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For the young people of Lambeth


Alford House is great. It supports me and others when we are in need of help.

Our Vision The Trustees and Management of Alford House are committed to the purpose of the founder of the Club: to promote the mental, moral, physical and spiritual well-being of the young people of Lambeth. Based on these objectives the Club seeks to provide a range of challenging and supportive activities for personal and social development. These are designed to meet a curriculum that is educative, promotes equality of opportunity and community cohesion, and is empowering and participative. Collectively we will ensure the Club has the human, physical and financial resources to achieve this.




The Club was established in 1884 by Frank Briant, who later became the Liberal Member of Parliament for Vauxhall. Services were provided from rooms in Beaufoy School on Newport Street before occupying premises in Lambeth Walk.

The buildings currently occupied by the Club were extensively damaged during the war and were formerly the Moffat Institute. They were given to the Club by the London Congregational Union in 1949. They were repaired and converted to their present use and fully occupied by the Club in 1951, 70 years ago this year, 2021. Hence Alford@70 which will see the restoration of a building of significant historical local interest. Alford@70 celebrates the rich heritage of this building and the lives of those it has touched over the last 70 years and it sets up Alford House for life in the 2020s and those lives it will touch in the future.

Specifically, Alford@70 seeks to enable the Club (amongst other things) to create and deliver activities appropriate to its members in the 2020s and beyond including: dditional youth worker(s) to a support more of the most vulnerable recreational activities life-skills development programmes ducation support (e.g. after school e facilities, education and career guidance) ental and physical wellbeing m guidance and resources safe space for young people in a a significantly disadvantaged area




The Key Players The Club Management and Staff Several staff are ex-members. The Club Manager is one of those and has run the Club for 25 years. He brings literally a lifetime of experience to working with and for the young people of the area. His team work tirelessly both within the Club building and outside delivering activities and providing resources in line with the Club’s objectives. The Club is constantly assessed and found to have had significant impact on the community it serves. Even during lockdowns due to the Covid pandemic the Club continues to reach and support vulnerable young people. Governors The Governors give of their time and expertise on a voluntary basis to facilitate the work of the Club management and staff. Governors collectively bring a wide range of expertise and experience in business, education, property, fundraising, management, investment, charity leadership. They are committed to the Objectives of the Club and to ensuring that it has the wherewithal to continue the work started in 1884. Old Millhillians

I feel it’s a really big family here and I’m happy to be part of that family.

The alumni of Mill Hill School (Old Millhillians) became associated with the Club in the 1930s and continue to provide approximately half of the Governors. The broader Old Millhillian community which includes current and former members of the School staff, has been a tremendous resource for the Club and continues to be going forward. 7


What does Alford@70 actually look like?

In Alford@70 the Trustees will treat the Club and its premises in a holistic way seeking, through wellresearched and fully-funded plans, to provide the physical building needed and the financial stability which will enable Management to devote all their time to delivering the programme.

This will provide:


Alford@70 Cost

afe with informal activities for C socialising inside and outside main Club hours

Additional youth worker resources

After-school facilities

paces and an environment S where youth services and income generation can co-exist

Recording studio

A fully accessible building

I mproved sporting facilities including a bigger fitness studio (current one always over-subscribed)

Alford@70 will give Alford House the ability to reach more young people with a wider range of activities and resources

I ncreased range of educational, wellbeing and recreational activities




What has been done so far? evelopment Committee of D Governors is well-established and leading the initiative

Establish momentum for the fundraising campaign

Pre-application submitted November 2020; positively received by planning authority

nsure the positive marketing and E communication of Alford@70 in the local community and the potential donor communities

Design team has commenced work

Indicative Alford@70 Timeline (NB. There are many factors which can cause changes to this.)

Technical design to be completed

Architects and planning consultant appointed

pecialist consultants who will be S needed in the future being identified and approached


What are the next steps?

1st Quarter 2021

Engagement of architect, initial drawings and scope agreed

2nd Quarter 2021

Full team engagement for technical design

3rd Quarter 2021

Tender process for first phase of Club House refurbishment Alford@70 Celebrations

4th Quarter 2021

Appointment of contractor for first phase of Club House refurbishment Application for residential consent on car park to be submitted. Initial response from Lambeth has been positive.

1st Quarter 2022

First phase of Club House refurbishment completed and specialist consultants for car park site engaged



Example Table of Gifts to secure £500,000 This can only ever be indicative of the way in which a campaign total might be achieved.

Donation value Designation

Alford@70 Financial Summary This will provide the funding not only for the refurbishment of the Club building but also to underwrite the management and staffing costs of the Club going forward. The £2m will come from two primary sources – the sale of the car park for development and fundraising. Initial indications suggest the sale (with planning permission) of the car park could raise in excess of £1.25m. The Alford@70 Appeal has an initial target of £500,000 to be raised by the middle of 2022. Additional fundraising will be sought for fit out of the refurbished buildings and to enhance what the Club can deliver to its community. There are likely to be three major funding sources and the campaign is being directed towards these. 12

Individuals Grant-making and charitable bodies Statutory bodies The resources available through statutory bodies are under the greatest pressure they have ever been, at least in recent years. This has been put under even greater pressure by the Covid 19 pandemic and the priority allocation of funds to support essential services and medical research. The funding from here is likely to be limited and indeed perhaps more likely to be better targeted towards revenue funding for operations in the future. Hence the Alford@70 Appeal focus initially on those individuals and bodies it is hoped can enable us to achieve our target.

No. of donations

Total value £


Benefactor Building Name Association




Patron Room Name Association




Gold Sponsor




Silver Sponsor




Bronze Sponsor















TOTAL ex Gift Aid


Gift Aid @ 25% (assume applies to 1/4 of donations) (note 2)


TOTAL with Gift Aid



Donor Recognition Donors will be recognised in these categories on the Alford House website and publications. They will be recognised in the completed project on site with a physical representation of their involvement and support. Major Donors will be entitled to reference their status in their own materials.



How to give You can donate to Alford@70 in a variety of ways. Donations can be one-off or through regular giving.

They can be made online at They can also be made by cheque, CAF cheque or bank transfer. Donations to Alford House (Registered Charity No 1123902) can be made using the Gift Aid scheme. Gifts of shares are welcome; this is a very tax efficient way of giving. We work with ShareGift to facilitate giving this way. There is more information about donating on the Donation Form

For more information about the campaign or if you have others ways in which to support it, contact: Nick Priestnall Chair of the Trustees 07850 484488

I have had a good experience so far at Alford House. You get great advice from the staff when you’re in need of help and it’s also a very welcoming place.


Alford Stories As an alumni, I often look back upon my memories of Alford House with such fondness. I am proud to have spent a large part of my younger years surrounded by my peers in a safe space, supported by a fantastic staff team. Their influence on my personal and professional development is both evident and unparalleled.


Alford’s impact on my life is exemplified in many forms; through a successful career in Government and later Global Technology Consulting, to my return as a Trustee. I am honoured to be able to give back and support the organisation in the many years to come. Alford is – and always has been – home.

As a Club Member for ten years (1990-2000) from age 8 to 18, the Club was the hub of my social life. Attending three nights a week for a decade, it was the place to go to play sports, learn new skills or simply hang out with friends. Club offered all its Members a wide range of opportunities that we wouldn’t otherwise have had. Club was a hugely important part of my childhood and young adulthood; it was a place to learn and grow and it offered an amazing network of support and encouragement through its base of volunteer and full-time staff. Alford House Club holds a special place in the hearts of all its current and former members, and it continues to provide an amazing service for young people within the community.



Alford House People and some of its Supporters over recent years Governors N. Priestnall, Chair T. de Vere Green, Honorary Treasurer N. Baker, President A. Behrens P.S. Bickerdike B. Carter-White C. Lloyd W. Maunder Taylor A. Rennie J. Sanchez M. Shaw J.R. Wells P.M. Woodroffe James Orloff, Clerk to the Governors


Alford House Aveline Street Kennington London SE11 5DQ 020 7735 1519