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ahmar ali fashion designer

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RESEARCH &CONCEPT luxury is difficult to obtain. The typical meaning of luxury is a expensive car but I wanted to show something which is ordinary for someone but can be a luxury for someone else.

DESIGN DEVELOPMENT This test shoot was based on a non luxury item, foil moulded into a garment to shoot it in a luxury way. This shoot has an element of 4d photography where the piece becomes interactive with the audience. The model holding the mirror box exhibiting outside the image as an actual piece.

PHOTOSHOOT Luxury is a non-necessity. In this piece basic necessity like water is taken and depicted through two opposite figures where it has no significanse for one and it’s a luxury for the other.

02 HIP

RESEARCH &CONCEPT The theme of this project is water. The three forms of water and the molecular form is mainly the design inspiration.

DESIGN DEVELOPMENT This model would be made from either a light blue perspecs or out of wood to create a shelveing unit that can hold folded garments or accessories such as shoes. the prisms will all be hollow at the front and boxed in at the back .

WINDOW DISPLAY The shapes are inspired from the molecular form of water.


RESEARCH &CONCEPT Hawes & Curtis has been acclaimed by royalty and aristocracy alike; Duke of Windsor (Edward VIII ) and Earl Mountbatten Edward VIII had abdication crisis being the king of the UK due to marrying a divorcee Wallis Simpson who was an american socialite and fashion icon. The concept is based on her style.

DESIGN A semi fitted shirt made of 2 ply 100 % cotton with a jacquard leaf pattern double placket where one placket is only for detail. Large buttons for collar and cuffs and patterneded small white buttons where only one black button in on the non fuction placket for detail.


RESEARCH &CONCEPT My work is inspired by Sufi whirling (dervish spinning) which is a form of physically active meditation, which originated among Sufi’s who are spiritual people believing in the human soul as opposed to material things. Dervishes aim to reach perfection through a worship ceremony. This is sought through abandoning one’s personal desires, by listening to the music, focusing on God, and disconnecting their soul from the world by spinning in repetitive circles. In the film a spiritual ceremony is shown which is under the influence of the materialistic world that is represented by in collaboration with a graffiti artist in order to free the soul and left with the garment.

SHOOT This shows the transformation of the garment before and after the shoot.


GALLERY EXHIBIT The exhibit based on the video showing the transformation process of the dress, next to the dress itself.


RESEARCH & CONCEPT The theme of this project is based on Palladian architecture. Palladian architecture was derived from a Venetian architect Andrea Palladio. His main inspiration was Greek and Roman architecture. Palladio was mainly inspired from temples that are clearly evident in his work. To create the map outline of the architecture he used a cruciform shape. His buildings were divided into three parts a basement, the main entrance lead by the stairs and the mezzanine that is an intermediate floor between main floors of a building. Further research was done on details of the architecture for example the continuous pillars of the buildings, the Palladian windows, main entrance, and stairs. He focused on symmetry, perspective and values in designing his buildings. The theme is based on Palladian architecture and ideas are based on the architecture itself and its details.

COLOUR & FABRIC Colour is based on the maps and old scripts of the architecture of savile row and a contrast of organza and twill fabrics are used.

DESIGN DEVELOPMENT Designs and shapes inspired from the architectural details as windows, stairs, doors, layouts etc.


DESIGN Two looks to be designed one traditional tailored look and one conceptual avant-garde look.


DIVERSITY The state of one’s gender identity is the concept of this shoot.

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