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September 2022 PRSRTSTD U.S. POSTAGEPAIDGRANDRAPIDS,MI PERMIT1 THEANNOUNCER A Monthly Publication of the A endale Area Chamber of Commerce BizStream Sustaining Partner Highlight Community Event Food Truck Rally

2 The Announcer is delivered to you as a free monthly publication serving Allendale Township. It is brought to you by the Allendale Area Chamber of Commerce. ADS SENT TO: Christie Tidd at ADDRESS: 11325 54th Ave. Allendale, MI 49401 (616) 892-2632 WEBSITE: OFFICE HOURS: M-TH / 9am - 2pm 2022 Sustaining Partner Circle Sponsored by: Scan Me!

3 COMMUNITY EVENT SPOTLIGHT Back to School Fair - Starting with Success! Event from August 18, 2022

4 CLASS TRIALFree Redeem at // 6561 Lake Michigan Dr, Allendale // 616-794-6694

GVSGq+aq+a Grand Valley Sporting Goods A Conversation With

6 COMMUNITY EVENT SPOTLIGHT Trixy Tang was Totally Rad! Event from August 13, 2022

7 888.404.4940 New Customer Velocity Internet O er: Promotional pricing available to new customers only, who have not had Internet services with AcenTek for at least 30 days and whose account is in good standing. Choose from 200Mbps Fiber Internet for just $29.95/month or 1 Gig Fiber Internet for just $79.95/month. Promotional pricing valid for first 12 months of service only. After promotional period ends, regular pricing applies. per month for yearfirst $2995$4995 200 Mbps download • 200 Mbps upload plus free installation 200 FIBER MbpsINTERNET per month for yearfirst $7995$9995 1 Gig download • 200 Mbps upload plus free installation 1 FIBER GIGINTERNET internetDisappointedbyyourprice? For a price that fits your budget, switch to Velocity Internet from AcenTek. It’s time for a change.

8 Expires: 9/30/2022 Coupon Code: ANN HPD Not valid with other offers.No cash value. At par�cipa�ng loca�ons only. Visit your local Allendale Performance Plus Quick Lube 5088 Lake Michigan Dr. Allendale, MI 49401 M F: 8 7 / Sat: 8 6 616 - 895 - 1335

9 Fun. Professional.Smart. We’re a full-service digital agency focused on brands, websites, and products. We laugh a lot of the day, push our teammates to take on new things, and teach one another the latest skills and tools. We have a blast, for sure. But at the end of the day, rest assured, no one takes design and development more seriously than we do. Through our extensive experience, and strategic approach, we’re recognized as an award-winning leader in digital solutions. 2001 BizStream Established 500+ Projects Completed 32 Team Members 30+ Developer Certifications

BizStream has just been recognized as one of Crain's Detroit's 2022 Cool Places to Work, ranking 17th out of 100 companies selected for this list. From their D.C./Marvel-themed, eco-friendly office building to their spontaneous foosball tournaments and their dedication to innovative technology, BizStream is probably one of the coolest up-and-coming digital agencies West Michigan has to offer!

Founder Mark Schmidt and Co-Owner Brian McKeiver began BizStream 21 years ago, doing contract work and intranet development. As the company moved away from contract work and started landing more complex projects for enterprise companies, it rebranded as BizStream in 2004 and began to expand its team.


See the complete list of BizStream's award-winning projects at 'Batcave'hostsKontent.aiexperiencedevelopment,Additionally,Kentico,who'vedevelopers,,digitalstrategists,,MicrosoftAzure,andmore.McKeiverhasover20yearsofwebdigitalmarketing,andsolutionarchitectureandisgloballyrecognizedasaKenticoMVP,MVP,andMicrosoftAzureMVP.McKeiveralsotheKontentRockpodcast,recordedinBizStream'sstudio!

BizStream: The Coolest DeveloperWebto Work for in Allendale! PARTNER

BizStream is a full-service digital agency located right here in Allendale! With a close-knit, passionate team of developers, project managers, creatives, and more, BizStream focuses on building brands, websites, and products for enterprise companies all over the U.S.

One of BizStream's most notable products is an intranet-based portal software built in 2009 named YouthCenter. YouthCenters is one of the top Juvenile Case Management Software solutions for Juvenile Probation, Diversion, and Detention Centers in the United States. Today 33 counties across six states use YouthCenter!


"We take an idea from creative all the way through to design and build large-scale websites and applications all across the world," says Mark Schmidt, founder of BizStream. "We mostly try to focus on companies here in the U.S., and the majority of our clients are outside of Michigan."

BizStream is recognized as an award-winning leader in custom software, as well as an active member of the All In Allendale community. BizStream values community involvement by sponsoring local school sports and science/robotics teams and hosts its own BizStream TheirAcademy!office is a unique mix of friendly, fun, and professional. Their meetings occur in glass-walled high-tech conference rooms with comic book-themed names, and extra large LEGO bricks surround their workstations and stadium-displayed internal dashboards. The space is also home to a fire pole, giant slide, foosball table, on-site showers, a locker room, a full-size kitchen, and more! In 2021, BizStream became fully powered by solar energy.


By: Shelby Sullivan

BizStream is perhaps most well-known for its projects developed on the Kentico and platforms. In 2010, BizStream became a Kentico Gold Partner, the highest recognition available for the digital experience platform. In addition, BizStream was one of the world's first companies to dive deeply into, a headless CMS solution. In 2017, they were recognized as a Premium Partner, the highest partnership level attainable, for their extensive knowledge and work within the platform.


With help from Tiger Solar, BizStream installed 224 solar modules and is expected to offset 95% of traditional electrical usage and produce 88,977kW annually. Switching to solar allowed the company to offset their electricity costs by instead being credited by their utility company. Because Michigan is above the national average when it comes to the cost of electricity ($0.14/kWh), BizStream is not only helping the environment but also saving themselves money.

BizStream’s future goals include going completely off the grid with their solar energy projects. They will also continue BizStream Academy, hopefully expanding their efforts and finding sponsorships for providing class laptops and equipment. “We really don't want there to be any reason a student feels like they can't go through BizStream Academy,” says Chris. Furthermore, BizStream has been spending the summer of 2022 experimenting with the 4-day work week, which they hope to investigate further for the future of BizStream. This corresponds really well with the BizStream goal of a healthy work-life balance.


Visitors and staff can see how BizStream's energy consumption is doing by checking out their custom-built solar dashboard inside their office space. Monitors (run by solar energy, of course) display updates on BizStream's energy and company productivity all day long! BizStream also has an electric vehicle charging station for its team



“Ultimately I want students to walk out of Academy and want to keep learning more even if it isn't something that ever turns into a career for them.”

"For Brian and me, it just took someone telling us that [coding] exists and that you don't need crazy tools and servers to do it," says Schmidt. "You can build a website on your computer right now!"

Beginning in 2012, BizStream Academy is a summer coding class that offers an introductory look at HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript/JQuery. During the one-day, eight-hour bootcamp, students learn and apply their new coding skills to make a functioning website! “The tangible goal of the day is for students to walk away with a page they've built themselves and can share with friends and family,” says Chris. Yet the overall goal for BizStream Academy is to

Nothing is cooler than "Going Green" in 2022, and BizStream is ahead of us on that curve. In an effort to learn more about eco-friendly technology, become a green leader, and reduce their carbon footprint, many at BizStream wanted a solution to their building's energy consumption.

As the program grows, the hope is that a large portion of Academy students will start to come from underserved and underrepresented groups. BizStream also hopes that they can start having classes throughout the year instead of just as a summer program. BizStream just had its Summer 2022 class this August, but if you are interested, registration for 2023 will begin in May of next year!

Inmembers.aneffort to bring their passion for technology and web development to the next generation, BizStream offers “BizStream Academy,” run by Chris Hamm, one of BizStream’s web developers: “This weekend would have been my 7th time teaching BZSA [BizStream Academy], but it has existed since 2012,” says Chris. “I actually went through BZSA back in 2014 or 2015.”

Schmidt and McKeiver help mentor Academy classes, which BizStream web developer Chris Hamm runs.

For Financial Freedom, the



As of December 2018, BizStream was named one of the Nation's Best and Brightest Companies to Work Fora title they have held for the last five consecutive years. spark real interest in coding and development:

So after founder Mark Schmidt went solar at his own home in 2019, he brought that experience to BizStream.

Finally, BizStream is looking for talented, self-motivated, and self-managing people to join its team: "We are constantly looking for the best motivated developers, project managers, business analysts, and creatives," says Schmidt. "Those who push each other and have real discussions about finding the best solutions together." BizStream also offers periodic internships and is hoping to have more in the future. If you are interested in working or interning at BizStream, visit their Careers page.


In 2012, after completing a CrossFit Level-One Certification, siblings Josh and Kate Connelly decided to open their own gym. They just didn’t know exactly where.

Promoting & In Our Community!

During their first year of business, building their community took patience. Many of the classes only had a couple people attend if that. Today, with over 125 members, they talk about what has made them successful as not just another gym: “Consistency,” says Coach Kate. “We just stuck with it. We knew how much we loved CrossFit, and that if we were able to get people in the door, then they would love it, too.” Well, she was right. Now over 8 years later, CFA has become a health and fitness staple for members from all over West Michigan!

CrossFit Allendale has sponsored community events like the Trixy Tang Backlot 80’s Bash, and hosted fundraisers for their community. CFA is really an “All In” essential for our Allendale Community.

CrossFit Allendale works hard to promote health, fitness, and fun. Rather than a gym where you are just a membership number, Josh and Kate take time to get to know their members and their goals.

By: Shelby Sullivan

Originally from Michigan’s Eastside, the two started searching for the right location. In the winter of 2014, they traveled to Allendale and agreed that it was the perfect location to open their new business. Josh had recently graduated from U of M - Flint at the time. Kate, who was only 19 and attending classes at Eastern Michigan University, transferred to Grand Valley to continue her Undergrad in Exercise Science.

A Gym Based on Community and Healthy Lifestyles

Coach Josh touched on instances “where our members have gone through di cult times in their lives, and we have hosted special workouts to raise awareness, created fundraisers, or simply had a CFA night out. Everyone knows everyone here, so our members want to pitch in and help when they can.” CFA has a great roster of members who show up excited, positive, and ready to move!

CrossFit Allendale is a local family-owned gym promoting fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

CFA strives to be a part of the Allendale community and continue to make their members happy and healthy. “Crossfit is for everybody,” says Coach Kate. “We can modify it for anyone, whether you’re a beginner or not. Our goal is longevity, health, and a love for exercise.”

What are CrossFit Allendale’s Classes Like?


CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program made up of several di erent movements and workouts, intending to help you become stronger and healthier in your daily life. Each class is led by an instructor and can be modified for any fitness level or age. “This is a di erent experience from a regular gym,” says Coach Josh, “This [CrossFit Allendale] is definitely a social atmosphere. You’ll come in and get to know people, where everyone is rooting for each other, pushing each other, and cheering each other on.”



What is Next for CrossFit Allendale?

Both Josh and Kate agree that CrossFit is meant to be an “all-around fitness program.” Whether you’re looking to improve your strength, endurance, stamina, balance, speed, power, flexibility, or coordination, CrossFit has got you covered! “The overall goal of CrossFit, through a variety of our workouts, is to get you as fit as possible,” says Coach Josh. “No matter what you want to do physically, CrossFit will prepare you for whatever you want to do outside of the gym.” With class options ranging from a 30-minute, early morning bootcamp to general classes - and even open gym time - CrossFit Allendale is the perfect place for whatever workout fits your lifestyle.

Josh and Kate will continue to train, learn, and get better at their coaching and CrossFit abilities to create the best experience possible. They want to show potential new members that CrossFit can be a fun, positive experience for those who are looking to get fit and have a long, healthy lifestyle. “It’s not as scary as it looks,” says Coach Kate. “When I started CrossFit I wasn’t sure about it either, but now look at me. We’ve [Josh and Kate] been doing it for ten years and we’re not bored yet!”

13 LifeStream

14 September 2022 SEPTEMBER CALENDAR OF EVENTS **Please continue to check our website for the most up to date information on events taking place** SEPT. 2-5 ~ Labor Day break SEPT. 6 ~ School Resumes SEPT. 12 ~ Regular Board of Education Meeting, 6 PM, Oakwood Board Room SEPT. 26 ~ Conversation with Cooper, 6 PM, Oakwood Board Room SEPT. 30 ~ Half Day Y5-12 -


elizabeths@allendale or (616)

Movies in the Park Join us this September as we “fall through the decades” for our 2022 Movies in the Park series. Each movie will be held at the Allendale Community Park Bandshell, located at 6676 Lake Michigan Drive, IfAllendale.thereis rain, the event will be held indoors at the township hall auditorium. Bring your family, blankets, and a chair!



3118 ALLENDALE CHARTER TOWNSHIP Keeping YOU informed!www.allendale OFFICE INFORMATIONTOWNSHIP INFORMATION ALLENDALE TOWNSHIP LIBRARY Township Board Mee�ngs Township board mee�ngs are on September 12 and 26 at 6:00 pm. You can find board agendas and minutes on our website: www.allendale Take & Make Ac�vi�es We offer free, monthly ac�vi�es for kids and teens to take home and complete. September’ s ac�vi�es are cra�y surprise bags for both kids and teens. One per child, please. Available while supplies last. Summer Tax Deadline The 2022 summer property tax deadline is September 14, 2022. Our lobby is open to receive payments Monday through Friday from 8AM-5PM, closed 12PM-1PM , or u�lize the parking lot drop box at any �me. You may view or pay your bill online here: Ifh�ps://�ons,pleasecontact us at 616 895 6295 or email

Ques�ons? Contact Elizabeth

Friday, September 9 at 8:30PM: “The Land Before Time” 1988 (G) Saturday, September 10 at 8:30PM: “The Lion King” 1994 (G) Friday, September 23 at 8:10PM: “Monsters, Inc.” 2001 (G) Saturday, September 24 at 8:10PM: “Despicable ” (PG) at 892

17 Na�onal

1. Moved within Allendale or moved to Allendale?

2. Changed your name? 3. Turned 18 years old? (You can register at 17.5 but vote once 18) 4. Become a U.S. Ci�zen? Stop by the township office or contact via phone or email to find out how to register for the first �me or make sure your registra�on informa�on is correct. A�er registra�on is complete or a change has been made, our office will mail you a voter informa�on card. This card is for you to keep for informa�onal purposes —you do not need to take it with you to the polls. Ques�ons? Contact Jody Hansen or Elizabeth Szymanski using their informa�on below.

Tuesday, September 20th is Na�onal Voter Registra�on Day. It is a nonpar�san, civic holiday to encourage voter registra�on. You can register to vote at any�me, even in a non elec�on year.

On September 20th, stop into the township hall if you want to verify your registra�on, update your registra�on, or would like to register for the first �me.

Jody Hansen, Township Clerk or Elizabeth Szymanski, Township Deputy Clerk will be available during office hours to serve you. If you cannot make it that day, the clerk ’s office is open Monday-Friday, 8AM-5PM, closed 12PM-1PM. They want to ensure that everyone who is eligible has the opportunity to vote! Have you recently:

Voter Registra�on Day

There is a non-invasive, drug free therapy alterna�ve that can help, located right in Allendale! Sensory Learning Center of West Michigan 11301 Commerce Rd Ste A | Allendale, MI 49401 Phone: 616-895-9550 | Fax: 616-892-5166 Email: wmsensorylearningcenter.comsensorylearningcenter@gmail.comSensory Learning Center of West Michigan Is your child struggling with Autism, TBI, ADHD or Birth Trauma resulting in learning difficulties? If you want to see improved auditory processing; better balance, coordination and fine motor skills; greatly improved eye contact and situational awareness; more confidence and focus; visual processing improvements; more stable emotional responses; reduced anxiety, better sleep patterns, resolved bedwetting and potty training issues, improved speech and language skills. Call or go online for more information and a free, confidential assessment! 5455 Auto Court Allendale, MI 616.895.7500 Tolman’sAuto-TechGroup SPECIALS GET UP TO $110 back by mail on a Firestone visa prepaid card with a purchase of 4 eligible Firestone tires. O er valid 8/15/22 to 9/15/22. GET UP TO $120 back by mail on a Bridgestone visa prepaid card with purchase of 4 eligible Bridgestone tires. O er valid 9/1/22 to 10/14/22. TAKE CARE OF YOUR CAR AND SAVE! Buy 3, get $25; Buy 2, Get $20. Get a $25 prepaid visa card when you buy and have installed a qualifying NAPA oil, air and cabin air lter. OR get a $20 prepaid visa card when you buy and have installed a qualifying NAPA oil and air lter. O er valid 9/1/2210/31/22. Tues & Thur: 9:00 am-5:30 pm; Fri: 9:00 am-6:00 pm Sat: 8:00 am-3:00 pm; Closed Sunday & Monday Check out FB/TheMeatMarket for specials THE MEAT MARKET Located on 68th Street ~ One Block North of M-45 (616) 895-7187 Local & Convenient! 616-895-4357 - Excavating 616-895-6683 - Tr ucking Ralph Meyers Trucking & Excavating We have become a three-in-one business that started in 1940. Besides trucking and excavation services, we are also a gas station for the convenience of truckers and local residential customers. Gas | Diesel | Kerosene 9585 Lake Michigan Drive | Allendale, MI Celebrating over 75 Years in Business! 4647 Lake Michigan Dr. $5 off $30 $5 off any regular purchase of $30 or more with this coupon. Cannot be combined with other offers. Pick up only. Exp 09/30/22peppinosxpressBestVotedPizzaPeppinos-Pizza-Express Residential Ser vice Yard waste pickup Curbside Rec ycling Ser vice Commercial Ser vice Temporar y Dumpster (2-8 yards) We Dash For Your Trash! Call 616-895-6399 New Customer Coupon at Locally owned and operated since 1983 18 BACK TO SCHOOL 50% o exams | 616.895.9550 Allendale Eye Care’s


Ask Follow us on social media! Q: My Vision Fluctuates and When I Blink a Few Times, Things Come Back Into Focus. What is Going On? A:

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