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Why You’ll Choose PQSL OUR VISION to be the best To be the premier provider of training and consulting services in certificated management systems that support the creation of quality products and services at both the national and regional level.

OUR MISSION to make you the best too To serve private and public sector interests with contemporary health & safety, environmental and quality management systems training and consulting programs in an enabling environment.

OUR SERVICES how we can help We offer training and consulting in ISO and general management systems and professional and skills development. With our client-centric approach we guide our clients to certification in the most effective and economic way.

Getting Started with ISO 9001 What is ISO 9001 Quality Management? An ISO 9001 quality management system can put in place processes that allow you to improve the way you operate at all levels. As the world’s most widely recognized quality management standard, it outlines ways to achieve, as well as benchmark, consistent performance and service. 

Become a more consistent competitor in your marketplace

More efficient ways of working will save time, money and resources

Broaden business opportunities by demonstrating compliance

Motivate and engage staff

Meet customer needs

Getting Going with ISO 9001

IMPLEMENTING AND DOCUMENTING Duration – 2 days / Cost $ 3000 TT Implementing the ISO 9001:2008 course introduces the concepts needed to understand, develop, and implement a quality management system. This course covers the ISO 9000 family of standards including ISO 9000:2005 and ISO 9004:2000, which contain key principles and guidance for implementing a quality management system.

QMS INTERNAL AUDITOR Duration – 3 days / Cost $ 4500 TT This highly interactive training workshop is designed to provide participants with an understanding of auditing the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. Reference shall be made to the International standards on Quality Systems Auditing, ISO 19011. This provides an opportunity for individual participants to put into practice their acquired skills, during these workshops.

QMS LEAD AUDITOR Duration – 5 days / Cost $ 9000 TT This program is registered by the International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA) of the UK, a Division of the Chartered Quality Institute, incorporated by Royal Charter in England and Wales, and meets the requirements for individuals seeking registration as a QMS Lead Auditor under the IRCA Auditor Registration Scheme. The course provides an understanding and knowledge of auditing Quality Management Systems to third party standards and is designed to follow the stages in a live audit, including simulated audit interviews and role play closing meetings.

Maintaining your ISO 9001 system You are already ahead with ISO 9001 certification. Now you can achieve even more. Discover ways to keep improving your quality management system.

Integrate to keep getting better Now that your QMS is certified to ISO 9001, you can use your quality management knowledge to improve other areas of your organization – such as EMS ISO 14001 or HSE ISO 18001 or ISO/IEC 17025 all of these standards for management follow many of the same requirements as ISO 9001. That means you’ve already completed nearly half the work needed to certify to the rest of the ISO family as well. So you can combine and streamline the way you manage processes. All for these programmes PQSL can also help you in training or consultancy

Why Choose PQSL  
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