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From the Director and Founder of Med Times “You hold in your hands the latest issue of the Alfaisal Med Times! We are proud to publish a constant and high quality newspaper—the only one of its kind at Alfaisal University; by the students, for the students! As Alfaisal makes history by accepting female students, the Press also expanded to welcome our beloved female members! With all these changes and an evergrowing student body it took us a while to get things moving but hopefully the quality we’ve delivered is a good enough trade-off. You may have also noticed that this issue lacks an Arabic section—the directors are in the process of forming a new MedTimes Arabic section Team...Stay Tuned! Our next issue will insha’Allah be delivered to you within the first week of 2012 and we will bring back our contests! Send in your submissions and feedback to msa-newsletter@ Happy Reading!” Bilal Alturkmani - Director of Med Times “Dear Med Times fans! I am very enthused to see the new face and Press members of our awesome student newsletter! It has been both an honor and a privilege to have been the Director and Founder for the past two years. I am sure the new Press, along with Bilal’s skills, will amplify your voice in creative ways! And so for one last time on my part, ‘Voice Yourself!’” Mohammed Khusheim - Founder and Consultant of Med Times


Meet the Makers of Med Times: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Bilal Alturkmani: Newsletter Director Muhammad Khusheim: Consultant & Founder of Med Times Syed Ali Rahmatullah: Editor in Chief Leen Raddaoui: Assistant Editor Aman Inayah: Chief Reporter Mohammad Chaballout: Chief Photographer Norah Aziz: Designer Rasha AlShawaf: Designer Fatima Warraich: Social Media Coordinator Azhar Farooqui: Reporter Adeeb Sibae: Reporter Mohammed AlHamed: Reporter Abdullah Sarkar: Reporter Anas Abudan: Reporter Tehreem Khan: Reporter Saira Munir: Reporter Bara AlMakadma: Photographer Saud Bin Alrasheedi: Photographer

Voice Yourself! –with Lujain Alkhalifa Conducted By: Aman Inayah & Saira Munir

The Press: Hello Lujain! Thanks for agreeing to spare us some time from your busy schedule! Can you tell us a little about what you’re involved in at the moment? Lujain: I am President of BLC MSA female section 20112012, the youngest Saudi international trainer authorized by IFMSA and the WHO, vice president of marketing and recourse development at IFMSA-SA, and a published researcher according the KAIMRC. The Press: Wow, that’s a full plate! With that resume, why did you choose Alfaisal? Lujain: Because I believe it will push me forward in achieving what I want, not only as a student or a doctor later on, but as a person as well. Alfaisal is providing me and all the other students with a lot of great opportunities. The Press: What is that you plan to achieve? Lujain: InshaAllah to become the first female Health Minister in Saudi Arabia. The Press: You obviously have a very hectic schedule, what is your secret to managing time so efficiently? Lujain: I try to balance as much as I can and alhamdulillah God gave me a mother that taught me this since I was a child and eventually I took it from her and shaped it in my own way!

The Press: Who is your role model? Why? Lujain: A lot of people, but mainly my maternal grandmother and my paternal grandfather. My grandmother was a widow who brought up 11 children while also being the first Saudi woman to ever have a ’Sajil Tijari’ (Trading Registration). My grandfather came from an ordinary Saudi family but made something out of himself and he spoke 3 different languages as well, which was really something considering that people back then didn’t even know how to read or write. The Press: If there were 3 words you could shout out to the entire world, what would they be? Lujain: Have Some Faith The Press: An experience you’d like to share with the students? Lujain: IFMSA-SA: don’t miss out; you’ll be missing the best part of being a medical student. The Press: Who is better at Alfaisal- the guys or the girls? Lujain: According to the professors, girls - because we are more serious in studying. Plus, check the attendance records! The Press: Voice yourself. Lujain: To Allah I give my thanks, without Him I would be nothing.



America and Northern Europe reast cancer is one of the compared to Asia and Africa. most feared carcinomas in women. Even with modern he cause of breast cancer advances in its diagnosis and is still unknown. Howtreatment, almost ever 3 sets of influone-fourth of all ences seem to be women who important; develop this genetic neoplasm changes die as a (of which conseover exquence pression of this of HER2/ disease. - By: Azhar Farooqui NEU prontohilst oncogene is breast cancer is uncomvery well characterised), hormonal mon in women below influences (where endogenous the age of thirty, its prevalence is higher in individuals from North estrogen excess or general hor-


Understanding Breast Cancer



monal imbalance plays a significant role), and environmental variables (such as irradiation or exogenous estrogen). linically, these patients present with deceptively discreet, solitary and painless masses often discovered by the affected patient herself or upon examination by a physician. By this time, the carcinoma is usually 2-3 cm in size with regional lymph node involvement in nearly half the patients suffering from the disease. rugs, surgery, hormonal and radiation therapy, and chemotherapy are amongst the most commonly used treatment for breast cancer.



Health Superstitions

ver the years many mistaken health beliefs have developed that have perpetuated through generations of families. Also known as “old wives tales,” some of them can be harmless while others are potentially dangerous. Here are a few to consider. Spread the word!

Feed a cold; starve a fever


ALSE - Getting adequate fluids and nutrition is important during illness – gotta keep that homeostasis thing going on if you want to get better more quickly! While occasional fasting can improve your health in some ways, there’s no proven benefit in abstaining from food while you have a cold or fever.

Cracking your knuckles causes arthritis


ALSE - This is something parents tell their children to get them to stop the irritating knucklecracking behavior; there is no evidence that it does in fact cause arthritis, according to John Klippel. MD, President of the Arthritis Foundation.

Spicy foods can cause ulcers


ALSE - While spicy foods can initiate ulcer symptoms for some, they aren’t the cause of ulcers. Bacterial infection and overuse of aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs is the usual cause.

(Find more health superstitions in the next issue!)


- By: Cynthia Mosher

The Dawn of A New Era – Female students at Alfaisal Tehreem Khan


enowned Greek author and philosopher Plato (427 BC – 347 BC) once said, “If women are expected to do the same work as men, we must teach them the same things.” ore than two millennia since his demise, yet the words he once uttered resound truth to this day. This September, a new era in the history of Alfaisal University took shape, as after great anticipation and a well-worthy wait of four years, doors were opened to female students. n Orientation programme was conducted by Student Affairs on the 10th of September 2011, welcoming new students and offering a chance for everyone to get to know each other and Alfaisal as a whole. Amongst other activities, welcome and introductory speeches were given by HRH Dr. Maha, College of Medicine Dean Dr. Khaled Al-Kattan as well as Dr. Paul Ganguly, Professor of Anatomy and chairman of the College of Medicine’s Assessment Committee, Alfaisal University. Like beacons of light that penetrate the early morning


sky, it is hoped that the addition of female students to the Alfaisal student body will illuminate the institution’s long-standing commitment to academic and social excellence with yet greater incandescence. First Impressions – First-year medical students voice themselves on Orientation Day and Alfaisal University “It was much better than I ever expected, I was very impressed. I am so glad that I will be spending the next 6 years of my life with such great professors, students and staff.” – Ranim Chamseddin “Alfaisal opening for female students was a miracle, a dream come true! A place with awesome colleagues, great teachers and a huge campus, what more do you need?” – Fatima Iqbal “Orientation was really nice because I felt my dream would come true, not only about being a medical student, but also learning in the best way possible.” – Aya Farfour

“Alfaisal is the best thing that has ever happened to me; mainly because it was so good at giving a first impression! I was amazed at how professional everything was. From the friendly staff to the student centered voices... what’s there not to be impressed about?” – Sarah Rauf “Alfaisal is a community that allows you to go beyond your abilities, trust yourself, spread the knowledge, and change the world.” – Asma AlNajjar Voice Yourself - male students on the addition of female students to the Alfaisal community “New competition, and loss of scholarships!” - Abdallah Ghazal “I think we need these types of situations in order to make our community more diverse and liberal; because if you free your mind then rest-assured the rest will follow.” - Naif Al Homoud “Of course they are our sisters, full respect for them, and for you guys.” Mussab Chaballout

At Aramco Summer Festival Adeeb Sebai

“A lesson I learnt this summer is that a doctor’s responsibility should not end with showing cancer patients a hopeless end, but with showing them an endless hope.” –Mohamed Danny Ray-Zack, a CRC research team member “It is a very intensive course of learning experiences, skills and knowledge but it is essential to have a cooperative team and a supporting university, just like Alfaisal.” –Mohammed Riyadh AlSadoon, head of the CRC research team

“It was a great experience to participate in the Aramco Summer Festival as it provided us with a chance to represent our university in the community.” –Almutassem Mouaffak Kazkaz, a CRC research team member Alfaisal at the Aramco Summer Festival! uring the past summer, Alfaisal students were able to participate in one of Riyadh’s well



known events; the Saudi Aramco Annual Summer Festival which provides a few weeks of fun-filled activities meant for all different classes of society. This summer, the Aramco event also provided Alfaisal a chance to engage in community service by raising awareness of two significant yet unknown diseases within the Saudi community. Alfaisal was represented by two groups of students. n the first group, more than twelve students volunteered to be


part of the Colorectal Cancer (CRC) awareness campaign. A general idea of CRC, its symptoms, pathophysiology, and means of preventions were all targets of this campaign. Two kinds of surveys, one for before and one for after going through the Alfaisal CRC booths were also designed to conduct a research that assessed the CRC prevalence and awareness in the Saudi community. n the other hand, the second group of students was part of the Alzheimer’s disease campaign sponsored by Saudi


Alzheimer’s Disease Association (SADA) in which the main targets were to present a general idea of Al-

zheimer’s disease and the proper ways of dealing with Alzheimer’s patients.


n addition, the students found great support from the Alfaisal administration as the provost himself, Dr. Faisal Al Mubarak along with Drs. Hasan Rajab, Ali Khraibi, and Bernard Juurlink. Furthermore, the booths also had several diplomatic visits from ambassadors attending the events. All in all, it was an exciting way to represent Alfaisal University in the local community while at the same time providing valuable skills to our very own medical students.

Alfaisal Freshmen Convocation Ceremony: A New Era Begins Mohammed Al Hamed


n the 19th of October 2011, Alfaisal University held its fourth annual Freshmen Convocation Ceremony in the Prime Minister Rafiq Al Hariri building of the College of Science. Considered one of the most anticipated events of the year, the ceremony is an event where all the great achievers are celebrated for their hard work and dedication to their respective studies. According to a large number of attendees, it was the most successful convocation in the university’s short history. “It was a fantastic event. I felt a lot of dedication coming from the founders who initiated the university”, remarked Dr. Fuad Alyafi, a parent of a student honored on the Deans’ List. This ceremony was especially notable as it had the most amount of awardees; exceeding forty-five students from the various colleges. The highlights of the event included a speech delivered by the Dean of the College of Medicine, Dr. Khaled Al-Kattan in which he shed some light on the number of

students accepted this year; more than 300 from a diverse range of nationalities. Dr. Khaled’s speech was followed by the Provost Dr. Faisal Al Mubarak’s. The Provost stressed on the fact that Alfaisal University recently won

the “Best Educational Institute of Healthcare in Asia”. But perhaps the most charming speech was delivered by the guest speaker, Ms. Seema Khan, Chief Strategy Officer of Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority. She emphasized the importance of inspiration, patience and hard work in order to achieve goals. What was much more enthralling though was


the fact that she was Alfaisal University’s first female guest speaker; a true inspiration to the university’s first ever batch of female students. Next up was a speech by a remarkable student from the College of Engineering, Naqi Rizvi. Blinded at the age of seven from glaucoma, Naqi gave a motivating speech as a stunned crowd listened to his every word. Speaking of the multitude of obstacles he faced in his pursuit of academics, the inspired audience sent him off with a standing ovation. Then finally, the bright students awarded on the Deans’ List were given their certificates; they set an example to the new students that will sure be emulated. The event concluded with a short talk from HRH Prince Bandar, who spoke about the dream of King Faisal becoming a reality. Most importantly though, he declared 2011, “The Year of Saudi Women”—a noble gesture that will truly motivate the girls to continue Alfaisal’s excellence.

A Woman in SAGIA’s Driving Seat Abdullah Sarkar


n October 19, as the Alfaisal Freshmen Convocation of 2011 came to an end, the chief guest (HRH Prince Bandar) declared that 2011 is “The Year of the Saudi Women.” His declaration was substantiated by none other than the guest speaker of the event, Seema Khan – the Chief Strategic Officer of the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority. s. Khan provided a valuable motivational story that truly captured the hearts of her audience— especially the newly enrolled female students. Alfaisal’s growth delighted her, but she mentioned, “The hardest part was yet to come”. The part she


was referring to was Alfaisal’s becoming of a world-class knowledge center. When asked for comments on the award bestowed upon Alfaisal by the World Education Congress, she admitted that she had not expected it; yet more importantly she stated that it should be something that would inspire the students to work harder for a better future. uring a private seating with Khan and her colleagues, the Med Times reporters observed the passion the group had for setting up “knowledge-based industries”— they also labeled universities such as Alfaisal beacons of hope in the


path to modernization and advancement of the nation. They claimed that universities in the Kingdom can be criticized heavily, but the more significant notion was the time frame in which these universities grew and progressed. inally, Khan stressed on academic collaborations with other institutes in not only the nation, but also the region. “Knowledge is power; sharing knowledge, is power for everyone,” said Khan. Leaders like her and her female colleagues truly emphasize that point; power is indeed for everyone and everyone includes women.


Alfaisal Freshman Party: Welcoming the

New Alfaisal Students Anas Abudan


n response to the laborious academic atmosphere of Alfaisal University, the Social and Development committee (SDC) had decided to throw a party for freshman students, welcoming them to the Alfaisal family. Freshman students played volleyball, soccer and Frisbee on

Alfaisal’s grassy fields. Exhausted by the different sports, they were then offered pizza, brownies and a cake to satisfy their hunger! After things settled down, the students played Call of Duty and Pro Evolution Soccer on PS3. Naif Alhomoud, the manager of the social activities division of SDC


and main organizer of the event, was very impressed with the outcome of the event. “It was an epic party … I hope everyone had a blast and I discovered that most of our new freshman students REALLY LOVE FOOD!” he said.


Got dreams of presenting your own surgical research someday? uite a few Alfaisal students turned up at this year’s Annual Surgical Research & Residents’ Day with similar dreams and hopes; checking out how today’s surgeons


are laying the foundations for future research. Held on the 6th of October, at the Prince Salman Auditorium at KFSH&RC, the event was truly an inspiration for all who attended.

“Being a first year medical student, this day helped me get an insight about the type of research surgeons do. It’s fascinating how every breakthrough in this field makes a big difference, no matter how small it may be”- Sarah Rauf

Thinking Pink for October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month: A Bake-Sale Tehreem Khan


ctober 2011 heralded the dawn of the first-ever event organised by Alfaisal’s female students. In light of October, the universal breast cancer awareness month, female medical students organized a bakesale with the aim to donate all raised funds to “Zahra Foundation”, a local breast cancer organization in Saudi Arabia. hus, October 22nd and 23rd rendered the reception area on the 2nd floor almost unrecognizable as shades of pink adorned every nook and cranny; streamers, helium balloons, flower displays, and even a life-sized balloon arrangement depicting the universal breast cancer “pink-ribbon” sign! The décor, however, was just the icing on the cake – or cupcake, rather. Beyond the hues of pink, silver and white, lay a mouthwatering array of scrumptiously decorated cupcakes, cookies, and a variety of other delectable desserts – all prepared by the students for one solitary cause: fundraising for those of our sisters fighting breast cancer. Through the laughter, the smiles, and the virtually palpable enthusiasm, there was no mistaking

the prevailing sense of unity; of working towards a goal directed at bringing


volunteer. The first batch of female medical students proved that not only could they follow through with a task, but also go beyond expectations. Who would’ve thought… 6,734 Riyals! Congrats!” – Shrouq Sulaimanie, Chief Organizer “This event had a different taste to it because it was the first event of this year at Alfaisal, and what made it even more special is that it will always remain the first event to be held in the university by females!” – Zainab Kareem

“Cupcakes, cookies, and more cupcakes - bliss. In other words, relief to others – sentiments that are the sprinkle-topped fundraiser was a crucial backbones of such events, for success; we had as much fun selling without them, human compassion the goods as we had eating them. remains mere theory. With the proceeds being charitable, it couldn’t have gone better.” Here’s what some of the organizers – Leen Raddaoui and attendees had to say about the “PINK-tabulous! Wonderful spirit, event:lots of fun organizing, and a great outcome. May it go towards the “I loved how everyone was so ecbetterment of the patients’ lives and static, cooperative, and generous - all the prevention of Breast Cancer all working as a team with equal amounts round.” – Yosra AlMakadma of hard work from each and every


Poetry For there’s something you may learn. Don’t quit When the night is darkest, For it’s just a while ‘til dawn; A Poet Don’t quit When you’ve run the farthest A poet is like a camera For the race is He zooms in and captures Almost won. The words Don’t quit He sees the forbidden When the hill is steepest, He jots it all down like he is a foreteller For your goal is almost nigh; Don’t quit, A poet is an artist For you’re not a failure He passes his brush everywhere Until you fail to try.” His words are a masterpiece It’ll be so hard not to stare Written By: Jill Wolf Submitted By: Maryam Alkhairy At the beautiful colors and language And the beautiful morals of a particular heritage Be Hopeful! A poet is a human An individual with feelings and an imagination He feels, speaks, and writes Either with unconsciousness or with fascination A poet is a poet A poet is me A poet in his or her world should be set freeA poet is me

By: AsmaAlNajjar

Don’t Quit “Don’t quit When the tide is lowest, For it’s just about to turn; Don’t quit Over doubts and questions,

It appears When everything is gone. It becomes visible, When everything vanishes. It is so divine that It fills happiness in every mind. It is so positive that It drags away all the negatives. It is so beautiful that It hides the unhappiness of life. It is like sunshine Absorbing the blackest darkness. So why not hold its hand And travel the uneven path of life?

By: Safia Andleeb

Immortal Micro Me Immortal micro me evolving with no limitations, Your growth? Passionately disobe-


dient and boundary-free. Dysmorphic, defiant, and despicably silent micro me, Your chaotic enthusiasm shall put me in danger, Breaker of logic, mathematically irrational, divider of me, I am indivisible yet rendered with no remainder, Now. Sounds are seen, colours felt, and water has taste, Eternal micro me had cast the spell of irreversible haste, A death’s synonym, a healer’s Achilles’, and an evil necromancer, Traitorous micro me ironically named CANcer By: Mohammad Khusheim

Heartless Do you think you are heartless like a stone? Or did you just need to be alone? Did your misery drop you here… Or have you just lost your way home? I think you lost your mind When you decided to go blind When you forget your values Happiness is hard to find

It’s time to do some redemption Your sins have reached the sky Because when death seeks your soul There’s no time to say goodbye

To you, dear leader, words are all I have to give. Oppose you with them I shall, as long as I live.

be cherished. Our freedom will be granted. Our freedom will be granted. Our freedom will be granted.

By: Leen Raddaoui Dear coward, our heroes will surely Pray to Allah and ask for forgiveness prevail. Heaven is waiting and calling your Loss of status is what your cowardname ice will entail. Come clean yourself from all filthiness Dear murderer, the children You’ll gain glory, happiness, and fame you’ve slaughtered can never be replaced. By: Mohammad Alsadoon Nor will their dear relatives; you’re exterminating our race. Dear heartless villain, you’re Craving Freedom putting our patience to the test, As a mother sheds tears Morning Duty pounding on her deceased son’s - Taken By: Motaz Chamseddin chest. Dear imposter, in your promises we will never trust. For how could one who so freely slays his people be considered just? Dear pathetic sergeant, your armies will one day collapse. Piercing anguished screams, Our country will be free without Amid soaring bullets they dwell. further relapse! Salty tearful streams, Exhibit mournful hell. Moraine Lake – Alberta – Canada, 2010 The dust on our martyrs’ feet is far - Taken By: Reem Hamadah Massacre of the innocent, more valuable than your reign! Is indeed a horrible crime. The blood that was spilled will not Brutal butchery at its best, go in vain! Is the subject of this rhyme. Our rights will be restored, our hearts will remain! They march through unsafe streets, The torture you’ve put us through Murmuring a heated chant. Hoping words can counteract vicious will one day rebound! You will endure it in every depth weapons, and make not a sound! For justice their own lives they grant. By utter silence we will no longer For every spiraling bullet fired, San Diego – California – USA, 2008 abide! They frantically disperse. - Taken By: Reem Hamadah Our lips are no longer sealed; our Yet pray that their persistence hands are no longer tied! Would put an end to this curse. You can pull every trigger and fire United are their voices every missile, yet these words will Heroic are their souls not perish. Poetic are their murmurs, Democracy and justice will forever Unafraid of any death tolls.


Articles Positive Energy Dear Alfaisal Students, hether you’re a first year or a last year student, you need to organize your time and set your goals in order to success. Being new to this environment, I faced lots of difficulties and felt lost. By time, I got to know what I wanted better; However, Maintaining my persistence is still a challenge. I discovered that through positive thinking any person can achieve anything, and actually, positive thinking is positive energy. I’m sure you all heard of “positive energy”, but do you all have one? ositive energy doesn’t just happen to you. You create it, but how can you create “energy” if energy is free and can directly escape?




You have got to learn how to keep it in place. ’ll ask every human of the 7 billions out there a couple of questions: Do you have a goal? Do you believe in yourself ? ou create this positive energy when you set your dreams and goals. We all want something so bad, and what we desire is often hard to get. This hard-to-get thing benefits us. In the process of getting the “hard-to-get thing”, you endure all obstacles. You encounter the REAL person you’re going to be for the next years of your life- a hopeful, hardworking human with innovation and determination. Always be sure of what you EXACTLY want, even if it’s against what others request from you. In the end, everyone leaves, but your hard work



and legacy remain. elieve in yourself. Never underestimate the powers God has granted you. Think, imagine, feel, speak, and act. Express yourself. If you suppress your words and feelings, you will face difficulties in delivering your needs to the world. Whatever you achieve has no worth if it hasn’t been delivered to the outer world. No influence accomplished is similar to having no goal accomplished. inally, I discovered something essential: Faith. God always has his way of signaling us the path of our dreams. “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. – The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho



- By: Asma AlNajjar

On Changing Seasons: Winter to Spring

he world has gone from white to green in just a few months. What it is that has morphed my surroundings thus is certainly something beyond our immediate senses. The clouds have lightened from thick and morose and moved out from the zenith, retreating to make way for the sparse, open skies of springtime. The sun, whose rays were challenged by winter’s frosty enclosure, has been set free... it now shines new dimensions unto the world, allowing us to see beyond the cold white walls that had been there.


he wind has changed from skin-flaying heartless cold, to warmly gentle in breeze, allowing pedestrians across the city to lift their heads from the collars of their coats and leave their eyes to meet the horizon, their breaths allowed from visible and protracted to deep and free. The scents of grassy-meadow and nectar revive their senses with every inhalation. ith coats put back into closets, activity is restored as animals come out of hibernation and people stop avoiding the outdoors. Squirrels are again on the



loose, scurrying in search of acorns, and the birds in flocks fly over our heads, resuming their pre-migratory affairs. Their chirps and caws are again audible, adding melody to our morning stretches. Get in touch with your environment… you’ll see wonders. - By: Yosra Almakadma

Constructive Criticism “Professor...” Professor, please reference your presentations! Professor, the lecture finished any students have raised 10 minutes ago! their concerns that some t is of no big surprise that you find professors at our medical college are medical students at Alfaisal com- not referencing their PowerPoint preplaining of professors not finishing sentations adequately. In such cases, their lectures on time. This undoubt- students have found it rather difficult edly has lead to a cascade of class to relate the material present in the delays and eventually, the students are presentation to its primary source, left with no breaks in between classes. for example when requiring a more Therefore, students would kindly like in-depth analysis of the given topic. this matter to be brought up to all In addition, some students believe the professors in general, and request that it is unethical for our professors that the lectures are finished on time... to use text, diagrams, figures or charts Please, we need those breaks!



published by other authors in their presentations without giving them their rightful credit. It should however be kept in mind that this complaint is restricted to but a few professors at our university. Professor...thanks! inally, it is of much importance to express gratitude to all those professors who have taken the students’ requests and queries into consideration, and have worked to come up with feasible, acceptable solutions for the students.


- By: Azhar Farooqui



t is clear that everyone is satisfied with what they get here at Alfaisal, especially the medical students. Nevertheless, here is some perspective from my beloved colleagues in 2nd year that I thought I’d share. ou see, ever since the female students joined the university, the male entrance changed and so did the organization of the parking space. Every morning, cars entering and leaving the parking have the same entry/ exit tunnel. Safety aside, the paths are also only


separated by cones and, needless to say, everyone follows the rules by not driving the wrong way. t doesn’t stop there - typical 3rd semester male students should reach their classroom at least 30-45 minutes prior to the lecture to sit in one of the front rows, just like at the movies. This is because some individuals value the meaning of friendship by occupying several seats (6 at least) for their dear friends using everything from books, notebooks, papers,


sudden mysterious engine like sounds pens/pencils, or even interrupting our lectures every couple glasses to do so! Adof minutes… ditionally, the fact that all seats are distributed - By: Khaled Zaza along the same ground level makes it difficult for students sitting at the back to see the smart board. urthermore, and apart from our class suddenly freezing at around 12:00 PM each day, our ceiling is now sporting a 2x2m Lake Louise – Alberta – Canada, 2010 opening that was an - Taken By: Reem Hamadah unfortunate result of the water pipe tragedy none of you have probably heard of. However, the main concern remains regarding the



TEDx Alfaisa

from W

By: Ali Rahmatullah


nspiring, mind-changing, and thought-provoking, were all words and phrases in abundant use in the Twitterverse on the night of November 17th as the regal King Faisal Foundation auditorium was lit up by leaders of the present and future. After the worldwide popularity of TED Talks and on the back of a successful TEDxNajd last year, Alfaisal’s very own TED licensee, Mohammad Al-Razaz, decided it was time to make TEDxAlfaisalU happen. With an organizing team consisting of Alfaisal greats such as AmmarAwaad, Adel Rajab, Ahmed Alshibi, Akram Husain, Sundus Aljazairy, Hammam Adam, Naif Ghazal, and Samer Al-Sagga, the seven-hour conference was deemed a success. he three 90-minute long sessions were packed with motivational speeches and stories of dreams becoming reality. Speakers included students and faculty from Alfaisal as well as guests invited from Alkhobar and Jeddah. The highlights of the first session included a flawless performance by Nasir Arain on not giving excuses for life’s problems, a story of success and achievement by world renowned surgeon Dr. Khaled Kattan, and a thoughtful talk on education being a culture by Bara AlMakadma. Between the first and second session, there were refreshments served outside the venue whilst Naqi Rizvi awed the crowd with a beautiful solo on the keyboard piano. he second session began with Qais Dirar’s discussion on achieving society’s maximum potential in which he introduced OutLoud, a new club at Alfaisal aiming to do just that. Mohammad Firwanah spoke about the benefits of career counseling and Razan Alazzouni wowed the crowd with her inspiring narration of success as she went from being an unknown fashion designer in Alkhobar to dressing starlets of Hollywood, the likes of Blake Lively and Taylor Swift. Next up, Lujain



Always have a smile on your face because it will not only remove your and someone else’s worries but will always keep you ready for a picture!

- Naqi Rizvi


al: Inspiration


Alkhalifa powerfully motivated the audience through the power of faith and then the star of the night, NaqiRizvi, captured the audience with a heart-warming tale of overcoming obstacles and the importance of family and determination in achieving his vision. The session concluded with interesting talks by Dr. Hisham Abad of engineering and Maha bint Abdulaziz. fter the brief prayer break, the third and final session began. This packed session brought in the respected Dean of Engineering, Dr. Abdulmajeed Mohammad, who talked about his pursuit of education from a small town in Iraq to the prestigious Purdue University in Indiana. One of the brilliant speakers of the night took over the crowd next, Dr. Walid AlFitaihi, CEO of International Medical Center in Jeddah. He carefully explained his ten elements of success to a fully attentive crowd and left the stage to a standing ovation. Adel Helmi and Mohammad Samour took the stage next as they unveiled their new social network, Arboreal, which mixed creativity with user-friendliness. Engineering student Mohammad Ashour then emphasized the importance of asking questions before the host of the event Ammar Awaad ended the night with yet another journey—one of bursting out of your comfort zone and expanding your horizons, a tailor-made speech with the cure to a mundane Riyadh! he closing ceremony began with the man behind the event - the chief curator Mohammad Al-Razaz - who profusely thanked the organizing committee, volunteers, and audience for giving rise to such a successful event. He also officially launched TEDxAlfaisalU Salon, a club at Alfaisal that would make sure that the inspiring ability of TED would continue at Alfaisal throughout the years.



A successful person is someone who doesn’t waste his/her time making excuses. - Nasir Arain

” 13

The Social & Development Committee (SDC): Hola!


he Social & Development Committee was established in January 2009, at a time when the most exciting thing on campus was the cafeteria at lunch break. With the help of Student Affairs, the students of the SDC have grown from a handful to the largest and most active organization on campus. Founded and lead by Adel Helmi, Ammar Awaad, and Adel Al-Rajab, the SDC now includes a vibrant female section under the care of Jude Tashkandi and Sondos Aljazairy. Both sections hope to give you all a vault of unforgettable memories during your years at Alfaisal.

Our Vision


o see the Alfaisal community, especially the students, enjoying a complete college experience filled with all the services and activities we have to offer,

and develop an enriched social, athletic, and academic life, bringing everyone in the community together in every way possible.

Our Mission


he SDC is dedicated to providing college experiences that are both desired and accepted within our community while progressing with every step through improving on old establishments and also initiating innovative projects.

- Ammar Awaad – Batch 2, COM Males - Adel Helmi

– Batch 2, COM Males

- Jude Tashkandi – Batch 1, COB Females


Marketing and PR Managers


ur primary goal will be, to keep the Alfaisal community up-to-date with all information on events and projects on and off campus. We promise to make sure each event is strongly promoted, using new innovative advertising ideas along the way. - Ashfaq Ahmed Faiz – Batch 3, COM Males

sphere because we feel sports are an unmatched teaching tool. Our vision is to promote athletic excellence on the field where our athletes will learn life lessons that will help them off the field. - Ahmed Warraich – Batch 2, COM Males - Arien Alwabil - Batch 1, COB Females

Clubs Managers


- Feda Nasser Al Kaud – Batch 1, COB Females

DC Club’s division intends to work together with the Alfaisal student body in the formation of intrauniversity clubs to provide students with the opportunity to build upon and further excel in the fields they have an interest in, and we will continue to launch new clubs every chance we get.

Student Services Managers


e aim to improve and enhance the students’ experience at Alfaisal, increasing effectiveness and productivity in every conceivable aspect, changing the ordinary university life, to an extraordinary one, where the student gains from every encounter, and most importantly, making every student feel as a part of the Alfaisal name. - Khaled bin Bander Alsaud – Batch 1, COS Males - Noorah Ruxshan – Batch 1, COM Females

Social Activities Managers


hile the university strives to give you the best education possible, the Social Activities division strives to make your time at Alfaisal as enjoyable as it can be. Every student not only deserves but also needs a break from all the stress and take some time to just relax, and we’ll try our best to provide all the opportunities and events you desire. - Naif Jaber Alhomoud – Batch 3, COB Males - Yosra Almakadma – Batch 1, COM Females

Athletics Managers


e believe a strong body leads to a strong mind so we want to provide a rich learning environment by engaging students in an athletic and competitive atmo-

- Azhar Farooqui – Batch 2, COM Males - Norah Alkirdis – Batch 1, COB Females

Finance Managers


ur generous sponsors have helped the SDC stock a good number of supplies that would benefit us in the future. The Finance division is the pole that all the other divisions lean on and by the end of the year we aim to gain the trust of new resources to provide for their needs. We will be working to control and keep records of all the resources used for any SDC event, using the past to give us the experience we need to improve the quality of future events. - Hasan Ismail – Batch 3, COB Males - Sarah Al Azzam – Batch 1, COS Males

Join us by liking our Facebook page “Social & Development Committee (SDC)” & “Social & Development Committee (SDC) – Females” or follow our Twitter @SDC_AU & @SDC_F. And for any inquiries contact us at: for males or for females.


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