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WHAT’S YOUR MANTRA? A sustainable solution for lululemon


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Why we made this

Company overview

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Sustainable concept

Our process


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Demographics and Psychographics

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Marketing Strategy

Why We Made This It’s growing more and more evident, that we need to take care of this planet and we wanted to do our part. This book is meant to give you an inside look at how our team sought out a sustainable retail opportunity within our company. 4



This Is

Where We Come From Founded by Chip Wilson in Vancouver, Canada in 1998, lululemon is a yoga-inspired, technical athletic apparel company for women and men. What started as a design studio by day and yoga studio by night soon became a standalone store in November of 2000 on West 4th Avenue in Vancouverís Kitsilano neighbourhood. Our vision for our store was to create more than a place where people could get gear to sweat in, we wanted to create a community hub where people could learn and discuss the physical aspects of healthy living, mindfulness and living a life of possibility. It was also important for us to create real relationships with our guests and understand what they were passionate about, how they liked to sweat and help them celebrate their goals. Today, we do this in our stores around the globe. 7

“Sweat once a day” -Lululemon


OUR PURPOSE Elevate the world from mediocrity to greatness: Our purpose gets us out of bed each morning. Elevating the world from mediocrity to greatness is about holding ourselves and others to our highest possibility. This is our promise to the world.

OUR MISSION Our products create transformational experiences for people to live happy, healthy, fun lives: Our mission is how we live into our purpose. The products and transformational experiences we create arenĂ­t limited to Luon - we design technical gear, throw kick-ass events and support our people with the intention of bringing happiness, health and fun to our communities.


Our views on

Sustainability We embrace social, environmental, and economic health in every part of our organization and our global communities. Weíre working to be part of an elevated world that operates within natureís boundaries and provides for human needsó creating opportunities for people to lead happy and fulfilling lives. No biggie, right? We are a company that is committed to developing leaders and supporting all of our partners. We want to be a model for community-led sustainability by inspiring and engaging leaders to imagine and achieve the possible and impossible. We are a model for community-led sustainability including our extended lululemon family of ambassadors, vendors, and guests. We educate, inspire, and challenge our communities to become leaders in sustainability. We expand our collaborations and partnerships to include brands, suppliers, and NGOs that share our sustainability vision. We communicate our sustainability efforts with honesty, transparency, authenticity, and integrity. Across all areas of our business, weíre working to elevate the world by making our vision a reality. We focus on responsible supply chain and our companyís environmental footprint. 10


Our Muses Our primary target customer is a woman between the ages of 18-35. She is knowledgeable and sophisticated. She leads an active lifestyle, finding a balance in between family and work. She makes an income between $30,000 and $100,000. Although women are the emphasized consumer, we do market to men who are “athletic adventures� with an immense love for fitness. 12


Get to Know

Dream Dream is a wanderer. She is worldly and witty. She is determined and an optimist. Her confidence is magnetic, drawing anyone around to her. She is a selfaware yogi, she knows her strengths and weaknesses inside and out. She is a philanthropist, dedicated to giving back to the planet she finds comfort in. She is socially conscious. She believes in challenging herself to do one thing that scares her. She enjoys getting to experience and new things without being held back by constraints. She is a freespirit. She loves to let her hair hang free as she dances the night away or as she bungee jumps from the side of a bridge. She is alive, living every single moment in the present one breath at a time.



Get to Know

Forest Forest is a sports fanatic. Whether itĂ­s basketball, soccer, football or tennis, he is always ready to play his hardest. His secret? He gets quiet right before the game to get himself in the zone and then when itĂ­s game time he gets loud and leaves it all on the field. His energy is contagious and he has a way of making you smile. To him, itĂ­s not about who won but about spending time with his team. He is a risk-taker, unafraid to tackle new things as he gains new skills along the way. Forest is an innovator, as he constantly searches for ways to improve not only his life but the lives of others. He defies societal boundaries to be exactly who he wants to be without the fear of judgment. He is fearless.



Our Sustainable Concept We plan to re-purpose used shopper totes in order to benefit small businesses and raise donations for health-inspired charities, such as Bent On Learning. Bent On Learning is a nonprofit organization committed to teaching yoga to New York City public school children. Each lululemon store works with local businesses for alterations, repairs, and hemming. We would like to utilize this partnership to create our easy to make bags. When a guest returns their shopper bags, the store will pass them along to be converted into, what we call, Mantra Bags. These bags will be fastened with a zipper to conceal odor derived from post-workout clothing or to organize smaller items like cosmetics or keys.


By re-using the shopper bags, the only expense is the zipper keeping costs remain low. The profit from sales will be distributed between charities and the cost of labor to make the bags. We will offer a small and large size in our Mantra Bags. They will be available exclusively in lululemon retail stores and online at $15 for the small bags and $20 for the large bags. As an additional incentive, when customers bring in their old shopper bags they can receive 10% of their next lululemon purchase.



Our process 21

Making the Mantra Bag 1. Start by cutting the handles off of the shopper bag to the desired size 2. The cut away the front and back panels so there are two separate pieces 3. Take both panels and turn them to the reverse side not showing the Lululemon manta and place the zipper down 4. Pin the zipper down and sew 5. Sew the outer perimeter of the panels and the Mantra bag is ready



Our marketing

strategy Our focus for our sustainable product is to raise awareness for charities and organizations that support the power of fitness for mental, physical and spiritual health. Our key hash tag is #WhatsYourMantra, emphasizing the importance of making fitness a daily habit. Our goal is to inspire athletes of all varieties to get quiet with their own mantra so that they can get loud out in the world. We want to encourage our consumers to help us by bringing in their shopper bags through an e-mail blast, our store-level window displays and through our website at

Window Display


In-store signage


Brand Site



E-mail Blast We want to ensure that everyone is aware of the new Mantra bags by publicizing it on our social media pages, in-store and on our site. But we also want to insure that our e-blasts are sent to local lululemon ambassador so that they can speak on the campaign to their communities.



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***Produced for Monika JonevskiĂ­s Contemporary Issues in Fashion course at the Savannah College of Art and Design 29


Lululemon: What's Your Mantra?  

This is a sustainability product development proposal produced for Monika Jonevski's Contemporary Issues in Fashion class at the Savannah C...

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