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table of contents 01. retail design 02. Educational and cultural 03. hospitality 04. hand drawings

table of contents 01. retail design 01.1. BEAUTY 01.2. supermarket design 01.2.1 AlFABETA Supermarket, constanta 01.2.2 Auchan hypermarket, bucharest 01.2.3 zanfir Supermarket, focsani 01.3. FOOD 01.3.1. zanfir bistro 01.3.2. coffee corner, auchan romania 01.3.3. juice and bakery stands, carrefour 01.3.4. restaurant bazilescu 02. educational and cultural 02.1. cultural center, bucharest 02.2. arcub theatre, bucharest 02.3. primary school, Istanbul 02.4. museum Rezan Has, istanbul 03. hospitality 03.1. spa center 03.2 hotel Art Deco 03.3 Hotel Victoriei


job experiences 2016-2017

- developed and managed projects starting from concept to completion, defining the concept of the design, according to the budget demands, needs and views of the client - prepared visual presentations and conducted meetings with clients, keeping permanent client consultancy

profile Name: Alexandra Petenchiu


COMBIC DESIGN, concept store and design office based in bucharest interior designer

- designed and assisted residential interior architecture projects - prepared architectural drafting, visual presentations, client consultancy and on-field visits

Date of birth: 16.08.1991


Buc.-Targ.,236B, Buftea, Ilfov, 070000, Romania

DAAS international, concept design and architecture department retail designer


COMBIC DESIGN, concept store and design office based in bucharest creative designer entrant - created visuals and online content - assisted interior architecture projects

Phone: +4 0747492666



Education 2010-2015

Master’s Thesis : “Alternative education, a contemporary perspective upon education” Master’ s Projects : “Creative Laboratory” Cultural Center in a manufacturing art supplies old building in Bucharest

social media in/alexandra-petenchiu/ alexandrapetz www.instagram. com/alexandra_ petz/?hl=ro

‘ION MInCU’ University of architecture and urban planning, bucharest interior architecture, master and bachelor integrated programme

febr. 2014june 2014

KADIR HAS UNIVERSITY, istanbul interior architecture, erasmus programme


private drawing lessons, different architects technical and artistic drawing skills


‘George cosbuc’ highschool, bucharest, romania mathematics-informatics, bilingual profile (english-romanian)

professional skills

personal skills

photoshop autocad sketchup indesign illustrator lumion archicad 3dsmax artlantis

communication ability to work under pressure decision making time management self-motivation conflict resolution adaptability team work creativity

job related skills - ability to manage small and medium sized projects from concept to execution phase and completion - always anthusiastic to work in an international team - ease to present ideas through drawing and sketches - positive and contructive interactions with client - willing to learn and develop new skills

professional statement Having a strong passion for arts, architecture and design since an early age, I consider myself a dedicated interior architect, willing to work hard in order to achieve the desired result in a project. Since I strongly believe that the proposed design has to be created to be compatible with the given context, I like to develop innovative and standing-out-of-the-box projects that fit the context. When dealing with difficult situations or several restrictions that offer limited possibilities, I prefer to take the challange to make the best out of the given input. I also believe that any project has more solutions and sometimes the difficulty may be in choosing the right one. I like to be always updated and informed about the newest trends, materials and architectural solutions in order to broaden my knowledge and to be able to create quality projects.

references Asst. Prof. Dr. Nur Balkir Kuru Prof. Dr. Orcun Kepez Arch. Ruxandra Radian Arch. Cristina Pana Arch. Dr. Bianca Predoi>

beautystore REDESIGN


retail design

The request for a redesign started from the simple need of raising their interior design to the current trends but to make it still look casual. My proposal was to give a fresh, contemporary and clean look, keeping the intervention to a limit of moderate elegance. As lighting has a major impact I treated it as a main separate focus point in this project and I chose to use special light colors to enhance products colours. The windows were conceived as a playful part of the store that offer the possibility to be rearranged.

La Riviera, Super U, Cotonou, Benin *images : all rights reserved DAAS INTERNATIONAL




Supermarket DESIGN

01.2.1. retail design

The owners wanted to keep the atmosphere and the look of the old street fruits and vegetables market and this is why I proposed them to bring close to the entrance all the fruits and vegetables, fresh, canned and any other type. Another main interest point that is the assisted service for fresh food products like olives and cheese, meet and various delicacies. Towards the exit, the supermarket also offers another point of fresh, but this time cooked products: grill, snacks and deserts.

AlfaBeta Supermarket, Constanța, Romania *images : all rights reserved DAAS INTERNATIONAL




01.2.2. retail design

The client’s wish was to create a new image for the Auchan supermarket, clearly dividing each fresh food product category and at the same time unifying them under the same main visual concept. I have developed two main concepts with a few different versions, in the end Auchan has chosen the version which separates the product categories areas into a ‘shop-in-shop’ look.

Auchan, Bucharest, Romania *images : all rights reserved DAAS INTERNATIONAL




Supermarket DESIGN

01.2.3. retail design

The owner of this supermarket chain has three registered trade-marks for her local line of meat products and catering. Therefore, the main focus in designing this new supermarket was to present these local products as the main attraction, giving them a special position, immediately next to the entrance. The overall image of the supermarket reflects the client’s wish to have a clear and fresh design for the first premium supermarket of the chain.

Zanfir Supermarket, Focșani, Romania *images : all rights reserved DAAS INTERNATIONAL





01.3.1. retail design

This project was about extending the serving line in a cafeteria and changing the atmosphere and decoration. I designed a modern and young look, combining the existing elements in a more contemporary way. The black metal stair, the plants and the colorful walls inspired me to recombine these elements with a careful amount of color and contrast but with plenty of plants countured by black metal elements, everything warmed up by wooden inserts.

Zanfir Cafeteria, Focșani, Romania *images - all rights reserved DAAS INTERNATIONAL



coffee corner DESIGN

01.3.2. retail design

Auchan’s request for designing a coffee corner in a commercial center in Romania consisted in solving the functional part of the coffee and food serving space. At the same time I had to consider the visual impact of this coffee corner’s facade towards the food court area where it was intended to be placed. The ceiling and at the serving line are mare by wooden elements contrasted with black and showing icons to make it easy to understand and playful.

Coffee Corner - Auchan, Pitești, Romania *images : all rights reserved DAAS INTERNATIONAL



fresh corner DESIGN

01.3.3. retail design

The request was to create independent, movable ‘islands’ for serving different fresh products inside the hypermarket, having the possibility to change their position depending on the retailer’s needs. One of the projects consisted of designing an ‘island’ for juices and smoothies. The other island was created to serve bakery products. The design proposed is intented to be attractive and vivid to suggest quality products.

Fresh corner - Carrefour, Bucharest, Romania *images : all rights reserved DAAS INTERNATIONAL



restaurant DESIGN




Restaurant Bazilescu is the university project that prepared me for the food-related projects. I have learned the basic rules of designing a professional kitchen according to the sanitary regulations in Romania and calculated the relation between the service/ cooking/storage spaces and the actual eating space for clients. Regarding the interior design of the restaurant I proposed a comfortable furniture layout and a natural colors palette that reflects the vegetarian and healthy concept of the menu.

University project, 5th semester




02.1. interior


The cultural center is my master’s programme final project. I chose to create a cultural working center open towards people all ages. Wishing to attract children, parents, teenagers and young people I created a space where begginers and mature artist can experiment with colors and have fun together working or visiting an exhibition. My choice to develop such a project is detailed in my master’s thesis, together with my strong belief that education has a great role in society. Being educated in Romania, I started to reflect on the big impact of the educational methods in schools. The project displays my dream to create a space dedicated to alternative, informal education that is still following the instructions of the experienced ones. Therefore I created an environment with a fluid vertical and horizontal circulation, having a public space at the groundfloor and a more private, working space at the first floor. The working spaces are dedicated to visual arts and working with colours, that reflect also the history and former use of the building.

Diploma project, 10th semester





02.2. interior


My proposal for this art-deco building dating from 1934 was to expose the architectural beauty of this building using a minimal intervention. After studying the characteristics of the functionality (acoustics and lighting) of a theatre hall I continued with choosing elements that have an impressive visual effect, contributing also to the scenography of the entire space. Flexibility and adaptability of the hall are also important requirements that are solved in my proposal in order to show the posibility of playing two different styles of theatre plays: classic and modern.

University project, 9th semester




02.3. interior


Encouraging a new and modern approach towards learning and teaching, The proposed design concept aims to create a learning place that is attractive for children both through the interior design but also through a more free and playful educational programme. I chose to use unusual materials for building the classrooms’ walls to make some of them flexible, and to create an exterior amphitheatre that communicates with the underground events’hall. This was possible thanks to the natural relief. The flexible wall’s material also give the corridors the opportunity to be more than just a place to run through.

University project, 8th semester




02.4. interior


The aim of the installation was to attract and invite people the entrance of Rezan Has Museum, which is dedicated both to the family who founded the university and to the history of the building. The museum exhibits the underground, ancient ruins of the building that used to be in this place during the era of old Constantinopole. The installation proposed by me created a visual cluster with transparent and translucid materials, inspired by the lively city of Istanbul, especially the authentic neighbourhood of Balat.

University project, 8th semester



lighting proposal

02.5. interior


This project is a competition entry for a lighting contest launched in the ION MINCU University of Architecture and Urban Planning by ZUMTOBEL. The aim was to understand how a lighting plan is created and also how to think in lighting concept terms. The light concept provides a solution without taking into consideration only one exhibition, but ensures the flexibility of adapting the lighting according to the exhibited objects.

University contest, 9th semester




03.1. interior


The spa center had to accommodate different massages and body treatments rooms, a wet and a dry sauna, a snack bar and a waiting area. As nature was the main inspiration for this interior, the adjacent terrace opens directly towards a sunny and refreshing view of the neighbouring hills with vineyards. I wanted to create an interior with a mix of posh and exquisite, but simple and elegant using a few textures and rich materials that connect us with nature.

University project, 9th semester




03.2. interior


The project consisted of a hotel’s interior design, detailing an apartment suite, entrance lobby and bar. The elegance of the hotel is shown through luxurious materials like marble, rare rose wood veneer and flashy stainless steel. All the colours and textures are warmed up in lights and follow the streamlines’ curves that refer to the music world, dating from the ART-DECO time. A strongly lit ceiling shaped also accordingly to streamlines’ curves is covered by a flexible, half-transparent material that diffuses the light, giving a scenographic touch to the room.

University project, 7th semester



victoriei HOTEL DESIGN




VICTORIEI HOTEL is an interior design project in collaboration with the architecture department of the ION MINCU University of Architecture and Urban Planning in Bucharest. The project included the design of all the spaces of the hotel, accommodation and lounges but also the technical and service rooms. I had chosen one basic room for showing that the concept of the hotel aims to bring a simple and clean look for the travelers who want to stay in the heart of the city but at a medium expense.

University project, 6th semester



hand drawings

04. sketches

hand drawings made during the whole studies, both undergraduate and graduate programme; here are examples of sketches of important buildings from Romania and abroad; examples of stand still sketches; interior sketches.



thank you!

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Int arch alexandra petenchiu portfolio  

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