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A 100th anniversary is called a centennial, but what do you call a 175th anniversary? It's a demisemiseptcentennial, of course! It’s a mouthful, but worth noting to memory, as Allendale gears up to celebrate this momentous occurrence throughout all of 2024.

As I continue to research the archives and discover some of the stories of Allendale’s past, I’m learning that it’s really all about the people. The people who stepped out in faith and forged into new territory. The people who chose to form this township. The people who fought for our freedom. If not for the bravery, grit and everyday lives of these people, Allendale might have

never been! It got me thinking about how we all have a story that a ects those around us. Even if we think it is insigni cant, we are all part of what makes Allendale the unique community that it is. Our forefathers contributed to this unique community and I would like to introduce you to some of those people who secured their place in history and enabled Allendale to put it’s mark on the map.

The family history of the Chippewa people living in Michigan goes back hundreds of years before the Europeans came. The Chippewa tribe consisted of the Odawa (Ottawa), Potawatomi, and Ojibway. Historical events that happened to the Indian families in Michigan happened to the Indian families in Allendale. Along the banks of the Grand River were villages near the mouth of the Bass River, Traders Creek and Ottawa Creek.

Pierre Constant—Pierre Constant, a French fur trader hired by the British Fur Company, arrived in Allendale and established a trading post to buy furs from the Indians. Pierre did what many other fur traders did to cultivate friendships with the Indians; he married an Indian woman. The furs Pierre obtained were used by the European fashion industry.

Rev. William and Amanda Ferry—In 1823, Rev. William and Amanda Ferry left their Massachusetts home to begin missionary work among the Indians,

which lasted for twelve years. Their missionary work brought them to Indian villages in areas that later were called Bass River Community, Charleston, and Blendon Landing.

Hiram and Ella Knowlton—Just prior to the Civil War, Hiram was a hired hand at a farm in Allendale. In August of 1862, Hiram enlisted in the 5th Michigan Cavalry, which became part of the “Michigan Brigade”. He arrived in Washington DC in the fall of 1862. Hiram was captured several times while in service. He took part in the ghting in the Shenandoah Valley in 1864. He was mustered out in the summer of 1865. Upon returning home to Allendale, Hiram married Emma Fellows, and they adopted ve children. In 1906, they purchased property in Allendale and built their new house on 68th Avenue in 1911. Hiram and Emma are both buried in the Allendale Cemetery. Their home has been restored by the Allendale Historical Society and is now known as the Knowlton House Museum.

Dr. William Presley was Allendale’s rst resident doctor. In the early days, a doctor kept o ce hours to some extent, but the main task was to go into the homes to deliver babies, pull teeth, amputate limbs and watch long hours with the desperately ill or dying. Such was the case for Dr. Presley, who practiced in Allendale from 1900 to 1909. He lived on 68th Avenue, just south of Lake Michigan Drive. He once saved a man’s life with a delicate bone operation, which later was cited as an example of bone surgery at its best.

To Be Continued!
Knitting for Allendale at the Library at 2pm Ribbon Cutting: The Red Door Market + Sip & Shop at 4pm 2 Creative Dance at the Library at 10am 12 Allendale Township Planning Commission Meeting at the Township office at 7pm 1, 15 Wheel Run for Everyone 5K at GVSU at 8am, Registration required 13 Adult Book Discussion at the Library ( Firekeeper's Daughter by Angeline Boulley) at 6:30pm 22 Pop-In Playtime at the Library at 9am 6 Hand Knitting at Farmhaus Cider at 1pm, registration necessary 3 Rise + Grind: Coffee Networking, Dual Chamber at Cox Enterprises at 8:30am 10 Allendale Township Board Meeting at Township office at 7pm 8, 22 Storytime at the Library at 10am 8, 15, 22, 29 American Legion Post 401 Meeting at Life Stream Church at 6:30pm 8 Show + Snack (Playing with Fire) at the Library at 1pm 12 Library Advisory Board Meeting at 7pm 18 Lynn and Ian the Moonshine Runners at Trail Point Brewing at 6pm 13 Coffee + Crafts at the Library at 10am 16 Stuffed Animal Sleepover at the Library at 6:30pm 12 Teen Spa Night at the Library at 5:30pm 16 OAISD Plan N Learn at the Library at 10am 18 Moms with Moms Group at the Library at 10am 19, 26 11 *Please check with location or event before attending as information may have changed since publication local events Karaoke Glow Party at Embassy Bar and Grill at 9pm 13 Saturday Night Line Dancing at Embassy Bar + Grill at 9pm, 21+ 20
April Calendar of Events

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WISHES THE ALLENDALE COMMUNITY 175 1775th Ha Happ p y Happy An A niv ivers r ar a y! Anniversary! v i s i t B e t t e n B a k e r A u t o P l a z a a t : 9 3 0 O M a l l e y D r . C o o p e r s v i l l e , M I 4 9 4 0 4 616-837-3800 Monday, April 22 4 PM – 6 PM Check here for what is accepted: FREE and for 2 hours only!

Growing a Better Brand

Countryside Greenhouse has been a staple of the Allendale community for many decades. From their humble beginnings to their current status as a thriving retail hub, they have become a cherished staple in the region. However, over these years of growth and expansion their logo, messaging, and overall brand experience hasn’t quite grown along with them. Countryside Greenhouse partnered with BizStream, a local branding and website agency, to help them refresh their brand and redesign their website to match.

Visually Express What You Do

Working together, BizStream and Countryside Greenhouse crafted a new brand identity and visual experience that better suits who Countryside Greenhouse is as a company and resonates more strongly with their target audience.

Planting the Seed

For many years, Countryside Greenhouse has worked with BizStream for their website needs. Early in 2023, Countryside Greenhouse came to BizStream knowing they wanted to update their website. What portions needed to be updated, and how much they needed to be updated was all discussed. During these talks the subject of the Countryside Greenhouse brand also came up. BizStream presented the idea that if we strengthened and improved the brand, redesigning and updating the Countryside Greenhouse website would be much easier, and better. Plus, the brand improvements would help with Countryside Greenhouse’s outward marketing needs as well.

Exploration and Discovery

BizStream led the Countryside Greenhouse team through a series of brand exercises in order to hone in on brand attributes that t with where they wanted the brand to go, brand pillars that help set them apart from their competitors, and who their target audience segments are. These steps help set the stage for the BizStream design team to start exploring where the visuals of the brand will go and create alignment across all involved.

Familiar but Fresh

After exploring some various directions for the Countryside Greenhouse logo, it was decided that some updates de nitely needed to be made, but the logo should also feel somewhat familiar to longtime customers. So the symbol of the three owers was retained, but simpli ed and cleaned up, to better t with the rest of the brand.

To liven things up, more colors were added to the color palette, more stylized brand fonts were chosen, and brand graphic elements ( ower and leaf outlines) were introduced to the brand. All of these brand assets give the Countryside Greenhouse marketing team more options as they put together billboards and social posts.

Results of initial brand exercise with the Countryside Greenhouse team Logo Before Logo After Countryside Greenhouse brand guide pages Countryside Greenhouse business card and letterhead design Early Countryside Greenhouse logo explorations

Making the Website Flourish

The brand updates were used to inform the website redesign as well. Adding in more of the new brand colors, brand graphics, and updated brand fonts helps give the whole site a more friendly and inviting feel. These improvements, in combination with the simpli ed navigation, and overhauled gift card purchasing process, has made the user experience of the Countryside Greenhouse website much better and more inline with what Countryside Greenhouse customers would expect from a brand of their kind.

In the End, It’s All About Making People Smile

Flowers and plants make people happy. They are used to add color to drab spaces, and bring life and vibrancy to mundane yards and landscapes. The reinvigorated Countryside Greenhouse brand and digital presence aim to do the same—bring a little joy into customers’ lives, and put a smile on their faces. Experience the magic of Countryside Greenhouse today and discover why they’re the premier destination for all your gardening, landscaping, and potting essentials.


Countryside Greenhouse is a multi-acre retail greenhouse located on the west side of Allendale, MI. They have a vast and diverse selection of plants, unparalleled expertise, and a passion for all things green. Countryside Greenhouse opens for the 2024 season in April! Learn more at


BizStream is a digital agency located in Allendale, MI. They specialize in developing brands, websites, and online products. From ideation and strategy, to discovery and implementation, BizStream can help your business achieve your online, digital, and brand-related goals. Learn more at

The new Countryside Greenhouse website The new Countryside Greenhouse road sign

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March 29-April 5 No School for Young 5-12th Grade, Spring Break

April 8 School Resumes

April 15 Board of Education Regular Meeting, 6:00 PM, Oakwood Board Room

April 19 MSVMS State Solo & Ensemble, 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM, Allendale High School

April 20 MSVMS State Solo & Ensemble, 8:00 AM - 5: PM, Allendale High School

April 24 National Honors Society Blood Drive, 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM, Ceglarek Fine Arts Center

April 29 Board of Education Work Session, 6:00 PM, Oakwood Board Room

Thank you Allendale! The ballot proposal for a four-year renewal of the NonHomestead Millage passed 70%-30% The Non-Homestead Millage is a special levy on industrial, commercial, some agricultural property and “second homes.” Without the support of voters, the district would have lost a critical revenue stream that we are required by law to collect. Allendale Public Schools is very fortunate to have such tremendous support and we look forward to continuing our commitment to excellent education. Allendale Public Schools would like to extend a special “thank you” to those who will provide the revenue from this millage renewal. It is with your support that we are able to continue providing outstanding educational opportunities for students in the Allendale community Of course, the best way for all of us to say “thank you” is to support our local businesses and industries whenever possible. We encourage you to shop local!

**Please continue to check our website for the most up-to-date information on events taking place** Registration

A n n o u n c e r A N N O U N C E R A L L E N D A L E P U B L I C S C H O O L S
April 2024
Follow the link below or visit our website.
for the 2024-2025 School Year is Now Open!


Township board mee ng dates are April 8 and 22 at 6:00 pm. You can nd board agendas and minutes on our website: www.allendale

Community Events & Opportuni es

The township is planning excellent community events for the 2024 year. We are planning on Concerts in the Park, 4th of July ac vi es, a Veterans Day event, and special addi ons for our 175th Anniversary. Contact our Community Coordinator, Elizabeth, at elizabeths@allendale or 616 892 3118 for more informa on and volunteer opportuni es.

Allendale Water System

2023 Water Quality Report

Is my water safe? Yes. Allendale Water System customers con nue to receive water that meets or exceeds all the requirements of the Safe Water Drinking Act (SWDA). We are pleased to present the 2023 Water Quality Report (Consumer Condence Report) as required by the SWDA. To ensure tap water is safe to drink, the Environmental Protec on Agency (EPA) prescribes regula ons which limit the amount of certain contaminants in water provided by public water systems and annually requires water systems to provide informa on to their customers regarding the quality of the water provided. To view the full report, please go to: h ps://www.allendale 2023 ccr/le

Thank you,


Na onal Library Week

Na onal Library week is April 7 13! The theme for 2024, “Ready, Set, Library!,” promotes the idea that in our always online world, libraries give us a green light to something truly special: a place to connect with others, learn new skills, and focus on what ma ers most. Find your crew at your library’s author talks, workshops, and book clubs.

Seed Library

Our Seed Library is open for business! Pick up some seed packets any me during open hours. Maximum of 5 packets per family please.

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