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Fraternity Life at The Capstone

Governing Councils Alabama Panhellenic Association (APA) • • •

Social sororities that are member groups of the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) 18 sororities; 17 NPC and 1 national Christian sorority Over 5,332 members

Interfraternity Council (IFC) •

• •

Social fraternities that are member groups of the North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) 29 fraternities; 28 national & 1 local Christian Over 2,940 members

United Greek Council (UGC) •

National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) •

• •

Historically African-American fraternities and sororities affiliated with the National PanHellenic Council 4 NPHC fraternities & 2 NPHC sororities Over 126 members

Multicultural and special-interest based Fraternities/Sororities 1 Multicultural fraternity & 1 Engineering sorority; 1 national Christian Fraternity; 1 Co-Ed Engineering Fraternity; and 3 IFC Interest Groups Over 173 members

Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life

Staffing Structure Kathleen Gillan, Director Ryan Powell, Assistant Director Nicole Jackson, Coordinator Steve Shockley, Coordinator of Alumni Relations Amanda Parker, Program Assistant Olivia Hunnicutt, Panhellenic Grad Asst

Benefits of Fraternity Membership • Scholarship & Academics • Philanthropy & Community Service • Leadership • Social Engagement • Networking • Brotherhood

UA Fraternity Housing Initiatives • Since 2005, UA has assisted with the construction and renovation of 12 existing facilities • Current construction projects include: • New House Construction: Pi Kappa Phi (Spring 2014), Theta Chi (2014-15) Renovations: Delta Chi (Fall 2014) • Most fraternity and sorority houses has a live-in house director who manages the day-today functions for the house. •

The University of Alabama owns 7 small group houses, 3 of which are occupied by fraternities: • Phi Kappa Sigma • Lambda Sigma Phi • Alpha Phi Alpha

UA Fraternity Awards & Honors • Raised over $10,000 in partnership with Pi Kappa Alpha for “Be the Match” • Sponsors Costa GreekFest to raise over $80,000 for UA Greek Relief and Bill Fish Foundation

• The NPHC endowed the S.T.R.O.N.G. scholarship which awards two $1,000 scholarships each year. • University of Alabama Chapter of the Year: ● Sigma Phi Epsilon • Each summer, many chapters receive acknowledgement from their National Organization recognizing them as a top chapter in the nation amongst all chapters. Some winners include: ● Alpha Tau Omega ● Delta Chi ● Omega Psi Phi ● Alpha Phi Alpha

UA Fraternity & Sorority Community Membership Top States Alabama














North Carolina








Fall 2013 Greek Membership: TOTAL - 8,571 In-State - 3,563 Out-of-State - 5,008

Family Discussion We encourage you to have a meaningful discussion with your family prior to registering to participate or beginning a membership intake process for a Fraternity at The University of Alabama.

• • •

Why do I want to join a Fraternity at UA?

What am I looking for when choosing brothers for life? Are we financially prepared and invested in the monetary commitment involved with sustaining membership in a fraternity?

Am I prepared to manage my academic course work and fraternity membership?

Expectations of Fraternity Membership First Semester •6-8 Week New Member Program and Initiation •Study Hall Hours •Educational programming (alcohol/substance abuse, tutoring, etc.) •Philanthropy Projects •New Member Retreats

Second Semester and Beyond •Weekly Chapter Meetings •Philanthropy Projects •Social Events •Assume a leadership role •Live in chapter housing

Members & Leaders on Campus

Leadership opportunities are numerous within the Fraternity & Sorority community: • Chapter Officers • Committee Chairmen Greek members can be found in leadership roles in almost every student organization – • • • • •

Student Government Association Jason’s Avanti Orientation Leaders International Student Association NAACP

Philanthropy & Community Service Community Service Opportunities •

Mentorship at Local Schools

Beat Auburn Beat Hunger

UA Greek Relief

Adopt a Holiday Family

Park/Neighborhood Restoration Projects

Blood Drives

Philanthropic Events •

Greek Week


Chapter Philanthropies


Semester Costs of Greek Life IFC Average Cost: New Member Average: $3452 Living In-House Average: $4610 Living Out-of-House Average: $2409

NPHC/UGC Average Cost : All Member Fees Average: $1000-$2500 Living In-House Fees: Average: $2050 Out-of-House Fees: Average: $150-$500 One time New Member Fee: Average: $500-$3000

Dining Meal Plans New Members joining IFC fraternities with fullservice kitchens will automatically get their meal plans reduced to 55 meals, at $466 a semester. This plan is in addition to your fraternity meal plan which provides 3 meals a day Monday – Thursday and breakfast and lunch on Friday. *Please note that the semester fees vary by chapter and depend on housing arrangements . *

Alabama Interfraternity Council • The Interfraternity Council (IFC) serves as the governing body of the twenty-nine (29) fraternities at The University of Alabama. • The Alabama Interfraternity Council does not host formal recruitment rounds as many IFC fraternities give out many bids for membership during the spring and summer months before the start of classes. • IFC Recruitment occurs primarily via TWO methods: - Year-round process where bids are typically extended during the spring and summer prior to fall semester - Informal recruitment in late August prior to the start of New Member Education • Men interested in recruitment should reach out to fraternity chapters to exchange contact information and express interest, as well as participate in year-round and informal recruitment events.

Alabama IFC Fraternities Alpha Kappa Lambda

Alpha Sigma Phi

Alpha Tau Omega

Beta Theta Pi

Chi Phi

Delta Chi

Delta Kappa Epsilon

Delta Sigma Phi

Delta Tau Delta

Kappa Alpha Order

Kappa Sigma

Lambda Chi Alpha

Lambda Sigma Phi

Phi Delta Theta

Phi Gamma Delta

Phi Kappa Psi

Phi Kappa Sigma

Phi Kappa Tau

Phi Sigma Kappa

Pi Kappa Alpha

Pi Kappa Phi

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Sigma Chi

Sigma Nu

Sigma Phi Epsilon

Sigma Pi

Sigma Tau Gamma

Zeta Beta Tau

IFC Informal Recruitment • IFC will host informal recruitment activities Sunday, August 17-Tuesday, August 20th • Sunday, August 17: Informal Meet & Greet Cookout with all chapters and recruitment chairmen (information about additional events will be available) • Monday, August 18 - Wednesday, August 20: Individual chapters will host informal recruitment events to extend bids • Saturday, August 24: Costa Greek Fest Charity Benefit Concert • Men interested in learning more about fraternities who have NOT accepted a bid should participate in the informal recruitment process during the first week of classes. • Still encourage men interested in recruitment to reach out to chapter recruitment chairmen prior to moving to campus.

Joining an IFC Fraternity Fall Formal Recruitment:

Spring/Summer Bidding: •

Many organizations recruit during spring and summer prior to the upcoming academic year.

Three options upon bid receipt: •




• Informal recruitment events held during the first week of classes • Includes a “Meet & Greet” opportunity with all chapters on Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fall 2014 Timeline August 17th Formal Recruitment Meet and Greet August 18th – August 20th IFC Open House Rounds August 21st – August 27th Chapter individual recruitment events August 27th New Member Period Begins October 22nd New Member Period Ends

Joining an IFC Fraternity Preparing for Recruitment: • Online Recruitment Registration: –

Complete registration as quickly as possible

Pay Registration Fee to complete registration

All men MUST register if interested in joining

• Have the following with you when you register: –

Personal and Family Information

High School/College Academic Information

• (GPA, Grading Scale, Class Rank) –

Credit card for recruitment registration fee ($20)

Once you register, all chapters will have access to your information so they can begin contacting you about recruitment events

Alabama National Pan-Hellenic Council •

The National Pan-Hellenic Council, Incorporated (NPHC) is composed of nine International Greek letter Sororities and Fraternities; The University of Alabama is home to eight of these organizations!

All NPHC chapters are different, but they all emphasizes scholastics, community involvement and leadership.

NPHC hosts a number of events throughout the semester including, but not limited to: • NPHC Step Show • NPHC Convocation • ONYX • And many more!

NPHC Is‌ Brotherhood




NPHC Fraternity Chapters

Joining an NPHC Organization How does recruitment work for NPHC organizations? • Practices a delayed recruitment timeframe (must have 12 UA Hours) • Chapters determine specific recruitment timeframes • All participants must meet minimum qualifications prior to starting the process • Individual chapters may have additional requirements for intake • Must have a 2.5 cumulative GPA Minimum • A full-time, currently enrolled undergraduate student Qualificatio • Complete 12 hours as a full time student at The University of Alabama ns

Mandatory Convocatio n

• Convocation is an opportunity to meet the NPHC members and learn more about the NPHC organizations

• Attend the interest meeting /formal rush of an organization Organizatio • Apply for membership into the organization n Interest Meeting

NPHC Convocation Sunday, August 24, 2014 4:00pm- 6:00pm Ferguson Center Ballroom The National Pan-Hellenic Council hosts an event called "Convocation" at the beginning of each semester for interested students. This event encourages interested students to meet members and learn more about NPHC and its member organizations at The University of Alabama. Dress is business casual, and there is a $5 dollar charge for attending Convocation. Tickets can be purchased online at For more information about Convocation of any of the NPHC organizations, please visit

NPHC Interest Meetings/Rush Individual NPHC chapters host Interest Meetings or Rush events throughout the year. These are formal informational sessions were aspirants show interest in a particular NPHC sorority. Please note that an aspirant should only attend one formal interest meeting for the chapter she is most interested in membership. Typically during the formal sessions, aspirants will submit required paperwork for membership. The aspirant will also learn specified information about membership, chapter policies, and cost. The required attire for interest meetings is professional dress. It is very beneficial to visit chapter or national organizations websites to gather additional information about the rush events.

NPHC Membership Requirements Letters of Recommendations • Letters of recommendations can be completed by alumni members of the chapter, advisors, high school teachers, college professors or members of a clergy. • Number of required recommendations vary, please check with the national organization’s website for the required number. Community Service Verification • Each NPHC chapter requires a certain number of community service hours. • Proof of community service is required by letter or verification form. Official Transcripts • Official college transcripts should be submitted to a chapter before or after the chapter interest/rush meeting.

NPHC New Member Education Period

New member education begins, after an aspirant applies to an organization and has been accepted. This period involves classroom sessions with a chapter advisor that educates potential new members about the rituals, history, policies, and programs of the organization.

The New Membership Education period ends with a new member introduction show.

United Greek Council The Alabama United Greek Council, commonly referred to as UGC, is the governing body for the 7 multicultural and special interest based sororities and fraternities. Created in 2009, the primary purpose of the UGC is to unite its member organizations in order to share ideas and resources, promote mutual respect and equality, and provide a support network for involved students. The following organizations are members of the UGC:

Sigma Lambda Beta

Brothers Under Christ

Theta Tau

Multicultural Fraternity

Christian Fraternity

Co-Ed Engineering Fraternity

Alpha Epsilon Pi

Sigma Alpha Mu

Alpha Delta Phi

NIC Fraternity

NIC Fraternity

NIC Fraternity

New to The University of Alabama… • Alpha Delta Phi – “Alpha Delt” – Founded in 1832 and has 27 chapters in the US

• Alpha Epsilon Pi – “AEPi” •

Founded in 1913 and has 155 chapters in the US & Canada

• Beta Upsilon Chi – “BYX/Bucks” – Found in 1985 and has 25 chapters in the US

• Sigma Alpha Mu – “Sammy” – Founded in 1909 and has 52 chapters in the US

Joining a UGC Organization How does recruitment work for those organizations that are a member of the UGC? Each organization that encompasses the United Greek Council has an individual selection process. The selection process is called rush for many UGC organizations, but some organizations refer to their selection process as membership intake. Most chapters recruit at least once every year. Potential members should visit chapter websites, or contact the chapter’s recruitment chair for additional information about membership selection. For more information about UGC organizations, please visit

Minimum • A full-time, currently enrolled undergraduate student at The University of Alabama Qualification s • Research organizations within UGC


• Visit the local and national websites to about the values, mission and philanthropy of the chapters

• Contact recruitment/intake chairman of the organization to express interest

Attend Org Events

• Attending events will let members know that you are interested, and it will give a prospective member an opportunity to find out more about the organizations • Get to know the members of the organization

Final Thoughts on Joining DO: •

Take advantage of opportunities to meet fraternity members.

Speak with chapter members, visit houses that are open, and share contact information with chapter members.

Learn about the events and programs that chapters are involved with such as philanthropies, community service, leadership, etc.

Contact recruitment chairs/friends in chapters

Express interest in joining an organization and ask questions

DON’T: •

Consume alcohol when attending recruitment events, or at fraternity/sorority social functions.

Attend off-campus parties where alcohol is present

Please Note: Students that violate University Policy are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including loss of privileges or revocation of admission.

Helpful Contact Information Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life Office: Russell Hall 3rd Floor Phone: (205) 348-2693

Twitter: @UAGreekAffairs Facebook:


Interfraternity Council – IFC E-mail: Website: Twitter: @UA_IFC

National Pan-Hellenic Council – NPHC E-mail: Website: Twitter: @ NPHC_UA

United Greek Council – UGC Website:

Questions? The University of Alabama Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life Russell Hall, Room 309 Box 870298 Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35487 Phone: (205) 348-2693 Email: Website: Hours of Operation: M-F 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Hazing and Harassment Hotline: (205) 348-HALT (4258)

Student Complaints and Appeals:

Fraternity and Sorority Life at The Capstone

Fraternity Life at The Capstone (Bama Bound 2014)  
Fraternity Life at The Capstone (Bama Bound 2014)