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Generous support of our charity is changing lives every day here at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. Without donations, many of the outstanding facilities and innovations to help patients and families simply could not have been provided. Since April 2013, Alder Hey Children’s Charity has raised over £45.9m. This money helps us to fund life-saving equipment, vital research and healthcare innovation. It also ensures that every child and young person experiences Alder Hey ‘magic’ – the little added extras that

make the hospital experience the best it can be for patients and their families. Our Park Campus is inspired by nature and was guided by a consultation process with over a thousand of our young patients. It sits within Springfield Park, a community green space enjoyed by families and staff at Alder Hey.

Encompassing everything our children and young people may need to get better and thrive; Alder Hey in the Park enables vital collaboration to flourish. In the past year our supporters have helped us raise over £4.3 million to continue to drive forward Alder Hey’s vision for the future.

Thank you 5

Park Campus

Alder Hey Charity is proud to stand hand in hand with our colleagues across Alder Hey NHS Foundations Trust in making our vision for a unique children’s healthcare campus a reality. Alder Hey in the Park is a purposebuilt £350m campus devoted to improving children and young people’s health. This specialist, digitallyenabled hospital, was designed by children and young people. The campus houses a dedicated Research, Education and Innovation (RE&I) Institute, which is home to a partnership with four Universities and the National Institute for Health Research. It is also home to the NHS’s only Innovation Hub and a dedicated Clinical Research Facility.

As the Campus grows it will encompass specialist mental health community and bereavement services, all within a parkland setting dedicated to inspiring and supporting children’s health and well-being. The support of our loyal donors is allowing us to go the extra mile every day.


Research Institute – The Speakman Building

Alongside our stunning hospital, the Alder Hey in the Park Campus is the research and education centre housed within the RIBA awardwinning Speakman Building. With generous support, 2019 saw the completion and opening of the second phase of this impressive facility with the charity contributing in excess of ÂŁ7.8m for the building.

Areas of research excellence at Alder Hey include pharmacology, oncology, inflammation and infection, as well as helping to lead to way in international child health. We are proud to fund numerous research studies across clinical areas including cancer, asthma and orthopaedic surgery.

Alder Centre

The charity is currently raising funds for a brand new home for our specialist bereavement centre providing support whenever it’s needed for families who have experienced the loss of a child. The building, fully funded by Alder Hey Charity, is due to be finished in Spring 2020; our charity donors and Alder Centre families have been at the heart of this project from the very beginning.


Health & Well-being Nature Trail & Woodland Walk

We are proud to have funded a ‘woodland walk’ with the support of Veolia Environmental Trust, turning a previously unloved and disused section of Springfield Park into a Health and Well-being Nature Trail accessible to families and staff at “My daughter Heidi the hospital as well as our wider loves going to the park community. when she’s allowed to get up The trail features a selection of activity stations which provide a rich, multi-sensory experience for visitors. These include meditation stools designed to encourage visitors to take a moment to slow their breathing and be at one with nature; a book bench, where visitors can leave books, and discover new ones for themselves; and yoga stations, which encourage visitors to try different poses.

after surgery. She likes to see all the dogs which we love to sit by the monument & watch them all having fun. We are lucky to have such a lovely, peaceful area where we can go and get some fresh air.”

Since opening our Woodland Walk has been extremely popular, hosting everything from Easter Egg hunts to Nature Tots and Forest Schools, allowing families to get back out into nature and enjoy a beautiful green space.

Inpatient Mental Health Unit

As we look to the future, and as a major focus for the charity we are also fundraising for a unique cluster of buildings devoted to community and mental health services, providing round the clock support for those children who require care outside of a hospital environment. Currently Alder Hey is one of only six specialist units in England for children under the age of 14 whose mental health may be too difficult to manage in the community.

Our new residential unit will be situated on site, sending a clear message that mental health is a priority at Alder Hey. In a bespoke, modern building we will be able to offer patients everything they need for their stay with us. This will include a design which will reduce environmental stressors by eliminating excess noise and enabling privacy. Our new building will also provide positive distractions such as gardens and views of the park, as well as giving children a sense of control by featuring the ability to adjust light, temperature, and ventilation. Patients are often resident in our unit for some time, separated from their day-to-day life of

family, friends and school. Our new Mental Health Unit will provide places in which patients can meet their families, friends and peers, and relax and chat together just as they would at home.

Pictured: Lisa Cooper, Director Children & Young People Community & Mental Health Division at Alder Hey



Photo: Leila Romaya

Our families, visitors and staff regularly tell us that there is a special feeling when you walk in to Alder Hey; that is the ‘magic’ and when we all pull together we can help make hospital life brighter for our brave, young patients.

at Alder Hey, supporting our incredible Patient Experience team to bring a magical Santa’s Grotto to our atrium as well as funding our resident entertainer, Barrington, all year round. We are serious about play and giving our young patients magical childhood experiences even when they’re poorly.

From ward musicians and comics and art workshops to the latest distraction technology, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital strives to provide the best patient experience possible. Alder Hey Charity is committed to funding these projects, technologies and experiences that go above and beyond what is available on our NHS. We are delighted to fund Christmas decorations for all the patient areas 13

Arts for Health

“I had fun. It stopped me from being fed up while having treatment and made me feel relaxed and involved. It took my mind off the treatment and the music was relaxing and I learned a new instrument.� MIA, PATIENT

Pictured: Georgina and Mia. Photo: Leila Romaya

Our nationally recognised Arts for Health programme aims to bring a meaningful arts experience to as many of our patients as we can. Alder Hey Charity proudly funds musicians across wards, clinics and waiting areas, from one-to-one sessions to concerts in our bespoke Performance Space. We have also funded the technology to enable these performances to be broadcast to the televisions in each patient’s room meaning that they can enjoy the show even if they can’t leave their bed.

Music making has proven to be extremely effective in improving our patients’ mental and physical wellbeing. It allows children and young people to be creative and communicate whilst giving them the opportunity to develop transferable skills. Patients look forward to their regular music sessions, making their own music whilst discovering and learning to play new

funded opportunities to work with professional artists to explore willow weaving and screen-printing which the children and young people thoroughly enjoyed. Alder Hey patient with artist Caroline Gregson

instruments. We also fund comic and story creation sessions, empowering patients to use their own narrative to create their own publications as well as animation workshops for our CAMHS patients facing mental health issues. We have also 15


A hospital visit is a daunting experience for any child, which is why Alder Hey staff ensure that they work hard to reduce as much stress and anxiety as they can during treatment. For some of our patients this can be a regular occurrence due to the nature of their condition. From wall vinyls to 4D immersive projections, we have transformed blank white rooms into a colourful, engaging and fun space that our patients love to visit. We know that fitting our treatment rooms with distraction aids is proven to reduce the need for sedation by 40%, meaning children are not exposed to unnecessary medication and staff can treat more children each day.

We have also funded the creation of a dedicated parent, carer and family area connected to the Intensive Care and High Dependency units. The new family area includes high backed, comfortable furniture to give families privacy, televisions and magazines to provide much needed distraction, and a soft play area for younger children. The walls have also been decorated with a beautiful vinyl which depicts the view across the River Mersey, to create a calm and soothing environment for parents and carers. With the help of our Corporate donors we have been able to double the amount of magic that our resident entertainer Barrington brings to Alder Hey.

“Alder Hey is the most incredible and magical place! To be a small part of this amazing hospital is such a privilege and without the generosity of our supporters none of this could be possible. These people are truly the unsung heroes and real magicians who create the “real” magic. From the bottom of my heart I simply say thank you. It is difficult to put in words the benefits that I have seen happen when magic is weaved upon the wards and corridors of that magical hospital. When a little person giggles uncontrollably and an adult laughs, then a little ray of light breaks through even in the darkest of moments. Creating magic offers a momentary respite and most importantly can create memories for parents and patients which is the most rarest and precious gift to treasure.“ BARRINGTON POWELL Magician


Distraction and Virtual Reality

Alder Hey Charity has funded over £1.23m towards distraction technology to keep our patients calm and happy whilst our amazing clinicians carry out tests and procedures.

“We were looking after a young boy who hadn’t been able to have a scan yet as he was extremely distressed. We found out that he loved the emergency services and so the team uploaded some footage of fire engines and ambulances and he was glued to the screen. He went from being very anxious to being engrossed in the screens around him. This piece of technology enabled him to undergo his first scan and helped change his experience at hospital forever.” SHARON CL ARK Cardiac Physiologist

Photo Credit: xxxx

Patient Transition and Mental Health

For a child, making the transition from long term paediatric care at Alder Hey to adult healthcare services can be very difficult. Alder Hey Charity is looking at ways of supporting our patients through creative approaches to well-being. Working closely with our colleagues at Alder Hey Children’s NHS Trust we are developing plans to make this transition much easier. Young people face numerous challenges including the responsibility they are required

to take for their independent healthcare decisions within adult services. The age group face wider challenges including managing relationships, sexual health and personal safety as well as making positive choices around their education, employment and training. With specialist support and through creative projects such as self-publishing comics and

music making we can help our young people to explore their concerns, take control of their personal narratives and develop confidence as young adults. 19

Photo Credit: xxxx

Research & Innovation

Alongside our state-of-theart children’s hospital, the Alder Hey in the Park campus incorporates our research and education centre housed within our RIBA awardwinning Speakman Building.

Our Innovation Hub is dedicated to finding new and creative solutions that will help our patients and their families as well as our world-leading clinicians in their work at Alder Hey. We pride ourselves on building strong corporate partnerships and working with innovators from across the globe, constantly pushing the boundaries.

There are no silly questions and no wrong answers in our Innovation Hub, and with support we can continue to help Alder Hey look to the future with bright ideas and solutions for paediatric healthcare.

With generous support, 2019 saw the completion and opening of the second phase of this impressive facility. Key areas of research excellence include pharmacology, oncology, inflammation and infection, as well as helping to lead the way in international child health. 21

Alder Play App

The Alder Play app has been created to introduce Alder Hey to children. In addition to familiar colours and textures, there are 360 degree tours of some of the main hospital areas and videos to learn what a blood test and x- ray are really like. Children can select a character from within the app to show them around the hospital. For parents there is a chat bot to ask questions about Alder Hey. Alder Play enables staff, for the first time, to award digital, augmented reality stickers to children visiting us for treatment. There are also stickers that share Oli’s journey to Alder Hey and allow access to special content. Alder Play has Alder Hey specific content to keep children distracted and entertained including games and cartoons.

Photo Credit: xxxx

Research Studies & Trials

This year donations have allowed Alder Hey Charity to invest over £80,000 in supporting our world-class research partnerships based here at Alder Hey. This support means that we can help our patients and families at

Since 2007, over 45,000 children, babies and young people have been enrolled into clinical research studies at Alder Hey.

Alder Hey today but through vital research, also help to make the future brighter for children around the world. We are proud to fund numerous research studies across clinical areas including cancer, asthma and orthopaedic surgery. Alder Hey is a leading light in children’s research, recruiting

We’re currently leading clinical research programmes in a diverse range of fields from complex experimental and early phase studies to applied health research.

more children and young people than any other children’s healthcare provider in England and Wales. Our hospital aims to become a world-leader in children’s research and is committed to delivering even more outstanding treatment, advanced medicines, cutting edge therapies and new technologies.

We’re targeting future research priorities in neonatal care, cardiovascular health, Public Health, Mental Health and much more.


Supporting Clinicians of tomorrow

An integral part of our vision for the future is supporting tomorrow’s clinicians. Alder Hey Charity is proud to support medical students to contribute on behalf of Research at Alder Hey and conferences and congresses, across the UK and beyond. Jared Murphy, a final year medical student, recently presented at the European Respiratory Society Annual Conference in Madrid and reported back to us about the benefits: “For us as students, juniors and young researchers, opportunities at this level are incredibly rare and give so much encouragement as to what we can achieve. Conferences and our mentors inspire us to conduct further projects to improve knowledge and care in paediatrics. None of this experience would have been possible without Alder Hey Charity who supported students to attend by helping us with registration and travel costs. They enabled us to attend the ERS Conference, become immersed in research and in turn set us up for a career in advancing care for children in the future.�

Pictured above: Jared Murphy, final year medical student

Vital Researchers and Innovators for the Future

We are committed to investing in game-changing innovation and research into health conditions that affect young people. These areas of our work ensure Alder Hey continues to have global impact, helping us to build effective partnerships to improve the lives of children all around the world. To support growth, Alder Hey Charity is seeking to fund new Project Worker posts within the Innovation team. We are also working closely with our Corporate partners to identify areas of

Richard Calvert, CEO of Specialist Leisure Group with Ian Sinha, Respiratory Consultant at Alder Hey

synergy – like the SLG Group who have pledged to raise £150,000 in 2020 to fund life-changing research into asthma sensors for children. As well as providing significant funding for our RIBA awardwinning Research Institute, the Speakman Building,

we have also committed to funding ‘Cinderella’ medical specialities where a lack of dedicated funding sources has affected the pace of research. By funding pump-priming grants in these specialities we are supporting future breakthroughs in medicine. 25


Pictured: Conor Mallucci, Consultant Neurosurgeon, using the Alder Hey Charity funded Kinevo Microscope

As improvements in medical technology rapidly increase, one of the key focuses of our work is ensuring that our patients have access to the latest innovative medical equipment. This allows our world-leading clinicians to do their very best for our

brave, young patients and can even reduce the need for second surgeries or intrusive procedures.

“The Kinevo robotic microscope is really helpful and is definitely state of the art in terms of functionality; it really does help us to do the surgery very safely. It has all sorts of functions that we didn’t have before so it allows us to work with special dyes that show up the brain tumour and allows us to have semi-robotic return to the same spot, so we are not struggling when we are operating. It also has fantastic screens and optics and is just what we need in order to carry on as a leading brain tumour surgery hospital.” CONOR MALLUCCI Consultant Neurosurgeon


Heated Cots

We have funded 25 heated cots which are now being used throughout the hospital by some of our most unwell neonatal patients. The term “neonatal patient” is used to describe a baby within the first 28 days of their life. At this time, our young patients are extremely vulnerable and it is crucial that they are cared for in a stable environment, with a constant temperature. We are continuing to fundraise for our hospital-wide heated cots appeal to help to care for over 1,000 neonatal patients we see at Alder Hey every year. Heated cots are lined with warm, soft gel pads, which help

clinicians to maintain a baby’s body temperature. The top and sides of the cot easily lift away which gives access to clinicians carrying out tests and

treatments, and allows parents and families lots of room to love and nurture their new arrival.


Through our charity ball we funded four vital pieces of equipment including the CBCT scanner which has just been installed at Alder Hey. CBCT systems are used in dentistry to provide excellent 3D images of teeth, soft tissue and nerve pathways. The technology has distinct advantages over outdated CT methods. The new equipment reduces the amount of radiation that our patients are exposed to by around 90%. Repeated radiation exposure of the head and neck area can cause long term problems including potential

damage to the child’s eyes. The CBCT also allows clinicians to scan a much larger area. Our old equipment only allowed us to capture an area around the size of a credit card whereas the new scanner expands the

field to the entire craniofacial area. The CBCT, costing around ÂŁ120k, is also befitting patients across more departments including ENT, Maxillofacial and Oral surgery, Orthodontics, Craniofacial and Audiology. 29

Palliative Care Pumps

It is a painful reality that some of the children we treat here at Alder Hey require end of life care. While we endeavour to make their stay in hospital as pleasant as possible, for many people there is nothing they want more than to be at home, surrounded by friends and family. Our Palliative Care Pumps make that possible, by providing children with vital medication outside of the hospital environment. With the support of The Bain Charitable Trust, we have been able to purchase 10 Palliative Care Pumps. About the size of a small book, Palliative Care Pumps are unobtrusive devices which automatically deliver treatments and medication to the children and young people we treat. Rather than returning to hospital long term, nurses check on patients and change their syringes in the home at least once a day to ensure that they are comfortable.

“The Palliative Care Pumps really are essential because they allow patients to return home where they are most comfortable. There they can be surrounded by their favourite toys, and they can spend as much time with their family, friends, and even pets as they want. At home both patients and families have peace and privacy, and don’t have to keep making the distressing trip to and from hospital. It brings so much comfort to everyone to be able to spend time as a family at the end, and that wouldn’t be possible without the Palliative Care Pumps.” MICHELLE WRIGHT Children’s Community Matron

Parent Beds

Alder Hey is currently fundraising for new parent beds on all of our long term inpatient wards, which will allow families to stay with their children in their room during their time in hospital.

their own accommodation, the cost of staying with a child in hospital is reported as being on average upwards of ÂŁ2,000.

By funding beds for parents this cost is drastically reduced relieving parents of an undue burden at a stressful time.

For many children staying away from home is a frightening experience, especially when they are unwell and in an unfamiliar place like a hospital. Parent beds offer children and families the comfort of staying together and give parents more contact with their child’s primary medical team, which improves communication. In situations where families need to find 31

How we have achieved our goals

This year we became Guinness World Record holders at our first family 5K fun run, got cosy in our Together for Alder Hey Matalan pyjamas for our first PJ Day and tackled the epic Machu Picchu citadel in Peru. Our fundraising community have raise incredible amounts for our brave young patients through a huge range of activities, from sponsored ocean swims to delectable bake sales, we couldn’t be more grateful to every single fundraiser. Meanwhile new corporate partnerships have flourished

with new friends Merseyrail and the Braithwaite Group amongst many others. Alongside our loyal longstanding supporters, including Matalan, Liverpool John Lennon Airport and Wongs Jewellers, we have worked hard to raise vital funds for

Research & Innovation, our growing campus, life-saving equipment and sprinkling Alder Hey magic across our hospital.

Trusts and Foundations and Philanthropy We are so grateful for the support of many trusts, foundations and philanthropists who have helped us to bring significant advancements to Alder Hey this year. Gifts received this year include an additional £100k from our longstanding supporters at the Wayne Rooney Foundation to enhance patient experience and £100k from Thomas Cook Children’s Charity towards our Mental Health Inpatient Unit campaign.

We were delighted to receive over £418,000 in Legacy income in the 2018/19 financial year and are very grateful to the individuals who left a gift in their will and to their families for their ongoing support.

Our friends Peter and Debbie Moore contributed significantly to distraction technology for our patients in memory of Peter’s mum as well as heated cots for neonatal babies in lieu of wedding gifts.

Alongside this year’s gifts, many young patients have benefitted from the installation of the four pieces of equipment funded at our Alder Hey Charity and Run with George Ball in 2018.

Our thanks to generous grants from a wide range of Trusts and Foundations including The Skelton Charity, BBC Children in Need and The Bain Charitable Trust. 33

A message from one of our families

“We started our journey at Alder Hey just 6 years ago when we made our first trip across the Pennines and met the Craniofacial Supraregional team. The hospital and its staff go above and beyond and to show our appreciation we felt like we wanted to give back by doing our bit by raising funds for them. We have taken part in triathlons, 10k runs, and Lewis was a Bobble and Beanie campaign poster boy. However our favourite memories are from when Team Lewis - our family and friends - joined in and supported us by climbing and kayaking for The Coniston Challenge and more recently splashing around the Liverpool docklands in a fantastic Dragonboat event. The hospital surgeons, nurses and support staff are amazing in Lewis’ treatment but the charity office staff are even closer to our hearts because they make everything fun, enjoyable and have become really good friends. We are a normal family from Halifax who always support charity events but it’s more than that, all the staff at the charity have become extended family.” Pictured: John, Donna, Hayden and Lewis Connett.

Total Income

Total Expenditure

Accounts 2018/19








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Medical Equipment


In Memory


Courses and Training







Cost of Fundraising












£2,869,000 £984,000 £24,000 £6,487,000

£5,837,000 35

Thank You. On behalf of 330,000 families who have come through the doors of Alder Hey Children’s Hospital this year, thank you to everyone who has supported Alder Hey Children’s Charity.

© Copyright 2019 Alder Hey Children’s Charity. Registered Charity Number 1160661

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Alder Hey Children's Charity Impact Report - Winter 2019  

Alder Hey Children’s Charity raises vital funds to help make Alder Hey Children's Hospital a truly world-class, patient-friendly hospital fo...

Alder Hey Children's Charity Impact Report - Winter 2019  

Alder Hey Children’s Charity raises vital funds to help make Alder Hey Children's Hospital a truly world-class, patient-friendly hospital fo...

Profile for alderhey