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September/October News From PIHQ • March 2013 2013


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Greetings Pilots! At this time many of you have either already attended you district’s Fall Council or are packing up to go, and your energy and enthusiasm for our historic organization is contagious! We are thrilled as well to bring you this edition of the Pilot International News. There is so much to share with you that it can hardly be contained here in the pages of this newsletter. It is truly an exciting time to be a Pilot - and an Anchor! There are so very many important and exciting events to share with you! Turn to page 2 to find out more about our efforts for continued international expansion! Can you believe we have a new Pilot and Anchor Club chartering in South Africa in November! How exciting! We’re also getting excited about 2014 Pilot International Annual Convention and Leadership Conference in Chicago and all the fun events we already have planned for you including new fundraisers and auctions like our “Give More. Win the WINdy City” event. You can find out more about 2014 PI Convention and what’s in store on page 3 of this newsletter. Speaking of fundraisers, don’t forget to join our online Initials, Inc. “Show You Care” party, going on now through December 8! 20% of all proceeds go to benefit Pilot International and our many ABC’s campaigns. Turn to page 2 or click to find out more. As you know, Pilot International was instrumental in having the second week in November named “International Care & Kindness Week.” 2013 will mark our first celebration of this inspiring week, and we encourage each and every one of you to get involved! Pilot International has engaged in targeted outreach to other membership organizations, caregiver organizations and corporations and expects that over 2.5 million people will visit to be inspired by this campaign. This is truly a watershed moment for Pilot, and we urge each and every club to participate in this unique and vital event in some way. See page 7 for more information about International Care & Kindness Week and how your club can get involved. We are also proud to announce that our new membership database system is starting to be installed and will be fully operational in the spring of 2014. The new database system will not only help us better manage our club data but also affords a myriad of features and benefits for individual clubs, so stay tuned for more information about this exciting development - coming soon!

It is our goal each and every day to continue to bring you quality opportunities to share your spirit of Pilot Friendship and Service with the world and to help 2013-2014 Texas District Governor spread that spirit around the globe. We are proud of our organization, and we Carla Bryant’s picture was misprinted in are proud of each of you! As we begin this 2013 Holiday Season, let us commit the Fall Pilot Log. We sincerely apoloto DO MORE, CARE MORE and BE MORE - TOGETHER! gize for this error and for any confusion this may have caused. We appreciate In Pilot Friendship, your service, Carla!


1 Judy Langley Melanie Schild Pilot International President Executive Director, Pilot International

Pilot International News • September/October2013

Making a World of Difference

Pilot International is proud to announce that we are spreading our message of Friendship and Service and our commitment to Do More, Care More, and Be More around the globe!

In November 2013, Pilot International will charter both our first Pilot AND Anchor Clubs in Pretoria, South Africa! And plans are underway to continue to charter more and more new clubs around the world!

Ambassadors for Pilot International at the Atlanta World Showcase PI President Judy Langley and Executive Director Melanie Schild attended the Atlanta World Showcase & Governor’s International Awards on October 3, 2013. Atlanta Pilot Club Member Irene Neumann-Klosson and Sweetwater Pilot Club Member Pat Garner planned Pilot’s involvement in these events to bring awareness of global opportunities for growth in Pilot Clubs and Anchor Clubs. Also attending were Atlanta Pilots Sheryl Merrey, President; Jacquie Foster, Director; Leah Burdett; and Sweetwater Pilot Sabrina Starr, Membership. While visiting with representatives from various countries, special connections were made with Derrick Jackson from the South African-American Business Chamber of Commerce; Steen Jenson, Executive Director of the Danish American Chamber of Commerce; and Dr. Cedric L. Suzman, from the World Affairs Council of Atlanta. Many connections are being nurtured for our organization, and we look for exciting things to come. Pilot International is proud to partner with Initials, Inc. for our first “Show You Care” Online Shopping Party to benefit Pilot International and our many ABC’s campaigns. To order, simply click the link in the graphic [left] and then choose “Shop Online.” YOU MUST USE THIS LINK in order for Pilot to receive credit for the sale.



Initials, Inc. invites Pilots to take advantage of their “November Customer Shopportunity!” Visit for more information and to download a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Initials, Inc. products and shipping information.

Come Join the Fun! Happy Shopping!

g The Gift of n i t a r Pil b e le

SAVE THE DATE! 2014 Pilot International Annual Convention & Leadership Conference



Pilot International News • September/October 2013

July 2 - 6, 2014 Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers

2014 Pilot International Annual Convention & Leadership Conference.

Plans for 2014 Pilot International Annual Convention & Leadership Conference are already underway! Special events will include: • A “Chicago Dine Around” progressive dining experience on July 4 ( which will visit three different restaurants with a stop at the museum campus to view fireworks. Participants will be picked up and dropped off at the hotel. This is NOT a PI fundraising event.

• COL Monday, June 30 Wednesday, July 1 at noon • Rooms are $179 + tax (total of $208.36) per night • Parking fees are $51 valet or $45 self parking at the hotel per day. For those looking to save on parking, you can park at the airport and take a taxi or other transportation downtown.

• Chicago city tours will be available prior to convention on Wednesday afternoon. If you are a Governor, please plan your tours before or after convention as you will have a required meeting of the International Administrative Council on Wednesday afternoon. • 2nd Annual Anchor Leadership Summit




• Redesigned Navigator Progam: The Navigator Program is currently being reevaluated and redesigned, much like we did for the Anchor Leadership Summit. Activities for Navigators will differ for older & younger children.


Stay tuned to the Pilot International News, The Pilot Log and Constant Contact for more details - coming soon!

Chicago is one of America’s most beloved and beautiful cities. There is literally no end to all of the entertainment this city has in store! For more information about Chicago and to plan your family’s 2014 PI Convention experience in advance, visit




Plans are also already “in the works” for our exciting fundraising efforts at the 2014 Pilot International Annual Convention & Leadership Conference! Fundraisers will include a restyled Silent Auction, Special Auction of the Day (a unique auction each day of PI Convention) and the return of the popular Yellow Rose Project. Pilots should also come ready to… “Give More. Win More…in the WINdy City!


Give More. Win More. the WINdy City! P


Pilot International News • September/October2013


Pilot International



Pilot International Sweethearts are Pilots who exemplify the qualities outlined in Pearl Sparks’ Code of Ethics. By nominating a club member for this distinction you are supporting the Pilot International Founders Fund and honoring your club Sweetheart for their dedication and devotion. Nomination includes a $25 donation to Pilot International. The PI Sweetheart Guidelines & Contribution Form and PI Sweetheart certificates can be downloaded from the link below. Celebrate your PI Sweetheart by posting on the PI Headquarters Facebook page, sending a press release and/or hosting an event in their honor. PI Sweethearts will be listed on the Pilot International Website as they are received []. ALL 2013-2014 PI Sweethearts will be the Spring 2014 issue of THE PILOT LOG.



Pilot International is looking to find some of the BEST Founders’ Day scripts being used by our Clubs to share through the Pilot International Website. Although PI prepares a new script for club use each year, we encourage our clubs to celebrate this fantastic day in their own unique way, and many clubs choose to write their own original script or program. If your club has an original script that you would like to submit for possible inclusion on the PI website, please send your entry (12 pt. font, double-spaced, limit 3 pages) to by December 31, 2013. Submissions will be reviewed and selections chosen by the PI Executive Council.

Due to the overwhelming enthusiasm for the Yellow Rose Project at 2013 PI Convention, PIHQ is pleased to announce that Yellow Rose Project materials will be made available for use at District Conventions in 2014. • Supplies can be ordered directly from PIHQ starting in January, 2014. • PIHQ will provide all materials necessary to run the program at District Conventions, so look for more information coming soon on the Pilot International Website. • The only cost to districts will be for return postage of any unused supplies. • Please note that all monies raised will benefit the Pilot International Founders Fund. The Yellow Rose Project cannot be used to fund local or district projects. Yellow Rose Project Postcards are also available for sale in sets of 5. These will make wonderful birthday gifts, thank-you notes or tokens of appreciation for members of your clubs or local partners.

4 Founders Fund documents can be found on the Pilot International Website at:

Pilot International News • September/October 2013 Based upon your feedback from the 2012 Strategic Planning Survey, at the January 2013 Mid-Year Conference, the Executive Director and Executive Committee identified and formally recognized three core areas of service focus - Pilot’s Fundamental ABC’s - to which Pilot International and its Pilot and Anchor Clubs will be encouraged to invest the majority of their time and philanthropic efforts. For more information on the ABC’s, please review the training information found on the Pilot International Website at


Anchor Clubs [Youth Leadership & Development] ANCHOR REMINDERS!

• International Anchor Dues are due to PIHQ by November 1st (the prior date was December 1st). Dues are still $10 per member with insurance fees of $4 per member added for a total of $14 per member. Dues Invoice Forms and Treasurer’s Forms are available on the PI Website. • Please send in a completed Anchor Membership form for EVERY club member so we can have the correct information for our new membership database system. • All Anchor Operational Documents (including those listed above) can be found on the PIlot International Website at this link:

Please send photos and articles of your amazing projects for submission in the next issue of The Anchor! We’d love to hear from you and share your great work! Please send all information to ASAP!

BrainMindersTM Art Contest Pilot International is pleased to announce the BrainMindersTM Coloring Page Illustration Contest! The winners will be drawing brand new coloring sheets that illustrate the new Brain MindersTM Buddies adventures! Help be a part of teaching children to play safe and play smart! Applicants should create single line drawings to match given captions. Entries will be judged on how elaborate the submissions are, while still being able to be easily colored by a child. They will also be judged in how well they creatively portray the chosen caption. Artwork can be submitted electronically, or original artwork may be mailed to Pilot International Headquarters. Entries must be received by November 8, and winners will be announced on December 8. For more information and specific instructions, download the Application Form at Happy drawing! Can We Help? Contact with your questions, need for help, to start a new club and everything Anchor!



Pilot International News • September/October2013


Brain Safety & Fitness Pilot International has launched our global partnership with Safe Kids Worldwide!

Many Pilots are already familiar with Safe Kids. Safe Kids Worldwide is a global organization dedicated to preventing injuries in children, the number one killer of kids in the United States. Around the world, a child dies from an unintentional injury every 30 seconds. And millions of children are injured in ways that can affect them for a lifetime. - See more at: Given our shared commitment to protecting children and educating kids about preventable injuries, Safe Kids and Pilot have forged a national partnership where we are encouraging our local Pilot and Anchor Clubs to work together with local Safe Kids Coalitions to plan and promote events and awareness campaigns on CPS, bike safety, pedestrian safety, and sports safety. In addition, Pilot clubs are being invited to get involved in planning and fundraising for Safe Kids Day in April 2014. We know that many of our Pilot Clubs already have relationships with their local Safe Kids Coalitions, and we are very excited about the potential for this partnership. PIHQ and Safe Kids Worldwide have both sent out information necessary to connect our clubs and their coalitions. Clubs Presidents, if you did not receive the directory of the various Safe Kids Coalitions and information on first steps to partnering with your local Safe Kids Coalition, please contact Megan Milton at! If you do already have experience working with your local Safe Kids Coalition, we’d love to hear about it! For more information or to share details of your club’s current partnership with Safe Kids, please contact Megan Milton at or by phone at (478) 477-1208 x 300. Also please visit the Safe Kids Worldwide website at and view their recent YouTube video announcing their excitement about partnering with Pilot!


What Were You

Mind Brain



• NEW BrainMindersTM materials are in the final stages of production and will be available on the Pilot Internationanl Website very soon. • All previously released BrainMindersTM materials are currently available on the Pilot International Website at the following link: • If your club has participated in BrainMindersTM, please take a moment to complete our BrainMinders feedback survey found at this link: We would love to hear from you! 6

• If your club is searching for a bike helmet provider, Pilot and Anchor Clubs recommend Prorider. For more information, visit their website at, or contact them at 1-800-642-3123 or org@prorider. com. • Posters, brochures and resource materials for both the new “Be Mindful” and “What Were You Thinking?” BrainMindersTM campaigns are also currently in production and will be available soon. Stay tuned to Constant Contact and the Pilot International Website for more information.


Program on Personal Responsibility



Keep your head in the game. Be Safe.


Pilot International News • September/October 2013

Caring for Families in Times of Need


Care & Kindness Week

International Care & Kindness Week November 10 - 16, 2013 Take Time to Care and Be Kind! Thanks to the efforts of Pilots everywhere, the second week in November has been named INTERNATIONAL CARE & KINDNESS WEEK! International Care and Kindness Week was created to bring awareness to how simple acts can change a day, a life or the world by simply showing someone you care.

Imagined & Created By Pilot International

During this special week, Pilots and Anchors are urged to engage in numerous activities to emphasize and encourage kindness, caring and general good will to all! There are so many ways you and your clubs can get involved! • Post International Care & Kindness Week posters and flyers in your community! • Give “Little Pick Me Ups” to strangers, family and friends! • Encourage families (including your own!) to “Get Real!” and put electronic devices down during mealtimes. • Execute a special Pick Me Up for a deserving Family Caregiver. Help spread the news that caring for one another means really engaging with one another. Show You Care. Take time to Care and Be Kind. Resources for ALL International Care & Kindness Week initiatives are available on the Pilot International website. Go to to find out more! (International Care & Kindness Week as an original and unique endeavor of Pilot International and is not affiliated with Care International.)


REAL show you care


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Me Up ick



Created by Pilot and Anchor International for family caregivers worldwide

A Pick Me Ups Story...Get Inspired! Show a Caregiver You Care! ----



MeU s

Kind Acts For Those Who Care


The Pilot Club of Catoosa County presented their first Caregiver Pick Me Ups award to Roni May at a recent club gathering. Roni’s husband, Sam, was the victim of an automobile accident in February of 2010 which left him with a traumatic brain injury. “The hospital didn’t think he would live,” said Roni. “They were wrong. Thank God he did live but with injuries so severe that he was classified as a quadriplegic and also unable to speak. I tell anyone who asks that we have done what we have had to do by the grace of God and the prayers of our P friends and family. We continue to wait for the rest of the story.” (continued on page 8)


Pilot International News • September/October2013 Rene Koss, PC of Catoosa County member presented Roni with the club’s first caregiver Pick Me Ups gift, a “Box of Sunshine.” Rene said, “Roni is such a ‘Box of Sunshine’ to everyone she meets that a gift signifying her radiant spirit seemed the thing to do.” “What an awesome surprise,” Roni remarked. “My ‘Box of Sunshine’ is just contained all things yellow, bright, and cheery, including a yellow paper sunflower to make me smile. Each member of this Pilot club has been a constant source of encouragement to Sam and I and this award has inspired us to keep on keeping on!” Pictured at left: Pilot Club of Catoosa County member Rene Koss (l) with Roni May (r) and her “Box of Sunshine”

Why can’t we woo the Baby Boomer Generation to our volunteer in our clubs? What’s the problem? Even putting the year-to-year figures aside, why is it that fewer than a third of my fellow boomers — who often think of themselves as the original giving-back generation — volunteer?

Spotlight on Membership

There’s no simple explanation, of course. We’re busy. We need to focus on hanging onto our jobs. We have obligations to our kids and parents. All true. But I think a key reason is that many boomers haven’t found ways they can volunteer the way they want to, by putting their talents and skills to use, rather than by stuffing envelopes, answering phones and donating food. I recently asked a new member of our club what her take was on

this trend as a baby boomer? She shared, “It seemed to us that we needed to create something fulfilling and rewarding that would build on the skills and unique talents of boomers, They want to know that they’re making a difference. The thing I love about boomer volunteers is that they offer seasoned experience and lifelong lessons they’ve learned. Young people have great skills in technology and social media, but they don’t have the lessons to share that boomers and seniors do.” Without realizing it, she hit the nail on the head. Clubs are increasingly tapping into that strength. They are starting to tell their story and doing a better job of recruiting older volunteers. This age group is responding to those cries for help. By midlife, you probably have some sense of what issues matter to you. So what skills sets you need in your club and look around. Who do you admire in your own backyard that you think could give your club some help?” A couple of selling points that are two potential bonuses to volunteering: 1. It can sometimes lead to a paying job, either at a nonprofit or elsewhere. That’s because club members likely acquire new skills, make new contacts and demonstrate their value to the club they are assisting.


2. It can be good for your health. Studies have shown that volunteering (especially among boomers and older people) can increase your energy, decrease depression, lessen isolation and lower your mortality rate. A person can literally live longer if you volunteer.


Happy Club Building!!!! Rhona Espinoza, PI Membership Coordinator,

Pilot International News • September/October 2013 VITAL ANNOUNCEMENTS AND INFORMATION FROM PIHQ PLEASE READ AND DISTRIBUTE TO ALL CLUB MEMBERS • REGARDING 501c3: If, when filing the 990 e-postcard, clubs notice that their fiscal year is INCORRECT, please continue to file the 990, then WRITE THE IRS requesting that the fiscal year under the club’s EIN be corrected to July 1 through June 30. • ADDITIONAL 501c3 INFORMATION - Pilot International has posted a selection of 501c3 Frequently Asked Questions on the PIlot International Website. Please visit http:// for information regarding 501c3. • IF you submitted information via any of the interactive submission forms on the Pilot International Website from September 15, 2013 - October 30, 2013 YOUR INFORMATION WAS NOT RECEIVED. PLEASE RESUBMIT YOUR INFORMATION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Plot International discovered a coding error that indicated that submissions were being received when in fact, they were not. The online interactive forms are now functioning properly, so you may use them to resubmit your information, or send the information directly via email to • 2013-2014 Mileage Reimbursement Rate: The Executive Committee has determined that the 2013-2014 PI mileage reimbursement rate is 75% of the current IRS rate. The current rate applies to all Pilots and Anchors. NOTE: As of September 25, 2013, the IRS rate is $.56.5/mile. Therefore, the current PI rate is $.42/mile.

• Attention ALL Club Presidents: Please make sure PIHQ staff receive all email updates of your club membership. The news and updates sent out from PIHQ are both EXCITING AND INFORMATIVE, and we want to make sure every Pilot receives them! Thank you for helping us maintain current information on all members. • SUBMISSIONS FOR THE WINTER EDITION OF THE PILOT LOG DUE NOVEMBER 15, 2013. Email your information along with high quality JPG photos (preferably 300 dpi), subject line marked “Club News,” “BrainMinders,” or “OTHER”) to • Our quarterly publication, The Pilot Log, is printed and mailed to all dues paying members three times a year. All issues are also published online. One of the quarterly editions is published online, exclusively. If your club has Emeritus members who would like to receive copies of the three printed editions by mail, subscriptions are available for $10 (inside the US) and $15 (outside the US) annually. Pilot Clubs are encourged to provide and maintain annual subscriptions for their Emeritus members. For more information, please contact Alison Coons, Director of Communications and Editor of the Pilot Log at alison@ • The 2013-2014 PI Directory ( is password protected. The password is Pilot Service (two separate, capitalized words).

Coming in the next few weeks...MORE NEW AWARDS for Clubs to submit for recognition at international convention in Chicago!

Outstanding Community Service Award Outstanding Pilot Club Award Outstanding Club Visibility Award Outstanding Club Growth Award Outstanding Pick Me Ups Award Outstanding Pilot Club Support of Anchor Club P Click on the “Pilot International Awards” button on the I’m A Pilot page of the PI Website to apply. Links to the online applications for these new awards will be live by November 15, 2013.


Pilot International News • September/October2013 Do you know an “Outstanding” Pilot or Anchor? Tell Us!


Pilots and Anchors are Amazing People! Our club members give of themselves each and every day and joyfully answer the call to serve, whenever or wherever it comes. In all four corners of the globe, Pilots are hard at work not only doing the good deeds of Pilot and Anchor Clubs but also leading outstanding individual lives.

Pilots and Anchors are Unique Individuals! Each member brings his or her own set of skills and experiences and offers their special talents to the benefit of their club and their community at large. Without a doubt, our club members are out in the world right now making outstanding and lasting contributions, leading lives of distinction that deserve recognition. Every Pilot is special. Every Anchor is special. And every one of you is vital to our organization.

We want to share their stories! Outstanding Pilots and Outstanding Anchors from around the globe will be honored in quarterly in upcoming editions of The Pilot Log or online monthly on the Pilot International Website. What makes a member “Outstanding?” That is for YOU to decide! Do you have a special member in your club who leads the kind of life you believe would inspire others? Does that person contribute to his or her society outside of the club in a way you feel is especially important? Do you have a member in your club with a unique career or someone who has made a name for themselves in a singular and positive way outside of their work with Pilot or Anchor? Then tell us!


To nominate a club member as an Outstanding Pilot or Outstanding Anchor, write to us and tell us in 500 words or less why you think your nominee should be honored. To submit your entry (with photographs of your nominee if possible), please visit the I’m A Pilot > Outstanding Pilot page on the Pilot International Website or email Alison Coons, Director of Communications and Editor of the Pilot Log, at alison@pilothq. org. If you do not have access to email, please mail your story to Alison Coons at Pilot International Headquarters, 102 Preston Court, Macon, GA 31210 or send via fax to (478) 477-6978. Submissions will be reviewed and selections made by the Pilot International Executive Committee and Executive Director Melanie Schild. We want to hear from you!

Congratulations to our Latest Honorees: Cookie Adair, Pilot Club of Talladega P


Mary Jane Morgan, Pilot Club of Alpine

Outstanding Pilot, Pilot Log, Summer 2013

Outstanding Pilot, Pilot Log, Fall 2013

Rita Spriggs, Pilot Club of Nassau

Joanne Hamilton Pilot Club of Greater Long Island

Outstanding Pilot, September 2013, Online

Outstanding Pilot, October 2013, Online

Pilot International News • September/October 2013 You may have noticed that the name of this bi-monthly newsletter has been changed from “News From PIHQ” to “Pilot International News.” The new title better reflects the goals of this publication which seeks not only to keep you informed about general organizational items but also strives to highlight important or exciting events happening throughout our organization. FOLLOW US!

Useful Website Links:

@PilotClubs #PilotService @AnchorClubs #AnchorService

Pilot International Website: Pilot International Convention: Founders Fund Resources: Pilot Club Member Resources: Anchor Club Member Resources: Pilot Media:

@PIHQInfo #PilotService @AnchorClubs #AnchorService Pilot International Headquarters Anchor Clubs International #PilotService or #AnchorService (pics) Pilot International Anchor International PIHeadquarters

2013-2014 PI EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE & ECR ASSIGNMENTS • CONTACT US! Judy Langley PI President (843) 617-0689

Karen Cupit PI Treasurer (318) 376-4795

Deborah Hays PI Director (574) 339-2720

Sherry Johnson PI President Elect (903) 352-9868

Bonnie Turner PI Director (256) 463-0430

Connie Moore PI Director (309) 781-0334

Shannon Clegg PI Vice President (336) 963-2366

Stacey Chapman Melanie Schild PI Director Executive Director (662) 456-6637 (901) 405-5455

Faith Stamps PI Secretary (434) 251-9740


ECR Member

Alabama AK-OK Bahamas COED Japan Florida Georgia KS-MO KY-OH-WV Louisiana MI-IN Midwest Mississippi North Carolina NE-POT South Carolina Southwestern Tennessee Texas Virginia

Stacey Chapman Faith Stamps Judy Langley Sherry Johnson Judy Langley Karen Cupit Shannon Clegg Connie Moore Sherry Johnson Faith Stamps Sherry Johnson Shannon Clegg Shannon Clegg Bonnie Turner Connie Moore Deb Hays Deb Hays Karen Cupit Bonnie Turner Stacey Chapman

QUESTIONS? YOUR PIHQ STAFF IS READY TO HELP! Melanie Schild Executive Director (901) 405-5455 Alison Coons Director of Communications (901) 483-8250 Misty Cline Director of Operations (478) 477-1208, ext 304

Bonnie Millirans Pilot Club Services Manager Club Information and Services Department (478) 477-1208, ext. 307 Megan Milton Community & Convention Services Manager (478) 477-1208, ext. 300

Tiffany Hastings *Louise Geib Accounting/Membership Records Administrator Anchor Club Specialist Club Information and Services Department (904) 241-3956 ext. 1 (478) 477-1208, ext. 306 (office hours: M-Th, 12:30-5:30PM EST) *Amanda Cook Projects Specialist (901) 483-1995 (office hours: M-F 12:00-4:00PM EST)

*Denise West Accounting Specialist (901) 490-1022 (office hours: M-F 9AM-1PM CST) *Staff Specialists, part-time

The “Pilot International News” is a publication of Pilot International Headquarters 102 Preston Court • Macon, GA 31210. For questions or comments please email



Pilot International News - September/October 2013  

The Pilot International News is the bi-monthly, supplemental online newsletter of Pilot International.

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