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Dr. Moises Alexander Asuncion (right) and Dr. Ma. Cristeta Aduca (left) led the ribbon cutting ceremony in the formal opening of the Azul week, Fr. Roger Tjolle’s building, Sept. 17, 2012. (Contributed Photo)

August - September 2012

K to 12 causes increase in SoE enrollees by Evangeline Bonares

The advent of the K to 12 curriculum engaged students to enroll Education. Dr. Ma. Cristeta M. Aduca, dean of the school of education (SoE), said that the new curriculum (K to 12) can be the main reason why the population of School of Education increased this year. The program was imposed on a

national making last June 2012 by the Department of Education (DepEd) which is geared towards providing sufficient time for mastery of concepts and skills, developing lifelong learners and preparing graduates for tertiary education, middle-level skills development, employment, and entrepreneurship. continue to page 2

Grand exhibit opens Azul week festival by Jahziel Tayaban & Evangeline Bonares In the 65th year of celebrating the flame of excellence and commitment, the School of Education (SoE) started their week with an opening mass at Sacred Heart Center followed by the grand exhibit at the RT lobby last Sept. 17. The said exhibit was opened by the ribbon-cutting ceremony led by the Dean of the School of Education, Dr.

Ma. Cristeta Aduca, and Dr. Moises Alexander Asuncion, Vice President of Academic Affairs. The exhibit contained the compilation of the selected works of students of the said school. The exhibit was organized by Mrs. Arlene Querol, Art Education teacher, and Dr. Glenda Salem, head of the continue to page 3

SoE faculty undergoes major changes by Claudine Tabora

Sophies shine in Azul pageant see page 3

Mrs. Gayle Mercado, secretary of the said department, mentioned that “the department is presently composed of 35 full time teachers. Twenty-one are



The School of Education (SoE) faculty number decreased this school year as of June 11, 2012.

Now and Then see page 9

Ventures see page 15

coming from the newly merged Professional Education and Library and Information Sciences department, eight are from the Religious Education department and six are from the MAPEH department. She said that these continue to page 3



SoE facilitates Buwan ng Wika 2012 by Nova Arlet Barcena

The Marian community celebrated Buwan ng Wika 2012 with the theme “Tatag ng Filipino, Lakas ng PagkaPilipino” at Fr.Tonus gymnasium, Aug. 2012. The said activity was organized by the Filipino Club from the School of Education in collaboration with the Filipino Department faculty of the School of Arts and Sciences. The highlight of the celebration was the Sayawit competition participated by 14 teams coming from the Filipino 111 classes in the university. Other contests like on-the-spot poster and sloganmaking contest, poem writing, essay writing, and quiz beebo were simultaneously conducted within the whole month celebration. “Mahirap kasi wala adviser namin. Pero masaya kami kasi naging maganda naman ang kinalabasan,” said Maylanie Banawol, president of the Filipino club.

The winners of the poem writing contest were 1) Kenneth Paolo Agacer, 2) Joshua Terrence De Mesa and 3) Kristine Mae Lascota. For the essay writing contest, the winners were Kenneth Vince Sanchez, John Leo Quiming and Chloe Neziah Mandao. In the Quiz beebo, Ivy Nethercott grabbed the first place followed by Stephanie Mamuri and Wilberto Pananal. Milvin Manithachala won the first place followed by Kevin Renz Sanchez and Ivy Dawawong in the slogan making contest. For the on-the-spot poster making contest, Kevin Renz sanchez won trailing behind Bj Reddick Cariňo and Milvin Manitchala. Meanwhile, the BSECE garnered first place in the sayawit competition followed by the BSCE 1 as the second place and BSPharmacy 1 as the third place. E

K to 12 causes... p/1 “I am very happy because the population of education increased and it is advantageous in our part because we have more opportunities to select the best among the students to compete in every institutional activity. I also believe that many are looking forward to the success of the K to 12 curriculum that’s why our population really increased this year,” Aduca added. Compared to last school years’ SoE student count,

the total population was only 388. This year, the total number of education student is 454. The freshmen has the highest number of population composed of 173, followed by juniors with a total number of 111, sophomores 89 and seniors with the total population of 81, respectively. Aduca added that she is looking forward to the positive impact of SoE’s population in terms of achievement and development. E

The freshmen education students sung as one team and one Filipino nation during the Buwan ng Wika culminating activity, Fr. Tonus Gymnasium, Aug. 24. (Photo from The MARIAN)

Spartans rule instructional material making by Christopher Ian Dangilan

Team Spartans bagged champion in the on – the – spot making of instructional material last Sept. 19, 2012 at the Student-teaching laboratory, Fr. Roger Tjolle’s building. The said contest has four teams (Titans, Athenians, Trojans and Spartans) with 3 members each. Every team was given two hours to work for the making of the said output. Mrs. Febie Lanzuela, team captain of the Spartans, said that she is “hoping that the competitors should use their talents in classroom setting not only in a contest.” “We are very grateful with the result about the activity because as a pre-service teacher it serves as our training ground in our field,” said Kathleen Hall, BEEDGEE 4, one of the members of the winning team. “Since they are education students, they need to know the principles of design and art,” said Mrs. Arlene R. Querol, Education Central Board of Council (ECBS) adviser, in an interview regarding the importance of the said event. Querol also added that the said contest will be good training ground not only to the participants but also to the whole education students and teachers as well. “The activity opened us to a world of creativity and knowing our real intelligences as teachers,” Querol added. E




Sophies shine in Azul pageant by Ryan Pastolero

Sophomores stood out and bested eight other candidates during the Search for Mr. and Ms. Azul 2012 at the Tonus Gymnasium, Sept. 21. The said tilt was held in connection with the 3rd Azul Festival of the School of Education (SoE) last Sept. 17-21 with the theme, “Educ @65: Keeping the Flame of Excellence and Commitment.” Ivan Carl Dulay (BSEd – English 2) and Penelope Cadellina (BEEd – GEE 2) were crowned as the new Mr. and Ms. Azul 2012 after exuding the best confidence and stage performance in the said pageant. Dulay grabbed most of the major and minor awards like Mr. Smart, Mr. Wit, Best in Casual Attire and Best in School Uniform. The awards like Best Stage Performer, Ms. Poise and Best in School Uniform were awarded to Cadellina.

“I feel pressure because I know that being Mr. Azul is an encompassing task because I really need to be a model to my co-pre service educators,” said Dulay. Meanwhile, Jose Ian Carlo Castillo (BEEd – GEE 2) and Ma. Janae Filialyn Ocampo (BSEd – Bio Sci 3) were the 1st runner ups trailing behind Reden Afalla (BSEd MAPEH 3) and Jennifer Padasdao (BSEd MAPEH 3) as the 2nd runner ups. “The event was indeed successful because I know that we have showed the real beauty and brains in our department,” said Ronda Navalta, Head of the Pageant Committee. The School of Education is looking forward to the performance of the two new crowned ambassadors in the university’s search for Mr. and Ms. SMU Campus Personality 2012 this coming December. E

Penelope Cadellina (left) and Ivan Carl Dulay (right) posed with their sweetest smiles after being crowned as this year’s Mr. and Ms. Azul 2012 at the Fr. Tonus Gymnasium, Sept. 21. (Contributed Photo)

SoE faculty undergoes... p/1

Grand exhibit opens... p/1

modifications were caused by the change of schools of the Filipino department from SoE to the School of Arts and Sciences, the new Religious Education department to be under the said school, the promotion of three SoE teachers and the recent resignation of three faculty members.

professional department.

Dr. Ma. Cristeta M. Aduca, dean of the said school, said that there are two new teachers designated to the Professional Education department namely:

Ms. Federicia Calauagan and Mrs. Jennifer Gacusan. She added that in choosing the teachers, they went through the qualification process prescribed by the CHED memorandum, which states that they should have taught in the basic education. She also added that the changes in the school are “for the continuation of its objective to keep the flame of excellence and commitment.” E


“We took the whole Saturday in preparing everything”, said Mrs. Arlene Querol when asked about their preparation in the said activity. The purpose of the

exhibit was to show the skills of the students in practicing the three domains of learning namely; cognitive, affective and psychomotor. The Library Information Sciences (LIS), Religion Education (Rel. Ed), and the Music, Arts, Pe, Health (MAPEH) department were also involve in the said activity. E

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” -Mahatma Gandhi



SoE Launches Azul Night Soireé SAS hails champ in Book Trivia by Nova Arlet G. Barcena

by Hariet Liyac and Annie Tenenan

The School of Education (SoE) family showcased their skills and talents during the Azul night last Sept. 19, 2012. After the opening remarks, the preschool majors stirred the SoE family with their pop dance followed by the recognition of every Class Year Organizations (CYOs) and the different faculties from Bachelor in Library Information Services (BLIS), Religious Education (RE), Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health (MAPEH), Professional Education (Prof. Ed.) and also the dean’s secretary, Mrs. Gayle Mercado. One of the highlights of the Azul Night was the turning over of the key of responsibility from the former Education Central Board of Students (ECBS) president Marianne Tuguinay to Nerieca Monsanto, ECBS Governor of the present school year.

“Leadership is not just about the position; it is about the passion of serving, the initiative to move for the betterment of the body, the desire to be an icon for change.” This was how Monsanto desired leadership. During her acceptance speech, she organized that she will not be able to manage the SoE family without the initiative of each student to lead herself. The oath taking ceremony was led by Dr. Moises Alexander Asuncion, VP of Academic affairs. The organizations included in the ceremony were the ECBS officers, CYOs, MAPEH Club Officers, BLIS, Young Educators Club (YEC), Student Teachers Organization (STO), and the Marian Sowers’ Organization (MSO) with their respective advisers. “To teach is indeed to touch

lives,” said Dr. Marilyn Perolina in her speech as the guest speaker in the said event. According to her, the keys for reaching her success are emulating the virtues of the Blessed Virgin Mary and committing herself in striving for excellence. She challenged and encouraged each student to love more their passion because for her, it would be a priceless treasure to touch lives and to commit yourself in attaining excellence. After the oath taking and the dinner and dancing, the last part of the soiree is followed by the solo singing competition. Jerome Marzo, a representative of the Trojans, won the solo singing competition with an OPM genre. Arnel Mallari of the Spartans grabbed the second spot and Christian Corpuz and Judah Yucadti from the Athenians and Titans as the third and fourth place, respectively. E

Azul week holds arts contest by Jerome Whigan As the School of Education (SoE) celebrated their 3rd Azul Festival, the Education Central Board of Students (ECBS) in collaboration with Dr. Ma. Cristeta M. Aduca, dean of School of Education, organized a slogan and poster making contest during the second day of the celebration, Fr. Roger Tjolle’s building, Sept. 18. The said competition revolved around the theme, “Educ at 65: Keeping the Flame of Excellence and Commitment.” The participants expressed their ideas about the said theme through drawing and creative lettering. In the poster making contest, the Spartans ruled after

Marjelou Enfante and Rachel Ann Dumatan grabbed the first and third place, respectively. Marc Oliver Fernandez of the Athenians took the second spot. Meanwhile, in the slogan making competition, Carol Serapon of Athenians landed on the third spot trailing behind Lei Ann Marquez of Spartans and Lovelyn Callejo of Trojans who

grabbed the second and first place, respectively. “We want to promote the beauty of arts and we were so glad that many students participated in the contest,” said Nerieca P. Monsanto, ECBS governor, after being interviewed regarding the said event. E

The University Learning Research Center (ULRC) conducted a Book Trivia contest held at the General Reference Section of the main library, Sept. 20. The said activity was organized by the Bachelor of Library Information Science (BLIS) with Ms. Evelyn J. Rizardo, in - charge of the Law Library and SPAG Section and Ms. Dolores M. Ricardo, in-charge of the General Reference Section/Research Librarian, as the main facilitators. Five different groups from all English 101a classes participated in the said contest. This represented five schools of the university namely: School of Art and Sciences (SAS), School of Education (SoE), School of Business (SoB) and School of Information Technology (SIT). In the first elimination, the contestants were given 10 easy questions from books in the General Reference Section which they answered for 20 minutes. In the second elimination, the first top three winners were given another set of 15 difficult questions which they answered for 30 minutes. According to Rizardo, there were supposed to be five top winners but since five schools only joined the contest, they decreased it into top three. The team of the School of Arts and Sciences grabbed the 1st place with the School of Accountancy and School of Education as the 2nd and 3rd place, respectively. Rizaldo added that the purpose of the activity was to test the library skills of the students particularly the freshmen. E




SoE maintains 3rd place in GBM by Christopher Ian Dangilan

The Education freshmen remained second runner up during the Gabi ng mga Bagong Marian (GBM) competition with the theme “Unang Yapak: Maging Isang Marian” last Sept. 07, 2012 at Fr. Tonus Gymnasium. “Of course, I am very proud and feel very happy with the performance of Education,” said Dr. Ma. Cristeta M. Aduca,

dean of School of Education. Dr. Aduca cited that their performers got a meaningful insight in the said contest which they can use in their future career as teachers. “We feel very grateful because our sacrifices had a good result as we landed second runner up. We are also very thankful to God that he gave us such blessings,” said

Marc Bernard C. San Juan, BSED Physical Science 1 and the CYO1 president of the said school. San Juan said that the pressure they felt was fulfilled because they achieved their goal not exactly to be the champion but at least to be on top three just like what education got last year.

The School of Engineering and Architecture bagged the champion award for this year’s competition making the School of Accountancy to be the first runner up. Ms. Shaula Flor L. Caliza of School of Business was crowned best female performer and Bernie A. Rullan of the same department was chosen as the best male performer. E

Azul promotes love for language by Princess Roan Yuzon

Sciences conduct boot camp by Princess Roan Yuzon

Like any other typical summer camp, the Central for Natural Sciences (CNS) held an indoor boot camp recreational activity in the university last Aug. 10 - 12, 2012. “The boot camp aimed to cultivate understanding of how to apply what we are learning in school, in connection with the environmental issues covered by science. This boot camp was one way of exploring ourselves in team building. We hoped to inspire all the science majors to learn more things and enjoy the culminating activities that we did,” said Ma. Janae Filialyn C. Ocampo, BS biology student.

According to Mr. Robert Aceret, Science instructor, the science majors are selected for the said activity to provide them the ability to gather insight and information about science as they are rearing the college application process. He also added that the activity helped them to explore and enjoy their chosen field. Simultaneous activities were conducted like the liberation night, jingle competition and team building activities. The said activities were spearheaded by the Marian Biological Society. E

Aiming to enhance the language proficiency of the students, the School of Education (SoE) conducted the onthe-spot poem and essay writing contest at 2nd floor, RT conference hall, Sept. 18. The competition was one of the highlights of the 65th year of SoE in maintaining its mission of keeping the flame of excellence and commitment.The said competition was divided into two categories: English and Filipino. The central theme or topic used cited the recently concluded World Teachers’ Day. “We want to inculcate to everyone that being a teacher, we really need to love language and be able to use it as our weapon in teaching and learning as well,” said Nerieca Monsanto, Education Central Board of Students governor. There were 24 participants coming from the four competing teams and the results were as follows: Categories Essay (English) Essay (Filipino) Poetry (English) Poetry (Filipino)

1st Titans Spartans Trojans Athenians

2nd Trojans Trojans Trojans Titans

3rd Spartans Athenians Spartans and Titans


The winners were recognized and given certificates during the closing program on Sept 21 at the Fr. Tonus Gymnasium. E


OPINION Horizon Side


Ryan Pastolero

COMMITMENT CONTRACT It is not our goal. It is our passion. I can’t still believe myself that I entered the teaching profession. When I was young, I dreamt of being a doctor or a lawyer. I never wished to be a teacher like my mom because I saw how hard she faced problems

occupations. I was one of the indifferent students before who laughed teachers. I took the notion that being a teacher is being cheap because even my teachers before pointed out that there are no rich teachers; that they are just a survivor of ‘loans

regarding the planning of her daily lessons every night and even having a migraine everyday because of children with different personalities. But now, I am already at the third ladder of preparing myself to be like her. And I can proudly say that this profession is really the noblest among all other

and benefits’ coming from the administration higher than them. I am so glad that my institution incessantly giving us the inspiration that we need. Now, whether we like it or not, we are already accepting the challenge

A good start. A good symbol. The government’s implementation of the K to 12 Curriculum this year seems to be a magnificent move. The School of Education (SoE) recorded a positive population especially among the freshmen this year. And this could be a marked of a good start. SoE is one of the small schools in the university. It is mainly because of its population which is not even a half to the populace of the big schools like the School of Business and School of Accountancy. Last year, the freshmen population reached 107 making the total population a little bit higher for the past years. But this year, the total count arrives at 173 for the freshmen which is really a great step of making the SoE’s population a history. Dr. Ma. Cristeta M. Aduca, dean of the said school, cited that the K to 12 Curriculum is really one of the reasons why many students are already interested of entering the teaching profession. At the present time, the country’s literacy rate is declining because of the rampant brain drain and the lack of teachers. And many say that the advent of this new curriculum will really call for the mission of teaching. The population itself is a manifestation that K to 12 Curriculum is really one the keys in solving the problems of our society. Many are still viewing its negative side, but as far as SMU is concern, we believe that Marians are starting to grasp its benefits. We should learn how to see the beauty of things because in doing so, it is us who will gain from it. E



continue to page 7


OPINION Behind Our Ken Claudine Tabora



Reflecti on Nova Arlet Barcena



There is a story behind every career choice. Some would say that it was their ultimate dream, some would site that it’s a family tradition, either mother or fathers’ choice, or some would admit that they chose that course as to follow their friends, while another would say that his or her scholarship would only be granted if he or she will take up the scholarship granters’ choice.

Given the privilege to write my opinion in our paper, “The Mentor’s Pen,” I did feel challenged but at the same time, I felt the fear. I took this as a challenged for I know that it is difficult to set time to the two important things in my life: journeying the processes to be a worthy member of my spiritual family, born

These reasons right or wrong exist, choices exist because of our ability to rationalize what is best for us. In our case, we chose the field towards teaching. As the cliché goes, Education is the noblest profession, mission and vocation. How about you fellow education students? What was your career choice story? Well mine, unfortunately but also fortunately went in a queer way. After having been officially enrolled to the school of education, which is my second choice of career. I beamed in excitement, a batchmate asked me “anu course mo?”, with pride and joy I announced cheerfully with gleaming eyes and a firm voice “Educ napili ko!”. Suddenly, his expression changed, I recognized the instant takeover of his poker face as he said “ah talaga… ayos..hehe” Yes, there is discrimination it may or may not be direct but it exists. I also heard the terms “Ay bakit ka nag-educ ngay?”, however, I did not let these minor setbacks to hinder me from pursuing

what I want to do in life which is to teach and sow the fruits of hardwork. We, at one point to another have experienced these types of “discouraging” frame of mind, but one thing is for sure we will not let them discourage us in our noble journey towards the noblest profession. Education. We are the future pedagogic practitioners, let us remember that we are the primary persons who build nations. Our profession or chosen career is an indemand and a profession that would never get extinct, as long as there are babies being born we will never be jobless…as long as our hearts are true to our goal of leading a child towards the light of education we will never get dissatisfied. To continue my story. Here is the epilogue Ano ulit course mo? Education. Wow pinanindigan mo ah, buti ka pa di ko kaya yang ginagawa mo ah..Educ ka eh. Oo ah, Educ na, Marian pa. Yes naman may maganda kang patutunguhan. E

again Christian and being heard through our paper. As they say, good things will always be accompanied by negative things. This negative thing is my fear of being rejected and taken for granted when someone will read this. Another factor is that, I may not be able to give my whole time in this academic chore for in this month, I will be answering two manuals and attending two different sessions before I’ll be baptized. After few days of reflecting what topic I’ll have, I finally arrived into my final decision and that is to write my struggles as an education student not because of the profession per se but because of the environment I am encountering whenever I enter the school. continue to page 8

Commitment... p/6 of being a pedagogical practitioner. Well, of course, we are also dreaming for a greener pasture. But I believe that there are really the greatest things that continue motivating us to keep going on with this career we’ve chosen. That is the happiness, the perseverance to mold young minds and the passion to educate and learn. We are surrounded by challenges as years go by like the worsening level of youth’s attitude. But who dares to fight these problems? It is

only TEACHERS. I salute myself and all the teachers who are battling with these problems. If I have to boast of only one thing, I think that the dedication that teachers have is really number one. I know that being a teacher is a rigid task. But now I know that just like in writing, as long as you love what you’re doing, you will eventually be the happiest person in the world. This is my passion and this is my destiny. We educate for life. We affect eternity. E



Verve Of True Mission

by Jahziel Tayaban

Finally, the School of Education (SoE) has implemented the new community extension program which is the Acquiring Knowledge Literacy and Training (AKLAT) project aiming to provide opportunities to enhance learning of the children, youth and parents in some barangays within Nueva Vizcaya through the establishment of book donations, libraries and training activities. This project is spearheaded by the school of Education specifically the Library and Information Sciences (LIS) faculty and students in partnership with the Quezon City Public Library (QCPL) and Children’s International-Philippines (CI-Phils.) in which they agreed upon that the CI-Phils will be one of the donors of the books. Last March 8-9, 2011 was the first delivery of about 20,000 books to Saint Mary’s University (SMU) Grade School Department. Moreover, the Community Extension Service Center (CESC) assisted the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Bayombong for the hauling of the books while the sorting was done by the University Library Research Center (ULRC) librarians and LIS students with the collaboration of the IKAT office staff. On March 10, 2012, the book donation turnover ceremony was held at the SMU jubilee library with the theme: “Libraries for Quality Education”. This activity was attended by the Mayors from the respective district beneficiaries and the representative from the Government Units schools and Local Government Units. The latest book donation turnover ceremony was held last April 12, 2012 at the SMU grade school department for the Public Primary and Elementary schools and Public High Schools, Nueva Vizcaya. Dr. Reynalda Bangunan, Nueva Vizcaya’s Schools Division Superintendent also attended the said event. The said project is benefited by five municipal libraries namely: Sta. Fe, Dupax del Norte, Dupax del Sur, and Ambaguio; four barangay mini-libraries namely: District IV, Don Mariano Marcos, Sta. Rosa and Vista Alegre of Bayombong; three Nueva Vizcaya

library hubs namely: Aritao Central School, Baresbes Elementary School, Solano East Central School, and all elementary, primary and high schools in Nueva Vizcaya except Saint Mary’s of Dupax del Sur. The first implementation and launching of this project this semester started last August 9, 2012 at barangay Don Mariano Marcos attended by the first batch of students and teachers who gave training activities to the children and parents of the said barangays. The activity was headed by Mrs.Febie G. Lanzuela, Community Extension Coordinator (CES) of the SoE. The office of the said school together with the LIS organized and decided that they will be divided into teams or groups with corresponding date and time of the community service in the different areas of assignment in Bayombong. This activity will end on October 3, 2012 in which all the sophomores and juniors with the faculty are involved and responsible in this extension project. In an interview to Mrs. Lanzuela, she commented that “this [AKLAT Project] really has a great help because this will develop the children’s love for reading, catechism and values formation among and between each of them.” For this matter, this activity promotes SoE and the whole SMU its mission to the community. It is also made them aware of the commitment of the university to support quality education in the province of Nueva Vizcaya. E (some information was adapted from the article of Mr. David A. Cabonero, director, ULRC)

Commitment... p/7 Adapting with the college life isn’t that difficult for me but finding someone who could accept me despite my flaws is my real struggle. Starting my second summer class, I experienced big burdens. Yes, I have been rejected by Odin, Vili and Ve, my companions for two years in college. This happened because of the differences we have. Unfortunately, instead of having equal importance in a binary opposition, what happened is that, “Mistakes matter, good deeds, ignored.”

The only one whom I have, unexpectedly, had gone. Why? This is because I don’t choose her congregation to be my spiritual family and we have different specialization. Though I am with my classmates whom I have common specialization, I am not attaching myself to them that much for life is full of uncertainties and everything in this world is temporary. These are my thorns in life. There was even a point that I do not want to enter the school for I feel that every

move I make is a negative mark to them. But thank God I have Kuya Kelvin as my brother. He was the one who reached me out, one who helped me to have this intimate relationship to God. Now that I am already a born again Christian, I am certain that it’s only through Him that I’ll be saved that these thorns in life are just stepping stones for me to be closer to Him. My leaders always remind me that it’s not the people that I should be pleasing but God who created

me and it doesn’t matter to have only one or two friends as long as they are true rather than having three or more but are false friends. I know that I am just human with flaws but “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all righteousness. (1 John 1: 9)” Jesus Christ is the only one who could be my strong foundation and the only one who could save me not the other people who expect me to be the person they want me to be. E




NOW AND THEN by Princess Roan Yuzon

For the past few decades, way back 1947, the School of Education (SOE) of Saint Mary’s University celebrated the Professional Teacher’s Week as a festivity of the department on strengthening the educational quality of the University. It was on the SoE’s 62nd year of existence when Education Central Board of Students (ECBS) President, Mr. Kevin Marf B. Saquing together with Ms. Sheillah T. Barsicula have chosen the term “Azul” as a symbol for the School of Education because it represents purity and nobility as future educators. Another symbol was the torch, chosen to signify the enlightenment received by the SOE family. It also represents the blue flame stated by Dr. Moises Alexander T. Asuncion, VP for Academic Affairs. It was in 2009 when the SOE first used the term “Azul Week” and a weeklong celebration was held on the 2nd week of September every year. Now on its 65th year, the 2012 Azul Week was celebrated with the theme, “Keeping the Flame of Excellence”, which is spearheaded by Dr. Ma. Cristeta M. Aduca, dean of SoE. There have been many activities made by all education officers which nurtures the competence, creativeness, Christian discipleship and community supportiveness of the Education students. Through the years, SoE has been maintaining the flame of excellence through quality education. It has been awarded the Center of Excellence with the great help of the good mentors and the leadership of the staff. For its humble accomplishments, the School of Education has received local, regional as well as national accomplishments. The School of Education has produced educational leaders and thousands of pre-school, grade school, or secondary school teachers, college instructors and graduate programs’ professors equipped with pedagogical skills and Christian values in teaching various fields and it will continue to do so. E





by Princess Roan Yuzon and Marle Lindley Guerrero

Teachers...they come and go. Some walks without bag. Some enters the room without chalk. And some wears clothes like a child. Geez! Enough.. let us just hug our new mentors as they face the challenges of being a part of the School of Education family. Kudos and Welcome!

Mrs. Jennifer Gacusan

Ms. Federicia Calauagan

Mrs. Judith Daguio

She is a BEED graduate of Saint Mary’s University on the year 2000. She is currently taking up her preschool masteral at Centro Escolar University (CEU).

She is a graduate of Saint Mary’s University on the year 1990 having the specialization in English. She was an SDF (Scholarship Development Fund) scholar.

She is a 1986 graduate of Saint Louis University (SLU) in Baguio. She specializes in Religious Education and English. She finished her Master’s Degree at Saint Mary’s University on 2011.

As a member of the School of Education family, she wants to help in enhancing the new preschool program for undergraduate.

She aims to be of “great help and of service in producing competent, creative, Christian disciple and community supportive teachers with virtues”.

She is looking forward to do her best and all the things that she expected to do; to give her best no matter how difficult it maybe because she knows that the Lord will always be there for her. E

A future leader, A future teacher by Therey Comilang

Marians to grace the prestigious Ayala Young Leaders’ Congress, a workshop that unites different schools and universities entire the Philippines.

leadership trainings that he had joined when he was in high school and now in college. He is presently the business manager of the university’s Student Central Council.

A great opportunity was given to five students of Saint Mary’s University, which will be held on November 2012 at Ayala Alabang, Metro Manila. The five worthy Marians are Armie Gutierrez (BS Pol Sci 3), Erwin Keith Alipio (BSA 4), Gerome Rogel (BSA 4), Rhoel Hermosura (BS Psy 3), and Raychard Viner Balassu (BSED Soc Sci 3).

Raychard is preparing himself for this seminar by enhancing his social skills because the Ayala Young Leaders’ Congress participants should definitely be a competent, creative, community-supportive Christian disciple. A true Marian.

One of the participants hails from the Center of Excellence, School of Education. Balassu, as described by his peers, is a smart, handsome and competitive student. “I believe in myself,” said Raychard. He is chosen on this Ayala Young Leaders’ Congress because of the numerous

Balassu then cites his excitement and his appreciation in joining the leadership congress. He said, “this opportunity will help every Marian in honing their leadership skills.” The leadership congress is definitely an opportunity to expose student-leaders to quality training, in honing their skills and talents. E




HOW Education STUDENTS Manage STRESS by Annie Tenenan

“Stressed na ako sa dami ng mga requirements natin friend. Hndi ko pa tapos mga ibang assignment ko e masakit na ang ulo ko.” This is one of the many conversations that we often heard to students especially during finals. Stress is your body’s way of responding to any kind of demand. And we have our own different stragies to manage it. According Jessica Viteno, she can overcome her stress by hearing music. According to her, these can help her mind to be refreshed before doing another task. According to Marville, she go anywhere where she can meet many people and friends. She can spend an hour with them and go home again to continue her assignments or projects. In this way, she can make good projects and assignments without feeling stressed. But here are some tips for everyone to manage stress:

KEEP CALM. If you feel really angry or upset, give

BE CENTERED BEFORE GOING INTO CLASS. Before going into class spend a few minutes

centering yourself. First, focus your attention 2 fingers’ breadth below the belly button. Second is breathing in 4 short intakes of air to that point. Keep your focus there. Third is holding your breath and tense your stomach muscles 4 times. Fourth is breathing out 4 short breaths while keeping your focus there. Lastly, do this for a few minutes and you should feel very centered.

yourself time to feel it later on when you are alone or away from the anybody. Releasing when you are alone is fine it’s just not such a good idea as this will just create more stress. Don’t hold onto it or take it personally.

LAUGH WITH THE CLASS AND GIVE BOUNDARIES. If you set a boundary, stick to it

PRACTICE STRESS RELIEF REGULARLY. Not only does it give you perspective but it also calms and relaxes you. Get into a routine of practicing stress management. Take charge of stress rather than stress taking charge of you.


and the class will start to have more respect for you.

It is important for you to be consistent with your class. If you allow one thing one day and not the next, the children will get confused. Children like to know where they stand. They push the boundaries so they can feel secure knowing where they are. Stay consistent and you will see the class respecting you more and your stress levels going down. E



I.M. ON TREND by Marc Oliver Fernandez

There's just no substitute for good old-fashioned teaching, but add a little "gee-whiz" technology, and you'll be sure to capture your students' attention—and keep it. Here's a look at some of the tech tools educators are using today.

An interactive whiteboard is a large, touch-controlled screen that works with a projector and a computer. Teachers and students can write on the interactive whiteboard in digital ink or use their fingers to control computer applications by pointing, clicking, and dragging. They can also circle relevant sections on the projected image, draw geometric figures, and underline. The whiteboard can display streamed video clips from the Internet, or be hooked up to a DVD player





When teachers use classroom clickers, or Student Response Systems, they turn passive lessons into dynamic, interactive discussions that engage and entertain students. The small, handheld devices look like TV remote controls and are connected to presentation software on the classroom computer and a receiver that captures the students' answers to multiple-choice questions.


Students are so attached to their MP3 players, the headphones and dangling cords almost seem like permanent appendages. These versatile, handheld devices can store, organize, and play audio and video files, and, according to a growing number of educators, can be useful tools in the classroom. The most famous of these ubiquitous gadgets is the iPod, but there are a variety of MP3 players on the market. MP3 players are built with clip-on microphones for students to take ‘live notes’ on a field trip or in the classroom.

Bring the world to your classroom with the Global Positioning System (GPS), a worldwide radio-navigation system based on a constellation of 24 satellites and their ground stations. Entry level GPS receivers, which cost less than $100, display basic geographic information like latitude, longitude, elevation, direction, and bearing. Higher quality receivers include altimeters, magnetic compasses, detailed topographic and city maps, and other points of interest. Educators use them to teach geography, spatial awareness, navigation, and basic mapping and tracking. “This year [we] tracked the Iditarod Sled Dog Race from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska. Each team is equipped with a tracking device,” says Sharon Fedoruk. “We would log in several times a day to track the mushers’ progress. There’s also a Web cam set up at the finish line, updated each minute, so we could plan when a musher was going to finish.”


A document camera, sometimes called a digital overhead, is a small camera mounted on a stand that's hooked up to an LCD projector. Educators can place objects or documents under the camera and project their images onto a screen, allowing the whole class to see photographs, maps, books, magazines, or even 3-D objects like flowers, insects, or coins, without having to pass them around. It can be used to display hand-drawn pictures and share student works. It comes with a remote control that can autofocus, adjust for lighting, and even project what a microscope. E Source: http://www. NEA%20-%20Techno-Gadgets%20for%20Teaching.htm




Harie t Liyac

I walked through the center of my friends, Laughing and talking But I only hear a heart that is crying I’m with the colorful flowers But I only see gray colors. I’m out in the sunshine But it feels like night As though I’m a flower Who hasn’t been fed Who wants to blossom But is wilting instead. In every tears , there is joy In every light there is dark In every problem, there is solution Life is a challenge Life is a blessing Life is life Full of contrast But full of colorful moment That will remain in our mind and heart.


Jahziel Tayaban

It hurts me much to say goodbye To somebody who had been in my heart A special someone, a cherished one But suddenly grabbed off from me. With heavy heart and tearful eyes Farewell to you my cherished crush In everything I wish you luck Happiness you may find at her side this time Though our closeness will never be the same again, In my heart you’re always be special… To you I say goodbye For moving on, the next step I do Be happy always My cherished gift, My dearest crush…

Smiles, laughter, joy Trust, loyalty, honesty Rose, chocolates, jewelry It’s our start. Disarray, tears, confusion Mistrust, uncouth, indifference Torn, wines, mask We’re half way there. Regrets, curse, competition Greed, semblance, lies Fire, drugs, sword That ends our story.


Chris topher Ian T. Dangilan

In a doughnut, there’s a hole How can you make it a whole? In my heart, in the center of this There is lacking, my missing piece. I’m searching for that piece And don’t dare to impede For I will seek, I will persist ‘Till I’ll find my right true prince. A special friend can do But what about the one who love me too? Who will prevail among the too? Hey! Who is who? Most say better is the one who really loves you But I often hear, follow your heart and go to the one you love and like There’s an irony, somewhat confusing Who of the two? So obscure But why do I’m dying of thinking? Time will tell, time will bring.


Harie t Liyac



by Jerome Whigan

LONG AGO, in a city called Pagasa the people were very unhappy. Everyone was poor, and had nothing they desired, except for one little girl named Alysa. The ruler of Pagasa saw that his people were unhappy. He did not know what to do. So the ruler thought, "Maybe a good night’s rest will help, I will think of something, yes, perhaps in the morning". He yawned and drifted off to sleep. As the ruler slept, he dreamed. He dreamed of his people happy. They were having parties and dancing again. Yes, they were laughing and smiling. Where did such happiness come from? There was a long line of the people waiting. What were they waiting for? They were looking into something... This thing was making them smile, but what was it? In the morning, the ruler awakened. He yawned and opened his eyes. Suddenly, he remembered the dream. “My people, happily looking into something... Now what was it?” The ruler mumbled to himself as his servant served him breakfast. “Having parties again, smiling, laughing, even. I know- it was a box! A beautiful box! A polished wood chest with jewels all around it!” SO AS SOON as possible, the ruler sent the town carpenter

to work. “It must be the most beautiful chest ever, polished with jewels all around it”, he exclaimed to the carpenter. Then the ruler stayed all day at the wood shop, making sure everything was just as he had dreamed. Meanwhile, Alysa was helping her mother prepare dinner for the ruler. “Oh, mother, it sounded wonderful, the way he was describing the chest, polished and with jewels, too! But he wouldn’t say what he was making it for. I think he’s going to put a ton of gold-” “That will be enough, Alysa, you know I tell you too often to keep from eavesdropping like that. Especially on our highness. Sometimes I think you have more curiosity than is good for you. Now keep your mouth shut and keep peeling those potatoes.” Alysa sighed. “Yes, mother”. But of course, Alysa couldn’t help thinking about the chest- or what treasures it was to hold... THAT NIGHT IN the ruler’s bedroom, the ruler smiled at the big, wooden, chest, He amazed, It’s beautiful, He said. “Yes”, he thought, “Yes, this is exactly as I had dreamed.” And so it was. He could only hope that his dreams he would have that night would fill the chest. That night, his dream came. He dreamt of wonderful things, big feasts, parties, smiles, laughter, riches, families together. Yes, everyone was smiling. He dreamt beautiful colors, wishes come true. At the very end of the dream, there was the most wonderful thing of all. Pagasa’s dead, withered, rice terraces suddenly burst out in the most beautiful green and turning golden brown ever. There were so bountiful rice and grains that he knew

his people would never go hungry again. When the ruler awakened, he only remembered one thing. Something about the old riceplantation. He did not remember anything else. He could only hope what he dreamed was good, and that all of the good things were in the chest. The ruler announced to his people to come to the riceplantation that day, dressed in their finest clothing. Alysa and her mother were among the people who heard the news, and Alysa knew that the ruler was talking about the chest. THAT EVENING, After Alysa and her mother had prepared the feast for the special banquette for the chest, they dressed in their finest clothes. “I wonder what would be so important that the ruler would want a feast for?” Alysa’s mother wondered out loud. “I think I know”, said Alysa almost to herself. After everything was ready for the feast, Alysa and her mother set off to the old rice-plantation. There was a long line in front of the plantation gate, and everyone gave each other confused looks. “Why the old rice-plantation, I wonder?”, a lady said. “I heard there is going to be a feast”, said the lady’s friend. “Silence”, said the ruler loudly, but gently. Everyone turned their eyes to the ruler. “Everyone one of you, I am sure, has at least one hope for their future. Today, I am wishing that you will find that hope, that dream. After I have opened the gate, one by one you will enter. You will open a chest, see what there is to see, a walk out of the rice-plantation.” The chest did make people happy, just as the ruler had dreamed. An unhappy woman saw herself at a party. A hungry man saw himself at a feast. Everyone came out of the rice-plantation smiling and overjoyed. “A big feast! With beef and mashed potatoes...” described the hungry man. Finally, it was Alysa’s turn. When she opened the chest, she saw- NOTHING. Alysa only the wood of the bottom of the chest. “Was this some kind of joke?” Alysa asked herself. Puzzled, she looked deeper into the box and felt it. “Is there some kind of trick to it?” she mumbled to herself. Disappointed, Alysa walked out of the rice-plantation. After the great feast, Alysa and her mother were washing the towering stacks of dishes. Alysa was silent. “Why didn’t the chest show me anything?” she thought. Her mother handed her the wet wash rags to hang out in the yard. “You must be tired, Alysa, hurry now so we can go home.” Alysa walked into the rice-plantation and hung up the towels to dry. She noticed the chest was still there. “Maybe just one more look,” Alysa thought. She walked over to the chest. She closed her eyes. “Please show me something chest.” She opened it and- Brilliant colors spun out so beautiful- so bright. Alysa let out a scream. She closed her eyes. When she opened her eyes- it was the most beautiful thing ever- bountiful harvest of rice, green and turning gold stalks of rice everywhere, enough to keep the people fed forever. The ruler and Alysa’s mother came running into the rice-plantation. “Honey is everything alright-” The ruler and her mother smiled. “Why did the box show me nothing, but give me something?” Alysa asked the ruler. He replied, “Those who desire see what they desire in the chest, those who are grateful see nothing but receive for others, for they have all they will ever need. One day, I hope all will see that the box is empty, just like you. E




KOMIKS Trojan dominates.. p/16 “I am so glad that it was successful knowing that it is the reincarnation of the Azul festival. All our sacrifices, with my coofficers are worthy. I’m also grateful that many were so happy about the activities that, we were able to engrave happiness in their hearts. I just hope that the flame of excellence and commitment would reign in the heart of everybody”, Monsanto said in an interview when asked regarding her reaction about the successful celebration of Azul 2012.

On the other hand, after the clashed of talents and determinations of pre- service teachers in the different competitions, the Ferocious Trojans was the overall declared champion gaining a total of 48 points, Tenacious Spartans who gained 45 points, Gregarious Athenians with 31 points and the Marvelous Titans who got 26 points, respectively. The complete list of contested activities and the total results are shown in the given table. E

Hataw tilt.. p/16 of judges, and Ms. Edna Raza and Ms. Jennelyn Cabsilen, members of the board of judges. As a result, the Gregarious Athenians jumped in the pedestal of fame and honor as they garnered the first place, followed by the Ferocious Trojans, Tenacious Spartans and Marvelous Titans as the second, third and fourth place, respectively. According to Ms. Nerieca P. Monsanto, the governor of the Education Central Board of Students (ECBS), there were no

Contested Activities/ Teams Laro ng Lahi Parlor Games Yell and Hataw Bulletin Board Spotlight Pop Dance Story Telling Solo Singing Competition Poster Making Slogan Making Essay Writing Poetry Writing

prizes given for the winners of the said competition because of the lack in fund. She also added that the said competition was a new activity in the annual festival of their department. Furthermore, she stressed out that the said event with the theme, “Educ. at 65: Keeping the flame of Excellence and Commitment”, promotes not to have gap with one another but to strengthen the relationship of the students as one Education family. E

Instructional Material Making Total





4 3 1 3 0 1 0 1

3 2 3 1 3 2 3,4 4

2 4 4 2 0 3 0 2

2 1 2 4 4 4 2 3

0 0 4 0 2 3 3

0 2,3 2,3 3 3,4 2 1

3 2 0 2 0 2

4,2 3 2 4 2,2 0 4





Legend: 4- 1st place, 3- 2nd place, 2- 3rd place, 1- 4th place, 0- Default E

EDITOR’S NOTE The Mentor’s Pen is a collaborative work of the junior secondary education English majors. This was produced as requirement and training ground for them to accomplish their subject, Campus Journalism. The content of this paper is only confined with the different activities that the School of Education participated and conducted during the months of August and September.

The team Spartans danced as one team during the Hataw competition, one AUGUST-SEPTEMBER of the activities during the opening 2012 program at the Fr. Tonus Gymnasium, Sept. 17, 2012.


Azulympics opens Educ Fest by Johnny Lunag The annual Azul Festival of the School of Education was opened by a new activity,Tonus Gymnasium, Sept. 17. Highlighted by the “Laro ng Lahi” and Parlor Games competitions, the four competing teams namely: Marvelous Titans, Ferocious

Trojans, Gregarious Athenians and the Tenacious Spartans, aggressively pushed themselves to the limit to meet the objectives of the Azulympics 2012. The said activity was spearheaded by the Education Central Board of Students (ECBS) in partnership with the MAPEH Department.

“We would like to promote unity and concordance through the Philippine native games that we have conducted,” said Nerieca P. Monsanto, Education Central Board of Students (ECBS) governor. The Marvelous Titans was pronounced as the winner of

“Laro ng Lahi” followed by the Ferocious Trojans, Gregarious Athenians and the Tenacious Spartans, respectively. On the other hand, the Gregarious Athenians was hailed as the winner of Parlor games followed by the Marvelous Titans, Tenacious Trojans and Tenacious Spartans, correspondingly. E

Hataw Tilt: Athenians Prevails

Trojans dominate Azul Fest

by Marle Lindley Guerrero

by Marle Lindley Guerrero

Hataw competition marked the beginning of the first ever Azulympics held at Tonus Gymnasium, 1:30 pm, Sept. 17.

department. The teams were the Marvelous Titans, Ferocious Trojans, Gregarious Athenians and Ferocious Spartans.

The said event was participated by the different competing teams of the School of Education (SoE) which were formulated mainly for the 3rd Azul Festival of the said

During the said competition, the different teams showcased their best moves to convince Mr. Dino Reyes, chairman of the board continue to page 15

“...There will always be the right time for everything...” Dr. Ma. Cristeta M. Aduca, dean of the School of Education (SoE) said in her closing remarks on the last day of the celebration of Azulympics, Sept. 21. continue to page 15


see page 12

The Mentor's Pen  

Commissioned newsletter from the School of Education students of Saint Mary's University, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya.

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