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Culture, sensitivity and Presence


radesco Bank believes that truly successful companies are those that have committed to what is important to society, but are also able to make art and culture of effective instruments for full citizenship and the “Brazilidade”. It is a partnership where everyone wins, a combination that success is only a pretext for enhancing formulas, innovate and keep going surprising. In the various initiatives that participatory vision unfolds, one of the highlights is the extensive program of sponsorship of Bradesco in cultural, artistic and popular manifestations events that value the different regional traditions, an agenda whose sum results in a cultural feature of Brazil to a single time singular and plural. In this context focused on the best, the sponsorship to “Harold and Maude” is a prime example. Royal on the proposal to communicate through the senses, to thrill by the simplicity of sincere relationships, the play - aided by a cast of competence of the first magnitude - strengthens and renews the talents of some of the most brilliant artists of our time that, as few, elevate the interpretation for the category of pure art, without retouching, without exceptions. For Bradesco, the sponsorship of this remarkable spectacle, one that delights in the scenery and fascinating accounts for more than an honor, because it reaffirms its desire to be the protagonist’s effort to diversify the cultural horizon, mainly through contact with products that at the same time, enhance the creativity, talent and daring. After all, when it comes to art, spectacle and culture, working in partnership is a way to contribute and make a difference, is also a way of scoring presence.





Wherever she moved, the goddess sparkled in front of his eyes.


Harold, a 20 year-old elderly, obsessed by death ‌

‌ and Maude, an 80 year-old youngster, in love with life.

 rlindo Lopes provides a masterly A performance of the journey from misery into love.

Tânia Brandão – O Globo newspaper





Directed and adapted by











Direction Assistant and Movement Director DUDA MAIA Scenic Design

Costume Design





KIKA LOPES Special Effects



Sound Track

Scenic Design assistents

Graphic Design




Costume Design assistents


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Production Director


Project Design


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This play opened on october 27, 2007, at theater Faap, in São Paulo city, Brazil.



t the age of nine, when he first watched Hal Ashby’s Harold and Maude movie, a 1971 hit, Arlindo Lopes decided he would produce the story on the stage. Two decades later, he invited a producer, an actress, a director, and bought the copyright of the love story between an 20 year-old man

obsessed by death and a 80 year-old young woman, in love with life. The money came from the movie “Cazuza - Time Doesn’t Stop” where a curly haired Arlindo played the band’s bassist De Palmeira from the band Barao Vermelho. Veteran Gloria Menezes, who this year completes 50-year career, and who also dreamed of one day staging the play, as Maude, and Arlindo, who plays the long dreamt character, Harold, won the Brazil Art Quality Award for Best Drama Actress and Best Drama Actor this year (which also awarded play and director João Falcão). Gloria also won the Contigo Award for Best Actress. In 2009, Harold and Maude received the APTR Award for Best Production and in 2011 completed three years of success both to critical and audience, drawing more than 350,000 people to the theaters in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte , Curitiba, Fortaleza, Recife, Maceio, Salvador, Goiania, Ribeirao Preto, Campo Grande, Petropolis, Brazilia, Juiz de Fora, Santo Andre, Guarulhos, Vinhedo, Santos, Sao Jose dos Campos, Resende, Pelotas, Angra dos Reis, Campo dos Goytacazes, Rio Preto and Sao Luiz do Maranhao.

Paula Rothman - TPM Magazine

 loria Menezes is Maude in her G prime – beautiful, sublime and shining; her acting is moving.

Tânia Brandão – O Globo newspaper

As splendid as the film. The timeless plot was majestically adapted for the stage. The music, the scenic design, the image projections. Everything is a treasure for the theater.

Orlando Filho – Diårio do Grande ABC newspaper

The direction of João Falcão can give the show an atmosphere of fairy tale, a poetic aura, and a perfect backdrop for that idyllic love.

Leonardo Bruno – O Extra newspaper


hen the third bell rings and the curtains open, once again the story that marked my adolescence days gain life.

There are characters we wish to perform, and those who we have to do. I needed Harold and he needed me. A young boy who wanders lost among graveyards, demolitions and junk-dealers and find the meaning of life through the wise and full of poetry eyes of an irreverent and seductive old Lady. A cathartic and challenging trajectory. Challenger was also the way to accomplish this piece. Producing a spectacle of this size with a quality team was something I had never done and that seemed very distant. In 2003 I bought the copyrights to the play and searched a producer and team to embark on my wish, in my madness. Maria Siman was the producer that I chose and she chose me. We immediately formed a good partnership. We were talking the same language. She fell for the project, offering support and structure needed in those four years of battle that the idea began to take shape and leave the paper. The choice of João Falcão for direction appeared at the time I was headed by him in reading the play “O Auto da Compadecida” Our communication was immediate. The sensitivity, precision and creativity of Joao always touched me. There is no doubt: he would be the director. But there was still the actress who would give life to Maude. Then I discovered that Gloria Menezes fed the same desire to enact this precious love story. The invitation to join us was a unanimous decision. We wanted very much to have her with us. Gloria brought the spectacle all its brilliance, strength and generosity by joining us, not only to interpret the character, but also to co-produce it. It’s a great actress, a great partner, fun and passionate, who has taught me a lot. New partners arrived. Stella Maria Rodrigues, Fernanda de Freitas, Antonio Fragoso, Veronica Valentin, Guilherme Siman, Walisson de Souza and Jamil Pedro form our admirable cast. I must also thank our outstanding team of designers and technicians and of course our sponsors, partners who believed in the idea from the beginning and are indispensable part to complete this project. Finally, the family is complete! I take this opportunity to make a special thanks to my parents, two amazing beings: Elenice da Silva and Arlindo Lopes Pereira, because everything I am I owe to them. My good friend Aracy Balabanian that always inspired me and showed that anything is possible in this long journey and all my friends who’ve been around. I dedicate this show to actress Licia Magna, wistful and sweet my friend, who was passionate about life. I hope “Harold and Maude” touch the hearts of all ages, as touched mine. Gods of Theater bless us! Long live St. Therese!

Arlindo Lopes


’m a lucky guy. I grew up in Zona da Mata in Pernambuco during the 60’s and my home in Tiuma Mill, was surrounded by a green cane fields that stretched beyond the limits of vision.

One night in a lucky day, a television set landed on my face for the first time, with the impact of a spacecraft. The room where the unidentified object, was installed it was soon dubbed “the TV room. Among the passengers of the ship, a mysterious girl stole my attention through the hatch. She was a beautiful Cristina who transmuted into Cristiano to avenge his father’s death, the novel “Stone Souls” (Almas de Pedra). I soon discovered that the alien also went by the name Gloria Menezes, but it was only in real life. Inside the ship, she would still take many identities, what an amazing thing, even three of a ‘once, like Diana, Laura and Marcia of “Brothers Courage” (Irmãos Coragem). I could never imagine that one day I would be, as I am now, beside that unbelievable mutant, participating in his latest adventure. And what an adventure! This time the rocket is the theater, the story is astonishing and the crew - just read the technical details - fell from the sky. Luckily it fell into my hands, and if I had to name my luck, call it Arlindo Lopes and Maria Siman, who invited me for the journey. And call it fate that they met all the friends start traveling. And call Gloria, this lucky moment.

João Falcão


beautiful and poetic text about unlikely love and celebration of life and freedom. An unpublished translation. A talented young actor, tenacious and persevering who introduced me to the project. A great dame of the theater, intelligent, sensitive, generous and modern. A brilliant director and gentle friend.

So we took the first steps of our journey. Came the talented guest stars, a dream team of designers (Marimba, Penna, Duda, Renato, Kika) and partners of all kinds who have brought their contribution to accomplish the spectacle of the way we plan and dream. I thank all staff for surrender to the work, dedication and trust, and the sponsors who enabled and supported the project: Prime Arts, Volkswagen Trucks and Buses and Gol Linhas Aereas. That history had this beautiful love, romantic and lyrical, and Maude’s libertarian spirit, inspire us Thank you all.

Maria Siman

One of the greatest surprises of the season,

Época newspaper

and certainly the most rewarding of them.



loria Menezes had full sessions, entitled to an extra half full session, to reintroduce “Harold and Maude”, at Sala Villa-Lobos. In the role of Maude, the transgressive character of Colin Higgins, this actress grabbed the public in a spectacle whose direction of João Falcão stands as compelling. The director works closely with the lighting by Renato Machado and choreography by Sergio Marimba, creating a dimension that is happening on several planes. It stands on stage an overproduction able to mount and dismount in front of the eyes of the spectator complex environments suggested by the story, with input from stagehands and their props. Gloria Menezes acts Maude touched by age, but at the same time, willing to meet with intensity, every hour of life. The actress plays brilliantly with the young man, Arlindo Lopes (Harold), which grows scene after scene, revealing a working actor. Despite the natural tendency of the assembly of “Harold and Maude” to amplify the presence of Maude, the play of João Falcão balances the protagonists and exposes the talent and versatility of Arlindo Lopes. The supporting cast Stella Maria Rodrigues, Fernanda de Freitas and Antonio Fragoso take turns in entering the various characters and dizzying pace, with fast entrances and exits, typical of the work from the Director. Although marked by the general public for her performances on soap operas, Gloria Menezes, her valuable track career in theater, which began 51 years ago, with mounting height of a great Dame of the stage, respect and devotion to relate to dramatic art. In the Saturday session, after warning viewers not to use cameras during the performance, the actress was surprised by flashes and then interrupting the play and losing her concentration. Complained, rightly, and the “brasiliense” audience was silent ashamed of those who still believe that theater is a holy temple of silence and learning.

Sérgio Maggio, Correio Braziliense newspaper

PLAY WRAPPED IN LOVE Bárbara Heliodora – O Globo newspaper For some unknown reason, I had never seen Harold and Maude on the stage or at the cinema. Thus, Colin Higgins’s story was totally new to me and, fortunately, a pleasant, fun and great novelty. The script’s greatest quality is the use of humor and theatricality, instead of a sentimental plot, to elicit the audience to feel and think. The confused 20 year-old Harold and the sensible and joyful Maude, linked by the lack of love from the boy’s vain and hectic mother, Helen, provided Higgins with a potential raw-material, and the author used it very well in such a way that the three decades of its age are neither perceived, nor important. Undoubtedly, it was due to Arlindo Lopes´ dedication to his ideal of staging the play, at least partially, that the show is wrapped in a love atmosphere. The staging is carefully and lightly builded: Sérgio Marimba’s beautiful scenic design, with see-through curtains that move sideways, apart and closer to each other, allows a great agility on the many changes of scenes and encourages the audience to use their imagination from just a few pieces of old furniture, while Kika Lopes’ costumes accurately identify each character both in their actual and symbolical situations. Renato Machado’s lighting design is very good as well as Rodrigo Penna’s soundtrack. JOÃO FALCÃO’S DIRECTION MEETS THE EXACT KEY João Falcão’s direction meets the exact key in order to provide the mix of realism and quasi-dream, with richness of details created by the supporting cast who delivers a sound contribution in the building-up of Harold and Maude’s environment. The authoritarian insanity of Helen’s world is contrasted with the joy and peacefulness of Maude’s, with rhythms and traits that highlight the importance of their differences, which allow us to perceive the director’s enjoyment in the staging process… All the cast is tuned in the script. The supporting cast, comprised of Veronica Valentin, Guilherme Siman, Walisson de Souza and Jamil Pedro, performs many different tasks, all relevant, all well-executed. Augusto Madeira is satisfactory in all his roles; Fernanda de Freitas, as the three candidates to be Harold’s fiancée, is confident in building each of them, and hilarious as the actress who confuses Harold’s mad behaviors with Romeo and Juliet; Ilana Kaplan is great as the woman whose only wish is to see her son fit into the system because of her concern with “what the others will say”. Arlindo Lopes makes his dream come true with a great performance: he does not overdo Harold’s extreme actions and gradually blooms as he is warmed up by Maude’s fondness. . Once more, Glória Menezes shows a great performance on the stage: her Maude is joyful, sincere, agile, imaginative, peaceful in her approach to life, charming in her simplicity. The integration of Arlindo’s and Glória’s works is impeccable, and the play delights the audience with its quality and warmth.

G  loria Menezes and Arlindo Lopes make up a dazzling pair whose chemistry contributes to outbursts of laughter and disguised tears from the audience.

Lionel Fischer – Tribuna da Imprensa newspaper

G  loria Menezes is an irresistible Maude. Arlindo Lopes is a perfect Harold.

Artur Xexéo – O Globo newspaper

With an eclectic soundtrack and a nearly cinematographic visual appeal, the direction escapes caricatures and updates the plot.

Veja São Paulo magazine

T  he chemistry between Gloria and Arlindo is perfect, and in many occasions the age gap is unnoticed owing to the couple’s empathy.

Jorge Fortunato – Gazeta Mercantil newspaper

The story is both gentle and funny. The situations alternate between laughter and sigh, in a series of emotions and messages.

AndrÊ Laurentino – O Estado de S. Paulo newspaper

The agile hands of director João Falcão create a magic theater, a climate of mystery and magic that packs love so unusual, pulling the audience.

Stella Miranda – O Globo newspaper

João Falcão creates a play with modern scenic design and strong soundrack that does not overshadow the story, keeping the audience on a see-saw between sharp humor and very romantic scenes.

Isto É magazine

PASSIONATE TRIBUTE TO LIFE Lionel Fischer – Tribuna da Imprensa newspaper  When he was finishing his master’s degree from Stanford UCLA film, Colin Higgins wrote the first treatment of “Harold and Maude” which later would reach the screens with great success. Only after that the author decided to adapt the story for the theater, achieving similar success on stages worldwide. With the theme of the unusual relationship between Harold (a 20 year old obsessed by death) and Maude (a 79 year old Lady in love with life) the text of Colin Higgins is the current poster at Teatro Leblon. With the translation of Millor Fernandes, adapted and directed by João Falcão, the piece reaches the scene with a cast composed by Gloria Menezes (Maude), Arlindo Lopes (Harold), Ilana Kaplan (Helena Chasen, Harold’s mother), Fernanda de Freitas (Silvia Gazelle, Nancy and Dora Joy), Augusto Madeira (Dr. Matthias, Father Finney, Uncle Victor, Inspector Mark High and Coroinha) and Veronica Valentim (Maria), Guilherme Siman, Walisson de Souza and Jamil Pedro , these lasts composing the supporting cast. Because it is a work very well known, it is not worth summarizing its plot. But one must note the author’s ability to create wonderful characters and a narrative full of humor and humanity, a lovely and a passionate tribute to life. And these attributes are valued in an exemplary manner by all professionals involved in this production simply unmissable. As usual, João Falcão imposes a dynamic assembly in tune with the text, emphasizing both the extreme funniest passages as those in which the drama dominates. If we already thought Falcao a brilliant director, we are now likely to believe that we have a poet of the scene, also capable of extracting flawless performances from the actors. We have stated several times that Brazil may lack everything but wonderful performers. And those who participate in this show only reiterate our thinking. Gloria Menezes and Arlindo Lopes form a stunning duo whose chemistry contributes too much laughter and furtive tears from the audience. Ilana Kaplan is flawless as the domineering and hystericall mother, with Augusto Madeira and Fernanda de Freitas putting on a show of versatility in their various roles. Regarding the technical team, highlighted with the same enthusiasm to translate by Millor Fernandes, Sergio Marimba scenery, costumes by Kika Lopes, lighting by Renato Machado and Rodrigo Penna soundtrack, the latter is undoubtedly the most creative of the season.

Gloria moves us in filigree in the

interpretation of the young octagenarian.

In one scene seems English china. Rare and valuable.

Stella Miranda – O Globo newspaper

Glória Menezes is Maude.

Gloria Menezes Maude builds an unconventional, full of vigor and passion for life, delighting the audience. Alexandre Pontara – Guia Cultural magazine


Menezes has another great

performance on stage, in these last years, her Maude is cheerful, sincere, responsive, imaginative, quiet in her vision of life, charming in her simplicity.

Bårbara Heliodora – O Globo newspaper

Gloria Menezes gives joy and charm that the role required. Displays, once again, love, irony and tranquility in the appropriate doses.

Debora Ghivelder – Veja Rio magazine

The simulations of the suicide of Harold have the perfect measure of tragic and comic, with devices that allow the character hangings and mutilations that seem real.

Tiago Germano – Cultral Guide Boca a Boca

Arlindo says little and everything is passed. Absolutely everything. The young actor, as Harold can fill the stage with sympathy cream and make room for rebellious character and the author of pearls of black humor.

Orlando Filho – Diário do Grande ABC newspaper

Arlindo Lopes delivers an amazing and grand performance. He cherished a dream and bet on the project. He was right; his Harold seems to have been written for him.

Francisco Malta – site Cenas Cotidianas

Arlindo Lopes is Harold.

What it is needed are bridges, not walls.

Excellent as a domineering r and party girl mother, Stella Maria Rodrigues helps to compose a cast of light and funny characters , which drew laughs from the audience in a spectacle so profound and dramatic as “Harold and Maude.

Marcelo Aouila – site Zipnet

Stella Maria Rodrigues is excellent, deciphering the exact point the intention of his character.

Aqui magazine

Stella Maria Rodrigues is Helena Chasen.

Fernanda de Freitas scores high whenever she is on scene, besides being captivating on her beauty’s account.

Vinícius Baréa – portal Sosni

Fernanda de Freita’s versatility bestows liveliness on the roles and draws out much laughter from the audience.

Stella Miranda – O Globo newspaper

Fernanda de Freitas is Silvia Gazela, Nancy Mercury, Dora Alegria and Bailarina.

Fernanda de Freitas is hilarious, showing great versatility in her different roles.

Bárbara Heliodora – O Globo newspaper

 ernanda is astonishing F in the several roles she performs.

Isto é magazine

 arely is seen on stage together R so many qualities. Great cast, light and magnificent scenarios, acting responsible and careful direction with all the pats necessary to build a show that comes live to the public.

Janaína Cunha Melo – O Estado de Minas newspaper

Antonio Fragoso is Tio Vitor, Padre Finney, Dr. Matias, Inspetor Marcos and Caçapa.

J oão Falcão has in his hands dedicated and talented actors who understood perfectly the spirit of the show.

Jorge Fortunato – Gazeta Mercantil newspaper

The performances are amazing.

Alexandre Pontara – Cultural Guide

Walisson de Souza. The cast is still completed with four other young actors, who do all the monitoring of the scenes in the assembly and disassembly, and changes in movement, functioning as an adjusted choreography. Mauro Medeiros – Coruja News article

VerĂ´nica Valentim is Maria.

Ricco Viana.


Valentim, Guilherme Siman,

Walisson de Souza and Jamil Pedro, who form the supporting cast make solid contribution by completing the various tasks, all of which are all well executed, in line with the text.

Bárbara Heliodora – O Globo newspaper

Guilherme Siman.

THE THEATRICAL GAME IN FRONT OF THE AUDIENCE Tânia Brandão – O Globo newspaper  In the hands, the flow of one’s life; in the body, the free throbbing of desire. The lesson, filled with love and flower, is a reminder of the struggle for freedom against the “system” fought by citizens of the late 60s. Lesson given by someone who is supposed to restrain has shown the force of a magical spell until today: everyone on Earth has dreamt about the chance of being free, happy, and master of oneself and one’s own body. That is the appeal of Harold and Maude, the 1971 film. Today, a time of non-believers, the unlikely symbolical love story of Colin Higgins’ script may sound absurd or sentimental. As it shows a rich, gloomy and miserable 19 year-old man, obsessed by death ideas and the attention of his indifferent mother, liberated by a jolly 80 year-old lady, Harold and Maude could be a flop in face of a general attraction to Botox – how to make believe that wrinkles can rhyme with liberation? From Millôr Fernandes’ agile translation, the director João Falcão adapted the script and got around the challenge: escaped realism and bet on theatricality. He chose to build up the scenes in front of the audience, on a brisk pace, under a somewhat circus atmosphere, even in the acting – caricatural and humorous. The climax of the game is a scene of highest flippancy between Maude, a policeman and a priest: the moving curtains allow one actor to act different roles, all of them power icons. The choice shifts the center of the scene, the liberating project is wrapped in humor; the calculation turns the event into pure theater, plausible as it is.

GLORIA MENEZES AND ARLINDO LOPES LEAD A DEDICATED CAST Sérgio Marimba’s scenic design with mobile elements is key to the effects. Fixtures and panels shift and remind that the story is being told, as pages are turned or windows are open for contemplation. Renato Machado’s lighting design stresses that mechanism, despite the dark colors on the stage, unaware of the psychedelic theme. Kika Lopes’ costumes identify profiles and situations. Rodrigo Penna’s soundtrack is effective in atmosphere creation. It all results in a constant theatrical game with the audience, where even the rawness of the death at the end may provoke the shedding of tears from more sentimental souls. In fact, the death is also a theatrical act, and not a decision accomplished from the excess of sleeping pills. Art is thus stressed as the ultimate shelter: music for Harold, the theater for the audience. The strength of the lesson lies in a dedicated cast. Gloria Menezes is Maude in her prime – beautiful, sublime and shining; her acting is moving. Arlindo Lopes provides a masterly performance of the journey from misery into love. Ilana Kaplan dominates the comic effect as the mother in a caricatural way, heavy at times. Fernanda de Freitas lends liveliness to the schematic girlfriends. Augusto Madeira, in different roles, pleases the audience with his military uncle. It is worth watching the novelty in an old lesson: above the belief in the individual, the flight is performed by the theater, another form of liberation.

you know anything better than

Harold and Maude are able to make laugh, be moved and think. A dreamlike and playful staging that highlights the

theatrical game.

Debora Ghivelder – Veja Rio magazine

A quality play that is elegantly balanced between humor

and emotion.

AndrÊ Gomes – O Dia newspaper

laugh together with someone?

Beautiful staging! João Falcão´s direction is both lyrical and humorous.

Marie Claire magazine

The difficult task of combining outbursts of laughter with emotional sighs was accomplished by João Falcão’s skillfulness.

Orlando Filho – Diário do Grande ABC newspaper

M  aude becomes unrulier and Harold, played by the great and captivating Arlindo Lopes, funnier. Jefferson Lessa – O Globo newspaper

If we already knew FalcĂŁo was a brilliant director, now we tend to believe he is a scene poet.

Lionel Fischer - Tribuna da Imprensa newspaper

H  arold and Maude’s success owes to the combination of an inspired director with an impeccable cast, especially the leading actress and actor.

Varig magazine



Hardly anyone will leave the show dissatisfied.

O Estado de SĂŁo Paulo newspaper

THE MAGIC OF AN EVERLASTING LOVE STORY Stella Miranda – O Globo newspaper  One of the greatest Brazilian TV stars, protagonist in classical films, shining on the stage for decades, the diva Gloria Menezes leads a play with amazing cast and production designers compatible to her 50th career anniversary. To start with, Colin Higgins’ timeless script, Harold and Maude: a classical cult in film and on the stage, a reference for many generations of movie-lovers, has been influencing and inspiring viewers throughout the world. This time, with Millor Fernandes’ impeccable translation and João Falcão’s brisk directing hands, Harold and Maude’s concise staging comes out as a magical theater. An illusionist’s show. The tricks and agile actions that the director creates on scene delude the viewer’s watch and make the audience marvel. The flying black curtains that Sergio Marimba lifted in the air either hide or unfold fantastic scenes. Delicate twisted iron pieces of furniture move about on the stage in bold magical tricks. Kika Lopes’ costumes and Renato Machado’s lighting design complete the harmonious set where each element contributes in a decisive and peculiar way to create a mystery and magic atmosphere that rocks the unique love.

UNEXPECTED MOVEMENTS AS IN A NOIR FILM This is the great difference of this production. Gloria Menezes moves us by small acting details under the skin of an 80 year-old youth. On scene, she looks like a china figurine. Rare and valuable. Arlindo Lopes, as the miserable 20 year-old elderly, strongly bets on the idea of staging the show. Bravo, Arlindo! It is promising to see such a young actor commit himself so willingly to a great project like this. There is also the very talented Augusto Madeira, who makes a difference in every play he acts, Ilana Kaplan, with her sharp humor, and the versatile Fernanda de Freitas. All three of them delight the audience in episodic appearances. Harold and Maude’s unlikely love story flows like that all the time: in unexpected movements that create the illusion of special effects, just like in a noir film. We were used to remember the extraordinary emotion we got from Mme. Morineau and the young Diogo Vilela playing the everlasting, dearest couple on our stages. Then, suddenly, we are faced with this new improbable couple: Gloria Menezes and Arlindo Lopes. In a few minutes we are able to host a second romantic couple in our hearts. Once more, magic comes true. Fantasy made us believe again that everything is possible. And new generations will be able to dream the impossible dream.

The integration of Arlindo’s and Gloria’s works is impeccable, and the play delights the audience with its quality and warmth.

Bárbara Heliodora - O Globo newspaper

The leading couple, Gloria Menezes and Arlindo Lopes, shows great harmony to make laugh and, particularly, to touch the heart.

Veja S達o Paulo magazine

Efficacy without any scratches! The text woos the audience with a Worship of Life. By the success of the season in Sao Paulo and the audience reaction at the premiere in Rio de Janeiro, the communicability of the text has not been decay by time.

Macksen Luiz - Jornal do Brasil newspaper

Arlindo Lopes as Harold makes the audience laugh, cry, hold the breath for a few instants. His work is an overflow of passion, and it conquers every heart in the audience.

Mayara Caldas – Portal Salvador

B  ravo, Arlindo! It is promising to see such a young actor commit himself so willingly to a great project like this.

Stella Miranda - O Globo newspaper

This shall pass too

CHEERS THE THEATER! Pablo Rodrigues - Diário Popular newspaper/Pelotas (RS)  A show can actually be called a spectacle when the audience can move inwardly, causing them the most sacred in art: the gathering. In “Harold and Maude” everything is gathering. And gentleness. The path of simplicity, the story involves the public, takes you by the hand and gently leads the house of poetry. The relationship between Maude (Gloria Menezes) and Harold (Arlindo Lopes) that would seem absurd and even ridiculous because of the age difference of the characters, gradually triggers a sequence of lovely scenes. Scenes of almost dream. On the eve of her 80th birthday, Maude is still capable of seeing the world as children - with hunger and thirst for discoveries. Harold, aged just 20, is the antithesis - the aged, has an obsession with death. In contact, the two find themselves and allow themselves to one another. And they allow so much the outbreak of love. Beautiful. No limits. Pure. Love that even those who have never had, felt homesick. Gloria is - no other word - stunning on stage. Without the mediation of television, the talent and versatility of the actress - who the drumming on a table and singing drew applause from the audience mid-session on Friday - as clear as spring water from a spring. Cheers the theater!

Arlindo impressives. He gives life to a difficult character, which is transformed on stage. The actor knew how to work within the limits and interpret the subtle exchange of Harold stages - ranging from disenchantment of life to the gradual discovery of the call to joy. More than voice at the scene, Arlindo´s body said for him. Cheers the theater! The show still counter with great cast of actors: Stella Maria Rodrigues, Antonio Fragoso and Fernanda de Freitas. Moreover, Fernanda showed, thank God, that the similarities of her and Deborah Secco are just physical. Fernanda was - the three times she appeared and on the tip as a ballet-dancer - impeccable. Actress of the first level. The theatrical device, secured by supporting actors was fundamental to the dynamic changes of the show. Music, projections and heavy parts (metal, plastic and wood) gained life. The direction of Joao Falcao has several merits. The biggest may be this: work at home cinema history as an ally, not as a hindrance. At the end of the play not just Harold learns to live with Maude. On Friday evening, many of us left the Guarany Theatre - home of so many stories - with the intention of crossing the Felix da Cunha Street and see from the top of a tree, the beauty of Coronel Square.

Duda Maia Direction Assistant and Movement Director

The Creators

Kika Lopes Costume Design

SĂŠrgio Marimba Scenic Design

Rodrigo Penna Sound Track

Renato Machado Light Design

Luckily for theater and his admirers, this beautiful (in many senses) and moving production of “Harold and Maude” shows, with freshness and vigor, that the text has not aged, although forties, follows as an explanation of reasons for freedom in all the noblest sense of the word. A public declaration for life, joy and appreciation of individuality. A sharp blow at a time he chose enhancing flocks.

Jefferson Lessa – O Globo newspaper

“A super-production for Maude and Harold.” Herbert Bastos – Cultural Guide of Rio De Janeiro

“A moving production!” Isto É Gente magazine

“An impassioned and passion inspiring tribute to life.” Lionel Fischer - Tribuna da Imprensa newspaper

The ‘flower age’ is rather relative, try to be a sunflower: tall, simple,

“Wonderful! A play staged by people from the Theater.” Mauro Medeiros, artigo Coruja News

“You can’t miss it!” Veja magazine

“A moving and indispensable play, and definitely the best one in 2008.” Aplauso magazine

there is always a chance to and searching the sun.

Love in numbers Our troupe of 19 artists and technicians hit the road bringing joy and excitement to varied audiences. So our truck was traveling by Brazilian roads 44,500 km and taking in its cart 2 tons of scenery, costumes and equipment. In the 26 cities through which it passed, the entire show (almost a dream), so defined by critics, was assembled to a new audience, so that they could be charmed by the love story between Harold and Maude. Over 300 thousand people attended 307 performances in which we staged during the three years we’ve been in theaters. Six prizes were won, but the greatest of all is to live it all and find that on hearing the story of two hearts in love, the audience always responded immediately and moved between laughter and sobs and thrilling us too. Today we are sure that all these numbers are just the beginning of the immense journey of this show, which is as unique as the audience watching it, as unique as their characters and as unique as the theater, which never ceases to keep. Bring on 2011!

Brasil Art Award 2008

Best Play Best Direction of a Play | Jo達o Falc達o Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Play | Arlindo Lopes Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Play | Gloria Menezes APTR Award

Best Production of a Play | Arlindo Lopes, Gloria Menezes e Maria Siman

Palácio das Artes Belo Horizonte

Sesc Quitandinha Theater Petrópolis

Rio Vermelho Theater Goiânia

S達o Pedro Theater Porto Alegre





Harold and Maude.  

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