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Portfolio - Alan Liu (YuLin, Liu)

TPCA Show 2016

(Design layout) Year: 2016 Medium: Exhibition Size: 24 booths

TPCA Show has taken place at the Nangang Exhibition Center in Taipei city every years. It's a famous exhibition in the global industries. Since it started in 2000, the TPCA show has successfully attracted the global electronic industries. The number of buyers and visitors had reached a new record of 27,483 people in 2016. Our company attended this show every years promoting our new production. It's also the one of most important activities in the marketing department where I was working in to make sure marketing strategies is working, and investigate customer's requirement. In addition to be the leader of PCB and Assembly, every year our company has positively put many efforts on the green issues of the whole industry, and will promote more application of the environmental protection materials, equipment and technologies for the manufacturing process of PCB and Electronics Assembly industry.


CPCA Show 2017

Year: 2017 Medium: Exhibition Size: 20 booths

In the marketing department, we planned the exhibitions and commercial advertisements in the whole year. This is the one of the most popular Electronic Circuits Exhibition in China. "The 26nd China International Electronic Circuits Exhibition" was held in 2017 from March 7 to March 9 at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) by China Printed Circuit Association and Shanghai Ying Zhan Business Service Co., Ltd.. The exhibition covers an area of 34,500 square meters. There were more than 500 exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions. In the structures, we used a lot of Aluminium column which can be recycled so that we pursued the green environment awards every year. Moreover, in the arrangement, we co- worked with engineers and came up with the best strategy to set up the posters and our products on the booth.


Posters and Catalog

Year: 2015-2017 Medium: Design

Since establishment in 1966, C SUN has successfully developed business based on thermal and UV light core technologies. CSUN is proud of serving various industries such as TFTLCD, Touch Panel, Semiconductor, Solar Cell, PCB, LED, Printing & Shoe Making with superior quality of processing equipments. Most of renowned companies in the aforementioned industries are C SUN's clients and C SUN's products have been widely distributed in over 20 countries of the world. About those posters on the wall of our booth in the exhibition, we had to design and figure out the best composition and discuss many details about the features of new production with professional engineers expeditiously.


Making Video CSUN's profile video. It's really big project for us in the Marketing department to finish the wonderful company profile video. We collaborated with a lot of engineers and supervisors and spend a lot of time. (Link>> Product video: Carrier Bonder Vacuum Oven (CBVO) 1.Designed for Temporary Bonding process in semiconductor 2.Superior pressure uniformity 3.Max. pressure : 0.5 MPa 4.Max. temperature : 250 5.Flexible process capability : Vacuum Baking / Carrier Bonding 6.Real time process status display 7.SECS/GEM compatible (Link>>

Year: 2016 Medium: Video


Web Design

This is my personal work to promote the Tsunming Chinese and Western pharmacy. Figure out many strategies about social media on the internet. It's useful to attract more customers from different places. Web design for the Tsunming pharmacy combine with social network. Official website: Facebook: Instagram @tsunmingpharmacy TsunMing(An) Chinese and Western Pharmacy is the first Chinese pharmacy in Linkou District. We have a history over hundred years, and insist on the way to make Traditional Chinese medicine for local residents. We mainly supply professional Chinese Medicinal Crops, Scientific Chinese Medicine.

Year: 2015

In addition, We are also the Western Pharmacy

Medium: Web design

to supply Prescription Drugs (National Health Insurance), Medical Advisory Services, and Medical Supplies.


Seekingme Art Studio The studio was founded by me and some of my friends on Dec 2014. According to nowadays Contemporary Art in Taiwan still has to obey with many policy or specific issue. Nevertheless, We hope the Art will be made an attention and built more communication with people. We offer practical coaction to make art access to public even our life. We devote to connect with new generation artists, lead with style of living, and build our brand of Taiwanese Contemporary Art. Facebook: Official Website: Instagram @seekingme.artstudio

*Share many artists on the website/ social media

*Collaborate with a famous coffee shop exhibiting Taiwanese art.

Year: 2014-now Medium: Studio Web / Graphic Design


Seekingme Art Studio 15 Design Proposals + Unlimited Imagination of Adaptive Reuse and Regeneration In Spring of 2016, faculty and students from the School of Architecture at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and Graduate Institute of Architecture at the National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) of Taiwan collaborated through a research and design project under the title: Hsinchu Juvenile Prison and Guards Dormitory Regeneration. My team, Seekingme art studio, was invited to share our experience of art project by connecting the domestic artists. We felt really honored to discuss with local community and stakeholders. In the future, the city government will listen to any creative ideas from the community with respect to the historic architecture in Hsinchu, Espectually art and culture. Year: 2016 Medium: Activity/ Proposal


TagTag Collaboration It was an honor to be invited by @tagtag.365 for their HK + Taiwan Creator Week. @tagtag.365 is a Singapore company established by Japanese. They find the talented artist or designer and release the new one everyday. Glad to see my artworks printed on T-shirt. Just looked like watching gallery on the street. Besides, it was the easiest way to reach contemporary art and obtain the inspiration from pattern of T-shirt.

Year: 2016 Medium: Printed on T-shirt Size: T-shirt


Sketch If you haven't been to Jiufen, you didn't know Taiwan. The town of Jiufen, located on a mountainside overlooking the Pacific Ocean, one of Taiwan's cultural treasures. A visit there offers a chance to escape from the city and to imagine what life was like many years ago. The old brick buildings offer a charming, relaxed view. The narrow, stone alleyways and steep stairways suggest an old- fashioned way of life. The whole place has a colorful and romantic air about it. Instagram: @alansketch *The Luce memorial Chapel

Jiufen Year: 2017 Medium: Watercolor Size: 15.2*10.2cm - postcard



Artworks Instagram: @alansketch

Northern Japan Year: 2015 Medium: Watercolor Size: 521*375mm

Eyes of city Year: 2015 Medium: Graffiti Size: 5*6m

*Skyscraper/ 1042*751mm/ 2010

*Beach moment in Calgary/ 1042*751mm/ 2010


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Portfolio 2017  

Portfolio 2017