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‘Food for thought’ Webquest The best time to use this Webquest is at the end of Module 5. Part 1: Manners and taboos Go to this website and do Exercises 1 and 2 below: Exercise 1 People in different countries behave in different ways. Read about things you should and shouldn’t do in Britain. Then choose the correct answer, (a) or (b), to these questions. 1. What question should you never ask a woman? (a) How old are you? 2. What should you say if someone is standing in your way? (a) Excuse me. 3. What should you not do when eating? (b) Talk with your mouth full of food. 4. When should you cover your mouth? (b) When you cough or yawn. 5. What should you always do when you are waiting for a bus? (b) Stand in a queue. 6. What question should you never ask a man or a woman? (b) How much money do you earn? 7. When should you normally shake someone’s hand? . (a) When you meet someone for the first time 8. Can a man wear a hat inside a house? (b) No, it’s not polite 9. On which side of the road should you ride a bicycle or drive a car? (a) On the left 10. Can you stare at someone in public? (b) No, it is impolite.

Exercise 2

Would the answers in Exercise 1 be the same in your country? What differences would there be? Talk about this with a friend in your class. Then write 3 – 5 sentences about your country. For example: In my country we ride our bicycles or drive our cars on the right. In my country we recycle the rubish in differents bins_______ In my country we go to the school in our cars or in the bus___ In my country organise the competitions of motorbikes______ In my country we play football with women and man_________ ______________________________________________________________ Exercise 3 Now go to this page about food and eating on the same website: Go to the section ‘Things you should not do’. Read the information and try to remember as much as possible. Then complete the crossword with the correct words from the website. 1. Don’t use your _fingers __ to push food onto your fork or spoon. 2. Don’t start _eating_ before everyone else at the table has been served. 3. Don’t lick or put your _knife__ in your mouth. 4. Don’t blow your _nose__ on your napkin. 5. Don’t put your _elbows_ on the table. 6. Don’t take food from your neighbour’s ___plate__. 7. Don’t chew food with your __mouth__ open. 8. Don’t slurp your food or eat __noisily__. 9. If you can’t reach something, ask someone to __pass__ it to you. 10. Don’t pick food from your __teeth__ with your fingernails.

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Part 2: Food quiz Go to this website and do Exercises 1 and 2 below: Exercise 1


Do the quiz which is about food around the world. Check your score at the end. Exercise 2 Complete the sentences below with information you found in the Quiz. 1. The first __hamburger___ was made in 1885. 2. ____vegetarians___ don’t eat any meat. 3. ____vainilla___ is the world’s favourite ice cream flavour. 4. ___The Banana___ is the world’s most popular fruit. 5. Cocoa butter is the main ingredient of chocolate. 6. Tomato, cheese and _____basil__ are used to make a Margherita pizza. 7. People in Morocco eat a lot of _____couscous___. 8. A Chapati is a type of Indian ____bread____. 9. People often use ____chopsticks_____ to eat rice and noodles. 10. Vegetable, meat or fish __curry_ is the most popular dish in the UK. Exercise 3 Imagine a friend from another country is coming to your house for dinner. Give him / her some advice about what he / she should (or can) do, and what he / she shouldn’t do at the table. Write your answers below. Things you should / can do (Example: You can eat with your hands at a barbeque or informal setting. You should eat everything on your plate.)

Things you shouldn’t do (Example: You shouldn’t blow your nose.)

You can eat with on your left a serviette.

You shouldn´t speak with a mouth full of food.

Part 3: What the world eats! Go to this website and do Exercises 1 and 2 below:,29307,1626519_1373664,00.html Exercise 1

What do people around the world eat, and how much do they spend on food each week? Look at the first 10 families and answer the questions below. 1. Which family has the most members?the ahmed of cairo, egypt(12 members) 2. Which family spends the most on food each week?the revis family of north carolina, USA 3. Which family spends the least on food each week?the aboubakar family from chad. 4. How many families include meat (or things made from meat) in their list of favourite foods or in one of their family recipes? the Manzo family from Sicily (hot dogs are meat-based); the Aboubakar family from Chad; the Al Haggan family from Kuwait; the Revis family from the USA; the Casales family from Mexico; the Dong family from China; the Sobczynscy family from Poland; the Ahmed family from Egypt. 5. How many families include fish or seafood in their list of favourite foods? the Ukita family from Japan (sashimi is a dish made from raw fish); the Manzo family from Italy; the Casales family from Mexico; 6. How many families don’t include either meat or fish / seafood in their list of favourite foods? the Ayme family from Ecuador. Exercise 2 Work with a friend in your class, and answer these questions: 1. Which family do you think eats the healthiest food?the manzo family of sicily Why? Because they eat all. 2. Which family do you think eats the unhealthiest food?the revis family of north carolina Why?because they eat fast food. 3. Which family would you like to have dinner with tonight?the casales family of cuernavaca Why?because they eat favorable food.

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