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the rebellion ISSUE #3

Flags of the United States, State of Massachusetts,and the City of Boston all at half mast outside Boston City Hall.


the rebellion VOLUME 27 ISSUE #3 EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief Alex Hanns Co Editor-in-Chief Paulina Pachel Copy Editor Skirmante Survilaite Editors Christy DeVol Jola Pach Graphic Designers Alex Hanns Aga Jarzabek Gustavo Pereira Advisor Mr. Lippstreuer The Rebellion is written and edited by Ridgewood High School students. Opinions expressed in The Rebellion are the opinions of the author and are not necessarily a reflection of the entire staff or the school district. Anyone is welcome to submit article to the Editor-in-Chief, Alex Hanns, at The Rebellion reserves the right to edit for article length and content. Ridgewood High School 7500 W. Montrose Ave. Norridge, IL 60706

What’s in this issue? 4

RHS Updates


Letters from the Editors


Rotary Club’s 5K is back


Results of the Triton Art Competition


Rebel Opinions: Tattoos


Harvard, Bombs, Aventure: A True Story


A Day in the Life of a Restaurant Owner: Nuccio D’Argento Tells All


Remembering Margaret Thatcher: The Good and The Bad


Fun Facts with Mr. DeRose


Fixing the World’s Problems, One Drink at a Time


Culture: Schools in Spain


Culture: Schools in Italy


A Hope of Spring: Mr. L’s Plea for Better

Weather 21

Fishy and Octavius Defeat the Paradox


RHS Poms Goes to State

23 RHS Cheer Cheated Out of State-Qualifying Title

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Bombs, Adventure


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s n o ini

p o l e s b e r too tat


18-19 22

by Alyssa Martinez & Paulina Pachel

fun facts


Poms Cheer goes to Cheated state Out of Chance


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RHS UPDATES Thursday, May 23rd Spring Musical. Time: 7 P.M. Location:TBA.

We can only assume the auditorium will not be done in time,

therefore the Ridgewood Rebellion would like to extend our opinion

and advise that the musical be performed on the roof of the Empire

State Building with fireworks launched from the torch of the Statue of

Liberty and Air Force 1 performing astounding aerial maneuvers. Or, at

the very least, RHS students could show up and brighten the venue,

wherever that is.

Monday, May 27 Memorial Day! No school! ‘Nuff said! Tuesday, May 28 Pops Concert. Don’t ask us what that is, we’re just the

newspaper. But this one actually has a location that’s announced! The

old gym!

Thursday, June 6 Spring Sports Banquet. All those calories you burned

off all season? Come eat dinner at Ridgewood! Immediately plan your

next workout to lose that extra pound you just put on!

Friday, June 7 Senior Prom. There is nothing school appropriate to put in


the newspaper concerning Prom, therefore, this sentence is slowly

trailing away...

Letters from the Editors Hello partee people! Wow! The year certainly flew by within a blink of an eye. I know you’ve been waiting hard and long for another one of our magnificent issues and now, here it is! The reason why we have you guys wait in anticipation is because we want to deliver the best possible stories, inside scoop, interest pieces, and whatever else there is to write about out there. With this issue, you will not be disappointed because this month’s magnificent shiny beacon is filled to the brim with satire, controversy, comics, pictures, and of course useful information regarding important upcoming events within the school that just might interest you. I’d like to thank you for being so patient and being such an amazing audience; giving us feedback and anxiously anticipating our works. It means a lot to each and every one of us that you care about what is being written and contribute with your own critique. With that in mind, I hope you’ll enjoy this month’s issue and dive in to the stories we’ve worked so hard on. Enjoy! XOXO,

Paulina Pachel , Co-Editor-In-Chief Yeah, what she said. (Since she clearly didn’t give me any space to write.) Alex Hanns, Editor-In-Chief


5K Run/Walk for Luekemia Hosted by RHS Rotary Interact Club by Cynthia Barrios ●●●

Last year’s event went astonishingly well for the

The Rotary Interact Club will host a 5K Run/Walk for Leu-

Rotary Interact Club. According to the Norridge-Harwood

kemia on Sunday, May 19, 2013, at Ridgewood High School.

Heights local newspaper, “ten days before the race there were

Registration will start at 8:00 AM and the race will officially

less than 100 runners registered, but that more than doubled

start at 9 AM. All participants will receive a t-shirt and a gift

by race day to 205 with around another 100 showing up on

bag on the day of the race. The Target gift bag includes bro-

Sunday to run.” Check out some pictures from last year’s 5K

chures on information about Leukemia and a Leukemia/Lym-


phoma Society wristband. Participants can run or walk as an individual or as a team. After the completion of the race, food will be provided. What is Leukemia? Leukemia is a type of cancer which affects the blood and bone marrow, the soft center of bones where our blood cells are formed. Don’t want to participate but still want to donate? You can donate at the race or go on the official website of the Leukemia and Lymphoma society at Need community service? The 5K run/walk would be a great opportunity to become involved with the community. Join the rotary interact club on Thursday mornings at 7:30 AM in room 160 for more information. All proceeds will go to Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for research to fight against cancer. Applications can be found at the

Image Credits: Sun-Times Media, LLC

Athletic office or find Mr. Lee. Registration can also be done on the day of the race as well. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come cheer on the teams. See you there!

From everyone at the Rebellion, we hope that this year’s 5K will bring even more support for this great event and cause! 6

Ridgewood Art Students Earn Awards at Triton Art Competition On Wednesday, February 13, 2013, Triton College will host a public reception for the Triton College High School Art Competition. The show will exhibit student artwork from eight local schools; Elmwood Park, East Leyden, West Leyden, Guerin Prep, St. Joseph, PMSA, Proviso East and Ridgewood. “I am very proud of our students’ accomplishments and their artistic creativity!” remarked Mrs. Machaj, Ridgewood art teacher. The reception took place in the gallery of the Fine Arts Building J, located at Triton College, 2000 Fifth Ave., River Grove, IL 60171. The students, their families, schools and the community are all invited to view the artwork from 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm.

The Ridgewood art students earned the following awards:

Best of Category for Drawing - Anastasiya Kostyshyn Best of Category for Computer Design - Tania Chwala Anastasiya Kostyshyn - Two - 1st Place Drawing Aneta Baran - 3rd Place Drawing Michelle Skarzynski - 3rd Place Drawing Cynthia Barrios - 2nd Place Drawing Christian Norris-Avis - 3rd Place Drawing Tania Chwala - 1st Place Computer Design 3rd Place Computer Design Austin Johns - 3rd Place Computer Design Nicole Budnik - 2nd Place Computer Design 3rd Place Computer Design Daniela Lakosilova - 3rd Place Computer Design Joseph Barnas - 3rd Place Computer Design Monica Zygula - 3rd Place Computer Design

James Witkowski - 2nd Place Jewelry Joseph Barnas - Four - 3rd Place Photography Anastasiya Kostyshyn - 2nd Place Painting Sara Claypool - Two – 3rd Place Design Jennifer Mazurkiewicz - 3rd Place Design Michelle Skarzynski - 2nd Place Mixed Media Karolina Klimont - Two – 3rd Place Mixed Media Aneta Baran - 3rd Place Mixed Media Angelina Kadzielawa - 3rd Place Mixed Media Emily Kelly - 3rd Place Mixed Media Jessica Ferberova - 3rd Place Sculpture Karolina Klimont - 3rd Place Sculpture Aneta Baran - 3rd Place Sculpture Jessica Schmidt - 3rd Place Sculpture Angelina Kadzielawa - 3rd Place Printmaking Jaqueline Enciso - 3rd Place Printmaking Jennifer Mazurkiewicz - 3rd Place Printmaking

Mrs. Machaj commented, “I’d like to thank Mr. Dennis McNamara, the Triton Art Department Chair, who works incredibly hard to produce a professional exhibition and an enjoyable public reception for the students and their families. The competition is a wonderful and enriching experience! If you love art, I would highly recommend stopping by the reception to check out the incredible talent of these student artists!” 7




by Alyssa Martinez & Paulina Pachel

I have a confession to make, for I have always been told that art is not a crime; rather, it’s an exquisitely unique form of self expression. Lately, however, there have been people pointing, taunting, laughing…the way they’re acting I wish they’d just disappear. Suddenly I find myself wearing turtleneck sweaters in 90 degree weather and long sleeves, you know, just because. Until one day, this preposterous behavior of mine is acknowledged by none other than a perfect stranger. He asks, “Excuse me miss, but why is it that I always find you in the warmest of attire no matter the weather? What are you hiding?” I look at him blankly and think to myself that the better way of phrasing this inquiry is by saying, “Who are you hiding from?” I answer by saying nothing and walking away. He grabs my hand, uncovering a patch of my skin, and stares at me in shock. I pull away as if by instinct and bow my head in shame saying, “I know. It’s not appropriate right? Not suitable for a woman who has graduated at the top of her class and currently looking for a job as a lawyer, huh?” He surprises me by half smiling at me and saying, “These are beautiful. Whoever told you that your body modifications should define you as a person or an employee?” Taken aback I answer by saying, “Society, sir.” He digs in the pocket of his jeans and whips out a business card. “This is my business card. I currently am running a law firm and I would love to have you come in for an interview.” I stare there shockingly flabbergasted. “Remember,” he adds by grabbing me by the shoulder, “your body modifications should not define your work ethic or the type of person you are.”


It’s not everyday that an insecure

human hides some sort of mystery. People

What do they think of discrimina-

lawyer straight out of college stumbles

are like books: they are constantly judged

tion against “tatted” people? We’ve asked

upon a kind hearted spirit who runs a

by their cover. Some are much more

a number of people on their personal

law firm but, you all get the point we’re

complicated than others to comprehend,

opinion, tatted or not, about their stance on

trying to make here, right? In today’s

some are a little bland, some just straight

how they think people with tattoos should

society, people are much more confident

out outrageous but, nevertheless, they are

be handled in workplaces or in places

in their experimentations, whether it’s

all immensely important. How can that

where they potentially would like to work.

with hair, piercings, or tattoos. Tattoos,

be determined? Well, they were put on

“People should be judged on their work

however, differ in the way that, for the

this Earth for a reason with a purpose. In

product and their performance rather than

most part, they have a story behind them.

fact, some of these individuals with these

their appearance. I think [tattoos] are akin

Every person, every stranger, and every

particular body modifications are closer

to hair cuts or hair color. People who usu-

individual differs in the way they look,

to you than you may think. Some of these

ally get tattoos usually get them for their

dress, think, and speak, and behind every

individuals may even be you.

own reasons and they’re usually very per-

sonal reasons but, they put them in public

judge our every deviance from the norm.

viduality,” says Social Studies teacher, Ms.

places so they get asked about them. Mine

Judgments are made and stereotypes are

Cantos. From a higher authority stand-

was just simply to memorialize my kids’

plastered upon our foreheads unless we

point, “I think people with tattoos and

birthdays and remind me of them when I

are clever enough to reveal a totally differ-

piercings in workplaces, as long as they

looked at it,” says Social Studies teacher,

ent side of us. “I didn’t get my first tattoo

keep them professional and not outrageous

Mr. Gates. While some people like to be

until I was nineteen, but it wasn’t hard

with them, I think it’s okay,” says the big

asked about their personal story behind

[getting employed]. When I was in col-

man in charge, Mr. McCarthy. “If it’s not

their very modification, some feel that

lege, my summer job was at a steel factory

outrageous, I think it’s okay,” says Officer

tattoos are not the way to go due to the

they weren’t too concerned about it,” says

Deutcher. “As a matter of fact, I have one

fact that, “It’s my body…it’s very strange

P.E./History teacher, Mr. Zack. “I have

done right here [shows wrist] and I have

to me anyone would want to put some-

eleven tattoos and all of them have some

two others. I always wanted this. I thought

thing so permanent on their body. I had

type of personal meaning. (…) It’s your

of this one on my own,” he adds. Overall,

a student who, years ago, got a mermaid

right who you want or don’t want to hire.

though “It depends on the organization.

tattoo that was stretched from the side all

To say judging a book by its cover, you

We don’t have any guidelines here but

the way across her stomach to her armpit.

know, I think it’s being a little stereotypi-

teachers, for the most part, always try to

I was talking to her and asked, ‘What hap-

cal to not hire someone based on the fact

be conscientious of where they place them

pens when you have kids?’ It’s one thing

that they have tattoos or not. Like I said,

and what they signify because ultimately

to have something small” [but another to

I have eleven of them, I don’t think that

students see it and we’re supposed to be

have something outrageous] says Span-

having them affects my work as a teacher

role models. I’m pretty confident that in

ish teacher, Mrs. Romano. On the other

or the way that I can impact someone’s

some businesses it’s not acceptable. For

hand, “Piercings, it’s one thing to have

life. I don’t think that someone working

me, I’m okay with our policy. You can’t

what you have [points to Alyssa’s eyebrow

at a Fortune 500 company is going to do a

see mine—ever; but for the sake of our

piercing] you can close it up if you don’t

better job or worse job because they do or

staff that has them, I don’t think it’s an is-

want it anymore but, if it’s bigger it’s far

don’t have tattoos and use that as a criteria

sue,” says Principal Mrs. Kelsall, who also

more difficult to get employed with these

to hire someone is a little outdated—es-

happens to have some tattoos of her own.

type of modifications. Gages—I’ll never

pecially in today’s society,” he adds. For

“The one that has the most meaning,” she

understand gages. I’m about the most

society, although constantly judgmental,

adds, “stands for eternal life and there’s a

liberal person you can find but I’m very

changes their perspective as well as their

heart in the center that represents my dad

conservative with the way I dress. As far

overall outlook on how people should look

when he had his heart attack.”

as getting employed, I think it shouldn’t be

like. A lot of folks just do their own thing

There ya have it. Body modifications

based off of that but it is…it’s unfortunate

nowadays and “I think it’s okay. I have

aren’t a cry for attention nor are they there

but that kind of discrimination does exist

friends of mine who have tattoos that are

to impress anyone. Quit judging people

in the way you present yourself.”

teachers and as long as it’s not something

based upon their appearance because there

Society plays a major role in our lives

that is obscene in language or picture, then

may be more to them and their tattoos than

because, whether we like it or not, people

I think it’s a fine expression of their indi-

meets the naked eye.


Harvard, Bombs,

Adventure by Skirmante Survilaite

I can go home. I decide to turn to the news

MIT?”and I realize this might not go as

for at least a miniscule bit of excitement,

smoothly as I had planned…

remembering last month’s headline “Dol-

excuse my shockingly informal tone on

phin Bites Girl” followed immediately by

plane, we decide to look at what CNN has

such a weighty subject as the Boston

“Man Deep Fries Gun.” I am greeted by a

to say about the matter. Oh, it turns out to

Bombing, and please excuse my disap-

tad more than I expected, shocked to see

be a manhunt, complete with the SWAT

pointing attempts at humor. I’m not sure if

that the excitement is in Boston, the desti-

team and everything! Hmm… Alex’s

“the Boston Bombing” is the official name

nation for my trip that very weekend. I de-

thoughts? “Skirmante, we’re basically

for the heinous act committed on April

cide that, like all major, ground-shattering,

flying into a warzone…” My response?

15th during the Boston Marathon, but it’s

mind-blowing events in America, every-

“Well, we already knew it was going to be

the title that gives me the factual informa-

one will have forgotten about the incident

an adventure!” We land to find the city of

tion off of Google that I need to complete

by Friday and I’d be off to Boston. Not to

Boston on lockdown and military person-

this article, so it’s the title I have chosen to

say that I wasn’t shocked and dismayed by

nel in the airport. How were we planning


humanity’s capacity for evil, quite to the

on getting to Harvard? The public trans-

contrary in fact, but my weekend didn’t

portation that happened to be completely

inform you, an anecdote is a wonderful

have to suffer from it.

shut down. Our back-up plan (because

attention getter. You also apparently aren’t

supposed to use “you,” but that’s besides

lutely nothing of importance happened.

taxi. Hang on, the taxi service was shut

the point. Rules were made to broken,

Perhaps I was aware that the issue wasn’t

down as well.

after all! Therefore, I will begin with a

resolved, but I can’t say that there was

We had no choice but to spend four

personal anecdote. And the remaining

enough of a tumult that I’d stop and think

hours in the airport exploring gift shops,

entirety of the article will consist of just

about anything.

watching CNN, marveling at the SWAT

that. And that was the greatest thesis in the

history of theses. Because obviously, this

house at four in the morning to carpool

in the airport, Snapchatting, and dying of

is an essay and it needs a thesis…

with Alex, my partner in crime (perhaps

boredom. It only hit us at that point that

not the best description…) to get to the

we were ten miles away from a man that

ting at work, counting down the minutes

airport for our 6 o’clock flight. As my

may or may not have bombs and other

(180, if you were wondering) I have until

mom is standing next to us, Alex asks,

explosives on him, was not afraid of

“Did you hear about the shooting at

hurting people, and, in fact, whose only



It’s late on a Friday, so please

As most essay models will

Monday, April 15th- I am sit-

Wednesday, April 17th- Abso-

Friday, April 19th- I left the

As we are in line to board our

we’re responsible children, after all): a

team’s armored cars, looking for soldiers

intention was to go out and hurt people. At some point in the near

miles away from the second suspect of the bombing that killed 3

future, we may actually be dying. And not of boredom… A bit of

people and wounded over 250. This was serious.

swearing may or may not have been involved in the voicing of

this realization.

after we pointed it out, Joanne chuckled and told us about the

cacophony of sirens she heard as the car chase passed by right

Finally, it was announced that taxis were once again

Police sirens were heard outside countless times, and

accessible to us. We quickly packed up and made our way to Har-

outside her window the night before. Have I mentioned yet that

vard, enjoying the scenery along the way and in awe of how eerie

the tension was palpable? It blew my mind how eerie it was; it

it was. Not a single person could be seen in the streets; everything

honestly felt like something out of a movie.

was shut down. There was a palpable tension in the air, and every

once in a while a police car could be seen speeding past us.

apprehended, and we breathed a sigh of relief along with every

other resident of Boston. We then promptly went downstairs

We spent the next few hours exploring all six square

We were watching live as Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was

feet of Joanne’s dorm, watching CNN Live, and dying of heat, at

to play Cards Against Humanity and eat Graham crackers with

which point we went out to eat dinner in the Dining Hall (which,

peanut butter, honey, chocolate syrup, and marshmallow fluff.

amazingly, actually had enjoyable food). We then returned and

continued watching CNN Live. Joanne received information that

port on Monday to fly out, an announcement over the PA system

everything was cancelled for the weekend, to which I said, “We

stopped everyone for a moment of silence. In that minute, the

can still go visit MIT!” Alex kindly informed me, “Skirmante,

whole week culminated and I realized there wasn’t anywhere I’d

MIT is sort of a crime scene right now,” and I questioned whether

have rather been. It was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experi-

I truly am worthy to be sitting on a bed in a Harvard dorm. Once

ence, and it definitely was an adventure.

again, it hit me how serious things actually were. I was sitting 4


As we were waiting in line at Logan International Air-

I will definitely remember Boston.

A Day in the Life of...

by Alex Hanns

Nuccio D’Argento

Owner of Vince’s Italian Restaurant

Entrepreneurship is a quickly growing concept in today’s world. Many people want to go out and start their own busi-

shutting off the water in about 15 minutes.” This had D’Argento

ness, but many overlook how much involvement and dedication

frantically attempting to fix the various problems around the

business ownership actually needs. Successful business owners

restaurant. First it was the ice maker, then the dishwasher, later

dedicate literally their life to their company. Nuccio D’Argento,

was the water heater. “It’s always something!” D’Argento said.

owner of Vince’s and Rocco Vino’s Italian Restaurants, knows

One seemingly small snag created a domino effect of equipment

this first hand since he has owned and operated his restaurants for

shutoffs and failures.

over 10 years.

The 46-year-old owner has been in the restaurant busi-

On a normal night, though, everything runs much

smoother. “At 5:00,” D’Argento explained, “I get ready for

ness for 33 years. When he was a student in high school, he

dinner. During the dinner service, I go around to interact with

actually worked as a busboy collecting and washing dishes at

the customers. See the usual customers and welcome new ones.

the restaurant that he would later own. His view of his role at

After that, I start planning the next day. I ask myself: ‘Are all of

the restaurant has dramatically changed since then. Now, he

the preparations done? What is our schedule for tomorrow? Is

explains, “Everything I look at in the restaurant -- I see the host-

anybody out sick? Is anyone not coming tomorrow? Did anyone

ess, the busboy, the bartender, the driver, the cooks -- has dollar

switch their schedule?’ By the end of the night, I have to check if

signs on it. When there are customers in the restaurant, the dollar

everyone is doing everything right. ‘Did they sweep under all of

signs fade because there is money coming in. But when no one

the tables? Are the tables all wiped down?’ I have to ask myself

is coming in, those dollar signs are still there and it becomes very

all of these questions because I can get up from the table right

difficult.” This wasn’t a worry for D’Argento before, but today it

now and probably find 20 things that somebody’s not doing that

is the main thing on his mind.

needs to get done.”

One of the most troubling situations that D’Argento

explained was when a water main broke near the restaurant. “It’s a Saturday at 7:30 at night, the whole place is full, and we have no water. All of a sudden, while we were in the middle of a dinner service, a water main broke and they had to shut down the 12

water. It’s not like we got a warning, like ‘hey, by the way we’re

“It’s always something,” D’Argento repeated.

“A lot of people don’t know that there are so many little

of my emails. Then, I go through all of my appointments and put

things,” D’Argento said. He then went on to list the many menial

them in my calendar.” He uses his new Nokia Windows 8 phone

tasks that can snowball into much bigger dilemmas. From the

to keep track on the go. “I’m all about the boxes!”

amount of salt in the food to the amount of soap in the dishwash-

Aside from his business responsibilities, D’Argento also

er, a balance needs to be found so that everything runs smoothly

contributes his time to the community. “At least twice a week,

and customers are happy.

I have meetings on fundraising or charities and attend various

“It’s just endless.”

events.” Some of these include Easter Seals, the Salvation Army,

“It’s just endless.”

While at a Chicago Bulls game with his wife, D’Argento

and the Ridgewood Mentoring program. D’Argento is a big fan of the outlook of the mentoring program at Ridgewood. “It makes me happy that I can talk to a few kids and maybe one little thing

said that he saw a person juggling a hammer, a bowling pin,

that I say will stick with them.”

and a ball all at the same time. With changing weights and

sizes, the juggler had to constantly readjust to maintain balance.

and a responsible member of the local community, D’Argento

D’Argento turned to his wife and said, “Wow! That’s like life in

surely has his hands full. Running a business is a daunting task

the restaurant business.” He explained, “I’m constantly juggling

for some, but he manages to dodge the obstacles and succeed.

so many different things. There are the customers, staff, finances,

Keeping commitments to improve the local community is time

marketing, and food quality that are constantly changing or need

consuming, but he still reaches out and helps where it’s needed.

to be changing that it’s hard sometimes to keep my balance.” But

Nuccio D’Argento is not only an

in the end, he manages.

entrepreneur, but a true

Owning a business is definitely a thrill for D’Argento.

While he admitted that it was a headache at first, while he didn’t yet have the problem-solving experience in the restaurant business that he now does, it got easier year after year. Now, almost every problem that he encounters has already happened to him and he already knows how to solve it. “Been there, done that.”

The one thing that is still a challenge, though, is having

an office in the middle of a commercial kitchen. “My office is literally in the middle of a kitchen. So when I try to get any work done in the middle of the day, I get so distracted because I’m so hands-on. If I hear a waitress say something, I have to figure out what’s going on.” Because of the location of his office, he is forced to do a majority of his work at night, when the chaos has settled. “At nighttime, I use Dragon Dictation to respond to all

With the countless tasks required to be a business owner

member of the community.

Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead by Jola Pach

many American people have serious issues

was weak. The people were angry. At

with different political leaders, but it’s

first, they reacted positively to Thatcher’s

rather unheard of for the people to openly

leadership. However, Thatcher soon real-

streets. People pop bottles of champagne,

celebrate the deaths of even the most dis-

ized that in order to improve Britain’s

pumping their fists and laughing. Shouts

liked ones. This is made even more shock-

standing for more than a temporary period,

of “Rejoice!” by exuberant Brits fill the

ing by the fact that Margaret Thatcher

she had to stop the strong dependence of

air. Why? Margaret Thatcher, former Brit-

hasn’t been in power since 1990, when she

the people on government help. So, she

ish prime minister, is dead.

chose to resign. One would think that the

cut welfare programs, hurt trade unions,

people would have somewhat cooled their

and strengthened industries. And as a

way to acknowledge someone’s death.

hatred for her in 23 years. What’s more,

result, some people lost their jobs. Many

Especially when that “someone” is a

Thatcher died in a rather unpleasant way,

who were dependent on welfare programs

prominent political figure known around

having suffered a stroke at 87. Generally

found themselves without the means to

the world.

speaking, that shouldn’t be reason for

survive. But Thatcher felt no sympathy.


She believed that what she was doing


There are wild celebrations in the

This seems like a pretty peculiar

Americans see her as the leader

that helped us to win the Cold War. But to

Born as the daughter of a grocer

would benefit the country; satisfying the

some of the British she represents some-

in a time when women were still expected

people was no priority. And it did, in fact,

thing entirely different. She represents the

to stay silent and obedient, Margaret

help the country. To some she was a hero,

force behind the division of the country.

Thatcher was raised to be all but that.

to some she was a despicable enemy.

She is well known for her strong, unsen-

Her father, though uneducated himself,

timental politics. There is a reason that

made sure to send Thatcher to a respected

cooled. A group of the people of this Brit-

her face is morphed into an ugly witch or

all-girl school and to encourage her to

ish generation has been raised by those

given devil horns and paraded through city

become active in politics.

who suffered job loss, poverty, and little


Why does a part of the British

people hate her so adamantly? Of course,

After all of this, the anger hasn’t

When Thatcher became the first

government help, and they haven’t forgot-

female prime minister, Britain had all but

ten a thing. Does she deserve it? From that

lost its “world power” status to the United

group’s perspective, yes. From a broader

States and the Soviet Union. The economy

viewpoint, it’s hard to tell.

“£3 million for the funeral of Margaret Thatcher? For £3 million you could give everyone in Scotland a shovel, and we could dig a hole so deep we could hand her over to Satan in person.” – Frankie Boyle



Fun Facts with Mr. DeRose • A monkey was once tried and convicted for smoking a cigarette in South Bend, Indiana. • Macademia nuts are sold in their shells because it takes 300 pounds per square inch of pressure to break the shell. • The least dense substance in the world is Hydrogen Gas at 0.08988 g/cc • WD-40 received its name after forty attempts were needed before the creation of this “water displacing” substance.

DID Y U KN W? Diet Pepsi was first produced in 1964. Shortly after, Gatorade was developed in 1965 and then

• An armadillo can walk under water.

acquired by PepsiCo in 2001.

• The first subway system was built in Boston, Massachusetts in 1897.

Gatorade accounts for 75% of the

• Your tonsils serve the purpose of destroying foreign substances that are swallowed or breathed in.

market share for sports drink category.

• The hardest substance in the human body is the enamel on your teeth. • In the movie Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock, chocolate syrup was used for blood in the shower scene. • A watermelon is 92% water

Top 10 Songs you should listen to! (Reggae Edition) by Alyssa Martinez • • • • • • • • • •

Get Busy by Sean Paul Move Ya Body by Nina Sky It wasn’t me by Shaggie Murder She Wrote by Chaka Demus ft. Pliers Heads High by Mr. Vegas Here I come by. Barrington Levy Welcome To Jamrock by Damian Marley It Was Written by Damian Marley King of the Dancehall by Beenie Man Tight up Skirt by Red Rat

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Fixing the World’s Problems, One Drink at a Time

Humanity revolves around the

birth, but also in all of life. We would

not only socially acceptable, but also

be incapacitated by everyday troubles if

required, act of drinking that has been

not for the presence of alcohol to help

around for as long as society. One could

us cope with life.

even argue that without it, society could

not function normally.

everyday problems, it also plays a role

in solving them. Virtually all important

Perhaps the first, but definitely

Not only does alcohol diminish

most important, screw-up in human his-

meetings take place in the presence

tory occurred when a few pre-historic

of alcohol, the all-knowing overseer.

dimwits decided to place all of their

Who should get the job? Whoever can

grain stores in a leaky cave. A few

take the most shots. Who gets the girl?

months later, their hungry families were

Whoever stays conscious longest! How

greeted not by life-saving food, but

could we ever solve our own problems?

by something much better: life-saving

alcohol. Granted, it probably took a bit

consider peace without the pacifist

of natural selection for them to survive

alcohol. Homo sapiens are not capable

this newfound pleasure, but this is

of benign feelings unless stimulated by

quite alright. The sacrifice of a few is

the feel-good effects of happy juice.

nothing when compared to the benefit

Practically all animosity towards others

that alcohol has exacted on the seven

is due to a lack of alcohol in the diet.

billion people living today, and it would

Russia, the friendliest country with the

be very wise for countries to officially

most sophisticated society in the world,

incorporate alcohol into their respective

attempted to work accordingly with


the theory that people should all work

toward the common good, and only for

Alcohol’s influence on life

Moreover, it’s absurd to even

starts in the womb. 1 in 13 pregnant

the common good. This plan was so

women drink, according experts, and

flawless, so ideal, that it spread through

therefore it is not a difficult association

Europe only to finally be stopped, sadly,

to make between alcohol consumption

by a lack of vodka. This system is still

and conception. It can even possibly be

successful in a few privileged countries

safe to say that the Earth’s population

that have wisely shut themselves out

might not have reached seven billion

from the lack of understanding in the

without the aid of alcohol. Its pain-

rest of the world.

killing effects assist in not only child16

Written by Skirmante Survilaite

and animals are taught behaviors through

up on alcohol-deprived countries, enjoy-

the removal of rewards. If a person be-

alcohol would all but eradicate feelings of

ing increased productivity, a more docile

haves badly and his alcohol is taken away,

ugliness and worthlessness. It raises self-

people, fewer food shortages, and rare

he is less likely to behave badly again.

esteem and gives people the extra boost

self-esteem issues.

needed to step outside their comfort zones,

because there would be fewer food short-

making them more successful members of

acceptance of alcohol into the national

ages. When they drink, they usually do

society. It would also solve the problem of

system is immensely increased productiv-

not eat. Thus, not as much food would be

self-esteem issues, thereby stopping global

ity. With the increased demand placed on

consumed, but people would not notice

warming by decreasing the use of harmful

alcohol as it is incorporated even further

this enough to complain about it because

beauty products that release greenhouse

into society, more will need to be created.

they would be too busy drinking. Alcohol

gasses and car rides to the salon. When

This will solve the problem of unemploy-

is also very good sustenance. It packs a

people drink, they tend to find others sub-

ment and will also stimulate the economy,

whopping 7 calories per gram, almost

stantially more attractive.

as alcohol can easily be produced domesti-

double protein’s 4. Also, each type of


alcohol, be it beer, wine, rum or vodka,

able conclusion to draw that alcohol can

has other beneficial properties. For ex-

solve all of the issues that plague today’s

dependence on alcohol would be a more

ample, beer contains the whole group of B

developed Earth. It can replace currency,

docile people. Living in perpetual fear

vitamins and wine is packed with antioxi-

eliminating inflation. It is already preva-

of having their source of pleasure taken

dants. Alcohol is therefore a very plausible

lent in society, so full incorporation will

away, people would hesitate to misbehave.

solution to the imminent problem of food

not be a very big leap. In fact, all it will do

This is called operant conditioning- people


is good.

These lucky countries have a leg

One almost immediate result of

An added benefit to the public’s

People would also be happier

Last, but certainly not least,

So, in the end, it is a very reason-

BREAKING NEWS COLORADO SPRINGS, CO: A guy walked into a little corner store with a shot gun and demanded all the cash from the cash drawer. After the cashier put the cash in a bag, the robber saw a bottle of scotch that he wanted behind the counter on the shelf. He told the cashier to put it in the bag as well, but he refused and said “Because I don’t believe you are over 21.” The robber said he was, but the clerk still refused to give it to him because he didn’t believe him. At this point the robber took his driver’s license out of his wallet and gave it to the clerk. The clerk looked it over, and agreed that the man was in fact over 21 and he put the scotch in the bag. The robber then ran from the store with his loot. The cashier promptly called the police and gave the name and address of the robber that he got off the license. They arrested the robber two hours later. 17

Lectura, escritura, aritmética by Gerald Garcia

The Schools in Spain

Spain. A country with a 97% literacy rate, famous novels like Don Quixote, and other famous authors like Fred-

erico Garcia Lorca and Vicente Alexandre; one would ask their key to success? Overall, the education in Spain is similar to education in the US with a only a few differences.

Children in Spain start education in primary school at the age of six and attend school for six years. Students

attend Catholic schools, which is required until age fourteen. This education is required for all children ever since King Juan Carlos I took power in 1975. He believed required education would help economic, social, and cultural integration in the nation. Because of this, primary education and secondary education is free. After primary school, students attend high school and study for the Bachillerato, a nation test required for graduation. Subjects studied in secondary school include history, Spanish language, Spanish history, Science, Religion, philosophy, etc. Once done with high school, students have the option to go to college. Students take an entrance exam. Universities focus on study and exams. They are not organized as communities and there are minimal extracurricular activities on campus. Spain’s most notable universities include the University of Madrid, University of Barcelona, and the University of Salamanca. College programs can last for about three to five years. After college, a student then attempts to find work.

The basis of education in Spain compared to Italy and the United States is the same, but its unique system makes

most Spanish strive in the real world.

Las Escuelas de España

España. Un país con una noventa y siete por ciento el índice de alfabetización, libros famosos como Don Quixote,

y otros famosos autors como Frederico Garcia Lorca y Vicente Alexndre; una persona contestaría para su llave del éxito. En general, la educación en España es semejante a la educación en Los Estados Unidos, pero con un poquito de diferencias.

Niños en España empiezan su educación en escuela primaría en seis años y asisten escuela para seis años. Estu-

diantes asisten Las Escuela Católica cual es necesario hasta la estudiante es catorce años. Ese educación es necesario para todos niños desde Juan Carlos I se convertía el Rey en 1975. El creía educación necesario aydudaría la integracion de economico, social, y cultural. Porque ese, la escuela primaría y escuela secundaría es libre. Despues escuela primaría, los estudiantes asisten la escuela secundaría y estudian para el Bachillerato, un exam nacional necesario para graduación. La material estudio incluye la historia de Español, la lengua de Español, Ciencia, Religón, filosofía, etc. Cuando un estudiate he terminado la escuela secundaría, tienen la opción para asistir collegio. Estudiantes toman un examen entrada. Universidades centran en estudio y examn. Ellos no organizan como communidades y hay unos actividades mínimos. Españas Univesidades significantes incluyen La Universidad de Madrid, La Universidad de Barcelona, y La Universidad de Salamanca. Los programas collegios estudiaron para tres a cinco años. Despues collegio, Los estudiantes buscan trabajo.

La base de educación en España comparado con Italia y Los Estados Unidos es la misma, pero el sistema unico

hace más Español luchar en el mundo real. 18

Lettura, scrittura, aritmetica by Emma Pisello

The Schools in Italy The school systems in Italy and America share many similarities, but the differences are very distinct. Schooling in Italy is free. Children are required by law to attend school from the age of six to sixteen. Instead of attending school five days a week like we do in America, Italian students (through high school) attend school six days a week, but only until 1:00 or 1:30.

Just like American students, Italian children attend la scuola elementare (elementary school) from first to fifth

grade. Here they learn Italian, English, Geography, History, Math, Science, and Religion. After elementary school (“la scuola elementare”), children attend middle school (le scuole medie) from 6th to 8th grade. The same curriculum from primary school is learned but on a higher level. Students are required to take a foreign language. At the end of eighth grade or la terza media, students must take a big oral and written exam in the subjects of Italian, mathematics, science, and foreign language. Successful students are awarded the Licenza Media (Middle School license). At this point, students must decide what kind of high school they will attend which basically solidifies what career path they will take. Italian students who are interested in science will attend la Scuola Scientifica. Students who are interested in teaching will attend una Scuola Magistrale. These high school programs are either four or five years long. In order to receive a Diploma di Scuola Superiore (High School degree), students must pass written and oral exams administered by a group of outside teachers. These exams are called La Maturità (the maturity; ripeness). This Diploma di Scuola Superiore (High School diploma) is sufficient requirement to enter college.

Le Scuole in Italia

Il sistema scolastico italiano e quello americano sono simili, ma hanno anche delle notevoli differenze. La scuola

in Italia è gratuita per tutti gli studenti e gli studenti sono obbligati dalla legge di frequentare la scuola dai sei ai sedici anni. Invece di frequentare la scuola cinque giorni alla settimana come facciamo noi, i bambini italiani frequentano la scuola sei giorni alla settimana fino all’ una o l’una e mezza.

Gli studenti sono inscritti nella scuola elementare dalla prima alla quinta classe. Imparano l’italiano, l’inglese,

la geografia, la storia, la matematica, la scienza, e la religione. Quando hanno finito la scuola elementare, i ragazzi vanno alla scuola media. Gli studenti hanno le stesse materie, ma a livello più avvanzato naturalmente e tutti gli studenti devono studiare una lingua straniera. Gli studenti che superano l’esame ricevono la Licenza Media. Poi, vanno al liceo. A questo putno, gli studenti devono decidere quale tipo di liceo in cui iscriversi che fondamentalmente scelta decide quale carriera proseguiranno. Gli studenti interessati nella scineza si iscrivono in una Scuola Scientifica. Gli studenti che sono interessati nell’ insegnamento frequentano una Scuola Magistrale. Gli studenti che studiano letteratura e storia si iscrivono in un Liceo Classico e quelli interessati nell’ arte vanno a un Liceo Artistico. La lunghezza dei programma varia tra i quattro e i cinque anni. Per ricevere un Diploma di Scuola Superiore, gli studenti deveno superare gli esami orali e scritti amministrati da commissioni esterne. Quest’esame vale per l’ammissione nelle università.


A Hope of Spring Mark Lippstreuer

Travelling through the Forest Preserve on a wintery morning I am hit by a hidden vision. No accident, and not the freeze outside the passenger window, it’s June. In the summer, the foliage canopy And symphonic cicadas overshadow the silent yet fallen. So too the wax chloroplast that dance happy go lucky in the breeze, Occasional deer dare to dart across. Even later, the green facade loosens its luster to the glorious autumn. My A.M. commute is flanked with Van Gogh, Monet And Pollack that prate the withering of wilderness in need of attention. The murmur amid trees is who will be first to lose hold? Yet, on this winter morning, the blurred brown bark of thicket and timber is lost Refocused. Half lit with snow, as if every arthritic wounded membrane were half bandaged. Now I see deep in the snowy woods, an emergence, The fallen a strewn mass juxtaposition of snow covered mulch and carnage. Giant trees and epic braches broken Like field generals, or privates slain in battle, give their bread to termites and soil. Amid the vertical more and more trees bend obtuse to the sky, As if Robert has had his sway. Eventually, too, they succumb. Roots uproot, Midsections splinter shatter and limbs amputate. Many cannot bear the weight of snow or wind or others desperate on their side. Some trees whisper asides that they were the lucky ones. I drive, silent tires in the snowy woods, A tree A moving violation A few miles left to go A hope of spring.


The Adventures of Fishy Fish & Octavious the Octopus By Victor Bertocchi & Aga Jarzabek


RHS Poms Goes to State by Captain Jennifer Matthews

day competition. On the morning of the

everyone knew they had left their hearts

25th, the team headed on the buses to the

on the floor.

Coliseum where they would perform their

for your RHS poms team. At the begin-

superhero pom routine. As you can imag-

place in the top ten, history was still made.

ning of the year, the team of fifteen had

ine, the nerves were at an all time high;

They competed in the first ever IHSA

only one goal in mind: qualifying for the

but they were ready. In the 1A category,

competitive dance state competition. The

first ever IHSA state dance competition.

there were thirty teams all competing

poms team ranked in at fifteen out of

Through hard work and dedication, the

for the same thing: placing in the top ten

thirty. That means the team is ranked fif-

team achieved that goal. At the sectional

and advancing to the finals. Among those

teenth in the state of Illinois for 1A dance

competition at Grayslake High School,

thirty teams was the RHS poms team.

teams! A remarkable accomplishment for

they placed sixth out of twelve in the 1A

Their goal to make it to state was reached,

the team.

category, which meant receiving the bid

but now it was to advance to the finals.

to state. Just a week later, the poms team

with dedicated dancers. The fifteen mem-

was headed to Bloomington where they

to perform. The team walked onto the

bers along with their coach are a family

would compete for a state ranking.

floor ready to show the judges and their

that worked together to make their dream

competitors why they deserved to be there.

become a reality. The hard work of these

were held at the U.S. Cellular Coliseum on

After three minutes of powerful dancing,

girls and the endless support of our school

January 25th and 26th. The team stayed at

the team was able to watch the playback

is the reason they are a state qualifying

a local hotel where they had endless pep

of their routine. While watching it, they

team. This unforgettable poms season is

talks and practices to prepare for the two-

all knew that they did deserve to be there,

just that, unforgettable.


It has been an unforgettable year

The competitive dance state finals

They were the last 1A dance team

performing. Whatever the outcome was,

RHS POMS 2012-2013


Even though the team did not

The poms team is a team filled

RHS Cheer Cheated Out of State-Qualifying Title by Deana Hanns ●●●

As Winter approached, so did competition season. The competition team

consisted of talented athletes who wanted to make a name for ridgewood high school, and they did just that. During the whole winter season, the competition team would endure hours of practice every day after school in preparation for competitions. Over the course of a few months, they gained a collection of trophies big and small, but their greatest achievement was knowing that they were supposed to qualify for state. At the Sectional competition, the Ridgewood Varsity Cheerleaders performed a flawless routine. When it came around to awards, they sat and waited for their name to be called, but it never was. Later, when they got their score sheet back, they realized that their score actually DID qualify them for state. The only thing holding them back was an unreasonable deduction for something that wasn’t their fault. At an earlier competition, a judge had told them to fix a part in their routine so that they would not get penalized. They did as they were told and changed it. When they reviewed the judges notes from the sectional competition, they realized that the points that were deducted from their score were the points the previous judge had told them about. The part that they changed to appease one judge was the same part that got deducted because of another judge’s preferences. Since the deduction was completely unfair, the coaches and the athletic director went up to the judges right away so that they could fix their mistake. The IHSA judges reviewed the case, re-watched videos, and even admitted that they were wrong. The one thing that they did not do was fix their own mistake and give the well-deserved points back. Because of this set back, the Ridgewood Varsity Cheerleaders were not able to compete at the state level competition. Even though the Ridgewood Varsity Cheerleaders technically did not make it to state, they know that the work that they put in has paid off and they have set a new standard for years to come.

RHS Competition Cheer Team Top Row (Coaches) Andy Ronstadt, Mark Carlson, Stacy Andersen Bottom Row Tony Colone, Haley Soltwedel, Brittany Susmarski, Brianna Giovannielli, Deana Hanns, Kimmy Lazzara, Heather Ronstadt, Maria DiGiulio, Giulia Magnelli, Megan Kaufman



Vince’s Italian Restaurant

Owned and Operated by Ridgewood Alumni: Nuccio & Rocco

Our entire menu is available for Delivery and Carry Out 7 Days a Week! Call now:

(708) 867-7770 4747 N. Harlem Ave. Harwood Heights, IL 60706 In the Holiday Plaza at Lawrence & Harlem Ave. Hours: Monday-Thursday 11:00am - 11:00pm; Friday & Saturday 11:00am - 12:00 midnight; Sunday 11:30am - 10:30pm

The Rebellion, Volume 27, Issue 3