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Academia Issue 3 - 2018

HRH Prince Turki AlFaisal "... Alfaisal University was bound to achieve this high ranking."

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College of Medicine


College of Pharmacy

HRH Prince Turki AlFaisal Shares with Academia His Views on Success and Perseverance

National Board of Medical Examination (nbme), USA at Alfaisal University


A New College at Alfaisal University


College of Business Alfaisal University Added Two New Concentrations in the MBA program


College of Science & General Studies


College of Engineering

Alfaisal Faculty Member Publishes Paper on Iron Regulatory Protein

The First Saudi Team of Student Engineers

to Participate in the Formula Student Competition at Silverstone, UK

43 Alfaisal Hosts Cultural Events in Support of the

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Vision 2030.


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Mrs. Safia Dart Welcome to Academia!


t Alfaisal we’re making a difference! Our President Dr. Mohammad has demonstrated the value of our University through his vision and commitment to Alfaisal being recognised globally for the excellence of our research, outstanding teaching, learning, and student experience; as well as for our social, economic, and cultural impact. These activities generate farreaching value that is in a word – priceless.


niversities across the globe add value to the lives of people locally, nationally, and internationally each and every day as they touch their lives through research, teaching, learning, and community service activities. It is through these enriching activities that we know that we are “making a difference.”


n this issue of Academia we share with you a special interview with HRH Prince Turki AlFaisal, Board of Trustees Member, who shares his personal thoughts on success with us; also, we include the achievements, the updates and the activities of our faculty and students; as well as some highlights on the cultural events that we have hosted.


’d like to thank our sponsors Boeing for their longstanding support for Academia and look forward to presenting you with the new edition of Academia in 2019. Wishing our entering students all the very best for their time at Alfaisal and good luck to our graduating students this year! Enjoy the read!


HRH Prince Turki AlFaisal shares with Academia his views on success and perseverance

His Royal Highness Prince Turki AlFaisal Biography


is Royal Highness Prince Turki AlFaisal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud was born on february 15, 1945, in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. His Royal Highness began his schooling at the Model School in Taif. Upon receiving his high school diploma from the Lawrenceville School in Princeton, New Jersey, HRH attended Georgetown university in Washington, D.C. receiving his degree in 1968. In 1973, His Royal Highness was appointed Advisor to the Royal Court. Four years later, in 1977, His Royal Highness was appointed Director General of the General Intelligence Directorate (GID), Saudi Arabia's main foreign intelligence service, serving as the head of the GID until 2001. In 2002, His Royal Highness served as ambassador to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland until his appointment as ambassador to the United States from 2005-2007.


ince his retirement in 2007, His Royal Highness has served as a Founder and Trustee of the King Faisal Foundation as well as Chairman of the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies. His Royal Highness is also a Trustee of the Oxford Islamic Center at Oxford University and the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies (CCAS) at Georgetown University. In 2010, His Royal Highness received an honorary PhD in Law from the University of Ulster in Ireland; an honorary PhD in International Politics in 2011 from the University of Hankuk in Korea and an honorary PhD in 2015 from the University of Shanghai.


oreover, His Royal Highness is a visiting Distinguished Professor at Georgetown University. In addition to the aforementioned, His Royal Highness is an active participant in the World Economic Forum, the Global Economic Symposium, and the Clinton Global Initiative.


dditionally, His Royal Highness holds memberships on the following boards: Board of Trustees of the Library of Alexandria; Board of the Beirut Institute; Board of Trustees of the Council for Arab & International Relations; Board of Trustees of the Asia Society; Board of Directors of Al-Quds Fund & Endowment as well as member of the Advisory Council of the Munich Security Conference.


n 2015, the University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata’ appointed His Royal Highness as an honorary professor, and the Fondazione Mediterraneo in Naples, Italy granted him the Mediterranean Award for Diplomacy.


n 2016, His Royal Highness was awarded honorary citizenship of Seoul, South Korea, by Mr. Park Won-Soon, Mayor of Metropolitan Government of Seoul.



Can you summarize Prince Turki the student in few lines? I was a student like all students at all times aspiring to finish my studies successfully and to be fully prepared to what is after in life, the perpetual school that makes people life-long students. Therefore, Turki the student was as Turki the senior citizen who never stops learning.



How did you choose your major and what was your preferred job? Through the general studies I was exploring many fields of knowledge to find what suits me better, therefore I settled on studying business administration. There was no preferred job at the time that I aspired to.



Can you highlight the role of King Faisal as a father and educator? King Faisal was a role model in what he said and what he did, so he was a school by himself that we, his sons and daughters, were learning from by example. For him, may Allah bless his soul, education was the main means to the future of the country, the people and his family. He prioritized education for us all.



We noted that all KFF activities are related to education: why is that and do you still have new projects for the Foundation? As I have mentioned in the previous answer King Faisal considered education as the means for the future of the country. His vision was making Saudi Arabia a beacon of enlightenment in the world and specifically the Arab and Islamic World. Therefore, the aim of KFF is to contribute to realizing this great vision. The KFF, since its inception, is a work in progress, so when the need for new projects arises, the Foundation will be prepared to undertake them.



How would you compare education today to back then? There is no comparison between education today to back then. However, the purpose of education is still the same.

Q. A.

reason behind Alfaisal’s high ranking in a short period? By living up to the highest standards in education, Alfaisal University was bound to achieve this high ranking.



As a member of the BOT of Alfaisal University, how do you see its role in education? Making a positive difference in educational culture in Saudi Arabia.



This year we celebrate the tenth anniversary of the university; do you think it is in line with your vision? Yes, it is.



In your experience, how would you define success? Success is defined by achieving the goals of any project, hopefully, with distinction.



You continuously address a global audience, how would you describe Prince Turki, the teacher? Interactive teacher, enjoys sharing questions and answers.



Did you influence your children’s education path? No, they have chosen what suited them.



What do you advise students of today? Widen the scope of your knowledge and be up to the challenges of globalism and the advancement of technology. Take advantage of the available tools of knowledge



In the era of transformation, how would you like to see education in Saudi Arabia in 10 years’ time? To rise up to the aspirations of the leadership’s 2030 vision that is competitive and distinct.



In your recent interview with QSWOW news, you talked about the importance of university ranking. What do you think the


What should be the role of universities in the community? They should be the engine of enlightenment in their communities.



What does it mean to you that there are more women in Alfaisal then men? A reflection of a trend in Saudi Arabia that women are more than men in seeking better schooling.


Short Questions:

Q. A.

Name a book that you read more than once?

Our Holy Quran


What lecture do you enjoy more? Any lecture that presents new perspectives on any subject and that adds to our knowledge.


Q. A.

Name your second best career path?



Your favorite hobby?




Your favorite city?


Where there are friends

Q. A.

What would you tweet Alfaisal University?

Keep it up


A quote that you always remember?

،‫إذا أتتك مذمتي من ناقص‬ A. .‫كامل‬ ‫فهي الشهادة لي بأني‬

If I am maligned by the unworthy, That is the sign that I am perfect

President’s Message


ruly, there is nothing like a good read. I am certain that you will enjoy this most recent issue of Academia magazine for it is a great one as it once again features excellent reporting on our University community.


especially appreciate reading the in-depth articles on the most recent achievements by both our students and faculty; of course, this edition cover story is a coup with HRH Prince Turki Alfaisal Deputy BOT Chair interview.


or the fall 2018 semester we welcomed a most talented and diverse group of new and returning students—over 3000 in total— to Alfaisal. We began the fall semester with enthusiasm and a steadfast commitment to both our vision and mission to educate the minds of future leaders that will transform both our country and the world for generations to come. In my many interactions with our students, faculty, staff, alumni, trustees, donors, partners, and friends, during my past four years here at Alfaisal, I have had the privilege to observe first-hand their heartfelt commitment that serves to underscore the transformative education that we deliverand the impact this education has on both our students and graduates. I call it the Alfaisal difference, bar none.


hile we work diligently to ensure affordable access to an Alfaisal University education for all who are inspired by our mission and who aspire to study here, we know that the challenges that we face today will most likely continue into the foreseeable future. As our current University-wide review attests, our fiscal and operational priorities are designed to help us to achieve this by strategically leveraging Alfaisal’s strengths while concurrently revealing new opportunities for growth and innovation. By embracing a culture of innovation, we can ensure that we are preparing our students for their chosen professions and the many challenges that they may face in the foreseeable future.


t Alfaisal, we seek to prepare students to lead a life that is both exceptional and in exceptional service to others; hence, we seek to graduate global citizens. To this end, we seek to guide our students’ growth and skills in critical thinking, complex problem-solving, and communication as these three specific skills are the key to expanding our country’s global collaborations, partnerships, and achievements. In this issue of Academia magazine, you will find excellent reports detailing just how our students, faculty, and alumni from various disciplines are responding to local, regional, and global concerns as well as being of service to those in need.


n behalf of our Alfaisal community, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank HRH Princess Dr. Maha Alsaud, Vice President of External Relations, and her team for their continued support and commitment in producing this outstanding publication – Academia, enjoy! Warm regards, Dr. Mohammed Alhayaza President, Alfaisal University


to engineering. But soon I found that medicine has a lot to do engineering, especially if you are in fields like surgery. I felt that my skills were really being put to use. And due to this, I decided to become a surgeon after I graduated. Also, at the time I graduated, it was the era of minimally invasive surgery and the beginning of robotic surgery. I was the first person in Saudi Arabia to attend a workshop about robotic surgery and work with minimally invasive instruments.

Getting to know Dr. Khaled Al-Kattan VP of Finance & Administration, Dean of Medicine. By Sowshan Mostafa He is a thoracic surgery consultant, Professor of Surgery, Dean of the College of Medicine, and one of the founders of Alfaisal University. He agreed to spare over an hour from his overwhelming schedule to let us pick his brains a little bit and get to know him better as a person!

Q. A.

Tell us about the first thing that you ever wanted to be

in life? As a kid, I was a fan of toys where you had to construct cars and airplanes. I thought I wanted to be an engineer. Even at school, I was very good at Math and Physics. I was strongly considering going into aerospace engineering or mechanical engineering. My father however favored medicine more, and I, therefore, put medicine as my first choice before engineering in my university application. And I got into medicine.

Q. A.

Are you happy with the choice? I may have been upset at the time as I had dreams related


Sciences overlap, and it is sometimes premature to decide what you like before you know the actual job and the joys of it. I am now glad that my father urged me down this path! On the struggles of reading for medicine: Being a physician pushes you to do a bit more than everyone else. Perhaps you can get away with less in other specialties. If you are trying to repair a car and make a mistake, that is okay. But it is different when you are handling human lives. There will come a point where your knowledge becomes more in-depth but narrowed to specific fields. That is when you start sub-specialization. As a student, you need to take in a lot of information. And I think that is the most difficult part. As a professional, it is going to be a day to day work. You will be using your knowledge on a daily basis and stay updated in your field. It is not as difficult as people may think!


You are now an excelling in many aspects of your career. How did you get here? Strategic plan and vision. I actually have a wish list in my life – in work, in academia, spiritually and also socially.


As for my work, I always wanted to do something new, innovative and unique. I realized that there was no thoracic surgery field available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I also loved this specialty. So I took up this field and eventually became the first Saudi consultant thoracic surgeon. I also conducted the first conference about minimally invasive thoracic surgery in the Middle East. I strongly believe in

scientific and charitable societies and have therefore helped build a lot of them as well. When it came to academia, I was an assistant professor at King Saud University. And I wanted to see medical schools and universities function in a model similar to the top western universities in the world. So I joined the advisory board where we dreamed to create a university with a medical school that graduates students that can compete with other top world-class graduates.

Q. A.

What are your social and spiritual goals in this wish list?

As a human being, I try to work on my religion to be better day by day. Every Ramadan, I promise to do an extra thing for the rest of the year. Faith is an unlimited path and you are always far away from doing your best, but this helps. Socially, I love traveling and trying new things. I like to try local restaurants when I am traveling, because now with globalization, you have a McDonald’s or Pizza Hut in every city. It does not make sense to go to an exotic place and eat from there. Although when I went to Korea, I eventually ended up doing just that! In University I tried a lot of sports. Now I play soccer and squash regularly. On days where I don’t find a partner or team to play with, I go to a boxing gym for half an hour or so.


How do you handle the pressure of all your responsibilities? Once you have dedication, the effort becomes a joy and long working hours become fun. You become driven by your achievements. For me, all the long working hours combining Deanship with education, clinics, research, and surgery has become more of a satisfying hobby rather than work. And I think that is the key. If you give me more work and duties now, I will probably be happier!


Q. A.

What is your definition of success? I advise everyone to have their own definition of success. Set out your own tasks and targets and

achieve those. Give yourself the success mark once you achieve them. Secondly, don’t put all your success goals in a single basket. Life composes of many small projects and if you look at each one independently, you will see that you succeeded in a lot and failed in a few. And that is fine. You still have success overall. This especially applies to our young medical students. Just study and succeed each block and you will eventually succeed in medicine. Don’t wait for five years to enjoy your graduation – it is an accumulation of multiple successes in many blocks. During your medical school, create projects, go to events, do a research. When you achieve these, count it as a success story. This way, you will probably be working every day on a success story that is achievable.

Q. A.

Tell us about what you love to do with your family. Well, I think that doctors are never good fathers. Although my kids say that I am the best father, it might not be true. As a doctor, you don’t own your time as much as you think you do. I think that when you have such little time with your family, you have to focus on making it quality time. It is always the way you think – for example, instead of taking a plane for a trip, I like to travel in our car with all my family members. It all becomes part of an understanding relationship.

Q. A.

Advice for students for having a balanced life: The best time in your life is your college years. You are going to make real friends that last forever. You may even find your partner to marry. You will be reforming the final shape of your personality and making your final decisions about your career that will stick with you for the rest of your lives. So my advice is, work hard, study hard, enjoy hard, make a lot of friends, explore, see options, ask a lot of questions, don’t rush in decisions, give yourself options and make sure you are doing everything with a smile!


Alfaisal University is now celebrating its 10 year anniversary! Tell us her story.


More than 10 years ago, the Board of Trustees, headed by HRH Prince Khaled Alfaisal and the Chairman of the Executive Committee, Prince Bandar Bin Saud Bin Khaled sat down to write the Vision and Mission of this university. We were aiming very high. And it was a challenge. I had said to the team, “Listen, every word we write down now, we have to come back in ten years’ time to check if we did it or not.”

students with their options in different countries. Conferences like SIMEC 2016, which we hosted, facilitate further networking for students. We will be hosting it again in 2022. Finally, we follow up on all our alumni. We also get feedback from the places they work at and so far they are all excellent. A proper alumni database network is available at the alumni office where students can go and access it.

Today, 10 years later, we have an international rank by the prestigious Times Higher Education whereby we fall in the top 500-600 universities worldwide. The College of Medicine itself is ranked 300-400 worldwide. I am happy that we were strict in maintaining our high ambitions. We are on the track that we wanted to be in within our first 10 years.



What about the next ten years? Where do you see Alfaisal University then? We want to keep making continuous progress along the same fundamental things. We want to be better ranked, conduct more research, become more studentcentered and have students of multiple nationalities so that we can have Alfaisal ambassadors successfully disseminating knowledge not only in the kingdom but across the world.



Does your vision include having a separate building for the College of Medicine? Yes. Last month we signed a contract to build it. The design of the College is already there and it has been revised. The building will have a curriculum based, user-friendly design. Hopefully, it will be up and function in about three years.



Speaking of dissemination of knowledge, what is Alfaisal University doing to help students in reaching residency programs, PhDs, etc.? There are three parts to what we do. First, we prepare students by making them competent for international exams, and they are doing well there. Second, we have a lot of activities where we familiarize


What internship opportunities do the students have currently? The idea of the internship is an extra year you spend where you get exposed more into clinical practice in a real work setting. And it is also an opportunity for you to choose what you want to do. Our internship structure includes some obligatory rotations that students must complete and they have 2 months of electives for receiving greater exposure in their fields of interest. We want to help students make decisions about their field and where their passions lie.



What is your stance in students receiving salaries during their internship years on return for the services they provide? We would like that students doing an internship will have an income to help them prepare for their continuing journey. However, this is not being done as we speak because of financial and certain general constraints. This is not just a national but also an international problem. Eventually, our objective is to be able to pay students a salary. For now, we decided to give priority to the people who are starting medicine it as they are probably in more need of the available funds.



Final question – in one word, what about Alfaisal University are you proudest of? COM!



College of Medicine Message from



Alfaisal is celebrating its 10th anniversary, the College of Medicine is proud to be part of this success story! The vision and a mission we had to be a world-class research university and to be an international studentcentered college is now a reality. Today we compete to be the best College of Medicine in the region and we aim to be ranked among the top

international colleges. With the stateof-the-art campus and labs, and with the help of our distinguished faculty, our students are scoring the top scores in national and international exams, publishing in the top journals and presenting their own research in the best medical conferences.

oundation ing Faisal F Thanks to K es for rd of Truste and the Boa nks ess, and tha their gaudin ior n dent and se to our Presi n nti uous for their co leadership support. That success is shared with our affiliated King Faisal Specialist

Hospital for its distinguished clinical and academic support to our undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The long-term affiliation with Partners Medical International (PMI) and its link to Harvard University have supported the College from the development phase to accreditation and continue to be a strong affiliate in the progress of the University. I am looking forward to seeing the College of Medicine rise and shine like a star, and for its graduates to serve the humanity in the best medical practice. Khaled M. AlKattan Professor of Surgery Dean, College of Medicine

Academic Excellency, Progress, Research, and Achievements Progress Test COM students’ Achievements Students from Alfaisal university in addition to 22 other medical schools in the Kingdom including very well established medical schools sat for the progress test that took place on February 22nd, 2017. With great pride and pleasure, and for the 5th consecutive year, Alfaisal University has ranked the highest out of the 22 medical schools that participated in this test. Also, 7 out of the top 10 students in the Kingdom are Alfaisal/COM students:







% Total Marks











































National Board of Medical Examination (NBME), USA at Alfaisal University “Founded in 1915, the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME), USA is an independent, not-for-profit organization that serves the public through its high-quality assessments of healthcare professionals. The NBME develops and manages the United States Medical License Examination (USMLE). While the individual licensing boards grant the license to practice medicine, all medical boards in the USA accept a passing score on the USMLE as evidence that an applicant demonstrates the core competencies to practice medicine.” NBME also helps international students through shelf exam for a variety of pre-clinical and

clinical subjects. These exams require licensing of an educational Institute. The Dean of College of Medicine Dr. Khaled Al-Kattan had a vision. He wanted to expose the students also to an external system so that a benchmark could be set to our students who were appearing progress test and local Saudi Med Exam. College of Medicine at Alfaisal University got a license to execute NBME exam in 2011 for the very first time in the Kingdom. Since then, over 250 students appeared NBME (comprehensive basic science, equivalent to part 1 USMLE). The exam helped many students planning to

practice in the USA or somewhere else. In fact, many students who passed NBME with a high score also passed USMLE at one chance and presently are practicing in USA, Canada and other places in the world. The organization of NBME is not easy. The exam takes almost 6-7 hours but it is only possible to manage because of the concerted effort and dedication of Faculty, IT and Facility personnel at Alfaisal University. At present, the College organizes this activity twice a year. The exam is open only to the students of Alfaisal University enrolled in the Clerkship phase.

College of Medicine Students’ Achievements in Research 2016: - Alfaisal’s Research Outputs:


different universities/institutions. - Student Research Competitions: Annual Research Day is held on second Thursday of April each year. Several participating posters receive awards and winning students are honored at the Annual Alfaisal Research Awards Ceremony. KACST displays a financial support of 50K SAR. - International Clinical Electives (ICE) Program: Through this program, Alfaisal University has collaborated with multiple international health institutes to offer its students a clinical experience abroad and help them achieve a high standard clinical skills and expand their knowledge. 85








Number of Students in ICE program

*Summer Program for International Research Internship and Training (SPIRIT): SPIRIT is a student-run program started by the URC in the summer of 2011. The program focuses on providing Alfaisal medical students with world-class research training opportunities abroad. It is one of the essential programs organized under the URC. Every year around 100 students are accepted to various research training programs. The Goals of SPIRIT are to develop the students’ research skills and provide hands-on experience in the areas of basic and clinical research, in addition to providing students a chance to develop long-term relationships with the best international medical mentors/experts. SPIRIT always aims to create a strong base of knowledge in the area of medical research, qualifying Alfaisal medical students to perform research abroad. In 20162017, SPIRIT secured more than 135 seats in 7 different countries, and secured research opportunities in 5 of the top medical universities in the world, in addition to offering research training opportunities in more than 25


“Best Training Site Excellence Award”: Alfaisal Basic Life Support International Training Site under KFSH Life Support Center and the American Heart Association. The Life Support Training Site at Alfaisal University has just achieved another great milestone! We are proud to announce and celebrate our recent Excellence Award in recognition for being the “Best Training Site” under the Life Support Training Center (LSTC) of King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center (KFSH). This is considered one of the many honorable achievements for Alfaisal University and a unique one too, especially considering the fact that KFSH LSTC (which is the Training Center our Site is affiliated with) has recently won the Gold Recognition Award as the best American Heart Association Training Center in the Middle East. Alfaisal Basic Life Support was officially accredited as an International Training Site for the first time by the American Heart Association on the 14th April 2015. The aim of this project is to allow medical students to have a tangible effect in serving the community by spreading Life Support Skills at a large scale; whether here at Alfaisal University, the local community, or beyond at low costs. Dr. Mahmoud Sakkalaik the founder and director of Alfaisal Basic Life Support Training Site clarified: “through our CPR courses, we strive to make a difference in saving human lives. In a matter of a couple of hours attending our courses, we give our participants the basic confidence and skills needed to provide life-saving measures in life-threatening emergencies such as cardiac arrest, choking, and opioids

toxicity. So far, we have proudly trained over 1500 individuals including Alfaisal students & faculty, and lay people from the community “. Prof. Khaled Alkattan, College of Medicine Dean, expressed his immense gratitude and pride of this achievement and commented: “This is a unique example of institutionalized work that brings student achievements to a completely new level in Saudi Arabia. Few are the examples of organized students’ work that have such an international recognition and a large tangible effect on the community”. Prof. Mohammed Al Hayaza, President of Alfaisal University, also expressed his gratitude to the efforts of the Alfaisal BLS Team. He also encouraged other students to follow such inspiring examples of student-led volunteering work. Dr. Mahmoud Sakkalaik explained that this achievement is a result of great teamwork that could not have been possibly achieved if it was not for the high caliber of his teammates and their degree of professionalism and devotion. The team members expressed their sincere gratitude for the generous support by Prof. Khaled Alkattan, Prof. Muhammad Zafar (Head of Clinical Skills Department), Engineer Malek Almubarak (Manager of Facility Department), Mr. Sherif Mohammad (Academic and Student Counselling Affairs), and Mr. Ahmed Khan (College of Medicine Coordinating Supervisor) – whose contributions were invaluable for the success of this project. Team Members: Dr. Mahmoud Sakkalaik (CoM graduate and Teaching Assistant) Dr. A’man Inayah (CoM graduate and Teaching Assistant) Mohammed Rezek (Intern) Marwan Dabbagh (Final year medical student) Namariq Haroun (Final year medical student) Alanoud Al-Shamrani

(Final year medical student) Zuhoor Al-Somali (Final year medical student) Fathiah Shacfe (Fourth year medical student) In addition, COM has shown continuous attempts in hosting several important conferences, of which is the Point of Care Resources-Oncology (POCR Oncology 2017) Conference and Exhibit March 25th:

Point of Care Resources-Oncology (POCR Oncology 2017) Conference and Exhibit (A Journey of Hope for Oncology Patient) was held in College of Medicine at Alfaisal University. The first of its kind conference and held with the collaboration of several national and international societies. The main goal for this conference was for health care providers to educate the attendees about the available resources that can help cancer patient during and after the illness.

about cancer.

MSA 2016/17 EVENTS: MS Walk: Walk for MS! Was executed by students from Alfaisal University, AlMajmaah University, King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University & Princess Nora University, with the lead of Dr. Mona AlKhawajah Consultant of Neuroimmunology and Multiple Sclerosis. The campaign aimed towards raising awareness about Multiple Sclerosis, to the public, by providing short talks about the illness, a walk around the university campus and the release of over one thousand orange balloons in support of MS patients. A huge number of attendees, which exceeded one thousand, walked side by side in Alfaisal University campus, following an Ardha Band and supporting MS patients. At the end of the walk, the balloons were released into the air and smiles were drawn on the faces of many MS patients attending the campaign. Lenaraakom: Lenaraakom was lead and executed by students from Alfaisal University, with the assistance of King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Prince Sultan Military Medical City. It aimed to enlighten society on the issue of knowledge and follow-up of disease, and the role of family physicians and primary care centres. It was held in AL-Bujairi District and composed of stations

based on functionality. Approximately twenty attendees would pass through the registration gate and receive a “Medical Passport” with their name and age on it. After that, they would wait in the “Theater” station where a short video is running in a continuous loop. Educating the attendees on how important it is to screen and follow up with family physicians. Then the group of twenty attendees was guided to the “Orientation” station where they stood in front of doctors who explained to them educational material related to health and screening. After that station, the attendees were guided to the “Clinics” stations where medical volunteers did some vital sign & blood sugar checkups, then wrote them down on their medical passports. Finally, the attendees were guided to the “Education” station where they had a one on one talk with a medical volunteer about their health and results of their vital sign checkups for consultation and recommendations. When the attendees were through with all the medical related stations, they were guided to the “Exhibition” area where booths of companies/ institutes were available to help the attendees achieve, or maintain, their good health.

Professor Khaled Al-Kattan Dean of College of Medicine at Alfaisal University and Professor Abdul Rahman Jazieh the Conference Director and the Chairman of Oncology Department in the Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs, gave the opening remarks. The conference and exhibit included two periods for the lectures. The first period was for health care professionals with different specialties that aims to educate them on available resources to help them provide better patient care. The lectures were given by Oncology specialists and other health care branches (physicians, nurses, pharmacist and researchers). The second period of lectures included several sessions designed for the patients and their families, and those who are interested in knowing more

Hot Seat aims to facilitate communication between faculty and students, in order to strengthen the relationship between both sides. And for us, as students, to know our professors even better. Before every event, a faculty member will be chosen by you to sit on the Hot Seat, in front of everyone, and answer any questions students might have. Those questions can be academical or personal.


Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign: Worldwide, October is known to be the breast cancer awareness month. MSA turns pink to stand with all the victims of breast cancer. The awareness campaign consisted of 3 days. The first day included a session in which a renowned speaker from the breast cancer industry gave a motivational speech about breast cancer. On the second day, the MSA hosted booths all over Alfaisal campus in which the students were given a chance to share their respect for the breast cancer victims and be able to participate in the campaign actively. Finally, on the third day, all female students of Alfaisal were invited to join us and form a human ribbon.

HPE: This event was a one of a kind event in which all the male and female first year students were separated into groups of 10, each group was given a specific topic about primary health. The interactive booths were held in Alfaisal campus to raise awareness of important health topics such as: cancer screening, energy drinks, ADHD, antibiotic resistance, waste management, etc. Panel discussions about certain topics were conducted in order to increase awareness of specific topics for the public. Finally, our guest of honor for the event, Dr.


Walid Ftaihi, gave an inspirational talk and brought the event to an end by awarding the students of the best booths.

COM Award Ceremony: Every year the students who score exceptionally in their academics are awarded by the College of Medicine. As the MSA represents the student body of the College of Medicine, it is, therefore, its duty to conduct this ceremony. The parents of the deans-list students are invited along with their sons or daughters

to attend a ceremony in which the students will be awarded in front of their families and the faculty. Above all, and for the desired accomplishments to be reached, COM always works to provide the optimal environment that would enable a student to progress in different academic, clinical, research, national, and international levels. It is the hard work and dedication that is putting us on the track of our mission and vision.

College of Pharmacy College of Pharmacy is a new college at Alfaisal University that enrolls graduates from the university preparatory program UPP into a further 5 years of didactic/ experiential courses within Pharm.D. Program. This program will offer the graduate with a degree of ‘Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.), conditioned with successful performance in all courses, including the final advanced pharmacy practice experience APPE rotations in the final year. Pharm.D. curriculum was developed under the supervision and evaluation of Partners Healthcare International (PHI) and Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences University (MCPHS). Dr. Manal Alem, an Assistant Prof of Clinical Pharmacology-College of Medicine, has been appointed as a Program Director. Student acceptance started from the last academic year 20162017. This is the second academic year for the Pharm.D. program after the acceptance of 18 new students. With the beginning of fall semester 2017-2018, four full-time faculty member has joined, with one academic officer and one lab specialist: Dr. Mohammed Khanfar, Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry. Dr. Omar Aladhami, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology. Ms. Nahlah Aldahian, Lecturer of Pharmacology. Ms. Ghadeer Alabsi, Lecturer of Clinical Pharmacy. Ms. Reedab Albakri, Academic Officer. Ms. Norah Alabdurahman, Lab Specialist.

King Saud University (KSU) College of Pharmacy, designed to deliver some courses to third year Pharm.D. students. Dr. Ahmed AL Jedai, is a Consultant Clinical Pharmacist-Solid organ transplantation, and Director of Pharmaceutical care division-KFSHRC, Dr.Abdulrazag Al Jazairi, Clinical Pharmacy Consultant-Cardiology and Deputy Director of Pharmaceutical care division-KFSH-RC, Prof Saleh Al Suwayeh, Prof of PharmaceuticsKSU, and Dr.Ehab Al Zayat, Assistant Prof of Pharmaceutics-KSU are kindly participating in teaching. Dr. Scott Bryson is a Visiting Consultant from Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK will be participating in teaching third year students during fall 2017-2018. The same institution will organize a summer training program during JulyAugust 2018 for year 2 and 3 students. Faculty in COP are expert in labbased research and clinical trial. Their areas of interest are drug design and discovery of anti-cancer and antineurodegenerative

agents, ethnopharmacology, nitric oxide signaling and endothelial pathways in animal models, development of arterial stiffness and hemodynamic parameters in chronic kidney disease animal models, antibiotic stewardship, clinical trials assessing arterial stiffness and oxidative stress in patients with cardiovascular risk factors. COP has taken the initiative to cooperate with the Saudi Food and Drug Authority. Saudi FDA is a national authority that is responsible to set up the rules, specification, and standards of pre-clinical and clinical research. COP second year students have volunteered to participate in research projects done by the Saudi FDA during fall 2017-2018. We wish the new college every success with regard to student academic progress, community service, and research work during this academic year.

Dr Aiman Al Wadi, Teaching Assistant COP is in collaboration with King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center (KFSH-RC) and


College of Business Message from



region is living a time of unprecedented changes, especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Successful businesses are those who predict the change and use it to their competitive advantages. College of Business (CoB) located in Riyadh is in the eye of the storm of this change. As CoB mission emphasizes its partnership with the community, it designed programs to produce leaders that recognize the change and capitalize on it. It graduates students with exceptional abilities. CoB will soon celebrate its 10th anniversary. It admitted its first students in the fall of 2008. It offers two dynamic academic programs: MBA with three tracks: Generic,


Finance and Healthcare Management; and an undergraduate business administration program grounded in liberal arts education with five concentrations: Accounting, Finance, Human Resources Management, Marketing, and Operations and Project Management. CoB also offers an active Executive Education program. It provides various opportunities to the business community and government agencies to enhance their managerial skills and professional expertise. CoB is the home of the Corporate Governance Center; the center plays an important role in sustaining good economic growth. I invite you to visit CoB website and explore its programs and faculty. The College’s pioneering curriculum and its diverse and research-active faculty are attracting the best and the brightest students in the Kingdom. The students are trained to manage change and growth in the public and private organizations through business

analytics, information technology, and collaborative execution. In-class and internship experiences with real-world business problems give students the edge needed to help companies compete in today’s global market. Many of its graduates become entrepreneurs and others are in hot demand by the private and public sectors. Within CoB short history, it became the first choice college for business education within the Gulf Cooperation Council region.

rsity, aisal Unive lf A f o rt a p As viding itted to pro m m co is B Co business high-quality ss t a world-cla education a . y it rs e iv research un CoB also continues to strengthen and broaden its partnerships with the private and public organizations and seek the accreditation of the international accreditation agencies. I welcome you to join us and grow with CoB personally and professionally. Dr. Bajis M. Dodin, Dean College of Business

New MBA Track Alfaisal University added two new concentrations in the MBA program: Finance and Health Care Management. Both concentrations are implemented to support Vision 2030 and the growth and diversification of the KSA Business Community. They are meant to significantly enhance career prospects and allow for upward career mobility for graduates. The MBA Health Care concentration is designed to allow clinicians and nonclinicians to develop the management skills necessary to run a variety of healthcare facilities, both private and government-owned. The MBA Finance concentration is designed to prepare students for a variety of careers in the Finance sector. These high quality and internationally competitive concentrations are not

separate MBA programs per se as they are made up of eight core courses plus a minimum of six elective courses, which belong to a specific concentration. As all concentration courses are elective courses, they are open to all MBA students who completed the prerequisite courses. Both concentrations incorporate state-of-the-art learning processes and use a variety of techniques and learning materials, such as cases and practicums. The courses are taught by Alfaisal’s highly renowned faculty who are also research active and publish articles in international prestigious academic and practitioneroriented journals. Many have practical experience in the corporate world, which enhances the learning experience.

ASHRM Trip to Dubai The Arabian Society for Human Resource Management (ASHRM) is a society dedicated to the development and management of human resources in the Arab world. It is a not-forprofit organization that aims to be the regional voice of HR experts and professionals in the Arab Middle East. ASHRM conference took place in Dubai between the 21st and 23rd of March, 2017, and was dedicated to addressing the theme of “The Future of Work”.

where they had the opportunity to participate in various workshops and be engaged in the larger discussion pertaining the future of work in KSA and the region. The students also had the opportunity to connect with key figures including Mr. Ahamd Algahmdi, VP of HR in STC, Ms. Huda Alghoson Executive Director of Human Resources at Saudi Aramco, Abdulhadi Almansouri President of ASHRM, among many others.

Eleven students from the College of Business attended this conference


Alfaisal University Collaborate with the

World Economic Forum (WEF) to Publish the Global Competitiveness Report for 2017-18 for Saudi Arabia In its efforts to develop and improve effective foundation for business investments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) and Alfaisal University set up a partnership with the World Economic Forum (WEF) to assesses the competitive landscape of the economy and provide an insight into the drivers of enhanced productivity and prosperity. Aligned with the formal WEF’s methodology, Dr. Mohammed Kafaji and Dr. BajisDodin conducted the online executive survey for the year 2017-2018. Based on the WEF approach, the data is gathered on various business management environments related to the business investment and operations. From the business competitiveness perspectives, the key areas covered include: the Kingdom’s infrastructure, adopted technologies, foreign investment, financial support, practices in managing competition, innovation, education, human resources, health, security, and risks.


companies from different industries and sectors, performing multiple site visits across the Kingdom, ensuring alignment with WEF methodology, managing related logistics and communicating with WEF via their online system.

Dr. Kafaji used the WEF methodology to lead the project for conducting the executive opinion survey of appropriately selected business executives in different sectors of the Saudi market based on their contribution to the national GDP (Gross Domestic Product). This data is then analyzed to evaluate the degree to which the business environment is suitable for investment. The project required extensive collaboration with the local

After four months of rigorous data gathering and analysis work, the project was successfully completed by end of May 2017. The findings of this project will be evaluated by WEF, benchmarked with the rest of the world, and published in the “Global Competitiveness Report” for 20172018. Go to for more information.

The Second Annual Corporate Governance Conference

The top five companies in CGI 2017: 1. Saudi Basic Industries Corp. (SABIC) 2. Saudi Airlines Catering Co. (Catering) 3. Saudi International Petrochemical Co. (SIPCHEM) 4. Saudi Investment Bank (SAIB) 5. Saudi Telecom Co. (STC)

Corporate Governance Center (CGC) at Alfaisal University – College of Business held its Second Annual Conference on the 22nd of April 2018. This event comes as a part of the responsibilities that CGC carries to raise the society awareness of good Corporate Governance and its value for the economy. A large number of participants from both government and private sectors attended the conference. The conference began with a welcome remarks by Dr. Bajis Dodin, CGI Principal Investigator and Dean of CoB. After that, Dr. Necati Aydin, the Technical Leader of CGI shared with the attendees the methodology and results of the Corporate Governance

Index (CGI). The index captures the governance of corporations in terms of structure, policies and practices in regard to Board of Directors, Shareholders’ Rights, Public Disclosure & Transparency, and stakeholders’ Rights. The CGI is based solely on good CG principles set by the Saudi Capital Market Authority (CMA), Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA), and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Companies listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) are included in the CGI. The top five companies were awarded by his Excellency Dr Mohammed Alhayaza, Alfaisal University president.

During the conference, attendees heard from a world-renowned expert, Harvard University Dr. Stephen Davis, on “Rising Importance of CG Indices Worldwide” followed by a presentation on the results of a research paper produced by Ms. Rima Alhammadi of CGC titled, “Impact of Good CG on Company Profitability and Sustainability”. Followed by two panel discussions; chaired by Dr. Ahmed Alanazi, Assistant Professor of Finance, the first deals with the role of related government agencies in developing policy and CG principles, where the second focusses on the impact of practicing good CG in the private sector.


The Corporate Governance Center (CGC) at Alfaisal University The College of Business at Alfaisal University is the home of the Corporate Governance Center (CGC). The CGRC has been established in June 2017. It was approved by the College of Business; Council of Deans at Alfaisal University (AU), AU Council, AU Board of Trustees and by Ministry of Education. CGC consists of three departments: Assessment, Research, and Training departments. Currently the Assessment department is fully functional; where the other two are in the formation stage and it is expected to be fully operational by January 2019. The chart below shows the structure of the center once it is fully functional. CGC has the vision and mission stated below. Vision: We aspire for the Corporate Governance Center (CGC) to be the leading center in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region for impactful research on CG and for promoting best CG policies and practices. Mission: The mission of the center is to provide reliable and independent CG policies and practices through quality research and education that serves the GCC region and its economies. President of AU

CG Advisory Council

Executive Director

Development Office

Corporate Governance Research and Training Dept.

Corporate Governance Assessment Dept.

Corporate Governance Index Project

Administrative Assistant

Subject Matter Experts

Principle Investigator (PI)

CoB Multidisciplinary Co-PI’s

Administration Support Staff

Research Support Staff

CGC provides the support to all members who are engaged in Corporate Governance or has the potential to be part of it. CGC main services are: • Corporate Governance Index (CGI): It is CGC main product, it ranks the publicly traded companies in the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) according to their compliance to the related governance rules in the country and best governance practice around the world. The index is announced on annual bases during the Annual Conference of Corporate Governance where the top companies are announced and awarded.


• Consultation and Individual Assessment Report: CGC provides companies with consultation service on implementing CG best practices an provide them with an individual CG report. • Research: CGC enhances the research in the field of CG in Saudi Arabia and GCC and provides the opportunity to researchers and interested parties to exchange ideas and form CG policies. • Training programs: CGC provides training programs to raise the awareness of good corporate governance and develop board members and governance personnel. • Education: CGC and the College of Business provide CoB students with courses in Corporate Governance as part of developing CG culture. Also, conduct research and internship in CG.

For more information, please visit CGC website

Saudi Corporate Governance Index (CGI) WHAT is Saudi CGI? Saudi CGI is a scientific index developed by a team from College of Business at Alfaisal University in collaboration with consultants from Harvard University and Kobirate Co. with a partial funding from Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA). The objective of the index is to monitor and promote good governance practices among corporations doing business in Saudi Arabia. The index captures the governance of corporations in terms of rules, structure, process, practices, and reporting in regard to board of directors, shareholders’ rights, public disclosure & transparency, and stakeholders’ rights. The CGI is based solely on good CG principles set by the Saudi Capital Market Authority (CMA), Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA), and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). WHY to have CGI? CGI is a way to assess companies in terms of their compliance to the good governance principles for better decision making, risk management, and higher performance. Those principles are expected to promote equal treatment of shareholders; ensure transparency through constant flow of relevant information related shareholders and stakeholders; and provide effective structure to hold decision makers accountability for their business decisions. The ultimate benefit of good governance is to develop efficient and effective corporate culture based on good rules and institutions for higher productivity and sustainable growth in increasingly competitive global market. HOW to measure CGI? The CGI is a composite index based on the weighted score of corporate governance within the four categories listed below. Each category is evaluated over 100 points using evidence based CG practices. The final CG score is the weighted average of four categories over 100 points. The base model for all companies includes 117 variables while the banking and insurance sectors have additional variables as shown below: Board of Directors

Shareholders Rights

Public Disc. & Transparency

Stakeholders rights

Total Variables

Base Model



















CGI Results: The cumulative general CG scores for CGI 2017 range from 45 points to 91 points with a mean of 67 out of 100 and standard deviation of 8. Companies are particularly doing well in terms of the CG principles related to board of directors (with mean of 78 out of 100) and shareholders’ rights (with mean of 75 out of 100). They need great improvement in the areas of public disclosure and transparency (with mean of 64 out of 100), and stakeholders rights (with mean of 18 out of 100); please see the graphs below. Development of CGI: CGC developed the CGI for the last two years, CGI 2016 and CGI 2017. These two indexes were mostly based on CG principles developed by CMA as it was issued on 2006. The CGC is working to develop the criteria of the CGI based on the observations of CGC taking in consideration the development of CG principles amended by CMA in 2017. CGI new criteria is expected to reach 400 variables and extend its list of companies to include a sample of family owned companies. 100




40 64


Public Dis. and Tran. Score

Cumulative CG Score



Shareholders Score

BOD Score

20 18 0




40 64












Capital Goods


Healthcare and Pharma

Real Estate

Food & Staples and Food & Beverages

Consumer Durables and Consimer Services


Energy and Utilities

Telecom and Media

Bank and Diversified Financials


Commercial Serv. and Retailing

Mean Cumulative CG Score

Stakeholders Score



Sector 22

Operation Management Field trip of AlFaisal Female Students to United Food Industries Corporation Ltd. Company (Deemah) On May 4, 2017, a field trip organized by College of Business Professor, Dr. Mario Ferrer, was conducted at The United Food Industries Corporation Ltd (Deemah). Deemah was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Riyadh. The purpose of the trip was to understand the diverse operational processes at a very complex snackfood processor. The field trip was highly beneficial to bridge the gap between the theory-driven lessons taken on campus and the practice.

The factory visit included an orientation by the supply chain and quality managers, which was also inclusive of Questions and Answers session between the students and the team at United Food Industries Corporation Ltd. The supply chain manager showed the students the

critical elements of the supply chain, detailing all the processes within it, like how the delivery of their products is carried out across their 20 branches within the kingdom with their own transportation network of trucks and vans. The quality manager explained the challenges they faced with suppliers, like late deliveries of conforming ingredients, implementation of quality management systems and documentation process to get ISO certification.

The overall trip at the company was really helpful in understanding operations management, and how such companies are able to mass produce their products while maintaining the quality of their standards. The company is ideal to visit for those seeking to understand real-time operations management, and how effective operations management can lead to successful accomplishments in a daily task oriented organization.

Overall the managers delivered a very insightful presentation that was helpful in giving information about how the manufacturing processes work. And how are operational decisions are made, and what factors are considered when making changes and in coordination with the new marketing team. The mangers gave students a guided manufacturing plant tour to see actual production taking place in real-time. The manufacturing facility included different departments, like the inventory and materials handling, and there were interesting state-ofthe-arts machines that were placed to automate the production. Since United Food Industries Corporation Ltd. manufactures premier Biscuits, confectionery and Snacks, hygiene is an important factor in the facility as all machines and manpower working within these departments have to keep rigorous hygiene practices. The facility was well laid out, and the machines used were all regularly maintained as per the standards of the company.

According to the students, “it is so rewarding to see what we studied within operations management like capacity management, design and forecasting being shown to us in real-life, we had the opportunity to appreciate constraints and challenges that we would not have considered while studying in a class only. This helped us truly understand operations management and remember it for the rest of our lives thanks to this unforgettable trip�.


First BAE Systems Competition Brief

With the aim of acknowledging the work of Saudi business students, concentrating on Project Management, and to motivate them to contribute to the development of the country, BAE Systems in cooperation with the College of Business at Alfaisal University honoured 9 projects completed by Operations and Project Management students on Thursday Oct 19, 2017.

These students were presented with awards and commendation certificates at a special ceremony organized by BAE Systems in cooperation with Alfaisal University’s College of Business. The awards were presented by President of Alfaisal University, H.E. Mohammed Al Hayaza, Dean of College of Business, Prof Bajis Dodin, and Dr. Abdulatif Al-Shaikh, CEO of BAE Systems SDT. They gave away awards and certificates to the top 9 groups from among the projects submitted by the students. A total of 17 students, whose contributions were recognized, are the recipients of the awards.

BAE Systems is a premier global defense, aerospace and security company with more than 100,000 employees worldwide. It offers a full range of products and services in the air, land and naval sectors, in addition to advanced electronics and security solutions, information technology, and customer support services. BAE Systems has been involved in several national programs, especially in the areas of engineering, technology and research. BAE Systems operates across five continents, serving customers and partners in more than 100 countries. It has a substantial presence in Australia, the US, the UK and India.

BAE Systems 1st Project management student competition

Winners 1st Prize

Project Title: To what extent does the implementation of MiguuŠ affect the capacity utilization of local football field rental agencies in Saudi Arabia? Author: Bandar AlBulushi, Hamad AlMuqbil, Ibrahim AlSemari, and Mohammed AlZeer This project aims to solve the issue of under utilization of the capacity of rentable football fields in Saudi Arabia, in addition to improving the overall health conditions of Saudi citizens, in compliance with the 2030 vision.

Project Title: The Application of Analytical Hierarchical Process (AHP) to Select and Rank Career Paths and Future Professions: Case of Saudi Arabia Authors: Jawaher Ahmed Al Saud, Fatima Tahir, Maha Alhinti, and Nouf Fahad Alabduljabbar This project aims to assess and rank the driving forces for high-school graduates to select and prioritize their future academic and work career options. The Analytical Hierarchical Process (AHP) will be used for the analysis of gathered data.


2 nd Prize

3rd Prize

Project title: Megaprojects: Influences of Risk and Stakeholder Management Author: Hussam AlMardini, Abdulah AlMhqani, and Salman AlSudairy This paper is to contribute to, and expand, our understanding of risk and stakeholder management specifically in terms of megaprojects. Megaprojects tend to expand within territories of commercial, industry, and residential areas hence they affect stakeholders. The main focus of this study is to emphasize on the ramifications of not considering both risk and stakeholder management.

Project title: Pedal Power Author: Sarah Saad Al Salem

4 th Prize

This project aims to introduce the activity of Pedal Power to Saudi Arabia which is cycling as a means of transportation. Pedal Power is an initiative by global transportation bodies seeking to counter issues of the negative impact the industry has had on the environment, socially and climatically.

5th Prize

Project title: Every Leaf Counts Author: Lama B Alsaud The purpose of this project is to create social value from a small disposable item. The idea was first introduced by challenging students to create value from relatively nothing; with Post-it notes being the mandatory medium. Using notes evidently proved to be such a waste; thus, redirected the approach to collect used notes people are ready to dispose of rather than new ones. The approach has refined a new goal towards recycling.

Project Title: Lumturi charity Author: Aljoharah Sulaiman Algwaiz The purpose of Lumturi is to provide custom necessity packages for those in need in Saudi Arabia. Conducted through an online website, you order specific packages comprised of food, clothing, or school supplies to be sent to families in need, make it slightly personal and budget friendly. Our main goal is to make giving back to the community as easy, dependable and efficient as possible, reaching the maximum amount of people capable.

7th Prize

6 th Prize

Project title: Analyzing customers’ satisfaction with the food in campus. Author: Faisal Alswailem This project aims at comprehensively analyzing and improving the customer’s satisfaction with the supply of food on campus.

Project title: Understanding the Resilience and Risk Management Capabilities of The Oil & Gas Sector in KSA Author: Nour Samir Hasanein

8 th Prize

This study aims to explore the relationship between resilience capabilities and risk management practices in the KSA oil and gas supply chain. A secondary aim relates to Identifying the sources of risk in the oil and gas supply chain.

9th Prize

Project title: Vanline Author: Hala Abualhassan and Ola Almasri Vanline refers to a unique, new and exclusive service with transportation application. This is a service targeting people who have long hours of studying or working. The service targets particularly students who want somewhere to refresh and relax before resuming classes. The product information explains in details what Vanline will offer to its customers. Students in Riyadh have the opportunity to increase their concentration and performance due to relaxation services provided by Vanline.

College of Science & General Studies Message from



gives me great pleasure to cordially welcome you all to the College of Science and General Studies (COSGS) at Alfaisal University, a foremost college that sets itself the task of nurturing science, the “key to innovation and inventions,� and the foundation for advancement in all other branches of knowledge. I am extremely proud to be part of this diverse, competent and vibrant academic community dedicated to offering quality science education, groundbreaking scientific research, outstanding service to the local community, and running in parallel with a prosperous Alfaisal University Preparatory Program (AUPP). As a key performance indicator, I am truly delighted to report that in The 2018 Times Higher Education World University Subject Rankings


Alfaisal University placed # 251-300 in the world for the Life Sciences subject ranking. This year’s Life Sciences subject ranking was expanded to include 500 institutions. Only three Universities in the Kingdom were listed in the top 500. Life Sciences at Alfaisal University was ranked 2nd in the Kingdom as well as 2nd in the Arab region. The College brings together nationally and globally eminent scholars in disciplines at the center of scientific inquiry, as researchers and educators who take to heart the College vision and mission of supporting its students to achieve their academic and professional goals. Our welldeveloped academic departments and programs encompass the spectrum of life sciences, chemistry, physics, mathematics, nanoscience and nanotechnology, in addition to humanities and social sciences. Our students receive a novel, robust and career-focused education, along with advising and guidance through the

years of their study. As doing research is not just an assignment but a vital interest, we get our students earnestly involved in both field and lab research. In particular, our promising students of life sciences and of nanoscience and nanotechnology are directly engaged in pioneering research projects in their respective areas of study and interests, and they constantly receive immense support and guidance from our renowned scientists. ibute grams contr College pro e-based i knowledg to the Saud economy. Indeed, we take great pride in our alumni who are either pursuing their higher education in highly reputed universities such as KAUST (King Abdullah University for Science & Technology), or enjoying the positions for which they are eligible in the Saudi job market, and beyond. We welcome you to join our science programs. Warmest regards Mattheus (Theo) Goosen Assoc VP for Research & Graduate Studies Acting Dean of College of Science & General Studies

Developing New Methods for Therapeutic Intervention in Iron Related Diseases: Alfaisal Faculty Member Publishes Paper on Iron Regulatory Protein

Iron is a “can’t live without it or can’t live with it” element. Many human neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Diabetes, Tuberculosis, and Thalassemia are related to iron misregulation.

Dr. Mateen Ahmad Khan

About 30% of the world suffers from iron-related diseases.

An Assistant Professor of Biology in the Department of Life Science & the University Preparatory Program (UPP) at Alfaisal University, Dr. Mateen Ahmad Khan recently published his research work on the Iron Regulatory Protein in Scientific Report, a Nature Publishing Group. In the research article, Dr. Khan discusses the importance of Iron Regulatory Protein and Element (IRE)-

mRNA to Iron homeostasis in the human body. The research focus was on the post-transcriptional regulation of the gene of iron transport, storage and utilization, and on the regulation of iron homeostasis. The long-term goal of Dr. Khan’s work is to develop better methods for therapeutic intervention in iron-related diseases. “The University is very proud of the quality of the research output produced by its faculty members,” said Dr. George Kulik the Head of the Department of Life Sciences, adding “we are delighted to have someone of Mateen’s caliber in our Department”.


College of Engineering Message from



College of Engineering at Alfaisal University has come a long way since its existence in 2008. Today, the college is a vibrant entity where enrollment is growing, external research funding is increasing, infrastructure (labs and equipment) is improving, and the programs are receiving national and international attention. And that tremendous growth is expected to continue. The College of Engineering has been offering a wide range of degrees and programs through a blend of rigorous and project-based curricula to educate


a diverse group of students. Currently, the college offers bachelor’s degrees in Architectural, Electrical, Industrial, Mechanical, and Software Engineering. These programs were originally conceived by a joint MIT-Cambridge advisory committee to ensure that they meet the highest international accreditation standards such as ABET. In addition, a master’s degree in Engineering & Systems Management is being offered in collaboration with the Centre for Complex Engineering Systems (CCES) at KACST (King Abdulaziz City for Science & Technology) and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Our graduates are innovators and professionals who serve and fuel the economic and technological development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and regions beyond.

tions ynamic rela d in ta in a We m l reputable with severa re abroad whe universities y d u n st students ca arch. se re or do The student to faculty ratio is small compared to other programs in the region. Our student-centered pedagogy ensures that students can freely access any faculty member. As one of the fastest rising engineering programs in the nation, the College of Engineering looks to the future with a tremendous sense of optimism and anticipation to advance even further. Sincerely, Dr. Muhammad Anan Acting Dean, College of Engineering

Alfaisal Engineering students have been featured

in Arriyadh Development Authority Development of Riyadh City organized the summer training program for the Riyadh train project in 1438H, which is one of the programs launched by the Authority in cooperation with the Saudi universities and the competent authorities to transfer technology and localization of the project. Alfaisal students from Electrical, Mechanical, Architectural and Industrial engineering disciplines have acquired knowledge and skills

in various projects in all aspects of planning, design, civil works, train manufacturing, electrical and mechanical systems, management, operation and maintenance. The program included organizing field visits for groups of trainees to eight countries around the world, including Italy, Denmark, Britain, Austria, Germany, South Korea, France and Poland, to train students in factories where many elements of the project are being manufactured.

Alfaisal engineering students have been featured in Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA) video as within the framework of the King Abdul Aziz Public Transport Project, the Supreme Commission for the

BOEING Funds Three Engineering Projects in 2018 Three engineering projects received a funding of $50,000 USD from Boeing to design and develop a series of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) based design projects with College of Engineering. The fund was announced during the visit of the newly appointed executive focal for Alfaisal University, Dr. John F. Bade, Senior Vice President Boeing Saudi Arabia on May 15th, 2018.

in terms of supporting educational objectives and leading technical innovations worldwide. The students will be engaged in towards an ultimate design goal. This will enable the students to learn about the practical and theoretical engineering topics related to such an endeavor. In addition, the projects provide service

to the community by producing innovative advanced technologydriven solutions to institutions, businesses, and society within and beyond the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, they will enhance and further strengthen a long term relationship between Boeing and Alfaisal University.

The delegation was welcomed by HE Prof. Mohammad Alhayaza, President of Alfaisal University, HRH Dr. Maha Bint Mishari AlSaud, Vice President for External Relations & Advancements, and Dr. Khalid AlKattan, Vice President for Finance & Administration, and Dean of College of Medicine. The engagement of Alfaisal University and Boeing will support several strategic goals of both institutions


Boeing Funds Alfaisal University’s Solar-based Projects

On Tuesday, December 6, 2016, Alfaisal University was visited by a delegation from Boeing Saudi Arabia. The delegation included Eng. Tony Brooks, Mr. Majed Alharbi, Mr. Anees Abdullah, and Mr. Sami Alotaibi. During the visit, Mr. Majed Alharbi presented President Mohammed Alhayaza the cheque for the Boeingfunded project entitled “Design and Development of a Solar Powered

The First Saudi Team of Student Engineers to Participate in the Formula Student Competition at Silverstone, UK Students from the Mechanical Engineering department at Alfaisal University became the first Saudi team to participate in the Formula Student competition. The project was supervised by Dr. Abdel Naser Daoud and sponsored by SABIC and the Office of Research at Alfaisal University. Alfaisal University’s team participating at the 2017 Formula Student Competition in Silverstone, UK have received the RaceTechmag Spirit of FS Award. The Formula judges and chief designers were impressed with the level of proficiency, dedication and spirit that Alfaisal Haizum team had.


Multi-rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles”. The project is supervised by Dr. Abd-Elhamid M. Taha and carried out by the University’s electrical engineering students. Moreover, Dr. Ahmed Oteafy received Boeing Saudi Arabia Award of $50,000 USD to design and develop a Solar Car Project with College of Engineering Students.

The team of 55 students have spent months of research and hard work; put their Aero Dynamic-Mechanical Design and Suspension knowledge into designing and building a car to compete in this motorsport competition. Representatives of Alfaisal Haizum stated “Our goal is to represent the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the world of motorsport and show the full potential of the knowledge applied by young engineers. We aim to apply our knowledge and skills to build a world – class racing car that is efficient in energy but also great in performance.” Dr. Muhammad Anan, Acting Dean of Engineering, said “Alfaisal University intends to provide the best opportunities for its students by encouraging them to participate in global environmental projects and

The ceremony was attended by HRH Dr. Maha AlSaud (VP for Development and External Relations), Dr. Muhammad Anan (Acting Dean, CoE), Dr. Munib Qutaishat (Director, QAA), Dr. Yousef Al Yousef (VP for Research and Graduate Studies, ORG) and Dr. Mattheus Goosen (AVP, ORG) and Dr. Ahmed Oteafy (EE).

educational programs and services that benefit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the region and the world. The Formula Student competition is a unique opportunity for our engineering students to gain handson experience and apply their engineering knowledge through the construction of an ultra-effective vehicle.” Formula student is a competition that attracts students from around the globe and provides an ideal opportunity for them to test, demonstrate and improve capabilities to deliver a complex and integrated product in the demanding environment of the motorsport industry.

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Design Sprint

“Riyadh Design Sprint 2016-2017”

The “Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Design Sprint” takes place under the patronage of The Happold Foundation in partnership with Alfaisal University, and BuroHappold Engineering. The event is the second of a series of seven – each one focuses on a particular topic. The first challenge launched in February 2016 is titled “Housing and the Integrated Neighbourhood” and requires students to design a future neighborhood of Riyadh. This secondyear challenge was in the form of a day-long design sprint on “how can urban streets be reclaimed and reimagined through the introduction of connected and autonomous vehicles?” On December 10th, 2016, BuroHappold Engineering collaborated with the Architectural and Engineering Faculties at Alfaisal University to host the CAV design sprint, where student groups competed to design the most original solutions for reclaiming the streets of Riyadh in an era of autonomous and connected vehicles.

Eight teams participated from three universities: Alfaisal University, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, and Prince Sultan University, joined by high school

students from the British International School (BIS), all performed well during a very intense and long day, that included lectures, brainstorming, options development and the presentation of each Team’s vision for a selected street in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

ceremony at the female theatre. The President of Alfaisal University, H.E. Dr. Mohamed Alhayaza, Dr. Mohamed Anan, Dr. Tarek Mokhtar, and Eng. Robert Okpala (Group Director of BuroHappold Engineering) had celebrated and provided certificates to the winners of the CAV Design Sprint.

Seven lectures were given by Dr. Tarek Mokhtar, Chairman and Assistant Professor of Architectural Engineering of Alfaisal University; Eng. Ibrahim AlShaye, Head of Planning and Environment of Arriyadh Development Authority; Dr. Jalal Nafakh, Head of Transport Planning of Arriyadh Development Authority; Mr. Muath Khlifawi, General Manager of Careem Transportation Company; Dr. Anas AlFaris, Assistant Professor at King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology / MIT; Eng. Ahmed Jarallal, Architect of AlAkaria Group; and Eng. Damien Ricq, Engineer of BuroHappold Company.

“At Alfaisal University we see the great value in collaborating with Industry Partners to develop the skills of our students,” Dr. Mohamed Anan, Acting Dean and Associate Professor at the College of Engineering of Alfaisal University. Additionally, “we bear responsibility towards our students who will help shape tomorrow’s society; it is why we provide a sound educational platform that encourages innovation and offers the best chances of success for themselves and their communities”, affirms Dr. Tarek Mokhtar, Architect, Designer, Chairman and Assistant Professor of Architectural Engineering in the College of Engineering at Alfaisal University.

On December 21, the Jury members had selected the winners as follows: • 1st Place Award - Team A, Al Faisal University • 2nd Place Award – Team G, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals • Honourable Mention – Team B, Al Faisal University • Honourable Mention – Team E, Prince Sultan University • Certificate of Participation – All Team Members On March 30th, 2017, Alfaisal University hosted an award

H.E. Dr. Mohamed Alhayaza, Dr. Mohamed Anan, Dr. Tarek Mokhtar, and Eng. Robert Okpala with the first winning team from Alfaisal University (Khalid Almunif and Tariq AlShahrani)


AIM HIGH Together, we set higher standards in aerospace every day. Join Boeing and take our industry – and your career – to new heights. @BoeingMidEast

Alfaisal University is a proud part of Boeing’s belief in the Kingdom’s aerospace industry in line with Vision 2030 Ahmed Jazzar, president of Boeing Saudi Arabia In 2018 Boeing will join the 10th anniversary celebrations of the establishment of Alfaisal University. Our involvement with Alfaisal University dates back to 2001, when Boeing began participation in the establishment of the university. Since Alfaisal University’s founding in 2008, Boeing has supported and developed student research projects in various fields including engineering, medicine, sciences and business management. Our strong bond with Alfaisal University signifies the importance of collaboration to achieve the goals established for Vision 2030. Over the past seven decades, Boeing has taken pride in driving the growth of Saudi Arabia’s aviation sector by providing innovative technology that connects and protects the Kingdom through our commercial and defense products. Our relationship with Saudi Arabia, however, goes beyond our products and services. Our partnership with the Kingdom’s leading educational institutions is also fostering leadership, technical and entrepreneurship skills among the nation’s youth. Our partnership with Alfaisal University and its projects to demonstrate our commitment to providing technical knowledge that will benefit the Kingdom’s goals. We remain focused on developing our industrial partnerships and enhancing our supporter of the Kingdom’s local economy and industrialization capabilities. As global economies expand and airlines take delivery of tens of thousands of new commercial jetliners over the next 20 years, there is extraordinary demand for people to fly and maintain these airplanes.

Across the Kingdom you are starting to see Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) related industries beginning to flourish. To support STEM activities at a grassroots level and help secure the future of science and technology, Boeing has supported many initiatives including research and development, teacher training, primary and secondary school design challenges, internships and mentorship programs. One of these activities was the innovative Above and Beyond exhibition that was showcased in Riyadh, aiming to inspire young children to go into aerospace and engineering. In line with Vision 2030, we want to help develop a local Saudi aerospace industry through training and nurturing manufacturing in this sector, as well as continue to provide the nation’s aviation and defense companies with the right products and services. Boeing’s plan is to continue to expand our presence in the Kingdom through partnerships, organic growth, and support to build in-country capabilities. We are committed to partnerships that support the nation’s plans for economic diversification and to become an aerospace hub, and we believe in the power of partnerships and leveraging local knowledge to be successful in the market. We are committed to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and we are committed to providing the country with key partnership and aerospace development opportunities. Alfaisal University is a proud part of that plan and I wish the students and faculty of Alfaisal University success for decades to come.


Alfaisal University IEEE Students Branch Participate in Organizing IEEE GCC SYPC 2017 By: Mai Ali, Instructor of Electrical Engineering, Alfaisal IEEE Student Branch Coordinator The IEEE Student Branch at Alfaisal University participated in organizing the IEEE GCC Students and Young Professional Congress (SYPC 2017) held in May, in Bahrain as part of the 9th IEEE GCC Conference & Exhibition. During the Congress, a wide variety of workshops, competitions, and activities were organized, dealing with interesting topics in diverse technical fields and also related to soft skills. There were more than 300 participants, students and young professionals from all around the Gulf region and the Middle East. Alongside the congress, three competitions were held, namely, Technology and Innovation Competition, Robotics Competition, and the Best IEEE Student Branch Award. Alfaisal University IEEE Student Branch was responsible for organizing the Robotics Competition. The entire Robotics Challenge was organized by the student members of Alfaisal IEEE Branch, from round description, arena design, robot specifications, to judging criteria. The competition organization and flow received positive commendation from both the six teams participating in the competition and the judges as well. Speaking about her motivation to participate in this event, Mohga Osman says “I was contacted by the chair of the conference and congress to design a robotics competition for the conference. It was a wonderful opportunity since it was the 1st IEEE GCC SYP in the Gulf and the Middle


East and I wanted to test my ability to organize such a competition and Alhamdulillah it was successful”. “It was a good experience, I met a lot of new people, faced a lot of problems and solved them. Never miss such an event. It might be tiring but it will teach you a lot”, Ahmed Elsaka talking about his experience in SYPC 2017 and encouraging fellow students to participate in such events. The IEEE Region 8 chair, Margarethe Eriksson was a Keynote Speaker at the congress, where she held a

plenary session for IEEE Women in Engineering (WiE) discussing the future of female engineers in the field. Eng. Ali and Alfaisal female students participated in that session and were the one to present the honor certificate to the IEEE Region chair. We would like to encourage students from all engineering majors at Alfaisal to join IEEE as the IEEE Student branch at Alfaisal University continues to offer students the opportunity to participate in such events, widen their network and stay current with contemporary research trends in the field of Electrical Engineering and beyond.

2018 GCC Robotics Challenge, KSA Local Round The 2018 GCC Robotics Challenge took place Saturday March 24th at Princess Haya Auditorium, Alfaisal University, where seven teams from around the Kingdom competed on KSA local round. The Battle field; the competition arena contained six challenges resembling to GCC countries.

Four teams from Alfaisal University college of engineering participated

in the event: “Team Name”, “Cereal Killers”, “H.A.A.S.H” and “SKYNET”, with other teams participating from different universities across the Kingdom, including Effat University, Prince Sultan University, and King Abdulaziz University.

SKYNET team from Alfaisal University achieved the first place in KSA local round and will be flying to Bahrain on April 21st to compete in the in the 2018 GCC Robotics challenge final round. Members of the Alfaisal winning team included Habib Farouq (EE, Junior), Omar Alakkad (EE, Junior) and Amjad Abujamous (SE, Junior).

gratitude to ORG Director, Dr. Yusuf Alyusuf, and CoE Dean, Dr. Mohamed Anan, for their continuous support and encouragement, and to all CoE faculty lending a hand with preparing the arena and conducting the competition, including EE Chair Dr. Sghaier Guizani and Dr. Samer Mansour (SE). Further support was provided by Eng. Sam Aleyadeh (EE), Dr. Ahmed Oteafy (EE), Dr. Abdel Naser Daoud (ME), IE Chair Dr. Abdallah Alrashdan, and Eng. Athique Ahmed (ME). The branch would also like to acknowledge the support Prof. Mohamed Shehata (Effat University, EE) for helping out with judging in the competition.

The local round was generously sponsored by the Alfaisal University Office of Research and Graduate Studies, with the organization overseen by the Alfaisal University IEEE Student Branch. The branch is especially indebted to all student volunteers from CoE and CoB who offered their time and effort at different stages in the organization. The branch further extends its

Alfaisal University

Participation in Maker’s Day Organized by KACST – Reema Mohammed Al Mashari, along with Instructor in Department of Electrical Engineering, Eng. Mai Ali, (Co-ordinator, IEEE Student Branch, Alfaisal University) got an excellent opportunity to participate in the event. All of them are members of IEEE and they participated the event under the label “IEEE Women in Engineering”.

In accordance with the Arduino Day 2017, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) organized a Maker’s Day event on Saturday 1st of April 2017. The event was dedicated to female academics. Three students from the Department of Electrical Engineering - Asal Khalid Jambi, Lama Saud Alhoshan, Basmah Mohammed Alghamdi and one student from the Department of Software Engineering

The event started with registration and opening remarks. There were booths setup by different companies including Fablaband various reputed universities from the Kingdom - King Saud University, University of Taif, Imam University... etc. The two student teams from Alfaisal University exhibited posters namely, Boeing Solar Multi-Copter Project and Indoor Fire Detection System using LabView. Workshops on several important topics like Arduino, 3D printing,

Internet of Things (IoT) were offered by the organizers. In addition, several informative talks were given by distinguished faculties from different universities. Eng. Mai Ali has done a keynote talk on “Alfaisal University Experience in Building Low Power Platform for IoT Applications” as a part of her research work. The presentations were mainly intended to get research collaboration from the students and faculties. It was indeed an informative and worth participated event.


The Third Engineering Expo and Competition On Thursday, April 26th 2018, the College of Engineering at Alfaisal University held its Third Engineering Design Expo and Competition. The event showcased graduation capstone projects across the College’s five engineering programs. The projects emphasized relevance to the local society, as well an understanding of state-of-the-art engineering practices, technologies and trends. Students presenting their work demonstrated both capabilities to pitch their ideas and products, as well as good knowledge of their respective field. ABB Saudi Arabia thankfully sponsored the event. The country Manager of ABB Saudi Arabia, Eng. Mohammed Al-Masry led the ABB delegation. He was impressed by the students’ work and presentations. He also indicated enthusiasm in participating in future events. The capstone project competition featured work from undergraduate students where the students presented their work to an audience made up of fellow students, potential employers, and professors. The competition had five tracks; each track represented an engineering discipline; namely, Architectural Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Software Engineering. This year, 107 students, majoring in every engineering discipline offered by the College of Engineering, demonstrating 36 completely original engineering projects, some of which will hopefully go on to be commercial products. The President of Alfaisal University, Prof. Mohammed Alhayaza, attended the event and handed the awards to the winning teams during the closing award ceremony. The Acting Dean of Engineering at Alfaisal University, Dr. Muhammad Anan expressed his deep appreciation and sincere gratitude to ABB, faculties, students, industry partners, organizing team, the Facility, IT, and PR departments, and to Alfaisal’s leadership for their unlimited support.


The Winning Teams: Program


Ghadah Khalid AlEissa Nujood Abdulaziz Almadi Noor Ghanim Almazroa

Riyadh Art Museum

Norah Alfawaz Lena Albabtain Lama Aldhawi Sarah Sheail



Lama Benjadid Sara Alaa Mohammed Sara Mobarak Amal Alnajjar


Design of a DC Micro-grid

Abdulrahman Abu Mazyad Ibrahim ajlan alajlan Mohammed Fouad Al Humoud


A Solar-Powered Charging System with Wireless Power Transfer (Boeing Solar Quadcopter)

Aram Sadig Monawar Asma Asim Ali Raghad Saleh AlTurki


Wireless Power Transmission System

Mohammed A. Alwahbi Yaman Mousa Qasim abdulmajeed abdulaziz almuhraj


ABB: Reducing the Invisible Cost of the Production Line

Asaba M.F. Alharthi Latifa Abdullah AlMarshad AlAnood Nasser AlGhshayan

MAFP KSA HR Process Manual

Alhanaouf A. A. Alabdulkarim Alhanouf Abdulaziz Alhuqayl Sara Abdullah Almarshad Yara Khalid Mubark Al Otaibi


GE: Reduce the No Show Rate for CAS

Sahar Hisham Ali Albahkali Deema Raad M. Mardini Mariya M.Samkary Nora M. Bin Gaith


3D Printed Prosthetic Arm

Monerah Alrowiatea


Shell Eco Marathon

Naif Albaiz Ahmad Al-Ajaji Omar Baras


Boeing Solar Drone

Halah Alsayed



Areej Abdullah Al Zahrani Nuha Sami AlSuwailem Gaida khalid Altassan Gaada M. A. Alshmari


Android Networking Mobile Application for Students and Tutors. Allemni

Hanan Ali BinDulaim Hala Mhd A. Saad Manal Sadiq Kariapper Sultanah S. H. Alghamdi


Riyadh Metro App

Njoud Sultan Almugairin Ghadah A. Alharthi


Electrical Engineering



Industrial Engineering

Mechanical Engineering


EXPONENTIAL: An incubator for Saudi startup business


Architectural Engineering

Project Title


Software Engineering


Architecture for the Future Conference and RIBA Exhibition The conference: “Architecture for the Future: Education, Research & Practice” was organized with collaboration between the Abdulrahman Al Sudairy Cultural Center and Alfaisal University. The conference took place in Alfaisal University (Rafiq Hariri Building) on February 9-10. The conference program was developed by Banafsajeel and included two days of panel discussions by leading practitioners and academics, encouraging constructive dialogue and critical debate on issues of concern in relation

to architecture in Saudi Arabia. It also featured the launch of an international competition by AACC to redesign the Dar Al Uloum library. A documentation workshop led by Minhaaj + Bakerloos, and a visit to the historic district of Diriya with Phonart Saudi. The RIBA exhibition was organized in collaboration between Architectural department and the Royal Institute of British Architects, note that the

RIBA exhibition will be continue until February 23rd. The events were very well-organized, very informative, and engaging, a great group of people, a tremendous amount of work was put in from the faculties and Architectural students, not just during the conference, but also in the preceding weeks. The conference provided ample opportunity for networking, inspiration and knowledge dissemination amongst the design community.

Establishing a Joint Smart Grid & Electric Vehicles Research & Development Center (JSEC) A new Engineering research laboratory, Joint Smart Grids & Electric Vehicles Research & Development Center (JSEC) has been established as part of a Saudi-Polish Collaboration involving the AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland and the College of Engineering at Alfaisal University. A total of 6 million SAR in equipment has been allocated to the Center which will be located at Alfaisal University. The center will be overseen by Dr. Ahmed Oteafy at the Electrical Engineering department.


The aim is to enable research and develop solutions for the challenges faced in the fields of smart grids, microgrids, renewable energy systems, energy storage, and electric vehicle technologies in line with Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030. The center will also facilitate research visits and support the commencement of a graduate program in Renewable Energy at Alfaisal University.

First Engineering Summer Camp “Discover Engineering” The College of Engineering at Alfaisal University held its first engineering summer camp “Discover Engineering”

on August 6th-24th, 2017. This summer camp is in collaboration with King Abdulaziz & His Companions Foundation for Giftedness & Creativity (Mawhiba). Participants were introduced to many hands-on learning experiences offered by all engineering departments: Architectural, Electrical, Industrial, Mechanical, and Software Engineering. All of these areas are

degree programs offered at Alfaisal University. Interaction with current students and faculty allowed students to ask questions, get answers, and be prepared for the university. Additionally, there were field trips, team building and decision making activities, and personal challenge exercises. Furthermore, guest speakers from the local industry discussed career opportunities in engineering.

Team Alfaisal Represents the University in Shell-Eco Marathon For the fourth year in a row, a team of Alfaisal engineering students designed and built a fuel efficient car and participated at The Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2018 in Singapore (March 8-11, 2018). The 2018 Shell Eco Car and participation was funded by SABIC and Aljomaih. Alfaisal team participated with a great combination of engineers and business students. The team proudly represented the Kingdom and Alfaisal University. The project was supervised by Dr. Abdel Naser Daoud.

Shell Eco-marathon challenges student teams from around the world to design, build and test ultra-energyefficient vehicles.

Members of the Alfaisal team contributed to last year’s marathon of the Shell-Eco Marathon Asia 2016 with “Faith”, which was the name of the car that was the result of two years of hard work and dedication.


Signing a MoU between Alfaisal University and the Saudi Council for Engineers (SCE) In the interest of the University of Alfaisal to establish fruitful relations with the relevant state institutions, Alfaisal University has signed a cooperation agreement between the University and the Saudi Council of Engineers. The agreement provides for the consolidation of scientific and professional cooperation and exchange between Alfaisal University and the Saudi Council of Engineers. The aim of this memorandum is to

realize the principle of cooperation that fulfils the aspirations of the State in constructive cooperation for the common good and to establish a framework for joint cooperation between the two parties to enrich the work of the professional and scientific aspects and to exchange technical expertise and information to achieve the desired objectives. It states general framework of their future relationship and joint cooperation in

a manner that does not contradict the relevant laws, regulations, rules and procedures.

Students Achievements

on April 21, 2018. The team achieved the fifth place across all GCC teams.

have an imprint among Saudi utilities and industrial sector, ABB consider it as part of its corporate social responsibility to provide quality education to Saudi youth and to provide them with better opportunities and give more emphasis on human resource and aim to exceed the limit set by ABB group.

First Place in the 2018 GCC Robotics Competition KSA Rounds, and Fifth place in the 2018 GCC Competition in Bahrain. The 2018 GCC Robotics Challenge took place Saturday March 24th at Princess Haya Auditorium, Alfaisal University, where seven teams from around the Kingdom competed on KSA local round. The Battle field; the competition arena contained six challenges resembling to GCC countries. Four teams from Alfaisal University College of Engineering participated in the event, with other teams participating from different universities across the Kingdom, including Effat University, Prince Sultan University, and King Abdulaziz University. SKYNET team from Alfaisal University achieved the first place in KSA local round. Members of the Alfaisal winning team included Habib Farouq (EE, Junior), Omar Alakkad (EE, Junior) and Amjad Abujamous (SE, Junior). Alfaisal’s team qualified for the GCC Robotics in Bahrain which was held


The local round was generously sponsored by the Alfaisal University Office of Research and Graduate Studies, with the organization overseen by the Alfaisal University IEEE Student Branch.

Two Female Engineering Students Receive the 2018 ABB Scholarship Asal Jambi and Ghazal Al-Qabbani, senior engineering students at Alfaisal University, have been selected to receive the ABB Scholarship Program 2018 to continue their Master degree at KTH University in Sweden. ABB Master’s Degree Scholarship program was created and is fully funded by ABB Saudi Arabia. The scholarship initiative was taken to provide quality academically competitive education to talented Saudi engineering graduates to

Eng. Abdullatif Al-Harkan, in his capacity as Acting Secretary-General of the Saudi Council of Engineers, and HE Dr. Mohammed Bin Ali Alhayaza as the President of Alfaisal University signed the memorandum.

Tatweer Buildings Competition Tatweer Building Company held an Architectural Engineering Student oriented competition to design an Educational Building; the winners will be competing against winning teams from other local universities. Alfaisal winning students are Yosr Taiba, Heba Sandoka & Bushra Alrasheed. Tatweer Building Co. was represented by Its V.P. Eng. Majid Aloujan who attended the awarding of the winning students and was presented with a token of appreciation by Alfaisal President.

HRH Prince Faisal bin Bandar patronizes a ceremony honoring participants of

Riyadh Metro’s summer training program On October 22, 2017, HRH Prince Faisal Bin Bandar, Chairman of High Commission for the Development of Arriyadh (HCDR) and Chairman of Supervisory Committee for King Abdulaziz Public Transport Project, patronized a ceremony - organized by the HCDR - to honor the students who participated in the summer training program of the King Abdul Aziz Project for Public Transport in Riyadh.

Muhammad Anan, The college of engineering Vice Dean and Electrical Engineering Chair

Dr. Abd-Elhamid Taha and The Architectural Engineering Chair Dr. Tarek Mukhtar.

Fourteen Alfaisal engineering students who did their summer 2017 internship in the High Commission for Development of Arriyadh have been invited to that ceremony and received recognitions by HRH Prince Faisal Bin Bandar with the present of the college of engineering Dean Dr.


Alfaisal’s Architectural Engineering Team Wins the Innovation Prize in the 2018 Riyadh Urban Design Challenge on Smart Cities

On Saturday March 17th 2018, as part of the collaboration with Happold Foundation and BuroHappold Engineering, Alfaisal University hosted a design competition on “Smart Cities” and its contribution to the development of the economic and social growth within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This year, Alfaisal University, King Fahad University for Petroleum and Minerals and Kingdom Schools had participated in the competition.

Alwabil from King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), Dr. Shamim Javed from King Fahad University for Petroleum and Minerals (kfupm), and Dr. Tarek Mokhtar and Dr. Saad AlGhamdi from Alfaisal University. At the end of the talks, Dr. Fawaz Bin Sarra, Chairman of the Architectural Engineering Department had presented certificates of appreciation to all the speakers and to Eng. Robert Okpala, Group Director at BuroHappold Engineering.

The aim of the challenge was to design a ‘day in the life’ for citizens of a future ‘smart’ urban district of Riyadh in the years 2025 and 2050. Alfaisal’s Architectural Engineering Team won the Innovation Prize in the 2018 Riyadh Urban Design Challenge on Smart Cities. Experts from BuroHappold Engineeing, KACST, KFUPM and Alfaisal University had given talks on Smart Cities and the future of cities in general. Namely, Eng. Robert Okpala, Group Director at BuroHappold Engineering, Dr. Areej

Alfaisal’s Engineering Students Present their work at the International Conference on Learning and Technology at Effat University Three Alfaisal Engineering senior teams participated in the poster session at Effat University, which was hosting the 15th International Conference on Learning and Technology – a two-day event scheduled February 25th-26th, 2018 including guest speakers from around the world discussing a myriad of topics from the social implications of IoT to technical realizations and innovative applications. The theme for the conference this year was: Internet of Things and Smart Systems. Members of the teams included Aram Monawar (EE, Senior), Raghad AlTurki (EE, Senior), Asma Asim Ali (EE, Senior), Halah AlSayed (ME, Senior), Laila Felemban (IE, Senior), and Reema AlMashari (SE, Senior). The students presented their efforts


in three projects, namely Boeing Solar Quadcopter, Boeing Solar Car-Driver Interface, and Smart Airport Solution for King Khalid International Airport, respectively supervised by the Dr. Abd-Elhamid M. Taha (EE), Dr. Ahmed Oteafy (EE) and Dr. Samer Mansour (SE), and Prof. Nidal Nasser (SE).

Alfaisal hosts cultural events in support of the vision 2030.

Alfaisal University has worked alongside the General Cultural Authority (GCA), a newly established governmental authority committed to cultural excellence, by hosting some of the GCA’s at its campus to help promote the arts and culture. “German Story Telling Night’’ was one of the first in a series of events held at Alfaisal University where the German author Christoph Peters read a short story of his collection in German Language, narrated in Arabic by Dr. Malik AL-Wadi’i, Assistant Professor in Translation Studies and Germanistik in King Saud University, the event included also a musical input by violinist Saud Al Khalifa. Also held at Alfaisal was a concert of the Native American band ‘’Brulé’’ who was accompanied by the American Indian crafting group ‘’Growing Thunder’’, a collection of songs that are a blend between rock music and Native American music was played by the band who were joined on stage by traditional Native American dancers. French Orchestra ‘’l’Orchestre de Chambre de France’’ played classical music concert held on the 22nd of April in the attendance of the French Ambassador, Belgium Ambassador and other diplomats. The concert was touring the Arab Gulf countries, having performed in Kuwait, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with Riyadh being its last stop.


Student Affairs Student Affairs Deanship Student Affairs Deanshipencourages students’ development and learning; fosters community engagement; promotes diversity, inclusion, and respect; and empowers students to thrive. Student Affairs Deanship enriches the students’ experiences by providing services and resources that involve the students in a creative campus atmosphere boosting their cultural, social, intellectual, and spiritual experiences, taking care of the students’ athletic, recreational, and artistic skills by providing them with opportunities that serve and match their demands.Student Affairs Deanship team works as a quality advisor, providing resource materials and leadership development opportunities, supported totally by our administrative staff to influence, guide and motivate students’ growth.

Admission Office The office of Admission ensures that all qualified applicants are considered for admission in a fair and equitable manner. Alfaisal makes offers of admission based on each college criteria.

Review online applications.

Assist students with their inquiries through emails, help desk, and phone calls.

Archive all data and files, including daily system backups.

Advice students about the programs offered, admission procedure, eligibility and fees

Organize hard copy files for new students.

Certify copies of diplomas for international students.

Provide English proficiency test for those who don’t have TOEFL or IELTS.

Evaluate application credentials for admissions decision making.

Maintain a database of student information in order to generate student reports.

Admission Help Center Student affairs assigned 12 students for summer jobs in the Admission and Registration office to help as the call center. The students were categorized into groups depending on the needs of the office, they were responsible for organizing files, telephone inquiries and assisting students in submitting their applications. This opportunity will teach students financial responsibility, they will also develop their skills in communication and their average performance.


Student Recruitment Office The following are the main roles of Student Recruitment Office: • Familiarize high school students with the academic environment of Alfaisal University. • Guide students on their major options through the help of the colleges and student affairs department. • Alfaisal colleges majors and fields of study were presented and introduced to interested students. • Volunteer students represented their colleges by themselves to give a full academic experience and expertise. • Expose Alfaisal University students in a friendly environment, where they can interact and talk to each other freely. • Enhance the recruitment number by giving a clear information and prospective idea about the university. • Create a link between current and prospective students. • participates in education exhibitions around the kingdom. • organizing recruiting events and school and campus visit.

Schools and Educational Fairs

Al Tarbiah Al Namothajyah School Fair

AlRowad School Fair

Al Olaya School Fair

AlRiyadh School Fair

Kingdom School Fair

Najd School Fair


Alfaisal Open House

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am feeling excited and proud to be writing for this edition of Academia about my family i.e. FACILITY. I see this as a platform to connect with a larger audience and hope that the information provided here will prove useful in acquainting you with our excellent staff, facilities and the many services we provide. I speak for all of us at Facilities Management, in saying we are committed to a high standard of excellence in our duties and responsibilities to the university and to the people who work and study here.

Only by working together toward common goals we can reach and maintain the high standards we seek and fulfill the vision of H.M. Late King Faisal. This pledge of excellence is reflected every day in the dedication and level of professionalism of our employees. Facilities Management strives to provide outstanding support for the students, faculty, staff, and visitors to Alfaisal University. As a service department, we are responsible for the planning, renovation, maintenance and repair of the University’s buildings and facilities; and the provision of utilities, grounds care, custodial, trash collection, transportation, mail, accommodation,

Facilities Overview: Alfaisal has state-of-the-art facilities and equipment located in 7 major buildings spread across the 36.7 acres (≈149,000 m2) campus.

Academic Facilities: With more than 40 classrooms (Most of which have a unique balcony model) and one lecture theatres, our aim is to provide the best for our students in the places where they will spend most of their time. The acoustically-balanced lecture theatres and comfortable classrooms create an effective learning environment, equipped with a range of other electronic teaching devices.


procurement, catering, security & safety services. Our goal is twofold: to be fulfilling the university’s all facilities management needs, and to be the very best and most effective provider of those services. This article will provide information on some of our word class facilities and the many services offered by Facilities Management. Recent accomplishments by the men and women of the department are also noted. So, enjoy reading!

Laboratories and Workshops: Our ultra-modern laboratories and workshops are very safe and are well equipped with the complete tools and materials for various experiments, especially in the field of physics, chemistry, medicine and, engineering.

Computer Laboratories: Our computer laboratories are conveniently located and well equipped with up-to-date software and hardware to facilitate teaching and learning.

Conference Center:

Conference Center houses Female Student Center, Library and Male Student Center (under construction) and is equipped with up to date facilities and A/V system. Main attractions in this center are a lecture theatre catered with 173 seats and an Auditorium catered with 1620 seats. These are universities focus points for conferences, programs, and events.

Library: Our Library is very spacious and encompasses study areas, book stacks, and academic success centers and is fully equipped with technology for the 21st century.

Other Facilities: • Student Lockers


• ATM machines ATM facilities through Alinma and Saudi Fransi are available. They are currently located on the ground floor of both the food courts. • Food courts Eat and Chill out at the spacious on-campus food courts housing some of the best food outlets available in the market.

• Sports Facility The following sports facilities are provided for our male students. - volleyball court - basketball court - football field

• Female Picnic area This facility gives you a chance to relax and study in an open environment. It also includes sporting facilities such as basketball court, volleyball court, and football field.


Alfaisal University’s Annual Career Expo The Career Expo is hosted annually at Alfaisal University, where job seekers and prestigious local and international companies are gathered in one place. The Expo is open for all and everyone is welcome to attend; students, alumni and the public. The Alumni & Placement Relations Department is currently working on the 8th Annual Career Expo which will take place on March, 2019.

Contact us to learn more about the APR’s upcoming events, 7982 215 011

Advancement Office Initiatives The Gala Dinner

Alfaisal University External Relations Division – Advancement Office hosted the first Annual Gala Dinner that was held at the University Campus on the 22nd of March 2016. The Donor Gala Event aims to annually honor, and acknowledge Co- founders and all existing Donors, inviting some of the most influential people from versatile sectors of the country to participate in supporting the noble cause of education. Such an event is also meant to encourage potential donors to participate and extend their support. It also aims to strengthen the communication between the university and its donors by keeping them informed, engaged and involved. The Annual Gala is also an excellent opportunity for the donors to witness and celebrate each year’s progress and achievements.

Outreach Campaign

38 Holding & institutions 33 Company 8 Banks 40 Charity foundations


Targeted Entities


15% Scholarships 15% Sponsorships 14% Strategic partnerships 14% Research chair funding 14% Internship programs funding 14% Financial support 14% Scientific research & innovation

Student Fund Initiatives for 2017 - 2018 A. Establishment of the Student Fund Since its establishment, Alfasial University aspired to be the region’s leading student-centered academic institute. An important step towards achieving this vision is through the true empowerment of its student body to express and develop their talents and abilities. Such an empowerment mission is not an easy task. Thus, it requires Alfasial to develop a favoring environment that adopts such talented students, encouraging their development and guiding their steps towards the professional planning and execution of the projects that contribute to the achievement of their aspirations. Financial planning and funding of such students and their initiatives is a cornerstone to the success of these efforts. Hence, this proposal comes as a response to fulfill this important need. Goals 1. To establish a sustained student fund that sponsors talented student and innovative student initiatives through the following routes: a. Yearly aid to selected projects presented by Alfaisal’s different student associations. b. Student scholarships to selected talented students. c. Annual awards for innovative student initiatives and projects that have a noticeable impact.

d. Investment and partnership opportunities in entrepreneur’s projects sponsored by the university. 2. Enroll Alfaisal University students in high-quality training programs according to available specialties. 3. Build a network of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship sponsors and supporters.

level. The interview ranked number 14 on Google in KSA and hashtag number 2 on Twitter in KSA.

Student Fund Programs 1. Scholarships 2. Research and studies 3. Training and internship programs 4. Events and activities

Student fund events and activities HRH Prince Bader Bin Abdulmohsen Poetry Night • HRH Prince Bader Bin Abdulmohsen Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud Interview on YaHala A Pre-event interview took place on Thursday 14th of Feb 2017 by Rotana Khalijia with HRH Prince Bader Bin Abdulmohsen Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud. The interview played a major role in introducing Albader Poetry Night and the purpose of the generous contribution and donation his Royal Highness made to support the success of Alfaisal University’s students on a local and International

• The Poetry Night


In recognition of Alfaisal University and its vision, HRH Prince Bader Bin Abdulmohsen was generous enough to contribute his time, artistry and beautiful poetry with the aim of supporting the University’s student fund. On February 17, 2017, Alfaisal University witnessed a major successful exposure of Albader Poetry Night resulting in a full house at Princess Haya bint Turki auditorium with a massive media coverage by our media partner Rotana.

Alfaisal University Career Expo

It is an exposition for employers, recruiters, and schools to meet with prospective job seekers. At Alfaisal University, the career expo is an enriching experience where seniors and graduates have a chance to network and link with exhibitors. Students benefit from the elite alumni services and public attendees are offered a chance to hand over their CVs to companies while learning more about Alfaisal University›s graduate programs. An annual revenue of the career expo goes directly to the student fund.

B. Partnerships • KUDU Franchise Program

The night also included accompanying events such as the Albader Art Exhibition hosted at the university campus ground floor. A showcase of HRH Prince Bader’s marvelous paintings and more than 100 paintings by public artists and graphic arts celebrating Albader long legacy of art and poetry. Also, since the main goal of the event was to introduce and support Alfaisal University student fund, a show and tell activity of Alfaisal University students’ clubs and achievements was also an important step to highlight this significant case through a full exposure of the students’ talents. The Poetry Night Gala Dinner A loving fan will not only taste the great poetry recitation in a lovely evening night, but will also enjoy a perfect meal with the presence of HRH Prince Bader in a charming dining area designed with a number of his unique selected poems.


Following the University’s continues success to achieve its vision and mission, and to expand the opportunities available to its students, faculty and staff. By developing relationships with private sector entities in areas such as joint research, sponsored research programs, summer and post-graduate internship programs, curriculum development programs, work placement and other areas of interest. The University’s Advancement Office has managed to provide a great opportunity for Alfaisal University students in the field of entrepreneurship. A memorandum of understanding of KUDU’s Franchise Program for Future Entrepreneurs was signed

on the 16th of March 2017. The purpose of this MOU is to create a framework for the development of specific programs relating to KUDU Franchise Program for Future Entrepreneurs which is designed to enable both Saudi male and female students at Alfaisal University to own their KUDU restaurants through a simple framework. • BAE Systems graduation projects awards and Scientific lectures

In a continues support to Alfaisal University and its Co-founders vision and mission, the University Advancement Office established a collaboration agreement with one of our Co-founders to allocate a financial support to distinguished graduation projects and to give lecture series for all Alfaisal students or for a specific college. The agreement was signed by Alfaisal University president His Excellency Mohammed bin Ali Al-Hayaza and BAE systems Saudi Arabia Vice President of Strategy and Business Development Mr. Abdulaziz bin Mubarak Alfarag. • AlOlaya Scholarship A generous support by Suliman S. Alolayan Foundation to cover an 80% scholarship tuition fees for a number of Alfaisal University students.

Discover Your Future

Golden Memories Alfaisal’s First Alumni Reunion Reunions are a great way to reunite alumni who have lost touch with one another. It’s a fun experience where alumni will meet up with old friends, make new ones, reminisce and see the changes made to the campus. They enjoy a night full of activities, networking opportunities and sharing their achievements and success stories. LuxuryEvents; a company owned by an Alfaisal Alumnus HRH Prince Khaled bin Mansour Al-Saud COB 2012 graduate; semi sponsored and managed Golden Memories.


What Some

of Our


Have to Say! Talal Alkhalaf Mechanical Engineer Ma’aden, Saudi Arabian Mining Company “Aside from being a great home for assertive and ambitious students, AlFaisal University as a whole and the Alumni & placement Relations team specifically have helped me in the aftermath of my academic journey. I was offered a job opportunity through the APR team to work for Carrier Saudi Arabia, a multinational air-conditioning company. Despite being short, the time I spent there was priceless and full of potential. However, I have received a better offer from Ma’aden Aluminum Company and resigned from Carrier during my probation period.

Leaving Carrier was a very dreadful decision, because I was learning a lot, experienced standardized work ethics, and efficient business conduct. This allows me to proudly recommend seeking the help of the valuable resources of our university, one of which is the APR team.” Naif AlHomoud Activity Officer Alfaisal University “During my 5 years journey in Alfaisal University as a student, the Alumni and Placement Relations Department were keen on providing numerous opportunities to students related to CV building, workshops, and the ever so famous Career Expo event! I have attended the Career Expo for 3

consecutive years and it has not only helped me build connections and expose myself to high prestigious companies, but it gave me also a chance to collaborate with their framework” Alanoud Hatim Alabdulrahman Payroll & Benefit Officer Alfaisal University ‘’It is with pleasure and gratitude I share this wonderful support I received from the Alumni department, thank you for all the effort you have been putting to provide me and every graduate such an opportunity to work in a very comfortable environment such as Alfaisal university.’’


IT Deep Learning Computers are starting to recognize images better than humans. Thanks to Deep Learning, an emerging field of artificial intelligence, computervision technologies are increasingly being used in applications as diverse as driving autonomous vehicles, medical diagnostics, damage assessment for insurance claims and monitoring of water levels and crop yield.

Precision Farming The Fourth Industrial Revolution is providing farmers with a new set of tools to boost crop yield and quality while reducing water and chemical use. Sensors, robots, GPS, mapping tools and data-analytics software are all being used to customize the care that plants need. While the prospect of using drones to capture plant health in real time may be some way off for most of the world’s farmers, low-tech techniques are coming online


too. University of Sydney, for instance, has demonstrated a streamlined, low-cost monitoring system in Indonesia that relies on solar power and cell phones.

Quantum Computing Quantum Computing studies computation systems (quantum computers) that make direct use of quantum-mechanical phenomena, such as superposition and entanglement, to perform operations on data. Quantum computers are different from binary digital electronic computers based on transistors. Whereas common digital computing requires that the data be encoded into binary digits (bits), each of which is always in one of two definite states (0 or 1), quantum computation uses quantum bits, which can be in superpositions of states. A Quantum Turing Machine is a theoretical model of such a computer, and it is also known as the Unniversal Quantum Computer. The field of quantum computing was initiated by the work of Paul Benioff and Yuri Manin in 1980, Richard Feynman in 1982, and David Deutsch in 1985. A quantum

computer with spins as quantum bits was also formulated for use as a quantum spacetime in 1968.

Advantages of Quantum Computing 1. Safer airplanes: Lockheed Martin plans to use its D-Wave to test jet software that is currently too complex for classical computers. 2. Discover distant planets: Quantum computers will be able to analyze the vast amount of data collected by telescopes and seek out Earth-like planets. 3. Win elections: Campaigners will comb through reams of marketing information to best exploit individual voter preferences.

6. Help automobiles drive themselves: Google is using a quantum computer to design software that can distinguish cars from landmarks. 7. Reduce weather-related deaths: Precision forecasting will give people more time to take cover. 8. Cut back on travel time: Sophisticated analysis of traffic patterns in the air and on the ground will forestall bottlenecks and snarls. 9. Develop more effective drugs: By mapping amino acids, for example, or analyzing DNA-sequencing data, doctors will discover and design superior drug-based treatments.

Digital Platforms Bitcoin is a worldwide cryptocurrency and digital payment system, called the first decentralized digital currency, as the system works without a central repository or single administrator. It was invented by an unknown person or group of people under the name Satoshi Nakamoto and released as an open-source software in 2009. The system is peer-to-peer, and transactions take place between users directly without an intermediary. These transactions are verified by network nodes and recorded in a public distributed ledger called “Blockchain�.

4. Boost GDP: Hyper-personalized advertising, based on quantum computation, will stimulate consumer spending. 5. Detect cancer earlier: Computational models will help determine how diseases develop.


Alfaisal University

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) A. International Rankings Alfaisal University was recognized as one of the World’s Top 200 Institutions under 50 Years Old by Times Higher Education Young University Rankings 2017. Furthermore, Alfaisal received ranking in Top 501-600 globally by Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2018. For Kingdom ranked 2nd overall & for Arab region 7th. For Clinical, Pre-clinical, & Health subject rankings Alfaisal was in Top 301-400 worldwide; Medicine ranked 5th overall in Arab Region & 2nd in Kingdom; Life Sciences ranked 251-300 globally in addition to 2nd overall in Kingdom & in Arab Region.

Time Higher Education World & Subject Rankings 2018 for Alfaisal University.

B. Research Outputs Research output and Intellectual Property (IP) generation by Alfaisal Faculty has shown a significant increase over the past few years. For example, in 2017, 330 publications were produced with an Alfaisal University affiliation, and the total number of citations for the year reached 5000. The cumulative total number of publications and citations were 1,400 and 22,840 respectively at the end of 2017.

Number of project & initiatives, patents, and publications complying with Vision 2030 to stimulate the knowledge-based economies (2008-2017)


Total number of publications (Scopus 2008-2017):


Total number of citations (Scopus 2008-2017)


Number of patents (2008-2017)


Value of research grants & contracts received (2008-2017)

>100 million SAR

Number of spin-off companies


Number of companies served or developed


Number of consultation/training projects


Customer satisfaction indicator for services/training


Number of research agreements signed (2008-2017)



Boeing Capstone Project Visit to Alfaisal University By Sowshan Mostafa The College of Engineering at Alfaisal University witnessed yet another proud achievement on the 10th of October 2017 – a reflection of the innovative, talented and industrious mindset of its students and professors. Esteemed delegates from the prestigious multinational corporation, Boeing, paid a visit to Alfaisal University with the purpose of learning about progress in their sponsored Capstone project: Boeing Solar Car. The project is being supervised by Dr. Ahmed Oteafy, Assistant Professor

of Electrical Engineering and co-supervised by Dr. Samer Mansour, Assistant Professor of Software Engineering. The students conducting the project are Habib Farooq (team leader), Omar Alakkad, Muhammad Anwar, Ghassan Bayounis, Abdulrahman Almaddah, Joud Alfayez, Razan Khan, Eias Alftayeh, Abdulrahman Sheikh, Ahmed Qanbar, Amjad Alamri, Manal Kariapper, Aram Monawar and Raghad Alturki. Delegation members from Boeing were William Lyons, Director of Global Technology at Boeing Research & Technology; Juan Carlos Campbell, Boeing Research & Development Director for the Middle East; Majed Alharbi, Technology Program Manager; and Boeing Engineer Anees Abdullah. The day started with a guided tour for the delegates by Senior PR and Marketing Manager, Mrs. Safia Dart. After being thoroughly impressed by the university building architecture, the connective feel between its colleges, the university Masjid and the

lush gardens around Late King Faisal Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud’s palace, the team headed to meet the students for the Capstone presentation. Needless to say, Alfaisal students created quite the impression as was evident in Dr. Lyons’ feedback in an interview afterward. This was followed by a meeting with the university leadership where ideas were exchanged and many promising future prospects were discussed. This included the gracious presence of President, Dr. Mohammed Al-Hayaza; College of Engineering Dean, Dr. Muhammad Anan; College of Science Dean, Dr. Matheus Goosen; and College of Medicine Dean, Dr. Khaled Al-Kattan. Finally, to mark the end of the event, both engineering and non-engineering students gathered at the university’s largest lecture theatre where Dr. Lyons gave an exciting talk about the future of aerospace innovation and its implications.

What did you think of our university and the students’ performance?

Dr. Lyons: When we first arrived, what really struck me was the energy and vibe of the campus. I think it is the layered architecture that seems to encourage collaboration between the different colleges of the university, instead of a monolithic sort of structure. This really sets you up for a positive experience. And the Capstone student presentation is really, really impressive. They clearly understand how to work as a team, which I think is really important. The flow and integration between them also really added to the strength of the project. Feedback from the students?

Dr. Lyons: Well, it is really great to refer back to what other people have done in the past. And don’t be frightened to criticize what is there in the literature. A good technologist knows the value that they are creating and can see what works and does not work in what someone else has done. So in a Capstone project, I always like to see somebody saying: “Here are the limitations of what someone’s done and here is what I am doing.” Present your novel ideas to make it better. How do you see the long-standing relationship between Boeing and Alfaisal University progress in the future?

Dr. Lyons: Oh, yes we were talking about this! I’d like to see more interns. As we grow in the kingdom, I’d like to see that we are hiring your students before someone else does!


Our Rankings

Alfaisal is fully accredited “Institutional Accreditation” by the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Assessment (NCAAA) KSA. Regional and International Rankings by Times Higher Education 2019 - 2018

150 350 -301 nd 2 nd 2

Alfaisal University recognized as one of the World’s top Alfaisal ranked among World’s top

Institutions under 50 years old


Alfaisal ranked

in the Arab Region

Alfaisal ranked

in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



Years 62

Alfaisal University’s Community and Service Committee (CAS) Celebrates 5 Years of Great Initiatives and Service to our Community By Ms Esraa Yousef Abu Ayyash Alfaisal University’s Community and Service Committee (CAS) marked its official 5th year anniversary in November this academic year, having organized various events, community initiatives, and social campaigns.

CAS is a self-developed student committee devoted to the upbringing of the society and the enhancement of the Saudi local community by planning, executing and attaining various events, social service initiations and campaigns. It carries the mission of spreading the Saudi society values by increasing the awareness amongst its members of Alfaisal students, who will later be responsible for initiating, planning and executing the initiatives and activities that will work on enticing the youth of the local community into getting involved in charitable, creating a deep sense of unity, shared responsibility and desire to help. The idea of CAS started with three students in November 2012, and now, it has over 50 members. In the beginning, the focus was on planning inclusive events of small to medium capacity, which later developed to planning Annual events and activities with various themes: cultural, medical, social Awareness campaigns, seminars and workshops, family entertainment and charitable work.

The CAS Race, a sports event held in 2017, consisted of approximately 2.5 km long route with about 10 diverse obstacles and welcomed over 600 participants.

CAS has also held successful social events that bring the community together. Movie Night was held in the university for families to attend with proceeds to encourage charity donations. ‘’Cleaner City’’ or ‘’Ematta’’ was held in 2018 to clean Wadi Hanifa (Hanifa Valley).

This year students volunteered in ‘’Security Guards Appreciation Day’’ and ‘’People to People’’ initiative as well as a Food Campaign ‘’Loqmat Khair’’.

CAS holds The Blood Donation campaign semi-annually in collaboration with King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre which provides a mobile donation unit, doctors, and nurses who will assess students, faculty and university staff in the donation.

Up until now, CAS held over 50 activities that have brought together the sense of helping the community. We congratulate our students on this achievement and look forward to some exciting events and campaigns in the new year.


Mawhiba Summer Camps at Alfaisal University and research methods as well as the basic lab techniques, it includes some shared topics with the “Anatomy and Physiology’’ program.

• Mawhiba summer camp is one of the academic enrichment programs, funded for the second year in a row by Mawhiba and executed by Alfaisal University. The program started 13 years ago as a research oriented and was carried by various institutes, but became academic oriented in the last few years. As for 2018, the summer camp is held from the 22nd of July until the 9th of August, with a total of 60 Mawhiba students taking part in this year’s camp. • The first program is entitled ‘’Anatomy and Physiology’’ which will be given by instructors from Alfaisal College of Medicine and will last for 3 weeks. The program will be given to 40 of Mawhiba high school students as an introductory course to the system of the College of Medicine, it is divided into Organs Systems where the incorporated labs will provide handson experience.

• The second program is also under the College of Medicine, it is entitled as the Biomedical Sciences Program. It is a three-week program that will introduce the students to the Scientific


• The Third Program in the summer camp is a three-week program on the topic of “Data Science and Machine Learning”; it will be given to 20 Mawhiba students by instructors from Alfaisal College of Engineering and will introduce the students to the exciting fields of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Students will have hands-on training in those domains through the conduction of various labs and workshops from expert data analysis firms, and applied projects.

• The Mawhiba Summer Camps at Alfaisal University will also focus on the development of interpersonal skills, such as: communication, teamwork and public speaking, which will help students in narrowing down their choices when selecting their future career, and assist them in preparing themselves for job interviews by developing a confident attitude and skills to write a professional CV that meets international standards.

Discover your future Founded in 2002, Alfaisal University is a fully accredited NCAAA institute of higher education located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A truly architecturally stunning campus, situated on the austere grounds of the palace of his Majesty the Late King Faisal in the capital of Riyadh, Alfaisal is the crown jewel of the internationally reputed King Faisal Foundation. With over 3,000 students (representing over 40 nations), Alfaisal’s undergraduates are enrolled in one of the University’s five colleges: business, engineering, medicine, science, and pharmacy. Students have the opportunity to continue their studies on campus by pursuing a graduate degree in business, engineering, nanoscience, biomedical, and health sciences. A student-centered and research-focused University, Alfaisal students have singular opportunities for collaborative research and international study. Furthermore, student associations, clubs, and organizations provide opportunities for both personal and professional growth as the University seeks to graduate socially responsible global citizens that are committed to lifelong learning and personal development in service to others. Eminence in research is crucial to achieving the University’s goals of becoming a leading insinuation and Alfaisal has partnered with nearby King Faisal Specialist Hospital is linked to a large number of oversees universities as well as multi-national companies such as Boeing, BAE Systems, Thales and Shell.

For more information:

Courtesy of Mohammad Sharique, Alfaisal Medical Student

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