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A RS C 7 0 0 1 F o u n d a t i o n St u d io [ F a ll 2 0 1 2 ] We sl e y Wo llin & Pe t e r L e v a r

g ra n vi l l e i sl a n d s t u d y

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Te a m: A ins le y V i g g e r s , A n to n L u k as h o v , E m i l y P aw lu k , J on T o r o nc h u k & A l e x R ay m u n do

v iv a va n : r o b s o n re d u x

a r t sh a b 812

A R S C 8 0 0 0 G r ad ua t ing P r o j e c t [ Fal l 2 0 1 3 ] Pe t e r Le v a r , M i c h e l L abr i e & R o n Kato

A R SC 7 1 0 0 St u di o 4 [ W i n te r 2 0 1 3 ] Pa ul ine T him m & W e s l e y W o l l i n

b u rk e v i l l e g a t h eri n g h a l l

A R SC 7 1 0 0 St u di o 4 [ W i n te r 2 0 1 3 ] Pa ul ine T him m & W e s l e y W o l l i n

b u rk e vi ll e p a v i l l o n

T e a m: Da v id Go r do n, Ri l e y S y j u c o , P r as e ty o M ah ar dh i k a,V i n ny E no c h & A l e x R ay m u n do

w es t co a s t m o d e rn i s m

A RS C 7 1 0 2 T e c to n i c s [ W i n te r 2 0 1 3 ] Wesley Wollin

wooden cup

A R S C 7 0 0 1 Fo und a ti o n S tu di o [ Fal l 2 0 1 2 ] W e s l e y W o l l i n & P e te r L e v ar

ga v i n ’ s d w e l l i n g

A R S C 7 0 0 1 Fo und a ti o n S tu di o [ Fal l 2 0 1 2 ] W e s l e y W o l l i n & P e te r L e v ar

the shelter

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PRO F E SSION AL SK ILL S apple osx mavericks windows 8 autodesk: AutoCAD | 3DS Max | Revit adobe: Photoshop | InDesign | Illustrator microsoft: word | excel | power point 3D: sketchup + podium woodworking | model making | drafting & sketching digital photography | laser cutting

E DUC AT IO N B a c h e l or of Te c h n ol o g y i n A rc h i t e c t u r a l Sc i e n c e [2 0 1 2 - 2 0 1 4 ] B r i t i s h C o l u m b i a I n s t i t u t e o f Te c h n o l o g y , B u r n a b y B . C . Architectural Studio Architectural History & Materials Sustainability Design Building Science

alex .r ay m u n d o [p] 778.237.3539 [ e ] [ a ] 1506 e 49th avenue vancouver bc, v5p1s6

D i p l o m a i n A rc h i t e c t u r a l a n d B u i l d i n g En gi n e erin g Te c h n ology [2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 2 ] B r i t i s h C o l u m b i a I n s t i t u t e o f Te c h n o l o g y , B u r n a b y B . C . B u i l d i n g C o n s t r u c t i o n & Te c h n i q u e s Structural Analysis BCBC 2006 Environmental Sustainability

E X PE RIE N C E A r c h i t e c t u r a l Te c h n o l o g i s t [ S u m m e r 2 0 1 3 ] D a v i d s o n Yu e n S i m p s o n A r c h i t e c t s Wo r k e x pe r i e n c e f o c u s e d o n a l a rg e n o n - m ar ket pro j ect (6 resi den t i al b u i l di n g s ) , BC H o u s i n g , 4 s t o re y h o m e l e s s s h el t er an d t r an si t i o n al h o u si n g , g r a p h i c de s i g n a n d f e a s i b i l i t y d e s i g n s t u d i e s . Stock Manager [2008-2011] Esprit De Corp Re c e i v e d a n d p ro c e s s e d i n v e n t o r y de l i v e re d t o t h e st o re. T h e j o b al so i n cl u ded p ro d u c t o rg a n i z a t i o n , f i l e m a n a g e m e n t a n d m a n ag er i al co m m u n i cat i o n s.

AC T IV IT IE S AIA NWPR + AIBC Leadership Institute [fall 2013] V a n c o u v e r, B . C . An e d u c a t i o n a l e v e n t f o r a rc h i t e c t u r a l s t u d e nt s t o t r ai n t h em t o be bet t er l e a d e r s o f t h e f u t u re . A p ro j e c t pro po s a l wa s de vel o ped w i t h 3 o t h er co l l eag u es i n re g a rd s t o a s h i f t i n t h e e du c a t i o n a l s y s t e m o f BC IT ’s arch i t ect u r al sci en ce. Marketing & Advertising Executive [2013-2014] Architectural Connections Club, BCIT E x pl o r i n g a n d p ro m o t i n g e v e n t s , a r t i c l e s a n d co m pet i t i ve o ppo r t u n i t i es t h at m a y be n e f i t a n d i n s p i re c l u b m e m b e r s .


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Gawad Kalinga Community Service [2006] Manila, Philippines H e l p i n g b u i l d h o u s e s f o r t h e h o m e l e s s c o m m u ni t y.


GRANVILLE ISLAND STUDY ARSC 7001 Foundation Studio [Fall 2012] Professors: Wesley Wollin & Peter Levar Team: David Gordon, Riley Syjuco & Alex Raymundo

Granville Island has been a primary attraction for any locale and tourists people in Vancouver. The man made island consists of tourist attracting activities that is very alive and vibrant. The island gives people great physical experience and a breathe of fresh air. The intent of the site study is to observe thoroughly the activities and the character of the sector provided by the instructor. David, Riley and I were assig ned to investigate Sector 4 which is on Johnston Street along the Public Market. We did several site visits and produced sketches to capture the main characteristic of the sector. Through a series of investigation and compilation of ideas, our group produced a rendered site plan that we think best describes Sector 4. “There is a feeling of history, of culture that resides on the island with the waterfront buildings, historically being an important part of Vancouver’s growth...This significance can be best described as controlled chaos, not without a purpose but chaos in its primal state of disorder.” - David, Riley and Alex.


Alex Raymundo

Site Plan Interpretation of Sector 4 [Rendered with watercolor, colored markers, felt pens and finished in Adobe Photoshop]

Alex Raymundo


SHELTER ARSC 7001 Foundation Studio [Fall 2012] Professors: Wesley Wollin & Peter Levar

The project calls for a shelter design for Gavin, a stranded Kayaker in Granville Island. The site location is in relation to the sector study in which each student must find an empty location for the shelter to b e built. The project intent is to have a minimalistic ap proach. Each element must be designed in accordance to the client needs - nothing more, nothing less. Several factors were considered as well during the design process such as light and the kayak storage. Light was important because the chosen site is right under Granville Bridge wh ich overshadows the site every hour of the day. Skylights were incorporated to let Northern light in. The 16 ft long kaya k must also have a storage for Gavin to place it after use. Because of the tight space of the building location, the Kayak is to be placed hanging under the floor assembly.

Lighting Study


Alex Raymundo

Structural Parti

Site Analysis Lighting Parti

3D Perspective model in SketchUp and rendered with Podium

Alex Raymundo


GAVIN’S DWELLIN G ARSC 7001 Foundation Studio [Fall 2012] Professors: Wesley Wollin & Peter Levar

Level 0

Gavin, who used to live in a small shelter in Granville Island, now moves onto another stage of his life, together with his wife, Mel, and his kid, Billy-Jean. The family of three are nature loving, outdoor enthusiasts and enjoys their simple lifestyle. The project is to design a small dwelling house for Gavin’s family. The house is to be open internally, with divisions only as needed for their lifestyles and family comfort. Functionally - all devices and furnishings are built-in, components are to be analyzed for their function and designed appropriately - such as closets or cabinets. These components must be viewed based on minimalistic living, suitable to the rural lifestyle. The house will include a washing/bathing plus toilet facility.

Level 1

Parti Diagrams

Section Detail

10 Alex Raymundo

South Facade

The Approach

The Arc

3D Perspective Section in SketchUp and rendered with Podium

Alex Raymundo 11

WOODEN CUP ARSC 7102 Tectonics [Winter 2013] Professor: Wesley Wollin

The project intent of the cup is to explore different types of materials in which the cup can be made. Several options were considered such as concrete, ste el, clay and wood. The cup is such a small object th at choosing of material to fabricate it is very essential. Fabrication drawings were also necessary to make sure students are well aware if it is possible to produce it while designing the overall aesthetics of the cup. The aesthetic of it was decided during the purchase of wood materials. What is very interesting about this cup project is that the drawings will not always end up the finished product. I learned that plans change during the process of construction and I can only imagine if this logic is applied in buildings.

Form-work for Cup in Concrete






80 74


6 3


Preliminary Wood Cup Design

12 Alex Raymundo



Working Drawing for Cup in Sheet Metal



Pine-wood and Black-wood are glued together and cut to form the exterior face. The interior form is carved with carving tools to achieve some organic form.

Alex Raymundo 13

WES T COAS T MODERNISM California, U.S. - Los Angeles, La Jolla, Palm Springs [Winter 2013]

Team: David Gordon, Riley Syjuco, Prasetyo Mahardika, Vinny Enoch & Alex Raymundo

In celebration of Architectural Modernism in February 2013, me and my team decided to pay a visit in some of the modern buildings in the area of southern California. Some of these classic buildings are the Salk Institute in La Jolla, The Schindler’s House, The Eames’ House and The Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. The intent of our visit is to analyze the organization of spaces, materials used and natural lighting. The architect’s background were also looked at as well as their contributions in the world of Architecture.

Salk Institutes open courtyard provides natural light into the buildings and promotes collaboration.

Walt Disney Concert Hall’s dominating organic form and featuring stairs using a classic material, travertine.

14 Alex Raymundo

Eames’ House Facade is a collage of nature and building materials.

Salk Institutes corridor capturing natural light.

The Schindler’s House is constructed with the most basic building materials: Concrete and Wood.

Entrance to The Schindler’s House

Alex Raymundo 15

BURKEVILLE PAVILLON ARSC 7100 - Studio 4 {Winter 2013} Professors: Pauline Thimm & Wesley Wollin

The building will be multi functioning open air shelter for the community of Burkeville. Outdoor concerts & performances, farmers markets, exhibitions, eating, o utdoor classes are some variety of functions of the pavilion. The Pavilion promotes a new experience of gathering for the community of Burkeville. It expresses lightness through its minimalistic elements, a sense of interest because of its physical characteristics and respect to the city’s historical background going back to the World War. It will serve the community of Burkeville as a center for cultural and festive events every year which will increase the neighborhood’s sense of community and togetherness.

16 Alex Raymundo

Sketch Section of the Pavillon

Concentrated Natural Lighting on center stage and acoustic wall panels.

Lightweight structure and elevated floor plates

Section Model - construction of elevated floor plates with lighting fixtures.

Alex Raymundo 17

BURKEVILLE GATHERIN G HALL ARSC 7100 Studio 4 [Winter 2013] Professors: Pauline Thimm & Wesley Wollin

The Gath ering Hall w ill be the cornerstone of Burkeville and will hold the annual events of the neighborhood. It will also be a location for small activities such as yoga, karate, chaperoned evenings out for youths, adult evenings and many more. The Gathering Hall will support and enhance the neighborhood’s sense of community. The design intent of this project is to create an interactive community center in the middle of Burkeville Park to serve the community of Burkeville. There are three things considered during the design process: Introduce new experiences through its flat landscape, respect the central axis of the site by rearranging the roads and encourage a sustainable design to achieve a distinct identity but not to undermine the presence of the town.

18 Alex Raymundo

Site plan

Parti Development

South Elevation

North Elevation

Longitudinal Section, drawn in AutoCad and rendered with Photoshop

Alex Raymundo 19

painting | graphic illustrations pottery | ceramics industrial

ARTSHAB 812 ARSC 8000 Graduating Project [Fall 2013]


Professors: Michel Labrie, Peter Levar & Ron Kato

Social Problem Vancouver has the highest number of artists per capita concentration in Canada. They have an average salary of $27,000 [37% below the average labor force] according to the 2006 census. This is a concern for up and coming Art professionals from colleges and universities. This pushes away our trained local artists and in result, they either move out of the city, or they change their career. Response ArtsHAB 812 is an affordable studio space for artists, artisans and craftsmen wh o are struggling to find a place to work. The building will support artists wh o work primarily in the industrial and fabrication processes (i.e. painting, sculptors, ceramics and wood). ArtsHAB 812 p romotes a cross-disciplinary environment by providing artists co-locate spaces (i.e. kitchen, washing station). I believe this will build relationships between different disciplines, promote collaboration and improve the sense of community within.

SketchUp and Physical Massing


20 Alex Raymundo



other media

metalshop sculpting

communal exhibit space kitchen


Building Programme

ArtsHab 812 promotes a sense of community that poromotes collaboration to help reduces building and energy costs.

Alex Raymundo 21

ROBSON ROLL AX VIVA Vancouver: Robson Redux Design Competition [Spring 2014]

Team: Ainsley Viggers, Anton Lukashov, Emily Pawluk, Jon Toronchuk & Alex Raymundo

Rollax is a design concept for the VIVA Vancouver 2014 design competition. The design is to encourage Vancouverites to connect and interact with other people and our beautiful city. The undulating wood structure provides a place for rest, play and shelter on or under. The rollin g wave mimics the rolling silhouette of the mountains that cascade down to the ocean waters. These are both memorable features true to the characteristics and identity when visiting Vancouver. The beautiful structure showcases the use of wood and its capabilities in a unique way that will create conversations and remind us of our vibrant wood industry here in BC.


van co uve r


ga lle


80 0b loc kr ob son


Alex Raymundo 23

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