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Profiles of Engagement

Inventors... Trail-Blazers... Problem-Solvers... Altruists...


hese are some of the words that could be used to describe these Allegheny students. They have complemented their academic learning with international experiences, sustained civic

commitments, and engagement in and with diverse communities. These students have allowed themselves to be challenged in their knowledge and beliefs. They have confronted prejudice and bias, sometimes speaking out on behalf of others. They have devised innovative and forward-looking solutions for social and environmental problems. For them, studying in Argentina, China, France, Jordan, or Kenya meant leaving what was familiar behind in a view to new knowledge and further selfdiscovery. And while trips to other destinations may have been shorter lived, they translated to the same life-changing moment. But all these students know that they do not have to leave home or travel far afield to change course. This can also happen in the classroom or in the Meadville community itself. In all of these accounts, what happens in the classroom travels beyond it and back again to it. The world these students inhabit is complex and centered around the many faces of local and global community. Their worldview is holistic and encompassing: What is my place in community? What is my responsibility to it? How can I make a difference? What can I learn from it? They demonstrate what Edward Said called worldliness, “a knowing and unafraid attitude toward exploring the world we live in.� These students possess intercultural communication and problem-solving skills along with the ethics for involvement and meaningful action. This will help them excel in their chosen career path, whether as physician, educator, or environmental activist.

The students themselves best tell the story.

“As a Spanish major, studying abroad in Argentina was one of the best decisions I have made. I learned more about the culture and language than I ever could have hoped to learn in a classroom. I’ve come back feeling so much more proficient in my language skills. Although it was a very tough semester in regards to both schoolwork and cultural adjustment, it was extremely rewarding—not only for Spanish, but also for life skills of working with others and

Bethany Chien

Meadville, Pennsylvania Major Spanish

learning to adapt. After my first year I was introduced to the service options that Allegheny offers, and my mind was opened to a new world of incredible opportunities that I’d never before explored. I fell in love with

Minors Psychology Values, Ethics & Social Action

community service work and became a coordinator

Extracurricular Involvement Allegheny Christian Outreach; Financial Aid Office Assistant

community during my college years, I plan to stay in

for the Creating Landscapes for Families afterschool program. Because of my involvement in the local the Meadville area so that I can continue the work I’ve begun and make a lasting impact on the area, instead of being involved for a limited time.”

“I learned more about the culture and language than I ever could have hoped to learn in a classroom.”

Integrated Learning Experiences „„Values, Ethics and Social Action minor, focused on diverse cultures and levels of privilege in society „„Studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina „„An Allegheny Volunteer Service Leader (AVSL) at Creating Landscapes for Families

“My involvement with campus organizations at Allegheny has increased my consciousness on diversity issues. For Growing Hearts, Growing Minds, we organized a fundraiser called Indian Street Food Night every semester to benefit sustainable development initiatives in Baste, India. Planning and organizing this event helped me put into practice concepts that I learned from classes on developmental theory and environmental justice. Instead of focusing solely on the fundraising aspect, we tried to make the event a cultural learning experience for those who attended. My coursework here and in my semester in Washington, D.C encouraged me to look at various issues from a global perspective. Additionally, Students for Environmental Action has provided me a platform to engage in the environmental issues that I care about.”

Integrated Learning Experiences „„Active member of the Asian Students Union at Allegheny, raising consciousness for diversity issues „„Studied for a semester in Washington, D.C. „„Students for Environmental Action, engaging in environmental issues „„Involvement with Growing Hearts, Growing Minds

Dibyo Mukerjee Farakka, India

Majors Applied Computing Environmental Studies Extracurricular Involvement International Club; Students for Environmental Action; Growing Hearts, Growing Minds

“I’ve put into practice concepts that I learned from classes on developmental theory and environmental justice.”

“During the spring semester of my sophomore year, I landed an internship with the City of Meadville through the Environmental Science department. In it, I researched and designed a bioretention basin (rain garden) on an abandoned lot at the intersection of Park Avenue and Linden Street. This internship led to me working as Meadville’s Stormwater Program Intern in summer 2013, where I worked with the Streets Department to build it.

Ian Arturo

Croton-on-Hudson, New York

Major Environmental Science Minor Values, Ethics & Social Action

When I was a child, I was fascinated by the flow of water. My work with the City of Meadville has allowed me to channel these interests into tangible work, and has made me realize that work in stormwater, especially the booming field of green infrastructure, is a real possibility once I graduate from Allegheny.”

Extracurricular Involvement Eco-Reps; I Heart Meadville; City of Meadville Stormwater Program Intern; Collegiate Leadership conference; Resident Advisor

“My work with the City of Meadville has allowed me to channel my interest in stormwater into tangible work.”

Integrated Learning Experiences „„Research assistant, Nanyuki, Kenya „„Davies Community Service Leader, Meadville „„Alternative Spring Break, Wheeling, West Virginia and Cranks Creek, Kentucky „„Volunteer gardener, Haifa, Israel Gardens Department, Bahá’í World Centre

“My experience as a Bonner Service Leader has been essential to my academic work here at Allegheny. Engaging in the community has given me a practical way to see the theories and concepts presented in class and has taught me what the true value of an education should be—an engine for discovering civic responsibilities. My academic work has been deeper and more meaningful, and I’m able to integrate ideas across my classes into a coherent framework of my values, beliefs, and what I hope to accomplish in the future. Through my involvement in community engagement, diversity initiatives, and global experiences, I have grown in many ways. I have learned more about myself and the world around me. I’m inspired to go deeper into civic and community engagement in the future, and I have uncovered my passions, which is more valuable than memorizing facts and getting an ‘A’ on an exam. While I am still unsure what exactly I will do in the future, I am confident that I will take the lessons from these experiences to shape my future

Kassandra Martinchek

Canton, Connecticut Majors International Studies Spanish Minor Values, Ethics & Social Action Extracurricular Involvement Greek Life; Vice President, Model United Nations; Orchesis

path because they embody my passions and have molded me into the person I am today.”

Integrated Learning Experiences „„EL Travel Seminar to Nicaragua „„Bonner Senior Intern and Impact Area Intern „„CIEE Study Abroad, Buenos Aires, Argentina „„Program Coordinator, Girl Scouts of Western PA „„Alternative Spring Break Team Leader, Belle Center and Vive La Casa, Buffalo, New York and Laughlin Memorial Chapel, Wheeling, West Virginia

“Through community engagement, diversity initiatives, and global experiences, I have grown in many ways.”

“While studying abroad in Ecuador, I learned from multiple cultures within the country about health care disparities, different models of healthcare, and how cultural backgrounds affect those. It complemented my work here by balancing Spanish and Biology to engage in a more well-rounded understanding of those around me. It has inspired me to incorporate global health issues affecting Latin Americans into my Senior Comp.

Katherine Deutch Park Ridge, New Jersey Major Spanish Minor Biology Extracurricular Involvement Advocating Global Health and Development; Alpha Phi Omega; Orchesis

“I have learned to think more critically and try to understand sensitive topics from the perspective of a different culture, rather than my own.”

I have been exposed to many global experiences through Advocating Global Health and Development. I have gained a better understanding of health issues in the United States as well. I have learned to think more critically and try to understand sensitive topics from the perspective of a different culture, rather than my own. I plan to continue working in global health as a Physician Assistant, specializing in both languages to better communicate with the growing Latino population.”

Integrated Learning Experiences „„International experiences in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Ecuador

“During the summer after my sophomore year at Allegheny, I worked in Meadville as a Davies Service Leader at the Crawford Heritage Community Foundation. While there, I completed a project called “Crawford County Vital Signs,” which assessed community needs in the county for potential donors. This year, my junior seminar class is exploring public health needs assessments and is working on the Meadville Medical Center’s next community health survey. My summer experiences with research and demographics are invaluable while researching for my junior seminar. I entered Allegheny College with hopes of attending medical school and working as a pediatrician. After an EL (Experiential Learning) Travel Seminar to Nicaragua, however, I realized I was too eager to change the world to wait for medical school. Instead, I’m looking into public and global healthrelated long-term service abroad opportunities post-graduation.”

Integrated Learning Experiences „„Davies Service Leader at the Crawford Heritage Community Foundation „„EL Travel Seminar to Nicaragua „„EL Travel Seminar to Kenya

Kevin Crooks

Washington, Pennsylvania Major Biology Minors Values, Ethics & Social Action Global Health Studies Extracurricular Involvement Allegheny Student Government; Varsity Swimming and Diving Team; Gator Tour Guide

“I realized I was too eager to change the world to wait for medical school.”

“Two years ago, I went on the Nicaragua EL Travel Seminar to help build a running-water bathroom for school children that used to live in a municipal landfill. After visiting the garbage dump, I became very passionate about recycling, which helped to inspire the project for my Junior Seminar­—the Free Store. In addition, my Senior Comp is focused on the recycling infrastructure at Allegheny College and recycling programs in Latin America.

Hillary Fenrich Blacksburg, Virginia

Majors Environmental Studies Spanish Extracurricular Involvement Gator Activities Programming; Grounds for Change; NaviGator

I studied abroad in Costa Rica, which completely changed my world. During that semester, my understanding of diversity and global learning broadened greatly. Both Allegheny and my community service work (local soup kitchen, Gill Village, tutoring at the Meadville Area Middle School) have influenced my understanding of civic engagement. After graduation, I have decided that I am going to travel extensively throughout South America to connect with different cultures and continue my learning.”

“Both Allegheny and my community service work has influenced my understanding of civic engagement.”

Integrated Learning Experiences „„“Safe Zone” Level 1 training workshop „„Co-creator, Allegheny College Free Store, an open space for items to be exchanged „„Study Abroad at School for Field Studies: Sustainable Development, Costa Rica „„EL Travel Seminar to Nicaragua „„Local community volunteer

“My study abroad trip to France was an experience that helped me grow as an individual. I immersed in a new culture, adjusted to a different language, and respected the different social and political environments. The experience of studying and living abroad enhanced my abilities of critical thinking, reasoning, and speaking French, which complements my biology and French coursework. Since arriving at Allegheny, I’ve changed to better accept diversity, respect differences and similarities, and to make connections between diverse people. I’ve taken on the challenges of combating injustice, prejudice, and discrimination that I’ve seen and experienced around me. In the future I will be a physician who can accept varying cultures, values, and perceptions. I will offer aid to people in underserved areas within the United States and give medical assistance abroad.”

Integrated Learning Experiences „„Study Abroad at Université Catholique de l’Ouest, Angers, France „„Participated in the 5th Annual Pre-medical Organization for Minority Students Conference, University of Pittsburgh „„Weight Wise Education Teacher, Active Aging, Meadville „„Volunteer for Service Saturdays

Patricia Belle Erie, Pennsylvania Khartoum, Sudan Majors Biology French Extracurricular Involvement African Students Association (ASA); Newman Catholic Association

“I’ve taken on the challenges of combating injustice, prejudice, and discrimination.”

“Being an Alden Scholar for two years in a row has been a rewarding experience for me. I never really believed I was a good student, academic wise, or that I would make Dean’s List. But every time I achieve that status I am filled with joy and am reassured that I actually am good at my academics. Allegheny has changed me. I have learned knowledge and skills (too long to list) that will definitely help in my life after college. One way being

Kathryn Goodman

Cleveland, Ohio

Major International Studies Minors Managerial Economics Chinese Studies

at Allegheny has influenced my plans for life after college is the idea of going to law school or even graduate school. That has always been a thought but now it is becoming more and more of a reality. But that reality is going to have to wait until I return from the Peace Corps.”

Extracurricular Involvement Project Nur; International Club; Greek Life

“Graduate school will have to wait until I return from the Peace Corps.”

Integrated Learning Experiences „„Lived in an internationally focused community, the Max Kade International Wing in Allegheny’s North Village Apartments

“During the spring semester of my junior year, I studied abroad in Kenya. While I had talked about issues of environmental justice and sustainable development in the classroom, it was only through studying abroad that I was able to see the power of the interconnected world. Before coming to Allegheny, I had never thought about issues of power and privilege. Before my junior year, I worked with a professor on a research project involving low-income families in Meadville. I have continued to learn about issues of social justice and equity from this initial experience, and I hope to join the Food Corps after graduation.”

Taylor Hinton Berea, Ohio

Major Environmental Science Minor English Extracurricular Involvement Writing Consultant at the Learning Commons; member of the Social Justice house; member of the Allegheny College Dining Co-op “Allegheny Musn’t Dine Alone”

Integrated Learning Experiences „„Clinton Global Initiative Conference attendee „„EcoRep for the Center for Environmental and Economic Development „„Semester in Awasi, Kenya „„Food Rescue volunteer

“I have continued to learn about issues of social justice and equity.”

“I studied abroad in Jordan where I conducted field research about Jordan’s Arab Spring. As an International Studies major with a focus on the Middle East, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to design this project and to interview experts on the ground. This work played a significant role in my Senior Comp, as well as feeding into my passion for learning about the Middle East. As a Resident Assistant, I have learned so much

Jessica Bonzo

Bandung, Indonesia

Major International Studies Minor French Extracurricular Involvement Allegheny Christian Outreach; Women’s Services Volunteer; Resident Advisor; International Club President

about working with many different people. I find fulfillment in supporting my residents through friendship and advice. It has inspired an interest in counseling­—something that I would not have discovered had I not been an RA. Additionally, I volunteer at Women’s Services. I am passionate about empowering women, in particular victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. I first became interested in this form of civic engagement through Allegheny’s Bystander training program. In the future, I would like to be involved in a career that actively empowers women.”

“I am passionate about empowering women, in particular victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.”

Integrated Learning Experiences „„Working with International students (International Club, International Orientation, etc.) „„Working to create an international service initiative at Allegheny „„Service Networking Fellow through the Office of Community Service

“I studied abroad in Israel at the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies (AIES). This experience helped me to integrate global learning into my academic experience. I not only learned about environmental issues in the Middle East, but I also learned how to work toward the solution of these issues while also working toward peace. I started Allegheny naïve and ignorant of many of the complex issues that exist in this world, including diversity, global learning, and civic engagement. Now, I am a senior who has not only become aware of these three areas through academics, but has engaged in them through my Bonner work, internships, study abroad, and service-learning. I now know how to work with diverse communities in a reciprocal, respectful relationship, how to work toward peace using environmental issues on an international scale, and how to facilitate programming that helps youth recognize their own capacity for leadership. Due to these experiences

Samantha Laurence

Grove City, Pennsylvania Major Environmental Studies Minors Religous Studies Values, Ethics & Social Action Extracurricular Involvement Bonner Program; Allegheny Christian Outreach

and more, I now would like to work with youth of low-income communities and teach environmental education utilizing aquaponics.”

Integrated Learning Experiences „„A Bonner Leader at the Meadville Housing Authority „„Volunteer at Getty Farm „„Taught an environmental education class that connected local schools with aquaponics, renewable energy and local food systems „„Study abroad at the Arava Institute in Israel

“I now know how to work toward peace using environmental issues on an international scale.”

“My trip to Honduras as a mentor to a group of school-aged children made me more grateful of my opportunity to study at a school like Allegheny College. I witnessed how unreliable the education system was. The teachers had many strikes and the students would miss class. Many of the parents dropped out of school at an early age, yet most expressed a desire to either return to school or support their children in their educational journey.

Anacelia Gomez Bronx, New York

Major English—Creative Writing Minor Psychology Extracurricular Involvement Association of Caribbean Students; African Students Association; Bonner Scholar

Every time I sit in a classroom, I realize how grateful those parents and kids would be in my position. I want to return one day and offer my experience to inspire brighter futures. I have learned that service is not simple, but it is necessary. I have been changed by my involvement in areas of diversity. I once thought diversity only applied to race, but I’ve learned that it involves people from all walks of life. I now want to be an educator and teach children that the world is bigger than their classroom, their school, and even their own neighborhood. I want them to understand that they already have answers to many of the issues we are puzzling with.”

“I once thought diversity only applied to race, but I’ve learned that it involves people from all walks of life.”

Integrated Learning Experiences „„Bonner Service Leader, served in a low income housing development „„Created a “Journey around the World” program to teach a global perspective to children „„Summer international service in Honduras, served as a mentor to school-aged children

“During the summer of 2012, I worked at Ernst Conservation Seeds with legal Mexican immigrants. My class in Latin American Politics helped me connect with the Mexican workers. Professor Shannon Mattiace and I interviewed the workers and wrote a three-part article for the Meadville Tribune. After studying abroad in Lancaster, England, I have become more confident and independent academically, but also socially. I feel that I am ready to see more of the world. I am highly interested in pursuing a career in insect pest management, but I have some interest in exploring other global options, such as teaching English.”

Ian Lim-Bonner Akron, Ohio

Major Environmental Science Minor Political Science Extracurricular Involvement Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity; Research Assistant for Entomology; Intramural Sports

Integrated Learning Experiences „„Peer Leader for National Science Foundation Scholars „„Studied Environmental Science at Lancaster University England „„Service in Meadville with Phi Kappa Psi fraternity

“My class in Latin American Politics helped me connect with the Mexican workers.”

“Since freshman year, I have been working on adding local restaurants to our meal plans so that students may dine downtown with their AllCards instead of just on campus. This experience has greatly complemented my work in political science by exposing me to some of the problems that small communities face and how challenging it can be to implement policies to help resolve these issues, no matter how simple the policy solution may seem.

Paige Conley Scarborough, Maine

Major Political Science Minor Mathematics Extracurricular Involvement Residence Life; I Heart Meadville; Grounds for Change Board Member

My work with the Meadville Fluoridation Committee has opened my eyes to how many people do not have dental insurance and are forced to go to the hospital to seek treatment for a toothache. I want to work with low-income communities, preferably through teaching or community development, after I graduate. This project has given me great insight into the diverse types of issues I might face and has made me more passionate about my chosen career path. I want to resolve issues like these that can have detrimental effects not only on individuals in a community, but on a community as a whole.”

“I want to resolve issues that can have detrimental effects not only on individuals in a community, but on a community as a whole.”

Integrated Learning Experiences „„Lancaster University Study Abroad Program, Lancaster, England „„Davies Community Service Leader, Crawford County Visitor’s Bureau „„Tutor, Meadville Area Middle School

“I spent six weeks during the summer of 2012 in Busua, Ghana working with underserved youth with a program called ‘Teach on the Beach’. It was incredible to see how members of our greater community learn, and to grow reciprocally with them. I was given a unique chance to live among and serve these people, and it gave me a far greater appreciation for the opportunities that have been given to me. Allegheny has definitely challenged my beliefs. Since my work with the youth and families at Forest Green Estates, a low income housing community, my entire outlook has changed. I have realized my passion for strengthening community in many different ways, such as a building, cleaning, music, games, or tutoring, and I hope to continue my work after graduation.”

Integrated Learning Experiences „„Bonner Scholar serving at the Community Outreach Center at Forest Green Estates „„Teach on the Beach, Busua, Ghana „„Mission trips to Atlanta, Costa Rica and Taiwan „„Volunteer with Creating Landscapes for Families

Michael Fields Chagrin Falls, Ohio Major Chemistry Minor Values, Ethics & Social Action Extracurricular Involvement Musicians and Meadville; Allegheny Christian Outreach

“I have realized my passion for strengthening community in many different ways.”

This book is dedicated to the life and inspiration of Jasper Beth Harris ’11, who died on October 9, 2013 after a valiant struggle with malignant brain cancer.

Jasper Beth Harris ’11 Columbus, Ohio Majors Black Studies Spanish Extracurricular Involvement Union Latina; Association of Caribbean Students; Association for the Advancement of Black Culture Integrated Learning Experiences Semester Study Abroad in Mexico; EL Travel Seminar to South Africa; Bonner Service Leader; Senior Bonner Intern

“As a member of the Bonner Program, Jasper was exposed to a curriculum that juxtaposed higher education with an ethic of service focused on international perspective, civic engagement and spiritual exploration. Her resulting involvement as a service leader on Allegheny’s campus helped develop her interests in diversity, accessibility and sustainable community service. In addition to her love of reading, Jasper was passionate about singing, dancing, learning new languages, and fighting for social justice. She graduated with a strong desire to make a positive difference in the world. In 2012 she was happy to put her talents to use and find a home at the ACLU of Ohio.” From Jasper’s obituary authored by her mother, Felice Harris

“It is time to braid these divided movements into one strand. Students deserve an education that prepares them to become responsible citizens deliberately working to repair dangerously stratified societies.” Caryn McTighe Musil “Remapping Education for Social Responsibility: Civic, Global and U.S. Diversity,” To Serve a Higher Purpose: Engagement for Democracy and the Transformation of Higher Education

THE ALLEGHENY GATEWAY The Allegheny Gateway brings together opportunities and initiatives in the areas of experiential learning, diversity, undergraduate research, political participation, nationally competitive fellowship mentoring, and interdisciplinary studies. Because the Gateway seeks to prepare students for the world beyond Allegheny, it also has career education and preparation at the core of its mission. The Gateway seeks to enhance opportunities for students to: study, live and work abroad; encounter diverse peoples and viewpoints (both here and abroad); get involved in defining and addressing real-world problems and challenges; engage in collaborative projects with other students, faculty, staff, and community partners; and articulate how their Allegheny experiences have prepared them for careers and graduate/professional studies after they leave college.

“...the triangle of civic engagement, U.S. diversity, and global understanding—when influenced by each other’s signature scholarship, perspectives, and pedagogies—has the capacity to transform our campuses, communities, and global commons.” Caryn McTighe Musil Senior Scholar and Director of Civic Learning and Democracy Initiatives, Association of American Colleges and Universities

The Allegheny Gateway 520 North Main Street Meadville, PA 16335 (814) 332-4700

Profiles of Engagement - Allegheny College  

Students reflect upon the poignant learning experiences that have shaped their plans for the future.

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