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JA 484 19.75”D. x 28.75”H. $798




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IMPACT A DINING ROOM CHANDELIER is your centerpiece. Always remember that a chandelier should be suspended no less than 30” off the top of your dining table for maximum visual impact. Use dimmers and lamp accent lighting in order to be able to change the mood and to enhance the visual impact. AC 1135 OB 26.5”D x 26”BH. $245

AC 1830 31”D. x 39”H. $647

AC 1516 24”D. x 33.25”BH. $599

AC 1595 OB 26”D. x 23.25”BH. $159

AC 1766 BR 27”D. x 23.5”BH. $216

AC 1518 29.5”D. x 27.75”H. $597

AC 1305 PN 24”D. x 25”BH. $269

AC 7004 3.5”W. x 45.5”L. x 3.5”H. $396 Dimmable

AC 156 13”W. x 37”L. x 4”BH $397 AC 241 22”D. x 46”H. $649

AC 193 14.75”D. x 9”BH. $175 AD 32007 (Armoire) 42”L. X 60”H. x 15”EXT. $989

SC 661 10”D. x 22”BH. $98

Also Available: AC 910 CH - 24”D $774 AC 909 CH - 16.5”D. $498

AC 917 CH 24”D. x 55”H $999

SC 784 9.5”W. x 31”L. x 12”BH. (48” OAL) $399 SC 965 21.5”D. x 12.5”BH. (108.5” OAL) $298

SC 290 PN 12”D. x 15”BH. (55” OAL) $257

SC 782 22”D. x 9”BH. (45” OAL) $293

SC 1563 23.5”D. x 31.5”BH. $329


SC 878 WH 13.5”D. 25.25”H. $147

AD 32009 20”L. x 22”H. x 20”EXT. $339 (3 Pc. Table)

SC 993 15.75”D. x 37.5”H. $274

SC 875 OM 22”D. x 30.5”H. $296

SC 588 24”D. x 72”H. (Shade can tilt 90 Degrees) (With Frosted Glass Diffuser) $215

AC 6005 12”D. x 3”BH. $115

G9 Bulbs Included

AC 2171 12.5”D. x 3.5”H. $109

AC 326 18”D. x 10.5”BH $298

G9 Bulbs Included

G9 Bulbs AC 792 Included 14.5”D. x 12”H. $257

AC 311 BK 12”D. x 12”BH. $164

AC 311 SL 12”D. x 12”BH. $164

(Black or Silver)

AC 2373 BN 11.75”D. x 4”H. $34

AC 2310 OB 10”D. x 5.5”H. $48

AC 1341 BLM 4”D. x 47”H. Max $99

AC 2717 BN 17”D. x 9.5”H. $78

KITCHEN KITCHEN LIGHTING needs to be multipurpose, offering adequate light while adding that last decorative touch to your kitchen. Consider chandeliers with washable glassware that will not be affected by kitchen grime. Accent lighting is a bonus in kitchens, be it matching island lights or single pendants over islands, or matching pendants and semi-flush styles over work areas. With more sources of lighting in your kitchen, you will eliminate annoying shadows and dark spots.

AC1341 AMM AC1341 BLM

AC1341 RDM

AC1341 CLM

4”D. x 47”H. Max $99

(In Scene - Bi-Pin Bulbs Included)

CL 278 31”D. x 23.75”H. $442

CL 274 19.5”D. x 22”H. $369

(Also Available in Antique White)

(Bulbs Not Included)

“My Passion is the drive to constantly be creating great designs” JA 485 36.5”D. x 5”W. x 22”H. $495

CD 2004 TS 18”D. x 20.5”H. $374

(Textured Silver Finish)

CL 1574 DB 17.25”D. x 23.5”H. $177

CD 2074 26”D. x 25.25”H. $658

JA 794 8.5”D. x 13”BH. $146

JA 801 9”D. x 12”H. $89

STYLISH VANITY Bulbs included

AC 1304 PN 30”D. x 8”H. x 6” EXT. $182

Bulbs included

AC 533 BN 23.25”D. x 4.25”H. x 4” EXT. $175 AC 531 BN 6”D. x 4.75”H. x 4” EXT. $69

Bulbs included

AC 532 BN 13.5”D. x 4.25” x 4” EXT. $135

Bulbs included

AC 5523 CH 17.75”D. x 6”H. 4.5” EXT. $136

BATHROOM LIGHTING achieves a dual effect. Bright light should enable you to perform tasks more effectively, such as applying makeup or shaving while the style should also bring the look of your bathroom to life. Single sconces on both sides of a mirror can provide a very elegant effect. However, to achieve a higher light level, a 3 or 4 light sconce, either inset or mounted on top of the mirror itself may be needed.

Bulbs included

AC 5522 CH 11.75”D. x 6”H. x 4.5” EXT. $94 Bulbs included

AD 32008 (Mirror) 30”L. x 50”H. x 2” EXT. $379

AC 6013 17.5”D. x 7”H. x 6” EXT. $117 AC 3363 CH 18”D. x 6”H. 5”EXT. $127 Bulbs included

AC 6014 24”D. x 7”H. x 6” EXT. $167

AC 1302 PN 12”D. x 8”H. x 6” EXT. $108


1155 N. Orange Ave. on Lake Ivanhoe


to 8pm, Sat 10 to Sun 12 to 5pm RENSENMon-Fri H8:30 OUSE OF L5:30pm, IGHTS Orlando

7478 S. Orange Blossom Trail


Kansas City’s Most Recognized Name in Lighting Mon-Fri 10 to 7pm, Sat 10 to 6pm, Sun 12 to 5pm ORLANDO



9212 Marshall Drive • 913-888-0888

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AC 9011 SL 6.25”D. x 11”H. 6.25” EXT. $136 (Slate Finish)

AC 8961 RU 5.75”D. x 12.5”H. 8” EXT. $48

10 Watt LED Outdoor 450 Lumens Functional in -40 Degrees Temp (7 Yrs.)

Dark Sky Compliant

AC 8901 OB, BK 7”D. x 15”H. x 7” EXT. $38 AC 8025 MA 9.25”D. x 16.5”H. $79

AC 8020 GR 7.5”D. x 16.25”H. 8.25” EXT. $54 (Graphite Finish)


AC 8761 BK 6”D. x 9.5”H. x 6.25”EXT. $58

OUTDOOR LIGHTING beautifies the outside of your home while achieving security and safety. Always use a lantern style, which offers enough light and visibility to see your house number. Consider energy saving lamping. Your outdoor lighting can be left on all evening, providing beauty and security while using minimal energy. Outdoor products should be easy to re-lamp and maintenance free.

AC 8080 BK 5”D. x 11.5”H. x 6.25”EXT. $98

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