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Diamond Jewelry The April Birthstone

Diamonds are Forever in April • Diamonds are the traditional birthstone for April. These brilliant stones are a favorite for many jewelry lovers. • There are lots of different styles and settings to choose from for April jewelry gifts. • Men’s rings, pendants, earrings, women’s rings, watches, and necklaces are just a few options for diamond jewelry.

Understanding the Four Cs of Diamonds • The value of a diamond is determined using cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. • You can choose between natural or labcreated stones. Lab-created stones tend to be less expensive. • Your jeweler can tell you if your diamonds are certified, and can give you more information about the 4 Cs of each stone.

Diamonds Aren’t Always White • Many people are surprised to learn about the different colors of diamonds. • Diamonds are available in almost every color imaginable, from black and red to pink and purple. • Fancy brown diamonds are one of the most popular options in jewelry today.

Gold and Diamond Jewelry • Most jewelry comes in either yellow or white gold. What you choose is a matter of personal preference. • Gold nugget jewelry is a beautiful option for people who want a unique style for their jewelry. • Some diamond jewelry is also offered in titanium and carbonite settings for a more modern look.

Diamonds and Bridal Jewelry • Diamonds are the traditional option for bridal jewelry. • Solitaires are used in engagement rings, and wedding bands are often adorned with smaller stones to create a matching set. • Today, many people are opting to wear bridal and wedding jewelry purely for the style, and not because they are getting married.

How to Choose the Perfect Gift • Consider the age of the person you are shopping for. Smaller pieces are more appropriate for teens and children. • Come up with a budget before you go shopping so you don’t overspend. • Ask a friend to help you shop. Sometimes a second set of eyes can help you find that perfect gift quickly.

The History of Diamond Jewelry • Diamonds have been the birthstone for April for centuries. • People used to wear diamonds to ward off illness and diseases. • Some people believed that diamonds carried magic powers, while others thought the stones were made from the tears of God.

Things to Remember about Diamonds • Choosing the perfect diamond isn’t difficult, but if you have questions, be sure to ask your jeweler for more information. • The experts at Alaska Jewelry can help you find the answers to all your jewelry questions. • When you shop, remember the 4 Cs and keep the personal tastes of the person you are shopping for in mind while you browse.

For More Information: Since 1990, Alaska Jewelry has been providing exquisite jewelry to customers around the world. To learn more about their diamond collection. Please contact them at: 800-360-5744

Diamond jewelry april birthstone  
Diamond jewelry april birthstone | Whether you are purchasing a diamond for someone because their birthday is in...