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Annual Report




4 Word from TON President 5 Word from our Executive Director 5 Word from our Godfather 6 Word from Belgian Ambassador 7 About us 8-9 Message from our Board Members Network structures - Social Department 10-11 Organizational development through OLF 12 OLF Poieniţa, Dumitreşti Commune, Vrancea County 13 OLF Moldoviţa, Suceava County 14 OLF Galateea – Mioveni Club, Argeș County 15 OLF Chiojdeni, Vrancea County 16 Solidarity of Women from Dobrogea Association, Constanţa County 17 Femina Berbeşti Club, Vâlcea County Network structures - Social Department 18-19 Organizational development through OLB 20 OLB Moldoviţa, Suceava County 21 OLB Poieniţa, Dumitreşti Commune, Vrancea County Network structures - Social Department 22-23 Local Youth Organisations (OLT) and youth groups in schools 24-25 Local Youth Groups Association (AGLT) 26-27 Together Everyone Achieves More Association (TEAM) Network structures - Social Department 28-29 Community Development through CDL 30 Project Pro Europe Association, Suceava County 31 CDL Ciumârna, Suceava County 32 Association for Social Development and Local Education Dumitreşti (ADSEL Dumitreşti), Vrancea County 33 TOGETHER WE CHANGE HODORA Association – Iaşi County 34 Romanian Association ‘Comite Aalst Homorod’, Braşov County 35 The Association for Community Development Tăut, Bihor County 36 Association for Local Development Cehu Silvaniei, Sălaj County 37 Humanitarian Foundation “Projects Limburg Romania”, Vatra Moldoviței, Suceava County 38 Crucea-Zoersel Friendship Association, Suceava County 39 CDL Bordeşti, Vrancea County 40 CDL Dăeni, Tulcea County 41 CDL Jitia, Vrancea County 42 CDL Gârliciu, Constanţa County Network structures - Health Department 43 Local Health Committee (CLS) 44-45 Mutual Help Association (ADAM) 46 ADAM Slatina-Timiş, Caraş-Severin County 47 ADAM Moldoviţa, Suceava County Other member organisations 48 Association “Medicine for the patients benefit”, Vâlcea County 49 Sf. Ierarh Leontie Rădăuţi Establishment of Children (ASL), Suceava County 50 Asociația EUROPANET jud. Iași 51 The Open Network official member diploma 52-53 TON national trainers

Trainings in The Open Network 54 Local Women Organisations (OLF) 3 55 Local Men Organisations (OLB) 56 Local Development Committees (CDL) 58-59 TONNE – TON National Event and Board Meeting Projects implemented by TON 60-61 Active rural communities 62 RE-InVEST 63 We learn, we animate, we progress 63 TON Health Master Plan 64 Cycling for homecare 65 Case Study: ADAM Slatina-Timiş – How some communities can be healthier than others 65 Social map: Slatina-Timis, Caraş-Severin County and Berbeşti, Vâlcea County Bilateral initiatives in social-medical fields 66 Belgian week 2016 Pullman Hotel Bucharest 66 May 13, 2016 – Historical Round Table Cluj 66 International days Thomas More presentation ADR-TON 67 National Conference TON - EUROPANET 67 CERC – “Centre Educaţionale în Rural” 67 Jozef Goebels - Honour member of the ‘OMENIA’ National Federation Director Committee 68 ADR contact day 2016 68 Structural contacts with ADR Nord-Est 69 Knight Order of Merit for Education 69 TON network – together for a dream 69 EFSCA Conference and Fire Fighters General Assembly, Bucharest, 70 Contact with Flemish Parliamentarians 70 Cooperation with OMENIA Federation 71 Meeting with WB-I in Romania 71 Forum Decentralized Cooperation Romania Belgium: follow up and planning forum 2017 71 Study Visit CM Mechelen-Turnhout and visit Belgian ambassador Thomas Baekelandt 72 Internship TON 73 Resources in the Foundation 74 Financial report 75 Sponsors and funders 76-77 The Open Network events calendar for 2017 78 Be part of our network 78 Support TON’s projects and activities

With the presentation of this annual report 2016, The Open Network for community development continues to be an open and trustable network that wants to give you some short impressions of their comprehensive work the past year. We celebrated the 4th anniversary during the national training in Vatra Dornei. This means as well we will celebrate in 2017 our 5th anniversary during a big common activity in Romania. The regional trainings grew further in different ways. National leaders of the civil society groups GLT, OLF, OLB and CDL in close collaboration with our national staff took over the organization of those trainings relying on local groups for the practical organization. This is an important step forwards in growing the TON network, as well as in more professionalizing the network. The “TONNE” national training in Vatra Dornei, with around 100 participants, last summer showed that a full 2-days training is profitable for everyone. Doing that way, we could work 2 days on different departments and projects bringing the participants closer to each other. This was also very important for the further launching of the homecare project. A project granted in 2016 with aim to provide and monitoring homecare services in active rural communities and as such increasing access to socio-medical services in 6 TON rural communities. This project is co-financed by a grant of the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union. Realizing this project is as well a first step of implementing the ‘TON Master Plan on Romanian Healthcare 2015-2024’. Lot of media attention was given to the sponsor bicycling tour in September realized by the Flemish-Romanian steering committee. In the same time this was the start of signing partnership contracts on homecare with different counties, communes and institutions.

Federation in Romania. I had the opportunity to meet the other 15 members during the steering committee of July, and also the occasion to visit already different regional branches of the federation. The past year, TON was driven by the board members, staff and volunteers as by the excellent cooperation and support of Belgian ambassador Thomas Baekelandt as well as of Romanian ambassador Ştefan Tinca and both their staff. Membership grew, but is an important focus for 2017 besides fundraising. In that perspective, we will also further refine the cooperation with BEROBA and Belgian companies in Romania. In their corporate governance, the social chapter is very important and cooperation with civil society can strongly increase social matters for their employees and families. With many thanks and appreciation for the sponsors that contributed till now in supporting TON and the different departments and which names and logo’s you can find in this annual report. As we decided in the past to have a godfather and godmother for TON, where a godmother is not always easy to find, we have to look as well for TON ambassadors the coming years in different regions of Romania that can promote TON. Many thanks to everybody who contributed to this annual report 2016, but also made TON a further success story and stronger open network organization.

We are also proud that the ‘Case Study Slatina-Timiş’, showing results of 15-year activity of ADAM Slatina-Timiş regarding different health indicators, was launched in November in the presence of the Belgian ambassador Thomas Baekelandt and directors and board members of CM Mechelen-Turnhout during their study visit. In addition to this Case Study, the first realized ‘Social Maps’ are an important instrument to better analyse, understand and plan projects in the B-Ro cooperation and twinning. As in the past, TON, together with ADR-Vlaanderen was working further with the conclusions of the 5th Forum on decentralized cooperation and started the preparation of the 6th Forum in Belgium in 2017. We had the occasion to explain our work and what TON is doing to different interested people and organizations, resulting in finding more and more allies. For me personally it was an honour to be asked and become ‘honorary member’ of the steering committee of the OMENIA

JOZEF GOEBELS President of TON & ADR-Vlaanderen


TON Foundation: A Network made “of and for” beautiful people Four years have passed since TON Foundation began to develop accumulating and building on past experiences and looking to future with confidence. We are a strong network with exceptional local coordinators, with outstanding trainers and experts in their fields, with members of the board who think for the development of TON Network, with local, national and international supporters. We think together the community development; identify the term “solidarity” in all our local activities that our members develop. We are happy for every success of our members, vote and follow their evolution in all national competitions, enjoy the smile of an old man who receives a gift for holidays and see younger generations who full of energy and fun want “better Romania”. TON is a network of beautiful people. A network in which each volunteer, each member identifies his power of doing deeds. A small deed ... a greater deed ... can a deed be small or big? or just a deed? TON is a network of beautiful people for beautiful people. The deeds of our members goes to those who need help, calling in silence an arm support that they need, an ear to listen or a smile. We try every day to do something for others. A hand stretched out can sometimes mean a change of destiny. In community development “me” and “you” merge into “us” and “for ours”. At the time of balance my thoughts turn to those who were with us in development and “I thank them”; I think of those who will strengthen and continue our steps and “I thank them.” Working with beautiful people is a continual joy, wonder and fulfillment. And when you work with beautiful people, time does not exist ... there is only eternity. Happy Birthday TON! Wish you many and beautiful events! Wish you many activities for the members in our communities! And don’t forget: “Be connected in The Open Network!”

“The Open Network for Community Development” (TON) has been set up as cooperation between Flemish and Romanian communities to share information and best practices in different areas of community life. You will find in this report the activities that are very practical and touch the daily life of ordinary people. This form of cooperation between local communities in Romania and Belgium is important in the bilateral relations between our two countries. It brings people of all walks of life together to solve practical problems while respecting each other. It calls for an engagement of volunteers and builds lasting relations of friendship. It engages members of the community to take responsibility and is thus inherently democratic. This cooperation is also an excellent application of the principle of subsidiarity, a basic tool in the political management international relations. Local communities are at best in solving local development issues. The role of civil society has been redefined in Romania after the tragedy of the Club Colectiv in October 2015. It is clear that a large part of Romanian society wanted change in the political culture prevailing in Romania. The low turnout at the parliamentary elections of December 11, 2016 on the other hand, has pointed out that a great divide still exists between the polity and the community. The fact that TON remains active with civil society will certainly be important in the coming year. I’m also confident that TON will further attract enthusiastic younger generations to its fascinating activities.

THOMAS BAEKELANDT Ambassador of Belgium in Romania CRISTINA CHERȚ Executive Director


I observed this year the action program of The Open Network for the first time as an outsider to Romania. I can assure you that it felt agreeable to discover that thanks to the hard work of many volunteers and the genuine engagement of enthusiastic participants in Romania and in Flanders, 2016 delivered to the expectations. TON continued to further stride on the path of partnership, solidarity and democratic values. New projects were launched, new partnerships were established while existing contacts were continued on the basis of forged friendship and successful past cooperation. Fresh energy from the 2015 Forum on Decentralized cooperation was drained into projects designed to provide the necessary building blocks and inspiration in strengthening society at the grass root level. In this respect, TON matched in 2016 to be a driving force in what 2016 was proclaimed to be, namely a year of realizing things. Sometimes in routine, sometimes coping with unexpected hurdles or sometimes developing new forms of strategies, it has been a matter of pride to find out that the TON cluster groups achieved the expected results to the joy of the participants and satisfaction of their coaches. In 1989 solidarity was a key word in the support that municipalities and action groups have generously given to a maximum of persons of the then distressed population. Although today partnership and exchange of best practices are the priority, solidarity has never disappeared. TON at a particular point of time in 2016 showed its heart to solidarity when it teamed up with ADR in the aftermath the October 2015 Colectiv fire blaze drama in Bucharest, assisting in the search on dwelling solutions for family members of those victims that needed a long-time care at the Burns Center of Neder-over-Heembeek. It is in these circumstances that you know who really your friends are. In various fields related to health, education and historical research, youth and gender care, social services, job promotion, mobility, protection of environment and others, the TON activities have resulted in a higher visibility and a stronger trustworthiness in 2016. This has been appreciated and supported by a growing number of field workers and society groups in Romania. Again ADAMSlatina-Timis was a frontrunner, catching the eye by implementing projects in cooperation with Swiss partners, but next to health, also training of civil society with support of EUROPANET Association, rural development as well as social economy drew special attention in the past TON activities. The municipality and national elections in 2016 recalled the importance to well communicate and engage with the local and national authorities in order to be successful. Decentralized structures can only bear the fruits of their efforts when working together in harmony with central structures and there TON can further play the role of an indent. TON will also further cherish Romanian ownership, thus creating an internal dynamic to its action and to its partnership with ADR and with the other stakeholders. In order to fully play its role,

including the example function, it should be able to count on its supporters who ought to keep in mind that talking about financial management, a part of the person tax may be well spent when donated to TON initiatives. Looking ahead with ambition to 2017, TON needs this support. I trust that at the occasion of its fifth anniversary, TON will showcase next year these ambitions, aiming further cohesion in its action and keep up high standards in modernity and quality. The 6th Forum on Decentralized Cooperation Begium - Romania, which in 2017 will take place in Belgium, provides a good opportunity to translate a forward-looking message, driven by creative partnership and innovative solidarity in order to reaffirm the purpose of its original objectives.

PHILIPPE BEKE TON godfather and former Belgian Ambassador to Romania


About us

The Open Network for Community Development is a non-governmental organization founded in April 2012 by Romanian and Flemish partners who wished to ensure visibility, synergy and sustainability for all Romanian-Belgian partnerships established in the field of community development (some active already since 1989), as well as to develop the network through collaboration and experience exchanges with other national and/or international organizations focused on community development in a broad context. TON it’s a Network of people for people and for Romanian communities.


• Actively involving communities to achieve sustainable community development, with and for the people; • Activation and mobilization of community members, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. We will ensure information and lobbying for resources, trainings, regular dialogue and exchanges, thereby involving the community members in the shaping of European and national policies, as well as in the implementation and monitoring of national legislation; • Implementation of actions in a democratic, transparent, representative and inclusive way, ensuring a transparent consultation process, information strategies and promotion of best practices in areas such as: education, leadership, health, community development, building up civil society, culture and heritage, environment and waste management, agriculture, sustainable tourism, entrepreneurship; • Coordination and collaboration in areas of interest and expertise within the undertakings of Romanian-Belgian organizations representing sustainable community development;

How we work

The Open Network promotes and facilitates the implementation of community development best practices by: • Exchanges of experience at national and regional level through courses and workshops • Development of projects in partnership at local, regional, national and / or international level • Online Newsletter • Facebook Page • Website • Shop on-line for all our members • Network of regional and national trainers The Open Network is an extended team made of volunteers, local coordinators, regional trainers, professional workers and administration council members, mostly from Romania, but also from Belgium. TON founders are 5 Belgian citizens and 4 Romanian citizens - presently, all members of the administration council. The national coordination of the various projects and initiatives is ruled by an executive director which, together with 3 other professional workers (responsible for the online promotion and development of internal communication and projects), apply the decisions of the Administration Council. Furthermore, 26 Regional trainers cover all the 8 administrative regions of Romania, facilitating the top-down communication and collaboration (between the members of the Administration Council, professional workers and the coordinators of the local organisations), as well as horizontally (between the members of the local organizations and the Belgian partners). Not lastly, the team of the TON is formed of all the local volunteers, specialists and coordinators involved in the development of different structures/organisations, in more than 35 municipalities, all over Romania. The Open Network works as a national umbrella organization, connecting Romanian NGOs and informal groups established at local, regional or national level. Although different, all these structures have in common their establishment as a result of a Romanian-Belgian partnership and/or their orientation towards local community’s needs.





We are Social Entrepreneurs. Social entrepreneurs identify resources where other people see only problems. They see a solution in the villagers; our villagers are not just passive recipients. They start with the assumption of their skills and find resources in the communities they serve. SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP represents the work of a social entrepreneur to change in better the system. The social entrepreneur is the one who identifies social problems and finds new solutions, which others have not thought, for bringing a viable long-term social change. Areas that stood out of our most projects in social entrepreneurs are: public services, education, health system; but the list of possibilities for involvement in different sectors and regions grow and remain open. The social entrepreneur acts as a society change agent, finds innovative opportunities to improve the system and identifies sustainable solutions. All the effort is focused on long-term results achieving, but also on creating a measurable impact by opening new roads in sustainable development. A social entrepreneur wants primarily to generate “social value” and not profit.












The 2016 year was for all TON members a year in which we grew up, learned, explored, listened and discerned the secrets of citizenship in all its shapes and shades. TON Foundation would not exist without its members, who are the main promoters of the values promoted by the organization, active citizens who strongly believe that to make a real difference in public space everyone must build bridges to knowledge and development to as many beneficiaries. I am convinced that there will be obstacles in our path but we will fight with the same optimism to carry out all the objectives of the organization. In addition to intensive development of all existing programs, we will focus on mobilizing local players for the community benefit. In this sense, in the New Year we should build successful relationships between nonprofit organizations, companies and citizens so as to support each other and work together for a thriving, healthy and good community.




The Open Network is a network of beautiful people of different ages and from different places who share time and soul to create wonderful things. Because everything can be learned, including solidarity and the team spirit, and, at the same time, everything can be exercised, participation in TON actions represents a solid training for young people in the Local Youth Groups Association (AGLT). In 2016, more than ever, they found the beauty of this foundation and they realized that together we can change communities, we can change destinies. I was deeply impressed when, during “TONNE” National Training of TON Foundation, the common dream of AGLT’s and ADAM Moldoviţa find support, which consisted in supporting the recovery program of a volunteer from the Local Youth Group “Golden Star” in Moldoviţa. Thank you for joining us, thank you for your soul and your time giving. I hope that in 2017 you’ll join us with the same energy, joy and gladness.



Dear friends from the network with beautiful people, It’s not by accident that we are part of the others lives, in this network that grows year by year, with each initiative of community involvement that promises each time more and more and more social responsibility. We share the same values, we believe in the power of good deeds miracles, we support volunteering and confess the humanity of those around us. Each beautiful person from the network is for me a model and an inspiration. Each project is a lesson of involvement and civic spirit. I often try a good pride and I am grateful to God for the joy of being together. I wish for all of us wisdom, steadfastness and love. Wisdom to persevere in good works made with love!



Board members


The strong point of TON is that TON has active organizations at the local level: AGLT, OLF, OLB, CDL, CLS and ADAM. The volunteers at the local level, from all ages, work every day for a better community or to help other people. Doing this, volunteers create a warm society where everybody may feel that they can find a place in the local community. Research proves that volunteers are living more positive into life and are more tolerant concerning new issues. Reasons enough to believe that we have to build further on our organizations and TON. The stronger the locals groups are, the stronger the national organization will be. Believe me, the power of the number can move mountains.






4 years of TON When we started The Open Network 5 years ago we all took a step in the unknown. But together we succeeded to fund a working network! With a lot of good intensions, a promise to look for and provide the needed funds during the first 5 years from Flanders, good and motivated volunteers and paid workers in Romania, always looking for partners and cooperation in the field of youth, health, social organizations…! The result is looking good. But … the work isn’t finished. There are still a lot of challenges to work on: - involve the Flemish partners more in all the activities of TON - looking more and more for funds in Romania to continue the activities - multiply the good practices we sure have in our network - involve more and more communities and villages -… Together, yes, we can!




In the past years TON has already moved forward with big steps. But we still want to walk (or run) a long distance. And on this way I hope we will find strategic partners that make us even run faster. I hope 2017 will be a ‘SUPER’ year for TON and all of us.





TON Foundation It’s still a little girl, but slowly growing, learning to stand on her own feet with fundaments in OLF, OLB, AGLT, CLS, CDL and ADAM. 2017 I hope we all can harvest the fruits of our efforts and invest them in another 5 years of wonderful collaboration.









Social Department – Organizational development through LOCAL WOMEN ORGANISATIONS (OLF)

Local Women Organisation (OLF) is an informal or formal group (association) of women from a community, that implements activities leading to personal development of members and / or the development of the community. How is an OLF working? Each OLF has its own agenda (it’s recommended an annual plan of activities) and organises at least an activity per month. Who can be part of an OLF? Any women from a community where an OLF exists. What activities can be implemented into an OLF: Fundraising for various activities in the community Social Campaigns / Charities Projects and contests Information sessions / Personal development - workshops and events Exchange of experiences / Excursions OLF group members into TON Network: 1. OLF Moldoviţa, Suceava County 2. OLF Ciumârna, Suceava County 3. OLF Vatra Moldoviţei, Suceava County 4. OLF Poieniţa, Vrancea County 5. OLF Dumitreşti Centru, Vrancea County 6. OLF Jitia, Vrancea County 7. OLF Bordeşti, Vrancea County 8. OLF Chiojdeni, Vrancea County 9. OLF Coman, Bacău County 10. Viscri Begins Association – Viscri, Braşov County 11. OLF Galateea-Mioveni, Argeş County 12. OLF Babadag, Tulcea County 13. Solidarity of Women from Dobrogea Association, Constanţa County 14. OLF Gârliciu, Constanţa County 15. OLF Hurezani, Gorj County 16. Femina Berbeşti Club, Vâlcea County 17. OLF Slatina-Timiş, Caraş-Severin County 18. OLF Armeniş, Caraş-Severin County 19. OLF Goleţ, Caraş-Severin County 20. OLF Bucoşniţa, Caraş-Severin County 21. OLF Verendin, Caraş-Severin County 22. OLF Anima Drobeta-Turnu Severin Club, Mehedinţi County 22. OLF Club Anima Drobeta-Turnu Severin, jud. Mehedinţi

Doina Enache

OLF Poieniţa, Vrancea County

Monia Macovei OLF Chiojdeni, Vrancea County

Silvia Darie

OLF Moldoviţa, Suceava County

Lucia Mateescu

Femina Berbeşti Club, Vâlcea County

Mihaela Dobre

OLF Galateea-Mioveni, Argeş County

Carmen Spiridon

Solidarity of Women from Dobrogea Association, Constanţa County

OLF Poieniţa, Vrancea County

Year of establishment: 2006 Coordinator: Enache Doina Phone: +4 0785.866.069 Email: Address: Poieniţa Village, Dumitrești Commune, Vrancea County Areas in which the organization operates: Local Women Organization (OLF) Belgian Partner: Limburgs Platform Roemeniëwerkingen, vzw Address: Schoterweg 217, 3980, Tessenderlo, Belgia Contact person: Marleen Smeyers Email: Website: Facebook: roemeniewerking

Objectives: - representing and defending the interests of rural women; - active contribution to the development of professional, technical, social and cultural of women from Poieniţa Village, Dumitreşti Commune; - encouraging and facilitating women’s access to vocational training; - integration of women from rural areas, as a full member in organizations, local action groups, and other forms of national or international organizations with similar aims and objectives; - promoting measures against any kind of violence and in particular against the violence suffered by women from rural areas; - promote and support women’s access to information in order to enhance the productivity of labour and services provided; Legal status: NO Number of Members / Volunteers: 20 Sponsors: Belgian partner This year we managed to realize a number of activities and the first was the retrospective of the first decade of activity:

One decade of activity - 2006-2016 RETROSPECTIVE

Since January we celebrated 10 years of existence, on 21.01.2016, we gathered to remember and remind us what we did and how it went this time for us, OLF Poieniţa. The elderly women did not need any albums with pictures or the file with activities reports made available. They remembered most of the activities. Thus, it has been observed that: - Monthly meetings have fully contributed to socialization – although we are from the same village and we find each other with many other occasions (at shop, at work, remembrance, funerals, weddings, christening) here they have the opportunity to thoroughly discuss without prejudice, being auspicious meetings; - Pilgrimages - remained alive in the memory of all because we offered the possibility to know other lands, of places loaded with history (Nation’s Mausoleum) and spirituality (Recea, Podul Bulgarului, Dălhăuţi, Vărzăreşti, Coteşti, Brazi Monasteries, Buzau and Vrancea Archdiocese). Most of our members hadn’t visited the places until we went together; - Commemorating local heroes – Church and Cemetery of Lăstuni Village; - Organizing museum room, where each finds its dearly donated items, objects inherited in the family for several generations or handmade by OLF members; - Contributing to the creation of a monograph of the place through various memories, both material and spiritual; - Sending local customs and traditions to younger generation, increasingly lower (for example, in our village there are only 15 people aged under 18) - The celebration of Women Day on March 8 and the meeting with Anişoara Pioară, local writer; - Charitable and voluntary actions - in helping at give aways, funerals, donations, to the elderly and children establishments (Gugeşti, Buzău); - They remembered that we started being 10 members, but soon enough we doubled as an open network; three members left (working in Italy, have moved from our village to Buzău or Miercurea Ciuc) but we have completed our number each time; - After several years of activity in OLF homes we got an office from the City Hall of Dumitreşti at the former School of Poieniţa, which was disbanded; - Also, they remembered with love about Luyten and Marcel Driessen who visited us and participated in our activities several times (2008, 2009, 2010 etc.).


Year of establishment: 2008 Coordinator: Darie Silvia Phone: +4 0740.229.030 Email: Address: No 366 Moldoviţa Commune, Suceava County, postal code 727385 Areas in which the organization operates: Local Women Organization (OLF), Entrepreneurship, Education Facebook: Belgian Partener: Un sat pentru un sat Address: Kruibeke, Belgia Contact person: Leo Nys Email: Website: Facebook:

OLF Moldovița, Suceava County

Objectives: - representing and defending the interests of women from rural area; - active contribution to the professional, technical, social and cultural development of women in rural areas of Romania; - encouraging and facilitating women’s access from rural areas to vocational training; - promoting entrepreneurship among women from rural areas; - active contribution to reconciling personal and family life of women from rural areas; - integration of women from rural areas, as a full member in organizations, local action groups, and other forms of national or international organizations with similar aims and objectives; - promoting measures against any kind of violence and in particular against the violence suffered by women from rural areas; - promote and support women’s access to information in order to enhance the productivity of labour and services provided. Legal status: NO Number of Members / Volunteers: 45 Sponsors: ADAM Moldoviţa Association’s main sponsor is the Belgian partner, ’A village for a village organization’ from Kruibeke. Other funding sources are represented by membership fees, rental of recovery equipment, 2% program, selling handmade objects made by OLF members. Local Women Organization within ADAM Moldoviţa held current annual activities such as workshops greeting cards for various occasions, Christmas carols, participation in regional and national training dedicated to OLF, the celebration of March 8, participation in informative sessions organized within the association. Also, in 2016, Moldoviţa OLF members helped organizing and conducting activities such as creative arts and photography contest “Grandparents near us”, “Cycling for Homecare” campaign. In August, for 8 days, OLF members have prepared food for Bouworde organisation volunteers from Belgium, who helped with the renovation at ADAM headquarters and with play days activities for local children. In September, OLF members organized practical kitchen and greeting cards workshops in partnership with a group of 6 young Belgian girls. Most of OLF Moldoviţa members are volunteers and develop activities within the project ’Active rural communities in providing and monitoring home care services - increasing access to socio-medical services for elderly in 5 rural communities’, coordinated by TON Foundation.


Club Galateea - Mioveni (GALATeC), Argeș County

Year of establishment: 2012 Coordinator: Mihaela Dobre Phone: +4 0741.119.427 Email: Address: Casa de Cultură a Sindicatelor Dacia, no 1 Radu cel Frumos Street, Mioveni, Argeş County, postal code 115400 Areas in which the organization operates: Local Women Organization (OLF), Tourism, Education, Social responsibility, training and personal development, equality/ promoting gender

Objectives: - The organization capacity development; planning and intervention in community - Initiate community projects - Associativity and interculturalism - Promotion of nonprofit and social economy domains - Personal and gender development Legal status: Yes Number of Members / Volunteers: 20 members and 15 volunteers

Sponsors: - 2% from members, collaborators and supporters - Mioveni City Hall - Argeș County Chamber of Commerce, President supporter: George Caval - ’Mioveni-Landerneau’ Frenship Association France - SC Delta-Invest, Mioveni In 2016, one of the activities most cherished made by members of our group was participating in the National Day on December 1st. During the events, volunteers have accomplished the following activities: - Organizing traditional table with dishes from personal family - Exchange of gifts, Santa Claus, between OLF members and other invited women - Meeting with local cultural and public administration decision makers - Receiving artist guests participating in the show - Animate and out-put at the show and on the cultural and educational events - Publication of information material and promotion in the regional media


Year of establishment: 2014 Coordinator: Monia Macovei Phone: +4 0733.374.967 Email: Address: Chiojdeni, Vrancea County Areas in which the organization operates: Local Women Organization (OLF) Belgian Partner: Limburgs Platform Roemeniëwerkingen, vzw Address: Schoterweg 217, 3980, Tessenderlo, Belgia Contact person: Marleen Smeyers Email: Website: Facebook: roemeniewerking

OLF Chiojdeni, Vrancea County

Objectives: - Promoting volunteering as a way to involve the community in solving problems; - Organizing activities to promote volunteering and appreciation of the community work - Promoting local crafts and traditions; Legal status: NO Number of Members / Volunteers: 18 Sponsors: TON Foundation Some relevant activities in 2016: 1. Heroes Day Each year, on the Jesus Ascension Celebration, we recalled the sacrifice made by our Christ with a commemoration at the church’s village. The youths from the village have the opportunity to know the names of those who gave their lives in wars, to cherish and respect their memory. 2. The Day of Sânziene – The Day of Romanian traditional blouse (The name of the traditional blouse in Romanian language is IE). On the Day of Sânziene, along with mothers, the children from the village searched, at their grandparents and neighbors, for costumes that they wore in a folk art program. Students have expressed interest in learning to sew costumes. 3. Gifts from Saint Nicholas On Saint Nicholas day, some of the volunteers prepared packets of sweets for the children from one kindergarten in the village. 4. Together we help! Volunteers organize a fundraiser event to help (for the cost of medical examination and glasses) an orphan girl, with serious eye problems.


Club FEMINA BERBEȘTI, Vâlcea County

Date of establishment: 22.04.2008 Coordinator: Lucia Mateescu Phone: +4 0745.597.069 Email: Address: Berbești, Block of flats A23, staircase C, 2nd apartment, Vâlcea County Areas in which the organization operates: Local Women Organization (OLF) Belgian Partner: OLF Herselt Address: Herselt, Belgia Contact person: Marleen Vay Email: Facebook:

Objectives: - Improving the quality of family life - Support for continuing professional development activities Legal status: YES Number of Members / Volunteers: 15 On May 21st 2016, members of the Femina Berbeşti Club, with the members from other OLF structures - Dobriţa-Runcu, Gorj, Berbeşti-Vâlcea, Hurezani-Gorj, Mioveni-Podu Dâmboviţei, Argeş - participated with interest and enthusiasm in the regional training held in the north of Arges County. The training was structured with a theory part for organizational development - by promoting and attracting volunteers and practical workshop part with a theme chosen with a good impact on personal and community development - napkin technique for creating decorative items also arranging spaces of joy ... everything under the generous idea: ‘Volunteers - a gift to the community’. The event under the patronage of TON Foundation wonderfully with the Dâmbovicioara village Feast, Argeş County, and allowed in this way a broad promotion of the training theme and of the stand with the products worked by the OLF group - as a participant also bearing an active role in promoting the community ... generally brought a diversity and development on behalf of an integrated regional event.


Date of establishment: 27.08.2014 Coordinator: Carmen Iulieta Spiridon Phone: +4 0723.995.409 Email: Address: No 238 Bdul. Tomis, Constanța County Areas in which the organization operates: Local Women Organization (OLF) Facebook:

Solidarity of Women from Dobrogea Association, (ASFD) Constanța County

Objectives: Improving the quality of women life and the whole society through various actions of information, awareness, education, counselling, intervention and active participation. Legal status: Yes Number of Members / Volunteers: 7 Sponsors: TON Foundation, Gaz Services S.R.L., personal founds The story of Florentina We met Florentina Stanciu in December 2015 when we allied to the action Dream Holidays - initiated by the local newspaper ‘Cuget Liber’. Our association has offered to the 3 little girls of the needy family in Poarta Albă: a tablet, Barbie doll, perfume, sweets and fruits. Little Florentina earnestly wanted a tablet because the serious health problems that she is confronted with stopped her from attending school regularly. In 2016, we continued to support Florentina, giving her two eye checks in Constanța and Bucharest. The precarious situation of her family, permanently sensitized us and we sponsored also the prescribed glasses (lenses). We make efforts to support this low-income family through home visits and by initiating steps for the complicated operation that has to bear at the legs and afterwards, through gymnastic recovery to be able to move alone. Serious health problems, spastic tetra paresis and also retardation make us to continue also in 2017 to be with her!


Social Department - Organizational development through Local Men Organisations (OLB) Local Men Organisation (OLB) is an informal or formal group (association) of men from a community, that implements activities leading to personal development of members and / or the development of the community. How is an OLB working? Each OLB has its own agenda (it’s recommended an annual plan of activities) and organises at least an activity per month. Who can be part of an OLB? Any male person, in the community where an OLB is established, wishing to engage in collective or personal development of each participant or wants to develop the community in which it operates. What activities can be implemented into an OLB: Fundraising for various activities in the community Social Campaigns / Charities Projects and contests Information sessions / Personal development - workshops and events Exchange of experiences / Excursions OLB group members into TON Network: 1. OLB Moldoviţa, Suceava County 2. OLB Ciumârna, Suceava County 3. OLB Vatra Moldoviţei, Suceava 4. OLB Poieniţa, Vrancea County 5. OLB Dumitreşti Centru, Vrancea County 6. OLB Vintileasca, Vrancea County 7. OLB Bordeşti, Vrancea County 8. OLB Mioveni, Argeş County 9. OLB Hurezani, Gorj County 10. OLB Slatina-Timiş, Caraş-Severin County 11. OLB Armeniş, Caraş-Severin County 12. OLB Goleţ, Caraş-Severin County 13. OLB Bucoşniţa, Caraş-Severin County 14. OLB Verendin, Caraş-Severin County

Nicu Hiche

OLB Moldoviţa, Suceava County

Cristea (Titel) Enache OLB Poieniţa Vrancea County

OLB MOLDOVIȚA, Suceava County

Year of establishment: 2010 Coordinator: Nicolae Hiche Phone: +4 0744.926.545 Email: Address: No 366 Moldovița Commune, Suceava County, postal code 727385 Website: Facebook: Areas in which the organization operates: Local Men Organisation (OLB) Belgian partner: A village for a village Address: Kruibeke, Belgia Contact person: Leo Nys Email: Website: Facebook:

Objectives: - active contribution to the professional, technical, social and cultural men development of men in the community; - promote all activities that improve the quality and standard of living of people in rural areas; -men from rural areas integration as a full member in organizations, local action groups, and other forms of national or international organizations with similar aims and objectives; - promote and support men’s access to information, in order to enhance the productivity of labour and services provided services. Legal status: NO Number of Members / Volunteers: 15 Sponsors: ADAM Moldoviţa Association’s main sponsor is the Belgian partner, ’A village for a village organization’ from Kruibeke. Other funding sources are represented by membership fees, rental of recovery equipment, 2% program. Local Men Organization within ADAM Moldoviţa helped organize and conduct activities such as creative arts and photography contest “Grandparents near us”, “Cycling for Homecare” campaign. In August, OLB members coordinated and supported the volunteers from Bouworde organization in Belgium, for the renovation at ADAM headquarters. OLB Moldovița hosted TON regional training dedicated to OLB.


Year of establishment: 2011 Coordinator: Cristea (Titel) Enache Phone: +4 0761.101.061 Email: Address: Poieniţa Village, Dumitrești Commune, Vrancea County Areas in which the organization operates: Local Men Organization (OLB) Belgian Partner: Limburgs Platform Roemeniëwerkingen, vzw Address: Schoterweg 217, 3980, Tessenderlo, Belgia Contact person: Marleen Smeyers Email: Website: Facebook:

OLB POIENIȚA, Vrancea County

Objectives: - representing and defending the interests of rural men; - active contribution to the professional, technical, social and cultural men development from Poienița Village, Dumitreşti Commune; - encouraging and facilitating men’s access to vocational training; - integration of rural areas men, as full members in organizations, local action groups, and other forms of national or international organizations with similar aims and objectives; - promote and support men’s access to information in order to enhance the productivity of labour and services provided; Legal status: NO Number of Members / Volunteers: 10 Sponsors: Belgian partner This year we managed to achieve a number of activities. The most loved was the work generically called “Heroes never die”, a tribute to the heroes, organized by volunteers from Poieniţa on 09.06.2016 at the Church and Cemetery of Lăstuni, Vrancea County. As in every year and as a Romanian folk tradition from our local area, we celebrate heroes. Who are they?? In that time heroes, our villagers who went to defend their ancestral lands, were fathers, husbands, brothers or children of those who bring an offering today acordingly with the tradition: cake, light, red eggs, tears and also many flowers. Today they are our heroes, of all who knew them personally or from photos; they were parts of our grandparents or also great-grandparents stories.


Social Department Local Youth Organisations (OLT) and youth groups in schools

Local Youth Organisation (OLT) is an informal or formal group (association) of youth that is encouraged by adults from the same community from school, to meet and to organize activities for the local community and for the personal development of each participant. How is an OLT working? A local youth organization can be a formal or informal group. It is recommended that each group has an adult of support. Local Youth Organizations and youth groups in schools are parts of one of the two umbrellas members in TON: Local Youth Groups Association (AGLT) and Together Everyone Achieves More Association (TEAM). These umbrellas are national organizations. Who can be part of an OLT? Any young person or any adult from the same community or school where the group is created, after receiving the approval to the group membership application. What activities can be implemented into an OLT: • Camps / Trainings • Trainings for youngsters: • Social-animaton for children and youngsters • Social-animaton for disabled children and youngsters (SPEAS) • Leadership. Volunteering. Personal development. Fundraising Activities are based on the “learning by doing” method, recreation and leisure activities for youths and children in very divers areas (creativity, fantasy, sports, nature, climate, dance, social attitudes, community organization etc.) • Thematic workshops • Play days for children • Youth exchanges • Teambuilding • Information sessions • Social Campaigns and Fundraising • SPEAS Service - special care for children with disabilities Prevention activities: • Environmental activities • Prevention activities in partnership with Antidrog Organisation • Health in partnership with Kazou and Somepro (Belgium) and other TON member groups from Romania Find out which are the approximately 70 OLTs and youth groups in schools by reading the following pages or by visiting: Local Youth Groups Association (AGLT): or Together Everyone Achieves More Association (TEAM):

Maria Claudia Prutieanu

Local Youth Groups Association (AGLT)

Daniela Ghiţoiu

Together Everyone Achieves More Association (TEAM)

Local Youth Groups Association (AGLT)

Year of establishment: 2004 Coordinator: Maria Pruteanu Phone: +4 0749.023.529 Email: Address: No 32 Pantelimon Street, 5th Floor, Iaşi County, postal code 700082 Website: Facebook: Domenii de activitate: Tineret; Educație Belgian Partner: SOMEPRO Address: Korte Begijnenstraat 18, 2300 Turnhout Contact person: Bart Wynants Email: Website:

Objectives: • Strengthening Youth Actions in the Community and also, youth groups that develop socio-cultural-educational actions and projects. • Promoting of voluntary and socio - cultural animation as a means of non-formal education among children and youth. • Encouraging children and young people and support their active involvement in responsible and non-formal education projects in the belonging community. Legal status: YES Number of Members / Volunteers: 200 members and 800 volunteers Sponsors: - SOMEPRO - EuroBlue Belgium - Kazou - Chiro - towns committees from Belgium that are twinned with towns in Romania by providing financially support for young’s participation in AGLT, Somepro, Kazou, Chiro camps. In 2016, in the camps and projects undertaken throughout the year, AGLT brought together 385 young people that were trained and encouraged by 41 trainers. Following these projects also the number of volunteers in community activities increased by over 20%. In addition to weekly activities (planned or ad hoc play days) GLTs throughout all country had acquired a significant interest for experience and teambuilding activities exchanges. Thus, GLTs from communities like Bratca, Ostrov, Moldoviţa, Vatra Moldoviţei, Fălticeni, Câmpulung Moldovenesc, Suceava, Slatina-Timiş hosted for a few days, volunteers from across all country. Those activities have a special role in cluster development; activities being carried out by young people from GLT host sites also give a whole impression to GLT volunteers from other participating sites. Typically, in a youth exchange, participants are part of the following: - They are accommodated at the volunteers home, their only contribution being transportation costs; - The host location is shown in terms of cultural and tourism through non-formal methods; - Participation in activities is organized by youth for youth; - Participation in theme and socializing evenings; - Young people from host GLT show participants through activities, new ideas coming up and in the same time they develop their ingenuity; - The event ends with a play day for all children in the host location; the specific elements of this group are shared.


Local Youth Groups: 1. GLT “Hai-Hui” Iaşi 2. GLT “Picături Albastre” Hodora 3. GLT Cozmeşti 4. GLT “Phoenix” Codăeşti 5. GLT “Energiee” Botoşani 6. GLT “Aripi în Europa” Fălticeni 7. GLT “4 Kids” Ciumârna 8. GLT “Din suflet pentru tineri” Crucea 9. GLT “Golden Star” Moldoviţa 10. GLT “Super Noi” Câmpulung Moldovenesc 11. GLT “Yang Generation” Vatra Moldoviţei 12. GLT “Winners” Vatra Dornei 13. GLT “Cuceritorii” Suceava 14. GLT “Golden Hearts” Slatina-Timiş 15. GLT “Arcus” Reşita 16. GLT Caransebeş 17. GLT Tăut 18. GLT “Împreună Mereu” Cehu Silvaniei 19. GLT “Zâmbet de soare” Beiuş 20. GLT “Viitorul” Bratca 21. GLT “Teen Spirit” Cluj 22. GLT “Lapuşii” Vâlcea 23. GLT “Together” Berbeşti 24. GLT Daneţi 25. GLT Homorod 26. GLT “ViBe” Viscri 27. GLT Rupea 28. GLT “All for one” Dăeni 29. GLT “Portul Piraţilor” Jurilovca 30. GLT “Minion Kids” Ţăndărei 31. GLT “VIS” Gârliciu 32. GLT ”Inimi deschise” Ostrov 33. GLT “Forever scouts” Hârşova 34. GLT “Tineri Mereu” Constanţa 35. GLT Valea Nucarilor 36. GLT Peceneaga 37. GLT “Îndrăzneşte să visezi” Tulcea


Together Everyone Achieves More Association (TEAM)

Year of establishment: established as informal group in 2014 and receiving legal status in Coordinator: Daniela Ghiţoiu Phone: +4 0727.838.153 Email: Address: no 8 Aleea Pelicanului, Constanţa County Website: Facebook: TogetherEveryoneAchievesMoreConstanta/ Areas in which the organization operates: Youth, Education

Objectives: education of children, youth and families by volunteering actions. Local, regional, national and international educational programs and projects lead to a steady increase of youth involvement in the community, families amped for this educational vision and changing mentalities. Legal status: YES Number of Members / Volunteers: 31 groups and 720 volunteers The association was crossed by more than 1,000 young people who have benefit from non-formal education training sessions or participated in association various programs. Since its establishment, 42 groups have been developed, but like any youth association, group dynamics life is limited. The organization groups types: there are groups of young people at a school (the name is composed by the association’s acronym, ’TEAM’, followed by the school name) and groups set up at the community level (the name is composed by the association’s acronym, ’TEAM’, followed by the village name). TEAM’s school target group is particularly focused on the group of students in the school; the local TEAM’s target group is particularly focused to the whole community. The programmes are slightly specific. 2016 meant an increase on image principle, that brought closer to us new families determined to get involved in children’s education. We have an active group of 35 parents who support Association’s initiatives. In 2016 we achieved: - Young people and children participated in six camps, in which three were MTS programs and three organized by the association - at least one camp each year is with international participation / 450 participants; - We developed a non-formal education program - the development of emotional intelligence - which runs through 4 hours workshops in Constanta, once every two weeks / 420 participants; - Coaching and training of youth leaders across the country - 32 trainings / over 750 participants; - Three Summer schools in Constanta and Suceava (Frumosul village) / 190 participants; - An international project ’Youth from everywhere - Second Edition’; 16 young people from 4 continents participated in a youth exchange in Constanta; project was realized with own funds without European funding; - A national project ’Smiles for the Future’ - developing a culture of volunteering in schools / 15.000 beneficiaries; - Local and county programs, exchanges, humanitarian actions; more than 450 activities carried out by groups; - Participation in the national program of MTS: YOUTHnet (TINEreţea) - Organized the TEAM Volunteers Gala, where there were awarded 200: kinder, volunteers, teachers, senior, executives, mayors, journalists - exciting event, family event, which brought together 175 people from across the country - the event took place in Remus Opreanu Hall of the Prefecture in Constanta; - TEAM volunteers received two valuable awards at the National Volunteers Gala. Monica Popa - Constanţa - Romanian youth volunteer of the year, receive „prize jury”, that was handed by the Youth Secretary of State - Andrei Popescu and Francesca Prejneanu fromTârgu Jiu, took „popularity award” at volunteer coordinator of the year category.


Developing Emotional Intelligence Educational program for children aged 6-12 - Early Education category At national and European level there are few programs for early childhood education; is an age group uncovered on non-formal education. Within the association, during 2015 has completed such a program, aimed for children and prepubescent. This program runs as a 2-5 days training, both during the weekend and school holidays, the program is from 9.00 - 17.00 for participants. Kinder number of entrants (primary) is a group of 8-10; small number of participants in middle school - 10-12 (grades V-VI) / 2-3 trainers in each group, of which at least one is a TEAM trainer. In 2016 was introduced also the method of education through BOARD GAMES. Benefits of this program of early education: increasing emotional intelligence; development of tolerance and cooperation, discrimination decreased interest; development of verbal skills, emotional expression, identifying emotions and increase empathy; compliance and increase endurance, developing assertiveness, both attitudinal and behavioral, increased motivation in school and reading, increased independence, self-esteem and self-confidence. Through board games thrives SPU: development of the attention spans ability, developing of distributive attention, strategic thinking and forward-looking development, of visual and auditory memory, the use of self-control methods etc. The program enjoys a great success both in Constanţa and in the structures in the country where it was implemented; parents are happy to bring their children to such training, and the effects on children who participate frequently are seen and appreciated both by family and school. Find on Association’s Youtube page videos on our programs: The press was generous in articles this year, enjoying good local visibility, both in the press and radio and TV. The association collaborates with institutions for running programs in partnership: schools, municipalities, county councils, prefectures, Sports and Youth Directorate, other NGOs, Natural Sciences Complex Constanța, museums, school inspectorates. TEAM Groups: 1. TEAM Babadag 2. TEAM Bucureşti 3. TEAM Principesa Margareta Bucureşti 4. TEAM Câmpulung Moldovenesc 5. TEAM Colegiul Naţional Mircea cel Bătrân 6. TEAM Constanţa 7. TEAM Decebal 8. TEAM Jan Bart (Şcoala nr.18) 9. TEAM Liceul cu Program Sportiv 10. TEAM Mihai Eminescu 11. TEAM Ovidius 12. TEAM Pontica 13. TEAM Regina Maria 14. TEAM Ferdinand 15. TEAM Telecom 16. TEAM Traian 17. TEAM Virgil Madgearu 18. TEAM Corbu 19. TEAM Focşani 20. TEAM Iulia Zamfirescu Mioveni 21. TEAM Mioveni 22. TEAM Motru 23. TRIB Negru Vodă 24. TEAM Calistrat Hogaş Piatra Neamţ 25. TEAM Târgu Jiu 26. TEAM Gheorghe Miron Costin 27. TEAM Comana 28. TEAM Ion Minulescu 29. TEAM Şcoala31 30. TEAM Craiova 31. TEAM Piteşti


Social Department - Community Development through Local Development Committees (CDL) Local Development Committee (CDL) is a group of citizens who, through their common work (in a group or in an informal association) aim to develop a sustainable community. How is a CDL working? Each CDL develops its own CDL logo and function as an independent body within TON Foundation. A CDL can be a formal group (association) or an informal structure. Who can be part of a CDL? Anyone in the community who wants to invest time, energy and expertise to contribute to her/his community sustainable development. What activities can be implemented into a CDL? A CLD can develop a variety of activities taking into account the priorities and needs of their community, receiving support from the TON Foundation for models of social organization in different areas of development, such as: community development, health (CLS, ADAM), tourism (social), development of civil society (OLF, OLB and OLT), education programs (workshops, training, entrepreneurship) etc. CDL group members into TON Network: 1. Project Pro Europe Association, Ciumârna, Suceava County 2. CDL Ciumârna, Suceava County 3. Association for Social Development and Local Education Dumitreşti (ADSEL Dumitreşti), Vrancea County 4. TOGETHER WE CHANGE HODORA Association – Iaşi County 5. Roemenie Association “Comite Aalst Homorod”, Braşov County 6. The Association for Community Development Tăut, Bihor County 7. Association for Local Development Cehu Silvaniei, Sălaj County 8. Humanitarian Foundation “Projects Limburg Romania”, Vatra Moldoviței, Suceava County 9. Crucea-Zoersel Friendship Association, Suceava County 10. CDL Bordești, Vrancea County 11. CDL Dăeni, Tulcea County 12. CDL Jitia, Vrancea County 13. CDL Gârliciu, Constanța County 14. CDL Runcu Dobric, Gorj County

Dan-Constantin Ceredeev, Project Pro Europe Association, Ciumârna, Suceava County

Aurelia Marin Roemenie Association “Comite Aalst Homorod”, Braşov County

Viorica Vintilă Șontică Association for Social Development and Local Education Dumitreşti (ADSEL Dumitreşti), Vrancea County

Daniela Ceredeev CDL Ciumârna, Suceava County

Rodica Falaus Association for Local Development Cehu Silvaniei, Sălaj County


Ancuţa Ionela Negură Humanitarian Foundation “Projects Limburg Romania”, Vatra Moldoviţei, Suceava County

Maria Cordea Association for Local Development Cehu Silvaniei, Sălaj County

Steliana Dumitru CDL Dăeni, Tulcea County


Anicuţa Rotaru CDL Bordeşti, Vrancea County

Irina Tăşală TOGETHER WE CHANGE HODORA Association - CLD”, Iași County

Dumitru and Aneta Coman CDL Jitia, Vrancea County

Crina Bumbu Crucea-Zoersel Friendship Association, Suceava County

Anica Tufă CDL Gârliciu, Constanţa County

Flavius Todoran The Association for Community DevelopmentTăut, Bihor County

Project Pro Europe Association (APPE), Suceava County

Year of establishment: 2011 Coordinator: Priest Dan-Constantin Ceredeev Phone: +4 0741.147.606 Email: Address: No. 29B, Ciumârna Village, Vatra Moldoviţei, Suceava County, postal code: 727595 Facebook:ăCiumârna-1451225931766544/ Areas in which the organization operates: Community Development (CDL); Youth; Local Women Organization (OLF); Local Men Organization (OLB); Education

Objectives: sustainable community development through achievements in local, regional and national level Legal status: YES Number of Members / Volunteers: 120 Sponsors: Vodafone Romania Foundation Community Support Foundation (FSC) Ministry of Youth and Sports Foundation for Partnership MOL Romania VOLUME Federation Foundation for Community AFTER SCHOOL CARAVAN - Project of the 2016 year in Education -at National Volunteer Gala - VOLUME Federation The project was founded under the “Investment for sustainable communities”, ran from 2015, 20th September 2015 to 20th of May 2016 and offered to 550 students from Vatra Moldoviţei community schools, Suceava county, a coherent, structured and complex alternative learning for children and young adults (teachers-type mentoring students, tutoring and coaching students-students); a personal and professional development and school performance incentive; focused trainings on the individual needs of each child. During this interval, weekly, in each of the five schools in the commune they were organized 5 interactive learning activities, alternately with a non-formal framework. Every month - four quality leisure time activities (Play Day type) were organised; themed events that capitalized prominent national and international calendar dates. For involvement and responsibility, the most active 50 students’ tutor-students and volunteers participated in two road caravans to promote the project in 35 schools and youth organizations from 20 counties and had the chance to meet new communities from intercultural and social responsibility perspectives. Learning dimension of the project proved to be a most complex one: understanding and acceptance of cultural diversity, experiential cultural heritage knowledge and spirit of our nation knowledge, creative and effective solving for everyday situations, individuality recognition and affirmation, organizing their own learning and setting a minimum performance descriptors for social participation and decision making; time planning and managing and quality of time with the group, increasing self-esteem, awareness of ethical values and promote good governance. The project final is volunteer volume-report “Volunteer Notebook”- After School Caravan, ISBN 978-606-685-407-8, conducted by young volunteers in the project. The volume includes: certain project activities description, participants learning experiences, intercultural various aspects, description of methods / techniques / instruments in the sphere of non-formal education, testimonials, photographs, results and impact of the project presentation. Continuing after school activities also during the school year 2016-2017, in a resized formula, the project “alternative learning laboratory” (because the number of students tutor increased significantly) increased the number of socio-educational actions and also the quality of leisure time for children and youth.


Year of establishment: : 2012 Coordinator: Daniela Ceredeev Phone: +4 0744.606.950 Email: Address: No. 29B, Ciumârna Village, Vatra Moldoviţei, Suceava County, postal code: 727595 Facebook:ăCiumârna-1451225931766544/ Areas in which the organization operates: Community Development (CDL);

CDL Ciumârna, Suceava County

Objectives: sustainable community development through achievements in local, regional and national level Legal status: YES Number of Members / Volunteers: 120 Sponsors: Vodafone Romania Foundation Community Support Foundation (FSC) Ministry of Youth and Sports Foundation for Partnership MOL Romania VOLUME Federation Foundation for Community “Morning Glory” little house - recreational and experiential learning space The project arranged a recreational and educational space, approx. 1000 m2, for 125 children and young people recreation and their conscious and active learning experience in “Sf. Jer. Leontie” Rădăuți social care establishment. This space now includes: “Morning Glory” little House (3,75mx3,75mx3,80m) - the only space of its kind in Romania, a house built on the architecture of traditional houses in Bucovina last century in which the wooden benches were fitted and decorated with traditional objects and pottery; playground (250sqm - 4 swing, two slides, four swings) repaired and redecorated filled with natural materials, protective, cheerful colors and in harmony with nature; Interaction zone “dwarfs” - bounded by multicolored chairs, green grass which is welcoming you. The entire surface is decorated with rustic flower pots, wooden and wattle, white cedars bordered by limes, and one side is made of beds of roses. Children in the settlement who live in group homes (groups of 12-15 people/of different ages), coordinated by one educator per shift, with a daily schedule strictly and rigorously organized (because of the lack of specialized staff, joint activities are very difficult to moderate), now, they have a green space, cheerful and welcoming, multipurpose outdoor; they can play, learn about nature, rest, take part in traditional crafts workshops to get used to assume responsibilities in environmental protection activities; they can discover the joy of walking barefoot in the grass or discover how thoughtful the ground rises, grows and turns into flower (watching the seed that they put it into the earth).


Association for Social, Educational and Local Development Dumitreşti (ADSEL Dumitreşti), 32 Vrancea County

Year of establishment: 2010 Coordinator: Viorica Vintilă Şontică, Luci Stănilă Phone: +4 0766.263.463, +4 0745.467.444 Email: vintilă,, Organization email: Address: Dumitreşti commune, Vrancea county, postal code 627110 Areas in which the organization operates: Community Development (CDL); Health; Youth; Local Women Organization (OLF); Local Men Organization (OLB); Education Belgian partner: Limburgs Platform Roemeniëwerkingen Address: Schoterweg 217, 3980 Tessenderlo Contact person: Marleen Smeyers Email: Website partener: Facebook partner: roemeniewerking/

Objectives: Improving the living conditions of the inhabitants. Community awareness regarding the environment, the importance of water, help for poor families and the elderly alone. Local traditions rediscovering and forwarding them, valuing them. Local agro-tourism development. Legal status: YES Number of Members / Volunteers: 30 Sponsors: - TON Foundation - SAMDAM - Belgian partner In 2016 our organization has conducted various local activities and tours in order to learn about the concerns of people from other communities (OLB - went to visit friends in the village near Sighișoara, Danes). We continued home visits to older people, to give comfort to their loneliness or to help them in their daily home care activities. Those who did the sanitary specialization could measure blood pressure or glucose for the ones who required those services, also urged them to go to the doctor if they accuse sufferings. Youth with adults participated in collecting garbage and cleaning actions on Râmnicu Sărat riverbed. Our organization supported often “Sânzienele” village assembly to go to competitions and festivals. Awareness activities regarding the importance of water to humans and the local community were conducted for youths and adults. Autumn was celebrated at Dumitreşti through fruit and vegetables exhibitions, but also by songs and dances performed during the carnival. In May, we held the Regional Training Dumitreşti S-E region where we enjoyed having in our meetings some members from the Belgian partner association. Once we obtain the legal status, our organization is called “ADSEL Dumitrești”. Lately we have been involved in Swiss Home Care Project (CSS 55) and we hope to bring comfort to the elderly who need community support to lead daily life. Thank TON - Belgian community and Belgian partner that help us take care of our elders.


Year of establishment: 2017 Coordonitor: Irina Tăşală Phone: +4 0745.189.169 Email: Address: Village Hodora, Commune Cotnari, Iași County Facebook: Areas in which the organization operates: Community Development (CDL); Belgian partner: Nijelen Voor Hodora Address: Nijlen, Belgia Contact person: Lieve Verelst Email: Website: Facebook:

TOGETHER WE CHANGE HODORA CLD Association, Iași County 33

Objectives: A. Development of educational assistance programs and after school support for children in our village and neighbouring of Hodora through specific activities to increase interest in education and to facilitate learning activity (including human and material resources) B. Improving the health of the inhabitants from the village and those bordering Hodora. C. Support in terms of information and promotion of the association’s members to valorise own handmade traditional products (jams, compotes, cheese, juices and other animal products), home-made products (small crafts). D. Encouraging young people who want to volunteer in the association. E. Social care services and medical care provided at home such for the elderly, the physically disabled, the chronically ill, people suffering from incurable diseases and who require a wide range of medical and social services such as childcare, care, treatment, functional rehabilitation, rehabilitation and social integration. F. Support for associate members and community members in dealing with the public or other private entities in finding resolution of various legal issues. Legal status: Yes Number of Members / Volunteers: 18 Sponsors: - Belgian partner- NIJLEN VOOR HODORA - local economic small business - Mayor Hall Cotnari and Cotnari County Council - Community Foundation Iasi - “Ştiinţescu” Found A better life for our seniors! Recognizing the various negative effects of social isolation of the elderly, we intend to fight for human dignity and to do actions against their isolation and loneliness, for a better quality of life for elders (+65) which are suffering from loneliness or are at risk of social isolation (by promoting volunteerism and mobilizing community members). Our tools are: quality relationships with volunteers and the support that we give according to their needs, through: - moral support through social activities, resulting in discussion of common interest issues; - concrete support through help with goods purchase; lifting medical recipe from pharmacies; - material support.


Romanian Association „Committee Aalst – Homorod” (ROCA Homorod), 34 Brașov County

Year of establishment: 2013 Coordinator: Aurelia Marin Phone: +4 0748.439.468 Email: Address: No. 361, Principală Street, Homorod, Braşov County Areas in which the organization operates: Community Development (CDL); Youth Belgian Partner: Committee Aalst Address: Aalst, Belgia Contact person: Erik Herman Email:

Objectives: - recreational activities for children in Homorod - involving young people in activities with children in Homorod - financial support for children, youth and families in Homorod Legal status: YES Number of Members / Volunteers: 6 Sponsors: Belgian partner, Erik Herman and Aalst Committee In 2016 our group, even if it has a small number of volunteers, developed monthly activities such as days playing days with children from Homorod. Materials for activities, games, water and sweets for children were sponsored by our Belgian partner. In May 2016, our group has prepared and presented a sketch for local children at the Cultural Centre. At Christmas, children from Homorod families have had gifts that volunteers distributed. We are a small group of volunteers but we have a big heart and we believe that through our activities to beautify and enrich at least a few moments for Homorod children.


Year of establishment: 2012 – start in TON Network 2015 – Association with juridical statute Coordinator: prof. Flavius Todoran Phone: +4 0766.206.951 Email: Address: No. 99/A, Tăut village, postal code 417048, Batăr, Bihor county Areas in which the organization operates: Community Development(CDL); Health (CLS); Education Belgian Partner: Bertem-Leefdaal Committe Address: Bertem-Leefdaal Contact person: Frans Vanhellemont Email:,

The Association for Community Development Tăut (APDC Tăut), Bihor County


Objectives: -community development -social-medical home care assistance -education for health Legal status: YES Number of Members / Volunteers: 23 members and 23 volunteers Sponsors: - TON Foundation - SAMDAM - 2% - Belgian partner - Batăr Mayor Hall -Rotary Foundation In 2016, our members Association participated and organized many activities for development of the community to which we belong. It includes: - participation in TONNE national training at Vatra Dornei , Suceava County, 21-24.07.2016; - participation in “Management of home care” training, Slatina-Timiș County, Caraș-Severin County, 22-25.08.2016; - participation in “Initiation course - Kinesthetic care” in Miercurea Ciuc, Harghita County., 30.10-02.11.2016; - collaboration with Belgian partner, the Batăr Mayor Hall and Rotary Foundation in setting Tăut headquarters place of our Association for Community Development; - ocular control and distributing eyeglasses; distribution to over 100 people from the village Tăut , by a group of specialists from the Rotary Foundation; - arranging a batch solar on the school place by The Rotary Foundation; - organize a visit during 21-25.09.2016 by a group of 48 people from the village Tăut / Batăr / Buteni, as a preview to 25 years anniversary of twinning between Bertem / Leefdaal with Tăut through private initiative and collaboration with Belgian Committee; - starting of home care socio-medical assistance activities, on 01/11/2016, under the “Active Rural Communities in home care services delivering and monitoring - Increasing access to doctors and social services for the elderly in five rural communities” (CSS 55).


Association for Local Development Cehu Silvaniei (ADL Cehu Silvaniei), Sălaj County 36

Year of establishment: 2012 Coordinator: Maria Cordea Phone: +4 0748.136.190 Email: Address: No. 19 P-ţa Trandafirilor Street, Cehu Silvaniei, Sălaj County, postal code 455100 Facebook: Areas in which the organization operates: Community Development (CDL); Youth; Health; Education Belgian Partner: Actie Dorpen Roemenie (ADR) - Dilbeek Address: Dilbeek, Belgia Contact person: Hilde Maes Email:

Objectives: - associative spirit development and supporting the social associations (youth, women, men, seniors); - supporting families and groups at risk (single parent families, elderly and sick, children and young people in difficulty); - strengthening community relations; - home visits to children, elderly, sick people establishments, organizing events that promote education for healthy living, environmental protection, knowledge of the culture and local values.

Legal status: YES Number of Members / Volunteers: 33 members and 43 volunteers Sponsors: - members contributions - 2% - local small sponsoring - financial support from the Belgian partner for the youth from GLT and objects for organizing the project,, From soul to soul ‘’ tombola - TON contribution to regional training organization in May - SAMDAM (2013) 2016 was rich in activities involving adults and young volunteers belonging to GLT ADL’s “Always Together”. The activity that we want to mention is the work from 25th-30th of 30 May in which 12 people from various fields (education, social work, administration) participated in the feast organized by the association partner from Dilbeek, Belgium in honour of 25 years of partnership. On this occasion they were visited schools, kindergartens, places of elderly and disabled people, reception and accommodation centre for migrant children, family support and social centre for people seeking work. They visited the cities of Leuven and Brussels with the most representative landmarks and partner Association from Dilbeek held an emotional meeting with all host families and guests at a dinner celebrating Romanian guests. There have been many moments in time that confirmed the friendship between the two communities and what can be learned from this relationship that is more than a quarter century. The strength of the visit w a s the meeting from Dilbeek City Hall, where they presented retrospective speeches that have made relations between Cehu Silvaniei and Dilbeek and was confirmed once again the willingness of both sides to continue this partnership.


Year of establishment: 1995 Coordonitor: Ancuţa Ionela Negură Phone: +4 0744.782.190 Email: Address: Vatra Moldoviţei, Principală Street, Suceava County Website: Facebook:ția-Umanitară-Proiecte-LimburgRomânia-1619053425052724/ Areas in which the organization operates: Community Development (CDL); Youth; Health; Education Dutch partner: Stichtin Sociaal Medische Hulpverlening Aan Oost Europa (SMHO) Address: Postbus 160, NL 6230 AD MEERSSEN Contact person: Roel Boer Website:


Humanitarian Foundation ‘Projects Limburg Romania’ (FPLR), Vatra 37 Moldoviței, Suceava County

Making humanitarian ACTIONS to help the individuals in need and also legal identities in order to create better conditions of life. Legal status: YES Number of Members / Volunteers: 30

Sponsors: - SMHO Sharing best practices - “Bridge of Love” Between 18th to 20th November 2016, the souls of children from two historical areas - Transylvania and Bucovina - throbbed with excitement. In the “Bridge of Love”, initiated 12 years ago by Secondary School Vatra Moldoviţei and High Technology “Liviu Rebreanu” Bistrița were involved this year, “Gura Izvorului” ensemble members together with GLT members “Young Generation” Vatra Moldoviţei, teachers from two schools named above and, not least, householders from Vatra Moldoviţei and Frumosu communities. At “Dăscălița”, Friday night emotions were intense. The ones from Vatra were waiting the others from Maieru, Bistrita. Children from Maieru, Bistrița found their hosts in Vatra. From Ciumârna to Valcanu and to Frumosu, children start their friendship coming from two ethnographic areas. The second day started with activities and games designed to facilitate inter-personal knowledge. They were followed by preparation for bee-old ancestral custom. Past event was preceded by a parade of costumes. Children, teachers, parents and grandparents turned their steps to the Monastery of Moldovița, place of worship and spirituality. After the history and religion lesson at the monastery, the entire procession was directed to “Dăscălița” Here children have revived, in a beautiful event, customs of the two ethnographic joined now by the children for a few days, hearty coached by teachers and lovers of tradition, culture, education, training. The activity ended Saturday with a festive dinner. Sunday, volunteers have prepared for guests games, songs and creative workshops. Thus the action of this project was completed in a cheerful tone so that the scope of work was fully achieved. Children from Vatra Moldoviţei accepted the challenge of knowing lands from Bistrița in two weeks ahead. Intercultural exchange-traditions-knowledge.


Crucea-Zoersel Friendship Association, Suceava County


Year of establishment: 2008 Coordinator: Crina Bumbu - president Corina Halip - contact person Phone: +4 0723.350.208 Email:; Address: Commune Crucea, Suceava County, Postal code 727150 Facebook: Areas in which the organization operates: Community Development (CDL) Belgian partner: V.Z.W. Zoersel-Crucea Address: Handelslei 167, 2980 Zoersel, Belgia Contact person: Paul Coppens -, 0475 / 93.83.69 – president Walter Verreycken -, 0496 / 31.30.71 - contact person

Obiectives: Strengthening community relations Legal status: YES Number of Members / Volunteers: 12 Sponsors: - Belgian partner “Meeting seniors” activity was conducted at the initiative of “Friendship Association of Friendship Crucea-Zoersel” volunteers and the Belgian partner, in partnership with Crucea Mayor Hall, Suceava County. We proposed and we realized on July 30th, in Crucea, a party for commune seniors. Our desire was to encourage them to socialize and enjoy together. 65 veterans aged over 75 years, stood together, reminisce and have spent the festive dinner organized in their honor.


Year of establishment: April 2007 Coordinatore: Anicuţa Rotaru Phone: +4 0726.474.924 Email: Areas in which the organization operates: Community Development (CDL) Belgian partner: Limburgs Platform Roemeniëwerkingen, vzw Address: Schoterweg 217, 3980, Tessenderlo, Belgia Contact person: Marleen Smeyers Email: Partener Website: Partner Facebook: roemeniewerking/

CDL Bordeşti, Vrancea County 39

Objectives: community development Legal status: No Number of Members / Volunteers: 25 Sponsors: Belgian partner OLF reveals the secrets of the small ones At the invitation of OLF Bordești, more mothers with their children attended an educational activity aimed mainly for acquiring the hygiene best practices in care of babies. The discussion was moderated by Ms. Ana-Maria Rotaru, Baby Sitter graduate in a course organized by Euro Best Team SRL. Mothers have found in this way, various information about newborn care and hygiene; about protection of their kids, as well as many things about diversifying food. Young mothers had the opportunity to ask questions related to the subject of discussion, and finally, thanks to the contribution of our Belgian partners (Marleen Smeyers), they received Pampers diapers and clothing for babies.


CDL Dăeni, Tulcea County 40

Year of establishment: 2015 Coordinator: Gigi Dumitru, Steliana Dumitru Phone: +4 0769.640.365; +4 0769.668.947 Email:; Address: No. 14, Viilor Street, Dăeni community, Tulcea County Areas in which the organization operates: Community Development (CDL); Youth; Agriculture; Education

Objectives: sustainable community development through promotion of volunteering activities and active participation of community members Legal status: No Number of Members / Volunteers: 6 Full power, impatience, desire and ... Daeni presence in Tulcea county, where on May 7, 2016 it was held the regional training “Volunteering - a benefit for the community.” It was an example of teamwork. Participants were involved with a great interest to the theme of the meeting and have successfully managed this session. If I had to describe in one word the training atmosphere, it would be: interaction! Professionalism, dedication and energy of the TON national trainer, give optimism and appetite for CLD members future work.


Year of establishment: 2013 Coordinator: Dumitru and Aneta Coman Phone: +4 0762.372.601 Email: Facebook: Areas in which the organization operates: Community Development (CDL); Tourism; Youth; Local Women Organization (OLF); Local Men Organization (OLB); Education Belgian partner: Limburgs Platform Roemeniëwerkingen, vzw Address: Schoterweg 217, 3980, Tessenderlo, Belgia Contact person: Marleen Smeyers Email: Partener Website: Partner Facebook: roemeniewerking/

CDL Jitia, Vrancea County 41

Objectives: Improving the living conditions of the community inhabitants. Legal status: NO Number of Members / Volunteers: 23 members and 11 volunteers Sponsors: - the Belgian partner “WE ARE JITIA” Jitia is a mountain community of Carpathians curve, located in an area of interference of three historical Romanian provinces. During April-October 2016, from the initiative of Secondary School Jitia, was held a project “WE ARE JITIA” - project sponsored by PACT Foundation with the support of OMV Petrom, in partnership with Tourism Club Proilavia Brăila, with the entire community from Jitia. This project was given a boost to the practical creative circle named “Zestrea Satului”, which has attracted more students and youths, creating a bridge between generations for bringing together also local craftsmen. This project started from the need to preserve traditions, elements that represent the identity card of our community. Project participants were initiated into the art of weaving, sewing popular shirts, painted eggs, making sandals and masks. “We are Jitia” is the project that has managed to create a spirit of belonging to the homeland and to the reality that give soul to our community.


CDL Gârliciu, Constanţa County 42

Year of establishment: 1990 Coordinator: Anica Tufă Phone: +4 0764.485.750 Email: Address: No.14, Viilor Stree, Commune Dăeni, Tulcea County Facebook: Areas in which the organization operates: Community Development (CDL); Youth; Local Women Organization (OLF); Education Belgian Partner: Buggenhout Committee

Objectives: - Promoting activities in the community - Developing social skills and a sense of compassion for others - Involving community members in ecological actions and charity - Education of positive willingness and character, a positive attitude towards themselves and towards others - Forming the habit for children to know and respect the rules of behavior in society Legal status: NO Number of members / volunteers: 350 Sponsors: - Belgian partner (financial support for five children to attend the camp in Ostrov, Constanta County) - Local council - Sponsorship made by volunteers Among the activities carried out by our volunteers we can make a remark upon: OLF involvement in the activities of students in extracurricular activities and supporting them with various rewards “sweet” - e.g. Women’s Day. Fruitful autumn – activity supported by Mrs. Anica Tufă, with the main objective of collecting and donating harvest products to the needy elders in the village and to retirement homes in the town at Stupina, Constanta County. “Help Santa Claus” - collection and donation of charity packages to families with a modest income.


Health Department Local Health Committees (CLS) 43

Local Health Committee (CLS) is a formal or an informal group constituted by Community representatives persons (from school, church, the County Council, the business, hospital etc.), which primarily aims to increase the health level of the community members through integrated actions (punctual local initiatives to change health policies). How is a CLS working? A CLS can be informal or formal group (association) which develops activities by an annual plan, implementing projects that contribute to increase community members’ health. CLS can develop concrete projects and actions, or can function as a consultative forum for developing local health policies. CLS is a multidisciplinary working group. CLS does not develop any medical activity. When a CLS is authorized to develop medical action, turns his statute into an ADAM. Who can be part of a CLS? Anyone wishing to contribute to health policies development at the local level and can contribute with expertise into actions and projects development for a better health status in the community to which he/she belongs. Examples of possible activities carried out by a CLS: education campaigns for a better health status prevention campaigns harmful public health issues identified in the community - awareness campaigns joint events in collaboration with authorized institutions on improving medical services for population health sportive events awareness events on healthy eating CLS members in TON network: 1. CLS Bordesti, Vrancea County 2. CLS Stremţ, Alba County 3. CLS Cerchejeni, Botosani County 4. CLS Viscri, Braşov County


Health Department Mutual Help Associations (ADAM) The Mutual Help Association (ADAM) is a non-profit organization that 44 provides medical and social services at community level, based on the identified needs of its members. What does an ADAM? Each ADAM has a very strong structure (associative), enhanced by the development of OLF, OLB and OLT and the implementation of socio-medical activities. The most important concepts that are developed in an ADAM are: medical and social services of high quality; services affordable for community members; solidarity; mutual respect and volunteering. Who can be part of an ADAM? Any person wishing to engage in the activity of ADAM and paying the membership fee set by the board each organization ADAM. Examples of possible activities carried out by an ADAM? medical and social services training activities for unemployed youth informative sessions dissemination of the country’s culture and traditions workshops Youth Exchanges social responsibility campaigns Jozef Goebels medical and social spaces rehabilitation President ADR-Vlaanderen & TON health education, prophylaxis and prevention. ADAM organizations members in TON Network: 1. ADAM Slatina-Timiș, Caraș-Severin County 2. ADAM Moldoviţa, Suceava County 3. ADAM Borșa, Maramureș County 4. ADAM Cluj-Napoca, Cluj County Health policy experts 1. Ioan Suru - Executive director ADAMS, TON expert ADAM 2. Cristina Vladu - TON Health Expert 3. Alex Stoian - TON Expert Dental Care and Orthodontics 4. Jozef Goebels - President ADR-Vlaanderen and TON 5. Mihaela Irina Hiche, ADAM Moldovița coordinator, Suceava County Cristina Vladu TON Health Expert

Ioan Suru ADAM Slatina-Timiş, Caraş-Severin County

Mihaela Irina Hiche ADAM Moldoviţa, Suceava County

Alex Stoian TON Expert Dental Care and Orthodontics


Slatina-Timis Mutual Help Association (ADAMS), 46Caraș-Severin County

Year of establishment: 1999 Coordinator: Ioan Suru Phone: +4 0722.369.810 Email: Address: No 198 A Slatina-Timiş, postal code 327360, Caraş-Severin County Website: Facebook: Areas in which the organization operates: Community Development (CDL), Health (ADAM/CLS), Youth, Local Women Organisations (OLF), Tourism, Education Belgian partner: VZW Geels Roemeniëkomitee Address: Belgia, 2440 Geel, Werft 20 Contact person: Jozef Goebels Email: Website:

Objectives: ADAMS seeks to incorporate in all its structures and activities not a concept of solidarity as a sense of sympathy but as one of empathy. Partnerships with other NGOs and institutions will respect the same fundamental principle of solidarity and subsidiarity. Subsidiarity requires and lead to empowerment of rural regions, grassroots participation, decentralized decision-making and equal partnership relations. The partnership involves a long acting for agreed objectives based on values, common strategies and information. Activities: * Medical - family medicine: ECG, ECHO, Analysis Laboratory, Glucometer, Oxygen Machine * dentistry * pharmacy * “mediotec” System * Social fund * Cosmetic, light therapy Bioptron * Recreation: Club P.C, recovery room - fitness * Collaboration with specialists: cardiologist, ophthalmologist, ENT, osteodensitometry * Home care medical- social services * Coordination and logistics for social organizations * Partnerships with other NGOs * Cooperation with local authorities * New - born care trousseau * Machine for transport * Prevention and prophylaxis actions * Information Centre Legal status: YES Number of Members / Volunteers: 2816 members and 120 volunteers Sponsors: - TON Foundation - FDAAM Foundation - VZW Geels Roemeniëkomitee - CM Region Mechelen-Turnhout - Projects POSDRU - FDSC The project: “Working on multiple levels for prevention of non- transmissible diseases associated with lifestyle in Romania” (hereinafter “Lifestyle Project”). Primary care component of the project was: - To develop a primary care prevention guide (guide contains recommendations on individual risk assessment for non-transmissible chronic diseases and behaviour change interventions for people at risk, possibly to be made in family medicine clinics / community care) - Testing the implementation of preventive interventions recommended in primary care through a network of 100 pilot cabinets. Implementation is supported by providing pilot cabinets (free loan) with a “toolkit” - a set of IT equipment and also medical (laptop, Holter TA, miniEKG single channel, devices and tests to determine glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides) and an IT solution - prevention mode, IcMed.


Year of establishment: 2006 Coordinator: Mihaela Irina Hiche Phone: +4 0740.041.095 Email: Website: Facebook: Address: No. 366,Moldoviţa Commune, Suceava County, Postal Code 727385 Areas in which the organization operates: Community Development (CDL), Health (ADAM/CLS), Youth, Local Women Organisation (OLF), Local Men Organization (OLB), Entrepreneurship, Tourism, Education Belgian Partner: A village for a vilagge Address: Kruibeke Contact Person: Leo Nys Email: Website: Facebook:


Moldovița Mutual Help Association (ADAM Moldovița), Suceava County 47

Objectives: - Providing medical care services and provision of health - social services care at home; - Increasing the responsibility of community members towards their health status; - Creating a social climate for socially local community by support offer to the social groups OLF, OLB and GLT; - Promotion of cultural, ethnographic and folklore values of the area through tourism; - Promoting the principles of European citizenship. Legal status: Yes Number of Members / Volunteers: 215 members and 47 volunteers Sponsors: Association ADAM Moldovița’s main sponsor is the Belgian partner organization “A village for a village” from Kruibeke. Other funding sources are represented by membership fees, rental of recovery equipment, 2% program. In 2016, ADAM Moldovița received a grant of 1,000 Euros through the project “The elderly are ours” under the program “Together”, financed DM company. In 2016, ADAM Moldovița Association held various activities in divers areas of interest. Thus: Medical domain: - Since September 2016 the ADAM Moldovița was hired a dentist to provide dental services to our members and villagers. - Were held several information sessions on topics of interest: What is cholesterol? Healthy breakfast; Skin care in winter; Teeth care for children. Social domain: - Activities were conducted within the project “Provision of Rural and Active Communities in Home Care Services provision and monitoring - Increasing access to home medical- social services for the elderly in five rural communities”, coordinated by the Foundation TON - Activities have been organized and conducted in support for social groups of the association (OLF, OLB and GLT) - It was organized and carried-on a plastic creation and photo contest “Our neighbourhood grandparents”, with the participation of 154 students and teachers from the village. - It was organized an “Open Doors Day” to promote and popularize the association activities. - We organized activities under “Pedal for the elderly” campaign. - We continued our partnership with the Bouworde organization from Belgium, in which a group of 14 volunteers have conducted renovation activities at the headquarters of ADAM and organized also playing days with local children. - In September, we organized activities in partnership with a group of 6 young volunteers from Belgium. - In August, we held the General Meeting of the Board of Directors members of ADAM for establishing the directions of development. - ADAM Moldovița Association was represented in Invictus marathon (07.30.2016) by runners and volunteers. - A campaign about recycling clothes was organized through the campaign “spring cleaning”. Thus, at the association headquarter, our members brought waste textile and used materials and each participant received a good item of clothing for each used plastic bag of materials. - In partnership with Project Pro Europe, ADAM Moldovița launch a poetry volume “Petals of soul”, by Alina Balahur; were offered packages of hygiene items and food to elderly and GLT Golden Star Moldovița members took part at the theatre and visual arts workshop about visual fluorescent shades and colours technique offered by caravan “The Light and Shadow Theatre project”. Training and development: - Some members of the Association took part in regional /national trainings organized by the TON Foundation. - 2 members of the association took part in writing European projects training in Bologna, Italy, via CERC Project - “Education in Rural Centre”, implemented in collaboration with the Centre of Resource and Consultancy in Education from Iasi. - Association initiated and applied 3 projects for financing activities under Erasmus + and Investment for sustainable communities financial lines (funded by Vodafone Romania Foundation), but without obtaining the required financing meanings.

Other member organisation

Association “Medicine for the patients benefit”, 48 Vâlcea County

Year of establishment: 2013 Coordinator: Alexandru Stoian Phone: +4 0743.181.464 Email: Address: No 1 Mărăşeşti Street, 13th Block of flats, Staircase B, 2nd apartment, Râmnicu Vâlcea, Vâlcea County Areas in which the organization operates: Health

Objectives: Our goal: Providing dental care for those who cannot afford or who have special needs. Our association manages two dental surgeries cabinets in Vâlcea county, in Lăpuşata and Cernișoara Legal status: Yes Number of Members / Volunteers: 3 members Sponsors: donations which represent 2% of income tax In 2016, our Association has offered support for 53 people who benefit from prevention and emergency treatment. With the help of monthly income provided by CAS Vâlcea and with a part of the funds raised by donating 2% of tax, we managed to ensure teeth preventive sealing for 39 children; we conducted emergency treatment for 11 elderlies; we provided aid of specialized surgical execution treatment for 3 people with disabilities.


Other member organisation

Year of establishment: 2011 Coordinator: Priest Iustin Tănase Phone: +4 0330. 566.441 Email:, Address: No 201 Calea Bucovinei Street, Rădăuți, Suceava County, postal code 727595 Website: Facebook: Areas of activity: Youth, Education, Social care for youths and children institution


Objectives: ensuring a stable and quality environment of integrated services offered to children inside the institution, family reintegration or, where appropriate, socio-professional reintegration and preparation for life. Juridical statute: Yes Number of volunteers: 80 Sponsors: Bogdana church, Arhim. Iustin Dragomir „Eastern Lighthouse Cincinnati”, U.S.A.-Charity organisation „Deese Cosmetics” – Sweitz Company, Prince Ştefan and Princes Irina Sturdza D.G.A.S. P.C. Suceava County Council Suceava PRO TV Foundation for Partnership MOL România Foundation for Community ‘The everyday amazement’ Exhibition – ‘Vasile Popescu’, edition IV - Painting workshop The fourth edition painting exhibition - entitled ‘The everyday amazement’ - was opened by aquarellist Vasile Popescu – known artist in Transylvanian region (who founded the settlement of painting workshop in 2013) and he is the one that has become children mentor. However, this year, the photographer and painter of modern art, Ruxandra Gutu - team member – helped the children to expose their works. Ruxandra is the one who initiated the little ones (grades 0, I and II) in the modern art painting, helping them to reveal their talent and, especially, to develop the skills of expression through painting, we can speak here also about art therapy. Besides emotions occurring among children, waiting for the moment, the emotions grew with the arrival of Mrs. Maria Olimpia Tudoran Ciungan of Sibiu - critic and art historian - who evaluated those paintings; she also congratulated and encouraged them to prosper in this painting art. Twelve exhibitors, aged between 8 and 18 have exposed their work around: 150 works; thematic repertoire of the exhibition was: landscape and flowers.

St. Hierarch Leontie Rădăuți Children Establishment (ASL), Suceava County 49

EUROPANET Association, Iaşi

Other member organisation


Year of establishment: 2010 Coordinator: Cristina Cherţ Phone: +4 0727.850.691 Email: Address: no 32 Pantelimon Street, 5th floor, apartment 8, postal code 700082, Iaşi County Website : Facebook: Areas of activities: Community Development, Youth, Entrepreneurship, Education, Information, Management, European Mobilities

Objectives: promoting Romanian values in a European context for fostering the collaboration and integration between people, institutions and organizations from Romania with the similar ones from Europe. Juridical statute: Yes Numbers of volunteers: 30 Sponsors: Youth in Action Program, Grundtvig Program, ERASMUS + Program, SOROS Foundation (Urgency Found), 2%. School theatre festival competition “Under the Spotlight” - XIII Edition Sunday, May 15th 2016, the Children’s Palace Iasi held the XIIIth Theatre School Festival Contest “Under the Spotlight”, organized by Secondary School “Petru Poni” with the Children’s Palace Iasi, in partnership with the School Inspectorate Iaşi Association EUROPANET, Resource Centre and Consultancy Center in Education, “Romanian Renaissance” Foundation. Media partners were, as usual, Radio Iasi and Radio Trinitas. The event was attended by 15 schools and city county theatre groups from schools from Iaşi (8 shows in section 7-10 years and 8 shows in section 11 to 14 years - with a total of 150 students involved). EVS-European Voluntary Service EUROPANET Association sent and hosted over the years more than 40 young EVS - European Voluntary Service (EVS - European Voluntary Service). Year 2016 was not an exception. Throughout the year we sent to France, Italy, Belgium and Germany, nine young persons to realize volunteer programs. One of our volunteers, Sebastian Paris, did his internship in Bologna, Italy, at our partner - YouNet Association. We asked him with what thoughts he went in the beginning: “My expectations for this EVS project are directed to discover my passions and make myself useful in a new society. Since I am a young person, start-ups are always meaning new adventures and new experiences. I am very motivated to start my EVS project because I want to meet new people, to help and to bring a smile to people’s faces (I am a very smiley person). A foreign country, in my case Italy, is an opportunity to test my patience and adaptability and I’m sure it will be an unforgettable experience!” After just two months he wrote enthusiastically: “During October we had many achievements, we have seen major progress in the English course and I have received positive feedback from all. Also this month we began to receive feedback from the people with which I work with and am proud to say that they are all very happy with what we (me and my partner project) are doing. I received the invitation to speak about my country and about the European Voluntary Service in a theatre, so I must make a very well designed presentation. This month I met “a lot” of people, all volunteers, with the same passion, namely: to help. In each month spent into EVS Program, I observe that this experience becomes more beautiful.” We are happy to invite young people from Romania to enter into an EVS - is a unique experience!


The Open Network official member diploma


In 2016 The Open Network for Community Development Foundation handed, to active members of the Network, official member diplomas. At least 10 diplomas were awarded to groups / organizations that have conducted activities under TON umbrella and were involved in the coordination and organization of trainings. This approach aims to publicly recognize the merits of those supporting the development of voluntary activities and of projects and activities in the communities they represent. Involvement in community development is a duty of every citizen who wishes to support the efforts of civil society in raising awareness to politicians about current social issues.


NATIONAL 7. Adriana Poloșan Level of intervention: local, regional, national and international Areas of expertise: OLF; volunteer management, working with teenagers and children over 7 years

1. Mihaela Hiche Level of intervention: local, regional Areas of expertise: organizational development, sustainable community development, education, organizational management, communication, OLF, OLB, ADAM

‘TON national trainers are available in space and sometimes in time...’


2. Nicu Hiche Level of intervention: local, regional Areas of expertise: OLB

3. Portik LÁSZLÓ Level of intervention: regional, international Areas of expertise: organizational development, social projects 4. Monica Toderiță Level of intervention: local, regional, national Areas of expertise: youth policy, community development through youth organizations

8. Mihaela Dobre Level of intervention:local, regional, national Areas of expertise: social and family psychology, sustenbile community development, personal development, communication, health, OLF, associative movement, social economy, coaching

10. Cozmin Andrioae Level of intervention: local, regional, national, international Areas of expertise: leadership, communication, organizational structure, organizational management, public speaking, Training of Trainers (TOT), teambuilding& teamwork

9. Ramona Sinca Level of intervention: national, international Areas of expertise: leadership, organizational development, EU projects, sustainable community development, education/ToT, communication, fundraising, organizing events

11. Cristina Vladu Level of intervention: local, regional, national, international Areas of expertise: development projects, public health policies

5. Crina Puie Level of intervention: local Areas of expertise: education, organizational management, leadership, EU projects

6. Ioan Suru Level of intervention: local, regional, national Areas of expertise: volunteers management, leadership, organizational development, sustainable community development, health, organizational management, OLF, OLT, CLS, ADAM, OLB

12. Viorica Vintilă-Șontică Level of intervention: local, regional, national Areas of expertise: education, organizational development

13. Alex Stoian Level of intervention: local, regional Areas of expertise: project development, health public policy

, TRAINERS 14. Doina Enache Level of intervention: local, regional Areas of expertise: OLF, education

21. Alina Scânteie Level of intervention: local, regional, national, international. Areas of expertise: EU projects for youth, communication, youth policies, promotion, events, organizational administration

15. Cristea Enache Level of intervention: local, regional Areas of expertise: OLB, education.

18. Maria Pruteanu Level of intervention: local, regional, national Areas of expertise: leadership, organizational development, youth, education 19. Istvan Hestfelean Level of intervention: local, regional, national, international. Areas of expertise: leadership, teambulding, youth policies and AGLT development, community development through local youth groups

20. Ana Iriciuc Level of intervention local, regional, national, international Areas of expertise: organizational development, community development

23. Ana Maria Bumbu Level of intervention: local, regional Areas of expertise: youth policy, organizational development through youth organizations

24. Dan Ceredeev Level of intervention: local, regional, national Areas of expertise: leadership, organizational development, EU projects, sustainable community development, education, organizational management, communication, OLB , CLD

‘TON national trainers are available in space and sometimes in time...’

16. Andrei Șeitan Level of intervention: local, regional, national. Areas of expertise: volunteerism, organizational development, management of resources, responsibility, motivation, youth leadership, organization / implementation of events (actions, teambuilding, projects) 17. Daniela Ghițoiu Level of intervention: local, regional, national, international. Areas of expertise: leadership, organizational development, sustainable community development, education, organizational management, communication, organizational expertise in early education programs, OLF, CLD youth


22. Cristina Cherț Level of intervention: national, international Areas of expertise: leadership, EU projects, organizational development, management, education, culture

25. Daniela Ceredeev Level of intervention: local, regional, national Areas of expertise: safety and health (OSH), volunteers management, leadership, organizational development, EU projects, sustainable community development, education, health, organizational management, communication, OLF, OLT, CLD 26. Emilian Ceredeev Level of intervention: local, regional, national, international; Areas of expertise: sociocultural animation for children and youngsters; socio -educational animation for children with special needs; volunteers management, leadership development Community Initiative informal group, OLT, CLD.

Spring Trainings in The Open Network


Local Women Organisations (OLF)

In 2016 we had 5 Regional Trainings for Local Women Organizations (OLF) Development, within the theme: ‘Volunteers - a gift to the community’, trainings conducted under The Open Network Foundation’s umbrella and logistics, in partnership with Project Pro Europe Association, ADAM Moldoviţa, CDL Dumitreşti, OLF Poieniţa, OLF Galateea-Mioveni Club, Solidarity of Women from Dobrogea Association and OLF Slatina-Timiş. The structure of the training followed the model established by OLF 2015 caravan, consisting in a organization development theory part (this time by promoting and attracting volunteers) and a practice workshop part, with a different theme chosen by every trainer, with an impact on personal and community development - ‘The hands that make a difference are the hands of a volunteer’: May 7th, 2016 – OLF Ciumârna, Suceava County - floral arrangements; May 7th, 2016 – OLF Coman, Bacău County – making of cakes from specific area of Vrancea; May 21st, 2016 – OLF Mioveni, Argeş County – napkin technique for creating decorative objects and arranging spaces of joy; May 21st, 2016 – OLF Constanţa, Constanţa County – hand-made jewelry; May 28th, 2016 – OLF Slatina-Timiş, Caraş-Severin County – hand-made jewelry. Additional value for us, a gift to the community! Thrill, energy, impatience, desire for socialization ... this was the atmosphere at the training sessions! TON that leads you to socialize, exchange ideas ... and not least to action. Participation was an exceptional one, groups brought very involved leaders and models of good practice. 110 participants from different OLFs in the country have welcomed TON national trainers with warmth and affection. OLF members are already active volunteers in the community they live: social, educational, cultural and entertainment activities. All participants are willing to get involved in actions at the community level. During the training sessions, have been exchanges of best practices; ladies talked about their communities needs, the joy of helping and the desire to grow and develop together good activities. The goal was achieved. Like bees, all the members have contributed demonstrating that the hands of volunteers can do anything. The activity was done in a cheerful atmosphere, with a desire to do something together. We want to thank to TON national trainers for their effort and commitment: Daniela Ceredeev, Mihaela Hiche, Doina Enache, Viorica VintilăȘontică, Carmen Spiridon, Andrei Șeitan, Mihaela Dobre, Carmen Bârloiu and Gabriela Suru.


Spring Trainings in The Open Network Local Men Organisations (OLB)

In 2016 also men organizations were active. In May we held two Regional Trainings for Local Men Organizations (OLB) Development, with the same theme ‘Volunteers - a gift to the community’ trainings conducted under The Open Network Foundation’s umbrella and logistics, in partnership with ADAM Moldoviţa, OLB Moldoviţa, Project Pro Europe Association, ADAM Slatina-Timiș and OLB Armeniş. The training session structure was with an informative one part (attracting and motivating volunteers for organizational development) followed by a practical workshop (‘The hands that make a difference are the hands of a volunteer’). The two trainings were held in Moldoviţa, Suceava County (May 15th, 2016) and Armeniş, Caraş-Severin (May 28th, 2016). The training sessions were a good opportunity for group members to review past actions, to discuss strategies, to attract new volunteers and youths into organization and to set new targets for the current year. An exchange of ideas and positive energy. A total of 40 men were actively involved in discussions moderated by TON national trainers: Dan Ceredeev, George Priscorneac, Ioan Suru, Adrian Ardelean and Mihai Aghescu. We thank all those who participated and to everyone who supported activities development.



Spring Trainings in The Open Network Local Development Committees 56 (CDL)

Full power, impatience, desire and ... presence in regional trainings ‘Volunteers - a gift to the community’. An example of teamwork, participants showing a real interest in the meeting topic. All trainings were organized in partnership with CDL Dăeni, CDL Dumitreşti, OLF Poieniţa, Project Pro Europe Association and Association for Local Development Cehu Silvaniei. If we had to describe in one word the training atmosphere, it would be: interaction! Professionalism, dedication and energy of the TON national network trainers which spurred optimism and appetite for work to present CDL members. As in other trainings in network, the structure was formed by a theoretical briefing (Organizational Development ‘Volunteers - a gift to the community’) and a practical workshop (’The hands that make a difference are the hands of a volunteer ‘). In May there were organized 4 Local Development Committees (CDL) trainings, which were attended by 85 people: May 7th, 2016 – CDL Dăeni, Tulcea County May 14th, 2016 – CDL Dumitreşti, Vrancea County May 14th, 2016 – CDL Cehu-Silvaniei, Sălaj County May 28th, 2016 – CDL Ciumârna, Suceava County Trainers, believes that the topic was a beneficial one for the groups and has reached its goal, considering how participants responded to the workshops. Everybody understood that volunteering is not random; that there is a concrete program of work, each with specific tasks regardless of age (of beneficiaries) and field of activity: social, educational, cultural and entertaining. It is particularly noted the care for our community people (elderly without family support or the ones that are suffering, children, sick people), the environment (ecology, afforestation), in preserving and transmitting folk tradition. As an addition to discussions about health, dr. Cristina Vladu, TON project manager, presented the project ’Active rural communities in providing and monitoring home care services - increasing access to sociomedical services for elderly in 5 rural communities’. We want to thank all those who participated and to everyone who supported activities and not least, to TON national trainers: Andrei Șeitan, Steliana Dumitru, Rodica Fălăuș, Dana Ceredeev, Emilian Ceredeev, Doina Enache and Viorica Vintilă-Șontică.


Spring Trainings in The Open Network in images



TONNE – TON National event

As in every year, we organized the Foundation – summer training, we held it from 20th to 23rd of July 2016 in Vatra Dornei. It was an event where our members could exchange year experiences on local activities, could acquire new knowledge and new ways of interaction, teaching, training through all trainers involved. For a long time, we have wanted this summer event to be held on two consecutive days and we can say with conviction that the duration and the event costs were earned by interacting effectiveness of all present members. Romania is a big country and a national training in which all present members have had the privilege to work for two full days led to a better understanding of the network, to new plans, new projects in new and deeper meaning. We wished for a long time that we could have among us many of youth groups representatives, precisely because the interest in community development should be taught to new generations in time – and in 2016 this approach was managed by Mary Pruteanu effort and from AGLT members. We are impressed by the large number of participants, by the involvement and presence of all participants throughout their period of training, by the dedication of our national trainers into their training sessions extremely intense in these two days and we want to repeat this experience also in 2017. Who could forget the boy’s goulash made in late hour of the night? Or our campfire? These have to be repeated for gaining experience also in 2017. Who could forget the stalls full of goodness, creativity, white cheese from Hodora? These have to be repeated for gaining experience also in 2017; do not forget to bring 2 white cheese wheels. Who could forget the “Țuica” sharing recipes among OLB members? Who would ever forget Nicu from Dumitreşti who ran all training period to make the most successful pictures? Who could forget the morning fog rises over the mountains (Bucovina Mountains of Stefan the Great) and who could forget the sun from Vatra?


From “the very known” and “less known”: 4 years TON cake; game “take the pen - give me the pen”; whistle 59 for gathering together; foot prints paper soles stickers on the bridge; Steliana and a crocodile (I am not talking about Gigi) ; Adi and his desire for an umbrella ; Bart colouring; the sunflower in ladies stockings; Dan and a red dice; braided rugs; apples – Tuica made from Cola brand Cehu and yummy pies; Alexandru and Anicuta are present – what a joy; cold in small wooden houses; Angela and the furniture factory; church adults “Escape” ; Tools - Rules - Principles - Dana - Bart – Andrei; Health plan for services and heatheat-heat; tombola; impressive local and personal stories identified for the Grand Prize; Grand prize and “Give wings” to Sorina from Moldova; Johnny size women’s clothing size 38 for Johnny and a picture of many beautiful people in the green grass and the sun form Vatra Dornei in July, 2016! I leave you each to add at least 20 other images that are missing from this review... We laugh, we joke but we are deeply grateful to all those who have contributed to the success of this TONNE 2016 event. We are grateful to all our volunteers and our members present for the joy of being there with us; we are grateful to all our partners from Belgium (Jozef, Marleen, Jef, Hilde, Frans, Greet, Bart) who came as volunteers (with paying in full all costs in this participation). We are grateful to our cooking lady (the “chef”) for the best and tasty dishes that she cooked every day and we are grateful to the boy who always run to change the bulbs and bring our coffee (rather weak true, but with a big interest to our hearts health). We are grateful to all our trainers; who would ever forget: Daniela and Dan Ceredeev? Mihaela Dobre and our ladies from Drobeta-Turnu Severin (Victoria and Ana)? Who would ever forget Andrei Șeitan with his energy, or Johnny and Cristina Vladu who have not benefited from the Vatra air (not even in the break time)? Who could forget our Alina who did everything for everyone and at any time with a smile (even though hard burned by the sun in Vatra)? Because here in our big network, is “terrible” much room for “That’s why I love TON!” each person and every name gets a resonance so typical, so full, so colourful, so intense! Dana is Dana Ceredeev! Mihaela is Mihaela and we never confusing Mihaela from Moldoviţa with Mihaela from Mioveni! Johnny is Johnny! Jozef is Jozef! And the list goes in full resonance with each name in our souls with all 86 participants from Vatra Dornei event (according to the list!). And if I did not say the name of each member of the TONNE for TONNE event, was because this A4 page helps me not lengthen myself - but my gratitude is here and in the light for each of YOU! (second person plural/here the beautiful English do not show full respect :)! So I helped me with capitals!) Be connected into our network! Do not forget: TONNE, 2017 July 20th to 23rd at Slatina-Timiş. Because Johnny is waiting! Is there somebody that does not know Johnny? Cristina Victoria Cherţ TON Executive Director


Enabling TON communities to provide home care services for their elderly In March 2016, TON in partnership with ADAM Slatina-Timiş started the implementation of the project “Active rural communities in providing and monitoring home care services - increasing access to sociomedical services for elderly in 5 rural communities”. The project awarded by the Foundation for Development of the Civil Society benefits from funding from Switzedland through the Swiss Contribution to the Extended European Union in value of 74050CHF as well as of the applicant contribution of 8250CHF (from which 4500CHF is cash contribution and 3750CHF is in kind contribution). The project aims to contribute to the reduction of disparities between urban and rural remote areas in Romania and to promote the provision of sustainable home care services in rural communities and hence social inclusion, equal rights and equal opportunities for the elderly. The project responds in this way to one of the main priorities identified within the needs assessment process and the strategic vision on health- The Health Master Plan 2015-2025 -designed by TON for the health care of rural communities in Romania. Thus, the project focus is to increase institutional capacity within TON and ADAM SlatinaTimiş as well as to catalyze the creation of new organizational structures – both informal and formal- in 5 rural communities to become home care services providers and hence increase the access to home care services for the dependent persons. The pilot communities within the project are Community of Buneşti, County of Braşov, Community of Batăr, County of Bihor, Community of Armeniş - County Caraş-Severin, Community of Moldoviţa, County of Suceava, Community of Dumitreşti, County of Vrancea. Additional TON communities have shown interest for the development of home care services and have succeeded

to more or less extent to follow the project activities such as Hodora from Iaşi or Berbeşti from Valcea. The project implementation started with the set up of the project teams consisting of a project core team and the five community based teams. The core team comprises a project manager, a project assistant, a project accountant and 5 facilitators, one per each pilot community. During the first six months, the core team worked to identify suitable and interested persons to take over this mission at the level of each target community and create informal Local Social Committees. Fact finding missions were organized by facilitators; they have visited pilot communities starting with one to one interviews with community leaders, informal leadership of the communities. Local Social Committees of 8 to 10 persons have been identified in each community and discussions on formal juridical organizations, types of organizational statutes that would enable the provision of home care services as well as community development activities have been developed. Even in 2 of the pilot settings formal organizations already existed (Tăut - Batăr and Moldoviţa), work on administrative processes was needed in all settings (definition of legal statues, changes needed in the existing ones, applications of these statues to courts, fulfilment of further administrative requirements as sanitary authorities etc). Capacity building in several trainings sessions enabled the community teams to progress over these difficult themes. TON national training in Vatra Dornei enabled a first revision of the legislation in the field, the brainstorming and the draft design of community care plans and community services promotion plans that were further discussed in each of the communities.


Trainings in Management of the home care services were organized in Slatina-Timiş (August) and Miercurea Ciuc (October); a number of 45 representatives from TON communities cold follow these trainings and enhance their understanding of work in home care services. Monthly meetings are organized in each of the communities where all relevant issues are debated. Identification of potential beneficiaries started gradually in September-October in each of the communities as November 1st was the date where the community teams were completed by part time home care nurses. Home care nurses started their activity by assessing the cases already identified (fulfilling assessment grids and individual care plans that are used in publicly funded services). Volunteers were formally recruited also starting with November 1st; roles have been defined within the LSCs, i.e. such as roles for services organization and administrative support or roles for organizing volunteers in the community that would further identify beneficiaries and support the nurses activity. A number of 136 beneficiaries are already been attended in the pilot communities. Within the project, a number of 7 press conferences have been organized – an opening one in Slatina-Timiş in April, a national one with guests from main national institutions hosted by the Belgian Embassy in June in Bucharest and five press conferences during the Promotion, advocacy and fundraising campaign “Cycling for home care” tour in September (Cluj, Bistriţa, Moldoviţa, Botoşani, Hodora) with more than 30


appearances in the media. A high number of organizations were visited and informed about the project at local, county and national level; 2 partnership agreements have been signed with Caraş-Severin County Council and Bistriţa-Năsăud District Health Authority. Impressive work has been developed by the 6 communities to work within their constituencies, define/ refine their legal statues in such a way as to allow for the provision of home care services, to follow these documents in courts and to gain juridical personality, a process that is about to be finalized in all communities. Further steps for obtaining authorizations and accreditation are on the way. Batăr leads this effort by obtaining the first medical authorization. The project has also benefitted from a positive review during a monitoring visit from the Swiss Contribution Office from the Swiss Embassy. Last but not least, 16 of the TON members have benefitted of a training of introduction in kinaesthetics offered by our partners Caritas.

RE-InVEST Project

In 2015 TON became a partner in the European Re-InVEST project. This project stands for Rebuilding an Inclusive, Value-based Europe of Solidarity and Trust through Social Investments and is financed by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Framework program. REInVEST aims to have impact on the societal challenges accelerated by the crisis: the project will provide reaserch packages for a renewed European project: a Europe where the well-being of everyone is at the core of its policies. The project group covers a broad range of European countries, both geographically (12 countries) and in terms of representation of different welfare and labour market traditions. In the second year of the project a case study was finalized about Romanian migration. Besides the analysis of this migration on local communities and the impact of the crisis on migration, concrete proposals were done towards a social investment framework for the Diaspora and those staying at home. Project meetings and presentations were organized: • ReInVEST meeting in Lisbon, Portugal: February 2016 • ReInVEST meeting in Liverpool, UK: September 2016 • Presentation of the Romanian case study in Brussels during the EUCDW conference (European Union of Christian Democratic Workers): November 2016 The coming year a specific research will be done about early childhood education and care in some localities of Romania. Also, in 2017, a ReInVEST conference will be organized in Romania. For more information we invite you to read from the project website:


WE LEARN , WE ANIMATE , WE PROGRESS ! In the period from August 20th to November 10th 2016, Local Youth Groups Association (AGLT), in partnership with The Open Network for Community Development Foundation, implemented “WE LEARN, WE ANIMATE, WE PROGRESS “project, funded by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, through Youth National Contest for projects– 2016. Through this project, we made a Young volunteers Network who performs activities for Children and Youth. The 85 AGLT’s volunteers, coming from all Local Youth Groups, have learned, during these months, to assume the values of the organization and to promote these values among their peers, contributing to the development of their GLT into their communities. Also, within the project we made the manual ‘The Guide for Animator’, that is an useful tool for the volunteers that perform animation activities.

TON Health Master Plan The TON Health Master Plan 2015-2024 was launched in 2015. The goal is to implement the different subjects mentioned and described in this Master Plan. In 2016 we succeeded to get a Swiss grant from FDSC (Fundaţia pentru Dezvoltarea Societăţii Civile) to develop homecare, as you can read pages 60,61 from this annual report. Herewith, as well the paragraphs on homecare (social and medical), installing informal CLS’ses (Local Health Committees), installing ADAM’ses (associations of mutual help), introducing VIZIDOM and taking care of elderly people in need are started to be implemented. We will further look for other opportunities of cooperation as well in Romania and Belgium to implement other paragraphs of this Master plan in the coming year. The TON Master Plan is available as on our websites and as hard copy in English and Romanian language(on demand).


Cycling for homecare Because of my history of cycling and guiding cycling tours all over Europe in the past I got years ago, already the challenge to organize ‘something’ with cycling in Romania. In 2016 we got the perfect excuse to come to Romania for a cycling tour: the start of the homecare project. Soon we decided to make it a sponsor tour to support this new project. With 6 Flemish groups of volunteers involved ADR-Vlaanderen wrote a project which was approved by the King Baudouin Foundation in June 2016. Therefore, donations for the project were tax deductible in Belgium until 31.12.2017. Because time was short to motivate cyclists to participate in this trip in September we only had 3 cyclists to participate. But we had a great team and great support by the coordinators of the project, Cristina Vladu and Ioan Suru (and Gaby), but also by Ana Iriciuc of CARP Omenia and Dennis Bullen, a Flemish student! The goal of the cycling tour was not only collecting money in Flanders but also advocate for more medical and social homecare in rural areas in Romania. Cristina Vladu, Ioan Suru and Ana Iriciuc were great in organizing the press conferences. Local and regional TV and newspapers reported in more than 60 items about our trip! During the trip, we visited two of the involved communities: Moldoviţa and Hodora. The warm welcome in both of these communities was overwhelming. Children, volunteers and professionals involved in the project, majors, representatives of regional health insurance…, they were all enthusiastic when we arrived in the community and took part of the press conference organized. Many thanks for this to the local coordinators Michaela Hiche and Irina Tăşală and their teams! Visit to one of the beneficiaries We had the opportunity to visit one of the beneficiaries of the homecare project in Moldoviţa. The motivation of all of us to support this project was only growing due to this visit. It was a perfect example of the needs of elderly people in Romania, where: - 5% Romanian over 65 years old (around 900.000 persons) live in extreme poverty - 1 out of 5 elder people in Romania need domiciliary care, but only 0,23% benefit from these services! Echipa Omenia Cluj şi echipa “Pedalăm pentru vârstnici” - in 2011, 20,5% persons above 50 years old suffered from a chronic disease la startul turului de ciclism şi la finalul primei conferinţe - in 2010, 72,7% retired people living in rural areas could not afford a visit to a specialized practitioner de presă. Therefore, the cooperation with CARP-Omenia in future is so important, not only in cities but also in rural areas! About the cycling part: - Romania is a great country to cycle and has to promote cycling trips in future! - we had only one flat tire when cycling each more than 1100 km! - we never felt unsafe in traffic - only few roads were really too bad to cycle on Therefore, we are planning two new cycling sponsor tours in 2017: - in June 2017, we will visit Tăut and Armeniş Întâmpinare cu colac şi sare pentru vizitatori: întâmpinare - in September 2017, we will visit Dumitreşti and Viscri călduroasă în Moldova! As a sportive challenge, we will pass the Transalpina in June and the Transfăgărăşan in September! And we will finally arrive in Bucharest where on September 21th the final conference of the homecare project will take place. By then we hope to have achieved our target of € 17.000 to put into this project! More information:

Jos, Guy şi Jef pe vârful unui munte pe care au trebuit să-l traverseze!

Jef Vanhoof, ADR-Vlaanderen


Case Study: ADAM Slatina-Timiş – How some communities can be healthier than others The Open Network for Community Development made a scientific study in Slatina-Timiş, Caraş-Severin County, Romania, proving that home care based on solidarity within rural communities does reduce the overall cost of first line medical services. Since the adoption of the community Slatina-Timiş (Romania) by the city of Geel (Belgium) at the end of 1989, a long-lasting cooperation was initiated. It started with humanitarian aid, but evolved into structural aid from 1992 onwards. In order to demonstrate the exceptional impact of the ADAM Slatina-Timiş community health center on the health status of the population, a comparative case study was developed comparing the situation from Slatina-Timiş in regards to different health indicators from rural areas in the same county and in the whole country. Local and national data as well were used for this study showing the importance of good medical registrations and files. In this case study you will not only find figures and statistics of the evolution over time, but also explanations and interpretations of different figures. With this case study we hope to reach out to a wider audience and to convince them of the possibilities of a better health status and healthcare with the system used in Slatina-Timiş. A good cooperation at the local and regional level, good understanding, good information and prevention and the awareness of the people on the ground are the basic ingredients of this model. You can read the case study in English on TON Foundation website.

Social map: Slatina-Timis and Berbeşti

In 2015, ADR-Vlaanderen started with a learning program for local ADR-groups concerning the creation of a social map of their Romanian partner village. The purpose of this social map or community profile is to have a good insight into the local demographical, social, economical and cultural evolutions and future trends. Knowing the strong and weak points of the local community is the base for a further collaboration and the development of new projects. In the second year of implementation of this program two communities were analyzed: Slatina-Timiș (Geel) and Berbeşti (Herselt).





The three volumes about 175 years of diplomatic relations between Romania and Belgium were presented at the University of Cluj, Faculty of Literature, on May 13th 2016. Different persons could present their view on Romania and Belgium common relations. Professor Rodica Pop talked about the literary connections between both countries. Belgian Ambassador Thomas Baekelandt gave an introduction about the historical and contemporary diplomatic relations. This lecture was followed by two presentations about the past, present and future of ADR-Vlaanderen and TON given by Jozef Goebels and Patrick Van den Nieuwenhof. Ana Iriciuc, as the three volumes co-author presented these publications in a nutshell. At the end Andrei Lazar gave an insight into the mutual cultural influences from both countries. After the lectures, there was a visit to the Study Centre for Francophone Belgian literature at the Faculty of Arts. A specific attention went to the Belgian writer Emil Verhaeren, because in 2016 remembrance activities were organized in the context of the 100th anniversary of the Verhaeren death. In the afternoon, a networking opportunity was organized by Finder Financials for Belgian companies ic in the region of Cluj. The intention was to activate BEROBA in Transylvania. to r s i –H May 1 3 2 01 6

Ta b l e Cluj



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For the 4th time in a row, ADR/TON was represented by Jozef Goebels (president ADR/TON) and Cristina Vladu (health expert TON) on the Belgian week 2016 (April 11th -14th, in the Pullman hotel in Bucharest), organized by BEROBA (Belgian Romanian Business Association) in partnership with the Belgian Embassy in Romania. The main topic of the BE week this year was Belgian food. This event started with a press conference on April 11th , followed by a private workshop on chocolate led by a famous Belgian chocolatier Laurent Gerbaud. The next day, a conference regarding BE food industry took place in presence of FEVIA (Federation Belgian Food Industry). Wednesday and Thursday was organized an „Open Business Day” for different companies and organizations. ADR/TON held a boot to present their work and had the occasion to contact other participants. The event was closed with a reception and a gala dinner with BE cook Alex Verhoeven from restaurant ‘Fleur de Sel’ in Kasterlee. This was an excellent network occasion and an opportunity to present to the participants our activities and projects. An occasion as well to talk with Belgian companies to see how economy and social organizations can find each other to further build out the Romanian society and implement their “Corporate Governance”. The day after, Cristina and Jozef were invited on the final conference of the project “Third age - a priority on the public agenda” organized by OMENIA Federation in Bucharest. nw g ia l e B

I nte r

Each year Thomas More High School organizes international days in which partners mostly from Europe present themselves. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2015-2030 was the year central topic. Jozef Goebels and Patrick Van den Nieuwenhof had the opportunity to present Romania and the TON work for potential interested interns.





al d a y s Thomas More presentation ADR-TON, Turnhout, Belgium, 9-11/03/2016



i n R u ral l C e n t re

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ADAM Moldoviţa, Project Pro Europe Association, ADAM Slatina-Timiş and AGLT (The Open Network member associations) are developing in partnership CERC project – “Educational Centre in Rural Area” (ERASMUS+ Project, Key Action 1 – Adult Education, 2015-RO01-KA104-014746). The project is implemented in partnership with CRCE – Center of Resources and Consulting in Education and is developing in the period June 2015 – May 2017. During the project, members and volunteers from involved organizations are participating to trainings on different topics which are an interest from active organizations into this partnership. In July 2016 partner organizations, have sent representatives to Bologna, Italy, to participate in the training course “European Project Management and Design” produced by YouNet Association, in partnership with IFOM Italy. For rural development, the educational offer for adults must be diverse and responsive to the needs of personal and professional training for community members. Examples of “Educational Centre in Rural Area” we find as best practices throughout the European community, and we try to integrate our national values, primarily d through the development of local human resources. “E – C CER


şi :


– EU

TON. EUROPANET Association is developing since 2010, educational programs providing for youths and adults from Romania (or abroad) ability to access: scholarships, mobility periods, learning assistantships in Europe. At this event in which were attended over 40 teachers from Iaşi, Suceava, Botoşani, Bacău Counties, representatives of educational NGOs, stakeholders from institutions with decision in the field of school education, we have the pleasure and honour to present models of community development implemented by TON into Romanian society. We made known community action models as: OLF, OLB, CDL, CLS, GLT and ADAM. Our national trainers with exceptional presentations (Dana Ceredeev, Maria Pruteanu and Ana Maria Bumbu, Mihaela Hiche, Ioan Suru) animated participants’ interest and they have presented their work in their organizations and their partnership in TON. We enjoyed the IQAIST Project (“Improving Quality & Ac-accessibility in In-Service Trainings for teachers’ / 2014-1-IT02-KA201-004226) presentation - project funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ and implemented by EUROPANET Association together with partners from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia and Turkey. During the event, teachers from Secondary School in Vatra Moldoviţei, Suceava County (ladies Simona Vaman, Monica Georgeta Colban, Lucia Cenuşă, Crizantema Iaşinovschi, Maria Popescu and Maria Brodner) presented their experience gained in all European mobilities in which they participated in IQAIST project. We learned more, we have spoken about new concepts and we gather information about EPALE, GATEWAY School Education, EAEA, ERASMUS+, Horizont 2020 program (Re-InVEST project presentation, made by our Belgian partner, Mr. Patrick Van den Nieuwenhof). We invite you to discover your development opportunities through educational international projects. More information about the project can be found on the project platform:; on project Facebook Page: or on EUROPANET Association website: 6, 01 2 , Photo Gallery: e4 Jun

T National Confe rence

TON National Conference from 4th of June 2016 was organized with the support of EUROPANET Association, member of

rC o m m itt e e



Jozef Goebels - TON Foundation president, became a member of C.A.R.P. ‘OMENIA’ Bucharest Association and was named honorary member of the Steering Board in National Federation ‘OMENIA’. This proposal came after being invited in June 2016 at C.A.R.P. ‘OMENIA’ Bucharest Association. The visit, conducted with Ioan Suru (ADAM Slatina-Timiş) has been made to discuss a future collaboration between the two organizations, which would be beneficial on all levels, managing the future - lead to good practices, both internally and, why not, at European level. Jozef Goebels - Member of Honour of the ‘OMENIA’ National Feder a t i o n

D ir


November 26th 2016, the ADR-Contactday was taking place in Dilbeek. 60 people with a heart for Romania, coming from all over Flanders, were present for a day full of exchanges, meetings and inspiration. For the first time, this Contactday had only one item to work on: rural development in Romania. Therefore, we invited 10 Romanian guests to give a testimonial about their experiences on this item. The Romanian Embassy representative in-charge with “Public affairs” started our day by expressing his admiration to the numerous ADR Vlaanderen volunteers work.



Since 2015, in the context of the 5th Forum Decentralized Cooperation in Iasi implementation, ADR-Vlaanderen and TON established structural contacts with ADR-NE (Agenţia pentru Dezvoltare Regională Nord-Est). Meetings concerning potential projects and future collaborations were hold in Iasi and Brussels. This resulted for example, in a presentation about rural development actions given by Bogdan Chelariu, permanent representative of ADR-NE in Brussels, during the ADR-Vlaanderen contactday at November 5th 2016.

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From all presentations: Colectiv A very special guest was Raluca Alexandra Minx, one of the Colectiv - fire victims. Together with 5 other victims she is treated in the hospital of Neder-over-Heembeek. She testified about their revalidation and what difficulties they are facing. Homecare project A short presentation of the bicycle sponsor trip of 2016 was given and the two sponsor trips of 2017 (June and September) were announced. Rural development in Romania: general introduction Roxana Vilcu of the European Network for Rural Development presented their activities: organizing workshops and seminaries and supporting rural development via the European Fund Regional Development. She ended her presentation by this quote: ‘All over Romania you have good connection to internet, but a lot of people don’t have access to drinkable water!’ Bogdan Chelariu represented the Agency for Rural Development of the Nord-East region of Romania and their actions for economic development, especially in the sectors of Agrofood, textile and IT. Workshops In two workshops we discussed about: - ‘How culture, tourism and heritage can contribute to rural development?’ Good examples of the Open air museum in Bucharest and ‘The most beautiful village of Romania’ were presented and discussed. - ‘Social economy and cooperatives: can they contribute to rural development?’ ‘Agora for Life’ wants to preserve local traditions. In Viscri, in 2013 the ‘Associatia Agro-eco-Viscri-Weisskirch’ was developed to increase the income of local farmers via European funds and by working together. Eco-Herbal is a project of social economy working with poor unemployed people, including Roma. By 2 producing and selling aromatic and medicinal plants they want to give those people an income and AY D T a future in their community. TAC N O A D R- C

rd Structural contacts with Agenţia pentru Dezvoltare Region a l ă N o




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President of Romania, Mr. Klaus Iohannis, signed on August 31st, 2016, decrees for decoration of Romanian language and literature teachers, with the occasion of Romanian Language Day. Our Romanian President conferred the “Knight Order of Merit for Education” as a sign of high appreciation and gratitude for the professionalism and self-dedication (made, over time, in educational services as a exemplary contribution to younger generations intellectual and civic formation). One of the teachers that were decorated is Mrs. Daniela-Luminița Ceredeev, professor at Secondary School in Vatra Moldoviţei, Suceava County. Also, Mrs. Ceredeev is the coordinator of Project Pro Europe Association (member in TON Network) and TON national trainer. We want to congratulate Mrs. Daniela Ceredeev! To look on Mrs. Daniela Ceredeev is a permanent surprise, to work with Mrs. Daniela Ceredeev is a continuous challenge to surpass yourself; to meet her is a privilege! She is a strong woman, a true mentor, a teacher of excellence, a trainer that you rarely meet! Blessed are those who stand beside her and who can learn from Mrs. Daniela Ceredeev. or tf i r Me Knight O rd e r o f


On July 23rd, 2016, during TON National Event, TON members voted for “The Dream within TON”, an activity in which each participant of the training contributed with the sum of 10 lei, following that the total amount of 830 lei to be donated to support one of the dreams submitted by present organizations. After voting for the participants dreams of the 6 projects submitted, the money were granted to support a joint dream of AGLT and ADAM Moldoviţa, which will give support to Amariţei Sorina recovery program; she is a member of the Local Youth Group of Moldoviţa. She suffered serious spine injuries after a car accident. The amount of money was handed over in the coming days to Sorina’s parents. Thanks to all TON members’ courtesy, thanks to the youth AGLT volunteers for proof of unity and generosity. N ne t wo r k – together for a dream




In the past, a diversity of structural collaborations between local communities were developed. One of these domains is the support for setting up local fire fighters departments and the facilitation of local safety prevention. ADR-Vlaanderen together with TON is willing to share and broaden this experience of decentralized collaboration between fire fighters and local community development groups. In June 2016, we had the opportunity to present this project proposal to EFSCA (European Fire Service Colleges’ Association). During the conference lecture a concrete proposal for a KA2 Erasmus+ project was presented, in which ADR-Vlaanderen and TON want to strengthen professional and volunteer fire fighters capacities through a decentralized train-the-trainer program. This project will be submitted in 2017. The presentation can be found on presentation.ppt .2 06 . 9 EFSCA Conference and Fire Fighters General Assembly, Buchar e s t, 7





ADR-Vlaanderen started in 2015 to meet with Flemish parliamentarians in order to present what ADR and TON are doing and how these parliamentarians can support the work of ADR and TON. How Flanders could have again a stronger relation with and involvement in Romania. The reason being that lot of those parliamentarians are as well alderman or mayor in their own commune and in some cases as well dealing with local ADR-groups or initiated in the past the cooperation with Romania. In 2015 we focused on the bilateral cooperation Flanders-Romania and the work of the mixt commission and cooperation letters beside the preparation of the 5th Forum on decentralized cooperation and the participation to it. In 2016 we continued the meetings with discussing the Forum conclusion and how to work further on a stronger relationship Flanders-Romania. Keeping in mind cooperation letters between Flanders and Romania were not made since 2012, FIT (Flanders Investment and Trade) was restructured without Flemish representative, no direct contact point for Flanders etc. In order to have information at first hand, we organized a meeting with Belgian ambassador Thomas Baekelandt in January and with Romanian ambassador Stefan Tinca in March with Flemish parliamentarians in the Flemish parliament. Both of them gave their opinion and suggestions for possibilities for a stronger cooperation between Flanders and Romania. One of the ideas was to set up meetings between Flemish and Romanian parliamentarians. Seen the upcoming elections in Romania second half of 2016, this was postponed till 2017. We are now working again on the preparation of the 6th Forum on decentralized cooperation and this will be a new opportunity to involve Flemish parliamentarians as well as Flanders International and VVSG (organization of Flemish cities and communes). ia m a rl P h e m is Contact w ith Fl

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Since several years, ADR/TON had contacts with OMENIA Federation. Some years ago OMENIA was invited at the Contact day of ADR in Flanders. The past years, ADR/TON president Jozef Goebels was present during the national assembly of OMENIA federation in Bucharest. In July Jozef Goebels became honorary member of the steering committee of the OMENIA federation as you can read elsewhere in this annual report. Goal is to see how ADR/ TON, Flanders and OMENIA can work together. During the steering committee of July 8th, Jozef had the opportunity to meet the other members of the steering committee and decided to try to visit if possible different county branches. In July he took the opportunity while participating at TONNE, to visit CARP-OMENIA Vatra Dornei, Cluj and Turda. The conclusions were the following: • Conclude a MOU between OMENIA Federation and ADR/TON: will be signed January 2017. • It’s important to have a good image of what CARP-OMENIA is doing everywhere in Romania. Renting of revalidation materials, beside other services, was already introduced by ADAMSlatina-Timis for CARP Caransebes and also ADAMCluj is collaborating with CARP Cluj. • During this first round of visits was seen lot of similarities in what ADR/TON is doing. We have different departments in TON that are related to what OMENIA is doing. F.e. civil society as a base of a solidary society, healthcare qualitative – accessible and affordable for everyone, mutualistic organizations based on solidarity amongst inhabitants, Vizidom where volunteers visit elderly people and sick people at home, local health committees, homecare as well social as medical etc. We have already now youth organizations, women organization OLF, men organization OLB and we would be happy to build out elderly organizations locally together with CARP-OMENIA. • In our different studies, we are investigating as well the situation of elderly people locally, regional and national. F.e. the so called ‘left behind’ elderly becomes an important issue. We also see that locally around 1% of the elderly population has no longer relatives around. Demonstrating the need on elderly care at local level but also national initiatives. As well homecare, elderly houses, social restaurants, Vizidom etc. are important for the future and as well an important task for local policymakers. • We will send our information to the OMENIA Federation members. Concretely we will incorporate the steering committee members in our address list of ADR/TON. • We had already exchanges in the past and recently. OMENIA Federation sent Ana Iriciuc as a representative to our TON national training TONNE in Vatra Dornei. This gave the opportunity to know more about what we are doing in Romania and meet the TON network people. Exchanges will be continued and we will seek for exchanges and study visits from both sides in 2017. • Important to state that the appreciated help of Ana Iriciuc, friendly detached for different meets and contact by president Chioaru, was and still is very important and highly improved the bilateral cooperation and knowledge. IA EN M O w it h n o i t a C o o per


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The result of the 5th Forum (Iasi, Romania) was the 2015-2017 ‘keeping the dialogue open’ agenda for Decentralized Cooperation Romania Belgium. The purpose of the 2015-2017 agenda was meant to strengthen, to reinforce, to renew and to deepen the (existing) decentralized cooperation between Belgium and Romania. As an outcome, 9 flagship initiatives and 26 related work packages were announced during the 5th Forum. Most of the work packages are in progress to be implemented: home care project, new twinning initiatives, contact day about rural development…. In 2017, the 6th Forum will be hold in a context of 10 years of Romania’s EU accession. The 6th Forum aims to frame decentralized cooperation between Belgium and Romania within the European 2020 targets. These ambitious aims are translated in national priorities, but they are only making sense if local authorities and civil society groups are localizing these priorities. The 6th Forum wants to focus on the role of local decentralized action groups in implementing and realizing these priorities. The general topic about localizing EU 2020 targets through decentralized cooperation will be elaborated in more specific topics of discussion. Next years Forum will be organised in Belgium. More information will be available on l dp n a up Forum Decentralized Cooperation Romania Belgium : follow

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During the Forum in Iaşi, end of 2015, we met with Eric Poppe, Delegate of WB-I in Romania and agreed to meet afterwards in Bucharest. In 2016, Jozef Goebels, president of ADR and TON, had several meetings with Eric Poppe discussing the work of ADR-TON, how cooperation between the Belgian regions and Romania could be improved. In the same time as well, the conclusions of the 5Th Forum in Iaşi as the preparation of a 6th Forum in 2017 in the Wallonia region in Belgium were topics of the discussion. This revealed the importance of a possible revenue and visibility for WB-I. High-tech and reconversion being for sure interesting items. The discussion was as well on the importance of the involvement of WB-I and FI as well as of the different organizations of cities and villages of both countries in the preparation, execution and follow-up of the Forum on decentralized cooperation. Meetings and contacts will be continued in 2017. ell ux r B Meeting WB-I (Wa ll o n i e




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A long lasting cooperation exists between CM Mechelen-Turnhout, ADR/TON and ADAM SlatinaTimiş. The past years, an important financial support resulted in the further development as a success story of ADAM Slatina-Timiş and TON, more specific as well the health department. To see on the field what have been set up, to show the reality and meet people a study visit was organized to the region of Slatina-Timiş in Caraş-Severin for 4 directors and 4 board members of CM M-T together with ADR/TON president Jozef Goebels the first week of November 2016. On place as well Pavel Aghescu (president ADAMS) as Ioan Suru (executive director ADAMS) as Cristina Vladu (health expert TON) joined the delegation. In Reşiţa we met with the people of the University Eftimie Murgu to discuss further cooperation with Thomas More University College Geel. Further visits and discussions in Reşiţa with CJAS / DSP Caraş-Severin, the county hospital (Spitalul Judeţean de Urgenţă Reşiţa), Red Cross Reşiţa, Cartel Alfa trade union Caraş-Severin, Rotary club Reşiţa and “Centrul Primăvara Reşiţa” school for inclusive education. Belgian ambassador Thomas Baekelandt joined the delegation in Reşiţa and Slatina-Timiş. A meeting was organized with the prefect Florenţa Albu and the President of the County Council, Silviu Hurduzeu, followed by a conference on Belgian and Romanian health issues and mutualities at the county meeting room. In Slatina-Timiş a conference at ADAM Slatina-Timiş was organized with the launching of the Case Study Slatina-Timiş. The trip continued with a contact meeting with the new mayors of Caransebeş at the city hall and the new director of the hospital. On the way to Timişoara, we visited the “Centru Plasament Copii Constantin Daicoviciu” at Zăgujeni, cooperating with VZW Geels Roemeniëkomitee and ADAMS. All participants were impressed by the realizations and the way projects were set up. They all advocated for further support and cooperation in the future. ma ho T do r ss a a b m Study Visit CM Mechelen-Turnhout and visit B a

Internship in TON

Since 2013, TON Foundation began working with Thomas More University in Belgium, in order for the students of University in Belgium to make their internships in Romania. Over the years, in TON Network, about 10 students had the opportunity to make their internship in one of TON’s organizations /groups. At the end of 2016, we hosted Dennis Bullen, intern through Erasmus+ Program, from Thomas More University in Belgium. He arrived in Romania, at Reșita, through ADR Flanders, The Open Network and AGLT. Dennis wanted to learn more about the social assistance services in our country, about working with young people and particularly disadvantaged persons of our society. Thus, in the 4 months, Dennis worked at Local Youth Group ‘ARCUS’ Reșita and was guided by Alina Bosânceanu during the whole internship. September was a month of adjustment, in which he was integrated into the group, participated to teambuilding; hiking on Semenic Mountains and helped to organize some activities for children from Văliug Village in Caraș-Severin County. The most interesting part was the participation in the project ‘Cycling for homecare’, action performed to raise funds for the Homecare project. In this tour, Dennis had the opportunity to see beautiful places in Romania and also the standard of living of the elders from disadvantaged villages. Then, in the next period, he joined the family Suru at Slatina-Timiș, on which occasion he interacted with the young volunteers GLT’s Golden Hearts but also with adult’s volunteers from OLF, OLB and ADAM local, thus having part by full experience. Wishing to know more about AGLT, he made a short tour in the organization, where he was received with love by GLT groups in Suceava, Fălticeni and Iași, trip that included also the objectives as Brașov, Bran and Transfăgărăşan. Arrived back in Reșita, the intern has worked with children and adults with disabilities at Maria and Primăvara centres, developing activities suitable for the period before Christmas. The Christmas Holiday, Dennis decided to spend it in Romania, with this occasion taking part at the regional habits and customs. Therefore, the experience gained from the internship spent in Romania, it has helped him to balance the knowledge he had and acquired during this period.


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