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Omnicom Media Group creates Omnicom Media Share… Partenaire officiel de

… and supports 3 projects in 2012

OMG renews its commitment to DDB share’s initiative and creates Omnicom Media Share

In this context, the Group’s steering committee is reaffirming its involvement, each of its members positioning themselves on one of the 3 projects selected for 2012.

In 2012, OMG chooses to support, the Groupe SOS and Le Rire Médecin. Omnicom Media Share was introduced to the collaborators of the group, in the presence of the projects leaders, on February 21st. On this occasion, the operational teams were constituted to accompany each of the projects. Bertrand Beaudichon Vice President OmnicomMediaGroup

Marc Avelot Secretary General, Le Rire Médecin Jean-Marc Borello General Delegate, Groupe SOS

Aurélie Duthoit Co-founder

OMG will deploy its expertise in media consulting and media buying for these 3 projects. Offer sick children entraining activities with the clowns to make them forget their daily life. Intervening in 37 pediatric services, the 87 clowns of the association perform every year more than 64, 000 personalised shows for children and their families.

Project lead by Fernando da Costa and Yannick Wittenauer A benchmark industry within the social entrepreneurship sector in France Every year, the actions of the various Groupe SOS associations and companies have an impact on more than 800, 000 people.

Project lead by Philippe Lasne (et étroitement soutenu par Bertrand Beaudichon)

Babyloan is a solidary micro-credit website The community of Babyloanians reunites 14, 788 lenders in 131 countries. They lended € 3 050 974 which enabled 8, 641 micro entrepreneurs to improve their life standards.

Project lead by Anne Thétier, Christophe Dane and Corinne Abitbol

In 2012 , Le Rire MĂŠdecin is turning 20 At stake: take advantage of this key year to increase the notoriety of the association by creating new media partnerships, as the one recently concluded with the free daily newspaper 20 minutes.

Promotional ads published in the 20 minutes thanks to this partnership.

In 2011 Rapp and OMG orchestrated the first public campaign of the Groupe SOS.

Results of the first partnership RAPP & OMG





204 national showings of the movie

83 national broadcasts, 3 on national TV (TF1)

149 K€ of media buying

164,4 K€ of radio buying

In 2012 After this first successful collaboration, Rapp and OMG reunite again to develop a social web campaign. The objective of this operation is to structure the Groupe SOS’s communication to the larger public by using the « social power » of internet users who can fight against social challenges the Groupe SOS advocates for.

The community of Babyloanians reunites 14, 788 lenders in 131 countries. The challenge launched by Rapp and OMG, which are also collaborating on this project, is to multiply by 3 the number of lenders by the end of this year !

A large campaign is in the pipes‌ more news to come ‌

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