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Honors Program & Scholarships

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Scholarship Opportunities The Academy of Saint Elizabeth offers a number of scholarship opportunities for our students. Scholarships are awarded based on a variety of factors, including academic achievement, talent, leadership, and/or demonstrated financial need.

Financial Aid Grants

Alumnae Legacy Scholarship

The Class of 1967 Scholarship

Any student who has submitted a completed admission application and any student who is currently enrolled may apply for a Financial Aid Grant. Families seeking financial assistance must file a timely application through Financial Aid Grant for School Tuition (FAST). Financial Aid must be applied for annually. Founded in 1860, the Academy is the oldest all-girls Catholic high school in New Jersey and an institution steeped in traditions. Our legacy record— the alumnae who choose to continue their familial history at the Academy— brings us great pride. Our first legacy family began with Class of 1863 graduate Mary Ann Davis, whose granddaughter, great-granddaughter, and great-great-granddaughter all proudly attended the Academy. The Alumnae Legacy Scholarship celebrates our spirit of history and tradition. The Class of 1967 established this scholarship to inspire current and future students to strive for academic excellence and to forge a bond and connection with alumnae who view the Academy of Saint Elizabeth experience as a source of strength, friendship, and appreciation. The Class of 1967 Scholarship is awarded to a junior at the Academy and is intended to offset a variety of costs related to the college search process (application fees, college interview travel expenses and more) in addition to various graduation costs. Pictured: 2022 Award Recipient Emily Crabbe, ‘23

The Mother Xavier Merit Scholarship

These scholarships are awarded annually to incoming ninth grade recipients whose academic excellence and moral responsibility exemplify the mission of the Academy. Selection criteria inlcudes: exemplary middle school academic performance, excellent achievement on standardized tests, superior Entrance Exam (CO-OP/HSPT) scores, strong character and moral values, and demonstrated leadership and involvement in school and community. These scholarships are awarded for four years provided that a cumulative 3.3 grade-point average is maintained at the end of each academic year. Notification of Merit Scholarship status and award value is provided in a recipient’s letter of acceptance.

Honors & AP Programs Saint Elizabeth Honors Program

Honors courses are offered to qualified students in English, Math, Science, History, and World Languages. Admission requires the fulfillment of all prerequisites, as outlined in the Academy Course Description Catalog. All honors courses receive an additional weight of 0.5 to the final average. They include the following: Critical Reading & Writing Honors

Chemistry Honors

American Literature Honors

Physics Honors

British Literature Honors

World History Honors

Algebra I Honors

U.S. History I / II Honors

Geometry Honors

French III / IV Honors

Algebra II/Trigonometry Honors

Latin III / IV Honors

Pre-Calculus Honors

Spanish III / IV Honors

Biology Honors

Freshman Honors Program

Admission to freshman honors courses in English, Algebra, Geometry, World History and Biology is based on middle school transcripts and standardized test scores. In addition, admittance into an honors math course is also based on a math placement test offered in the spring of a student’s eighth grade year. Students in grades 10, 11, and 12 may continue in honors courses each year by maintaining a minimum B average, along with the recommendation of the teacher and fulfillment of any prerequisites. Students may move from a regular section to an honors section by achieving a minimum average of A-, teacher recommendation, fulfilling any prerequisites, and, depending upon the class, success on a placement test.

The AOSE Advanced Placement Program

In addition to our Saint Elizabeth Honors Program, the Academy also offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses to qualified students in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and World Languages. Students are admitted into AP classes as long as they have fulfilled all prerequisites, as outlined in the Academy of Saint Elizabeth Course Description Catalog, along with teacher recommendation. All AP courses receive an additional weight of 1.00 to the final average. They include the following: AP Language & Composition

AP U.S. History

AP Literature & Composition

AP Government and Politics

AP Calculus—AB

AP Psychology

AP Calculus—BC

AP French

AP Biology

AP Latin

AP Chemistry

AP Spanish

AP Statistics

All students enrolled in an AP course are expected to take the Advanced Placement Exam in May.

Blessed Miriam Teresa Scholars Program

The Blessed Miriam Teresa Scholars Program distinguishes the Academy of Saint Elizabeth as a hands-on college preparatory institution. Offered to high achieving juniors and seniors dedicated to academic excellence, this program provides the opportunity for highly motivated students to experience firsthand the rigors of challenging coursework at the college level.

Qualified students have the option of participating in the “University Now Program” without ever having to leave the Academy. In-house college courses are taught by adjunct professors from Saint Elizabeth University (SEU), who are also members of the AOSE faculty. Select, qualified seniors (whose schedules allow) are also afforded the opportunity to take college elective classes on the SEU campus—just steps away from the Academy. Juniors and seniors may apply to the program with a minimum 3.0 GPA and letters of recommendation from their school counselor. Finally, qualifying students can also take approved online college courses. All college courses receive an additional weight of 1.00 to their final average and require an additional per-credit fee. In addition to transferable college credits and an official college transcript, course credits will be included on high school transcripts.

Women are our legacy. Leading the way since 1860, The Academy is New Jersey’s oldest Catholic school for girls. Sponsored by the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth

Catherine C. Murphy Memorial Scholarship

Jacqueline and Matthew Sitter Memorial Scholarship Fund

Tylenda Family Scholarship

The Catherine C. Murphy Scholarship was generously established by Brian and MaryLynn Murphy in memory of their daughter, Catherine (Kitty) Murphy, a 2003 graduate of the Academy of Saint Elizabeth. Kitty often reflected upon her time at the Academy as the happiest period of her life, where she flourished as a young woman. After strengthening her level of personal confidence, academic potential, and Christian values, Kitty went on to graduate cum laude from Gettysburg College. This scholarship is awarded annually to an incoming freshman on the basis of demonstrated financial need and commitment to AOSE values.

Jacqueline and Matthew Sitter lived a life-long commitment to the Catholic faith and to the education of young women. They believed the Academy of Saint Elizabeth provided their daughters (Teddy Marie Sitter ‘71 and Jo Sitter ‘75) the foundational experience to learn, think and make decisions as strong and independent women of faith. In gratitude to the Academy, Jacqueline and Matthew funded this four-year scholarship for the Class of 2026 and beyond with the intent that this essential education, embodied in the core values of the Academy, might be made available to other young women. Jo and Teddy hope these tuition scholarship funds would underscore the Academy’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in order that students learn with, and from, each other to become their best selves, compassionate citizens and effective leaders. This 4 year scholarship requires a minimum grade point average be maintained each year along with demonstrable leadership in mission driven service work. Dr. Barbara Tylenda ‘75 created this scholarship to honor her parents and four siblings for the many, ongoing sacrifices they made during her years of attendance as a day student at the Academy. She remains deeply grateful for her experience here and wants to pay it forward for future generations. This needs-based scholarship is awarded to an incoming freshman who demonstrates a commitment to the mission of the Academy.

For more information about honors programs, scholarships, or other opportunities at The Academy, please visit aosenj.org or email admissions @aosenj.org