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has been publishing poetry since 1973 and remains one of the few presses in the country that is run collectively. The cooperative selects manuscripts for publication primarily through regional and national annual competitions. Authors who win a Kinereth Gensler Award become active members of the cooperative board and participate in the editorial decisions of the press. The press, which historically has placed an emphasis on publishing women poets, was named for Alice James, sister of William and Henry, whose fine journal and gift for writing went unrecognized during her lifetime.

Spring 2010 Catalog NEW BOOKS

Phantom Noise Brian Turner April 2010 ISNB: 978-1-882295-80-7 paper l $16.95

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“With courage and an uncommon willingness to see the world as it actually is, Brian Turner returns in Phantom Noise with a bullet-borne language in which helicopters hover like spiders over a film of water. His poem “Al-A’imma Bridge” alone proves his mastery, and joins him to the tradition of Wilfred Owen and David Jones, for he is their descendent, his poetic gifts detonated into a spray of lyric force that will mark what is possible in poetry for years to come, a chiseling of agony onto paper and a poignant cri de coeur to the republic of conscience.” —Carolyn Forché “Staring hard through a calibrated sight, this former infantry team leader…reveals the particular music of death and violence and military service, and these poems unfold with his effort to find meaning, to be decent, and to be alert to the suffering all around.” ―ForeWord Reviews

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Here, Bullet 978-1-882295-55-5 (paper) $15.95

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April 2010 ISNB: 978-1-882295-80-7 paper l $16.95 “Staring hard through a calibrated sight, this former infantry team leader…reveals the par...

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