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I am Laura, I´m a spontaneous girl , I´m thirteen years old i´m really old! My surname is Alcaide Garcia and my  first name is Laura as I said before! People call me Laura or Lali! I have one sister and she´s really very beautiful!

I live with my parents in La Zubia! My eyes are green are beautiful! My hair is blond is straight and long! I am medium-size! My hobbies are playing soccer , motocycling and dancing flamenco. I don't like tennis, basketball and video games because they are very boring I love all type of music because i´m really crazy and i listen all types!

I am in the third level in the institute Alambra it is very good class! I think I am easy-going, nice ,spontaneous and calm! I like people who are the same that me.I don't like People who are stupid because you get bored and you don´t feel good. I was born in La zubia, (Granada, Spain) La zubia is a very beautifu l and a nice town to visit for foreigners. I hope that you like my description!

Presentation (3a)  

This is my presentation in the third level of institute alhambra. I informated of my life

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