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Alaina Stern Social Media Marketing Professor Tyra Burton MKTG 4520- Summer 2013 Take Home Test Part 1

United Arts of Cobb provides an opportunity for community, business, and involvement with arts and humanities organizations. 

The mission of United Arts of Cobb is to create and administer a permanent Endowment Fund which will support and enrich the artistic endeavors of the United Arts of Cobb members. The Endowment Fund is funded by contributions and the net proceeds of the annual Cobb Arts Ball. The vision of this organization is to create a stable and thriving Art Community that nourishes the cultural life of Cobb citizens and makes unique contributions to the overall quality of life to this region. The facts are that arts education nurtures team building skills, respect for alternative points of view, appreciation and awareness of different cultures and traditions, strengthens problem-solving and critical thinking skills, gives troubled and at risk youth an alternative approach to learning, and levels the “learning field’ across socioeconomic boundaries.

Touchpoint Analysis Matrix Personal: High engagement

Quick, Short-term Interactions

Company Website

Physical Office

Office Staff (reactive)

Office Staff (proactive)

Calendar of events

Facebook Page

Giving Guide (print)

Email Newsletter

Mass Market: Image & Awareness

Multiple, Long-term Interactions

The most significant touchpoints are the company’s website and their Email Newsletter. Company Website

Office Staff (reactive)

There is no actual “Contact” page; the only place the phone number is listed is at the very bottom of the “About” tab under the subtitle “Financial Report”

Physical Office There is an actual Physical location with staff who coordinate events, membership, donations, Office Staff (proactive) financials, etc. Calendar of events Giving Guide (print) Facebook Page Email Newsletter

There is a page on the website specifically for listing their upcoming events. There is also use of print media “Giving Guide” published by the Atlanta Business Chronicle for use of PR.

Since the Facebook page has not had a post since February 22nd, it is really out of date. I would consider the Email Newsletter the most significant.

The only social media platform established for their organization is Facebook and it leaves plenty of room of improvement.

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The Facebook page header is boring and plain, this seems inappropriate for an organization about the arts Also, they have a miniscule amount of fans counting in at only 88 likes The profile picture seems crammed and the use of an appealing cover photo would add color and enhance the overall page look

By not actively engaging in Facebook UAC will miss out on the opportunity to connect 

The last post was dated September 22, 2010   

Not updating regularly Not engaging Not building network

There have been a few semirecent posts by other people who mentioned UAC 

Company will miss out on opportunities to directly connect with community

A few very simple implications and improvements would benefit UAC and any other non-profit organization 

I would firstly improve their presence on Facebook then work on connecting with other media platforms in the long-term 

By simply changing their profile picture, adding an appealing cover photo that matches the look of the website, would provide a fresh looking profile instead of the boring and stale one currently.

I think their current website could be improved by adding photo galleries or a slideshow 

This give the organization a chance to engage and connect with the audience by showing past events and other photos to give them a taste of what UAC is all about. Also, a small improvement could be made on the website by adding an icon that is relatable to dance that shows up in the users browser tab:

The design and look of UAC’s company website has eye appeal and is very user-friendly. 

I would keep the design / layout of the actual Company website 

The sleek and innovative look of the site speaks to the artsy nature of the organization I like how the Home Page title photo is different from the other pages but I would suggest adding more then 2 different title photos that will keep the users engaged and entertained through visual stimulation. However I would suggest adding a photo gallery or slide show somewhere on the website to showcase active involvement

I would advise the discontinuation of their very inactive and out of date Facebook page 

“use it or loose it” the lack of activity and outdated posts are directly reflected on the company and looks bad if not maintained Preferably, I would advise not to loose it but to establish a stronger presence by posting multiple times throughout the week.

For the future and overall success of the organization I would strongly suggest establishing and actively maintaining social media platforms 

At the least, I would strongly suggest UAC to build, connect, engage, and maintain a Facebook page 

Plan out and make a schedule of up coming events for both the organization and sponsors and members to post and create awareness. Make a posting schedule that includes 4-9 postings per week

The other two social media platforms I would strongly suggest implementing in the near future would be Instagram and Twitter. 

Instagram and Twitter are both simple platforms that will not require extensive thought, both are spontaneous and only take about 30 sec to post Twitter allows you to follow consumer comments, real time information, engage audience and establish image. Instagram will provide visual stimulation through simply photographs, it’s an easy and engaging tool that will aid in creating your own brand image

Example Facebook Posts

Here is a brief history lesson on dance; then an now.

#dancetimeline #passioninmypants

Have you registered your child for camp yet? Hurry, Only a few spaces are left! Treat your child to an educational experience they will never forget. For more Info visit our website: ave-you-registered-yourchild-for-art-camp-yet/

Example Twitter Posts ReTweets: Horrible Storm! Dancing the rain away at UAC tonight. Come out and join us in our rain dance!

Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle. We got passion in our pants (& feet).

Example Instagram Posts

#dancefever #spicy

#studio time #rehearsals

Website URL’s nited-Arts-ofCobb/139125470543?fref=ts

United Arts of Cobb: A Social Media Mini Analysis  
United Arts of Cobb: A Social Media Mini Analysis