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Biography of Alexander

Alexander Dillon's journey through the world of finance, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy paints the portrait of a visionary dedicated to fostering growth, innovation, and social change. Co-founder of GenCap Management, a New York-based investment firm established in 2021, Dillon has woven his deep understanding of the financial landscape into the fabric of numerous startups, propelling them towards becoming formidable entities in their respective sectors. His strategic investments and leadership have been pivotal in realizing the potential of emerging businesses and crafting customized financing solutions to meet their unique challenges.

Beyond investment and trading, Dillon's entrepreneurial spirit took a creative turn with the launch of Olar Noso, a restaurant in Northvale, New Jersey, in 2021. This venture, birthed from a collaboration with two childhood friends, underscores Dillon's ability to identify and cultivate opportunities across diverse industries. The restaurant's success is a testament to his versatility and knack for creating experiences that resonate with people.

Dillon's commitment to societal betterment is evident through his extensive philanthropic efforts. Aside from his substantial support for the St. Francis Food Pantry, his intentions to establish a foundation in 2022 highlight a forward-thinking approach to philanthropy, aiming to address and mitigate various societal issues through sustainable initiatives. His contributions to notable

causes such as the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NYSPCC), Habitat for Humanity, and the fight against Triple Negative Breast Cancer reflect a deep-seated belief in leveraging his success to facilitate positive change.

Dillon's illustrious career seeds were sown at the University of Maryland, where he acquired a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Economics, Chinese, and Finance. This diverse academic foundation equipped him with a unique blend of skills and perspectives, enabling him to navigate and thrive in the global business environment. His active involvement in the Investment Club and the tennis club during his college years further honed his leadership and team-building abilities, which have been instrumental in his professional journey.

Following graduation, Dillon's role as a Financial Volunteer at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center provided him with early insights into the complexities of financial management within the healthcare sector, laying the groundwork for his future endeavors. His tenure at Blackridge Capital, LLC, from its inception in 2011 to its rise as a leading investment firm, showcased his prowess in investment management and innovative approach to financing solutions.

As Chief Investment Officer of Blackridge Capital, Dillon orchestrated a strategic partnership with Tautachrome, Inc., highlighting his understanding of identifying and nurturing high-value investment opportunities. His expertise was further demonstrated as Vice President of Special Situations at MD Global Partners, LLC, where he offered advisory services on acquisitions, mergers, and structured financing.

Dillon's personal life is as rich and fulfilling as his professional one. Residing in Closter, New Jersey, with his family, he enjoys tennis, a sport that mirrors his career's strategic and dynamic challenges. His passion for investing and trading continues unabated, with over 100 companies benefiting from his insight and support. Moreover, his linguistic proficiency in English, Latin, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish enables him to engage with diverse cultures and business environments.

Dillon's endeavors extend far beyond the conventional boundaries of business leadership and investment strategy. His foray into the restaurant industry with Olar Noso was more than an entrepreneurial venture; it was a cultural experiment that sought to blend culinary innovation with community engagement, creating a space where people could come together over shared meals and experiences. This initiative reflects his broader vision of leveraging business as a platform for social interaction and cultural exchange, underscoring the interconnectedness of his professional pursuits and personal values.

At the heart of Dillon's professional philosophy lies a deep-seated belief in the power of education and mentorship. Drawing from his own experiences and the knowledge acquired through his studies in Economics, Chinese, and Finance at the University of Maryland, he is keenly aware of the impact that informed guidance and support can have on aspiring

entrepreneurs and startups. His active involvement in investment clubs and the vibrant community of tennis enthusiasts during his college years illuminated the importance of collaborative growth and mutual encouragement, principles that he carries into his mentoring and investment strategies.

Alexander Dillon's philanthropic initiatives, notably his contributions to combating Triple Negative Breast Cancer and supporting Habitat for Humanity, alongside his efforts to launch his foundation, illustrate a holistic approach to philanthropy. These actions reflect an understanding that real change requires tackling issues from multiple fronts, combining direct financial support with efforts to raise awareness and foster community involvement.

Through the lens of his achievements, contributions, and personal interests, Alexander Dillon emerges as a figure of inspiration, embodying the virtues of hard work, innovation, and compassion. His legacy, characterized by the founding and success of his companies, the creation of Olar Noso, and his philanthropic initiatives, is a narrative of ambition coupled with a profound commitment to making a meaningful impact on the world.

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