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The photos feature our 2nd place winning homecoming dance, a Neon Nights themed swap, and sisters showing off our world-famous salute.



With over half of our membership involved in various honors programs, we pride ourselves on maintaining high academic standards. Under the guidance of Jan Jones, Specialty Masters Coordinator at the University of Alabama, a combination of required study sessions and individualized plans help our members sail towards academic success.

Fun and safe social events give our members the opportunity to get to know one another!

Foundation Our Founders sought to create an atmosphere to promote a service oriented mindset. Our foundation, Service for Sight seeks to help the visually impaired community. We work to make a local impact through Golden Anchor, an outreach program for senior citizens in assisted living and through work with the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and the Blind. Leading lives by our motto, “Do Good,” Delta Gammas seek to better the world around them through individual gifts and talents.

Projected Dues and Fees for 2011-2012 Dues and Fees 1st Semester: $1,800 Dues and Fees 2nd Semester: $1,300 Dining per Semester: $1,350 Housing per Semester: $3,400 Badge costs: $88-$484

•Anchor Splash •Anchor Tee •New Member Retreat •Famous Couples Date Party •Christmas Cocktail •Themed collumnae events •Anchor Ball •In-house meals •Monthly Sisterhood Events •Themed swaps with fraternities …and many more!

Fraternity Fast Facts: Founded: Christmas 1873, Oxford, MS Chapter Name: Beta Psi Symbol: Anchor Flower: Cream colored rose Colors: Bronze, Pink, and Blue Mascot: Hannah Doll Motto: Do Good Philanthropy: Service for Sight, an initiative to help the visually impaired community; Golden Anchor, an outreach program to senior citizens in assisted living; partner with TOMS in the Great Fight for Sight

Delta Gamma

Please send your sponsorship forms to the following address: Delta Gamma Attn: Mollie Lichter P.O. Box 11019 Tuscaloosa, AL 35486

Delta Gamma  

DG's 2012 Brochure

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