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88,519 Players in Alberta Alberta Youth (18 and under)

61,448 Total Youth *32,779Youth Male *24,948 Youth Female

Alberta Senior

Alberta Players

(19 and over)

27,071 Total Senior *13,933 Senior Male *8,834 Senior Female

135,369 Total Player Registrations Increase of 2.5% from 2012

8,015 Total Coaches

2,569 Total Referees

54,875 Total Indoor Players * denotes Outdoor Registration Numbers only

(all ages)

88,519 Total Players *46,712 Total Male *33,772 Total Female


Snapshot of the Alberta Soccer Association Vision: A Centre of Excellence for the game, providing opportunities for all players to reach their full potential. The Alberta Soccer Association is the official governing body for soccer in Alberta and was founded in 1911. Working in partnership with its 19 District Members, governing bodies and partners, the Association is responsible for providing leadership for soccer excellence in Alberta by fostering and promoting: - a strong infrastructure for sound governance (administration and communication) and; -quality programs and services (competitions, referees, coaching, player development and volunteers) to safeguard the sport's long-term prosperity.

The Association operates the Alberta Provincial Team Program; Mini Stars for children aged 10 to 12; Grassroots Soccer Festivals; 72 Provincial Competitions; the Alberta Major Soccer League; Referee Development Program; Provincial and Community Coaching Program; and the Wellness to World Cup Long Term Player Development Program at a Provincial level.

Structure of Soccer in Alberta

Quick Facts -19 Member Associations, Associate Members


-Soccer remains the largest participatory sport in Alberta with almost 90,000 registered players -Just over 8,000 Coaches have taken a Coaching Course through Alberta Soccer or their District, including the Provincial "B" License -There are over 2,500 referees registered within Alberta who officiate regularly in competitions sanctioned by Alberta Soccer


Dear Alberta Soccer Members,

2012-2013 proved to be another year of incredible successes thanks to our amazing membership. As part of the leadership team of the Alberta Soccer Association, along with the Board of Directors and professional staff, we are excited for the promising future that lies ahead both on the field and off. This year saw the Association make a big step forward with the development and release of the Association’s first ever three year Strategic Plan which outlined our new vision as “a centre of excellence for the game, providing opportunities for all players to reach their full potential” and outlined strategic priorities and deliverables. This plan will help ensure transparency and accountability amongst our Membership while keeping our programs and activities focused. We also took positive steps regarding the Governance structure of our organization. By-Laws that provide more clarity around Board and staff responsibilities, in particular, Technical, Referee and Competitions Committees will now be led by staff while committees like Strategic Planning and Risk Management will be overseen by Board Members.

Long Term Player Development remains at the heart of our programming while also contributing to the continued development of our competitions and referee programs. In every decision we make and program we create, player development will always remain at the centre of everything we do. With greater collaboration between the Alberta Soccer Association, FC Edmonton and the Canadian Soccer Association, we are confident that our players will receive better and more consistent environments to play in. For example, in this past year we created male and female Regional Performance Centres in partnership with FC Edmonton in both Calgary and Edmonton that serve as the link between our Provincial and National Team Programs. The Association has also been hard at work developing its business foundation which included adding a Communications and Business Development Coordinator to our Professional Staff at the beginning of the year. We are finding ways to target our younger audiences and engage them in our various activities and programs. This has included revamping our digital presence with a new, more user-friendly website and a foray into various social media channels like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. We have also been hard at work laying the groundwork for future partnerships and sponsorships while signing on new partners who fit with the Alberta Soccer vision and mandate such as Booster Juice. In the past year we have also focused on building collaborative relationships with our soccer partners around the province and on a national scale. The support of our District Members, Clubs and countless volunteers, ensures that our programs, events and initiatives are possible and affordable. Our current staff continues to be wonderful representatives and champions for the Association and soccer in Alberta. Impressive staff retention over the last couple of years has allowed us to be consistent in the pursuit of our strategic priorities and deliverables. These are key components in allowing Alberta Soccer to maintain fees while simultaneously increasing services to our Members. 2012-13 has been a fantastic year both on and off the field for soccer in Alberta but we will not rest on our accomplishments to date. The time is right for the game to continue to flourish as we head into the FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup Canada 2014 and the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015 both of which have Edmonton as one of the host cities. We will continue to work closely with our membership and our partners to build on the momentum we have established. We will continue to pursue a progressive approach to our programs and use innovation, consultation and engagement as key elements in helping us to be the leader of soccer in Alberta, now and into the future.

Ole Jacobsen, President

Richard Adams, Executive Director

2 013 ANN UAL RE PORT | 5

Our Team Board of Directors President

Ole Jacobsen

First Vice President Second Vice President Director of Finance Directors at Large

Randy Shalagan Danny Bowie John Voorhorst Billy Dunlop Shaun Hammond Sherri Thorsen Sharon Evens Priscilla Bunke Malcolm Pritchard

Professional Staff Richard Adams Executive Director

Shaun Lowther Technical Director

Ian Skitch

Manager of Coach Education

John Clubb

Manager of Grassroots Development

Lindsay-Anne Freire

Communications & Business Development Coordinator

Nick Goddard

Competitions Coordinator

Anthony Traficante Operations Officer

Carmen Charron Programs Coordinator

David O'Neill Referee Development Officer

Khalid Abdu-Khalil Lead Accountant

Tammy McNutt Assistant Accountant/Technical Programs Coordinator

Sergio Teixeira

Regional Coach - North

Jamie Pollock

Regional Coach - South

***Federico Sanmartin was part of the Professional Staff until April 2013



Our various Committees help us engage our Members in the development and implementation of projects, programs and initiatives across the different departments of Alberta Soccer

Constitution and By-Laws


Randy Shalagan (Chair) Bill Shores Jim Moore David Onderwater Gary Steen Kevan Peterson Glenn Montgomery Anthony Traficante (Staff Contact)

Billy Dunlop (Chair) Rob Ziccarelli Graham Wood Jim Loughlin Shaun Lowther (Staff Contact)

Referee Development Committee


Shaun Hammond (Co-Chair) David O'Neill (Co-Chair) Wayne Telfer (Instructor & Education Program North) Annette Cameron (Instructor & Education Program South) Stuart Murray (Assignments Program North) Bill Buchanan (Assignments Program South) Lorne Soles (Assessments Program North) Leo Donlevy (Assessments Program South) John Hayes (Recruitment & Retention Program) Mel Mottram (Educational Development Program)

Development of Women in Soccer Committee Val Close (Chair) Melody Martyn Jennifer Jubinville Krista Gavin Laurie Fisher Mary Dyck Ilsa Wong Carole Holt Annette Cameron Liz Jepsen Carmen Charron (Staff Contact) David O'Neill (Staff Contact) Shaun Lowther (Staff Contact)

Danny Bowie (Co-Chair) Sharon Evens (Co-Chair) Bill Malone (AMSL Commissioner) Karl Jevne Syd Yaggey Ken Loudon Connie Moldrop Nick Goddard (Staff Contact)

Appeals & Discipline Committee Sherri Thorsen Shaun Hammond Randy Shalagan John Maher


Life Members ...a very special way of honouring a member's future life by recognizing the significant and sustained commitment made during their past life - in Soccer. As the ultimate compliment an individual can receive from their peers, it publicly states that they have given unselfishly, asking nothing in return other than their love of the game. ~ Anonymous Life Member

Sam Donaghey (1968) Peter Hancock (1982) Jim Fleming (1987) Bill Gilhespy (1993) Doug Redding (1994) Bert Goldberger (1997) Julie Hein (1998) Adrian Newman (1999) Pier Siccardi (2004) Peter Mackenzie (2005) Sean Kiernan (2009) Bill Malone (2012)


From Grassroots to Excellence The Association continues to push forward with aligning all programs to the Long Term Player Development (LTPD) Model. Led by Technical Director, Shaun Lowther, the Association's player development programs will directly feed into Canada Soccer's programming and be guided by higher standards.

Technical Development LTPD compliance has guided all of our Technical programs to date for both coaches and players alike. All documentation that the Technical Department produced in 2013 was LTPD compliant in regards to Technical Standards eg. game formats, ball size, field size etc. This year we were very fortunate to bring Sylvie Beliveau, LTPD manager for Canada Soccer into Alberta. Sylvie hosted two LTPD implementation meetings in Calgary and Edmonton and she has been a fantastic resource to Alberta Soccer as we attempt to continue to encourage LTPD to stakeholders throughout the Province. Moving forward there are a couple of initiatives that we wish to embark on that will help LTPD Implementation. Firstly the creation of a High Performance League for Alberta players who would be considered in the Stage 4 - "Training to Train" and Stage 5 - "Training to Compete" stages of development is an essential element in the Player Development pathway. The importance of meaningful consistent competition for High Performance is critical to get players to the highest levels of the game. In addition, Alberta Soccer will be calling upon individuals across the Province to become LTPD Leaders within their region to Champion the cause of LTPD.

Regional Performance Centres

Danone Nation's Cup

The formation of the Regional Performance Centres in partnership with FC Edmonton occurred in September 2013. The program, with approximately 18 players of both genders in each of the two centres, creates a training environment of the utmost quality. Players who range in age from 15 to17 receive top class coaching four times per week. The best of the best train together in a competitive arena to push each other to higher levels of play.

Alberta Soccer in partnership with Calgary Minor Soccer Association hosted the Annual Danone Cup Alberta selection camp in Calgary on September 21st. Close to 350 enthusiastic 10 and 11 year olds from throughout the Province put on a class performance in sportsmanship and level of play to impress the dozen or so evaluators who were responsible for selecting the players to move on.

As part of the Player Development Pyramid to assist players in their goal of reaching National Team programming we have seen success in the short term with several players already involved in National Team Projects.

A total of 45 players were selected. These fortunate players will now participate in an Alberta Provincial Camp in the Spring that will allow these players to showcase their talents further in their quest to represent Canada at the 2014 Danone Nation's Cup Finals at a site TBD.

Being in constant contact with National Team Staff, the Regional Performance Centres will be very important in continuing to promote Alberta based players into the National Youth Team setup.

"Higher standards will continue to guide Alberta's Player Development Programs"


The 2013 Alberta Provincial Teams represented the Province with pride, passion and some of the most skilled soccer we have seen in recent years.

National All-Stars

Canada Summer Games

In its last year of existence, Thunder Bay and Laval played host to the Annual National All-Stars Competition for U15 and U16 Boys and Girls.

The competition was held this year in Sherbrooke, Quebec for U-18 male and female teams. Both of the Alberta Men's and Women's teams played inspiring soccer that was not reflected in the final placing during the competition. Both teams placed 5th after unlucky results but both were credited for the style of soccer they played by neutral observers and coaching staff of the opposition.

Alberta Soccer put in impressive performances to medal in every age category. Both the U15 Girls and U16 Boys lost hard fought Championship matches to Ontario and took home silver medals while the U15 Boys and U16 Girls won their bronze medal matches. The competition also served as an opportunity for players to showcase their skills to Canada Soccer Coaching Staff and several Alberta players were identified.

Prairie Invitational For the first time in its young history, Alberta teams competing in the Prairie Invitational had the opportunity to play at home in Calgary. U13 and U14 Alberta North and South teams competed with BC, Saskatchewan and Manitoba in a week long tournament. With this particular competition being guided by LTPD and with minimal focus on results, players were given an opportunity to show their skills to Technical Directors and Canada Soccer's U-17 Men's Coach, Sean Fleming. 58 Alberta players of 188 total players were selected to the Umbro All-Star game on the final day of competition.

Alberta Soccer Provincial Team Coaches U13 Boys North: U13 Boys South: U13 Girls North: U13 Girls South: U14 Boys North: U14 Boys South: U14 Girls North: U14 Girls South: U15 Boys: U15 Girls: U16 Boys: U16 Girls: CSG Men: CSG Women:

Jorge Molina Leon Hapgood Franco Imbrogno Franc Cioffi Kurt Bosch Matt Thomas Rick Haxby Glenn Ramsay Shaun Lowther Dean Cordeiro Tommy Wheeldon Jr Carole Holt Troye Flannery Sergio Teixeira

Miles Hunt Brian McDonnell Alexandria Mah Dee Dee Cook John Vinci John Talerico Julia Ignacio Steve Tucker Gonzalo Gaggero Karl Oram Cam Leverman Jamie Pollock Chris Spaidal Ilsa Wong

"As we embark on a new era of player development, based on CSA guidelines and our continued partnership with FC Edmonton, there is the belief that we are in a strong position to develop elite level players"


Grassroots Alberta continues to implement and evolve programs that focus on all levels of player development. In 2013, Alberta Soccer continued to support initiatives to strengthen links between the Distict Grassroots programs and ourselves through various programs. This focus will continue into 2014 through the active promotion and alignment of its programs with the Long Term Player Development plan.

Soccability This positive program for players with disabilities continued to grow in 2013 and promote inclusive opportunities. The program has developed a stable presence in Edmonton and Calgary with plans to encourage further District programs throughout the Province. In 2013, Powerchair Soccer was added to the Soccability program in Calgary. In total, 68 participants registered for the Soccability Program in 2013.

District Outreach Program The focus of 2013 was continued engagement through parent, player and coach programs. This was extended to engaging Board of Directors with the intention of heightening awareness of district engagement and development opportunities through the implementation of LTPD.

Summer Soccer Camps Alberta Soccer re-launched their summer soccer camps in 2013 to further engage Members in LTPD principles. One camp was held in Redwood Meadows that had 34 players sign up and one was held in Fort McMurray that had 68 players. These camps are unique from other summer soccer camps in that they include instruction from Alberta Soccer Provincial B Licensed coaches.

Mini Stars Our 2013 performance was significantly better than industry averages in most categories

The 2013 Mini Stars program which focused on the Learning to Train Stage of development continued to grow over the last year and was offered in multiple centres across the province. The goal of Mini Stars is to offer children and parents a developmental program that will support their continued development and transition into the Provincial Team Program. As many as 26 players of the 2013 U13 Provincial Teams have progressed through the Mini Stars program.


Coach Education

2013 saw the continued transition towards the new Coaching Certification Pathway aligned with the Long Term Player Development Model

Licensing Stream

Increasing Numbers The Alberta Soccer Coaching Program saw a significant increase (+30%) in overall participation in 2013 with the Community Stream courses as the major source of growth. This growth was achieved with a leaner but more productive roster of Provincial Learning Facilitators

2015-16 will see the launch of Phase 2, the Competition Introduction Stream of the LTPD Coaching Pathway Rollout. In 2013, Alberta Soccer continued to offer the Pre B Assessment Course and Provincial B Licence for Coaches wishing to coach at the Excellence level. Pre B Assessment The Pre B Assessment continues to offer coaches in the province the opportunity to be assessed, often for the first time and aims to evaluate the coaching and technical ability of the candidate. It serves as an important and critical bridge between the Community and Licensing Streams. 34 Coaches were trained at the Pre B Assessment level in 2013 as we head into the last year of the Pre B Assessment's existence.

Community Stream Data The Coaching program was the first program to the feel the effects of the Long Term Player Development model having rolled out the Community stream of Canada Soccer's LTPD inspired Coaching Pathway. The figure below shows the distribution of Coaches in Community Stream Courses.

Online Course Management In early 2013 the Coaching Department rolled out an Online Course Management System to upgrade and streamline our course management processes and develop a province-wide soccer-specific coaching database within Alberta.

Provincial B Licence This year the Provincial “B� Licence has transitioned from a course into a program. Simply put this means that the educational/course components (Training) and the evaluation components (Certification) have been separated as per NCCP. The chart below shows the number of participants who took part in the Provincial B and Pre B Courses in 2013.

The Coaching Department has worked diligently to raise the standards of delivery of coach education across Alberta. The quality, professionalism and enthusiasm of our instructors are key factors in our ongoing efforts to get to the next level. Each year we continue to deliver Workshops and training for our Assessors, Learning Facilitators and Master Learning Facilitators from all over the Province.

Over 1700 Coaches attained the necessary community coaching qualifications



2013 saw the return of the Futsal Provincial Championships, an alternative to the familiar boarded soccer. The past year also saw Calgary host the Prairie Invitational and Lethbridge host the U-14 National Club Championships.

Youth Program In 2013, Alberta Soccer conducted 40 Youth Outdoor Provincial Championships, 32 Youth Indoor Provincial Championships and 5 Futsal Provincial Championships for males and females U12-U18. With four tiers of Championship play, 557 teams competed in over 1,000 games during the 2013 Youth Provincial Championships. In 2013 we hosted Futsal Provincial Championships after a long hiatus. The first edition of the tournament was well attended and very successful. Alberta Soccer is hoping to build on this success to see Futsal grow as an alternative version of Indoor Soccer for interested groups. EIYSA hosted the third annual Tier I to Nationals in Edmonton. Building from the successes of the previous years, this tournament was a fantastic experience for all of the coaches and athletes involved.

Youth Provincials: Teams by Tier

Provincial Hosts

Senior Program

In 2013, Alberta Soccer held 14 Indoor and 14 Outdoor Senior Provincial Championships. A total of 73 teams competed in the 36th Annual Outdoor Senior Soccerfest in Calgary over the long weekend in September.

Senior Provincials: Medal Breakdown Indoor


In addition to the Districts listed below, we would like to express a big thank you to CUSA and CWSA who put on a fantastic Senior Soccerfest - hosting 100% of the competition!

Outdoor Youth Hosts


U-14 Club Nationals in Lethbridge Outdoor

Alberta Soccer's Provincial Championships would not be possible without the commitment of our District Members to host.

In October, Lethbridge hosted the U-14 Club National Championships. With 24 teams from 11 different Provinces and Territories, the Local Organizing Committee led by Randy Hyland and Steve Dudas were well prepared to host one of the biggest competitions in the country. With the support of the City of Lethbridge, and the University of Lethbridge, the Lethbridge Soccer Association and the Lethbridge Football Club as well as the impressive team of volunteers, the competition truly showed Alberta's ability to put on an amazing competition.

Indoor Youth Hosts

Indoor Senior Hosts


National Club Championships The best soccer teams in Alberta represented the Province at the 2013 National Club Championships across Canada and the Alberta Soccer Association is incredibly proud of their accomplishments. In total, Alberta brought home four medals at the Youth level and three at the Senior Level. Youth Results were as follows: Age Group U-18 Boys U-18 Girls U-16 Boys U-16 Girls U-14 Boys I U-14 Girls I U-14 Boys II U-14 Girls II

Location St. Johns, NL St. Johns, NL Kamloops, BC Kamloops, BC Lethbridge, AB Lethbridge, AB Lethbridge, AB Lethbridge, AB

Team Name Warriors Blizzard Juventus Foothills SWU Premiers Foothills SWU Napoli Inter Blizzard Ajax

Result 5th Place 7th Place Bronze Silver Silver Bronze 4th Place 5th Place

Senior Results were as follows: At the Provincial Championships, Edmonton Scottish took home the gold medal after defeating Edmonton Green & Gold 3-0 in the final. As the two time Challenge Cup Champions, Edmonton Scottish attended Senior Nationals in Halifax, NS, where they finished in 7th place. At the Provincial Championships, Edmonton Victoria captured the Jubilee Shield, beating rivals Edmonton Northwest United 2-1. At the National Championships in Halifax, NS, Victoria won their group and beat Quebec 1-0 in the final to bring home the Gold Medal and Jubilee Trophy. The 2013 Western Masters were hosted in Saskatoon, SK, where Edmonton Victoria represented Alberta, after beating their rivals, the Calgary Callies, in a shootout at the Provincial Championships. Edmonton Victoria played a strong tournament, ultimately winning the Silver Medal after a 1-0 loss to BC. Edmonton Green & Gold beat the Angels 1-0 winning the Provincial Championships and securing their place in the 2013 Classics National Championships hosted in Quebec City. Edmonton Green & Gold won their group and went on to beat Ontario 1-0, finishing first and bringing home the Gold Medal.

Sanctioned Tournaments In 2013 the Alberta Soccer Association sanctioned roughly 60 District, Club and Charity tournaments throughout Alberta. Break down by District is below. In addition to providing insurance coverage to the players and organizers, tournament sanctioning is essential to the success of a tournament. Sanctioning provides access to referees, advertising on the Alberta Soccer Website, and allows tournaments to accept teams not just from outside of their District, but also from other Provinces and States.


The Alberta Major Soccer League continues to display the extraordinary talent of our Adult Players around the Province

Final Standings

Notable Coaches and Players Coaches of the Year Men - Ralf Schmidt (Edmonton Drillers) Women - Dean Cordeiro (Edmonton Northwest United) MVP of the Year Men - Jaswinder Gill (Edmonton Green & Gold) Women - Breanne Vernon (Calgary Callies) Top Goal Scorers Men - Dexter Maclachlan (Edmonton Scottish) Women - Lindsay Boland (Edmonton Northwest United)

Digital Engagement

In an effort to engage our teams as well as current and future fans, the AMSL went digital this year with a Digital Ambassador program which saw AMSL teams create Twitter accounts facilitated by a Coach or Player Digital Ambassador that were used to promote their teams and the league. A new mobile app was also made available by E2E for easy access to schedules, standings and more. Mainstream media also took a greater interest in the league this year with feature articles in the Edmonton Journal, Calgary Herald and Lethbridge Herald. Standings were featured weekly in the Edmonton Journal and Calgary Sun.


Referees Alberta Soccer continues to focus on how we can develop our Officials across the province through improved programs and course offerings Our Referee Development Committee grew from eight to ten members in 2013 as a result of a planned re-structure. The province wide positions of Recruitment and Retention and Educational Development were added and have already produced several new initiatives.

Notable Courses 195 Referee Courses were carried out throughout the Province. The North Region offered a total of 107 courses while the South Region had 87 courses. A total of 3,455 Referees participated in these courses during the year. 2013 marked the first time in five years that Alberta Soccer offered a Provincial Upgrade course. This course is ideal for successful Regional Referees in the Province who have aspirations to advance to the National List. The course was held in Calgary and attended by 14 candidates from around the province.

Achievements Alberta saw another one of its Referees appointed to the FIFA List this past year in Sheena Dickson. Sheena was put to work straight away with appointments at the Universiade Games in Russia and the CONCACAF U17 Championship in Montego Bay, Jamaica in 2013. Sheena joins Dave Gantar on the list who has become a regular in MLS, World Cup Qualifiers and CONCACAF Championships in his third year as a FIFA referee. Gabriel Loas represented Alberta at the CSA Boys All Stars in Laval, QC. Gabriel also refereed many elite level games in the province including the Jubilee Shield Gold Medal game at Senior Soccerfest.


Alberta Referees

Referees per Gender

30 of the best up and coming officials in Alberta were appointed to the CSA U-14 Club National Championships in Lethbridge in October, 2013. These types of appointments present excellent development opportunities for our officials.

Referees per Level



Awards and Recognition Every year the Alberta Soccer Association recognizes the remarkable individuals that have made an outstanding contribution to soccer in Alberta. Whether through notable performances on or off the pitch as athletes, coaches, officials, spectators or by dedicating themselves to the development of the sport, all of our 2012-13 winners truly represent the best of Alberta.

Award of Merit Ranee Premji

Life Membership Award Bill Malone

Award of Excellence Erin McLeod

Kevin Scullion, Mark Piekarczyk, Scott Clarke Calgary Blizzard Imperials

Golden Whistle Ann Blackwood Bert Goldberger Award Ian Payne

President's Award Henry Szewczyk

Golden Shoe (Youth) Internazionale 98 Boys

Shield of Merit Hamish Black

Golden Shoe (Senior) Edmonton Scottish

AMSL Women's Coach of the Year Dean Cordeiro

AMSL Men's Coach of the Year David Morrow

AMSL Women's MVP Selenia Iacchelli

AMSL Men's MVP Cameron Schmidt

AMSL Women's League Champions Edmonton Victoria

AMSL Men's League Champions Edmonton Scottish

2013 ANNU AL REPORT | 17

Special Events 2013 was a remarkable year for events that engaged our Members and other special people from across the province.

Women's National Team in Edmonton and Calgary

One Day One Goal

After the success the Canadian Women's National Team had at the London Olympics, their rockstar status was truly understood when five members of the team touched down to deliver camps in Edmonton, Red Deer and Calgary. Erin McLeod, Christine Sinclair and Karina LeBlanc made an appearance at the Coaching Symposium delivered in Calgary in February where they spoke to soccer enthusiasts and delivered a training session for one lucky team.

September 21 of each year marks Peace Day all around the world. In support of this initative, soccer games are played on almost every continent in the spirit of Peace. In 2013, Alberta Soccer joined forces with FC Edmonton and Free Footie, a free Edmonton soccer league for school aged players from high risk neighbourhoods to host a One Day One Goal Street Soccer Event at the City Market in Dowtown Edmonton. An AMSL player joined a Regional Performance Centre player and a Free Footie player on a three person team. 16 teams played street soccer all day while the Market was going on, all in the spirit of Peace with all donations going to Free Footie.

Erin McLeod continued her presence in the province with goalkeeper clinics and speaking engagements in both Red Deer and Edmonton. Sinclair and LeBlanc than made the drive North to Edmonton to meet up with fellow teammates Rhian Wilkinson and Diana Matheson to deliver four training sessions to over 250 young soccer players and speak at a Corporate Luncheon in front of the Mayor of Edmonton, corporate guests and soccer teams alike. Tickets for the training sessions sold out in a staggering four hours after they went on sale.

FIFA Women's World Cup Events In 2012, it was announced the Edmonton would be one of the Host Cities for the FIFA Women's World Cup Canada 2015. In 2013, the good news continued in relation to this event for Albertans. - Edmonton was named as the site for the opening game of the tournament featuring Canada and a TBD opponent - Edmonton will host Canada's two opening group games - Edmonton will host more games than any other host city - Edmonton will host a Quarter-Final, Semi-Final and Bronze Medal match Edmonton was also named as a Host City for the FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup Canada 2014. Edmonton will host 7 games including six group games and a quarter-final match. The tournament will run from August 5-24, 2014.

20 13 ANNUAL REPOR T | 18

Communications and Marketing Communications

In 2013, Alberta Soccer increased its digital presence via four new social media platforms and the transformation of its website. Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Instagram all played a central role in relaying real time information to our members as well as tuned in members of the general public. Alberta Soccer recognizes a growing interest in our activities from younger age groups leading to an emphasis on strengthening our presence online. The Association's Twitter feed remains the most active with over 1200 followers and counting. @AlbertaSoccer has been a go to avenue for results of our provincial teams and club national representatives, recognition of our members, contests and giveaways as well as information on our programs and events.


In September 2013, Alberta Soccer launched a new user-friendly website interface and received just over 10,000 unique visitors in its first month. Alberta Soccer's previous website saw an average of 7,000 unique visitors per month. In addition to, the Association also has websites for our Provincial Championships ( which receives 6,000 unique visitors during each week of the Championships and Major Soccer League (

Media Relations

Media Releases were distributed for the first time in 2013 by the Association. Over 20 media releases were issued in 2013. More than 125 media contacts receive communications from Alberta Soccer.

624 Images

1,200 followers 2,200 retweets 785 mentions

1,500 views 6 uploads


The Alberta Soccer Association welcomed one new Primary Partner and three Official Suppliers in 2013 bringing the total roster of sponsors and partners to seven. - Booster Juice, a company started in Alberta and a leader in offering smoothies and juices as a healthy alternative to typical fast food became a Primary Sponsor of the Association and its Youth Provincial Championships. As part of the three year agreement, Booster Juice becomes the Association's Presenting Sponsor and Fair Play Sponsor of the Youth Provincial Championships and will provide 2 for 1 coupons to every participant in the Championships each year. -Impact Canopies, House of Trophies and Sport Session Planner all became Official Suppliers of the Association. Impact Canopies will be the Official Flag, Canopy and Banner Supplier of the Association for the next two years. House of Trophies, based out of Edmonton, became the Official Trophy and Awards Supplier for the next two years. Sport Session Planner became the Official Sports Software for the Association. -The Association also received Sponsorship during the year from Famoso Pizzeria, Delta South Edmonton Hotel and Chateau Nova Hotels.


20 13 ANNUAL REPOR T | 19

Financials For the third year in a row, the Alberta Soccer Association maintained a surplus providing further evidence of a stable and efficient organization. More importantly, a surplus was achieved without increasing fees for our members (the fifth year in a row that fees have not been increased) while providing even more services and therefore value for money. We continue to devote the majority of our resources to player related programing and services. 67% of all expenditures are directed to Technical Programming and Competitions. Other notable include:


-Administration expenses as a percentage of total expenses dropped by over 1% (16.67% in 2012 to 15.29% in 2013) -Spending as a percentage of expenses increased for all on-field activities (Senior Competitions, Referees, Coach Education, Player Development) except Youth Competitions

Allocation of Membership Fees


- The Alberta Soccer Association has increased assets by just under $1,000,000 since October 31, 2011 -Our revenues have increased each of the last five years from 2008 to 2013 with no increase in fees required from our Members -2012-2013 served as a transition year based on the development and implementation of our 2013-2016 Strategic Plan. The transition year went smoothly with budget adjustments for 2014-2015 made in all departments.

Sources of Revenue

Use of Revenue

20 13 ANNU AL REPOR T |20

Member Associations 1. Sunny South T: 403.894.2277

2. Medicine Hat T: 403.529.6931

3. Lethbridge

9. St. Albert T: 780.458.8973

10. Tri County E:

11. Northwest Central T:403.320.5425

T: 780.621.7742

4. Calgary Minor T: 780.594.1653 T: 403.279.8686

Calgary Women's T: 403.720.6692

Calgary United T: 403.270.0363

Calgary Soccer Federation

5. Central Alberta T: 780.679.5686

6. Big Country T: 403.854.4831

7. Foothills

T: 403.510.5346

8. Edmonton District T: 780.413.0140

Edmonton Interdistrict Youth T: 780.462.3537

Edmonton Minor T: 780.413.3672

12. Lakeland Soccer

13. Northwest Peace T: 780.832.1627

14. Fort McMurray T: 780.791.7090

15. Battle River T: 780.362.0798

16. Sherwood Park T: 780.449.1343

17. Airdrie and District T: 403.948.6260

18. Red Deer City Soccer T: 403.346.4259

19. Canal Links T: 587.352.9084

20 13 ANN U AL REPOR T |21

Associate Members Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference

Men's Soccer

Gold Grant MacEwan Griffins

Silver NAIT Ooks

Bronze Red Deer College

Women's Soccer

Grant MacEwan Griffins


Grande Prairie Wolves

MacEwan Griffins (Men's) claimed CCAA Fair Play Award MacEwan Griffins (Women's) claimed CCAA Championship Cam Leverman (MacEwan Griffins Men) named CCAA Men's Coach of the Year Leanne Kadatz (NAIT Ooks Women) named CCAA Women's Soccer Player of the Year

Canada West Universities Athletic Association

Primary Clients: University of Alberta, Calgary, Lethbridge and Mount Royal University Men's Soccer: University of Alberta and University of Calgary advanced to Final 6 Women's Soccer: University of Alberta Pandas crowned Champions of Canada West University of Alberta Pandas claimed CIS Bronze Medal University of Alberta's Julia Ignacio wins Canada West and CIS Student-Athlete Community Service Award

Metro Edmonton High School Athletic Association FC Edmonton Soccer Club 6th Place in NASL Fall Season (2013) 5th Place in NASL Spring Season (2013)

Appendix A: Honour Rolls 2013 Indoor Provincials Youth Tier I - Honour Roll U12 Boys Host: Edmonton Place Team Gold Drillers Silver Xtreme Bronze Inter 4th Renegades Fair Play Renegades

U14 Boys Host: Edmonton Place Team Gold SWU Aytos Silver Foothills Bronze West Warriors 4th Strikers Renegades 5th 6th Phoenix Juventus 7th 8th Impact Fair Play Renegades

U16 Boys Host: Calgary Place Team Gold SW United Silver West Warriors Bronze Chinook United 4th SWU Spartans 5th SWU Juventus 6th Impact Fair Play Chinook United

U18 Boys Host: Red Deer Place Team Gold Foothills Silver West Warriors Bronze Drillers 4th Villains Impact Fair Play West Warriors

District EIYSA EMSA EIYSA Red Deer Red Deer

District CMSA CMSA EMSA EIYSA Red Deer Sherwood Park EIYSA St. Albert Red Deer



U12 Girls Host: Edmonton Place Team Gold Scottish Silver Victoria Bronze Impact 4th SG Saints Fair Play SG Saints


U14 Girls Host: Edmonton Place Team Gold SWU Napoli Silver Foothills Bronze SW United Strikers 4th MW Selects 5th Phoenix 6th Fair Play SW United


U16 Girls Host: Calgary Place Team Gold Phoenix Silver Foothills Bronze Drillers 4th Renegades 5th SWU Premiers 6th MW Selects Fair Play Renegades

District Sherwood Park CMSA EIYSA Red Deer CMSA EMSA Red Deer

U18 Girls Host: Red Deer Place Team Gold Rangers FC Silver Victoria Bronze Scottish 4th Renegades 5th Foothills 6th West Raiders Fair Play Foothills


2013 Indoor Provincials Youth Tier II - Honour Roll U12 Boys Host: Edmonton Place Team Gold SW Sting Silver Wolves Bronze Chinook Arsenal 4th Impact KC Trojans 5th 6th LFC 7th Cochrane White Wolves 8th Rattlers 9th Triwest Tsunami Fair Play SW Sting U14 Boys Host: Fort McMurray Place Team Gold Xtreme FC Silver Wolves Bronze Fury 4th CMCA NE United Springbank Edge 5th 6th SG Saints Drillers 7th Fair Play Wolves U16 Boys Host: Grande Prairie Place Team Gold Inter Silver Xtreme Bronze LFC 4th Renegades 5th Phoenix 6th Wolves 7th Chestermere United 8th Impact Fair Play Wolves U18 Boys Host: Lethbridge Place Team Gold Drillers Silver MW Selects Bronze LFC 4th Villains Storm 5th Renegades 6th Rattlers 7th SWU Storm 8th Chestermere United Fair Play MW Selects

District EMSA NW Peace CMSA St. Albert EIYSA Lethbridge Big Country Medicine Hat CMSA EMSA

District EMSA NW Peace Fort McMurray CMSA Foothills EMSA EIYSA Red Deer

District EIYSA EMSA Lethbridge Red Deer Sherwood Park NW Peace Sunny South St. Albert NW Peace

District EIYSA EMSA Lethbridge CMSA Red Deer Medicine Hat CMSA Sunny South EMSA

U12 Girls Host: Edmonton Place Team Gold CWSC Galaxy Silver Blizzard Porto Bronze Wolves 4th Inter Impact 5th 6th Raiders 7th Rattlers 8th Chestermere Excelsior Fair Play Inter

District CMSA CMSA NW Peace EIYSA St. Albert EMSA Medicine Hat Sunny South EIYSA

U14 Girls Host: Fort McMurray Place Team Gold WRC Thunder Silver Scottish United Bronze Blizzard Lightning Raiders 4th Fury 5th SW United 6th Fair Play Scottish United


U16 Girls Host: Grande Prairie Place Team Gold Strikers Silver Wolves Bronze Foothills 4th CNS Titanium 5th MW Selects Fair Play Wolves


U18 Girls Host: Lethbridge Place Team Gold Edmonton Strikers Silver Impact Bronze Blizzard Avalanche 4th Chinook Royals 5th Villains Infinity 6th Xtreme FC 7th Fury 8th Rattlers Fair Play Xtreme FC

District EIYSA St. Albert CMSA CMSA CMSA EMSA Fort McMurray Medicine Hat EMSA

2013 Indoor Provincials Youth Tier III - Honour Roll U12 Boys Host: Calgary Place Team Gold Deerfoot Eagles Silver Blizzard Barca Bronze SG Saints 4th Coaldale Thunder Xtreme 5th 6th Leduc United 7th Wolves 8th LFC Fair Play Blizzard Barca U14 Boys Host: Calgary Place Team Gold Northern Strikers Silver MAC United Bronze MW Selects 4th Grasslands Leduc 5th 6th Rattlers CNS Raiders 7th 8th Okotoks Strikers 9th LFC 10th SW Sting 11th Airdrie FC 12th Fort Saskatchewan Fair Play Rattlers U16 Boys Host: Edmonton Place Team Gold MAC United Silver SWU Milan Bronze Grasslands 4th Impact 5th Warriors 6th Phoenix 7th Stony Plain 8th Northern Strikers 9th MW Selects Fair Play Phoenix U18 Boys Host: Edmonton Place Team Gold SW Sting Silver Chinook Red Star Bronze Airdrie 4th Chinook Siena 5th Coaldale Thunder 6th Phoenix 7th Vergreville 8th Northern Strikers 9th Okotoks Strikers 10th MW Selects Fair Play MW Selects/Okotoks Strikers

District CMSA CMSA EMSA Sunny South EMSA Battle River NW Peace Lethbridge EMSA

District NW Peace CMSA EMSA Sunny South Battle River Medicine Hat CMSA Foothills Lethbridge EMSA Airdrie Tri-County Medicine Hat

District CMSA CMSA Sunny South St. Albert EMSA Sherwood Park NW Central NW Peace EMSA Sherwood Park

District EMSA CMSA Airdrie CMSA Sunny South Sherwood Park Lakeland NW Peace Foothills EMSA EMSA/Foothills

U12 Girls Host: Calgary Place Team Gold Foothills Silver Blizzard Strikers Bronze Airdrie FC 4th Xtreme Cochrane Mountain Wolves 5th 6th SW Sting Fair Play Foothills

District CMSA CMSA Airdrie EMSA Big Country EMSA CMSA

U14 Girls Host: Calgary Place Team Gold Rattlers Silver MW Selects Bronze SG Saints Eastside United 4th Foothills 5th Fort Saskatchewan 6th 7th Blizzard Everton 8th Northern Strikers Fair Play Eastside United

District Medicine Hat EMSA EMSA CMSA CMSA Tri-County CMSA NW Peace CMSA

U16 Girls Host: Edmonton Place Team Gold SG Saints Silver Raiders Bronze SWU Fury 4th Phoenix 5th MUSC Internationals 6th MW Selects 7th Springbank Edge 8th Chestermere United 9th Grasslands Fair Play SG Saints

District EMSA EMSA CMSA Sherwood Park CMSA EMSA Big Country Sunny South Sunny South EMSA

U18 Girls Host: Edmonton Place Team Gold Phoenix Silver Signal Hill Bronze SG Saints 4th Blizzard Whitecaps 5th Camrose Inferno 6th MW Selects Fair Play Phoenix/Signal Hill

District Sherwood Park CMSA EMSA CMSA CASA EMSA Sherwood Park/CMSA

2013 Indoor Provincials Youth Tier IV - Honour Roll U12 Boys Host: Calgary Place Team Gold Grasslands Silver Hardisty Bronze NCU Juventus 4th Northern Strikers Kilkenny 5th 6th Grasslands (2) 7th Blizzard Broncos 8th Camrose Selects 9th Fort Saskatchewan 10th Cochrane Attacking Wolves 11th Cold Lake 12th Ponoka Storm Fair Play Grasslands U14 Boys Host: Calgary Place Team Gold Springbank Scorpions Silver Kensington Bronze CWSU Athletico 4th Signal Hill Athletics Bonnyville 5th 6th Camrose Inferno Lewis Estates 7th 8th Chestermere United 9th Sylvan Lake Blizzard 10th Ardrossan Knights 11th Sherwood Park 12th Cochrane Mountain Wolves Fair Play Lewis Estates U16 Boys Host: Edmonton Place Team Gold SWU Griffins Silver Blizzard Barracudas Bronze Camrose Selects 4th Coaldale Thunder 5th Holyrood 6th Fort Saskatchewan 7th McLeod 8th Sherwood Park 9th Wainwright Fair Play Fort Saskatchewan

U18 Boys Host: Edmonton Place Team Gold Spruce Grove Silver Lacombe Panthers Bronze Foothills Mavericks 4th McLeod 5th St. Albert 6th Rangers Athletics 7th Fort Saskatchewan 8th Cold Lake 9th Sherwood Park Fair Play Spruce Grove

District Sunny South EMSA CMSA NW Peace EMSA Sunny South CMSA CASA Tri-County Big Country Lakeland CASA EMSA

District Foothills EMSA CMSA CMSA Lakeland CASA EMSA Sunny South CASA Tri-County Sherwood Park Big Country EMSA

District CMSA CMSA CASA Sunny South EMSA Tri-County EMSA Sherwood Park Lakeland Tri-County

District EMSA CASA CMSA EMSA St. Albert CMSA Tri-County Lakeland Sherwood Park EMSA

U12 Girls Host: Calgary Place Team Gold McLeod Royals Silver SWU Rovers Bronze Northern Strikers 4th MSB United TRSA Terwillegar 5th 6th Ponoka Storm 7th Ardossan Panthers 8th Okotoks Strikers Fair Play SWU Rovers

District EMSA CMSA NW Peace CMSA EMSA CASA Tri-County Foothills CMSA

U14 Girls Host: Calgary Place Team Gold Bonnyville Silver Cochrane Wolves Bronze Deerfoot Eagles Camrose Selects 4th Chestermere United 5th Carlise 6th 7th SWU Union 8th Northern Strikers 9th Yellow Bird 10th Fort Saskatchewan 11th Airdrie FC 12th Sherwood Park Fair Play Sherwood Park

District Lakeland Big Country CMSA CASA Sunny South EMSA CMSA NW Peace EMSA Tri-County Airdrie Sherwood Park Sherwood Park

U16 Girls Host: Edmonton Place Team Gold TRSA Riverbend Silver St. Albert Bronze CNS Panthers 4th Fort Saskatchewan 5th Sherwood Park 6th PSA Predators 7th Spruce Grove 8th Lac La Biche Fair Play Fort Saskatchewan

District EMSA St. Albert CMSA Tri-County Sherwood Park CMSA EMSA Lakeland Tri-County

U18 Girls Host: Edmonton Place Team Gold Rio Terrace Silver Belmead Rebels Bronze SWU Orioles 4th Sherwood Park 5th Cold Lake 6th Rangers Athletics Fair Play Sherwood Park

District EMSA EMSA CMSA Sherwood Park Lakeland CMSA Sherwood Park

2013 Indoor Provincials Senior - Honour Roll Challenge Cup Host: Edmonton Place Team Gold Edmonton Scottish Silver Green & Gold Bronze Callies Major 4th Dinosaurs Major 5th Drillers 6th Villains Elite FC Fair Play Dinosaurs Major Men Tier I Host: Edmonton Place Team Juventus Gold Silver Villains Elite Reserves Bronze Blizzard Imperials 4th Rovers AS Roma 5th 6th Punjab United Fair Play Blizzard Imperials Men Tier II Host: Lethbridge Place Team Gold Alumni Silver AC Milan Bronze Darts Foothills 4th America IFC 5th 6th Synik Clothing FC 7th Impact 8th Sportic Fair Play AC Milan Men Tier III Host: Edmonton Place Team Gold Kurdistan FC Silver AC Ravens Bronze Sherbrooke 4th Bumblebee FC 5th Storm 6th Vipers SC 7th Northern Ireland 8th Force Fair Play Sherbrooke


Jubilee Shield Host: Edmonton Place Team Gold Victoria Silver NSD Saints Bronze Angels 4th Callies Major 5th North West United 6th Alliance Fair Play Victoria



Women Tier I Host: Edmonton Place Team Gold Drillers Silver Angels Bronze NVC Wolves 4th Warriors 5th Threat 6th Jags Premiers Fair Play Angels


Women Tier II Host: Lethbridge Place Team Gold EF Ice Silver Wolves Bronze Phoenix FC 4th Scores Dreadnoughts 5th 6th Eastside Rangers Fair Play Eastside Rangers

District Lethbridge EDSA CWSA Lethbridge EDSA CWSA CWSA

Women Tier III Host: Calgary Place Team Gold Hearts United Silver Eastside Athletics Bronze Azzurri 4th Hustlers Fair Play Hearts United


District Lethbridge EDSA CUSA Lethbridge Lethbridge Red Deer St. Albert CUSA EDSA


2013 Indoor Provincials Senior - Honour Roll Men Tier IV Host: Calgary Place Team Gold FC Albania Silver Avalanche FC Bronze Pass FC 4th Ajax 5th Rangers FC 6th Earls Phantoms 7th Fatboyz 8th Red Hill Fair Play Rangers FC

Masters Tier I Host: Calgary Place Team Gold Callies Elite Silver Caledonia Bronze Victoria 4th Scottish Fair Play Scottish

Masters Tier II Host: Calgary Place Team Gold Callies Silver Blackstars Bronze Blue Steele 4th MC United 5th Lads Club 6th Medicine Hat Wild Fair Play Lads Club




Women Tier IV Host: Calgary Place Team Gold Chinook Rogues Silver PSA Panthers Bronze Rec Royals 4th Earth & Iron 5th Athletico 6th Roil War 7th AFC United 8th Static 9th Sherwood Park Fair Play PSA Panthers

District CWSA CWSA Red Deer NW Central Lethbridge NW Peace EDSA EDSA Sherwood Park CWSA

Classics Tier I Host: Calgary Place Team Gold Green & Gold Silver Angels Bronze Tsunami Blues 4th Cochrane Rangers Fair Play Green & Gold


Classics Tier II Host: Calgary Place Team Gold Polonia Silver Reds Bronze FC Dynamo 4th Bow Valley Rapids Fair Play Reds


2013 Outdoor Provincials Youth Tier I - Honour Roll U12 Boys Host: Airdrie Place Team Gold Villains Storm Silver Blizzard Wanderers Bronze West Warriors 4th Strikers 5th LFC 6th Renegades Fair Play Renegades

U14 Boys Host: Edmonton Place Team Gold Foothills Silver Inter Bronze Blizzard Villa 4th Juventus West Warriors 5th 6th Phoenix 7th Renegades 8th Impact Fair Play Blizzard Villa

U16 Boys Host: Edmonton Place Team Gold Foothills Silver Inter X Bronze Inter Y 4th Chinook United 5th Impact 6th West Warriors Fair Play Impact

U18 Boys Host: Edmonton Place Team Gold Warriors Silver Chinook United Bronze Foothills 4th Drillers Fair Play Chinook United

District CMSA CMSA EMSA EIYSA Lethbridge Red Deer Red Deer

U12 Girls Host: Airdrie Place Team Gold Blizzard Celtic Silver Foothills Bronze Scottish 4th Impact 5th Renegades 6th SG Saints Fair Play Foothills

District CMSA CMSA EIYSA St. Albert Red Deer EMSA CMSA

District CMSA EIYSA CMSA EIYSA EMSA Sherwood Park Red Deer St. Albert CMSA

U14 Girls Host: Edmonton Place Team Gold SWU Napoli Silver Blizzard Ajax Bronze Inter Impact 4th SW United 5th Renegades 6th Millwoods Selects 7th 8th Phoenix Fair Play Millwoods Selects

District CMSA CMSA EIYSA St. Albert EIYSA Red Deer EMSA Sherwood Park EMSA

District CMSA EIYSA EIYSA CMSA St. Albert EMSA St. Albert

U16 Girls Host: Edmonton Place Team Gold SWU Premiers Silver Foothills Bronze Scottish 4th Drillers 5th Phoenix 6th Xtreme Fair Play Scottish



U18 Girls Host: Edmonton Place Team Gold Blizzard Juventus Silver Rangers FC Bronze Strikers 4th Victoria Fair Play Strikers


2013 Outdoor Provincials Youth Tier II ‐ Honour Roll U12 Boys Host: Fort McMurray Place Team Gold Rangers FC Silver Memorial United Bronze Strikers 4th Impact 5th Xtreme 6th MW Selects 7th Fury 8th Rattlers SC Fair Play Rangers FC

U14 Boys Host: Lethbridge Place Team Gold Xtreme Silver Villains Impact Bronze SWU Red Devils 4th LFC Fury 5th 6th Juventus 7th Chestermere 8th Leduc United 9th Rattlers SC Fair Play Villains Impact

U16 Boys Host: Red Deer Place Team Gold Phoenix Silver SW United Bronze Renegades 4th MAC United 5th Warriors 6th Wolves 7th Airdrie FC 8th SWU Milan 9th Impact Fair Play Warriors

U18 Boys Host: Medicine Hat Place Team Gold SW United Silver Rangers FC Bronze CWSC Storm 4th SW Sting 5th LFC 6th Rattlers Fair Play SW United

District CMSA CMSA EIYSA St. Albert EMSA EMSA Fort McMurray Medicine Hat CMSA

District EMSA CMSA CMSA Lethbridge Fort McMurray EIYSA Canal Links Battle River Medicine Hat CMSA

District Sherwood Park EIYSA Red Deer CMSA EMSA NW Peace Airdrie CMSA St. Albert EMSA

District EIYSA CMSA CMSA EMSA Lethbridge Medicine Hat EIYSA

U12 Girls Host: Fort McMurray Place Team Gold Impact Silver Blizzard Porto Bronze MW Selects 4th Inter 5th Fury 6th Rattlers SC 7th Foothills 8th Drillers Fair Play Drillers

District St. Albert CMSA EMSA EIYSA Fort McMurray Medicine Hat CMSA EIYSA EIYSA

U14 Girls Host: Lethbridge Place Team Gold Scottish Silver Phoenix Bronze Blizzard Lightning Impact 4th Inter 5th Renegades 6th Wolves 7th 8th SG Saints 9th Rattlers 10th LFC 11th WRC Thunder 12th Fury Fair Play Scottish

District EIYSA Sherwood Park CMSA St. Albert EIYSA Red Deer NW Peace EMSA Medicine Hat Lethbridge CMSA Fort McMurray EIYSA

U16 Girls Host: Red Deer Place Team Gold Juventus Silver Renegades Bronze CNS Titanium 4th SWU Fury 5th Impact 6th Fury 7th Millwoods Selects 8th Cochrane Fair Play Millwoods Selects

District EIYSA Red Deer CMSA CMSA St. Albert Fort McMurray EMSA Big Country EMSA

U18 Girls Host: Medicine Hat Place Team Gold Impact Silver SW United Bronze Renegades 4th SWU Dynamite Blizzard Avalanche 5th 6th Cochrane Rangers 7th Millwoods Selects Rattlers 8th Fair Play Renegades

District St. Albert EIYSA Red Deer CMSA CMSA Big Country EMSA Medicine Hat Red Deer

2013 Outdoor Provincials Youth Tier III ‐ Honour Roll U12 Boys Host: Coaldale Place Team Gold SE Storm Silver Coaldale Bronze CNS Invades 4th LFC 5th SG Saints 6th Millwoods 7th Airdrie 8th Taber Titans 9th MSB Lightning 10th Leduc 11th Northern Strikers 12th Chestermere Fair Play CNS Invades

U14 Boys Host: Airdrie Place Team Gold Bonnyville Dynamo Silver Grasslands FC Bronze Blizzard Leeds 4th Northern Strikers Xtreme 5th 6th Phoenix 7th SWU Rangers 8th SW Sting 9th Airdrie FC Fair Play Blizzard Leeds

U16 Boys Host: Calgary Place Team Gold SWU Rovers Silver MSB Fury Bronze Impact 4th Warriors 5th Coaldale Thunder 6th Chestermere 7th Millwoods Selects 8th SW Sting Fair Play Coaldale Thunder

U18 Boys Host: Calgary Place Team Gold Calglen United Silver Coaldale Thunder Bronze SWU Roughnecks 4th McLeod 5th Chestermere 6th Millwoods Selects Fair Play Chestermere

District EMSA Sunny South CMSA Lethbridge EMSA EMSA Airdrie Sunny South CMSA Battle River NW Peace Canal Links CMSA

District Lakeland Sunny South CMSA NW Peace EMSA Sherwood Park CMSA EMSA Airdrie CMSA

District CMSA CMSA St. Albert EMSA Sunny South Canal Links EMSA EMSA Sunny South

District EMSA CMSA CMSA Airdrie Sunny South CASA Sunny South

U12 Girls Host: Coaldale Place Team Gold SWU Rovers Silver Rangers Athletic Bronze LFC 4th Xtreme 5th Airdrie 6th Millwoods 7th St. Albert 8th Big Country Fair Play Rangers Athletic

District CMSA CMSA Lethbridge EMSA Airdrie EMSA St. Albert Big Country CMSA

U14 Girls Host: Airdrie Place Team Gold Cochrane Silver Foothills Bronze CNS Milan West Raiders 4th Millwoods Selects 5th LFC 6th Impact 7th 8th Airdrie FC Fair Play Foothills

District Big Country CMSA CMSA EMSA EMSA Lethbridge St. Albert Airdrie CMSA

U16 Girls Host: Calgary Place Team Gold West Raiders Silver Millwoods Selects Bronze Phoenix 4th MUSC Internationals 5th CNS Panthers 6th Rocky Knights Fair Play Rocky Knights


U18 Girls Host: Calgary Place Team Gold Spruce Grove Saints Silver Phoenix Bronze SWU Napoli 4th West Raiders 5th Camrose Inferno 6th Blizzard Fuego Fair Play Blizzard Fuego


2013 Outdoor Provincials Youth Tier IV City‐ Honour Roll U12 Boys Host: Edmonton Place Team Gold Kilkenny Silver Twin Brooks Bronze Grasslands 4th Eastside Riot 5th Athabasca 6th Blizzard Dons Fair Play Eastside Riot

U14 Boys Host: Edmonton Place Team Gold CWSC Athletico Silver Meadows Bronze Crestwood 4th Athabasca 5th Signal Hill Fury Fair Play Signal Hill Fury

U16 Boys Host: Edmonton Place Team Gold SWU Gryphons Silver Blizzard Barracudas Bronze Rio Terrace 4th Northern Strikers 5th Lynwood Fair Play Rio Terrace

U18 Boys Host: Edmonton Place Team Gold Lessard Silver Memorial FC Blitz Bronze Greenfield 4th Foothills Mavericks Fair Play Foothills Mavericks

U12 Girls Host: Edmonton Place Team Gold Horsehill Silver Glenora Bronze Signal Hill Lynx 4th CWSC Thunder 5th Cochrane Wolf Pack 6th Fort Saskatchewan Fair Play Horsehill

District EMSA EMSA CMSA CMSA Big Country Tri‐County EMSA

U14 Girls Host: Edmonton Place Team Gold Cochrane Phantom Wolves Silver Carlisle Bronze SWU Union 4th Taber Deerfoot Eagles 5th Athabasca 6th 7th Fraser Fair Play Athabasca

District Big Country EMSA CMSA Sunny South CMSA Tri‐County EMSA Tri‐County


U16 Girls Host: Edmonton Place Team Gold St. Albert Silver MSB Extreme Bronze Homesteader 4th Lessard 5th SWU Storm Fair Play St. Albert

District St. Albert CMSA EMSA EMSA CMSA St. Albert


U18 Girls Host: Edmonton Place Team Gold McLeod Silver Callingwood Bronze Signal Hill Freedom 4th WRC Rams Fair Play McLeod


District EMSA EMSA Sunny South CMSA Tri‐County CMSA CMSA


2013 Outdoor Provincials Youth Tier IV Rural ‐ Honour Roll U12 Boys Host: Three Hills Place Team Gold Vermilion Strikers Silver The Other Guys Bronze Stettler FC 4th The Hurricanes 5th Hanna 6th Three Hills 7th Northern Strikers 8th Ardrossan Fair Play The Hurricanes

U14 Boys Host: Edson Place Team Gold Lakeland Silver Edson Vipers Bronze Camrose Impact 4th Peace River Whitecourt 5th 6th Olds 7th Battle River 8th Sherwood Park 9th Ardrossan Fair Play Ardrossan

U16 Boys Host: Stettler Place Team Gold Lacombe Panthers Silver Whitecourt Bronze Wetaskiwin 4th Vermilion Strikers 5th NW Peace 6th Three Hills 7th St. Albert 8th Stettler FC Fair Play Vermilion Strikers

U18 Boys Host: Lacombe Place Team Gold Lacombe Silver Vergreville Bronze Stettler 4th Hinton 5th St. Albert 6th Thorsby 7th Peace River 8th Three Hills 9th Sherwood Park Krause 10th Sherwood Park Kamstra 11th Morinville Fair Play Vergreville

U12 Girls Host: Three Hills Place Team Gold Northern Strikers Silver Cold Lake Bronze Edson 4th Ardrossan 5th Camrose United 6th Thorsby 7th Grasslands 8th Three Hills 9th Olds Fair Play Ardrossan

District NW Peace Lakeland NW Central Tri‐County CASA Battle River Sunny South Big Country Big Country Tri‐County

District Lakeland NW Central CASA NW Peace NW Central Big Country Battle River Sherwood Park Tri‐County Tri‐County

U14 Girls Host: Edson Place Team Gold Bonnyville Silver Edson Strikers Bronze Sylvan Lake 4th Battle River Northern Strikers 5th Jasper 6th Sherwood Park 7th 8th Carstairs 9th Red Deer Fair Play Battle River

District Lakeland NW Central CASA Battle River NW Peace NW Central Sherwood Park Big Country Red Deer Battle River

District CASA NW Central Battle River Lakeland NW Peace Big Country St. Albert CASA Lakeland

U16 Girls Host: Ponoka Place Team Gold Thorsby Silver Carstairs Bronze Cold Lake 4th Hinton 5th Ponoka Storm 6th Lacombe 7th Ardrossan 8th Sherwood Park Fair Play Hinton

District Battle River Big Country Lakeland NW Central CASA CASA Tri‐County Sherwood Park NW Central

U18 Girls Host: Stettler Place Team Gold Lacombe Silver Stettler Bronze Cold Lake 4th Edson 5th Carstairs 6th Thorsby 7th Smoky Lake 8th Sherwood Park Fair Play Smoky Lake

District CASA CASA Lakeland NW Central Big Country Battle River Tri‐County Sherwood Park Lakeland

District Lakeland Battle River CASA NW Central Big Country Big Country NW Peace Tri‐County NW Central

District CASA Lakeland CASA NW Central St. Alberta Battle River NW Peace Big Country Sherwood Park Sherwood Park Tri‐County Lakeland

2013 Outdoor Provincials Senior - Honour Roll Challenge Cup Host: Calgary Place Team Gold Edmonton Scottish Silver Edmonton Green & Gold Bronze Calgary Callies 4th Calgary Villains Elite 5th Edmonton Drillers 6th Calgary Dinosaurs Fair Play Edmonton Green & Gold

Premier Men Host: Calgary Place Team Gold CTFC Imperials Silver AC Milan Bronze Villains Elite Reserves 4th Victoria Fair Play CTFC Imperials

Men Tier I Host: Calgary Place Team Gold Darts Spurs Silver SD Serbia Bronze AS Roma 4th Regala FC Lads Club 5th 6th Scona Blues Fair Play Darts Spurs

Men Tier II Host: Calgary Place Team Gold Sportif FC Silver Synik FC Bronze SW United 4th Abyssinia 5th Storm 6th SG Eclipse Fair Play SG Eclipse


Jubilee Shield Host: Calgary Place Team Gold Edmonton Victoria Silver Edmonton NW United Bronze Edmonton Angels 4th Calgary Callies 5th Calgary SWU Saints 6th Red Deer Renegades Fair Play Edmonton Victoria



Premier Women Host: Calgary Place Team Gold Angels Scottish Silver Victoria Bronze NSD Panthers 4th Jaguars Fair Play NSD Panthers


Women Tier I Host: Calgary Place Team Gold Hearts United Silver Impact Bronze Revolution FC 4th The Crue Fair Play Revolution FC


Women Tier II Host: Calgary Place Team Gold Valkyries Silver Blizzard Cruisers Bronze Hustlers FC 4th ASC Cyclones Fair Play Blizzard Cruisers




2013 Outdoor Provincials Senior - Honour Roll Men Tier III Host: Calgary Place Team Gold Kinosoo Strikers Silver Depocentroamerica Bronze Emerald Exports 4th FC Albania 5th Ralston Rovers 6th Rionero FC 7th Rummies FC 8th GSE Fair Play GSE

Masters Major Host: Calgary Place Team Gold Victoria Silver Callies Bronze Karpaty 4th Lads Diaca 5th Canmore United 6th Chinook Elephants Fair Play Victoria

Masters Premier Host: Calgary Place Team Gold Lads Club Silver Callies Bronze CC Blackstars 4th Medicine Hat Wild 5th Taps RU 6th Bossolona Fair Play Medicine Hat Wild

District Lakeland CUSA EDSA CUSA Medicine Hat EDSA St. Albert St. Albert St. Albert


District CUSA CUSA CUSA Medicine Hat EDSA EDSA Medicine Hat

Women Tier III Host: Calgary Place Team Gold Eastside Athletics Silver FC Magic Academy Bronze Blizzard Express 4th Mavericks 5th Kodiaks 6th Rio Terrace Fair Play FC Magic Academy


Classics Major Host: Calgary Place Team Gold Green & Gold Silver Angels Bronze Mustangs Fair Play Angels


Classics Premier Host: Calgary Place Team Gold Tsunami Blues Silver The Fury Bronze Shevas 4th Ladies Storm Fair Play Ladies Storm


Appendix B: Audit

Financial Statements of

ALBERTA SOCCER ASSOCIATION Year ended October 31, 2013

KPMG LLP Chartered Accountants Commerce Place 10125-102 Street Edmonton Alberta T5J 3V8 Canada

Telephone Fax Internet

(780) 429-7300 (780) 429-7379

INDEPENDENT AUDITORS' REPORT To the Board of Directors of Alberta Soccer Association We have audited the accompanying financial statements of Alberta Soccer Association, which comprise the statement of financial position as at October 31, 2013, the statements of operations, changes in net assets and cash flows for the year then ended, and notes, comprising a summary of significant accounting policies and other explanatory information. Management’s Responsibility for the Financial Statements Management is responsible for the preparation and fair presentation of these financial statements in accordance with Canadian accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations, and for such internal control as management determines is necessary to enable the preparation of financial statements that are free from material misstatement, whether due to fraud or error. Auditors' Responsibility Our responsibility is to express an opinion on these financial statements based on our audit. We conducted our audit in accordance with Canadian generally accepted auditing standards. Those standards require that we comply with ethical requirements and plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements are free from material misstatement. An audit involves performing procedures to obtain audit evidence about the amounts and disclosures in the financial statements. The procedures selected depend on our judgment, including the assessment of the risks of material misstatement of the financial statements, whether due to fraud or error. In making those risk assessments, we consider internal control relevant to the entity’s preparation and fair presentation of the financial statements in order to design audit procedures that are appropriate in the circumstances, but not for the purpose of expressing an opinion on the effectiveness of the entity’s internal control. An audit also includes evaluating the appropriateness of accounting policies used and the reasonableness of accounting estimates made by management, as well as evaluating the overall presentation of the financial statements. We believe that the audit evidence we have obtained in our audit is sufficient and appropriate to provide a basis for our audit opinion.

KPMG LLP is a Canadian limited liability partnership and a member firm of the KPMG network of independent member firms affiliated with KPMG International Cooperative (“KPMG International”), a Swiss entity. KPMG Canada provides services to KPMG LLP.

Page 2 Opinion In our opinion, the financial statements present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of Alberta Soccer Association as at October 31, 2013, and its results of operations and its cash flows for the year then ended in accordance with Canadian accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations. Comparative Information Without modifying our opinion, we draw attention to Note 1(a) to the financial statements which describes that Alberta Soccer Association adopted Canadian accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations on November 1, 2012 with a transition date of November 1, 2011. These standards were applied retrospectively by management to the comparative information in these financial statements, including the statements of financial position as at October 31, 2012 and November 1, 2011 and the statements of operations, changes in net assets and cash flows for the year ended October 31, 2012 and related disclosures. We are not engaged to report on the restated comparative information, and as such, it is unaudited.

Chartered Accountants December 16, 2013 Edmonton, Canada

ALBERTA SOCCER ASSOCIATION Statement of Financial Position October 31, 2013, with comparative information for October 31, 2012 and November 1, 2011 October 31 2013

October 31 2012 (Unaudited)

November 1 2011 (Unaudited)

Assets Current assets: Cash (note 2) Term deposits (note 3) Accounts receivable (note 4) Inventories Prepaid expenses


Property and equipment (note 5)

1,334,047 500,928 160,135 43,468 151,833 2,190,411



1,337,492 177,129 33,737 145,422 1,693,780



982,854 16,653 114,189 25,673 52,988 1,192,357 27,295








308,613 24,300 125,144 458,057


176,930 23,800 92,978 293,708


249,887 22,750 29,807 302,444

Liabilities and Fund Balances Current liabilities: Accounts payable and accrued liabilities (note 6) Refundable bonds Deferred revenue (note 7)

Net assets: Invested in property and equipment Unrestricted

20,330 1,732,354 1,752,684

24,703 1,400,072 1,424,775

27,295 889,913 917,208

Commitments (note 9) $

See accompanying notes to financial statements. On behalf of the Board: Members Members







ALBERTA SOCCER ASSOCIATION Statement of Operations Year ended October 31, 2013, with comparative information for 2012 2013 Budget

Revenues (note 8): Administration Coaching Development Program Membership fees Player Development Program Referee Development Program Senior Program Youth Program


Expenditures: Administration Coaching and Development Program Player Development Program Referee Development Program Senior Program Youth Program

Excess of revenues before the undernoted Other expenditures and revenues: Recoveries (bad debts) (note 4) Amortization

Excess of revenues over expenditures

See accompanying notes to financial statements.


2012 Actual (Unaudited)

953,925 $ 184,665 1,449,946 572,790 266,895 177,984 265,573 3,871,778

1,034,919 181,582 1,506,976 570,432 278,928 233,473 390,629 4,196,939

1,349,052 408,447 950,057 338,391 291,091 442,888 3,779,926

1,325,824 367,260 934,402 368,836 334,739 522,745 3,853,806

1,282,329 305,567 641,099 267,075 265,652 527,289 3,289,011




(20) (15,204) (15,224)

928 (21,870) (20,942)


2013 Actual

91,852 $




974,685 214,782 1,443,125 359,885 264,455 173,827 386,761 3,817,520


ALBERTA SOCCER ASSOCIATION Statement of Changes in Net Assets Year ended October 31, 2013, with comparative information for 2012 Invested in property and equipment Balance, beginning of year


Excess revenue (expenditures) for the year Transfers for the purchase of property and equipment Balance, end of year



Total 2013

$ 1,400,072

$ 1,424,775









$ 1,732,354

$ 1,752,684


Total 2012 (Unaudited)

Year ended October 31, 2012 Invested in property and equipment Balance, beginning of year


Excess revenue (expenditures) for the year Transfers for the purchase of property and equipment Balance, end of year


See accompanying notes to financial statements.










$ 1,400,072




$ 1,424,775

ALBERTA SOCCER ASSOCIATION Statement of Cash Flows Year ended October 31, 2013, with comparative information for 2012 2013

2012 (Unaudited)

Cash provided by (used in): Cash from operating activities: Receipt of member and other program fees Receipt of interest income Receipt of government grants Receipt of funds from the Canadian Soccer Association Casino funds and donations received Payment of bank fees Payment to suppliers and employees


Cash used in investing activities: Purchase of property and equipment Redemption of (investment in) term deposits, net

3,849,205 928 265,273 63,810 82,956 (15,592) (3,738,266) 508,314


(10,831) (500,928) (511,759)

(Decrease) increase in cash

(19,278) 16,653 (2,625)


Cash, beginning of year



Cash, end of year


See accompanying notes to financial statements.



3,446,901 286 275,098 96,394 (10,924) (3,450,492) 357,263

982,854 $


ALBERTA SOCCER ASSOCIATION Notes to Financial Statements Year ended October 31, 2013

Nature of operations: Alberta Soccer Association (the "Association") provides the administrative and technical development framework for all soccer programs within the Province of Alberta. The Association, incorporated under the provisions of the Societies Act of Alberta, is a non-profit organization within the meaning of the Income Tax Act (Canada) and is exempt from income taxes.


Significant accounting policies: (a) Basis of presentation: On November 1, 2012 the Association adopted Canadian accounting standards for not-forprofit organizations, Part III of the CICA Handbook - Accounting ("Part III"). These are the first financial statements prepared in accordance with Part III. The Association previously issued financial statements for the year ended October 31, 2012 using generally accepted accounting principles prescribed by Part V of the CICA Handbook - Accounting. In preparing these financial statements, the transitional provisions of Section 1501, Firsttime Adoption by Not-for-Profit Organizations have been applied. Section 1501 requires retrospective application of Part III with certain exemptions and retrospective exceptions. The transition date is November 1, 2011 and all comparative information provided has been presented by applying Part III. The Association has not elected to use exemptions permissible under Section 1501. The effects of adopting Part III resulted in no change to net assets as at November 1, 2011 or the comparative statement of operations and cash flows presented in these financial statements. (b) Use of estimates: The preparation of the financial statements requires management to make estimates and assumptions that affect the reported amounts of assets and liabilities and disclosure of contingent assets and liabilities at the date of the financial statements and the reported amounts of revenue and expenses during the year. Actual results could differ from those estimates. (c) Inventories: Inventories distributed for no or nominal value or consumed in the delivery of services are stated at the lower of cost and net replacement cost. Inventory held for sale is stated at the lower of average weighted cost and net realizable value.


ALBERTA SOCCER ASSOCIATION Notes to Financial Statements (continued) Year ended October 31, 2013


Significant accounting policies (continued): (d) Contributed services: The work of the Association is dependent on the voluntary services of many members. Due to the difficulty of determining fair value of these services, contributed services are not recognized in the financial statement. The Association may receive distributable materials for distribution to member organizations. The Association does not recognize the revenue or related expense for these materials. (e) Property and equipment: Property and equipment are stated at cost and donated assets are recognized at fair value. Amortization is provided using the straight-line method and following annual rates:



Office equipment Technical equipment Computer equipment Leasehold improvements


20% 20% 33% Lease term

Revenue recognition: The Association follows the deferral method of accounting for revenue. Fees are recognized as revenue in the year for which services are provided. Fees received in advance are recorded as deferred revenue. Restricted contributions received in the year that relate to future expenditures are recorded as deferred revenue. Unrestricted contributions are recognized as revenue when received. Contributions for the acquisition of property and equipment and donated property and equipment are recorded as unamortized capital contributions and recognized to income on the same basis as the amortization of the assets for which the contributions were received. Excess revenue (expenditure) reported in the statement of changes in net assets for investment in property and equipment are the net amount of depreciation and revenue attributable to property and equipment and represent a transfer of unrestricted net assets. Interest income is recorded on a time proportion basis. Interest income earned on restricted contributions that is similarly restricted by the contributor is recorded as deferred revenue on a time proportion basis until the eligible expenditures have been incurred at which time the interest is recognized as revenue.


ALBERTA SOCCER ASSOCIATION Notes to Financial Statements (continued) Year ended October 31, 2013


Cash: Cash consists of amounts on deposit less cheques issued. Cheques issued and outstanding in excess of amounts on deposit are presented as bank indebtedness: October 31 2013

General Casino Cash on hand

October 31 2012 (Unaudited)

November 1 2011 (Unaudited)


1,271,908 61,939 200


1,337,163 129 200


913,640 69,114 100







The use of casino cash is restricted under agreement with the Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission. The cash must be used for expenditures approved by Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission, including officials, registration fees, facility rentals and some administration costs. The Association has not drawn on all of these funds at year end but has met the expenditure requirements to recognize these funds as revenue.


Term deposits: The term deposits, measured at amortized cost, mature between December 30, 2013 and January 7, 2016 bearing interest at 0.50% to 1.25%. The term deposit held at November 1, 2011 was pledged as security against a previously issued $15,000 letter of credit required by an agreement with Ticketmaster Canada Ltd., matured November 21, 2011 bearing interest at 0.75%.


ALBERTA SOCCER ASSOCIATION Notes to Financial Statements (continued) Year ended October 31, 2013


Accounts receivable: October 31 2013

Local districts and associations Other


Provision for doubtful accounts

126,233 33,902 160,135

October 31 2012 (Unaudited) $



98,332 81,661 179,993

November 1 2011 (Unaudited) $

2,864 $


105,239 12,742 117,981 3,792



During the year, the Association recorded a loss of $20 (2012 - $nil) for uncollectable amounts and recovered $nil (2012 - $928) for amounts previously deemed uncollectable and included in the allowance for doubtful account.


ALBERTA SOCCER ASSOCIATION Notes to Financial Statements (continued) Year ended October 31, 2013


Property and equipment:

Accumulated amortization

Cost Office equipment Technical equipment Computer equipment Leasehold improvements


76,823 3,800 61,019 4,795


75,738 2,464 46,306 1,599


1,085 1,336 14,713 3,196








76,823 2,200 51,789 9,960


68,827 1,815 39,622 5,805


7,996 385 12,167 4,155






24,703 November 1 2011 (Unaudited) Net book value

Accumulated amortization

Cost Office equipment Technical equipment Computer equipment Leasehold improvements

October 31 2012 (Unaudited) Net book value

Accumulated amortization

Cost Office equipment Technical equipment Computer equipment Leasehold improvements

October 31 2013 Net book value


75,273 2,200 38,855 5,165


54,543 1,111 34,117 4,427


20,730 1,089 4,738 738








ALBERTA SOCCER ASSOCIATION Notes to Financial Statements (continued) Year ended October 31, 2013


Accounts payable and accrued liabilities: Included in accounts payable and accrued liabilities are government remittances payable of $3,004 (October 31, 2012 - $nil; November 1, 2011 - $583) relating to federal and provincial sales taxes and payroll taxes.


Deferred revenue: Dr. Herb Link Memorial Opening balance Other advanced payments


Revenue recognized for qualified expenses Closing balance

8,887 $ 8,887


8,887 $

Dr. Herb Link Memorial Opening balance Contributions received Other advanced payments


Revenue recognized for qualified expenses Closing balance

8,887 $ 8,887


8,887 $

Training and Other 70,973 $ 95,572 166,545

Registration Fees 13,118 $ 20,685 33,803



95,572 $

20,685 $

Training and Other 14,900 $ 30,000 40,973 85,873

14,900 70,973 $

Registration Fees

2013 92,978 116,257 209,235

84,091 125,144

2012 (Unaudited)

6,020 $ 13,118 19,138

29,807 30,000 54,091 113,898



13,118 $


The Dr. Herb Link Memorial Fund, restricted under the terms of a bequest, is to be used to send disadvantaged children to summer soccer camps. In 2012, training and other included contributions from Alberta Sport (note 8) for which related expenditures had not been incurred.


ALBERTA SOCCER ASSOCIATION Notes to Financial Statements (continued) Year ended October 31, 2013


Government assistance: The Association received grants of $265,273 (2012 - $283,098) from Alberta, Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation (Alberta Sport), recognized as follows: 2013

Alberta Sport grants received: Administration revenues: Association Development Program Donation Fund Program Youth program revenue: Association Development Program Arctic Winter Games Alberta Summer Games Senior program revenue: Association Development Program Coaching development program revenue: Association Development Program High Performance Coach Development Grassroots Coaching Program Development Initiatives NCCP Subsidy Referee development revenue: Association Development Program Player development revenue: Association Development Program Arctic Winter Games Canada Summer Games Canadian Sports for Life (CS4L)


Alberta Sport deferred receipts: Canada Summer Games Arctic Winter Games Canada Summer Games



54,523 -

2012 (Unaudited)


54,523 1,000

32,715 5,600 -

32,715 8,000



32,715 20,000 2,875 700

32,715 20,000 4,800 -



32,715 16,000 2,000

32,715 1,200 30,000 -



30,000 -

(30,000) 4,800 5,000




ALBERTA SOCCER ASSOCIATION Notes to Financial Statements (continued) Year ended October 31, 2013


Commitments: The Association has a lease for rental of premises ending February 28, 2017. Future minimum lease payments under this lease are set out as follows:

2014 2015 2016 2017


39,424 41,000 42,644 14,000

The Association is also responsible for its share of occupancy cost and realty taxes associated with the premises.

10. Financial instrument risks and concentration of risk: The Association’s financial instruments consist of cash, term deposits, accounts receivable and accounts payable and accrued liabilities. The Association's operations are concentrated to Alberta and all banking is concentrated to one large, federally registered and insured financial institution. The Association’s accounts receivable are primarily comprised of amounts due from various local soccer districts and associations and collegiate associations in Alberta with some funds due from the national governing body. The exposure to credit risk is limited to the amounts receivable for which local soccer districts and associations are required to be in good standing to participate in the Association, other strategic partners such as collegiate associations and others. When there are doubts concerning collection, an allowance is provided by the Board who reviews what actions, if any, they may take against the local districts and associations or other debtor. The credit risk exposure in the current year is unchanged from the prior year. Substantially all of the Association’s operations are transacted in Canadian currency, accordingly foreign currency risk is not considered significant. The nature of investments is limited to interest bearing bank issued deposits and interest rate risk is not considered significant to the operations of the Association.


The Alberta Soccer Association sincerely thanks its Partners – your generosity contributes to improving soccer in Alberta and enables Alberta Soccer to reduce member contributions.

PARTNERS Primary Partners

Ofiicial Suppliers

Charitable Partner

Phone: 780-474-2200 Toll Free: 1-866-250-2200 Fax: 780-474-6300 Twitter: @AlbertaSoccer

9023-111 Avenue Edmonton, AB T5B 0C3

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