: Education Equality Index, Education Cities March 2016

Educating 12,500 students most in need across 28 middle and high schools:

92% qualify for the Free/ Reduced Meal Program

17% are English Language Learners

10% have special needs

4 grade levels behind in reading when they enter our schools


closing the achievement gap

"Education is really about social justice. It makes it easier for students to see the benefit of coming to school if you can make those connections to their lives, their community, how this will help them to do better and make this world a better place.


Teacher Lindsay Rojas Alliance Christine O'Donovan Middle Academy, South LA

In 2016, Alliance scholars continued to lead the way in four-year graduation rates and performance on the Common Core state assessment, performing 85% higher in math and 48% higher in English language arts than neighboring district high schools.








Alliance schools continued to receive national recognition: U.S. News & World Report ranked a record 14 out of 15 eligible Alliance high schools among the nation’s best.

Alliance Ted K. Tajima High School was only one of twelve high schools in Los Angeles to receive the California Gold Ribbon Award for Excellence. In the national Education Equality Index, of the four LA high schools recognized for erasing the achievement gap for low-income students, three were Alliance schools.ap for low-income students.

5 5

accelerating academic achievement


From opportunity and college access... Every student at Alliance will graduate high school eligible and prepared for college:



of Alliance graduates fulfill all requirements to apply to a University of California or California State University

of Alliance students are accepted to college

“I am able to go far beyond credit tracking and college counseling by partnering with teachers to address student needs. Even before career exploration, goal-setting and other collegerelated topics, we start with supporting our scholars through the tough transition to middle school and getting them to believe in themselves to persevere through the tough road ahead.


85% of Alliance students take at least 2 Advanced Placement (AP) college-level courses before graduating

Counselor Erin Acimovic Alliance Richard Merkin Middle School, Downtown LA

accelerating academic achievement

"Knowing other first generation college students on campus helped build my confidence. Now a mentor myself, I am inspired to see what other Alliance alumni can achieve with the right support.



" c h s p

Alliance Alumna Blanca Hernandez AMP Mentor and current student at UCLA, Class of 2019


W o b m o f t r u a s s

8 college graduation. "College-Ready" is in our name. Our goal is to ensure that students not only get into college, but thrive there and successfully graduate as well. Even the most ambitious, hard-working students in our communities face an array of obstacles to make college success a steep climb. To address these challenges, Alliance provides support programs to meet the specific needs of our students and families:

Alliance Mentoring Program (AMP) This effective program improves college matriculation and first-year college persistence for more than 1,000 Alliance alumni at 12 colleges and universities across Southern California. Now in its fifth year, AMP pairs graduating seniors with Alliance alumni peer mentors at their chosen colleges who guide them to confidently navigate the challenging transition after high school and through the first year of college. Alliance alumni in AMP have improved college matriculation and first-year persistence rates from 75% to 90%.

The Power 150TM Index While many colleges have increased graduation rates over the last decade, the graduation gap grew by 19% between white students and underrepresented minorities. Since college selection has more impact on a student's likelihood of graduating than any other factor in their college experience, Alliance has identified the 150 colleges with the highest minority graduation rates of 75% or higher among 4,200 U.S. colleges and universities. Armed with powerful insights from this analysis, Alliance counselors are better able to match students with the colleges and universities that will best support their post-secondary success.

Financial Readiness Alliance counselors and parent engagement specialists offer workshops on financial literacy, budget planning for college, FAFSA and scholarship application. In addition to identifying financial aid sources, Alliance raises and distributes nearly $500,000 in college scholarships to our graduates.


becoming education ' s best place to work

Great schools start with great teachers. In 2016, Alliance schools ranked in the top quartile of the Gallup Best Place To Work survey, an international poll taken by more than 8 million employees across the globe. By becoming a destination workplace, Alliance schools will continue to attract our nation's best and brightest educators, nurture their development and retain their commitment to our schools and students. Key reasons for our high employee satisfaction and engagement include:

SUPERIOR TRAINING AND SUPPORT, especially for new teachers who receive two weeks of training before school starts and are paired with a master teacher coach for the first two years.

PERFORMANCE-BASED MANAGEMENT that prioritizes growth and feedback for educators, incentivizes great teachers to remain in the classroom and recognizes results achieved for students.

HIGH LEVELS OF CLASSROOM AUTONOMY and flexibility to immediately address student needs.

EMPOWERED SCHOOL LEADERS who can make key instructional and budgetary decisions to meet the unique needs of their school community.

COLLABORATIVE CULTURE that involves frontline educators in shaping the direction of their schools through curricular choice, representation on school boards and participation on an Alliance-wide Teacher Advisory Council.


ORGANIZATION-WIDE FOCUS ON STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT and decision-making guided by student needs.

"As a new teacher, I quickly excelled with amazing support from master teacher coaches, professional development conferences, and support from my administrators to think outside of the box. I have the autonomy to develop relevant, meaningful, and interesting lessons to match my students' needs and improve student achievement in my classroom.


Teacher Chris Membribes Alliance Margaret M. Bloomfield High School, Huntington Park

cultivating innovation and excellence

We embrace innovation to provide our students with the tools they need to thrive in today's information society. Every Alliance student receives a laptop or tablet and access to the best educational software and digital tools that will maximize their learning potential. Key successful programs include:

BLENDED LEARNING instruction empowers students to supplement traditional classroom instruction with personalized online lessons, project-based learning and collaboration with peers. STEM, ROBOTICS AND CODING CLASSES help prepare students for opportunities in high demand careers.


COMMUNITIES OF INNOVATIVE PRACTICE share best practices across Alliance schools and with other public schools and districts. STUDENT TECHNOLOGY LEADERS in every school serve as trained peer leaders to build digital citizenship across the network, support their classmates in the effective use of technology, and work with teachers to inform and refine the use of digital learning tools.

"In class we got to dissect a computer to learn about its components and functions and compare it to other electronics like video games and cell phones. It was fun and after class we took apart my Play Station 3 at home.


Students Manuel Rosales and Luis Molina Alliance Alice M. Baxter College-Ready High School, San Pedro

engaging our communit y

"The principal and teachers worked with me to make sure that my son received the support he needed to do well. I was determined to find the best education for my son who has special needs and found what I was looking for at Alliance. I am so grateful that I have the choice to send both of my sons to a quality public school.


Parent Maria Pinedo Alliance Collins Family College-Ready High School, Huntington Park


Parents are a child's first teachers. Together with Alliance educators, parents and guardians play a vital role in their child's education and the success of Alliance schools. Every Alliance school reaches out to parents through:

PARENT ENGAGEMENT SPECIALISTS Full-time, dedicated staff members involve families through volunteer opportunities, parent teacher conferences and parent training workshops on topics critical to students' academic, social and emotional well-being.

PARENT LEADERSHIP NETWORK Hundreds of parent representatives from all 28 schools advocate for Alliance and our students with the press, community members and civic leaders.


engaging our communit y

Get involved. Help change the future of public education.

VISIT a school to see the transformative power of an Alliance education.

JOIN the Alliance Young Professionals Network to support Alliance students directly through year-round fundraising and volunteer events.

VOLUNTEER to help students through mentorships, career panels, library book drives, and community beautification projects.

HOST a gathering for your friends and colleagues to introduce challenges facing public education and the exciting changes taking place at Alliance.

STAY INFORMED through our mailing list at or social media: Twitter @AllianceCRPS Instagram @AllianceCRPS


To find future events and volunteer opportunities visit our website: or contact Dana Szyka: or (213) 943-4930, ext. 1026

"The Alliance Young Professionals Network allows me and hundreds of my peers to tap into our deepest passion to make a profound impact in the lives of Alliance students and in the future of our community.


engaging our communit y

Ashley Chay-Fairty, Board Member Alliance Young Professionals Network


engaging our communit y

"As a society we need to help our children overcome the obstacles that keep them from accessing a quality education. I see myself in the students at Alliance and I see thousands of dreams being realized through the tremendous work of our schools.

Virgil Roberts, Board Member Alliance College-Ready Public Schools



Invest today. Support Alliance and join other philanthropic leaders who are committed to improving public education and directly helping our most underserved communities.

CHECK donations payable to "Alliance College-Ready Public Schools" can be mailed to: 601 S. Figueroa Street, 4th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90017 MATCHING PROGRAMS offered by many employers will make donations to organizations where employees volunteer or match, double or triple the a mount of their employee charitable contributions.

TRIBUTE GIFTS allow supporters to make a contribution on behalf of a loved one's special accomplishments or in memory of someone who shared your passion. PLANNED GIFTS or deferred charitable contributions can benefit long-term financial planning goals while supporting Alliance schools. ONLINE donations can be made at

For more information on the donation options above or others, please contact Catherine Suitor: or (213) 943-4930, ext. 1036.

sustainable schools


(with comparative totals as of June 30, 2015)

ASSETS Current Assets Cash and cash equivalents Grants, contributions and pledges receivable, current portion Related party receivable, current portion Public funding receivables, current portion Note receivable, current portion Asset limited as to use, current portion Prepaid expenses and other current assets



$ 58,428,886 $ 55,757,558 1,195,000 2,004,686 675,113 1,186,667 14,754,972 12,924,001 --- 14,790,894 24,741,886 24,830,247 2,982,512 2,337,991

Total Current Assets



Grants, contributions and pledges receivable, net of current portion Related party receivable, net of current portion Note receivable, net of current portion Deferred rent receivable Assets limited as to use, net of current portion Other long-term assets Deferred financing costs Property and equipment, net

2,434,410 --- 22,935,589 797,336 16,028,271 332,963 6,836,582 226,034,337

939,670 2,331,460 22,935,589 750,083 14,623,232 252,061 7,221,036 201,902,799



TOTAL ASSETS LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Liabilities Accounts payable and accrued expenses Deferred revenue Due to beneficiary Related party loan payable, current portion Long-term capital lease obligation, current portion Long-term debt, current portion Total Current Liabilities



Long-term capital lease obligation, net of current Long-term debt, net of current Liability for asset retirement obligation Deferred rent liability

– 220,720,238 310,801 188,138

– 233,509,992 295,276 180,153

Total Liabilities



Total Net Assets




Alliance schools are built for long-term sustainability. 20

$ 12,313,214 $ 10,262,821 2,023,150 4,538,752 6,250 2,000 --- 300,000 --- 2,730,435 5,293,410 953,550

$378,177,857 $364,787,973

Initial private investment provides seed funding for development and start-up costs of new schools. After four years, Alliance schools are self-sustaining on public per pupil funding. Each school maintains a capital and operating

our ning ool


(with comparative totals for the year ended June 30, 2015) Revenue & Support Private grants and contributions Federal revenue State revenue Local revenue Other school revenue Management fee Rent income Interest and other income



$ 12,779,575 $ 12,623,060 21,695,830 19,368,967 122,050,737 89,373,306 21,948,280 17,663,488 1,036,417 886,474 --- 76,697 486,590 542,792 8,117,930 1,625,535

Total Revenue And Support Expenses Salaries Benefits Books and supplies Sub-agreement services Professional/consulting services Facilities, repairs and other leases Operations and housekeeping Depreciation expense Interest Facilities development costs Total Expenses Change In Net Assets Net Assets, Beginning Of Period NET ASSETS, END OF PERIOD



76,635,939 17,447,112 15,492,500 4,520,403 12,762,046 4,799,398 8,951,079 9,771,161 12,178,058 250,000

58,504,155 13,068,692 12,808,628 3,407,840 6,904,626 4,426,347 6,950,985 8,983,357 12,312,474 67,938







$137,322,656 $112,014,994

Total Revenue & Support



Public State & Local $143,999,017


Instruction / Program $118,639,425



Federal $21,695,830

Operations & Administration $25,935,368

6.8% Private $12,779,575


Other $9,640,937

reserve to provide stability and withstand fluctuations in public funding. Funds raised also allow Alliance to invest in the development of new innovations, school programs and college scholarships for our graduates.



Facilities & Interest $17,299,763

Community Outreach & Fundraising $933,141

investing in our future


2015 - 2016 Alliance Donors Heidi and Richard Landers Larry and Eris Field Family Foundation Los Angeles Trial Lawyers' Charities $500,000+ Renee and Meyer Luskin Ahmanson Foundation Glennis and Jim Malcolm Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Mayer and Morris Kaplan Family Foundation Estate of Gayle Miller Nicole and Allan Mutchnik W.M. Keck Foundation Anne and Greg Neuwirth Peggy and Charles Norris $250,000+ Jean and Anthony Pritzker Citicorp Credit Services, Inc. Ric and Suzanne Kayne Foundation Carol and James Collins EDUCAUSE/Next Generation Learning Challenges Riordan Foundation Brenda and Virgil Roberts Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation Janet Crown and Steven Robinson Reed Hastings Fund Lauren B. Leichtman and Arthur E. Levine Family Ronus Family Foundation Allison and Bennett Rosenthal Foundation Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP Low Income Investment Fund (LIIF) Tajima Creative Partners Joni and Jeff Marine Linda Tajima Patti and Peter Neuwirth Pam Tajima Praeger Silicon Valley Community Foundation Wells Fargo Walton Family Foundation Whittier Trust Company $100,000+ $5,000+ American Endowment Foundation Affiliated University Neurosurgeons Kathy and Ambassador Frank Baxter Beth and Wilbur Woo Family Foundation Bloomfield Family Foundation Dahlia and Art Bilger California Community Foundation Robin and Elliot Broidy Confidence Foundation Katherine and William Burford Maggie and Joseph Drake Caldwell Leslie & Proctor, PC Johnny Carson Foundation Cynthia L. and William E. Simon Jr. Foundation Kissick Family Foundation The Devto Support Foundation Ayako and Dale Okuno Doran Companies Carol and William Ouchi Vicki Pearson and Marshall Ezralow Ralph M. Parsons Foundation Thomas Feiman Schwab Charitable Fund First Presbyterian Church Dr. Olga Mohan and Fred Simmons FreshStartMeals Susan and Eric Smidt Jimmy Horowitz Eva and Marc Stern Jewish Communal Fund $50,000+ Colleen and Matt Karis Marianna and David Fisher Martha and Bruce Karsh Farah and Steve Gozini Kayne Anderson Rudnick Investment Management, LLC Joseph Drown Foundation Kinky Curly Hair Products Rachel Kaganoff Stern and Eric Stern Lockton Insurance Brokers, LLC Cindy Sheldon Stone Maintex Stuart Foundation Colleen and Neil Martin Heather and Mark McCormick $25,000 Microsoft AECOM Marianne and Lance Miller Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Lisa and Bradley Mindlin Leslie and William Elkus Marie and Geoffrey Moore Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Tom Nadeau Frank Mchugh-O'Donovan Foundation NBC Entertainment Ignition Creative Timothy Noonan Jewish Community Foundation Piper Jaffray & Co. K & F Baxter Family Foundation Arthur Rebell Sempra Energy Kristy Jorgensen Schaffer and Patrick Schaffer Valerie and Ron Sugar Joan Takayama-Ogawa Superior Grocers Harold Williams Wendy Tajima Elaine Tajima-Johnston and Stanley Johnston $1,000+ A & M Church and School Furniture $10,000+ ACHIEVE3000 Judd Abrams Sophie and Alan Alpert Avery and Andrew Barth The Alpert & Alpert Foundation Robert Barth Alan Arkatov The Capital Group Companies Charitable Asian American Journalists Association Foundation Atlas Embroidery & Print Carol and James Collins Foundation Ed Bagdasarian Ashley Chay-Fairty and Tim Fairty Bank of the West Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program Barrio Planners Inc. Crail-Johnson Foundation Leah and Gregory Bergman Crown Family Philanthropies Better 4 You Meals Del Amo Construction Lynn Beyer Laurie and Scott Dubchansky Carol and Frank Biondi Emily and Teddy Greenspan Francesca and Thomas Boobar Goldman Sachs Trust Company Sky and Brent Brewer Priscilla and James Halper Carole and Dan Burack The Hauptman Family Foundation Kevin Burns Myna and Uri Herscher Phyllis Cannom Willow Bay and Robert Iger Canyon Partners, LLC James Irvine Foundation Capital Impact Partners Honnie and Scott Juda Jim and Terrie Carmack Meredith and David Kaplan Lisa and Charles Chevalier $1,000,000+ Linda and David Shaheen

Kee Sun and Kenneth Choi Cox, Castle & Nicholson Jan and Charles Davis Eric Derrington Deutsche Bank Wealth Management Lynne and James DeWitt Digital Networks Group, Inc. Diane and Roger Duhl Jaye and Neal Eigler Aimee Epstein Nancy and Alan Epstein Feed You Well, Inc. Trish and William Flumenbaum Fondazione Italia Franco Architects Frank Kamer Harlee and Alan Gasmer Cindi and Dennis Gilbert Great Public Schools Now Renato Halili Patricia and Lewis Halpert Charles Harper Leslie Heisz Brian Henry Deanne and Tom Heymann Donna and David Hughes Lee and Andrea Hutter Idealab Charitable Foundation Debbie Laub and Eddie Israel Pauline Itow Emi Iwakiri Andrea John Nathan Kahane Mary Ellen and Chistopher Kanoff Nancy Kawasaki Monica Sarang and Bryan Kenny The Kikuchi family Natalie and Brian Kirkdoffer Alexandra and Charles Kivowitz Patricia and Michael Klowden Konica Minolta Shoaib Kothawala Susie and Kurt Krieser Erik Kronstadt Gavin Lazarus Mira and Brian Lee Lionsgate Entertainment Jody and David Lippman Shelley and Frank Litvack LLBH Private Wealth Management M & O Construction Jemela Macer Kathy and Bruce Makowsky Thelma Maltz Dede and Billy Mandel Rachel and Antonio Marquez Milken Family Foundation Lowell Milken Gregory and EJ Milken Foundation Shari and Jerry Mitchell Kevin Mizuhara Yosuke Mizuhara Hannah Cannom and Aaron Moore Martha Mortenson Jun and Art Nakagawa Angela and David Nazarian Sherri and Arnold Nelson Irene Neuwirth Oaktree Capital Management, LLC Robyn Field and Anthony O'Carroll Alice Okuno Susan Okuno Ostuma Partners, Inc. Lisa Park Kathleen and Larry Paul Susan and David Pechman Kelly and David Pokress PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP Shirley and Marvin Rahn Rally Catherine Suitor and Jorge Ramirez Win Rhodes Ricoh


$ S L H K S D L C D A A K J L J B J D S L P J W K R T M N B K M P C T T W K G

Elaine Johnson and Phil Roman Jeffrey and Gayle Rosenthal Glenn and Dorit Rotner Ralph and Rita Rudin Louella Kanew and Michael Sachs Kristin Salaya Linda Sanada Richard Sandler Sarah Ketterer Family Foundation Satoh Brothers Donna and Peter Schlessel Mark Schwartz John Seto Shigetomi Family Michelle and Robert Shipp Ronald Silverman SingerLewak LLP Jane and Howard Smith Babs Sobel South Hills Presbyterian Church Southern California Gas Company Marilyn and Eugene Stein Janis and Jeff Susskind Carrie Odell and Simon T Marie and Calvin Tajima Telacu Construction Cindy and Richard Troop Sarah Ouchi and Vince Tsai Maria and Bob Tuttle Mark Vidergauz Sarah and Alan Vorwald Walker Stevens Cannom Yang LLP Sylvia Weber Chacha and Mark Weinstein Dale and Dennis Weiss Wisetel Marilyn and Roger Wolk Elaine Woo Michael Woo Ann and Hank Wright Jacqueline Yellin David Yenoki Young, Minney, & Corr, LLP $500+ Shauna and John Barger Lindsay Bozzani Harold Brody Kathleen Bryson Sean Callery Denise and Mike DeSantis Leighton French Chuck Friedlander Darin Smith-Gaddis Andrew Gumpert Antonia Hernรกndez Kathleen Holliday John Holman Leslie Weisberg and James Hyman Jules Berlin Agency Blair Kohan Jessica Kronstadt-Turner David and Tam Lachoff Sandra and Roger Lee Liberty Hill Foundation Paula and Barry Litt Jennifer Malkin Whitney McCormick Kristin Salaya and Angus McWilliams Rozalynd and George Merrill Theodore R. Mitchell Marilyn and John Mohan Nimi Nagalingam Brooke Perez Kamala and Marvin Avila-Salmon Monica Shilling Priscilla and Edward Simmons Cynthia and Bradford Thiel Thomas Traynor Triway Enterprise, Inc. Whalen, Hennig & Merritt Kevin Wu Guy Zapoleon

Up to $499 ACME Hospitality Group AEGON Transamerica Foundation Candice Afia Rebecca Agonafir Arik Ahitov Joanne Armstrong Josephine Aniobi Tiffany Atabek Lara Beebower Michelle and Todd Beiley Nicole Bennett Julie Bloom Lyn Boland Jessica Bonham Noah Branman Louise Bryson Ruth Bryson Charlene Casey Jocelyn Castro Stephen Chang Samantha Chui Yujeannie Chung The Clark Family Trust Michael Colvard Hannah Cowherd Quincy Curry Eli Daquioag Rob Delfino Linda Delsack Addison Devone Pilar Diaz Rebecca Doessant Kathy Dominguez Jody Edwards Ann Enkoji Alexandra English Ezra Evangelista Far West Restaurant Group, LLC Krystal O'Leary Flores David Flores, Jr. Evan Fong Zach Friedland Phyllis Fries Grayce Frink Sandra and George Froley Jordanna Gessler Chrissie Gorman Christine Green Lesley Guenette Courtney Halseth Yuree Han Barbara Hensleigh Allison Hewitt Lemar Hight Lynette Hight Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Sam Jang Jackson Johnson Victor Kang Jane and Peter Kim Jin Kim Grace Kim David Kim Silvia Kodzhikian Helen Bendix and John Kronstadt Bali Kumar Howard Lappin Nick Lee Jonathan Lieberman Hiram Lim Kevin Linehan Ashlee Lin Farhan Mahmood Jordan Mangaliman Adithya Mani Elizabeth Marshall Jessica Massa Kamala Mattiuzzi Julie and Patrick McCormick Rachel McDaniel Megan McGuane Rena and Carl McKinzie

Cathleen McMullen Mary McWilliams Diane Medley Danette Meyers Joel Millikin Amanda Miyahira Mizuhara Family Trust Raamla Mohamed Rebecca and Paul Moir Susan and Laurence Nadel Sinthuja Nagalingam Heddy Nam Sandra Nguyen Patrick Nichols Dana Noh Stephanie Novick Angelina Ochoa Jason Oclaray Kasie Okoro Phillip O'Leary Cynthia Olmstead Tim Ortman Leandro Otero Anne and Rodney Pearlman Sarah Pedersen Mariana Preciado Emi Preiser Kate and Ernie Prudente Nancy and Steve Rasmussen Dahlia Reoganis Revolution Foods Susan and Robin Richards Pacific Rim Hayley Roberts Laura Rogers Emily Rosenthal Roux Associates, Inc. Adrian Roxas Arlene Ruschac Kim Salaya Wreta Salmon Thomas Sandonato Schindler Elevator Corporation Kate Scott David Sewell Briana Sharp Shaun Marie Sheehan Moises Silva Kourtney Simons Edward Simpson Linda Sirithananan Candace Smith Ceci and Steven Solton Patrick Soricone Paul Sosa Chantel Soverall Amy Starr Joan Stern Bethany and Andy Stevens Abel Sun Dana Szyka Renee Tajima Jonathan Tiongco Steven Truong Carol Landrith Tyson Amber Valverde Ryan Vergara Will Vincent Delilah Vinzon Sarah Virkus Karen and James Wagstaffe Eliza Walper Michelle Wattana Chris Weber Rachel Weintraub Paula Wilson Cynthia Woo Christine Wu Martha Yarnell Kaitlin Yount

investing in our future

Alliance Board Of Directors Frank E. Baxter, Chair Chairman Emeritus Jefferies & Company, Inc. Joseph Drake, Co-Chair Co-Founder & President Good Universe Darline P. Robles, Ph.D., Co-Chair Professor of Clinical Education USC Rossier School of Education Alan Arkatov USC-Katzman Chair and Professor for Educational Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology Brett Brewer Co-Founder & Managing Director CrossCut Ventures David I. Fisher Chairman Emeritus Capital Group International Erik Kronstadt Manager Accenture Strategy: Competitiveness Center of Excellence

Stewart Kwoh President & Executive Director Asian Americans Advancing Justice - LA Meyer Luskin President Scope Industries Jeff Marine President & CEO Jem Sportswear Richard Merkin, M.D. President & CEO Heritage Provider Network Dale Okuno President Okuno Associates, Inc. William Ouchi Associate Director, UCLA CTSI Co-Director, CTSI Health Innovation Board Sanford and Betty Sigoloff Distinguished Professor Emeritus in the Anderson School

Virgil Roberts Partner Bobbitt & Roberts Araceli Ruano Chief Operating Officer SFE Group Fred Simmons Senior Partner Freeman Spogli & Co Rachel Kaganoff Stern President The Junior Statesmen Foundation Eva Stern Ronald D. Sugar Chairman Emeritus Northrop Grumman Corporation Harold Williams, Vice Chair President Emeritus The J. Paul Getty Trust

Alliance Young Professionals Network Board Erik Kronstadt, Chair Manager Accenture Strategy: Competitiveness Center of Excellence Rebecca Agonafir Marketing Manager UCLA Extension Kamala Avila-Salmon Product Marketing Manager Google Play Movies and TV Todd Beiley Portfolio Manager Kayne Anderson Rudnick Investment Management Monica R. BriseĂąo Litigation Associate Cox, Castle & Nicholson, LLP Kathleen Bryson Candidate Masters in Communication Management USC Annenberg School Hannah Cannom Partner Walker Stevens Cannom Yang LLP


Ashley Chay-Fairty Associate Proskauer Rose LLP

Will Craig Investment Analyst Capital International Investors

Sarah Ouchi Principal Stacy Blackman Consulting

Evan Doran Project Manager Sydell Group

Kristin Salaya Manager M&A Advisory, PwC

Zach Friedland Vice President Morgan Stanley Investment Banking

Kristy Schaffer Entertainment Marketing Executive

Grayce Frink Litigation Associate Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP

Moises Silva Engineer Northrop Grumman Corporation

Yuree Han Change and Communication Adviser World Vision International

Almuhtada Smith Staff Attorney Jenner & Block LLP

Andrea John Finance Restaurant Brands International

Darin Smith-Gaddis Manager, Institutional Relations CAPA The Global Education Network

Roopali Malhotra Senior Advisor to the Vice President of Student Affairs University of Southern California

Chris Weber Director of Career Advising UCLA Anderson School of Management

Sinthuja Nagalingam Manager of Data Analytics Summit Public Schools Leandro Otero Managing Director, Talent & Partnerships Teach For America

Jeff Weston Financial Advisor Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

"We want students to realize that school can be a spiritual transformation of the heart and mind and not just a requirement. Our school's goal is to inspire students to pursue knowledge with a sense of urgency that comes from eagerness and excitement, not just completing the work.


Principal Miguel Gamboa Alliance Patti & Peter Neuwirth Leadership Academy, South LA


Downtown Los Angeles Alliance Richard Merkin Middle School 2023 South Union Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90007 Alliance Gertz-Ressler High School 2023 South Union Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90007 Alliance Dr. Olga Mohan High School 644 West 17th Street Los Angeles, CA 90015 Alliance Ted K. Tajima High School 1552 West Rockwood Street Los Angeles, CA 90026

East Los Angeles Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy 8 113 South Rowan Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90063 Alliance Morgan McKinzie High School 110 South Townsend Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90063 Alliance Marc & Eva Stern Math and Science High School 5151 State University Drive Los Angeles, CA 90032

Glassell Park / Lincoln Heights

Alliance Susan & Eric Smidt Technology High School 211 South Avenue 20 Los Angeles, CA 90031

Alliance Cindy & Bill Simon Technology High School 10720 Wilmington Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90059

Alliance Tennenbaum Family Technology High School 2050 San Fernando Road Los Angeles, CA 90065

Alliance Patti & Peter Neuwirth Leadership Academy 4610 South Main Street Los Angeles, CA 90037

Huntington Park

Alliance Piera Barbaglia Shaheen Health Services Academy 10616 Western Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90047

Alliance Kory Hunter Middle School 5886 Compton Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90001 Alliance Collins Family College-Ready High School 2071 Saturn Avenue Huntington Park, CA 90255 Alliance Margaret M. Bloomfield High School 7907 Santa Fe Avenue Huntington Park, CA 90255

Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology High School 10101 South Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90003 Alliance Renee & Meyer Luskin Academy High School 2941 West 70th Street Los Angeles, CA 90043

South Los Angeles / Watts

Alliance William & Carol Ouchi High School 5356 South 5th Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90043

Alliance Christine O’Donovan Middle Academy 5355 South 4th Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90043

San Pedro

Alliance Leadership Middle Academy 2941 West 70th Street Los Angeles, CA 90043

Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy 5 211 South Avenue 20 Los Angeles, CA 90031

Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy 4 9719 South Main Street Los Angeles, CA 90003

Alliance Leichtman-Levine Family Foundation Environmental Science High School 2930 Fletcher Drive Los Angeles, CA 90065

Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy 12 131 East 50th Street Los Angeles, CA 90011 Alliance Jack H. Skirball Middle School 603 East 115th Street Los Angeles, CA 90059

Alliance Alice M. Baxter College-Ready High School 461 West 9th Street San Pedro, CA 90731

Sun Valley Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy 21 11933 Allegheny Street Sun Valley, CA 91352 Alliance Joni & Jeff Marine High School 11933 Allegheny Street Sun Valley, CA 91352

Our mission. To open and operate a network of small, high-performing high schools and middle schools in low-income communities in California with historically under-performing schools, that will annually demonstrate student academic achievement growth, and graduate students ready for success in college.

601 South Figueroa Street, 4th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90017 (213) 943-4930

Alliance Annual Report 2016  
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