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Friday, August 15, 2014

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Seven-year-old Elise Dechaime decorating her "dragon egg" cookie for the Fort St. John Public Library's How to Train your Dragon party.


2 • The Northerner • Friday, August 15, 2014


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PRRD Area E Director Jerrilyn Schembri said despite the district’s time crunch in giving thoughtful input to resource projects, the trend in Canada is for review periods to grow shorter, not longer. • Employment Assistance Services • Trades & Apprenticeship • Training Assistance Providing Holistic Training Services for the Aboriginal Peoples of NEBC

Main Office: 785-0887


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Jonny Wakefield Staff Writer

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Region getting buried with environmental red tape The Peace River Regional District is letting the province know it needs some help with its homework. Specifically, it's concerned about the number of environmental assessments of resource projects that staff have been asked to complete in the coming months. According to Karen Goodings, the PRRD chair, staff are now reviewing three separate pipeline proposals alone, and she’s almost lost count of the rest of their tasks. The board is asking the Environmental Assessment Office to provide money for additional staff when projects start to pile up. The government gives regions 180 days to weigh the pros and cons of pipeline projects, and only 90 days for natural gas developments. Those deadlines are taxing resources across the board. "It's very difficult to give it any kind of due consideration – you just don't have any time," said Goodings. She added that area First Nations, which have smaller staffs, are even more hard-pressed to adequately weigh the potential environmental impacts of resource development. The board considered asking the Environmental Assessment Office to lengthen the period for environmental assessment, but Area E Director Jerrilyn Schembri figured the province is too bent on development to let up off the gas.

"The tendency is shortening the length [of the review period] to make industry more at home in the province," she told the board at Thursday’s meeting. Instead, they're asking the government for help. Failing that, they've asked project proponents to pony up. Without that additional help, the burden will fall to local taxpayers. That, or staff will be forced to do a rushed job. "You can't make much educated comment on these massive documents when you've got three of them sitting on your table at once," said Goodings.

By my oath!

When you fill a room with rural residents and city dwellers and force them to talk about issues, they're bound to disagree. That happens frequently at the Peace River Regional District. Sometimes, the debates are fundamental: Can rural residents get their water from cities? Can a developer turn a patch of farmland into a subdivision? How much rural land can a city eat up? On Thursday, though, rural and urban directors argued over pure semantics. Earlier this spring, the province updated its elections legislation. One change, which might seem cosmetic, is a rule allowing local governments to customize their oaths of office. Elected officials swear these oaths when they start the job. They're basically the rules of the road, and don't often

come up unless someone needs to be legally removed from office. At this point, the oaths are boilerplate. They ask councillors and rural directors to swear they're fit to hold office, and that they will avoid or disclose any conflicts of interest. But the new custom oaths? Theoretically, they allow a city or regional board to add anything. An oath that cats are better than dogs? That rock and roll will never die? A pledge to boldly go where no one has gone before? The rural directors, by comparison, put forward what seemed like a harmless addition to the oaths. If the motion passes, it would require any incoming director to swear he or she "understands and supports the federation concept of regional districts." In other words, that the person understands they're representing the region as a whole, and not just the city or rural area where they live. That can be a touchy subject. In terms of votes, the cities outnumber the rural areas eight to four. While it rarely comes to a split vote, the urban directors can push through legislation over the objections of their rural counterparts. As Karen Goodings explained, “It's recognition that the region is a federation of incorporated and unincorporated areas. We need to come to the table with the best interests of the whole of the region in our decision making.” Continued on Page 7

The Northerner • Friday, August 15, 2014 • 3


Exercise and signage discussed at Taylor council William Stodalka Staff Writer

Taylor’s District Council, seemingly regretfully, turned down a request by a local business to have certain municipal facility fees waived in return for free exercise sessions for residents. Chelsea Coles and Breanne Grunwald attended Tuesday’s meeting to discuss their proposal. They wanted to use the Taylor Community Hall to offer weekly two-hour exercise sessions. According to Coles, 20 people had expressed interest through social media for the program, which used cardio exercises, pilates, yoga and body resistance to keep people fit. Their program uses DVDs, which means they would have to use a projector. They asked "forgiveness" for the usual meeting and audio-visual fees. However, because their exercise program – Team Beachbody, a group of paid exercise coaches – is a business, this caused issues for city staff. Taylor Administrator Charlotte McLeod said that while they can do this for nonprofit organizations, this request was "a bit of a blur, because (the people requesting it) is a business." "If you do for one, you have to do for others, and where does that stop?" she asked. There was also concerns that people attending these sessions could be attempted to be "sold" on other products or paid services, but Grunwald denied this: "We're not selling it." Many councillors, though, told Coles and Grunwald they supported the idea of free physical fitness opportunities.

"It's not that we don't want to," said Councillor Brent Taillefer. "We wish we could do more, but our hands are tied fairly tight," said Mayor Fred Jarvis. "Good luck in moving forward." Councillors suggested alternatives, such as going to the school district for funding there, or corporate funding. However, council did vote to turn down the motion, and Coles at least seemed to be OK with that. “I kind of understand if they can’t grant us the free access because it’s for a business,” she said. Despite the vote, Coles said that her group is going to continue to pursue their program. Coles added that other groups in Charlie Lake and Fort St. John are looking to start similar programs.

District pays for new sign

Taylor council agreed on Tuesday to pay a little over $65,000 for an electronic sign just outside the district office. The sign itself will only cost about $57,100, but taxes, electric installation costs and other fees will bring it past the $60,000 budget the District set for itself. (There was also the last-minute addition of a $6,000 contingency fee, which may or may not be spent.) The provincial Northern Development Initiative Trust will pay $20,000 of the total cost, according to information given to District Council. At earlier meetings, it was said that this sign would be created to display “community events, information, updates to weather/ traffic, election information and additional programming as an information source for residents and tourists.”

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If you forgot please call 250-785-5631

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Taylor Mayor Fred Jarvis spoke about a request to have a business offer free exercise sessions in exchange for not paying certain fees.

Parents & der Sean Ry enlay Gre Alanna r, BC of Taylo : 19.75” ength Baby’s L 's Weight: Baby zs 6lbs, 9o 14 20 Aug 2, m 8:25p


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4 • The Northerner • Friday, August 15, 2014

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Aleisha Hendry

Does the Peace Region have enough airline carriers?

The Peace has more than enough airline carriers to meet the needs of the people. We were doing all right with just the ones we had at the airport in Fort St. John. Adding in WestJet might have been a little sketchy at first, all these extra flights to Vancouver and then direct flights to Calgary; it was a little overwhelming for travelers. Having options like that can put a lot of stress on people who have to make the decisions as to where and when they’re going to fly. When they only had a handful of options, most of us surely could make the decision with no trouble at all. All these extra options were a little daunting to get used to, but we did, because we’re very adaptive here in the North. But let’s not go crazy or anything. This should definitely be the cap on northern air travel. Any more carriers and there’s no way they’d be able to sell out flights. We’d be flying in half empty planes and airlines would eventually decide that there’s not enough demand and leave town, causing people to lose their jobs and leading to the eventual downfall of the economy. Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme, but you never know, it could happen!

Science Matters David Suzuki

Global warming deniers get more desperate by the day

The Heartland Institute's recent International Climate Change Conference in Las Vegas illustrates climate change deniers' desperate confusion. As Bloomberg News noted, "Heartland's strategy seemed to be to throw many theories at the wall and see what stuck." A who's who of fossil fuel industry supporters and anti-science shills variously argued that global warming is a myth; that it's happening but natural — a result of the sun or "Pacific Decadal Oscillation"; that it's happening but we shouldn't worry about it; or that global cooling is the real problem. The only common thread, Bloomberg reported, was the preponderance of attacks on and jokes about Al Gore: "It rarely took more than a minute or two before one punctuated the swirl of opaque and occasionally conflicting scientific theories."

Mike McMeans

You only have to look at the flights that are available to see how limited our air connections out of the Peace remain. This is not to minimize the hard work of the people behind either the North Peace or Dawson Creek airports – they’re trying. And I also understand that airlines are reluctant to provide new service if they’re going to lose money out of the gate (pun intended). But how much of the world really isn’t served by the flights we have now? We’re going to have eight flights a day to Vancouver, which is useful if you’re going there, or Maui, or Shanghai. It’s a right hassle to connect to Victoria from there, which I’m sure our MLAs can attest to. Meanwhile, we have only one flight a day to Prince George, on a tiny plane. We have a couple flights to Calgary and Edmonton, which serve as our only proper connections to Toronto and eastward, and which apparently aren’t big moneymakers for the airlines anyway. That’s the bigger issue: do we deserve nice things? Can our lightly populated, mostly rural region financially support our own flights to Toronto, or Vegas? My answer to that is yes. In fact, I would consider it a matter of regional, if not national importance to have a flight further east than Calgary a couple of days a week. I’m also surprised that we have no air connection to places like Fort McMurray. In short, the gains our region has made as far as transportation have been good, but they could always be better.

Personal attacks are common among deniers. Their lies are continually debunked, leaving them with no rational challenge to overwhelming scientific evidence that the world is warming and that humans are largely responsible. Comments under my columns about global warming include endless repetition of falsehoods like "there's been no warming for 18 years", "it's the sun", and references to "communist misanthropes", "libtard warmers", alarmists and worse… Far worse. Katharine Hayhoe, director of Texas Tech's Climate Science Center and an evangelical Christian, had her email inbox flooded with hate mail and threats after conservative pundit Rush Limbaugh denounced her, and right-wing blogger Mark Morano published her email address. "I got an email the other day so obscene I had to file a police report," Hayhoe said in an interview on the Responding to Climate Change website. "They mentioned my child. It had all kinds of sexual perversions in it — it just makes your skin crawl." One email chastised her for taking "a man's job" and called for her public execution, finishing with, "If you have a child, then women in the future will be even more leery of lying to get ahead, when they see your baby crying next to the basket next to the guillotine."

Many attacks came from fellow Christians unable to accept that humans can affect "God's creation". That's a belief held even by a few well-known scientists and others held up as climate experts, including Roy Spencer, David Legates and Canadian economist Ross McKitrick. They've signed the Cornwall Alliance's Evangelical Declaration on Global Warming, which says, "We believe Earth and its ecosystems — created by God's intelligent design and infinite power and sustained by His faithful providence — are robust, resilient, self-regulating, and self-correcting, admirably suited for human flourishing, and displaying His glory. Earth's climate system is no exception." This worldview predetermines their approach to the science. Lest you think nasty, irrational comments are exclusively from fringe elements, remember the gathering place for most deniers, the Heartland Institute, has compared those who accept the evidence for human-caused climate change to terrorists. Similar language was used to describe the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in a full-page ad in USA Today and Politico from the Environmental Policy Alliance, a front group set up by PR firm Berman and Company, which has attacked environmentalists, labour-rights advocates, health organizations — even Mothers

Against Drunk Driving and the Humane Society — on behalf of funders and clients including Monsanto, Wendy's and tobacco giant Phillip Morris. The terrorism meme was later picked up by Pennsylvania Republican congressman Mike Kelly. Fortunately, most people don't buy irrational attempts to disavow science. A Forum Research poll found 81 per cent of Canadians accept the reality of global warming, and 58 per cent agree it's mostly human-caused. An Ipsos MORI poll found that, although the U.S. has a higher number of climate change deniers than 20 countries surveyed, 54 per cent of Americans believe in human-caused climate change. (Research also shows climate change denial is most prevalent in Englishspeaking countries, especially in areas "served" by media outlets owned by Rupert Murdoch, who rejects climate science.) It's time to shift attention from those who sow doubt and confusion, either out of ignorance or misanthropic greed, to those who want to address a real, serious problem. The BBC has the right idea, instructing its reporters to improve accuracy by giving less air time to people with anti-science views, including climate change deniers. Solutions exist, but every delay makes them more difficult and costly.

Suzuki Foundation puts a price on Peace watershed William Stodalka Staff Writer

Can you put a price on the nature around us? One environmentalist group has certainly tried. On Wednesday, the David Suzuki Foundation released a study saying that the ecological services provided by farmland and nature to keep water clean, offset pollution, provide a home for wildlife, give a place for people to enjoy nature and so on is worth about $7.9 to $8.6 billion a year. "Even though the cumulative effects of resource development have affected more than 60 per cent of the Peace River Watershed, our study shows that remaining farmland and natural areas have an incredible ability to generate natural wealth," said the David Suzuki Foundation's head researcher Faisal Moola. “We hope this report encourages discussion about how natural areas and farmland in B.C.'s irreplaceable Peace Region are valued – and undervalued – when decisions are made that could destroy the region's natural wealth.” Moola specifically pointed to the decision over the Site C dam as something that this information could affect. This area of land stretches south of Tumbler Ridge, west of Hudson’s Hope and hundreds of kilometres north of Fort St. John. This amounts to about 5.6 million hectares of land, about the same size as all of Nova Scotia, the Suzuki Foundation said. Most of the Peace watershed’s value, according to the Suzuki Foundation, comes from “carbon storage.” A tree can help “store” carbon released by something like a power plant. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency “valued” a ton of carbon dioxide for $11 to $52, basing it on certain climate change scenarios. Based on those prices, it eventually calculated that on the low the Peace River Watershed could provide $6.7 to $7.4 billion per year in benefits to B.C. residents. Then, while admitting that First Nations cultural lands are “considered invaluable,” the Foundation used a 1991 Saskatchewan study on how much First Nations would pay to keep them and transferred those numbers to the Peace Region and today’s dollars. The value of the farmland came from an Abbotsford study, in which people were asked how much they would be willing to pay to keep their farmland. The Suzuki Foundation study also

helped lay out what’s what in terms of acreage in the Peace watershed. Just under two-thirds of the land – or 64 per cent – is forested. Wetlands make up about 9.2 per cent, followed by grasslands at 7.8 per cent, and other types of land making up another 10.7 per cent. Water made up 1.4 per cent of the land, with developed land only takes up 0.1 per cent. But the Suzuki Foundation said that much of this land is under threat. "We're concerned because the strain on the Peace River Watershed's farmland and natural ecosystems will only increase with the B.C. government's plan for increased oil and gas development, including liquefied natural gas, as well as large infrastructure projects such as the proposed Site C Dam," Moola said. Chief Roland Willson of West Moberly First Nation echoed these concerns. "This study confirms what we have known for generations. Our Dane-Zaa people have been blessed with forests, rushing rivers and rolling grasslands that have sustained our communities for thousands of years," said Willson in a statement. "However, the cumulative effects of industrial development in our territories have been massive and can't be mitigated. They've had an enormous impact on our treaty rights as First Nations people." The Suzuki Foundation stated that already there are about 16,300 oil and gas well sites, 8,500 petroleum and natural gas facilities, and “tens of thousands” of kilometres of logging roads, seismic lines and pipelines. Dave Conway, a spokesman for BC Hydro and the Site c project, said that his company was still going through the data. However, “We’d like to suggest people keep the size of the project in comparison,” he said. He said that the Site C dam footprint is only 550 hectares, while the Peace River Watershed that the report examines is 5.6 million hectares in size. (However, previous figures discussed at the Site C Joint Review Panel hearings estimate that the hydroelectric dam would flood 83 kilometres of the Peace River, which would put almost 4,000 hectares of farmland alone underwater.) “Regardless of what you do for electrical generation, everything has an effect, whether you look at wind generation, geothermal,” Conway said. “We know Site C has the potential for some significant effects. We believe those effects are justified by the need of the project.”

The Northerner • Friday, August 15, 2014 • 5 brought to you by:


Develop & Protect Your Investment the Right Way Lakefront property owners have an important responsibility when it comes to developing their land. The beautiful and fragile shorelines are home to a large variety of plants, insects, birds, fish, animals and so, any development must be done with careful planning and consideration. Failure to do so will result in potential and serious impacts to the environment, to property values, to the total cost as well as the possibility of a law suit if environmental laws are broken. The Peace River Regional District (PRRD) had the foresight to place lakefront property in a Development Permit area. This means that any development along the lake must be done under permit from the Regional District just as building permits ensure that your home is built to proper standards. Development Permits help insure that the work is done in a manner that is consistent with the lake shore development guidelines. These guidelines are a help to the land owner in protecting the value of their lake shore property by encouraging careful planning before moving a cat or backhoe in to do some “landscaping”. Poor planning can result in irreversible damage to the property as well as make the property more vulnerable to serious soil erosion. This in turn increases shoreline instability and adds nutrient bearing sediment to the lake which in turn contributes to increased alga bloom and fish spawning bed damage. Pick up a copy of the development guidelines at the PRRD office and development plan application, or download: and Before any changes take place on your lakefront property, familiarize yourself with the development guidelines booklet to make sure that you do it right the first time. Protect your investment and you’ll be glad that you did!

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6 • The Northerner • Friday, August 15, 2014

File Photo

The Northeast B.C. and Yukon Trackers are getting ready for the upcoming season.


Trackers gearing up for 2015 season Byron Hackett Staff Writer

The Northeast B.C and Yukon Midget Trackers have taken a small step in order to prepare for the upcoming 2014-2015 season with the naming of new head coach Shawn Brinsky. Trackers General Manager Brant Leer noted that based on Brinsky’s vast experience at various levels of coaching, he was an easy and obvious choice. “Shawn is well certified as he holds all coaching levels including high performance development level. Shawn has participated in B.C. Hockey High Performance Provincial program for a number of years,” Leer said. “He is also our local B.C. high performance guy. We are looking forward to Shawn’s credentials bringing the team to the expectations of development.” The newly named head coach is both excited and honoured to be the head coach of an organization like the Trackers. “It’s an honour and a privilege to know that someone is interested in what you have bring to the table when it comes to coaching and the development of athletes,” he said. Although the goal with any hockey program is to be successful as possible and win the most games, for the Trackers development will be high the Brinsky’s priority list. “The reality is that if we are doing our job we are going to lose kids. That’s the sign

that we are doing well. If people want our players, that’s a good sign,” he said. “Honestly, I hope I have that challenge of having to work without [last years’ players] because it tells us we have done something well.” All the invites have been sent out to players and the first camp for the squad will begin on August 22 and extend until the 24. The second camp will take place on the first weekend in September (5,6,7). Brinsky explained that for the most part the first camp will be an opportunity to shake off the rust for the players but work ethic will be measured from the first moment the young athletes step on the ice. “I’m looking for kids with a high compete level. Effort can compensate a lot… If the effort is there you will always have a chance to win… In our practices, I’m not interested in how you start I’m interested in how you finish,” he said. Another big point for the Northeast B.C. and Yukon squad is they will for the first time be allowed to play B.C. Hockey Championships. Leer and Brinsky both noted the value of an opportunity to play in a tier one provincial championship. The trackers would also like to thank a long time sponsor who has moved on this season and the team will be looking for new sponsors for the upcoming 2014-2015 season. For more information contact Brant leer at 250-784-5019.

The Northerner • Friday, August 15, 2014 • 7

Salvation Army Centre of Hope officially opens William Stodalka Staff Writer

Peace Region politicians got a chance Monday to see first hand where people go when they have nowhere else to go. Prince George-Peace River MP Bob Zimmer and North Peace MLA Pat Pimm toured the Salvation Army Northern Centre of Hope. The centre, which officially opened in April, has already seen a number of men and women pass through its doors – either through the multi-unit earlier stages, or through the less extensive units for people who have successfully remained free of drug addiction for a longer period of time. “Our program is designed to improve the quality of life for everyone who goes through our doors,” said Salvation Army Captain Deb VanderHeyden. “I’m William Stodalka Photo proud to work alongside people who believe in second Prince George-Peace River MP Bob Zimmer and Peace River North chances, people will go that extra mile for another human being.” MLA Pat Pimm get a tour of the Salvation Army Centre of Hope.

Residents of Tomslake, Tupper and Gundy will have a chance to vote on a new community centre this November. The referendum, which will only be open to residents of those three rural communities in Electoral Area D, will ask voters whether they support a bylaw allowing the PRRD to collect an annual contribution from residents. That money would be transferred to a commission set up to run a recreation centre. If the referendum passes, it would take $1.78 per $1,000 of assessed property values from residents. According to residents, that’s a similar system to how fire services are funded in the area.

Relief for rising taxes uncertain

In June, Charlie Lake resident Ron McCaughan visited the PRRD with a complaint: over the course of the year, his property taxes had gone through the roof. For the previous five years, the value of his eight-acre property and house had gone from $229,000 to $540,000. The amount of tax he was expected to pay also jumped almost double, to around $4,000. McCaughan, who is retired and on fixed income, said he would have difficulty paying thousands of extra dollars in tax. The PRRD board suspected the promise of resource development drove the price up. And they suspected McCaughan is not alone. They asked Geoff Radtke from the B.C. Assessment Office if higher home values and property taxes

might be on the horizon for others in Northeast B.C. (The assessment office is responsible for determining the value of a property in B.C. for tax purposes.) “The trends have been upward over the past eight years,” he told the board. “If you look at some of the other small communities in northern B.C. [that have had booms and busts], their [tax] roll is up and down and up again.” So can people in McCaughan’s position do anything? Radtke said that by law, residents who have lived on the property for more than 10 years can apply with B.C. Assessment for tax relief. The relief is only offered for residents on parcels smaller than five acres, so McCaughan’s fate is unclear. Regardless of whether McCaughan gets a break, it seems likely more and more residents will find themselves with steep increases next year. “It’s rare to see this happen in rural areas, but if you look close by, there is a lot of commercial development happening in area that were primarily residential,” said Radtke.


Tate Creek centre vote goes to the people

A group of residents have been pushing to convert the old Tate Creek Elementary School into a community centre for around a year. The 14.5-acre site has a hall, the old school building and a rink. The region put up money for a feasibility study earlier this year, and deemed the project could go forward. The next round of local elections is scheduled for Nov. 15.

Ta ke A P aws Resolutions we wish our cats would make

Dr. Justin Sewell

Rivers Animal Hospital

PRRD continued... Continued from Page 2 But some city representatives, including Byron Stewart of Fort St. John, were confused by what the oath means in practical terms. The mayors of Fort St. John and Dawson Creek were absent, and couldn’t give any feedback. So it could be a sticking point down the road. For now, the board won't consider changing oaths until they see what other regional districts are doing.

Fort St. John Mayor Lori Ackerman was also on hand to witness the proceedings. “This community, when it sees something that’s needed, it gets behind it 110 per cent,” she said. “(The facility is) absolutely a positive,” added Zimmer. “It’s a facility that wants to see people not just fed, but a leg up, and a hand up as opposed to just a handout. They want to see that person get to the next step.”

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785-8387 (VETS)

“Helping people care for their pets”

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67th Annu a ORT H P E l




67 Annual North Peace Fall Fair th

August 15th, 16th & 17th , 2014

The Northerner and Fall Fair Committee would like to welcome everyone to the 67th Annual North Peace Fall Fair. We hope that the Fall Fair will be as enjoyable as in years past and we congratulate the organizers for their continued hard work and dedication to this distinguished event. Visit: for more information about the fair!

10 • The Northerner • Friday, August 15, 2014

We Salute the 2014 NORTH PEACE FALL FAIR! August 15,16 & 17, 2014









The Northerner and Fall Fair Committee would like to welcome everyone to the 67th Annual North Peace Fall Fair. We hope that the Fall Fair will be as enjoyable as in years past and we congratulate the organizers for their continued hard work and dedication to this distinguished event.

FOOD FABUL BOOTHS FASHIO OUS OLD N FLAV OURS We offer family entertainment throughout the 3 days of our traditional country fair!

There are kids games, a treasure hunt, face painting and story time. Watch the Tractor pulls and Horse pulls. (light horse, cattle, sheep, and pet shows too). Cheer on the contestants at the Talent Contest and the "So You Think You Can Dance Fort St. John" style competition. Come to the Dance on Friday and/or Saturday evening and kick up your heels to the country tunes performed by the talented Jack Jackson. FRIDAY

Jack Jackson and JRB Stage Show 1:30pm - 2:30pm Open Music Jamboree 3:00pm - 5:00pm Dance Lessons 7:00pm - 8:00pm Jack Jackson and JRB Stage Show 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Breakfast - 7:00am - 10:00am Jack Jackson and JRB Stage Show 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Annual Amateur Talen Show 2:00pm - 4:30pm Jack Jackson and JRB Stage Show 4:30pm - 5:00pm Family Dance 7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Breakfast - 7:00am - 10:00am Church Service 10:00 am - 11:00 am Jack Jackson and JRB Stage Show 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Open Music Jamboree - 2:00pm - 4:00pm "So You Think You Can Country Dance Fort St. John?" 2nd Annual Dance Competition - 4:00pm - 5:00pm



Donated by NP Fall Fair Association and Masterpeace Framing

Daily Entertainment and Camping: $30 for the weekend ***NO CAMPERS BEFORE 5PM THURS AUG 15TH***

Gates close at 11:00 pm

GATE PRIZES Courtesy of

Home Hardware Building Centre $1,000 In-Store Voucher Loyal support for 20 + years

Twin Anchors 3 or 4 day Cruise on the CruiseCraft 11 15 sleeper houseboats

The Northerner • Friday, August 15, 2014 • 11 R001828584

Welcome to the NP Fall Fair, always a first place ribbon!

TEL: 250-787-6071 Located beside A & W 8815-96A St., Fort St. John



Welcome Participants to the 67th Fall Fair!



Welcome to the 67th Annual North Peace Fall Fair! We hope you enjoy your day! EWE'S KNITTING 250-785-3900

Independent Plumbing & Heating Supplies For All Your Do-It-Yourself Plumbing Needs

10020-93 Avenue • 250-785-6679

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Proud supporter of the North Peace Fall Fair, fun for the whole family!

Sand and Gravel 1996 Ltd.

Proud to support the North Peace Fall Fair

Fort St. John

Phone: 250-785-3595

Welcome to the North Peace Annual Fall Fair!

True Service

Bulk Delivery, Lubes & Oils

West Truck Bypass Fort St. John, British Columbia – Tel: 250-785-5626 R001832193

10808-91 Ave and 7315 Airport Rd. 250-785-5651 •





a e g a r G

12 • The Northerner • Friday, August 15, 2014

a1e S Booster Kit

Work has started on a long-term plan for transportation in Fort St. John.

FSJ rethinks transportation plan

Place a Garage Sale Classified in an issue of the Alaska Highway News and you will receive a GARAGE SALE BOOSTER KIT* Prices below are for ads running for one day. *3 Booster Kits are available. Stop by the DC office at 901-100 Ave., Dawson Creek or the FSJ office at 9916-98th St, Fort St. John and place your ad today

Garage Sale Booster Kit #1 - $8

David Dyck Staff Writer

• 20 Word Classified Ad • Garage Sale Tips & Tricks • 3 Garage Sale Posters

Garage Sale Booster Kit #2 - $10 • 20 Word Classified Ad • Garage Sale Tips & Tricks • 5 Garage Sale Posters • 5 Sheets of Price Tags

Garage Sale Booster Kit #3 - $15 • 20 Word Classified Ad • Garage Sale Tips & Tricks • 10 Garage Sale Posters • 10 Sheets of Price Tags • 5 Balloons

in 3 p n u r l l i w d a Your



When you place your word ad in the Alaska Highway News classifieds, your ad will also run in the Mirror & the Northerner everyday that it is booked. Deadline: Wednesdays at least one week prior to sale!

David Dyck Photo

For a city growing as rapidly as Fort St. John, it is important to stay a few steps ahead of the game. That’s the reasoning behind the city’s comprehensive transportation plan, which will look at all things transportationrelated. Work has started on what the city said will be a close examination of the downtown flow, parking, collector streets, thoroughfares and the overall width of the roads. The findings of that research will go into a longterm plan to guide decision-making with regard to policy development, capital planning and development requirements. “We are making sure that as we expand, everything will meet our needs,” said Victor Shopland, the city’s director of integrated services. “What we have to look at also is the downtown revitalization, we could be changing the flow pattern through the city,” he added, explaining one of the new factors that has recently come onto the city’s radar. But other issues have been on Shopland’s mind – and others in FSJ – for a while, like what to do about parking. “There are a number of different areas we’re going to be looking at as we move through here,” he said. The owner of a local delivery company, who requested he not be named for the story, said the biggest complaint he had heard from people in town surrounded the bus service. “Accessibility-wise, it’s OK, in terms of getting around,” he said. “People are never happy though, right? We complain about everything.” The owner also said he hoped that the

city’s plan would address Fort St. John’s very different circumstances between the winter and summer. “It’s all weather-related and populationrelated,” he said. “When the town picks up, there’s not enough room for a lot of people to get around, but when the town is quiet like this, we can get from one side of the city to another in less than 10 minutes.” “We have a very busy downtown core,” said RCMP Insp. Pat Egan, when asked recently by Fort St. John city councillors what the RCMP have identified as problem areas for traffic. “And we have a very busy highway with all the truck traffic. We have to do everything we can to make sure that our patrols are frequent enough and that we’re putting enough resources forward.” City Council has approved a work plan, and staff are now beginning to pull together a list of interested stakeholders, including developers. “We’ll be looking at talking to developers about subdivisions to make sure that what we’re proposing will be suitable for their developments as well,” said Shopland. Although the city said that B.C. Transit would be involved in the planning, Shopland stressed that residents shouldn’t expect any major changes to bus service in the near future. A major service review was just performed last September, and that likely won’t be revisited for another couple of years, until new subdivisions are completed. The plan will go to council again in the Fall and early in the new year to show results and for more input, if necessary. Shopland said that he hopes to have the final presentation before council next April, “before we’re too far into construction season.”

The Northerner • Friday, August 15, 2014 • 13 A dry year has led to a multitude of grasshoppers, hurting farmers’ crops and messing up clean cars. (Wikimedia Commons Photo)

MultiMedia Marketing SecretS for SMall-MediuM

BuSineSSeS September 2nd • 5:30 pm–7:00 pm at the Lido Theatre in Fort St John

September 3rd • 11:30 am–1:00 pm

Grasshoppers plague Peace Region farmers William Stodalka Staff Writer

The Peace Region is experiencing “a bit of a plague” of grasshoppers, according to local farmers. Irmi Critcher, a director with the Grain Growers of Canada, said that Peace Region farmers are dealing with a high number of grasshoppers. And in some cases, the bugs could wipe out 50 per cent of crop yields this year. “We are experiencing more severe grasshopper population than normal years,” she said. “Every farmer will have a look at it and see how much damage they're doing to their crop and trying to come up with a strategy with some expert advice on how to deal with it.” This will not only affect farmers who grow crops, but also ranchers, since they rely on hay to feed their animals in the winter. These grasshoppers love to eat hay as much or more than live plants, Critcher said, which means animals. Critcher said that the increase in grasshoppers is almost certainly

due to the dry summer the region is experiencing – and these drier years “seems to be more than they were in the past.” She said the B.C. Grain Producers Association hired Arlan Benn, an expert on the issue, to try and study the problem and help out farmers. Benn explained that the dry conditions helped these insects speed up their development cycle, and allowed them to get into their “eating” stage more quickly. The bulk of the infestation is coming from the striped grasshopper and the migratory grasshopper – two species that are commonly associated with outbreaks, and that top the list of grasshopper species for how much money they can cost farmers. These pests develop in ditches, and others are moving out when farmers come to knock out their hay crops – both of which may mean that Peace Region drivers have a few more specks on their windshield than most. “At this point in the season, they've been developing all year,”

Benn said. “They'll start moving in packs – you'll see them all over the road.” But the more serious damage is being inflicted on crops. Benn said he was still not sure as to how much damage the grasshoppers could cause on the Peace Region overall. “I know as far as the distribution of the damage, it’s not widespread across the entire area,” he said. “It’s fairly patchy.” According to Benn, most of the damage was done on farms north of Fort St. John. But for farmers throughout the Northeast, the only viable option now would be spraying their crops with chemicals to stop these ‘hoppers, he said. But even once this is done, the bug parade won’t be. Critcher said that farmers may have to face other pests like armyworms and lygus bugs in the fall. And she said the grasshopper problem may get worse, too. “If this fall is really extended and warm, we could see a similar problem next year,” said Benn.

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14 • The Northerner • Friday, August 15, 2014


k e e of the W House THE


Front gables and traditional railed front porches impart a country flavor to this updated duplex. Each of the Kennewick's three-bedroom units has more living space than you might expect, which becomes evident as soon as you step inside. Shared walls between the two units are doubly thick, to maximize privacy. Natural light spills into the entry through a slender window beside the door. A bench with a row of hooks above nestles into the entry alcove. From there, a single step brings you into a wide-open space that stretches seamlessly from the living room's front window to the kitchen at the rear. A flush eating bar rims the peninsular counter that partially separates the kitchen. More light washes into this large gathering space through a wide window at the front, plus a triplet of smaller panes set high on the living room wall, and wide windows in the dining area. Counters and appliances wrap around three sides of the step-efficient kitchen. A pantry is on the fourth side. Sliding glass doors at the rear of the

This Weeks special Buy

kitchen provide access to a covered patio, while the window in front of the kitchen sink offers a view to the rear. A small bathroom is right around the corner, across from a utility room and near a door to the garage. This will be most appreciated when unloading groceries after dark or in inclement weather. Three bedrooms and two more bathrooms are upstairs in each of the Kennewick's units. The owners' suite has a private bathroom and a wide window that overlooks the street. Its closet spans one full wall. Secondary bedrooms share the other bathroom, which has a linen closet and a combination tub and shower. Visit for more information or to search our home plans. A review plan of the Kennewick 60-037, including floor plans, elevations, section, and artist's conception, can be purchased for $25. Our home plan catalog, featuring more than 550 home plans, costs $15. Both are available online, by mail or phone. Add $5 s/h. Associated Designs, 1100 Jacobs Dr., Eugene, OR 97402, (800) 6340123.

Last one So Hurry In

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• 2 bedroom, 1 bath home with open floor plan in Taylor • 20x26 garage and nicely landscaped • Private yard, mature trees


Prime acreage just mins from the city; directly east of the airport. Approx 28 of the 112 acres are native bush and homesite, the remainder is cultivated and in hay, Several parcels have been subdivided out of the quarter section.


Recharge Ultralite 36V Lawnmower Reg Price $ 589.99 Sale Price



Open floor plan in this 4 bdrm home, new shingles, siding, and some windows. Private decks with hottub, large rear yard with dogrun, ahd and access to alley


New home in Garrison Landing 1372 sq ft and great quality finishings! Huge culde-sac lot with room for RV's! Call for details and lets pick your colours now!


4.5 acres 9 min from town , nicely treeed , under construction now. Buy soon and you can pick your colors


Mobile with big addition on it's own lot boasts 4 bdrms and a fenced 50x150 lot. Cute and roomy, a great. Place to call home or a great rental investment too!


• Great home in Ambrose area with garage • Modern feel in this well maintained home • Nice deck outside and toast fireplace inside

SOLD $1,200,000 or $18/sq ft. 6000 sq ft total on 0.9ac with City water and sewer. Custom built to suit your needs


• Highway access, near ski hill • Level lot in high traffic area • Land and business for sale


1200 sq ft on main plus full basement, 2 bed, 2 baths, under construction, 150 ft deep lot with alley access.


3 bedroom 2 bath home, many updates include: newer cupboards, countertops, paint and flooring. Newer furnace, hotwater tank, siding & shingles and much more. This property is fenced and landscaped.


• 3 bdrm, 2 bath 1978 14x70 that has been recently updated • Laminate flooring in kitchen/living room, lino in bedrooms. • 4 appliances included.



1/2 acre with on site sewer, 5 mins to town, 1600sf with 20x24 garage

The Northerner • Friday, August 15, 2014 • 15

Put these Businesses to work for you!

At Your Service..... CONSTRUCTION


CONTRACTOR We Can Help You! We’re more than just railway



• Bobcat Services • Landscaping • Decks, Fences, Sheds • Yard Maintenance • Trailer Hauling • Railway Track Services • General Labour

Calvin: 250.262.7377 Scott: 250.793.1100 est. 2007 Box 210 Fort St. John, BC V1J 6W7 R001823601

816 - 103rd Avenue

Mile Zero Denture clinic will be now offering services to Fort St John once a week starting in Sept 2014, and we are pleased to introduce our newest member, Neharika Sharma, Licensed Denturist. She is ready to take on new patients in our Dawson Creek office. Please phone our office and book an appointment today. r003722603

DENTURIST: Jodie Atkinson



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16 • The Northerner • Friday, August 15, 2014

Seniors Insight submissions the

call for


Do you have photos, stories or events you would like to see in our next edition of the Seniors Insight? If so, call Nicole at (250) 782-4888 or email submissions to:



Around town

The Northerner • Friday, August 15, 2014 • 17

David Dyck Photo

David Dyck Photo

Rain didn't seem to bother the kids who attended the community garden recently, in an event hosted by Northern Environmental Action Team to teach them about bees and pollination.

The Women's Resource Society was presented with the proceeds collected from Fort City Chrysler's Fill the Ram Food Drive

William Stodalka Photo

David Dyck Photo

Tricia Hotchkiss, recruiter for Northern Lights College, had snacks and literature on display at the North Peace Library, hoping to attract prospective students.

GJ Voormeulen and Akos Zsufa, of ITNorth in Fort St. John, recently had their company win the only 2014 Microsoft Canada SMB Canada West Cloud Provider of the Year IMPACT Award for their technological innovation. The award was handed out at a special ceremony in Washington, Microsof'ts World Partner Conference on July 13.

18 • The Northerner • Friday, August 15, 2014

Prespatou 4-H Community Club

Hi again to all! Well another year has gone by in the 4-h programs! It has been a very good year and a huge thank you to all the buyers for making a good year worth all the work, without the buyers 4-h would not be what it is. We had our north peace achievement days on July 18th -20th, 2014 we had a great time and lots of fun even though we had rain somehow it stopped just in time for the shows and sales. The month before achievement days, mid-June to mid-July are busy with mini rally’s, here we practiced leading and setting up our animal with a group of others and discus grooming tips and making our barn display, and doing our Plax this year our theme was “grand ole opry” and we won 1st place Record books are due on august 8th.2014. a record book is where we keep our animals date of birth, feed amount, and weight gain this is a way to learn what a farmer would end up with after all cost are paid in the cattle, hog and sheep industry, even though there are other animals in 4-h such as bunny’s and horses. So if there is anyone interested in joining 4-h find a club near you or make your own and join the rest of us at the North Peace Fall Fair grounds next year in July. Thanks again to all buyers and supporters of 4-h! Thank-you Butler Farm Equipment for sponsoring this page

Amanda Bueckert 4-H Reporter

The Northerner • Friday, August 15, 2014 • 19



Golf News, Tips, Trivia & Stats

This Week: The Wyndham Championship

The Wyndham Championship has been a part of the PGA Tour since 1938. From 1961 to 1976, it was played at Sedgefield Country Club. Defending: Patrick Reed Then from 1977 to 2007, Forest Oaks Winning Score: 14-under par Country Club hosted the event. The Winning Share: $936,000 tournament returned to Sedgefield Country Club four years ago. For the first three decades of this event, Sam Snead dominated the field. He won a record eight times in a 28-year span and still holds the record for the most victories in this event. Jesper Parnevik holds the tournament record that was set in 1999 with a 23-under par total of 265. Sedgefield Country Club Greensboro, N.C. 7,130 yards, Par 70

Golf TV Schedule

Last Week: Rory McIlroy wins the PGA Championship

Rory McIlroy shot a finalTournament Results round 3-under-par 68 to 1. Rory McIlroy Score: -16 win the PGA Championship Earnings: $1,800,000 by one shot over Phil 2. Phil Mickelson Score: -15 Mickelson. On the heels of his win Earnings: $1,080,000 at the British Open, McIlroy became Player Score Earnings -14 $580,000 the first player to win back-to-back T-3. Rickie Fowler T-3. Henrik Stenson -14 $580,000 majors since Padraig Harrington in 2008. With his victory in the World Golf ChampionshipsBridgestone Invitational last week, McIlroy has won his last three starts. “Just incredible. I didn’t think in my wildest dreams I’d have a summer like this,” McIlroy said.

Golfing News

Days after withdrawing from the Bridgestone Invitational, Tiger Woods once again appeared to be in pain on the course during the second round of the PGA Championship. While he was well outside the cut line, Woods opted to complete his round. It was a decision that didn’t sit well with one of his former teachers. “He looked like his back was Golf Trivia bothering him all on the front nine,” Butch Harmon At the age of 25 years, 3 months, 6 days, said in a Sky Sports video. “In all honesty, I was really upset with him for playing the back nine, for want of a Rory McIlroy became the fourth youngest better word.” Harmon coached Woods until 2004, and golfer to win four major championships. the former world No. 1 won eight major titles under Who was the youngest? his tutelage. Harmon said he just wants Tiger to get a) Arnold Palmer c) Jack Nicklaus healthy, because the game is better when Woods is b) Tiger Woods d) Gary Player better. “I hope he goes home and gets healthy and Answer: b) Tiger Woods won his fourth major, the 2000 comes back because the game is in a better place when Tiger Woods is at the top of the leaderboard.” British Open, when he was 24 years, 7 months old.

PGA Event: Wyndham Championship Day Time Network Thu, 8/14 3pm-6pm GOLF Fri, 8/15 3pm-6pm GOLF Sat, 8/16 3pm-6pm CBS Sun, 8/17 3pm-6pm CBS


Lessons from the Golf Pro While watching John Daly make his long shot is quite entertaining to see, overswinging is a very common problem for the amateur golfer that creates a lot of havoc. The thought process behind taking a backswing beyond parallel is that a longer arc will create more clubhead speed. That is a true statement, but if you are all out of balance in trying to swing so hard, is there really any benefit? Since everybody’s mechanics are different, only a half-swing may be perfect for you. The key to determining what will produce the best shot in your arsenal is to swing back as far as you can turn your shoulders without tilting them or losing your balance. The only way to get a true description of what the best shot is for you is to practice and find out what feels right each time.

Player Profile

Rory McIlroy

Turned Professional: 2007 World Ranking: 1st 2014 PGA Earnings: $6,965,896 PGA Tour Wins: 9

2014 FedEx Cup Standings Through Aug. 10, 2014

1) Rory McIlroy 2,583 pts. / 9 top tens

2) Jimmy Walker 2,493 pts. / 9 top tens

3) Bubba Watson 2,172 pts. / 7 top tens

4) Matt Kuchar

1,922 pts. / 10 top tens

5) Jim Furyk

1,851 pts. / 8 top tens FedEx Cup Standings continued... Player Points 6) Dustin Johnson 1,770 7) Sergio Garcia 1,699 8) Jordan Spieth 1,693 9) Patrick Reed 1,622 10) Chris Kirk 1,572



Top 10s 7 8 7 3 3

20 • The Northerner • Friday, August August 15, 15, 2014 2014



785-5631 Published each Friday at 9916 - 98th Street Fort St. John, B.C. V1J 3T8

CLASSIFIED RATES: Classified rates: $5.00 for the first 15 words and $0.45 per word for each additional word per issue. Box number $20.00. Submission deadline for word classifieds is every Thursday, 12:00 noon.

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AGREEMENT It is agreed by the advertiser requesting space that the liability of The Northerner in the event of failure to publish an advertisement or in the event of failure to publish an advertisement as published, shall be limited to the amount paid by the advertiser for only one incorrect insertion for the portion of the advertising space occupied by the incorrect or omitted item only, and that there shall be no liability to an event greater than the amount paid for such advertising. Advertisements must comply with the British Columbia Human Rights Act which prohibits any advertising that discriminates against any person because of race, religion, sex, color, nationality, ancestry or place of origin or because age is between 44 and 65 years unless the condition is justified by a bondable requirement for the work involved. All advertising is subject to the approval of the publisher. 1205 Career Opportunities

1010 Announcements

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Bible Study & Fellowship Sunday - 10:30am Culture Centre Calvary Baptist Church Sunday Worship - 10:30 am 9607 - 107 Avenue - 785-4307 Charlie Lake Community Church Sunday Service - 10:40am Charlie Lake - 785-1723 Christian Life Centre Sunday Worship - 10am 8923 - 112 Avenue - 785-4040 Church of the Good Shepherd Sunday Holy Eucharist - 11:30am Taylor

AUTOCAD OPERATORS Due to expansion, Can-Am Geomatics in Fort St. John is recruiting AutoCAD operators. Graduates of CAD, Drafting or similar Technology programs are preferred. Some experience in Programming would be considered an asset.

Fort St. John Evangelical Mission Sunday Worship - 10:45am 8220 - 89 Avenue - 787-2550 Fort St. John Alliance Church Sunday Worship - 9:30am & 11am 9804-99 Avenue - 785-4644 Fort St. John Native Bible Fellowship Sunday Worship - 11am 785-0127

1215 General Employment Already Employed? Online Guides wanted Flex hours, great income Free Training Fulltime Cook wanted at Mastaro Sushi in Fort St. John. Salary $3000/month. Duties: Prepare and ready foodstuffs to cook, cut and peel raw fish, make rolls, sushi and tempura, etc., clean kitchen area and maintain kitchen tools. Requirements: 1-2 years cooking experience, fish handling skills, completion of secondary school. Fax resume to: 250-787-0650 or Email:

l RY AN tod 250 -785 ay! -563 1

Fort St. John Presbyterian Church Sunday Worship - 10am 9907 - 98 Street - 785-2482 Montney Mennonite Church Sunday Worship - 9:30am Montney - 827-3231 North Peace Mennonite Brethren Church Sunday Worship - 10:30 am 10816 - 106 Street - 785-3869 North Peace Parish Sunday Sung Eucharist - 9:30am 10364 - 100 Street - 785-6471 Northern Lights Church International Rose Prairie, BC - Sunday Service: Pre-Service Prayer: 10:30 am Worship Service: 11:00 am Everyone Welcome Peace Lutheran Church 9:30 am Youth, Adult Bible Study 10:00 am Worship Service and Sunday School 9812-108 Avenue - 785-2718 Pentecostal of Fort St. John Sunday Service - 10 am & 11 am 10507 - l01 Ave - 787-9888


Roman Catholic Church Saturday 7:30pm, Sunday 10am 9504 - 100 Avenue - 785-3413

1010 Announcements

Seventh Day Adventist Church Saturday Service - 9:30am 9008 - 100 Avenue - 785-8632


Shelter Church Sunday Service - 10:00am 9828 - 98 A Avenue - 785-3888 St. Luke’s United Church Sunday Worship & Sunday School- 11:30am 9907 - 98Street - 785-2919 St. Martin’s Anglican Church Sunday Worship - 9:00am 10364 - 100 Street - 785-6471 Taylor Community Church Sunday Worship - 10:30am 9896 - Cherry Avenue - 789-3045 The Salvation Army Sunday Worship - 10:30am 10116 - 100 Avenue - 785-0506 Trinity Covenant Church Sunday Service - 10:00am 9830 - 100 Avenue - 787-7702


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1055 Coming Events

1055 Coming Events

FSJ - Come join us at the Royal Canadian Legion in Fort St. John on September 20 at 4pm for wine, cheese and cocktails. Music by Craig Brooks.

The Gathering Pioneer Village Dawson Creek. Saturdays from May-Sept. 8am-2pm. Featuring Local artists, authors, vendors & entertainment. See you all there!

St Mark's Anglican Church Summer Service Time change for July and August is 9:30 AM every Sunday Morning. Everyone is Welcome

TOPS BC #3450, Arras meets every Tuesday at Cutbank Hall from 3:30-5:00 PM. For more info call Eileen at 250843-7625 or Doreen at 250-780-2324. Join us having fun while winning with weight loss.

SALES ASSOCIATE must be willing to work weekends 2-10. Must be mature. Students welcome to apply. 250-787-0750

These are permanent full time opportunities with a well-established land survey company. For more information please go to and to our Careers page, or email:

To pla c you e r ad cal

Evangel Chapel Sunday Service - 10am Temporary location (10215-99 Ave) 10040 - 100 Street - 785-3386

1219 Part Time Help

HELP WANTED: Line-cook, prep-cook, caters assistant, servers, dish-washers. Experience an asset, will train. Apply in person with resume to The Pantry at 11705-8 St., DC

1205 Career Opportunities

FT BRANCH MANAGER FT OFFICE ASSISTANT St. John Ambulance Fort St. John branch. Branch Manager: Seeking a leader who understands the needs of local communities, and has the skills to translate this into a successful operation. Office Assistant: Seeking team player with reception and/or admin. experience and exceptional customer service skills. Good benefits package. For details & to apply, visit and click on "careers", or Email resume & cover letter to

1215 General Employment Help Wanted! Make $1000 a week mailing brochures from home! Helping Home Workers since 2001! Genuine Opportunity. NO experience required. Start immediately! INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SCHOOL. No Simulators. In-the-seat training. Real world tasks. Weekly start dates. Job board! Funding options. Sign up online! 1-866-3993853. Macland Restaurants Ltd.o/a Tim Hortons 11608-8th Street & 1308 Alaska Avenue /Dawson Creek, BC. FOOD COUNTER ATTENDANT Full time/part timeShift Work Nights/Overnights/Early Mornings/Weekends. $10.25 hour + benefits. Please apply by Fax: 250-782-5692 or E-mail: at Macland Restaurants Ltd.o/aTim Hortons 116088th Street & 1308 Alaska Avenue Dawson Creek, BC FOOD SERVICE SUPERVISOR Full time/Shift Work Nights/Overnights/Early Mornings/Weekends $12.00 hour + benefits Please apply by fax: 250782-5692 or E-mail at United Spring & Break Ltd. Service Writer Four Year Mechanics Welders with Mechanical experience. Apply within 11634-7 Street, Dawson Creek, BC ,V1R 4R8 or email

2060 For Sale - Misc Beatty 15 cu ft upright freezer. Works very well $200. 12 cu ft All - fridge $200. Various office equipment, filing cabinet, desks, chairs, photocopier, fax machine, antiques, table, chairs, sewing basket. Phone 250-785-1583. 2085 Garage Sales FORT ST JOHN, GARAGE SALE 11704 98A Street, Fort St John, Saturday August 9, 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM. -Vintage Stereo Equipment, XBOX, Guitar Hero, Hand Tools, 2 Wardrobes, Misc Golf Clubs Rain or Shine. On-going Garage Sale 10988 Blackberry Street (Clairmont Subdivision) August 4 to 25. Lots to go!! 2090 Hot Tubs HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS Best Price, Best Quality. All Shapes & Colours Available. Call 1-866-6526837 2215 Heavy Equipment In Dawson Creek Forklift For Sale $4000. Call Travis for details 250-782-4888 3560 Pets German Shepherd Puppies for Sale. 2 males, 6 female. Ready by September 6. $400. 250-719-6460

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6030 Houses for Sale

4545 Travel CANCEL YOUR TIMESHARE. NO RISK program. STOP Mortgage & Maintenance Payments Today. 100% Money Back Guarantee. FREE Consultation. Call us NOW. We can Help! 1888-356-5248.

Recently Renovated 1 Bedroom Apartment in DC. Central Location, 4 Appliances, Heat & water Included. No Pets, No Smoking. 1 Year Lease is Required. See or call: 250-782-8009

WILLOWCREEK 2 and 3 BEDROOM TOWNHOMES IN DAWSON CREEK. Completely renovated, quiet yet are close to downtown and all amenities. AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY. All appliances. Full size unfinished basement for storage. Two bedroom $1300, 3 bedroom $1400 on a 1 year lease. Call 250-219-9535 or 250-784-0065. OR apply online

STRATA Place Apts. in Dawson Creek. Special OFFER until Aug 15/14. Sign a 6mth lease, get 1/2 month FREE. 1 and 2 Bedroom Apts. Adult Building, No Pets. 250-782-1331

6040 Lots & Acreages for Sale

6515 Commercial For Lease 1800 sq ft of office space plus 1800 square foot shop. 7604 100 Ave. Available in 30 days. Call Sterling Management Services Ltd. 250-785-2829. For lease commercial yard 4 acres and two shops 3200 and 1800 sq feet. Lots of yard space. Located at 9758 Swanson Street. Rent $8400/month plus triple net $800. Available November 1, 2014. Contact Rob at Sterling Management Service Ltd. 250-7852829.

House on 10 Acres

5520 Legal/Public Notices

REDUCED - $549,000

6525 Duplexes for Rent

• 10 Acres • House with attached garage • Double detached garage • 220 wiring on city water & natural gas Asking Price $569,000

DC. Newer DUPLEX at 8417-17A Street. Unit boasts 2000 sq ft FINISHED LIVING AREA, 4 BEDROOMS, 2 FULL BATHROOMS. 6 Appliances,Gas Fireplace and MANY other extras. No Pets,No Smoking.1 Year Lease is Required. Rent is $1800.00 Including Water. For info or to view see or call: 250-782-8009

250.782.8820 or 250.719.4344 View by appointment only

6005 Apartments / Condos-For Sale

6505 Apartments/Condos/ Townhouses for Rent

Condo Unit For Sale

Glenwood Terrace located in Dawson Creek

Priced at $254,900 – Private Sale • 980 sq ft • 1 Bedroom • 1 Bath • Enclosed sun deck • Ample storage space • 5 appliances included • Unattached single car garage

Call Garnet 250-784-8887


3074 - Rd 208 (Old Hart Hwy)


DC- For Rent: 1 bedroom apartment available. Clean, quiet, adult building. Looking for long term, single mature tenant. No smoking, and No pets. For More Information Please Phone: 250-782-6904 or 250-401-7428 For Rent in Dawson Creek. SUNRIDGE APARTMENTS. BACHELOR, 1 & 2 BEDROOM Apartments 250-782-7609 NEWLY PAINTED 1 BEDROOM SUITE in DC.$50.00 off 1st months Rent. Quiet Adult Building/Bus Stop right in front. Reasonable Rates. No Pets Phone: 250-782-7693

6560 Houses For Rent 3 bedroom home with fenced yard for rent in Dawson Creek in quiet neighborhood. Fridge/stove/dishwasher, jet tub $1800/month + utilities. Available Oct 1st Pets welcome Phone: 778884-2438 after 6pm. Available for rent in Dawson Creek. FULLY FURNISHED, ALL inclusive, EXECUTIVE RENTAL HOMES (Bachelors to 5 Bedroom). Call: 1-250-888-7158.

9145 Domestic Cars


2003 Buick Le Sa


9145 Domestic Cars 2005 Buick Allure. 117,000 km. Good condition. 250787-7672 or 250-7948740. $6200. Open to offers!

2004 Jaguar XJ8 52,000 miles. Like New with all the Extras. AskiNg $14,500

Fully loaded, onStar, sunroof, leather heated seats, remote start etc. It’s also being offered with an extra set of tires (winter studded) for $6500 or best offer.

9025 Hay/Bales For Sale Hay For Sale 2014 crop. 12-1500 pound round bales. Call 250-6122226 or 250-612-1062

9220 RVs/Campers/ Trailers 1995 40 ft Safari Motorhome. 300 Cummins Automatic, 2 air conditioners, forced air furnace, washer/dryer. Must be seen. Asking $45,000. OBO. 7851583.

9150 Sports & Imports

250-784-7997 or 250-782-9891

Great family car in good shape.

250.782.4317 or 250.219.2238 9150 Sports & Imports

9150 Sports & Imports

2005 Honda Odyssey for Sale. 285,000 kms, timing belt/water pump done. Excellent Condition. Asking $6,000. Phone: 250-8060162

2004 Jaguar XJ8, 52,000 miles. Like New with all the Extras. 250-784-7997 or 250-782-9891



5050 Legal Services

Attention Glen, Leslie Alfred or executers of estate. As per Manufactured Home Tenancy Act, we will be filing a Notice of Abandonment on August 16th, 2014 for debts owing for a mobile home located at #14 Peace Country Mobile Home Park 8420 - Alaska Road, Fort St. John, BC. Please call Rob Herman at Sterling Management Services Ltd. at 785-2829 for more information.

6560 Houses For Rent

Townhouses for Rent

Ultimate Shiatsu 250-264-2322 9 am-6 pm Open on Saturday Fort St. John

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6505 Apartments/Condos/

9220 RVs/Campers/ Trailers

9185 Boats 2006 Al.Craft Boats 18ft jet boat. 200 sport jet full top. Excellent condition. $45,000. 250-785-1583.

2000 Terry Trailer 24ft., 1/2 ton towable, Deluxe Model, Sleeps 6. Excellent Condition. $12,000. OBO. 250-786-5154

1410A Week of 8.11.2014

4015 Health & Beauty

Auctions ONLINE AUCTIONS: Heavy & Recreational Equipment - Terex Dozer, Chris Craft Boat, Modified E-Tec Skidoo, Customized Sled Trailer, Gang Plank Edger, Motorbike & Glorious BC Mountain Ranch. www.mcdougallauction. com. 1(800)263-4193 PV#319916 Business opportunities

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FinAnciAl services

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steel Buildings

STEEL BUILDINGS... “STEEL OVERSTOCK SALE!” 20X20 $4,055. 25X24 $4,650. 30X32 $6,586. 32X34 $7,677. 40X48 $12,851. 47X70 $17,899. One End wall Included. Pioneer Steel 1-800-668-5422. STEEL BUILDINGS/ METAL BUILDINGS 60%

OFF! 20x28, 30x40, 40x62, 45x90, 50x120, 60x150,

80x100 sell for balance owed! Call 1-800-457-2206


Fountain of Youth RV Resort offers More Winter Vacation for Less money. Hot mineral springs, event s, ac t i v it i es, fitness, entertainment. f o y s p a . c o m or 888-800-0772. WAnted to Buy

FIREARMS. All types wanted, estates, collections, single items, military. We handle all paper work and transportation. Licensed Dealer.1.866.960.0045

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Want to choose your own hours?

Looking for adult carriers for the Northerner and Alaska Highway News. Must have vehicle for multiple routes.

Contact 250-785-5631 or come in and see us at 9916-98th Street R001805476

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WEEKLY PRO RACING UPDATE Racing News, Stats & Trivia

August 17th, 1:00 pm ET Michigan International Speedway

2014 Standings 2014 Sprint Cup Series 1) Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Points: 773 Wins: 3 Top 5: 10 Top 10: 15

2) Jeff Gordon Points: 768 Wins: 2 Top 5: 7

Top 10: 15

3) Matt Kenseth Points: 703 Wins: 0 Top 5: 8

Top 10: 14

4) Brad Keselowski Points: 696 Wins: 3 Top 5: 9

Track Details

Location: Brooklyn, Mich. Shape: D-shaped oval Distance: 2.0 miles Turns / Front / Back: 18º / 12º / 5º Last Year’s Pole Winner: Joey Logano 203.949 Last Year’s Winner: Joey Logano

Pure Michigan 400 Preview

Michigan International Speedway hosts some of America’s best racing action on its 1,400-plus acres in the scenic Irish Hills. The raceway has 18 degree banking and 73-foot wide sweeping turns on a two-mile speedway. The wide corners often feature three distinct grooves which allows for exciting racing. In 2005, the seating capacity was increased to accommodate 137,243 fans. Races at Michigan often come down to fuel mileage battles as the long green flag runs make pit strategy critical to finding victory lane. David Pearson heads the all-time victory list at Michigan with nine wins. The race will be aired on ESPN.

Top 10: 12

6) Carl Edwards Points: 658 Wins: 2 Top 5: 5

Top 10: 9

7) Jimmie Johnson Points: 650 Wins: 3 Top 5: 6

Top 10: 12

8) Kevin Harvick Points: 645 Wins: 2 Top 5: 6

Top 10: 11

9) Ryan Newman Points: 645 Wins: 0 Top 5: 2

Top 10: 8

10) Kyle Larson Points: 635 Wins: 0 Top 5: 5

Top 10: 10

11) Clint Bowyer Points: 634 Wins: 0 Top 5: 3

Top 10: 9

12) Greg Biffle Points: 626 Wins: 0 Top 5: 3

Driver 1) Chase Elliott 2) Regan Smith 3) Elliott Sadler 4) Ty Dillon 5) Brian Scott 6) Trevor Bayne 7) Brendan Gaughan 8) Ty Dillon 9) Ryan Reed 10) James Buescher

Top 10: 7

Points 752 740 739 739 707 704 601 739 570 567

Racing News

Top 10: 10

5) Joey Logano Points: 671 Wins: 2 Top 5: 8

2014 Nationwide Series

Tony Stewart was involved in a fatal dirt-track racing incident on Saturday night at Canandaigua Motorsports Park in New York. Stewart’s car allegedly struck driver Kevin Ward Jr., who had exited his sprint car after a crash involving Stewart, who frequently races on dirt tracks. Kevin was pronounced dead at a local hospital. One day after the accident, Tony broke his silence about the tragedy and sent his condolences to Kevin’s grieving family and withdrew from the Sprint Cup Series race at Watkins Glen.

Racing Trivia


What was the first NASCAR race to be nationally televised from start to finish? a) Las Vegas 350 c) Pocono 500 b) Indianapolis 500 d) Daytona 500

Answer : d) In 1979, the Daytona 500 became the first NASCAR race to be nationally televised from start to finish.

Pure Michigan 400

Last Weekend’s Race: AJ Almendinger gets first Sprint Cup win at Watkins Glen In a battle between two drivers with everything on the line, AJ Allmendinger held off Marcos Ambrose to win Sunday’s Cheez-It 355 at the Glen and claim an almost certain spot in the Chase for the Sprint Cup. The road course gave both drivers their best chance to qualify for the Chase, and it was AJ who prevailed in a two-lap battle. Kurt Busch ran third. Rookie Kyle Larson kept his Chase hopes alive with a fourth-place run. Dale Earnhardt Jr. finished 11th and took the series lead from pole winner Jeff Gordon, who ran 34th. “Yeah, I mean I knew our car was slick on restarts on the tires, and I knew Marcos was going to try to move me out of the way if he had the opportunity,” Allmendinger said.

Driver of the Week A.J. Allmendinger #47 Born: Dec. 16, 1981 Crew Chief: Brian Burns Car: Chevrolet

Year 2014 Career

Wins 1 1

Top 10s 4 34

“Get AD The Good Stuff” PLACE YOUR HERE! 9224-100 St., Fort St. John



Avg. Finish 20.6 22.1


Driver Start Finish Points/Bonus AJ Allmendinger 6 1 48 Marcos Ambrose 2 2 43 Kurt Busch 5 3 41 Kyle Larson 23 4 40 Carl Edwards 16 5 40 Joey Logano 11 6 38 Kevin Harvick 4 7 37 Greg Biffle 28 8 36 Matt Kenseth 8 9 35 Brian Vickers 12 10 34

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August 15, 2014


August 15, 2014