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Gossips of The Byzantine Empire

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Index: How Theodora, most depraved of all courtesans, won Justinian love. How Justinian created a new law permitting him to marry a courtesan. How Theodora humiliated the conqueror of Africa and Italy. Character and appearance of Justinian. How Justinian killed a trillion people. Fun Facts Bibliography

How Theodora, most depraved of all courteans, won Justinian love Alejandra Dueñas Acacius, Theodora´s father died, leaving his three daughters alone, Comito, Theodora and Anastasia. Theodora´s mother got married again and put her daughters on stage. At an early age, they became courtesans. First was Comito, the oldest one, she was a high-class prostitute. Then Theodora became a courtesan as well. She went to the stage and she was kind of a comedy actress. She becomes a courtesan and went with everyone that passes by, especially adolescents. On stage, she appeared naked, covering herself only with a fig leaf. She was so depraved that she went picnicking with 10 men or more and deal with them all. Then, she started having an adventure with Hacebolus, which was the governor of Pentapolis, but it didn’t worked. Theodora started traveling to Alexandria and to many places in the East and when she came back to Constantinople, Justinian fell in love with her. Theodora started acquiring a lot of power and great riches. Justinian pleased her in everything she wanted. They fell in love and then they got married, Theodora became the co-ruler and the most powerful women in the empire.

How Justinian created a new law permitting him to marry a courtesan Alegria Bermeo A long time ago in the Byzantine Empire, the royal family wasn’t allowed to marry courtesans. But an exception existed. Justinian fell in love with a courtesan named Theodora, and after his wife Euphemia died, he was able to accomplish this affair. From all the women of the empire, Justinian choose Theodora and wasn’t ashamed in any way of her. Justin the uncle of Justinian was not a good emperor and persuaded by Justinian, he created a law permitting anyone to marry a courtesan. It’s told that Justin did this law because of the fear he had towards Justinian. After a time, Justin died and Justinian and Theodora were now the new emperor and empress. An interesting thing is that no one of the empire said a word and supported Justinian. Both Theodora and Justinian worked together as a team to take things from

the people of the empire, in order to benefit themselves. They never did anything without the consent of the other one. Together they decided to split the Christians into two separate roots defined as the blues and the greens. Theodora supported the blues and encouraged them to hurt the greens. This was a trick that she made with Justinian. Another trick that she created with Justinian was that Justinian gave power to certain people and Theodora will “catch” them, and they will be ruined and without money. This benefited Justinian and Theodora in the way the they could gain more money and have their empire more controlled. In conclusion this is how Justinian created a law in order to marry a courtesan and how when he was Theodora, they did terrible thing

How Theodora humiliated the conqueror of Africa and Italy Joaquin Rosales This begins by with a epidemic on Constantinople even they taked Justinian away. But the really big problem is that they said that Justinian was dead and that became a famous declaration. When Justinian Health was better he find out that there was a declaration and Peter and John told that they heard that the ones that begging with it were Belisarius and Buzes. Theodora put Buzes in a underground cellar like a punish for him when he get out of it he was blind and with really bad health because he was tortured. Then to Belisarius Theodora taked his East part of the army and take some trupes of him. But Theodora arranged everything so it maked look that Belisarius wife asked mercy for his husband. Then one day one servant of Theodora walk throw the door of Belisarius house with a letter saying that because his wife Antonina that asked for mercy she was going to dismiss all charges against him. Belisarius was so thanked with Antonina he decide to no more be the master of the house he was going to be the slave of Antonina.

Character and appearance of Justinian Maria Isabel Aviles The evil wasn’t just on Constantinople it was spreading on the whole Roman Empire. The Emperor was undisturbed with these problem, and these problem was on the front of his eyes. Justinian where starting to get confused When he took the power of his uncle, so know that he had the control he start being corrupt with the public money he much resembled Domitian, Vespasian's son), one part of the money was given to the Hugs. He was hated by all

the Roman Empire. After some time the consequences where coming, the Roman provinces were subject to constant incursions, he also threw much money into the sea in the form of moles. His wife was of free birth and otherwise she was very noble, and she neither had she herself ever done wrong to anybody. Wherefore she was dearly loved; and the Senate sent for her, when Domitian died, and commanded her to ask whatever boon she wished.

How Justinian killed a trillion people Martin Carvajal This story is about how Justinian ruled his empire during the time he was in charge of ruling. He was a very bad person, he killed many people and he didn’t even care about other people. He ruled the Byzantine society, this time was very violent and it occurs many killings and bad things. Justinian was a leader that wants the absolute power. He invades many countries and cities living them empty. He was very strict and he imposed some rules. During his rule many disasters occurred.

Fun Facts!!! Before Justinian marry Theodora he had a wife named Euphemia, she was really dumb and she was ashamed of her name so she change it to Euphemia.

The byzantine empire was a better city than rome because it was more rich and protected than it The byzantine empire after the split of the roman empire, it continued for 1000 years

Gossips of the Byzantine Empire  

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