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Issue 325 June 2014

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Exclusive: Call for independent probe into Knowsley’s Taxi Licensing Department as Council respond to alligations




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‘FARE’ DEAL OVER TAXIS The owners of eight private hire and taxi firms operating over 1,100 licensed vehicles between them have joined forces to call for an independent investigation into Knowsley Council’s taxi licensing department.

They have urged Secretary of State for communities and local government Eric Pickles to intervene by ordering an investigation which Knowsley Council said that they would support this process. It follows a court case in Liverpool when magistrates overturned a decision by the council to revoke a taxi driver’s licence held by Liam Sweeney of Acorn Cars. Making their decision the magistrates were publicly critical of three of Knowsley Council’s officers, one of whom had embarked on covert surveillance by making a tape recording without authority of a conversation. That aspect of the case is now being investigated by HM Government’s official surveillance commissioner. It has now transpired in a report by PricewaterhouseCoopers that the council overcharged vehicle proprietors and private hire operators by £163,000 over a three year period. The call for an investigation has been made by Acorn Cars, Alpha Cars, Britannia Cars, All Black Cabs, KTS, J.M. Travel, Jay Donergan and Keven Doyle.

Liam Sweeney of Acorn Cars

Three of the operators, Acorn, J.M Travel and Alpha, say the relationship between their businesses and Knowsley Council forced them to switch their bases to neighbouring Liverpool where they enjoy good relationships with city licensing officers. A Knowsley Council spokesperson said, “The Council is surprised to hear that a number of taxi firms have joined forces with Acorn Cars, particularly since the Council has recently successfully prosecuted Acorn Cars for illegally

operating in Knowsley after receiving numerous complaints from residents, drivers and other taxi firms who were being disadvantaged by the actions of Acorn Cars. “The figure of £163,000 quoted in relation to income raised by the Council through overcharging vehicle proprietors and private hire operators is completely unrelated to this particular case, but is also inaccurate and misleading – the net figure was in fact £61,000 over a four-year period and the surplus has already been reduced to £31,000 by reducing licensing fees. “Robust annual monitoring arrangements and policies are in place to manage this process. The Council’s accounting practices in relation to licensing fees was subject to in-depth internal review when the matter was first raised in 2010 followed by an independent review and approval by the Council’s external auditors. The Council has put in place steps to make the necessary restitution where fees have been over or under recovered. “The taxi firm operators making the call for a probe jointly say the experience of Acorn Cars exposes what they all consider to be a problematic relationship with taxi licensing officers at Knowsley.” Liam Sweeney said: “What happened to me is not untypical in Knowsley. The

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2 June 2014

Section 30 in Whiston Merseyside Police is continuing its efforts to crackdown on anti-social behaviour in the Ropers Bridge area of Whiston by bringing in a Section 30 ‘designated area’ to stop groups of people from congregating. The designated area will run for three months from Sunday 1 June to Monday 1 September. It will cover the area of Ropers Bridge Close in Whiston, including Little Croft and the adjoining vehicle parking areas. The order will be in force every day between 6pm and midnight. Dedicated Neighbourhood Sergeant for Whiston, Terry Pearson, said: “Reducing anti-

social behaviour is one of our key priorities in Whiston because we know it’s something that really matters to our local community. “We are working hard with our partners, including the Council, to look at a range of measures to tackle recent problems surrounding people congregating in the Ropers Bridge area and the Section 30 order will help us to do this. “The order will be regularly patrolled by uniformed officers who will be targeting the small minority of people who are determined to cause problems for local people and businesses. “It’s not aimed at the vast majority of law abiding people in Whiston”.

Huyton Crime Prevention event A home security event is being held by Merseyside Police on Friday 20 June at the Gleeson show home on Hillside Avenue. The event runs from 9.30am to 4.30pm and everyone from the community is invited to attend. Officers from the Huyton neighbourhood policing team will be offering practical advice to residents about the best security measures for their homes. There will be demonstrations on how to use certain crime prevention tools such as marking kits and alarms. There will also be an opportunity for members of the public to register their property such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops with the police on the Immobilise database in case they are ever lost or stolen. This will allow the owner to be identified if the property is recovered.

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0151 236 2224 For immediate assistance

DEAL STRUCK TO SAVE HALL AND PARK A deal has been agreed which will secure the future of the rare breeds farm at Croxteth Hall and Country Park. Following months of detailed negotiations, Mayor Joe Anderson has reached agreement with Alt Valley Community Trust over a new partnership to take over the farm. It will see the Trust working with Myerscough College and nearby Larkins Farm to give it a viable future with a focus on education, training and agriculture. The farm currently costs £200,000 a year to subsidise, and the council has been looking for the past year at how it can secure its future at a time when it has lost 58 percent of its controllable budget due to cuts in Central Government funding. Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson said: “I know how important Croxteth Hall and Country Park is to people – because it is hugely important to me as well - and I am absolutely committed to its future. “We have been talking for several months to Larkins Farm and Alt Valley Community Trust about entering into this partnership, not only to keep the farm open but also invest and develop it for the future. “I am pleased to say that we are now in a position where we are able to announce that we have done that, and look to complete the deal that provides the reassurance people have been seeking over its future. “The simple fact is that we have less than half the money that we used to. That means we have to look at innovative ways to continue to provide amenities such as Croxteth Farm as we simply can’t afford to subsidise it to the tune of hundreds of thousands of pounds. “People should rest assured that across the council, we are working quietly and diligently to

find other innovative ways of protecting services that they are passionate about if we possibly can. Phil Knibb, executive director at Alt Valley Community Trust, said: “I am delighted that we have been able to reach agreement on this exciting partnership.

“We are confident we will be able to make the farm sustainable in the long term and are excited at its potential as an education, agriculture and training centre. “We look forward to working with the partners and the local community to make our vision a reality.”

Free childcare places Families with children who will soon be celebrating their second birthday may be eligible for a free, part-time childcare place. Knowsley Council has launched a campaign to raise awareness of the free childcare places so families with children who may be entitled don’t miss out. Children turning two before 1 September this year may be able to claim up to 15 hours of free childcare during school term-time, or up to 11and a half hours a week spread over 50 weeks (including the school holidays). The free places will be provided in local childcare settings rated good or outstanding by Ofsted. This includes privately run nurseries, child minders and some schools from September 2014. Cllr Gary See, cabinet member for children and family services in Knowsley, said: “We don’t want families to miss out so we’ve launched a campaign to help raise awareness of the free childcare places for two year olds. “During June and July there will be a series of events around the borough providing information for families and details on how to apply for the free childcare. “Alternatively, families can just call into their local Children’s Centre to find out more, or call Knowsley’s Childcare Information Service on 0800 085 2022 (option 1).” Families in receipt of a range of benefits may be entitled to a free place. To find out more, call into your local Children’s Centre, contact your health visiting team or call the Childcare Information Service on 0800 085 2022 (option 1) or 0151 443 5635.

Merseyside Festival Remembers WWI The Prescot Festival will commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of World War One later this month. Local schools will submit artwork to a special WWI-themed exhibition in Prescot’s 17th-century parish church during the arts and music festival, which runs from 20 to 29 June. The ‘Local Heroes, Distant Voices’ exhibition at Knowsley Park Centre for Learning runs throughout the festival, closing on 28 June. Other nods to both world wars are peppered throughout the week’s events, including Glen Miller tunes at ‘Dinner with Dr Jazz & the Cheshire Cats,’ the ‘Dambusters’ march on Phoenix Concert Orchestra’s opening night, and an all-British, Proms-

style finale. “Wartime and the outbreak of war will be on everyone’s minds as this year progresses,” said artistic director Dr Robert Howard, “so we’ve tried to reflect that in our programming.” “We’ve got plenty more for all tastes in this year’s festival, including a gala concert from one of the UK’s top brass bands and a return visit from onetime parish organist Professor Dr Ian Tracey, now best-known for his association with Liverpool Cathedral and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Choir.” More information about the 10th Annual Prescot Festival of Music & the Arts is at

June 2014 3

‘FARE’ DEAL OVER TAXIS • Continued from Page1 chairman of Knowsley licensing committee sitting in private with a senior council officer present, decreed I was ‘not a fit and proper person’ to hold a licence. “I was also given a 12-month ban from entering any council building in the borough, including their libraries and sport centres. “I was also banned from driving any private hire vehicle licensed by Knowsley. “When the magistrates in Liverpool heard the evidence the chairman publicly and in open court described me as a man of good character and a ‘fit and proper person’. “There is something dramatically wrong when in Knowsley I am treated like a villain and over the border in Liverpool I am liked and respected. “My belief is this shows a vindictiveness within Knowsley. But moreover what has happened to me has opened a Pandora’s Box and other taxi operators now want the chance to have their say on the way they are treated by Knowsley Council. “We have directed the call for the investigation to Eric Pickles MP as we are not convinced Knowsley Council will take this matter seriously. “Mr Pickles constantly says he is in favour of openness and fairness in local government as well as being supportive of local businesses and communities.

“Apart from that we do not know if any officers or councillors are implicated in the harsh treatment we have all experienced. That will be for an independent investigation to determine once all the facts have been heard.” A Knowsley Council spokesperson said: “Mr Sweeney was witnessed behaving in an intimidating manner, and threatening a Council officer. This is not something which the Council tolerates and therefore we stand by our original decision to revoke his licence. “Our decision was subsequently overturned in a Magistrates’ Court, and we are disappointed by the Magistrates’ decision. Mr Sweeney’s licence will be reissued. Although the Magistrates upheld the appeal, they also specifically warned Mr Sweeney about his future conduct and stated that an application for costs would be refused, which means that they felt that the Council had acted honestly, reasonably, and properly in its public duty. “Mr Sweeney’s assertion that revoking licences is common practice in Knowsley is incorrect. In fact, the Council has only taken such action five times over the last 12 months. In comparison, there are approximately 1,100 licence holders in the Borough. “Knowsley Council has a good working relationship with the majority of our taxi drivers, vehicle owners and operators. “We will continue to talk to all of our Knowsley taxi firms to discuss any concerns they have”.

ADOPT NORTH WEST THANKS OUR READERS FOR THEIR OVERWHELMING SUPPORT Since launching Adopt North West – a collaboration between 22 of the region’s local authorities to raise awareness of the need for adopters – in March this year, over one thousand people have made enquiries about adopting a child. In Knowsley almost four times as many people have made enquiries with the adoption service than during the same time period of time last year. The councils involved are astounded by the numbers of new potential adopters and want to thank The Challenge readers for their ongoing support. Cllr Gary See, Knowsley cabinet member for children and family services, said: “I’m delighted that the first ever North West Adoption Week was received so well and encouraged people who previously thought they wouldn’t be able to adopt to find out more. “Often people think they may not be able to adopt, or that it’s an overly long

process, but actually single people, nonhomeowners, those who are in fulltime employment, same-sex couples and people over 50 are among those who can apply. “Adoption gives people the chance to not only change their own life, but to make a real difference to someone else’s, too. I’d strongly urge anyone who is considering adoption to visit the Adopt North West website and find out more today.” John Daly, Assistant Director for Children’s Services at Bolton Council, who is heading up the campaign, said: “The level of interest we’ve had across the region is amazing – it’s surpassed our expectations, so we would like to thank everyone who has read, shared and talked about Adopt North West in the past few months.” For more information, or to register your interest in adopting, please visit

Prospective Parliamentary candidate calls for party leader to step down In an open letter Prescot Councillor Carl Cashman, the Lib Dem Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Knowsley has revealed that he has signed The Lib Dems 4 Change letter asking for Nick Clegg to step down as leader. Cllr Cashman said: “I do not do this lightly, as I believe that Nick is a smart and a decent man. “I certainly do not believe that a change of leader will miraculously transform our fortunes, I think that to do that we need to change our approach and win back the hearts and minds of our supporters. “I have signed the letter because I believe that Nick Clegg’s position in now untenable, and that I would be very uncomfortable with him leading the party post 2015 General Election. “This is a tough time for the Liberal Democrats and I fully understand and appreciate the concerns of many of our supporters. “I have always been slightly uncomfortable with our position in Government, particularly because I do not see the Conservative Party as a progressive party. However, I am a proponent of coalition politics, I believe that it

Cllr Carl Cashman

has worked very well in countries such as Germany. Cllr Cashman went on to say: “I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our supporters across Knowsley for their vote in the local and European elections. “I value your support greatly and I hope that in the coming months I can solidify that support and also win many of our supporters back with a convincing local and national argument.”

HALEWOOD VOLUNTEERS CELEBRATE Halewood engineers and graduates have been working on a special education project with business and maths students from All Saints Catholic High School. The team of 4 A-Level students and their teacher were challenged to develop a new mechanism to hold down the spare wheel in Evoque and Freelander to reduce the time needed to unfasten the current winding mechanism and be appropriate for a premium brand. Ken Jones and Roland Hayward led the project, with support from graduates Adam McGee, Steven Thoms, Martin Bell. The team started work on the Engineer Education Scheme (EES) project in September and met the students weekly to develop their ideas, including a three day residential workshop hosted at The University of Liverpool. The students attended a ‘Celebration and Assessment Day’ at the University to mark the end of their projects and compare their achievements with their peers. Steve Woodward from PVT supported the day as a judge. Team member Danny Woods, said: “I have learnt many things from participating in

this project especially how to think like an engineer and how teamwork plays a large role in completing these kinds of projects in industry. I have gained confidence in challenging situations and delivering presentations and am now interested in applying for an apprenticeship, which I hadn’t considered before.” Josh Mulholland added: “I have gained confidence in presenting and being a team leader. One of my jobs was to manage our Master Schedule, which they use in the plant, and this planning tool worked well for us. It was great to work with the Halewood engineers whose advice and support really helped us when we faced challenges.” Brendan Chorley, deputy headteacher at All Saints Catholic High School added: “The EES project has given students invaluable real world experience in a way that the classroom can’t. The project allowed them to develop their skills and has given them a real sense of achievement. The mentor support added a hugely valuable dimension. Special thanks to everyone from Jaguar Land Rover for all of the time and effort you’ve put into making this project a success”.

4 June 2014

CARERS WEEK FUNDRAISING RIDE This coming Friday 13th June, three members of staff from Knowsley Carers Centre will be getting on their bikes to raise money for carers across Knowsley. Ian McBrias, Andrea McMahon and Ann Burke will be cycling between the three Carers Centre offices starting out at the Roseheath Centre, Halewood via The Old Schoolhouse, Huyton to the main office in Bewley Drive, Kirkby. All funds raised through sponsorship will be spent on activities for the carers of Knowsley such as trips out and their annual Christmas party. Knowsley Carers Centre offers lots of activities for carers to get involved with helping to ensure they have a chance to pursue their own interests and have a break. Ian is a carer himself and knows how important it is to be able to do something that takes you away from your caring role for a while. “I’ve recently taken up cycling to get myself a bit fitter because I know it’s really important for carers to look after their own health as well as the people they care for. “I’m really enjoying getting out and about; it gives me a break and helps me cope better with whatever challenges life brings my way.” Other activities taking place during Carers Week include a craft day on Monday 9 and an IT Day on Tuesday 10

June. On Thursday 12 June forty carers will be heading off to take part in the Antiques Road Show in Cumbria. If you’re looking after a relative, friend, or neighbour who has a long term illness, disability, mental ill health or substance misuse problem, you can contact Knowsley Carers Centre on 0151 549 1412, to find out more about services and support available to help carers or visit our website at You can support carers across the borough by sponsoring Ian, Ann and Andrea. Drop into one of Knowsley Carers Centre offices, or you can donate via our Just Text Giving page by texting DONA08 £? to 70070. The minimum text donation is GBP £1 and all donations must be whole pounds sterling. The maximum donation allowed is GBP £10 for all mobile operators. Donations sent via text will usually incur your standard text message fee, please refer to your tariff for details. For anyone needing a bit of encouragement to get back on their bike there are community cycle rides to suit differing levels of confidence and competence organised by cycle hubs as part of the Pedal Away Big Lottery funded project. For more information contact Kevin McCann at 07971 476520 or Lou Henderson

Pictured are Ann Burke, Andrea McMahon and Ian McBrias from Knowsley Carers Centre alongside Kevin McCann from Pedal Away.

Bright lights for Knowsley’s EnChord youngsters!

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EnChord act the ‘Experience’ playing at the Picket in Liverpool

Talented young musicians and singers from Knowsley played to a 150 strong crowd at the Picket in Liverpool. The ten ‘EnChord’ acts performed rap, rock, solo sets and DJ sets at the packed gig. The highlight of the evening was Valentine 3’s headline act which was a roaring success. EnChord is a group of 13 to 19-year-olds who came together as part of a Knowsley Leisure and Culture Service project in Stockbridge Village. The group run music workshops as well as gigging themselves. The day after the Picket gig several members of the group boarded a train to the capital to meet with London Weekend Arts College (WAC) as part of a musical exchange. The group took part in a master class with young people from WAC which focused on the origins of Hip Hop and R&B. They also had a look around the college and met with the staff.

Talks are now underway for joint annual gigs in both Liverpool and London. Sarah Craven, principal of leisure and culture, said: “It was a fantastic few days for EnChord. There was a great atmosphere at the gig and all the acts went down a storm. “These young people love music and really enjoyed the chance to perform in front of, and hopefully inspire, other like-minded youngsters.” Eliza Brittles, EnChord co-ordiantor, added: “The trip to London was really insightful for the group and hopefully it will lead on to annual gigs for them in both Liverpool and London.” EnChord is a youth music project for young people aged 13-19 years who reside in Knowsley. If you or someone you know would like to join, contact Eliza Brittles on 0151 443 2543 or email

June 2014 5

CHANGE THE LIFE OF A CHILD IN JUST A FEW HOURS A WEEK Leading charity Action for Children is appealing for volunteer mentors in Knowsley to help children aged between five and 11 with emotional or behavioural difficulties. Action for Children’s Liverpool and Knowsley Junior Mentoring Programme is searching for people from the Knowsley area who can spare a few hours a week to give much needed support to a vulnerable child. Lisa Corcoran, volunteer co-ordinator at Action for Children in Knowsley said: “We are looking for mentors to help children with specific difficulties such as anger management or communication and improve their lives by broadening their horizons and hopes for the future. “We currently have a shortage of mentors so are urgently appealing for anyone who thinks they would like to offer this kind of support to a vulnerable child to get in touch.” Mentors will receive support and training and are expected to commit for twelve months, meeting with the child on a weekly basis for two to four hours. Having a mentor helps children by introducing more stability, reducing isolation, providing support, helping them

channel their energy more positively and helping them deal with conflict. Colin Pape, 35, from Garston has been a mentor with Action for Children since last June, said: “Seeing the improvement in the child I have been mentoring has been so rewarding and well worth the effort I have put in. “Mentoring works to help raise the child’s confidence and self-belief. “Having a stable adult influence can make all the difference to a child and getting in there early can prevent serious problems developing as the child becomes an adolescent. “We need more people to become mentors. If we don’t do anything to support vulnerable young people now what is their future going to look like?” For more information about becoming a mentor please contact Lisa Corcoran-Foley on 0151 707 2768 or email

CAST YOUR VOTES FOR YOUR FAVOURITE CHARITY OF THE YEAR Prescot Shopping Centre is asking for members of the public to get on Facebook this June, in order to vote for its partnership charity of the year. The initiative comes after the Centre wanted to give back to the community by raising important funds for the causes closest to the local community. The three local branch charities that have been shortlisted by retailers at Prescot Shopping Centre include: Willowbrook Hospice, the RSPCA, Liverpool branch and Prescot Church Roof Fund. Victoria Nichol, centre manager at Prescot Shopping Centre, said: “It is

great to be running this charity partnership initiative and I can’t wait to see who the public choose. “The three charities shortlisted do absolutely fantastic work and I know it will be a very tough call. “We hope that the local community feel involved in this process and that we can raise vital funds for whoever is chosen.” The public are able to vote for their favourite charity by visiting the Prescot Shopping Centre Facebook page: throughout the month of June. Voting will end at 5pm on Monday 30.

FAMILY BBQ AT CENTRE The National Wildflower Centre will be holding a Midsummer Family BBQ on Saturday 21 June. The evening takes place at the National Wildflower Centre, Court Hey Park, Huyton from 6.30-9.30pm. They will have tasty food, fantastic live music, a raffle with lots of great prizes and a Children’s treasure hunt trail. You can enjoy a fabulous evening amongst the wildflowers. Don’t forget you can bring your own wine and beer with you! All money raised will help the centre to continue its good work. If it rains (always a possibility….) they will be using the Cornflower Café. Tickets cost £10 per adult and £5 per child (under 12) and must be booked in advance from the Cornflower café or by emailing or by phoning 0151 738 1913. For more information about our events please check out or email

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6 June 2014

Knowsley Flower Show will commemorate World War I Knowsley’s fabulous Flower Show returns to Court Hey Park in Huyton on Sunday 3 August. The largest free horticultural show in the north west will this year commemorate the centenary of World War I. Local soldiers will be in World War I uniform greeting visitors and hosting question and answer sessions. Prescot Museum will stage a range of WWI themed exhibits including a replica trench complete with audio visual effects. Captain Andy Bowdler, in modern combat uniform and Captain Paul Knight, in the 1914 uniform As always the show All of this is in addition to the stunning promises to be a great family day out with floral marquee which will house hundreds of something for all ages from the H&M Dog fantastic horticultural displays. Display team and Mersey Morris Men A free shuttle bus service to the show performances to face painting and ground will operate from locations across fairground rides. the borough. Car parking is limited so The local army reserves will have a range visitors are encouraged to use the free of activities for visitors and there’ll also be a shuttles. Timetables will be published two mobile climbing rock at the show. weeks before the event on the website. Meanwhile, visitors will be treated to live To find out more information, or to musical performances from local Knowsley enter the show, or book a place at the children. show ring 0151 443 5749 or visit There will also be the fabulous craft marquee and Geraud Produce Market.

The continuing story of Stephen Black and his fight to prove that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

SAVED BY THE ONE! My tattoo came in two parts and was kindly given free of charge by the kind owner and his assistant at Oakeys Tattoo Studio on Mackets Lane, Halewood which I would highly recommend, not just because it was free, as the tattoo artist created such an amazing piece of artwork. My tattoos have been completed to the highest standard and this is shown by them never blistering or swelling.

The first part of my tattoo was ‘The One’. People must have thought ‘he’s big headed’ but I don’t mind as the tattoo was not the finished article (neither am I). The tattoo was shaped as a cross, to represent how God saved me and awakened me from my coma which ultimately protected me from death. It also represents how God is still protecting me every day of my life. If you had known me from before my ‘accident’ you will know that I came very, very close to death but it’s true what they say ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you

stronger’. I am now a lot stronger than I have ever been and still getting stronger with each day that passes. I have come a long way since my accident with a lot more to come, so watch out City of Liverpool, I’m coming! I plan to do this by helping others less fortunate than I who cannot always help themselves. I think that by doing this I am acting upon God’s message to me and I am paying back what I owe to Him for saving my life. This tattoo is a representation and reminds me of how much God has helped me and how much I want to repay him by helping others. People have tried and will try to stop me or slow me down but, as I have proven on my first venture ‘Walk in Water’ which I have posted on YouTube (feel free to take a look just Google Stephen Black walk in water and you will be able to view it). My second venture will be added on 7th July and the final one added sometime next summer. When I have the ‘bit between my teeth’, I am hard to stop. The second part of my tattoo is simple: The One has been transformed into the angel who saved me from death. I want to say a big, big thank you from the bottom of my heart, as I don’t know if it’s a male or female angel (or the angels name), I will call it ‘The One’ I had it tattooed on. Why on my back? That’s simple too, so I know the one has always got my back covered. The picture is below, what do you think?


In response to growing public concern and an increase in the number of bikes being ridden illegally in our region, Merseyside Police will be undertaking an operation over the summer months targeting off road bikes. The operation centres on areas where communities have suffered from the illegal and anti-social use of scrambler bikes. Activities include enforcement of traffic laws, increased high visibility and plainclothes patrols and education in schools about the dangers of using scrambler bikes illegally. Updates throughout the operation will be published on the Merseyside Police website If you see anybody using an off-road bike anti-socially please contact us on 101. You can also provide information anonymously by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

June 2014 7

KNOWSLEY APPRENTICES SHORTLISTED FOR APPRENTICESHIP AWARDS Three of Knowsley’s most hardworking apprentices have been shortlisted for the prestigious Liverpool City Region Apprenticeship Awards. The three apprentices, who will compete to be named Knowsley Apprentice of the Year, are Paul Knox of Strutec NW who studies at City of Liverpool College, and Melissa Murphy and Louise Richards of The Graduates Salon who both study at The Training Station. The shortlisted Knowsley apprentices must now wait until the 20 June when the winner will be announced alongside Apprentice of the Year winners from the five other Merseyside boroughs. Coinciding with the International Festival for Business, the second Liverpool City Region Apprenticeship Awards will take place in an exquisite marquee situated in Lord Derby’s estate and will once again celebrate the region’s most promising apprentices along with the most committed employers. The first Apprenticeship Awards took place in early 2013 with a fantastic inaugural ceremony at St George’s Hall and this year’s event is set to be even bigger. Greater Merseyside Learning Providers Federation (GMLPF) will be the main sponsor of the event for the second year running. Debbie Tagoe, Chair of GMLPF, says: “The awards are a very important event for our region as they bring the local community together and allow us to celebrate the hardworking, high achieving individuals in our area. “The awards, which are driven by local providers and employers, also recognise the dedicated employers who train our region’s talented apprentices.” Liverpool-based facilities management company and social enterprise Vivark is also sponsoring the 2014 awards and, along with GMPLF, continues to help establish the Liverpool City Region Apprenticeship Awards as a key date in Liverpool’s commercial calendar. Tony Cahill, executive director of

business and service development at Vivark, says: “Vivark is proud to sponsor this year’s Liverpool City Region Apprenticeship Awards because we firmly believe apprentices are a real asset to any business. “Apprentices add value to communities by giving young people, who may not otherwise have had the opportunity, a route to start work. “By creating these opportunities for young people, we can help boost their aspirations and give them the confidence to strive forward with their career. “I began my career as an apprentice and it was the best possible foundation I could have hoped for.”

Armed Forces Day To commemorate the centenary of the start of World War I the Veterans Fund will be holding a Armed Forces Day. The event takes place at Princes Park, Southport on Saturday 28 June at 11.00am. The event starts with a parade on Lord Street, Southport at 10.30 which will make it way to Princes Park and will include military vehicles, displays, stalls, entertainment and children’s rides. The event promises a great day out for all the family and a fitting day in honouring Britain’s armed forces past, present and future.

Summer Fayre Willowbrook Hospice will be holding their annual Summer Fayre & Afternoon Tea party at the Our Lady of Portico Church on Portico Lane, Prescot on Saturday 28 June 2014 from 1.00pm to 4.00pm. Entry is free, so come along with the kids and grab yourself a bargain at one of the many stalls, let the kids win a prize at one of the games, or simply come down for tea and cakes. There will also be a plant sale and gift stalls. For further information you can contact Emily at the fundraising office on 01744 453798.

8 June 2014


Wartime songs and memories will be brought to life in nostalgic comedy Bless ‘Em All! at Knowsley Leisure and Culture Park in June. The show is presented by Duggie Chapman Associates, the team behind We’ll Meet Again, which was so well received by audiences across the UK in 2011. Bless ‘em All! is another bright and breezy wartime revue, starring comedy entertainer Steve Barclay. Joining him in the cast are ukulele virtuoso Andy Eastwood and singing star Lucia Mattess. Some of the old favourites from We’ll Meet Again will be revisited in this show, including songs from Vera Lynn, Al Jolson, George Formby and Gracie Fields. With all the great songs and music of the 1940s, this is damp eye nostalgia, sure to leave you with a warm and sentimental glow. With full supporting cast of singers Jamie Steen and Mervyn Drancis and the live music of the Martyn St James Band, Bless ‘em All! is a tribute to all our armed forces – from yesterday, today and tomorrow. Tickets are £12, or £10 concessions. If you buy 10 tickets, you’ll get one free. To book, call 0151 443 2575/2200.

Free, fun summer cycling in Knowsley with Sky Ride Local Summer is just about here – and with it comes British Cycling’s Sky Ride Local programme in Knowsley. The popular programme of rides, guided by trained British Cycling ride leaders, started in Knowsley in June and rides will be taking place all over the borough. Organised by British Cycling and Sky, in partnership with Knowsley Council, Sky Ride Local offers local people the chance to join organised, guided rides of varying distances and difficulties – ranging from easygoing spins around picturesque parts of Knowsley, through to ‘steady’ and ‘challenging’ rides, for those seeking a little more adventure. Andrew McCormick, Knowsley Council’s director of community and leisure, said: “Cycling has never been more popular, and whatever your age or fitness level, it’s easy to get involved. “The Sky Rides programme offer a range

of levels so there is something for everyone. The programme is completely free of charge, so sign up today and not only enjoy the scenic borough on two wheels, but get fit at the same time!” The next rides coming up in Knowsley are: Liverpool Commute (steady ride) Sunday 15 June 10am start - Stockbridge Village Neighbourhood Centre The Grand Tour of Stadt Moers Park (easy going ride) Sunday 22 June 10am start - Stadt Moers Park Sky Ride Local is just one of many ways British Cycling and the council are encouraging people to get out on their bikes this summer. Visit (guided rides) to find out more or book your place.


Lyn Porter lets it all go to her head

There were no half measures for Lynn Porter when she decided to raise money for Woodlands Hospice! Lynn and her family were so grateful for the care and support that her Mum Anne Hughes had received when she was cared for at Woodlands Hospice in October 2013 that she decided to fund raise in Anne’s memory. Lynn invited staff at Serco Global Services in Aintree where she is an employee to shave her head in return for a donation towards her fund raising efforts. Staff each took it in turns to shave off Lynn’s shoulder length blonde hair and all in all a whopping £1,268 has been raised to date with more money still being donated. Lynn and her step-father Brian recently came into Woodlands Hospice to present the monies raised and care staff were very keen to congratulate Lynn on her performance by giving her head a clean and shine! Christine Peach, community fund raising manager for Woodlands Hospice, said: “We are constantly amazed and hugely grateful for the determination and support of people like Lynn in their efforts to raise money for Woodlands Hospice”. Lynn and her family will now have an engraved leaf in Anne’s memory on the ‘Tree of Life’ in the new look reception at Woodlands Hospice. Woodlands Hospice ‘Tree of Life’ gives recognition for people’s fundraising efforts and donations including donations in memory of loved ones, by dedicating ‘leaves’ to individuals or groups. Those who fundraise or donate a minimum of £1,000 in any one year are invited to have a brass leaf engraved and placed on the tree in the hospice reception. The continuous growth of ‘leaves’ on the Tree of Life each with its own special message reflects the popularity of this very special initiative and the tree is a source of great comfort to so many people.

June 2014 9

10 June 2014

Out & About

JUNE TUESDAY 10 JUNE SUNRISE CLUB - OAK TREE CC, HALEWOOD 11:00 – 13:00 Oak Tree Childrens Centre, Lichfield Road, Halewood, Merseyside, L26 1TT. This is a support network group of parents and carers from Knowsley who have children with a disability or additional need, Children are invited to attend the quality crèche provision which runs alongside the support group. For more information call 07771 517791 HOLLIES HALL INDOOR BOWLING 12:00 – 15:30 Hollies Hall, Hollies Road, Halewood, L26 0TH. We run an indoor bowls activity (not 10 pin) on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. Playing on 2 mats, 12 people to each mat. For ages 21+ Times 12 noon-3.30/4.00pm Contact: Mrs Freda Rowlandson 0151 486 4214 HAPPY HOURS OVER 50'S GROUP 10:00 – 12:00 Tower Hill Community Centre, Ebony Way, Kirkby, Merseyside, L33 1XT. Over 50s group Contact Wendy Ferguson 07717301444 AFTER SCHOOL CLUB 16:00 – 18:30 Vee’s Place, Zion Independent Methodist Church Hall, 74 Kemble Street, Prescot, L34 5SH. After School Club for 10-16yrs olds, Games, Sport, Art, Crafts, Music, Karaoke, Workshops, Outdoor area, Volunteer work. Registration fee Youth £3. Parents need to sign consent forms. Subscriptions (per activity) £2.50 includes refreshments. Registered Charity 1093064 Contact: Vee Rhodes, 0151 289 3602,

HEALTH ON WHEELS @ COURT HEY PARK 11:00 – 13:30 Court Hey Park, Roby Road, Knowsley, Liverpool, Merseyside, L16 3NA. Intermediate ride usually between 8-12 miles (with café stop). Bikes and helmets are available to borrow on all rides, please arrive early as limited number. For more information please contact: Kevin McCann 0797 1476520 Lou Henderson 0789 399725 YOUTH CLUB @ HALEWOOD ACADEMY 18:30 – 20:30 Halewood Academy Centre For Learning, The Avenue, Wood Road, Halewood, Merseyside, L26 1UU. Generic youth club offering awards, issues based projects and trips out through the school holidays Age Range 11-19 years. Cost 50p on entrance. Contact Peter Boardman - 07766558895 BACK TO NETBALL - KNOWSLEY PARK CfL 20:00 – 21:00 Knowsley Park Centre for Learning, Knowsley Park Lane, Prescot, Merseyside, L34 3LD. If you haven't played netball for a while and want to get involved again, then this is the session for you. Have fun and build up your fitness. £2 per session. Ages 16+. No need to book in advance. Contact Louise Roberts 0785 409 0639 for further details.. ACTING UP DISABLED DRAMA GROUP 17:30 – 19:30 The Youthy, Woolfall Heath Avenue, Huyton, Merseyside, L36 3YE. A bespoke drama group for young people with disabilities aged 12-25. Cost £1 a session. For more information please contact Katy McLoughlin 0151 443 5749 or KIRKBY GIRLS GROUP 18:30 – 20:30 Westvale Community and Youth Centre, Richard Hesketh Drive, Kirkby, Merseyside, L32 0TZ. Girls group project based at Westvale Youth Centre for 11 to 19 year olds. Contact Charlotte Brookes, 0151 443 4168, BACK TO NETBALL - STOCKBRIDGE VILLAGE 18:00 – 19:00 Stockbridge Village Neighbourhood Centre, The Withens, Stockbridge Village, Merseyside. L28 1AB. Back to Netball aims to re-introduce women aged 16+ back to the sport after a period of not playing (perhaps you haven't played since school and want to get fit again in a fun activity). Cost £2.50. Contact: Louise 0785 409 0639 - WEDNESDAY 11 JUNE VILLAGE FARM ORCHARD - GROWING WORKSHOP 13:00 – 15:00 Stockbridge Village Neighbourhood Centre, The Withens, Stockbridge Village, Merseyside. L28 1AB. Free workshop about growing your own food.. Contact 07811 957578 / for further details. CENTRE 63 YOUTH CLUB 16:30 – 20:30 Centre 63 Youth Club, Church of England Youth Centre, Kirkby, Merseyside, L32 5TH. The Youth club in Centre 63 is open access for all young people aged 8 - 25 living in Knowsley The Youth Club focuses on giving Young People a safe and friendly environment to come and socialise with their peers,

email your events to: develop social skills, community awareness and participate in positive projects and activities, including a chance to take part in new activities and experiences. The centre also runs the following sexual health workshops, drugs awareness workshops and various music workshops from recording to learning to play an instrument Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. 4.30 - 8.30 open age GUITAR CLUB 18:00 – 20:00 Halewood Academy Centre for Learning, The Avenue, Wood Road, Halewood, Merseyside, L26 1UU. Monday - Play chords (Intermediary level) Wednesday - (Beginners level) No music required. For ages 16 -100 yrs. Cost £5. Contact details: Chris Vernon, 0151 477 8830, Halewood Academy Centre for Learning, The Avenue, Wood Road, Halewood, Merseyside, L26 1UU HEALTH ON WHEELS @ STADT MOERS PARK 11:00 – 13:30 Stadt Moers Park, Pottery Lane, Whiston, Merseyside, L35 3RG. Intermediate / progression / advanced ride - usually between 8-16 miles (with café stop). Bikes and helmets are available to borrow on all rides, please arrive early as limited number. For more information please contact: Kevin McCann 0797 1476520 Lou Henderson 0789 399725 lou.henderson@ FOOTBALL COACHING SESSION BY EVERTON IN THE COMMUNITY 17:45 – 18:45 Tower Hill Community Centre, Ebony Way, Kirkby, Merseyside, L33 1XT. Football coaching no cost. Organised by Merseyside Fire Service. Age range - Under 12's Contact Joe Fogg 0151 443 4166, WIKED DANCE GROUP 17:30 – 20:30 St Edmund Arrowsmith Centre for Learning, Whiston, Merseyside, L35 2XG. WIKED Dance group age 4 plus for infants, juniors and older children- teaching a wide range of dance moves, skills and techniques with fully qualified coaches. 5.306.30pm infant, 5.30-7.00pm junior, 7.00-8.30pm older Contact: 07954134599 or Chris Royle 07500765197 ZUMBA CLASS 18:30 – 20:00 Halewood Youth in Community Centre, Lichfield Road, Halewood, L26 1TT. Zumba Class cost £3.00 Contact: Mark Nelson, 0151 486 2865, Halewood Youth in Community Centre, Lichfield Road, Halewood, L26 1TT LINE DANCING 10:00 – 11:00 Rebound - Dance, Fitness & Well Being, Huyton Gateway, Huyton, Merseyside, L36 9TE. A fun way to keep fit and active, suitable for all ages and abilities. Price: £3 Contact Rebound Dance & Health, 0151 489 4616 / THURSDAY 12 JUNE YOUTH CLUB FOR AGE 12+ 18:30 – 21:30 Halewood Youth in Community Centre, Lichfield Road, Halewood, L26 1TT. Youth Club for age 12+ - Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 6.30pm to 9.30pm - cost 50p Contact: Mark Nelson, 0151 486 2865, Halewood Youth in Community Centre, Lichfield Road, Halewood, L26 1TT TOP TOTS STAY AND PLAY SESSION 09:30 – 11:00 Phoenix Children’s Centre, Bryer Road, Prescot, Merseyside, L35 5DN. Fun filled session where you and your child can meet others and engage in quality play. For more details contact: Kelly Wallace, 0151 443 4531, HEALTH ON WHEELS @ SOUTHDENE COMMUNITY CENTRE 11:00 – 12:00 Southdene Community Centre, Broad Lane, Kirkby, L32 9PQ. Beginner / GP referral ride ride stays within confines of the park. Bikes and helmets are available to borrow on all rides, please arrive early as limited number. For more information please contact: Kevin McCann 0797 1476520 Lou Henderson 0789 399725 lou.henderson@ STREETWISE - MASTER D. JONES 19:00 – 20:30 Kirkby Leisure Centre, Cherryfield Drive, Kirkby, Merseyside, L32 8SA. Korean martial art for self defence and Olympic sport. Ages 4+ Master grade instruction - 5th Dan Master Grade. Registered B.T.C.B. Recognised by International Olympic Committee (I.O.C) Contact: 0751 5386593 MARTIAL FITNESS CLASS 19:00 – 20:00 Knowsley Park Centre for Learning, Knowsley Park Lane, Prescot, Merseyside, L34 3LD. A fun, stress busting exercise class combining aerobics, circuits, cardio work and strength training. £2 per session. Ages 16+. £2 per session. No need to book in advance. Contact Peter Green 443 5648/ THE SEWING CAFE 10:00 – 12:00 Stockbridge Village Neighbourhood Centre, The Withens, Stockbridge Village, Merseyside, L28 1SU. Take part in FREE workshops & activities to learn how to sew, knit, rag rug, crochet & patchwork. All materials are supplied for free and everyone is welcome.

Organised by Stockbridge Community Intergeneration Project. For further information please contact: Margaret O'Sullivan, - 07926473711 FRIDAY 13 JUNE WHEELS FOR ALL @ HALEWOOD PARK 10:00 – 15:00 Halewood Park, Okell Drive, Halewood, Merseyside L26 7XB, United Kingdom. Using adapted cycles to make cycling accessible to everyone. Sessions usually last between 30 minutes - 1 hour. No required distance, Also ideal for beginners and health referrals. Bikes and helmets are available to borrow on all rides, please arrive early as limited number. For more information please contact: Kevin McCann 0797 1476520 Lou Henderson 0789 399725 lou.henderson@



LOCAL HEROES, DISTANT VOICES 9.15am - 5pm Monday and Friday, 9.15am 7pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 10am - 1pm Wednesday and Saturday. Come along to mark 100 years since the start of the First World War. Displays include soldiers' photographs, documents, medals and personal effects. Call 0151 443 5617 for more information. SKIPTRIX CLASS 19:00 – 20:00 Knowsley Park Centre for Learning, Knowsley Park Lane, Prescot, Merseyside, L34 3LD. An incredible new skipping exercise class for all abilities, whether you're an athlete or a novice to fitness. Skiptrix has it's own circuit and skills classes. Ages 16+. £3 per session. No need to book in advance. Contact: Mark Bissell 07775436709 for further details. HAPPY HOURS - ZUMBA 11:30 – 12:30 Northwood Community Centre, Gilescroft Avenue, Northwood. Kirkby, Merseyside, L33 9TW. Adapted ZUMBA for over 55s. Tea/Coffee. £1.50 per session. Contact: Wendy Ferguson 07717 301 444 THE FRIDAY NITE PROJECT 18:30 – 21:30 Copthorne Adventure Playground, Copthorne Walk, Kirkby, Merseyside, L32 0RP. Jus Kidz youth club ‘The Friday Nite Project’, is based at Copthorne Adventure Playground and is for young people with disabilities, their siblings and friends from age 11. This runs from 6.30pm-9.30pm for 50 Friday evenings of the year, cost £2.00 subs per week. CALL OF DANCE 16:30 – 18:30 Call of Dance, Swanside Community Centre, Willoughby Road, Huyton, Merseyside, L14 6XA. Street Dance class run Fridays 4.30pm - 6.30pm at Swanside Community Centre. Ages form 11+. Cost per session is £4. Pupils are entered into shows when they are held. Contact: Kimberley 07902107586, INDOOR SHORT MAT CARPET BOWLS 13:30 – 14:30 Northwood Community Centre, Gilescroft Avenue, Northwood, Kirkby, Merseyside, L33 9TW. Short mat indoor bowls for ever 55s. Tea/Coffee £1.50 per session. Contact: Wendy Ferguson 07717 301 444 SATURDAY 14 JUNE BLESS 'EM ALL! 16:00 – 18:00 Knowsley Leisure & Culture Park, Longview Drive, Huyton, Merseyside, L36 6EG. From the producers of We'll Meet Again, Duggie Chapman Associates proudly presents a brand new Wartime Cavalcade - Bless 'em all to Knowsley Leisure and Culture Park in June 2014. Starring Comedy Entertainer Steve Barclay, by special request a return of Britain’s greatest virtuoso of the ukelele Andy Eastwood, and new singing star Lucia Mattess. BUSHCRAFT 13:00 – 17:00 Knowsley Safari Park, Prescot, Merseyside L34 4AN. Bushcraft - learn fire lighting, shelter building, animal tracking and more Suitable for families, young people and adults. Half and full days available. Groups and individuals. Cost U16 £15.00 4 hour session, Over 16 £25.00 4 hour session. Special rates for families and groups. Minimum age for unaccompanied young people is 8 Years of age. Contact Komaru Outdoors or Tel 07729 295923 WESTVALE YOUTH CLUB 18:45 – 20:45 Westvale Community and Youth Centre, Richard Hesketh Drive, Kirkby, Merseyside, L32 0TZ. Youth Club activity for 11 to 19 years Contact: Charlotte Brooks, 0151 443 4466, HALEWOOD JUNIOR BADMINTON CLUB 10:00 – 12:00 Halewood Leisure Centre, Baileys Lane, Halewood, Merseyside, L26 0TY. Coaching/playing Badminton for juniors 9-16 years old. Open to all interested parties, beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Coached by Badminton England qualified coaches. Competitive and social - Liverpool League Junior Badminton League and Tournaments. All equipment provided. Suitable clothing required i.e. trainers, joggers, etc. Cost £1 at desk and £1 organisers For more details please contact the leisure centre or Jean Dean 0151 280 8595/

THE SAFARI KIDS CLUB 12:00 – 15:00 Stockbridge Village Neighbourhood Centre, The Withens, Stockbridge Village, Merseyside, L28 1AB. Priced at £2 per child (discounts for families) and parents get in for FREE. Activities and fun for children up to 12yrs. Giant Bouncy Castle, Multi Sports, Arts and Crafts, Community Café, Monthly Movie Club, Cookery and so much more. Don’t forget to bring your leisure pass! Organised by the Stockbridge Community Intergeneration Project, for further details please contact Margaret O’Sullivan, 07926473711 THE ARCH - THinK CLINIC 13:00 – 15:00 The Arch, 2 Ellison Drive, Huyton, Merseyside, L36 9GA. 12 to 20 years sexual health service. Contact: 0151 296 7936 SUNDAY 15 JUNE TRACKING 10:00 – 16:00 Knowsley Safari Park, Prescot, Merseyside L34 4AN. Learn the skills to track animals and people. Our one day workshop is a great introduction to all the skills needed to track successfully. It's great fun for everybody. Tracking sessions very interactive and great for groups and families. £25.00 U16, £45.00 for adults. Contact: Komaru Outdoors or Tel 07729295923 MONDAY 16 JUNE HALEWOOD THinK CLINIC 15:00 – 18:00 The Halewood Centre, Roseheath Drive, Halewood, Merseyside, L26 9UH. 12 to 20 years sexual health service. Contact: 0151 296 7936 FLAMES CHAIR EXERCISE AND SOCIAL GROUP 12:00 – 14:00 Centre 63 Youth Club, Church of England Youth Centre, Old Hall Lane, Kirkby, Merseyside, L32 5TH. Chair Exercise. Social Activities. Tea/Coffee £1 Subs per week £1 raffle. Contact: Wendy Ferguson 07717 301 444 WEEKLY FOOTBALL COACHING 17:00 – 18:00 Prescot Soccer Centre, Warrington Road, Prescot, Merseyside, L35 5AD. Weekly football coaching sessions. Fully qualified football coaches trained to Level 2 & 3 standard. Football coaching for 5 11years, cost £3 per child - suitable footwear and clothing required as all football coaching will be outdoors. Contact: Barry Lloyd 07825145105 or 0151 443 5715, NIFTY 50'S 10:00 – 11:00 Rebound - Dance, Fitness & Well Being, Huyton Gateway, Huyton, Merseyside, L36 9TE. A fun low impact class for anyone ages 50+ Price: £3 Contact Rebound Dance & Health, 0151 489 4616 / BEGINNERS RUNNING SESSIONS 17:30 – 18:30 Knowsley Park Centre for Learning, Knowsley Park Lane, Prescot, Merseyside, L34 3LD. Want to build up your fitness at an easy pace? Then come along to our FREE group sessions. No need to book in advance. Ages 14+ Contact Peter Green 443 5648/ for further details TUESDAY 17 JUNE PARENT & TODDLER SESSIONS 13:00 – 15:00 Halewood Youth in Community Centre, Lichfield Road, Halewood, L26 1TT. Parent & Toddler Sessions - cost 50p Contact: Mark Nelson, 0151 486 2865, Halewood Youth in Community Centre, Lichfield Road, Halewood, L26 1TT ROYAL HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY - MOVING UP, GROWING ON! 10:00 – 16:00 National Wildflower Centre, Court Hey Park, Roby Road, Knowsley, Liverpool, Merseyside, L16 3NA. Cost - £95 RHS Campaign for School Gardening This course will give teachers of pupils with Special Educational Needs the knowledge and skills to use gardening as a tool to raise pupils’ confidence, selfesteem and achievement. This popular day course is based on three years of RHS research in SEN schools.

June 2014 11 HALEWOOD YOUTH THEATRE 18:30 – 20:30 Halewood Academy Centre for Learning, The Avenue, Halewood, Merseyside, L26 1UU. Halewood Youth Theatre is an inclusive youth theatre, producing challenging, exciting work in collaboration with other youth theatre groups in the area. The group is for anyone aged 12 - 21. No experience necessary - just the desire to get involved, have fun, work hard and be creative! The group are busy creating a new performance, which will be showcased in Knowsley in the summer. Session costs £1 per week. Contact Altru for more information - 0151 443 0333 LONGVIEW KNITWITS 13:00 – 16:00 Longview Shops, Huyton, Merseyside, L36 6DY. Would you like to invite you to join them to knit and crochet items for the neo-natal unit of the Liverpool Women’s Hospital. For further information or to donate wool, please contact: Mary 07845 419766 WEDNESDAY 18 JUNE LITTLE MOVERS 16:00 – 17:00 Rebound - Dance, Fitness & Well Being, Huyton Gateway, Huyton, Merseyside, L36 9TE. A fun dance class for ages 4-7yrs. Price: £3 Contact Rebound Dance & Health, 0151 489 4616 / YOUTH CLUB @ BRYER ROAD 18:30 – 20:30 Bryer Road Awards session, Bryer Road Community Centre, Prescot, Merseyside, L35 5DW. Generic youth club offering awards, issues based projects and trips out through the school holidays Age Range 11-19 years. Cost 50p on entrance. Contact Peter Boardman - 07766558895 KIRKBY YOUTH THEATRE 18:30 – 20:30 Kirkby High School, Bracknell Avenue, Kirkby, Merseyside, L32 9PP. Kirkby Youth Theatre is an inclusive youth theatre, producing challenging, exciting work in collaboration with other youth theatre groups in the area. The group is for anyone aged 12 - 21. No experience necessary - just the desire to get involved, have fun, work hard and be creative! The group are currently working on a performance about health matters. They will be welcoming new members again in April. Session costs £1 per week. Contact Altru for more information - 0151 443 0333 THURSDAY 19 JUNE PEDAL AWAY COMMUNITY RIDE @ COURT HEY PARK 18:00 – 20:00 Court Hey Park, Roby Road, Knowsley, Liverpool, Merseyside, L16 3NA. Beginner / Intermediate ride - usually between 6-8 miles. (beginning April 2014 - summer only) Bikes and helmets are available to borrow on all rides, please arrive early as limited number. For more information please contact: Kevin McCann 0797 1476520 Lou Henderson 0789 399725

FUTSAL COACHING 19:00 – 20:00 Knowsley Park Centre for Learning, Knowsley Park Lane, Prescot, Merseyside, L34 3LD. An exciting indoor football sessions taken by FA licensed coaches. £2 per session. Ages 13-16. No need to book in advance. Contact Peter Green 443 5648/ FRIDAY 20 JUNE HALEWOOD YOUTH ZONE 18:30 – 21:30 Halewood Academy Centre For Learning, The Avenue, Wood Road, Halewood, Merseyside, L26 1UU. Offering awards work, boxercise, football, badminton. Age Range 11-19 years. Cost 50p on entrance. Contact Peter Boardman - 07766558895 OUR PLACE THinK CLINIC 15:00 – 18:00 Our Place, Longview Lane, Huyton, Merseyside, L36 3YE. 12 to 20 years sexual health service. Contact: 0151 296 7936 SATURDAY 21 JUNE SKY RIDE - THE LIVERPOOL LOOP LINE - BIKE WEEK 10:00 – 12:30 Halewood Environment Centre, Halewood Park, Okell Drive, Halewood, L26 0TH. Cycling time - 150 minutes Ride distance - 19 miles Suitable for Women only Guided Ride Cost - Free Visit the website, Find a Ride section, to see more details and to book on the ride. MIDSUMMER BBQ 18:00 – 21:30 National Wildflower Centre, Court Hey Park, Roby Road, Knowsley, Liverpool, Merseyside, L16 3NA. Cost: £10 Adult / £5 Child (under12) BOOKING ESSENTIAL Join us this Midsummer's eve at the National Wildflower Centre. Our Cornflower Café will be hosting a BBQ to celebrate the Summer Solstice. For more information please call 0151 738 1913 or email HALEWOOD JUNIORS 10:30 – 12:00 Halewood Juniors, Arncliffe Sports & Community Centre, Halewood, Merseyside, L25 9PA.

We encourage young people to play football and netball from an early age, train and develop players to complete in teams. We have 11 football teams, Under 7’s through to Under 16’s. 1 adult netball team. Beginners’ sessions each Saturday 10.30 – 12.00. £1 per child per session football coaching. Young people may be invited to join a football team to gain more experience and become a member of Halewood town juniors Children must be on time for training and match games. Parents must be on time to collect children after training and games. Our child protection policy/parents guidelines are available. Contact: Joe McGuinness 07572108735,

SUNDAY 22 JUNE SKY RIDE - THE GRAND TOUR OF STADT MOERS PARK 10:00 – 10:45 Stadt Moers Park, Pottery Lane, Whiston, Merseyside, L35 3RG. Cycling time 45minutes Ride distance - 3 miles Suitable for Anyone Guided Ride Cost - Free Visit the website, Find a Ride section, to see more details and to book on the ride. MONDAY 23 JUNE HALEWOOD TAE KWON-DO CLUB - LADIES ONLY 19:00 – 20:00 Halewood Academy, The Avenue, Wood Road, Halewood, Merseyside, L26 1UU. Tae Kwon Do for ages 4 up. Cost £3.50 for 1 hour session, £5 for 2 hours. Monday, Wednesday and Friday Junior Beginners 6-7pm Junior Advanced 7-8pm Seniors 8-9pm Mondays & Wednesdays: Ladies Only 7-8pm Sundays: All students, fitness and sparring - 1-3pm. LICKERS LANE YOUTH CLUB 18:00 – 21:00 Lickers Lane Youth Club, George Howard Centre, Lickers Lane, Whiston, Merseyside, L35 3SR. Generic youth club offering awards, issues based projects and trips out through the school holidays Age Range 11-19 years. Cost 50p on entrance. Contact Peter Boardman - 07766558895 ACE YOUTH CLUB 18:15 – 20:45 Ace Youth Club, Stockbridge Neighbourhood Centre, The Withens, Stockbridge Village, Merseyside. L28 1AB. Generic Youth Club offering awards, issue based projects and trips out through the school holidays. Young people supported to design their own programmes e.g. residentials, arts, crafts, sports, computer suite, accreditations plus much more. Cost 50p on entrance Contact Rose Spellacy 07810054134 or email: KNOWSLEY VILLAGE YOUTH CLUB 18:30 – 20:30 Knowsley Village Youth Club, Knowsley Lane, Knowsley Village, Merseyside, L34 0BB. Generic youth club offering awards, issues based projects and trips out through the school holidays Age Range 11-19 years. Cost 50p on entrance. Contact Peter Boardman 07766 558895 TUESDAY 24 JUNE STARDUST MORRIS DANCERS 19:00 – 21:00. St Mary’s Catholic Club, Kennelwood Avenue, Northwood, Kirkby, L33 6UF. Morris Dancing group. We practise on Tuesdays 7-9pm at St Mary's Catholic Club, Kennelwood Avenue, Northwood, Kirkby, L33 6UF On Friday's 6-8pm at St Andrew's Church Tower Hill, Highfield, Northwood, Kirkby, L33 1XP and take part in competitions on Sundays. All ages welcome, subs are £3 a week. Contact: Sharon 07724 758633 GIRLS FOOTBALL COACHING 13:00 – 16:00 Knowsley Park Centre for Learning, Knowsley Park Lane, Prescot, Merseyside, L34 3LD. Indoor football coaching and games for girls aged 13-16. £2 per session. No need to book in advance. Contact Peter Green 443 5648/ for further details WEDNESDAY 25 JUNE JUNIOR ARTISTS CLUB 16:00 – 17:45 The Environment Centre, Okell Drive, Halewood, Merseyside, L26 7XB. Junior Artists Club (JAC) is for all children with interest in any arts & crafts based activities. Painting, drawing, drama games, sculpture, writing, etc. Every week is different. Many sessions relate to environment, nature, or local interests. Age: 7-11 years Cost: £2 to cover snacks and materials. Contact Carole Trenaman at or call into Environment Centre Wednesday afternoons. STREET DANCE CLASS 17:00 – 18:00 Rebound - Dance, Fitness & Well Being, Huyton Gateway, Huyton, Merseyside, L36 9TE. A class that’s fast and funky for ages 10yrs and over Price: £3 Contact Rebound Dance & Health, 0151 489 4616 / THURSDAY 26 JUNE AFTER SCHOOL PLAY CLUB - TERM TIME 15:30 – 17:45 Halewood Youth in Community Centre, Lichfield Road, Halewood, L26 1TT. For ages 4-11 Cost £1 plus 70p for a snack. Contact: Mark Nelson, 0151 486 2865, Halewood Youth in Community Centre, Lichfield Road, Halewood, L26 1TT

YOGA 18:00 – 19:00 Rebound Dance, Fitness & Well Being, Huyton Gateway, Huyton, Merseyside, L36 9TE. A gentle, relaxing class for any age to reduce stress, improve posture, sleep and flexibility. Price: £3 Contact Rebound Dance & Health, 0151 489 4616 / SATURDAY 28 JUNE GYMNASTICS WITH M & H ACADEMY LTD 09:00 – 13:00 Christ The King Centre for Learning, Stockbridge Lane, Huyton, Merseyside, L36 5SD. Gymnastics Club for Ages 4 - 19 Year Olds Beginners Class 9am - 11am £ 5 per session Advanced Class 10:15 - 1pm £5 per session Please Contact: Joe Morgan 07804939442 or Eddie Hussin 07763021984 for further details. Organisation: M &H Academy Ltd., 69 Longview Drive, Huyton, Merseyside, L36 6EA - MINI KICKERS FOOTBALL COACHING 09:00 – 10:00 Christ The King Centre for Learning, Stockbridge Lane, Huyton, Merseyside, L36 5SD. Football Coaching for 2 - 7 Year Olds 9am - 10 am Every Saturday morning £4 per session Please Contact: Joe Morgan 07804939442 or Eddie Hussin 07763021984 for further details. Organisation: M &H Academy Ltd., 69 Longview Drive, Huyton, Merseyside, L36 6EA SUPERSATURDAYS 10:00 – 13:00 Knowsley Leisure & Culture Park, Longview Drive, Huyton, Merseyside, L36 6EG. Children and young people will meet every Saturday to participate in fun creative activities. They can explore other art forms too such as story telling, imaginary play, music and movement, cookery and messy play. These workshops are an exciting opportunity for disabled children and young people to enjoy creative engagement whilst having fun, meeting new friends and showcasing their talents to others. Cost £2 a session For more information please contact Katy McLoughlin 0151 443 5749 or SUNDAY 29 JUNE SKY RIDE - A BOLD DAY OUT 10:00 – 12:30 Knowsley Leisure and Culture Park, Longview Drive, Huyton, Merseyside, L36 6EG. Cycling time - 150 minutes Ride distance - 30 miles Suitable for ages 11+ (children 11-15 need to be accompanied by adults) Guided Ride Cost - Free Visit the website, Find a Ride section, to see more details and to book on the ride.

MONDAY 30 JUNE HALEWOOD THinK CLINIC 15:00 – 18:00 The Halewood Centre, Roseheath Drive, Halewood, Merseyside, L26 9UH. 12 to 20 years sexual health service. Contact: 0151 296 7936 KIRKBY THinK CLINIC 15:00 – 18:00 Kirkby Health Suite, Cherryfield Drive, Kirkby, Merseyside, L32 9PA. 12 to 20 years sexual health service. Contact Jason Cole, 0151 443 4168, BUGEI-KI-RYU JU-JITSU 19:30 – 21:00 Bugei-Ki-Ryu Ju-Jitsu, St Edmund Arrowsmith Centre for Learning, Whiston, Merseyside, L35 2XG. DescriptionChildren & Adult Classes, Ages 6+. Monday and Thursday evenings. 6.30pm-7.30pm Junior, £4.50 7.30pm-8.30pm Senior. £6.00 Contact: Lynn 07525936620 or Chris Royle 07500 765197

Nordic walking sessions, Court Hey Park Thursday evenings, 6pm start Saturday mornings, 10am start All sessions are free and open to all. Training and Nordic Walking poles provided, no need to book. Meet at the gates to the National Wildflower Centre. Nordic walking sessions, Halewood Triangle Country Park. Walks start Wednesday 25 June, 6pm start. Sat 28 June 1pm start, and continues for 6 weeks. All sessions are free and open to all. Training and Nordic Walking poles provided, no need to book. Meet at the gates to the National Wildflower Centre. Further info at

12 June 2014

June 2014 13

NEW RECORDING STUDIOS AT COMMUNITY COLLEGE Knowsley Community College have shown their commitment to their music students by investing over £60,00 in a new recording studio. The new state of the art facility will allowed students to not only record their music, but also to record their own videos in the media suite. Music lecture, Gordon Pemberton, said: “The studio was opened by Liverpool band, Space who were very impressed at the facilities. It is probably one of the best if not the best recording studio in the Merseyside area. “The studio is also a brilliant teaching tool for the students, we have a range of instruments the students can try out.” Knowsley College student, Dominic Shields and singer with the band ‘Hometown’ said: “The equipment is brilliant, it has helped us as a band ten-fold. “It has also helped us when we entered a national competition The UK School Jam, which is a battle of the bands for college students. “We travelled down to London to perform and we had great

feedback. We took 50 CDs down with us and returned with only ten. “I would say it was through our experience at the recording studios at the college we gained a lot of knowledge and experience.” The college is also hoping to set up its own record label in September. Gordon Pemberton said: “It is one way of utilising the equipment we have in letting bands gain experience not only in the recording studio but also will

hopefully give them a head start in the music business”. The college will be holding a charity gig at Eric’s on Mathew Street, Liverpool on Saturday 14 June at 1.00pm. The gig is in aid of the charity ‘Make a Difference’ which is based in Danny Turners Church (Prescot Community Church) which helps orphanages in Ukraine. The event is organised by the extended diploma group who also chose the charity.

The Last of the Red Hot Lovers Neil Simon's hilarious award winning comedy The Last of the Red Hot Lovers, comes to the Theatre Royal, St Helens for a four day run from Wednesday 11 - Saturday 14 June. Directed by Sylvie Gatril and still sizzling from the success of Bouncers the Remix, this ambitious production follows the extra marital adventures of Luckless Barney Cashman as he joins the sexual revolution. Regal Entertainments have added a unique twist to the play, this now two-hand, will include performances from the extremely talented and versatile Steven Pinder as Barney and Debra Stephenson in not one but three roles. This story of self-discovery will have audiences in stitches with its brilliant comedic characters and side-splitting script. The Last of the Red Hot Lovers is Theatre Royal’s must see show, and is sure to guarantee a saucy but hilarious start to your summer.

Debra Stephenson and Steven Pinder

14 June 2014

June 2014 15


ST JOHN BOSCO MARKS MOVE WITH MISSION WEEK St John Bosco Arts College is celebrating its move to a brand new building by holding a three-day Mission Week event this July. The school is moving to the new building, which is based on the same site as the current school at Storrington Avenue in Croxteth, in September. The Rainbow of Hope event, which will take place 7-9 July, will feature a number of activities including a talk by Mr and Mrs Mizen, the parents of London-school boy Jimmy Mizen who was tragically murdered in 2008. The couple will be discussing the issues of courage and forgiveness. There will also be a Deaf Awareness presentation by Nugent Care including sign language to music sessions and a performance by Christian rap artists Vital Signs. Throughout the week the school will be joined by The Salesian Youth Ministry and Cafod who will run a variety of activities. Anne Pontifex, headteacher, says: “We are very excited to be moving to our fantastic new school building this September but the move is tinged with sadness as we have had many wonderful years here and have lots of happy memories. “This Mission Week, with its theme of building a bridge from one building to another in the form of a rainbow of hope, is the perfect way to mark the occasion.” For more information on the school and the new building call 0151 235 1620.

Formula 1 winners Pupils from St Laurence’s Primary School, Kirkby have been testing their mental ability and having fun at the Formula 1 Project in Halewood. The Formula 1 Project is a competition and series of workshops organised by Jaguar in which primary schools build Formula 1 cars from different materials. Headteacher, Paul Cronin, said: “Over seven weeks, our children have been designing and testing their very own competition cars. They tested their cars speed and aerodynamics by using everyday appliances like hairdryers and fan’s. “Our children visited the IAC components factory in Halewood where they were given lots of helpful information and tips of how to improve their cars, as well as a tour around the factory. “During the project, the children have made a portfolio of their work as well as creating a pit wall, detailing each team member’s job and responsibilities in the project. “As well as coming first in both the verbal presentation and the fastest car, our children were crowned overall winners in the regions final; as a result, they will be representing Merseyside in the grand final in Coventry on June 24th.

The Home Improvers Set of 5 doors Colonial Supply and fitted

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16 June 2014

STREET LIGHTING WORK IN NORTH HUYTON Knowsley residents living in North Huyton are invited to attend a public consultation event on Thursday 12 June to find out more about the next phase of the borough’s multi-million pound street lighting programme. Knowsley Council is working with Tay Valley Lighting (TVL) to carry out the revamp of the borough’s street lighting. The next phase of the project will see work starting in the Stockbridge area in August and the Page Moss area at the beginning of November. Members of the two communities are invited to attend the consultation event being held on Thursday 12 June at the River Alt Resource Centre, Woolfall Heath Avenue, Huyton, L36 3YE, at 6.15pm. Representatives from both Knowsley Council and TVL will be on-hand to

answer any questions residents may have regarding the work that will be taking place. The event will begin with a presentation outlining the street lighting scheme, along with details of the timescales and benefits it will bring to the area. This will last for around 15 minutes and will be followed by an opportunity for residents to ask questions. The four-year street lighting project will replace the majority of the borough’s street lighting, traffic signs and bollards with the latest, energy efficient technology. The video which will be played at the event, giving residents a better idea of what to expect from the new lighting, is available to watch on You Tube.

Outdoors with The Hairy Gardener Hi, my name is Peter Frances a.k.a. the Hairygardener Garden Centres, do you love them or hate them? We gardeners even if we don’t buy all our seeds, compost etc at the garden centre like to have a wander around looking at what’s new, maybe pick up a bargain. I like to pick up the waifs and strays of the plant world, you know the plant that’s covered in moss, deserves a second chance and if you know a trick or two like a hard prune, a repot or even a feed can result in a bargain. So how do you shop in a garden centre? Well the modern garden centres are masters of the hard sell. Before you know it your basket has a six-pack of marigolds, some houseplants in it and you are in need of a mug of tea and a strawberry tart and you were only going to buy plant labels. So go in prepared make a list, if you want plants for a certain aspect of your garden and are unsure which to buy ask for advice and if they can’t tell you go elsewhere as they don’t know their plants. If there is no one around, pick the plant up and assess how heavy it feels, one that hasn’t been watered recently will feel light. If the plant comes out of the pot immediately it is dangerously dry so leave it where it is. Have a look to see if there are any roots coming out the bottom of the pot. A few tender white roots showing means the plant is thriving and growing well but a knot of thick roots means the plant is pot bound and maybe checked in growth. Another sign is a thick layer of liverworts or moss growing on the surface of the medium the plant is growing in. These don’t harm the plant but shows the plant has been unloved and neglected. Look for healthy plants with a good green to its leaves, growth buds, little die-back and no diseased material. Do not buy plants in flower because all its energy is going into reproduction and to be transplanted when the plant is producing nectar is hard work. Be wise and choose plants either not in bud or that have just finished flowering. BUT if the only option is a plant in flower be prepared to water often as plants don’t send out new feeder roots while blooming so it will take longer to settle into a new home. Until next time Good Gardening

Resident feedback helps to drive local NHS changes

The Towerhill PPG

Knowsley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is encouraging all local patients to become more actively involved in their GP practice to help shape changes to the way that healthcare is delivered locally. Over the past year, patients and carers have become more involved and at the heart of the NHS in Knowsley than ever before - playing a more active role in driving up the quality and enhancement of services in their GP practices. Each GP practice has a Patient Participation Group (PPG), which meets regularly to provide patients and carers with increased opportunities (over and above the annual patient survey) to provide feedback and make suggestions on how improvements could be made to the way that GP services are provided. Andrew Pryce, Chair of Knowsley clinical commissioning group, said: “Patient participation and experience is crucial to the NHS. Local people need to help us drive up improvements in the quality and safety of the services that we provide. “We also need to ensure that people are fully included in all aspects of service design and change – and are empowered to have a say”. Towerhill GP practice has one of the more active PPGs. They use social media and text messaging platforms to encourage two-way

communication between patients, carers and their practice staff. The PPG also hold regular meetings to discuss healthcare issues and undertake surveys to inform improvements to the practice. One of the surveys that the PPG has undertaken has helped to significantly reduce the number of patients who do not turn up to appointments. Other local PPGs have brought about other significant changes including the implementation of a public crossing outside of the practice, and the removal of glass windows between the receptionists and the patients to create a more friendly atmosphere. Young people and patients who work full time are particularly encouraged to become involved in their local PPG, to ensure that the thoughts and views of the PPG are as representative of the whole local population as possible. Helen Barker, chair of Towerhill PPG, said: “I would encourage anyone who feels that they can be involved in their local PPG to do so. It is very rewarding knowing that you have helped to improve local healthcare services for your friends and neighbours.” Anyone wishing to become a PPG member should contact their local GP practice for more information.

WE WANT YOUR VIEWS St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust want to hear the views of patients who received treatment at Whiston Hospital’s Accident and Emergency Department. Patients have been sent a survey including questions about their experience and asking for feedback on how the service can be further improved. The national survey has been sent to 850 adult patients who have attended the department. Ann Marr, chief executive, said: “I would urge everyone who has received a survey to tell us about their experience as a patient. Feedback from patients is vital for helping to further improve the high standards of care provided at the accident and emergency department.” Patients are urged to complete and return the survey in the pre-paid envelope provided. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is leading the NHS national patient survey programme aiming to assess and monitor patients’ experience and to provide feedback which can be used locally to improve quality, keeping patients at the centre of health services. The survey is run by an independent co-ordination centre on behalf of the CQC; therefore the feedback remains anonymous to the Trust. For more information please contact or call 0151 430 2505

June 2014 17


SUPPORTING DEMENTIA IN KNOWSLEY Knowsley Council is supporting the Dementia Friends campaign, launched by Public Health England and the Alzheimer’s Society. The campaign aims to support people with dementia to continue to live safe, dignified and as far as possible, fulfilling lives. Daniel Clark, aged 67 from Huyton, was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia three years ago following a stroke. With 16 grandchildren, aged between 3 and 23 years, and two great grandchildren, Daniel has always been very active and always on the go. However, in the three days leading up to his diagnosis, Daniel found he couldn’t sleep, didn’t want to get up or

get dressed, became forgetful and angry – all characteristics which were not Daniel. He attended his GP and follow-up assessments, including memory tests, were carried out at home which confirmed he had Vascular Dementia. Daniel and his wife, Cathy, receive a lot of support from their family, Admiral Nurses, and the Alzheimers Society, who are always a phone call away when support is needed. They attend the Alzheimers breakfast club in Prescot every two weeks – which the Clark’s call the “welcome cafe” – socialising, supporting one another, helping with fundraising ideas and activities for the Alzheimers

Society. Mrs Clark said: “I fully support campaigns which helps to raise awareness about dementia – it is a silent illness and unless you are living with someone or know someone who has been diagnosed with dementia, you wouldn’t know. Many people don’t realise Daniel is ill as there aren’t any physical signs. “There is support available in the borough to those who have been diagnosed with dementia as

well as those who are looking after people with dementia – my advice is to access all of the support available. “I would also recommend signing up to become a Dementia Friend. Small things really can make a big difference.” To find out more about the support available in Knowsley, contact the Alzheimer’s Society Knowsley on 0151 426 4433 or visit Public Health England and the

Alzheimer’s Society are aiming to create a network of a million Dementia Friends across England by 2015. Dementia Friends gives people an understanding of dementia and the small things they can do that can make a difference to people living with dementia - from helping someone find the right bus to spreading the word about dementia. For further information about Dementia Friends, or to sign up, visit

Get up and join in with Family Futures Make Yours and Your Child’s Future a Healthy One! Family Futures is a FREE communitybased programme for children who are above their ideal weight. At Family futures we offer a FUN way to learn about how to achieve a healthier lifestyle for children and parents too.

What is the programme? • Designed by families for families (especially for 4 to 16-year-olds) • Join for three months with options to stay longer • Tailored programmes to suit everyone individually • FUN and INTERACTIVE individual and group sessions What are benefits of being part of Family Futures? • Fitness tips for the whole family • After-school sessions to fit around your daily routine • Make new friends along the way Where is the programme? Huyton, Kirkby, Whiston and Halewood

How can my child get involved? You can self-refer your child or ask your GP or school nurse. “My daughter and I really enjoyed the group sessions. I was able to express my concern with other parents. It was nice to know someone else is going through the same as me” - Mum and child, age 9

Special points of interest: • Start the programme any time • Collect FREE gifts during group activities • Take part in family cooking sessions and learn new skills • FREE vouchers to use in Knowsley Leisure Centres • Collect other FREEBIES along the way to keep the whole family following a healthy active lifestyle!

Family Futures… there with you every step of the way For more information and advice, give the Family Futures team a call on 0151 290 4336 or visit us online at For more information on community services in Knowsley, which are run by 5 Boroughs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, call the Customer Relations Team on 0151 244 3453 or 3454.

18 June 2014

TS IRON DUKE SEA CADETS NAMED BEST IN COUNTRY TS Iron Duke Sea Cadets in Huyton, were recently presented with the Sea Cadet Corps highest accolade, The Canada Trophy, after being named at the top unit in Britain. The presentation took place at Huyton with Roby Sea Cadet Unit, The Park, Rydal Road, Huyton. This was the first time that a cadet unit from Liverpool has won this prestigious award, a great achievement for all cadets and staff at the unit especially if you consider that The Sea Cadet Corps is a UK national youth organisation which is open to young people between the ages of 10–18 years old. The Canada Trophy is seen as the pinnacle of achievement in the corps. The trophy was presented by the Navy League of Canada for competition in the Sea Cadet Corps to

commemorate the first visit of Canadian Sea Cadets to Great Britain in 1947. The trophy is awarded annually to the unit, which is considered to have attained the very highest standard of all round efficiency in the previous year. The top unit from the six areas in Britain compete for the trophy with the winner is judged on the results of their unit inspection and also takes full account of the units showing throughout the previous years. During the presentation each cadet received a medal to commemorate winning the Canada Trophy and a Canada Trophy badge to wear on their uniform for the duration of their time in the corps. In a very proud night for the unit, staff and cadets showcased the unit’s achievements over the past year to a variety of distinguished guests

Captain T Tulloch RCN (Canadian Defence Liaison Staff) presents the cadets with their medals

Rear Admiral C. J. Hockley praises the unit on their success

Captain J Holloway (Captain Sea Cadet Corps) inspects the cadets on parade

Rear Admiral C J Hockley presents the Canada Trophy to the Huyton unit, accepted on their behalf by Lieutenant Paul McKenna

Rear Admiral C J Hockley and Captain T Tulloch RCN plant a maple tree in the grounds

June 2014 19

Employers and learners take part in open day

FESTIVAL WEEKEND The sixth annual Scarecrow Festival Weekend takes place this year at the National Wildflower Centre, Roby Road, Huyton on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 July. They will be opening their doors for FREE all weekend. Come along and say hello to the fantastic scarecrows made by local schools and community groups.

CHANGE OF VENUE Employers taking part in Paediatric First Aid

North West Community Services Training Ltd held an open day recently to promote the opening of the new site at Huyton Hey Road. Representatives from Connexions, Knowsley Council and local employers within the sector attended the day to observe sessions taking place and discuss the options available to them. There was also the opportunity to met with learners and staff who where able to answer any questions they had. NWCS offers a variety of qualifications to support employers within the community ranging from childcare, health and social care, business admin, customer services, they also promote world host training and private training programmes including, paediatric first aid, health and safety and food hygiene. Michelle Brackenbury, lead tutor, said: “We are open 50 weeks of the year and promote apprenticeships and traineeships as they believe employers are looking for qualifications and experience. “We have a highly qualified and committed staff team who strongly believe in investing in our future generations within the workforce”.

THE Secret Ingredients School of Dancing have changed the venue of their dance classes. Their freestyle, disco, street and jazz for ages 4-16yrs of a Wednesday will take place at Halewood Leisure Centre from 4pm-6pm. The school includes dance exams, medal tests, regional and national competitions, regular theatre experience and singing and dancing. All teachers are qualified and registered. For further details call 07854 393931.


Joan Furnival, Director of Learning setting out snacks for visitors to the open day

Are you a carer? Do you care for a relative or a friend in Knowsley? If you want to take a bit of time out, meet new people, then head over to Prescot Caring Companions group. They meet every Monday evening from 7.30pm at Prescot Guild Hall, St Helens Road, Prescot, L34 6HW.

Kick-start your weight-loss with our FREE NHS classes Do you want to lose weight, improve your fitness levels or make changes to your lifestyle?

“I’ve never felt healthier or fitter” 66-year-old Ted from Kirkby “Zipping along the pool, I’d never felt healthier or fitter. I’d gone from struggling to climb the stairs to swimming 20 lengths four times a week.

Our expert NHS weight-loss help and advice service is available FREE of charge to people of all ages who live in Knowsley or who are registered with a Knowsley GP.

“It all started with a simple, free phone call to the Healthy Lifestyle Hub. They got me a place on the free 10-week Measure Up programme at St Chads.

No matter how much weight you feel you need to lose, we’re here for you every step of the way - helping you to make simple but effective changes that deliver real results.

“I learned so much about how to get more active; understand food labels; plan my meals and adjust my portion sizes. I made small changes to my eating habits and gradually increased my activity levels. The weight dropped off – 19lbs in 10 weeks. That’s nearly 10 per cent of my body weight!

Our friendly, non-judgemental team includes well-being coaches, wellbeing practitioners, dieticians and psychologists.

“My family and friends say I look so much slimmer and fitter. It’s great for my confidence. My breathing has improved so much I’ve even stopped snoring which my wife Pauline is pleased about! “I can’t thank the staff at Measure Up enough.”

To find out about your nearest Measure Up class, telephone the Healthy Lifestyle Hub – part of 5

Stock image

Boroughs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust - on freephone 0800 0731 202.

Celebrate Men’s Health Week (9 to 15 June 2014) by joining Measure Up

20 June 2014

This Month with Jess Corcoran


ell June, we made it here quickly didn’t we? And I don’t know about you but I’m slightly in shock about how quickly this year is passing. Halfway through two thousand and fourteen, already! This time last year I had told you about leaving school, exams left to face. To me that seems like a million years ago. So much has happened and changed in the course of 12 months that it’s rather odd to think that a life defining event like that was more than a whole year ago. When I was a child those older and wiser used to warn me “You will be old before you know it” and “time passes in the blink of an eye.” And at 7, anything other than Jacqueline Wilson books seemed a lifetime away. How little did I know! 19 is still very young but before I know it, I certainly will be a decade older. I’m determined to not let life pass me by too quickly because it’s so easy to do. I’m all too guilty of counting down the week days, hailing the relief of a Friday night and celebrating the lie-ins and lazy days a weekend allows. The joy of every weekend seems to be the cost of a forgotten week and before we know it is another week, another month, another year. We are all just counting down to something; end of exams, an important birthday, a nice holiday, even just till lunchtime sometimes! It’s great to have something to be excited about, but we shouldn’t live life in this constant waiting bubble. Sometimes we just have to stop. Halt ticking off the calendar days and refrain from the countdown phone apps and just BE. So for a just a moment, live in that moment! Take life slowly and enjoy every minute of your day. Stop counting down them hours and don’t be so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. Life is to be treasured, enjoyed and celebrated. Be in your life right now, and not just an outsider who is counting down till tomorrow... It will be July before you know it!

‘EGGCELLENT’ WORK BY ST HELENS COLLEGE Homeless chickens have found a safe sanctuary at St Helens College after being involved in the tragic M62 road incident. The crash which happened in May saw over 1,500 chickens killed after a lorry collided with a barrier. Hundreds of surviving chickens have been homed, with six of those finding their new nest at St Helens College’s animal care department after College animal care tutors raced to the scene of the accident to help with the recovery. Staff and students are ensuring their new additions to the department are on the road to recovery by providing around the clock care. The college’s experienced animal care tutors are hoping to slowly integrate the latest arrivals to their current flock, as a new pecking order will soon be established. Adam Howson, St Helens College’s curriculum leader in animal care, said: “The chickens are a great addition to our current flock. Their health is improving daily and have settled into the college well. The staff and students have both taken a real shine to our latest arrivals and we hope we can continue to provide a safe and secure home for the chickens.”

Health & Fitness - with Emma Armstrong of Zest Wellness

Vitamin D Adult fitness classes in Huyton Monday: 10-11am Nifty 50’s - a low impact keep fit class for anyone aged 50+ 11.15-12.15 Yoga - an open yoga class for all ages and abilities Wednesday: 10-11am Line Dancing - a fun, friendly class open to everyone Thursday: 6-7pm Yoga - an open yoga class for all ages and abilities 11am-12pm - Line Dancing Everyone welcome - just come along in comfortable clothing

Huyton Gateway 115 Rupert Road 0151 489 4616 Rebound is a social enterprise, not for profit organization

er £3 p s cla s

We all know it is important to get our five a day to make sure our body gets enough vitamins and minerals to keep us healthy. Unlike all other vitamins in the diet, Vitamin D is the only vitamin which is not essential in the diet due to our body’s ability to synthesise it through exposure to sunlight. The primary role of vitamin D is to regulate calcium in the body. This is done by vitamin D increasing the absorption of calcium during digestion whilst causing less calcium to be excreted in urine. Dietary sources of vitamin D include egg yolks, liver and oily fish however, often the majority of dietary intake is via fortified foods such as milk, cereal or margarine. Around 90% of the vitamin D in our body is formed using sunlight with around 10% through our diet. However, many of us are not getting enough vitamin D. Deficiency is especially common in people who do not receive adequate amounts of sunlight and in particularly vulnerable groups of people. Typically a 70-year-old will produce only around

20% of the vitamin D a 20-year-old produces with the same amount of sunlight. Therefore deficiency is particularly common in this age group and often leads to a condition called osteoporosis which leads to fragile bones and a high risk of fractures. Children who are deficient in vitamin D may develop rickets which causes there bones to weaken and fail to harden, it is then common for these children to develop bowed legs because of this. In adults this condition is referred to as osteomalacia. Vitamin D has also been linked to reduced risk of cancer and is used in the treatment of psoriasis. Tips for adequate vitamin D • Spend small amounts of time in the sunlight to help maintain vitamin D stores and bone health.

• Aim for around 30 minutes of sun exposure to hands and face each day. • If you believe you are not able to get enough sunlight to synthesise enough vitamin D it is recommended you eat fortified foods when possible and to visit your GP. • If supplementing with vitamin D be sure not to exceed the recommended dosage as too much vitamin D can be toxic. • Be sensible in the sun, and to avoid prolonged exposure, especially without sun cream! If you have any questions or need any hep or information you contact me at:

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New Venue HUNTSCROSS from Monday 2nd June Hillfoot Pub (Private Function Room) 6.30pm Jan 07961 640975 Monday Huyton The Old School House, St John’s Road 6.30pm Kathryn 07865 014437 Huyton St Aidans Club Longview Lane 5.30pm & 7.30pm Michelle 07940 181515 Tuesday West Derby The Crown Inn, Leyfield Road 9.00am, 11.00am, 4.30pm & 6.30pm Marji 07739 167048 Kirkby Centre 63 Old Hall Lane, Next To St Chads 9.30am & 11.00am Eileen 548 0658

Prescot St James Church Hall St Helens Road (Near The Wellington Pub) 9.30am, 11.30am 4.30pm & 6.30pm Lynn 07739 167051 Huyton St Aidan’s Club, Longview Lane, Huyton 9.30am & 11.30am Michelle 07940 181515 Wednesday Dovecot St Margaret Mary’s Social Club (Behind Church) Pilch Lane 9.30am; 4.00pm & 6.00pm Julie 449 1074 Dovecot St Luke’s Community Centre Princess Drive 9.30am, 5.30pm & 7.30pm Michelle 07940 181515 Thursday Whiston George Howard Centre, Lickers Lane, 5.00pm & 6.30pm Kathryn 07865 014437 Huyton The Royal British Legion Archway Road 1.00pm & 6.00pm Joanne 254 1298

Kirkby Holy Angels Social Club Sidney Powell Avenue 4pm & 6pm Sue 07546 148204 Dovecot St Luke’s Community Centre Princess Drive 7.00pm Susanne 07785 459297 Friday Dovecot St Margaret Mary’s Social Club (Behind Church), Pilch Lane 9.30am Julie 449 1074 Saturday Huyton The Huycap Centre, Rupert Road 8.00am & 10.00am Joanne 254 1298 West Derby The Crown Inn Leyfield Road, West Derby 8.30am & 10.30am Marji 07739 167048 Prescot Parish Church Meeting Rooms (next to Deans House), Vicarage Place 8.00am & 9.30am Lynn 07739 167051

22 June 2014

Young people to have ‘The Skills Show Experience’ in Liverpool City Region As part of the International Festival for Business, more than 6,000 young people from across the Liverpool City Region will be taking part in a Skills Show Experience on 17 and 18 June at Aintree Racecourse. Throughout the two days, young people will have the opportunity to discover the different types of employment opportunities available to them, take part in a range of practical exercises as well as gaining invaluable careers advice by talking to key

employers. Key employers in the region have already confirmed their attendance at the event including Jaguar Land Rover, Getrag and Peel Ports. The event will help to raise young people’s career aspirations which will ultimately impact on issues around youth unemployment across the Liverpool City Region. Young people attending schools in the local authority areas of Halton, Knowsley, Liverpool, St Helens, Sefton and Wirral have

been invited to attend The Skills Show. Richard Else, operations director at Jaguar Land Rover Halewood and chair of the Liverpool City Region Employment and Skills Board, said: “The response to attend The Skills Show has been overwhelming. It provides a fantastic opportunity for our young people who are looking to make decisions about their future education, training or employment aspirations. “Throughout the two days, they will have a unique opportunity to speak with key

employers about the types of roles available and the skills potential employers will be looking for, as well as having an opportunity to ‘have a go’ through simulations in a range of careers including logistics, life sciences and hospitality. “This is just one of a range of initiatives in the region to help support young people maximise training and job opportunities available to them. I am sure it will be an exciting and informative event for all who attend.”

BIG LUNCH, BIG FUN IN KIRKBY Home-Start Knowsley recently hosted the ‘Big Lunch Event’ at Northwood Community Centre in Kirkby. The aim of the day was to bring the local community together, whilst promoting various help and support agencies. The event was funded by the ‘The Eden Project’ and was the first big event at the centre since Home-Start Knowsley took over the management of the building on 1st April 2014. The event saw a number of agencies, outreach teams and local funders attending including representatives from The Eden Project, Everton Employment Programme, LHT, Community Foundation for Merseyside, John Moores Foundation, JP Holt, Groundworks, KUC, KCVS, ICAN Team, Neighbourhood Police, Merseyside Fire and Rescue (with fire engine), Kirkby Archive, Health Development Team, KMBC Recycling, Knowsley Children’s

Centres and a local bee keeper. Local residents and their families had the opportunity to participate in various activities such as lantern making, zumba class, football skills, flower arranging and other activities that are available at Northwood Community Centre. The event was a huge success with approximately 200 visitors attending on the day. Home-Start Knowsley is currently recruiting volunteers who have a few hours free each week to support families with young children. For more information on volunteering, hiring the hall or activities and events coming up at Northwood Community Centre, please contact Home-Start Knowsley on 0151 480 3910 or email Alternatively pop along to the centre and check out the centre’s notice board.

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24 June 2014


VIVARK INVESTS IN 11 KNOWSLEY BUSINESSES TO BOOST ECONOMIC GROWTH A networking event organised by North West facilities management company and social enterprise, Vivark, has created growth opportunities and project work for 11 Knowsley businesses. Vivark, part of the First Ark Group, organised a ‘Meet the Buyer’ event in September to present small Knowsley enterprises with the opportunity to undertake project work alongside the company. Following an application process, 11 of these businesses were successful and have recently received an induction and are now being allocated work. Where appropriate, businesses were offered additional training, which was paid for by Vivark and provided by Knowsley-based social enterprise, Fusion 21. Additionally, all the companies operating in conjunction with Vivark will be required to follow health and safety material risk assessments, which they can then use in the future to help them secure work with other organisations. Tony Cahill, executive director at Vivark, said: “Our social purpose means we are continually seeking opportunities to invest in the local community. “One way in which we aim to do this is by offering project work and training to local businesses through initiatives such as ‘Meet the Buyer’. “We’re looking forward to these traders working alongside our passionate team of experienced professionals and are proud that the training we offer can be used to secure future employment, increasing entrepreneurial activity and supporting economic growth in Knowsley.” One of the traders connecting with Vivark, David Gibson, of Gibson Home Improvement, said: “The opportunity to link with the Vivark team by assisting with their facilities management work appealed to me because I knew I’d be working alongside a firm with a great reputation on a wide range of jobs. “The extra income is a great boost to my existing contracts and gives me a chance to further grow my business, which at four years old, is still in its infancy.” The first 11 companies to start work with Vivark comprise a mix of builders, decorators, gas technicians, joiners and plasterers, including, A&M Building and Maintenance, Blue Flame Gas Tech, Coult Decorators, CSJ Joinery, Gibson Home Improvement, JK Plastering, JPL Building Services, MC Plastering, MJH Decorators, Michael Foott and Richards and Son Plumbing and Heating. To find out more about Vivark, please visit or call 0151 290 7888.

International Festival for Business comes to Knowsley At a unique event as part of IFB2014, Keith Hanshaw, executive director and master craftsman at Leather Satchel Company, will tell the story of the company’s success. The Leather Satchel Company is a family owned business established in 1966. It is a group of British master craftsmen who create satchels based on the traditional Oxford and Cambridge school style. The company has grown from a street stall to exporting most of its products outside of the UK. It has collaborated with French fashion empire Hermes, Italian fashion house Armani and its products have featured in Vogue and GQ. Based in Huyton, Knowsley, the company is now preparing to expand to meet increased demand with support from Knowsley Council and ERDF funding and UKTI. “I’m looking forward to telling our story”, said Keith from Leather Satchel Company, “We are receiving great help from Knowsley Council. The ERDF support and the other funding will help us with our expansion plans. By sharing our story, I hope it will highlight the support that is available to local businesses and will inspire them to take advantage of this.” Cllr Dave Lonergan, Knowsley’s cabinet member for regeneration, economy and skills said: “IFB2014 offers fantastic opportunities for businesses in Knowsley and the wider City Region. In Knowsley, we’re helping our business community to make the most of these opportunities and this event is just one of the ways we’re doing this. “I would encourage everyone to come along to find out more about the support that is available to help their companies become more successful.” The breakfast conference will showcase the growth of a number of local businesses and will bring together key business services from across the North West. Delegates will have the opportunity to take part in workshops and speak to expert business advisors, plus the chance to network with other business contacts and agencies.

The Grow Your Business event takes place on Thursday 26 June, 8am – 10.30am at Knowsley Hall, Grand Marquee. You can book your FREE place now. Call 0151 477 4000 or email Partners include; Merseyside Business Support Programme Knowsley Council UKTI North West Fund Manufacturing Advisory Service REECH Knowsley Works Skills for Growth Bank Liverpool John Moores University The Local Enterprise Partnership Knowsley Community College Knowsley Chamber Sefton Council Halton Council

Balfour Beatty disposes of Knowsley schools interest International infrastructure group Balfour Beatty has sold its interest in the 25-year £157m Knowsley Building Schools for the Future project for £42m. Balfour Beatty replaced 10 ageing secondary schools with seven new schools in partnership with Knowsley Council. The stake was acquired by funds managed by Dalmore Capital. Balfour Beatty’s interest in Knowsley was sold alongside a 50% interest in the University Hospital of North Durham PPP project, also to Dalmore Capital, for £55m. The company said the proceeds from these transactions exceeded the directors’ valuations by £44m, representing an uplift of 82%. Balfour Beatty said the sales were part of its strategy to recycle equity invested in its portfolio, and further demonstrate the quality of the investment portfolio and its ability to generate value for shareholders. The proceeds will be used to invest in new and existing projects. Steve Marshall, executive chairman at Balfour Beatty, said: “These disposals are in line with our strategy to generate income from our infrastructure investments business through disposals, thereby releasing cash for future investments and delivering value for our shareholders”.

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26 June 2014


BLUEBELL PARK OPENS ITS DOORS TO RESIDENTS comfortable environment that has been tailor-made to suit their needs. “We’re proud to be investing in the borough and look forward to showcasing the fantastic new apartments and facilities at Bluebell Park to the community over the coming months.” Liverpool and England captain and Huyton ambassador, Steven Gerrard,

marked the official development launch of Bluebell Park in April 2013.

If you would like to register your interest in the Bluebell Park scheme, visit the show flat or would like more information about the development, please call 0151 290 7000 or visit

Villages Housing Open Day

Knowsley Housing Trust (KHT), part of the First Ark Group, which is committed to creating a successful and sustainable community for people and businesses in Knowsley, is celebrating another milestone by opening its first show apartment on the new Bluebell Park Extra Care development in Huyton. The development, which is due for completion in autumn of 2014, will provide 122 new one and two bedroom apartments for the over 55s. Approximately 101 of the apartments will be available through Extra Care Facilities, which will cater for the needs of older people by offering varying levels of care and support tailored to individual requirements. The show flat, which is open to everyone who is interested in part-owning one of Bluebell Park’s apartments through Older Person’s Shared Ownership, boasts a fitted kitchen with an integrated oven,

hob and extractor and a shower room with walk in shower. All apartments are also prewired for assistive technology, allowing residents easy access to communicate with the scheme’s warden. Communal facilities will also be available to residents, which include a restaurant, lounge areas, a hairdresser, activity rooms and a guest bedroom. Care and support facilities will include assisted bathrooms as well as outdoor spaces. The site also includes a lift, secure entry system and allocated car parking accessed through secure electric gates. Over 60 people attended the official show flat opening event in May, with 20 registering their interest in reserving a property and four confirmed reservations. Ian Thomson, executive director at KHT, said: “Putting the residents of Knowsley at the heart of our developments is paramount for KHT. Bluebell Park will allow older people with a care need to live independently in a relaxed,

If you or someone you know is looking for a new home, then head to Stockbridge Village on Saturday 14th June from 9am- 2pm for Villages Housing’s Open Day. The team are preparing for a large open house event with over 15 properties available to view on the day. Staff will be on hand to show prospective tenants around the homes and will also be on hand to discuss any special requirements and answer any questions. With two bedroom apartments available to rent from just £98.33 per week including all heating and service charges, the properties are not only in a great location with motorways close by and Liverpool City Centre 20 minutes away, but they are also affordable. Generous decorating vouchers are also provided to new tenants allowing them to decorate their new homes to their own preference. Sarah Bevan, initiatives director at Villages Housing said: “We are really keen to show people the fantastic properties we currently have available, and hope that by holding the open day on a Saturday, it will be a convenient time for people who work throughout the week to come and have a look. After chatting to people at other event we have held, we’ve discovered that many people in employment do not realise that social housing is an option to them. “Many believe it is solely for people in receipt of benefits and this is not the case. Social housing provides accommodation that is affordable to people on low incomes and is available to people in employment too.” The open day will also be an opportunity for people to come and visit Stockbridge Villages and see the huge transformation to the area. The recent regeneration in Stockbridge Village has seen more than 1600 homes benefit from energy saving improvements, making homes warmer and cutting energy costs. This has been in addition to all the other improvements in Stockbridge Village including a brand new supermarket, neighbourhood centre with leisure centre, library and brand new school. The regeneration works are already proving to be a huge hit with many new residents moving to the area thanks to the combination of excellent style, quality and value of the homes. Residents have expressed their delight at the changes with one resident telling us, “The whole of Stockbridge Village is looking wonderful and there is definitely a feeling that this is a new chapter for the area. The new neighbourhood centre means there are events and activities for all the family to enjoy every day.” If you are thinking of moving, why not make Stockbridge Village your new home. With properties available now why not come along on Saturday 14th June from 9am -2pm and have a look around Stockbridge Village and see the changes for yourself. For more information call 0151 949 5080 or visit

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28 June 2014


Windsor House, Delph Lane, Whiston 2 Bedroom 2 reception Room apartments, fitted kitchen, views of Henly Park £450 PCM 3 Bedroom 1 reception Room apartments, fitted kitchen, views of Henly Park £450 PCM 2 Bedroom 2 reception Room apartments, FULLY FURNISHED - fitted kitchen, views of Henly Park £525 PCM ALL DOUBLE GLAZED, NEWLY REFURBISHED, ELEC CENTRAL HEATING, NEW CARPETS, SECURITY INTERCOM SYSTEM



£82,000 Twig Lane, L36 • Traditional 3 bed end terrace house • 3 double bedrooms • Open reception room with bay window • Bright sun/morning room

£74,950 Rio House, L36 • 1st floor apartment • 2 bedrooms • New build • Secure complex with 24hr security


£182,000 Hawthorn Road, L36 • 3/4 bedrooms • 3 reception rooms • Large gardens • Popular area of Huyton with Roby

£79,950 Coral Avenue, L36 • 3 bedroom, Front & rear gardens • Very popular area of Huyton close to shops, colleges and transport links • Ideal investment opportunity

June 2014 29


Avoid penalty heartache this World Cup As the start of the World Cup approaches, Knowsley Council’s road safety team is highlighting the dangers of driving the morning after drinking alcohol. Many people will enjoy a few drinks as they watch the football and most wouldn’t even consider getting into their car and driving afterwards. However, due to the late kick-off times of many of the matches, people may drink for much longer than usual or later into the night. Because of this, there is a real risk that people who would not dream of drink-driving may still be over the limit, or unfit to drive, the ‘morning after’. This is because it takes a lot longer than most people think for alcohol to pass through the body. On average it takes around one hour per unit of alcohol, though this can vary

depending on a number of factors. The main message from the campaign is not ‘don’t drink’, but ‘don’t drink anything if you are driving’ and ‘don’t drink heavily if you have to drive the following morning’. Knowsley’s road safety and working well teams will be available to answer any questions you have about drinking and driving and general road safety on the following days: • Monday 9 June – Huyton One Stop Shop • Tuesday 10 June – Asda, Huyton • Friday 13 June - Kirkby One Stop Shop You will also be able to pick up a free World Cup wall chart for you to follow the scores and progress of the tournament all the way to the final. For more information and a copy of the wall chart, contact the road safety team on 0151 443 2232 or email


L-R: Dave Ullathorne, committee member of HHHF, John Davies and Chris Arner from St John Ambulance

A charitable group made up of employees at Jaguar Land Rover in Halewood has donated £1,800 for life saving equipment for St John Ambulance’s Cycle Response Unit (CRU). The Halewood Helping Hand Fund (HHHF) is a registered charity sponsored by a number of employees of Jaguar Land Rover. Originally formed by Ford employees in the 1960’s to raise funding for a hydrotherapy pool in a local children’s hospital, the charity has donated more than a million pounds over the last four decades to assist individuals and groups in need of medical or therapeutic equipment. Employees donate via Give As You Earn with varying amounts, depending upon individual choice and the fund is managed by a Committee who review requests on an ongoing basis. Chris Arner, an employee at Jaguar Land Rover is also a volunteer for St John Ambulance and is the Regional Operational Cycling Officer in the North West. Chris applied to the HHHF for funds to purchase an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) for the CRU. The CRU uses bikes, complete with fully equipped medical kits and AEDs, at events like music festivals and fun runs to quickly access areas that may be hard to reach by vehicles.

Chris said: “We’re incredibly grateful for this donation which means we can purchase one of the AEDs that we use on the bikes. “An AED is an important piece of equipment that can save lives in the minutes after someone suffers a cardiac arrest. The machine shocks the heart back into action. “In the UK, one person suffers a heart attack every six minutes and as many as one in three will die before they reach hospital if their heart stops in cardiac arrest. “For each minute that passes without defibrillation, the chances of survival fall by up to 10 per cent. Survival rates increase by more than 50% if an AED is used within the first four minutes.” John Davies, a volunteer with the CRU, dropped in on his bike to collect the cheque, he said: “Being part of the CRU team is amazing. “The bikes are fully kitted out for us to deal with emergency situations and we can often get to casualties much quicker than a conventional ambulance, especially on rough terrain or in crowded areas.” June Cotterill is the secretary of the HHHF, she said: “We’re thrilled to be able to help St John Ambulance in this way. “We hope the AED is never needed but, if it is, the funds donated by HHHF might just save someone’s life”.

Middle Eastern food expert Yotam Ottolenghi is set to join publican turned celebrity chef Tom Kerridge in headlining this year’s Liverpool Food and Drink Festival, which is taking place from 19th - 21st September. Best-selling cookery writer, TV chef and restaurateur Yotam Ottolenghi will be showcasing recipes from his forthcoming book, Plenty More, at the city’s biggest food extravaganza in Sefton Park. Yotam - star of Ottolenghi's Mediterranean Feast and author of the bestselling Ottolenghi: The Cookbook, Plenty and Jerusalem - will join more than 160 local chefs, producers and drinks experts in celebrating the city’s thriving food and drink scene. He said: “I’m really looking forward to taking part in Liverpool Food and Drink Festival this year, meeting local people with a passion for food and demonstrating some of the dishes that feature in my new book, which is published around that time. “With any luck I will have some spare time to soak up the atmosphere and check out the local restaurants and producers, particularly those who will be putting on a feast in the middle of the city’s Sefton Park.” Denise Harris, Managing Director of SK Events, the company behind Liverpool Food and Drink Festival, said: “We are absolutely thrilled to have Yotam Ottolenghi on board. I am a huge fan of his and I’m looking forward to watching him do a number of demonstrations along with a Q&A that will give an opportunity for our visitors to get more of an insight into his style of cooking. Liverpool Food and Drink Festival, now in its seventh year, is a three day celebration of the city’s restaurants, cafes, bars and producers. This year’s festival will kick off with a brand new Friday

TV chef and restaurateur Yotam Ottolenghi

evening event, which will run from 4-9pm. Tickets start from £5 online and entry is free for children (under 14). Further celebrity chefs will be announced over the next couple of months. For the latest news and developments on Liverpool Food and Drink Festival, visit or follow @livfooddrink on Twitter.

KCC Student through to World Skills in Belfast Knowsley Community College is pleased to announce that Chelsea Anderson has been selected for the finals of the World Skills UK Intermediate Hairdressing Competition. Chelsea is currently studying on a Level 2 Hairdressing course at the College. Tutor Paula Shaw, said: “Chelsea has worked very hard to reach this stage of the competition. She is highly motivated and is consistent in her approach to all aspects of her course. Chelsea has succeeded in gaining some excellent skills during her time here at the college”. The event will take place in Belfast on 19 June at Belfast Metropolitan College.

30 June 2014

Challenge Classified Advertising Telephone: 0151 709 7567 • Email: • CHARITY



British Heart Foundation

LICENSING ACT 2003 - NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR A PREMISES LICENCE TAKE NOTICE that Somas Ahilen has applied for a premises licence for 3 Tarbock Road, Huyton L36 5XN to sell alcohol for consumption off the premises Monday to Sunday 6.30am to 10.30pm. The existing shop is to be rebranded into an ʻEverydayzʼ convenience shop which will also be selling a wide range of goods such as bread, milk, newspapers, household products and other groceries. A record of the application can be inspected by the public between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday at the Licensing Authority, Environmental Health and Consumer Protection, Corporate Resources, 2nd Floor Yorkon Building, Archway Road, Huyton L36 9FB. Please ring 0151 443 2300 to arrange an appointment. Any responsible authority or any other person wishing to make representations on this application must do so in writing to Knowsley Licensing Authority by 30 June 2014. It is an offence to knowingly or recklessly make a false statement in connection with an application punishable with a maximum fine of £5000 on summary conviction for the offence.


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A LOVE BEYOND DEATH he relentless river of time eventually washes away everything, including our memories, and eventually our bodies and all of our belongings, and the only permanent thing in our life is, ironically, change, but in all of the years I have spent investigating ghosts and the supernatural, I would say the bond of love often remains, long after a person has physically left this life, and this is especially so with parents and grandparents. Why love outlasts life is unknown, but love is a powerful emotion, and perhaps, long after we have passed on, some imprint of it is left behind. Again and again I have noticed the post-death bond of love that exists between grandparent and grandchild, and how the love of nan and granddad transcends the grave itself, and this is the subject of the following true story. In March 2010, a 19-year-old girl we shall call Natalie was deserted by her 22-year-old partner, Adam. Natalie was three months pregnant at the time and naturally heartbroken at Adam’s departure. She was left alone in her flat in Huyton, and the teenaged mum-to-be soon lost her confidence. All of her friends were in relationships and many of them were married. Natalie tried to look for work but was turned down for every job she applied for, but still she visited the Job Centre almost every day, and one day as she returned from a job interview in Aintree, she saw her former partner Adam driving past in a new car with an unknown blonde and Natalie’s heart broke in two. She came to a bus stop, and here she was counting change in her hand as she carried the baby of the man who had coldly driven past her as if she wasn’t there. She felt so stupid; why had she ever believed he had loved her? By the time the bus came she was almost in tears. When she got home, Natalie texted her three closest friends, and not one replied, except for Keeley, and she responded two hours later. Natalie asked her if she wanted to come over ‘for a gab’ but Keeley said she wasn’t well. Things picked up for a while when Natalie gave birth to her son David, because her mother bought the baby clothes and visited for the first few months, but after that Natalie’s mother got a new job miles away and was always too tired to call around every day. Natalie’s landlord then put the rent up and the girl had to move to an affordable one-bedroom flat in Kirkby, and as chance would have it, this flat was close to the place where the girl’s nan used to live ten years before. Her nan had sadly passed away four years ago when Natalie was fifteen, and she had been close to her nan and her grandmother had adored her. One wintry night in 2011, Natalie was sitting with the baby on her knee, rubbing his back to get his wind up, and she felt so low. She had only £3 left in the electric meter and sat in a semidarkened living room in front of a miserable twobar electric fire. She was not thinking of anything supernatural at the time – her mind was far too concerned with worldly affairs and she was occupied with finding ways to get out of the rut she believed she was in. Around 9pm, David, the baby, began to smile and looked at something above the electric fire. He made grabbing motions to whatever he could see, and this spooked Natalie a bit. ‘What is it, babe?’ she asked her son, and he giggled and said something that sounded like “nan”. At first, Natalie thought someone was


shining a laser pointer through her window, because she saw a point of light out the corner of her eye, but then this light grew into what seemed like a huge luminous orb made of golden light, about five feet off the ground, and all of a sudden, in the centre of this ball of soft light, Natalie saw the face of her late nan appear. The baby kicked his legs and laughed at this manifestation. Natalie was understandably a bit scared, but became more curious than frightened. In her mind, the girl clearly heard a voice she had not heard since she was fifteen, and yet it was a voice she knew so well; she knew its cadence and timbre and right away it brought so many memories flooding back. ‘Hiya Nat, don’t be scared,’ the voice in her head said. ‘Nan, is that you?’ the stunned girl gasped. ‘Yes love,’ came the reply, ‘it’s me but I can’t stay long, but I had to come and see you because you look so down, and we’re all worried about you over here, and little David.’ And as this was communicated, Natalie saw the face smile and a tear seemed to roll from her nan’s left eye. Natalie could hardly talk because her throat had closed up with sorrow. She couldn’t believe her nan had come back to talk to her. ‘I – I,’ Natalie struggled to speak through her tears and her choked-up throat, ‘I never thought I’d ever see you again, nan.’ ‘Ah, don’t be daft, love,’ the girl’s nan said in a very reassuring voice, ‘I’m with you everywhere you go, and your auntie Lyn. Now, listen love, you can’t sit in like this every night. I want you to start going out so you can meet someone to look after you. Start going out. I’ve got to go now Nat, give my love to your mum.’ And the golden light faded. David started crying. Natalie sobbed and rocked him, and then she got up and turned on the light and looked at the spot in mid-air where she had just seen her lovely nan’s face. Am I going mad? Or did I really see what I just saw? David saw her too. Natalie had this argument with herself and then she calmed David down and picked up her mobile and was about to tell her mum what had just happened, but thought her mother would probably think she was losing the plot. On the following day, though, Natalie’s mother called her, and Natalie decided to tell her what had happened. ‘You saw your nan in a light?’ her mother sounded sceptical just posing that question; Natalie could plainly hear the cynicism in her voice. ‘Mam, I know it sounds mad, but I swear on David’s life – ‘ ‘Oh, don’t say stupid things like that, Nat’ her mother replied. Natalie butted in. ‘That proves I’m not lying mum, I saw me nan last night and she told me to start going out so that I’ll meet someone.’ The voice of Nat’s mum went up an octave. ‘And who’s gonna mind the baby if you start going out? I’m knackered working all the hours God sends. And where are you going to get money from to start going out on the town, eh? Come into the real world Nat.’ ‘I’m only telling you what me nan said, Mam; you think I’m making this up!’ ‘Nat, you’ve been half asleep, and you’ve dreamt about your nan because she used to live round there near Tower Hill – ‘ ‘Mam, can I just get a word in edgeways please? I’ve just remembered something. I am sure me nan said she was with me everywhere I go – and so was auntie Lyn. Has auntie Lyn died?’

‘What?’ the girl’s mother laughed. ‘She’ll outlive everyone. Course she’s still alive, but as you know I haven’t talked to my sister for years after what she did – ‘ ‘Mum, don’t go into all that; all I want to know is: is auntie Lyn still alive?’ ‘Oh I’m going,’ Natalie’s mother announced grouchily, ‘you’re turning into one of those cranky mediums, you wanna get a grip!’ And she hung up. But an hour later Natalie’s mobile rang, and her mum said: ‘She’s dead,’ and her voice sounded flat and barely audible. ‘Who’s dead?’ Natalie asked, and her mother told her as she cried. Her sister – Natalie’s auntie – Lyn, had died from pneumonia after undergoing a heart operation three months back, but because of the long-lasting feud between Lyn and Natalie’s mum, Lyn’s husband had coldly kept the news of the death secret. Although this was tragic news, it seemed to vindicate what the ghost of Natalie’s nan had said, that she and Lyn were watching over Natalie. Then something very bizarre took place. Natalie left her purse in a supermarket in Huyton one afternoon, and panicked once she realised it had been mislaid, but some kind soul posted the purse to her, and inside that purse was seventy pounds in crisp new notes. Natalie only had twelve quid in that purse when she lost it. She decided it was a sign, and took her nan’s advice. Natalie got her friend Keeley to mind the baby, and she went out for the night, and

“Ah, don’t be daft, love,’ the girl’s nan said in a very reassuring voice, ‘I’m with you everywhere you go, and your auntie Lyn”

although it felt strange, being out alone, it was also a bit liberating to Natalie. She met a student named Ben in a pub in Mathew Street that night, and he was not like the usual predatory fellahs Natalie was accustomed to. Ben was very generous and caring and never laid a finger on Natalie or looked at her in a lewd way. He offered to pay for a hackney to take her home safely that night but she declined. She accepted his phone number, and they began seeing one another. Ben said he felt he had known Natalie all of his life, and she felt the same. Ben accepted David as if he was his own son, and he and Natalie are now engaged, and live together in Woolton, and Natalie believes this new-found happiness is all down to her beloved nan. • Haunted Liverpool 25 is out now from Amazon

32 June 2014

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Neil Prince appointed as player/manager at Prescot Cables FC

Plantation Primary in Halewood stormed to victory at the Etihad Stadium winning the National Premier League Schools Tournament. The school’s under-11 boys team won the opportunity to represent Liverpool FC at the Premier League Schools Tournament after beating off tough competition from schools across Merseyside. Each of the 20 Barclays Premier League Clubs stages their own competition to select a school to represent them on finals day. This year more than 10,000 players from more than 1,300 schools across the country battled it out for the

right to play at the Etihad Stadium. The Plantation Primary team comfortably won their Finals Group and went on to meet the team representing Fulham in the semi-finals. Fulham has won the competition for the last two years running. Unintimidated the Plantation Primary team stormed to a 3-1 victory. The team played the pupils representing Crystal Palace in the final which they went on to win 2-0. The Plantation Primary School team were crowned the 2014 Premier League Schools Tournament champions and presented with a replica Premier League trophy.

Ian Hardman, headteacher at Plantation Primary School, said: “It was a fantastic event and a wonderful opportunity for our pupils to play on a pitch at a Premier League ground where some of the best players in the world have performed. “The team had a really authentic Premier League experience - wearing the Liverpool FC club kit, using the Manchester City dressing rooms, and walking out of the tunnel to the Premier League anthem. “To go on and lift the trophy was just the perfect end to a great day of finals football. We’re all very, very proud of the team!”

CELEBRATING SUCCESS IN HALEWOOD Members of the Halewood Leisure Centres Kick Boxing Club are celebrating after a number of members gained their black belt grading. Pictured third right is Terry McElhinney, owner of the Terry McElhinney Kick Boxing Club, with club members Sensei Dominic Murphy who passed his 2nd Dan black belt and three other members, Olly Gurrin, Paul Brady and Chris Cliffe gained their 1st Dan black belts. Knowsley Challenge is a free community newspaper to serve the Borough of Knowsley. Circulation 30,000. Editorial Office: 36 Henry Street, Liverpool L1 5BS. Telephone: 0151 706 7411. Advertising, Graphic Design and Typesetting by Mersey Mirror, 36 Henry Street, Liverpool L1 5BS. Telephone: 0151 709 7567 Fax: 0151 707 1678

Prescot Cables have announced the appointment of Neil Prince as player/manager. Neil played professionally at Torquay United and after returning to the North West played in the Conference North for Stalybridge, Hyde, Southport, Marine, Droylsden and Vauxhall Motors. He then spent a very successful period as player/manager at Bootle who he led to their first Liverpool Senior Cup win in over 100 years and to within two points of the North West Counties League title. After leaving Bootle last season he played for Skelmersdale in the Evostik Premier division. Neil brings a reputation for attacking football and professionalism to the Cables job. He will be joined by his assistants Neil Black the former Marine and Colwyn Bay striker and Neil Murphy a defender who played for Blackpool and Marine. Tony Zeverona the Cables chairman said: “We are delighted to welcome Neil to Cables along with his assistants. They bring with them a wealth of non-league experience and are all still able to make a contribution on the pitch. “Neil is an ambitious young manager who impressed us with his man management skills, his commitment to attacking football and his intention to bring in young and hungry local players. “We are confident that he will bring success to our Club”.

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