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Special Issue 2012

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Schedule of Activities Date


March 5, 2012


Start of campaign period

March 7, 2012

7:30 am

Flag Ceremony

3:30 pm

Mass of the Holy Spirit

March 8, 2012

3:30 pm

Meeting de Avance

March 10, 2012


Fr. Lambrecht Bldg. Fr. Lambrecht Bldg.

End of campaign period

March 12, 2012

7:30 am –4:30 pm

First day of election

Fr. Tonus Gymnasium

March 13, 2012

7:30 am- 3:00 pm

Second day of election

Fr. Tonus Gymnasium

March 13, 2012

3:30 pm

Canvassing of votes

SCC Office

March 14, 2012

Declaration of the new set of officers

Editorial Board REBEKAH ANTONETTE MUÑOZ. editor in chief. JOE ALLEN MARK ESTEBAN. managing editor/chief layout artist. HAZEL BUCTAYON. operations manager/staff writer. WRIX VINNLLY ARZADON. chief photojournalist. IRENE FERRER. senior photojournalist. FEIQUEEN GUINSATAO. CAMILLE GATMAITAN. junior photo journalists. MARC OLIVER FERNANDEZ. senior artist . JAY AROMIN. MOSES LICUDO. layout artists.


Years ago, Saint Mary’s University’s Student Central Council (SCC) election is only for the privileged few. This year, SCC will conduct its very first university-wide election. All Marians (except graduating students) will cast their votes in the upcoming “direct and popular balloting” on March 12 and 13 as the SCC declared an all-systems-go for the event. As stated in Article VI, Section I of the new constitution and by-laws of the SCC, “election of officers will take the form of direct and popular balloting, participated by all Marian students.” Mrs. Donnabel Corpuz, secretary of Dean of Students Affairs and Services, said there were already attempts in the past SCC administrations, including that of Alvin Dummanao, 2004 SCC president, to make the election university-wide but were not approved. When asked why the SCC returned to the democratic form of election, Mark Balonquita, SCC secretary, said that they brought it back in hopes that in this way, the studentry would also “feel the responsibility of supporting their officers.” “[Yung mga] problema, kapag hindi nasolve, nasisisi ang SCC kaya gusto namin na ang [mga] estudyante na ang mamili para kapag anuman ang mangyari, inelect nila sila eh. Dapat suportahan din nila. At tsaka para mas maganda kasi ma-cri-critique nila at makikita natin [through their platforms] yung talagang gusto nilang gawin para sa mga estudyante,” he said. The SCC election will adopt the two-party system but will also allow any candidate to run independently in any elective offices themselves. Two parties, Student Alliance for the Advancement of Democratic Rights in SMU (STAND SMU) and Spirited Marian Advocators of Real Transformation (SMART) have already filed their candidacy. Rhea Mae Suzette Apolonio of SMART and Keith Paguirigan of STAND, both from the School of Accountancy, head the two parties. One independent candidate, Erwin Keith Alipio, will run for vice presidency. Aside from the usual set of SCC officers elected which is composed of the president to the business managers, two representatives from each college department will be chosen by the elected officers themselves. M - Hazel Buctayon

STAND - SMU Student Alliance for the Advancement of Democratic rights in SMU General Plan of Action:

1. Pagpapatuloy at pagpapaunlad ng mga Serbisyo

A. Pagpapaunlad ng mga taunang programa tulad ng intrams, Gabi ng Bagong Marian, CHSF at iba pa. B. Pagpapatibay ng ikid o bond sa pagitan ng mga estudyante at SCC sa pamamagitan ng paglunsad ng mga regular na pormal o di pormal na consultations, pagkakaroon ng isumbong kay bonggang bonggang Dodong the mobile suggestion box at freedom wall. C. Balikatan. Pagpapaunlad ng relasyon sa pagitan ng mga estudyante at administrasyon at pagtutulungan na maisakatuparan ang mga programa. D. Mas epektibong pagkalap at pagpapahayag ng mga impormasyon sa pamamagitan ng network brigade at accessible information desks.

2. Pagtaguyod ng Demokratikon Karapatan

A. Kalayaang Pang-Akademiko at Alternative Class Learning Experience (ACLE). Pagkakaroon ng mga programa na nanghihikayat sa mga estudyante na matuto hindi lamang sa loob ng klase. B. Pagpapahalaga at pagpapatibay sa mga working scholars at iba’t ibang organisasyon at grupo ng mga estudyante sa loob ng unibersidad sa pamamagitan ng pagtatayo ng student board of representatives. C. Transparency in Governance. Pagbubukas ng mga dokumento tulad ng financial statements at minutes of meeting sa lahat ng mga estudyante.

3. Makialam at Alamin (“ISTIBIS”)

A. Pagbuo ng relasyon sa pagitan ng mga iba’t ibang student councils and organizations sa loo at labas ng unibersidad. B. Pagsali sa mga organisasyon na makakatulong sa pag-unlad ng SCC tulad ng National Union of the Students of the Philippines (NUSP) C. Pag-alam sa mga nagaganap sa iba’t ibang komunidad at mga marginalized sectors.


KEITH M. PAGUIRIGAN, BSA Itaguyod ang kanilang akademikong karapatan. Makinig sa mga hinaing nila at i-empower ang kanilang mga desisyon. Magsilbing tulay sa mga bagay na ninanais nila. Tutulong upang malinang nila ang kanilang mga potensyal.

Q: As an individual, what can you do for the students?

Vice President:


Q: Define quality education.

Quality education for me, as a student is learning and not simply knowing. Memorizing an entire book is very different from understanding what it means. That is the reason why education must always be for learning and it should not focus on knowing.


ARMIE D. GUTIERREZ, BS POL SCI “Carpe diem!” or seize the day! And “Everything happens for a reason.”

Q: What are your guiding principles?


Q: What can you say about the environmental issues in Nueva Vizcaya?

LIANNE A. VALENTIN, BSHRM We are facing a mainstream environmental issue – mining. As a member of the Kabataan Partylist here in Nueva Vizcaya, we oppose the mining proposals here because we want to preserve our province especially because it serves as a water source to other places.


ZYPHREN REA L. PITPIT, BS PSYCHOLOGY/ AB G & C Never expect anything in return. Don’t live for yourself, live for God.

Q: What are your guiding principles?


Q: Who is your favourite super hero? Why?

JEREMY C. MOSQUITO, BSCE My favourite super hero is Gagamboy who is the main character in a Filipino movie. This movie may not be as popular as Hollywood movies but Gagamboy is still my favourite because he is very humble and has a good sense of humor.

Business Managers: Q: Why did you run for the position you have chosen?



Simple – NOT to LEAD but to SERVE and to INSPIRE.

before than a raise of hands. So This year’s election is more ing glimpse of this year’s aspir you cast your votes, get a student leaders.

RHEA MAE B. APOLONIO, BSMA ...As an individual with no hidden propaganda; to other students, I can be a friend bounded by honesty and loyalty. I can give advice or possible solution to problems on areas that suits and adheres to my credibility as a person.

SEAN RAE G. PAMBID, BS HTM-HTM Quality education is like a cornucopia of different ingredients to make one stunning dish. But it will never turn out the way you want it, unless you follow the procedures and give the time, effort and finesse that it needs for the flavors to combine into something delicious.

KEVIN DAVIDSON ADVIENTO, BSN The Golden Rule and “Do your best and God will do the rest” and “The only permanent thing in this world is change.”

KRISHA DYANE M. HOGGANG, BS POL SCI In Nueva Vizcaya, we always hear mining as one of the most talked about issue. Most of the Nueva Vizcayanos and the church are against it due to its negative side effects as it is not considered a sustainable development.

RUDYRICK M. DELA CRUZ, BSEED “Service above self.” Leadership cannot be taught, it can only be learned.

RHOEL G. HERMOSURA, BS PSYCHOLOGY/ AB G & C My favourite super hero is Superman. I admire how a great man, who is close to perfect, can also have a flaw. He is a great metaphor for every man that no matter how you may have gone in life, you will always have your kryptonite.

MARK LORD R. COLOBONG, BSECE I am running as a business manager so that even in a simple way, I can serve my fellow Marians and be one of the voices of the students to the administration.

QUENETH JOHN U. LACHICA, BSIT I want to serve the student body and to find out the issues concerning our institution. I would also like to serve my fellow students by voicing out their opinions, suggestions, and other concerns.

SMART Spirited Marian Advocators of Real Transformation This platform is a commitment to real transformation that the student body can depend on. With proper cooperation and collaboration with the student body, we can make a difference, we can make things possible. VISION A student community that upholds the academic integrity of the University by linking with endeavors to achieve academic excellence and likewise abiding by the rules and regulations governing the students’ academic responsibilities and moral integrity.

MISSION To promote effective transformation that would cater to students’ spiritual and academic needs. To draw upon our unique experiences, resources and capabilities to tackle the challenges of tomorrow by giving value to excellence and integrity and rejecting injustice, and by giving priority to others over ourselves developing competent, creative, and community supportive servers of the Lord. 1. A Commitment to Transformational Leadership

From a system that is decentralized in creating solutions for departmental problems to a system that’s centered on the development and growth of the different departmental organizations.

2. A Thrive for Community Expansion Services

From services to the community with the system of separability of the different schools in the University to community services that unite the different schools in the University to form one common goal and measurable output.

3. A Will for the Expansion of Student Body Services, Programs, Activities and Policies

From policies that presents only the sanctions to be loaded by the student in violation of any rules and regulations of the university to a policy that gives fair and equal chance to students accused of such violation to defend themselves in the face of a Tribunal as guarded by: The Bill of Rights, Sec. 3 of the Constitution, “that every person has the right to due process of law”. And Sec. 105 on the Educational Law and the Private Schools regarding student discipline, a statement about the presence of an appropriate tribunal to promote fairness in the imposition of sanctions on student offenders by giving them a fair trial.

The MARIAN Halalan 2012 Special  

Used during the election for the new set of officers of the Saint Mary's University - Student Central Council 2012.

The MARIAN Halalan 2012 Special  

Used during the election for the new set of officers of the Saint Mary's University - Student Central Council 2012.