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Vol 29/Issue Two 2013

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Port Facilities Aqaba eyes a bigger regional role

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Lebanon’s economic model ‘failing’

IT competence centre for Bahrain

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Interview - Cesi seeks Saudi projects

Jordanian port seeks hub status

Insulation demand set to grow

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Volume 29/Issue Two 2013

SPTC, a joint venture between CG and Saudi Transformer Company, has opened the Kingdom’s first power transformer factory in Dammam Industrial city. See page 14.



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Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013






Executive Strategy


Market News


Saudi Arabia


The Kingdom’s renewable energy potential comes under the spotlight, we also look at the latest developments in the railway sector.



How security spending can not only reduce risks but also boost productivity and drive business.




Providing a range of noise control levels is one of the benefits of using modern high-performance glass.

THE EXPANSION OF Jordan’s Aqaba port is on schedule for the end of this year. Located on the northern shores of the Gulf of Aqaba, Aqaba Container Terminal (ACT) is Jordan’s only container port. Most of the transit cargo handled by ACT is destined for Iraq. In 2011, ACT started processing cargo for the Saudi market for the first time, and is working to expand the export volumes it handles from the north of Saudi Arabia. The company said it has organised a number of initiatives to attract new business to Aqaba. The initiatives form part of ACT’s strategy to secure what it describes as ‘aggressive commercial expansion’ within the region. Elsewhere in this issue, Saudi Arabia’s renewable energy potential comes under the spotlight. Although the Kingdom’s energy mix is almost wholly dominated by fossil fuels, there is clear potential for attracting investments in clean energy. Staying in Saudi Arabia, we also look at the reasons behind heavy investment in the Kingdom’s railway network. And The Big 5 Saudi Arabia is imminent too, so potential investors have plenty of options.

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The latest power generation news from around the region.

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LOGISTICS Port Facilities




Demand for insulation in the MENA region is set to increase at an annual rate of 4.9 per cent through 2016, according to a new report.

The Big 5 Saudi


The Saudi edition of the region’s largest building show is set to open for business.

Wetex 2013


Visitors to this year’s event will be able to access the latest technology.

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Jordan’s only container terminal is seeking a greater regional role.


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Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013


BRIEFLY ■ THE DECISION BY Egypt's Suez Canal Authority (SCA) to raise toll fees could force ship owners to re-route vessels around the Cape of Good Hope, a major industry association said. Tolls paid by ships using the strategic waterway are an important foreign currency earner for Egypt, bringing in around US$5 billion a year at a time when the country faces political unrest and economic turmoil. "Most international ship operators are trading in the worst shipping markets in living memory due to there being too many ships chasing too few cargoes," Peter Hinchliffe, secretary general of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) said. "This is not the time for the SCA to be announcing increases, which for some trades seem very dramatic indeed, and which many shipowners will find impossible to pass on to their customers," said Hinchliffe.

Saudi Arabia may cut capital spending SAUDI ARABIA MAY opt to cut domestic investment and keep current spending high in the next three years to avert any political turmoil despite an expected decline in its oil export earnings, according to a key bank in the Kingdom. A steady growth in the country’s oil revenue over the past decade is projected to be reversed by lower crude prices in the coming three years and this could prompt the world’s dominant oil exporter to curb spiraling public expenditure, the Saudi American Bank Group (SAMBA) said in a study on the Kingdom’s 2013 budget. It noted that actual spending in 2012 grew by 3.2 per cent compared with a whopping 26 per cent in 2011. SAMBA said it believes the main increase in spending in 2012 was on the current side, including the extension of unemployment benefit to Saudis, adding that project spending was flat in nominal terms and declined in real terms. “We think this pattern will persist for the next three years. Our oil price and production assumptions suggest that oil revenue will decline each year in 2013-2015. This is a fairly major departure from the past decade, which saw revenues grow by an annual average of 25 per cent,” the study said. It said the Saudi government might choose to keep spending high and run deficits, which could be financed from existing savings, which exceeded US$700 bn at the end of 2012 because of a sharp rise in oil revenue. “Certainly, with political considerations to the fore, the authorities are unlikely to cut outlays on public sector salaries or subsidies,” it said.

Lebanon’s economic model failing - ILO LEBANON NEEDS TO rethink its economic model after decades of setbacks that have affected its socio-economic stability, an International Labour Organization (ILO) official said recently. On the occasion of the publication of a major ILO-United Nations Development Program report, senior regional policy specialist Mary Kawar told The Daily Star that Lebanon’s labour market needed to be restructured. ‘Rethinking Economic Growth: Towards Productive and Inclusive Arab Societies,’ examines the two decades leading up to the Arab uprisings, and calls on governments to take bolder steps and create more egalitarian systems. In Lebanon, Kawar said, the inequality of the education system remains a major issue for labour supply. “Governmental spending on public education is 1.8 per cent of GDP. This is less than half what other Arab countries spend on education,” she said, adding that disparities in the quality of the public system and private education remain extremely high in the country. In terms of labour demand, the Lebanese economy is small relative to domestic demand, as evidenced by the high migration rates, the expert added. “The structure of the economy is locked in low productivity, low value-added jobs and low wages. Services today account for 70 per cent of employment,” Kawar said. Most service sector jobs require low skills and do not provide young people with decent jobs, she added. The report shows job dissatisfaction in Lebanon is among the highest in MENA at 75 per cent. Another major problem is the number of unprotected workers employed by the large informal economy. These people are found not only in underground businesses but also in formal

The Lebanese economy is small relative to domestic demand

enterprises, Kawar said. While Lebanon’s unemployed are mostly well-educated, this does not mean low-skilled people have a better chance of getting a job. “These people cannot afford to stay unemployed and as such take up any available job,” Kawar said. “In addition, the unregulated labour market in terms of having migrant workers keeps wages down for this group of people.” While migration is a traditional feature of the Lebanese economy, where remittances play a crucial role, migrants in Lebanon are vulnerable to labour rights abuses, Kawar added. “There is a need to regulate migrant workers first [to improve their] human rights and second as a means to create better jobs for the Lebanese,” she said.

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Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013



The Big 5 Saudi Arabia


Cabsat Mena






APRIL 2013 7-10

Gitex Saudi Arabia




Bauma 2013


Cityscape Abu Dhabi


MAY 2013 6-9

Project Qatar




Solar Mahgreb


Saudi Energy





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Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013

Executive Strategy

Energy efficiency key for growing Gulf industries Technical Review sat down with Bernhard Niessing CEO of Siemens Industry, Middle East to learn how Siemens can help the region’s industries achieve its goals of greater efficiency without risking productivity.


S GULF COUNTRIES undergo massive industrialisation, as part of plans to diversify their economies away from reliance on hydrocarbons, the need for implementing energy-efficient technologies across a wide range of sectors is growing. Populations and economies in the region are set to grow, fuel and electricity consumption, which is already high, is set to increase. This, coupled with the expansion of energy-intensive industries such as petrochemicals, steel, and aluminum, will lead to increasing costs for governments given energy is highly subsidised. “While it is important to invest in renewable energy, fossil fuels will continue to be the backbone of regional economies for years to come and it is crucial to implement solutions that will help conserve those valuable resources,” Bernhard Niessing, CEO of Siemens Industry, Middle East, said. “There’s considerable room for improvement in the region by making existing industries more efficient or adopting technologies that facilitate resource saving in new developments.” Siemens Industry’s portfolio covers automation solutions, drive and metals technologies, as well as industrial software and integrated services. The company says its strength lies in providing technologies that can cover a complete industrial process, from product design to planning, production engineering and execution, to services. “We provide a broad range of technologies and solutions along the entire lifecycle of products in the region and we make sure to customize those offerings depending on customers’ needs," added Niessing. “Siemens’ technologies enable industries to augment productivity, save energy and resources, produce efficiently and cut costs.” One such technology is the Product Lifecycle Management software, which reduces the time it takes for products to reach the market by up to 50 per cent, while saving resources and energy costs, Niessing explained. In industrial plants, using integrated drive systems helps reduce energy consumption by about 70 per cent. The company can also help increase efficiency of industrial plants by using production information. Almost 30 per cent of energy consumption globally comes from industry, while electric motors and drives consume up to 70 per cent of all energy used in industrial plants. Industries can easily conserve resources by switching to energy-efficient

Bernhard Niessing

motors, which Siemens supplies, noted Niessing. "Energy-efficient motors not only protect the environment, but also offer significantly lower operating costs,” said Niessing. “At the moment, there are no laws in the region stipulating that industries must implement high-efficiency IE2 class motors. We hope this will change in the future.” Many companies are reluctant to upgrade their motors due to the apparent cost associated with the switch, however, “the additional costs of drives and motors with improved energy efficiency often pay off in six to 24 months,” said Niessing. “We see an increasing interest in energy-efficient motors from the region, as they become more and more significant.”

Industrial Boom Diversification efforts by regional governments are plenty, with manufacturing industries emerging in several countries and including plastics, petrochemicals, and aluminum smelting. In the UAE, the government is developing Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (Kizad), which home to the world’s biggest aluminium smelter. Kizad is expected to contribute around 15 per cent of Abu Dhabi’s non-oil GDP by 2030. With such massive developments in the region, many revolving around hydrocarbon-based and energy-intensive industries, Siemens sees huge opportunities for providing its technologies and knowledge to regional players. In 2012 alone, the company helped customers reduce their CO2 emissions by 332mn tonnees through technologies within its Environmental Portfolio. This is a clear indication that the biggest lever for advancing sustainable development is optimising energy efficiency. “The challenge is to bring down the amount of energy needed to power many of those large emerging industries in the region. This will have a positive impact for the near and long-term future,” noted Niessing. ■


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Creating the world’s best structures begins with choosing the world’s best materials. That means the creators of the Qatar Convention Center chose Charlotte Pipe and Foundry for their cast iron pipe and fittings. We’ve been supplying the world with high-quality cast iron for over a century. And you can rest assured that we’ll continue to do so as long as the world continues to build high-quality structures like this one.


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Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013

Market News

BRIEFLY ■ GULF PRECAST HAS opened its first international branch in Iraq. The UAE firm is set to embark on a major expansion programme across the region and wants to open branches in other Gulf countries, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman. Elias Seraphim, Gulf Precast CEO stated that, "Gulf Precast aims to bring its high level of expertise to neighbouring Gulf Countries, who can capitalise on the added value of Precast use in terms of quality, sustainability, time and cost." The company will make full use of its UAE support processes, and complement its international operations with production plants where developments are to take place. This will be facilitated by Gulf Precast's indepth experience in setting up semi-mobile site plants.

Qatalum agrees aluminium supply deals QATALUM, THE QATARI aluminium smelter has signed supply contracts with Alunoor and Qatar Aluminium Extrusion to send them 5,000 tonnes each this year. The total volume of both the contracts is approximately 10,000 tonnes for 2013 of which close to 800 metric tonnes will be delivered monthly. The delivery of aluminium to local customers started on trail basis in mid-2012 during Qatalum's ramp-up of its operations and to test the product at their facilities. Qatalum CEO Tom Petter Johansen, commented, Qatalum signs supply contracts with Qatari businesses "Encouraging the local aluminium downstream industry is a key priority and commitment at Qatalum. The contracts signed today represent the beginning of implementing such commitment towards Qatalum 's participation in developing local industry in Qatar. Alunoor is involved in industry and the construction market. In industrial production the firm makes products for other factories to use in the manufacturing process, such as mechanical devices and various high-end precision equipment. Qatar Aluminium Extrusion Company is an expert in aluminium extrusion and is involved in the production of various products for domestic and business use. Khalid Mohammed Laram, Deputy CEO, added, Qatalum is ideally located to meet the growing demand for aluminium products based on strong strategic fundamentals.”

R&M enters the Bahraini market REICHLE & DE-MASSARI (R&M), the Swiss cabling solutions specialist, has expanded its presence in the Middle East with the opening of a new office in Bahrain. The company recently opened its Riyadh-based Saudi office in 2012 and has already begun and completed several large-scale cabling projects. The firm recently expanded into Turkey and Iraq. The firm is poised for further expansion in Saudi Arabia with a planned patch cord assembly facility. Jean-Pierre Labry, the executive VP of R&M Middle East, Turkey and Africa commented on entering the Bahrain market, “The success of our Saudi office has prompted us to expand into Bahrain as we remain committed to investing in the region for the region. “We’re optimistic about the demand potential as the region continues its trend towards increased IT spending. Our expanded presence will complement our already substantial regional footprint of offices in Saudi, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, and the UAE." Last year, R&M posted double-digit growth and doubled its regional work force. To speed product delivery to its customers, R&M has a regional supply chain hub serving the Middle East, Turkey and Africa. Manzoor Ali, the managing director, R&M Saudi Arabia and Bahrain noted,

Jean-Pierre Labry

"Our expansion is a result of the success we achieved in Saudi and the strong response from our Swiss quality product portfolio. We anticipate that R&M’s scalable modular designed copper and fiber solutions will meet with the same strong response in

Bahrain, Turkey and Iraq." R&M has operated in the Middle East for over 15 years and is one of the region’s major structured cabling players. The firm is known for its FTTx solutions and is the number 1 FTTx passive solution provider in the region.

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Bombardier’s Morocco plant starts production BOMBARDIER AEROSPACE HAS started production at its transitional facility in Morocco. 18 aircraft assemblers began production of the first Bombardier components to come out of its Moroccan manufacturing facility. “This is a very exciting milestone for us as we start to see our operation in Morocco take form,” said Hugo Brouillard, general manager, Bombardier Aerospace, Morocco. The Bombardier Aerospace transitional manufacturing facility in Morocco is currently only producing simple structures. By yearend, the facility is expected to employ approximately 100 fully trained aircraft assemblers, the company said in a statement. The 18 local employees were all trained in the Bombardier manufacturing process at the Institut des Métiers de l’Aéronautique (IMA) and are now fully engaged at the new transitional facility. Bombardier has extended the timeline for construction of the full facility as the manufacturing plan has evolved. So the company has now set up operations in a transitional facility located at the Mohammed V International Airport in Nouaceur in the Greater Casablanca region, near the future permanent facility.

NCR awarded major networking contract in Oman US-BASED NCR CORP said it has been awarded its largest contract to date to provide Oman's new Muscat International and Salalah Airports with networking, computing and other technology. The contract was awarded by Ultra Electronic Ithra, a joint UK and Oman venture. NCR will design, install, test and manage voice, data and wireless infrastructure, networks, archiving and storage systems, computer infrastructure, web check-in and airport wayfinding services. NCR’s technology solutions and services will ensure maximum reliability, efficiency and systems uptimes of the IT infrastructure at the airports. The Muscat International Airport currently has one terminal, but a second is being built and is set to be completed by 2014. According to NCR, the Middle East is to have the third fastest air passenger growth rate in the world at 6.6 per cent from 2012 to 2016. "There is tremendous opportunity for NCR to facilitate this anticipated growth in airport construction, leveraging our core competencies, self-service expertise and comprehensive services network to help airports in the region design and deliver an exceptional passenger experience,” remarked NCR travel vice president and general manager Tyler Craig. Muscat International airport will be Oman's largest airport

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Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013

Market News

BRIEFLY ■ WESTMINSTER GROUP FURTHER boosted a US$3mn Middle East contract with a US$250,000 extension, the company said in a statement. The extension is a deal with a new customer to supply high-tech scanning equipment to screen lorries and vehicles entering a high-security oil and gas plant. The company’s international division will carry out the work. The project is expected to be delivered in summer 2013. Westminster chief executive Peter Fowler said he was "very pleased" at the increased order and said it was "an indication of the confidence the client has in our services". Once delivered, there is potential for ongoing recurring revenue through a multi-year maintenance agreement. Fowler added that the company was in discussions with other customers in the region for the provision of high technology solutions for the protection of critical national infrastructure.

Region's first IT competence centre opened in Bahrain HUAWEI HAS OPENED its first IT competence center of the region in Bahrain to support the advancement of the country’s overall IT and telecommunications industry. The new centre will also serve as a hub for innovation and help develop high-level IT competencies of students up to senior-level professionals. It will also lead to a host of new jobs while cooperating with local Bahrain universities and education institutions on global research projects, providing an independent IT training programme to students from across the Middle East, and equipping Huawei’s customers in Bahrain with the latest IT support tools to further advance communication networks in the Kingdom. “Huawei global competence centers are an innovative component of Huawei’s global strategy to provide ICT industry leaders with reliable and consistent service anywhere anytime,” noted Shi Yaohong, President of Huawei Middle East. The Middle East is one of the fastest growing regions for Huawei around the world. Huawei’s regional contract sales across the Middle East in 2011 totalled US$3.2bn. “Huawei has recently set up similar regional hubs in countries such as USA, India and China, and we believe Bahrain is one of the important strategic markets within the Middle East region given its widespread investments in the fields of education and support for cutting-edge communication networks.” Huawei has been operating in the Middle East for over 10 years and has built several landmark ICT projects within Bahrain including work on the recent IT Outsourcing The Middle East is one of the fastest growing regions for Huawei projects for customers across the Kingdom.

CG opens first factory in Saudi Arabia SPTC, A JOINT venture between CG and STC (Saudi Transformer Company) has opened the Kingdom's first power transformer factory in Dammam Industrial City in Saudi Arabia. The new factory has a capacity of 5000 MVA and the first transformer manufactured at the factory is set to be produced by mid-April 2013. Mohammed Alsamari, CEO of SPTC, commented, “The factory has been built in a record time of 12 months. We have built a state-of-the-art facility and employed the finest technician and engineers in the field along with the best available technology. We are ready to support Saudi customers in their quest for high quality and efficient Power Transformers." The company also won a five-year framework contract for sub-station services. The first orders are for one mobile substation and six 25 MVA power transformers. The products will be delivered to Saudi Electricity Company (SEC). CG is the first company to establish a power transformer plant and mobile substation activities in the Kingdom. Laurent Demortier, CEO and managing director of CG, said, “Saudi Arabia is a strategic market for CG. The growth challenges that the country faces require deep technical interactions with leading

Inauguration ceremony of CG's first power transformer factory

suppliers. We do believe that the localisation of our activity in Saudi will bring a high level of responsiveness and understanding of the specific needs of our Saudi customers.”

The JV created in 2010 is dedicated to design, engineering and manufacture of power transformers and mobile substations and offers full service capabilities for products installed in Saudi Arabia.

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Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013

Saudi Arabia

The renewable energy potential in Saudi Arabia Although Saudi’s energy generation mix is almost wholly dominated by fossil fuels, the Saudi market is still seen as having the potential to attract investments in clean energy, writes Shady Tarfa from Ernst and Young.


HE CREATION OF the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) has played a crucial role in the consolidation of a previously highly fragmented power sector. While being partly private, SEC also benefits from a monopoly in transmission and distribution and a quasi-monopoly in generation. In the Kingdom oil represents around 60 per cent of energy sources and natural gas making up the rest but the potential to attract investments in renewable energy exists. The country hosts several major IPPs and IWPPs, delivered under long-term PPS that are proven to be bankable and have already attracted billions of dollars of domestic and international investment. There is no doubt that previous transactions, albeit limited to conventional energy, represent important precedents and lay the foundation for the deployment of a renewable energy market in the country. The financing environment is also accommodating, with local banks being fairly liquid based on an average loansto-deposit ratio of 80 per cent. Further, the pegging of the Saudi Riyals to US Dollars and the low exposure to the Eurozone makes Saudi an attractive market for international lenders. The country has a wealth of project finance experience and has hosted several landmark deals in the energy sector. Moreover, thanks to the government’s investment in the grid over the last decade, it is believed that Saudi Arabia could provide up to 10 per cent of its total electricity capacity through renewable energy, without significant impact on power quality, according to the PV Group.

Renewable energy resources The strikingly high solar radiation of around 2,550kWh/m2/ year (almost double the average radiation in Germany) and the availability of large stretches of empty desert that can host solar arrays, in addition to the vast deposits of clear sand that can be used in the manufacture of silicon PV cells, makes Saudi Arabia an ideal location for both CSP and PV power generation. While harsh desert conditions, heat and dust can reduce system efficiency, long periods of intense sunshine should help compensate for this. Unlike many other GCC countries, Saudi Arabia has good wind energy potential, with some 4.9 hours of full-load wind per day on average, one of the highest in the MENA region. Two windy regions exist in Saudi Arabia along the Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea coastal areas.

Saudi plans to install 41GW of solar and 9GW of wind capacity by 2032 Policies and plans Saudi has quickly made it onto the list of focus markets for investors and technology providers, with the government announcing its ambitious US$109bn plan to install 41GW of solar and 9GW of wind capacity by 2032, and is consistent with the Government’s desire to free up some of its locally consumed oil resources in order to increase exports.

Other strong signals to the market include the King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy (KACare), the government’s alternative energy arm, announcing its plans to launch a major renewable energy auction. KA-Care is preparing to invite bids for the first phase of its procurement in the first quarter of 2013. The first round will include 1.1GW of solar PV capacity, 900MW of CSP, 650MW in wind capacity and 200MW from other sources, including geothermal and waste-to-energy. Developers will be asked to submit proposals for projects >5MW in capacity and will also be responsible for site selection. All of the projects will be developed to be independent power projects with 20-year PPAs, each signed with an IPP. While the planned auction could potentially revolutionise the shape of the power sector in the region, the lack of previous experience in renewable energy deployment should not be overlooked. With current installed renewable energy capacity being almost negligible, Saudi still needs to go a long way in building its track record and credibility in the sector. Further, the success of the procurement program will be largely determined by the attractiveness of the tariffs set by the government and the robustness of the procurement process, all of which will need to be assessed once more clarity on the program is provided by KA-Care.

Outlook A strong track record in the development of power projects bodes well for clean energy expansion, especially since the Saudi government has long demonstrated a substantial commitment to social and economic infrastructure, as well as its desire to free up hydrocarbon fuels for export. Previous successes with IPPs, the established bankability of Saudi PPAs and the relatively liquid financing market are all strong evidence for the country’s potential. ■

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Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013

Saudi Arabia


AMAD AL-YOUSEF, CIVIL & track director of projects, Saudi Railway Company (SAR), spoke at a conference about the ambitious rail projects in the Kingdom and the current status of the North-South railway project. The Saudi Railway Organization (SRO) and Saudi Railway Company (SAR) are government-owned entities that oversee and manage the Kingdom’s railway system. SRO supervises the existing railway system which connects Riyadh with Dammam, while SAR manages the implementation and operation of the North-South project. SAR was established in May 2006 and is fully funded and owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF), a part of the Ministry of Finance. Saudi Arabia has fallen behind other countries in the Gulf in terms of railway investment and is now looking to catch up and is actively expanding and upgrading its railway network. “In the region we are behind and we are investing heavily to catch up,” Al-Yousef explained.

Operational picture of the SAR train with 120 wagons

Rail projects on track in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia is investing heavily in building a huge rail network across the country that will cater for trade and passengers. A senior official at the Saudi Railway Company provided an update on the country’s future rail projects. He pointed out that after stopping rail projects in Saudi Arabia in previous years, these are moving ahead now, for both trade and passengers. “The trend now is to promote and implement a rail or metro system within most GCC countries and eventually all the GCC rail networks will be linked up,” added Al-Yousef. These projects include a line connecting the North and South of the country, as well as one connecting the eastern side to Jubail Industrial City. As for projects, the North-South railway is considered the largest freight rail project that will have strategic importance for freight exports to the Gulf. Al-Yousef stated, “The mining industry was the trigger for the latest focus on the rail industry. In particular the need for freight transport from the Red Sea to the Gulf has been a factor in reigniting interest in railways.” The SAR rail network is approximately 3,900 km long and the mineral line is the only operational part of the track with 1,400 km of line is up and running. The mineral line started operation in May 2011 and is now in the second year of operation. The operational line runs from the Al Jalamid phosphate mine in the north of the country to Ras Al Khair on the Eastern coast of the Kingdom. More than two million tonnes of phosphate has been transported to Ras Al Khair.

Al-Yousef pointed out that SAR has spent US$4.4bn so far on the North-South line. Another big focus is rail projects related to the Hajj, according to Hamad, but these projects were more focused on metro systems. Mecca is looking to introduce a metro system to deal with the high inflows of pilgrims each year. The Saudi Land Bridge project, a 950km line connecting Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea and Gulf coasts, will enter the design stage that will take 12 to 14 months before the construction tenders are floated, according to Al-Yousef "Within a year's time, we hope we will have announcements of packages, pre-qualification and so on," he said. The work is likely to be broken up into a number of packages. The tender for the third phase of the new rail project in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province will be floated in either the second or third quarter of 2013, according to Al-Yousef The package is one of three being awarded to link Jubail industrial city to Saudi Arabia's developing new rail network. The first linking Jubail to Ras Al Khair where a massive new processing facility is under way for Saudi Arabian mining giant Ma'aden has already been awarded and the project started on site during the third quarter of 2012. The second phase linking the industrial cities of Jubail and Dammam are currently out to tender, but Al-Yousef said that those not already in the running were unlikely to win work from the project. The internal rail network for Jubail will link various points within the city, including its industrial and commercial ports. "For the Jubail internal network, we are under the detailed design and we are estimating that we will hopefully float the tender in the middle of the year or the third quarter," Al-Yousef commented. He said that civil work should be awarded to local companies but that SAR still needed the technical know-how and technology to build the vast new rail networks. ■

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Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013

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OST-CUTTING' HAS BECOME a buzzword among corporates in the Middle East today. Security programs are not immune to these cost-cutting decisions and in many instances are among the first to be considered when making budget cuts. The scare tactics of emphasising the fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) of security risks are no longer seen as rational grounds for procuring security funding and this task is made even more difficult by the general mindset. Security is seen akin to insurance- no one wants to pay for it but everyone is glad to have it when something does occur. What this then leads to is an industry wide mentality wherein the ‘reactive’ approach to IT security is seen as the accepted norm.

Business is demanding more from IT security

Increased IT security spending ‘vital’ Stephan Berner, managing director at help AG, discusses how security spending can not only reduce risks but also boost productivity and drive business Since IT security or rather the lack of it does not provide a tangible, immediate threat to most organizations, it takes something of a worst case scenario to transform it from a secondary consideration to a burning issue. By then of course, the damage has already been done with effects including damage to reputation, loss of productivity and countless hours wasted on recovery and restoration of systems.

Catastrophic And while it takes such large scale attacks to raise enough eyebrows to the issue, the real challenge that CIOs and IT decision makers face is not dealing with such catastrophic events, but rather providing a safe and stable environment which allows employees to go about their day-to-day schedules without interruption.

Stephan Berner, Managing director at help AG points out that today many CIOs are experiencing a rapidly changing environment where business is demanding more from security consumerisation of IT is usurping control and new architectures are required to address issues of shrinking perimeter, virtualisation and web 2.0 technologies. In light of this, now more than ever, organisations need to beef up their security measures and the first step in doing so will inevitably involve building a watertight case for IT security spending. Such an argument should justify the expenditure by focusing on the benefits rather than simply portraying a worst case scenario. Security proposals must be based on the financial and real world impact to the company so that the bottom-line

Currently, security is primarily seen as an overhead rather than a contributing factor to the revenue of the company

implications of implementing the proposal can be fairly assessed against other priorities.

Productivity ‘Cost-savings’ is the term that resonates best in board rooms today. Cost-savings from reduced risk can be categorized into savings that arise from reducing the cost of responding to and resolving incidents; and savings in the form of averted losses of business productivity. Any security breach entails an underlying cost as the IT department resolves the issue, restores the environment and conducts a postmortem of the attack. Along with this, there is the productivity loss that is associated with the breach. As the IT department goes about post-attack procedures, employees and customers are forced to deal with downtime. This obstruction to business can mean significant monetary losses for an organisation. Consider for example the average Distributed-Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack. Research has shown that the victim organization can stand to lose anywhere between US$10,000 to US$50,000 an hour depending on the nature of the business. And these figures do not even account for the subsequent loss of business due to the tarnished brand image.

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Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013

Communications & IT

Security is currently seen as a cost overhead, rather than a contributing factor to the revenue stream

Importance New security technologies can help reduce the possibility of attack and furthermore, if an attack does occur, reduce the effort required to get systems back online. By reducing the risk of attack, such an investment will help limit the potential for business productivity losses. Never underestimate the importance of highlighting soft benefits when making a hard business case for a particular IT project. After all, a solid return on investment often extends beyond tangible perks such as a reduction in communication costs and direct cost avoidance. A competitive edge, increased customer satisfaction, improved selling effectiveness, bolstered employee morale – they are all soft benefits capable of delivering top-notch value. Currently, security is primarily seen as an overhead rather than a contributing factor to the revenue of the company. Going beyond the basics, the role of security can be seen in a different light.

‘Cost-savings’ is the term that resonates best in boardrooms today Companies can leverage their security solutions to conduct business in a different and often, more productive manner.

Add value A virtual private network (VPN) enables home working. Installing a PCI-DSS compliant security infrastructure allows the business to accept credit card payments. Enterprise mobility security management solutions enable employees to access corporate data from personal devices in a safe and secure manner increasing both employee satisfaction and utilization.

The savvy CIO can go a step further and create a case for how deployment of new age security solutions can actually add value by and give the organisation an edge in its marketing campaign. This is especially true for organisations wherein information security is paramount as is the case with financial institutions. Here, the organisations dedication to the highest level of information security can be worked into the corporate marketing campaign thereby instilling customer confidence. The main purpose of any new IT procurement is always to drive business and profitability. Like all expenditures, security investments require fact-based justification to gain traction in the boardroom. By highlighting the numerous advantages of increased security spending, CIOs transform the perception of security from that of an operations overhead to a key business enabler. ■

SAP seeks to boost Iraq operations LEADING GERMAN SOFTWARE company, SAP, has announced that it is planning to boost its operations in Iraq. Sam Alkharrat, managing director, SAP Mena, said: “Iraq is an exciting market for SAP. This is a country where IT innovation can be truly transformational and provide the very basis for a more sustainable, connected and empowered future that not only capitalises on natural resources, but also serves as the basis for a diverse, knowledge-based economy.” Now in its 41st year, and with 232,000 global customers across 25 industries, SAP recently emerged as Germany’s largest company by market capitalisation, and has experienced 12 consecutive quarters of double-digit software revenue growth. “SAP has a multi-pronged innovation agenda comprising

synchronised investments in five interconnected elements extending a leadership position in applications, broadening its footprint in analytics, expanding its reach through mobile, becoming a profitable leader in the cloud, and growing the fastest in technology and database,” Alkharrat said. MENA is pivotal to SAP’s strategy, with the company recently announcing a four-year additional spend plan across the region that entails hiring more than 500 additional employees, tripling the company’s existing consulting capabilities, opening several new offices and expanding the partner ecosystem and the SAP University Alliances programme. The plan also encompasses the region’s first ITspecific training and development center, which will certify more than 2,000 new consultants within the next four years.

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Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013


Sound sense in glazing today Providing a range of noise control levels is one of the benefits of using modern high-performance glass. By day and night the Gulf is now a glittering showcase of what the global industry can do.


HE MAIN REQUIREMENT of architectural glass is that it allows natural light efficiently into a building, while acting as a robust cladding material at the same time. Strength, transmittance, reflectance and accurate colour rendering ensure those qualities. However modern highperformance material can perform several other functions at the same time. For example, it can provide a (substantial) measure of solar control, a vital quality here in the Middle East where sheet glass in suitable enclosures is a vital component of nearly all building service (incorporating air condition) systems.

Selective It can enhance the security and fire safety of the building, deterring intruders (including unwanted elements of the weather) and providing protection for a specified amount of time, too. By selective shading and control of direct solar energy transmittance, reflectance and absorptance today’s highspec glass can provide a major thermal insulation function, effectively keeping out unwanted solar insolation. If suitably coated it can now keep itself clean, too. And of course it comprises a key feature of the aesthetic design of the building structure itself – high-performance glass now provides most of the ‘wow’ factor at steel-framed structures, both large and small, throughout the Gulf, especially

Modern, high-performance material can perform several functions at the same time

when it is combined with imaginative lighting and viewed at night. And modern high-performance laminated safety glass such as OptiphonTM from Pilkington (Nippon Sheet Glass group) can provide a high level of insulation from outdoor sources of noise, such as heavy road traffic, and nearby indoor sources, e.g. the low-, medium- or high-frequency hum from industrial processing lines or the permanent bass throb from a generator.

Incursive noise When designing any glass component or complete installation (‘unit’) for the control of sound it is important to inform the architect or other specifier precisely what the origin of the noise is. Typical sources plaguing building occupants in the Gulf today include urban road traffic, especially where it is moving at high speed or at traffic control points, gas turbine-powered aircraft or industrial installations, and the irregular incursion of sound from a noisy domestic neighbour.

Today’s high-spec glass can provide a major thermal insulation function

Some tenants also complain about the incursive noise of children playing – and of course the evening emanations from entertainment and other adult social facilities are a legendary cause of complaint all over the world.

Suitable material All these sounds should be measured and analysed as spectrums or sound profiles by an audio specialist before ever the architect starts to put hand to mouse. A suitable material can then be specified, along with the enclosure in which the glass panel is to be carried. Key considerations when specifying a suitable material are the mass of the material itself, in other words not just its density and thickness (and therefore weight), but also its crystalline structure; the amount of space between panes in a two or three-fold sandwich structure (universal these days); and how that space is filled (is it a vacuum or a purposedesigned gas? As well as positioning the level of noisereducing performance of the resulting panel will depend on all of these factors, resulting in the formulation of a soundreduction index. A level of impact- and fire safetyprotection – also index defined - is usually provided by the designer at the same stage, leading up to a complete specification which is provided to both the supplier and the client. In the case of a

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Smart and Efficient The LiSEC FlyOver Loading System

Our innovation for glass loading and remnant plate storage! The intelligent design of the FlyOver’s suction bridge allows it to move diagonally above the glass storage area when no glass is being transported. The FlyOver automatically follows the shortest path to the next storage rack, which minimises cycle times and keeps cutting machines working at full capacity. Besides the signiďŹ cant time savings achieved the FlyOver renders remnant plate storage systems obsolete by transporting remnants back to the glass storage area. Please call us at +971-4-2994-596 or send us an email to

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Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013


large structure the building’s insurer will probably be interested to see this, too. The special high-performance product from Pilkington/NSG mentioned above is described by the manufacturer as a “highquality acoustic laminated glass with a special PVB* interlayer that offers excellent noise reduction without compromising on light transmittance or impact performance” (source: Pilkington’s ‘Global Glass Handbook 2012 – Architectural Products’ which also provides user-friendly definitions of the technical terms used on this page). The latest Handbook (available online at goes on to state that the desired sound-protecting performance can be achieved by assembling various thicknesses of the material with a PVB interlayer.

Special material Optiphon itself can be combined with other products from the same group to provide a multi-functional monolithic glass with noise reducing qualities, or an insulating glass unit that possesses other useful attributes such as ability to self-clean. Easily incorporated into insulating

Ghassan Mashal of Emirates Float Glass receives the Environmental Performance Card from HE Dr Rashid Ahmed Mohammed Bin Fahad, UAE Minister for Environment and Water

units, this special material is “the ideal choice of glass in situations where there is excess noise from road, rail or air traffic, or

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other sources,” the 2012 Handbook says. The material is available in a range of thicknesses from 6.8-13.1mm. ■

EFG cited for sustainable production EMIRATES FLOAT GLASS (EFG), one of the UAE's largest, integrated float glass facilities, a subsidiary of Dubai Investments (DI) PJSC, has received a prestigious Environmental Performance Card from the UAE Ministry of Environment and Water in recognition of its environmentally safe production practices. The commendation was presented to Ghassan Mashal, general manager at Emirates Float Glass, by His Excellency Dr Rashid Ahmed Mohammed Bin Fahad, UAE’s Minister for Environment and Water, at an official awards ceremony. The Environmental Performance Card is an initiative designed to support the Ministry’s motto ‘Towards a Green Production 2021’. The EFG facility, which launched a unique Carbon Management Programme early in 2012, was assessed by technical specialists from the government department. Covering all aspects of the company’s manufacturing unit, the evaluation particularly assessed the use of chemicals, disposal of industrial waste and air pollution levels, against the environmental requirements prescribed under Federal Law 24 (1999). EFG has achieved a carbon footprint level of 553 grams of carbon dioxide emission per kilogram of glass, which is among the best global ratings. Float glass produced by EFG contains between 59 and 67 per cent regional raw material, which is in line with international sustainability requirements. Additionally, EFG uses 6.20 per cent post-consumer recycled material for production. The company’s facility, which is equipped with machinery imported from Europe, the US and Japan, achieves 100 per cent capacity utilisation, the highest benchmark for efficiency levels worldwide. The hi-tech manufacturing unit currently holds a production capacity of 600 tons of clear molten glass per day and more than 190,000 tonnes of glass products per year.

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Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013

Power & Water

GCC could become a global energy powerhouse Technical Review spoke to Floris Schulze, managing director of CESI Middle East about the firm’s project wins last year and why CESI believes that the region could become a global energy powerhouse by 2050.


ESI MIDDLE EAST has had a strong first year of operation in the Middle East, according to Schulze, and this was despite the ongoing economic crisis. Saudi Arabia has proved to be CESI Middle East's most successful market so far and the company has several projects up and running in the Kingdom that has given the company strong reference projects in a short time period. "Saudi is our top target market and is extremely important," noted Schulze. A real focus for C CESI this year will be to set up a permanent presence in Saudi Arabia and the company is looking at setting up offices around the GCC region. The company is working on two high profile projects in Saudi, with the most technical project being the High-voltage, direct current (HVDC) connection between Riyadh and Mecca, which is the first one in the Middle East and is a huge MW connection between the two cities. Schulze stated that HVDC will be the key for future energy growth in the region and will be the main way of connecting the grids without too much of energy loss. It will be challenging as it needs to be a tailor-made approach to the region and not just a copy and paste job on everything that has being built with HDVC in South America or Europe. That is why CESI argue that HDVC in the Middle is different with the towers and lines, all needing to be designed from scratch. "For a Pan-Arab policy to work you need the infrastructure in place and interconnections will play an important role in connecting different countries, especially long distance connection to Europe, Asia and Afica," said Schulze. The second project CESI is involved in is smart grids and smart metering strategy, which is important from the view of all the stakeholders in the Kingdom, according to Schulze. "This is a unique project for the region. This type of job often goes wrong due to absence of overall strategy and not involving all relevant stakeholders in the early stages that need to align with the strategy and gain acceptance by the stakeholders. In the case of KSA, it is a nationwide approach which involves all stakeholders. In these types of strategy projects independency is of the utmost importance.” He added, “Projects run by manufacturers often suffer because they are mainly thinking about selling their own equipment, which is often the largest and most lucrative part of a smart meter roll out.”

Floris Schuzle

Initiated by a reputable regulatory body like ECRA, The Kingdom has started the development and implementation strategy for smart grids and smart metering the right way. CESI is half way through the project and they have already held the first workshop, towards the end of 2012, which was attended by 150-200 people who represented all kinds of important stakeholders like the Utilities, regulator, universities, research and development, manufacturers, consumers, Industries, ICT and Telecom like Saudi Aramco, SEC, National Gird, KACARE and manufactures. "This shows the commitment of the Kingdom to make sure that the different developments on smart grids and smart metering are aligned as much as possible by involving the stakeholders during workshops and site visits." remarked Schulze. “The follow up to the workshop has been very positive and many of the stakeholders have been inviting us to look at their sites. We are getting more inside information and we have found that the stakeholders are really proactive.” He feels that Saudi Arabia is the only country in the region taking this nationwide approach. Saudi is far ahead of its

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neighbors in terms of a nationwide approach towards smart metering and the Kingdom is really looking to combine technologies into a common approach.

Energy growth For the power sector to grow in the region, infrastructure in terms of grid connections and maintenance will play a key role. Schulze explained that asset maintenance and spare part management is part of the solution to meet the growing energy demand. This arises because there are lots of generation plants in the region running on a fraction of their capacity due to a lack of spare parts and absence of an adequate asset & maintenance management organisation. "This is a real opportunity for utilities to think about a structured approach towards asset and maintenance. This will all benefit the end consumer in terms of power availability and also on health and safety aspects," he argued.

Arab fund project

New gen-set controllers The new RGK series of AMF and Stand Alone gen set controllers of LOVATO Electric are setting a new standard in controlling single and multiple generating sets thanks to unique functionality and technology. Optical interface on front for quick setup and diagnostics without needing to open the control panel


Expansion modules to have access to any type of communication port, I/O configuration and memory.

Plug and play GSM modem module to optimise and simplify remote supervision


Wi-Fi key for quick diagnostics by smartphones and tablets for operation and maintenance purposes

The other project is related to the pan-Arab feasibility study for the Arab Fund, which will determine the best electric energy and natural gas trade scenario to create a single energy market for 20 Arab countries. “We have finished our first studies on the current state of the gas infrastructure in the MENA region and we are currently building up the trade models,” he explained. Schulze feels that in principle the GCC region could become a global powerhouse by 2050 as it has all the right ingredients to become the dominant player. The GCC has the space, the investment and willingness to push through new innovative technology. He warned though, "that it is a long way off yet and there are many hurdles to overcome but the potential is there."

Solar push Renewable energy will also play an important and CESI is focused on producing high performing Solar cells. Solar energy will become interesting for utilities as they can decide what to do with their natural resources as they could use solar for their own energy and they can then export the gas and oil. Schulze wants to explore opportunity with developments like Masdar City, KA-CARE and King Abdullah City for Science and Technology. By 2014, he would really like the first solar projects on the ground. "In the future, we believe solar will be very important, especially here in the Middle East," Schulze concluded. ■

Boolean logics to guarantee advanced functions and intelligent automation, reducing the usage of auxiliary components in a control panel LOVATO ELECTRIC ME FZE ENERGY AND AUTOMATION #A101-9, First Floor, Block A DSO-Operations and Facility Centre DUBAI SILICON OASIS POM Box No. 341338, Dubai, UAE Tel.: +971 4 371 2713 Fax: +971 4 371 2714 A type test HV cable

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  Alternators 1 - 3000kVA

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Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013

Power & Water

BRIEFLY ■ SIEMENS ENERGY HAS announced it has been awarded a series of power plant contracts in Libya worth US$135.6mn. The contracts were awarded by the General Electricity Company of Libya and cover the upgrade of two existing power plants in the cities of Khoms and Ruwais. Dietmar Siersdorfer, CEO Middle East of Siemens Energy, said, "We are committed to supporting the reconstruction of Libya's infrastructure and to this end, a safe, reliable and efficient power network is absolutely essential." Siemens said it would inspect and overhaul the Khoms Steam Power Plant and the Western Mountain Gas Turbine power plant in Ruwais, ensuring both plants continue to run safely and efficiently. It will also contribute to the upgrading of the existing Libyan power infrastructures to enhance their performances to meet growing energy demands.

Empower awards district cooling contract EMPOWER HAS AWARDED Al Habtoor STFA Soil Group LLC (HSSG) the contract for carrying out shoring and enabling works in its new district cooling plant in Business Bay. Once it is completed, the new plant will provide 34,000 RT (Refrigeration Tonnes) to meet the needs of the Business Bay residents, businesses and offices. The new plant will increase the production capacity of Empower by 10 per cent once it is up and running. Ahmed Bin Shafar, CEO of Empower stated, "We awarded this project to Al Habtoor STFA Soil Group LLC (HSSG) as the company is handling projects of similar nature in Business Bay.” The new plant is the first district cooling plant to be constructed in Dubai compliant with the new TSE and TES requirements, as per Dubai Executive Council Directive for conserving environmental resources, including water, in providing district cooling services. Shafar added, “We are getting ready to open the tender to appoint the primary constructor to build the plant, with preference being given to local companies and those that we worked with in the past.” Empower is a joint venture between Tecom Ahmed Bin Shafar, and DEWA and provides district cooling CEO of Empower. services around Dubai.

Leviton pushes the energy management agenda LEVITON IS FOCUSING on pushing its lighting controls and energy management solutions, which helps create sustainable, intelligent environments through its electrical wiring devices, network and datacenter connectivity solutions, and lighting and energy management systems. As energy costs continue to rise, finding new ways to save energy is essential and Leviton believes it has an effective and affordable solution with sub-meters that measures and delivers data on energy use. Leviton is able to measure how much power is flowing through a circuit and its sub-meters are easy to specify and install for new construction or retrofitting projects. Leviton states that its EMB Hub is an intelligent, flexible data acquisition server that allows users to collect energy data from meters and environmental sensors through its ModBus protocol. "Designed to connect to IP-based applications such as enterprise energy management, demand response and smart grid programs, the EMB Hub server lets you connect thousands of energy points, benchmark energy usage and reduce energy costs," the firm said in a statement. Leviton is also expanding its wireless offering with the LevNet RF™ energy harvesting wireless solutions. This product provides customers with additional easy-to-install energy saving solutions. The wireless and energy harvesting technologies are developed and licensed from EnOcean. Another area that Leviton is concentrating on is green products. The firms energy efficient Relay Control Panel, GreenMAX™ is changing the industry standard for Relay Control Panels, featuring a modular design for total installation flexibility. The command modules and relay insert

Leviton’s GreenMAX product

panels are shipped separately to minimise handling and subsequent damage during installation. Relay options include integrated dimming, daylight harvesting and smart metering capabilities for integrated lighting control. Programming and monitoring GreenMAX™ is done via the portable Handheld Display Unit (HDU) allowing onsite or remote access.

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Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013

Power & Water


Smart switchgear and automation solutions T

HE CHALLENGES OF electrification of many new and existing distribution networks are at the cusp of the evolution of the Smart Grid. Utilities charged with improving network performance whilst meeting many other obligations are facing cost reductions and performance expectations. In this context performance and cost are the same variable. Performance is “quality of service” and is also the cost in delivering that service. Network automation techniques will become an integral part of future network designs in achieving this balance, and are already aligned with many Smart Grid initiatives. Two common measures of performance are SAIFI (system average interruption frequency index) and SAIDA (system average interruption duration index). By improving on SAIFI, i.e. reducing the frequency of customer interruptions, the utility is reducing the risk of a fault occurring. This is achieved with f eeder protection, better asset management and condition based maintenance. However, once a power system fault or disturbance has occurred on the network, Utilities need to reduce the consequences of that power system event. The consequences of that event are achieved through effective isolation of the network in order to return as many customers back to normal as possible. This can be achieved through manual switching, but is also accomplished using remote control and automation techniques. In order to improve on SAIFI, or to reduce the number of customers affected by a power system incident there are various modifications that can be introduced on the network such as the installation of fuses or circuit breakers at MV/LV transformers. However, installation of mid-section points, or splitting feeders and introducing new normally open points (NOP), in combination with automation techniques will help reduce the duration of unplanned outages and improve the SAIDI figures. Network performance is dependent on

design and topology of the network, as well as the operations and maintenance. There has always been a focus on physical infrastructure failures, such as equipment overloading, poor condition due to inadequate maintenance etc. However, to

A Lucy Switchgear FRMU unit

help manage these networks in a more proactive and smart manner requires more information on the status of the network. Most utilities need to strike a balance between running a reliable network and managing their costs This decision needs to be based on reliable information but as networks have evolved it has become apparent, among many utilities that there is insufficient monitoring and measurements to effectively make that decision. In order to help utilities improve the quality and reliability of their networks, the automation offering from Lucy Switchgear can be deployed incrementally in a staged approach. A process of monitoring and making incremental

investments allowing cost savings in planning and in the implementation of networks can be realised whilst still providing an efficient solution. Modular remote terminal units (RTUs) can be installed on switching points and configured to transmit fault passage indicator (FPI) information to the Utility’s control centre in order to allow fault location to be achieved quicker than physically investigating each FPI manually. The next step, following an understanding of the dynamics of the network, is a process of introducing remote control at selected switching points. This process can also be achieved with existing and new installations of ring main units (RMUs). Lucy Switchgear provide a nonintrusive design to retrofit automation and control to a common range of RMUs, as well a delivering RMU’s are ‘automation ready’. This means that the necessary wiring looms for control of the ring switches will be preinstalled when delivered to site. The modular RTU will monitor the status of the RMU, and measure the line currents and voltages and provide the necessary fault location information when required. However, with the addition of a retrofit actuator and control module for the RTU, remote control of the ring switch is achieved with only a small incremental investment. This means that utilities learn about their networks, and selectively introduce control points on the most appropriate parts of the network allowing them to move the NOP to the most appropriate part of the network. The incremental approach described is a major advantage in areas where monitoring is required at majority of sites but the location of the switching sites is unknown. We are at the cusp of the evolution of the Smart Grid. The automation solutions from Lucy Switchgear support this and afford the flexibility for future upgrades providing cost savings in planning and implementation on power distribution networks. ■

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Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013

Power & Water

BRIEFLY ■ SPAIN-BASED MANUMAG SL has showcased its new range of products at the Middle East Electricity show in Dubai. The Spanish manufacturing company used the opportunity that the region's largest event for the power sector provided to unveil its improved range of step updown autotransformers that are now protected with metallic enclosure and covers a range of voltages as 110/200/220/240V. Samples of the new range were presented during the show. The company, which was founded in 1977, produces and sells a vast range of low voltage transformers. The firm has a string presence in Europe, Middle East and Africa. The main products that Manumag produce are single-phase and three-phase transformers and single-phase and three-phase step up-down autotransformers and automatic voltage regulators. All of their products are built to the highest European standards of quality. The firm is also ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Yamuna Cable wins its biggest single order in Saudi Arabia YAMUNA CABLE HAS one won its biggest single order in Saudi Arabia in a deal with Saudi Electricity Company (SEC). The two-year contract with SEC could eventually lead to Yamuna Densons setting up a manufacturing line in the region in order to serve their growing customer base more efficiently. "Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region has always been one of our major markets and a real target area for us," noted Ravi Sardana, managing director of Yamuna Densons. Yamuna Densons has worked with SEC in the past but this new deal is its biggest win so far. The deal covers the whole Kingdom through SEC’s centralised purchase and distribution system. Sardana added that the deal with SEC puts the company in a better negotiation position with their raw material suppliers and machinery manufacturers as the requirements in the Gulf region for better quality products is rising steadily. The company's local Saudi partner, KANOO, played a key role in helping facilitate the deal. Sardana remarked, "We do not see SEC’s growth

Yamuna Cable has won a two-year contract with Saudi Electricity Company

in the next five years slowing down and we are very bullish about the Saudi market.” The sheer size of the business in Saudi Arabia and the volumes involved means prices remain highly competitive, which is why this deal with SEC will help Yamuna Densons keep up with its competitors. The firm will be focusing more and more on the automation of its assembly process, which will help increase its production capacity. Yamuna Densons is an Indian based manufacturer and supplier of power cable jointing accessories.

Ducab enters new sectors DUBAI CABLE COMPANY (Ducab) is going from strength to strength and with a raft of project wins under its belt the UAEbased company is now producing new copper products for specialist sectors that will help the company become more resilient, Colin McKay general manager sales and marketing at Ducab told Technical Review. McKay explained that Ducab was looking to differentiate itself and it was launching new higher performance cables for different sectors that will help it diversify the sectors and geographies it produces cables for. “What we want in five years’ time is to be a bit more resilient so we can deal beter with a regional recession than we did this time around,” he noted. Ducab has introduced a new range of Tuff DuFlex wires and cables, which means the firm is the only BASEC approved cable and wire manufacturer to offer wires operating in stringent conditions ranging from -40 degrees celsius to 105 degrees celsius. An area that Ducab is really pushing is fire protective products and the firm now has new products, its FlamBICC fire

Colin McKay

resistant cables for residential and industrial use. "Fire protective cables are growing in importance, especially with the number of fire incidents that took place in the UAE and Qatar last year. We see far more sensitivity to inferior and poor quality cables than before," pointed out McKay.

This is why there is a greater interest in certification and Ducab has been consulting firms that whenever they put in new cables they should have them certified and verified. Ducab is working on a new initiative with DEWA and Dubai’s Civil Defence to launch a roadshow and educate people in the UAE about the need to specify the right cable. This will be rolled out in the next two months. Ducab is spreading the range of cables it produces into new markets and Mckay sees the renewable market as a real opportunity. "We see renewable energy as a growth area and we are looking to roll out this to North Africa as well," added McKay. The firm now has some reference points and last year they worked on a successful project for the Shams 2 solar project in Abu Dhabi, where they supplied the Spanish contractor working on the plant it with all of the cables that moved the mirrors at the solar CSP plant. The company will also be working on the Dewa solar PV Park which First Solar has been contracted to work on and they will supply the low voltage cables for it.

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Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013

Port Facilities

Aqaba seeks a bigger role as a shipping hub

Most of the transit cargo handled by ACT is destined for Iraq

Jordan’s only container terminal is seeking a greater role in Iraqi trade. Lynda Davies reports.


OCATED ON THE northern shores of the Gulf of Aqaba, Aqaba Container Terminal (ACT) is Jordan’s only container port. Last year saw container throughput at the facility rise to more than 817,434 TEUs, a 15.8 per cent increase on 2011, and representing a utilisation rate of over 96 per cent. In a move to keep pace with market growth, a major expansion is underway to increase the terminal’s operational capacity. On completion of the project at the end of 2013, annual container throughput capacity is expected to increase to 1.5 million TEUs from the current 850,000 TEUs.

Expansion A key element of the project is the extension of the existing 540-metre berth length to 1,000 metres which will allow ACT to accommodate three large ships simultaneously rather than just one at present. The draft alongside the extended berth will range from 15.5 metres up to 33 metres, allowing some of the largest vessels to dock without restrictions. ACT is also developing associated container yards and adding new equipment in line with the expansion. “We will have the first 200-metre section

It considers the Iraqi market a vital pillar in the terminal’s operations

of the berth extension up and running by the end of February,” ACT’s CEO Soren Hansen said. “We are also expanding our inventory further by adding two STS cranes and four RTGs to our existing equipment.” The addition of the two new ship-toshore (STS) cranes will take the number of STS cranes at the facility to seven. Plans are also underway to add 16 more truck heads and 16 trailers. The expansion is on track for completion by the end of 2013, Hansen said. ACT confirmed the cost of what it refers to as ‘the phase two 2009-2013 expansion’, is still on budget at an estimated US$235 million.

Strategic position Australia’s Cullen, Grummit & Roe (CGR) undertook the design work for the 460metre berth expansion and is supervising its construction as well as the development of the associated container

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Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013

Port Facilities

yards. BAM International Abu Dhabi LLC has been contracted to carry out the civil work of the berth extension. “The project when fully completed and equipped will not only bolster ACT’s annual container throughput capacity to a projected 1.5 million TEUs, but will help reinforce Jordan’s strategic position as a key portal to the Levant and Iraqi markets,” Hansen said. Container throughput at ACT has been growing annually over the past decade or more, reaching 817,434 TEUs in 2012. In-transit cargo handled at the terminal increased by 63 per cent in 2011 to over 100,000 TEUs and the figure for 2012 is expected to have shown a further increase.

Investment Reefer growth at the ACT facility increased 15 per cent in the first six months of 2012 over the same period in 2011. In anticipation of this and future reefer growth, the company has invested in increasing its reefer capacity by expanding reefer plugs from 700 to 930.

Container throughput at ACT has been growing annually over the past decade or more

ACT container throughput 2000 2006 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012

TEUs 215,257 414,662 587,530 674,525 605,659 705,648 817,434

Number of vessels 506 356 367 569 532 491 445

Source: ACT

ACT, which is a joint venture between Aqaba Development Corporation (ADC) and APM Terminals (part of the Danish AP Moller-Maersk Group) operating under a

The addition of the two new ship-to-shore (STS) cranes will take the number of STS cranes at the facility to seven

25-year build-operate-transfer agreement signed in 2006, said it is handling increasing volumes of Iraqi-bound cargo. It considers the Iraqi market a vital pillar in the terminal’s operations and is actively seeking to build ties with the Iraqi business community in order to promote Aqaba as the preferred gateway for goods in and out of Iraq. Most of the transit cargo handled by ACT is destined for Iraq. In 2011, ACT started processing cargo for the Saudi market for the first time, and is working to expand the export volumes it handles from the north of Saudi Arabia. The company said it has organised a number of initiatives to attract new business to Aqaba. The initiatives form part of ACT’s strategy to secure what it describes as “aggressive commercial expansion” within the region.

Link Hansen emphasised the advantages provided to shippers using Aqaba. “ACT is seen by most of the traders and

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Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013

Port Facilities


ACT is seeking to expand further

shipping lines as a safe, transparent and efficient container terminal. And that puts us in a good position to attract more business through our facilities,” he said, noting that the company is seeing more and more businesses in Iraq and Saudi Arabia now viewing Aqaba as a long-term,

sustainable element in their supply chain. According to ACT, goods arriving in Aqaba port can reach Iraq, via truck, within 48 hours. Jordan’s plans to build a 550-km rail link from the ACT terminal to the Iraqi border town of Trebil which would provide connections to a proposed line in

neighbouring Iraq. The link was approved by the Jordanian government in August 2011 as part of its plans to upgrade and develop in national railway network. The rail link would be a further boost to Aqaba’s position as a commercial hub and transit portal. ■

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Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013

MEE Review

Strength of region’s power sector shown at MEE The 38th Middle East Electricity (MEE) event and newly created Solar Middle East had a very strong showing last month that confirmed its status as the main electrical and power event in the region.


HE 2013 SHOW, held at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, was a major success and saw a big increase in visitor and exhibitor numbers that reflected the growing optimism within the region's power and energy markets. According to the show organisers, the first day of the show saw a 28 per cent year-on-year rise in traffic numbers, which Anita Mathews, director of Informa Energy Group, described as a "phenomenal increase." Solar Middle East was co-located with MEE and was created in response to the growing number of MEE exhibitors also involved with solar technologies. "Solar has always been part of MEE, but

Visitors in DWTC's main hall

we thought it best to have a dedicated platform for the solar and PV sector," Mathews said. The new show enjoyed a very good start in terms of exhibitor uptake, with close to 100 international solar companies deciding to exhibit at the new solar platform.

Eventful show MEE 2013 had two conferences running throughout the three days of the show.

The opening day saw the launch of the first Solar Middle East Conference that was well attended. The second day of the show saw another first-time event launched with the Green Energy Middle East Conference, held in partnership with Dubai Municipality, taking place. The one-day conference outlined the new 2013 green building codes, which are intended to help Dubai reduce it carbon emissions. The MEE awards, running for the second year, were a major highlight of this year's events and the ceremony was attended by more than 1,000 people who watched the best in the region's power, lighting, renewable, and nuclear sector celebrated. Mathews remarked," The Middle East Electricity Awards are an excellent reference to pay tribute to the outstanding achievements of individuals, departments, teams and organisations that have contributed to the growth and development of the energy industry across the region."

Launch pad

Robert Sobocki

New deals and contracts were signed during the show, including Scania who choose MEE to launch the Swedish-based company's first ever turn-key generator sets.

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Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013

MEE Review

Robert Sobocki, senior vice president franchise and factory sales Scania engines said: “For the first time we are launching complete Scania gensets that will be sold via our distributors. We feel there is a market need for a complete genset and we feel there is a huge need for genset prime power here in the Middle East." Staunch Machinery launched a new hybrid energy light tower at the show, which the Lebanese company said would be able to cut fuel consumption by up to 80 per cent. Another Lebanese company, Mets Energy unveiled its new generator at MEE 2013. The new Ranger genet is a long-running and low-maintenance unit. MEE was also host to many country pavilions, with a large number of Turiskish companies taking part with Turrkish Electro Technology (TET), the Istanbul Electrical Electronics Machinery and ICT Exporters' Association. "This is a very important event for Turkish companies. The UAE has huge potential and so has the region, we realise this potential and that's why we have decided to participate at a national level here," Faith Kemal Ebiclioglu, TET chairman argued. MEE plays an important role in the region’s energy sector and this can be seen by the comments of many of the companies exhibiting at the show. Daniel Boberg, business development manager of industrial power systems at Volvo Penta explained that Middle East Electricity was a really important show for

Middle East Electricity Awards Winners Category



CSR Initiative

Society of Engineers – UAE

CSR Initiative

HSE Project or Initiative

RasLaffan Power Company

Visible commitments towards HSE

Power Project

Al Fanar Constructions

Hall Power Plant III

Lighting Project

Bahri & Mazroei Trading Co

LED lighting and solar PV implementation

Power & Water Utility

QPower QSC

Ras Laffan Water & Power Plant

Best Innovation / Technology

ALSA Solar Systems Ltd & Dubai Municipality

Solar Pumping Systems

Solar Project

Trojan Battery Company & Incon General Contracting

First solar lighting for roads in UAE rural areas

Special Recognition Awards Winners Category


Green Energy Partner

Dubai Municipality

Power Personality of the Year

His Excellency Saeed Mohammad Al Tayer

Best Campaign


Environmental Partner.

Environmental Center for Arab Towers (ECAT)

the company and that it is vital that the company shows it has a strong presence in the Middle East. "We are here to support our OEM’s and show we are close to the market," he noted. Carl Sellick, global sales and marketing director at Switchgear praised the show and said, "MEE provides us with great visibility and we have really grown our brand through MEE. It has been very helpful to be able to meet visitors from all around the region and world at one show."

Bright future MEE 2014 will focus on building on current sectors and intends to be bigger and better than this year's edition. Next year’s show will take place on 11 - 13 February 2014 at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre. Mathews said, “MEE has for the past few years averaged five to 10 per cent growth in spite of the economic slowdown and the show has continued growing rapidly, which officials hope is a trend which will continue in 2014 and beyond.” ■

Award-winning solar lighting project in Dubai TROJAN BATTERY CO., which claims to be the world’s leading manufacturer or deep-cycle batteries, has received the Application Solar Project of the Year award at the Middle East Electricity 2013 tradeshow held in the UAE recently. Trojan’s renewable energy group and Trojan’s master distributor Hydroturf International were recognized for the implementation of a solar-powered rural street lighting project in 2012 which was commissioned by the country’s Ministry of Public Works. This solar lighting project is the first of its kind to be established in Dubai. “The success of this project is a step forward in the adoption of reliable solar lighting technology as a viable alternative to conventional grid-connected lighting technology for both rural and mainstream roadways,” said Romina Arcamone Garcia, Trojan Battery’s international business development manager for renewable energy. “Trojan focuses its research and development efforts purely on deep-cycle battery technology for use in some of the harshest climates. This project highlights yet another example of Trojan batteries being successfully deployed in renewable energy applications in the field.” In support of the UAE government’s directives for the

implementation of projects that meet principles of sustainability, Trojan and Hydroturf worked with Incon Infrastructure Contracting to install 404 solar street lights along an 11 kilometer stretch of rural road in the area of Wadi Sidr. The solar light poles each feature two Trojan 8D VRLA batteries which serve as the energy storage devices to power the streets lights after dusk. This project also adds a unique IT component to the conventional solar lighting solution that enables the street lights to be remotely monitored via a cell phone by technical personnel from anywhere in UAE. The software enables users to remotely switch the lights on or off when needed, or reduce the working hours of one or all of the light poles. “The Dubai solar lighting project will not only reduce carbon emissions in the region by eliminating the need for high-tension wires connected to the grid, but will also save money through the use of long-life LED lights and improve public safety by illuminating rural roads for drivers,” said Mohamed Hashique, regional sales manager for Hydroturf. “Overall, the solar lighting project for the Wadi Sidr area offers a multitude of benefits to both the local community as well as the government in achieving its objectives for sustainable energy solutions.”

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Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013

MEE Review

The next generation of lighting controls Paul F. Sherbo, director of international business development for lighting and energy solutions at Leviton, speaks to Technical Review about the US-based electrical wiring company's forward-thinking approach towards the evolution of lighting controls as well as its operations in the Middle East ELECTRICAL WIRING SPECIALISTS Leviton has been at the forefront of the lighting industry for many years and has been utilising its vast experience to help plan for the next generation of smart lighting controls. The 106-year-old, family-owned company only made its full entrance into the international lighting and energy solutions market in the past decade, despite its long-term dominance within the domestic US market. "We can't be parochial to the US market anymore because the demands of our products are now global, but our US-designed products do not always apply in a global applications, particularly if we are talking about US products being UL listed, while the rest of the market uses CE-marked products" says Sherbo. In order to overcome these barriers in the Middle East, Leviton bought Quantran Systems Limited in 2011. Wellestablished in the Middle East, Quantran has been involved in a number

Paul F. Sherbo, Leviton’s director of international business development for lighting and energy solutions

of large projects in the region, and as a London-based firm has provided Leviton with a useful way of branching into markets dominated by CE-marked products. "The Middle East is one of the few markets in the world that will entertain both CE and UL, and I think that's to their benefit," says Sherbo. "In this market, we have the option, but in recent years we've made a strong effort to be able to sell products worldwide and we're still adding to that portfolio. "It's exciting for us, because even though Leviton has only been operational here for six years, Quantran has been here 30 years and we have been able to utilise that experience."

Leading position Sherbo says the firm has been pleased with the progress it has made in the Middle East market to date, while its leading position within its global sector has enabled it to take advantage of what he describes as the "greening of markets around the world". Sherbo says that Leviton has found itself indirectly involved in the creation of green building rating systems across the Middle East such as Abu Dhabi's Estidama. "We've been involved from the point that we hold seminars to help the authorities increase their knowledge base and to help them make decisions on the standards they want to adhere to," Sherbo explains. "In most countries, energy conservation starts with legislation, but what we have seen happening in the Middle East is that energy rich countries do not want to be seen as pariahs popping out CO² by the tonne. "Power infrastructure is also expensive to build, so we saw motivation from that factor, and in the UAE and other markets across the region you now have green building council representation. Green building models

have been around for long enough that you can now see the proof in the pudding. The savings are real and owners here are interested in a return on their investments." Sherbo says that Leviton has been presenting energy management solutions and ideas to the relevant authorities in the Middle East that go beyond simple occupancy and motions sensors that switch lights on and off depending on whether a room is occupied or not.

Sophisticated Sherbo stresses the success of daylight harvesting systems that couple ambient light with artificial light to maintain a constant level of brightness. "We are now going beyond turning lights on and off and we are becoming a little more sophisticated by turning buildings into day/night buildings," he remarks. "Over time, however, we have discovered that the trends is to incorporate more of the human factor into the energy management of a building. If you make the human part of the process, then it's amazing what you can do." Sherbo points to the example Leviton employed at a college dormitory in the USA. "We put sub-metering systems on each floor of the dormitory, we told the students about it and we even offered prizes to those who could reduce their consumption the most; and guess what, they unplugged their phone chargers when their phones were charged, rather than leaving them in, and they switched off the coffee pot once they've finished the last cup of coffee. "If you have the human incorporated into the whole process you can change behaviour, and behaviour can be as big a part of energy consumption as anything else. Instead of just designing a building and predicting energy consumption it becomes an ongoing process, and ongoing measurement and verification can lead to a strategy that will evolve with the building as the building ages." As Sherbo concludes, "This is about more than simply selling products; who doesn't want to live in a cleaner environment and who doesn't want to live in a place that's not cleaner than it was yesterday?"

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Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013

MEE Review

Handheld PD detection without the need for costly outages

Ametek launches next-generation UPS power supply system

THE PDS100 IS a hand-held radio frequency scanner designed to be used in a live substation to find the characteristic signals emitted by degrading insulation. Without the need for outages, this high-tech device can detect partial discharge (PD) in just a few seconds, making it an ideal tool for a condition based maintenance program. Whole substations can be surveyed and analyzed with this lightweight, user-friendly tool. The instrument is also sensitive enough to detect internal apparatus problems without infringing on safety areas. It is specially designed to separate radio frequency interference from substation background noise. The PDS100 is apparently ideal for daily use or during routine substation inspections along with other testing methods, such as infrared scanning. With the PDS100, operators can record and analyze PD signals, giving them the information they need to make informed decisions on further testing or monitoring needs. Recorded results can be used for future trending, helping to assess insulation condition of individual assets over time. According to the manufacturer, the PDS100 is a rugged and powerful instrument that should be in the tool box of all service and test teams. For more information about the PDS100 or other Doble Solutions contact Doble at or +971 43 378 353.

The Solidstate Controls DP2 UPS system

The PDS 100

AMETEK SOLIDSTATE CONTROLS, which claims to be a leader in highly customised uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), has launched the DP2—the latest addition to its digital ProcessPower® line of industrial UPS systems. Along with the state-of-the-art PWM control systems and industry-leading reliability for which Solidstate Control is well known, the DP2 now meets stringent IEC 60240 parts 1, 2 & 3 requirements for performance and safety. Solidstate Controls offers the DP2 in sizes from 15kVA up to 180 kVA with DC bus ranging from 120VDC to 480VDC. The DP2 also incorporates a new pressurized cooling system designed to extend its service life. With the introduction of the DP2, Solidstate Controls strengthens its worldwide presence, which currently consists of a sales and technical assistance network in more than 20 countries and installed equipment in more than 70 countries worldwide. Ametek Solidstate Controls is a recognized leader in highly customized inverters and UPS systems for critical processes involving harsh environments such as power generation (including fossil fuel and nuclear power utilities). In 2012 it celebrated 50 years of building the world’s most robust and reliable inverters and UPS systems. All Ametek Solidstate Control inverters and UPS systems come with custom design assistance, global 24/7 field service and 40year design life. AMETEK Solidstate Controls has administrative and manufacturing operations at its world headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. It is a unit of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annual sales of US$3.3 bn.

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Only our IT physical infrastructure is as dynamic as your business needs.

“The ability to thing monitor eve ry from the web h tc allows us to ca s m le b small pro come be before they � . a big conce rn strict

Andy Koostra ger Systems Mana Utility Di Consolidated

Brian R. York − Dir ector Wireless National Practice Insight

“This solution ensu res a single integrated power and cooling management system.�

Protect any IT equipment or deployment with our adaptable APC by Schneider Electric InfraStruxure solutions. A solution for every IT configuration Protect your IT system uptime easily your IT is deployed with APC™ by Schneider Electric InfraStruxure™ solutions. Our simple, adaptable, and manageable all-in-one physical infrastructure is designed as an easy-to-deploy system to allow for flexible management and physical IT deployment and, by extension, system uptime. Customers have adapted the solution to all IT configurations — from out-of-theway network closets to server rooms to data centers. Power protection, cooling, rack systems, and remote management are part of the total architecture for highest availability at all times. With our InfraStruxure solutions working to stave off physical threats, you can focus on more pressing concerns such as network threats, IT hardware failure, and switch hang-ups. When you deploy our solution, it’s as if you’re getting another IT person to ensure that your IT space or data center will still be at your command when you need it. What’s more, our life cycle services enable optimal operations.

Mike Mallett − Director of technical operations Saint Luke’s Health System

“APC by Schneider Electric InRow™ cooling architecture... is our design standard going forward.â€?

Integrated InfraStruxure solutions include everything for your IT physical infrastructure deployment: backup power and power distribution, cooling, enclosures, and management software. Adaptable solutions scale from the smallest IT spaces up to multi-megawatt data centers.

Mission-critical IT infrastructure without the complexity

> Simple Solution guides and out-of-the-box installation make deployment easy.

> Manageable

Remote monitoring, management, and reporting simplify IT operations; energy management cuts costs.

> Adaptable

With standardized designs for all types of applications, V\YZVS\[PVUZJHUILHKHW[LK[VĂ„[HU`0;ULLKH[HU` [PTLMVYI\ZPULZZTPUKLKĂ…L_PIPSP[`

Business-wise, Future-driven.™

Make the most of your IT space! Download our white paper within the next 30 days for FREE and enter to WIN an iPad mini! Visit: Key Code: 32205p Call: +9714-7099690 (Arabic) / +9714-7099691 (English) Fax +97147099-650 Š2013 Schneider Electric. All Rights Reserved. Schneider Electric, APC, InfraStruxure, InRow, and Business-wise, Future-driven are trademarks owned by Schneider Electric Industries SAS or its affiliated companies. (SSV[OLY[YHKLTHYRZHYL[OLWYVWLY[`VM[OLPYYLZWLJ[P]LV^ULYZ^^^HWJJVT‹ F4,.)

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Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013


Strong demand for Gulf steel Low energy costs give MENA steel producers a comparative advantage

‘Immense future business opportunities in steel’ are outlined by Frost & Sullivan in some recent analysis.


UOYANT LOCAL CONSUMPTION and below-average production costs for DRI/Direct Reduced Ironprocess steel products are propping up both the Gulf and world markets, say Frost & Sullivan in their latest six-monthly ‘MENA Steel Market’ report*. Iran remains far ahead as the largest individual national producer, followed by Egypt and Saudi Arabia, but currently there are more than 60 steel plants of all types operating in GCC countries alone, the consultants’ Metals & Minerals Practice noted mid-year. Many positive developments have taken place over the last four or so years in response to high demand from the construction, infrastructure and energy industries, rising international prices for oil and gas impacting on supplies from elsewhere, and successful attempts to diversify most local national economies. The boom in middle-income housing along the southern Gulf shores is particularly commented on. Production here now covers most long products such as reinforcing bars, flats, special shapes, angles and castings – vital components for all steel- and reinforced concrete-framed buildings above two storeys high. “The demand for steel is rising at 5-6 per cent annually [higher than global production, which was projected at 3.5 per cent in 2010], courtesy of the growth of various downstream industries like metal furniture, construction, spare parts, heating and cooling machines, car frames [bodywork] etc.”

Nevertheless at a mere 27.4 million tonnes (just 1.93 per cent of the global total) MENA crude steel output in 2010 lagged far behind most other fast-growing regions. Production in all-Asia, for example, reached 903.2mn t. Meanwhile in both Europe and North America output could be at best described as “stable”.

Steel demand across MENA is expected to rebound by 5.7 per cent this year following the downturn seen in 2011 Strong demand The really good news commented on is that around 40 per cent of total Middle Eastern steel demand is now met by basic suppliers from within the region, while the rest comes mainly from near-local sources such as Turkey, North Africa and individual CIS states such as the Ukraine. The demand for finished ‘longs’, coming mostly from the construction sector, forms nearly half of total imports now being generated by MENA countries. The business consultants’ M&M Practice team note with many others that world steel prices have gone up sharply within the last couple of years, an increase that has been underpinned by very strong demand from the Gulf, especially for rebars. Both DRI production and freight costs have been buoyant. As a result, “Companies in the UAE and Saudi Arabia are bringing in the largest increase in primary steel-making capacity while Bahrain and Oman are increasingly focusing on iron pellet production for exports”.

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Stefan Zangl PERI supervisor since 1999

We´re looking forward to your visit bauma 2013 – Open-Air Area North Experience more of PERI from 15th - 21st April at the world´s most impressive fair. On an area of more than 4,000 m², we can offer you:


ƒ PERI formwork and scaffolding technology which make your working operations more efficient and much safer. ƒ PERI services and digital solutions which further optimize your working operations.



Don´t miss the live demonstrations, personal discussions and exchange of specialist know-how in the special PERI atmosphere at the bauma.

Find out more

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013


Not surprisingly they say that demand is expected to remain strong over the next five to 10 years led by huge investment throughout the Middle East generally. And as a result of all the above this single region is expected to feature a continuing rise in inter-country trade, e.g. by both Bahrain and Oman supplying pellets to the western states and Qatar while these supplying countries import finished items such as structural steel components from them at the same time. Better still, “It is expected that MENA countries will become one of the Steel demand is expected to rebound this year important world across the region centres for producing iron and steel in the next five to 10 years”. Just as well, as with per capita consumption of around 1300kg of products each in 2010 both Qatar and the UAE were already amongst the most ‘steel intensive’ countries anywhere in the world. However the resulting upcoming new capacities in the region are not expected to lower international prices significantly, although fluctuating crude oil and weakening of other raw material prices could have this effect as global economic growth continues to be slow.

Demand is expected to remain strong over the next five to 10 years Leverage “Producers in MENA region enjoy a comparative advantage in steel production due to low energy costs (edge of around US$4/KWh over global average) giving them leverage to withstand any downturn in the steel industry.” This timely report concludes by pointing out that investment in all forms of steel producing and fabricating have so far had a “guaranteed return” in domestic terms, with good prospects on the export market too. Undoubtedly the escalating freight market has played a role in this. Steel demand across MENA is expected to rebound by 5.7 per cent this year following the downturn seen in 2011 occasioned by turmoil in several states. For 2013 further demand growth of eight points-plus is expected. “The regional steel finished product demand is estimated to reach around 85mn tonnes by 2013 with crude steel production projected at over 50mn MT. “This massive positive demand-supply gap (which is expected to be wider gradually in the next five to 10 years) signifies immense future business opportunities in the steel sector, prevailing in MENA.” ■


Konecranes unveils world’s first hybrid reach stacker KONECRANES, A LEADING provider of lifting equipment and services for a wide range of industries, said it has launched the world’s first hybrid reach stacker - the SMV 4531 TB5 HLT - for container handling, with a lifting capacity of 45T. The SMV 4531 TB5 HLT features a hybrid diesel/electric driveline, an electrified hydraulic lifting system, and a super capacitor-based energy storage, said the Norway-based company in a statement. This innovative lift truck will cut fuel consumption and emissions while offering

improved performance in terms of acceleration and lifting response to driver commands, said a senior official. “Propulsion and lifting are powered by dedicated electric motors that can all operate in regenerative mode. The energy generated from braking and load lowering is recovered and stored for later re-use," explained Anders Nilsson, the technical director, Konecranes Lift Trucks. "This means a reduction in diesel fuel consumption and environmental impact. Meanwhile, productivity is increased in

terms of quicker response and higher acceleration," he added. The new hybrid reach stacker, he said, will offer customers substantial cost and environmental benefits. "Estimated fuel consumption will be around 10 liters/hour during normal handling of fully loaded containers, significantly less than with conventional reach stackers. This is achieved by electrifying all flows of energy across the driveline, the hydraulic lifting system and the energy storage system," pointed out Nilsson.

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Strategic Partner

Golden Sponsor

P.O.Box 56010, Riyadh 11554 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Tel: +966 1 229 5604, Fax: +966 1 229 5612 E-mail:, Website:

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Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013

The return of the record-breaker This year’s construction trade fair in Munich looks certain to be the biggest ever. Once again bauma heads the list of must-attend events.


ILLED AS THE largest trade fair for the building industry anywhere in the world, bauma 2013 will be open in Munich (southern Germany) from 15-21 April (09.3018.30 most days). More than 3,300 individual exhibitors are confidently expected at this edition. bauma is universally recognised as the key focus for international construction equipment and building materials/techniques businesses of all sizes, and an essential venue for gathering information about specifications, prices and supply arrangements – as well as establishing contacts with state officials and business peers from all corners. ‘Where building and construction experts from all over the world can inform themselves about state-of-the-art technology’ is how the organisers Messe Munchen International (MMI) put it. MMI also run complementary events in China, India and other countries, and are locally represented in most Gulf capitals. The product range on show both indoor and out is always simply vast; put simply it divides into equipment and materials for use on construction sites of all sizes and types; producers and purchasers of building materials from the most basic blocks and cements to high-tech polymer chemicals; and component and service suppliers. As usual, every year since 2004 there has been a special emphasis on equipment of all types associated with global mining, extraction and processing of raw materials. This section alone featured more than 600 exhibitors from 31

different countries in 2010, and this year another dedicated bauma Forum on the subject (for many years a speciality of German engineering) is being organised at the new trade fair site. Said MMI of the previous edition: “There is no doubt that the mining sector at bauma benefited from the massively global character of bauma itself – and enjoyed being part of the strong demand worldwide in the construction and mining industries.” Target groups of international visitors expected this year include manufacturers, suppliers and service providers from the construction and building materials industries everywhere, and purchasing decision-makers of all types. Representation of buyers from both the Gulf and North Africa is always high at this event, and this year the highlighted featured country will be Indonesia. ■

Long title, big reputation THE 30th INTERNATIONAL Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines, Construction Vehicles & Construction Equipment is a three-yearly event. Organised by MMI in association with the appropriate group within VDMA (German Association of Machinery Manufacturers) and the Committee for European Construction Equipment, this is a must-attend event for all managers and officials associated with purchasing equipment for the construction and mining industries. ‘Must attend’ for both suppliers and buyers, that is. No

manufacturer with international aspirations can ever afford to miss a single bauma event. Said the president of major German equipment builder BOMAG of the previous edition held in 2010: “For us, bauma is the most important international construction machinery trade fair. Despite the difficulties [most European air space was closed for the key period of the event due to volcanic activity in that year] we are satisfied with the show. The quality of business conversations was very good, the stand was well frequented and we have been able to

conclude good deals and prepare for more interesting projects and contacts.” Added the CEO of Besser Co (USA): “bauma has again lived up to its reputation … the 2010 trade fair provided an excellent venue to showcase our concrete products production systems to professionals from around the world.”

For more information visit the home page of, e-mail or use one of the wide range of new apps now downloadable on your smartphone at

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fJ2ÂĄÂ&#x2020;~zD*fÂŁ+xÂ&#x2020;D*fÂ&#x2019;Â&#x2022;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2DC;D*115549bJxD*56010 .Ă&#x153;.¢U +966 1 229 5612 :Âą +966 1 229 5604 :`g : `e :Ă&#x153;

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Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013


Do you have a need for nitrogen?


HE USE OF nitrogen gas during production processing is becoming much more prevalent in industries across the Middle East as operators become more familiar with its applications. As an inert gas, nitrogen will displace oxygen from a product or process and can be used to prevent oxidation, stop bacteriological growth and reduce the risk of combustion and explosion. This can help with eliminating product spoilage in food and beverage applications, ensuring safety standards are maintained in pharmaceutical production and minimising contamination in chemical processing, to name a few. Typically, operators will purchase the nitrogen they require from a supplier, either as gas in small high-pressure cylinders or in liquid form, stored either in mini-tanks or in bulk storage vessels. In the Middle East alone, this supply market is estimated at US$250mn and, with up to 97 per cent of global nitrogen supply fulfilled by traditional gas companies, it clear that there is growing demand. However, obtaining and maintaining a ready supply of nitrogen is not without its drawbacks. As well as finding a reliable vendor and arranging deliveries and payment, companies require sufficient space to store the gas alongside a thorough procedure to monitor and manage the supply safely. This is where the installation of an on-site nitrogen generation system, such as Gardner Denver’s new CN generators, can pay dividends, Gardner Denver’s new CompAir nitrogen generation system providing operators converts compressed air into with on-demand guaranteed-purity nitrogen supply and complete

Keith Atkinson, product manager - downstream equipment for compressor manufacturer, Gardner Denver, discusses the benefits of investing in an on-site nitrogen generation system and demonstrates how the company’s latest product offer can save operators up to 90 per cent of the cost of bought-in gas.

control over the volume and flow of the gas required. Moreover, the system can reduce supply costs by as much as 90 per cent with payback in less than two years for a company using liquid nitrogen or as little as one year where gas cylinders are being used.

In the Middle East this supply market is estimated at US$250mn. Gardner Denver’s new CompAir nitrogen generation system converts compressed air in to guaranteed-purity nitrogen. Pre-treated air from a standard industrial compressor is ‘sieved’ using carbon molecular technology to remove all oxygen and other trace gases, leaving the nitrogen to pass through to the application. The space-saving, modular design is easy-to-install, meaning there are no expensive civil engineering works required and can be integrated with existing compressor installations to minimise capital expenditure. Gas purity is another important consideration, as each application demands different quality levels depending on whether the gas comes into direct contact with a food or pharmaceutical product or indirectly to form packaging or for general blanketing. The CompAir generators offer a flexible range of purity levels from five per cent to 5 ppm remaining oxygen content and feature an integral oxygen analyser for continuous purity monitoring. Flow rate can also be matched accurately to the application requirements, so that the required amount of nitrogen is being generated, helping to improve efficiency while also ensuring that sufficient gas is always available, maximising production uptime.

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Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013

Manufacturing Energy consumption is a major consideration in the purchase of any new plant equipment and Gardner Denver has incorporated a number of

energy-saving features in to the products’ design. First, the system uses less energy to generate the nitrogen required on-site than it takes for a supplier to produce and deliver the same amount. The carbon molecular sieve also offers superior energy performance, with no degradation in performance,


meaning that it does not need to be changed during its lifetime to reduce consumable costs. And finally, when coupled with other energy-efficient products in the GD range, such as speed-regulated compressors or the latest oil-free technologies, operators can maximise efficiency further. ■

Typical applications IN FOOD AND beverage processing, nitrogen is used in modified atmosphere packaging applications, where the packaged food is flushed with the gas to reduce the oxygen level below 1%. This reduces product spoilage and helps to increase shelf life and will also extend the nutritional value of the food without the need for preservatives. Nitrogen also acts as a filler gas, to provide a pressurised atmosphere that prevents package collapse. Manufacturing and analytical equipment can be purged with nitrogen gas to remove oxygen and water vapour from process lines, which can increase product quality and reduce the need for further conditioning treatments. In chemical applications, nitrogen is used to prevent the risk of fire and explosion when purging and testing tanks, vessels or lines. It also helps to prevent oxidation of chemical compounds, plastics, paints and adhesives during processing. Harsh oil and gas environments are also familiar with the uses of nitrogen, where it is not only used to suppress oxygen and thereby remove a potential fire hazard but also for a wide variety of other applications including blanketing, purging and sealing. The CompAir generators offer a flexible range of purity levels

Innovative power solutions CAT® DEALER MOHAMED Abdulrahman Al-Bahar and Caterpillar Inc. demonstrated innovative power solutions at Middle East Electricity recently. Visitors to the Al-Bahar and Caterpillar display at Stand S2C10 saw the Middle East debut of the new Cat C175-20, which has already been selected for several multiple megawatt installations in the region. Available for orders in 2012 with deliveries starting in Q2 of 2013, the C175-20 apparently produces the largest power output of any single high-speed diesel generator set available on the market. An extension of the industry-proven C175-16, the C175-20 offers the same class-leading efficiency delivered from a high power density that generates more power from a smaller footprint that competing generator sets. This high power density is a key benefit for standby power at large, mission-critical installations where reliability, durability and dependability are essential, such as data centres, hospitals, airports, and black start applications for utilities. A single 4 MW C175-20 represents a 55 per cent reduction in footprint when

compared with two high-speed two megawatt 3516B generator sets, significantly reducing installation costs and freeing up floor space for other uses. Recognising the harsh conditions and critical need for reliable power faced by customers in the region, Caterpillar stands behind the C175-20 and every other diesel standby generator set above 1 MW with extended four-year platinum coverage available in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Russia and CIS that covers 100 percent of parts and labour and helps customers avoid unexpected costs for unscheduled repairs. Al-Bahar and Caterpillar also featured innovative, high-efficiency hybrid power systems that combine renewable resources such as solar photovoltaic (PV) arrays, wind turbines,

robust long-life batteries, diesel or gas generator sets, and highly efficient power electronics. By optimizing the usage of available renewable resources and operating the generator set at peak efficiency points, hybrid power systems provide breakthrough reductions in total owning and operating costs, substantially decrease fuel consumption and maximize system reliability. Particularly well-suited for telecommunications and other applications in remote areas where electric utility service does not exist, hybrid power systems can be customized to meet individual project specifications, providing customers with exactly what they need.

The C175-20 diesel generator set

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Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013



HE COMPANY REPORTED that this increase, which fell short of the estimated global average of 5.5 per cent, would translate to 1.2 billion sqm of R-1 value by 2016. The residential construction market is expected to experience the fastest growth in the Middle East/Africa region, closely followed by the non-residential construction market. Reasons for this include increased building construction expenditure and the adoption of insulation regulations, the study claimed. Freedonia’s research revealed that demand for insulation in value terms would reportedly expand by 7.2 per cent per annum to US$2.1 billion in 2016. Foamed plastic, fibreglass and mineral wool insulation are all expected to post demand gains between 6.4 and 7.6 per cent annually. The study noted that the largest market share would be held by foamed plastic products, as these are used extensively in both construction and industrial applications.

The residential construction market in the Middle East and Africa is forecast to see rapid growth

Insulation demand to increase annually Demand for insulation in the Middle East/Africa region is set to increase at an annual rate of 4.9 per cent through 2016, according to the recent World Insulation study by The Freedonia Group. The company said that, in comparison, insulation demand in 2011 reached 935 mn sqm of R-1 value in the region, accounting for five per cent of global demand. Despite this, the company argued that insulation usage levels are well below average in the Middle East/Africa due to the warm climate, low use of air conditioning, reliance on traditional building practices and materials, low standards of living and the limited industrial sector. The intensity of insulation use (relative to GDP, fixed investment spending, and population

size) was therefore named by Freedonia as among the lowest in the world. Between 2006 and 2011, however, insulation sales in the region did expand by four per cent annually, well above the global average, the study claimed. It noted that the Middle East/Africa region had in fact one of the fastest growth rates in insulation demand worldwide during this period. Freedonia said the growth in demand could be attributed to growing building construction spending, an increase of industrial production, GDP and fixed investment spending. The nonresidential construction market experienced the greatest level of growth, followed by the residential construction market and the industrial, HVAC, and OEM

Insulation levels are well below average in the Middle East due to the warm climate

sectors, it added. Regarding exports, shipments of insulation materials from the Africa/Middle East region are projected to increase 7.8 per cent per year to US$1.7 billion in 2016. The study indicated that local producers could benefit from the increasing domestic demand, but they would have to contend with competition from suppliers in Europe and other regions, which would inevitably limit growth. The report noted that most insulation producers in the Africa/Middle East region are small- or medium-sized businesses with limited geographical and product scope. Foreign multinational companies with production facilities in the region include Saudi Arabia’s Saudi Perlite Industries (perlite), BASF, Bayer, Dow Chemical, Huntsman and Kingspan Group. Therefore, due to the underdeveloped industrial base, countries in the Middle East/Africa will need to rely on imports of higher-end products, such as industrial insulation. The region’s trade deficit is, as a result of this, expected to reach US$350mn in 2016. ■

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Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013

Construction News

Kuwait moves ahead on infrastructure FREIGHT TRUCKS TRUNDLE Back in business down the dusty, potholed roads of Kuwait's busiest port, running into traffic jams as they emerge into the surrounding streets. But after years of inaction, the government is finally moving to ease the congestion. It is pushing ahead with a US$2.6 billion plan to build a 36-km causeway, one of the longest in the world, connecting Shuwaikh port and densely populated southern Kuwait with the north of the country, near the Iraqi border. Such big projects were stalled for years by political wrangling and bureaucratic inertia, leaving Kuwait with underdeveloped infrastructure and low levels of foreign investment in relation to its huge oil wealth. In the last few months, however, authorities have begun issuing contracts for some of the projects, raising hopes that one of the region's most under-performing economies may finally live up to its potential. The government signed a contract with South Korea's Hyundai Engineering and Construction Co. in November to design and build the causeway over the next five years. Construction is due to start later this year.


BRIEFLY ■ GULF PRECAST, A leading precast manufacturer in the UAE, said it has launched its first overseas branch in Iraq and soon plans to expand its operations in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman. Announcing the new branch, CEO Elias Seraphim said Gulf Precast has decided on a policy of global expansion and its Iraqi branch is the first step in that direction, which will be followed by many other branches across the Gulf region. "We aim to pass on our high level of expertise gained in the UAE to the neighbouring Gulf states and capitalise on the added value of precast use in terms of quality, sustainability, time and cost," he stated. Operating in the UAE for the last 28 years, Gulf Precast has gained a solid market reputation for the quality of its processes and products, and had handled many iconic projects, such as the Dubai Mall and the Paris Sorbonne University in Abu Dhabi.

Qatar projects expected QATAR HAS NOW entered the next most critical phase of its preparations for the 2022 FIFA World Cup where a massive surge of contracts are expected for 2013 and 2014 across the country’s bustling projects market. At this stage, consultants and contractors are gearing up for tenders, busy preparing bids and eagerly awaiting award announcements which are likely to reach US$25 billion– US$30 billion a year, making Qatar the leading and fastest growing projects

market in the world. These developments were comprehensively discussed at the recent Qatar Projects 2013, held under the patronage of HE Dr Mohamed bin Saleh al-Sada, Minister of Energy and Industry, and chairman and managing director of Qatar Petroleum (QP). He delivered a keynote speech at the event on February 18, 2013. Supported by Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Chamber and Public Works Authority (Ashghal), Qatar Projects featured a

comprehensive overview of the critical projects that are currently being developed as well as those that will be awarded as the country gears up for its biggest event yet. “Contractors will be competing for the lion’s share of the massive projects that have yet to be awarded. “One way to ensure a competitive pitch is to adopt Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions,” said Louay Dahmash, Middle East Territory Sales Director, Autodesk.

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Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013

Construction News

Volvo and Steelwrist announce attachment partnership VOLVO CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT (Volvo CE) is announcing the extension of its business relationship with Steelwrist for the supply of factory-fitted tiltrotators for excavators to include the supply of innovative excavator quick couplers. Steelwrist’s new quick coupler technology is designed to always maintain the attachment in a safe position, even if the operator should fail in the connection procedure. The development of this new quick coupler technology is based on the increasing quality and safety demands in standards and from markets. “The Volvo CE quick coupler strategy is based on the Symmetrical Quick Coupler standard and Steelwrist’s patented front pin lock coupler technology,” explains Karl Serneberg, Volvo CE’s global director of attachments. “Our strategic partnership with Steelwrist gives us a competitive advantage in this area.” Koen Sips, vice president of Customer Solutions at Volvo CE agrees, commenting: “With Volvo’s global presence and Steelwrist’s unique product features I am confident that this closer cooperation will drive a significant growth of the attachment business.” “A lot of effort has been put into our casted quick coupler technology,” concludes Stefan Stockhaus, CEO, Steelwrist AB. “We wanted to build a product that takes safety to a new level yet maintains a compact design that is so crucial for fuel efficiency and productivity. We are happy that this is recognized by Volvo CE.”

Tunnel breakthrough celebrated in Abu Dhabi CH2M HILL, A global full-service consulting, design, construction and operations firm, announces that a tunneling milestone has been reached on Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company’s (ADSSC) Strategic Tunnel Enhancement Program (STEP) in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. A ceremony was held to celebrate the fifth tunnel boring machine (TBM) breakthrough on the deepest section of the 41-km long STEP deep sewer tunnel. ADSSC is the service provider for sewerage services and owns and operates the sewerage network and treatment plants throughout the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. To meet growing sewerage infrastructure demands, ADSSC has developed a comprehensive plan to accommodate the projected sewage flows far into the future. The cornerstone of the plan is STEP, for which CH2M HILL is the Program Manager and Impregilo S.p.A. is one of the deep tunnel contractors.

The breakthrough marked the completion of more than 25-km of mined tunnel. A total of eight TBMs will have been used to excavate the entire STEP deep sewer tunnel with a further 16-km of tunnel still being mined by three EPB TBMs, with around nine kilometers remaining at the time of writing. The US$1.5 billion STEP is one of the longest gravity-driven sewerage tunnels in the world. STEP features three key components: 41-km of deep sewer tunnel, 43-km of smaller diameter link sewers, and a pumping station adjacent to the Al Wathba Independent Sewerage Treatment Plants (ISTPs). STEP will operate by using link sewers to intercept the flows from existing sewers upstream of the existing pumping stations, and convey the flows by gravity into the deep tunnel. The deep tunnel will convey the flows, again by gravity, to the new main pumping station where the flows will be pumped out of the deep tunnel into the Al Wathba ISTPs. The link sewers and the deep tunnel will replace the existing main collector system and eliminate the need of up to 34 existing pumping stations, which are nearing capacity and require extensive maintenance. When completed, STEP will be recognised as an efficient, cost-effective and sustainable solution to meet the longterm wastewater collection and conveyance needs of Abu Dhabi Island and mainland. The system is designed for an ultimate capacity of 1.7 mn cu m of wastewater per day by 2030.

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Take the work out of blockwork

Masonry Adhesive

• • • • •

Fast acting adhesive for brick, block and stone An innovative alternative to traditional mortar No need for mixing, water or power supply Forms a high strength bond in just 10 minutes Suitable for internal and external applications

Tremco illbruck L.L.C PO Box 450539 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Sealing • Bonding • Innovation Tel.: +971 4 423 2012 Fax: +971 4 423 2054

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Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013

The Big 5 Saudi

A buoyant market with huge potential The Saudi edition of the Gulf ’s largest building products and materials trade exhibition opens in the Western Province on 9th March.


HIS YEAR’S SAUDI Arabian version of The Big 5 will be open for business from 9-12 March in the Western Province’s number-one venue, the Jeddah Centre for Forums & Events. Organised by dmg::events(1)(Dubai) in association with local MICE Arabia Exhibition & Conferences (2) this now firmlyestablished annual expo is formally known as The Big 5 Saudi International Building & Construction Show. This event is a highly successful spin-off from the huge annual construction-products show with its various ancillary activities like PMV and specialised concrete displays in Dubai. Last year it attracted more than 500 exhibitors and nearly 10,000 visitors. The Saudi market itself is of course much larger in all respects than the UAE, or any other MENA country, being divided between equally buoyant Eastern and Western regions with much urban and infrastructure development in between. The historic port city of Jeddah, along with its nearby waterfront King Abdullah Economic City, is in the midst of a huge 20-year new-build and re-development programme. It is also a key service and supply centre for the Holy Cities, of course; these receive around 10 million visitors each and every year and are now being linked with the busy port by the brandnew Haramain high-speed rail line. Including the Kingdom’s more distant Provinces the authorities in Riyadh are reported to be planning to spend no less than US$400 billion on infrastructure projects over the next few years generally, with 1.25 million new homes to be constructed within two years, many of these in the ‘greenfield’ Economic Cities including KAEC; all require brand-new and extensive educational facilities. This year’s total awards target is of the order of US$44 billion, and far more than 10 times this sum is understood to be well advanced along the scheduled overall project-orders pipeline. After a much-lauded launch in 2012 – which was followed by a successful and completely independent Green Building Forum in the Kingdom in October last year - a new series of LEED Workshops is being held this year. The extensive US-founded (but

The popular and partially outdoor PMV Zone is once again being dedicated to the display of construction plant

now locally established, by the Saudi Green Building Council, Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design programme is once again being made accessible to local participants by voluntary exposure to the latest sustainable, highperformance and, critically, measurable building techniques that need to be used if any of the complex system’s much-prized (and now often indispensable) product ratings are to be awarded. Categories offered by the parent USGBC include New Construction, Home and Neighbourhood Development, Interiors and Existing Buildings. The full-day Workshops on offer in Jeddah on 11 March this year are once again (as summed up by us) LEED 201 (Core building design concepts and strategies), and LEED 301 (Implementing design, development and construction activities). The Concrete Zone (in association with the specialised Middle East Concrete show in Dubai) is always a very popular assembly of exhibits, offering an A-Z of specialised products and services ranging from admixture chemicals to machinery for making concrete blocks and roof tiles. In 2012 there were more than 60 exhibitors. Nearby and of interest to many passers-by will be a special linked Concrete Repair Workshop which will again be open to participants who want to hear from world-class experts about the very latest rehabilitation techniques and materials as approved by august technical organisations such as the Concrete Society – techniques which are now obligatory for use by restoration

S11 TRME 2 2013 Big 5 KSA_Layout 1 22/02/2013 13:01 Page 45

S11 TRME 2 2013 Big 5 KSA_Layout 1 22/02/2013 15:19 Page 46


Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013

The Big 5 Saudi

businesses in many countries. The popular and partially outdoor PMV Zone is once again being dedicated to the display of construction plant, machinery and vehicles of all sizes, right up to heavy earthmoving equipment and tower cranes. Finally the Platinum Club provides an exclusive get-together opportunity for the region’s most significant architects, buyers, contractors, developers and other professionals – most of them Saudi citizens as of last year, but open as usual

to participation from right across MENA – to discuss how to further their business interests in the challenging circumstances faced by the industry today. ■

On show at The Big 5 Saudi this year

The Kuwait edition of The Big 5 show will be taking place from 16-18 September this year. (1) +9714 438 0355 (2) +9662 667 3211 Ext 231 Most queries can be answered by visiting

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

What they said about last year’s Big 5 Saudi “An impressive variety of construction products and concrete companies” (Abdullah Fadaq Co) “… confident I can reach any construction material supplier” (Baghlaf Al Zafar Co) “… an ideal opportunity to network with the right clientele” (AkzoNobel) “… all the US companies are satisfied and amazed at the potential of the marketplace” (SpanCrete Machinery Corp)

Bathrooms and kitchens Marble, ceramics, stone Concrete, related products Metals incl aluminium, steel Conveying systems Official bodies, associations Electrical systems Doors and windows Facilities Management services Pipelines Surface finishes of all kinds Plumbing, drainage products Fire suppression, protection Safety/security equipment Glass, glazing products, ancillaries Scaffolding HVAC equipment incl aircon Thermal/moisture protection Tools Timber, plastics, composites Items for special construction projects such as fountains, pools

S11 TRME 2 2013 Big 5 KSA_Layout 1 22/02/2013 15:22 Page 47

Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013

Big 5 Saudi Arabia Exhibitor Listings

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Jeddah Centre for Forums and Events

9 - 12 March 2013 3M Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 3P Pipe Saudi Arabia A.S. Exclusiv Germany A.S.Aljared for Trading Co. LTD Saudi Arabia AB Trasmissioni Italy abakus solar AG Germany ABO valve Czech Republic Abuljadayel Factory For GRP & PE Pipes Saudi Arabia Access Floor Polygroup Spain Ace Crane Systems United Arab Emirates Advanced Construction Supplies Factory (LAWAZEM) Saudi Arabia Afan Middle East Saudi Arabia AGINCO Saudi Arabia AGIR HADDECILIK A.S . Turkey Air Force S.p.a. Italy AKKIM YAPI KIMYASALLARI SAN. TIC. A.S. Turkey Akritas SA Greece AKROLITHOS SA Greece Akzonobel United Arab Emirates Al Ajllan Tensile Structures Saudi Arabia Al Jawdah Ceramic Company Saudi Arabia Al Jazea Industrial Co. Saudi Arabia Al Jazeera Marble United Arab Emirates AL JUBAIL SANITARY PIPE FACTORY Saudi Arabia (Polyethylene Pipes & Fittings) Al Junaid Industrial Group United Arab Emirates Al Maha Ceramics Oman Al Mintadhar Building Material Trading LLC United Arab Emirates Al Muhaidib Technical Supplies Saudi Arabia Al Muzini Solidarity Company Saudi Arabia Al Nafie Steel Co.LTD Saudi Arabia Al Nimr Steel Trading LLC United Arab Emirates Al Oneizi Group Saudi Arabia Al Saggaf Trading Co. Saudi Arabia Al Saggaf Trading Co. Saudi Arabia Al Salam Industrial & Trading Est. Saudi Arabia Al Talalia Trading Co. Ltd Saudi Arabia Al Tawafuk International / ACE United Arab Emirates Construction Machinery Al Tayar Plastic and Rubber Co. Ltd. Saudi Arabia Al Waleed Stone Manufacturing & Marketing Co. Palestine Al Wasail Industrial Company Saudi Arabia Al Zamil Industry & Trading Saudi Arabia Alaa Al-Jazeera Factort-Elevators Kuwait Alacakaya Mermer Ve Maden Isletmesi Tic. San. A.S. Turkey ALBA KALIP VE OTOMASYON MAKINALARI Turkey IMALAT SANAYI VE TIC. LTD. STI Al-Bahar Industries W.L.L Kuwait Albenaa Magazine Saudi Arabia Alghanim Specialities.Co (Spec) Kuwait Al-Hasawi Industrial Group Kuwait Ali Alghanim &Sons General Trading Kuwait Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal Lebanon Aljomaih Holding Co. Saudi Arabia Aljomaih Holding Co.` Saudi Arabia ALLSAFE United Arab Emirates Al-Maida environmental solutions Jordan Al-Moajil Saudi Arabia Al-Noor Sugar Mills Limited ( MDF Board Division ) Pakistan Alpha Acoustiki Greece Al-Sorayai Industrial Investment Group Ltd - ASIIG Saudi Arabia ALTINSOY MADENCILIK VE TIC. A.S. Turkey ALU 27 Insulated Panels LLC United Arab Emirates ALUCOIL Spain ALUMIL Aluminium United Arab Emirates Aluminium Technical Enigineering United Arab Emirates Factory - TECNALCO Alusol Rolling Shutter Industries Kuwait Amoy R&H Stone Factory(Xiamen King Day Int'l Corp.) China Anchor Allied Factory LTD United Arab Emirates Apricus - Mustakbal Clean Tech Jordan Aquagas Plastic Industries United Arab Emirates Aquasan (Gulf Shores Co.) Kuwait Arab Construction World (ACW) Magazine Lebanon

2 C98 1 A93 1 D19 2 G48 2 G33 1 C16 1 A01 2 D101 1 A39 1 D52 2 B105 1 F42 1 A85 2 A39 2 F10 2 D48 2 D13 2 A19 2 F80 OS 90 2 C50 2 C70 1 B28 2 G29 1 A13 1 C71 OS 120 1 A51 1 C51 2 D99 2 D38 1 A50 2 E60 2 E70 1 B40 1 A100 1 D50 1 A90 1 A33 1 C49 2 B90 1 E108 1 A38 2 E49 1 B108 1 F50 1 D100 1 C108 1 E100 1 F50 OS 200 1 A37 1 A18 1 B22 2 D90 1 A55 2 B11 1 A68 2 C39 2 D31 2 B28 2 G31 2 E29 1 F101 2 A76 2 F58 2 D35 2 G68 1 E101 1 F50

Arab Group For Chemical Products Co. Ltd Jordan Arabian Tech Industries FZ. LLC United Arab Emirates Arabtec Construction Machinery Saudi Arabia Arc Insulation & Insulators Pvt Ltd India ARKITECH ILERI YAPI TEKNOLOJILERI INSAAT IMALAT Turkey SANAYI VE TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI ARSCO Saudi Arabia AsiaInspection Ltd. China Asiatic Metal United Arab Emirates Asoplast Spa - Technodrain Italy Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA) Germany ASSYX GmbH & Co. KG Germany ASTM International USA Atlantis & Tekko Decoration Materials Co., Ltd China Azel for Rock Wool Saudi Arabia B.T. innovation GmbH Germany Bait Al Nokhada Tents & Fabric Shades LLC United Arab Emirates Bengal Iron Corporation India Besser GmbH Germany Betonteknik Beton Mak. San. Tic. Taah. Ith. Ihr. Ltd. Sti. Turkey Bin Harkil Saudi Arabia Bin On Dry Srl Italy BIRLESIK FIRCA SANAYI VE TICARET A.S. Turkey Bitumat Company Limited Saudi Arabia Blue Ocean International Holdings Limited Hong Kong Blueway Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. China Bms Grup Turkey Bonar Natpet Geosynthetics Saudi Arabia Bond It UK Brandoni Solare spa Italy BSW BREUER & SCHMITZ GmbH & Co. KG Germany Cambridge Brass Canada Cb doors srl Italy CESAN CEVRE SAGLIGI SANAYI A.S Turkey Changzhou Weixing Decorative Materials Co., Ltd China CHAUDHRY FASHIONS (PAKISTAN) Pakistan Cima Spa Italy Clayris Ceramics Pvt Ltd India Cmec Engineering Machinery Import And Export Co.,Ltd China Cnbm International Corporation China CNP Pumps India India Cobert Roof Tiles Spain COCIF Italy Comit handles Italy Command Alkon Ltd UK COMPAC THE SURFACES COMPANY Spain Concept & Colour Saudi Arabia Condor Formwork & Scaffolding Italy CONMIX LTD United Arab Emirates Consent FZCO United Arab Emirates Construction Products Association (BEM) UK Construction Week United Arab Emirates Convergent Group SA Belgium Coolex Kuwait Coote Engineering Ltd UK Corys United Arab Emirates Cossette Concrete Inc. Canada CPC Ceramic Pipes Company Saudi Arabia CPI Worldwide (ad-media) Germany CUHADARLAR KAPI KOLLARI SAN.VE TIC.LTD.STI Turkey Dada Trading FZCO United Arab Emirates Dalil Al Souk Est. for Trading & Industry Saudi Arabia Damman Croes NV Belgium Dana Group ( United Arab Emirates Delmon Scaffolding & Formwork "Saudi" LLC Saudi Arabia DELTA PLUS United Arab Emirates DEMIRSAN HADDECILIK SAN. VE TIC. A.S. Turkey Dermitzakis Bros S.A. - Greek White Marble Greece Diler Foreign Trade Inc. Turkey Disalpi / Atlas Stones Spain DIZAYN TEKNIK BORU VE ELEMANLARI Turkey SAN. VE TIC. A.S. Dongbang Novoferm Inc South Korea DORSTIL, MARCA, ARTI CASA (Dar al-Fun) Saudi Arabia Douglas Overseas Corp. Taiwan Dr. Jonson & Rabbasol Chemie Germany Dubai Investments United Arab Emirates Ducast Factory L.L.C. United Arab Emirates Ducon B.E.S United Arab Emirates Duct Technology Egypt DuctSox MENA FZCO United Arab Emirates DUNYA TAS ITH. IHR. MAD. TIC. A.S. Turkey Duraline Middle East LLC Saudi Arabia durlum GmbH United Arab Emirates

2 D76 1 A81 OS 320 1 A120 2 G36 2 C90 1 D134 1 C68 2 G11 1 D10 1 E21 1 B74 1 D115 2 B95 1 E23 2 G58 1 A61 1 C20 2 A20 1 C40 2 E16 2 C40 1 D59 2 F90 2 B73 2 G30 2 G92 2 G72 2 G13 1 D21 1 A57 2 G19 2 D40 2 C73 1 A23 2 F17 1 B120 1 D119 1 E111 1 B128 2 A25 2 E28 2 F18 2 D29 2 C29 2 E78 1 E43 1 D48 1 E61 2 C20 1 A53 1 C61 1 C100 1 D44 1 A67 1 F78 2 A89 1 E66 1 C34 1 D113 2 C103 1 E41 2 G08 1 D70 1 B19 2 B21 2 B18 1 B30 1 C29 2 B29 1 F111 2 A80 2 B93 1 C18 1 B110 2 D10 1 B79 2 G86 2 G88 2 F40 1 A117 1 D18

Duro Dyne USA EBAWE Germany Econosto United Arab Emirates Ege Profil Tic. Ve San. A.S. Turkey ELKON ELEVATOR KONVEYOR VE MAKINA Turkey SANAYI VE TICARET AS E-MAK MAKINE INSAAT TICARET VE SANAYI A.S. Turkey Emirates Metal Concepts FZC United Arab Emirates Emirates Steel United Arab Emirates Ems Yapi ve Elemanlari San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. Turkey ePROMIS ERP Software for United Arab Emirates Construction Industries EQUIPCERAMIC, S.A. Spain ERICO USA ERMAK BETON VE INS. MAK. SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. Turkey ESPAC Saudi Arabia EUROBEND GmbH Germany EUROMECC SRL Italy Everest Industries Ltd India Exalco S.A Greece Expotim International Fair Organizations INC. Turkey Extra Co Group (UAE) United Arab Emirates FAPTCO Saudi Arabia Fareed Maimani Trading Est. Saudi Arabia Faresin Building Division spa Saudi Arabia Faris Group Saudi Arabia FATIH PROFIL A.S. Turkey Fawaz Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Cont. Co. LLC Saudi Arabia Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology Germany FORMET CELIK KAPI TAS.PET.URU.NAK. Turkey OTO.SAN. VE TIC.LTD.STI Foshan Aijia Ceramics Co.,Ltd China FRAMECAD International FZE United Arab Emirates Franke L.L.C. United Arab Emirates FRIMA GMBH & CO. KG Germany FT SPA Italy Fujian Bang-Up Fluorine Plastic Product Co.,Ltd China Fujian Excellence Honcha Building China Material Equipment Co. Ltd. FUTURETECH ENGINEERING FZCO United Arab Emirates G Board Saudi Arabia Gale Pacific - Australia United Arab Emirates Garofoli spa Italy Gaziantep Eser-Mak Makina San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. Turkey geo-FENNEL GmbH Germany Gerhard Warning GmbH Germany German Near and Middle East Association (NUMOV) Germany German Pavilion Germany German Plant Experience GPE GmbH Germany Geros Srl Italy Giesse Gulf Group United Arab Emirates Glavergulf FZCO United Arab Emirates Global Business Alliance LLC USA Global Energy Trading Company Saudi Arabia Global Gypsum Saudi Arabia Global Pumps Factory Bahrain GOKER IS MAKINALARI SAN.VE TIC.A.S. Turkey Good Credit Corporation Taiwan GRUPO GRECO GRES - VENATTO - FRONTEK Spain GS GNUTTI SEBASTIANO & FIGLI RUBINETTERIE Italy GS Packaging / Cordstrap Saudi Arabia Guangdong Kinlong Hardware Products Co., Ltd. China Guangdong Kolida Instrument Co., Ltd China Guangdong Rifeng Electric Cable Co., Ltd China Gulf Construction Bahrain Gulf Perlite LLC United Arab Emirates Gulf Plastic Industries W.L.L. Bahrain Gulf Seal Industrial Co. Saudi Arabia Gulf-O-Flex United Arab Emirates GURSAN INS. MAK. SAN. LTD. STI. Turkey HALFEN International GmbH Germany Hamad Al Owais Machinery Trading United Arab Emirates Hanadi Ballut Est. - Emparador Marble Saudi Arabia Harwal Group United Arab Emirates HAURATON GmbH & Co. KG Germany HAVER Middle East FZE United Arab Emirates HBC - radiomatic FZC ( UAE - GCC ) United Arab Emirates Hebei Ruixiang Nonwoven Cloth Co.Itd China Hellas Stones Greece Henkel Polybit Industries Ltd. United Arab Emirates HEPO SA - Hellenic Foreign Trade Board Greece HESS Group Germany HIDROTANK HIDROFOR VE GENLESME TANKI Turkey URETIM SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.


2 D03 1 F20 2 B101 2 B30 2 F48 1 E31 2 D30 2 D50 2 G26 1 A15 2 A29 2 G100 1 F39 1 C59 1 E14 1 F47 1 C50 2 C12 Hall 1 1 A25 1 A125 1 A65 1 E56 OS 40 2 A31 2 E90 1 D10 2 F49 1 D114 2 E39 2 E30 1 F14 2 F34 1 D129 1 B132 1 F15 1 C58 2 D34 2 F12 1 D30 1 F10 1 F11 1 D10 Hall 1 1 E18 2 E10 2 F38 2 C38 2 E77 1 A69 1 A41 2 B24 2 G41 1 F116 1 C21 2 F78 2 E101 2 B72 1 E119 2 C71 1 A73 1 A21 1 A10 2 A77 2 C88 2 E41 1 E20 1 F49 1 A115 2 D80 1 D13 1 D01 1 A31 1 E116 2 B12 1 C60 Hall 2 1 D28 1 C38

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Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013

Big 5 Saudi Arabia Exhibitor Listings

HILAL ALUMINYUM ITH.IHR.SAN.TIC. VE LTD.STI Turkey 2 C48 Howick Ltd Australia 1 B60 Hwa Stainless Steel Ind.,Corp. / S.O.H.F. Est Taiwan 1 A101 IMER Middle East Saudi Ltd/ Quadra Lebanon 1 E48 Intersolar SA Greece 2 D11 Iris Vernici Srl Italy 2 D18 ISC / Larosa HW & Equip. Italy 2 F70 Istanbul Genlesme Ve Hidrofor Tanklari Mak. San. Tic. A.S. Turkey 2 D45 Italmesh Srl Italy 2 E20 IZOPOLI YAPI ELEMANLARI A.S. United Arab Emirates 2 D78 JAB Co., Ltd. (Korean Hydraulic Breaker) Korea 1 E112 JDCO Saudi Arabia OS 80 Jetta Trade Service Co Ltd Taiwan Hall 1 JGB Corp (Joint Gulf Business Corp) Saudi Arabia 2 F88 Jomoo Kitchen & Bathroom Appliances Co., Ltd. China 1 D120 K.T.I. Saudi Saudi Arabia 1 E79 Kafkaslar Ins. Mak. Teks. San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. Turkey 2 D49 Kale Kilit Ve Kalip A.S. Turkey 2 A30 KALELI PROFIL VE YAPI MALZ. SAN. TIC. LTD. STI Turkey 2 D41 KANAT WHEELBARROW Turkey 2 G49 Kansai Paint United Arab Emirates 1 D88 Karabasis Co Greece 2 B09 Karakoulakidis Bros (Deco Ceramica) Greece 2 B10 KARBOSAN ZIMPARA SANAYII A.S. Turkey 2 A37 KBE International S.A.L. Lebanon 2 C30 KEBE SA Greece 2 C11 Kent Stainless Bahrain 1 C48 Khusheim Company for Industrial Equipment Saudi Arabia 1 C28 KiCE Construction Equipment Co. Saudi Arabia OS 300 KIMMCO - Kuwait Insulating Material Manufacturing Co Kuwait 2 D20 King Slide Works Co., Ltd. Taiwan 1 F110 Kirloskar Middle East FZE, UAE United Arab Emirates 2 E21 KNIPEX-Werk C.Gustav Putsch KG Germany 1 C10 Kodia Seoul South Korea 1 E110 Kuwait International Advanced Industries Company (KSC) Kuwait 1 B100 Kuwait International Fair Kuwait Hall 1 KVM INTERNATIONAL A/S Denmark 1 D40 LATICRETE RAK CO. LLC United Arab Emirates 2 F50 Leica geosystems - SITM Saudi Arabia 1 A97 Lider Dekoratif Demir Ur. Nak. Ins. San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. Turkey 1 E81 Linyi Yulong Building Materials Co.,Ltd China 1 A110 Lions N/P Co.,Limited China 1 A129 LPS ITH. IHR. TIC. LTD. STI. Turkey 1 E30 Maani Venture Saudi Arabia 1 A60 MACOMA HARDWARE - GFL - INDIA India 1 C129 Made in Vicenza Italy Hall 1 MAK Ceramic United Arab Emirates 1 B05 Mappy Italia Spa Italy 2 F21 Maran e Peracini srl Italy 2 E11 Marchet - Agency for the world Market Italy Hall 1 & 2 MASA GmbH Germany 1 F21 Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich GmbH & Co. KG Germany 1 F24 Mashail Future Trading Est. Saudi Arabia 1 C89 Massbetter Exhibition & Conference United Arab Emirates Hall 1 & 2 MAV - Hardware That Excels United Arab Emirates 2 D01 Maxell Group - Dubai United Arab Emirates 2 C21 MAZAYA AL ENSHAA - OVENTROP VALVES AND CONTROL Saudi Arabia 1 C46 Mazzer Materie Plastiche Snc Italy 2 G21 Mechanical & Chemical Supplies Co., LTD Saudi Arabia 2 E50 MEED United Arab Emirates 2 D12 MEKA CONCRETE BATCHING PLANTS Turkey 2 C31 Metal Products Company. Kuwait 1 D108 METALCĂ&#x2030;RTIMA Portugal 2 G76 MICOMDOOR Spain 2 B20 Middle East Strategic Advertising United Arab Emirates 1 F50 Mobil Delvac Saudi Arabia 1 F40 Modern Metal Industries Co. United Arab Emirates 1 C01 Molemab Spa Italy 2 G23 Movax Oy Ltd Finland 1 B70 Muscat Heaters Industry LLC Oman 2 G74 Mustafa Eken - Ugur Karaca Saudi Arabia 2 A64 Mustafa Yontar Ins. Mak. Ve Kalip San. Tic. A.S. Turkey 1 F61 Mut Meccanica Tovo Spa Italy 2 E18 My World of Expo Afghanistan AS4 MyWorldofexpo UK 4 E167 National Marketing Co. LTD Saudi Arabia 2 F60 National Plastic Factory - Oman Oman 1 A11 NATURELMAR MADENCILIK SAN.VE TIC.A.S. Turkey 1 C31 Nikolidakis Group SA Greece 2 C18 Ningbo Union Favour International Trade Company China 2 A70 Ni-Ta Metal Paz. San. ve Dis Tic. Ltd. Sti. Turkey 1 B38 Norstone Australia 1 C69 NORTHPOLE INDUSTRIES India 1 C121

NRW. International GmbH Germany NURSAN GIDA OTOM. Turkey Oasis International Trading United Arab Emirates Oasis Tiles India Obeikan Technical Fabrics Co. Ltd Saudi Arabia OCEM - CASSANI Italy OGUZ MERMER SAN.TIC.LTD.STI Turkey Okur Makina Imalat ve Ins. San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. Turkey Omaf Srl Italy Onur Mermer Mad. Tur. Tar. Gida Tek. Tic. Ve San. A.S. Turkey Oscam Italy Ozbekoglu Ltd Turkey Park Games Equipment (Malaysia) Malaysia Pattern Quality Trading (Kanee) Saudi Arabia PDS PROFIL DILME SAC MAKINALARI SAN.VE DIS TIC.A.S. Turkey Pearl Industries LLC United Arab Emirates PEDAX GmbH Germany Philip A Tabone International Malta Pi Makina Otom. Ins. Mak. Paz. Ihr. Ith. San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. Turkey Piemonte Agency Italy PIEMONTE Agency for Investments, Export and Tourism Italy Piemonte InContract Italy PIMAR ITALIAN LIMESTONE Italy PINE WOOD GLOBAL LLC United Arab Emirates Pinnacle LGS USA United Arab Emirates Plastic Pipes And Fittings Factory (Al-Adasani) Kuwait Plastica Alfa - Italy Italy Plastitalia SPA United Arab Emirates Polat S.A. Greece POLYCELL Korea Pozza Srl Italy PROJECTS FURNITURE CO Guangdong Saudi Arabia Oppein Home Group Inc. Promos Promozione Sviluppo Italy PSI Pipelines Accessories Bahrain Qatar Steel Co. Qatar Qgm Quangong Machinery Co.,Ltd China Q-NAP- Qatar National Aluminum Panel Co. Qatar Quality Air Equipment Australia Quanzhou City Sanlian Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd. China Quanzhou Hengxing Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd China Qunfeng Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. China Rajhi Steel Saudi Arabia RAMPF Formen GmbH Germany Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone Authority United Arab Emirates Reach Holy Land for Marble and Stone Palestine Ready Jet / Betonzal Service USA RECKLI Germany RECO SRL Italy Reda Fire and Hazard Control Saudi Arabia Reflex Winkelmann GmbH Germany Refrigeration House Saudi Arabia REGAL ALUMINYUM Turkey REKERS GmbH Maschinen- und Anlagenbau Saudi Arabia Reynaers Aluminium Bahrain Ritver Paints & Coatings United Arab Emirates Rocplas UK Ltd / FBS Profilati Srl UK Rootica Paints Lebanon ROTHO Germany Rpm Polat Mak. Yedek Parca San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. Turkey SABIC Saudi Arabia SAER Elettropompe SpA Italy Saes Makine San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. Turkey Sagar Asia - Ladders, Scaffolding & More India SAHINLER FORM METAL SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI. Turkey Samih Al Bashir Factory for heavy Industries Saudi Arabia Sanco SA Greece Sanmen Lion Manhole Cover Co., Ltd. China Saudi Bitumen Industries Co. LTD. (SABIT) Saudi Arabia Saudi Ceramic / Onda / Duegi / Al Noor Plastic Factory Saudi Arabia Saudi Mas Gas System Saudi Arabia Saudi Pipe Systems Saudi Arabia Saudi Pultrusion Industry Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Schnell Spa Italy SENDA Portugal Seven Seas Steel Industries, U.A.E. United Arab Emirates Shandong Hengda Precise Sheet Technology Co.,Ltd China Shandong Tengfei Mechanical And China Electrical Technology Co., Ltd Shanghai Longzhen Heavy Industry Co., Ltd China Shanghai Sanme Mining Machinery Co., Ltd China Shanghai Shibang Machinery Co. ,Ltd China

1 D10 2 G44 2 D26 1 E80 2 F101 1 F41 1 D31 1 F34 2 F11 2 A38 1 E40 2 G40 1 A17 1 C128 1 D38 2 G60 1 F05 1 F30 2 A33 2 D18 Hall 2 2 D18 2 F28 1 A28 2 C03 1 E109 2 F20 2 G22 2 B03 1 F113 2 E14 2 B98 . 1 D49 2 C80 2 C77 2 F05 2 G70 1 C120 1 D111 2 B70 2 D60 1 F18 2 B40 2 G82 1 D68 1 E29 2 E19 1 E118 1 B29 2 E80 2 E48 1 D20 2 A40 2 C43 2 D21 2 G12 1 F19 1 E39 2 C60 2 G79 1 F69 1 E60 1 B39 OS 70 2 C19 1 E113 2 B64 2 B80 1 A111 2 C65 1 A47 1 F50 1 E49 2 E31 1 A19 1 D110 1 A91 1 C110 1 E129 1 C112

Shanghai Zenith Mining And Construction Co., Ltd China Shanxi Dazeyuan Co.,Ltd China Shelter Tent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. China Shouguang Fushi Wood Co.,Ltd. China Shwahed Alsharg Saudi Arabia SIBCO Saudi Arabia Sika Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Sina Tiles for Marble - Al Dorgham Egypt Solimpeks Enerji Gida San Tic. A.S. Turkey Sommer Anlagentechnik GmbH Germany Spancrete Global Services USA Stars Positions Carpenting Factory Kuwait Stenkim Kimyasal Madde Ith. Ihr. Taah. Tic. Ve San. Ltd. Sti. Turkey Stv Serrature Srl Italy Suhner Abrasive Expert Ltd. Switzerland Super Burkani Saudi Arabia Super Stairs For Awr Kuwait Suterm Su Aritma Isitma Teknoloji San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. Turkey Taliah Trading & Industrial Co., Saudi Arabia Tamkeen Industrial and Trading Company Ltd. Saudi Arabia Tawuniya Saudi Arabia Technical Review Middle East United Arab Emirates Teide Refractory Solutions Spain TEKLA United Arab Emirates TEKNIK FIBERGLAS SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI. Turkey TE-MA YAPI MALZEMELERI SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI. Turkey TENSAFORM MEMBRAN YAPILAR SAN. TIC. A.S. Turkey Terraco UAE Ltd. United Arab Emirates TEZGULLER MAKINA VE KALIP INSAAT SAN. TIC.LTD.STI Turkey Thermowatt spa Italy THRACE GROUP Greece Tianjin Prosperous For Centuries Foreign Trade Co., Ltd China TJK MACHINERY (TIANJIN) CO., LTD. China TM "New Style" Ukraine Ukraine Top Rock Co. Kuwait Touch House Korea Korea Toyota - Abdul Latif Jameel Saudi Arabia Pakistan Trelawny SPT Ltd UK Tufan Nakliyat Demir Celik Komur Petrol Urn. Turkey San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. UGUR MAKINA TAAH. SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI. Turkey UL - Underwriters Laboratories United Arab Emirates Ulma - Attieh Saudi Arabia Union Pipes Industry (Saudi Arabia) Saudi Arabia Unique Factories United Arab Emirates Unique Scaffolding United Arab Emirates Unisteel Scaffolding & Formworks Saudi Arabia United Engineers Saudi Arabia United Neama Group Gen Trad & Cont Co. Kuwait Universal Metal Coating Company Limited (UNICOIL) Saudi Arabia UZAY MODUL KAFES CATI TESISLERI VE Turkey MALZEMELERI INS.SAN.VE TIC.LTD.STI. VELTEK PLASTIK TEKNOLOJILERI SANAYI TIC.LTD.STI. Turkey Viessmann Middle East FZE United Arab Emirates Vistawall International Co. United Arab Emirates Vivid Color Saudi Arabia Volpatto Agency Best Wallcovering Italy WEHRHAHN Germany Weifang Henglida Steel Structure Co., Ltd China Weiler GmbH Germany Wenzhou Akada Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. China Wera Werk Hermann Werner GmbH & Co. KG Germany WSM e.V. Germany Xiamen Carmel Imp.&Exp.Co.,Ltd China YAPARLAR INSAAT VE TARIM ALETLERI SAN. VE TIC. A.S. Turkey YENIGUN CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY &COMM.INC. Turkey Yontar Kalip Makina ve Ins. San. Tic. Ltd. Sti Turkey Yuyao Jitai Tube Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. China Zamil Industrial Saudi Arabia Zawya United Arab Emirates Zhe Jiang Hong Tang Industry&Trade Co.,Ltd China Zhejiang Jiangshan Giant-Young Co., Ltd China ZUBIRI S.L. Spain Zulin Formwork & Scaffolding China

1 D128 2 B79 1 D112 1 D130 2 C101 2 A69 1 E70 2 G04 1 A43 1 E10 1 D60 1 B68 1 B34 2 F19 2 C02 2 A65 1 D101 1 D34 2 B89 2 F98 1 C81 1 F50 1 B20 1 E68 1 C30 2 E40 1 D80 1 A20 2 F41 2 F02 2 D19 2 B78 1 C132 1 A70 1 C101 1 E114 OS 20 1 F50 2 C28 1 D39 1 D34 2 D39 1 B10 1 C70 1 E58 1 F51 2 A79 1 F50 1 D109 2 D70 2 B31 1 C37 1 D11 2 G56 1 A03 2 D18 1 E28 1 D132 1 F28 2 B77 1 C10 1 D10 1 D121 1 E38 1 A30 2 A28 2 B71 1 C80 1 A27 1 C114 2 A78 1 E69 1 D78

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Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013

Wetex 2013


An important regional resourcing platform Visitors to this year’s WETEX will be able to access the latest technology and management solutions.


HE DUBAI ELECTRICITY and Water Authority (DEWA), which claims to be the leading utilities provider in the world, has sought the participation of Indian firms in the water and energy technology sector in its premium Water, Energy, Technology and Environment Exhibition (WETEX) 2013. Organized by the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority along with Supreme Council of Energy, Dubai, the 2013 edition of the annual event is scheduled to be held at the sprawling Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre in Dubai from April 15 -17, 2013. WETEX 2013 marks the fifteenth edition of the event. As part of its promotion drive, DEWA along with EEPC India (formerly Engineering Export Promotion Council) has conducted a series of seminar on “Doing Business With Government of Dubai” for firms in various Indian cities. The events have received an overwhelming response in terms of participation. Abdul Syed Abdul Hameed, Deputy senior contracts manager, DEWA, was the keynote speaker at the event. DEWA estimates a procurement budget of US$7.6billion in the next couple of years. The DEWA official said that WETEX is the perfect platform for companies specialising in water and energy technology space to network and learn from one another. The organiser of the show is one of largest government buyers of energy, electrical and water products and services in Dubai. WETEX 2012 attracted participation from 31 countries world-wide with 550 exhibitors promoting their 1,089 companies and a large number of visitors who were keen to explore new

More than 1,500 companies from around the world are expected to participate in WETEX 2013 technologies and solutions. WETEX has expanded to include the participation of vital economic activities in the energy sector such as gas and oil prospecting, excavating, extracting, refining, distributing, exporting and all other related activities, along with all other supporting industries, consultants, contractors and investors who are involved in this huge field, which constitutes a crucial economic role. WETEX focuses on advanced and professional technologies in the field of energy including fossil fuel, nuclear and renewable energy generation, smart grids, efficiency, water conservation, environment, waste management, green buildings, carbon di-oxide reduction solutions, raising awareness on new

technologies, sharing expertise and promoting new developments and best practices. Over 1500 companies from around the world are expected to participate in WETEX 2013. The three-day exhibition will also host workshops and seminars on water and energy resources and also on Green building, Fossil fuel (Oil & Gas) Safety and Quality by leading international companies. The WETEX Seminars in the previous editions have been an overwhelming success with important topics being discussed leading to better awareness and understanding for the utilities business, energy, water, and environment sustainability. During some previous events, WETEX tackled critical issues in energy conservation, water and electricity, including environmental protection and preservation, Green building, Carbon reduction as well as the green building stand which aimed at enhancing awareness in protecting the natural resources of Dubai attracted a multitude of visitors. ■

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Technical Review Middle East - Issue Two 2013

Wetex 2013

Innovative water solutions AES Arabia has been supplying water and wastewater treatment systems to the region since 1985.


ES ARABIA DESIGNS and manufactures water and wastewater solutions for the MENA region, serving the energy, municipality, industrial and commercial sectors. The services offered by AES include water and waste water treatment, odour control, water treatment plants as well as chemical injection skids. According to AES’ Manager, - Business Development, Asad Iqbal Khan; “In the Middle East, water resources are considered to be scarce and expensive. “Alternative water sources such as waste water can provide an economical, ecologically-friendly option towards water sustainability. “In addition, the ever-evolving and maturing environmental discharge standards and regulations have driven the use of technologies and solutions to keep producers competitive.” AES is therefore continually devising new and innovative strategies to cope with these challenges and take advantage of the increasing demand for alternative water sources. As an example, AES was able to complete the design, manufacture and installation of a 24,000 cu m desalination plant for Zubair Petrochemicals in Iraq, despite security concerns. Awarded to the company by the United Nations’ Department of International Development (DFID), AES completed the project remotely from Kuwait. The company recently said it was ready to re-enter the Iraq market and is currently pursuing opportunities in the country. AES has also worked on many other challenging projects according to Khan, “In the GCC where water is as rare as a diamond, a mile deep, and very salty, one of our clients wanted to produce 5,650 cu m/d irrigation and potable water from his 5,750 cu m/d limited well water source. “Not only that, the client in fact wanted to recover all of the filter backwash water, floor drains, and spent regeneration chemicals so the discharge from the plant was put to an absolute minimum,” Khan added. AES constructed a plant for the client which implemented a process of high pressure reverse osmosis (HPRO), with the chemical composition of the feed water allowing for 75 per cent recovery of the waste stream.

Asad Iqbal Khan - Manager, Business Development, AES Arabia

AES is therefore continually devising new and innovative strategies Two waste streams coming from the plant were sent to different locations, with the brine sent to an evaporation pond, while the lime slurry was sent to sludge drying beds. Decanted water from the lime slurry was then reclaimed back and put into the system for further recovery. Khan said, “Fine-tuning was done to reduce the lime slurry by up to 20 per cent through reducing the lime and adding caustic instead. Part of the slurry was recycled back to the inlet of the clarifiers providing seeds for precipitate particles to form on improving the solids capacity and minimising solids carryover.” The plant was successfully commissioned and put in service, meaning the client was able to yield 7,200 cu m/d from a total inlet of 7,950 cu m/d. Despite stiff competition from the recent influx of Asian companies in to the market, the AES spokesperson claimed, “We have been doing well and at a good pace of growth in the market share, not only in the GCC but also the MENA region.” As proof of its success, AES was named company of the year at CWC Energy’s Global Water Oil and Gas Summit 2012 in Dubai. Looking to the future, the company is planning further expansion, focusing on research and development. “As part of the expansion plan we have taken steps further to invest in the research and development within the company to materialise the concept and implement the concepts we already have in the field of water and waste water,” Khan concluded. ■

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‫اﻟﻠﺒﻨﺎﻧﻴﻮن أﻋﻠﻰ اﻟﻤﺴﺘﺜﻤﺮﻳﻦ ﻓﻲ اﻟﻌﻘﺎرات‬

äGQÉ≤©dG ‘ Qɪãà°S’ÉH ¿ƒªà¡e ¿ƒ«fÉæÑ∏dG

‘ á«ŸÉ©dG ájQÉ°ûà°S’G äÉcô°ûdG ióMGE ,   ∂fGôa âjÉf á°ù°SƒDe âMôs°U ∫hO øe Újΰûª∏d áÑ°ùædÉH »HO É¡H ∞°üàJ »àdG ø'e’BG PÓŸG' ádÉM ¿ÉCH ,äGQÉ≤©dG ∫É› ‘ 20 áÑ°ùæH äÓ«ØdG øªK ´ÉØJQG ¤GE äOGC ,É«≤jôaGC ∫ɪ°Th §°Sh’CG ¥ô°ûdG ‘ »Hô©dG ™«HôdG .2012 ∫ƒ∏jGC/ȪàÑ°S ≈àM ΩÉ©dG ∫ÓN ¬«∏Y âfÉc ɪY ÉÑjô≤J áFÉŸG ÉØ«ØW É°TÉ©àfG ¿GE ,2012 ∫h’CG øjô°ûJ/ôHƒàcGC ∞°üàæe ‘ ∂ ' æH »à«°S' ±ô°üe ∫Ébh ø˘ e ᢠeós˘ ≤oŸG I'ô˘ Lɢ ¡ŸG ∫Gƒ˘ e’CG ¢ShhDQ' ¬˘ cGô˘ M Oƒ˘ bh ¿É˘ c »˘ HO ‘ äGQɢ ≤˘ ©˘ dG ¥ƒ˘ °S ¬˘ Jó˘ ¡˘ °T ᪫b QÉ«¡fGh ,ºgOÓH ‘ IôFGódG á«°SÉ«°ùdG äÉaÓÿG ôWÉfl ¿ƒ¡LGƒj øjòdG ÚjΰûŸG ¢TÉ©àf’Gh ‘É©àdG ¿GC ,¬d måjóM ômjô≤J ‘ ,GôNƒDe ócGC ¬fGC ÒZ .á«∏ÙG º¡bGƒ°SGC ‘ á∏ª©odG ∫ƒ°U’CGh ,á©°SGƒdG ájOÉ°üàb’G ᫪æàdG ™e ÉæeGõàe ¿Éc …QÉ≤©dG Qɪãà°S’G ´É£b √ó¡°T …òdG .IóëàŸG á«Hô©dG äGQÉe’EG ádhO É¡H ™àªàJ »àdG ájƒ≤dG ájOÉ°üàb’G

,»°VÉŸG ΩÉ©dG ∫ÓN »HO ‘ ºgQO QÉ«∏e 4^88 ᪫≤H äGQÉ≤Y AGô°ûH ÜôY ¿ƒæWGƒe ΩÉb áÑ°ùf ‹ÉªLGE ¿Éch .»HóH ∑Óe’CGh »°VGQ’CG IôFGO É¡Jô°ûf »àdG äÉ«FÉ°üM’EG Ö°ùëH ∂dPh ‹ÉªLGE øe áFÉŸG ‘ 9 »HóH äGQÉ≤©dGh »°VGQ’CG ¥ƒ°S ‘ ÉgQɪãà°SG ” »àdG á«Hô©dG ∫Gƒe’CG »é«∏ÿG ¿hÉ©àdG ¢ù∏› ∫hO øe ¿ƒæWGƒe ÉgQɪãà°SÉH ΩÉb »JGQÉeGE ºgQO QÉ«∏e 58^6 ≠∏Ñe øjôªãà°ùŸG ÚH IQGó°üdG ™bƒe Gƒ∏àMG Ú«fÉæÑ∏dG ¿GC ÒZ .ÖfÉLGC ¿hôNGBh ÜôY ¿ƒæWGƒeh ¿ƒ«fOQ’CG ïq°V ɪæ«H ,»JGQÉeGE ºgQO ¿ƒ«∏e 984 ᪫≤H äGQÉ≤Y AGô°ûH GƒeÉb å«M ,Üô©dG ∫ƒëàdG ¿GC ¤GE ¥ƒ°ùdG ‘ ÚcQÉ°ûŸG øe Òãc AGQGB √ÉŒG øe ºZôdÉHh .ºgQO ¿ƒ«∏e 947 ≠∏Ñe ¤GE ≥aóàJ »àdG á'∏LÉ©dG ∫Gƒe’CG' ¤GE ™Lôj ,»HO ‘ äGQÉ≤©dG QÉ©°SGC ¬Jó¡°T …òdG ,ÒN’CG ¿ÉEa ,Qɪãà°SÓd áæeGB áÄ«H øY ÉãëH »Hô©dG ™«HôdG ∫hO øe IóëàŸG á«Hô©dG äGQÉe’EG πNGO ºgQO QÉ«∏e 1^85 ≠∏Ñe RhÉéàj ⁄ ∫hódG ∂∏J »æWGƒe äGQɪãà°SG ‹ÉªLGE ¿GC ócƒDJ á≤«≤◊G ämGQɪãà°SÉH IQGó°üdG ™bƒe ¿ƒjô°üŸG ¿hôªãà°ùŸG πàMG ,»Hô©dG ™«HôdG ∫hO ÚH øªa .§≤a ¿ƒjQƒ°ùdG ¿hôªãà°ùŸG á«fÉãdG áÑJôŸG ‘ AÉLh .äGQÉ≤©dG ¥ƒ°S ‘ ºgQO ¿ƒ«∏e 816 â¨∏H äGQɢ≤˘Y ¿ƒ˘«˘æ˘ª˘«˘dG ∂˘∏s“ ∂dò˘ch .º˘gQO ¿ƒ˘«˘∏˘e 634 á˘ª˘«˘≤˘H ämGQɢ≤˘Y AGô˘°ûH Gƒ˘eɢ b ø˘ jò˘ dG º˘gQO ¿ƒ˘«˘∏˘e 140 á˘ª˘«˘≤˘H ¿ƒ˘jô˘FGõ÷G ô˘ª˘ã˘à˘°SG ɢª˘æ˘«˘H ,º˘gQO ¿ƒ˘«˘∏˘e 256 á˘ª˘«˘≤˘H ɢcÓ˘eGCh 142 Qɪãà°SÉH ¿ƒ«fGOƒ°ùdGh ¿ƒ«æ«£°ù∏ØdG ΩÉb ,øjôN’BG Üô©dG ÚæWGƒŸG ÚH øeh .»JGQÉeGE äGQɪãà°SG ∫ƒM ΩmÉbQGC ájGC ôaƒàJ ⁄h Gòg .‹GƒàdG ≈∏Y ºgQO ¿ƒ«∏e 155h ºgQO ¿ƒ«∏e ¿ƒ«∏e 168 iôN’CG á«Hô©dG ∫hódG »æWGƒe »bÉH äGQɪãà°SG ‹ÉªLGE ≠∏H ÚM ‘ .Ú«Ñ«∏dG QÉ«∏e 17^7 »é«∏ÿG ¿hÉ©àdG ¢ù∏› ∫hO »æWGƒe äGQɪãà°SG â¨∏H ,‹ m ɪLGE πmμ°ûHh .ºgQO äGQÉ≤©dG ¥ƒ°S ‘ ºgQO QÉ«∏e 36 ÖfÉL’CG ÚæWGƒŸGh ,ºgQO QÉ«∏e 4^88 Üô©dGh ,ºgQO ∑Óe’CGh »°VGQ’CG IôFGO äÉ«FÉ°üMGE ¬æY âØ°ûc Ée Ö°ùëH Gògh ,»°VÉŸG ΩÉ©dG ∫ÓN »HóH ‘ 8 áÑ°ùæH äGQÉ≤©dG äÓeÉ©Ÿ á«dɪL’EG ᪫≤dG â©ØJQG ,äÉ«FÉ°üM’EG √ò¡d É≤ahh .»HóH ΩÉY ‘ ºgQO QÉ«∏e 143 ≠∏Ñà ákfQÉ≤e ,ºgQO QÉ«∏e 154 ¤GE π°üàd 2012 ΩÉY ∫ÓN áFÉŸG πàMG ɪæ«H ,IóëàŸG á«Hô©dG äGQÉe’EG ƒæWGƒe øjôªãà°ùŸG áªFÉb ¢SGCQ ≈∏Y ¿Éch .2011 ,»˘°VÉŸG Êɢã˘dG ø˘jô˘ °ûJ/Ȫ˘ aƒ˘ f ô˘ ¡˘ °T ‘h .ÚHΨŸG ø˘ jô˘ ª˘ ã˘ à˘ °ùŸG ᢠª˘ Fɢ b IQGó˘ °U Oƒ˘ æ˘ ¡˘ dG

‫ﻼ‬ ً ‫اﻟﺒﺤﺮﻳﻦ ﺗﺘﻮﻗﻊ ﻧﻤﻮا ﻫﺎﺋ‬

áFÉŸG ‘ 6^2 áÑ°ùæH ΩÉ©dG Gòg ™°Sƒàj ób øjôëÑdG OÉ°üàbG

á«dÉŸG áæ°ùdG ‘ ≠∏ÑŸG Gòg ï°V GCóÑj ¿GC ™bƒàŸG øeh .äGƒæ°S ¿GE ¢ù∏ÛG ∫ɢbh .Qɢª˘ã˘à˘°S’G §˘ «˘ °ûæ˘ J ±ó˘ ¡˘ H 2014-2013 448 ∫É°SQ’E á£N GôNƒDe â©°Vh ájOƒ©°ùdG á«Hô©dG áμ∏ªŸG ¿Éμ°S’EG ≈∏Y É¡bÉØfGE ºà«d øjôëÑdG ¤GE »μjôeGC Q’hO ¿ƒ«∏e QGôªà°SÉH ¢ù∏ÛG ÉCÑæJ óbh .äÉYhô°ûŸG øe ÉgÒZh º«∏©àdGh »eÉY ∫ÓN áFÉŸG ‘ 3^0 ∫ó©e óæY ºî°†àdG QGô≤à°SG ΩÉ©dG ‘ ¬«∏Y ¿Éc …òdG iƒà°ùŸG ¢ùØf ƒgh ,2014h 2013 ‘ Ò¨˘ ˘ °U ¢†Fɢ ˘ a ï˘ ˘ °†H Ωƒ˘ ˘ ≤˘ ˘ à˘ ˘ °S ᢠ˘ eƒ˘ ˘ μ◊G ¿GCh ,»˘ ˘ °VÉŸG Gòg »∏ÙG œÉædG ‹ÉªLGE øe áFÉŸG ‘ 0^6 áÑ°ùæH á«fGõ«ŸG óMGh áÑ°ùæH »°VÉŸG ΩÉ©dG ‘ √ó¡°T …òdG Qƒ°ü≤dG ó©H ΩÉ©dG »Hô©dG §ØædG ô©°S QGô≤à°SG äÉ©bƒàdG ¢VÎØJh .áFÉŸG ‘ .20h 2012 »eÉY ÚH π«eÈ∏d á«μjôeGC äGQ’hO 105 óæY

,øjôëÑdÉH ájôëÑdG §ØædG ∫ƒ≤M óM’C ™ØJQG …òdG êÉàf’EG ¬°ùØf âbƒdG ‘ ¬fGE ¢ù∏ÛG ∫Ébh .¢ù∏ÛG ¬H ìôs°U Ée Ö°ùëH á«YÉæ°üdG äGQɪãà°S’G øe ΩÉ©dG Gòg OÉ°üàb’G ó«Øà°ù«°S QÉ«∏e 4^8 ᪫≤H §ØædG IÉØ°üe ôjƒ£J ∂dP ‘ Éà ,iÈμdG øjôëÑdG Ωƒ«fƒŸGC ™æ°üà êÉàf’EG §N AÉ°ûfGEh ,»μjôeGC Q’hO ´É£≤dG ¿GC ¢ù∏ÛG ±É°VGCh .»μjôeGC Q’hO QÉ«∏e 2^2 ᪫≤H ΩÉ©dG ∫ÓN ÉàHÉKh ÉXƒë∏e Gƒ‰ ó¡°T »£ØædG ÒZ ¢UÉÿG ɇ ,´ÉØJQ’G ‘ á«aô°üŸG ¢Vhô≤dG ∫ó©e GCóHh ,»°VÉŸG ó©Hh .2013 ‘ …ƒ≤dG ƒªædG áÑàY ≈∏Y ´É£≤dG Gòg ™°†j Ωɢ Y äOɢ °S »˘ à˘ dG äɢ HGô˘ £˘ °V’Gh QGô˘ ≤˘ à˘ °S’G Ωó˘ Y ᢠ∏˘ Mô˘ e 10 ≠∏Ñe Ëó≤àH AGôK Ìc’CG è«∏ÿG ∫hO âeõàdG ,2011 10 IóŸ ø˘jô˘ë˘Ñ˘∏˘d á˘fƒ˘ ©˘ e π˘ μ˘ °T ‘ »˘ μ˘ jô˘ eGC Q’hO äGQɢ «˘ ∏˘ e

¿GC ™bƒàŸG øe ¬fÉCH GôNƒDe á«æjôëÑdG áeƒμ◊G âMôq°U ΩÉ©dG Gòg GOÉM GOƒ©°U OÓÑdG ‘ …OÉ°üàb’G ƒªædG ó¡°ûj á«YÉæ°U äGQɪãà°SGh ,Iƒb ÌcCG m»£Øf ´mÉ£b ≈∏Y Góªà©e CÉ˘Ñ˘æ˘J ó˘bh .ôm˘gOõ˘e »m˘ª˘«˘ ∏˘ bGE Omɢ °üà˘ bG ≈˘ ∏˘ Y IhÓ˘ Y ,ᢠbÓ˘ ª˘ Y œÉ˘ æ˘ dG ‹É˘ ª˘ LGE Rhɢ é˘ à˘ j ¿ÉC˘ H ᢠjOɢ °üà˘ b’G ᢠ«˘ ª˘ æ˘ à˘ dG ¢ù∏› 3^4 ¤GE §Ñ¡j ¿GC πÑb ΩÉ©dG Gòg áFÉŸG ‘ 6^2 áÑ°ùf »∏ÙG œÉædG ‹ÉªLGE ƒªæj ¿GC ¢ù∏ÛG Qóqbh .2014 ‘ áFÉŸG ‘ 1^9 øY ójõj …òdGh ,2012 ‘ áFÉŸG ‘ 3^9 áÑ°ùæH »∏ÙG ób øjôëÑdG âfÉch .2011 ‘ ¬«∏Y ¿Éc Ée ƒgh ,áFÉŸG ‘ …ò˘dG •ƒ˘Ñ˘¡˘ dG 󢩢H ɢ°Sƒ˘ª˘∏˘e ɢ«˘é˘ jQó˘ J ɢ «˘ aɢ ©˘ J ó˘ ¡˘ °ûJ äGCó˘ H .äGôgɶŸG Ö°ùH 2011 ΩÉY øe ∫h’CG ™HôdG ‘ Iƒ≤H É¡Hô°V º¶©e ‘ Éë°VGh É°übÉæJ »∏ÙG œÉædG ‹ÉªLGE ó¡°T ó≤a ¤GE ΩÉ©dG øe ∫h’CG ™HôdG ‘ áFÉŸG ‘ 5^9 øe ,»°VÉŸG ΩÉ©dG ¬H ìô°U Ée Ö°ùëH ∂dPh ,ådÉãdG ™HôdG ‘ áFÉŸG ‘ 3^1 ™HôdG ‘ ƒªædG iƒà°ùà ≥∏©àJ mΩÉbQGC …GC ôcPp ¿hO ¢ù∏ÛG ƒHGC §Øf π≤M êÉàfGE ¿GC ¢ù∏ÛG ±É°VGCh .ΩÉ©dG øe ™HGôdG 2012 ΩÉY º¶©e ∫ÓN á«©«Ñ£dG ä’ó©ŸG øe πbGC ¿Éc ÉØ°U ƒ˘ ˘ª˘ ˘æ˘ ˘dɢ ˘H Qô˘ ˘°†dG ¥É◊GE ¤GE äOGC ᢠ˘«˘ ˘ æ˘ ˘ a äÓ˘ ˘ μ˘ ˘ °ûe ÖÑ˘ ˘ °ùH π≤◊G Gòg ≈∏Y óªà©J øjôëÑdG ¿GC Ωƒ∏©ŸG øeh .…OÉ°üàb’G ¿GC ÒZ .ɢ ¡˘ à˘ «˘ fGõ˘ «˘ e äGó˘ ˘Fɢ ˘Y ø˘ ˘e ᢠ˘FÉŸG ‘ 70 ᢠ«˘ Ñ˘ ∏˘ J ‘ ‘ ɢ ¡˘ MÓ˘ °UGEh ɢ ¡˘ «˘ ∏˘ Y Ö∏˘ ¨˘ à˘ ˘dG ” ó˘ ˘b ᢠ˘«˘ ˘æ˘ ˘Ø˘ ˘dG äÓ˘ ˘μ˘ ˘°ûŸG ‘ í°VGƒdG ôK’CG ¬d ¿ƒμ«°S ɇ ,ÊÉãdG øjô°ûJ/Ȫaƒf ÖfÉL ¤GE ∂dPh ,2013 ‘ …OÉ°üàb’G ƒªædG QÉgORG IOƒY

S12 TRME 2 2013 Arabic_Layout 1 22/02/2013 15:50 Page 55

‫آﺣذﺰاﻳرﺮان‬//‫س‬ ‫ﻳﻣﺎﻮرﻧﻴﻮ‬ ähÒH

¿ÉæÑd ´hô°ûe ¢Vô©e


‫أﻳﻠﻮل‬/‫ﺳﺒﺘﻤﺒﺮ‬ »HO âjƒμdG

OGƒŸG ∫hÉæJ äÉ«æ≤àd §°Sh’CG ¥ô°ûdG ¢Vô©e âjƒμdG ∞ ' jÉa è«H' ¢Vô©e

12 ` 10 18 ` 16

‫آذار‬/‫ﻣﺎرس‬ IóL »HO

ájOƒ©°ùdG á«Hô©dG áμ∏ªŸÉH ∞ ' jÉa è«H' ¢Vô©e É«≤jôaGC ∫ɪ°Th §°Sh’CG ¥ô°ûdG äÉ°ùHÉc ¢Vô©e

12 ` 9 14 ` 12

‫ﺗﺸﺮﻳﻦ اول‬/‫أﻛﺘﻮﺑﺮ‬ π«HQGE

‫ﺗﺸﺮﻳﻦ اﻟﺜﺎﻧﻲ‬/‫ﻧﻮﻓﻤﺒﺮ‬ ¢VÉjôdG »HO

á∏«≤ãdG AÉæÑdG ä’GB á∏°ù∏°Sh …Oƒ©°ùdG AÉæÑdG ¢Vô©e ' jÉa è«H' ¢Vô©e ∞

7`4 28 ` 25

‫ﻛﺎﻧﻮن اول‬/‫دﻳﺴﻤﺒﺮ‬ »HO


¥Gô©dG ´hô°ûe ¢Vô©e 31 ` 28

ájQÉéàdG äÉÑcôª∏d §°Sh’CG ¥ô°ûdG ¢Vô©e

¢VÉjôdG ájOƒ©°ùdG á«Hô©dG áμ∏ªŸG ¢ùμà«L ¢Vô©e »HO 2013 ¢ùμJh ` áÄ«ÑdGh ábÉ£dG É«LƒdƒæμJh √É«ŸG ¢Vô©e ï«fƒ«e  2013 ` øjó©àdGh AÉæÑdG ä’’B ‹hódG ¢Vô©ŸG »ÑXƒHGC ¿óŸG ôXÉæe ¢Vô©e IóL AÉæÑdG ä’’B §°Sh’CG ¥ô°ûdG ¢Vô©e

11 ` 9

10 ` 7 17 ` 15 21 ` 15 23 ` 16 25 ` 22

‫أﻳﺎر‬/‫ﻣﺎﻳﻮ‬ áMhódG áeÉæŸG •ÉHôdG ¢VÉjôdG

ô£b ´hô°ûe ¢Vô©e 

` »∏NGódG º«ª°üàdGh AÉæÑ∏d è«∏ÿG ¢Vô©e

á«°ùª°ûdG ábÉ£∏d »Hô©dG Üô¨ŸG ¢Vô©e …Oƒ©°ùdG ábÉ£dG ¢Vô©e

9`6 9`7 22 ` 21 29 ` 26

S12 TRME 2 2013 Arabic_Layout 1 22/02/2013 15:50 Page 56



øjôªãà°ùŸG øe ójó©dG Ö£≤à°SG ¥Gô©dG ¿Éà°SOôc º«∏bGE

»àdGh ,É¡H á°UÉÿG Qɪãà°S’G ÚfGƒb ¥Gô©dG ¿Éà°SOôc º«∏bGE áeƒμM iódh ≈∏Y OɪàY’G ¤GE áLÉ◊G ¿hO ákjQÉŒ ∫ɪYGC ∑ÓàeGh áeÉbÉEH ÖfÉLÓ C d íª°ùJ º«∏b’EG ‘ äGAÉ°ûf’EG ´É£b Égó¡°ûj »àdG IôØ£dG º¶©e ¿GC ’GE .Ú«∏fi AÉcô°T ´É˘£˘b ¤GE ɢ¡˘¡˘«˘Lƒ˘J º˘à˘«˘ °S äGQɢ ª˘ ã˘ à˘ °S’G ∞˘ °üf ø˘ e ÌcGCh ,äɢ μ˘ ∏˘ à˘ ªŸÉ˘ H §˘ Ñ˘ Jô˘ J mπμ°ûH óªà©j Gòdh ,á«YGQRh hGC á«YÉæ°U IóYÉb OƒLh ¤GE º«∏b’EG ô≤àØjh .¿Éμ°S’EG m Ñc áÑ°ùf ójõJ ’h .»YGQõdG êÉàf’EGh á«YÉæ°üdG äÉéàæŸG øe äGOQGƒdG ≈∏Y GóL Ò ‘ 15 øY áÄ°TÉædG á«YÉæ°üdG äÉYhô°ûŸG ¤GE É¡JGQɪãà°SG øe áæé∏dG ¬¡LƒJ Ée á«YGQRh á«YÉæ°U äÉYhô°ûe áeÉbGE ä’hÉ≤ŸG äÉcô°T ÖæéàJ å«M .§≤a áFÉŸG áØ∏àıG á«FGò¨dG OGƒŸGh ,øªãdG á°ü«NQ ™∏°ù∏d ó«s≤ŸG ÒZh πFÉ¡dG ≥aóàdG ÖÑ°ùH á©ØJôe ádɪ©dG ônÑà©oJh .Ú°üdG á°UÉîHh ,É«°SGB ¥ô°T ܃æL ∫hOh QGƒ÷G ∫hO øe ∫ɪY’CG øe ¿ƒHô¡j OGôc’CG øe ójó©dG íÑ°UGCh .¥Gô©dG ¿Éà°SOôc º«∏bGE ‘ áØ∏μàdG ¿Éà°ùcÉHh ¢ûjOÓéæH øe IOQGƒdG ádɪ©dG ¿’BG É¡∏¨°ûJ »àdGh ,IÒ≤◊G ∞FÉXƒdGh .óæ¡dGh

‫ﻣﻮاﻧﺊ اﻟﻌﺮاق ﺗﺸﻬﺪ ﻋﻮدة ارﻗﺎم اﻟﻘﻴﺎﺳﻴﺔ‬ ∫ƒ˘≤˘J »˘à˘dG á˘≤˘«˘≤˘ë˘∏˘d ɢ뢰VGh ɢ°SÉ˘μ˘©˘fG ,¬˘«˘ fGƒÃ ≥˘∏˘©˘à˘j »àdG äÉØ∏ŸG ∫õY ‘ Ú«bGô©dG ÚdhƒD°ùŸG ¢†©H ìÉéæH ,á˘ª˘Fɢ≤˘dG ᢫˘∏ÙG ᢫˘°Sɢ«˘°ùdG äɢYGô˘°üdG ø˘Y ɢ¡˘fhô˘jó˘j ≈∏Y óªà©J ádhO ‘ …OÉ°üàb’G QÉgOR’G â∏bôY »àdGh ɢ¡˘JɢLɢ«˘ à˘ MG ø˘ e ᢠFÉŸG ‘ 92 ᢫˘Ñ˘∏˘à˘d §˘Ø˘æ˘dG äGó˘FɢY ᢫˘bGô˘©˘dG Å˘fGƒŸG â°Vô˘©˘J ,∫ɢãŸG π˘«˘Ñ˘°S ≈˘∏˘©˘ a .ᢠ«˘ dÉŸG ‘ âë‚h ,π˘ ˘Fɢ ˘g §˘ ˘¨˘ ˘°V ¤GE »˘ ˘°VÉŸG Ωɢ ˘©˘ ˘dG ∫Ó˘ ˘ N É¡JÉfÉμeGE â£îJ äÉæë°T ≠jôØJ äÉLÉ«àM’ áHÉéà°S’G äÉæë°T ≠jôØJ äÉfÉμeGE Iô°üÑdG ÅfGƒe ió∏a .á©bƒàŸG øe ºZôdÉHh .Ωƒ«dG ‘ øW ∞dGC 27 ¤GE É¡«dɪLGE π°üj ‘ øW ∞dGC 42 ≠jôØàH ÊGƒŸG √òg äô¡oà°TG ó≤a ,∂dP ,»°VÉŸG ΩÉ©dG ∫ÓN ,¥Gô©dG øμ“ óbh .ΩÉj’CG ¢†©H ø˘e ¬˘ H ᢠ°UÉÿG ᢠjô˘ ë˘ Ñ˘ dG ᢠMÓŸG Iɢ æ˘ b ᢠ©˘ °S ™˘ aQ ø˘ e ôÑnà©oj ºlbQ Gògh ,8000 øe ÌcGC ¤GE ámæ«Ø°S 2000 .¢ù«jÉ≤ŸG πμH ájOÉY ÒZ IôØW

Q’hO ¿ƒ˘ «˘ ∏˘ e 30 ᢠ«˘ bGô˘ ©˘ dG Å˘ fGƒŸG äGó˘ Fɢ Y ⨢ ∏˘ H ≈∏YGC ƒgh ,2012 ∫h’CG ¿ƒfÉc/Ȫ°ùjO ‘ »μjôeGC ,¬˘°ùØ˘f âbƒ˘dG ‘h .ɢ¡˘ î˘ jQɢ J ‘ ¬˘ Jó˘ ¡˘ °T …mô˘ ¡˘ °T ó˘ Fɢ Y AÉæ«e ìÉààa’ Ò°†ëàdG ≈∏Y π≤ædG IQGRh É«dÉM πª©J ô˘¡˘°T’CG ∫Ó˘N Iô˘ °üÑ˘ dG á˘ æ˘ jó˘ e ‘ »˘ bGô˘ ©˘ dG äɢ jhÉ◊G ≈∏Y ójGõàŸG Ö∏£dG á«Ñ∏J πLGC øe ∂dPh ,á∏Ñ≤ŸG á∏«∏≤dG …óæq¡ŸG ó©°S ∫Gƒ˘ ˘ ˘ M’CGh ±hô˘ ˘ ˘ ¶˘ ˘ ˘ dG ¿GC ∂°T’h .ø˘ ˘ ˘ ë˘ ˘ ˘ °ûdG ∫ɢ ˘ ˘ ª˘ ˘ ˘ YGC ,᢫˘bGô˘©˘dG Å˘fGƒ˘ª˘∏˘d á˘Ñ˘°ùæ˘dɢH I󢫢L ô˘Ñn˘à˘©˘oJ á˘jOɢ°üà˘b’G ‫ﻓﺮص اﺳﺘﺜﻤﺎر ﻓﻲ‬ »°SÉ«°S π«°üa πc áÑZQ ∫ƒM ºFÉ≤dG ∫ó÷G øe ºZôdÉH .É¡«∏Y ¬Jô£«°S ¢Vôa ‘ Iô°üÑdG ‘ ‫ﻣﺸﺮوﻋﺎت ﺳﻜﻚ‬ IÈNh ,á°ü°üîàe ájôëH Iõ¡LÉCH ¥Gô©dG õ«ªàHh ‫اﻟﺤﺪﻳﺪ اﻟﻘﻄﺮﻳﺔ‬ ,»°VÉŸG ¿ô≤dG äÉ«æ«KÓK òæe ∫ÉÛG Gòg ‘ á©°SGh ÊGƒŸG øe OóY ¢ù«°SÉCàH ádhódG âeÉb ɪæ«M ∂dPh ójó◊G ∂μ°S ácô°ûd …ò«ØæàdG ¢ù«FôdG ìôq°U ô˘Ñn˘à˘©˘ojh .»˘Hô˘©˘dG è˘«˘ ∏ÿG ≈˘ ∏˘ Y π˘ £ŸoG ɢ ¡˘ ©˘ bƒ˘ e õ˘ jõ˘ ©˘ à˘ d ácô°ûdG âØ∏c ,k Gôjô≤J ¿ÉCH ,…óæq¡ŸG ó©°S ,ájô£≤dG ɪ«a ,√RGôMGE ‘ ¥Gô©dG í‚ …òdG ®ƒë∏ŸG Ωó≤àdG Qɢª˘ã˘à˘ °SG ¢Uô˘ a Rô˘ HGC ,√QGó˘ °UÉE˘ H …õ˘ æ˘ cɢ e ᢠ°ù°SƒD˘ e ,Ú∏ªàfi øjôªãà°ùŸ ,»μjôeGC Q’hO QÉ«∏e 38 ᪫≤H É«°SÉ«b ɪbQ GôNƒDe âHô°V á«bGô©dG ÅfGƒŸG äGOGôjGE ∫ÓN ∂dPh ,É¡d á©HÉàdG ájójó◊G ∂μ°ùdG áμÑ°T ‘ ,A»°T πc πª°ûj Gòg .á∏Ñ≤ŸG ÉeÉY øjô°û©dG IÎa ø˘ e ø˘ W äGQɢ «˘ ∏˘ e ᢠ«˘ fɢ ª˘ K ‹Gƒ˘ M ó˘ jQƒ˘ J ø˘ e GAó˘ H ∫ɪYÉCH á°UÉÿG Iõ¡L’CG ÒaƒJ hGC Ö∏°üdG ójó◊G Oƒ≤©dG ¤GE ’ƒ°Uh ,É¡d §£nîoŸG ábÓª©dG ôØ◊G áØ∏àıG ≥aGôŸG IQGOGEh äGQÉ£≤dG 𫨰ûàH á°UÉÿG §°Sh’CG ¥ô°ûdG ô“ƒDe ‘ ,…óæ¡ŸG ∫Ébh .äÉ£ÙÉH øe ÌcGC ∑Éæg ,á°SGQó∏d É≤kah' :ájójó◊G ∂μ°ù∏d ∫ÓN øe É¡æe áFÉŸG ‘ 75 ,á«≤«≤M á°Uôa 200 πãe ,ájójó◊G ∂μ°ùdG ΩóîJ »àdG á«àëàdG á«æÑdG ø˘ e ¬˘ fÉC˘ H ±É˘ °VGCh .π'˘ «˘ ¨˘ °ûà˘ dG ᢠfɢ «˘ ˘°Uh äGAɢ ˘°ûf’EG ¢†©H ∫hÉæàJ πªY á°TQh ô£b ∞«°†à°ùJ ¿GC ô¶àæŸG á˘aɢμ˘H á˘≤˘∏˘©˘àŸG äɢeƒ˘∏˘©ŸG Ëó˘≤˘à˘d' Qɢª˘ã˘à˘°S’G ¢Uô˘a Aɢ æ˘ H ≈˘ ∏˘ Y Ú©˘ æu˘ °üŸoG ™˘ «˘ é˘ °ûJ π˘ LGC ø˘ eh ,¢Uô˘ Ø˘ dG §˘ ˘Ñ˘ ˘JÎd ô˘ ˘£˘ ˘b ‘ ák˘ ˘£˘ ˘°Sƒ˘ ˘à˘ ˘eh IÒ¨˘ ˘°U äɢ ˘Yɢ ˘æ˘ ˘°U .É'æYhô°ûÃ

S12 TRME 2 2013 Arabic_Layout 1 22/02/2013 15:50 Page 57



‫ﺗﻔﺎؤل اﻟﻤﺤﻠﻠﻴﻦ ﻧﺤﻮ اﻟﺒﻨﻴﺔ اﻟﺘﺤﺘﻴﺔ اﻟﺴﻌﻮدﻳﺔ‬

øjôªãà°ùŸG ™é°ûJ ájOƒ©°ùdG á«©°SƒàdG áfRGƒŸG

∫hO πNGO äÉ«∏ª©dG ‘ QGô≤à°SG øe ¬H ⫶M Ée á°UÉîHh ,ácô°ûdG äÉ«∏ªY áÑ«≤M âªgÉ°S å«M ácô°ûdG äÉ«∏ªY ≈∏Y á©ØæŸÉH ´ƒLôdG ‘ ,»é«∏ÿG ¿hÉ©àdG ¢ù∏› 11^9 `H ájOƒ©°ùdG á«Hô©dG áμ∏ªŸGh äÉ©«ÑŸG ºéM øe áFÉŸG ‘ 15 øe ÌcÉCH ô£b  11 ôjô≤J Ö°ùëH 7^6 `H ¥Gô©dGh ∫hóL Ö«JôJ ≈∏Y á«Ñ«∏dG äÉ«∏ª©∏d π°ùcƒj ácô°T ¢Vôt©J ôKDƒj ,iôNGC á¡L øe ‘ äÉæ«cÉŸGh ä’B’G ¢ü≤f IQƒ£N øe ójõjh »∏Ñ≤à°ùŸG ó≤ædG ≥aóJh É¡dɪYGC äÉ°SÉ«°Sh »ŸÉ©dG …ƒ°†©dG ƒªædG íª°S ,á«ŸÉY ô¶f á¡Lh øeh .äGAÉ°ûf’EG ™bGƒe á«àëàdG á«æÑdG äGRÉ«àeG ∫ƒ°UGC øe ¢ü°ü◊G äɪ«°ù≤Jh äÉcô°ûdG ∫ƒ°UGC π≤f ¿ÉCH ,É«≤jôaGC ∫ɪ°Th §°Sh’CG ¥ô°ûdG ¢ûà«a ‘ á°Sóæ¡dGh äGAÉ°ûf’EG ⁄É©d á«∏«ªμàdG ÉeGC .∞©°†dÉH º°ùàj ∫Gõj ’ …òdGh 2012 ‘ á«HhQh’CG äGAÉ°ûf’EG ¥ƒ°S ∫OÉ©j .Iô≤à°ùe Èà©àa 2013 ΩÉ©d á«∏Ñ≤à°ùŸG Iô¶ædG ó≤a ,2012h 2011 »qeÉY ∫ÓN á«ŸÉ©dG äÉÑ«JÎdG äÓé°S ‘ íLÉædG ƒªædG ÉeGC §°Sh’CG ¥ô°ûdGh ∂«°ùμŸGh πjRGÈdGh É«°ShQh ÉHhQhGC ¥ô°ûH áæ«©e ∫hO ‘ ≥≤– π«Á á«àëàdG á«æÑdG ‘ πL’CG πjƒW ƒªædG ¿GC ¢ûà«a á°ù°SƒDe ó≤à©Jh .É«≤jôaGC ∫ɪ°Th ÜGò˘à˘L’ ᢫˘°Sɢ°SGC á˘≤˘£˘æ˘e á˘Hɢãà ¿ƒ˘ μ˘ à˘ °S »˘ à˘ dG ≥˘ Wɢ æŸG ∂∏˘ J ‘ QGô˘ ª˘ à˘ °S’G ¤GE äGÈÿG ÉgRƒ©J á«eÉædG äGOÉ°üàb’G √òg øe ÒãμdG ¿GCh .2013 ΩÉY ‘ ᣰûf’CG .ábÓª©dG á«àëàdG á«æÑdG äÉYhô°ûe ΩÉ“’E áHƒ∏£ŸG á«∏ÙG ,ácΰûŸG ™jQÉ°ûŸG äÉ«bÉØJGh ,á«∏ÙG äÉcGô°ûdG øe ójõŸG ΩGôHGE ¢ûà«a ™bƒàJh ¢ûà«a ™bƒàJ ,∂dP ™eh .ƒªædG Gòg ≥«≤– øe øμªà∏d äÉcô°ûdG êÉeófGh PGƒëà°SGh ¢Uôa íÑ°üà°S å«M ,áÄ°TÉædG ¥Gƒ°S’CG Oƒ≤Y ‘ »°ûeÉ¡dG ¢†«ØîàdG øe π«∏≤dG .IóM ÌcGC á°ùaÉæŸGh IQóf ÌcGC ƒªædG

º«∏bGE ‘ äGAÉ°ûf’EG ´É£b ¿GC ¤GE äɪ««≤à∏d (!) )¢ûà«a á°ù°SƒDe äQÉ°TGC »eƒμ◊G ¥ÉØf’EG ºYO ≈∏Y ¬dƒ°üM ‘ ôªà°ù«°S É«≤jôaGC ∫ɪ°Th §°Sh’CG ¥ô°ûdG äÉ¡é∏d áÑ°ùædÉH ΩÉe’CG ¤GE Ωó≤àŸGh âHÉãdG …OÉ°üàb’G AGO’CG øe ôNGB ΩÉY ™e ø˘jô˘ë˘Ñ˘dG) ¢ûà˘«˘a ᢰù°SƒD˘e º˘«˘«˘≤˘à˘d ⩢ °†N »˘ à˘ dGh ,º˘ «˘ ∏˘ b’EG ‘ §˘ Ø˘ æ˘ ∏˘ d IQó˘ °üŸG á«Hô©dG áμ∏ªŸG á«fGõ«e πª©à°Sh .(᪫ÿG ¢SGCQh »ÑXƒHGCh ájOƒ©°ùdGh âjƒμdGh ,§ØædG ô©°S â«ÑãJ ≈∏Y óªà©J »àdGh »©°SƒàdG ¬LƒàdG äGP ,2013 áæ°ùd ájOƒ©°ùdG .¢ûà«a ¿É«H ‘ OQh Ée Ö°ùëH ,»ë°üdG …OÉ°üàb’G ƒªædG øe ôNGB ΩÉY ≥«≤– ≈∏Y ∫h’CG ¿ƒfÉc/Ȫ°ùjO 31 øe) 2013 á«dÉŸG áæ°ùdG á«fGõ«e äÉYhô°ûe πé°ùJh 29 ‘ É¡æY ÜÉ≤ædG ∞°pûco »àdGh (2013 ∫h’CG ¿ƒfÉc/Ȫ°ùjO 30 ¤GE 2012 øe áFÉŸG ‘ 34) »μjôeGC Q’hO QÉ«∏e 219 ≠∏Ñj ÉbkÉØfGE ,∫h’CG ¿ƒfÉc/Ȫ°ùjO .2012 á«fGõ«e øY áFÉŸG ‘ 20 ¤GE π°üJ IOÉjR áÑ°ùæH ,(»∏ÙG œÉædG ‹ÉªLGE .2012 ‘ ¬«∏Y ¿Éc ɪY áFÉŸG ‘ 28 áÑ°ùæH áfRGƒŸÉH êQnóoŸG ∫ÉŸG ¢SGCQ ¥ÉØfGE ójõjh âfÉc PGE) ¢UÉÿG ´É£≤dG Iƒb AGQh »°SÉ°S’CG ™aGódG ƒg »eƒμ◊G ¥ÉØf’EG ¿Éc ó≤∏a á«©°SƒàdG á°SÉ«°ùdG ™eh ,(2012 ΩÉY ‘ Gƒ‰ ´ô°S’CG ´É£≤dG »g äGAÉ°ûf’EG .¢UÉÿG ´É£≤∏d »ë°üdG ƒªædG øe ójõŸG ™bƒàŸG øe ,2013 ‘ áªcÉ◊G ó©H á°UÉîHh ,¬Jƒb ≈∏Y ɶaÉfi á«àëàdG á«æÑdG ≈∏Y ¥ÉØf’EG ∫GR Ée ,»ÑXƒHGC ‘h 90 ≠∏Ñà ᫰ùªÿG ¥ÉØf’EG á£N πª°ûj …òdG »∏Ñ≤à°ùŸG ¥ÉØf’EG øY ÒN’CG ¿ÓY’EG äÉYhô°ûŸGh á«àëàdG á«æÑdGh ¢SQGóŸGh ¿Éμ°S’EG ¤GE á¡LsƒoŸGh ,»μjôeGC Q’hO QÉ«∏e ´ÉÑJG ‘ áeƒμ◊G QGôªà°SG ™bƒàJ ∫GõJ ’ ¢ûà«a á°ù°SƒDe ¿ÉEa ,∂dP ™eh .á«¡«aÎdG .Qò◊ÉH º°ùàj á«fGõ«ŸG øe ∞bƒe »˘Mɢ«˘°ùdG Qɢª˘ã˘à˘°S’Gh ô˘jƒ˘£˘à˘dG á˘cô˘°T äRɢa ,2013 Êɢã˘dG ¿ƒ˘fɢc/ô˘jɢæ˘j 8 ‘h ôaƒd AÉ°ûf’E »°ù«FôdG äGAÉ°ûf’EG ó≤©H ` É¡d Gô≤e »ÑXƒHGC øe òîàJ »àdG `( ) ôjƒ£àdG ácô°T Ωƒ≤J áeÉg ∞MÉàe äÉYhô°ûe áKÓK øe GóMGh ó©noj …òdGh ,»ÑXƒHGC Iô˘ jõ÷ iÈμ˘ dG ᢠ«˘ °ù«˘ Fô˘ dG ᢠ£ÿG ø˘ e Aõ˘ é˘ c ɢ gô˘ jƒ˘ £˘ à˘ H »˘ Mɢ «˘ °ùdG Qɢ ª˘ ã˘ à˘ °S’Gh QÉ«∏e 2^4 ¬àª«b ≠∏ÑJ …òdG ó≤©dG ÖLƒÃ πª©dG GCóÑj ¿GC ¢VÎØŸG øeh .äÉjó©°ùdG ‘ ¬MÉààaG ™eõŸG »ÑXƒHGC ôaƒd ìÉààaGh ∫ɪμà°SG πLGC øe QƒØdG ≈∏Y »JGQÉeGE ºgQO ,ákë°VGh äGÒNÉCJ 2012 ΩÉY ∫ÓN ô£b ‘ äGAÉ°ûf’EG ´É£b •É°ûf ó¡°T óbh .2015 áé«àf ≥«∏©àdG hGC á«ëæà∏d ÉeGE â°Vô©J »àdGh ,á«°SÉ°S’CG ÒZ äÉYhô°ûŸG ‘ á°UÉîHh ,∂dP øe ºZôdÉHh .⁄É©dG ¢SÉCc º«¶æàH á≤∏©àŸG äÉYhô°ûŸG ƒëf ádhódG ΩɪàgG ∫ƒ– Iô£«°ùdG ‘ á«Hƒæ÷G ÉjQƒc äÉcô°T ôªà°ùJh .ák«bÉH á«°SÉ°S’CG äÉYhô°ûŸG ∫GõJ ’ .äÉfƒHôchQó«¡dG ´É£b ≈∏Y ∫ƒ°ü◊G ‘ ,á«°VÉŸG ¢ùªÿG äGƒæ°ùdG ∫ÓN ,âë‚ á«cÎdG äÉ°ù°SƒDŸG ¿GE π«bh äGAÉ°ûf’EG §£No ºî°VGC øe Oó©d »μjôeGC Q’hO QÉ«∏e 17 ≈∏Y ójõj ≠∏Ñà Oƒ≤Y ≈∏Y äÉ°ùfGE π°ùcƒj ácô°T äGAÉ°ûf’EG äÉcô°T ióMGE øeh . è«∏ÿG ¿hÉ©àdG ¢ù∏› ∫hO ‘ ‘ ´ƒæàdG ºgÉ°S å«M ,(*"(# , -) (*"(# %() )¢SGE ¬jGE

ً‫إﻗﻠﻴﻢ ﻛﺮدﺳﺘﺎن اﻟﻌﺮاق ﻳﺤﺮز ﺗﻘﺪﻣﺎً ﻣﻠﻤﻮﺳﺎ‬ ≈∏Y Ωƒ≤à°S äÉYhô°ûŸG øe ≈ª¶©dG á«ÑdɨdG ¿ÉCH áæé∏dG âMôq°Uh .á«fɪ«∏°ùdGh ɢ°†jGC »˘°ù«˘FQ π˘μ˘ °ûH ∑Qɢ °ûà˘ °S ,∂dP ø˘ e º˘ Zô˘ dɢ Hh .ᢠ«˘ ∏fi älɢ °ù°SƒD˘ e ɢ gò˘ «˘ Ø˘ æ˘ J ákjQÉŒ ’ɪYGC á°UÉÿG ä’hÉ≤ŸG äÉcô°T GCóÑJh .ô°üeh É«côJh ¿ÉæÑd øe älÉ°ù°SƒDe Ahó˘¡˘dG ø˘e Ió˘«˘Ø˘à˘°ùe ,¥Gô˘©˘dG ∫ɢ ª˘ °ûH ¿É˘ à˘ °SOô˘ c º˘ «˘ ∏˘ bGE ‘ Ió˘ jó˘ L äɢ Yhô˘ °ûeh .¥Gô©dG äɶaÉfih ≥WÉæe »bÉÑH áfQÉ≤ŸÉH º«∏b’EG Gòg √ó¡°ûj …òdG »Ñ°ùædG

ÉYhô°ûe 517`d É°ü«NôJ ¥Gô©dG ¿Éà°SOôc º«∏bGE ‘ Qɪãà°S’G á` æ÷ âëæe âØ°ûc IójóL äÉ«FÉ°üMGE ‘ OQh Ée Ö°ùëH ,»μjôeGC Q’hO QÉ«∏e 24^3 ᪫≤H .áæé∏dG É¡æY AóÑd áeón≤oŸG á°UÉÿG äÉÑ∏£dG ‘ ákë°VGh IôØW äÉ«FÉ°üM’EG äô` `¡XGC óbh π˘ «˘ HQGCh ∑ƒ˘ gO ≥˘ Wɢ æ˘ e π˘ ª˘ ˘°ûj …ò˘ ˘dG π˘ ˘≤˘ ˘à˘ ˘°ùŸG º˘ ˘«˘ ˘∏˘ ˘bE’G ‘ Ió˘ ˘jó˘ ˘L äɢ ˘Yhô˘ ˘°ûe

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.‫ ﺗﺤﻠﻴﻼت‬،‫ اﺳﺘﺮاﺗﻴﺠﻴﺔ ادارة‬،‫ أﺧﺒﺎر اﻟﺴﻮق‬:‫أﻋﻤﺎل وإدارة‬ .‫ اﻟﺒﺤﺮﻳﻦ‬،‫ اﻟﻤﻤﻠﻜﺔ اﻟﻌﺮﺑﻴﺔ اﻟﺴﻌﻮدﻳﺔ‬:‫ﻟﻤﺤﺎت ﻋﻦ ﺑﻌﺾ اﻟﺒﻠﺪان‬ .‫ ﻣﺤﻤﻮل اﻟﻤﺆﺳﺴﺎت‬:‫اﻻﺗﺼﺎﻻت وﺗﻜﻨﻮﻟﻮﺟﻴﺎ اﻟﻤﻌﻠﻮﻣﺎت‬ .‫ اﻟﺰﺟﺎج‬،‫ ﺗﻜﺎﻣﻞ ا&ﻧﻈﻤﺔ‬:‫ﺗﺼﻨﻴﻊ‬ .‫ اﻟﺸﺒﻜﺎت اﻟﺬﻛﻴﺔ‬،‫ ﻣﻌﺮض ﻛﻬﺮﺑﺎء اﻟﺸﺮق ا&وﺳﻂ‬:‫ﻃﺎﻗﺔ‬ .‫ ﻣﺮاﻓﻖ اﻟﻤﻮاﻧﺊ‬:‫ﺧﺪﻣﺎت ﻟﻮﺟﻴﺴﺘﻴﺔ‬ ‫ ﻗﻮاﻟﺐ‬،‫ ﻣﻌﺮض »ﺑﻴﺞ ﻓﺎﻳﻒ« اﻟﻤﻤﻠﻜﺔ اﻟﻌﺮﺑﻴﺔ اﻟﺴﻌﻮدﻳﺔ‬:‫إﻧﺸﺎءات‬ .‫ اﻟﺒﻨﺎﻳﺎت اﻟﺬﻛﻴﺔ‬،‫اﻟﺨﺮﺳﺎﻧﺔ اﻟﻤﺴﻠﺤﺔ‬

China China Wang Ying India India Tanmay Mishra Italy Italy Nigeria Bola Olowo Nigeria Russia Sergei Salov Russia South Africa Annabel Marx South Q atar Africa Saida Hamad Qatar UK Steve Thomas UK USA Michael Tomashefsky USA

(86)10 8472 1899 (86) 10 8472 1900 (91) 80 65684483 (91) 80 40600791

(234) 8034349299 (7495) 540 7564 (27) 218519017 (974) 55745780 (44) 20 7834 7676 (1) 203 226 2882 (44) 20 79730076 (1) 203 226 7447

(7495) 540 7565 (27) 46 624 5931



1984 òæe á≤£æŸG äÉcöT äÉeóN ‘

ADVERTISER INDEX Company ..........................................................................................................Page AES Arabia Ltd.......................................................................................................51 ALAA Industrial Equipment Factory .......................................................................15 Al-Muqarram Auto Parts Trading Co. LLC...............................................................19 Bauer Kompressoren Middle East........................................................................29 Blue Ocean International Holdings Ltd.................................................................45 British Offset .........................................................................................................17 Charlotte Pipe and Foundry ...................................................................................11 CompAir Middle East ..............................................................................................5 Construction Computer Software Gulf LLC............................................................52 Doosan Infracore....................................................................................................9 Euroblast Middle East L.L.C...................................................................................41 Galva Coat for Galvanizing & Lighting Poles.........................................................46 Glastech Produktions- und Verfahrenstechnik GmbH..........................................25 Hi-Force Ltd. ..........................................................................................................13 Himoinsa..............................................................................................................23

Iran Electrical Equipment Eng. Co..........................................................................15 Iveco S.p.A............................................................................................................35 Kaeser Kompressoren FZE ....................................................................................27 Kohler Power Systems..........................................................................................39 Lijan Insulation.....................................................................................................46 Liugong Machinery Middle East FZE .......................................................................3 Lovato Electric S.p.A.............................................................................................30 Marelli Motori S.p.A................................................................................................2 Mecc Alte Ltd.........................................................................................................31 Panasonic Marketing Middle East FZE ..............................................................4, 37 Peter Berghaus GmbH..........................................................................................42 Prakash Steelage Ltd. ...........................................................................................21 SES – Dubai............................................................................................................8 TREMCO LIMITED ..................................................................................................43 Underwriters Laboratories India PVT Ltd.................................................................7 Zahid Tractor & Heavy Machinery Co Ltd. .............................................................59

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‫‪S12 TRME 2 2013 Arabic_Layout 1 22/02/2013 15:50 Page 60‬‬


‫أﺧﺒﺎر اﺳﻮاق‬

‫ﺳﻔﺮﻳﺎت اﻋﻤﺎل‬

‫ﺗﻘﻨﻴﺔ اﻟﻤﻌﻠﻮﻣﺎت‬

‫اﻟﻨﻘﻞ واﻟﻠﻮﺟﻴﺴﺘﻴﺎت‬

‫أﺧﺒــــﺎر ‪ -‬ﺻﻔﺤﺔ ‪: ٤‬‬ ‫ﺗﻔﺎؤل اﻟﻤﺤﻠﻠﻴﻦ ﻧﺤﻮ اﻟﺒﻨﻴﺔ اﻟﺘﺤﺘﻴﺔ اﻟﺴﻌﻮدﻳﺔ‬

‫ﻣﻮاﻧﺊ اﻟﻌﺮاق ﺗﺸﻬﺪ ﻋﻮدة ا&رﻗﺎم اﻟﻘﻴﺎﺳﻴﺔ‬

‫إﻗﻠﻴﻢ ﻛﺮدﺳﺘﺎن اﻟﻌﺮاق ﻳﺤﺮز ﺗﻘﺪﻣﺎً ﻣﻠﺤﻮﻇﺎً‬

‫اﻟﻠﺒﻨﺎﻧﻴﻮن أﻋﻠﻰ اﻟﻤﺴﺘﺜﻤﺮﻳﻦ ﻓﻲ اﻟﻌﻘﺎرات‬

‫ﻓﺮص اﺳﺘﺜﻤﺎرات ﻓﻲ ﻣﺸﺮوﻋﺎت ﺳﻜﻚ اﻟﺤﺪﻳﺪ اﻟﻘﻄﺮﻳﺔ‬

‫ﻼ‬ ‫اﻟﺒﺤﺮﻳﻦ ﺗﺘﻮﻗﻊ ﻧﻤﻮاً ﻫﺎﺋ ً‬

‫اﻟﺘﺸﻴﻴﺪ واﻟﺒﻨﺎء‬

Technical Review Middle East 2 2013  

Technical Review Middle East 2 2013

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