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Join our legacy.

Located in picturesque Convent Station, the Academy of Saint Elizabeth is the oldest Roman Catholic girls school in New Jersey, offering a powerful combination of innovative programs and personalized attention, allowing students to grow academically, spiritually, and socially. The Academy of Saint Elizabeth is a private, Catholic, independent school for young women, dedicated to our mission to promote academic excellence and moral responsibility within a nurturing community of faith. We invite you to visit our campus and discover how our spirit of sisterhood distinguishes the Academy from other college preparatory schools.

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92% of our girls perform

higher than the New Jersey ACT average.

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AP Courses Offered Fine & Performing Arts Classes Offered Honors Courses Offered Student to faculty ratio Average class size College credits can be earned by graduation through Saint Elizabeth University

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“After graduating in 2020, I moved to the United Kingdom to attend the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, where admissions officers warned me that American students often struggle to adjust. But when I arrived, I discovered I was completely prepared to hit the ground running, I can confidently confirm the Academy produces world-class students, and teaches them how to succeed at top universities not only in the U.S. but across the globe.”

Julia Lisko

AOSE ‘20 | St. Andrews ‘24

“I was able to meet lifelong friends and amazing teachers who uplifted me and encouraged me in every way possible. I experienced such a growth in my confidence…the Academy allowed me to come out of my shell. I knew I entered a loving and supportive environment every day.” Isha Gude

AOSE ‘22 | University of Rochester ‘26

100% acceptance to 4-year college and university programs

$10 Million+ in college scholarships awarded to Class of 2022

$220,000 average college merit award per graduate

11 varsity sports within our Panthers Athletics Program

30+ clubs and organizations

200 acre campus also home to the University of St. Elizabeth

30+ Years of foreign travel programs over Easter vacation

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wisdom. Hearts in service. Lives in faith. Minds in

With a legacy of success rooted in traditional Catholic values, The Academy of Saint Elizabeth builds a strong sisterhood and a foundation for college and future leadership. Young women strive for excellence while being part of a vibrant, nurturing community. Expert faculty, modern innovation and a commitment to purpose create the ideal educational experience for girls. “The academy gave me the opportunity to be me - to truly pursue my interests and learn more about who I am. I made great friendships at the Academy and the SEAsterhood is a lifelong bond I know I can always count on!” Grace Roethlin AOSE ‘22 | University of Notre Dame ‘26

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Theology classes and extracurricular activities nurture the study, development, and witness of faith. Religious studies and participation in liturgical celebrations, retreats, and service projects sustain a Christian spirit throughout student life.

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Driven by passiOn

Student athletes shine in the sisterhood of Panthers Athletics. Beyond peak performance and accolades, young women experience the power of teamwork and resilience. Follow us to see our sports teams in action!

Panthers Athletics provide a comprehensive, diverse, wholesome, and dynamic program consistent with the Academy philosophy. As an integral part of a student’s total education, our athletic offerings play a significant role in the personal growth and development of young women.



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Discover a world of leadership, service and sisterhood. Cultural activities and clubs help complement a well-rounded educational experience. Our extracurricular programs offer enriching social opportunities for young women to showcase their unique talents and contribute in a multitude of ways. Whether you’re a singer, actor, writer, artist, or musician — our campus is an environment to promote and enhance your creative gifts and foster a core of leadership and confidence in college-bound young women.

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Leading the way since 1860.

The Academy experience combines a history of traditional academic excellence with a commitment to service, delivering on a promise to transform young women into leaders. Our rigorous curriculum includes the advantages of Advanced Placement and University Now courses, allowing students to earn college credits upon graduation. In addition to a 100% acceptance rate at the nation’s leading colleges and universities, students in the Class of 2022 were offered over $10 Million in scholarships.

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Discover the Academy experience! Your journey begins at