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GUIDED: Saint Louis


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Saint Louis

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100% plant-based cuisine

Food for the Soul! 6344 South Rosebury, Demun MO 63105



A Charm Against All That Th u r sd a y, Ja n u a r y 16 - S atu rday, M arch 14, 2020

Hélène D elp rat , Lost Sleep ing B eaut y, 2018



P R O J E C T S - G A L L E R Y. C O M No. 1



GUIDED: Saint Louis

Empowering people to experience the magic of St. Louis one neighborhood at a time.

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No. 1



2000 Sidney St. 314.771.5777

Sidney Street Cafe B y : A my D e La H u n t P h o t o g r a p h y : C a r me n Tro e sse r

T h e s t o r y o f B e n t o n P a r k ’s m o s t n o t a b l e

across America, from the Deep South to

restaurant can be told in two parts. Before

the Midwest and the Southwest to the

2 0 0 3 , o w n e r To m M c K i n l e y s p e n t 1 6 y e a r s

N o r t h e a s t . S i d n e y S t r e e t ’s m e n u r e f l e c t s



these influences, along with sparks of ideas

beautifully restored building on a quiet

from his time in Europe. In 2017, the James

residential street. He sold the business at

Beard Foundation took notice, awarding

the height of its popularity to ambitious

Nashan with its Best Chef: Midwest award.





young chef Kevin Nashan, his wife, Mina, and his brother Chris. Under the new team,

W i t h t h a t n o t o r i e t y, a t h i r d s t o r y c o u l d h a v e

Sidney Street retained its romantic reputation

emerged, with Sidney Street launching into an

w h i l e e x p a n d i n g i n t o n e w c u l i n a r y t e r r i t o r y.

e l i t i s t d i n i n g s t r a t o s p h e r e . B u t i t h a s n ’t l o s t i t s local roots. Neighbors continue to stop in at



Nashan grew up in the restaurant business

t h e b a r, f a m i l i e s c e l e b r a t e s p e c i a l o c c a s i o n s

in New Mexico—his grandfather opened a

and newcomers discover favorites like lobster

Mexican eatery there in 1972—and spent

t u r n o v e r s , s m o k e d s w e e t b re a d s , s t e a k e n c r u s t e d

his entire adult life in professional kitchens

i n w a s a b i o r r a b b i t p o rc h e t t a w i t h b a r l e y r i s o t t o .

While you're in the neighborhood ...

Peacemaker Lobster & Crab Tying the North Atlantic and Gulf coasts together, restaurateur Kevin Nashan’s Peacemaker impresses with its raw bar, gumbo and lobster rolls. 1831 Sidney St. 314.772.8858

Yemanja Brasil Restaurante A t t h is co zy co r n e r re st a u r a n t named for a sea goddess, the kitchen specializes in seafood alongside traditional Brazilian stews, sauces and empanadas. 2900 Missouri Ave.


Ernesto’s Wine Bar Wine lovers have kept this Benton Park gem a secret for more than 10 years. Its namesake, Ernest Hemingway, would approve. 2730 McNair Ave.


No. 1



Benton Park Café B y: A m y D e L a Hu n t P hotography: C a r me n Tro e s s e r

Five days a week, this café bustles with breakfast a n d l u n c h c u s t o m e r s — b u t i t ’s n o t h i n g c o m p a r e d to weekends, when the brunch crowd lines up for signature dishes like breakfast pizzas, burritos, s l i n g e r s a n d b i s c u i t s w i t h g r a v y. T h i s i s h e a r t y, d i n e rstyle cooking, elevated by quality ingredients like shrimp and crab in the omelets and small touches like a truly fresh cup of fruit alongside the French toast. Those who prefer a coffeehouse-style experience will find their niche too, with all the standard coffee, tea and smoothie variations plus croissants and breakfast sandwiches, also available to go. Its popularity prompted the café to leave its compact spot on a bustling street corner for a larger location in 2016. Owner Jessica LenzenAnderson and her staff ramped up to meet the increased demand while also keeping pace with a robust catering business. A bonus: It added a back p a t i o , p e r f e c t f o r h a n g i n g o u t i n w a r m w e a t h e r. Weekday lunch is the last meal of the day—the café closes midafternoon—and the clientele is a casual mix of workers from nearby businesses, families and friends catching up. The sandwiches and salads a r e g o o d , b u t i t ’s n o t u n c o m m o n f o r d i n e r s t o s k i p them in favor of that magnetic breakfast menu.

2901 Salena St. 314.771.7200 8


While you're in the neighborhood ...


Sweet Divine

Grab an early morning coffee and a cupcake—no judgment here if you eat this award-winning bakery’s sweets for breakfast!

1801 S. 9th St. 314.669.9339

Soulard Coffee Garden Inside this brick row house, you’ll f i n d b re a k f a s t f a v o r i t e s m a d e however you like them along with hearty sandwiches, salads and daily lunch specials. 910 Geyer Ave. 314.241.1464

John's Donuts No frills here, just donuts and coffee, extra early and extra late— which is exactly why fans love it.

1618 S. Broadway 314.241.3360

No. 1



730 Carroll St. 314.622.4180

Soulard Farmers Market B y : A my D e La H u n t P h o t o g r a p h y : C a r me n Tro e sse r

A r r i v i n g f r o m t h e p l a z a o n t h e m a r k e t ’s s o u t h

in 1914 and first leased indoor market

side, shoppers walk up to a gracious expanse

s p a c e i n 1 9 2 9 . S c h w e i g e r ’s P r o d u c e h a s a n

of Renaissance architecture. Inside the Grand

even longer history: The fourth-generation

H a l l , n o i s e l e v e l s r i s e i m m e d i a t e l y, a l o n g

producer was established in 1884. One

with aromas of spices, coffee and bread.

newcomer is Park Avenue Coffee; its two-

We l c o m e t o S o u l a rd F a r m e r s M a r k e t — o ff i c i a l l y

y e a r- o l d l o c a t i o n i s t h e c o m p a n y ’s f i f t h s h o p .

established in 1841 as a two-block venue where farmers could park their wagons and

On Saturdays, St. Louisans of all backgrounds,

sell their wares, which they’d already been

lifestyles, income levels and ages mill through

doing since 1779. The main building, with

the aisles. From early spring through late fall,

shops on the first floor and a gymnasium

many of the outdoor stalls in the north wings

and theater on the second, dates to 1929.

fill with local producers of fruits, vegetables, preserves, meats and more. In the south



Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays are a

wings, shoppers find cheeses, baked goods,

good time to meet the mainstay vendors.

flowers, seafood, sports gear and prepared

T h e r e ’s S o u l a r d S p i c e S h o p , w h i c h o p e n e d

foods from mini donuts to tamales to falafel.

While you're in the neighborhood ...

Anheuser-Busch Brewery AND The Biergarten Brewery tours are a favorite tourist experience, and the food and beers at The Biergarten make it fun to linger afterward.

1200 Lynch St. 314.577.2626

Chatillon-DeMenil Mansion This lovingly restored Greek revival mansion is now a museum that tells the story of St. Louis’ early days.

3325 DeMenil Place 314.771.5828

Lemp Mansion Restaurant & Inn THE

Whether or not it’s truly haunted, this former home to a family of beer barons, now a B&B and restaurant, leaves an impression. 3322 DeMenil Place 314.664.8024

No. 1



Sidney Street Cafe

Venice Café


Benton Park Café





Frazer’s Restaurant & Lounge


S. 12TH ST

5 Y 5


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NIGHTLIFE & BARS Venice Café Small Change STL Hammerstone’s 1860 Saloon, Game Room & Hardshell Café Duke’s Bastille Moonbase Market Bar 101 The Great Grizzly Bear Cat’s Meow Four Strings The Doghaus Nadine’s D’s Place Soulard

12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

International Tap House Carson’s Sports Bar & Restaurant Big Daddy’s Bar Trueman’s Sports Bar Bottom Line Sports Bar & Grill RESTAURANTS & EATERIES Sidney Street Cafe Benton Park Café John D. McGurk’s Irish Pub and Garden Frazer’s Restaurant & Lounge Peacemaker Lobster & Crab Yemanja Brasil Restaurante Ernesto’s Wine Bar The Sweet Divine

Soulard Coffee Garden John’s Donuts The Biergarten The Lemp Mansion Restaurant & Inn Chava’s Mexican Restaurant Pieces: The Original St. Louis Board Game Bar & Café Mission Taco Joint Pizzeoli Wood Fired Pizza Utah Station Melo’s Pizzeria Blues City Deli Molly’s in Soulard 17. Bogart’s Smokehouse 18. The Wood Shack Soulard










Soulard Farmers Market



John D. McGurk’s Irish Pub AND Garden









Soulard Park


19. Epic Pizza and Subs 20. Llwelyn’s Pub 21. Twisted Ranch 22. Billie’s Fine Foods 23. Joanie’s To Go 24. Tucker’s Place 25. Henry’s Soulard 26. The Island 27. Historic Crossroads 28. Soulard Gyro 29. Ninth Street Deli at Howard’s 30. Café Piazza 31. Gus’ Pretzels 32. Shameless Grounds 33. Hodak’s Restaurant & Bar

34. 35. 36. 37.

Egg Cones + Cups Joanie’s Pizzeria Protagonist Café

38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43.

SHOPPING & ARTS Soulard Farmers Market Anheuser-Busch Brewery Chatillon-DeMenil Mansion La Belle Histoire Indigo Massage and Wellness Gran Crü Cigars Riley’s Flowers J. Gravity Strings Globe Drug

44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53.

Soulard Art Gallery Morgan Ford Massage & Spa Vincent’s 12th Street Market Benton Park Bikes Miller Ham Company Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center Remember Me Vintage Clothing & Costumes R. Ege Antiques Gallery on Geyer Eclectic Taste

John D. McGurk’s Irish Pub AND Garden B y: A m y D e L a Hu n t P hotography: C a r me n Tro e s s e r

What started as a one-room public house in 1978 is now a maze of bars, back-room hangouts and beautiful patios—all filled with customers enjoying f o o d a n d d r i n k s p l u s l i v e m u s i c a n d s p o r t s o n T V. M c G u r k ’s f i l l s 2 0 , 0 0 0 s q u a r e f e e t o n o n e o f S o u l a r d ’s liveliest corners with ripples of Irish camaraderie. It starts with the drinks: Guinness is the default, but look a little deeper and you’ll discover an excellent range of local craft beers. The menu centers on Irish standbys like potato soup, fish and chips, corned beef and cabbage, bangers and mash and I r i s h s t e w. Ye t s o m e h o w t h e t o a s t e d r a v i o l i a n d other St. Louis favorites also feel right at home. M c G u r k ’s h a s a w e l l - d e s e r v e d r e p u t a t i o n a s a l i v e music venue. Local musicians with a passion for Gaelic tunes can jam on stage. Well-known Irish groups make it a regular stop on U.S. tours. The house band, Falling Fences, plays every Sunday and occasional weekend late-night sets. Each genre has a dedicated fan base, which adds to the community v i b e . B u t i f m u s i c i s n ’t y o u r t h i n g , h e a d t o w a rd the bars in the back rooms or on the all-weather patio, where the TVs are always tuned to sports.

1200 Russell Blvd. 314.776.8309 14


While you're in the neighborhood ...

Chava’s Mexican Restaurant Chris Ybarra’s popular restaurant, named for his grandfather, was one of the first ethnic eateries in Soulard. 925 Geyer Ave. 314.241.5503

Pieces: The Original St. Louis Board Game Bar & Café At Pieces, customers can check out nearly 1,000 board games and play them while eating, drinking and relaxing. 1535 S. 8th St. 314.230.5184

Mission Taco Joint Margaritas and street food—tacos, burritos, tortas—are a simple menu for success at this second of four local Mission Taco locations. 908 Lafayette Ave. 314.858.8226

No. 1



Frazer’s Restaurant & Lounge B y: A m y D e L a Hu n t P hotography: C a r me n Tro e s s e r

Long before Soulard and Benton Park became t r e n d y, F r a z e r ’s w a s s e r v i n g d i s h e s i n s p i r e d b y o w n e r F r a z e r C a m e r o n ’s w o r l d t r a v e l s . W h e n t h e self-taught chef opened his restaurant in 1992, g l o b a l f u s i o n c u i s i n e w a s n ’t re v e re d t h e w a y i t i s t o d a y a n d r u n n i n g a p r o f e s s i o n a l k i t c h e n w a s n ’t a h i g h - p r o f i l e g i g . S o i t ’s n o s u r p r i s e C a m e r o n s t a r t e d m o d e s t l y, w i t h j u s t a c o u p l e d o z e n s e a t s t u c k e d a w a y on Pestalozzi Street and a brisk take-out business f r o m t h e n e a r b y A n h e u s e r- B u s c h h e a d q u a r t e r s . A s w o r d s p r e a d , F r a z e r ’s e x p a n d e d c o m f o r t a b l y into the full building—which it still calls home. Now







re s t a u r a t e u r s o n t h e S t . L o u i s d i n i n g s c e n e , C a m e ro n is still ahead of the curve when it comes to food and drinks. The award-winning bar program, headed by Te r r y O l i v e r, i s o r g a n i z e d b y f l a v o r p r o f i l e ( s i m i l a r to some wine menus), and the cocktail list honors bartenders’ creativity with dozens of compelling choices. Cameron also knows when to stick with a good thing—like the appetizer of zucchini rolls stuffed with feta or the eponymous salmon entrée baked with a horseradish-pecan topping served over a mustard-cream sauce. But be sure to ask a b o u t t h e d a i l y s p e c i a l s , t o o , b e c a u s e i t ’s a l w a y s a treat to see what his kitchen is cooking up next. 1811 Pestalozzi St. 314.773.8646 16


While you're in the neighborhood ...

Pizzeoli Wood Fired Pizza This cozy spot draws fans of craft beers and Neapolitan-style specialty pizzas cooked at 800 degrees (with gluten-free or vegan options). 1928 S. 12th St. 314.449.1111

Utah Station Here’s a clever concept: vegan comfort foods that surpass the real deal, plus a couple of meat dishes for holdouts to vegetable-based goodness. 1956 Utah St. 314.588.8099

Melo’s Pizzeria City Deli



O w n e r V i n c e Va l e n z a o f f e r s flavorful 13-inch pizzas out back and deli sandwiches, po’boys and hot dogs up front. 2438 McNair Ave. 314.833.4489 314.773.8225 No. 1



1903 Pestalozzi St. 314.772.5994

Venice Café B y : A my D e La H u n t P h o t o g r a p h y : C a r me n Tro e sse r

Ve n i c e C a f é i s a p e r f o r m a n c e v e n u e l i k e

simple: “Booze and beauty for cash.” For booze,

n o n e o t h e r, w i t h e c l e c t i c b a n d s a n d e c c e n t r i c

t h e re ’s a w i d e s e l e c t i o n o f c r a f t b e e r s a n d m i x e d

décor inside and out. First-time visitors are

d r i n k s — a n d t h e b a r t e n d e r s a re a l w a y s w i l l i n g t o

struck by the sheer abundance of visual

make a suggestion that leads customers outside

and auditory stimulation. Every surface

their comfort zone. The beauty is multifaceted.

is covered with mosaics, collectibles and

The décor is a one-of-a-kind masterwork. The

k i t s c h . P e r h a p s b e c a u s e t h e r e ’s s o m u c h t o

m u s i c p ro v i d e s a n i g h t l y d o s e o f o r i g i n a l i t y ( a n d

look at, the interior feels larger than it is:

occasionally mayhem). The staff members are

o n e r o o m f o r t h e b a r, o n e f o r t h e b a n d s , p l u s

people with day jobs who want to be part of

b a l c o n y s e a t i n g i n T h e E x p l o r e r ’s L o u n g e

the café experience. And the customers come

on weekends, when things really fill up.

from every corner of the region, yet feel right

Outdoors, the patio adds lush foliage to the

at home—which is the ultimate beauty of what

knickknacks above, giving it an island vibe.

started out as an in-home party café in 1987.

Ve n i c e C a f é ’s b u s i n e s s m o d e l i s b r i l l i a n t l y



While you're in the neighborhood ...

Small Change STL Outside it’s a stodgy corner bar in Benton Park; inside it’s a highquality mixology masterpiece, complete with Manhattans on draft. 2800 Indiana Ave.

Molly's in Soulard A sprawling restaurant compound with seven bars, all anchored by a huge patio, Molly’s has to be seen to be believed. 816 Geyer Ave. 314.241.6200

Hammerstone's One of Soulard’s mainstays, this bar serves up food all day every day (yes, breakfast too) and live music every night.

2028 S. 9th St. 314.773.5565

No. 1







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No. 1




doesn't begin to cover it. Happy Hour

By the glass or by the plate, find happiness where killer fresh margs mingle with famously crafted tacos.

$2 Tacos and shots

Soulard Location | 908 Lafayette Ave 314-858-TACO | 11am – 1am (12am Sun)

10pm to close


Soulard | Delmar Loop | Central West End | Streets of St. Charles | Kirkwood (Coming soon!)