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10 news RZD and Bulgarian Railways sign memorandum of cooperation

Hungary: As of April, MÁV introduced free WiFi internet access in five of its railway stations, in order to provide higher quality services for the passengers and those waiting for the trains. Earlier, the Railway Company had already introduced internet access in more than 700 carriages, a service that became highly popular with the passengers. From now on, passengers will be able to use the net free of charge in the Déli (Budapest South), Keleti (Budapest East), Nyugati (Budapest West) Railway Stations, as well as in Debrecen and Keszthely.

International: At the Council for Rail Transport of CIS countries, Russian Railways and the holding Bulgarian State Railways signed a memorandum of cooperation. The document was signed by Vladimir Yakunin, President of Russian Railways, and Kristian Krastev, CEO of the Bulgarian State Railways’ holding, on 6 May. “This is a clear-cut and formalised intention of Russia’s railways and our colleagues to enhance cooperation in the field of rail transport,” said Vladimir Yakunin. Memorandum provides for the implementation of joint projects to improve the competitiveness of rail transport and to increase passenger and freight traffic

EBRD helps modernise Baltic freight handling Lithuania: A EUR32.5 Million loan

from the EBRD to Klaipedos Smelte, the company operating the container terminal at Klaipeda port in Lithuania, helped modernise its freight handling capacities and upgrade the whole Baltics region as a transit hub. Klaipeda is the most northerly deep-water and ice-free port on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. “The city’s strategic location close to the eastern hinterland and its good rail and road connections position it ideally as a transit hub for goods imported and exported from the Baltic states to western Europe, the Americas and south-east Asia,” said Rimantas Juška, Director General of Klaipedos Smelte. Container shipping and proper support facilities are highly important for competitive ports, as they allow the freight to be moved easily and quickly on to roads and railways.

using the Russian and Bulgarian transport systems. “The signing of this memorandum forms the basis for the development of closer relations between Russian Railways and Bulgarian State Railways and aims to increase freight transport between Bulgaria and Russia,” said Kristian Krastev. Particular attention will be paid to the use of the rail-ferry service between the ports of Varna and the Caucasus


MÁV provides free internet access in five railway stations

(Kravari), including the modernisation of the lines in the station. Moreover, 10 level crossings have to be rehabilitated, 6 bridges constructed (the existing bridges will be demolished) and ERTMS 1 will be installed. The development of the project will allow trains to run at speeds of 100 km/h. The project is financed through EU’s instrument for preaccession assistance (IPA), the “Regional Development” component. The deadline for submitting offers is 15 July 2014.

interoperability between the Netherlands and the rest of the continent, adding to the Hanzelijn line, Betuweroute freight line, HSL-Zuid and Amsterdam-Utrecht line which are already equipped with ERTMS systems. Currently, only 20% of trains in the Netherlands use the ERTMS. The Dutch Government is to invest EUR 2.5 Billion between now and 2028 installing and maintaining the new traffic management system. Construction of Kars-Nakhchivan railway depends on BTK

NS to install ERTMS on main railway network

FYR Macedonia: TED Europa web site published the tender notification for a railway project in FYR Macedonia. The contract includes the reconstruction of the non-electrified 17km long Bitola–Kremenica line part of Corridor X. Works include the replacement of lines, the construction of a rail station (Zabeni) and the reconstruction of a stop

International: European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) will be installed on Netherlands’ busiest routes by 2028, the government announced. ERMTS Level 2 will be rolled out across the Randstad region and on routes connecting the cities of Arnhem, Almelo and Vlissingen from 2016. The european standard system will improve Эти пять вокзалов - это Дели (Будапешт Юг) , Келети (Будапешт Восток) , Ньюгати (Будапешт Запад), а также вокзалы городов Дебрецен и Кестхей . Литва: Klaipedos Smelte - компания, управляющая контейнерным терминалом в порту Клайпеда, Литва - получила от ЕБРР кредит в объеме 32,5 млн. евро. Македония: Европейский сайт тендеров TED Европа опубликовал тендерное объявление для проекта реконструкции неэлектрифицированного отсека линии Битола - Кременика, длиной в 17 километров, часть Коридора X.

Голландия: Правительство объявило о том, что к 2028 году самые оживленные линии в Нидерландах будут оснащены системой ERTMS. Система ERTMS 2-го уровня будет установлена в регионе Рандстад и на маршрутах, соединяющих города Арнем, Алмело и Влиссинген, начиная с 2016 года. В мире: Работы по строительству линии Нахчыван (Азербайджан) - Карс (Турция) начнутся после завершения строительства коридора Баку -Тбилиси-Карс (БТК). Об этом объявили Азербайджанские железные дороги.

В мире: Российские Железные Дороги (РЖД) и Болгарские Железные Дороги подписали меморандум сотрудничества. Документ предусматривает внедрение совместных проектов, направленных на повышение конкурентоспособности железнодорожного транспорта и увеличение объема грузовых и пассажирских перевозок, с использованием транспортных систем России и Болгарии. Венгрия: MAV ввела бесплатный доступ в Интернет на пяти вокзалах железнодорожной сети, в целях обеспечения лучшего качества обслуживания пассажиров. | May 2014


FYR Macedonia launches tender for Bitola-Kremenica section

International: Works on Nakhchivan (Azerbaijan)-Kars (Turkey) railway will be initiated after the completion of BakuTbilisi-Kars (BTK) Corridor, Azerbaijan Railways announced. Completion of the construction of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway will be possible by mid-2015. “The issue of the creation of the NakhchivanKars railway is relevant and a more active process in the framework of this project will proceed after the commissioning of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway,” head of the company’s press-service, Nadir Azmammadov said. It is planned to reconstruct the section from the border with Iran to Nakhchivan’s Sadarak district, and to lay 10 more kilometres of lines with the Nakhchivan- Kars railway project. AZN 1 Billion (EUR 922 Million) is required for the Nakhchivan-Kars railway

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